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Mktfobolooic! Table, prepared srxl
rrrr T W. J Savage,, Jeweler, ,S3
' ''Sooth rlijtta tret r i.v-j .K-siU.f
.1 - SATVmBAT. Oct. SI, 1MB.
rvi, ' Beroireter. Thenaometer
11 M...
, --
.. ... j- ' MM ;,-
... 3J tSun 8 , 85
r. m
Sua Rise.....
LOCAL NEWS. White Way in Blue to the Front.
General Order No. 12.]
Whit. Boy. In Blue will meet on tWKHon-
-,l.r at 7 OTIOCK, iuuriuau
Hll. 1 every man be on band.
By order. - 1 '
J. B. MILLER, Col. Com'd'g.
. Adjutant. ."
t" Yesterday was All Saint's Day.
crth this week la ten
las -
boors and twenty-five minutes. -.
BP lose fjfty-fonr minutes of day
light doririgthe month of November.
tgrThree colored citizens took out mar-
riage license on sarurnay.
f3T T.t Saturday morning? (rave as the
. second full moon for tne monin oi wwi
at nvtlnlght. "
tW Saturday who a "Ooocid nawsty'
day. Rain, drip, driazle, swear, was the
order of the entire forenoon.
Cf Fred.Fornof received his commission
' as Iufirmary Director for Franklin county,
from the Secretary ot State' office on Sat
-urday. :v'-s -: --u;
- tQ'in Squad at your post; keep your
powder dry -
' Fouhd. Mrs. Henry Linden berg, whose
disappearance from her home on Friday
we have noticed, was found on Saturday
at her aunt's residence, some flueen miles
northeast of Columbus. -i. -V
tSf The F. C. K. .i . ZSZ
Stjsdxh Death. Miss Lula Boyle,
.'dangbteroi Dr. Boyle, and a teacher in oar
f public schools, died very suddenly at the
residence ot" her lather on Saturday. On
Friday, she taught her class in school. Her
disease was consumption, we believe.
: ' ' - - "
EF"F. C. K.U.-night.
Emiorakt ;Aoiit"8 .Report. From C.
H. Campeo, General Western Emigrant
Agent, we learn that 656 emigrants ar
rived in this city during the week ending
Saturday, Oct. 31st, who will find homes
as follows: .In Ohio 109; Missouri. 123; Il
linois, 142; Indiana, 23; Kentucky, 69; Ten
nessee, 32; Wisconsin, 61; Minnesota, 15;
Total, 656. ......
The White Boj s
in Blue will be
guard to-night
'4? Cacght at It. On Saturday evening,
near seven o'clock, some fellow went into
the store of C. H. Rice, on High street
: near Capital University, during the tem
porary absence of the owner, and, passing
Into a bed room, made up a bundle of cloth
ing to carry oft. Coming back into the
tore, be robbed the till of what money was
in it. Before he could-get out wilh his
Blunder, Mr. Rice captured him, and after
giving him a sound drubbing, took the
stolen property and money from him and
kicked him into the street.
' tSr" . F. C. JK-:
The Market. Our market on Saturday,
despite the unpleasant weather, was very
large and very Urgrly attended. The line
of wagons extended from Delow J riend
street to Oak on Fourth, and as a conse
quence prices were not as high as usuar
Beefsteak sold from 12 to 15 cents per pound;
lamb 10 to 12 cents; mutton 8 to 10 cents;!
75 to 80 cents per bushel; butter, 35 to 40
cents per pound; chickens, 20 cents each;
cabbage, 5 to 10 cents per head; turnips,
$1 60 per bushel; apples, $1 to $1 20; cel
lery, 5 cents a bunch; onions, 20 cents a half
' peck; fish, 5 to 10 cents per pound. '
" tST Look out tor the . ;
Arrested for Illegal Voting. H. W.
Newell, a student with Dr. Hamilton, was
arrested on Saturday, on a warrant issued
- by the Major, charging him with illegal
voting at the Eighth ward polls, on Tues.
day, October 13th. It appears that Newell'g
family were living in Delaware county on
that day ; that he was warned that be was
not a voter, and that, despite that warning,
given by bis own party friends, ho vou d
here. The offence is punishable by im
prisonment in the penitentiary. Th-;
Mayor, after a preliminary examination,
held the accused iu a bond or $1,000 to
answer the charges against bim. Colonel
Baber, of this city, appeared as Newell's
.security,. There ire more of these Illegal
- Radical voters in the city and county. Go
''for them. The Republican party have
: started the game. Play it out for them
Give them all the 44 peace" they will want
lor a year or two. .
. ; . at 4, the bands are red..
Galoot Becord. There were three
bealtby drunk and disorderly galoots be
before the Mayor yesterday.
-- Jas. Sullivan, is marked on our notes "d
( d." ' This does not imply that Jeemes is a
doctor of divinity, nor a dead duck. "Not
by no manner of means." It simply indi
cates that James was drunk and disorder-
Iy S that; James bad spread himself for a
complicated drunk and was caught at it.
James - is a creature of impulse. Now it
isn't sate always to act on impulse, it is not
always attended with complete success.
James was staggering across the side
f, walks In a horridly reckless manner, and
trod on the favorite corn of a Passer-By.
He was pushed oft. No man lfkes to have
bis corn--his favorite corn trodden on.
James pushed up to Passer-By and bran
dished his flats and made huge threats.
