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"" . ) ) 1 i ' ' 1 .' ' 'T'1'1 ' " 1
Gold closed la New York yesterday at
The Result of the Election.
' The result of the election yesterday was
d sastrous to the Democratic party. Ind -
mil? Ohio ' W rtiosyivinla 'tavel
la-jtely increased Republican mnjoritles
over the October election. Connecticut
has gone'RepBbltinfNewi Tork is re
ported close. Kentucky, Maryland, Dela-
waref p4 thej$ber Southern States ne. -ally
JiaVi foted for JiEYMotfaarJci fc&ii,
and ttesi irl rettyiearl'all tW !
done so.
At this writing, the appearances are that
the Republicans fiavVmaaa Aero U weep.
In September last, we heard a leading
Republican W, . that the people of the
United States must have lour more yeara
ot Republican mlsruie-betore they would
Tote that ;party out of power. Evidently,
be had a just understanding of the temper
of a maiority of the people.
The great majority that has beei Wen
General GaAST was not given him in con
sequence of the popularity of Republican
rule ; but it was because there1 pervades a
feeling that General Grant will make a
sort of lno!epetiden?lE8ident and admin
ister the Government in the interest of the
w nolo people?-' They look upon him, too, j
as a successful and meritorious General, to ,
' whom much is due, and they feel dfrpostd
to reward bin. yet pjare Uaa he has been
rewarded for his services. Undoubtedly,
hcyasterday received many a vote from
,n& cWhoIhave) i aborreJce
for Congressional Reconstruction, and who
do not approve the general course ot the
Repuoftcan';$art CorigreHar and wTio
think that he will Tylerise the Republican!
party. .That such -views influenced votea
is manifest from the fact that the votes fori
the Republican' candidates for Congress,
and State officers in most instances fell,
fft shorts the iotas lor Ggfceral GU4T.j
It was the strength of his reputation his
party from defeat in Indiana, Ohio and!
PennsylvMtoarto Oebw. oJeion, and
saved from defeat tlie Beilbllcktfand State
candidates that werewted f(W yeaterday.
When GeneftrfJA(riMvrflfi brought
forward. fr,somnatif n to.theJ&esidency
by iMai po?itchlnsH' WfcJ
claimed I
that under the si
t name
d'idateVlnto Con4
they could run
grest. In this they have succeeded. 'With
" . i rfpiaSecaati-iA. caMlAtte rrfscin
they would haiebeen defeated at all
Successful, as they are, they wil, not
-stop toconsideralmiy ine",it4ncy,"-Tna$
saved themfr'ernfbg defeat; but they!
.will-drive Alone headlong, imagining tha
UfiVM4 aJisense 0vejejtodowhai4
that manjjaye. .Vpdonpt believe tha
be will be independent in his action, alt
tndugS iFbe'jfaall' cbgcrhe 'tbOefeefio
(rtiCt "aYigbhe -will find ample author!
IF. ti.t..ii. ...y-a 3j aiiAve ;. tapcrnA
ty to administer- too government in tn
.fl I '. J MOt ITi.'IlilT!! !1
Interest or the piopjeand uof in the ex
Sd.aa'teRSf;piS6lican party.
"but we doubt whetlier be will be anything
'i:T ,,..-,:t .1- ' (;t lti :t-v , M .ir! J
dl else than the pliant creature of the Bepul)
J" Jleahs lit Congress. .-a u ,(, o: ,
of a Noted Criminal.
rv, There are many whOwill recall the incfr
ik "dents connected with the trial and execu
r , tion of BDHKif, who murdered many per
"i mm la- Edinburgh, Scotland, aud sold their
cbodies to the doctors.'-' An English "paper
-gives the foljowlng accounts' of the death
,;",iji.SKaecomplic: -- .
"It would seem that Helen Mcbouyai'
'the purtinoar ot Burke, the murderer, was
living in New South Wales uutil the other
day;-wueD she-was accidentally burnt to
r d ath ' at Sirgl'eton.' Such "was the inlor
niation, at all events, conveyed by tele
grapb'rom' Sydney to Melbourne, on
the 13th of last August, li is
st a tea in tt.e message tnat
nipfiKflOA thai: tha ml,.
erable woman-' was -sent out
years ago to the colony, In which she has
at length come to a tragic end. It may be.
"kdded that her maiden name was Louifal."
ling8hlre,"where be was working as a a.
borer ' on' a canal. This happened a few
.oTrs before be and Hare engaged in that
fearful series or murders in the West Port
f Edlnburgh,whieh made their nsmes for-f
ever infamous.- Beien was tried along with"
t .BuTkr, before the Hieh Court of Justiciar!.
i.,,;io and thanks to the poweiful plead-
lufot her counaeL fieniv Crx-khurn. aha
escaped the doom which-overtook' her
'in .crime.: ' The verdict - In 'her.
,j waa. onei of. ulot ' proven,", ;and
on : uearinjr : inese.. words from the
?;foaan. of the jury Burke turned to
her and said, - KeUic yott are out of
the scrape,'., -JX o. one had, or could have
many doubt as to her guilt; and the jury in
ir -. curred a great deal of blame for their ver
diet. From the condemned cell Burke sent
his watch and what moner h muunuvd to
UiicDougal, saying, 'Poor thing, it la all I
w jtiye ner; it wiii.oe oi -aome use o
per, anq i win not neea iw ua ncr liner-
atlon from orison sh returned to her old
,'baunts, mad being at once recognized, was
set upon ana narrowly escaped death at
fhc hands of the mob. She afterward left
secretly" for the village where Burke first
found hen but she had also to flee lrom it.
and nothing has since been heard of ber.
until now, wnen tms story or ber death
comes from the Antipodes. She mast havei
.peenupwara oi seventy years old when
'she died.";' '"i ' "
JjypTe event in the. annals of crime- created,
morji intense horror than' those' of Bcrkk,,
The .murders ;ne 'committed were not for.
"rrobbery,'but for the gain i could get bj
selling the bodies of bis murdered victims"
,to be physicians for dissection. He first
TSTMamenced robbing graves, but .finding
;,ret;SabjecU. needed, - he "resorted ito
'rearrder to secure them. '.The crime baa
""r endered the mad infamous hU name be
,'ihg how used to describe it and "Burking"
t. 1 a i term in common use when murder
Ttot uc' bufpose is spoken of, while the
".("CTime, we are glad, to say, is now obsolete
! - ' i '
ot:tA' matt in Toronto who has ' been for
;j-twnty-rour years deaf and dumb, caused
by scarlet and typhua fever when five years
'""of age suddenly recovered the lull use of
"IrW Mmswot bearing and apeech a few days
ifSJ( i - j . ,., , ... ,J"
erodPI.O "'f ' mih ' - .JM-! j"'
....Thx fionsecration of Father Ryan, Blsh-.
bp-elect Qt.Buflalo, will take place on Sat
. kUrdar, November 8th, in St. Joseph's Ca
riiMlralcn,ha"Bamof 53,000 baa been sub
scribed to procure a suitable outfitter the.
.WW.Mflop - . J
Aw unsophisticated Gloucesfer1 'girl re
cently inquired at a dry goods store lor
" three yards of Grecian bend."
of a Noted Criminal. British India Threatened with
Another Famine.
F&reiirn aanera arw teefol'nir rif.h an.
counts of a threatened famineln Northern
India, which, it is feared, may revive the
terrible 6xenu TWessa, whereTwiTnilP
lions of people lost their lives dying the
most terrible of all deaths by starvation.
The accounts say that there was scarcely
any' hot weather In'Mayaird JuneTifidV lb
nuns, wmcn .began at month before the
Usual time, have done Immense damage
The rice; crops, including those which kav
9en sown a second time, are "ruined. Oris-
aa. and all the district, between. Calcutta
a Id the. sea, bar been deluged. Tel, whlii;
tins superabhhdance of moisture tias fallea
pn the coast, the central districts arc suf
fering still more from drought. The prici
pf bread has greatly advanced already. ..;?
