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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 28, 1868, Image 3

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Mktfoholooical n., prepared and
eruecte4 ibf rJV. A Swage- Jwelij.3
DVUbU aJ.J."
nvT.v. ; -- roin.- ThermeSBeter.
uilV.. U.ta. 3 01
, . "--- v.; Ji j 0
better than at present.- '"N';7'' '
-t-t.,Wbt Queen, Isabella has nTt fcot-
'tar 'tte'crop of., chestnuts Is unusually
large ind our market ia aounoaouy aup.
plied wttfc thwt ''.'-V.i'-V v "
KS" Hens, George H.1, Pendleton, 3. T.
MeKinaey,- of Piqna, and J. R. Hobbell, of
Delaware were in the city yesterday
to fcut little business was done yester-
dar afternoon DesDite wind and dust
everybody and tala wife wanted to see Sey
mouraVVii'r'i.'it' .a '.- .a".'
t38Ti As the procession- yesterday passed
down-? Higtrr street" - sereral. blackguards
showed their lack; of manners by cheering
for Grant. , ,
s ' J i-:
t"VWe are informed; by - prpralnent
railroad, men that railroad .business .has
been better ' this summer and fall than dar
Insr an- similar period ' during tho last
- r- .-..- ... -,, ., .... ..,
eight years, u . t.. or,i - mmi
Grrrnfcr Piehtikk. Beggars and va
grants are getting plentler, as is their cus
tom at thi season of the year, and the
greater number of arrests In the future
will be bt person sVho' bare .no ylslble
means of support.-lVe do not wlitttb.be
understood M liieruaingteTy"yoHjg'4aen
fortunates."., . , ,? ., ,
An lMP0STOB-!A.mau named J. w. Mc-
Kntght was made a member of Columbus
LodgeNo. 9,11 Of O. V'. some time ago, and
shortly thereafter was expelled for'obtaln
lngi,WoaeijwdeVn&PJreteir4 He Is
now trartng;overtheountry pretending
to be I lular standing aid ia. swindling
the fraternity wherever be can. Look out
for him. Excbanges-plaase copy.
Transferred Yesterday. The follow-
ln tra-iafirs of real estit: wer? left It the'
Eefiifflee.'yef.terdaH f f j fj
Charles vv. Rice and wife to James V.
Cleary, Oct. 29:h, lot No. 15 in Charles W.
RiteVsubdirWowof lot No.-51 in;W-Hliam
Pifelan's lit. Pleasant addition to thelty
of Columbus for $300.
ner, Oct.27(h. 10acre8 ot land'ln i'rairie
township for $650.
. Ursula B. Feder and husband to John G.
Koeraev, Qek2fca 30 acres and U -oleaot
land tn Norwicl! township -for n.SSO.-i11
SrKPRist Partiks. As'tbe-fseaso' of
surprise parties is near at bandrthe follow,
ing hints may not prove unacceptable' to'
manyc What are now called surprise pai.
ties' became atte fashionable tts England,;
a'wut the year 1800, when they were call-
e&yPJc-nlc Suppers.? -The bill otare was
prepared each dish being numberexl and
the subscribers to' the entertainment' yTeW1
lotarand each was reqnired-to furnish .the
dtsHf marked against the number he drew.
This may be useful as a hint tor persons
gettiok P surprise parties bjch.'(.by'the
wayare the. moat seawWespecjei of enter
tainment now In vogue, because the enter
tainer is required to furnish oiify the par-
lofRlDjl iliqito.np;trp4ble;,t6J'; prepare fori
tne guests, wnue iae visitors lurinsu tucir
own supper and muslcand thus equalize
expenses. And again, people who live in
aj leant bouse, bnt who cannot afford to.
prepare ao eotertaiflBaent ieniirely- at their
own cost, may thus still receive their
friends occasionally -and u joy a social and
festal evening.
Thb Arrest of John Duff r. The Re
publipan leaders here have tried every way
in their ower to get Judge Pugh in their
clutches.' Though they had lawyers at tie
ProbatoCourt to watch all who were natur
afized; and those' lawyers 'were all satisfied
that naturalization papers were issued in
goexl taittwstlll they are not satisded X6!
terday iracoftheir willing witnesses; nam
edrJames Smith, a native of Canada, was
take beare. United States Commission
er Chittenden and there made oath
that iohDuffey" hid 'given" him,A in
Duffey's Hall, on Monday evening, October
12th, a certificate of naturalization, signed
by. Judge Pugh, and bearing the-seal of. Jiis
Court, t without '4iii (Smith) taking! any
ohor! eetf Seeing-Jodge Pnzh. :1That
Smith-'story: U. bosH .will; we hlnk; ap
pear on thtfday of examiaatloiCiKr. Duffey
gave bonds in the sum of $1,500 for hi ap
pearance . on. Thursday mo'rning at : ten
o'clock. ' " .
Th Secrecy of wthk..Tici.agbaph. The
following communication was called out by
aaeaience published in .ttie'Journoi of'!tct.'
TRt.1 i: imm 3ui i-ii ,-' .:. .;:tin
" .i.i i'V'-i i
Editor Statesman : In the State Jour
nal, of Oct. 15tbj I find the following :
- When John 'GT Thompson' Stated,, that
hefVeatl.'jfrom diapafsheaf received, 'from
3eBU and SpringdeldMo -resard to voting
negroesaiud preventing"- irUhmea from
t0tiBgi''iie',tate4'Arbati he. knew, to be;a
palpable Vie. "Xo itich .dispatch! jeer re
ceived ia thie cityae tee learn on inquiry at the
telegraph offices." lJ"'
The Sttnaajr'eiMmmenting on the
ifiQfjjKMi k.teyerb'lttion to elegrapnes
about the "secrecy of the telegraph.'? I have
but to say, airT that no-, person connected
with the Journal or. any other' newspaper,
BOf any private citizen of whatever party
ornbellet,'-ca ever learn anything about
private dispatches' at the office of the West
era Union line in this city. We religious
ly preserve secrecy in all matters pertain
iagitifftlspatehetadrttoiiiaB eaft'iearn
anrtblng pt .the , telegram passing over
our wires! .The statement of. the Journa',
therefore, so far as our office frf'cdBcer'he'd,
is simply incorrect Your! -iH'o .j .w
"'t W'EStiRaf TTnion.
