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B. M,
Baa Kites,,,. ..,--, Sep
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Tebrt:tr c-THM
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10:11 r"TT.. V. . '.. J '.J.J1 .A I SUX'tl I
elf worn the poi'sp-navr r -.k . t
atet-eari mi arswerally believe In
dneotprlntng;.-:!i ,.t
liMi still aeivaneiBK la price';. Bef-
-.1 '..ttSrOMl Is still adyanelBg laprkc,,;. Bet
";"&rtel your-. winter's supply fprth with
. ''r.VPatntins lexhlbkloln'oixM be
-niutruthuiHy saiaot some iwhkb o hi avrec
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i9Tin (.-lfI'if " . ' 't
! tTiVnwirrpw nix years ago, GenMe
i"."rHAiUn removed from command of the
.A fjieiian was rrinwvt:tiicvu
-.1 -t
' t3F"The Dmocrat& had an impi-ompto
' ; . ' . litnnr hnn-
"procession last " night. 1 About 'lour hun
dred men Were in Una. v.
. Tds-Yesterday was' nfnety per cent, day
.j In. she puoiic18Ciiooi.,;xs.i-pur.i. wt
cation are not now iimiahed.- t;s
r-The wooden block pavement is Bni?h-
J'id.to Strawberry llerv?crath ot; the;Oourt
Housey Another weeW will see It Jttnunea
.h t'Sfsrdui' builder are doing .their work
;l '.with .extriordiuary rapidity I.ay brick
while the snn' shines' is their motto now.
1 tIf every man opposed t the Radipal
noUct votes his sentiments to-day, the ssun
will go down on the complete overthrow of
ts that party: .;:: 1 . -j rrn u va ? ;
S-The V;itv waa considerablF .excited
''yesterday at a very pecnUar red bill scat
tered over ine cuj ucumovj6;.i.
Mug the mvstic letters
UF. K. C." Have we
slly the Ku-Klox ere
"FARMKBa' Clcb Mkktiso. Th'ere'will be
meeting of the Franklin County Farmers'
aub at the office of the Secretary of the
State Board of Agriculture, on Saturday
fce'xlvfNoY? 7th7at whicfi 3t lsIeXpecd
yery, member of the, club wl be present
- A Good Idea. The railroad conductors
have organized a Mutual. Benefit-Associa-
Mon with its headquarters in Ciolumbns.
' The plan Is to pay so. niucn per capita on the
1 yiembershipto beirs of-a-eceastd-mem-bef.We
are not advised aa to" wTio are the
officer ot the association. i
..Don't Gush. Young lady, don't gush.
A gushing .woman dou't wear- i 1 bard
work, too, gushing is, and to be always
yready with a mouthful of compViments for
L alf yon : meet, nr1' tor -charmlng, snperb,
divine, delicious, adorable," for air you
i" eee, U apt to tire both the gushist and the
'kgu6bei Be natural B anything .ypu
please, but dou't j;u-h. . j
-mils. e : : ' t ' " r:: . .
i. aj'PRF.TTT : Good " -Work. The ClewUmd
Herald nf yesterday asserts that "seven
f. thousand false certiflcate ot electlonawere
'-Issued in ColnmbnS just prior to the ele;c
.tion.". Now we. consider that to be pretty
,gpod work, for one Probate Judge during
ouom election.- .Couldn't the Herald be satis
fled to say 6,699 false certiflcaUs, or is it so
conscientious that it wouldn't tell a lie for
,Jsi one naturalization .paper f.nr.X j,".
Fins Apples. Dent & Krauss, JTo. 169
South High street, have our thanks for
samples of 8ome of the finest apples . we
- kave seen Al season. The yartetie include
the Fall Pippin, White Rambo, Thalmiii
Sweet, Pound Pippin, Tulperhocken, Pen
ock and Greening. They were most deli -
-loosJ-rhla Aim has" about'thre'e'hundrtd
barrels for sale. If you want a good apple
C;,y6u can purchase it of Dent A Krauss. i '
. va;- s-.-wi-l i-w . " . .'. . 0 . 1
F"ilki .Yestekday. Thecertiflcate of
t: incorporation p the Deutsche Harmemie
Spoar and Lehn Verien fon Sandusky "was
filed with the Secretary of State yesterday.
'lt$ organized tor the purpose ot raising
"funds to be loaned among its member?J-
rPrineipal -office-rln Sandusky. r Capital
'stock $50,000, with the privilege of increas
itg jtto $103,000, in shares of $100 each.
Jame8Storckr George Hoffman, John
Weier, Chas. Salomon and John H. Moll
are the corporators. i -
I!:-! .-"f- l " r.'j I
Galoot : Record. Two galoot only
.Tdruade their obeisauoe to the Mayor yestep-
James Hare-- rdruuk; and disorderly
t.rbare wasyftned tS.,. He couldn't, pay the
bfli. Lacked jnst ten cents of having any
money at all. He hammereth. " j
Charles Dixon was "on the war patb
Being filled with the common enemy ben-
sine he slang himself around with a per
,'l feet looseness.. As a slingist he is a success.
Being captured and taken to the calaboose
atter much trouble,-" he Varied the even
ing's entertainment by tearing up the seat
" Id his cell, and making scattering ram of
. It. He was fined $15. He paid np and de-
.parted. '
Thk Part of Wisdom. A party of Cin
cinnati policemen came to this city yester
day wit 'warrants for the arrest of certain
'ot our. Wdlng citizens,. They were advised
by both Democratic and Republican cltl-
rens that It would not be sale to attem pt to
make the, arrest until alter the election,
f - because it was so transparent that the in-
intention .was to -deprive these, citizens of
" their ' Votesl that the people of this! city
would resist the attempt. Considering
discretion being the better part of valor,'
inesr chaps todic the f?ood advice given
them and. proceeded no further in their et
' foxtA .It was. the safest thing they could
do. -f..:"'-.'-
i "jijXERRSTiNO Revencr Decision. The
g Commissioner of Internal Revenue has
hid ''the ouestion 'propounded' him
"WheVeah admUtjafcr wtahea7t6 assign a
mortgage not duello the guardian ot dece
dent's heir,' in order tO settle bis trust
finally, is neceisaryto stamp the, assign
ment f No consideration, of cou rsa, pass
ing from theguard'iMh to the ' administra
tor. ' ); ; -. :'--: j '
' t To this the following response has beeu
mads: reply4, to'yonr letter of the 19th
instaut, that the assignment of a mortgage
requires, in every case, the same stamp as
new mortgage, for the sum Still secured.
.'a The tax does not depend, as in the case of
. " a, conveyance, upon a valuable consldera-
DgATH of Ail Estimable LADTwwrYester
. . day afternoon Messrs. Andrews, Perry &
Co. received a dispatcb from James An
drew.IUq (member of the firm of An
drews,Perry & Co) announcing the death
of ht wife, which -sad event took place at
the residence of Mr. Andrews, on bis cotton
- plantation in Carroll Parish, Louisiana, i .
i Mrs. Andrews was the daughter of Hon,
"Moses H Kifby,' former Secretary of StateJ
6f DbIo. She was a most 'estimable lady,
4M(l.ery Jarge cirme J ftiends ; aneV c
aualntances in this city and vicinity will
i learn of her untimely death with feelings
. r keenest an irulsh. : " '
HeV temafns wttl pobablfy-efib this
city to-morrow, when notice will be given
of the interment. .
