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i.opicted bT W.'tf lavage. Jeweler,
, .Tor mo meter;
T A. M H
gaa Rise...... t IT LSna Set. 80
't3r There tu mot galoot before th
VXtt ftsterclay..;;. ' V; VX ,J-:0
VlUT ... I - T
, Advertised. Letters In
Ui( I
' tela ihbruln a' Statesman ,,,
rsr BnUder are- rushing," mattera,.iust
pw" In order to get buildings underjoover
?tWtho approaching winter, ffe-; -, j---
".TiMarieW.. Ravel,the celebrated pari-
oralrntst and. actress, will make her first
"appearance this city, this season,, the
Srw",..' TTAnfw. next Mohdar evening, No-
JW" I. T-T: T. -7 . i .
VemberMiA " '-..'.i .
:?ftost ,'Biii. The Commissioners Tetter-
lay allowed ccrst bill In toocaae of the Sute
U 6hio'vs.Lura Parker to Justice Comp-
ti)n;an'd John itllbncru Constable, 7 .;,.
'.if 'n .(".' . !'
-'Hiiro 'Em. Many of !ur obsoribert
complain that their papers are 'stolen hi the
fcetore .tbev::hae ' chance to
read thetn.- Thereis no puRlshmn too se
ver to be meted out to these aiewspaper
thieves, bang them. H
hi .'0.1
1BBSsCRrLt. and Dancb. The Sherman
Guards , will have a. dress drill and. dance
at their new Armory, Apollo ,HaH,'toi
aiifbt. TlckeU fl.; Music will be famish
ed by the Excelsior Sting band. '.'Prior to
the dance the Guards will parade the i prin
cipal streets. '.-'m wJ.'.'- V..V-'.
b- w ' .' i i ' 1 !
Sebgeast BATB.--This ble and true
hearted soldier left this city yesterday for
Dayton? where'he' wtir'rtM;a lew "days,
and then take np bi line of march for In
dianapolis. .We- comBiend rh,m to our
friends, wherever he may go as gallant
and falthiul soldler, 'whose observation b(
the feelings of the Southern people hat
made him a sound Democrat.'- ' i
Giax UssAniTBD.-tOiTpesaay pyeplng,
about seven o'clock, the neighborhood of
Oak street, between Seventh and Eighth
street, was alarmed by the cry of "mur
by a man, who ran off as tne people came
out of their houses.
Democratic Mass Meeting ilEWAK
To-Dat. A Detachment of the White
Boyin Blue and HIckory.sprouts will lea ve
tor Newark ohtbe IT onadck-traldtlils
morning. They will sneet in front of the
Statesman office at 10 o'clock, and then
proceed to the depot,., All those, wishing to
atted-4b meeting' are rtquested to meet
with them. Tickets for round trip $1.60,
jHpEssj akd BuGGy Stolei.-A. man call
ing himself Zichariah Harrison called: at
the stable of .Wing ASnlvely, oa Monday
Iast.and engaged a team to go twelve miles
west oi this city, to return the same' evehr;
Ing. He hasn't go, back, yet, and the im:
pseBslon is' thaVhe will hot retaro. j Infer-1
mation in regard to the missing property i
W.11L be paid for at Wing & Snlvely's sUble,
rear of Neil Hosej:;..i Vj:3 i l 3-,,a
SAMPUt.iBAa STOLss.-The agent of a
wholesale boot and' shoe house of this city,
on Tuesday night," had 'his sack or'n'Snd-
trunk, containing samples, stolen from him
at the depots -He set. thesack down 011 tbcJ
oatslde of the bunding, on the- soutn siae 1
He left it but for a moment, and wnen ne
returned it was gone Mr. Robinson, depot
officer, was unavoidably absent from the
depot i t the1 (tjifaehay log been calle4 to
the bedside of a very sick child.
Horatio SetmodiT. Read what Shaks
pearesayspf Horatio, in the play ofHam
leti" Ttad he known the Democratic candi
date for President, he could not have writ
ten a more perfect description: " j" --Hotjo.ho
rt en jut iimtn, 7 '
A e'er my o nverpaMon eopied withal.
Wlose Wood and judgment re M cpmnmnlett
n i . . i ha a nin, Inr fnrtnna'n Suffer.
TnmgnilwhititiiD she pleases. Give me that
Tiat is rioTf aationl slave, led I wVI wear Jilm' 4
Jo in heart's oore. aje, in my heart of hearts, - '
As I do thee."
Coostt Commissioned. At a meetlris
ol the County Commissioners on Tuesday
the following "hills "were" allowed: "To H.
Mithoff & Co., $3 2-r Randall & Aston, tor
twelve testaments, $1 SO; R. Nevins, for
printings proclamation, $75; to same, tor
advertisement' for holding Court, $15 75;
to"S. P.'Axtell, for" 'paper ttcn for Probate
Court, 416 iJ: SBeeTcey, for lock and bolts
s2 75; to SpatttfW,' Wright z& Hutcheson
ioriervrces as -attorneys.. in sue.;wus;.
asp."t300;,to, Sparrow ft Wrlght,,lii tht
Fair Grouuds case, $100. " '
Hen Roost VoTAMts. Numerous com-
plaints Jiave . been made recently of ,t"t
nrevalence of kicken thieves. OuFeitiv
sens are subject nightly to. the incursions
of these predatory oauas.aneir nninier-
rnpted success. , has emboldened them to
such aq extent that they now;. perpetrate
tKettleta'f-wttlit eit smptinlige.
Their only -means of sustenance seems te
arise Jfronj speculation io stolen material.
We hope measures may be ' inaugurated
that will lead to The deteotlorr and punish
ment of these miscreants ?!)
oBpiTrrioN in Fbeight.' A. ' MveTy
competition is now going on In the rates of
freight, between the ,fast5 llDes using the
New, York Central, Pennsylvania, Central,
and Erie railroads." They 'are shipping
freight , U this city from New York at 30
cents per hundred ' weight,1 and there is
probability of a further- decline, unless
some of them throws up the sponge. , The
usual rates ranged at irom $1 50 to $1 60
er fia n'd fed. I The lines are losing heavily
at such ruinous prices, and it jbanapt bold
out lor any; .length of time. -'It it glorious
forahippera. t J' -
af EiiTi8EiiEiJTS.-jTha ;uian; vwho Jpes
not read the. advertisements in. bia.-paper
can never be said to be well informed; says
an exchange.. The advertisements indicate'
not only the business enterprise, but the
enterprise or the advertiser. When you
see- a man who advertises liberally,' you
may be certain of finding a good stock o
goods in his store, that he keeps op with
tne market, and sells cheaper than those
who do not advertise. It you' want stood
bargains, always patronize those who avail
themselves of the: advantages afforded
through tbe advertising columns of the
paper. : '."., . : - -
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office yesterday: " -
Charles W. Rice and wife to Charles M.
