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PMrrioKouHJicffcvTAiii., prepared and
-rrwwHT W. Sawge, Jeweler,
- ..; i- TCifiBintit, Hot, 4. W j
i p.iir:::,:::::,:i:
'"H 'Mi' j'.iiu H- 1
.-r. ...... .. . rinil. srloomy and
13" Hon. Frank H.
House.1' : :.'. '"s'
Hard Is at the Neil
arTniov hmw be a devotee of "blgh old
art, .She .is always painting wmetMng..j
tSTTbe total valueof the property tranr-
leried yet terday' and left, lor record te
" $9,575. -r ;
' " jp-A baker on Gay strept has ad article
of dirV he calls thorough bread. It goes off
at 2:40 speed.' , , s .!"
' ;.tRead theHit of - advertised letters
In this morning's Statbsmam. ' No other
paper publishes It. ' i-'.'-, ', ; . r
5f": Simeon Moesta, the scenic artist, U
in the city preparing the scenery ; for
Hunipty Dnmpty," to bff produced here
by.iTonttElIsler, November 18tta ; -
i: " A o:&i;, . i . T V;
..: fTho -remains of Mr. James Andrews,
whose death bat been (mentioned-are ex
pected to arrty In this city .-to-day, at 11
o'cloefcon the Columbus ; Chicago! rpdl
anapoMntraI - railroad. The tlca of
funeral will be duly announced- '.-J
.:-.'LRQa'.Fniilut. The funeral of Miss
rl,ula Boyle,' late a teacher : in our Public
Schools, from the, Baptist ,C.hnrch yesterday-was
a very' large, one. t;The Public
Schools were closed as a mark of respect,
'ind tbe teachers altendeb: the funeral tn'a
bqdy-HAV.AjoyrT --'-;rri ;"-rs 1 1
-. ,ru.FBRrso. On Monday . last, a man
. named Patrick' Nolan went to the premises
' or ' j. 'C! Kalb,' on Bleb street, and there
committed the-larceny of a pair of shoes
valued At $2 SO." Tuf sday the pilferer was
arrestedj'fbe Mayor.yesterday, fined him
5 and costs, and lu default sent him to the
calaboose. . ',
Attentioh The officers of the different
oofnpanlea of ther .White Boys- Bine and
EofUhe!ifun,quad; are notified Jo attend a
meeting to-hlght TaC the D mocratc Com
mlttee rooms, Thurman Hall. A Court ol
Inquiry will be formed, and other import
taut business be transacted. ;
Backs Races differ. Thehuman race
I jiHtiulnfr oJie.i)rjBttyj8iULThe African
race seems to be the favorite just now.
The races of boys -and girls are different
from those of men and women. Yes, races
difr as much as-hcrsesi-Horsea differ
greatly.' tExairiine the saw.'rockinjr, clothes
' and Morgan breeds, and be.'-onviuced. j, I
.w i, ..! f ' tt-. i Z '
i; 1 AwitsritD. On -Tuesday morning; John
Meneely was arrested on an affidavit made
'.tyCnts BrlckelU charging biro with, as
sauU - and battery, Yesterday, roorotnjr,
this charge was withdrawn and another
l assaijilt. with intent, to , klU preferred.
Meneely waived a preliminary examina
tion and gave bail in the sum of $600 to
nswer.;'-'t' : 31J tiww.i r. i
Farewell. To-morrow one -of our old
'' and.best cltl-seris, PeterBaln, Ef q, with
r hi jfamlly will leave' this city. In which
tbey have lived so long and have so many
friends. They leave New York In a lew
davi for Paris. France, "where for the com-
' ing two yearscertain, they will'make theirl
residence. We wish them a ion voyage, a
wish that wUl be echoed by their many
friends bera. , i
Tjv'.t' oiriu '.' r,- -err o - :
A Corrkctios. We were-In error yesr
terday in saying JthatJ. G. Beal, the auc
tioneer, bad 44 a skirmish " at the Fir3t
jwftd iplteonTuesday,, Mr-Beal.bas sat!
" isfled us that the account published in the
.Journal was substantially correct t that his
nnl ap.titin .was that of Deacemaker, and
that there 'wis1 hoihfng' of a politlcati)ature
."ln?h qu.arrelvIj grew. out ot a feutlj dl
some ten or iweive yearn smuuiun-
m?etBSf ifilie' Coatity. ComioUsioner?,
held yesterday afternoon, Messrs. Barbeer
LEdwaids and Gulick bema present, tne
fnUowiiiz order was made: (
TK OTabtla nd Worth ingtoa turnpike
company, by their agent J. E. Wright, hav
ing reported the lonstruetion of live miles
of, their. road, it is ordered that Win. Hun
ter,! .Win. M Gill and W.'p. Brown be and
.they are. herebyiappointe'd to! examine the
same and j-eport their .opinion, tn writing
whether, said road has;in alf. respects, been
constructed according to law.
Transfbkred YaaTBRDAT The follow
ing transfers ot real estate weye lett at the
Recorder's office yesterday :
DeWitt C. Lazelt and wifei to Harvey
Johnson', Sept. 17th, ,10 acres' of land ' In
' ' jftaron townshlpvfbr?
Andrew J Evan and wife to Jonathan:
Mniupr. AusrV '27th. i' 'acres of land in
Franklin towoship,"fbrt406. . ,r , . !
i aJoseph iWldmaier and wife to Joseph
i'iiltier.Nov. 2J, lot No. i of J. J. Brigga-
-ionT8 subdivision of lands in the city of
'c Columbus, lor $1,050. u'l W
Nathan Wilcox and wife to Samuel Wil
cox, Nov. 2d, 30 acres of land in Norwich
2 ctewnsbip, lor $6,000. v ;.; ' ...:..! t '
j u it.-p. Anderson and wife to George W.
Holmes, July lit. Jot No. 32 and fractional
lot No. 33 In the town of, New Albany, for
,,,$1,200- ;.'..''.T.'i"'V' !
''' Richard R. Evans and wife to Charles J.