Acknowledgements and Report of
the Hannah Nell Mission and
Home of the for October.
.toner, ,
. rr . n
d-CollectedlV lWrDrR,.tv-
rJrUiffitA -Mrs. A ndrews, ,$100; -Jtom Mlsa
JT. ill IP.
CO. Ma IT... t -
Hutchinson. $5;
Clark, $ Will am Well. sen
son, $1: V;
r. D. Moons $2; tin. Dean. $ V4
2?l H i'JSt'.Pi? fJL TiXtf3P
i r.
Tofti; $351
Donation of -Ge&ds. Aa Mrs Dr Smith,
oneimcdIesf tnothet-f Mrs flnrton, ohe
bundle .of clothe! Mr iJ B Rusk, six
chickens and a Urae; ouanUtyi Ati meai
wt kly; Mr St Clnir,. repairing stoy and
eoai Duckec a yx, JU, 01.111011, six loaves 01
bread per weekxMr- Bents, large quantity
of bread; St Cialr & Cix meat.weuklj; Mr
Tipton, faRg- Mrs Klsey, large basket
f apples; Mr John tireenieat,' two-good
bid comforts; Culinnls, large quantity o
vegetables, two. bushels potatoes un
known Iriendv one. bnndln lnlnt' clothes;
Mrs UetiriHon. Mrs Bartlit and Mrs Ban
croft, milk,-'. daily ; one' carpet, name not
if Wen; Aston.T Taylor & Huff, one boiler,
$160: Wm Felttm, loan ol dhhes and cups,
toid plates donated; Mrs Sbapley, one bun
dle; Mrs Many-penny,; pne bondl; M A
Gordon.' one bundle of c'other ; M rs Judge
Green, five pairs sOck' : Mrs Kcrspa t.
veri Iruic and jelley ; small pair ot boots
irom a trtenrt; large bundle or clothes rrom
tiie Neil House: one barrel.of cracker- from
Peters A Brof Mrs Jt;nt.in., 'two com torts
and Vegetable, valued at $2.3 .-:v.-. .
Expense of the Mission and - Industrial
School For marketing and groceri-.
100 00, ' work done, $10. matron's saiarv.
ft 14 KinnlHniy rruf cnnrtrlud 17. KlIlT
tor 1867-68 otilrv yooas, $200: dry isoods.
$3 75. Total, $348 75.
One hundred varments have been di-..
tributed. ; i ',., .. ' "
We areviry happy to. report that the
health ot ihe children is very icood. except
one little bov. who is still an invalid trom
the effects of the measles. All the rese-are i
as fat and healthy as eould be desired. Ow
ing to the liberality ot -onr supporters our
expenses have not exceeded our donations.
which they would have done were it not
for the praiseworthy, exertions of Mrs. Dr.
Loving and Mrs. Andrews, who succeeded
in procuring subscriptions to the amount
ol $100 per month. We feel very gratelul
to the ladies, and much encouraged in our
arduous work by, "the Interest manifested,
bv the ladies who procured the subscript"
tions, and also by tbeiadies whostibscribed
to thf sald""$100 i per 'mouth.7 Timer and
space fail us, when we begin to tell of all
the substantial benefits received In the
8'iape of meat, bread and milk, from' va
rious persons whose names are mentioned
above. If boy names are omitted or mis-,
lakes occur, we beg our friends to excuse
us. as It is a matter of no small difficulty to
keep an- accurate list ; ot all - tiie favors
received. We must be allowed to men
tion one more case - of thankfulue s,
that is the second hand cloth fbg which jias
been so Keuerouslv-sent. that we have not
only clothed all the children at the Home,
but also furnished many needy children
who are in our euro- but not in onr house',-.
who live at their own homs, such as they j
are. We are continuing our school at the
City Hall, as usuai'Nearlv one hundred'
children have already, entered, though. this
out the tnircr Saturday since its com
mencement. Last Saturday more than
thirty little girls were obliged to sit with- t
out sewing, sinipiy because there were so,
tew teachers present.7' Once more we ask.
for. teachers,., Cannot a f Wviuore of our
lady friends spare two hours on Saturday -afternoon
in assisting us? The work' is
not difficult.. To teach a class of five or six
ittle giils, to maka and mend their own .
clotbves 1s a task which tnost -of the ladies
can perioral with very little effort. . . .; .
To meet the wants ot thu Dranch of our
work, Che managers have decided to hold
their annhal festival the second Tuesday of
November. They I earnestly Invite, not
only their Hdy friends, but also the gen
tlemen to patronize them. It is wed
known that there are In our city hundreds
who do hot and-cannot attend either day
or Sunday School tor want of - clothes and
The managers of the' Industrial S.-bool
ro co-operating with the ladies of the
Benevolent Society in seeking and cloth-'
n g those children, as tar as they have tbe"
means, on eootitin that tbey actually at-?
tend school.. Now, it is evident that these
societies ean not do this work without -the -hearty
co-operation of all who ' love the.
prosperity ot our city. We leave it to the ..
gentlemen to decide whether those cliil-.-dren
shall have clothes tit to attend school.--
or be left to hover around their own wretch
ed homes In rags and filth, while tbey are
auuiug nouse to house and Dank stock to--'
railroad dividends. - Bnt we plead not
alone lor the very poor' and shiftless.
There are in our city large numbers of
children whose parents do all in their
power, but who cannot supply their nu
merous iamuy with all the clothing tbey
For these we do ask the ireans of fur
nishing a pair of shoes, dress or can occa
sionally, that their children may be able to
attend school comfortably clothed. We do
not intend to urge this matter. We have .:
been bountifully supplied heretofore, and "
we are confident those who have so liberal
ly supported us are as rich to-day in this
world's goods as those who have given us
nothing. .- But we are tortrettiusr to record
one disaster which befel us during the.
Our house caught fire, can sins us con
siderable expense and a vast amount of
trouble, clearly demonstrating that it will
be qui e difficult to keep warm without be
ing U'.trnt up. However, we nope to auard
against such catastrophes. ,v i t,
Ji' i AUis.-Iatlok, superintendent.
This Newell Cask. The case of H. W.
Newell, chaTged with Illegally' voting at
the Eighth., Ward polls on Tuesday, Oct.