Williams, lot 7 of. Charles" W. Rice's sub
der." On hastening tOTlearn the cause,oi
tltii try fhe people found alitufe jefrg ory
irfrf, who said abe had; been jcooclsed.dpwb
division of roufJots 37 nd 38, and part
2U in the north-eastern addition
... j , . " " , , ...l'
$300.: "I a-"''!--' il- .-tv'UW
Bastlan Sharp and Valentine Sharp
nJiri; Althehn.41 acres of land IttMii-t
flfn towMhiPQctober24,a00(U:,
nporire Evanssnd wueto.Urvih-Jeukhia,i
lotBOlnthetown bl Gr6Tcport,Nmmbir
.1S67i $300. V V-''.-:', .vtATTw- wi
CVIT ."a'egar JcCliariek-Sohneidex,, Iqlqtl
I23ln C K-Jes&,Jt d(liti0B -ns ty
P,nlnmbu. UCtooer ii
a llveli
y party at Olentangy Park jester-
dav to witness' the trot between Alexan
der 3uAclLar -llatla, ) Had gea? Ibttck
bono, CharcoalPrfyB black horse Nig
ger, Phelps bayniare ljady Woodrurl, and
Owner's brown. tallUm MorrilLr,-, 7
CTbe-iftrse 4ntde t manyMneffeetiiai 'at
temptg to get off, kod anally it was lound
I necessary to make, a" scratch Ibr them.
They got fiway Anally well, together, Maria
feadtiig, Nigger second, Morrflf third, Lady
VVopdruffloortb aoijaaareoaUslighUy in
the rear. The stallion evidently thought
it was a Tunning race, for be trotted- but
little of the race. ' The race between "Maria
and Lady Woodruff was a splendid one,
and (hey passed the quarter post neck and
neck, Nigger anil Charcoal driving double
behindhand Morrill galloping aloug in the
rear! They held these positions to the half
mile, when the black
tittle and gallantly
mare stepped out a
led to the three-
i'i The racing now become red hot. As
they came roand, the turn for the home
stretch 'Lady Woodruff showed in front,
aud at a rattling pace passed first under
the string, v Maria second,: Nigger third,
Charcoal fourth and Morrill In the xear.
Time, 3:03. i . , '... .
,Two or three accidents happened while
the horses were coursing, preparatory tor
starting on the second heat, because of
the presence o4 -eof many boys,? and thele
persistentdetertnloation to be trf the'-way.
Pat Conners had bis log broken by falling
off the fence, as welmention elsewhere.
Another was injured slightly by being run
over by One oi the trotting. .horses, and a:
third fell . on the' ' pickets' enclosing the
stand, catching on them by the chin and
injuring hiaaself severely.,,, . 1
.The second heat was but a repttltton of
the first, except, thaJ.Lady.Wpodfruff took ,
the lead at the start and held it all the way
round, winning the heat and race. Time
8.' 'u"; "' '"
Lady Woodruff.. ....'.1.'. 1 - - 1 "
Mari.-..........,............... ..9 s
Miuer u. ..........3 3
Chreoal.. 4 4
Time 3KHX.3.-0S, '
A j Mean Business. When the -Senate
adfburned'last spring -it gave the charge
of the Senate chamber td Col! C. B. Fiood,
its Clerk, and he, and he lone,. has-any;
right to open or close the doors, of,, the,
thamber for' any purpose. Under 'the'au-'
thorlty thus" grantedlto him. Col. Florid1
granted the flse1 of the chamber fof lhe1
purpose .of .affording' our citizens : au op-i
portunity of meeting Gov. Seymour. The
arrangements were -all -made, the room,
was' handsomely decorated, when "the man'
Groves, whom a Democratic Senate con-1
firmed ; as Superintendent) of U the - State ;
House at the solicrtatlon ot the leading
Democrats ot tbe city,- locked the doors and,
tarried off the keys, thinking, perhaps, that'
(here was no other keythat could be ob
tained, and that hei had : barred oot-Gov;!
Seymour and, the citizens of Columbusrr...
Though some delay was caused thereby,
Groves was not successful in bis' designs,
loyVnbtfier key wasfouhd arid 'ttie'dooT
opened .Ti We hate to believe-that Orovef '
would be guilty of so little an act as this.
He owes bis office to; Democrats exclusive-. ,
ly, for although he was appointed by Gov.,,
flayes, great pressure was brought by Re-
pahiicans to defeat bis confirmation bjrtrre
Senate, and, -hut for the, persistence of
Democrats In his behalf; 'he would' have
failed to secure his position. This is Re
publican gratitude. ' ' ' '
A Total Eclipse
of the Saw. Professor
N White writes to a New5 York "paper of a
total eclipse of the sun, which is to.occur.
Aigust,1869. His notes of the track of
totality, calculated fifteen years ago, are as
follows:. The sun will rise eclipsed in the
Interior of Siberia, on the morning of Aug-
ust 7th, 1860, when the. hadow will move
In a northeasterly direction: then, turninsr
east Wardly, and south ward!y,. will pass over -
Bebrlng'g-Straits and , Northern "Alaska
aboub. noou, local time.- Moving thence
across1 part of British Iforth'Amerieai'.H
will re-en ier the United States In Montana,
between two and three o'clock P. M., local
time.'" Moving thence across Western' .Ne- ":
braska, it will pass diagonally through -
Iowa, passing over Sioux City. Dos Moines -
and Keokuk about five o'clock. " Thence
it will move to the southeast, over Jack'
sonyilie, Illinois, kcrbss Southern Indjana
Central Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, into
and across North Carolina, and will touch
t ie sea coast In Pamlico Sound and will
finally leave the earth not far from the Ber-
m i 1 1 .' 1 bevlsible in all parts of
tbe United States and total over a belt or
J0U U1I1..5 ioc along tb l-n1ii-t indicated,'
fib .in hntnAirt . H,on ft, i ,t..
;----' i - L
Walking Mai oh Xastkkda y Thb
LT WAuusTi jyicTORioCT.TrTheY greatr
walking match between tbe female pedes-
drfohi'Ida Mdultdn Montana'and Napoleon
Young, over the: jOlentangy course she;
to walk three and one-half miles,, while he
walked seven and a half came off yester
day, as per announcement. . It resulted in
victory for the lady, who defeated her
competitor ty a mile. The following is the
1st Milevu
TH25. -j
S Bli'ea, . 3 Miles. ..
t Milet. Miles. 4 Mf1e.