1 "In. lower Bengal tha crops have suffered
from;'; too" much rain, while op In' Behai
they are suffering from too'littte'.'It seem
to be accepted, s. arulc.that an excess oi
rain invjinexuurici lft usually auetxjea dj
adroyghUn anothe?. Tills, indicates tb
deoesslHt for? a-Vvstem of 'navigation. A
Calcutta correspondent of " the ' London
Timet gives the following account of the
tfeiKfition of affairs rd" vc' "' i"1 '! J? in
Orlssa'was swept; the.otlier ' '-cttabrio&fce
tween Calcutta and the sea are (-till foui
inid(;rnrar'reverr;inore dhtantTtr'
ftoCt'waVdeiugeft?- iTHtf rlce'crtfps' totted
those sown a second time are now. rotting
Wore-my eyes. week, ajto, when w.
SS6uiai:have''bfecn"t)arboile4 ;,by :"heat and
damp, the first bresttf of the cold seastn
c iihe,' arid ' the' apprehenstoriU spreading
ntat even jLastern B ngal will snffer agaii
Nor ha' Western India escaped' the iitl
uge. Aithis lme last'monlU It inundated
Gnzerat. Ahrnedabad, Kaira, SuraL ant
jtbjTJftei? Ijreat bid cities there have 1ee!.
desolated. "" Th'e news of a calamity whicd
In' Europe' would ';hTe-clled forth the
lamentation of nations, in India takes three
week to; travel", across ..(he; Peninsula
Houses have fallen down by; tens of thou
. amla, and lives, both European and native,
have peep lost, while jallway bridges have
betf washed away .-'The Gussratte mer
cbantSr of Bombay are subscribing liberalij
for the sufferers in a catastrophe which has
swallowed up a quarter of a million ster
P&SH PKPfrtZiV ipwesl; cajcuhwron
The Journal Editors Photographed
The Journal Editors Photographed by a Republican.
vi.The Cincinnati Comnttreial has a cor res
pondent from Colurabui 'wbb thus draws
life like per and Ink sketches: of the Jowr-
naf editors. Bis first "counterfeit present
ment .iorcoui'.iifouiii)ie 'd6ei''boi
name bis name is .
if?"'rTHTUHa "CB tM. COMLY, , r, ...
MTh responsible editor, who won a Bre
ves isrigaaier Ueneral's commission, H
obiiuu nioivi aneti lour yearo"- service in
the lace war, attained his present rotund
maturity .iq ...the; benighted ' count! oi
ii.HmiH, ,o nu cntucvii Aepuuiican anu
a-jKxwvoe wapaper man.'' I'TiTii'ifl
Writer speaks Of the General as a newana
2ef, trjaiiv because, although alf that , is said
? t.!n' yetyoor- newspaperi men'? is the
great leature la -the life like sketch, ',;
",.Th?'t P001011!" thatot the trav-
eiea eaitor, it Ui.
v , MR, J. A. HOWARD. .
'Th'wHtiniriedft;or--ith6"-m'an win, ,
..ugJisa coat aua tJculJ cap iirst saw ligm
in ,Tn:if;iiorMitr. ceuntyi of llckiDg
When the rebellion brok
with that bthet'iu eat mpntal Htrht. Rnni
Lieutenant Colonel ' B P. 1,. ,Bber. jm
original Li r coin man,' he was, through the
iiiiiuruco. wjjoaui.ijBuowai. ia imsn orrp-ji
imiiuiiciui ma wunarawai r?i mm
Js Jio doubt familiar to you).
tittliaf place-inat weV- the Jina n ,rho
State ofvMaine-ehould afford him ample
vuuuiiuuiiv. m muse or r.rif rpiinora an.i
sentiments oi the people of Enlana,inast
ue eviurni. iu an. nac (joionei i hnmnuo
oi tnvJS,iijjiin: MniyalafWfVand how
we- received uaptaiu Jones, ol the Eng
ligo, iiavy-have been, told iajjfteu-jioi iailv
JI itdUrilly, tha.ti4hoireadersip the
ounuu ana uie uniortunate sunerers at a
aeeOndeiasa boardinffixhoaarij nuAv tr.
eudugh. - That Mr. Adam?, while Mim
"- i.uv.vviuui whvaui.c&ijuiMuju nave
taken .pains, to express his view,ot politi
cal matters to this! writing editor, Is evU
derice that be appreciated ( what those who
know' bim better hare .failed ti,'do.7he
K' eciiue rnuenu 10 iue ji,ngii8ii na
tion by the .United' States Consul at St
John's." r ,v:.'A".w.i -i
The luggm hi of 4Col;' Baper is out of
taste, for (bat gentleman did his duty in th
army honorably arid,' Veil;1 bu t Ve, forgi vi-
that, because, except that blemish; the plo-
Agriculture Colleges.
" "aining on band, a considerable portion
. ( f it having been used up Jh the sale of the
-crip to speculators. For this purpose, a
I r i i .i ,.. ., ,
LegUlative comnlIttee- f 8t tbe
i j -wsslon, report a proper location. Already
! .ver S 100. 00ft In land and monev has btn
"izensorunampaign ana oiucKing coun
partner I '.ies, and the same amount, it is thought,
' ; will he secured In Franklin county, contin-
In accordance with the Congressional
Act pa&aed few' years siuce Government
aid in- the shape' of 'land scrip has been
granted "by sixteen tates to as many insti
tutions, as followa,:.;,-;."
.r. Land Scrip.
Tale CoIVie SoientifioSchool............ Sleo.tnjo
Auherst Coliene...t,.n.,: .-.it.-.j..... 360.000
Cornell un.vereity, jin&o, n x .......... kh.whi
Center Conntjr (Fenn.) College". i Tlao.ooO
College, LaoainK. Mich..' ...t SI0 Wi
College, Maryland SlU,0(O
Col let e. Hanover. Jl. H
College, Burlington, Vt... .............
College, Itladiaon, Wi8....i......-i.i4.tf.
., '160,100
... S86.MKI
. .1 1 IM.0I4I
" 330.0110
.4 lftO.OOO
,. , 80,000
.0 480.0UO
coiiegei morgantown,'
College, Sew Brunswick. N. J.;....,...
olleue. liexmgtoD, Kj
Jollege. Oaklaud, Cal 1'.
mi ege, rroTidei.ce, K- 1
n'Tr1,-lu"'-f --t ,
Total Scrip.
'. In Ohio, the inteutinn 1b to create a .enai
tendered the State, as a' donation, by the
. . .
tent on. the location . being matl4a-He
county, where the fund is raised.'-"
Caught in His Own Trap.
[From the Quincy Herald.]
Mr. Philip Thomas, the proprietor of the
beer saloon on State and Eighteenth streets,
some distance beyond Mr. John -Wood's
residence, nas,..ior some time past, oeen
missing money and little articles of various
kinds. The goods and money have all dis
appeared in rather a mysterious manner,
much to the dissatisfaction as well as won
der of Mr. Thomas. Becoming tired of
such transactions, and wishing to put a
stop to further trespasses on him. Mr.
Tnomas, on the evening of Wednesday,
loaded a shot gun with a charge of small
bird shot and placed it in his store in such
a position as to cover the entrance ot his
door. A string was attached to the trig
ger and then to the door, so that as soon as
th1nr nnened the gun would be tired
and the charge would catch the trespasser
in the stomach and legs. Mr. Thomas
owoifri nar.ientlr the coming of the Dur
lnlner. Time sped rapidly away, but the
man for whom the trap was set failed to
mot-., his anoearance, and the anxious Mr.