It was an Impulsive movement. P. B
straightened out his arm from the should
er, aud our impulsive James sat down
''upon the sidewalk with his hand on his
' eye. He is satisfied that to act on Impulse
is not always safe. He was the more satis
' fled when the Mayor fined him $5 and
- costs. Not having the stamps he hammer
.'etb. . '
. .' Peter Green Is about as green a man as
ever was aeen, or he hadn't been before the
' Mayor "yesterday on a charge ot being
druuk and disorderly. He was fined $5
and cots, and, tn default, lor thn next ten
days he will be invisible Green, to the out
. side world. He banimereth. ,.
ike Stillgate was anything but a still
"gate on Friday night. He was drunk, and
be squeaked so lond that the term disor
derly was added to his drunk. He looked
quite unblnged and dilapidated. We Judged
' from . his appearance that tuU Stillgate
bad been picneiea in me uirt somewhere.
i He was lined $5 and costs. Had nary red.
ao he was given a free ticket to the atone
'pile. ' He also bammeretb.'
49" Each eompaiiy oi the White Boys in
Blue will be on the war path to-nibtt
A Manhood on the War Path.
He is Effectually Cleaned Out.
' Notwithstanding the well known relia
bility of the Sunday Morning ItkmatlUet'
extraordinary Iy large corps of reporters
(one of whom was dispatched to the scene
of conflict on Saturday night), we are com
pelled to give a rather more intelligible
version of the row on Locust ahey on Sat
urday night, than appeared In the Sunday
IthmaelUt yesterday.
About 7 o'qlcck on Saturday night, a
party of boys who were amusing them
selves by throwing cabbages .and cabbage
stumps at the doors ot the houses they
passed, were atti acted to the house No. 61
Locust alley, the first alley south ot North
Public lane, between High and Third
street, in the Eighth ward, occupied by a
negro named Redmond, who was amusing
himself by whipping his wife, a white wo
man. She ran oft up the alley, and the
boj s pegged away at the door with their
missiles. The negro earae out of the house
armed with a corn cutter, and threatened
the boys with immediate and dire ven
geance, and seeing three or four white men
quietly ' smoking their pipes on the other
side of the alley, he commenced abusing
them, applying the most blackguard and
Insulting epithets to them, saying he could
whin all the "d d Irish in the town,"
that he "wag not afraid of the )utch,
let alone the Irish." Ho kept this
style of thing ' up until quite a
large crowd was attracted by his noise
when one ot the men insulted knocked him
back against the door of his house. Red
mond yelled, when some eight or ten other
negroes armed with clubs came to the res
cue. Their appearance was the signal for
a general row, in which the manhoods were
pretty severely punished. One white man
was knocked down by a blow from a club
in the hands ol the negroes and somewhat
Injured by being trampled on. The house
la - which Rdmond lived was completely
gutted, the door was broken down and the
windows smashed. The negroes saved
themselves by flight. There was nothing
of the riot kind about it, nor was there
any politics in It. It was simply a neigl -
barhood row.
tS White Boys iu iJiue are on the a 1
Corimr Commissioners' Meeting At a
meeting of the County Commissioners'
held Saturday, Oct. 31st, Messrs. Barbee,
Edwards and Gulick being present, it was
Ordered. That an order be drawn on the
treasurer in favor of Andrew MrNinch, for
$250, on account ot earthwork on the bridge
across Williams1 run, in Franklin town
ship. .
A contract was made with James Reed
tor building a bridge near Edward Burt's,
tn tsrown township, lor 9140.
Ordered, That an order be drawn on the
treasurer in iavor ot Edgar & Vandemark,
lor 9300, on account of building addition to
the County Treasurer's office.
Ordered. That James O. Bull, Mayor, and
Patrick Murphy, Marshal, be each allowed
the sum of $25 for services in criminal
cases, for the quarter ending Sept. 1st,
Ordered, That Patrick Murphy be al
lowed $20 for transportation of prisoners.
Ordered, That an order be drawn on the
treasurer lor $200 in lavor of John Eckert,
for curbing in front of Court House.
Ordered, That all assistant's fees be al
lowed on ell cost bills returned up to this
The following bills were allowed :
Richard Nevins, printing for County
Treasurer, $158 60: same for Auditor. $7 50:
same for Sheriff. $7.50; Columbun Priming
tjouipanv, DianKs lor Clerk ot Uouit, $99;
E. D. Kingsley, clothing, for j iil,.
$44 80; J. B. Miller, for Ohio Statesman,
$2; Jaeger & Martin, ice for county offices,
d?Let every White Boy in Blue be at
Thurman Hall to-niht.
Marietta Ravel 'Opkra House To
night. To-night we are to have some
thing really worth witnessing at the Opera
House. 4u addition to the txcellent troupe
ot dramatic artUts uuder the management
of Mr.Lanergan, we are to have Mile. Ma
rietta Ravel, the accomplished French ar
tist and pantomimist, in her great role
of the French Spy, assisted by Mr. George
Maxwell, the eminent melo-dramatic ac
tor who will sustain the difficult character
of Mahomed. The Cincinnati Chronicle, in
speaking ot Mile Ravel's performances in
that city last week, says:
The success ot this distinguished artiste
is complete. Last evening the National
was well tilled by a fashionable and an.ire-
ciative audience, aud tor the secoi.d time
her marvelous impersonation if the
-French Spy" received the enthusiastic
approval it so richly merits. It must cer
tainly be gratifying to the management,
and redounds to the credit of the commu
nity, that so marked a recognition ot talent
is manifested.
EST1 The tide will turn back at the
at 4.
Probate Court Business. Judge Pugh
made the following appointments during
the week ending Saturday, Oct. 31 :
Daniel Planck appointed administrator of
the estate of Adam Planck, late of Frank
lin county, deceased. Bond $12,000.