155. ,r.., , S:4i. - 34:63.
a Miles. - 7 Hilea, - . Hi Miles.
jat Mile
:i. . Diirtl. ttxuiu. Y:iy
This is pretty good walking, we take tt.i
Ypung wheq- he JiatJ finished: bis jacej
challenged any man in, Columbus to walk
him ten miles, on Saturday, for a purse qf
oi I rests, prosecutions and persecutions there
ntint to tore, --. J
THiV TBDTHFtJI. SHBif.-The edltop of
tner Journal snouia at once De presentee!
ith a hatchet I jtrjcfl cberry"tree. He
wouldn't tell a lie. Oh, no ! , Rather take
poisoucsUnder the head of "Appropriate"-!
be yesterday published.' tbe following:
Mr. G aver, the undertaker, placed his.
splendid .team ot blacks and his tnournliiir
carriage, at the disposal of -the Seymour
necepun LAimmioiee yegoeroay, ,ior .ie.
transportation oi tne orator ot the Dav.
The horses -beads ' Were fgaily .decorated
With plumes from the hearse upholstery.
"When we state that the splendid four-ln-;
band team . was. furnished and driven by
Mii Snlvelyof the firm of Wing & Salve-''.
ly, "for the transportation Of the Orator of
the Day," our readers will understand bow
near, this 'JournaX chap .approaches', G.
Washington in his love of truth. It was a
splendid team, and right handsomely was
It baudled. ' , . " " ,. .'
Radical; PersbptJtioss. The. attempts
now being made by tbe Radicals of this
city to cover; up their frauds by having
certain of our citizens arrested on notori-
ously frlvllous .charges charges without
the slightest particle of troth to sustain
tnem have excited the Democracy, for sv
day or two. i. Last night a meeting was held.
at Tharmaq Hall, when the following were
adopted: j. r r , , , 2r
i Whereas, It appears that an effort ia be
ing maae io lntimraaie Democrats by ar-
ee to It
1 tnai, eyery xycuiuvrai, wuu is arrested shall
lna,e jualice done him, and that no mail
shall be carried out of the county for trial
?F b? tneu ueiore a court not naving juris.
; t,eg Broken. A boy named Pat Con
dera, sortcol James Couners,4vho lives on
i North PubUalane,. had hi leg broken at
fjlentangy Park course yesterday, by fall
ihg from a fence. . He' Was" taken to his
iwuic, " "
NAPOLEON YOUNG'S SCORE. Proclamation by the Governor.
h'the name ana" dV the 'authority of the
"State of Ohio: Rutherford B. Hayes, Gov
ernor f said State t all? to ; wheat) these
'Dreaents Shall come, greetrnsr?-
Know ye, that whereas, Piter Gibson;
P. Mallon, John M. Pfau, Francis Frltsca.i
Charles Fox, John M. Gregg, Wm. Brora
well, John HollanAand J R, Vou Set
eern, have Hied lif the T)fB- 'of the Board
oi Commissioners of Savings Societies
certificate as required by law, and an ap
Sltcation to; establish i TsaTTngs society,
ude- the Sinmej-of - the OlianiiUValley
Savings Society of Cincinnati, connty oi
Hamilton, and said application having been
approved bv. the Board of Commissioners
for Saving Societies, and the requirements
or the law-passecr Aprti ihcb, jsot, naving
been iully complied with, I do hereby
make proclamation that the said Peter Gib
son and others above-named, are authorized
to commence and carry on a Savings
Society in the city of Cincinnati and county
ot Hamilton, under' the name and style
'1 aforesaid, with all the rights and privll-
eires, and under the obliimtions and resru
lationg established by the laws of this State.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the grext seal
of the State of Ohio to be affiled at
l. a Columbus, this 23th day of Outpber,
'In the year of our Lord 1868. and of
the Independence of the United
-third. - tk
R. B. HAYES, Governor.
TJxdikb We can't say we were pleased
with the way Undine was produced last
night. Ifmay bebecanse ot the haste in
which everything was prepared, but it
seemed to uslo' lack 'the' life 'and finish
i given "to the Nafad Queen tne' same' play
j by John Ellsler ,when he produced it
' here two or three "years ' since. There are
j two or three really meritorious people in
j he company. Mrsl Oates is a singer of no
;: nean. c pretensions. She has a , voice of
j jreat Joompass and power, and very flexi
; le. In i its T softer , c nes if Is very
!UweeL Miss-Annie Kneassis a rather cap-
! Ivatlng young lady, full of winsome ways
hat attract and charm.) Sir Rupert, or
rather what there was of it, was played by
i Mrs. Nelson Eneoss.. . In the duo with Un
line,, her .richcontralto told with great
! ffWct." Mr. Barnes' Baptiste war so so: Er
uept the dancers these are all the characters
represented, and the play was curtailed of
its fair proportions To suit the reduced com
pany. Md'lle ganda danced yerywell. She
ia net a first-class, or -rather premier dan
seuse, but painstaking and careful. Mons-
Maravig daaced the Bailor's Hornpipe
splendidly' Bat the corps de ballet what
shal we say for thatf , Such a miserable
display or mlserable'''llmb8''"fiie" heartless
world bath seldom ' looked liptin,'? The
translormacioo, scene was pretty but, not
gorgeous. We suppose many ot tbe de
fects will be remedied- to-night, and we
therefore withhold severe criticism- until
to-morrow. 's 8 " ' '. : ; ; r'
; Colusion A bug-gyi!' in which1. were,
seated a man .and woman, on the. Harbor
road neafthe"rallway bridge; collided with
a wagon loaded with brick. The man and
woman were throwaout, fortunately with
no other damage 'than musilng. their store
clothes, and the buggy was mashed into
kindling wood.
- -
j Pbemium Milliners, at Simmons'.
j "The, Alpinjc Hat,'! newest thing out, at
Clark & Farmer's, No. 5 Neil Houf e Block.
i t:Z'-t'J.'y K"-'. ' ';. .; ' oct2S-d2t
I JawELBYj'yery low, at Simmohs'.'"i,:: . ; 1
I . a
' A- Hsnnebos Restaurant, Broadway,
No. 13, will give you. better satisfaction
than any other in the city.. oct28-3t.."
you want-your Bonnets and Hats
made or trimmed In the latest styles, go to
Mr. A; Downing, No. 67 North High
street. . . , '" oct2i-sat-tu-th '.:
Mbals at all hourt, at Gloss and Wilper's
OCt7-dtf ' '.'-.i-fjVl-. " '
buttericks- lor garments, aj
i Hair' switches, colls, &c, at Simmons.'