Thomas, becoming tired af waiting; con
cluded to go arouiiu iu lub uoor ana taxe
a ' bird's eve view- oi uie trap, tie aid
so, and, while gazing upon his. 'infernal
machine," the thought occurred to bim
that the trap might falV lu which case
the gun, as well as the othor property,
would be at the mercy of the thieves;
i therefore, to be sure of 8he matter, he con
' eluded to try the door and be perfectly
certain. He acted, upon the suggestion.
In bhort order the door swung creaking
upon its binges, and then followed the re
portslap, bang, boom, and Mr. Thomas
stoou in- nia w raujui . in nis
own trap, with his stomach filled with bird
shot. . Dr. Zimmerman was called In and
miniatured to the wants of the wounded
man. Mr. Thomas was not seriously hurt.
. Tun Rmoke from the volcar4ic eruption
la the-Sandwich Islands 'was seen ;ote
itiousand miles from the islands, and at hall
.fiat distance was so dense that officers of
, lips were prevented from making: their
; bservations. '
New York Life—A Touching Incident.
! Oliver Pyer, In his account of K'ew York
ltf.i" rolafua tV.B-t'Trwrlnrf ftniHpntr
1 wish to mention another incident,
which show mm untiwif aiigaaant phaae. of
New xorr lire than anv 1 nave mentioned.
Old Uncle.Zeke is. the rbero ot At-r oor
oia negro,- woo uvea iaown jib aoei(an. mi
fearl street fifteen vears. ana made Das-
ketr-dow thern- by-a"li)rt beeaase,-!,
oelng a fugitive slave from Kentucky (tnls
was before-the great' rebellion had .broken
the bonds of the slav ); be . was afraid to
come out in the daylight, for fear he would
be found nv Rome slave hunter and taken
DacK to servitude. --The om lellrtwr used to
work down in that cellar and make baskets
by candlelight, and his old wife would go
lUtat nltrht and sell them. Thev were verv
tearful lest somebody should "recognize
ihem and fiend them hack to' slavery, ti
was not long before-the old wile found a
iood triend. who would , take all ber bas
kets and keep her secret. , ,
use day, on the approach, ot winter, )
friendly gentleman went down to ask
Uacle Zeko it he had not- better- apply to
the citr for coal, i The city distributes a
certain . amount ot coal to poor people
every winter. Uncle Zike poor old basket-
maker! as he was replied : .'Wbatl task
charity of the ; city ? No, I Is an Ameri
can citizen. I earn my own llviag."; And
there the old fellow worked away.," And.
when Thanksgiving time came, the same
gentleman thought -n would -try and im
nose turkey bn old ZeJte, in. some form ot
jtber.. He took , .the., turkey .bimsell
(he , did ihbjj. dare - to , send' i,. servant)'-'
'to ;.oldb''Z'ike'g ' cellar:'1 but
Dnci'!Zkei wad ii xorable.'i I -askMio
charity,", he said. - Finally the! gentleman
said; " simply, wish to leave It with -you as
a touen or my esteem ana respect lor you ;
and if. on consideration, yon choose, you
may pay me for it." ' Zeke aw daylight
through, that, and so he finally accepted the
turkey, out or amtmutm for tlie aenUeman,
1 hat poor old Dat-ket-maker ana ins poor
Ola Wlie SUryivea tne riots, ana are now
.Ki. . i ir iai. In k.n. li.rh, .;
dav: and Uncle Zeke can make hia basket;
.OW In an UPDer room. With none tO mole8'
Or to make him afraid. - , ' .
i - j -. - - . '; .r --...I.'--.-.-.
A Good Joke on Butler.
,a A' friend7 in; tIs 'city has made us ac
quainted with a (rood joke on Butler,-th
ttoast, as-receiveddirectlv from tbe gentle
man whose lun-kvinsr children. were th
cause ol this merriment. Tbe gentlemai
re 1ft tine the joke, lived but ' feW'dooiV
HiAlYi dr-liw, in Wnahinrrlnn iUtr.-rliiFlmi
rh Ufa -oln nf Tha Ra,
bad a little poodle doe, of which he was ex
k j n..i li. j T kTl i " -
ceedingly fond and particularly careful H
keep always In the house.1 'The children d
bis-neijrhhor'were for ome time anxiou
to jret bold of this dog. ' Une day they li
lially succeed ea in enticing it from its 're
treason Butler's premises.- Taking it ui
tenderly - they carried it home ,- and took
good care to guard against its escape.. ,..
r When Butler returned he discovered th
absence' of his pet. " The househhld' wis
aroused and servants were sent hither and
thither through thoAtreets in eager search
of the dog... But it isr needless to say that
they were unable to find it. r Finally But
ter himself stood directly in - front of tbeJ
gentleman's bouse anq, tbecbiiaren, who,;
in .the meantime, hid attached in, every
conceivable manner a -quantity of, pewter
-poons to the dbg,'Tleased-lt:lr6m eaptlv-i
ityi" Straight lt flew to iu master,' jump
ing upon him in the exoes ot delight, andi
rattling the. spoons with a terrible, .din
The Beast's mortification, was' Indescriba
ble, arid fresh laurel were added from that;;
day to- hisapooaey reputation Wilmington"
Jttwnututit r. i--T('l -!i;i!ij .. (i i-nl
Good Roads.
R iiTP
fi : .f r !'-' (j- - -
We see that the, Agricultural Society at
Vlneland. New Jersey, has offered priz-s
for ' the best roads' made1 atd - kept ;ln order
oy privat- enterprise. -Xtia mattnr is yet
an experiment, out, we aouDt not it wil'
Drove a benefit to those living wknin' the
territory where '.compeiitiow1 is to: take
place. " Now wouia it not do a wise plan
for the agricultural associations i of Ohio
aad other western states to adopt a simi
lar mode to create a greater 'interest than
has been1 shown heretofore in making good
highways -:-'- .'isw.-it uiniu :.-,j;-m
, Boads ard the first-thing a stranger no
tices when passing thro us; Ii a country, and
a man may have ever so good a larm, but
if the roads that rtth'throdigh Or alongside
of it Tare bad, we tnay rest assured that
tbry will attract' the mosattentiod.r Our
agricultural societies could .not do a hett -r
thing than offer large prizes Xpr goorr roaos.
Let eyery : hifthway in- the 'country bes
wel; kept; as a race. ' course, and theu our
fannerA 4-&iv briim out. their . fast horses
eyerx-dayand show their speed, and there
will!befn6 nccessiliy Of makng a journey
of twenty ei1 mhre'teilfB tcflnd 'a place
more saicaoie ror a larm aorse to trot ac a
ttye xoilealt,'n -
Strange Effects of a Rainfall.