Jg jJlopt kgcqi.1-- The, atndance t th
Aiayorsourt jeetarqay-.wa uo.l; large,
but it was most -eeleot. i
Alex.jJones.was theralhjq dilapi
dation pertaining" toilisobering off" after
sr plain drunk. "-Aiex. eknewledged that
a a bister he was a perfect anO-'.complete
BicoeM:1, was' requested to add 'to the
olty aances.'the sum of $5.- '. He would
have-done so; with .artistic pleasure; but' m
fiiiiure to receive, bis remittances made iti
matter of impossibility. bo he joined -the
throng whobammcretli. ? ,": ., -"f
''Sadlnel Oofland, sweet Samuel, had been
display ing his. ioauscle, incited - thereto by
the joy&Jble spirit of pepzine that bnakes
tarespeaks Of. He bears au average char
acter lor sobriety at home., buS tarries loo
loug ktKaVed, ey ,andTdevotes hlmseh
.with as Impetnous ardor bordering on the
phedpmenal. ,'tb, ike business of histlng
benzine1.- He was- takento ' the' calaboose
kkkwfrawUquaUng lilts a yearling colt
He deposited $3 nd costs for bis fun-.r
. George Wright was" wrong.' He got so
fall that nisswin was aetlghc as a drum
nd eVy pdrtaweated whisky. His coil'
ditfon'Tea'nfm sd'ppose'-that -was i
hr DTOfbe $ogBadf iq,'ttw Irtstt gWnf
He knocked away right an4 lefttiU Wright
lone was telt. WHght kuearbeiwas'nl
right.- He war fined $5 which be pdid,
and wenlfrghUwaf.ld ihVWht(lid
His Appearance Creates Unbounded
k' f i
I The announcement that Gov. Seymour,
the Democratic candidate fo the Presi
dency, Would address the people n this
city, drew here more' people than ' ever was
seen in the city at appiltlcal gathering be
fore. From all part of the - State ; tbey
came to. hear the distinguished speaker dis
course on the Issues ot the hour." ',
Af 1 o'clock the street from the Neil.
House to the depot was a mass of people,,
while at the depot the throng was so great,
that it was almost impossible to get through ,
It.! . .. - " ,- - -' . : ;
About half-past one, the committee, of
Reception, iu carriages, beaded by Judge .
Thurroari and Hon. George If.- Pendleton,
and the White Boys In Blue and the Hick- !
ory Sprouts, with, bands playing, banners -flying
and horses and carriages gaily dec- -'
orated,. moved to the depot to receive tlie
Hon. Horatio Seymour, the next President -of
the United States.
Among the notable things In the proces-'-j
sion was Sergeant Bites, ' who ' marched at
the bead ot the White Boys in Blue, and
carried the banner-he bore so nobly
through the Southern States; ' W.t.
The display was a grand one for a hasty -
affair, lor no one here knew of Governor
Seymour's coming until Friday last, and
there was but little time for preparation.!. It
was ' tbe more hearty and enthusiastic,
though, because spontaneous. ,ro a o o-y
At 2 o'clock the whistle of the aDumach-
ing train was beard, and Shortly thereafter
the standard bearer of tbe people, amid tbe
roars ot the cannon and cheers of tbe muli
titude; was-escorted to-h is carriage and the-
cortege took up It4 line of marpb.
As, the procession moved down High;
street, cheer- afteriheer rent the air. -.From t
the windows and housetops handkerchiefs
wav$g ant shouts went jip.'Jt was a. spleng;
did sight the WjhiteBoys in. Blue, with
tlieir waving banners and" Inspiring music,
the mass of people (nTgarb of many colors,'
and th6 hearty enthusiasm and general
gladness that seemed to-prevaiU f,.5iI )t
Arrived at tbe Neir-flouse the Governor
was shown his apartments and left for a
few moments to'refresh himself.1 "And bat1
for few. moments, for therein 'the State!
Houseyard -.were acres of people,.hungry.
for a sight of, the people's candidate, and,.
incy musi De sausnea.
At 3 o'clock our distinguished guest, ac-
aompanied by JudgeLTburman, Hon. Geo.
Pendleton and the Comrolttea of Recep-l
'on, appeared upon the -sbwid, and when
introduced by, J udge.Tharmn,. President :
Of the meeting, was received by the thous-
nds there assembledwith 'shouts that
tnade the welkin ring Bgain.' rr"?
Tb -day was an UBpleasnt- one for
speaking. Th.e wiqd "blew ; strqnglx and ;
filled the eys, nose and ears of the speaker
with di'ist. Tet so quiet was that Immense
assemblage, so anxious to !ratcK every"
Word that fell from his Tips, that all heard
bim..and were,conviuced. of hlajionestyi.
n.egrity?and sincerity.
At njghl theJ Senatd i Chamber was
Ihrown open, that otrr-cttizens might pcr
onally pay their;, (respects, to- thc distla
guished mtmS' ''"!; T -'
The" room was handsomely. decoriatediii
ind dufiiTg' fha three bourse tbe leee last
ed, wa& filled with ' our citizens,- lr res pec
live of party" anxious to. see- and honor!
the greatest statesman, p'f be.agelv, tf': .'l
I After . Gov. Sey mouf . bad, reached his!
j-pom after leaving, the,; Senate, Chamber,-,
tbe. people assembled; irnder' his window1
with " a brass ' BancH'' "Severaf airs were!
played, when; joTid"?; niadea.for;
f'Seymourv :jSeymoHr.,,i la - answer to- thei
demand, he appeared at ;ta,e;;;wiuuow, and'
briefly -addressed :ithe pebplei' ' After1 be;
jsloBedj cheera were given for him, ani Gov.'
S, Ji. Cbyrcb was called; for, who. In a fif
teen minutes' speech, made some fine hits
find retired amid the 'sbouts of the people-,
: 4t'.o,t:,;tbAl!M!.. Gov,' Seymour,
and his party, consisting of. Gov; S. E.
Church," Augustus Suhell, andHou Fraiii
cia JKernan, were:.'escdrtear';ldihe; Pitts
burgh .rain, and with the food wishes and
Cheers Ot the people, .departed for Pitts
burgh. KMlrt.:Kl r.,--V .-7
White Boys in Blue.
Jibe JUorning Journal. qL lastLFrldayJiaa.
another insult to the discharged Union
8oldipsof thlscltJ refpf, to ao.'arth.li
desoribiDg ar-sceBe-tbfttraf6pired at,tbef
Second ward polls jonlast election day. .
