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Andrews A Hall have.receiveu
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hear Ano wlnoow . oanea .were
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Jirkwi.!2ini Columbus Zooates
te ff.r,t Amboa' HaUmorrow
evening. " The, committed bas r thank.
for an lnvltfcff3J3 tiHA'W.iK
Switzerland iReabeo' Badbel a .native
of Enlsmi. kndT-hHlp jWlrtnwwp,
oi"Hesse tiKdrweiJiurlUftnly
- ..j.iv... VI. call attention to
the advertisement ; M Jttessrs, jaarpio
Rirn-.inralnsbletoTeparatton lot protect
,Mthr.r. called -EtfldlHeftt Crea'm.R Itao-
compitehea al t iaal p&lme
ehould be in every noasehoiu.
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w W e blwerved by. rfefereuce
JSooreS Bnl TM to te nearly
imtrvd.TheifiirI.U lreadysit6e1rio(
..rbmii wMklv.of.tts claa; bat
Ihe proposed ching 9ust latjjely extem
iU grailatjon and jnnoence rrpj
p. Vonn TixM.-The County Trea
orer Is prepared -now to receive taxes. Tj
nnfaglon and rusi It would be ai
well f of ,our, readers o, drop Inland make
flaVRt wn they Wppenltdbl Ji
.rtihWrhootfof thCourtaiufBtlll olr
lowinjr our advice, you will save time lot
.yourself and the Treasurer.
f ..-CJ z " IT1 I
'Kqht Ymtkrdai'." Testerdar mornlnr
IuSlter theFlrst Ward polls were openj-
J tajkaMiimaJbba Me'eiy..iT,5ra
at the Penitentiary named Bickley, aKains,t
whom he has Jon-ohrished an enmity, at
that voting place, and whipped him In the
aefe?esrVnftileP.J it w altDeihe5,pf t
onal affdlr,' and nofatafl' politicals -
nl'pias 'wopithoi'&pin
Sfs horse on
KAVad- atret. near tht er
Cathedral, yesterday. After throwing h
i 1
ii-id?$$ itfie erouridthe Wsky steed md
etfMseM by Tearln aatt; prancioii pt"
the prostrate man. Injuring one of hta
g d alightly rollng-.Wp otherwise:
""Tbcipfst woun WW.
.1 ... Tf T IM
Uaptored. Officer ' McE wen yesterday
city, MTng in charge the
.aMwat stole sjioraai Dd.1bu)?rtir0n
"'trrng WBniyelo' abouta weekjaince Be
gave his name as Aflaerson,"Wd' waaab-
tnred in. Gallipolis. He had taken a part-
&eri w? InTJ'tf iBe' ;iriiacti?iit iah "Just
before the arrival of Officer McEwen, tie.
partner ran away with the plunder.
"ing 'tranafeWiKreaUeiUti 5r leJCat.t ie
Becorder's office yesterday :
W. J. Jamisornrrrd-wlfe to John B. Fitz
gerald, Oct. 27th, parts of lots No's. 90 and
lumbus, for $500. I
oi,!Eiyaf $eets, ;4nfl wife to Louft Zettfed
iid-a0-ef outloU 83 aad103 1Q thacity
- Particdlar"N6tici. We wish to cau-
" H'.w we like It." We are a deaperat
rpinpowrasredf enioraliBedDemocraW, yfe
trust we may be permitted to remark Vthat
thjHiatlon as ,wefgaza upoa. lt now,
presents noVery flattering' prospect. The
Sixth ward of this city is the only oasis in
J ... ' ' .
the broad desertof Republican gams spreaax.w!r
U'-bhtVefore os-Can we be expected to. like it ?
Is there Anything -1u the retumar that we
eoinid beexpected to Jlke- f? c We are7 some
thrrig 'of Mark Taplay,t?but even pur
ability to be Jolly oaves undecthe pressure;
fcatlsried, friends, that wo don't like it.
Idlk Boys. Columbus lias more
ber just share of idle boys. 1 Who they be-
' '1 .s t-Ji ' whAM K.fr' mni rlmiiv m jhnw
k4hey oiaaaeo to live. Is. past4ndlng but.
Where they will letch up Is a matter more
easy of solution. At- any nour ot me pay
or nizhc these boys, -ranging from twelve
lO; ieventeea years', of age, may bei seen
haoginn" aronml divers places aping the
the. bummer.' Sped may
""Wgeen iighflf'in': frpntefjjthe jOt)era
House, where,,thelr",protan'e s and" 'obscene
remarks, Uttered 1n' loudest tones, iiisoft
nthe. ladles Vho' may'piss; or their " please,
i.ioic, gl'uie a eliecki" worries the gentlemen
who always M go out to see a1 than ber
tween tire acts. ' The parents or guardians
of these1 boys should keep them at bomp,
!" theta 'at some honest occupation-"' A life of
' idleness.ifis i almost-. invariably 'associated
with a life of crime, and it the relatives
these boy would .have them grow upTo
' 'tiseJift ness-'tb'ey must see to It that they are
jB(,tottgBthabltoof.nihi8try. -
-;."i Y r -"I'"! 7 m j
,Tberewere Vorty-four applicantsfor teach-
-era' oertilicatea before the County Board ol
dip?6fi at their last meetlugTlOt tnese
. inurteea were reiectea.. xoe succcmiui
pHoaoa were: James AJMlJei Van's vaJ
ley, 8 months; Franklin Williams, Pleasah 1
Comers, 6; A. "jj. LMcliebf,jeutral College,
nn Jesse V-Davia, GeorgesviUe, 6; iktipb
Stiuatnel, Columbus, 6; .Charles MeGiven
& ;Gri)Ve'Clty',e; P. A.Jtianck Westerviftft;
cet LeU'Hoveri Grove City, 6.; Jasper M
aHuddleeoB, . J2:,Jymant Gardaerpowel
A .t Elm JJ. Maught, Columbus, 6; Julius
BicketU ! Werthlngton B; ti'.Tounif.
2kbpMne,12B. F: Oain,f New Califor-
I. F, Postle, Columbus, 24; Martin
'.'& Altoerry.eeib,' Hi, Ed wia B. Leonard,
"lbus; ;3,J;Em6i WHIUms, Hartem, 12;
fWest Violet Crotonv 12i.Josle MeBetb, 12;
S'0Egbert fiReiese Hope; 1ST Miry Ej Rides-
vur, ,cui, orauiiciu utui..! r'""1
ervillr. 6f WiUiam! KUey, ifohjD Sager,
.o.;,;iiiackllfijili;.Jlary J. West, Westeryllla
12; Hfrry Pi Andre ws7 12; D.tL. WajCT
laihtii, 1l;Bf eterg.f)lum"bu8, p.
prr ParyiJtrV1 ?Q mtpths endingNivein-.