[From the Ellicott's City Common Sense.]
great Hood ill the i fatapaco-. Valley ) ! the
falling rain gave a strange, evidence of;it
powerlid effect,,- Near.GUlIssi Falh, about
?. mile tfom the Baltimore and. Ohio' rail
oad west of Wr 'odbini', the falling rain beat
orit two cavitieg, about! twenty feet apart,
each about fifty -feet In.idiameter and Ave
feet deep, ou tbe slope or a Dill ot a prova
ble decline of forty degrees tour hundred
find fifty feet from the creekj and ninety
feet above the beO-of the-fails. Twenty
trees, irom six to twelve-iuuhes im diame
ter, were unrooted and washed , off. some
of them, to a distance, of sixty' feet from
the cavrtie?, while the trees all around are
covered with-mud up to ten ieetfrom tbe
(rrnund; altbingh they were not otherwise
disturbed; . .These remarkable proofs ol the
power.oi iauiux riaiii arts uii tut? .iztrui ui
Mr. George Buckingham, ne"ar Woodolne,.
where those interested in such matters can
These lu.les .seem to indicate the fall oil
contiguous .-masses ot water, ana go somi
distance towards proving' the reality Of'so-.
called cloud bursts. -' Perhaps this was not
the -only point where such a phenom nop
ocourrt d on that fatal. morning ; hut either
the spots have not been discovered as y et.or
the water fell on solid rock, which would
w the effect only to .a well practiced
eye.v:-.':' ';! 1 "..:;:..i t-.m' r'n I1
Crawford's statue, of Washington In
Richmond, Va .is represented to be hi a
shaky condition.-' Some of the: iron bolts
. . ' i - 1. c . . . n.nni
W1CII WHICH. Jl. I was JBiSieiieu tu,iue K'iiii.e
pedestaL have by orrosloa and. abrasion
been . reduced to half their original thick
ness, and the bands holding together the
blocks composing - the - pedestal are' also
considerably worn.1 Portions of the gran
ite have crumbled beneath the immense
weight of the statue.' Tbe discovery of
these tacts has been followed by prompt
measures to prevent the downfall and con
sequent, destruction of . this -magnificent
work of art...... .... ; ;.i .... ,; ,
' UiNii young men who left Rouen on their
velocipedes at seven In the morning, reacn
ed Par-is at nine in the eveninir. They
performed, the distance of thirty-two
leagues In eleven hours, having restea
three hours during the day. '
New Advertisement
f The Ohio Statesman lta a.
Career Circulation tnaa any pa
D.r nublished In thU City or Cen
tral Ohio. AUreriwers win near
this in mind. i -
Emollient Cream.
mui.w nEl.ir.HTI'L'L ANDEI-ECtNT
L preparation, introJneed last -winter, having
received HO mauy ubm-wjub wu.u.mv. nam
those wbonsod it, induce the proprietors to bring
-. L.f . .)- mi K I n .,lilfili, tll.m 1. h i .
ia nnrivllfl iu, the best Droteator of the skin
against tbe inclemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also oonduoes to its neaitn, purity
and .preaarvationj for healing abrasions, Chap
ped lianas. race, uw, v.y
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
delight! nl fragrance render it a necessary append
... m t.h toilet. Prepared only by MARFLE A
RITSON, ispensing. Chemists, loo 8uth High
a t 1 . ileA i ai V4ln anil Avi m
aireet, voiuipouo, v"v. ., . . - -
for Beautifying the SKIN and COMPLEXION
, and renders THE 8K.IN SOFT,. FAIS ' 1
,' and BL00MINO. ' ' ,
v.. , inTV, U N IT KAtVR'V' it im invlnnl,l
For GENTLEMEN after 8HAVIMO it has na
equal. - "PAPHIAN LOTIOM" is the only reii
able remedy for diseases and blemishes of tht
Bltlfl. , . - . '
VMT-myM-eodly K .
' , "FI.0B BE MAYO."
' "FLOS XB MAYO." :: "
PHALON f BOM, XI. Y. , BOW dj au iruggiats
VMT-mylKi-eodlyi .'.'''.. ' I "
NUBSEBY. and BATH, will not chap th
8 KIN. Price 83 cents per cake.
New Advertisements
! fff f ff'H ORWl4TT0aL f f j f I
Nils, tntBAAt ARP tmlllXfytt,LY.
-O "f
'. Tai Rural Niw-Yohkbr has long- been the
Lea ling and Largest Circu.atinii Newspaper . f itf
Vlaas. it naa einsianiijr mereasea in iircuiauoD
Innuenpe and ReDUUttion fairlv aaauiriiii. bi
superior ability ndenterprls, ibt tntMik in ire
important aphere of Juumalism.
order to
tmmenselT aaKment lte-uaefiunesa and l'oer 1- t
)Kd, ita founder and Uonduotor has determined
toao enlarge aadimirove tha HoaL that.it shall
be the , - - .'.iu
This is no idle boast, fot ic tnsan aH wr laf &r
vnptff ana au. who uairt- Doel' oar anwiHNj Ud
vrlarmanat forr tventr-five ' Ters while con-
U'uoting' th iHcMfiH TurmtrlVua IS), CeMtet
Urmer(l8M-:i&iaiidtbe KuhaI. Si YuHEB
inoe January. Ia50 know that ODB l'LKDUli3 ake
ALflTa POLLY KBDKBMID. ..v '..' I ili;-ri
:..;., SIZ3. BITLK AND C0HTENt8. ' ' 11
Our purpose is to excel all past effort by making
the KCEAL sooai iuudlb ir8-FeMWKHaizB..giT.
ini more reading ib tueiiaa ung Uapa t aeuU.ada
- inn-several New Ventures, and employing, as tdU
' torial and tipeeial tloatriantora, auray of the ablest
Fraotieal,-.ieo(ificand Liters y writera Men and
I Women of great Experience, extensive Knowledge,
- Kink DanitnllH. - ..I 1 . . : . .
The KCEiL fiK t-1 orb eb lor isoa win oe ptib-
llshed on a Mammoth SKeet. oompriiuns; 16 LaKUK
i QUA.RTU -eA.Oh.S- tS S- l;OLU.Ufi;cj JiACU.
i printed in Superior Style, on Book faper, and Ap-1
propriatelr illustrated;- In brie'V it will be Ablt
E imD. fi MgLr Illustbitbd. Nkatlt Hrinthd.
-pages wUI .embrace Departments -devofa to or
. treating DDflD . Aerioulture. Hortieultute. kural
f r?t5'-S?"?bJ?Arr "on;uu
Ltndaoaoe Uardenina-. Kntimolozr. Literatura.
Edncatioa, 8oisaoe aud Art, Mew ioTeiittoDS D-
j (mestio tconomy, Natural Umtory, fneTel", Topo-
the Markets. Ae Ac... with IHuatratioru. I iIhi
tssajs. Sketches, Poetrj, Alnsio. Aebuses, Enig
mas, Co. - - - '-'i ..id bi.ut 1
. InTolvefTast Labor and Expense, but we poss tr
means and facililties f .r its successful accninplish-
- Mnl i'-riul.l hlnriAnoM hVIr.h k n.l.
: dse it tbe. WaaU-of tbo Popl. in botti Town
t A nrl (V D H tf V. K4RUr A RUCieeSe.
j The Paper will f.xeel in all the essentials of a Pro
I cressire, TimeljF, Entertaining and Uselul Hubal,
1 LlTIKART.- JAlf4r.T ana -JLTtINBfli.AafrflFATKR.
and the issues of Vol. XXlor 119, wilt mure tban
ever ociure wauiiesi. luo truv vfiri oi sib movu-.
''E ctltior ! ana Uh) ets, ri;tvgrt4 ana 4mjrtv
With Offices and Managers In Rochester and 5ew
" York the Heart.' ef a famed Ruivl District, aod
, the great Business and Onmniercial Metropolis the
Rural possetses nnequaled advent gesaad faoi i
l ties. 1 r, . . i p -r ' ... .r. ...
Reports of the principal CattlM. GKttw, Pbo-'naio-'.'aed
other Markets, will beaiVenttoeRtnad
. EtlUiblt J'tetur ol the Enlarged and Improved
Rural. Cron Reports will also be given. ...uj,
-'-The Rukal is not umttOMy of only a issues
. year, but a lArge and B-uiiful Wxeklv Of 52
Numbers 1' In nearly ' doubling O tit, iu-Prior
- ts not increasea 1 . .,t
Whether located in. Cbnntrv. vinasre nr Cit.
'Tory, Your Family; and Mkiohbobs waat the
RitraL- for it ta suoerior in Value, furitv and Va
riety nf Contents, and Jdopttd to tk Want a
j-flU. uotn people anri press pronou' Oe -tne kubax
tbo Jittt faper t xt bpntrt. Try it and see
' Bniais Cmr. S3 ai Yean Five Ctfpies. $14; 8ev
an lor19: Tea for S35. Ac. with free conies omre-
mlnma to Ulnb Agents.' Now Ibe Tims
ao subsusribe and fetrns. t:iue I Liberal
, inducements to Lo-al Ulub Agents, but no travel
log canvassers empf oye4.: - Speoitaens. Show Bills.