! oeti4-st&t3t.- - f ' ) ,
Gloss& Wilper's Restaurant open day
and nlghtl ';',!'., ' . oct7-dtf
.If tou-wanT your Millinery done in
good style,-and on short notice, go to Mrs.
A. Downlngy No. 67 North High street. '
I oct24-sat-tu-th .
: For Sat.b House and lot,.,cp.rner of
Franklin and Washineton Avenue.' Most
desirable property;' rlll be sold at a bargain?
Enquire ot J. W." Moore, N6. 48 West North
street." 11 s 1 -ota?sm
! .T:- : : 1 i ' ' tV7
' Embroidkry and Plain Skwingv Hav-
iiig' Increased facilities lor doing all kinds
" Ji-inoroiaery, t-iain j
)f Embroidery, Plain Sewing, Sbirtmaking
. nd . Needlework'' of , every ;j variety,
Sisters of the Good Shepherd kindly solicit
the patronage of tht, ladies of this city,
while they tender their, sincere thanks for
past favors. We need all the work we can
get. Orders left at Miss M. M. Zlmmers,
178 South High street, will receive prompt
attention. oct23-dlw
Will address the people of Columbus at the
west front of the State House on",' 1 " "
Salnraay Kveaiag, Oct, slat.
atT'o'ciock;,-;;;-; : -J
Xet the White Boys in Blue, Denfoerat
lc' Clubs, Jeffrfin'iah' tJuardsI''HickpV3'
Sprouts and all other-Democrats make
their arrangements td attend" this meeting,
Chm'n. Dem. Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Sec'y.
Will address tbe people as follows :
t w rnuat, i A, inarea, uou zvtn.
At COLUMBUS. Saturday. Oat. 31st.
i Will speak at " "
NEWARK, Tnrsdar. OctoberWaT. '""'' 1'" 11
TV V ' l X liua.K v"wuoi iiu U
CLKVELANl). Stardj.0clober31st. ' '.' '
i Will speak at -. '.
U A RIETT A, Saturday , October Slst.
CH1L.TOJS A. VYJdlTJfi, : .
Will speak'at',. i".": .. .' ,::.-'.",' V
!TW LISBON, Thmday1, Act. SSth. -WAKHJtN.SatardajF.
OotoberSlst. , ....
Will speak at . ; ; " ;
WAPAKONETA. Thursday, October thj
Tl 1,'KIN. Friday. Ootober SOih..
TOLE.UO. with Hon. E. P. Kanney and Hon.W.D.
Hill, Bataraay, uoiooer ain.
i Will gpeak at -' w 5 1 : i -CINC1NN
ATI. Saturday, Oct 31st. -r-. ,
! 'Will peak at -.-:.' :.?? --". - C:
UlttUXlE,YljL,l.C, uotober 3Ist.
Sec'y. Ch'm'n.
POLITICS IN TENNESSEE. The Hinds Assassination-
Important Recognitions.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
I Surratt's case will come up In the Crim
inal )orjTtrtomorrow,'wheir arguments
will, be heard on tnetnotion to dismiss he
appeal from the Court, by which Surratt
was discharged,
The Court of Inquiry in General
Dyer's Case.
The Court of In'quirv into the offlciaf con
duct ot General Dyer, Chief ot tne Bureau
of Ord nance, will con vene on Monday next.
It is. understood ,thac all thexfflce.rs de,
tailed to. act as members, including. Gen-i
erals Hancock and Thomas, will be pres
Chief Justice Chase's Movements.
Chief Justice Chase leaves neitu wek to
hold a term of ttheUnited States District
Court at Charleston, S. C. He expects to
go from there to Savannah, Ga., the follow
ing week,; tor hold a ternr-rot-the jPourViiT
the place of Justice Swayne, deceased, and
win probably be In Jtucnmond toward tbe
close of November. ' !"-'' '
Gov. Seymour in Pittsburgh.
i Ex-Governor Seymour arrived in this
city at noon to-day, by the. Pan Handle.
railroad, tie was met at the'Union depot
by a iarsre number of people, and welcom
ed to the city by the Committee of Recep
This evening he delivered an eloquent
address t-an.' immense" concourse -el peo- fl
pie Ja Allegheny.- He was "escorted to the"
ulace ot SDeakintr by a torchlight proces
sion, consisting of the various Democratic
organizations of the city and Vicinityi and
the procession was everywhere greeted
with enthusiasm.
I Many of -the. -principal t buildl-nci" along
the route were brilliantly illuminated.
The St. Charles Hotel aud Dally Post were
handsomely-decorated with Chinese-Ian- 1
terua, flags, mottoes, Aj; . - . i. i.
! Gov. Seymour leaves at 6:40 to-morrow
Union Pacific Railroad.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 27.
1 The Democrat's i Omaha -special says:
The Union Pacific Railroad Company laid
seven and a half miles ot track, yesterday ."VI
passing the advance stake ot the Central
Pacific. ..iCi -ft
Nebraska Legislature.
! The Nebraska legislature met to-day and
passed to A1 second reading a bill providing
for the canvassing of the electoral vote.
Nebraska Legislature. Indian Attack.
A Cheyenne dispatdr' Says the Indians
attacked Hunt and Hill's train, oeairPer--
ry station, on Sunday," and kiuea tonrmen
Wm. P. Plant, senior member of tbe
firm of Plant Bros.' & Co. of this city, and
old and citizen, died to-
Negro Altercation.
MEMPHIS, Oct. 27.
At. a npcrrn harbaeue in Crittenden conn
... A . L- : a i ra r-.il tf f 1 1 o TY, frtt in ft a rt f, 1 1 c r- M
c-auon, wnicn reBiui,-u iu iwv nriue num
ber shot and killed.
. - ' . . . u , ..,,. J.l 1 .S
Indicted for Cruelty.
John Pepper, a private watchman, and
his wife were indicted to-day by the Grand
Jury for cruelty to an Orphan girl named
Mary Smith, aDout twelve years ot age, oy
nunifihina- her fof oulHne aHrnlrrby
burning her. some dozen -times with a red
hot poker on tueaace ana arms.i, j i k
Congressional Canvass in Tennessee.
; aemer.