T.b (Jt Jh aj basfL falsehood ithe , writgr
knew while he was-penning it.
i ;fttrtbVclofos'o1, 'tite.ion a nunibe
oi tne trioneer worps, ot. tne orgauizatiou,
known as!vthe,Hickory,Sptrout8, g.aye,thrfe
cheers for Seymour and Blair, and three
more .Jorf,John H Thomas. Tbia Radical
scalawag" came to the door and cried
three cheers forj Pap? Tliomas, fParjic
the boys, inspired with enthusiasm, .at . the
mentioning,' of the name. 6f,, this i.ga'lJant
soldier, gave the cbeersV ' rwhile the- - rest
booted this scalawag until The' quickly got
inside of the carpenter-shop and abut the
doors. Tro t-j h'aur1,'. i-l , -!!: !l
As for tha-WBite Bovs4n-'Bkie hootin?
attie rame'eGen.''h!om'asj 'St Is positivef
IjJiAitboiahJ iefciati ffer,witj
tuem pQllticauy,yet tbey, would never in-
salc "(id Pap,"' who led a number of them
so gallantlv victory , at . the" battle of
NashvillAff.j T;s rrjt'y'A
I'A fewdays ago the Journal bad an : ln-
stfAcing article against. ColPotcn, who
can show"a better 'military record than
Cdmly, jpranyother .man connected, with
this lying sheet. y- ',:'"
We ant tbe Journal and all the 'Radicals
to understand that the organ!? itioa of the,
nnica uoys io ume is-composedVoC Unloa
soldiers, many of them 'now toarkedwitll
scars, received upon, the battle field In de-
iense oi tne cause toey are now struggling
fori the C6n6tltutionj ; These Insults wTJl
pever be lorgotten'and we . call upon all
good Democratio ultizens: of this. city to
make no com promise tor the next -electicri
day. -Every ohe that Js entUled toVa, vote
will be permitted to do so.'bnt they Inusd
keep their negroes backl - i? ,-!' p.. .
'' Although tbe Journal said in last Thurs
day's issd'e' ljthat theyvwere better than any
Democrat, - yet tuey wiu nnu that, they
have no the rights the Demo'cratsTiave,
The RM.icals are making a great cry over
illegal voting In this county., i .'lhis is only
done to cover" theie Infernal biaclrrascalTty
In Greene and- Clarke CO Q 8 ties. At the
next election the cry will be the same.
LfloKout. fo Illegal 'votes'? in Franklin
county, and at the same time'' they wilf be
naunng ucKrue8 lora tneaoove counties by
the . car load.'.' White' men, look to thi?.
White Boys in Blue ( the 'front.' Guard
and preserve the purity ot your ballot box,
We may be defeated, but our cause is just
and id time -victory? will perch - Upon our
banners, there to remain. .
1 s Kit: i A! White Bor in Blpb.! i
AHaci.. The police, on Monday night
made a descent on a disorderly denr and
captured, George Hoffman, 4. pean, Jas.
Lane," Mary Thompson and Mary Glark.-i
They yrere .fined $10 each, and la default
were committed. The, men exercise at the
municipal stone pile, and the women with
the calabooslcal scrubbing brush.
day yesterday. -Tbe wind blew a sort of
cm-borse hurricane, Jkud lled-tha.ye
of -people wKR cionds flugti AboifMar
a smart shower came up and made matters
much pleasanter as famdust went, turn
ing it Into mud so it couldn't blow.
;Tujt Flack tor JBABGAiNS.-tPf ters jSs
Bro 63 North High street, invite your
attention to tbe low prices at. which tbey
are selling groceries.; They ;offer special
inducements-' in 1 coffees, teas,' flour 'and
sugar. They' aim to do better and better
all the time, so to know how low they sell
now, call and exaime. Oct 23 It
I ?.'TBK .ALPi.-a Hat," newestthingout, at
viara cc farmers, sso. o sseu iiouse nioca,
.' !- . oct2S-d2t
! A Hkknebo's Bestaurant, Broadway,
No. 13, will give you better satisfaction
tfian any other in the city. oct28-3t
j Gent's Box Tob Laced Shoe, with the
'-English Bendeqle, the flnest:peeinren
of work in the market, now received by
B. Kins six. fc Co.,
; 189 South High street.
Oct2l-deodlw:f .IJfin
'i Msals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper's
.Oct7-dtf ;
11. Kinskll & Co., No. 189 South High
street, deal only 11? the best boot and shoe
stock of all kinds, and sell at the most
reasonable rates. r: ''' oct21deodlw
OT8TBH8-J-Or8TBB8--OT8TERS :',;:,r
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman) '
16 . Broadway, to buy. Spencer, Angur &
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters-
i aug5-dtonov23 - - " - w'
i i. -
j The Excelsior B&tton Boot. This
Unsurpassed boot, la French cloth entire
ort-of Jfrenoh 4cloth with goat -fox, la all
sizes, is tne neatest tning out, ana
had In this city only atr ' - -
can be
K. KlNSELL & Co.'S,
189 South High street.
, Aki ' ' - " ' - - -
Gloss & Wilfeb's Bestaurant open day
andnlghtt: ,.:; f:-r -oct7-dtf,
Misses and Cuildben's Shoes, of Bis-
marlt brl .ueer colored mordccdrwbii
French heel) are specialties at , the estab
lished house of
189 South High street.
xct21-deodlw. .
For Sale House and lot,', corner of
Frahkfltf'and Washington Avenuei ;Most
desirable jproporty; will be sold at a bargain
tnquiraoil.1"Moore, No7S estXprth
cti3-atf ; ; "-" ;v
LaDiEs' SHOBs'?-Thti latesTstyles of la
dies' shoes, 1n all -sizes, and jof ' superior
workmansh ip, j ust received by "'
-t I l---t-R.t:KlSSBLI. & Co .1.;
M awi-. jsSrSontfr H5jn gireot.
j Hollowat's Ointmisst Rheumatism
It is not necessary to hobble through life
On crutches because an attack of rheuma
tism, Improperly treated, has resulted In tbe
stiSeqlogofalim'b. Apply Holloway's Oint
ment to tbe joint affecteu; rub it in with
a will,- and persist in this course until-tbe
tense sinews begin to yield to its softening
properties. The worst cases of contraction
may be relieved by this process Sold by
all Druggists.'--, v. ..VTy9diy-nv .'
j ' Fin French Calf Boots, hand .sewed,
lair etitob.r .double sole, and custom made,
hrejl6w8!entDgtor$8 75, by,-- ;r - -v
K. Kinseli. & Ce . ' -: T .
189 South'fflgh street.'.
fct IdSodlw v ...
