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f.C. V.FUM0I f-J
National Democratic Ticket.
.".i'v !"tob president,
fc i 1 1 1 1 '4 OT HEW TOKK 4
. 'or nissecBi. . '
Xleetois f fiMUuit and. Viae- President
xntt-OXt 11 gT.KCTOKS AT HOT,
RUPOS P". RANNtfT.-of Cnvahoga.
.AHJGH J. JEWETT. of Mukiogau. vvl
-f t BltrTWCT nXBOTOW. . i , ,, I ,
list Diet JHH1 H J&ur.ot narautoi
1m t-JAHKRON M. NOBLR, of Hamilton.
4th WILLIAM J. JACblSt. of Miami.
.XCiwsiwfi rir.Vwnio. of Q
.T-UCriAX.U tl.UA v OI yisrora..
iaeh -.SARLET F.TpOrrUlf.ONi o Dela
. J. iWKIHB, oi utrore.
th - ATOLPH. KRAEMKR. oOttMr-e
10th ., -ANORKWJROACtl. of Wood. 1
ilts F.ZRA V. CIS AN, ot Iwrence,
-13th " -JOSEPH J.GREEN, of Pike.
l?th - CH A RI.ES FOLLKTT, of Licking.
lUh -Ou5?0 'OPPi.KTtt.'(.of Lo-
lsth - aT?59YitET!;fAaMi. ,
1Mb " ABRAHAM, VY-,, PATRICK, of Tua-
ITth " WILLIAMS, of Cmn I
Wth " GEORGE WKIiKR,of Summit.
. IWh MATT. B1RCHARD, of Trambull.
fiou dosed In New York yesterday at
The Black Test.
"I do sotemnfj wf that I accept the civil
and political equality of all men, and agree
not to attempt to deprive any person or persons,
on account of race, color or previous condition,
of any political or civil right, privilege, or im
mutnily enioyed by any other class of men. So
help tna God." Souther Badical CarpeLBag
Constitutions'. - - -- "v"
.-meeting aauounced . lor the West
VroVth6tateHoue this evening baa
baaarvtttt&awta Mrt rvr-
di .1 !.;!" j By Order of Com.
suin'l ' tv-r-! i rT - f
'JU. aber ad Hon. A. Mayo
WU1 address the people of Plaia and ad
olnlnar'ewAshIp9,'Rt -New -Albany on
Kohdar vealnjr, November 2d, a 7:30.
c-1 ' " ' By ofd er of Committkk.
- J ohm B. Jeap, Eiq
ViM address (he people in the German Jsn
faage, at STeir Bremeo, Auglaize .county;
mm Monday evening. Not. 3 L : ' ; ""; i : ? -
The Black Test. E. F. BINGHAM.
W. W. WEBB, Chairman,
Radicalism Enforcing Negro
Radicalism Enforcing Negro Suffrage in Greene County by the
Radicalism Enforcing Negro Suffrage in Greene County by the Torch.
The telegraptajc dispatches have tn
aeatly contained lately extracts from Jc
eendlary speeches at the South urging tl e
Jjroes to Spply the tojch fa) te.;dweUt
lngs of those who relused quietly to sub-
glttk VV pvuv v w
: The same reign of terrorism, it , seems, is
Silbe established in certain counties in!
bio to intimidate Democrats from prose
cuting men-who' have been 'engaged in
stuffing the ballot-box with, negro vote,
A letter on this subject was received-in
t'eity prom responsible gentleman in
Greene county, saying, "On the night of
the" efectloti,there was a livery stable burnt
In ?:enia, and it Is believed it was burnt
because the owner was Si - Democrat and
bitterly opposed negro voting; another
house was burned for similar reasons. I
do not believe any responsible man can be,:
found who would prosecute. ;'' : Be
assnred if the guilty were all . arrested the
U m t-bA nAliMT Af mfl KH.fl I I'M.! USUI UC1 So
Xenla jail would be covered and jammed)
three .deep." Yet this law and order parly t
in Franklin county are con tinually howl- -ing
about illegal voting here to attract
tention from their own villainies,,-,," Vj,'
i The Supreme Court decided the Student's
Noting law constitutional, yet the Eadical
Judges of Election treated it as null and
void."' It will be the duty of the Legisla
ture pa Its meeting In-November, to ap
point a committee ot Investigation,, to
take evidence as to the frauds atXenia,
Olerlis, and other places, where the fear
Of local proscription, and the incendiary's
torch deter the minority from vindicate g
their rights in the courts.
Over Fastidious.
t the Kepubllcan meeting held in the:j
Bink,' 6n "Thursday " evening, there was
rather more fastidiousness displayed than
tbB'Xxscasion called for It appears and '
we hate our authority from a credible
sourceT that there was no mixing np of.
mechanics and the aristocratic Republicans
allowed. Persons who were suspected ot
being mechanics ! were directed to take ,
seats among the boys and Negroes. A gen
tleman of wealth, who does not put on any
airs, was mistaken tor a poor mechanic
sad by one of the ushers was shown to mi
seat lu that locality of the Bink where the :
boys end Negroes bad been seated. t
I .ueh discrimination may do at an Opera '
ot m Ball but will it prove to be good
polici at a political meetiDg? '.The Repub
lican party is too email iu this city to make
out of it a i . rely aristocratic party, and
hope to get" ascendancy bereV": When Re
publican mechanics find that, at political
meetings of tbelr party they have to occu
py the places assigned by the aristocratic
managers to Negroes and boys that they
and the Negroes are looked upon as alike
in point ol respectability by the Republi
cans who have grown rich off of the labor
of .mechanics and laborers it will not be
long before they will quit voting the Re- -
publican ticket "' ' r ' ' r
Democratic County Central Committee
The Democratic County Central Com
mittee held a large and satisfactory meet-:
ing yesterday at Thurmau Hall. The fe-
ports from she several townships were
highly encouraging.. Vigorous measures'
were taken to prevent Negroes and all
other disqualified persons from voting on
n Tuesday; The following resolution
was unanimously adopted: .,,
Besolved, That we approve and indorse
the action of the Democratic Executive
Committee in its recent correspondence
with the Republican Executive Committee
of this county." - ,
r. J. -
The Roorbacks Coming.