1st, iS63, there were 128 applicants lor
i tea06r'eiaoateai .JOi -T.n
I ftfe Borf of- Examiners, tor the, ;wen
'"'TietTi ndiCreqest' h to say to.aoDlicants
m fUimfyvphf tbef know. llenielves to be
wen wfHUfi:K f 7 vnut'Mve,jJ4i.oxu6rcu
X33A(U9yIIwBMM HBWf jocappty,ior an
ior ItolTThOWnetlully posted will
aVthWailXidajai& feelings by
keeplug away altogether.
thnslwim was exhibited-by-either- party
instence, no weapons wf re shown. At the
got Into a little skJruMsh with some one,
a4-piatola,wre- drawn-Both. partWs
were premp'ly arrested and order re to red;
.rmtNtoWrneij the otSBfiiditoa Will
city. It will be seen that the Democracy
lostTiKearly-oe votes bffffielr October ma
jority J ' u '- 1 ,', u'
. Hejmoar. Urnt
Hennnd Ward .t. ..v....! inn 348
T irdWard 148 KS
Sixth Warf.....,..j,:.?.':i...x....!'l., ''
erentb Ward.iL.......'.:;...i7--.'-S4 ""
inth Wrd..rr...;,..J,...r 4M-K -A-W
IS I' .,?;,
."."Is Ti t'( U i; NiV g3.A c
. . . J . A ill-r I
Frakxun CoiHJTTm-The following is tht
yoteln the tovashlps, so, far as heard fro cm
was') i .m io' ; Sttmoar. ' Grant.
VnntniMN Tnws,liiD.H..i:.. . Ilk lid
JlkviB' . i be'v.,:,,..'. sj; , Jin
Vra'klia i . .WJ..-.w.u.Bi4."i ':)"
train i tfoiT A"-.kt.i;i jwa i.r Mis
i .i' .'1 cijijii -mii -ii i ax
; TOiAto'Ius .Niqf$t: Though the ex.
cttemeat en ths -street' last night was in
tensed the Opera ffause1 Wntalnedy W
audience, drawn there- to witness the su
pCTtfersobaaiSrf 6T the Frehch" fiby
Md'lfe lariettii. $ayeV' bia'IaSy" grows
in favor with our theater-going public, and
each njght wltnesse-a new triumph lor
Mi", jHer'.,, jferformance. .Jast"nlgtit p was
greated with round after round of applaore.
The. play is handsomely pat upon the stage,
and there Is nothing slow or draggy in It.
Evey thlfag goes o off w4tir that' degree of
vim' and snap so" necessary.,'in a me'lo
fma5 tTK lnraoeordance with an
almost universal demand, 'will be produced
again to-nlsht. . "Let all see it.
TLbdAlll" NOTIGESi !
No87 East ttate Street,!
The proprietors oOhis most elegant and
fashionable establfsEuient, respectfully in
form the Ladled and GeritW tof C 'lumbup,
and those Visiting the city, that no pains
or expense bavetbeeii spared to render the
St. Lawrence the first class. restaurant of
rxtkit tlmetr oWelarder Will be Tonnd to
contai n tb'ehoicest articles lit season j I
.-Trusting in the liberaiUji 0? oar. citizens
and visitors, we respectfully solicit a share
of your patronagerguaranteeing to all b'o-l
lite attention, 'moden'fe'hargea;in! thei
very best our own and the eastern markets
fiord. ii. Private room for JaiHes. t FamUii a'
supplied with oysters by.jthe can, and game
or all kinds in season?
tuviRDAu ochosklton, froprietoM.
From Alz. N. Doacbwtj, M. D , fats ore of th
? beenTnaae acquainted wU,h the
composition of tbe-preparatibn known' as
SozodontI I havei or some time past per
mitted its nse" In' toy ffcmflyy where' it has j
glvea entice atiafacHo ..It. isnpnr:elganf
toilet article, well worthy of the encomiums
it has received."
l5r5" 1 11 '' '" TL-
" SPALDiNd s Prepared 'Gi
usu oih uescriptions
ran? J y i u
"Giiiss A WixpER'a Bestauran 6 open-at
anu niguuoi' ".Jjtui .i ,i i tj ocii-A)(
tCbarlks Wiswakdkr Mercbanfc Tail-; ;
prv. lSo.iai; south- H igU street, this day ier
eeired its third tock.;'of lall "goit'da ' tbU,,
seas6n.:'','Tha" innte; taste displayed ; in-f his"'
selection, seems 'to make It impossible lok-''
ItuDus. iirencuismi mereaees witn nis'eniy
larged purchase s,- itB ToJ.iiJ ' ai
, U,6oD4g&ieii,&f;'6
cheyioUj'Sedtcn 'EryglaflS'aBd French Ely
siana, trouaering tosereoaiiags, ;eto .ietc- '
Tbosa rlctpaUK9a,)qtj,Jtog;ehef'. its dnfjr
oimson can qo is, is ine rjerjection or; tle
art- 6harg.are guaranteed as io w as arty
where" in' Anre'rtca fbrthiftEatne goods. Tlie
CuWIc'wIll endorse what we bave writu iii'M
ia im rr:wi)
.iii.f :
St-, . Lawrence, , ESTAURifr '27 Sta
street, serve Up to-day venisoir ateakA prai
rl0 chicken; teali daelc, mallard duck, Vild
turkey, ' shTpeJ'oodcock,. quail, rabbit,;
squirrel.'southdown muttoa-chops,iiboicai
beefsteak; sweetbread '-and salt and fresh
. Jif Li ijj.! ! I
Mrals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilber's
oct7-dtf : i W
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and 'Washington! Avenue,. 'Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain ;
Enquire ot J. VV. Moore, No. 48 West North
street..-' JO iVi1 TM5!
Oct 13-dtf
. , Those Scotch suits that Stitnson Is put
ting up atjNiswauder's MercbantTallorV
big E-'tablishment, tickle , the M fancy of
every wearer, the, eye of every ,behold!
and the feelings of every passer by.
nov2-Ul W d! . 1 rj . , ,
A thing ol beauty , is not a ioy . forever,
but litfeSpFliig flawers fade; Not so with''
those elegant 'eassimeres' t f Charfey1 Nls- '.1
wander, ;Th memory ;of, them.'like the
color, .will never. lade, and Stimsqrfs handi
work completes the thing of beauty.
noviw, .:':::.::yJA 'J'"1'
r i i i t s ----- .. ? ,. . . - .
TION.- JVhat Is this . sign of? Net that'1
tbeSys(lens requfres the "scourge and spur
ot alcoholic agtrirgentsv but -rthat At has''
gone wrong and needs regulatinUnd put
tttig to rights wfth a wholsonie vegetable,
aperient and alterative. HoixowIt's
PilIs, by purifying the system and toning
tbe aecretlve organs, bep nature,; ind soon
restore the strength of the; sufferer. Sold
by all Druggists. W H Yl jy9-dly-c
lift ii 1) iz rr, !
Whooping Cough I Whooping .Cough 1!
Is' well known as a long; tedious, and of--'
ten dangerous ..disease 'among. Children
not - nofrequcntly i Inducing ,:.convulsioh8,!::
pneumonia, or resultiDf! In a decline,, 'old
scbpdT medicine and the drugs of the shop",
do T-but little or pothlngorift, ' Hcmph- '
rk' Homeopathic SpitciFK) for Wh6op
iG Cocgh worka wonders, quiets' and re-.
lievek the. ,cpugbi;and given early,1 ar
rests its further,. progress, while In all cases'
it' soon 'winds up and cures the' disease,.