-Wetmorey- Oct 29th,- lot No. 12 in John
Morrison's Addition to the City of Colum
bus, for $425- i
' 6amktthat tda' Wra.rhVadi-
aU ot Franklin township; under the lead
of Capfc. N. Merlon, tried . little game on
at the openiog of the polls bn Tuesday by
-which tbey hoped to oust the regular trus-
tees and take matters into tbeir own
b4njdpl deflance of la'w'and ordef .TAbout
ball-past , five, o'clock, in, tliemorning
party if about a doztn of tbem fatet in front
of the voting place and proceeded to elect
Capt.' Merlon and a M'riwu'go'u 'judges, and
r to- perfect an organization in all -particu-
lars. Tbia done, tbey tried to break open
the door ift the school-boose in order to get
i at the . ballot-box. .. a atliug , .here they
tried to ;4orce he .. windows, break
rnj: put !th glassy in the effort. Their
!; plans did not. succeed., and . they
'K wer" forced ,: to await , the. arrival
the trustees at 6 o'clock, Messrs. Mull,
Alklre and Walcott arriviBg at that hour
"'Ho sooner had these gentlemen entered
h the omj than the Bads, demanded that
the Judges tbey bad ejected should serve,
.and" Were ery nolsv. rand.,outrageous
.0 their demands n Capt.'.MecioB 'S.eemMl de-
, termined to hare a place on the board
' judges,-law er ue . la w.l" Bit t their game
wUid't.wiTbe,usteealere invincible
Bdri5Vbe,.and, tpld (the. Bads, who-
were evidently nent on getting "np a muss,
a that at six o'elock the- polls would, be open-
. i kacbfdles to law 'Capt. Merton sed
tf s vt-t&e dgea- kttba October elec--rtieaj
dfnrked yitb astohianinenVthe
' perfect oraer,. toat.preyaiiea, and yet
2 Tuesday last he was erne of tbe-Qrat Jnr at
tempting to get up a row by endeavoring
to oWMleBflf be ballot
GaloVt JibbRD. The Radical success
of Tuesday produoed ita legitimate fruit,
and yesterday morning the Mayor's office
blossomed with galoots. -
B1U Gibson .was one" of them.. We are
not certain that this la the Bin Gibson who
it 'not altogether uncohnected with the .
3tate Treasury," but if It Is, bis defeat the
other day In the Ninth District h toldpn
him fearmily. and he determined to ' 7
cgfown it ia a bowl, brava boys. ... r
- Dmn it ia bowl." ' -f
Having got bis own woes drowned.' as
though they were blind puppies, he" was In
spired by the cheers of bis lellow yelpers
and bensinku in front of A mbos Hall, to
take a little stock in the yelling trade.
Going out Into the outsqulrts of the diy,
be gave vent to a series of yells and howls
which - would have been creditable to a
wild Indian, one well versed in' that 'style
of thing. , A policeman told him to keep
quiet, and BUI", was Inclined to whip the
i ffieer. He was arrested and fined $10 for
being drunk and disorderly.. Haying no
stamps, he haramereth. -' : :;" ,'
George Coffman was on the war' path. '
As an originator ol new and startling noises
George is a success. For being drunk anil
disorderly be was placed in limbo. - As he
came np yesterday, he sang: ; ' '
L would not lire alwiyf. I ask not to itty.
t me to, tlx. tljor. 1 will leare town to-d7.
but Mr. Mayor couldn't see it. ' He fiued
George $10, whicb was paid.
Johir Anderson was enjoying a plain
drunk on Tuesday hlght. ' He fell as the
leaves fall, lengthwise In' the gutter. He
was gathered up and placed for sale keep-
Infrln Sinners Best. '. He couldn't pay a
fine ol $5 and therefore bammeretb. :
,A.,F. Strade and John WiUoughby were
twor more cases x)f plain drunk. Their
cases presented nothing-of an interesting ,
nature. Strader paid $3, and Willooghby j
$8 for their headaches, r .... , , ..
A Sick Old dUBiLKK. The Bads tried ;
their prettiest to get np an impromptu jol- '
liflcatlon last, night Tbey sent runners i
over the town to notll1 the" faithful and :
collectors to. bbtaiu .'the funds' necessary 1o
purchase benzine and other fireworks. They ,
alfo bad a brass band. Yet with all these :
appliances "the' people wouldn't" Jollify, j
About two hundred-persons gathered in
front' of the Bad. State Committee roomr, :
and acted more as if they were in attend
ance on a funeral than an occasion of rt-joic- -
Ing. The shouts were few and weak. The
crowd was addressed by Attorney General '
West, Major Free not J. N, but the ot)i- '
er one and others; but they couldn't wake '
up a hearty cheer. Tbey cried "Gallowaj I
Galloway 1" but they -couldn't get any gall
away, or any other man. The fact is, the
Bads are- not satisfied entirely witi the
man they have elected. They now think'
they. could have elected some one else. ;
They are a good deal like the fellow whoj
won the elephant at the raffle. We'll bet.
the only ten cents we have trot left that ,
they will impeach Grant before he is two
years oiler. The whole affair was over
before ten o'clock.--
Dr. A. B. Williams. The local of the
Journal, in referring to the whipping given
to Cyrus Brlckell, a prison guard, by John
Meneeley, at the 1st ward on election morn
ing, ou account of a matter in no way con
nected with politics, assails Dr. A. B. Wil
liams and charges him with having tried
to give the affair a political complexion;'
that be drew - his revolver and threatened
to "shoot any one who would interfere."
The Dr. assures us that he did not do any
such thing; that ln .no way did lie under-!
take to create disturbance or exhibit a pis-!
tol; that his influence was directed to the
preservation of peace and order. ' The lo
cal of the Journal has evidently, iininten-i
uaiiy. no uouot, oouo tue ur.. injustice
an', injustice, that he certainly wUl take
pleasure inrightingr. - !. --i ' j
Not Fair. Notwithstanding bur modest
request of yesterday morning, some nood
les who are permitted for some inscrutable
purpose to annoy men as ' fleas do' dogs,
tried tbeir wit on us yesterday. They;
would force us to be merry. : Think of it.