21 o., sent lie--or tne jj nnmoers ot tnis Lioartei
i (S)'-1 - an on trial, or as speeimens, for om.1
i . FlM-r Ckhtb I Postoffim Ifooar Urdan. Lraft
; and Kegiatered Letters may be mailed at the risk of
. me rnoiisners. ' aaarnsa - - ,
i..j. f. jrxooKB.- .
41 Park Bow, Nevr York, or Boohester, N. Y.
" -Bove-wlt 5.-1lJX-..-.,-j-fr,i.,..-u. ... kk.
-.' ; r,,tn ., ,, , . :
Hi :-.
i . K .:
'I t ,r. fJlH :f , - . JfO ) - ',
r. fi
j.'ij fc,
..: it.
.V'jTn 'vio1 pactions year has there
' teen such strong competition among
jOU' the' leadififf ' Sewing Machine
1 i 3U!anufeicturerji of this country and
Eurove at Ythermesenl," 'A. all fAe
' -! ' -W -i '"W ! T. r 1 ', ' J . . wt1 ' .
they met and contested for the JPre
t mium on Family Sewing Machines,
' and the result was unanimously in
favor ' of. the . Florence "Xteversible
lFeed lockStitch ' Family x Sewing
' Machine. ' It received the First and
' JERghest t Prize' as the best Family
oewng -jziacnine an tne following
Exhibitions, viz: Exposition' Uhi
verselle. Faris': American Institute
? Fair," New 1 TbriV;, 1 2few' England
Agricultural J.air, at Frovxaence,
''.- "' . T-1 . , . ' . . ...
, j.. , ine jxew jlotk ozaie jcavr, at
' Buffalo ; ' the' Great Annual 'Fairs
of .New England! viz.: that 6f the
, Mechanics Association, at . Lowell,
, Massachusetts,, and the Fair of the
. .Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
which closed 'a fourrwcejes Session
.'oh the 12th of November, the supe
priority of tne Ju pj JEjf (JJS s was
uagain confirmed, oy tne vommtaee
on Sewing Machines? who .unani
mously awarded it the " GOLD
MEDAL,'.. the highest Frize the
Institute confer ft
,uult;T. i il ill'...
. r It wonld seem aa if this anocession of trl
runpha ahoald be aaffleient to oonrince every
'' unprejudiced person of the great Buperior-
- ity of the FltOBElTCB over all other aa a
? Tamily Sewlns Maohine. n i -;vt r, -! ,
;i.I A writtsni warranty la given, to the jut
, ehaaera that the- Uaoblne. WlXJj. SO AT.Ti
. that 1 claimed for it, and ahonld it fail, it
will be taken bank, and the 1COSSX SB-
-..-.it !;...- -. ... . !
Principal Office and Salesroom, JITo. S8 Wut
JlwirtA Street, Cincinnati, O. ' --,
. r,'. H. BXcCOmiXIX. Oeaeral Agmixt.
' . '" - ' nil
Atthe OhioStotn Fair, which closed at Toledo,
gepte -ber 5th the FLORE NOE received
ltom&T I&IMUHloT the best Fami y Sewing
.iwnii ooinpetitors. - ...
Send for a circular, or eall and examine the Ma
chines at the new Salesrooms..
XL batl State St Colnmbuw, Ob to.
i; " Agent. : :J
' lands of stitohing done to order, and
; juu.unsu,. ,t octvi-aimztawTAa
Times , of Iloltliiif; Court,
inthe Fifth Juuielal Dis
trict 0f Ohio for 1869. ' ;
The State of Ohio. " "".. ", '"' . I.'.
rranklin oounty, J - '" '" '
Ae Court of Common Pleas within and for said
eounty. do hereby certify that the following order
is truly taken and correctly copied from the journal
of said (Jonrt, to-wlt:
Times of Balding Courts in the Fifth Judicial
.. District of Ohio for 1860. ; ,,
It Is hereby ordered that the order, heretofore
made on the 18th day of September, A i 1868
issued, fixing the days of the commencement of
the CourU of. Common Pleas and District Courts
?i 8.a,AJu!l-0la u"'"'. be hereby amended, and
that the District Courts and Courts of Common
Pleas for the year A. U.-18W shall besin in thS
several oounties of the lfth Judicial UUtriot of
the State of Ohio, at the times following :
''--: ' DISTRICT C00RT. ' ;'.''
Madison, May 4th. , I Fayette, May Mth.. ' :
Franklin, May 5th. Ross. Anan.ai.
Pipkawav. May loth. I Highland.-Sent. A.
Adams. Sept, th,- I Brown. Sent. 8th.
, Clermont, bept. istn., -
' Brown. February ath. June 1st. November sd "
:-, - Adam. January 7th. Ma-y 18th, September 21st,
Clermont. January 5tb, June 20th. October 6th
Highland- January 12th. May 18th oVtobe, 13th
., Koes. January th.Juo 1st. November 2d
Fayette, Febraary 23d. June 9th, September
Madison. February 2d'vay lSth. Ootober 19th.
- Pickaway, March 8th. Jnne 15th. November 2d
Franklin, February 16th. June 1st. November
15th - - .
In witnes whereof we have . hereunto set our
- hands.
, , '' .' " ALFRED B. DICKEY t'
1 . ... I . " - J. Q. ASHB0RN. 5 Jndies
'. ...J .JOSEPH ObDa"' ' '5Judgf:
In testimony whereof I have hereunto sub
scribed my name and affixed the seal of
.8KAU said Court at K clumbas. this 30th dajr
of Ootober. A. D. 1888. ' .
T. S. SHEPARO, Clerk.
October 31, 1868. oct31-dltw3w
''' yilL "' 'vX.'1 ".; 'f"''" ; ' '" " :
MV7 ,01110 f3imr:Tjj(
; r T -T
ll'.i.ivf v.uv:-1:-1
: ' -i;i 'ir-i
yyl'lii -.ii: ,mv
r-.-.l) ii..-.i .Me!.-.
"l '
-i ; -it ii
For Ladles
li-iflJ oj s-.-:-o'L li ;::! .ui (li
a'.f r.B-j 'jii- fi -j..! ,.-i:';!tf Lnn
"it juj . vi .Hi .
!l..i:Iij:i:o; :.i.'.:'A - i.'ilu- f -li:.-
!i-.T ii. n:n ,, t,..v.'ijE
-ui r.'i .1 L-.-.n
-Ml! I -ff "'Ititlih.,;., ..cl !-
- :i.'-
In v ;.;-,
:'l '!) -J.I.
: 1'Ji ;-"- Y(J. lfiJ.,!!(.- r. 1 t.lCil: A ti f,
.. . -;.'e t,.i - jfl;.'. ku-'hft-r -jv-mIj V. i . i I-j
li DilJ !i..ij;i 7J-J0 bill
r.t-For Misses
1-.il b'A'.hof-H n'i i-K
z-. -jii'J' .i-iiJl (,;
T.tilS r.i -ii-ii'ii. '.i -io'; '
"'tnno Lfih ii. ,
fr;i.-.,iu;i)-:i .Hoi;. lt.
li For Centlerrien
HO 1-
T;ii-i ef-iiltwU.