: The canvass- between the two Radical
candidates for Congress, S. C. Mercer and
W. F. Prosaen waxtpg warm in this city,
The friends of Prosser hoisted a pole on
nubile sauare last evenine ana runup a. I
.iTlCr-'-ln' kanlnna nf (-ha' noMnn.1 H
colors. The following was published to
day as a private circular, issued by -fros-?1
ser aad- the. Radical Central Committee :
! The Congressional election is close at
hand. Radicals must awake for action.
The enemy are busy, ihe friends of W.
F. Prosser must De watcntui. xt is no time
to be -idle. The, franchise law, as it now
stands, should remain on oUr statute books.
What riirht have atstrancnisea rebels in
this State to ask the dominant party to re- :
store the ballot to them? S. S. Mercer is
in favor of giving equal rights to all men ;
that is, of abolishing the franchise law. He
holds that disfranchisement is nurtlul. to
both' tbe white and colored races; that)
there -shonld v be- ;no taxation 'without
representation, and that universal suffrage
should be established in Tenuessee.. He ?
would delude colored men with tbe fallacy
that It would be to their .interest, after the
hlection of Grant, to conciliate white men
by admitting disfranchised classes to tbe
ballot, and let all the tax payers assist In
electing our officers.. Especially denounce
the vicious heresy. Our only safety lies
In the averting disfranchisement ot rebels
in Tennessee. - The . colored men have
not their feet on the necks of
traitors and they must keep, them there..
Let there be no pardon for . , rebels,,
however fair their words and actions may
be, on this side of the grave. Our-own
prosperity depends on their everlasting
prostration. The caged wolves must not
be turned loose. to devour. The great duty
now devolving on us is to defeat 8. C:Mer- -cer,
who is the friend ol universal suf
frage. Let all the Radicals work for the
election of W. F. Prosser.
i The Republican, Prosser's organ, de
nounces the publication as a forgery,, , 1
West Virginia Election.
WHEELING, W. VA., Oct. 28.
' The Intelligencer publishes returns from'
additional counting, swelling the Republi
can majority to 4,610., The remaining thir
teen counties, it ays, cast an aggregate
vote of 2 594 in 1 833, and gave a Repubiican
majority of-609ft The Republicans claird
their msjdrity will' reabh'o.bOO. Generaj
Witcher. ReDUDIlcan candidate for Con
gross from the.Kanawha Valley,telegrpsJ
mat win De
River News.
River News. PITTSBURGH, Oct. 28.
I Wtather ckar.2 River incUiuiged.l Msr-
tat juiv
The Assassination of Hinds.
The Assassination of Hinds. ST. LOUIS, Oct. 28.
A special from Rock, Ark, to
Democrat, savs tbe body of Hon. James
Hinds,: who was assat&natedj on the 22d,
arrived there sterdavi and was escorted
to the State House, where It tayiu state ffr
several hours and was. visited by a large
number of people. At 3 P, the remains
were taken to the deDOU to be forwarded
to Salem, Nj Y. ' Tlie funeral precession
was very long, consisting of military, btate.
Federal, county and city officers, fire en
gine comDanies. colored schools and citi
zens generally. All business houses were
Messrs. Hinds and Brooks were Sliot by
Georare A. Clark. Secretary of tue. Llemo-
cratic Committee of Monroe bounty, who
was drunk at the time. This is corrobora
ted bv a di8Datch from Memphis, which
further states that Clark, armed with
double barreled shot euu, joined Brooks
and Hinds a short distance from Virgin
bav. announced his intention to kill them
hntL.iul ImmmllatJo H i d.l B II H nniiaHfH
Brookai. .Hinds then attempted to escape
and was shot In the back. Clark was sub
sequently arrested and lodged in jail. He
Is said to havei borne the reputation of a
peaceable citizen,- but at the time of tbe
shooting was in a condition bordering on
delirium tremens. ' ?
Harvard College.
BOSTON, Oct. 28.
At the annual meeting: of the Board of
Overseers ot Harvard College, yesterday,
Hon. John H. Clinbrd 1 was elected fresi-
dentof the Board and Dr. N. B. Shuxtliff.
Secretary. The election for iresiaeot oi
the University was deferred tor the pres
Democratic Meeting.
AUGUSTA, GA., Oct. 27.
ADemonrtitie ffieetintf "was-held to-nllht
and addressed bv" Judae Carlon, 'Demo
cratic elector from Indiana, B. H. Hill and
General Wriaht. who ursed the people to
'vote for Seymour and Blalr, The Repub
licans sav miev win carry me state, uv
large maioritvv- while the 'Democrats are
confldentof 20,000 majority. - -:
AUGUSTA, GA., Oct. 27. Rape.
CONCORD, N. H., Oct. 28.
Thomas Heath, of Warner, has been held
In $3,000 bail In the Police Court for the
alleged rape, by the. roadside. of a young
school' at .Contecookvillet on Sunday.
lEdsctLrf H.Mooaman;hadhtsighti arni
blown off yesterday at Gilmanton. by ac
The Ring.
The Ring. BOSTON, Oct. 28.
It is reported that the prizi fizht be
tween O'Baldwin and Wormald will take
place to-morrow md'fnTng at the Isle of
Diamond Robbery.
.-The jewelry store of Lang and Brothers-,
52 YVesr4i;n street, was roDoea tnis moratnjr
of $1200 worth of diamond rings. Two
men entered-he. -store, and asked to be
shown, sonieJ-rngsi While one ot the men
ailed the attention of the clerk to another
part of the store the other grasped the
ings and made biseseape. Neither of the
men have been arrested.
Arrested. CLEVELAND, Oct. 28.
Probate.. Judge. Mesener, of Ottawa
ounty was arresteirf arnJ broifghfPhere to
jlay, charged with Issuing fraudulent natu
ralization .paper. ,-He-il be examined
tor marrow. j i j t
Harrv Warren and Richard Stafford are
to play a match game of billiards iu a few
; lays in Birmingham. . It will be one thou-
land points, American carom, for $200 and
i handsome cue costing $50. An exciting
the result. .-'
Arrested for Murder.
Harry Weaver was" arrested by a Pitts
burgh, officer at Union, Ohio,. last night,
iliarged with murdering an old man named
Andrew Rowland,' at Haeerstown, Md.,; a
tew months ago." He was employed as
brake?tmarr on the Fort Wayne railway un
til recently", since which time he was work
ing for a farmer near the above-named vil
lage. He denies t he-murder, and says that
General Thomas.
FORT WAYNE, Oct. 28.
i General Thomas arrived here this morn
ing to inspect the Yorktown and Hampton
national cemeteries.) t , -1 1 ly. t t-
BOSTON, Oct. 28.