,ENBoirlitRX Ajip' Pijus jSewtsCt. llaV-
ing' increased facilities lor doing ail kinds
of Embraidery.Plala Sewing, Shlrtmaklng
and ' Needlework JpfeVery variety, the
Sisters of the Good Shepherd kindly solicit
the patronage 1 of ..th .ladies of this city.
while they tender their sincere thanks for
past favors. We need, all the work we can
get, Orders left at Miss Mn M. Ztmmer's,
ITSjSontU High street, will recelve prompt
attention. JJl1 oct23-dlw,,
,r., a.".
! Help- 011m Pkrish. This is what neg
lected teeth would say if they could femon
str'aM vltbihel? bwhersVhd tb'ark'this,
the teeth cannot peffsh' or5 become-' black
oyellbw f the BoZBDOKt-is toed daily.-?
i . tr.
I Spalding's GlpS n has become a house -hould
word. ,n , fM
; vNT-junl5-eqd6m-ewJc:
! ' Ihebriatbs I Turn your mind .Upon yo'mv
selves examine your shattered condition,
and do not allow yourselves to be brought
to the extreme verge of . ruin;'' Endeavor
to amend whatyou have done amiss f rouse
yourselves, and with whatever of strength
.there is still r,eniainln'g-in you, struggle
against your besetting gin. If you have
the Will, you . m'ust,' succeed r If your
atrength proves" weak, in tr, Johnston's
Specific"' you wilt find a powerful assistant
with which you can easily subdue your ap
petite for strong liquors." Healths -happi
ness and riches will be your reward. r;
' sep22-dt&s& wl y-f. w " ' ,;-! T: ' '
' .! .z-x s -ti :-'.'-;:; "
Hfar this gentleman testimony about
Catarrh? ttirlqino') vM tlu-iif
t ! s:n .-idji r.Dn si Sidney, New Jersey.:
F; Hdmpbreyai'M;!). . y ?VJa,,').:Z
Dear Sir m.l .'., Tour, Ca
tarrh pills are Invaluable. They have cur
ed my wife of a catarrh of eighteen months
standing,-for .which she had previously ta
ken allopathic medicine ia vain. ' I esteem
them highly.:-...Yoursrspectfully,
.. --.t.4 JG. Williamson.
These are simple HouKEopatbjc; jugar
pills, sold by all druggists at 60 'cents per
ooxr Address, ., , j-.,,, ;1
icinb Co . 562,Bjroadway, N. Y.
tfyl3-dfcwlyHbwt " 1b.oH
PROGE88- GftJ umbus sailed .to the Ameri
can coast Jn a four hundred ton ship, and
first landed upon the island of St. Domingo.
Last weeU a vessVlfrom St. Dominge ul-
Ioad1ed'.in'"1S'ew York'. over lour hundred
tons of St: Croix Bum for P. H. Drake &
Co of . that cit v; This Is but a few weeks
supply of this hrtlclej which. these" gentle
men-nso In tbe manuiactnre or tbe cele
brated , Plantation ".Bitters, We ' are in
formed by anexcharige'that Messrs1. Drake
& Co. hafie not advertised a dollar for a
year,' but that the sales of this article cop
tinue ; at the ' former enormous figure. 'In
1864, 'the. receipts of the' Plantation Bit
ters wore equal to those1 of the New York
A-'New: Haven ranroad.-".'':
.Magnolia Water. Superlor'totho best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the prlce.i ..--j." :;i v. :..,
HNY.8ept2a-deodRwlycw .', ; '.7 :.;
tor" Beantlfjlag the 8KI5 and C0MPiEi;i0
Bemoves all KRTJPTI0N8. ! FttBCKLBS, PJM
and rendera THK 8KIS SOFT, FAIK:
and BLO0MIH& -1- , .
For LADIES ia the HUBSBBT it is invaluable
For QKMTLEMEJ aftsr 8HAVIHO t haa d
quaL "PAPHIAn LOTIOM" is the only reli
able remedy fop diseases and. blemishes of th
O i J S f- "'LOB DB MAYO.". , , n - r.
JSf! -FL05 DE MAYO '
rnaiiUii a oun, a. 1. cold by all Druggists
rni jnr. T'lwai mil
' Tfnrr
For Ladles
i JL .
4 II US kn i
U 1 ik.
For Misses
.1' I'l
For penJemen-
r.f'.ii-iai-.S ,
n .-Ji.'
: ,,, Fof'Chirdfe'n-'
.11 v--. oil .j ft a: 4 -i '.i - i,
raj i-.-r Tf.mr t
ni'n t. .: ,4 f l lj,J!'-! ' '-io Jlw htsAi
til 3ld.1:1 q'.l ! V., A l -i.O .l.'um i
For Ladies
For Misses
0 1 .T.iJ.'a-T-Yi 9c'T
dj la tu!-.n,r
FO Gentlemen
,51 (TT 'IO ci'-LIYTfi
For Boys
1 1. yi i
Ladies & Misses
J i ii
Mrnikin uniirvv -
i! - .
iH Id. -!
ti For Gentlemen & Boys
tt tni Ii anif,'rDi ,hn n-.'JiV- p J'tf i 10
i ----! ii 'i'-i i-'t . J r, ,;jror! ;,irte:iitf
a? ji -lo (Ik ?::l
o il
250 AN-252
..; ...-.1.
i-J i nit l '
LOCAL NOTICES. Ohio Statesman.
Affairs:' in Louisiana.
Resignation 1 of
I - ! - - t.-... . : '
- .... .. ; , . .-.
!( :
Li K- x r in
General Roseeians.'
New York, October 27.
A Waslilnzton dispatch says: There Is
considerable comment here on the tact that
Gen. Rosecrans. Tfhn was expected to leave
for Mexico on the 23J, 'did not sail, but is
itlll in New York. It Is now over four
monthrsincfftie was confirmed and more
than a month since he received hisinstruc
tions, and still he delays. It looks as
honsrb we were to have a repetUioo of tbe
laltingftijtioB t)fbl predecessor, Camp
Jell. Gen. Lonzstreet, who expected to ac
company him, and has been in Xcw York
everal weeks for that-purpose, returned
ere to-day and left tor Lynchbursr to-
nighti He-x pressed rbia. belief that Geu.