The first installment ot sensation dewf,
telegraphed to. influence the election in -
Ohlo and other Northern States, comes to
us in the shape of Radical accounts of the
murder of negroes in New Orleans, and of
rloU'at other points. The, New ..Orleans
afisir trqulte different from 6thefaecounta
received, and is manufactured to order, at
the instigation of Radicals. - - - -
The Roorbacks Coming. Look After the Stay-at-Homes.
Democrats, look v" around "syou jmd,,see
whether you bave i in our neighborhood
nyCCUMCtats "Wholaie negiigen( about
going to the tDs.' If JOB 6ve any such,'
be sure tnat Tef are ail at the polls on
Tuesday, and vote the Democratic- ticket.
To-ba and Monday should, be put in to
good p'urpoee b ,eYry . Democrat' The
lukewarm and hesitating should be seen
and prevailed upon t9 rote the Democratic
Tl,-lrf. nn" Tutadav. - i .'' l -i'.'r . n --t-
. ii.b-5dal
Triumphant Liberation of Duffy
Triumphant Liberation of Duffy ARREST OF THE FRAUDULENT VOTER SMITH The Radical Leaders Go Bail For
Their Tool.
The "Draft Sneak" at Liberty.
How the Radical Leaders Protect
The Ballot Box.
How Smith will Escape the Penitentiary
and How His Admirers
will Foot the Bill.
if On veaterdar. after.' a full examination.
John, Duffy, arrested on the warrant of. a
lellow by the name of Smite, for complicity
In certain co-called naturalization fraud?,
was discharged by Commissioner- Cbtttbi?'
DRit i without :a particle ot suspicion .of
wrong doing resting on his fair fame.
"JT f CTh eeovera ofThs bite, r.T T TJ
uli luLl'ab h h tint died. -- '
The swift witness ot the Radical lead
era,' Smiths-who ;ftcknowledged that he
voted on nataralU tion papers which bore
hla name,' but, which he had never , pro
cured, and that he had voted in 1863, When
lie had been but six weeks in the country.
was arrested on ' Thursday : night and
lodged In jail -until? Thursday morning,
when he gave bail before Squire Meeker,
in $500 for bis -appearance on . Tuesday
text, 'i The- ball was procured by a pony
purse made for the occasion five .leading
Radicals ot this city being found willing
to risk $100 each against the certainty of
his running off, and he is now at large.
On the examination of Mr. Duffy, this
man Smith swore that he was a fraudulent
voter in 1863 that be voted the Demo
cratic Ticket that soon after' he went to
Cauada,' and there' got British papers to
protect him against the draft that he re
turned,, as a draft sneak, and at the late
election procured naturalization papers in
the name of James Smith, without going
to the Probate Judge's office and taking
the necessary oath the papers, the oatli of
Judge Pcoh shows, must have been in
tended for, another Smith: ot the same
name, for the applicant was present in his
office or the papers would not have been
issued and that on these papers, knowing
that they were not intended for him, or if
Intended they were ,' fraudulent, the
witness, Smith, acknowledges that he went
to -.the Ninth Ward and voted . when, his
residence was- In the Eighth Ward- i3-q
The witness was careful to state that
when be gave his fraudulent vote, in 1863; it
was a Democratic ' ticket.' The fraudulent
vote was cast in the 9th ward, he did
hot tell for whom it was cast.'. As be was a
toot in the hands ot the Radical leaders,
and as. tbey.went his bail on a charge of il
legal voting, tt is not difficult to deter
mine the fact that this fellow Smith was
one of the illegal (.voters usea to elect
Winass to Congress.-1 '"' "' '
The wituess against Mr. Ddfft, thus
liberated from jail by the Radical leaders,
admits that he added to his crime by al
tering the naturalization papers,' he had,
no doubt, fraudulantly obtained, which of
itself is a Penitentiary ofiencei and he also
swears that he was put up to make the
cpargtt agahist Mr, Dckft. by a; leading
Radical, who manages the machine shops
of the Central Ohio railroad, by threats of
prosecution for illegal votlnz, and that In
addition, he had a promise of credit,.
through the same leading Radicals influ
ence at a grocery, and - with it' he was to
get promotion on the Ohio branch of J(he
Baltinfo're and Qhio railroad., ,6 3f i i
This man Smith, as we before stated an
illegal voterin 1863 a ?droft sneak" soon
after--a fraudulent voter; in 18G8 this
knave sec u fed by Radical, leaders to pre
fer a charge against an' honest man when
arrested for his crimes, found friends in
the Radical leaders to get him out of jail.
The men who did this Who thus made up
a heavy purse to liberate the 'draft-sneaking,
fraudulent-voting .'scoundrel were
the men, ot alt men, who charged that the
Democracy were Importing illegal voters
into the District, when the evidence, 'from
their own' candidate, and from Smith's
admission, that he . was not only
their ' tool . ; and .',, voted fraudulently
for them, but- ! was bribed and put
forward ' to make a serious ; charge
against an honest man. ' If this is the way
the purity of the ballot box is to be pre
served by those leading Radicals, then look
out for still, greater ' frauds on Tuesday
! The bondsmen of this fellow Smith the
men who went his bail in order to get bim
out ol jail, where from his own testimony
be deserved to be until the Penitentiary
claimed him as his own, were r
' Albert B. Bottles, Chairman of the
Republican Central Executive Commit
tee: t;j- !-,." -,n '..-.
! Benjamin "i". Martix, President of the
Radical County Convention and member of
the Radical Committee for Franklin coun
ty and Collector of. Internal -Revenue; .' , '
; Henry Miller, a leading Radical poli
tician and member of the Radical County
Theodore Butler and Wm. Jamison,
active Radical electloneerers and ranking
among the Radical leaders of the county.
