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llicrrooLOiiCAi. 'TinLV prepared illd
mnwtffit bT W. J. SaYajre, Jeweler. 83
, ..MWATOet. H. J.
VJiio1j: 'r Befeneerr Thermometer,
. . w .... o
. s os
8a Risei eISun Sets.
'- " nnliimbue,OO0t.26, 63. ) ;
Columbus, 0,001.26,
'Wm. (VtrnMif will transport passengers
tteodinfr the rmocraUc; meeting at Co-
- Iambus, Tnwday. October. 27th, oh .the
' SpHnUflell accommodation train, via Del-
- aware, at half far, from Springfield and
way stations." Columbus, arriving at Co
'nmbns at 10:25 A. M.' Retnrnlnjt, this
traln wtll.leave Columbus promptly at 5:30
P.M.' Passengera will also be .taken at
"IVair. fare from Gallon toColumbos, on tie
Cincinnati express south, and return on an
extra train, leaving Columbus promptly at
:30 P. M. Persons wishing to avail them
aelves of the half fare arrangement muft
ptmhate UdteUfor t roud trip- Tickets
eood to return only on we auovc
day? and; trains. ' J uik iare
-tented on the trains, ---i -.t- .k
Governor Seymour; (Democratic candi
date for President) will speak at a t". M .
" VjJamks PattR80N, Agent.
l. :
" "White Boys la Blue" will appear
to-morrow. rt"u .-.i
tWA. day's length this week is ten hours
and forty-two minutes. ,
MS". Andrew Hull have reoelved
Harm's Bazaar for Nov. 7th. . A splendid
paper. .- "M- - ..it . a. y -.
ii:ti, The official vte In the Third Cor
gressional District gives Schenck a major
ity of 475; 'V- " . '' M i y?'-
The weather, was clear, bright, and
nleasant yesterday.' 1 Business appeared
' quite lively In aH branches, r v ' ;
'"iBT.The township Trustees on yestei
day orderei the payment of $5 only, for
township and pauper purposes.
fgr'The Governor "has " issued his
Proclamation appointing Thursday, No
vemler 26th, as a day'bf Thanksgiving.
The Columbus Lyceum.-Associatlon
rl hold thelr. weekly meeting this wetk
on "Friday evening instead of Wednesday.
t3TJ. P. Harris & Co-, music dealers,
hate ourthanks for a copy of the Greeisn
Bend Polka. It makes the player hump
I gT ii--".! mm -t--.t rrr
3T"The woodeu" block" pavement on
Scuth High street is being laid with great
rapidity. - And they are making a fine job
t'l'esterday morning was vcr foggy.
As the sun straggled to break through the
heavy bank of fog, he looked like a great
over-boiled onion." ..i
"t2T'Jo"hn: Gillespie, : a you g niah frdm
the eouotry, was fined $5 and costs yester
day, for being on a plain drunk. ' No
tamps. He hammerethi wi " .v .t fw i- '
vji:i..- m .'i a " i m '. .'; -t t e:'!T
tS" Hocking Is the only county hot yet
reported at the Secretary of State's office.
It Is feared that Hocking has seceded and
that another war mav;be the consequence.
Naw.V FrNi3HKD.-Th"e Spring and Gay
street ' sewers are nearly - complete.!" The
work has been performed in a splendid
manner. f(The , contractors,- Murphey
KcCauu, -understand their business and do
good work. j
Chahgb of Voting Placr. The Council
last nigbC changed, the "place, of holding
elections IntheThlrd Ward from the Town
Street House to Peters & Benns' carriage
shop on Town street, opposite the Gwynne
Fin Fish. Mr. V. B. Peterman, No. 183
North High street, "has a fresh supply of
the finest ocean and lake fish ever, brought
to-tbta. market... His . white, fish, sea bass
arid 3XX oysters are particularly jxcel
lent. Give them a trial. '
TFaiLMrro-CoMEi-rThe ballot troupe ad
vertised' to appear in the great spectacle of
Undine at the Opera House, last night,
failed to-put in an appearace. ' A dispatch
received at a late hour last night from.W.
Hitman, of the Undine troupe, announces
that it is impossible for them to reach this
city until Wednesday evening, when they
wlllwrtainly be herein
.Tfvy-BiA I- ,-B,:Attbktiom I The - White
Boys. in; Blue totrtbi;citywill; meet at
Thurmaa. Hall at 1 o'clock this afternoon
In aniform, to escort Gov. Seymour from
the ears to the Neil House. . Let us, com
rades, put'by work for to-day and make a
large ttfrn-out.' "It is expected that' every
man will b -present. ax ? Tii'i
' The following is the official vote, for Con
gressman in the Ninth District:
, " ., " Dickinson. GiHiinn.
Bri.:..iJ--.u...l...t....i...A f.ist it .--..el
HuntDM.i. . .v. t-. iHi - --T'- S.HM
aoda8kjr.iwu..... j........ 8 124 2.t9l
tMOK.....Ci'.. I.. S.688 : . S.878
Total -wJia.' 14JHT
Dickinson'! mijority :.. 1,615.
. Still 2xtitNDiNG-The Pacific and At
fantic Telegraph is fast-extending its' lines
in every direction. New offices have been
opened at Nashville' and Memphis. Mr.
Williams, the agent of the line in this city,
tll$ os be Vrlll joon b jreadj to' receive
business for any part of the United State?,
and that Bis office w.W be pne '.where pop
ple cannot ascertain what kind of telegrams
have been sent "by enquiry at the ele
gtlpnVfflcVs.'' VA(jwi.-rJoha JJahe, an old-timed ga
loot, whose name Sppears oh the police
docket probably more times than that of
au'y other sinner In the cfty. ; On Saturday
he wasarrested on ; charge of vagrancy.
As he wilt not workf eveii in payment of a
fine, andaa source of trouble tojall with
whom he Is brought in contact the "Mayor
advised him to remain at Castle Eathart for
the next thlrtyAdays.T He will Uke his
Honor's advice. '"'? .1 u -
! --if . ' - ' 1 r .