A chap rowing np Salt Biver against the
hardest sort, of a tldq, and "hunting for a
home," requested to be merry I, It isn't in
the pins 1 If xur barber chooses to ask us
an additional quarter for shaving our long
face, Isn't that our business and bis ? -"Let
us have peace 1"
' Knighthood's lesson would tech these . j
To spare the mu who aak fot peaoe ; ; ,
' But Ris esteem it true renown i -'-, j
v yTo conge and bite a oh that's down. J
' Opera House. The French Spy drew
another good house last night, and M'dlle
Marietta B&yel was as attractive in the partj
as ever... She is. winning hosts of friends
here. To-night we are to have the great
drama of Masseniello, or the Fisherman ot
Maples,-with- an- tne original mnsic, &c-
This is one of the most attractive plays ot
the operatic drama.- The story, of the fish
erman is well told, and each scene is lull of
points of absorbing interest." The beauti
ful solo,. " Behold how brightly breaks, the
miming," is alone worth the admission
price. Go and see it. ' ' - - j
Jubilee Services. The First Evgan-
gelical Lutheran Congregation will. cele
Reformation this evening,, Services to
commence, at : 7) o'clock in the United
Brethren Church on Town street,' between
Fourth and Fifth, i Addresses appropriate
to the occasion- will- be delivered by the
Pastor, Bev. J. Beck, and Bev. Prof. M.
r- ' , i . IB ; ! i
'NoncE.-rThe managers, teachers and all
who feel any interest in the Festival for the
benefit of the Hannah Neal Mission, will
please meet at the Mission House on Friday
next at 3 o'clock, to perfect the arrangements
for the Festival on Tuesday the 10th Inst.,
and we cordially invite ladies who do ' not
teach to co-operate wltn us as solicitors or
contributions on this occasion, either of
fancy-work, atables or money.. We ex
pect to give luncn on Wednesday. , we do
hope the ladies .will, as usual, send in the
wherewithal to give a good dinner to all
who : may. favor us with, their- company.
We expect to see all the gentlemen who
and they are many wish us success in our
work. We know that very much has al
ready been done for the Mission; but remem
ber we are called upon to aid the destitute
of all ages, from the infant of days to the
teeoie noary neaa just waiting at tne river
for the angel to ferry them over. Now, the
amount of comfort these little helpless
children and aged and infirm women shall
receive, depends on your liberality.- Any
fancy article, pictures, oysters, and any
thing for the supper table, wUl be sent to
Naugbton Hall on Tuesday morning early;
any thing .lor lunch on Wednesday morn
ing. ' Mouey received all the time. -
No. 27 t-ast State Street,
- - f Latf. C Ai 1 Waghkr'8.
The proprietors of this most elegant and
fashionable establishment, respectfully in
form the Ladles and Gentry of Columbus
and those visiting the city, that no pains
or expense have been spared to render the
St. X-awrence the, first class restaurant
Columbus.1 1 . :
At -all timea pur larder will be found
contain, -the. Ahoioest articles in eeawn.
Trusting in the liberpJity of our citizens
and visitor we respectfully solicit a share
of your patronage,' guaranteeing to all po
lite attention, moderate charges, and the
yery best our own and the eastern markets
afford.- Private room for ladies- ' FamUies
supplied with oysters by.tbe.can, and game
of all kinds in season .
, r. . . .. , T
- 1 , Covsrdaljs & Hosplton, Proprietors.
Gloss & Wjlmr's BetUmrant opea day
and night! ' ' oct7-dtf
Cbarles W. Niswandcb, Merchant Tail
or, No. 121 South High street, this day re
ceived hia third stock of fall goods this
reason. The anute'taste displayed in hit
-election, seems to make it impossible for
him to over-stock his house with desirable
roods. The demand increases with his en
Urged purchases" fT "". A
' This last consignment; consists of Scotch
hevlots, Scotch Elysians and French Ely--iana,
trouserings, overcoatings, etc., etc
Those rich patterns, put together as only
Stimson can do it, is the perfection of thi
art. Charges are guaranteed as low as any
where in America for the same goods. Th
public will endorse what we have written.
nov2dlw , , ( :
Hollow ay's Pills Colds and Sorb
Throat. The foundation of a cold or at
lection ol the throat that lasts the winter
through Is often laid in autumn. If you
are threatened with disease of any ot the
respiratory organs, rub the external sur
face night and morning with Hollowat's
Ointmf.kt and keep the bowels regular
with Hollowat's Pills. A cold, cough or
sore throat promptly treated in this way lh
speedily cured, and all danger of consump
tion or bronchitis avoided. Sold bv all
Druggists. ' . - i ? .' - ty9-dly-cw
St. Lawrencr Restaurant, 27 State
street,erve. up. to-day yenison steak, prai
rie chicken, teal duck, mallard duck, wild
turkey, snipe, woodcock,,, quail, . j-abblt.
squirrel, southdown mutton chops, choice
beefsteak, sweetbread and salt and fresb
water fish of all descriptions.
r , " Coverdale & Hosselton, .
nov4-!2t -. - n, v..n. Proprietors.
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper'a
oct7-dtf '-' - " i
-For Sale House - and lot, corner ol
Frankltn and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ol J..W. Moore, No.' 43 West North
street. . - .
octl3-dtf '
Those Scotch suits that Stimson is put
ting up at Niswander's Merchant Tailor.
ing Establishment, tickle the fancy of
every wearer, the eye of every beholder,
and the feelings of every passer by,
.A thino of beauty is not a joy .forever,
but like spring flowers fade. Not so with
those elegant cassimeres of Charley Nis-
wander. The memory of them, like the
color, will never fade, and Stimson's handi
work completes the thing of beauty. ;
If you want tbo ctmicest meal in Colum
bus, go to the St. Lawrence Restaurant.
nov4-d2t V
Oysters Oysters Oysters, ;
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman)- .
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur &
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters.- n i
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss ibf power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. Composed of the mo6t valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the. discharges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
eutire man. . They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old casea. or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by maU on
receipt of price. 1 Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 502
Broadway, New Ybrk . jyl3-deod&wly j
LIST OF LETTERS Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Post-office,
November 4, 1868.
ArmstroneMiss Arnet James Anderson J oVi '
ArmsUongJnoW Abbe) Miss 6 A AilonMrs damuel
Burth Mr
Ban- Miss E
I'-lnok Oeo
Blake Hortnn
Bennett Jt s '
Buck Miss Alice Herein Mrs B ;
HartlPtMraEmilj Herman it W !