Price 50. cents per box. Sold by all dealy
ers, or sent Jby niail,r .Address Humpbrkys
Specific'HomoeopIthic Medicine Col"
662 Broadway, N, Y, . .....V
"jylS-d&wly-cwLik $t
i,it IIS-'H KT-s
SOCOTIONo-At s Heetiag Jrtf., th, sr.
. f .1 ,
holders Of tteFraftkllh' Bulldinir ami Loan
ildinsr and Loan
Association, pn Th ureday evening 'October '
Jtbtbefollqwiri hkmed gentlemen rera.';
eiectea a,Aoaru ,oi xireciors : A nor. Bpar
row1 .J. ,JanneyJohtt Greenleaf, N.J
Merion, 'Jiiatld Morrison, J.' 7$'. Britting-'
liattjV0 iacbbBleile. - An initiation i fee
of 20 cents for each share subscribed was '
Subscribers who were not present ari re
'ques'tf toVindWth'e'imbent to
u'odt30-3teod A " Pbat Office Arcade. '
A1 11'
ELECTION RETURNS. [Special to Ohio Statesman.]
LIMA, Nov. 3.
Lima and Ottawa towship 72 Democrat
ic bajtfltg i Lmobratlc galnT ft 7
LIMA, Nov. 3. D. S. FISHER.
Grant's majority lnStenbenvllle city and
township 393, a Radical gain since the Oc
Fifteenth ward, (Cleveland. Republican
of i.
PIQUA, Nov. 3.
Miami county 1,300 Republican majori
SIDNEY, Nov. 3.
'StfeTby' eounty' givei a; RepabneawgaUi
of 100.
Probable Republican gain in Colum
biana county 300.
Republican county
Mount Vernon and six townships in
JCrtOVcounty givedieame'Totesafritbe
October election.
WAUSEON O., Nov. 3.
Wauseon village and township 294 ma-
jbrfty-Jfor4 Grant y;ttepublican : gain :29
n Fulton county, the profiableRadlcal ma
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
BisDatches from 1 Boston and Hartford
show that Grant hag'rnade very heavy gains
thus tar. Private. t.'lepraras Irom General
Butler's distriot state' that, judging from
the voting teas far, heVwlll be elected by a
large ma1"rity... ...... I
A special' OHspwcn t -the-cxnraercia)
Advertiser from Hartford says: Returns
from this citv and btate thus far indicate
fhnt Gran fc-wlU carry Connecticut. by-fully
Nov. 3, 8:15 P. M.
Returns are scattering, but are becoming
more complete. 'AH from Ohio and lndli
ana.rwithoet exaeption, bow Jarge .Re
a Republican gain
over Uoioner ol 1202 i uuyanoga county
will give 4500. - I
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
wThefollowingare returns front trie State,
as compared ,witn.,the vo or ibb. wnt-n
Fen'ton (RepubHi-ah) bad 13.800 majority! :
S iffolk county three districts give a Deni
ormlr ram V6 ,Roekland-ount.v four
dish1ctsEiveA'feiaoerath-gaU.of 347.
Putnam county- two districts give a RH
puwlcah" gain", of JiW" Jncliesp-'COunM4-uis
district gives a Republican gain of 84.
Jefferson -ou n ty one district gives Dem
ocratic of i.ni'ih: .1
tf,Ihelfailolng eleotiou. retinrns com
parisons ?re awderwiui the1 votg.fJIed; lu
the October election : .wo. ,j
Philadelphia, 5th ward, Seymour has 942j
Republican gain, 115. Second ward, Sey
mour, 1,061 majority; Democratic gain, 58
Third ward sevmour,,lo44;, Democratic
loss, 1.437. Seventh, ward, Grant, 761. roa
jorityj Kepablicaai galn 389.. j; Eighth,
Orartt 246 majoritr Krpehliean gain, 130.
Fitteenth ward, Grant- 1315;; Republican
PORTLAND, ME., Nov. 3.
.Returns from fh'0 'election in Milne show
considerable Republican gains tover the
Sept.rJeetionw ,l4v.fhis!;'city.Titi(jr result
stands -" Grant t 3,230; . Seymour V1.838
against '' . ReDublicKn- vote .of -3 357 . and
Democratic. vote ot 2,379 In Sept., betng a
Republican' gain of 414.. In Bath Grant
bas 1.022; ' Seymour 347 airainst Republi
can 1.06U, and. Democrat 426. in Sept. Re
publican gain.iU Xu .Saito, Grant has 825;
8eVKvar 338 -aeainsc Reoubliean 85CL aiiS"
NEW YORK, Oct. 3.
about halt- e the- city, give! Grant 21.5S1
and Seymour 49,103. Seymour's major(j
in the clty,wiii be abont 55,000. The total
vote will be .about ,150,000. The State! is
dose. and doubtful.
Scattering retornsso far from all parti of
the,-: State jshow. considerable Republican:;
gains over the vote of 186S.-:uiTbe.State will
probahlr,'gtve-Grant 20.000 majority, iln
the. First- district, ; fornConreS8JT' Mills
(Dein.) runs ahead of" his1 ticket ahd -will
have 1,500 majority In this county, and will
retrace Dramarrs majority w nwub i.tou.
Returns from three wards of- Detroit city
small BepablqauJgaUaKfeB
i Returns from 67 lowjishipiveepib
lican gain of 1,013, and the gain Jn the
State,.aU the same rate, will give Grant a
majority from 12.000 to, 15 000,
WHEELING W. VA., Nov. 3.
.-I Returns from 20 towns " show large' Re
publican gains over October. . .The Secre
tary ot the Republican Sfate Committee
claims the State by. 8,000 majority. '- i .-'
AUGUSTA, ME., Nov. 3.
- Augusta gives Grant 142 majority, a Re
publican gain ol 250w Seven other cities
and townships show a Republican gain of
1.0C7, or about 30 . per cent, indicating a
raxj.rity of 28,000 to 30.000 tor Grant and
Col lax in the State. Bangor gives 1.000
majority for Grant, a Republican gain of
220. ; ' -'' --iJ '' !
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
1'Pottef Democrat) for Congress, in West
Chester, Tuns ahead ot Seymour in tnis dis-
xrici. j, ue is prouauij eiecoeu. : - ,- .!
' Returns to nana snow mat tne Kepuoir
canstiive carried Connecticut by 2.000 or
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Nov. 3.
fRh(?de Island probably ' gives 6,000 ma
le Grant.; . - : r
RALEIGH, C., Nov. 3.
This city bas gone largely Republican;
In the First Congressional District a Con
servative Is elected. Montgomery county
gives 4,000 Republican majority, but the
State is proDaDly carried Dy tee conserva.
Returns' of this city give Grant 707; Sey
mour 439. ' ,' - :' - s .- .. v .. i
BOSTON, Nov. 3.