Robert K. Reece, appointed administra
tor of the ettate of William- Partial), late
of Franklin county, deceased. Bond $5,000.
Jacob Bowman and Abrahams. Lehman,
appointed administrators of the estate of
Abraham Lehman, deceased, late of Mad
ison township. Bond $18,000. .
The last will and testament of William
Parrish, late of Brown township, deceased,
was admitted to probate and record.
t" Every man's face to the
Oct rags bt Negroes. On Saturday
evening as four workmen at the starch
factory were going home from work, they
wen bailed by a wagon load of negroes
and low whites who cheered for Grant. The
workmen replied by shouting tor Seymour
and Blair. The negroes and their compan
ions, some twelve in all, jumped from the
wagon and with clubs and pistols assaulted
the white men. An old man, named Des
sum, was so badly injured that it was ncce -siry
to convey bim to his home in a buggy
The cowardly assailants made off on the
approach of reiniorcements. Let us have
The midnight
patiol will report at
the .
MarriageLicenses Issued. There were
66 marriaze licenses issued during the
month ot October this year, against 87 is
sued in 1867, 79 in 1866, and 96 in 18G5
Provisions are too high for young men to
take much matrimonial stock. The month
of October in each year shows a larger num
ber of applications tor marriage licenses
than any other month in the year..
Democrats Attbnuon Democrats of
the First, Second, Eighth and Ninth wards
will bear in inind the meeting at DuflVs
Hall to-night to perfect their organization
The meeting will be addressed by several
popular speakers. Let no Democrat be
Moosstoke. Messrs. Andrews& Hull
have received advance copies of this great
novel by Wilkie Collins. . Like the Woman
in White, Foul Play, and the other works
of this great novelist, Moonstone is a novel
of intense and absorbing interest.
' Transferred Saturday The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were lett at the
Recorder's office Saturday :
Allen Latham and wife to Wm. Jamison'
August 17th, lots Nos. 90 and 91, of La
tham's addition to the city of Columbus,
for $1,150.
Mary Kelsey and W. H. Latham and
wife and Frank Doherty and wife, to Da
vid Rowland, July 7th, lot No. 1 of McEl
valn's sub-division of outlot No. 35, in the
city of Columbus, for $210.
John H. Bender and wife to Daniej
Shirk, Oct. 31st, 52 16-100 acres of land in
Mifflin township, for certain considera
tions. Horace Wilson and wife to Jacob Slyh,
October 14th, part of outlet No. 4, in the
town ot North Columbus, for $800.
Daniel Shirk and wife to John H. Ben- 1
der, October 31st, 24 39 100 acres ot land in
Mifflin township, for certain considerations
Geo. H. Earbart, Sheriff' to Delia Hanlon,
October 31st, part of inlots Nos. 516, 617
and 518, in the city ot Columbus, for $2,-
ty C. F. C. K. will review at
at midnight.
Commissioners of Dekds Appointed.
Duriug the past month the following per
sons were appointed - Uommtssloners of
Deeds for the State of Ohio, by Governor
Hayes: N. R. Wilson, Louisville, Ken
tucky; George R, Jaques, New York cityi
Joseph L. Papin, St. Louis, Missouri;
Henry S. Woodward, Memphis, Tennessee;
S. W. Pennypacker, Philadelphia; Rufus
R. McCary, New York city.
fThe Red will meet the Blue
at tor action at midnight.
Row in the Journal Office. On Satur
day Walter M. Clancy called at the com
posing room of the Journal to arrange
some business in regard to the Typograph
ical Union, and while there he was accost
ed by Grafton Pearce, who commenced a
political barrangae, in which he said that
negros had as much right to vote as any
"J d Irishman or German." Mr. Clancey
retorted, and the lie passed. Mr. Pearce
enforced his argument by striking Mr.
Clancey, knocking bim down. Clancey
then drew a revolver and fired, fortunately
missing Pearce, who did not remain for a
second shot. -
Marriage Licenses. There were IS
marriage licenses issued by Judge Push
during the week ending Saturday, Oct.
31st, as follows: Monday, 2; Tuesday, 3
Wednesday, 4; Thursday, 2; Friday, 1; Sat
urday, 6. ,
iE3FW. H. H. Sliinn has been appointed
agent of the L. M. & O. & X. railroad at
this place. He will make a good officer.
Charles W.Niswandkr, Merchant Tail
or, No. 121 South High street, this day re
ceived his third stock of tall goods this
season. The acute taste displayed in his
selection, 6eems to make it impossible lor
him to over-stock his house with desirable
goods. The demand increases with his en
larged purchases.
This last consignment consists of Scotch
cheviots, Scotch Elysians and French Ely
ians, trouserings, overcoatings, etc., etc
Those rich patterns, put together as only
Stimson can do it, is the perfection of the
art. Charges are guaranteed as low as any
where in America for the same goods. The
public will endorse what we have written.
No. 27 East State Street,
Late C A. Wagner's.
The proprietors of this most elegant and
fashionable establishment, respectfully in
form the Ladies and Gentry of C dumbus,
and those visiting the city, that no pains
or expense have been spared to render the.
St. Lawrence the first class restaurant of
At all times our larder will be found to
contain the choicest articles in season.
Trusting in the liberality of our citizens
and visitors, we respectfully solicit a share
of your patronage, guaranteeing to all po
lite attention, moderate charges, and the
very beat our own and the eastern markets
afford. Private room for ladies. Faraili- s
supplied with oysters by the can, and game
of all kinds in season.
CovBiiDALB fc Hoselton, Proprietors.