13th, came up for examination before the '
Mayor yesterday. The case presented
some very curious facts.' It appears that
JNewell married a lady living in Union
county, he at that time being a resident of
Delaware county; that in a few days aftef ,
his marriage he came to this city to study '
medicine with Dr. Hamilton; that he offer
ed to vote here in 1867, and being warned
that he was not a' legal . voter of this
county, be immediately went to the city "
of Delaware and voted there; that, his
wife still living in Union county, and the
question; 'of ''domicile '. not ., being. ,
changed, he voted here at the' last elec
tion, he 'being Advised by 'counsel that
he had a riitht so to do. Since the election,'
In fact within a week, his wife has taken '
up.her residence in this town, and that re
moval. Of ber's here destroys any claim- he
may have had to a right to vote here to-.
day, he not having resided with his family
in the county for thirty days next preced-
ing the election. Newell. lost bis residence
in Delaware county by residing in this
county,' yet having a family in. Union
county, be cannot vote here, , yet ..be
cause of non-residence in Union county he '
cannot vote- there. ' The- Court held that
the law of last winter, page 101, was clear
and explicit that a married man's residence
shall bo where his family resides, and' held
him ball In the sum of $1,000 to answer'
before Una Court of Common. Pleasv A,',
similsr charge against him is pending1 In
Delaware county, i . . i';jT; 1 1
Transfbrrbd Ysstbrdat. The follow--
ing transfers ot real estate were lelt at the'
Recorder's office yesterday: -. . ) j
( Samuel S. Douglass and wife to Edward
Schemer, ' Oct. ?2nd,. lot No. 4 In Grove
City, for $300. , r - - ;
Geo. H. Earbart, Sheriff, to Richard Ar
thur, Sept 23J, part of lot NoV32 In Bart
lit, Hubbard & Smith's addition to the city
of Columbus, for $1,225.' '
, Rankin Walkup and wife to B. E. Smith,
Aprd 16th, 1867, outlots , No's.- 24, 25, nd '
26 In the northwest addition to the city of
Columbus, for $900. . ;
A. Chapman and wife to LB. E. Smith,.
March 29th, 1867, lots No's.' 28, 29, 30 and
31 In the northwest addition to the. city ot -Columbus,
for $2 700. ' .
1 Caroline Gordon and Charles Gordon to
David A. Hamilton, Oct. 31st, lot No. 48
ot Wm. AL Gill's addition to the ci y of
Columbus, for $1,100. - .,
- i
S, Accidbkt. Yesterday . afternoon as Mr
J. Malay and his wife were riding np High
street, a brick wagon ran into their buggy,
breaking out all the spokes in one of the
front wheels, Mr.' and Mrs. Malay were
thrown out, but were not seriously lnr
j ured.
Opeba Hocsb Mabktta Ratsx. Quite
J ltrga-audicnrgreeted Marietta, lit vel
4ast nltrht hfflrtt afrDearaace-at the
as night herflrtt appearaace-at -the
Opera House, and we congratulate the lady
n the completA-Md pertect success at
tending her. She appeared in the difficult
charae :efi lhe .FreiicISC Spy, knd
is one of the most perfect we
'eet 'n v16 'ol-4rom Celeste down.
HsiliKirtratUwo -was Uperfectloib itaelir;
and when the first act closed, the cur
tain fell amid such a shower of applatiso
"iT baslrsrelyl Been hearTiiI JhS D)era
Hobee.' As a-pahtomiraist slie is -gracefuL
ea?y and comprehensible. To say sht 'i
great is but half to tell her merit. She bag
cident'y made pantomime a specialty, ior
her gestures are as eloquent as words. In
the Arab 'dancer In the; second act be--was
immense. In her broadsword combat with
the Mohammed, CMr' Maxwell) she devel
oped more of the muscular strength, pow
ers of endurance and skill than Is usually-
witnessed upon the stage. She was loudly
app'auded throughout, and when the cur
tain droppel she received a hearty encore
from her delighted audience.. The "French
Spy" will be repeated this even'lngand
notwithstanding, the excitement on (he
election we predict a full house.
Thakks. Our friends. Reece & Quinu,
32 West 'Broadway, have our thanks for a
choice white fish, and Pe term an, 1S3 North
Hfgh street,' fbra- sample of bis-XXX
oysttrs."'Tbey werebully."'" r'"
XbCAL 'notices;
No. 27 East State Street,
f LaTS Ct A. Wagnk"s.
The proprietors of this most elegant and
fashionable establishment, respectfully In
form the Ladies and Gentry of Columbus,
and those visiting, tiie city, that no pains
or expense have been spared toj-ender tiie
St.' Lawrence the first class restaurant of
Columbus; fc-Ji.iriAY P-Tl J.IA V!
At all times ourLarder will be found to
contain the choicest articles in season.. -.
I .TrustfnTriT thVllberal'ity of "duf citizens
and visitors, we respectfully solicit a share
of y our patronage, "guaranteeing to all po
lite attention, moderate charges, and the
very best our own and the eastern markets
fiord. Private room for ladies. Families
supplied with oysters by the can, and gane
of all kinds hi. season.7 nci-l ,?':,-:Ji I
Covkrdalk & Hosklton, Proprietors,
mDr. Johnston's Spkcific" benefits' man
kind, It will, .when- properly taken, des
troy all desire for alcoholic beverages.
Price $1 50 per bottle. ?Sold by all respec-
table druggists. j(
i sept22-dt&s&wly-aw ; . t?. a-k!
.-.! ' m i I
From AIx. V. Dougherty, M. D , late one of the
' Medical UTectnrs U. . A.. JMewarlt.JN. J.J :
" Having been made acquainted with the
composition of the preparation known as
Soz'ODpN"Ihaye. for some time past per
mitted its use In my family where it)ias
given entire satisfaction. It is an elegant
toilet article, well worthy of the encomiums
it has received." t .
Spalding's Prepared Gluk."
y $ y j unel5-eor! 6m-c w' " "
Gloss fc Wilpek'b Restaurant open 'day
and night!.- ;; oct7-dtf
Charles -W. Niswandkr, Merchant Tail-
orNo. 121 South High' street, this day re
ceived his third stock of tall - goods this
season. The acute taste displayed in' his
selection, seems to make it impossible for
him to over-stock his house with desirable
goods. '. The demand increases with his en
larged purchases. -' ' ;'.--'- - j
This last consignment consists of Scotch
cheviots, Scotch Elysians and French Ely
sians, trouserings, overcoatings, etc' etc.
Those rich patterns put together as only
Stimson can do it, is the perfection of the
art. - Charges are guaranteed as low as any
where in America for the same goods. The
public will endorse what we have written.
nov2dlw ' ; j
Mkals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper's
. oci7-dtf '.:.". ' ,.; i
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable propert ; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J W. MoortvNo.43 West North
street. - ...-.t. ..-.. ...,.-
octl3-dtf .. , ,
Thosb Scotch suits that Stimson is put
ting tip at Niswanders Merchant Tailor
ing. Establishment,, tickle '; the fancy 'of
every wearer, the eye of every beholder,
and the feelings of every passer Dy.-' J j
' nov2-dlw ' .' i
Oystbrs Otstsks Oysters. ;
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman)
IS E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur &
Cj.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters. j
i aug5-dtonov28 - .