AH over this State Grant has made heav v
gains over the Republican vote of last year.
and his inaiorrty-wm prooaoiy oe iu tne
Vneigbborboodol 75,900 Every city gives
laote itepu.oncan ujajni icies.- uobkmi gives
betweenn.uuu ana-4uuu;vRi8eai,iou; JNew
Bed ford 1.800; Cambridge about 1,000. and
Ghactefttou 700 or 800. T Hooper (Hep.) tor
Congress, has oyer. 2 500; majority.
xwucbeli (ttep.) in tne iuira District, nas
about 2.000 majority.. In the btn district
General - Butler had a large majority in
every citv and town heard from, and h'u
total majority must largely exceed that
of last election.: - Buurke and Boutwell are
elected by very large majorities. The vote
for Adams, for Governor, shows a heavy
decrease from last
SAVANNAH, GA., Nov. 3.
. Since the morning disturbance all has
been quiet. It is impossible to say who is
ahead until the actual count is made.. At
Ozeechee precinct the negroes to the num
ber pf about 1,000 strong, armed with mus
kets, shot guns ana pistols, took possession
el the polls, and allowed noDemocratic ne
gr?8 to vote. The whites who were allow
ed to vote bad to do so under guard. All
is quiet ia theoity. T. L.j. . , "J i
f Thla city gives Democratic majority.-
-The vote of the State is laruel v Dem-
Jocratic,'.But lew Republican votes were
CONCORD, Nov. 3.
' Returns from ' towns - and cities give
Gram. 8.883 Sey mour 6.674. The vote of
Concord is. Grant 152; Sey mour 263; a m
Jorltv of 656 and- a'wt gain since last
Maroh of, 235.1'- Returns thus far received
Indicate a majority " tot,. Grant in j New
Hamp8hire.ot.6,000v.T. '
SUMMITT, N. J. Nov. 3.
r. Providence to wttshiu. Union coun
ty, gives Seymour 150; Grant 144;" for Gov-J
ornorf' Randolph, a67 Blair f J40c Uflionl
comity Aiinaen gives Biair, lor Governor,
ji majority; uarK, lor uongrest."( Republican)-
28, a Republican gaiu p(. 32. ;
Penhsylvahta Ail ii UIW flfH SflpuV
lloan majority ro44S0, a, Republican gain
over the October eleotiou efi65. The ma
jority in - the county-is about 3,500 lor
Grant. Ooa.hundre4-andlxtQwns and
cities in Pennsj rania ffiveOraat,00 ma
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
King's countv 12 wards of Brooklyn
give Grant 13,240; . Seyir.our 18.830; '10
wards to come, which gave last year about
7,000 majority. Niagara county Lock
port, Seymour 1,217: Grant 1,158; Republi
The result In the State is yet in doubt.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
Connecticut 56 towns show a Republi
can gain of 2,657. The Republican Wajor
ytl the. State It estimated at 3,500-j Im r
CONCORD, N. H., Nov. 3.
The State is claimed by the Republicans
DAYTON, Oct. 3.
Montgomery county will g'v "300" for
Grant, a Republican gain of 500 over the
October election. Grant's majority in
Day top is 403, a Republican gain of 2i?v
CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 3.
Lucas county, Ohio, complete, gives a
Republican gain of 800, Erie 400, Summit
MrGroWk Chairman oftbe State Com
mitter, says? Pennsylvania; of Republican
by a majority of 15,000. $
CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 3.
A despatch from New Ybrlc, dated 10 50,
says the Democratic claim tho State for
stonman and the Republican for Grant.
Cannot give anvtbing dlflnitive. Private
despatoW elalns illirioUajr ths JRepubllcan
by 60.000 mjority. The city of Chicago,
give 4.200 Republican majority, and Cook
County, 7,500 Republican majority.
Fifth"' WardTofflcial) Seymourei, a Re
publican gain of 123. Sixth ward. Grant
502. Republican gain 1,087. Twelfth ward,
Grant 187, Republican gain 467. Chester
countjj reposts a majority pf 8.400 for
Grant. 'Danphine county, complete, Is re-
ported at 1,800 Republican majority, a Re
publican gain of 145. Harrisburg City-
Grant 290 majorHyr-Republican gain 97.
Schuylkill county, Eighth District, shows
a Republican gain of 225. Philadelphia
Seventeenth'ward 1,374 Democratic; jwen-ty.-lgbth-ward.
Grant 23 majority. ..Ful
ton counts is estimated, at 300 for Sey mour
NEW YORK, Oct. 3.
Marvland Washineton county Seven
districts? heard from show; a Republican
NEW YORK, Oct. 3. RALEIGH, Oct. 3.
Twenty preclnctashpw a Republican ma
jority OI I.UI4.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
3d U)ngrsssionai district By over 4,J oo ma
NEW YORK, Nov. 3. PORTLAND, ME., Nov. 3—9 P. M.
Seveote-itwi towns , ilve'-'drant 27.396.
Seymour 14,901. Grant's majority is 12,475
against w,uva in aeptemner.
Scattering returns from Greene, Scioto,
Butler, Washington, Athens, Warren and
Ross counties show laraRepublif.aujraLusi
Uamiltoia.cauntyjwUiJiyeJ3ta4ig.4j)Q0 ma-,
. grant's majority 5, .Republican gain of
55 over fjotober. ' . -! L 1 : 3 -'"'3'' '
In 78 towns heard from in Indiana show
a net Republican gain of 1,148 over the
October eieettoaAt the -same ratio, of
2irt oVeMhe-State Grant smaiority iuJtbe
state win db I4,wu.
fc'Reluf hs" fim"xtHe1nirrii taCe.,eCeDt
fotir towns, give Grant 10,940 and Seymour
5.470. Further returns will give Grant a
majority of about 6,000. Thos. A. Jenckes
and Nathan F. Dixon are elected to Con
gress 1 6 :aKlaf jit-? mBjof icy Pvyi d em ce
city gives Grant 4,173 and Seymour 1,790,-''
Business is- generally suspended and ail
is quiet around the polls. The Democrats
will probablv carry the city by a small
maiorlti 'HjrTevndrBf Jf Thertfebabilcan
Vtrf is unUsualiyilarge And they.wiH carry
a portion ot the local ticket. The Repub
licans are confident of the State for Gran);.
tteports -from interior towns-indicate Je-
publicaa majorities. , , Nothing from Nevada
DETROIT, Oct. 3.
The Republicans
claim the State for
Gr.mlbj aoOOWnjorfty.aud tliat six-Rq-
MAINE, Oct. 3.
Eighty -orie towns give .Gfant 31,225 and
Seymour 16.722. Grant's majority is 14,503,
a net wain over September of 3.758. Tnis
,lndicatS(nearlr 1 27,000, majority in the
State" against; 20,000'lrf Septeinbeivand an
aggregate vote ol about UZ.oOO agauist
Indications are that the State will give
Grant a majority as large as the Republi
can" majority In - 1866, "which was 6.6621
Only one point outside of the city thus la
reports Democratic gains. Wheeling city
and Ohio county.. glvt ra Democratic gaiu
of 12 in seven townships over the Octo
OMAHA, Nov. 3.
Indications are that the State has gone
Republican over 4,000 majority. Returns
show gains over the October election, i
M'Bal'tfmore city gives Grint 9,052 and
Seymour 21,593. n In the 31 district, tor
Congress, Swauu has 12.961 and King 5,603
In the 4th district the returns show a-large
Republican gain. In Washington, Fred
erick, Carroll and A'legheny counties the
Congressional contest is close.- n J j r.