A mass-meetlnir-of the Boys in Blue. was
'eld in Fanueu Hail jtnis, afternoon, pre
Iminary to the grand tflfchlight proces
iorrthis ev"nlng:the halwasvelMlll-'
d. General Horace B.' Sargeanttreslded.
A.mong thepeakers were Governor Harrl
sn,(tf.y.H..i .N.P.Banks, B. Fi.Butleiu
Japtain Churchill, late of the Navy, and
denerar Sargeant. Resolutions were
idopted pledging the soldiers and sailors
4 Massachusetts to the cause of tbe Union,
and equality. - -
STAUTON, VA., Oct. 28.
an address to-day before" the aa'ricultural
lair, w an imuicuw auuiciiut-.. nc waiuvjj
ur'gel Imiuerliate establishment, ot a
line' of steamers between Norfolk and Hol
land, in order that the . South might reap
the advantage of a direct trade and emigra
tion wblch would spring up by tnis con
nection. ' l .. ' ' : ' ? "
Ten thousand people visited the grounds
to-day. -... -. - - -.1 ..:. ? .
; When General Lee maded his appearance
at the fair to-day ue was enthusiastically
cheered. ,J-J'-l-J - "- '
Collectors Beaten—Woman Killed.
NEW YORK, Oct. 28.
' Yesterday three deputy collectors, while
searching for illicit distilleries InT Brook
lyn, were set upon by a crowd and one ot
tbem badly beaten. One of 4;he collectors
named Frederick- B. Lawrence, fired into
the crowd and severely wounded ' Maria
Kelley, who was just coming out of her
bouse, 43 John street. Lawrence was ar
rested and held to answer, i-.in i
I The Trot on the Fashion Course, yester
dav. for a purse of $1,000, $S00 dollars to
the 1st and $200 to the 2d, was won by the
American Girl, against Rhode Island and
Geo. Wilkes- Time of winner 2:35, 2:23.
2:24, 2:252:27. U,..-.:,
Stolen Property Recovered.
' Fourteen trunks, containing $6,000 worth
of property, were recently stolen from In
front ot Ball &- Black's,' where they had
been sent In a load by Mrs. Black, on her
return , from . the country. Six of them
were afterwards recovered, one being
found on Thompson street, another on
Fifth avenue, and another on McDtiugal
street, where they had probably been
drooped by the thieves in a moment of
John Conedon, a lad of 14, who was shot
on pier 52, East river. came to hit death at
the banas oi mre. fanny oeiner. une oi
the-wltnesses testified that Mrs. Seiner re
monstrated with the boys for throwing
mud at her, and said she bad orders from
nnl icemen to shoot them- if they did it
azaln. -She fired two or three shots and
nursed the bov after- he was shot. Mrs
Seiner was committed to the Tombs. She
has nothing to say to the charge.
Debate on Ritualism.
r TV. Mnnr-ted Ritualism debate began
yesterday afternoon's session ot the Prot
estant Eniscooal Convention.- It was very
animated and Interesting, but was not con
cluded at tbe hour ot adjournment in tne
eueninir. and will be continued this morn
ing. Many other matters ot interest to the
church were disposed oi. xue nveuuon
will adjourn to-morrow night. - - - -
i The coroner's jury in tbe case of James
McAdams, who was killed in a drinking
saloon on Third avenue, rendered a verdict
yesterday that he came to his death at the
hands of Michael Mulligan. This verdict
nor. hei no- satisfactorv. the-foreman said be
believed the killing was justifiable, as the
deceased had given iiungansome provoca
was discharged.
The examination into treasury bond
robberv was continued yesterday before
JiiatipB Ho'?an. at the Toombs. Four wit
nesses testified against the prisoner, John
Continued. Protestant Episcopal Convention.
, .The Episcopal; Convention torday berlJ
corred with the House of Bishops 4xlag on
Thursday evening for in adjournment sin
-t). B. Rtigses Introduced a serlea bf reeo-j
lutions on, the subject or ifltuausm, which
were not entertained, under, the rale, pro
hibiting the Introduction of hew business.
i"Mr i-Weleh then'-ealled unr tti 'order 'tffj
the -dar on the lodeanita postponement of
tne maiorir.y ana minority rpqrtv f uii
udlsTi..tT)jei4bjec was. debji.ted uptfl re.
Oil reassembling, at 8 ti'clock! thiJ tVebati
eh ritualism was continued at length. '-IA
motion to postpone indbfinitely was with
drawn. At 3 o'clock a vote, was taken oa
the substitute offered by Mr. Van Deusen,
which was rejected; " r,J 1 ' ' '''''' ' ' '
jury the case bX Leonard E.Kllnck
against diaries L. Harding and ottters,;or
malicious prosecutios, yesterday rendered
a yerdict in favor of the plaintiff . sad As-h
sessed the damages at $5,000. -
Greeley has been nominated for
Register, as the Republican candidate, iu
place of. GeneralJSigel, declined. Mr.
accordingly vacated the nomination ior
Cbirgress ,-4- th-&th- districtr?ames Jtt.
irrt A?Starr kahtieunced abflni
ted Republican eanilidatefor ConirresS In
ttflf Sixth. DTtj let, aa"piaoe.wf Abraham
eira.nq auodjai ..Stewart
Union Pacific Railroad.
C. Durant. VIcePreaidBnt of tht,
Union Pacldc-xallfaadV-eleraoh from
Black Ford, Green, rtvarrthat 7 miles and
194 feet of track was laid to-day. The
twelve bridges in the next ten miles will
be finished to-morrow. A large force is
working day and -
VTh'e "Secretary1 of the 'Treiisrirv naa'de-
cWed that three per eenfccrtlficatefr are'
nos re-issuani aicer redemption, pon the.
ground that their issue was.authprlzed,fott
the' exclusive purpose oi taking? up the
interest notes. ':t i- '-
C. W. Woolley Robbed.
.Mr.'1 C.v W-. vW6611v ' was robbed "bV'; a
snfiak thief la a rea! estate office in Cedar
street, to-day, 04 .a box -containing flQO.OOQt
rency.'which he had just 'drawn from the
Safe Deposit -Ctompanr.Th tWef escarW-
ed vita, bis boy, but the police expect tbV
Naturalization Trials.
case of obarged with..
naturalizition frauds, tlie evidence. concilia
ded to-dayr A summing utrwai waived hip
botkMte8 and the; case adiourned for -ffdiv
cision until Saturday -.morning'. . , .'X
In the United States Cironif. (inrt hw
day Judge Blatchford charged 'the Grpnil
Jnry ia referenoe to naturalization fHutlst0
aying the matterwas one ol grave hnpor-v
canoe- apu cieanj pumsnanie . under tber
statutes ol 1813,. It was cleae from the '
lngislatiou 'Of CSonsress ' that 'the' ohtaln--
ment or naUi-ralimlorr paper tor-persons1
not enuueo tp,tnem tr.iie4kvery jot tbeno
to such persons fur suuh use was, a crinie
punishable fty fipe " andf im'ptisonuient.