Uoseoraos would net go to Mexico at all.' i
Revenue Decision.
Commissiouex Rollins: baa decided that
totel and restaurant keepers whose sales
'baB Dlacd themselves in tbe oateaorv of
Vbolesale dealers, and must "therefore ex
ubit the sign ot wholesale dealers accor-
to the provi8iorre-ot the law.
General Rousseau.
iMsoatches were received" this mornlnsr
it headquarters of the army1, from General
iKousseau. relative to ne aisturnance In
bjew Drleins-'and'St. Bernard Tpatish, L
!lrheydoriotdrfl'ermHterlally In BubstanAe
rom reports aireauy puonsaeu witn rejjaru
oo the prevailing dilnculties.
This--. morning: . General. - Scofield tele
rraphed Instructions to. .General JioBgeau,
.hat-bewaa authorized and expected. to
jtake ..such action as may be necessary . to
preserve peace and good order and protect
-iiiv in ca etui uofci mj vt iitiiificusi
DOMESTIC NEWS. Reported Arrest.
Cleveland, Oct. 27.
I E. Cickinsbn; ' Probata ; Judge ot
Sandusky county and member of Congress
elect from tbe Ninth District, was arrested
bn Saturday, charged with Usnlns fraud
ulent naturalization papers. There was a
partial fixami nation- yesterday , And the
pase was continued, at the defendant's re
quest, to November 4. - This ' is the same
in which McArdle is
t j - CHaRLESTOir, Oct. 27.
Governor Scott of -South Carolina, has
issued a proclamation In which he says In
formation has been- received that Samuel
Mantshaw and' William Fitcirerald were
the murderers of the negro Lee Nauce, and.
offers a rewaru of2,o00each for their ap
prehension and delivery in jail, with proof
- i -. r.if ttpiw : Hartford, Oct. 26.
Charles iiilbert,' who. was sentenced
three years ago to the State prison for life,
for a murder comuiictea in jn ew - tsntton.
escaped from prison in Wetherslicld this
- -
West Virginia Election.
i Wheeung, YT, VA., Oct. 27. ';
The Intelligencer ot this mornfnir pub
lishes returns Irom thirty-three counties.
the maiority of , which are official. . Thv
a net Eepubliean- majority of 4,051.
The twenty remaining counties to bear
from are small and sparsely Fettled, and, it
is stated, save a net Republican majority
iot irearbF 1,000 in- 1866i - The Republicans
jwill fire a Balute from- Wheeling hill this
' 11
f: t f " . ' Bosoy, Oct. 27. r
''A fire'in Ipswich this mornlne destroved
Coburn's block, occupied by Josiah Lord,
fancy yoods-Stephen Coburn, grocer; W.
K. Hell.- revaitiieasseagor and town -clerk;
D. M. Tyler, jeweler, and others. VVaite's
shoe manufactory adjoining, was also
burned, i One man was Injured by explo
Harvard College.
Boston, Oct. 27. .
The Presidency of the Harvard College
has been offered to Rev. Dr. Andrew P.
Peabodv. the College preacher, and he Is
considering whether to accept It-
Buffalo Hems.
Buffalo, Oct. 27.
The City Council has refused- to comply
with the- reqoest of a -pubIiel-meetMjrto
vote $500 for the Red river reliet fund.
TwojmeB -Bamedj-Garwood and. Care were
arrested oii the steamer City of Cdrk from
En jflasd; -cUarjred with embezzlement to
MauubesterXhey were, taken before
Judge Wilkius yesterday rand remanded,
the juageoeciaingfne amoavit or tne
Chief of the Chief ot Police, recttinjrthBt
be had, received g cable telejrramdirecting
their arrest, ias SUtEciepf evienjpsfor de
tention until arrivals irom England of de
River News.
pjTTgiuRon, Oct 27.
- -; -
' Riveftoo low fornav-
a-.iajj ,u i i Ban-Fka; Cisco, Oct. 27.
A sharp earthquake shock at midnight
caused considerable fright, but no dam-
t : t,s U -
The Republican members ot the House of
Representatives of the uregon igisiarare
have resigned. ,ThjB Governor has accepted
thtir resignations. This leaves the House
without a quorum. No appropriation bill
was passecK-' There Is great excitement in
Princeton College.
The inauguration ot Dr. McCosh. as
President 'of Princeton College was at
tended by an immense concourse -oi grad
uates and friends of the college. It was
the. largest number of alumni evergathr
Toronto Items.
Toronto, Oct. 2T.
xtenive robberies in connection with
the Post Office, has been discovered.'' A
package of fifteen registered letters, sent
from here last wek by the Grand Trunk
Railway, is missiogTTbJa package is the
third stolen daring the past three weeks,. -No
ttaaoof the thieve. Las t)eeu, dlscoTar-,-
eOV 4SJOS firm irn i
. f be report that a compromise - -baa been
effected petween the express company and
the earpess robbers (aincqrrect. 1 The case '
! BrNGHAMrroir, Ns 'Y-i, :Oct. 36.A
stractive Hre this morning' destroyed the:
stores ot 11. - J. Fox. drv eoodet Canning-
ton A Porter, stoves and tin ware; Dj Jfi
bane, wnoicsaie Doots and shoes ; S. RotH
ins, hides and pelts; J. J.McElroy. sewing
maehines,' with all the contents. : The
Democrat- office barely escaped destrue
tion, and was damaged to the amount of
i 000. 'iTbe other losses will reach $50,
000; insured tor about $10,000. ' "
j jr.';f Xmif YdsK,'Oct. si,;;:!
i The steamships HolsatiaJrooa. Bremen,"
and City of Boston, from Liverpool, arrived
this - -
I The glass staining factory-of Henry E.
Sharp, on East Twentv-serond street, was
destroyed by fire last night. Loss $25,000, '
tuny insurea, t,.- ' m i ;j
A meeting ot the-Women's TvooirraDhl.
oal Union and the Sewing Machine Opera-!
tors' Union met last night, and formed a
Gentral Association of Workingwomen by
consolidating the two societies, with Bliss
Susan B" Anthony as President Miss
Anthony announced that Anna Dickinson
had offered to lecture for the benefit of tbe '
! The gold sale by tbe Treasury to-day was
at34 71-100.. ...,. . : . , ... ., ,...