These are the men that balled . the ; draft
sneak these the men that gave bonds to
save a fraudulent voter from just confine
ment in jail, where he could not escape,
until be was iudlcted, tried, 'convicted and
sent to the Penitentiary for. his crimes
against the elective franchise, and some of
these are the men who proposed to offer a
reward for the conviction of any illegal
VOter. . ". .j'- ' -n - : r.
Smith, it is thought, will never be con
victed. The - impression is that be will
leave the country for his country's good,
and then Messrs. Bottles, Martin, Mil
ler, Jamison and Butler will each pay
$100, and the Radical party will be saved
from other and still more damaging dis
closures. Such is the glorious uncertainty
of the law, and such the efforts of Radical
leaders to make It still more uncertain.
A Beautiful Brace of Candidates.
General Grant Is on the record, that he
U the desplser, the contemner and tbe pro-
ssriber of the Hebrew race,whlle Schuyler
Colfax, his colleague on the Presidential
ticket, Is the sworn enemy of men of for
eign birth and ohjhe Cathollo religion.
And yet Republicans manifest surprise,
that the Hebrews, foreigners and Catho
lics, should hot throw-up their hats and
work themselves into perspiration for their
election; - Could they do so and maintain
their manhood ?
Don't be Alarmed.
All this cry about fraudulent Naturaliza
tion papers is lor the purpose of intimidat
ing newly naturalized -voters irom attend
Ing the polls and rotjng on Tuesday. After
to election all this, cry will subside; for
the excellent reason that the charges of
fraud are made for . party purposes. Let
no newly naturalized voter absent himself
from the polls. He shouiu not, However,
neglect to take with hlmTiIs naturalization
papers, and belully prepared Jn the event!
of being challenged, utiti' ;
The Journal after the Irish Vote.
'beJont-naZ of this cityr-a paper' that
bodies more of the Know Nothing prin
ciple thaa-any other sheet in Ohio which
manes irisnmen a constant tname of tca
cule and abuse-averring that their politics
are made op of hatred to the "najrwIP
never nas, nor never will nave a good or a
kind word to say,of apy . man fromv the
Green Isle, except -about 'election times,
unless, Indeed, Instead of Jwearing of .the
green," he carries an Orange tint, is now
out, billing and cooing and lying like a
very drab for Irish votes for Grant and
COLTAX. I, ! i; . ' ! ur- !
The Negro Suffrage party, and the Jour
nal, its organ, now tries to make the Irish
people believe that' the Democratic party,
which threw Itself into the breach in the
days of Know ' Nothiriglsm; against this
same Negro Suffrage party and this same
'Journal, then, as now, the Know. Nothing
organ, Is the British party, and that it holds
trie - wnoie irisn population oi tne ooun
try" "subject to British orders." That tbe
Irish people the most prompt, by the bye,
to resist an insult of any people on earth
"have," the Journal says, 'been kicked
about and spit upon, and the spit has been
rubbed in by the Democracy for so long a
time, that proof of perfidy on. the partoi
that (the Democratic) party would have no
Influence."'' This, and much moreot coarse
falsehood and abuse, the Journal heaps up.
on the Irish, and fool like, taluks It will be
taken for flattery,; in the hope of getting
Irish "votes for General Grant, and Colfax
his Know Nothing associate on the Radical
Hckect. ' T " .
To call names to plaster people all over
with abuse to rank them below the negro
in intellect, is not the way to convince
high spirited people of the error of tbelr
ways. The Irish vote, as a general rule,
tbe Democratic Ticket. And why? Be
cause they have had reconstruction in their
own country felt It on their own' per.
sons, and seen it in the depopulation of
tne most beautiful land upon God's foot
stool..; England holds Ireland as a "con
quered province," as the Radical Congress
now holds the South. England has "re
constructed" Ireland, as the Radical Coci
gress Is now reconstructing the South, and
the Irish people having seen and tasted of
the sweets of such government, are un
willing to vote to extend it upon the peo
ple of tne South. , Because of this, and be
cause they will not vote to give the negro
the privileges which they" deem alone the
white man's right, in a white man's Gov
ernment, the Journal, in the very article in
which it attempts to wheedle them out of
their vote,' forgetful of its cunning, thus
perpetrates an atrocious libel :
., " Tbe bulk of tbe Irish voters seem to be
content to be shouldered about, and trans
ferred from one place to another like a pig
in a poke, to be sold by this Democrat or
uiaim tnenigliest market."
Xbe mingled cooing' and 'Bneering
sweet-toigued 1 words and coarse and
foul - libels 'on 1J the : Irish Americans
in our midBt, are based upon a' charge
as 'unsupported-' by ' proof 'as'" It' is
mendacious and false that Mr. Auq
ust . -Belmont of New.-,York 'Chairman
of the Democratic Executive Committee, is
the -custodian of ,$40,000, as agent of the
British Government, of Fenian money. Mt-
Belmont is a banker, and. that fact Is wed
to give plausibility to the tale. - The Brit
ish Government has its own agents in the
person ot Consuls and of spies, who are not
of the class of men who vote the Democratic
ticket. .: The English Ministry knew where
to lay their hands on the proper persons to
act as Informers, just as they knew how to
do the same thing, years ago, when these
bloodhounds 8 wore , to the - death purer
abler, truer and 'more patriotic men than
ever toted a Radical ticket or wore' an
Orange badge. Giving the obarge against
Mr. Bklmont the lie direct false in letter
and false in spirit, .without a single parti
cle of truth to sustain it, we add to the de
nial,, what we honestly believe, that the
Journal knew it was false. when that sheet
gave It currency. ;:& "'
. Ths Journal adds the following : ' :
"If our Irish friend will but reflect for a
motneati he -will be able to give a very de
cided answer, to the question, what has the'
Democratic party ' in America eve done-, for
Ireland or the irtshr" . , , 1 ,
- I -;.!( .'--i ' '' I ' '
We give the above extract, Italics and
all, as we clip it from the Journal. ,-.
la the days when: riot and bloodshed and
death were rife in the streets of Philadel
phia Irishmen shot down in the streets ot
that city, merely because; tbey were Irish
and Catholics, and churches to . the : ever
living God were committed to the flames,
because they had across upon their spires,
by an Incendiary band of as arrant scoun
drels as ever graced a halter, the Democ
racy . defended them at . the peril of their
own lives. .. , , , . . . : ! i- . .