Thosk Scotch suits that Stimson is put
ting up at Niswander's Merchant Tailor
ing Establishment, tickle the fancy of
every wearer, the eye of every beholder,
and the feelings of every passer by. -
Hollo way's Pills. Physical Exhaus
tion. What is this a sign of? Not that
the system requires the scourge and spur
ot alcoholic astringents, but that it has
gone wrong and needs regulating and put
ting to rights with a wholsome vegetable
aperient and alterative. Holloway's
Pills, by pnrifying the system and toning
the secretive organs, help nature, and soon
restore the strength of the sufferer. Sold
by all Druggists. jj9-dly-cw
A thing of beauty is not a joy forever,
but like spring flowers fade. Not so with
those elegant cassi meres of Charley Nis-
wander. The memory of tbem, like the
color, will never fade, and Stimson's handi
work completes the thing of beauty.
. Oysters Oysters Oysters.
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman)
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur &
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters.
Hear this gentleman's testimony about
Sidney, New Jersey.
F. Humphreys, M. D. v
Dear Sir: Your Ca
tarrh pills are invaluable. They have cur
ed my wife of a catarrh of eighteen months
standing, for which the had previously ta
ken allopathic medicine in vain. I esteem
them highly. Yours respectfully,
' J. G. Williamson.
These are simple Homucopathic sugar
pills, sold by all druggists at 50 cents per
box. Address,
Humphrey's Specific Homoeopathic Med
icine Co., 562 Broadway, N. Y.
i 13-dfcwly-!w
The Franklin Building and Loan As
sociation. At a meeting of the stock
holders of the Franklin Building and Loan
Association, on Thursday evening, October
29th, the following named gentlemen were
elected a Board of Directors : Thos. Spar
row, J. J. Janney, Jonn Greenleaf, JN.
Merlon, Justin Morrison. J. N. Britting
ham, Jacob Bleile. An initiation fee
of 20 cents for each share subscribed was
ordered to be paid to the Secretary pro tern,
Subscribers who were not present are re
quested to hand in the amount to
W. Morrison; Sec'y pro fenV
oct30-3teod Post Office Arcade.
Help or we Perish. This is what neg
lected teeth would say if they could remon
strate wit.h t.holr owners: and mark this
the teeth cannot perish or become black
or yellow ir the Sozodont is used daily.
" Spalding's Glue " has become a house
hould word.
The confirmed dytmptie aiar almMtny with 8t.
Pater, "I die daily." The ob.eet of thif article U
not to remind him of J hUpangt.bat to ehow
him how tobanisb them I I foreTer- The meant
of immediate and permanent relief are proffered
him in '
Anil it i for bim to lay whether he will continue
to endure a tiring death, or to put himself in
ition to render life enjoyable.
Of the efficacy of this matohleu yer-table atom
a h' are to be found in every city aud town in the
United States bealtby men and women, rescued
f om torture by its fT nse. and esajer to b-ar
testimony to its Tir- J taes It differs from
any other Bitters in existenoe. in this special par
ticular it is not alcoholic
For saoh contitu'ions and systems a require for
their ioyicoration a diffusive stimulant.
Has been provided a preparation in which the sol
id extracts of the finest restoratives of the vegeta
ble kingdom a-e held in solution by a spiritunus
agent, purged of all deleterious constituents. Tbe
Satieot. in choosing between these two creat anti
otes, should be guide by his own condition. If in
a very low state from debility, the Tonio should be
bis selae'ion; but in cases where the emergency is
not so pressing, the Bitters is the specific reauired.
Thousands find infin- fA ite benefit from tak
ing each in turn. There is no phase of
indigestion, biliousness, nervous disease or pbysi
oal prostration to which they are not adapted, and
in whiob, singly or combined, they will not effect
Exchange Fain for Ease
And Weakness for Strrngth. .Get rid of the ail
ments woioh interfere with enjoyment; east gloom
and despondenoy to the winds; take a stronger hold
of lifeand. in short, become a
Through the instrumentality of the most powerful
and popular of all vegetable iavigorants and cor
Biliousness, Indigestion. General Debility, and
sll the complaints which proceed fiom a want of
C roper action in the liver, the stomach and the
owela. are eradicated by a oourse of this great
Wbicb not only combats and conquers diseases that
bare entrenched tbetuselves in the system, bat
is the best known sifeurd inst all unhealthy
influences. Persons whoue occuDations and dut-
suits sunjeet tbem to the dopresjiDz effects of a
close, unwholesome atmosphere, should take it reg
ular ljr aa a protection again t the low fevers and
other disorders which malaria engenders. Inva-
uua wuu are
Without any special eomrtaint. except a gradual
declination of bodily strength and nervous eoergy,
will find in the Bit'- r- TERS a fountain of
vitatltv and vigor, as r refreshing and exil-
eratinc as a pool in the desert to the f and-soorobed
and fainting travelers.
L com Dose I of the pure luiaes for. as thnv are me-
d cinally termed. xtr.icts, of Riotf. Herbs and
Barks, making a preparation highly conoentraied
and entirely free from Alcoholic admixture of any
Is a combination of all the ingredients of the Bit
ters, with the purest quality of Santa Cms Bum,
Orange, etc., making one o the must pleasant ana
agreeable remedies ever offered to the publio
l nese remedies win eneotuauy cure Liiver com
plaint, Jaundice, Dys- pepiar Chrooio or
Iservons Debility, fan thronto Diseases of
the Kidneys, and all diseases ari n from a4disor
dered Liver or stomach.