NEW YORK, Midnight.
The Trlbune'estlrhales Seymourt major
ity iu the State at 3,500, and Hoffman's con
siderably larger. . The ltepublicans .iiave
the Assembly. i
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 3.
i Return, come In slowlyl BdlH parties
claim' Congressman In the-' Fifst District,
but the chances are in favor of Wells, i
The constitutional amendment for negro"
be defeated in
" The election in this city passed oft' quiet
ly, there being no trouble ot any kind and
no interference with, voters. . The negroes
ol this city abstained almost totally: from
In the Fourth District, the strong
est Democratic District in the city, out of
4.200 votes 4,100 were Democratic.
Throughout the country tne negroes
voted freely;-' Democratic majorities in all
As far as . from the - election
throughout the Slate passed off quietly.
The vote of tbe citv of Louisville is as fol
lows : Seymour 8.8S4. Grant 1,406,' a Demo
cratic majority of 7,478, and a Republican1
gain Ot nearly 1,000 since the August elec
tions. Both parties have largely increased,
their vote in tne State. The Republicans
have doubtless Increased their vote over
that of August by from 5,000 to 10,000. The
entire Democratic Congressional ticket is
elected.- -
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
.Vermont Returns show Republican
gains, and the State will give about 30,000
Republican majority. t
BOSTON, Nov. 3.
, One hundred and ninety -three towns
Grant 105 243; Seymour 53,165. Grant's
majority 52,078. i - i H .4. 1
New Hampshire One hundred and forty
four towus give Grant 29,560, and Seymour
21,752.. 3-5 r. ' ,;-i j
MOBILE, Nov. 3.
Indicat'.ons so far show Alabama has
gone for Seymour and Blair by a small
majority. It is impossible at this hour to
tell the result. -"
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.
,- Returns Irom Illinois come In slowly.
Those from the northern part of the State
show Republican gains, while those from
the central portion ot the State show Dem
ocratic gains. Indications are that the
State is Repoblicau by 45.000 to 50,000 ma
jority. The First, Second, Third, Fourth,
Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Districts elect,
Republican Congressmen. In the Eighth"
Cu-lom (Republican) is probably defeated.
The Democrats carry the Ninth, Tenth
and Eleventh Districts. Returns are mea
from the Twelfth and Thirteenth.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
' Returns come,
but it appears from those received that
Griswold, runs
behind Grant. -
runs more thanl 10 per cent
Kinirs Cjuntv. Brooklvn. complete,! ex
cept 13 districts Grant, 22,593; Seymour,'
NEW YORK, Oct. 3.
A despatch-to the Western Union Tele
graph Company 'says returna from New
Jersey eome4a very slowly, but it Is be
tle yod 'the State Mu Irene? for Grant by . a
small majority, 'while Randolph (Dem.) ii
elected Governor. .
MOBILE, ALA., Nov. 3.
B4best adtooTrties g&iri&eJItit.Tfa
Peymftucpy ismi Jjpi i j J, j
CLEVELAND, O,. 12:10 P. M.
, A. jlispatchrom-vlfidiauapolia says there
are Republican gains la "every -prwei nrt
The State will probably give over 10,000
Repqblicap majority. .
r " ,1 rrj. u)i J-
ST. LOUIS,, Nov. 3.
Grant's majority in1 Kansas is estimated
at 12,000. . ., ,
Further returns eontiifue to show Re
publican gains. The Republicans claim au
increase of 15.00Q State.
BOSTON, Oct. 3.
Returns from 20 towns' give Grant 107,
559 and Seymour 63 5S9.-,,, Last year the
same .towns gave Bullock,- for- Governor,
78.404 and Adams 53 087--a Repnblican
gain of 28.000 and and an estimated Repub
lican majority of 60.000:.rcTheRepublicans
elect all their Congressmen, nearly all their
State Senators and three-fourths of the
MEMPHIS, Nov. 3.
Returns from, Arkanas, . are meager,
qwing to few tdegraph oJHces ( )
From the most careful estimates that can
be made at this hour, .the Republican ma-!
jority In the State will be irom ten to
twelve thousand.
The election is one of the quietest ever-
known here. Partial returns indicate that
the Republicans have carried the State by
a reduced majority. .The State is conceded
lor Grant, but. the' Democrats Claim two
out of four Congressmen.,: j V'.U'J i
Georzia The Scate will eive about 30.-'
000 Democratic majority.
HARTFORD, CONN., Nov. 3, 11:30 P. M.
The Evening1' Post baa jusc issued art
extra, giving returns trom everv town in
the State and showing-a RwnMicanlniai'H
rlty orby"3,499, kgaio of 5026"over -last
'The vote ef the citv-is not all- counted!
Four ward 'are to be' beard from 5 - the
other six wards give Grant 2.296 and Sej
mour 646.. In,. the countv tn'ur Drecinctk
give Grant 43 and Seymour 243 The wards
not reported will increase Grant's majority
several hundred. Prosser runs aheal for
Congress and Is no doubt elected by a large
majoritv. j
Ther TJn jon and American -asi f pecrals
from Giles, Maury, Rutherford. Franklip
and Coffer, (showing jfieavv f Democratic
gains Er8 are .felt "by Republicans, of
the defeat ot Tillman in the Fourth District,
who ran for Congress In the place of MuV
lins. Arnell's majority over Buck, at Co--
lumoia, was nve-nuoace.a. n , .
" '- ""
MEMPHIS, Nov. 3.
The election passed off more quietly than
ever known. The police arrangements
were admirable, and not a single disturb
ance occurred-.f The vote-as com pared with
that of last March shows a falling off of 500,
though the registration exceeded that by
2.500. !TrHrfollo wing-is he orH vote:
Grant, 4.818; Seymour,-- 5S2; -Tjeftwir.h,
Democrat, for Congress, 2.516: Munn, Re
publican. 303; Smith, RopMbliuan, 4,503.
Retarnl frmn.other parts of tha State are
meagre. The indications are that Lef(-
wicu selected by a small mijority.
Appeal for Assistance.
The Consul General of Switzerland
makes an anneal for assistance, for the. su
ferers by the late fload. In tliat country.
He says six million francs will lall far short
The Surratt Case.
j,T-he Surratt case was to-day called,, up'
in the Supreme Court of the- District; the
motion being to dismiss the appeal of the
District Attornev from the decision ot
JudgijWflle in the, Crimiuaf Cbortw'sus-
taming biio pie& ui nuituui ui iiluiluliuiib
made by the accused, and discharging the
prisoner. Messrs. Merrick and Bradley, Jr.,
appeared for Surratt, and Mr. Carringtou
for the, United States. The0Cpur has tie
rEnrrffer502r attached to the west hound
Ireighl train Oirthe-Central Ohio Division
ol the Baltimore Oh to railroad, exploded
near Claypoof Station, fchia 'morhlnff. ln-
stantly kilting Robert Brown,, engineer,
ana latauy injuring jonn Hurley, nreman,
ana a Draiceman nameu
The Vote in St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS Nov. 3.