Brand Geo Barton Gen j
Bi intson Ja-qes Bowser Jos .
Bowman John Barnard Jm 8(8)
Bennett Jos- i Burke John M
Banter John V.
Kreaden John M Butler Lewi ' KlackNlisaMarTA
Ba-kerMissMattieKarrinc rMissM Brill 1? ij-
UueUi' K. BarrinstonlJrSO Brown Mrs Sallie
Brown Jas M Brown L '-
i ' ,". ui-1".') . 7 i . . qj- t il '-' i
ConklinMiaslnnaCletneosMiss E('ain Mrs AnnaV
Cerrjr Mrs B A . Camphe I Missh. Cool ton Ohas
ClnndMrsO Crouse Mrs : Carpenter Miss
Cloud KnochO Carter Mi:s P' EM i
Clark lames W Clark Kelly M Campbell LA
Cook Miss CarnolMiasMarj Collin M
Campbell MiaeMT Cloud 8 P Crawford W ret
; : -' . '. . i
Darraw Alfred T)ean A J ' Doran Mrs B A
UavisMrs CE Dolcin C Davis Kvan ,
KaytonKdwarH t, Dean Mrs R B Double Deo
UowDsHenryWa DoyleMtsJameg Dayis John -Horsey
Jos F Davis M W Doglejs Miss S
Dorse V (i Ditton W H
- E I
EliottMrsDarius Evans Edward Ereans John -Everman
Lewis Kdear Mi's M Ethel Mrs F II
Eyans Wm Eodan Miss Rachel j
r ... . tv . - . . . i I .- l
Florenoe Miss A Focks Emma
FornoxJos . . Flarty Mike
FallerT S ; Fisher V J
Fartn-r M iss B
Fox Nellie
J-'ampton W j
Greenville Mrs
(roodujan Frank
Groff Miss M
Greet A W Grey Andrew .
bilderslere Mrs (Jrey Frank
LP - Gabriel U
Gould W P
Rons ton Capt Harter Miss A
' - Rodson Albert
box" Hureanaw C
Htyla dsMissUS HarrmgtonC
Hubarri Frank Hollister Mrs
Hollister Mrs R H Harney James
Hymnndeny J Hotohin, Prof J
tlarpbam Vlrl.l
Harrison Mrs
Henry Mrs R
Barrod Miss
Hamilton J w Hatotaer Miss b :
Barman Martin Holmes Miss M
Hills Msria Haxen N I,
Hamea Mist S Uulland Mrs S A
Hesse Mrs S Halifax Mrs U
Johnson Miss B Johnston C A
James Miss Elo-. Jones Jno H
Johnson Daniel
Jones John
ise 1 - jonee miss j ana Jones fcaward
.- -.. rt k Jj !1ii
Knaap Mrs J L Kenyon Mrs Keiiah B ) -i :
- ; . i
Lewis A nd'son.S Lowe Calvin . Loy Frank
Leonard F W .LookeUush - Little Jno R.J
LemontJG Lindseyjobn LyncbJnoG-
Lexginbnsh Mrs Lincoln Mrs M HLacon W '
Myers A Martin Miss KateMnrray Elias
Morgan MissEllattenton 4m Muffitt Dr (i W
Mather Mi? J M Montague Miss LMarrigold Miss
May mss i tlia Monarty Mike Myers Samuel
Mitchell WU Miller Jacob . ' .
Hoote Col (i fTMnNally Mr
MoClurg Reuben
McGiU Miss Sal McGill Mrs Ruth
- I
Nott Prof F X C Needles Mrs J 11 Neil Miss Mary
Mewoomb Mrs F Nickins Wm --
O'Doniels Ansa Olds Fred D ..:
Ojler John W
"-- " ' "'i ,
Pane J n
Owen Miss MaryUrO w m -.
Porter Hanaah Al'arinet Mrs J
Peterson Mrs M rawie uwen
Pearv Pat ' Parks Miss S
Presoott Xbos H Preston Wesley
-. - . -. - , . U
Padsitt Pius
Parsons S .
Rhoades C H - Rise Mrs L P Rlon Eliza
Rionards Emery KiehardsMiss H Keed Mrs Mat
Kiooards Mi'aM Read U 8 Kovinaon i'nos
Uiobards WlUtl Robinson Wm
Rhade Mrs A BbepSerd Mrs ASands Miss Anna
Stephens Ellen tentor MuHfcm Simons U W
Speek Howard Banford Heniy Stafford J F
SmurrJohnS Strieker J do Stipes L D H
r-hepherd Miss N Southard MrsOGStimoson P A
SeagerRW Sbauley Thos Strong Wm
Seahel Wm . Smith Miss ti A Smith Miss M
StreolerWm . , .
- . 1 ' . i
Tonwn Anderson Topliff Alfred Thompson Mr
Taylor jr Jno ' Thomas Missal Xownsley Mrs
Taylor Mrs 6 Q - - - . . i ,
-.aoii i'- .--.''5 x- V "t -u -. I .. t
Vandeasen James B
Walker Franeit -Wearer Anna Wearer J H '
Wright Mrs L Wait Mary Warner Mary
Walii U I) Willcox Mara't Wilson JSoah
Whims SH : ' Williamson SB Williams
Williams D Williams JSi Williams Sarah
TV Ulte Alri Mary . . - : .
O ,flr-n, i-TAdiP-.-V OCfi
., miscELLAmiiocis.
Adams Fay-, Hastier it Co Soloman &
remoerioa rfstt;o w aid u 4 fcoa i
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
The Tribune says : At 1:50 A. M. returns
(or Governor are far from complete, but
Hoffman's majority in the city cannot tall
far short ot 69,000. ; i ,,.' .
; The World claims 72.123 majority for
Saymour in New York State. .
The World also claims In New Jersey the ,
election of a Democratic Governor, four j
Congressmen and a United States Sena-
The World plves .Hoffman's majority In
tne city at 7U 03J, ana Seymour atp'J,5Ui.