"- ' v as (Jon-iti-
pat'on. Inward
Piles. Fnllnes. of
Blood to the Head,
Aoidity r-f the Stomach,
haukea. Heartburn. Disgust
for Food. Fullness or Weight in the
Stwnaon, (Sour nructatiuns. Sinking .
or Flutteiing at. the pit of the Stomach.
Swimming of the Head. Harried and Difficult
Breathing. Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or
Sutlocating Sensations when in a Lying Posture,
IJimness oi vision, I'ots or weos oeinre tne
Sight. Fever and Dull Pain in the Head,
Deficiency nf Perspiration. Yellowness
of the Skin and Eyes. Pain in the
Side, bao, Chest, Limbs. eto.t
Sudden Flushes of Heat,
Burning in the Flesh,
Constant Imagin
ings nf Evil, and
Urrat Depres-4
ion ot
They are the Greatest and Beetl
Ever known, and will cure all diseases resulting
from bad Blood. Keep your Blood pure. Keep
your Liver iu older. f Keep your digestive
organs in a sonnd. healthy eondition. by
the use of these remedies, and no disease will evir
assail you.
Weak and Delicate Children
Are made strong by the use of either of these rem
edies. They will cure every ease of MARASMUS
Thousands rf certificates have aecnmnlateil In
the baa is of the DroDrieters. but rdms will allow
of the publication of but a few. 1 bose, it will be
observed, are men of note and of luoh standing that
tney must oe oeiievea.
Who would ask lor more dignified or stronger tes
timony i
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsyl
vania, writss ;
t-HILADKLr-ffTA, Marett IB, I86T.
1 find "Hoofland'a Uerman Hitters" is a good ton
io. useful in diseases ft of the digestive or
gans, and of great ben- Mm eflt in cases of debil
ity and want f nervous action in the system.
I ours u-aiy. utu. w. yy uuiw akd.
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Phiudhlfhia. a pril 98, 1866.
1 consider "Hoofland'a German Bitters" a valua
ble mediiiine iu cises of attacks of Indigestion or
Dspepaia. I oan certify this from my experience
of it. Yours, with respect.
Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of Pennsylva
nia, writes:
Philadelphia, Se 1. 14,1887.
"Hoofland's Germai Bitters" is a very useful ar
ticle as a tonic aud as an appetiser. It ii not an in
toxi ating drink, and may be used beneficially by
persons of all age. Re pectfully yours,
Hoofland's German Remedies are counterfeited.
See tht the signature f ot C. M. JACKSON
is on tue wrapper of U eaoh bottle. All oth
ers are counterfeit.
Pi-incipal Office and Manufactory at the German
Medioine Store. Ho. 631 ARCH STREET. Phila
delphia, Pa.
CHARLES M. EVANS, Proprietor.
Formerly C. H. JACKSON CO.
Hoofland's German Bitters, per bottle tl 00
Hoofland's 'German Bitters, half dosen 6 00
Hoofland's German Tonio, put up in qt. bottles 1 60
per bottle, or a hal f dosen for ST SO.
Do not forget to examine well the article you bny
n order to get the genuine.
And Dealers in Medicines everywhere.
jjK-dw&s goowlyi
Ohio Statesman.
General Order to the Army.
Electioneering by Telegraph.
Mayoralty of Philadelphia Contested.
The War in Paraguay.
The War in Paraguay. &c., &c., &c., &.
Indian Treaty.
The President has proclaimed a treaty
with the Sacs and Foxes of Mississippi, by
which they cede their lands, in return for
which ample compensation and a tract of
land Is set aside In the Indian country,
south of Kansas, for their future homes.
A General Order to the Army.
General orders have been issued from
Headquarters ol the army, by command nf
General Grant, publishing to the army, by
direction of the President, the provisions
of the Constitution and laws of th United
States in telation to election for President
and Vice President of the United S'ates,
together with an act of Congress, prohibit
ing all persons engazed in the military or
naval service from interposing In any gen
eral or special election iu any State.
Important Decision.
Chief Justice Carter to-day anuouticed
the decision of the Supreme Court for the
district, in general term, in the case of
Tyler against Difree, in which a special
verdict was rendered in court to-day. giv
ing judgment, for the defendant. Judge
Oiin concurred in the conclusion, hue de
ferred somewhat us to. practice. Tyler, at
the breaking out of the rebellion, was Ma
jor In the marine corps, went S.iuth, and
took an active part in thn war. tils house
was sold under the confiscation law, the
purchaser to hold the same during Tyler's
lifetime. Delrees bought it at public sale.
Tyler sued to recover it, but the decision
just rendered confirms hlin in the posses
DOMESTIC NEWS. Meeting of War Democrats.
NEW YORK, Oct. 31.
A meeting of war Democrats, at Tam
many Hall, last nlt-iit, was addressed by
General Blair and Samuel 8. Cox. Letters
were read from Generals McClellan, W. F.
Smith and McQuade.
A letter from the City of Mexico, dated
the 10th Inst., states that a controversy
among the Treasury officials leads to the
statement, on the part of one of them, that
there Is a deficiency ot $6,000,000 in the
revenue during the last liscal year. The
Governor of Vera Cruz has signified his
intention of resigning on account of the
pardon of General Doniiniquez. A fight
has taken place in Jalisco two hundred
Pronunciados attacking sixteen Govern
ment troops, with cries of "Viva 1 Santa
Anna." A letter from Hayti confirms for
mer reports of the bombardment of Jeren
nie, the revolt of the women, aud the
indignation of the people at assistance ren
dered Salnave by Americans.