: - i - In !-i-il:tiirf
.'"oJ'Hil.- f.n. kthii
'i ff in :''. .iit-l;l
ar.l l,.i-,iii
1 III.T ri 'i.l ,.-lj:.;f
fs'.'fit isitlf :
fr:i li (!-.U!-'i!
iii.T ii-!, ii 4i f-.'.:;.n;-i
.dlt etitftu(ai (..') iil.'iovr
It JHii) V.'.H ot !:! Jo .UK
"i'-;-i-,il-, !'!i--,-Yij, i::n-;t fi
ll " l!!i,'-i..cii.l y.1
v.1 . For Children
nti ve lh
1 jsh i.) i;
!,lI.!i-I-..!wj!M ,t!!-.r7(.!.
iifl .Odi.i .'l ituc la m,,,'?...j.
1 fci H .ilMiJiJii.'-ii
it ! nr, ,'i i'iio.i
oi L'iffq
' i-i 't.wid m-i.-n 5:io-juiii Mill
..11 1.. -. IrliR') I.li ,i If H I ,1 ff.,. tl
lllif-ll St ..'.I r.i 'l ,illil,Itlllf9 ZHt&l'ilU'h
'" -'Hv jiTf-I-ii-.-jta vi! :i.;;jfii-.fnA ot
'I'lM- 81 il .!.:' t ff in-... -
1 r. -'ir,-: .:mi' .t FOf r.L SdieS
:r'iio Iiiiioilriif.r. ni-nr :
f ih-,if .;f ...It 1-,.:?, f .-
! r.i: ;'!,.-, i iii;-,i; ..,::(
l--i ) in irixn-) f!r
H tr y 1 ; --)
.'l-.rii if
-Turn vj-Tiit .vit.-i
t to
. I .
.- --!; i. l
-'t '.'ISD i
.'in J.--i!' i-.T'i-r
-'--..' ' 1 .
-ifi 'in -;!
!.; i-..r;n-.-j -ti.J ,
ii; i;i .S')i'!7-"'T fniis I
,,.. ,,For Mlsee
oj -iiij .; :. .
yhiii.: ii,;.-;;
;n ui
' rn 7;: iiHi;i-
'l-iOl! -i.l ! .7 T; l.p ,:.
.fl'Ml'.!,.jilIO')--i: limi ((
-An -l-iE-t riij "l;i s-M! ;p 'i.not (t I
Oj VI.'.'Y
.;..f . r
.r r. i. r.or.uenxiemen
"It V"')r- -;' -..' .'r.i.;
R .I-.-., r-i III .T1.4.:i IU :,un I
. j"ifi lii;i
11 ...I)
Ovfl I
jvil j
..:i ' iiii r.-i-r.r.-iii ui
ui viUF.iirir.i'.Kt Ik l,;rn-;!.,-.-i ir,r!
merino drawers
I t; :-!.' -. :-'; : nr. ii'jui ot ;"r.w-i
'"'' J!.'1:U." ''!!! ; -. :i.l';1-)(lint In i
--j.i-.ji ,
is li-i.'il
inr.rii v!
Mill i'.itk
.-''.; yd f--j ? fx t J id. Ill
jii.u'vi.j .v---y: 'io .jfetitfi !
n r ,ii;i ja .1- Fof Beys
,vn-iiii io rf-rum 'It .,;)
2,-f 0- n oir .if.iil :i:n sl,ni;i i,,')
ii-i '"; '-"i-Kij i; ' j f.jf) Jn t-.-A
.'.' .'i'I'.'BII jB.3,Tf V., jl ;-jtti.-tt,
tl- Ia:U f.t 1. $'',.,. gof.'f.:,fi:H ns
:;;t,if lu'iiiji; 'I r. Jm! ; i-AV ' .iu-;n
iv i'bo io f-.LjuiHHoJj io 'nii jii .iji-, Jj
ii imi i
0mmw. nsll Tlio.l
"U-.l.f t.l
nn 'n"iij)-n J
'H i5.I0VTj.t
.ii ..; ii-..
ll-..i .'li.riil
- . .. . t ..' 'l
Fox Ladies & Misses
I" . '
I ;:;
7 ' Hi
i (in )r. n..i);-,'.-.-; r. l,u-
l-.-.-.i:-. ilil.l -yf! ?.t ..Jiin '
f .-. .'i'.'. .')' (l .if ' -.;.j1f)!n-i .h-Ai I
l!-..i:'! Sti'lf-if J ,,-1 -,.,." TiOI-Ki -loi j
.T ---'i .liih-.rv i-.-'t 1.-. ..ilf vi;
ri-)r;:.(-I-ri!i t.v.iJ I l.-.j-
i-il'i ...-;
-.:i'.I7 1
ooT ,i.- iij-::ir iiM ,oil.-.ir;!!(i4 f.
'MmqcJoVI not ,bi.h-.'i f.rnif t..D
-ii -t l -r.-'i;rfoi,;I 1,. ,tr.T."I .jjinfl
uii.J. aft -;? f-i-r.T.'; ".... -..;! ,.r.,.
rjA.Tt.:'For Centlemert V Boys
:i 1 gn.iitls-.-iif
: i it 7t -r
.h . ; m vii! nr .i'-.': (.,t;
.,('t tfj-n-.t ,i
'i '.J.ili .IiD.Kii.riii-.; i-.-i-i.
riiu!l ;
v. I to i
For Youth
, rli ':
250 AND 252
i r i mi
; i, ;i
r ii-
. n'l-.-Is..;.
.; ii;
A. C HEADsLfiY etc GO.
-jAiiLJL 1.
'''"J' '- i-7-W -. -. rA ..... .1
S H 1 V- 3 : .
op nii.i rr iv uvi
.it -Urui tt t
Cafeh Capital, ' -; i -if $1,000
-1 .t:-ilJ
.... riiiLAUJuriU4,7i 111,,
To wliioti all feneral correspondence should be ad-
, a eased.
a0ii-;t?7wsnKii i'a-. " ii
ei.ARWHrrt H- OLAEK. President.
JAY -UOeKB. hswrnwa- fiaaaea- anei S ssitosi
Uommittee r - . -.
HENRY D. ' UOKBV7ice President.
EMHK80N W. i'tLT, Secretary and Actuary
- .is. ti in
.O .f.
Offered by this Company axa
It is a National Csnpany,' char tared by ajpaoiat
-It hs a paid up capita of Jl. COO, 000. ,-.,,.,.
- It offers low rates of oreminoi
' H toraishee larger laiaraooe tha ether Cosnpa-
jiieecgrcneeaiiieiaosiey.--. tI .'.njl -j j
imh usuuiw uu mruip uh imm. - j
There are no anneoessary restrictions in tfieYoI
icies. ri 1 Hi Ii I '. . I ( I IK
Every Poller is non-forTeitkhhr-J ! HI
Policies may be taken tht will pay Insured tbeir
full amount. and return all the premiums,. o that
tne xnsuranQe oostaonjy uie interest oa tne annual
savments. . '
folioies may be taken whirh. pay io the Iosored,
- after a certain number of 1 airs, during Ufa. aaan
nual income of one-tenth the amoun named in tbe
No extra rate U charged for risks, upon the live
of f.nulM . 1 J i 1 -J - - i
It insures not o pay dividends, but at so loir
ost that dividends will be impossible.
- " JOHN W.-ELLia A CO.?aap3ra,
Cincinnati.Ohir. General Agents for QhioUentral
ana noutnern Indiana.
.-;5-COXy DWIta A.CO., !
Columbus. Special Agents for Franklin, liicking,
Jdnskingum and Coshocton oountie. - - .--.- -.i j
' FeNT-oct33-deodAweowly
have du I
"Vlrr rooks. 1 ihaoieines, sheet
XI. MDSIU. Ae., Ac-- that yon wish to have
Donnd in a ilice firm binding, promptly, at low
prices? Books sent for and returned to any part
. theeity hy giving notice through postoffic. sjt;
Frankliii7Steam Book-Bindery
One of1 the largest and best appointed Binderies
. tne estate. .