In Brooklyn Seymour 10,076. ,
The Tribune says States are known to
have chosen electors for them as follows :
Maine,'. 23,000; ?Newj Hampshire, 8000;
Massachusetts. 80,000: Ehotle Island. 6.000:
Connecticut. 1.800; Vermont, 30.000; Penn
tylvanla. 20,000; West Virginia, 8 000;
Ohio, 35,000; luaiana.-10.000; Illinois, 50,-
000; Michigan, 25 000; Wisconsin, 20.000;
lo wa, 40-UOu; JNeorasKa, 4,uuu; Ten
nessee, '40,000; California,' 5,000; JTeYada,
1000; Missouri. 10.000; Kansas, 6,000;
North Carolina, 20,000, and Minnesota. 50,-
000. This 1s more than .two-thirds of the '
wnole number ot electors;- a
The States known to have chosen the elec-
trsto vote for Seymour and Blair are as
follow?: Kentucky, 90,000; Maryland, 4o,- .
000; Delaware,. .000; Xouisina,' 25 000; :
Georgia, probably 10,000; Oregon, 2.000.
Tbe world claims AlaDama, 10,000; Ar
kansas, 5,000: Delaware, 2.000; Georgia,
20,000; Kentucky. 75,000; Louisiana, 2a 000;
Maryland, 30.00Of New Jersey, 8.000; New
York, 5 000; North Carolina, 6,000; Oregon,
3.000: South Carolina, 5,000. We regret to ;
add that the probabilities at the hour of '
writing this paragraph stem against the -success
ot Mr. Jno. A, Grlswold for Gov-
BOSTON, Nov. 4.
Grant's majority in Massachusetts will
be 75,000. i
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
- In fifty districts in this city the vote ex- ,
ceeded the registration by from 20 to 50. j
At the last election the vote exceeded reg- '
istration in only two or three districts, by !
a small number, which was readily cor- '
rection."! . . r r. ,
The report that the Ocean Houee, New- '
port, Rhode Island, was entirely destroy- !
ed by fire Saturday night, is without foun- :
dation. - t
The Times says at the hour of going to
press with our first edition, the chances are
tor the success ot Grant ana Colfax in New ,
York and New Jersey by small majorl-
ties. The footings as between the Demo- :
eratic and Republican counties in New :
York so-closejy approximate each other on
the electoral ticket, as now" reported and ;
estimated, that we scarcely feel justified in '
saying that New York has gone tor Grant,
though we have strong faith that the cor-:
rection of -the figures yet U be made will,
insure this result.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4.
All the precincts in' the ity except oner
and all the county except two Eepresenta-i
tive districts, give Grant about 1,800 ma
jority. Full returns from the county will
probably . give,. Grant , 2,500., , McClurg's
majority In the county will be about 1 500.
The suflrage question In this county will
have some 10.000 majority against it. Jef
ferson county is reported at 300 Democratic
majority. Audraiu.ls about. 100 .Demo
cratic. - Wells (Democrat), for Congress, is
elected by about 400. !
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4. PROVIDENCE, Nov. 4.
- 'Rhode Island will give Grant 6000 ma
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
New Hampshire gives Grant about 8000-
Full retnrns from Hamilton county give
Grant 5.331 ' majority.' Republican gain,
3,403. Total vote of the county 42,906, be
ing 966 votes less than in Oct.
Westmoreland cOunta estimated -ab UOO
majority for Seymour anil Blair- t. j
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Nov. 4.
The lull vote in this city is not yet
counted. Grant's" majority in the city is
386, a Republican gain of 492 over the
soring- election. Trie majority for the
Fourteenth Constitutional nmendment talis
very little short of that figure.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
A few additional returns from the State
up to noon, do not materially alter last
night's figures. . The State has gone
Democrrtic by from 5,000 to 10.000. Oneida,
county gave 1.270 majority for Grant. !
Later returns, from .King .county., show
13.1S0 majority lor'Seyinour. "Grant'S'ma-1
jority in Niagara county is 391. Fulton
county, gives Grant 700 majority. ;
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 4.
This city gives about 700 Democratic,
West Port. 5 Independence , 400. Van
Horn, Republican, for Congress, is proba
bly elected, as the- majority in Jackson
county, the Democratic, stronghold, is less
than expected. Returns'- come in very
slowly, and local tickets are. much split.
Democratic county ticket is ' generally.
elected. 'I'ru'.-j'i
SEDALIA, Mon. Nov. 4.
Returns from thls'county come in slow
ly, but enough . Is-known to show that the
Radicals bave elected their entire ticket.
Tbe vote was the heaviest ever polled in
this (Pettis) county, and passed off quietly.
LA PLATTE, Mo., Nov. 4.
Grant, 61 : 1 Seymour, 61;
Phelps 90; Democratic majority 29. Vote
n 1S66 : Republicans 47; Democrats. 51
Democratic gain of 22.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 4.
Missouri Johnson county reported 1,200
Republican majority; St. Frances county
reported lou uemocratie majority; tsu-.
chanan county reported 450 Republican
inaioritv: in Platte county the Republicans
claim 600 majority; Hannibal CHy: gives
the Republicans 100 majority; Washington
county reported Democratic majority 400
on State ticket; Lynn colinty reported Re
publican majority 6U0, sunrage duu.
Additional returns from remote counties
clearly indicate Republican gains. The
total Republican vote will sum up 40,000.
The Democratic majority in the State
amounts to 754)00. Kentucky, elscts her 9
Democratic Congressmen.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
The Seventh Ward -CDorsey City)'
sparsely settled district, voted yesterday as
lollows : Grant, 167; Seymour, 1,165. It is
claimed this is twice the number of people
in the ward. The Republicans will con
test the election.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4.
The election in the First Congressional
district is still claimed by -both parties.-r
Tbe Times says there is one precinct in the
city, and tour In the county yet- to bear
irom, ana oisuin uii mujuriuj tur veua.
(Democrat), roe JiepuDitcau, with tbe
same city precincts and four county pre
cincts, claim 3o4 maiority lor wells. Tbe
Democrat says the contest is very close.
and can only be determined ty official
vote, with the chances in favor of Pile, ( Republican).
Elkhart county. 250 Republican majori
ty; gain 80. Scott county, 202 Democratic
aaaioritv: Republican .gain ,S4. . Labort
county Republican majority 150; Republi
can gain 125. Black lord county, Demo
cratic majority 129; Democratic gain - 23.