Robert Tillman was committed by Cor
oner Rollins, yesterday, on the verdict of
a jury that he caused the death of William
Carney, who was shot in a porter house on
Thirty-third street, Monday night. Both
the prisoner and the deceased are colored
An inouest was he.d vesterday over the
body ot Mrs. Anna Oxen forth, who is sup
posed to have died ot poison administered
by her husband. The jury rendered a ver
dict to the effect that there was probable
cause for believing death to have resulted
from poisoning, and Oxenforth was there
upon committed to ail.
Instructions to the Police.
Superintendent Kennedy has issued in
structions to the metropolitan police, en
joining them especially as to their duties
in preventing fraudulent vott 8. He directs
them to arrest every one who votes or at
tempts to vote illegally, and in case of the
arrest being made on the warrant of the
Board of Election Inspectors, to hold the
accused parties until tue vote is finally can
The Tribune special frosi New Orleans
dated the 30th, says : After investigation
it is found that the negroes ot bt. Bernard
killed no women or children, as reported,
and but one man, who had just killed two
negrces. About fifty negroes were killed
in that parish. A reign of terror exists to
day. The Attorney General obtained a
writ enjoining Mayor Conway from organ
izing the rebel police.' General Rosseau
has been instructed, by the Secretary ol
War, that he cannot avoid the responsibil
ty ot preserving the peaee. The city is
more quiet. The Democratic press Is
growling over the result.
The Times and Bulletin demand that the
Mayor and Council resign, because they
fail to dispossess the metropolitan police.
Only two colored men were killed here.
Several houses were sacked last night.
The Arkansas arms, falsely reported to
have been destroyed from the steamer Hes
per, near Memphis, are here in the posses
sion of the K. W. C's.
Over 100 drunkards and others were
released trom the toombs yesterday by
Judge Dowliug, and a J vised to register.
The registered at Brooklyn, up to last
night, was 63,391.
" The steamship City of Boston, for Liver
pool, and the Perrier, tor Havre, sailed to
day, taking $365 000 iu specie.
Money, which was easier at seven per
cent, currency on call, became suddenly
tight this afternoon, and seven per cent, in
coin was freely paid. It is reported that a
Broadway Bank has called in $3,000,000 in
loans. The account ot the City Chamber
lain is kept at this bank, and that amount
is required by that officer to pay the city
revenue bonds, due Monday. These bonds
are mostly held' by other banks, who will,
of course, receive the currency in payment
of the same, and have it to loan on Mon
The suspensions in the breadstuff trade,
announced vesterday, were Thomas Griffin
&Co., of New York; Daniel Newhall, of
Milwaukee: Helmer A Co., Milwaukee;
Helnicr, of Buffalo.
Heavy Verdict.
BOSTON, Oct. 31.
A verdict bas been rendered against the
Boston and Worcester railroad Company,
giving Samuel B. Stone $6,000 compensa
tion for Injuries sustained by being run
over while traveling on tbe highway. -
Fast Time.
The horse John Stewart trotted twenty
miles yesterday, on Riverside Park, iu 63
miuutes and 23 seconds. ,
Gen Kilpatrick Hissed.
K dispatch from Georgetown. Massachu
setts, says Ki! Patrick tried to address a po
litical meeting there last night, but was
hooted at and Insnlted by the Butlerites,
and had to leave the stand. ' I
The steamer Montana sailed for Panama
to-day. with $417,000 in treasure--$291,000
for New York, and $111,000 for Englaud.
Notice of Contest.
A petition, contesting the election of
Daniel M. Fx as Mayor, has been Hied in
the Court of Common Pleas. It represents
that the true vote of the city was 59 779 lor
Lyndale, and 57,000 for Fox, giving to Ltd
dale a majority of 2,779. The specifica
tions ot frauds, & are similar to those in
the other petitions filed in the case of the
other officers. The 14th of November bas
been fixed tor tbe bearing.
Governor Seymour.
BETHLEHEM, PA., Oct. 31.
Gov. Seymour arrived here at 10:30
o'clock this morning, and was welcomed by
a large crowd. He made a short speech aud
the train proceeded to Wilkesbarre, where
he speaks to-night. He will stop over Sun
day with Judge Woodward, and will pro
ceed toward home via Lancaster, Great
Bend and Binghampton. , -,. ;
Destructive Fire.
LOCK HAVEN, PA., Oct. 31.
Mussing & Farnesworth blocks, includ
ing eight business houses aud Faroes
worth's residence, were destroyed ,hy fire
last uight. - Four - other business -houses
were partially burned. Loss $30,000 in
sured for $18,000. The tire was the work of
design, for the purpose of plunder.
Important Decision.
BALTIMORE, MD., Oct. 31.
In the case of C. W. Woolley and. Kim
berly & Brothers, in the Superior Court of
Baltimore city, against Gen. Butler, a de
cision was given to-day by Judge Dobbin,
on motions to vacate the summons, and de
clare them illegal. The opinion is lengthy,
concluding as follows: I am of opinion
that the privilege of Senators and Repre
sentatives, secured to tbem by the Consti
tution of tbe United States, exempt. tbem
only from an actual arrest of their person
or service upon them of such process, tbe
disregard of which would expose them to
an attachment tor contempt or personal
molestation. As the writs of summons in
these cases involve none of these conse
quences, I shall overrule tbe motions res
pectively made in tbem. -
Secretary Seward.
AUBURN, Oct. 31.
Secretary Seward addressed one of tbe
largest audiences ever assembled in this
city in Corning Hall this afternoon.
BUFFALO, Oct. 31.
John J. McBrlde, of Buffalo, was arrest
ed at Lock port, yesterday, for peddling
Seymour badges without a license.
Immense Democratic Torchlight
The Democratic torchlight procession to
night was a tine affair. About six thou
sand people -were in Hue, who kept up
continual cheering. The procession was
one hour passing the corner of Montgom
ery and" Sacramento streets.