' A thing o( beauty is nota fnj '' forever,
but like spring flowers fade. ..Not so with
those elegant casslmeres t-f"harley Kia
wnder. The memory of them, like the
color, will never lade, and Stimson's bandi-
nov2-dlw. : "' . ...
i.;.:, .' "i
Hollo way's Pills. Physical Exhaus
tion. What Is this a sigu of? Not that
tbe system requires the scourge- and spur
ot alcobolio astringents, but', that it has
gone wrong and heeds regulating and put
ting to rights with a wholsome vegetable
aperient a and alterative. Hollow ays
Pills, by purifying the system aud toning
the secretive organs, help nature, and soon
restore the strength of the sufferer. Sold
by all Druggists. jy9-dly-cw
Whooping Cough ! Whooping Cough!!
Is well known as a long, tedious, and of
ten dangerous disease among children
riot nbfrequcntly Inducing convulsions,
pneumonia, !or resulting in a decline. Old
school medicine and the drugs of the shop
do but little or nothing for it. Humph
rky's Homeopathic Spscmc for Whoop
mo Cough works wonders, quiets and re
lieves the cough, aud if given early, ar
rests its further progress, while in all cases
It soori winds up and cures the disease.
Price 50 cents per box. Sold by all deal
ers, or sent by mall. Address Humphreys)
Specific -'! Homoeopathic Mediclnk Co,
562 Broadway, N.Y. j
t jyl3-dSwly-:w , . .. ; 7;i,., ;, ; .-
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss 'of
memory "and' threatened Impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeipathic Specific No. Twenty-Sight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root ot the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges; and Impart
vigor and energy, ute ana vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per Blngle box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 662
Broadway, New York. yl3-deodfcwly
"Yoxtb Lotion has cured me of Tetter (or Salt
Rheum) on my hands of thirty years standing,"
writes Jo-eph Kistler, of Danville, lndt; who has
been using Palmer's Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion.
Jo all wAom it may Concern ;
COLCMBna. O., Ueot. S8. 18S8.( I
Notice is hereby f iven thatprooeedinirs have been!
instituted in the City Council of Columbui for m-k
ins the followins improvement!, to-wit :
rot sndios aod ptTini the nnpavel iidewalki,
totters and erooings on Third street from Hioker,.
! alley to North tre; I .i.ui J t (
Also, for cradiug ao paring tbtanpaved side
walks, (Otters and crossiogi on the sooth side of
North street, from Third street to fourth street;' v
Also, for (rsdiD(andpTiD( the (otters and oross
inxs and graveling the sikewalks and graxiing the
roadway on Mohawk street, from South Fubliolane
in Sjeinor streets . . -t ,
, A ten, for grading and repaying the idewalk and
(Uttnr and ero tina on Rich street, in front of Lot
No. et l)eanfton'(abdivi8iAa of uatlot No. 39;
Also, for grading and graveling the roadway of
Uhapei s'.reet, from Fair alley to f ront street; i
Als, for grading and paving the (utters and
curbing on tnesontn aideot Chapel street and for
raveling the roadway from High street to Fair
' A soL for?bnlldi2"sv double row' flag" crossing
across Lion alley at the east side of High street; '
The same to be done in accordance with the Plata
and estimate to be prepared hy the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in the offioe of the City Clerk.
All persons elaiming damacea on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to flle'their
claims in the office of the Clerk. in writing, n or
before the Eighteenth day of Movember, A. 1).
1868. i
oitS dltaw4w City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
? ,'3 b " woMmBDaj O.. Sept. at, lass
-Notice ia hereby (iven that nroceedinss have been
instituted in. the Citjr Counoil of Coiumuua, for
making the following improvements, to-wit : !
For repaying the gutters and resetting the curb
ing on the west side of Seventh street between
Friend street and Kioh street.
A Iso, for paving the unpaved aide-walks on the
e8t s-de of Filth street between Bich street aod
Cherry street. i
also, for grading and graveling Chapel street
from High street to Fair alley. I
-i... t- -i ' .1. - I . r TT.ml.
north from the C. C A C. railroad depot to the Una
of W mi Neil's property.
Th. .Ami, h. rimm in ara,nrAaTiffn with' nlata and
e'timates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, ana nlea intneomce ol tne "jity oiera.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
olaisie-io -theofficeof-tUei Clerk, in -writing, on or
before the Seventh day ol novemoer. a. u. laoa.
h. E. WILSON, !
sepl4-dltaw4w City Clerk 1
Paving Notice.
7b aZl vXom it may concert: I ;
n -. Columbcs, 0 Oct. 19. 1868. J j .,
Notice is berebv given, that orooeedings nave been
instituted in the City Oounoil of Columbus, for
making the following improvements. to-wit:
For grading and paving the unpaved sidewalks,
(utters and crossings on Third street from North
street to North public lane.- - -' .-..,.!"
-Also, for rpavin( the sidewalks oa tne east si te
of Front street from the northeast corner of r ront
and Town streets to a point 85 feet north of Towor
street. : !
A Iso, for graveling riouth afreet Irom sixtn
street to Seventh street. ."'
Also, for grading and graveling the roadway orv
Maple street from High street to Water street, r
-Also, for-buildine-a-double low flag-orosaing
aoross Noble street on the east side of High ureal
Also, to survey and stake off South street from
East Public lane to the eastern boundary if the
city. .. . ,, ,
rne same to do aone . inaccoraance witn . piau
and estimate to be prepared by the City Civil En
gin' er. aod filed in the offioe of the City Clerk. J
All persons claiming damages on account of sard
Drorjosed imDrovements. are reauired to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before, the jinn , day at. .iieoeinper, a. v.
1808. i
oetSS-dltawew City Clerk.- r
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may concern :
Citt Clsbk's Opfics.I I
Columbus. O.. Oot. 26, 1868. (
: Notice ts berebvaiven. that proeeedincsharve been
instituted in tbeCity Council of Colu.uibas.fur mak
ing tne louowiog tiuprovemenis.to-wii,.
ror grading tne norm nan oi rerry street irom
High street to the corporation line. i . ..
Also, for (rsding and paving the gutters and .
grading and graveling the roadway nd. side
walk on Mound street from Washington avenue
HflUBWI IIUV ,11 1UI 1,U. 111. 1
Also for a double row flag stone pavement across
Mound street upon the west side of High street.
. The same to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared bv the City Civil Engin-f
eec. and filed in the offioe of the City Clerkv .
All persons claiming carnages on account oi saia
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, oo or
before the F iiteenth day of Decemuer, A. il.
Jj. U. W ILinU.T, ;.;
00tS9-dltaw4w City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
Making appropriations for purposes therein named..
Section 1. Be it' ordained by the City Council
of tne ci'y of Columbus, That there be and is
hereby appropriated oot pf any moneyin the treas
ury not heretufuia appropriated, the tallow ing turns
ef mone, to-wit: ,; . . i
For payment of expenses bt tbe Street Commis
sioner antl Chain Gang, tbe sum of Sl.000.