When a Convent of Nuns, near the godly
city of Boston, was attacked by an Incendi
ary mob native Americans, and the un
protected females, who had dedicated their
lives to the service of their God, i were
driven forth, with scarce clothes sufficient
to cover their nakedness, at the hour1 ot
midnight, their pathway lighted by the
flames of the burning Convent, the Dem
ocratic party, powerless to act, because in
a fearful minority, denounced - the deed
and Insisted upon the punishment of the
scoundrels, and that the' State ot Massa
chusetts should make good the loss. ' This
has not been done, and the blackened walls
of that Convent still stand, as a memorial
of Boston bigotry and Intolerance'." f.fl -i ' j
In ' after' years, 'when", church-burning
violence took Its more appropriate name
of Koow-Nothlngiam the object of its
vengeance ' fctill ' being levelled against
Irishmen and Catholics the - Democratic
party, of all . the . parties in ( tbe country,
stood bravely in their defence and, la near
ly every State of the Union, suffered defeat
and disaster, rather than bow its bead to
the fierce storm which had gathered at the
bidding of tbe Know-Nothing Lodges. ; .
In our own city, during the last three
weeks, because the Irish people would not
vote the negro suffrage ticket, tbey have
been denounced . and m maltreated and
threatened with all sorts of Radical ven
geance. And had It not been that the
Democratic party, true' to Its instincts pf
right, stood between the Irish and the ven
geance of the Journal and its satelltes, Co
lumbus .would have been, an unhealthy
place for a Jfentan irishman to have an
abiding place, unless he acknowledged the
negro as his equal, if not his superior.
' These are some of the things that the
Democratic party in America has done for
the Irish-1 Is the Journal satisfied ?
What a Vote for the Democracy
A vote next Tuesday for the Democratic
ticket, Is a vote to rebuke proscription
proscription that denies to the White man
in the South the Tight to vote and to hold
office a proscription that stigmatises, and
seeks to degrade the Hebrew race in this
country a proscription that singles out
the man of foreign birth and the man of
Cathollo faith upon which to Inflict politi
cal pains and disabilities, 'i-
A vote next Tuesday for the Democratic
ticket is a vote declaring that there must
be retrenchment and reform in the admin
istration of the Federal Government.".'" j
A vote next Tuesday for the Democratic
ticket means that there miist be equality
In Taxation, a ' ' ."!!-: : --
A vote for the Democratic ticket next
Tuesday means that there should be one
currency for all. an
the West as for the
currency for all. and as much currency for
East. -..i.i. -
: 1 U :.
Indiana a Democratic State.
Democratic Majority on the Vote
for Congressmen, 434.
The Voters of Indiana Condemn the
Reconstruction and Financial
Policy of Congress.
The official returns in the Secretary ot
State's office show that -on the vote for
Representatives in Congress, Indiana coii-
"demns- the - financial and reconstruction
policy of Congress. Elsewhere will be
found the vote by counties for Congress
men In each District, and the following is
tne aggregate result:
Holman.. .
. 782
. ,128
Orth., .....i
... lit .
vjj- 45T
...s.anT .
... 941
... .8,3.13
Domooratio rcjorit7....V..... 434
; The vote for Congressmen is the best test
of tbe sentiments of the people on the po
litical issues or, toe day., We may then fair
lv infer that tbe people of Indiana, alter I
full discussion ot the questions which have
asritatea tnepuDitc mind, are opposes
. 1. To the financial policy of the Radical
party."-,-.-; 1r, I , t r: r - V-..' i .v s--i'-.J
.. 2. To the. national . banking system, un
equal and unjust in its distribution ot cap
itai, and which lavors the few at the t x-
penseot the many. t'"1'
3. To tbe funding of the national debt, as
provided in the bill passed by. Congress at
tne closing nours ot its last session, and
which the President pocketed.
i 4. To the protective tariff system, that
operates for the benefit of capital without
improving tne condition ot tbe laborer.
- 6. To the reconstruction policy of Con
trresa, that elevates the isrnorant neero and
subjects the. Intelligent white man to the
political control of the black, and makes
tbe Southern States, rich in resources.
burden upon the public treasury instead of
a source ot revenue. ' i
; 6. To the extravagant and reckless pub'
lie expenditures that have Increased taxa
tion six-fold and added grinding burdens
to the industry ot tne nation.
7. To the Radical policy that discrimin
ates in . favor of Eastern . interests and
aeainst Western
In a word, the vote of Indiana for Con
gressmen at the recent State election, con
demns Radicalism generally, aild if it had
been free and lair, devoid or partisan pre
judices and passions, the majority .would
bave been. overwhelming against the pol
icy ot tne party that nas controlled tbe ac
tion of Congress with an iron hand. Indi
anapoUs Sentinel. i n, .ij ) ;.
Grant and the Hebrews.
OXFORD, Mississippi, Dec. 17, 1862.
General Order No. 11.
f! THE JEWS A3 A CLASS, violating
i every, regulation of trade established by
the Treasury Department, also department
orders, are bereby expelled from the Depart'
. ment within twenty-four hours from tbe re
ceipt of this order by the post command'
era.- -. . . . . - i i
. They will see that all this class of people
: are furnished with passes and required to
1 leave ; and any one reluming after, such noti
fication will be arrested and held in confine
' ment until., an opportunity occurs of sending
j them out as prisoners, unless furnished with
- permits from these headquarters.
No passes will be given to these people
to visit headquarters for- the purpose of
making personal applications - for : trade
permits. , ... r '. r
' By order of Major'General Grant
Official: J. LOVELL, Captain and A. G.
.; .....hn vii.vi -cpoi.-.-. -i . .- . ;'rr, ; ;
" Mr. President, as you have directed me,
I will rescind tbe order: but I wish you to
distinctly understand that THESE PEOPLE-ARE
VIOR; and from the specimens I have
here, the race has not improved." -.,,-) ' : ,,;
' Some Hebre ws, who are Republicans, say
that they will, vote . for. General Grant on
Tuesday. .. i?pr so doing we shall pot lault
them ; but, la view of the treatment that
they, as a race, have received at his hands,
it is unaccountable that they should do so.