, Kooras 34; 38, 88 ITortti Hlg-hi Street,
(Over Messrs. Mevms 4 Mjers", and Statesman
, . . . . . : steam Printing Umces.)
-JM-sagiUi-H. win l j
vi every ananpuru ana quauLj, irom xne Dienesfc
to the lowest, printed If desired; ruled and bound
-to any required pattern, and superior workmanship,
at the InwiMit rtrices. . .... . - .
f . i Orders frn 0vnnty Officers, Banks. Merchant,
end all Offiocra . reouTriiisr UTI fKh IOR HI. A ItK
4 -300 jLS-ili hMieootod iojnpU jvwith ijurjier-
Ull.1 tl.l'llUU.
llourpsitroiiagB.respectfeny spliDlted. , :
.. . . ... isr. - IV, LKVATAR. i
,' " Proprietor'
I Blankv Book-i ffiiifacttirers7
"1- grv p.'fi tn rnT""f,,'"i7bt fT i
U- of every description, with or without printed Hearl-
CorvTT orriOBas, HKBCHAiTfl, w iNrvAcruKaxa
... BAHKaaav BAiiateAO cojAtuaa. ao.-. j
i grw. Fwll wete . t . Book J- s nViri,
warranwa to give peneci satisiacuon.
aprll eouly -, ,COLV2tBUk OBIO
. ' T;' ''"' .iJJO .iA ...a j
.i -L,i Jl. tdoTI . .L
I - Corner Broad & JEIigh Sts.f,
feba-dly T i '1 l f TiY 'IT -TP, -
. Birnrs.
n t
.1 --r
no. u & niun niiEit, !
' lanJO-dly-r, ,
7f , Celnmltas, O-
0. K. RBBCwt
Came and. Oysters..
- Also, all kinds of Coantry Prodaoe, gachiai But-
.-. -j. . tor, eggs, i;nioKnwiar keys. Ao.. i ,
N. S Wra( Jtronttyraj, I
h i : n -.'.-, it .Ujovoniua. hsio.
" The eboieest varieties' of Fresh Fish received
-aily. - 9-. All aoods parebaee derlverel-to any
pa t oi tne ony raca or ch argb. looti2-eodtm
.V3I f 1
or thb crrror ki Teas:. ux ;
Capital, i r iflne Million . Dollars
D AEiDs R. Hams am. Pres't. , J Ai. Mbbb'ilu Seo'y
- RncnlvM rrvi..-f. nl illn FOUR PERCENT.
INTERfcllST on all Daily Balances, snbieet to check
at-slght. Special Deposiufor Six months or more,
may be made at five percent. 1 The Capital of One
Million Dollars is divided among over tee Share
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large wealth
ana nnanciai experience, wno are aiso pervunouj
liable to depositors for all obligations ot tne tcm--Danvta
rlnnhla the-amonnt of their capital Stock
, As the National Trust Company receives -deposits
- in large or small amounts, ana inrniii. wi.ui iw
.,drawn as a whole or in p it by ebeek t . sight and
ees, parties throughout tbe country ean keep -oe-4
eounta is-tuis Ins itution witn spen.ju.
of seeurity, oonvenienoe and pronu .
r NT-jnis-dAwSm ---. j.
T' ; ; FOR 'RENT J
I -t. vi: i..... nn the eoraer 01 North Fnh-
lio lane and Center alley. Bein close to all the
railroad Ireight houses i the ony makes it a very
desirable plaoe for receiving and shipping freight.
For further particelars. apply to the undersigned
at Kreisht Offioe of the C. C A C R. R
CoIumOUS, UOl a". ... ; : . , J
oetae-dw r - - '- ,
S. S. PINNEY'3 i
' For juveniles, Saturday afternoon, from J to S
rw m ueauemeu's evening elas at AHHUa
HALL, 23d inet.. at 8 o'clock P. ii. - oct!4
and six years' old. very handsome, kind and
sound - Will be sold low.
' DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, neat
High street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
or a series of years to the treatment of certain pn
vate diseases. He may bieensultedat his offlee
Broadwat. near the Jixohanie Bank
ca. XM Jt. JtLi Jtrt 'ea
i.i i
I -
''w n.iHa,t?l'f T B1 " K KOOM WITH TWO
Dlaee for a eiaar tnr .i i.TJ"J ' i.t
-,. u. 1 1- i" . , m.LJ UIKg S WHO HllKII
stoek. on High streei. j,anj, .n(i. T0 , mmnJhae
ean make his own ciA-aot it wiU be I , -l.an.ir
nova-daf ' ' - '-wi KiWil 7.
month, everywbere. male m.nA f ,
introduce-be tiENUlNK lalPHUVk)"
MACHINE. This Mschine ,11 V.i.-l.
hem, fell, taok. sjailti eori bindi.braid
and embroider in a most superior mea
lier.' Friee onlj $18.'-Fully werrmeHed tot
five years We will pay, .H ooo for aor.
maobine tb- will, sew a stsong'f, more
beantifnl. nr tnma rlaatiaaeam than ours.
It f akes the "Elaatia Lack Stitch. "..Krerj second
titob ann be eat. and jtilf tbe elnth cannot M
pulled apart without ie rir.g u, W lay Agent
irn ii vio to vxuo p r niintu and expenses, or aeom
mission from- wbich-twioe that eeant wasj be
made. Address SkCOMB A CO -, Fi t A'tiBlI RGH.
FA.. or B0rtT0N,al8i i.,iM,-il4nl
V UTlU.UonotbeiniDoeed -wpo T-tr
parties par raiag off wottble-w es ii i suaehiitee.
under the- Mm, umt .. ihrieo.- Oare isvtba
only genuine and ready praetical cheap machine
.naiaetmea. y . i . rm orrje-e-sr
ee and Manager ...,.Mr,3. WL.AXKS(
- I- W '-'-i ! ' ' jl '. '.9 i..i t uf
.- Jl nu.ntent of "I r. I
Mt O-l i i.l .M . . ..a ,T
"Mllc. Marl ?tta R A-rei. t
fivTE0WSDAT EY1SSI5G. NOV. -TK,,ifg(
Ppsitively th last time of: IZ Vi -e
.Bait,..ai tf, rqonelodlii f ita OPTO jtiK-l
Tina ;uTwo, iSuBwaroAt
'W-'Pajl Vartfonla'g'ln mmnmi. 1 ' -
;w AMlfi8iOK SU aod 85 ceat,,, Doors open al tJSft
aammeooe atAo'nloek. .'
. Tlie GFaifllsllcsal iniajj.a-i
Of former days was an Titter neglect of Sanitary
precautions. .NeffiMent means were adopted for
the prevention of ' sioknees-1 Sewerage -was na--taovroria
eitiee; d1raiaaae was ml, attntdV4n
thecoma ttyw Heaps if jjffal jser left Jtpctt iKfti
public streets, and domestio leanlinss. th great
antidote to febrile disease raa sadly neglected.