For payment or toe employes una expenses of
tbe Fire Uepartment, the sum cf S1,50U.. ..--n
for payment of expenses ot fjlioe. gi.BWi. 1
For navinentof vrincinaland interest on Veteran
Bounty Bona-. S2.9O0. , ....-i.-.iU
t or noideniai expenses, c.su. . i
For payment of expenses of eleations, $200. ( I
Sv.ii. 2. The several sums of money HODrODriated
by the foregoing (eetsnnsbalL.be expeuded in the
manner prescribed by the fifth-section of tba ordi
nance defiiiinr the duties ol the City Clerk, passed'
President of the City Council.
Passed October. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
oct30-dlt ;
-r . , i ' ; iii : . ; 5 -
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a donble row flag crossing
across Alound street at tne- west siae oi mgu
street. ......a..-
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of ihe city of Columbus (tiro-thirds of all the
members concurring). That there be constricted a
double row 11 cro: sing across Mound street at the :
mi iiiila nf Hiffh street, in accordance with the
p at thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.
ORG z. luai an aamagesy costs buh cxpounni
arising trom the toregoing lmproveinenneni soau
he a sessed and levied upon the several lo a of
land fronting or abutting on the west side of Hig'l. 1
street from Noble street to Strawberry alley, in pro
to their feet front. ' -
Paving Ordinance. WM. NAGHTEN.
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
octSO dlt ' i,
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to repave
Ko. 6 of DenniBoa's subdivision of ontlot Ho.
39. f .. - .- ' -
Section 1. Beitordainei by the Citv Counoil of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem-,
bem concurring). That the unpaved sidewalks,
gutters aud crossings be graded and repaved on the
south side of Rich street in front of lot tio. 6 of
l)ennisn'subdivirion of ontlot Vo S9, in accord
ance with the plat thereof on file in tha office of
the City Clerk. ,- .- i
Sec. l. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
asfCHied and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
feet front' -
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and pave Chapel street from
High street to Front street.
SBCTIOit 1. FBe it ordained by the City Counoil
of the oit of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers oooeumnO; that tne siaewaiaa ana gut
ters be grade- and repaved on the couth side of
Chanel street from High street to Pair alley, and
that the roadway be graded and graveled from
High street to f ront street, in acooraance wua mo
plat thereof on file in the offioe of the City Clerk.
Sso. 3. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoiog improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, inpropertion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, D.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
octsu dlt
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to a pave on
from Third street to Fjurth street. i
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the oily of Colu'nbns tW'-thirds of all the mem
bers con urring). That the unpaved sidewalks, gut
ters and crossings be graded an i paved on the south
side of North street from Third street to Fourth
street, in accordance with the plat thereof on file in
the office of the City Clerk.
.. rxo.l. -That -all da nages.. costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement snail be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
feet front.
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
I -
i 1 Resolution to Contract, j
Retained. That tha Citv Civil Encineer be. and
he is hereby authorized anc directed to contract in
tbe name el tee oity oi noiumou, witn jonn
Murphy, for buildihg a double row nag erosing
aoross Liinn alley at tne east side ol Higa street.
upon tbe following terms, toi-wiu
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per eubio
yard, -. - -" - -
For boulder paving. Forty-four cents per f qnare
for nagging, j iuduw niuo, oiakj dvuu lin
eal foot.
Said work to be completed by the 15th day of
November, 1888, or said contract shall be void. ,
i Adopted Oat, us. lot. ..
Attest: L. E. WILSON.
oct30-dlt City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and pave oo Third street
from Hickoiy alley to North street.
Sbctiom 1. Be it ordained by the City Counoil
of the oity of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring), That the onpaved sidewalks
and gutters be grated and paved on Thud street
from Hiokory alley to North street, in accordance
with the plat thereof on file in tha office of tha
City Clerk. "
Sec. S. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting theron, in proportion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
iW ' f aa
2 La
Resignation of a Collector.
Distressing Affair at Worcester.
Distressing Affair at Worcester. NEW YORK CITY NEWS.
Police Election Order
The Alabama Claims.
Price Alfred on a Cruise.
Price Alfred on a Cruise. &c., &c., &c., &c.
WASHINGTON. Payment of Interest.
Warrants lor $23,735,382.05 in coin pas d
the Treasury Departineut to-day, and were
sent to various points to pay matured
senrVannnnl-'interest' on registered -and
coupon-5-20' bonds, xrhich 'was-due- the
1st Inst. : "
Albert; Herd, Collector" of Internal Rev
enue for the 6th Iowa district, has tendered
his resignation.
Intelligence from the West via St.
Intelligence from the West via St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 2.
steamer Helena, laden, with Govern
ment ii-eigitS for Fort lUndall,; sunk on
Saturday, forty miles below Sioux City.
A partot the cargo will bo saved.
A Denver distiatch say?: Mr. Meire, one
of the 'joinmissioners sent by Napoleon to
examine . the Colorado mines, has organ
ized a t rench company, with $100 000 cap
ital, to build a tramway from the coal bed.
with a view to turnishinir cheap -fuel for
smelting works. They also atrree to-con
struct gas works here within ninety days.
An Omaha dispatch says the Indians dis
placed a rail on the Unio'n Pacific railroad.
near Money,- on- - &at.urday,- by which a
freight train was thrown from the track
and a fireman killed. A wrecking train
going west had been obliged to return in
Consequence ot the appearance ot a laree
body of Indian?. Troops from Fort's Mc
pherson and Ktissell had been sent to pro
tect the railroad men, aod all was quiet at
last accounts. :
("Five desperadoes Were hnnrnMi T3il-
Iner, on Friday, by a'vigilance committee.
Joseph Musgrave, a notorious horse thiet
and" murderer, was captured near Benan
the same day. He has been surrendered to
the military authorities at Fort Steel. He
was disguised as an Indian, and is known
to have a large band of Indians who rob
bed, atifl'ermit timesr-bundreds-ef- thou
sand of dollars' -worth, of, stock from tbe
Government. ' He is believed to be the lead
er of the band who killed four whites near
Percy Station, 20 miles south.
rA Little Eoek, Arkansas, dispatch to the
rxepuoi ican -says trie counties- in - wnton
Governor Clayton-has declared the regis
tration invalid are largely Democratic, and
especially affect the three Congressional
Districts. Theyrembraced about one-sixth
ot the registration of the State, and were
estimated to give 6,000 Democratic majority-'
, . ! .
The' 'Democrats countermanded their
meeting Saturday night to prevent disturb
ances, tbe Republicans having- arranged
for a torchlight procession the same night,
and-it is alleged instructed the negroes to
come armed. Ihe dispatch further states
that politics had nothing , to do with the
assassination of Congressman' Hirtds; that
it was the resuitof a private difficulty, aod
that the Democrats universally condemn
the act. , ;-.,
River News.
' Weather clondy and coidL Kiver 7 fee.t
and 2 Inches and stationary; Hercuiy 54.