They,, by yotlng.for.- hlm, will,', in ; effect
on firm tbe estimate 'expressed by him in
the foregoing order and extract from his
letter to President Lincoln la regard to
thetxu , It is within their , power to defeat,
bim... They;, have; him. on the, hip, , with
strength enough .to throw him.; Bj; the
ballot, they can execute an order that wil ;
keep him out of Jhe Presidency ri Thus can
they be avenged for the gross, uncalled in-;
suit heaped, upon them wheu they were
within the cbcle of his Influence. T
The Manner of Man Schuyler Colfax
.When Schuyler Colfax, now the Re
publican candidate lor Vice President, be
came a member of the Know Nothing
order, of i which . body he was always a
conspicuous member, he took the follow
ing oath: :J ..! '.-,. ' .a D"
" ! -' ' '
, ; At no time since taking this oath, has
i Mr. Colfax renounced it. He maintains
tha same views to-day, and if be: shall be
elected to the Vice Presidency be will use
' all the influence that attaches to that po
sition to proscribe men ot foreign birth
and Catholics. . It is for this class ot voters
t say, by: their ballots on Tuesday,
whether Mr. Colfax is deserving their con
fidence and suffrages ; "!
A Strong Point Well Put.
Governor Seymour, in .his Rochester
J speech, put this strong point at the Radi
cals : " ' J ' '.',' "' , " ' ': .'
"In their convention they congratulated
the people Upon the success of their scheme
of reconstruction. After these congratu
lations that their scheme ot reconstruction
was a success, .what do they now say f
They attempt to fire the Northern heart
, against the people of the Southern States,
by saying that the spirit ot rebellion stil
.exists iu its full force. - , . . 1
If it is true that disorder yet pre
vails all over the South, if It is true that
-the spirit ot rebellion yet lingers, If it is
true that it is necessary to tax this people
In order to inaintalu these great armies,
what remains of 'their boast and congrat
ulation that their reconstructions had been
successful. Great cheering." ,
" When will any Radical orator under
take to answer these questions? '! :,: ';
Election Boards.
According to decisions
the polls must be kept open from 6 o'clock
In the'mornlng until 6 o'clock in the even
ing, add that an adjournment for dinner is
regarded sufficient cause for throwing out
the vote of such preflnct guilty of doing so.
See that no Fraud is Perpetrated.
'. Let. every -Democrat take sufficient In
' terestin the election to attend the polls
and assistip; preventing , the polllng.pf
fraudulent .votes.?. If no. fraudulent, yefes
are polled oq Tuesday, the Democrats will
carry the S.Ute !. u-- h-.- u
The Great Democratic Meeting in
New York City.
Pnttie: nigbt of the 27tb of October, there
was held(In Nev York City another mon-
istetL Democratic itneetlDg a meeting that
testified to the fact that the Democrats of
that citjMrill do their whole dutypnpext.
xueauay.- rrom mac great meeting tne
Democrats of the - United, States-should
draw'iosplrafioa to go iorward in 'trie dis
charge of theirduty, gresolately,.wpf king
to pou every vote possible lor Seymour
and Blair. T'.T'"'
- The following notice of the meeting-re
ferred to we Cut from the NemYork World
From Third avenue to University blace.
from Thirteenth to Filteentb street, at the
Broadway artery along Fourth avenue.
and, in fact, throuzb ail' the adjacent
streets, last evening, over twenty-five acres
ol the lion-hearted and undaunted De-J
mocracy were everywhere swarming to
testify tbelr laith in the Constitution and
laws, and ibeir fidelity to Seymour and
Biair, tne oeieuder oi tne union's suprem
acy.- I -,, .', ;,!,, !!., ! . '.;i-.-.illl V.. I. t J
. A Venetian scene at night, on the Laz-
unes, could not have been more impressive
to tne eye. l lie depth and richness ol color
lent by the glare ol torches, tho kaleido
scopic effect presented by a long Hue of va-
nepated , Janters bung in mia-air, almost
level with tbe roots ot tbe dark houses,
from whose every window faces of young
and old peered forth, the dene masses ol
people below in the streets surzing to and
iro irom and about the platforms.and dodg
ingthe glare of innumerable calcium lights
that followed the surleited eyes bither and
thlthers the tolling ol bells placed ou mov
able vans, and- the almost -uninterrupted
cheering that followed the incisive utter
ances of eaoh speaker, all these combined
made a complete picture of a festal nlgbi
under tne Democracy. A temple of liberty
fronted 4 Broadway at Fourteenth street.
aud glowed- with beauty ot colored bantl
ing, ana dazzling enect and glare ot ea
lets.-- ADOve tnis temple was emblazoned
toe tallowing caruiuai sentence::
Then u No Saoh Word as Fail.
A huge eagle,' made of brilliant gas jets,
surmounted tbe blazing sentence :
Seymour and the Union. - I C
'. In every by street a stand was placed
and a person emerging trom a crowd sud
denlyv blinded by the calcium lights, was
sure'to knock against a speaker's stand,
where thousands of Democrats listened to
the music of the Union. ''
A belt of living fire made a half-circle
around Union square, and within its pre
cincts came not the blathering Radical, the
virulent carpet-bagger, or . the incendiary
political ureuranu.