The furniture manufactory of Danler.
(Close & Co., was burned this morning. Loss
$3,000. . - ...
Barney Duffey, a DUgilist'of Cleveland,
was arrest -d at MeKeesport, charged with
firing Bell's trunk lactory some weeks
since. .
Proclamation by Mayor Leftwich.
Proclamation by Mayor Leftwich. MEMPHIS, Nov. 1.
- Mayor" Leftwioh issues & proclamation
this morning, earnestly recommending tbe
exercise of unusual forbearance both in
manner and speech on election day, and
closing saloons. .
Proclamation by Gov. Clayton.
Governor Clayton, of Arkansas, has is
sued a proclamation in which he declares
registration invalid in the counties of Ash
ley, Bradley, Columbiana, Hot Springs,
Lafayette, , Mississippi, Woodruff. Sharp,
Craighead," Sevier and Green. I This is
done on evidence that the majority in these
counties will vote tbe Democratic ticket
Proclamation by Mayor Hoffman.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1.
Mayor Hoffman has issued a proclamation
setting forth that unscrupulous designing
and dangerous men had contrived to pre
vent naturalized citizens from voting, un
der the pretense that their papers had
been fraudulently obtained. The United
States Marshal is declared to have appoint
ed swarms of special deputies to take their
places at the polls for the purpose ot over
awing voters and otherwise interfere to
prevent a fair election. Evidence is said to
be accumulating, which shows a de
termination on the part of certain
men to excite the masses ot the people in
the city opposed to them, as to aid them to
acts ot disorder and violent resistance, the
Mayor calls upon them to keep quiet under
the most aggravating circumstances, and
oilers a reward of one hundred dollars for
the arrest and conviction of any person
charged with the violation of the election
laws of the State, or who may be convicted
t having obstructed or interrupted any
voter in the exercise of his rights as an
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 31.
Five men attempted to rob the First Na
tional Bank at Alton. Illinois, early this
morning. While they were at work drill'
ing the vault, the private watchman arrest
ed one of the parties, who was outside
watching, when the remainder oi them as
saulted him, cut his head dreadfully with a
steel bar and shot him through the heart
He died in a moment The robbers es
caped, but left all their tools behind. One
thousand dollars is onereo ior me murder
NEW YORK, Nov. 1.
The total nnmher of voters registered in
Brooklyn is 69,307, an increase of 15,000
over last year.
Refuses to Recognize the
Spanish Government.
NEW YORK, Oct. 31.
A London special says that France, Eng
land, Prussia and Persia have not yet ans
wered the application made for the imme
diate recognition of the present state ot
affairs in Spain. The answer of Lord
Stanley to tbe Minister to Spain was, it is
said, that the English .Chancellor was not
in the habit of recognizing Provisional
Governments, and that thing would be
done only when a permanent Goverument
should have been established and sanc
tioned by the voice ot the nation repre
sented by the Cortes. Constantinople
specials say the Turkish Government is
sued circulars to the foreign diplomats
there that although exceptional cases like
tbat of Farragiic would be made, yet no
war vessel would be allowed to pas the
Dardanelles. The American Minister pro
tested against the decision.
The War in Paraguay.
LONDON, Oct. 30.
The South America mail steamer Rio Ja
neiro brings dates to the 9th. Latest ad
vices trom Paraguay state that General
Lopez held Violetta with all his forces.
Tbe allied army was near at hand, and
nuws of a battle was daily expected. The
Portugese Consul bad been forcibly taken
from the American Legation, at Assump
tion, and shot. A United States war
steamer had gone np the Paraguay river,
and a peremptory demand would be made
by the American commander for a retirees
The recent conduct of Mr. Washburne.
United States Minister to Paraguay, was
much censured at Buenos Ayres.
Fob Sai.b House and lot, corner ol
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable propert ; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ot J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
octl3-dtf "
New York Money Market—Oct. 31.
GOLD Lower; opened at 134; Closed at
I33133 The Assistant Treasurer to
day paid cue six and a half arulioas on ac-
count of the November interest. He also
warded $300,000 at 133f. -'
109?109. "r
i , I, wsssMn
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 31.
GOLD 133 buying. ' ' '
EXCHANGESteady fof buying
New York Stock Market—Oct. 31.
higher, but closed weak.- Coupons of 8l
115Ki:5;. do '62 113jU3J; .do- '84
112(31 H; do'65112ll2i4;doi.ewU0
110 do '67 M0lli; dO"'68-llU&
-10 40 106106. - - - -.-.ve "
5:30 prices Wells' Express 28J29;
American 4545; Adams 4950;
United States 47&; Merchants' Union '
2l21 Pacific Mail 124 125; Western
Unf. n Telegraph 36M; New York
Central 123J8'123i; Erie 40Ji40 do
preferred 65(0)66; Heading 98tf9SK; Ohio
& Mississippi 30)30 Wabash 6363,'4;
Michigan Southern. 8d)85); Illinois
Central 143145; Pittsburgh 87JS7j
Toledo 102103; Northwestern 90
90; do preferred 91(391 J. Fort Wayne
112113; Terre Haute 4042j do prefer
red 43; C. C. C. & 1. 77; Eock., Island.l0S H
105. - . ,,v,r :
' ;
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 31.
FLOUR Doll at$7 507 7i.,ts
WHEAT Dull , and no . sales; millers
holding off.
CO RN Unchanged.
' OATS Unchanged.
. BYE-Dull with sales at $1 25 for No. 1.