Gen. Blair.
Gen.'BIair arrived to-dav anif unmVit it
Tammany to-night.' i i U '. .. ... : i. j
Loss by Fire.
! The loss by fire at Hunter's Point yester-
day was $17,500 on Ihe Warehouse, Insured
for $16,000." The loss on 4.800 barrels ot re
fined oil and 4.500 barrels of naptha tu
$97,000, Insured for $105. 000. The aboverr
veiungeu w xtocKieiien,-lAnurews K J1 iag-4T
ler. The vessel burned1 and her .cargo be-''-lpnged
to other parties. '-- '
1 Wlllianr farney was,.- fatally shot- last
night by George Tillman, during a dispute.
Tne latter was arrested. Both are negroea.
Shot. Deficit.
J It Is rumored' that a' deficiror $1C?,000
Qas been discovered in the public accounts
ot the province of Quebec. 0 .H.Ui f.uonvj
- u-aa loot- .,T1,
puDlicans. This completes , tne Congres
sioual nominations -tlirougHont tbe State.
Episcopal Convention.
Irr-tho-Episcopai Ooovpntioa to-day Mr.!
yveisn stated tnat the Llouse of Bishops
would be unable to conclude their business
in time to adjotmr-oir- Wednesday, and
thcrelore suggested that the--Convention
continue jn session until Friday. No ac-
I 1 - , . . . . T .L
iuD was anetu 4 i r- ti r- f r j s-:
On Trial.
The cae of Leonard . S. Klinck atratnst
Charles R. Harding and seventy-five other
dry, goods merchants of New York, is on
trial In Brooklyn. ..The ' plaintiff claims
$30,000 .damages for false imprisonments
he bavin? been arrested in 1866 on a eliarira!
jf conspiracy to- -defraud in purchasing-'
100,000 worcn ot goons on credits sell tng;
them in Cincinnati and elsewhere-andab-scondingvef
whicll he was acquitted.
Kjii ' i IxWBOw.-October 27j-
Light shocksof r etrthquakeTWere felt
in various places in Cork .'county, IrelanuV
Maratime Exposition
i :r-.;t Havre, October 27.
j Tbe closing exercises of the great mart
timaexp isitioa- took plaea,to-dajs, 'wb4ehi
was considered a holiday r and the-markets
were closed.
Arms Carried Away.
i . .' v'.r ii' ";':.rtBLM,bi3t)bei 27.0
The house of Mr. Wfgmore,' near Cork,"
was entered last night by a body of men,';
and a quantity of arms and - anunb nitioim
carried away; !; The culprits . are supposed -
'-i.i'i-.ir.i iii..A
A i.
General Prim Writes to a Paris
General Prim Writes to a Paris Journal
j-.t r.:"..o'ifsw Yoiii, Cot. 27.
I A Paris letter of the 12th inst saYa : Gcnv
Prim has addressed a- letter to tbe Paris
Journal Le Gaulols, 'thanking it for the.
sympathy It has .shown for the. 'popular
movement in 'Spain. The Gen. . expi esses
astonishment at the impatience oi that por
tion of the- French press which -considers
that SpaUii is .oti setdihg to her
work last enough, and adds that eight
days is sufficient for : us to ovei
tUmwra dynasty Tthree hundred ;years; oicr
and establish a new Government. We
snau nncaeiay now to consonance our po-
si uon mrougn a constituent assemDly.
On the basis of our programme, which is
known to you, we shall then have succeed
ed in attaining tbe political ideal of co tem
porary, Spain, namely, a really constitu
tional monarchy, -founded upon the most
extended liberal basis compatible with that:
kind of government.
Claclana.tl money Market-Oct. 27.
- GOLD 134 buying.' '. v . : .' ... , ' I
M EXCHANGE Firm buying and 50 to
110 premium selling. ' '-
' f '' -
New York Money Market—Oct. 27.
GOLD Opened at 134 ' aud closed at
i34Ki34M- ; .: ,
New York Stock Market—Oct. 27.
Ingand lower and closed steady. Coupons
of '81 114115; . do '62 112113; ' do
'64 110U0; do '65 110110; do new
109 IU0; do '67 109110; do '68 lOO;
10-40 105i105; - " '
5:30 prices Wells'' Express 2920;
American 4546; Adams 6050; Uni-,
ted States 4747.K; Merohanta' Uui.m 222
22i; Pacific "Mail 12212?; Western
Uniou Telesrraph 3536M; New York
Central 124124; Erie 4040; do
preferred 166664 ; Ohio and Mississippi
30J30; Wabash 6263; do prefprred
72?i; Mietiigan Central HSfgllS; Mlehi
gan Southern 8585J; Toledo 1021028'i
Fort Wayne 112ll2; Terre Haute
4042; do preferreu 62..'.,. ; ; ..,
New York Market—Oct. 27.
, COTTON Less active and scarcely so
firm; .sales 2S00 bales at 25gC for middling
upiarwa. ' a t - .- , .j., r . ,.
FLOUR Closed in favorof buyers, with
moderate inquiry.' : "'" I
WHEAT. Duil. . " " " "
KYE -Nominal. -"J. . J. ,p,
OATS-rDuil and heavy, at 72724c for
western.' ' '-"- (
COKN-,,-Lower ana- uu; -sales at l 03
1. lOT Tor mixed, v and . $1 .12 I 13 lor
sound mixed western. ' , , . :
PORK-Lower, and heavy at $25 So
26 00 tor mess, cash and regular.
BEEF In favor of buyers, with mod
erate demand;"
CUT MEATS and Bacon nominal. . . . t
LARD Steady, at 1717c for ialr
to prime steami - -: ' t1-
EGGS Firm at 3334c. . ' ! 1 7 ' )
u. . . I ' -. f.l a-i . ... '
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 27.
-FIOUR Dull and nominal.
GRAIN Dull and nominal. Corn dull,
old being scarce at 93c$l00 pep bushel,
but new can be bought a" 5556o. Oats
at 58(3)G0c for No.l and choice. Rye dull
and drooping; No. 1 at $1 30. Barley un
settled for spring;-?230240 for prime;
State and Canada spring. - - j
COTTON Dull. ...