1 Storing a CaRriagk. A boatman named
John Gillespie, on Sunday; being filled with
vile whisky, amused himself by stoning the
carriage of -B. Dabus, in which were hi
family and .the children of a neighbor.
Gillespie, says that he had not drank auy.
thing lor some time, and the liquor be In
dulged In set bim. erasy, and ne did not
know what . he was- doing. The ; Mayor
fined, bint- f 10 and .ccsts and 1 committed
him to the city prison for ten days. -
' TaMPBRNCa .AttiANoa. There was
meeting of the friends of temperance held
at the ' First" Presbyterian , Church ,Jast
made by Messrs.; Qsborn Bobertson, Ran
dall, Kendall and others. A constitution
and by-lawf for the State Temperance
Alliance1 vefe -aaoptea. ude William
Janrlsoti was" elected President. JJ DeV.'Tir.
Bandjilfi Hdn.'pl- Wbite and Or, J. B.
Thompson, Vice Presidents.- Dr. Morrell,
Secretary, . U. Bennetli Treasurei'. The
constltotib'n Tru tfgAtiPj,A large Dumber
of persdni bfort the meetinifTfdjoiraed.
MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 26th, 1868.
Council met pursuant to adjournment.
PesentMessrs,:Arnl8tong; Beekey,
Caren, Chad wick, rComstock,,- Donaldso,
Frankef, Gibbons, Janney, Knopf, McAl
Ute,Bosa.all and President Naghten.
The President called the Council to or
der.. .. . " .
v; The clerk read the minutes of the pre
ceding meeting, and they 'were approved.
B. F. Bowen, City Civil Engineer, re
ported the following estimates for work re
quired to be done:
. For grading and graveling Maple street,
from High street to , Water street, $332 65.
For repaving the sidewalk on the east
side of Front street fromhe northeast side
of Town and Front street to a point 85
feet north of Town street, Jt74 92.,: , ,;: J
For building a double row flag crossing
across Noble street at the East side of
High street, $41.20. ; ' . 4 y..:,- '
For graveling South street from Sixth
street to Seventh street, $355.50. ; f.
r Mr. Frankel presented a petition from
Nicholas Schlee asking for the payment of
damage from the overflow of old Pxtei 8
run sewer,' in 1S66. . Referred to Messrs.
Frankel, Donaldson and Boss as a special
committee of three.' " ' -v
Mr. Gibbons, from committee oh Ordi
nances.' reported the following ordinances,
which were read a third time and passed
lTo grade 1 and pave on Third street from
North street.to North; Public lane yeas
To grade and pave on North street from
Third to Fourth street yeas 14. - ,r.
To grade and re pave In front of lot No. 6
of Dennison's subdivision of outlot No. 39
yeas 14. .
To grade and pave on Third street from
Hickory alley to North street yeas 14. : 1
To grade and pave Chapel street from
High street to Front street yeas 14.' A
To make appropriations for purposes
therein named yeas 14.
Mr. Ross presented an ordinance to grade
and pave on' the-east side of Front street
from the northeast 'corner of Town and
Front, street to a point ,85 feet north of
Town street, which was read a first and
second time. '
Mr.-Caren Introduced an ordinance'to
grade and gravel, on Jtfaple street from
High to Water street, which was read a
first and second time.' ' '
MrArmstrong presented an orllnance1
to assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding the north side, of Long street
from Center alley to Straight alley, which
was read a first and second time.
Mr. McAlister Introduced' an ordinance
to assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding east side of Seventh street from
Friend street to a point 100 feet north of
Cherry street, which was read a first and
second time. 'SL!!
Mf. -Janney presented an ordinance to
assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding Seventh "street from the north
line of W. C. Brown's lot to the first alley
north of Broad street; which was read a
first and second time. ": "- -
Mr. Armstrong, introduced a resolution
to contract with McDbnad & Walsh for
grading and paving-on Washington Av
enue from East Gay to East Lonar strer..
Passed yeas 14; : : ' ' ' -"
Mr." Chad wick introduced a resolution
directing the. City Clerk to have placed
upon the tax duplicate the nnpaid assess
ments for work done onl the "north aide of
Mulberry alley, from; High street to Front
street, the , same, when . collected,, to be
paid to-John Murphy, the contractor'.
Passed yeas 14. .11.. ; : , - , ,
Mr. Beekey presented the following:
Resolved, That the standirt? CommHtpii
on Markets be, and thev are herebv ' mi.
thorized to take into: consideration, tha
propriety of changing the manner of sell
ing coal ana coke, so that hereafter all
such articles shall be sold by weight; and
if In their judgment such a change would
be advisable to report to this Council an
ordinance to that effect at an early day. '
' Mr.J Knopf introduced a. resolution to
change the grade on Perry street from
High street to the Corporation line.. The
resolution was referred to the committee on
High ways with Instructions to obtain sig
natures of property owners . therefor. "'
Mr. Wall introduced a resolution to con
tract wvfh Peter "Egan fpr.building a double
row flag crossing across Public alley at the
west side or Jriign street, l'assed yeas 1.
Mr.Knopf Introduced a resorutlon direct
ing the City Civil Engineer to prepare the
necessary plat and estimate for grading the
north half of Perry street from High street
to the Corporation line. Passed. "
Mr. Bsekey introduced a resolution di
recting the City Civil Engineer to prepare
a plat and estimate for grading and paying
on;Mo Vnd street" from'Wafhlngto'rt avenue
to the east line of outlot NT. 16. Passed'
Mr. Knopf introduced' a resolution ask
ing- for a plat' and estimate for a double
row fUg crossing across Mound street upon
the west side of High street. Passed. , 1.
Mr. Knopf introduced a resolution ask
ing for a plat and estimate for lowering tho
flag crossing across Mound street at the
east side of High street to correspond with
thftNIcolson pavemept. Passed. , ,.