Park county, Grant's majority 1015; Re
publican gain 600. Jefferson county ,Grant'3
majority 594; gain 217. Jennings county,
Republican majority 373; gain- 34.- Ham
ilton county, 2000 Republican . majority
Republican gahi 400.-- Clinton couujy, Re
publican majority 30; Republican gain 33..
With one or two exceptions tbe Republi
cans gain in every county heard from.
Grant's majority will be not less than 10,
000 in the State, and may reach 12,000.
Gallia county Grant 900 majority. Re
publican gain 400, Fairfield county (all
but oue township) Republican gain 19.
Lawrence county Grant 1510. . majority.
Gain 370. 'Pike county Seymour 600 ma
jority. Republican gain 100. Scioto coun
ty liratit &UU majority, itepuoiican gain
250. Pickaway county (all but one town
TRENTON, Nov. 4.
The Democratic electoral ticket is elect
ed,.ad also the Governor and four Con
gressmen. This Is the opinion of the Dfem
ocratic committee. The Republican Buys
there is only one jjemecratic (jongressmap
elected. Neither party can give the m
jority ; it is small.
RALEIGH, N. C., Nov. 3.
Reports from sixteen towns and two
counties show a Republican majority of
4,611, Hea'on (Republican) is elected to
. Tbe return" are meagre- The State, Js
dndeubtedlyRepublican. The Republican
majority in'this city is 1,335. ; ; : .
Members of the Electoral College from
Florida were ohosen by the Legislature to
day at 1 o'clock. The vote cast for tbe Re
publican ticket was forty, to ninety Dem
ocratic One ot the three electors is col
ored. -' ' "''.. - ' '
Seymour. 22.897: Grant, 276. Caddo
parish, 2 300 Democratic majority. Shreve
port is 1,000 Democratic majority. Bossier
parish unanimously Democratic New
Iberia 489 Democratic.- Brasher City gives
the only Republican majority In the State.
everything quiet- . i . . . '
SELMA, ALA., Nov. 3.
Thiee towns In Dallas county give 1.870
Republican majority.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4.
In Holt county. Mo. Grant's majority Is
boO, a gain or 200 on the vote of IWib, Al -
Clurg, Republican,, for Governor, has 900
majority. jNegro sunragt. uou majority
Douglas county Lawrenoe City,' Grant
71o; Seymour 173. Grant's maiority 42
Republican gain 292 over the vote of I860
Wakarussa township. Grant 323: Sevmnur
59. Large Republican gain.' Clarke (Rad
ical), tor uongress, has a majority ot 353 In
the city and 211 In Wakarussa township.
Majority tor Grant in Douglas - county
about 1,600.
NEW YNRK, Nov. 4.
The steamers St. Lament from Havre.
and Brittania from Glassxow, nave ar
rived. - '
ALBANY, Nov. 4.
The Evening concedes the State
to Seymour by 8,000 and Hoffman bv 20,
000. It claims the Assembly by 74 Repub
Means to 54 Democrats.
Tbe Argus claims .10,000- for. Seymour
arid 25.000 for Hoffman, and coneedes the
Assembly to be Republican by a small ma
Kenton county. Kentucky Seymour!
981 maiority ; Democratic loss etnee Au
gust 887. Campbell county Seymour, 13o
majority ; Democratic loss, ado. 7
Jackson county, Uh'rj tirant. 4oU major'
ity; Republican gain, 224. Washington
county Grant, 600; Republican gain, 3oo
Ross county Seymour, 400 majority; Re
public-gala, 470.- . r
NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 4.
,The returns are very close -and incom
plete. Seymour carries tbe State by about
1.000 majority, and R inrlolph (Demwratic
Governor) by about 2,o00. The Senate has
12 Democratic and 9 Kenublican member?,
The Assembly bave 32 Democratic and 28
Republican members: "Democratic- mnjori-
ty on joint ballot 7, wmcn win send a Dem
ocrat to the United States Senate in place
ot Frelingbuysen
More, Republican representative tor
Congress, Is elected in the first district by
about 3.000 majority. Haight, Democrat.
in the 21 district, is elected by about 8 000
majority. - Bird, Democrat, in the- 3ldis
trict, is elected by about 3.500 maj irity.
Hill, Republican, is 100 ahead in the 4th
district,: and is probably elected - by a
close vote. Cleveland, Democrat, in the
5th district, is elected by over 1 000 major
ity over lialsey, who. will contest the vote
State ret-irns are meagre.- The. Times,
Republican, claims the State for Grant.-
The Alta also claims the State is Republt
can by a small majority, unless great
frauds have been perpetrated in tbe south
ern counties bv Democrats. The Morning
Call. Democratic, .claims tbe State by 3 000
to 5,000, and Johnson and Extell elected.
Th Democratic majority in the city is
1.300. Tne municipal contest centered on
chief ot police, and Crowley, ICepublicin
is elected bv about 1.000 maiority. - .- -
Oregon returns show large Republican
gaius, with Hopes ot carrying tue Mate.
OMAHA, Nov. 4.
Complete returns from eight counties in
Nebraska give a R-publican majority of
2133. Republican gain 9a4. Scattering
returns from diSerent parts of the State
show Republican gains In about the same
proportion. . ine iiepuuiiean majority
cannot fall short ot 4.000 , : -
Full vote ot the State, Grant 49,726; Sey
mour 46,381.
BOSTON, Nov. 4.
'Relnrns from' all but 48 townships give
Grant 71,o22 majority.
SAVANNAH, GA., Nov. 4.
The city is iperlectly quiet to-day. Two
police ' were shot yesterday "by negroes.
One is dead ; the other is dying. TI.e no
groes on Ogeschee road are reported to be
arming aud gathering in large numbers,
with the design of entering the city, utiOer
the lead of Bradley.; An armed patrol
on duty to-night ia this city
The murder last night of a young man
named ,Law causes a deep feeling among
citizens.- , - , '. . . . -.
The count of the city shows a tQtal vote
of 4,933. and the" Democratic majority
4,150. In tbe county there is a Democratic
ot 2,325. -
Thirty-flve counties have, been heard
from. Thirty-one counties give Republi
can gains'' over October of 3 890. Four
counties give Democratic gains of 62.