-WHISKY Declined to $1 10.
MESS PORK No sales. i .
" LARD But little of consequence In the
market and prices nominal; small sales
primeold lard atl6K16Ko. :
RTIT.K MR ATS None offering except- :
Ing a small lot of clear sides at 15c loose.
BACON Held at 13i16oJor should
ra tAaar rih and clear sides. " ! -! ,.
GROCEKIES Unchanged.' ;:; -: " -i
LINSEED OIL Dull at $1 00. " ' T . '
FLAX SEED $2 302 35. .V ...
HOGS Dull at $77 75. J
' - - - I
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 27.
FLOUR Dull ; prices unchanged. ' "
WHEAT DuU at $1 23 lor No. 1 iu store
Cleveland Market—Oct. 28.
city raanei rten at in pu iqt aJJJ rh
1000ia 23 for' XT niher:,M5fl
9 00 for XX red; $sraa m tor yt frHng;j
$7 i508 2d for X: spriner country "made""
r ineea ata aX3&for aumdud amber!
$7 258 50 for XX -epriag: $10 6011 00
tor XX-whtt.''f"wL (rtlT.TMi!ri2rwfir -
WHEAT TiiirTifl hiimWAlr-TVrt'i-miT
hel.l at $1 80; No. 2 do $1 65(3167. 'r"M,rn
t WRN-Dull IndnMnlral- !f- l k
ht4d-ac 95c. withant aalea.
, OAT-Pull,bnt:,8Wady5'K(;lat;ftt J
light request at 60c.'' ' ' "J.
1 held at $1 35- A a. iczuioo-.A I
BAR LE Y Better request; but irregular -and
unsettled sales No, I Canada at $2 15
2 is no. 2 state held at $200.
MlLlrPEED-Good' dettiamf fl BV.I
at,$38 00 per ton for fine middlings; $30 00
T-y Wf"'' ;fcwapso.,UOj ii Wl,",
POKK-4-Market cralet . and..nMln),.i
held at $3100 for1 No.' 1-If ess; $29 00 for
LARD Marlcr1onchanjre and firm:
20c for city; 1918)e for country.
BJihF Ouiet and . unchansredi held t
$20 00 tor Extra Mess; ...
' SMOKED ME ATS Market- steady and-A
firm with a fairemaud: Hams 19c: shoul
ders anohangedaC-lie.t-a'-XaO ,ant ainloit
i BUTTER Cholee-tpiailtietJti good re
quest fo the local' trade, at 3538c lor
Western Reserve i medium, pradaa.-dull dt.n
I2834. i I ' . A i,i.Ju,moic.--A
C a EKSEr-Unchatilred and "alead V; " at 7.
1416c for dah-yA and 'factor' In large J
lotsri617j6c for selected trade lots.
EGGS-'-Scarce add tn good demad: freaa"
receipts held at 27chia l.a i-m-w A t-. .-.inT
ui'AaOEH-ra'he local trade la taking
a talr.quantltyi hat the shipping.. demand ,i
is light; held at 8590o for Peaeh Blow
from store: 75a30clor do by caFloes ''4
ONIONS Steady and in moderate re-
qtrstf$4'5000.a"",; ta-ii
l0ic for sew fruit.
GREEN APPLE9MarttMfirni "antf"
steady; good to choice ! winter fruit .'heldy
at d oo3 tu per oarrei ia atuppuig louf
VINEGAR Good Wer -vinegar held ak
20c per gallon-,. demand lBoae'rate.'" ,''!,',
tsKEDS Market Inactive; Timothy new,.
at $3 003 18; Clowes nomiaal.
PiiiTROLEUM Mattet . gun. and less
3c advance tor retaif ibts? JitKUT.IO
LIME White Lime-steady at $1 40 per
barrel ; Water Lit in''. good cwqneat at
$1 70 per barrel tor Oswego and Akron.
Li&KK usH--Market quiet; White i lsa
held at $ 60t Trout at $5 $0. f .""
PLASTEli Market Steady lna jlrm Vt
$1 65 per barrel for Alabaster ..Laud Plasms
terf $3 do Calcined; - Powell's Land Plaster
$10 per ton. do. Calcined $3 per barret." J'7p
FEATHERS Demand UghAand market
steady at ?593c, according- Xo qaaiityrifo
liye-geeBe. mict..J iaMfttM
TA LLOtWw-Firlii and ifl,acttvfi regues ajj j
ll12c lor city and country, .a .4. .o ' :j
M ALT4-Market firm; ol held" at,' 9 (,
new' at $240. bV;V," Va x -i
(8ALT-Market . firm, anoT fine :paS Adr
vanced 10c per barrel; ether qualities un-r'
changed.; ye,quote aa follows (
Ffaa '. C&vi..W..ii..9 peibbli
Coarse (lolar) j') t.lH
Ground . ?! . i&lU . 45 ,! ,g;T
Dairy and Table .;.-. ,r W T jt
i&ji ..A Suporkflita
ALE Very firm at the fblloWiht iuot-
tions : 1 -i ' I.MnM ' At'.'-I
PrentU86XX......".'.":.J.V.A.:jviiJ ,' n
Sew ijtook Ale and Porter. . .f-tV-'c T s ia
Old " " " ,,..;:fi5v.'v-Mt
Cream and Cnmpagn,Ale..-i.A....4-.'!' ' -la 0 i
KeDnett -Ale.-.-.-.-........w4:.w4U4wM eris.ea
. LUMBER Market firm aaaactly q.at,tfi
following gure8l i-jj4ci .if. .H j'v j faa
Pina CI ear. ... ...J?.'.'.,"i?.tSS e
Si Clear..
40 00
Second Clear Sidinc Stripe.....'.... ".."i...... 45 on-
Comroon Flooring Strips. A axq $34a.MfC0w0
Bara sBoatds. . A : t . . . ai -w- i ip
Kl.t t'.nnmr.r) ....nr" 19 00
Common .........vT-v....".a.-.-.l 10 SO
Feneiac ... v. ..-..-.w.w.,v.),.lj."lB M
0U1 ...........ro 1 00
Joit &antlins aod. Timbor-ta It and.nndarT JSMr
Juiat and Scantling 18 ft and upwards (oW " w
lenfn)..'.....viU(...-wX4VAsL SO 00
Rejond Cinac Fiovring, Orawsdr.:;.aaaA0.00
Common Flooring. Dre-seod,. ............. S U
Au L-.:. : I vu i i .-..TlT: . ,-t-i r; i.i.MMik
Seoond Clear Siding
N97 OOt
Nn. l 18 inch Sawed
N.- lis 3 a
. . .JJJk.-rtf.LH.I.' . a 0
No. llS nHr-Bbavea
Chicago Market—Oct. 27.