Mr. McAlisterJrorn- the: committee 'on
Fire Department offered the following: !
Resolved That the Standing Committee
on the Fire Department be and they are
nereujr aninorizea ana insirucrea To pay
Edward Babbitt, the sum of $28 for ser
vices rendered the city.
The resolution was referred "back to the
cotninittee on Fire .Department,- with in
structions to lascertain if ; the ' amount
named would satisfy him." s-i iU
Mr. Knopf, on leave, introduced an or
dinance to build a double row flag cross
ing across Monnd street at the west side of
High street, which .was" read a .'first and
second Lime.
On moi.oq of Mr. Ross, the roles were
suspended and the ordinance read a third
time and passed yeas -14.!-.
Mr. Knopf, on leave, introduced ran or
dinance to tower the' crossing across Mound
street on the east side of High street, which
was read a third '.timer -and" referred to
standing' 'commltteesprl Fourth and Fifth
wards. .ICISI'I 'fl.-i.yi
.Mr. Gibbons Introduced the following:
SJtesolved, That the Street Commissioner
is hereby directed to repair South Public
lane at the junction of Washington avenue
and South Public lane. ,
The resolution was adopted yeas 10
nays4. .r--n ':. -Ar. ' . - o i -a . . .. u.-
? Mfi Janney Introduced the following; ; ;
oie$olvecL That the standing committee
on Market House and Markets be and is
hereby instructed to negotiate for ... the
ground adjoining the Market House on the
west, if it can be purchased on the terms
heretofore proposed by the owners thereof,
and report to this Council for Its approval
or rejection. -i .;- . : 1 . : '
- The resolution was adopted". '-
, Mr. ComBtock announced that the voting
place of the Third Ward will be changed
to the carriage shop of Peters & Benns on
Town street.
Mr. Donaldson introduced a resolution to
contract with John, Murphy jor building '
a double row flag crossing across Linn al-
ley at the East side of High street. Adont-1
ed. . t-.MO -".-riiriJ ...-.;:,..-,
Dfrf Donaldson- moved that the Street'
Commissioner, be .directed to clean the
Nicholson pavement once every two weeks,
or ofteuerif necessary. , Adopted. ' . - -.
On motion, the Council adjourned Until
November 9th. "" .
First of the Season. Lindeman & Co."1
have received the first venison of the sea-
n. Gus. Stevenson says that venison: fa
cheap eating,-altnoogb It 4s deer meat, ...
MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 26th, 1868. Proclamation
Eaye,' Governor of 'th
State of Ohio,
' Jrl conpllance of I joint resolution of
the General Assembly of the State of Ohio,
adopted May 16, .1868, and In accordance
with the good custom of our fathers, I do
appoint Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of
November next, as a day of public thanks
giving to Almighty God for his continued
blessings vouchsafed to tho people of Ohio.
' " - In testimony whereof I have here
unto set my hand and caused the
. great Seal of the State of Ohio to
- oe amxea, at (JoinmbuF, this twenty-
l. s. 6lxth day of October, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-eight, and of the in
dependence of the United States o1
. America the ninety-third. ;
By Huiherford B. Bauet,' Goven
Governor of Ohio.
By the Governor:
JOHN RUSSELL, Secretary ot State.
Transferred ITesterdat, The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office yesterday:
i Michael Faveralay and wife to Thomas
Anderson, Oct. 26th, part of lot No. 64 in
western addition to the-city of Columbus,
Daniel Dague' and wife and Susan Hen
dricks to Francis Schall, Oct. 26th, 29 acres
of land in Jefferson township, for $1,600
B. F. Reesand wife to A. N. Whiting
and Theodore Rhodes, Sept. 26th, the un
divided one-half of two pieces of land in
Montgomery township, for $3 500.
Caleb Farber and wife to James H. Far
ber, May 4th, 100 acres of land in Plain
township, for $500.
W. P. Sprague and wife to Levi A.
Sprague, Oct. 223, 65 acres of land in Truro
township, for $1,800.
Opening of the . St. Lawrence. The
opening of the St. Lawrence Saloon last
night was the event of the season. A fine
lunch was spread and ."Was attacked' by a
very large assemblage of invited guests.
Messrs. Coverdale & Co. have opened the
handsomest restanrant-ln the city. In ev
ery department it has been made new, and
supplied with . all that can . please the
eye and tempt the palate. We wish
the enterprising proprietors every success.
We have long needed the kind of an estab
lishment they have opened here. We rec
ommend the St. Lawrence to all our read
ers as one of the neatest, cosiest restaurants
in the State, where everything one can de
sire to eat wiil be served up in the first
style of the culinary art. We understand
that the .convenient plan of hot lunch at
all hours, formerly so popular here, will
be adopted by the present proprietors. : V
Trot at Olkntangy Park. By the no
tice in another column it will be seen that
we are to have an exciting trot at Olen-
tangy Park to-morrow afternoon at three
o'clock, mile heats and " repeat, between
Alexander's b. m.n Maria,. Hedges' b. h.
Charcoal, Owner's b. s. Morrill,' Phelp's b;
in. Lady Woodruff and Parry's b.g. Nigger!
The trot will be for a nurse of $250. and
will be one of the most stubborn contests
we have had lately, Jools will be sold at
West's billiard saloon to-night. The ladies
are especially invited to be present. ! -T
Penitentiary Convict ; Attempts ' to
Kill . an Officer. Mr. Isaac Huffman,
guard at the. Penitentiary, was attacked
yesterday . afternoon by a prisoner with a
broad-ax, and received; a severe cut on the
arm. The prisoner certainly . designed to
kill, as the blow was aimed at the head,
buta dexterous application of the guard's
cane frustrated his; purpose. : The fracas
grew out of the guard insisting upon the
prisoner observing the laws of the prison.
. . -; S .. .