The aggregate'vote in eif hteen Dre
Cincts in ,thisf city, up, tQVaboutmonj as
reportea Dy tne ponce telegraph, is tmr-
teencthousaau. Thts embraces mainly, the
fsmall recincts-s I tissue to say. that two
thirds of the entire, vote of the city bas
been cast at this writing (one P. M.) The
voting progresses very rapidly, no quieter
election pas ever oeeii-neia in, the
San Francisco Items.
"TheRatHng'ot the steamer Japan, for
Hong Kong, is postponed until the arrival
ot tne uonstuucion irom ranama.' 1
At Gen. Halleck's request Govt Haight
ordered troops ac tne uinreut military
stations underarms from 9 A. M. nntil
midnight on the 3d, 'tor assist, in quelling
any riotous proceedings.' 1
Cleared Gen. -Loo, for Liverpool."with
22.000 sacks pf wheat; Neptune, for LIverr
pool. 42.000 sack?; Achievement, for Cork,
lo.UUO sacks. -
r Sailed Broiighton, for Livemool: Wil
ford, Cork;- Asa Eldrltgr,jHon Kong;
V ncie 10 oy, uaiiao. 1
.Flour quiet at f 5 506' 25. 1 Wheat' dull;
good Blupping 51 7o. Juegai tenders 74. ,
ST. JOHNS, N. B., Nov. 3.
'Considerable excite men t was caused yes-
. 1 T . 1 . - .
teruay in cuuscqneiice ui tne aouucuon oy
a United States official of a man named
Mills, who had been .Indicted for some of
fense and stt at liberty on bail:' '' Not ap
pearing wnen wanted tne detectives traced
him to &t. Jonns. ;
ST. JOHNS, N. B., Nov. 3. Boston.
BOSTON, Nov. 3.
The voting proceeds quietly with Indi
cations of a large vote; At 11 o'clock 1 the
returns give 6,763 for Grant and 3,890' for
Seymour. In third district. Twltchwell,
for congress, was 2.500 ahead. .In fourth
district, Hooper was 150 ahead.;- rV
TROY, N. Y., Nov. 3.
-' Election is proceeding quietly. A very
vote will oe polled.
The Election in Philadelphia.
The election"1s progressing quietly. The
day will probably pass without difficulty,
Visits to the polls In various sections indi
cate a total vote smaller than in October,
though it is generally conceded Grant will
have a maiority in tne city. - complete re
turns from the 10th ward at 10 o'clock give
Grant 833 majority. - At the same hour in
Oct. the Republican majority was 607. .
Report from New Orleans.
Report from New Orleans. NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
Thei-"Post savs private dispatches from
New Orleans this morning assure us the
Democrats- have - exclusive possession of
the polls, and that Republicans are not at
to vote. .-
Negroes take Possession of the
Polis in Savannah.
SAVANNAH, GA., Nov. 3.
Negroes appeared in . great numbers
when the polls were opened this morning
and took entire possession of the polling
places." This continued till about 7 o'clock.
Every white man who came to vote wa
clubbed away.. Finally a tight commenced
and tbe negroes were driven back by the
whites, who then commenced" to vote.-.In
a few minutes the -negroes rallied and
attacked whites.,.A negro deliberately
drew a pistol and shot a policeman in the
stomack, mortally'wounding him. Firing
then became general in the crowd.- ;
The police came to preserve order. The
negroes fought tbehi desperately and final
ly the police used pistols, when the negroes
broke and rah. Five negroes -were killed
and several wounded. ,-Four : policemen
were wounded,' -one mortally. A young
lady residing in a house opposite the Court
House was also shot by a bill which came
throngh a window,- but was not dangerous
ly hurt. Trouble Is anticipated to-night.
Female Suffrage.
NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 3.
Lucv gfoye'ffd "tXM. "BlkcVwell. her
mother-4n'law,ffeTetf thei votes' in the
ETerenth Wardta-day but Ue fudge! fe-
iose-toTecerve-tiieaijH:K .-ourn n-od
NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 3. Disturbance.
NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 3. Disturbance. PHILADELPHIA Nov. 3.
Theonlv dlsturbanee that occurred ber
waein-'tbe Fourth . ward, and it was trifling.
A voter -waa cbalkuged, and, raskyiwaa
made, breaking la-the window, when a R
puhllcan Inspector made hla escape, i .Ut;
principal in tbe affair was,arxesteU,ij , t t
River News.
.-. W cather clear,' and'' pleaaiitit'River
feet and 6 inches and rising.', Mercprv. 43.
Kansas Indian News—A Victory
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 3
'. Papers from the border .state that.Gen.
Eugene Carr, commanding a detachment
of the 5th cavalry, met three hundred Iny
dian warriors. near Fort Hayes, and, drOye
them several qiiles, killing ten and captur
ing seventy horses. The Indians also aban
doned their lodges and buflalo robes. 'rJQen.
Carr, at last accounts, was still in pursuit
Tbey had over 30.000 head of stock with
tbein, and their trail was easily found, 4,
- Fourteen hundred men .have reported at
Tope k a for- the volunteer regiment called
into the service , by Gen. Sheridan for ..-six
months. i., v y- 1... , f . - , '.'.,.' .,
K Ic is reported that Governor Crawford
will resign the Governorship to take the
Colonelcy. . - ;,.
Attempted Outrage.
.,, , , . r
An old woman,' aged between '.severity
and, eighty, living, with 1 her sop1 fri Bir
mingham was assaulted by some villain;
last night, who broke Into her room and at-:
tempted to violate her person.' Her screams
aroused the family, and they comiug to her
assistance, tne viiuau made on. ;
A Horrible Accident.
Occurred vesterdav afternoon at the Kes-
ington Rolling MiH. resulting in the death
Pt-AJex.. Williamson. While at work he
was caught la-tne machinery ana nwrreaa
aaJsevered ftom his, body. SH leayea a
and .tTireerchlMrenn'iLf;''.
A Horrible Accident. NEW YORK MELANGE.
A Horrible Accident. NEW YORK MELANGE. The Election.
A Horrible Accident. NEW YORK MELANGE. The Election. NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
hist nlaht.anJ the sun rose this-mornipg
ip a cloudless sky. ihe ptdls opened I to
lone strings of votera.and the best of fefcH
irig prevailed. There is, however," a vrj
deep feeling prevailing, and it requires the
mostrjualclou managementrtorprereirt J
riot occurring. IirtheSherifTs-bfiice, dur
Insr'the day,-Deputy? Sheriff-were toelns
enrolled for special duty in maintaining the
pi ace,,, The numoer tnns enrolled in tnis
qity ia reported at- phe thousand. ' Mayor
Kalbffeish.or Brooklyn, issued a proclama
tion calling upon all good citizens to Aid la
preserving -the peace: andi at , his .request
Sheriff Cmpbet ot King's county,, swore
it, ttot Ihniiaond rlor,t,fiia k -- I
This is a beantiful dav. Votinis'"riror
gressing rapidly, '. About half the leelsteH-
ed vote of the city was polled at 10 o'clock.
and the indications are thatover 160.000
votes wil) be polled. ,"Ther have been no
disturbances and tew arrests:-
In Brooklyn about two-thirds of the re
gistered vote has been cast' at 10 o'clock.