FLOUR-eDull at f 4i?5S aMbi!. VWB
extra. ii .ut ..two 'H .t-nxif i,pH
WflEATMore steady, and "quiet; ialea,
No.l at $1 251 26 and No. 2 at $1'17U ,
119, Closing at $1 171 , xSJot 'iCp
sales No. 2 tbia afternoon at $1 15 Vi .-'I
CORN No. 1 in fair request, aud ,1 Scf
lower; sales at&J82ft fclosiog 8
82o vt sDoi-rrj rf:ioit(R ,)Hni.ii-. iu -"t
;OATS Iii fair' shipping, demand and
lower; pales No. i ; at 43 44ct rfiected 4L.
42c, closing at 4343ia Jor.No. 1. ;ir f
. RYE Quiet and- firmer; sales Now-l at,
$l.lOi 12;No 2 at $1 Q7l Oreiectved
$l;closinsT at outside figures, m r...
BARLEY-Ia -fair demand au,,67ir
hitrheriisales No. 2 at $1 62ai. 08 .and re
jected at $1 351 42. closing at $1 66I &,
.' X ci. .1 I . . XT A U.i , An
iur nv. n ruunu iuu ui iu. A buiu tu Bl, ou,
seller next month. i,ufn- b ,: i jt-ii
Toledo Market—Oct. 27.
iFLOURr-Dull and lower u-k ( ,f i
-WHEAT White lo lower; Spring 5e
lower; amber cloaca lc better; pales-white.
Michigan at $1 84; amber $1 75l 76; No
1 red$l 78; No, 2 spring $i 20 ;j lo J -f
'CORN 23c lower; sales No.l at 85i
90c; Michigan 89c. .k .! Vi,, ; . oW
-OATSt-IC lowers sales (No. 1: at 53c;
Michigan 63c; No. 2 Sljc; rejected 490-, ,,
- RYE Dull and nominally- lower; aalesr
ot rejected at$l 00.- r f : 7f anu3
- BARLEY Quiet,; it.ui!A ;:l-iioi
" '
Buffalo Market—Oct. 27.
FLOUR Lower; city ground No tlj
spring offered $7 50. -r .ii',7 v ; ; ;j
WHEAT Unsettled; asking. $1 34 for)
So 2 Chicago; buyers offer $1 30.- i -f - '
. CORN In fair demand, with sales at $ta
OATS Stronger; sales at 5859cj ask.-ti
Bg 60e.' ---"'; j;ir. ' i'l!i:'( J'.H
t RYE Weak and offered at $13d.tii ;-au
BARLEY Nominal.; rfn.'l - 1 : .itr..,
V HIGH WINES Declining j, with sales at
U20. .
- CANAL FREIGHTS Steady Taud. i b
, shaoged. .t.-i I it; i -- i :i.'- it f -.
St. Louis Market—Oct. 27.
FLOUR Dull aud unchanged at $3 50'
COf.TSuperfiie.. ; t,--'" -.! J.
. WH EAT Unchanged j" $1 702 00' lot
prime to choice fait., - ''--- '-.'U
' CORN Corn sells at $1 041 06. i -Jo"P
OATS Unchanged at4852. "H
1 RYE Unchanged at$l 181 20.-1--'1'-
PORK Steady at $31. V "f "
1 BACON Unchanged at 13KI3Vc;'
SHOULDERSr-17ii17cr ' "T 'l
LARD Easier at 17i8c; J "Jf 'f
' - - - .' --t;u3 W9i
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct. 27.
Market generally quiet. and steady; mos
styles staples cotton firm; news of raw cpa-
terials, : and - extreme prices current foe
dyes and - labor - admits ( of .-bo further
decline, and many, mills, are (' curtailing '
production, especially of print works; for-
eien goods, very dull., and- all kindsi-a
worsted goods and sUk ribbons grea,tlyj 45
pressed.,-: , -, ,,- tiMii r l!vt t. j
. AClentymaa, while raiding in Sonth imtrld
is a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
Hy for the (Jure of N ervous vt eakoesa. Early Ue
ear.iUisaues of tbe Urinary and beminetl Urnaaa
and- tbe whola train of disorders brotuibt ,bx
baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have
been cared by this noble remedy. - Prompted by s
desire to benefit the aifiioled and. trofoitanate 4
will send th reoipe for preparing and iint;his
medioiie. io a sealed envelope, to.aojr'one abo
needs it, BEB OF CHASOK. ' Address, - "' 'i,
- . " JOSKiyH T, INMj o.l
1 Ktatios D, Bible House, Hew Xork,Utj,T
octsa-d4w .'
: ' r r nr;
' . ... ,i t ...f. -o-ar-j it
-'OB. A. B. WILLIAMS, -West Broadwar, im
ligh street, Columbus, Ohio, baa devoted bimstlf
ir a series of years tathe treatment of certain pn.
rate diseases.. He may bciwulted at his office
-iroadwa. . near the Kxehante Bank J-
emay3t-tf. ,u. -., y;r, .ao-iij
splendid Hair D re is tbe best in the world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable'
tnstantaneous ; no jdisappointmentt no ridiealeaS
tints; remedies the ill adeots f bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. tlac
or brovm. 8ol t by all D nicer ts and Perfumers ;
and properlv applied at Bstonelor's Wit Factory,
Ma. 16 Bond street, JI. Irk , .rar apriS datwly '
a a sannnh amn
n four weeks. Sacoear
TV! VUIITH restored in four weeks.
restores mahly povers. from whaUTer can an-.
na; tha effects of earlv pernicioas babits, selW
abuse, im potency and climate, give away at once to
bis wonderful medioine, if takes regularly accord
int to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business r pleasure.) Fail
are is Impossible. Held ia bottles at 3. or four
auantitiet, ia one for ts. To be had only of the sola
appointed agent in Amerioe, H. GutUUK..Sui
ljmiH New Xork. ... . , J. ;
TKT-j'ST-dlvt - - . -

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