Sergeant Bates. This patriotic soldier,
whose march through the Southern States
bearing" aloft the stars and stripes, was a
perfect ovation, is in the. city.-; Last night
he delivered a stirring speech before the
White Boys in Blue at Tburraan Hall. He
will march at the head of the procession of
White Boys in Blue this afternoon, carry ing
the flag prevented to him at Vicksburg
and which he carried through the Southern
Stales. . iJu;.'. ;;.'. .
Jiffersonian Guard. At a meetinz of
Chanticleer Tent No. 1, Jeffersonlan Guard,
held in Duffey's Hall last night, the follow
ing resolution was adopted unanimously;
Resolved, -That the-Democracy .of the
First, Second, Eisrhth and Ninth Wards
will meet at DuflVy's Hall at 1 o'clock P. M.
on .to-morrow Tuesday, Oct 27th, for the
purpos' ot attending in a body to hear the
Hon.. Horatio. Seymour (our candidate foi
the Presidency) speak, and that each Ward
bring with them their banners;. '. . .
Skriocs Accident. As Wm. Armstrong,
of No: 66 Eist Town street, was driving,
witb bis wife, on the Lock borne road yes
terday, when bis horse becoming frighten
ed at the cars on the Hocking Valley rail
road, ran away, smashing the bugsry all to
pieces, and throwing Mr. and Mrs. Arm
strong out, breaking " her arm ' and other
wise , injuring her., ""Mr. . Armstrong's
bruises we believe were slight.
Continued. The hearing of Charles L.
Pugb, charged with shooting "; Henry
Schreiner with intent to kill, was yester
day alternoon postponed by the Mayor, on
the motion of the delendent, until the 6th
day ot November, to enable him to obtain
the presence of one of the Davis boys
Flags and Lanterns. Charley Wagner
has a new supply' of Seymour and Blair
flags and lanterns, which he will sell at
cost. Now Is the time to procure lanterns
for. the purpose of Illuminating your
houses and stores..' .'.r .;-...: 1,
Headq rs White Boys in'Blue-) '
, Thcrman Hall, Oct. 26. S
General Order No. U . , , W ' '" ' "
" The members of this command are here
by ordered to meet at' these Headquarters
on Tuesday atternoonpOctober 27th, at one
o'clock, m Wb lfce shirts and Mcdellan eaps
for paradeso i-i tji it f
Let there be a full tnrnout to receive our
gallant standard bearer.: u -ts '
By order. : . . .... . .
1 ; , jj. Hkimmiller, ' 'lf
' J. B. Miller,' Lieut. Col. Coui'd'g.
.Adjutont. : "; : , :;;'; ; r ;
' Attention, Co. A, White Boys in Blue.
You will meet at Headquarters this (Tues
day) afternoon, atone o'clock, in full uni
form, for escort duty. '
By order. " J. Lohrer, Jr,
;."'"-y"'1 ''. ..Capt. Comd'g
- Attention, Co. B, White Boys In Blue.
Report promptly ' at ; Headquarters '".' this
alternoon atone o'clock, In uuiform, for pa-1
rade. .
By order." '.' :," J. Albright.'"'1!-.
1 ; ;-'-' ; - Capt. Comd'g.
. Attention, Co. C White Boys in Blue.
Ton will meet at Thurman Hall this Tues
day afternoon at one o'clock, for parade. ,
;By order. j " Ed. McGill. -
:-..u ii , -v, ;i . Capt. Comd'g..:
rt." - ! i. .i n ( , 2 -it: '
" Attention Coler Gnard and Gun Squad
of White Boys In Blue., You will meet at
Thurman Hall this afternoon at one o'clock
lor escort duty. J. Pbitchard,
' 1 ; ? f Lieut, Commanding Co.
WDm r TT 1 .
wiun-iveporuuL jaeaoquaners
this afternoon at one o'clock, In white shirts
and caps'." '" ' w - " 1 -
j .PjT.prder. j, Martin! ,P OWESS., :.
, x " . : capt, commandtag, '
r 'females, Rowing "to the I
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. .Freedom from these
contribute in no small' degree to' their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
happy who are ill. Not only so, hut no !
one of these various female complaints
can long be suffered to run on without
involving the general health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline.' Nor
is it pleasant to consulta physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections,
and only npon the most urgent necessity
will a true ;woman so far sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this The sex
will then thank ns for placing in their
hands simple specifics which ' will be
found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost eyery one of those .troublesome
complaints peculiar to the sex.
Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drugS
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it may
be produced , from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious .em
ployment,' unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and Frequent childbirth, iB is far
oftener caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane; of the
vagina itself.
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant .evils con
sequent upon them. ' It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the' many additional causes which'so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes of society,
and which, consequently, affect .more or
less directly, ! the welfare of the entire
human family. The mania that exists
fori precocious education V and - marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
for corporeal "development to" be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy; exeitemerijtof
the" ball-room.' Thus, with the body
half clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by ' pleasure,, perverting in mid
night revel the hours designed by. nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half, accomplished. .
In consequence-of tins--early strain
npon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the, delicate, votary , to re
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is over,-another. ia"prosi
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive torimpression, while the now con
stant.' restraint of fashionable, dres'sfub-j
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to night air ;' "the sudden change
of temperature f - the" complete prostra
tion produced by excessive . dancing
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. At last, an early-marriage
caps the climax of miseryand the un
fortunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
less of the" plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling snbject of medical treat
ment. This is but a truthful picture of
the experience of thousands, of oar young
women. , ' F
Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs; they
require an 'education of their peculiar
nervous system,., composed of what -iff
called the tissue,' which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions,' when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their .victim ere nature
has self completed their development.
t For Female; Weakness and Debility;
Whites or Leucorrhcea,1 Too'Profus?
Menstruation," Exhanstion,,JT6o Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus - and
Bearing Down, or. Prolapsus Uteri, we4
offer the most perfect specific known :"
Buchu. Directions for use, diet, and
advice, accompany.1 ?