-In Mil lord, Saturday night, whiles party
of voung Irish peopli" were -celebratinjj
All Hallow Een, two young girls went into
a neighboring held to procure cabbage and
were nred upon by tne owner; Bartholomew
O'Donnell, a man about sixty, Mis Bridget
Murrav, of Boston, was killed. O Donnell,
when arrested, had on a large cavalry sabre
and a large navy revolver, with two barrels
discharged was louod at tils bouse, tie ap
peared perfectly unconcerned and indiffer
ent. The Coroner's Inquest held Sunday
morning agrees with thu above tacts. .
Naturalization Decision.
-SuAee Keed, in the Court of Nisi Prius
to-day, delivered an opinion on the natur
alization cases, closing as iouows:
Under this state ol lacts x can come to
hut n Mmclusion. that the whole issue of
naturalization certificates is, by a Nls.
PHii. branch of the Supreme -Court, con
trary to the act ol Assembly, and should be
rejected at polls, and I make the following
order: r '
And now, November '21, it Is ordered
that no more aliens be naturalized in this
Court," ' ' '"'-'
The schooner Scandinavian, from Chica
go to Osweao with 12,000 bushels ot wheat,
went ashore, oil this place on Saturday,
and suukjq twelve Jfcetof water. The
crew was . rescued , yesterday, in an ex
hausted -condition. . i 1
BOSTON, Nov. 2.
An important seizure of smuggled goods
was made here on oaturuay, cuirenuujj w
200 cases of gin, brandy ana wines.
' A cardpnbiishedby G.H.Biddle and eight
nt.hnr riemnnratic members of the bar, ex
presses the opinion that it is the undoubted
duty ot the election oftlcers, when a certifi
cate ot naturalization is presented having
the Prothonatory's signature and seal of
the court, to receive such paper, and
that any election officer rejecting
such paper subjects himselt to an action
for damages and peril of a criminal prose
cution. The city is very quiet this even
ing. The politicians are engaged In fold
ing tickets lor to-morrow, aod no meet
ings are being held. Tliere is deep feeling
pervading all classes which will call out a
heavy vote, and the polls will be Crowded
at au early hour In the morning, i . 7 ,
BOSTON, Nov. 2.
In the suit of the Merchants' National
Bank vs. the State National Bnk, origin
ating i. the late State street Irregularities,
Judge Clifford to-day read the opinion of
the Circuit tourt. 11c ueciucu mat tne act
ofLiJbasi) IV 18(54, ! onde whTclfii3rA-on:
Banks vers ereateJi conferred Btau tisoritl'
on : QasblcrSi.of, 3anks, to, fferoiiV ch-elktl
ouuy puwer to ceruiy ciiecasior inini par
ties wbs not fnlaeretic :irf ' 'the duties apppr
Uining fo Cashiers.. r-Hsklso beld tins' 17th
b?Tlsv of the SlSt Bank,; which. iddarc
the dutiesfi'of , Casbisra.,.did: roofcoorfi
fer1, ''any L'such.' ' power, to', . certify
ehecV of ithTrd' parties,'-' arid InT Jadajt,ioi
there appeared to be o qnefetio' that tin
National Banks generally uoald qtertit5
checks. 'The court, in viewcf these things,
directed the Jury to give a verdict forltlr
S'.ate Bank. The Ppffnsel for tbe Merchant
Bank immedratcly trlceT ip4rJ 4oi and tn
Wilt goto the United.sstates supTemr
l . .. -r f .... I .1 1 l : . : ,, .
A;northr-eaat storm: tirth txiw,ada'lls
Sudden Illness.
NEW YORK, Nov. 2.
Sixty pupils of Bisbee's Military Schdob
at Pougtikeepsie, weretaken sick with
cramps and diarrhcet on Saturday after'
noon, and a panic prevailed for some time
Prompt measures were taken, how-ver
and most- ot them are now well. It is
thought something was wrong with a dish
of head cheese that was heartily partaken
of by the boys at dinner, and U Is to underi
go a minute examination. . .
- Marshal. -Murray yesterday :-arrestetr
Lewis Suddenbach, the Clerk of the Su
preme Court of Orange county; W. J.
Dickson and Wickhara T.Sbaw, his depu-.
ties, and Samuel E. Dominick and Henry
C. WlllRpaugh, lawyers at Newberry, for
being concerned In the' Issue of false cer
tificates of naturalization. Owen T. Cif-
tin, a lawyer, and Barney Scully, a labor
er, were arrested ae-Peekskill -for the same
offense.' Their hearing' will "he" barT'this
morning before Commissioner Osborne, j ;
- McMithan, charged with m(trd,ar, Ih.Vv'ee
nawken, who escaped from Constable Lr-
ntii on Saturday, was arrested n fnis city
ed n this clt
j csLciuaj ,.jinu lasen o. o tjrsey
Police Order.
ssaed an orde
Supertntendent Kennedy issued an order
this morning directing policemen to taike
prisoners arrested lor fraudulent votinir lie-
fore a United States CoranrJssionerf and not
soner tnem ro appear -oetore any police jus
lice or local or State Goprw ..The order was
not submitted for approval to tbe Board ol
Commissioners.., Bosworth arid 'Brennan
will,. U is said, Issue instructions to the
force not to obev anv order -of the So'rier-
intendent, unless Issued by authority of, the
Henry Ward Beecher.
' Henry Ward.Beecher preached at Ply
mouth Church; Brooklyn, yesterday. Be
fore his sermon lie stated that by a formal
vote of the church baptism was forbidden
to any child one of whose parents was not
a memner oi the Uhurch: lie would con
form to -the Instructions, he said, although
he did not believe iu the DroDrietv. and
outside of the church he would administer
t he baptism to auy child, one of whose pa
rents was a christian.
Henry Ward Beecher. Gov. Fenton.
Gov.-Fentoa remains. here till after the
election., ;:.;.),-, ;.rt"-
DwIghtTowiisend, oneof the Democrat
ic candidates tn the First Congressional
District, has withdrawn ''in favor of the
other candidate, Henry .'A. Reeves. Win.
S. Hillyer, independent candidate In the
Ninth-District, hs wjthdrawn iu favor of
uoiin oivasc wihi is uianin a vigorous
.. . : . . 1 ' . 1 ,mr a '.- 1
Lsnvass uttiiieb .i1 ci uaimu it uuu.
'Fortv-three-arrests have been made Sn
Newark sine the Qctober election. lor ilfe-
gai voting.' ic 13 said au e.qiial number are
-yet to be arrested, i .. I
A number of -prominent officials and
lawyers have been arrested 1st ;Newbursh,
N. for alleged connection with fraudu
lent naturalization papers, i -".i:;, -I
Police Business.
Sheriff O'Brien has, ft is stated, sworfl In
five thousand special deputies to preserve
order to-morrow.-' -United states -Juarstial
Murrav is said to have also appointed spe
cial officers. Sheriff Campbell, of Brook-j'
lyn, has, by instruction of the Mayor,
sworn in two thousand deputies. The ex
citement at police headquarters continues,
but nothing additional relative to Superin
tendent Kennedy's,-order . has been juade
public. .. . .-. ,'. ,;-..