It is not so now!. "Wise laws. 'philanthropie institu
tions, and a vigilant sanitary polio, have, to a geat
extent, remedied the evil. , Nor im this all. Paa-rTISTJv,1"Dici;Tioir-
ha Ixelped msterially
to "lessen the rate of mortality.' It Is aotToo
much to say that iKg or'THOtrslKB escape sick
uess lu nuhealthy i.uH. hrvint
This pure and powerful vegetable tome and altera
tive comprises th extracts and essence of a va
riety ?of. TpoU aud herbsrepowna fotiheir
KinihuffHim, euubains;. viiwiainsc aua pnnuing
properties. These medicinal agebttr are incorpor
ated with a spirit, absolute!.' fr' fioay iheaerid
poison which defiles, taore or lass, alt the liquors of
eommerce, and their effect is diffused tfarotrgh-tba
whole frame, by this, aolire.'yet harmless ati,&ia-lant-i-
The result issaoh aeondition e the .ajsteaa
-4- penderi it nil jut s'sjarjota. Uiaasterlor
aansegjaf piseasaeh a damp, fog, sudden alter
nations of temperature, 4o; Strength, and t&b per
fect regularity of all the f unoiioos of h body are
tbeibest swJeawarda-aaaiost jtmospheric iOB
and the effects of unwholesome water. aad-IlOS-
LTETTj:)t.'3 BITTE RS are the.t est strengthening
and regulating medicine at present -known, rot
dyspepsia and.bi'liousness they .are a araomc aa-
solbti. - -,
. ,may23deodA wly-ew-K : - if- - M. - v
I I-'-' - --. V i
Such ah article as'"Ir."TbhiasrTenti"n'ISni
ment." .It haasteod beforethe tonVhe for 21 yeara
ni has sever failed giving satisfaction in a singla
instance. Every drbpf this valuabre eompoosH i
mixed by Dr.'Tobias' himself, therefore it 04 al
iway be Telied noon. Is is warranted superior t
any outer, tor tne cure of Cnronio Ubeamaasni.
Toothaehe,'i Headache.. Sore 'Thaoat, Vomiting.
Frosted Feet, Mumps. Cronp. Burns, Cuts, Bea Siok
aessjnsect Stings. Sprajns.CBolers.. Colio.Spum,
DysDtrv.,. Braises, JUoIds.'.. Coughs. .Old . Sores,
Swellings, Pains in the Limbs, Baekb aad-.-Chest.
There is no medicine, in .the" World; that stand
mit a -it -own. merit than tha " Feoecian tyini
ment." 1 Thousands of certificates ean be sent tha
JJ)op tor's, pffioo. attestine to itsrare virtnes. Th
' T great sale 'for Dr. Tobias Venetian Liniment ha
i.-uuuotf nmu uupruKapiea jmaorsi to eonnienete
f thhr"TJnable Remedr;" prtrobaeeracaneot be too
careful to see that "Dr. Tobias TfSnetian Ltniraent '
is stamped on the glut, done up in yellow'p'aper.
and tinned "3. 1. Tobies." All others are danger
orirrtounumitsranif -JthWirjrh-ttiey 'nrmy-reserooJ
tjiajerietian; LiWrnajltlVie aadsmeli,
soora-o lAsm. Bold-by au Uruggists and store
keepers throughout fie .United State. Prise B4
cents; and 'enedollar per Bottle. Depot K Park
Pl.ai; Rewtoft: -1 ""'' ' ,l " '?
P ianaioaawJjcm-PeNT-0
Tt't inx demand rheraver penoul kUmishsa are
considered of sufficient consequence tobe-renreved .
It Ac(iost.lstskntieii.
Cristadoi6fs 'Hair r, Pr't servative
ANU BEAUTIFIKR is a preparation of equal merit
and repute, i Its effect apon th hair is ieotrioal.
ft fastens every loosening fibre, replaces harshness
with silkiness and flexibility,. semi baldness with
luxuriance dullness with g on. It asewHl inchn
the straieh test hair to curl, and prevent tlie driest
frosa taming gray.ilt is the favorite at every toilet
Where H has -been tried, aad CT srssfu uf keeping
th hair free from scrnf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliationsts perfectly lnvala,ble.
Suld by Druggita,ad applied by all Hafr Press-
erskl Manufaotory.No.tj Maiden Lane. Prinoipal
Depot No. 6 Astor Honee. -r. 7
. jonelB-d&wljom-reNY-a. 1 , .,
"To Owners of Horse's."
rThoaraBds of horse die yearly Trotn Uotlo5 Th
need not bey 1 D Tebias jYanetian Hon Llni-
mejit.in pint bottles, prfoe one dollar, wilLposi-
hyo.j cure every ease, u sjtven aaeorMttt to tne dl
reettens, whoa Ant taken. . It Is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls,' Sprains, 014
uvroo. Dwwniia .na oon larosi. It I BO Bw
remedy, but of If years' -standing, and approved
by the first, hoi semea ja .the country Col, Phil
r. ousn. oi toe Jerome rark Cooree,: baa aed i
for years, and recommends it to hi friend. Or
der an eeaatantlr rtoeived for it front ttui Kacinc
tables In England. 4tha stood the ten f time;
no one ha ever tried it bo t continue its nse. Ree
bnecl lo'get Drl Tobias Tenetiaa1 Hon 'Liniment
in pint 'botaes. and Uie' no', other.," Sold by" th
Draggist and iitorekMpers thronghout the United
State. Depot MP ark Place, New York. I
;feKTjadAwly-cm VT. - "
b The boweUinai Qetiv,or oaa organldo iu
work weakly; From -cause: like these gse and
gummy.sabstanoaa oeeur which, yoiaon th b ood
the perspiratioa may. be ebecked; the feet may be
o chilled that their fetid exhalation are thrown
baak upon the blood J Hare is caase for pains, fe
vers, Inflammations. In these eases Brandreth'
Pill are worth more than a-oliL Jive nr mx enre at
once. Remember they euro hy at once removing;
from the body those matters Which poison tbe blood
and make ns sick. ..These celebrated Pill should be
in the hoase ready. . -. , i i
, See B. BbandbktH in white letter on the Gov
ernment stamp. Principal offioe BaAMDBBTH'a
HOC8B, New York.' riold by all -druggist, r
" iuneFWiAwlyem-reiiT '-'s -" '
A Clergyman, while (raiding in 8outh' America
'as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
edy for the (Jure of Nervous w eakness. Early Ue
oav. Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought en by
baneful and vioions habits. Great numbers bav
heen cured by this noble remedy. - Promoted bv .
desire to benefit tbe afflicted and unfortunate. I
will 'end the recipe for preparing and using this
medicice, tu a sealed envelope, to any one who
needs it.-f-Bas-ev-eH ABO Address,
- , ,,- ... JUStfH LISMAB,
J Htation D. Bible House, New York City.
. oct23-dAw .
VllliTH nrinnl in fnt,r wM.k. SuCCeS
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; the effeots of earl pernicious habits, self
abuse, impoteney and elimnte, give away at once to
this wonderful med'oine, if ikee regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure is Impossible. Sold in bottles at 3 or four
qomntitiet in one fora. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America, H. Gbbitzin, Soft
Am w York. - - - -
Tirr-jTCT-niyr '
r . - H-ir Dr is tbe beet in lh.A.U .
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable'
instantaneous: no-disappointment; no ridiculous
. Mm-Hiee the ill eflecta of hail i!,m- invi
orates and leaves the Hair soft aad beautiful, black
mr sWwie. Sol I by all Druggists and Perfumer 1
and properl sppliedat Bstohelor's Wig Factory.
No. 10 Bond street. . York.'- TST prt8 dAwlv
ee a aitaava wmjuOhi ... ttm., Mfmdii
- 11 Pamphlet from tke pen ot Da. CrRTlft
ThewMedieariine'avf thia erkr. "Thi
vatunutvfvaiiHci on roe caupeanq euro of prema-
uiDcnmu cure
low baali. is impair
outh and manhood
iuro uecuae, suows now Daita is impaired through
vonth and manhood I.
easily regained
. . . --" uvw
It gives a clear syai P8ii of tha
. w W14 vi IU,
impediment to marriage, the cause and effects of
nervous debilit'. and the remedies therefor " A
tray. wi.:uu v, ,u, cw., win vv zurwaraed oa
receipt of 25 cents, by addressing Doctor 0b ana
jo. 00 norm narie sueet, Baltimore, Hd.
VIM mMJ-v-UAj.-.
O T I C.S es xal lmw
u . . , -
"Ust," ?' WstBte,' 4tFea, J
Un, Fai-ii.fceeVjai tbia cejlMta fr
Wteiitisac, lartl.-

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