, .Females in.every period of .life, from
infancy to extreme old age.Srirl find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. Strength is the glory of
manhood and "Womanhood. Helmbold's
Extract Bochu is more strengthening
than any of the preparations of Bark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. " IIelmbold's Extract Buchu,
having, received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now offered-to afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing. diseases and ymptom8,.rom what
ever cause originating : 1; General Debit,
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility,- Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Lobs ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Palpitation of the Heart,
and, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous ' and Debilitated state of the
system. To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
other. v . , .
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where.v v ", - - -' - '
Price. $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms in all comrriunica-tioris-iiiddresB
Drug' and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y.
" None are genuine unless done up in'
steel-engraved wrapper, with fac-simile
of my Chemical Warehouse, and signed
i-S-dws-weol H. T. HELMBOL0. .
Ohio Statesman.
' 1 , I -.
Latest Religious Intelligence.'
Protes afit. Episcopal ' Convention.
Hio Janeiro Advloea,
"&e.'i " &,c, &c, :. Acc.
Peace Treaty with Madagascar.
f. Ji ? 5 WASHINGTON, Oct. 26,
A new treaty of perpetual peace and
irunasnip nas neen concluded bstween
Madagascar and the United Srar.es. secur
ing religious liberty and free commerce to
Peace Treaty with Madagascar. Disaster.
Clkvkland, O., Oct. 26
The bark. Cotton Bissell. from Detroit,
hence for Liverpool, with 2000 bbls of pe
troleum, was burned just outside the port
I.., rp-B AOBnl -
'"ftUu. a ne vcowi nuu vmu are a to
tal loss. 1 ne crew was saved.
West Virginia Election.
Whbkling, Oct. 2G.
'lne-lnteuijfencer (Republican) this
morning says: ' Our whole State ticket is
elected hy a majority that cannot fall be
low three thousand five hundred, and may
reach four thousand-five hundred. We
shall nave almost, if not quite, our usual
majority in. the. Legislature, . and -have
elected beyond peradventureour Congress
men in the First and Second district!, and
returns from the Tbir j district remove
doubts of Gen. Witcher's election.
The Register (Democratic) says: Tol
erably; complete reports from eighteen
couuties out of fifty-three, composing the
otate snow net uemocratic gains of 2,500,
ana me same ratio ot gin throughout the
State, which ratio certainly exiuts, will
give us west Virginia by a handsome ma-
jority-.:- -,; - - 1. -. - :
River News.
- ,N Pittsburgh, Oct 26. .
Weather cloudy and cool. No change in
tne river.
Rochester Items.
. . .,. , EoCHtSTER, Oct. 26.
An arch of the blast furnace at Charlotte
tell, this forenoon, killing a man named
Meacbam, and injuring two others sliirhtlv,
Jones' iron foundry was damaged bv fire
yesterday to - the extent of 5,000. Fully
Concord, Oct. 26
Eight boys were potsoned Saturdav at
Suncook, from eating Indian turnips for
ariicnoKes. .1 wo nave since died.
Boston Items.
Boston; Oct. 26.
A man named McPherson violently as
saulted a colored man named John white.
in a Soraer viHe-uor-car batu rday-m ght.
The colored man snot his assailant, inflict
ing a wound which will likely prove fatal
White surrendered, claiming" he acted Tn
seir-cuisnse. . -, , . . .
The civilauit of the Merchants Bank
against the State Bank, to recover $000 000
paid by the former tn Edward Carter, ot
the firm of Mellen, Ward & Co- on certi
fied checks of the cashier of the State
Bank", "J for 'which fcold certificates were
paid,and the former failing without assets
were lost,, were commenced in the Circuit
uourt tbis morning. . . . ,
The trial ot Ward and Mullen, lor era
bezaling government funds to the amount
of one hundred thousand dollars, resulted
to-aay in a verdict of guilty.; , ',' . ;;
Cattle Commissioners.
-- New York, Oct. 26.
The Cattle Commissioners of New York
have issued a circular recommending that
Convention of the Commissioners of the
several States and Canada be held in the
city of Springfield. III., on the first day ot
December next, lneomect ot the Con
vention Is to consider the history of the
Texas cattle fever and other infectious and
contagious diseases -to which cattle and
stock are subject, and the best methods of
preventing toe spread ot such diseases.
Disastrous Fires.
Hunter's Points The tire resulted from an
explosion of naptba on board a Swedish
brig, and communicated to the warehouses
on shore.', Three men lost their lives from
the explosion,"' and one mau was shot by a
ruman during the conflagration. The ex
tent, of the loss' is not yet known, but it
win undoubtedly be very heavy.
A grocery store and dwelling on the cor
ner ot Myrtle -avenue and Clymer street,
Williamsburg, took fire last evening. A
man, named Peter Tursaneke, and his wile
land child wereseverely burned.- A "woman
named Little lumped from the third storv
Window." All of ihem sustained Injuries
which win probably prove latai. -r j
Religious Intelligence.
A meeting of the BoarJ of Missions of
the .Episcopal (Jburcn was held last niuht,
when the question ot ministering women,
their training .and working the church,
was discussed at length by Bishop Kerfoot,
Dc. Rankin and others. .
.A meeting ot members ot various Amer
ican christian societies was also held last
evening to arrange a. joint plan for evan
gelizing -Spain. Bishop Mcllvaine and
other gentlemen addressed the meeting,
one ot thein proposing a memorial to the
Pope in favor of religious freedom.
r Rev. Dr. Charles Robertson, Bishop elect
of the Mission, was consecrated with im
pressive ceremonlea at Graoe Church yes
terday. Right Rev. Bishop Whipple, of Minne
sota, preached a sermon to young persons
at Grace Chapel yesterday afternoon.
The jury In the case of EIIz iTracey, who
died from burns received at the hands ot
Patrick Kerrigan,: at No. 40 Mulberry
street, Tuesday last, returned a verdict
yesterday charging him with the murder,
and be was committed.- He and the - wo.
man were not married but had lived to
gether for two years. He claims he was
drunk when Bhe was burned and did not
know it .happened.