.The Grand Jnrv wereinstructed -to IndiiJt
alt parties" wliom - the eviderrcer 8howeu
were of.
National Ranks.
The ceneral abstract., of . the Jfiit Jon al-r
Banks for the last Quarter will soon be pub
lished. r.?.2-"r: .1 n:CS It pa ra-cs f.;row ii
i'The'.steamshfp's Nebraska, from Liver-.1!
poor; and Santiago de Cuba, m m . Aspla- "
wall hav. ..nvaH -- .. X
Arrived. Wrecked.
tAsplnwali advices jto the 19th . state' that .
the steamship Parkersburg, from Jfanama,
bound up the coast, struck a rocl in Jhi
harbor of Amipala bay. She became a
total; Wreck-'iTbe 'DHisengers to&l aad
Crew were saved. Considerable tff theeargrj
Was also saved. Ira dauageiL,apndition.
Confirmed. Dead.
Confirmed. Dead. LONDON, Oct. 28.
The Do wager - Dachess of - Sutherland Is '
LONDON, Oct. 28.
The reports that Great Britain, France5
and Italy have . renewed diplomatic, rela
tions .with Spain under the revolutionary
government, is confirmed. It is authorita
tively announced that Prussia and Portu-.
gal have also, recognized the new govern
ment, and that the Papal" Nuncio at Ma-- '
drldhas-ptit himself in Communication -
with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Af
LONDON, Oct. 28.
Riarht Rev. Charles L. Lonely. D.D.
Archbishop : of Canterbury, died to-daj, ,
aged ,74 years. : - . . ;.u '
National Guard.
PARIS, Oct. 28.
The Constitutionnel says the reorsaniza-;
tion of the National Guard is rapidly pro
gressing in tneaepanment. ' rne measure 1
is received with great favor by the people.
MADRID, Oct. 28.
- -formed
a union lor political purposes. At!
a recent meeting of the united clubs, Senor
Olosaga - informed them that Queen Isa
bella would abdicate in favor ot Don Car- -
los. V; 5': r .;:'0-,l,' "
The elections of members of constituent
Cortes will take place on tbe 29th ot No
vember. : j - y - I- rl.
Senor Ayala, Colonial Minister, has issu
ed a circular announcing that the Colonies
will be placed upon the same electoral basis .
as that of Spain.
LONDON, Oct. 28.
ditional su cesses have been gained by the ;
Britisn troops in tne JNortn western prov
inces. t -. -! - . f-v ; v.
Montreal Items.
MONTREAL, Oct. 28.
Charbouneau's planlhs and saw mill was
burned yesterday. A watchman was burn- ,
ed to death. Loss $90,000. u ' '
A - grand banquet is .to ntt given Mr.
Bridgera on bis return from England.
A company has-been i formed here to
build a railway from Lentiokvllle to Me-
guntlc and St. Francis. -
Theiari8 crew arrivea at si. jouns last
night and had a most enthusiastic 'reeep-tion.-
:.'-!."- .: ' N-'r?
Whalen confidently expects to get a new
trial. He has been led to belh-ve-the
Judges will decide against the ruling of
Chief Justice Richards. . .i , j
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 28.
GOLD 134k buying; the money mar
ket continues stringent. -
New York Money Market—Oct. 28.
GOLD Opened at aud closed at
134. . .
New York Stock Market—Oct. 28.
Coupons of '81 115U5;do '62 113,
113M; 00 '4 iiu$(giii: 00 do miiiy, -
do iiewllOW; do '67 110110g; do 'U8
110110i; 10-403 1051105
: 6:30 Drices Wells' Express 292!)
Amprii an 45(346: Adams 49? (550: Uni
ted States 4647& Merehants' Union 22'
22; racinc Aiau izacsiz-i; eaieru
Untou Teleeraoh 364:a36M; New York
Central 123123; Erie 3939?6 do
preferred 65466; Ohio and Mississippi
3030; Wabasb 6262; do preferred
7175; Michigan Central 118119; Miehi-
an SouUiern OoW&ook; joicuo xviis
102W: Fort Wayne 111112; Terre Haute
4142; do preferreu 64; Marietta 2d
preferred 10;. Liaice snore iuu.
New York Market—Oct. 28.
COTTON Less active but steady ; sales
2,500 bales at 25c for middling uplands;
sales reported as high as 20c, which Is an
FLOUR Closed dull and 610c lower
for medium and common grades. .. , .
WHEAT l2o lower.
RYE Dull at $1 45 for western.
OATS Dull and heavy at 717i;8'c for
new western.' ' ',
CORN Lower and dull, at $1 091 10
for unsound and 1 111 Ui for und
new mixed western.
' PORK Firmer and excited; sales 2o0
brls mess at $26 75 eiish and regular. -
BEEF Dull and drooping. -
nlLARD-Dull at - 17Ji17s lor fair to
prime steam. " ' ' .j.ij,
EGGS Firm at 333k.
New York Market—Oct. 28. Cincinnati Market—Oct. 28.
"TrA3trfVJUw.lrt.tH; deautnd;Vfcr4Uy'74
7 75 ; extra f 3 30a7. h. U v.i
WHEAT Dull and no sales; tl 70 the
best rate offered tor No 1 red writer.-m
CORN In light supply and ia rtailje-
mand at B0afr3o for new ; 58ca$r for old?
??i' .-d .v ' in n .oidU ,b"cii
RiE Dull at --a nU1iii,ai.n us
BARLEY Neglected and, price nomi
naf at 2 'a2 4(f lor ' prtm? taie and
dlinjfi:- .1 ,'i .kii . kiii lietl
rOBArjUfifcbarigeri gmi wteZ?f"i
WHlSKy Dullat 10; deihaud ilgtitT
. , PROYIS10Ni.iMtothiH vuuebaaged :
clear, bulk sides aold ac-.loc; loose and
llvered as soon- as made, and. nottnuob 4ei
mandrno old mess ia markfcA u.mniV
LARD Dull and no demand; newitcanfj
offered at'I6ft-ju;.7rVii'"'
little demand.
LARD OILFlrra at $1 40al 45 for cur
rent make arid $165 for winter taadtf.
;.hogs-tDuu at6 mmZnt-'iZZi
Chicago Market—Oct. 28.