: Looking irom tbe house-tops, and listen
Ing to the cheers of the vast moving mass
es as tbey went up to Heaven tor the- re
generation of a divided land it seemed that
victory was about to settle on tbe Demo
cratic banners, and that the malignant and
poisonous hate and treacherous falsehoods
or designing and oad men, tne leaders aud
disciples ot Radicalism, would pass away
before the honest, straightforward impulse
ot the masses ot the greatest Democratic
city ot tne world. 1
Jnside of Tammany Hall fiye thousand
earnest men were packed like herrings In
a barrel. The platform was crowded with
the working- and eloquent leaders of
great national party, and every sentiment
ot devotion to the Union, aud conciliatio
for the trodden white men-'of the South
was cheered to the echo. - The eyes of the
Pater Patria looked down steadily on the
unswerving mass ot men and women iu tbe
body of the splendid ball, as if in admonl
tion and counsel that they were tbe last
support of -a free republic, for always
and in all times . these n hard-fisted,
hard working, plain-speaking men of the
people have been the stay and -steadfast
strength of free . republics. . l be appear
ance of the great soldier of the West, Major
General .Frank lilair, tne victor oi many a
bloody fight, on the platform was the sig
nal for such a tumultuous cheer as would
bave gladdened the heart of a hero or won
a hard contested field from the grasp of defeat.-
'There he ws, the plain, unassuming
soldier in: his simple attire, ana nve thou
sand men leaped to their feet to grett him
as his name was announced to the great
throosr. .The name - ol the - chief of' tbe
Democracy. Horatio Seymour, was until
late at midnight a talisman that brought
forth thunders, and tbe darling ot the New
York Democracy was also the recipient ol
the homage of "the people, and, in fact,
every Dniicmal speaker, bad cause to fee
as he heard, last; night, shouts trom forty
thousand Democratic - throats, that the
word "Fail" had not yet been inserted in
the vocabulary of the sterling New York
Democracy. r ' ' ; t -j '
Violating the Voting Law—Arrests.
-' f. .., . reata., - .
The following letter, addressed to the
Trustees of- Granville township, in, Lick
ing county, where Denuison College is lo
cated, but, the Judges chose to disregard it,
and with it the law, and the result is that
a, couple of students, charged with illegal
voting; have already been arrested :- -r ,
LICKING COUNTY, O., Oct 12, 1868.
To Trustees pf Granoile Township : ,'
Gf.nti.kmen An attembt having been
made to create the impression that the law
familiarly known as the students voting
law. passed April 17, 1868, and to be found
onpazeslOO, 101. 103, 103 and 104 In vol
ume 65 ot Ohio laws, has been decided un
constitutional by the Supreme Court of
Ohio. I thought it but proper that I should
say to vou tbat no such decision has been
rendered. On' the contrary, it stands
among the statutes in full force, and any
violation of its provisions coming to my
will surely be prosecuted. -1'
Pros, Attorney.
; Mr.' Foos, the present Clerk of the Su"
preme Court of Ohio, while a candidate for
re-election this fall, telegraphed to all parts
of the State, where Radical students were
attending College, that the Court had pro
nounced the law unconstitutional, and that
students at Colleges had a right to vote,
against the law and tbe Constitution which
makes it neceseary that a voter ' exercises
the franchise wheie his home 1 is, end no
where else. Of course the Court made no
such decision, and the election judges who
believed Mr. Foos and received votes, pro
hibited alike by tbe law and the - Constitu
tion, bave been the means :p'f getting Silly
students into trouble if not Into prison.1"'
Challenging Committees.
' . The Democrats of each Ward and Town
ship in tbe State, if they bave not already-
done so, should, without further delay, ap
point their, challenging' committees,' made
up of thorough going Democrats, 'whose
duty it shall be to stay at the polls all day,
and see that no man votes who is pot eu
titled to vote; ; ' ; ' '.'" ..
"BARRETT'8,' produces but one shade.
'i'.-.-r- 1
; Auction , Salk ot, ; Household Furni
ture. John G. Beal will sell ou Saturday,
October 31st, 1868, at the residence of Peter
Bain, Esq., No. 37 East Town street, com
mencing at 10 o'clock A. tbe entire lot
of household goods, : fine carpets, marble
top bureaus, stand and tables, parlor fur
niture, &c &c..i. Sale positive. 'Terras
cash.-, i-.-.'ii oct30-d2t
' Jeleff & DeButts, Locksmiths and
beir hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style Sew
ing' machines' repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed." Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired.' Keys ol all description always
on band, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. " A ' may23-s-Iy
Old men use "Barret's." . , ,
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilpef s
' 0ct7-dtf it ..:''' -.- : - - i-c- -'.''J'i'l
'For Sale House and -'lot,1 corner 'ot
Franklin ihd Washingtoti, Avenue.' Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J;'W. Moore, Noi 43 West Norti.
street. r , . '" i,i;J:
'vMi.;ltf-'b '-'idii omunri mk a.iw'j
R .,;jmi - " I i i i i i.i i ;'...7H-(..,T.,.I
. Gloss & WtLPE&'a.Restgcrant open daj
and ulgHlja .t u vi - oet7-dtf :
Oysters Otst as OYSTggar f-
Go to Buckley's (the live Oystaman) '1
16 E. Broadway. to buy Spencer, Angar &
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters H I
m..K .1 . nJ fe:. . . T
Catarrh: " " - - -
Sidney, New Jersey.
F.Humphreys, M. D.
Dear Sir: Your Ca-
ia7rti7nis are Invaluable. They have cur-
Td ray wife of a patafrhofefgbUeh ttibht&s
Standing, fof which she had previously ta
kes allopathic medicine in vain. I esteem
them highly. - Yours respectfully, ; v ' 1
"' J. G., Williamson."
.. lhese are simple Homoeopathic- sugar
pills, sold by all druggists at 50 cents', per
box. ' Address, ; .
Hcmphkey's SPtCiFicHoMosoPATHic Med
icine Co i' 562 Broadway, N. Y.
i13-d&wly-cw --. , , y tr-r;
--r i i
Holloway's Pills. Physical Exhaub
tion. What Is this a sign off Nut that
the system requires the scourge and spur
ot alcoholic astringents, but that it has
gone wrong aud needs regulating and put
ting to rights with a wholsome vegetable
aperient and , , alterative. . . Holloway's
Pills, by purifying the system and toning
the secretive organs, help nature, and soon
restore the strength Of (he sufferer.' So(d
by all Druggists. jjO-dlj-cw
" "Barrett's" Warranted -Hair r Restora
tive. - ;t :,
Inebriates I Turn your mind upon your
selves; examine your shattered condition,
and do not allow yourselves to be brought
to the extreme verge of ruin.. Endeavor
to amend whatyou bave done amiss ; rouse
yourselves, and with whatever of strength
there is still remaining in you, struggle
against' your besetting siu. If you have
the will, 5 you must succeed ; U ; your
strength proves weak, in " Dr. Johnston's
Specific" you will find a powerful assistant
"with which you can easily subdue your ap
petite for strong liquors. - Health, happi
ness and riches will be your reward, '
sep22-dt&s&wly-cw, . . : , Kx '
The first class use "Barrett's."
- Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Re
newer.. The genuine article has a proprie
tary stamp running over tbe cork of the
ottle:'t-w' : ''"-"" ii'"'oct28-wds'
''Barrett's" is not a dye.
sep30-dltaw wly-cw '.-
tm ii'.
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen,' spermator
rhoea, loss of. power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened Impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure In Hum
.ph revs' Homeipathlo Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and, potent Curatives, 'they strike' at
once at the root ot the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
Vigor and energy, life: and vitality to tbe
eutire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. "Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial.-which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mall on
receipt, of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co-" 562
Broadway, New York. . iyl3-deod&wly
New Advertisements.
C3T Xhe Ohio Slatesmaa baa a
Kiarger Circulation than any pa
per published in thia City orCea
tral Ohio. ...Advertisers will bear
thia'ia niad. , i - -
r - ' ? i i
.TEitNo. 13, It. A. M .will be held THIS
. (Saturday) KVEN1NU. Oct. 31, at7o'oloek.
By order, ri.- . I . H. .. VX,
oto31 . -I- . i 3 - Pro tern. Secretary.
-iur wuri m x . ion ju. j. L.icrcvB.
Times : of Holding- Courts
Iri the IiftlA J uctioia.1 Dis
trict of Ohio lor 18(51).
The State of Ohio,? .. . Y . ... " ir r.
Franklin county. . !
Conrt of Common Pleas witbin and fortaid
ennntv. do harabv oarifv tbat tha followina- onim
is truly taken and correctly copied from the journal
ot ma uourt. to-wii:
Times of Holding Courts in the Fifth Judicial
District of vino for iea. .' i
' It is hereby ordered that the order heretofore
made on the 18th day of September. A. u. 1B88.
issued, fixing the daya of the commencement of
the (Joarta of Uomtnon fleas and IJistriot Uourts
ot said indicia! Distriot.be hereby amended, and
that -the District Courta and Court! of Common
Pleaa for the year A. D. 1889 shall becia in the
several oountiea of the ' ifth Judicial District of
the state pi Ohio, at too times lollowing ,-.. -
Mtdison, May'th; ' Fayette. May 14th.
Franklin. May 6th. I Ross, August 31st.
Pickaway, May 10th. I idiehlaad. Sept. sd. -"
Adams, isept. 6th. - , I Brown. Sept. 8th. . l
Clermont, Sept. 13th. ...
Brown. February Bth. June 1st. Nnnmbir 3d.
Adains, January 37th, May 18th. September 31st.
Ulermont. January am, jane zvtti, Uctober 6th.
Highland- January 13th, May 18th, October 13th.
Koes. January Uttth. Jnoe Int. November 3d.
Fayette. Febraary 33d. June 3tu, September
SAISV- - '- . --- ' -
Madison, February 3d. May 18th, October 10th. ;
Piekawar. March 8th. June 15th. November 3di
Franklin, February 16th, June 1st, November
J5th. ........ ,, ,
In witness whereof we have hereunto set oar
hands. - .
. J. Q. AiSHBDRN. (Judges
JOoEPH OLDS.t i, J, i .
" In testimony whereof 1 bave hereunto snb-
- soribed my name and affixed the seal of
I ISXAU said uourt at Columbus, this 90th day
i oi uotooer, a. is. smb.
; T. S. SHE PAR D. Clerk.
October 30868, ,.. . . . . , ool3I-dltw3w
Jj Jl $ ' MATOR'S OFFlCR, , ! ' 1.
. Columbus, O.. October as, 1863
! VV semblyof tha State of Ohio passed an act
i tna. it snail oe oniawrui tor any person within
- this Btatt to sell, barter or give away any spirit-
; uons. vinous or malt liquors on tbe day of any
tution and laws thereof. And it is made the duty.
- by the provisions of said act. of each and all nar.
- sons who sell or barter any spirituous, vinous or
malt liquors, to close their: respective establish
ments on those days. And it is also provided that
any person ofiendinx aeainst tbe provisions of thia
' act shall be fined in any sum not less thtn four nor
more than one nundred dollars, and be imprisoned
in the eouety jail for a period not exceeding tan
days for eaoh offense so committed: and it is made
the duty of all Mayors of cities witbin this Sute
to issue a proclamation warning the inhabitants of
auon oily oi tne provisions ot tnis act, and thai all
violations of the same will subject the offender to
prompt and speedy punishment, and requirinf
niarsnaisana ruuoe omaera unaer ineir respective
iurisdiotions toelaseall honaea fnnnd vinlr.inv ih.
provisions of this act, and to report forthwith all
violations tnereoi to sucn Mayors;
Now, therefore, I, James ii. Bull, Mayor of the
city of Columbus, Ohio, in pursuance of the pro
visions of the act aforesaid, doissae this, mv proc
lamation, ordering and directing all persons wbo
own -or ooeapr places wherein -any spirituous,
vinous or malt liquors are bartered or sold, to close
their respective establish ents on Tuesday, tbe
a a ay ot novemoer next, it Doing a day ot election
in Ohio. ii".
And it is hereby made the special duty of the
Marshal and Poliee ofhceis to olose up all establish
ments foni'd open on tbat day, and bring forthwith
before me all offenders aeainst tbe provisions of the
statute aioresam tor punishment.
. In testimony whereof I hive hereuntosetmi
SKAli hand and seal of said eity, this 39th day ol
- October. A. 1). 186S - "
: oet30-dtd -JAMES O. BULL, Mayor.