Fenian Meeting.
On Saturday evening a meeting
was held in the military hall in the Bowe
ry. While a Fenian Center was speaking a
cry was raised that two British spits were
in the room, and two untortunates who
were pointed out as such suspected persons
were set upon by the crowd and badiy
beaten. They escaped and took refuge in a
store, where they were rescued by the po
The steamships city of Cork from Liv
erpool, and Hansa, from Bremen, arrived
. . . -.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
In the Episcopal Convention to-day sev
eral r messages- were received from the
House of Bishops on the grievances of the
Oneida Indians, on evangelization: outside
of churches, and other less lmportantub4
jects. . . ...r. - i .rM.,.t
The Bishops - non-oonenrred v In . the
amendments to canon 13, section 5, title 1,
In the election ot Assistant Bishops. : 1
' After, discussion upon the propriety of
sign ing a letter from the House of Bishops
to the Secretary of the Interior on the conJ
ditlon of the Oneida Indians, I
Mr. Welsh; of Pennsylvania, moved to
refer matter to a special committee ol
three clerical and three lay delegates, , to!
examine and report. Lost and the house
declined to lake any further. action. , ')
Messages were received from the House
of Bishops non-concurring in the change
proposed in the board of missions, asking
for a joint committee of two Bishops, and
two presbyters and two lav men on tha
subject of theological education and other
measures for improvement and revision;
the committee to report at the next Gener
al Convention, and announcing their in-i
tcntion of adjourning sine, die Thursday
next. - j
Committee on Prayer. Book presented a!
report containing several -resolutions on
changes of matter and punctuation of the)
lessons, psalms and hymms, which was re-t
ferred to the joint standing committee oni
Prayer Book. .
Hamilton Fish, on behalf of the trustees'
fund for the relief of widows and orphans; ;
reported that he had received no contribu-i
tlons tor the 'object." and asked tn hn dis
charged, and an -act for incorporation Vbe
filed by the registrar. Adopted, n
On motion ef Dr. Littlejouu, the house
concurred with the Bishops in thecom
munications received excent trinsH on
jourament and. Board ot Missions.1
Railway Market.
excited to-day.
The transactions at the 10 o'clock board
were eighty thousand shares, including
thirty-three thousand Erie.
Held for Trial.
Geo. Williamson has been held for trial
for the larceny of $7,000 worth of silks,
ribbons, &e from 308 Canal street. It
seems the prisoner, with another man Un
known, hired a basement and opened-a
trunk store, and bored a hole through the
ceiling, and filled six trunks with the stock,
which, was being taken away in express
... . .
Hirm C." Corwin, an ex-alderman, com
mitted suicide this morning hy cutting his
throat. . .-. -..,.
The police report the mate and two sail
ors on board the brig Lord 'Hartingtofi,
were burned to death. The total loss by
fire Will probably reach 300,000. v:
Base Bali.
"The champion match between the Mtii
tual and Atlantic base -, ball cluba resulted
this afternoon in favor ot tbe Mutual 21
to 17.. Ten thousand persons were present.
The Mutuals are now champions of the
United States U !-.v v,. v ii' 'V
Union Pacific Railroad.
The Union Pacific Railroad Is now com
pleted 883 miles wst from Omaha, which
brings it within 150 miles of Salt Lake
City, and the road is nearly all graded for
this distance and the iron for the' track is
all or the ground. It is. confidently Ex
pected the road will be finished to Salt
Lake this - i ,
Important Recognitions.
- r'r-j -si London," Oct. 2K
- Great Britain'. France ' and Italy have;
recognized the revolutionary Government
Of Spain. Dispatches received ' to-night j
from Madrid report that bands in Alconte j
hnve nrnp.lnimnri tho Varl.n1 - Hnnlrlf.
Disturbances bad broken out in.Malago;
and Grenada, and troops have been de-1
spatched from Madrid to the latter place.
New Line of Steamers.
- . ' Vlo r Kitce, Oct. 26.
A line of steamers between some Italian
port and New York Is projected to accom
modate the increasing fruit trade. '"
Rio Janeiro.
" " 'Paktr. On. 9R.
Later Rio Janeiro advices state that the !
United States steamer Wasp had arrived at 1
Monteviedo, having Mr. Washburne, the i
American minister to Paraguay, on board, j
Mr . Washburne has protested against the
violation of the American . legation- at :
Asuncion by Paraguay, forty persons hav- j
ing been unlawfully seizedthere under J
1111,3 AUiCl lUUU llrt.
iiukdos, ucu zo, - :
Mr. Gladstone has concluded his person- i
ai canvass In bouth Lancashire. It is be
lieved the ministry will only retire before
a l irge liberal majority in the next House
of Commons.' - . . . - . - ' . . . .
The Swedish polar expedition has return- f
eo, aiter penetratiug to the 82d degree of
Ntw York, Oct. 26.
Havana correspondence of the 17th, says
there was a good deal of speculation as to
Lersundi'a action on the arrival of his suc
cessor. It 19 known that he has all along
been a consistent royalist, and it is not cer
tain whether he will recognize the ap
pointee of the new Government. ' ;
The Insurrections.
Every thing is quiet In Havana, and the
change at.homn is decidedly popular.
The insurrections in the interior are of
more importance than the authorities will
adroit. The latest rising was in Santiago,
and on the reception ot the news consid
erable activity . was noticeable among
troops in the barracks at Havana.
Porto Rico.
The suppression ..of' the insurrestion in
Porto Rico was officially announced on the
3i inst by the Captain General of that
province. The troops - had -captured six
teen o the principals and were in hot pur
suit of Manuel Rajos, the leader.
- ' -!'-'' ! It itesT. -'
Havana, Oct. 26. The Capteln General.
L:rsundi, has received satisfactory news
trom Manzillo. Two hundred insurrec
tionists had surrendered to Lopez, who
was sent against them. ,
A.detachment of troops sent to meet the
Insurgents at Tunas had met with success.