TLCTR Vej-y ; spring
extra $5 006 60.
WHEAT In ifghf; demand, anrl almost,
frxcluslvely bonfJned.W shippers, and 6Jb i.
6o' lower; siesr No t".5i.i9l AQ; iNo
opened at- 9 .-JO.; dvanoe-tot inat-l
closeol'fe 112l l'2i tor car lots; sales
fe 2lnoe 'ebaage atJtUn .Tji.nbnMa
CORN-5V5Jq lower; sates No. 1 76
7iCi NJd. '2 -7o77c and reje:ie"!'70'75c
closing at 7&7GU for No. 1 ; sales No- ti
this afternoonX-Tuc; '.-V ;,V V .'f.Tt.
O ATS In . good . shippings demand. iia.i
lJlKc.-lowe-opeied at 43c, advanced
c 43b. ressdea i41.,taficloa,aVf4i
R yE iDecltned 6B)c ; No. 1 opened at
U 06, declined to l-o, ad-eloseelwith
tuyers at $1 06 and sellers at ft 07f Ndi
drm act! 00iV04.? ::-V.v:- :::V "J:',
BARLEY Moderately active, unsetaed,
nd 12l3o lower; No. 2 in store opened ai
Itn'lBj' advanced' W9V 59. and -closed at
l JMlA54..reieeted $l,Xfl. 80. " T
St. Louis Mardet—Oct 28.
WHEAT Lower,
CORNrf-LowerjAViHHA jta oi'.ojd
OATS Unchanged-at4852c
RYE Ranrpst.$l 16l 20.
WtUSKYf-$l 13 .K'.Uhf. !5jr.lHT niMia
PORK-rUncbanged:;sirleS at tS075S !.",
B ACON-Unchangedi " :WKZiQ;', ota
bouidera 17-X17?ic for clear sides. H &
ard-isc., . -yw
Buffalo Market—Oct. 28.
market generklryuuijsettl4m ,i
lown ward tendency. )t 3m-.:tiil
WHEAT No 2 Milwaukeeclub sold at
I 38, and later at 1 31I 83." e';;-,.:s
OAT9--Sales ofone boat loid atlSSK'
RYE Held, at 1 30, bftf. buy.et-slMexo '
fl 25. A v-uilid'.)
BARLEY-Neglected.- .ateon.iuto4
HIGH WINES AS $1 Wr,?' -?l'"fuJ
FREIGHT Very firaa, and askuag lo
idvAnce. 1 . j-'i:
- ' -
Toledo Market—Oct. 28.
,WHEAT--23o lowerv'whlM' Idchigani
SI 82; amber $1 721 73; No 1 spring! 40;
mber, buyer Novenberr $1 74f, (k flrs(
alt $1 73l 74. -:-- T-no ,-iaiir o
OKN Held af87c far No If 85e offered; ,
OATS No 1 60c; rejected 4;;. i 'Vo
.RYE 6o lower; N 1 1 18.-. "J,,
BARLEY 5c lower; State $1 95 wi) hnm
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 28.
TLOUR-Very dull;- cfcySfat WWT
80e -... tar. -,?? Ini9tzmrf A.
WHEAT FirjutJlfri for Nol ia
,wre. r -i ' . , t v. , o
viTT i:0
uncalled in the
October 28, 1868.
,:l. ni R Jvtssrf ed Aivst L'ibor.w--U)!,f)
indwuon A FLiAffasdatFred.; AlIeaFC, J,,,
Arnold Henry W Allen JR. , ArmbfOiler If. , 1
Anderson W a ArptollkM Sarah Ail o -lii:-
.. . ... . .. M ., -
hnol-j If bi;i.
ItarnettAnnaES Ranerl AnffURt
drown U S
. Bergan Dan 'I (3) , Rer A
Krfw,lrf, tl-.- :.:! Klnimr tl
Blaise J (S);'"i Virnwi John Berrer Joha rM " 1
BroMoa L C (3). BaoksMiaaMAEBecker Miss St ,,.,.
Blackwood M. . B&ilay Mrs It Bows Mias U.
Byron Martin . Baker Ma H A brow PeMr " Son
Harnett f u bereridg Miss ffettm Smitli
KnwmanMraH D S N J owlej Mm R
Barnbart Tho , Bennett T J-.nBaiea Wn ,
lirown w m urown jars a - .crown jam J
BaxterJohnH ' . i-;,i. oqu au.3Ui... ;.
Clark Mrs
fl.fW Alliann Pamnhull IfT.a C.I
Clark D A
Cionrow lima v;rpemr Miss a
Converse KB , CarrCaptll ? Corey JBiaa.Hat4i j
IVnmwell J B . tollinsJT --1 Oolson Jessie K
Connera Mis) J Canpbell L A;Coo Lis . . HM!
Carter Miss 41 J Case Miss MA Vrr'6? ""M1,;.,, u-.-r
CUneSUaaM. ' Chambers WMS" T-'1"'"' '
i D .puit
DeirdoffAF DillC-C , r Pedriek Miss & H
Drake Miss Ida Daian.Tohn " Dawson Josiali
Uoty Lucy A '' Davis N W.Ao-iiraley.Mrsh A.io.r:
J'nic:!!! .; ;Tvr. f S nw blta ,V
Emtnel Mrs t EdwardsMrsEN Kmiek J B ..,.
Kdwards Miss M Edwards Mrs MEngland Aliss B ,
Ebr Airs 8 Mi jh . . uttfi jiiii-jiml-jit; iu
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Vallaee Wm F Wi liams B F White Miss M A ,(
tVbite Miss Joe White Miss Jennie
Miss No 293 Water st Barrett iHsowr , . . ,
lTattJA;o Vinnept (iarrard Harpist
VVhiteC WACo ' '-"AC -. :
Nervous Dkbility, with its gloomy at- :
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spcrmator-
rhp3a, loss of power, dizzy, head, loss of
memory and threatened Impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign, cure in Hum-
phreys' Homeopathic, Specific No. Tweu-"
ty-Elght. Composed of the. most valuable,' ' ;
mild and. potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root ot the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the, ,
On tiro, n.an Trior hltrA cured thousands .
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box-.".,
es and vial, which is very important in ob-T
...I ..cpi. nr SI ner sinirlft Vio-r.
abiuaiQ ur wn v.o-"- - . . - -
Sold by aU Druggists, and sent by mail oa ,,
receipt of price.. Address, Hcmphrbyb'
..XIV. V..v.-.--. 1 ,
Broadway, New York. "jyl3-deodS;wly

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