BARLEY Unsettled and prices nomi
nal f .J , r t-, ,d frtMivr, i
COTTON Quiet at 23c for middling;
demand light
WHISKY Declined to $1; sales of 200
hbls at this rate this afternoon, and fair de
mand. . i
BACON Sides at 16.17c; clear rib
and clear now held Jo higher. - . - '
BULK MEATS None offering.
BUT 1 Eli Dull and supply larir?; rreth
EGGS 29o; supply light. . .. . , x
LINSEED OIL Dull at $1 and In job
bing demand.
HOGS Firm and in demand at 96 75
7 50; receipts light.
r BEEF CATTLE Dull and unchanged.
New York Market—Oct. 31.
COTTON Opened quiet and drooping,
but closed firm under favorable cable news;
sales of 1,900 bales middling uplanda at
FLOUR Closed dull and 10 153 lower
for medium and common grades.- '--
WHEAT Dull and heavy forspringand
23j lower for winter.
K YE Dull; $1 401 42 for western.'. -
CORN-Quiet at $1 081 11 for unsound,
and $1 12l 12 for sound mixed western.
PORK Dull at $26 87 27 00 for mess,
cash and regular. ,
BEEF Dull and unchanged. .'
CUT MEATS Dull and drooping. '
BACON Steady with, a moderate de
mand. 4
LARD Quiet at 1717Je lor lair to
prime steam. '
- EGGS Good demand at lull prices. x
Gloss & Wllper's Hestaurant open day
and night! . oct7-dtf
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wllper's
oci7-dtf - ....... f.
- It Is strange to see with what carelessness
some invalids attend to their health. They
will procure a box of Plantation Bitters,
which ought to be nsed np in a month or
six weeks, and upon Inquiry it is found tbat
they have used only two or three bottles.
Some days they have nsed it according to
tbe directions, and others have not touched
it. The whole trial has been irregular, and
of course a less favorable result bas come
from their use. If it be true that "what is
worth doing at all is worth doing well,"
how emphatically is it true in matters re
lating to the health. A few bottles ot Plan
tation Bitters have often wrought wonders;
while in other instances disease has only
been subdued after weeks of resistance.. , -
Magnolia Watkr. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at halt
the price. " ' , ''.
KNT-sept25-deodS;wlycw .'
for Beautifying the 8KIIT and COMPLEXION
and renders THE SKIN SOFT, FAIK ;
Foi LADIES in the NURSERY it is invaluable.
For GEiMTLBMEN aftsr SHAVIKO it ha as
equal. "PAPHIAN LOTION" is the only reli
able remedy for diseases and b-emiahes of the
PHAL0N a 80N, N. Y. Seld by all Druggists
VKT-m yJrl-eo Aj.
N0BSERY. and BATH, will not chip th
bKIN. Price 25 eents per oak.
An Ordinance
Making appropriations for purposes therein named.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Coo noil
of tne ci y of Col am bus. Tbat there be and is
hereby appropriated oat of any money i n tbe Treas
ury not heretofore appropriated, tbe following turns
of moae., to-wit:
For psyment of expeoses ot tbe Street Commis
sioner anl Chain Uang, the sum of tl.AOu.
Fur payment of tbe employes end expenses of
tbe Fire Department, the sum f 1 1. 50(1
For payment of expenses of Poliee.sijse.
For payment ot priooipai and interest ou Veteran
Bounty Bna, t2.M0.
For I neidental expenses, t2S0.
For payment of expenses of elections. 200.
kc. . The serend sums nf money appropriated
by the foregoing section shall be expended in the
manaer prescribed by tbe fifth section of tbe ordi
nance definin tbe duties ot tbe City Clerk, passed
President of the City Council
Passed October 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An to grade and pare on street
from 2iorth ttreet to .North Pnblio lane.
Section I. Be it ordained by the City Couneil of
tbe city of Columbus (two-thirds of all the members
concurring.) Tbat th- unpaged sidewalks, gutters
and crostincs be graded and paved on Third street
from North street to North Publio lane, in accord
ance with the plat thereof on file in the offiee of
the City Clerk.
810.1. That all damages, costs and expenses aris
ing from the forecoin t lmorovement, snail be as
sessed and levied upon the several lota of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to- their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct, 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
oot0-jlt . .,
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and re pave in front of lot
No. 5 of Dennison's sub li vision of outlet Ko.
39. . -
Suction 1. Be it ordaine 1 by the Citv Council of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring), Tbat tbe unpaved sidewalks,
gutters and crossings be graded and repaved on the
south side of Rioh street in front of lot Wo. 5 of
Dennison's subdivision of outlot o 38, in accord
ance with the plat thereof on file in the office of
the City Clerk.
Sac. 3. Tbat all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
aseeesed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
WM. NAGHTEN. President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To aUtkmU mayeoneem:
City Clkkk's Ornca.f
COLCKBCS. O..Oct. , 1888. I
Notice is hereby given, that proeeedincs have Keea
instituted in tbe City Council of Col umbes,for mak
ing the following improvements, to-wit."
For grading toe north halt ot Perry street from
High street to the corporation line.
Also, for grading and paving the cutters and
grading and graveling the roadway and side
walks on Mound street from Washington avenue
to the east line ot lot No. 1.
Also, for a double row flag stone pavement aeroas
Mound street upon tbe west side of High street.
Tbe same to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared bv the City Civil Engin
eer, and filed in the offioe of the City Clerk.
All persons olaiming damages oh account of said
proposed improvements, are teauired to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on cr
before tbe Fitteenth day of December. A. D.
im' ; L. X. WILSON.
ootTS-dltawtw City Clerk.

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