The. total is likely to exceed 65 000. Of
codrse both cities give immense Democrat
ie majorities; and the size of the vote favors
tbe sue ess of all their "regular Congres
sional candidates. Train and Savage, how
ever, are polling a large Irish vote In the
Fifth and Ninth Districts. - . )
Voting is progressing quietly jn Jersey
City. . A heavy vote la being thrown, but
Bond Robbery.
1 A tin box containing $12,850 in bonds
was stolen from the office ot Morison &
Hutchinson, 327 Broadway, yesterdiiy
about two o'clock P. M and no- clue lis
known.as to the robbers-. - ,"r'
Manufactories Closed in
Workmen Restless.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
The -Democrat's Madrid' special'' say 6:
News from Alicanti. Carthageha, Barce
lona, Seville and Cadiz, announce that the
most ol the shops and- manufactories in
these cities have been closed The work
ingmen, deprived of labor, are .becoming
restless and boisterous, and the fear ot; a
general riot all over the country, causes
great uneasiness to the Provisional Gov
ernment. - The TOan of10.000,000 reals
(17,000), opened for therellef of Xhe work
iogmeu. baa .not been entirely subscribed.
Tlie Jocal-oueBtion. assuojea liere the same
aapeotaa in, Paris .la 1 J848, And socialist
cluos are iorming.snt.t.ii
Secret Mission.
The Democrat's 'Paris' special says M
Ratazzie. formerly Minister of Foreign Af
fairs at Florence, is actually at Paris. His
mission, although' a secret one, is said tto
relate to the evacuation of Rome by the
I reach, troops... He is, if successful, to De
placed again at the head of the Italian
Cabinet". j
The Russians in North Asia.
.The Democrat's Marseilles special says:
The last malls received from Calcutta, via
Marseilles, Inform us that the Russians are
making rapid progress in North Asia, and
that the town ot Calisu baa been captured
-1 The says
college of Cardinals, presided over by His
Holiness,' Pope Pius Ninth, have met lor
tbe purpose of advising as to the best
means of increasing the Papal army, should
tbe French, as It Is now learcd, evacuate
the btates.
The Election.
LONDON, Nov. 3.
' The greatest interest is manifested in the
result or the American election.
The frigate Galata, was fletained; at
VIENNA, Nov. 3.
his recent speech by various juurxals.
Elections in Brazil.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
. The Herald's Brazil correspondent, writ
ing September 26ch says tbe municip: 1
elections throughout the empire were over
and the result bas been an overwhelming
majority for the conservatives. !
The gold bond loan of 30 000 000 milreis
has been decreed and published
Trouble Apprehended.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
, Advices from Hayti state that Saget had
been named Provisional ' President : and
Dominique President of the South by their
respective forces, unknown to eacn otner,
and it was still a matter of fearful conjec
ture what course would be pursued when
Dominique and "Saget- found themselves
rival candidates. Saget was at St. Marie,
which was blockaded, and it-is -reported
that a revolt had taken place against him.
' If you want the choicest meal in Colum
bus, go to the St. Lawrence Restaurant..
nov4-d2t .,.. '
' It is strange to see with what carelessness
someinvalids attend to their bealth. They
will procure a box of Plantation Bitters,
which ought to be used up in a month or
six weeks, and upon inquiry it is found that
they have used only two or three bottles.
Some days they have used it according to
the directions, and others have-not touched
it." The whole trial has been irregular, and
of course a less favorable result has come
from their use. If it be true that ."what is
worth doing at all is worth doing well,"
how emphatically Is it true in matters re
lating to the health.; A lew bottles ol Plan
tation Bitters have often wrought wonders,
while in other instances disease has only
been subdued after weeks of resistance. . ,
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at hall
the price." ' ' ' ' ' ,
- BNY-sept25-deod&wlycw v t
Oysters Oysters Oysters.-- .
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman) . ,
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur &
Co-'a Chesapeake Bay oysters. "'' -f:
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov 3.
rkens very
10 12 percent.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov 3. New York Money Market—Nov. 3.
MON E Y Active and. stringent at 7 per
eenanoajnrrncy wlttu icpoMais-r-
8loitl Cell. .'' )' oU .olrtU .ma mm
rViQD Opened at 133 advanced W
133X."ahd dosed -at-133(3 13gw .7 n
'' . - - I 1. irirn if m-f w.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov 3. New York Money Market—Nov. 3. New York Stock Market—Nov. 3.
closinst steady with snpplv on the market
109703109:' do' -C4 '107(8 107k,; do '65
103lO7 anwMM.Uijinia,ig7t
ilvtbtglli; ww-no 1 iiJ4tSUl4.
fia, prrces-i-Wells' Expres--28e
American 4546 Adams 49Jg60j Uaf
ted States 474?;Merebante'.:xJilIoa.2Ci;f
21V PadnVMahY J80121; Westera
Ifn Tele?h86(ag p HtmmKort,
Central 125(5125 40K40K;
Rekdiri? 9797; Ohio & Mississippi
80r330j& W rfbasrt - 6lK62;Mlohigan
Southeru- &48i4i Illinor5entfa! i43a
145; Plttsburah- 8687;' Toledo 102
102& Northwestern 8989; do pre
lerred" 96905 .'Rock "Islat WJ
104;t Fori Wayne ' ll2jf112; Terre
Haute 404l; do, prelerred 6265: Al
;tehl5Li ., . a ': .'.'.'.. ".'""Mia
New Market—Nov 3.
fjOTON-Stad j1; sales of 1,800 bales at
lor mid d ring Upland it'ittiai
1 XOtTR-I-ClogedratfarM0ir oatioei and
I'febaee flrmepJ
WHEAT--l2i better,, with., moderate
jiqulry.-J- : V??;?. '"2
Ri-ENoipTnally Unchanged." "a"'
.iTSr-FUmjaad.auiei ffciffiii.lp.
Store and aftoat.fn ii
CORN Quiet at 91 131 15 tor unsound
.ami tl'161174oaaundAiixed western. .
- PORK Very quiet at $27 UH for uaeas,
regnlaT. -J ; : ..y,.V' ;'
: : Hir.Tr.lr nnir-a nil I rnOnTii ffl'A. O'.ttnn-
tur MBiAift JNouunia)WX,.Tl.i) L
'BACON-NOmiBBbw'MOMA aovomll
.iABDrrDullj at 17J7Ko for fatr
prime sWam. " "
Eg6Quiet apd Ji rmeg. Ir
Cincinnati Market—Nov 3.
FLOUR 'Uncbaned'.1 djikoj3
."WHEAT Unctfinjred.
" CORK Dull: old 96c: new 6062c.
" 0 m-Flrnfat 68o.-V ..J11
ffcTRYE DtrM aon6mnaX1i"T.S
BARLEY Dull ami nominal. y r-M..i
COTTON-Dull at 23rfefor niiddliog.
o;rWHISKY-Steady at $1'.jV'-'.