With the same Tatio of gains for the Re
publicans in -the balance ot the - State
Grant's msjorlty will be 11,000. ' -
RALEIGH, Nov. 4.
The election yesterday passed off quietly
throughout the State,. Returns come
slowly. No returns received from western
counties and not enough other returns
determine the result in the State.3 The
election of Schober.-Democrat, to Congress
is conceded by Republicans;, -.7 t 1 j
The vote In the city will give 22.S97 for
Seymour and 276 for Orant. Orleans par
ish will Increase the Democratic vote 1 600
making Seymour's majority In the paruh
nearly 25.000 - - - . r - -
Srashear Ultv, lja., gives tne oniy t-
publican majority reported In the State.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 3. New York Press on the Election.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
Tbe Herald says: With the candidates
the - Democrats selected to carry .-their
standard nothing but defeat was to be ex
pected, and we suppose not even tne most
sanzuine member of toe party anticipated
any ocner termination man me ciccliuu ui
General Grant 14 Let us have peace," Is
his motto. We look now to see these words
converted into acts, to see the olive branch
substituted for the sword, in tbe Southern
States, neero supremacy quietly superced
ed. and suon measures aooptea as win
create harmony out of discord in the gen
ial and beautiful oortlou oi our country.
comprised of States now suffering from a
. . i ; l : : 1 : ,n
mistaaen anu viuuicuvo uunuy, c
look honefullv to this, that alter the fourth
of Marcn next mere wm oe a cubck put
upon the monstrous corruptlons-which
prevail In all the departments ot uovern
ment. that economy shall succeed extrava
gance in the disbursements of public fund?,
that the public debt shall be reduced as
ranidlv as possible, and that the taxes
which Drese upon the people shall be made
more easy to bear. The people expect Gen
eral Grant will accomplish all this.
, The World says: It is not merely as the
representative ot a beaten party pouring
oil upon their hands, , therelore, that we
vindicate in this, the very crisis of our
misfortune, and as we believe of the coun
try's calamity, the ardor and courage, but
the desperateness of our struggle. Rather
do we proclaim in this most trying hour,
speaking for a party serenely secure
of possessing- ' the s r future of our
country, and of moulding her magnificent
destinies, when itself shall have been por
trayed and moulded for that -imperial
task, an , unshaken . aud unshakeable
confidence in its puissant and un
dying youth, . which, out of disaster
will get discipline out of misfortune's
and patience and unconquerable courage,
out of blunders, wisdom and s settled -will
to this great work.' Here and now, upou
a battle Held which lias been lost, do we
Invite, beneath - undlshonoredtandards,
the youth and manhood of our time. j
.Tho tnctitnr.inn known s the widow's
"home, or Mount Auburn, was destroyed by
Are this morning, l.o u. ou,uuu. in
sured for $2000-: ,r " , '
River News.
Weatberelear and pleasant. " Rlvew feet
9t iucheg and fallini;. Mercury-56.' l A j
Excitement in Cuba.
HAVANA, Nov. 3.
Tlie whole Island is in an excited state
and business is prostrated, on account ot
the distress ana alarm oi tne peopie. ine
Captain General is strangely reticeut. A
deputation ot leading citizens who called
ou bim were Insulted by an officer of bis.
household, and the readers ordered '-to
Spain. - A telegram ,rom the American
Consul, asking that a- few United States
war vessels be sent there, was reiusea
transmission over.tbe wires. The Insurg
ents are 6.000 strong; numbering many,
Spaniards, and their cry Is "Spain, Print
and Serrano, and down wltn taxatiou.
Ihe troops number 10 000 and are ackrrowlH
edged to be insufficient to repress tne re
bellion. Lf-rsundl lias received ample in
struotions from the Provisional Govern
ment., Newg by Cadiz steamer is auitoua-j
ly ex pic tea. . f ,
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.
The fullowlng has been made public'!'' 1
The undersigned are of opinion thut no
public exigency requires the attendance of
a quorum of members of Congress on., the
Washington, Nov. 4.
Washington, Nov. 4. Murder.
Washington, Nov. 4. Murder. KANSAS, CITY, Nov. 4.
An old lady named Marshal, and her son
John, were- discovered murdered in their
house, about three miles north ot Berry,
Platte couutv. Mo., nlgnt before last. Tne
house was rifled of a considerable sum of
money, and the proceeds ot re-, e .t sales of
horses stolen. There is no clue to the murderers.
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GOLD 132. buying. -
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States 4647; Mereh5rtiSirUdW3 2030
Pacific. Mail 11B?4116;" Western Un'on
Telegraph 3o35Ji ; New , !ork Central
122123; Eri 3939fe.'Readlug
!; Wabash 5759)4; Fort Wavne 10i
UOrOhio & Miesissippl 292; Mlebt
gan Southern 8283J; Illinois Central
142(1-14;, PittsburjiliS484i; Cleveland
& Toledo 100; Rock Island 10210(;
Northwestern 87C; do preferred 88SS.
New York Market—Nov 4.
COTTON SteaayThd more doing; sales
middling uplands ai5.-
FLOUR CloserTduTl and drooping for
common and medium grades. ,..
WHEAT Dull and .nominal, and 233
lower.-r rr-r k-.:-m ' .'. .,. . ..h
RYE Lower at $1 4 feif western; "S
OATS Dull at 76o afloat. -; ; - ,
CORN-Quiet at $1 13S1 15 fo unsound:
$1 15l 16 for sound, mixed weter.
PORK Qni t ; sellers of new at 27
27 50. cash; 2G seller 16 days: 9JH,
seller all the month. " . . .i, m., ', r.'.vH
BEEF Dull and drooping. ' ; , t
unchanged. !.-.-; -il ' T i' ." J
LARD Dull at 17l7Mc. for fair to
urime steam. - '- ' - ' ' u-J
JOiliS- 3237C.
Cincinnati Market—Nov 4.
CORN Dull at 95c for old ear and 603
62c for new do. ' f
OATS Steady at 5758j. , "'",1
RYK Duill and declined to $t 20. -7-
BA11LEY Unsettled and nominal.