' General McDowell has issued a circular
requesting all 'Officers trom other com
mands, visiting or temporarily residing
g tn
this city, to report to bis, headquarters.
Pike's Opera House.
Bcpirtsays the Erie Rail way has bou$bt
Pike's Opera House for S350.000, and con
template establishing .their 'offices in tbe
front building, . and renting the. Optra
House proper lor legitimate purposes.
The Alabama Claims.
LONDON, November 2.
Negotlatiations for the settlement of the
Alabama claims - will undoubtedly be
settled in a few days. England is willing
to pay the American claims.; ;,i ; . !
NEW YORK, November 2.
r A Barcelona; Spain, special of. yesterday
savs all the workshops and manufactories
ot the city have beetrclosed inconsequence
of the tree trade aecreeR Issued by the Pro
visional Government. The workinginen of
the city, deprived of their work, have ac
tually threatened to break into the grain
stores and bakeries. The military. bare
been called and several arrests bava been
made.-- - -
.A Madrid special says all the conserva
tives favor Ferdinand, of .Portugal,' for
King of Spain, while tbe Democraticrlubs
have unanimously selected GenerafPribi
for Chief of State, on condition '.tth'at' he
will take the title of President oi the
United Provinces of Siberia. : i
LONDON, Nov. 2.
: The Standard says the formal dissolu
tion ot Parliament will beanuouaced on
tbe 11th. . , ... ,- ; j
Several shocks of earthquake have been
distinctly felt recently in the western
counties of England and .Wales. : 1 ;
Prince Alfred.
Princs Alfred left Plymouth to-day In
tbe frigate Galatea, for a cruise around the
Hudson Bay Company.
LONDON, Nov. 2.
The British Government' declines to
recognize the rights claimed by the Hud
son Bav Company in the territory between
-Canada and the Pacific coast. " ' ' (
; The riots which occurred In Rotterdam
on Saturday were not of a political char
acter. A quarrel arose between citizens
and the police. The latter-were overpow
ered, when troops were sent from the
Hague to restore order. . A severe contest
took place in the streets between the
troops aDd people. Three men were killed
and about one hundred wounded. Up to
this morning sixty arrests of parties im
plicated had been made. The city is now
quiet, under the guardianship of the mili
tary. j
MADRID, Nov. 2.
A decree will soon be Issued miking a
reduction in the numbers of the Btanding
army.- i
Dissensions have broken out among the
members of the Democratic party. . , ;
It is strange to see with what carelessness
some invalids attend to their health. They
will procure a box of Plantation Bitters,
which ought to be used up in a month or
six weeks, and upon inquiry it is found that
tbey have used only two or three bottles.
Some days they have used it according to
the directions, and others have not touched
it. Tbe whole trial has been irregular, and
of course a leS3 favorable result has come
fromitheir use. If it be true that "what is
worth doing at all is worth doing well,"
how emphatically Is it true In matters re
lating to the health. A few bottles ot Plan
tation Bitters have often wrought wonders,
while in other instances disease has only
been subdued after weeks of resistance.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and told at halt
the price. . .. - 1
New York Money Market—Nov. 2.
lWiiYMaratrovMl and
lightest of the season, 7 per cent, on cur-woywlU-Ji;
W eomis8Mset,rjrTsr for
isjold sjexeall The Assistant Tirwirtfx re
deemed to-daV and'trirdaiF ll-.tfylnnn nf
i-3. rCfpen wrtitkvtsdyisird In the '
,ame aavs 57,809 000 in gold for interest.
r KKuva .,sxetusaty'e.Duo at
lOnwiainnTr: ;t j-mi
'utLfivppmM A&tfo to
. MadyanciMl to l3atiUaisita tliij(3l
004; no saies ov UvHrnment. -
u .f.. h.g-sui.'T.jA! , it-.i- ' -v:ai.-- ajdT "
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov 2.
HU(yU133r1fItA ItnalR lltl I
loi'-aiUME.le-'l'he market is vrv rlnaa af.
;10l2flerVtirtt.for best pafWT'
i JCSCaAGiiiIel ati pat'tAiiytsnd
.sOcremiilraanllion-. ...tMrni
New York Stock Market—Nov. 2.
Coupons rf,'Sl 115i115i do '62 109U
. 107; (Iojkw U0i IW41 .Hdn i WxlioiZ
.ell0: do 68 H0riO-4OB.lOS?r?OrU
Rf3ll . nrlfui.WAlla TP. v nroca OQ 7r 0O
MerohanUUi'.ri81S2?6 Paciflrj Mail
.12.; Nlw.l"ork Central 124J124;
Weaiern Ua'oa Telegraph MXmtyii Eri
40X40);.i.-;r.r(rred 6S(a67j--MiiA &
MissMppi 33!33 vFbah' 9fKw6
do preferred fo, St. Paul 97g9S; preTer
rert "979S; Michigan Southern 843i
84V' I rrii Oentr f MB rttri n
8G8.TIed0bflOllO2i.ok Island
,104104i Fort Wayne 112112;
. xerro fiauMt jy6, ... :dn-ii
i (.::: .11. i. ti 'H 1 .ji 11 M tia Im
New York Market—Nov 2.
COTTON Bather more steady; 23Jj
lot middling nrliiYdst,6rji isles tepxrrted
as high as 25(g25ft which is an extreme.'
1 FLOUB-'-eiosed dull and a trifle lower;
Taiddlinir arid commbn 3qniet' ' anrl Ain
chnnged;'. spring ' very ! .heavy; ..i wlutejjde-
.alinlntr, .:' .A ..'(. .out-shA n -.i.ntti
!m-BYE Nominal atfl 40. 'f
. O ATS-jXJii j3t an.f? JDKjSfJiJrSj, forces
tern. "
.? COR-QnIetrl 111 14 for unsound;
$1 15l 10 for sound mixed western.
-POKKuitoess $2O0 seiirxs $27.
' BEEF-Dull snrLbeavy.
BACON-rQuiet aod, steady. ,0
LARD--DuUUZiai7Ji1j for'falr to prims
fjlteam- -fiia
.EG3r:Fi1rmlland, qtnie,. mftMi
Cincinnati Market—Nov 2.
FLOUR-Dull and lbweh' sales of a'milv
at 7 257 50. .W ,H air .-rilT
" WHEAT Searof bnlders hot offerinz:
tNo. 1 is saleable atl 70.-1 V ',-( T
. CORNrr-.Dnrihanged: sales, of ear at: 86
TISefor shelled; 98ft fop oirj; Ww 'eat-60
65.:i . a riaii' e'u.J
7 OiTS-SalesatoiSgSToklB
.. KYErDull al$I25.-....vefV ..a .0 .t
BAR LEY Dull and nmtieda&n?ate
uuum.iini.. vniiilUb ITCIt,.-i . '-t.i
lun-uwLi.. .ujluuiinK ; S,..40ac
TOBACCO Nothing doing. ,wsi
W H ISKY lit moderate demand at 1.
POKKNothinjz doing in mess; sold at
$24 -on the spot; bHt for Decembc'risljiot
saleable at better ,than'f20iVl'JO'
. LARD Small sales of new steam at 15?