A battle was fonght on the outskirts of the
town, and the insurgents were dispersed.
The troops captured the cannon, flags, and
all correspondence of the rebels. .
The latest advices from the Interior re
port the government officials acting with
vigor, but the rebels are sacking and rob
bing plantations. . -
The reinforcements sent from Havana,
bed not arrived at the scene of disaster. -
It is reported that the negroes, witb the
insurrectionists have under them white ser
vants, whom they compel to address them
as masters. ' '
The telegraph lines have been cut twelve
times within ten days. The insurrection,
is confined to a small district in the inte
rior. The most of the Island is ouieL
Attention Companies D and X White
Boys in Blue. You are hereby ordered to
meet at Headquarters this afternoon at 1
o'clock, for parade. Every member report
in full uniform. r , : i- ,-
Byordtr. H. Debcs,
'. - Capt. commanding.
Attention, Companies F and G, White
Boys in Blue. You will turn out in full
force this afternoon for escort duty. Report
promptly at Headquarters, at one o'clock,-
in full uniform. - ; ...
By order. H. Davis,
Capt. commanding.
If AW HOOD Another
IV 1 Pamphlet fron
th iien at. Hi f-tr,,,,,,
The "Medioal '1 iuaes" sajs of this work : "This
valuable treatise on the cause and onre of prema
ture decline, shows how health is itnioiniH h..,.k
seoret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It ives a clew synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects nf
nervous debiht?. and tha remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt -of 35 cents, by addressing Dootor Cubtis,
68 North Charles street, Baltimore. Md.
nlaniliil Hi- D is the best in the world :
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : do ridiculous
tin,. MmArliiMi the ill efiects of bad dves: invi--
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
brown. Sold by all UrusKists and Perfumers :
and properl applied at Bstchelor's Wi Factory,
Youa Lotion has cured me of Tetter (or Salt
Rheum) on my hands of thirty, years itandinx."
writes Joreph Kistler, of Danville, Ind., wbe has
been asinv falmer'i Vesstable Cotmetio Lotion.
aeFYi-aawiyvA -
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 28.
. GOLD 134 buying. T -
1 CHANGE-R,ther dun at par.bpy
ing,6d Me premium selling. - "
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 28. New York Money Market—Oct. 28.
13?tV.pene4 ' jelo .t
New York Stock Market—Oct. 28.
9n,Pn f '81 115 do '6S )?KV3i
.nf,l??n05 do '67110(3110; i 68
llOfflllO; 10.40s.l05106?
. Stock depressed lowr under strong bes r
feeling, and reporfcof eooitnluasi tt-. Stock
Exchange on, Erie affair. They say they
had an interview with Mr. Gould, presfr
dent, and learned the' follower: The
company recently Issued ten millions of
convertible bonds to take.up five millions
acceptances falling, due liv, January, whiak
have been Issued'. ia the purchaser Bostot
Hartford and Erie bonds of this amount.
Bonds to the amount ot about five millions
have been tsonverted into cotamou stock,
and ia the event of laying.theiiblrdvfttJt
three tnillions more will be issned. The
common . stock , and . recently, .converted
bonds amount to $44, eOO.OOdj -
6:30 prices Wells' Express 29291;
American 4540; Adams 6050i; Unu
ted States 4747J; Merehanto' Union' 221T
22 Quick Sifver 2323Uj PaeinoMall
122122 Western Un.n ielegrwh
36; New York Central 123 123 EriS
3y39gj ,xlo- preferred. 6767)" sOM.
and Mi88iti8ippi 2930; Wabasb 6666 ;
do preferred 7274; Michigan Central 117
118; Michigan Southern 84484U; Tor
ledo 101101; Fort Wayne: 11I) ll
Terra Haute 40w'41 d preferred &
,i . -.! . '. .A
New York Market—Oct. 28.
COTTON-Aahade firmer, with fair de
mand ; sales of 3,100 bales,-at 265"fbf
middling uplands.:
FLOUR Market closed heavy; at" irja
15o lower on common and medium grades.
. WHEAT Quiet and steady, at I 66(3
1 67 for No. 2 Spring.--'-4 -''
RYE Dull and npminal, at $1 48 I W
for Western.
OATS Dull and heavy,' at 7373Jc for
Western:'?- fj ,r jii if 1 10
CORN Dull and heavy; sales at 1 11
l 13 for,; unsound, and $1,14 115 lor
sound mixed Western
PORK Lower, 1 all and heavy: sales at
$20 8727 00 tor mesa. wv-r !t-?i
.. BEEF Dull ana drooping. '"'.
' CUT MEATS and Bacon dull ant) heavy
.) LARD Heavy, at 17l7ia for : fair to
prime eteam. . . . .wmi
EGGS Firm, at 3334cy
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 28.
FLOUR Dull and prices nominal to' a
great extent;'but little done. ' "i u" T
GRAIN Dull and little doinrr-prices
nominal. - f .0 '
- COTTON-FIrmen' 'middling. r.tipUodJ
24J4e. a n;.5iiii-j: ...irsiir'J
TOBACOO-Unhangedand quiet -'
"WHISKY Declined to $112 v I
' PORK The stock being .exhausfccV'jBa
quotations can be. given. . .T
LARD Vry duil; prime -old city was
offered at 16c no buyers; new butchers'
sold at 16c. i .,yswl,.t ." " ,
v- BULK MEATS Sold at UJe for sldw,
packed; not much of any kind iu markpt.;
BACON Firm; abouldera:-.13Uc;
clear sides 1717e; generally held at oat
ride rat8. x- r JiuotuJ i '-' 1 . vi
BUTTEB-i-Dullf supply better; ; fresh 34
39;. . i ..,,.. 0. . .1 (-'t ui f tutm
EGGS Sales at 2728i "
GBOCEKlES-SteaUvand In fair demand
with lull prices. I..,',. '
OILS Linseed'ery"dull; nothlng"Te
yond a retail demand, and price arw nomi
nal. Lard oil dull ana unsettled the best
current make can be bought at $1 40.