,, .BACON Held higher' . snouWerkv J4e:
J Clear sldes"13c;elear rib at 17) Unless
;'offered ! T 3.H imiM 'M
GREEN ME ATS nigher, aaleg ei ahoal
ders at 83, and sides at lie JJaas ielJJat
" 1213v "r " A altrrtMaS
HOGS Active; s&t sunlV;'Wes:it:i8
,;:'-8 groon ... .' ..riW
r GROCERIES Steaflywi'i .ilr.iii3
ii, t SEED Flax seed declined tb tSW."! .
Chicago Market—Nov. 3.
:i There was po -
trade to-day. a few iof the 'leading opexa
tora met in Exchange Place;- Market roles
quist.- es ; .', v-n
wuisvr ai aicsi tijPue.r.Baiea
of No. 2at$l 161 17iBi bi
,.t,CORN In faixr'qtre8t8080M,;leh3r
steady at "8181c tor No. If a-'Jfguod lot
JsoH at 80 ateliers lor,fiie-raoth. J, ,ao
L -OATSNomhial' at 45 45?v,(,
RYEr-Active, and ndprfhth f
BARLEY--.afomirial4 $150 WNA.
Toledo Market—Nov. 3.
.cttbv R-iQniet.i 1 n H 1 r m
W HEAT-r45fVtfM' whit' M4figan
at $1 80t sales amber atll B01 70; No. 2
at $1 541 SgNorsj) ,Ang at $1 2B No. 2
f?CORN-33 Wteitffl. YrilOol Hw
0'AT3-2c bett; Michigan at
'Sii'KO. Vlt 62L553CT H.X VII f
'ifYFrt-2 better; MlchisM : It Jg; N
2 at $112. .iNw
i BARLEl-t-Uni.i') priT-inTT'W
Toledo Market—Nov. 3. St. Louis Market—Nov. 3.
t j-vFLOUR-DulLaoA'tewer.. " 'Q, a. t
WHEAT Stead vat veiterdaT's rate.
a CORNDullatSliSgOcja'a jo.i ' -
- fr5i,ut,T? S8-' 'jj; nt'iV
BARLEY Unchnnged. v ,v,i ,.1,
" it-wa w it i - ,1 tf (i A.J - a
LARD 17Ke-'f-1 I lo r., - V-i.
rr SIDES-rl717iif;j hpqldew,l
nanodt'- .bsnniiit-Liir su
Buffalo Market—Nov. 3.
JSo board; this is
-.-geperaHy -inactive and. unchanged,"-";
liTGRN-alesal 97(Cr .i X V t J i
. u I , FREIG HTSr-Early sblpmenfs' -were
made at 23cfpr wheat: at noon'2425c . Was
Detroit Market—Nov. 3.
,V),FL0UR-Dull ahd prices ndmlnaj.'5''!
..":WHEAT-V56c higher and flrmt Ho. 1
, !wbite$l 82; No. 2 white $1 75; No. 1 amber
. $157.;,:.'.1:,.i" u ' ;",' .-V"''.?
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 3.
' FLOUR Nominal; " - , "
- WHEAT Nothing doing1..' t ; t!,;-t
' CORN Sales at al 30V2 hr N6; 1 in store.
' ' -
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 3.
Trade languid and prices without Impor
tant change. ' ; r;vnl
Paving Notice.
lo all whom it mav Ccneern .- , - -
OoLUHBDS. 0 8ent. tS, IS68.I
. Notice is hercbj given tb At proeeedinm bT ba
. Instituted in the City Coanoil of Colambas for mmk
' ing tbe foHowioa improvementa,-tcwit: - a
tor er&dint mad pvin the unpaved lidewalki,
. rntters and crowings on Third street from Hickory
alley to -North street; --. - : ..i
Also, for radiug and paying tb anpaved eide
walks, gutters and orosaiogri on the soutb aide of
'Jiorth itreet. from Third street to Fourth street;
Also, for grading and paying the uered cross
ings and graveling the sikewalks and grading the
roadway on Mohawk street, from 8 oath Public lane
to fsjosmora street..
Also, for grading and repaying the sidewalk and
gutter and crossing on Kich street, 1 a front ot Iiot
tio. 6 of Uennisoa's aabdiyisian of ootlot Jio. 38;
Also, for grading and graveling the roadway of
Chapel street, from Fair alley to Front street; '
' Also, for grading and paring the getters and
curbing on the sontn side of Chapel street aad for
graveling the load way froav .High . street j to Fair
A.so. for "Wldirg a double 'row-' flair crossing
across Linn alley at the east side of High street:
The same to be done in aeoordanee with the Plata
and estimates to be prepared hv the City Civil Eogi-
. neer. and filed in the office of the City Clerk. '
, All persons claiming damages on amount ef said
'proposed improvements, are required to filer their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, ,on or
before the Kig aieenth day of November, A. D.
' , "" a i tf Ki-WILSON.
o?tS dttw4w 1 ; .: ,.:.!! ittniiCity Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may Concern
". -nil.' Columbus, a Sept, si. ,ish.
Notice is hereby given that praoeedings have beea
instituted in the City Coancil of Columbus, for
making the following improvements, to-wit r i
For repaying the gutters and resetting (ha curb
ing on the-west aide of Seventh, street' between
Friend street and Rioh street. '
Also, for paving the nnpaved- sidewalks-en the
east s'de of Fifth street between itioh atref t and
Cherry street. i - n - Ti -
. - Also, for grading and graveling. Chapel street
from High street to Fair alley.. , -1 ' T
Also, for grading the roadway of Hamletr street
north from the C. C. 4 C. railroad depotAp the line
of Wm. Neil's -property.
The same to be done in aeoordanee with plats and
- estimates to be prepared by theCity Civil Engi
. neer, and filed in the office of theCity Clerk. ,
- - All persons claiming damages on account of raid
, proposed improvements, are required to file their
olaimsin theoffioeof tf.e Clerk, in writing,- on or
before the Seventh day of November. A. D. 1868.
, , ... ; lu K. WHiSON,
sepll-dltawiw - . . City Clerk
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade pave Chapel street from
High street to Front street. - '
Section I. Beit ordained by the City Council
of the oit of Columbus (two-third of all lb. t mem
bers concurring). That tbe- sidewalks and gut
. ters begiaded and repaved on the south aide of
Chapel strtet from High street to Fair alley, and
that the roadway be graded and graveled from
High street to .Front street, in accordance with the
plat thereof on file in the office-of the City Clerk.
Sao. S. That all damages, costs - and; expenses
arising from th foregoing improvement, .shall be
assessed and levied upon th several lots ol land
fronting or abutting tnereon, in proportion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
octSO ... rr
Paving Ordinance.
An ai pave . on street
from Third street to Fourth street.,
SaCTlONl. Be it ordained by tbe City Council
of tbe city of Columbus (tw i-thirds of all the mem
bers con urring). That the nnpared sidewalks, gut
ters and crossings be graded an paved oa the south
: aide of North, street from Third street to Fourth
street, in accordance with the plat thereof on file ia
the office of the City Clerk. - ' -' ; '
;' PEC.S-' That' all dauwge; eosta and npense
anting from the foregoing improvement jball be
assessed and levied upon the several lota bf land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion 'to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868. Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
9lk - . i.h-. jos ''--neil-xi-J fJHAJ
.- f b i5!-!.!i3i T'b di iy-,i

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