Westbote. Journal and Sunday News oopyj
' ' ' . .-. n
Al on tiondav. Nov. 3d. less, 1 will .sell at pnblie
auetion, to mo dikuss. uiuaer, me tarm in Darby
township, l iokaway county, Ohioj lying two miles
south of Har lburg. oa which W.C. Urown re
sides, oonsistina Ot 631 Aarna aml .. TV,:- r
will be divided on tbe day of sale into small farms,
to suit purchasers.' The sale will take plaoe at the
house of sad Brown, at 3 o'clock P.M. Terms of
bale One-third cash on the day of sale, and the
balance in one and two years, with interest, to be
secured by- mortgage on the premises. Also, at
same ume ana place, 75 aores of Corn in the
shook.wilj be sold; feed lots to be famished with
tne Lorn. 1 erms of said sale to be made known on
cue aa.v or sale. . .,, , , JJ. F. itEMClk.
; et90-tat?89n " ' ., Assignee.
mniT i.aHtR awn -niHllOT'S
! 1 Briok Warchouso on the eordet North Pub-
lio lane and CenUr alley. Being dose to an m
'railroad treight houses ia the city mskes it a very
desirable place lor receiving and snipping raij.i. ,
For further particulars, apply to the undersigned
at Freight Office of the frfiffi&bK
' 'Colnmbus, Oct SB. (,,; iu't-cs-7).
oct--aw r
-1 - m
: "' : :;;;;:.: -vt
United Statesof America,
.'s 22TAT2 VwASHtiwofc' ; b. r.vri?i!TF.:Vi
j , -. . . .
Cash Capital, --s $1,000,000.
PApmFULL. ;.
. '0
r r-1 i;
rt .!. iM - P EILADELPSrA, r '"
To wnloh all tnerl eorrnpoBdanM ibdmld bo'ad-
.1 i 7 U-'OSSeo.. .m t; . ; ,
, " i :S I--- ..ft
t- OFFICEBSt'0 '- -
CLARENCT? H. CLARK.' President.' ' ' ' -JAY
COOKE. Chairman Fiosnoe and Exeentire
- Committee," j .. a ?mt,-i
HENRY D. OOKE. Vioe Txesident. VV- .:.
EMtfiaON. W, i'EET. Secretarj; and Actuary.,
unerea by tnis Company are: . i
It is a National Comnanv. ebartared bv anaeial
aot of Congress, 1868.- .-- 4.
It bus a paid up capital of SI .000,000. ' '".
It offers low rates of premium. " -"
' It turntshes larger Inauranoe than ether Compa
nies for the same money .
It is definite and eeriaia ia its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality.
,-, I ti Policie. are exemptfrom attachment.-
There are no anneoeseary restrictions in the Pol
icies. - - - -
Every Polioy is non-forfeitable. :
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
fnll amount and retam all tbe premiums, so tbat
tbe Insurance oosts only the interest on the annual
payments. . - -.-o -'..' 1
Policies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, daring life, an an
nual income of one-tenth tha amount named iaahe
Polioy. '
N o extra rata is eh uged for risks upon the lives
01 lemaiea
' It insures not to pav dividends.butat so Ton
cost mat dividends will oe impossible.
jrHW m.T.ia a nn.
Cinoinnafi, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio, Central
and Southern Indiana.
Colavbnj. Special Agents for Franklin, Licking,
Muskingum and Cosbocton-oonjities. -
reKT-oelS3-deodiweowly i .4 . . UOr(
'j r
Letf and Uanagerl.
Return of Lane can's Popular Dramatio Company.
" ' .teiteiiitntof,,,',,,,,
Mlle.'M airiettaJpCaTeU.
; Who will appear on if
( , In the Military Dramaf. - )
Supported hy IheaboTe talettted CDmpuiy.
JeSssT Fall ptrtloa1ara in programmMaa - , . ?. J
ADViaftiON 50 and 25 con La. . Uoars otn at TV:
tOTme&oe at 8 o'clock, .-n-t -- ootU,
Commencing .!- - i , :
Wednesday EYening, Oct; 28, '6S
-. " OF
Introducing W hitmanV Ce.ebrated
- Alsoafull oorps of ' 1
. " z, SeMnm brought together, led y r . ,
Prima ionna. . . . r
Mons. G. MORAW IG, Maitre de Ballet?. J
Prof. J. E. H ARTEL. Leader of Orchestra. 1
rTbe Soenery is the same need in - New York, Bos
ton, Philadelphia, Chicago and Cincinnati, where
thepieoehas been played to the e- ' ." -.-LAhGEST
Ever seen in theae cities.
i r. ii
'.Have all been In-ported from Paras,
Admission SOo and 75c. Reserved seats SI.
The sale of Reserved Seats will -commence on
Saturday morning at 11 o'clock, at Settler's, Musis
Store. - - - - - i '- .'j
4V Further particulars will be given in the
next issue; also, in the-pjsters and handbill. v'
oct23 . - ... -i
T X A T.X ,
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r? :iG.ovyTH, T r - -
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It will keep the Hair from fa'ling out,,, ,(j .
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I 1 n I llll.Bjt 1 - -
4t ti.pi A
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Cristadoro's Halr Pr servative,
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. S Ai by Drnggiats, and applied by all Hair Drees-; -era.
Manufactory No, S Maiden' Lane, .Ttfnoip
Depot no. o Astor nouse. , ,.,-..- 1N,t
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remedy, but of 31 years' standing, and approved
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olleet to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Liniment,
is pint bottles, and, take no the. ..Sold br Aha j
Druggists and Storekeepersi.hroqghouttbs United
SUtea. Depot 10 Park Place. New York,
reT-jnl6-d Awiy-nni .illi'l til Ci 1 U 1 1
"J ' 0-, , 1 i. .! '
The bowels may be eostive or some organ do iu if
werk weakly. From cahses like these gases and (
gummy substances occur "which poison tha b eod i
the perspiration any be oheckedj tha feet nay ba ,
so chilled that their fetid exhalations are thrown.
hack upon the blood- .Uese is aa nee for naiana- .
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from the body those matters which poison the blood
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