- CATTLE Beef cattle dull' and prices
drooping, c 1 . ns l ':. i--.;.T(i or
- HOGS Dull and prices drooping at $6 50
8 00. The weather is now too mild lor
curing, therefore packers are not buying.
Chicago Market—Oct. 28.
-j FLOURVery dull, heafvrt add nominal
ly lower, spring extras at $5 906 75. . i
" WHEAT Moderately active for ship
ment, bnt declined 77cr sales of No 1
at $l22l 25V No 3 opened at$l 19 an
declined to $1 14. but rallied and olosed,
at$l 17Kl '18; sales, of , No 2, . since
change, at I 16. 1: n ,
1 CORN Less active an83 -foweff
sales of No 1 at 8385e; No at808SM
in store, closing a g383e r for i No-1:
salesof Ho 1 thisP.'M. .atS3c ... . .-.
OATS Fairly active for shipment but
deciined 23c,and closing at 44c. '
- RYE Dull, and -910eilower; sales oC
No 1 at $ 0G1,13, and closing at the in-,
side nrice. - - ' , . . f
BAELEY :Dull, ' and 'l0llc" lower;
salesof No 2 at $1 60l 65, and rejected
at$l.35l 38, closing, at the inside price ;
New York Cattle Market—Oct. 28.
BEEVES-Dull throughout the past week
and prices lower. To-day the market is
quiet and prices heavy and lower; arri
vals are large, about 3319 bulk: common
quality; receipts for tho week 7.404; quota,
ccwiw jor too weeK .U4; quiwai
lerior "to ordinary 9U ; for fair,
il4155 ; extra 16(16c.v ;
iS roUav the market Is tolera-f
nun?, jiiirnor
to prime '.
bly active and prices heavyt at67Jci
. oamit- Anierior to gooa 3i. prime,
55e. , ,
S WINE-i-To-day rhe market Is fairly ac
tive but prices are V lower than on SatJ
urday; light to common 8S?.j; fair to
good 8SJgc; heavy corn led
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct. 28.
The market opens witb Indian summer
weather and a moderate demand for sOiple
styles ol goods at steady prices. .. Heavv
brown sheetings steady at lo16c for best
makes; printing cloths 7J7; prints
1212r-for standard market 13c; for
Cuchecos, Merrimack D, moire de laines ot
best new styles,, 21c; Canton flannel, espe
cially bleached styles, in light stock and.
improved request, ' at ' 23c for Ellerton
bleached, 25o lor'do. O do, 2Id; for Hamil
ton brown and 25c tor Amoskeag.- a,-,,;.. :j
St. Louis Market—Oct. 28.
" FLOUR Quiet: business vervama.it'"
- WHEAT Dull and lower:" -
CORN Very unsettled, with some small
sales at $1 05. ' 1 - oM f , j,. ,flU,
OATS-r-Unchanged at 4952j., , 4
RYE Easier at$l 181 21. ',"'',.
' WHISKY Lower; 1 18.:- : ! ' ! 1
, PORK-Easier; 3L'-'u isit ' : n- f
. BACON-r-sUnchangod ; 13Ji13ie foi
shoulders, and l7Kl7Xi tor clear sides.
LARD Tierce ISu.
Toledo Market—Oct. 28.
r Dull and droonirg. v
WHEAT White 34c lower: amber 2a
lower; No 1 white Michigan $2 20: white
Michigan $1 89; amber 1 75; No 2 spring
$125.. - ... i. :.i i i i ,i
CORN Dull and 2e lower; tin f l" nW
Michigan 91c; rejected 60c-, ; ,3 .
wi aie tower; jn o l 54c: No 2 63c. '
RYE Dnll and nominal. -" "
BARLEY Dull. ; -l-r i d i.f.a
Buffalo Market—Oct. 28.
Market generally depressed: decline con-,
sidernble .
vvhe AT Sales' ' No'.' 3 ; Milwaukee" at
. CORN No. 1 western $1 001 pi. ,i
" CANAL FREIGHTS Lower. ' Ship
ments wheat 2a to New York. ; r : ' '
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 28.
FLOUR Dull and lower; city XX, f 6 CO
6 75. ' ,. '
WHEAT Unsettled : tl 25 for No. 1 in
store. ... . , .- -.. 1 1 , ,. . ,,u
1 viij
AClertymao. whila nsiiiinr in snnvi. 'i'JilsJJ ''
as a missionary, disoj.ared a safe and simple rem
ed. for tbeCnra of ervoos esknass. Early Lo
oar, Uisewes of the Urinary and Seminal Orsans.
and tho- whole train of disorders bronKBt on oy
baaeful and vicious habits. Great numbers have
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by '
desire to benefit the sfllioted and unfortunate I
.:n .i : c n. mw.A ...1 . , .
medicire, m a seated envelope, to any one who
needs it. RIB OF OH arob Address, j,
Station D, Bible House. New York Cut' "
OCt33-dtW - i. I. , . .
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS u... u a - .
Hich street. Colnmkn. khiV. V.T. XlZlTJl
or a series of years to the treatment of certain pri.
vv UUOHM. MO m bianiltjui Mt taia afll i
ocvmu ..j . uaar toe a, xoAanca if ana . -
'lit rrt
Uijdl u
weeks. Snfreftiu I
yannooo and the
11 YOUTH restored in fnur
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause art-
in ?mnm nf A&rlv I,MIiAMM,S Kakita.
tbuse, impotenoy and climate, give away at oneeto
bis wonderful medioine, if lakes regularly accord
ins to the directions (which are very simple and re-a
are is impossible. Koid in bottles at as, er four
quantitiek in one Tor $9. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent In Atnerioa, H. GERnzin, Sot
Sjond Ave., New lork. i -i .11

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