16c; but little' old is here; net mot than
150 tierees. 1 ' .-w-? 1
andl2but noneareoffiired.:-.iTr '.,1
. BACON A faV demand' mm; market
and l7Jc. .,f .a 1. r io
HAM--Sugar shred ara ery-dullat 15
'1t- packed: J-ut.
s-BU 1TE R-'-TJUtt S"a4T37l?. ij
, . EGGS Sa.les at ,2980c. .
CfrEESE---tn eoml deSnand'al,6fSl3E.
HOQS--Scarei ana higWertwi afternoon
nWitb Wiyersat $7 758 lK)gros.'3.,T
BEKFjATTLK--1u11 but ot towet.
f tiiuuxjiJ-UiU-r irqa:, sales oi renaea
at 30r33Sc. Hrr' aouou 01
Baltimore Cattle Market
, The receipts for the weekjwera 2 316at
tie. 6 915 sheep and lambsand 0,P96 hogs
BEEP t'ATTLE Of , the ahoye arrivals,
' about 275 head weretaken In Penneylvsmia
tor feeding ahd n!a3iint7,-!aad;t25(were-re-
shippedto- Easteni markets wichput being
onirea here; tne Dajance coanprtsed tneot
ferlngsi, on the markeft' '-n '1 " )D'J
: Butehers having laid7 in'-a'pietyibeavy
' supply tor- several successive weeksythe-eie-mand
from tjiat source was lioatte aqtal
though farmers and ; speculators , bought
freelv, the',marketshowed'a-aqcllne'bf;25o
p-r 100 lbs on all gradesoiesttteihd closed
, very dull, only a few; howsrer." being, Jelt
unsold at the .cJose.., ,yye quote: ,.t. .,
.pOld cows aad. scalawags at $3 S64 (X);
;ordipary thin' steers, oxe'nrand cows $00
g SO';' fair- to good stock' cattle- $4 25
6 75; fait quality beeves '$5 606 50i sod
the' very best-beeves,, 7..P0d 00. per 100
lucBiciajjn yiiu vipiii auuub f j,uu
igtOSSrL JJ" ; ("J ,- ;.. flf" ffH -j'-i
SHEEP-lThec snpp'lf during t( ijftst
, week ha, been ia excess,. ot tha; fieqaapd,
yand the market is very dull, but; quotations
unchanged. Prices to-day ranged .'as fol
ilows i Uoramon to good fat sheep St 2JJ
:4Jo per lb. 1 4 i;1'-. -dj xd i.-;H
au ilOGW The. supply ;this week-Is ftuly
. equal to 'the demand, and the market is
rapidly tending downward, showing a de
decline -of fully $1' per 100 -lbs- front Jhe
; rates of last -week.' Prices to-djy ranged
as fiillow;, , Fair, to; good fab hogs-f lft; 00
an Rn'nn.iiviii,3 . ...
Chicago Market—Nov. 2.
FLOUR In fair demand;""sbrlng extras
at $5 7o8 60. "4 ' ' --i:.i oo.i
WHEAT Loss sctive and; fe Weben
.sales No, 1 at $1 181 20; No. at $1 11,'
, 1 14a, closing quiet and steady at $1 14
' for No. 2; sales since change at $1 17' for
rNoL2 - ... r.-'.i.i iii --j-i.o
.'I, CORN Dull and firm and 23n higher;
sales No. 1 at 7380o; No, 2 at 77ld jre-
jected at 7375e, closing at 80c lor No-1;
sales ot No. 1 this afternoon at S0C '"
OATS Firmer and less artiv and l
la higher; sales Noi 1 at 4o46c, closing
..auAJJienjt : ,, ...JT '
, RXE-Firm and quiet aDd "lc hlgh
' eff sales No. 1 at $1 081 09, closing out-
giijei J, I uti'iM yiir. jioda -,n
; BABLEY Active and 45; lower; sales
: at $1 481, 52,,closing at f 1 SA,r, ,j
Chicago Market—Nov. 2. N. Y. Cattle Market—Nov. 2.
Receipts of week': C,0t4 beeves,! .33,404
sheep and lamhfe, and 35.0S4 hogs.
1 CATTLE Dullj and the supply fat in
excess of the demand, aad prices lower.
Prime to extra 1 5 16c, the. latter 'an ex
treme; good 1314!c; medium to fair 11
13c; ordinary and inferior SQlOc , sl
SHEEP Common and medium dnlTMnd
depressed; prime firm.In-'1 i,Ail .7-v.f
- . LAMBS 06 low grade neglected; cood
much wanted; 46c for sheep, and4JsSc
for lambs. . ' ' i
- - HOGS Lower, under ' large-arrivals,
closing weak at 78 lor common- to
. prime live weighty 10lQc for dr esseg-
Toledo Market—Nov. 2.
FLOURDull. - ;
f WHEAT-DeclihedSc.'butrecovsrjatla
decline' at the- close; sales No 1 white Mich-
. lean at $1.,831 90; white, Michigan at
$1 75; No 2 do at $1 60; amber at f 1 63
165; No 2 springat $1 151 ia. 7 "
CORN A shade firmer; sales No t at
87c. . . ; . .
- OATS 2c better; ' No'; la western 53c;
:Mt-nisran62).c. --ji.! t,farl , ..t, .-.t
, . RYE A snade 6etter;.N 1 $1 12;,.. 1
It x RT.1?.V Atilor .
111 "
St. Louis Market—Nov. 2.
FLOUR Dull and unchanged; $5(23 75
for superfine. " ''' " " - " 1
WHEAT Slow and lowvr. .! 11 f't
CORN DecJned to 8795ri. , t it
, , OATS Unchanged ; 4650c-
RYE Unchanged; $1 00l 03. "
WBISITY Lower; t 05 1 "?--
PORK Lower; $303oJ'" ;.-.
1-BACON Unchanged; 13Ju fof should
er ; 17217c for clear sides. n : r , .
LARD Nominal. ,
. . . . 1 . . - - :oui v'--
1 r-T ' r
New York Dry Goods Market—Nov. 2.
" Market generally quiet, but steady, apart
from an advance of per yard in price
of Lancaster prints, by agents, but some
poor styles are still being sold by jobbers
at 11211, which is below the market
price lor fresh patterns. Wooleus are very
dull, exceptstyles adapted for ladles' suits
and cloakings, which are active at lull
prices. ., .... . ,-; j .:,
Buffalo Market—Nov. 42.
WHEAT No 2 spring! 30.
CORN-No 1 western 95c. ;
OATS-i-Western 66oi . - i
' RYE Nominal at $1 24. -t lV,.,-, ; ..,
B iRLEY Entirely nominal, t
CANAL FREIGilTS Flrm at 23o for
New York; some boatmen asking 2c ad
vance.' ' ', " ' ' ' ,' '''
I m n,"l li l-Q
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 2.
FLOUR Nominally unchanged. . ..
W HEAT Nominal at $1 25 for No. 1 in

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