COT TON Firm al 23K for middling
WHISKY Closed firnii sales at SI 0201
I 05, holders contending lor, nigher prices.
BACON Held nirfher anrl caiver clear
rib sides sold at 17i', clear at ,
iak.ij uuu ana nomiuai at Aoau&oc
for new: ' ' ,;' '- - ;.
EGGS Scarce and firm at 30ei !JL LJ!
PORK 3738.
l'E XROLEDM Dull at ' 28 30a tot re
fined.; , j a.)tt i. -; ,oi' In ninssoi
Chicago Market—Nov. 4.
"FLOUR Ooened fairly active an Hrm,
but closed quiet and weak; sales of epriag
extra at tti8 00. 7 F t : ; i ,.; rl
WHEAT Fairly active, unsettled and
irregular; sales of No.l at 1 2I1 27; No.
2 opened at SI 1914; declined to $113, and
Closed at $1 14! 15,vcloJnjr at inside,
sales No. 2 since 'Cnane at ei i4--..t - U
CORN-rDnll and lc hiirhen saie9.al
at 8183c: No. 2 at 7679 ; rejected' at (72
76e in store; closinz nominal wltn onyeTS
of No. 1 at Slvi new orn sold., at 4650c;
gales No. 1 this afternoon at etkM.Hsa arU
K OATSr-Active and higher; sales or, JVp.
1 at 4748?ic: rejeeted. at 46y; cldslng at
the Inside pnceior No.l.l",'u !?n,; ' i5
RYE unsettled ana lower; mns omo.
at 1 101 12; closing with sellt
$108. f r ,;t -4.'' '0 , - t;.' --.rt i
.BARLEYr-Ooened firm Tint closed wear
and easier; sales of No. t 1 501 C8i re
jected at 1 26l ' 30; 'closlnjj Uomlual at
f 1 aor.MauzjnjonMt '...j.-i-j i..i;i.o-i
Allegheny Cattle 2.
CATTLE-The supply ' of ' cattle,"-was
rather small to-day,' tne wliole nnmbefOti
sale not exeotdinjf eight hundred aad nfty
head. The market,- however, was. an. .ex
cessively dull one. there being aja almost
total absence ot loreign ouyers, ana tne
butchers took hold sparingly; considering
the number, the quality was, if anythiiifra
little better than usual, though, upon tlie
whole, prices were scarcely up to lastwe.
Some lew extra Kentucky -cattle sold, at 7
7c, but the nnmber sold at these fig
ures, was very small. Quod butcher's stock
may be quoted at 6J-6)c. and prime do.
at G?1.. Common and medium tock
sold at 45Jt and inferior at 34ic,
tbe lastnametl figures being for old cows,
stags and bulls. The excitement attend
ant on tbe election no doubt diminished
the supply. ' ' I
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 4.
, The dry goods market
steady for all staple cottons. 'We, quote
Brown Sheetings, like Indian HeadyCaSsi
net and Atlantic A at 16r; Appletoo Aaad
Pacifio A 15Mc; Augusta 14o; New York
Mills' Bleat bed Muslins , 25-; VVamsutta
224c: Utica Bleached Sheetings 4-4 37A;;
do a 4 65c; do 10-4 70c; Uxbridge4 4 14J( ;
Standard Calicoes 12c. - ' -b-o.
The Oriental Print Work8,,ilocated ,in
Rhode Island, have been sold, to Jordan,
Marsh & Co. of Boston, at; . between f 400,
000 and $500,000. . "" "i ' Jj
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 4. Toledo Market—Nov. 4.
FLOUR Quiet. . -. ': ,
W HE AT Ad vanced BcT")ina .' closed
wlth .l2c' of advance losf; salesof No. 1
whlt Michiiran at SI 87fa whiter Siicki-
ganl 83l 85; amber-fl-?3:L,75, clos-
CUKiN uncnangeo; sso. isw, rtwwu
86c- I J 'n,,j ' y. -;ia ion uj i
OATS le better; No. 1 Michiiran: at. otc
No. 2 at 54c.
i ,8iu r-.
lid i
BARLE1" Dull; State 1 "'
i . - .. i - i iol itsdi
St. Louis Market—Nov. 4.
FLOUR A little better; .anperfinej at
5 50600.
VVHEAT Hull andonchangarl.TirTelnir
from $1 45 to $2 00 for. prime to. fancy all.
COKJS--L,Ower,r,Bl(SSOC , j ,
OATS-Better, at 4752c,'t! "or1
RYE "Higher, at! 06.
BARLEY-Dnll and lower.' r.-ja vwr
PORK Opened lower at $29. -,;".,
BACONUnchaneed atlSici snolilders
LAKUr-easier as joiijc."" , .."-
i ij -jAU i ll -
Buffalo Market—Nov. 4.
Market inactive and unsettled. ) . . .
FLOUR Sales No. 1 city tfi-ouna spring
at$7 50.'"' ' - ' '- '! "";' "
WHEAT No. 1 Mil wauKeotoiuo.au
$145; No. 8do135. i t . -Ai j. it
VUKHi JNOmioai at.aitgitfoo., - t.
OATS 5Sc bid, 60.; asked. '. V'
24c, later 3e fof'wbeat tNew . xork.-.i r
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 4.
FLOURFirm and prices unchrfna.
WHEAT'--Unsetrted; No Tinatore
. Whooping. CotGift Wboomks Cough ! !
Is well known as a Ibhp tod ion a, aod of
ten dangerous disease amhnfr 'obUdren
not ;nn frequently t Indueing convplsimis,
phetimbnia,tor resulting; in a eolbo.- )ld
school medicine and the drufcS of' the shop
do but little" or nothing' fo Iti llrjarrH
ret's Homeopath iC:Srcrtici for JW boop
ixg Cough works wonders, quiets taadlre
lleves the coughjand if given early, ar
rests its further progress; 'while- in itH-cases
it soon winds; "3up and cures the disease.
Price 60 cento per,' box. . Sold by all .deal
ers, orsent by mail. Address; HrjwPHKva
562ilroftdwayfc.,Yv.!,e, eJ-,w ty
. jyl3-d&wU-cw;.. h , ffl9Xj.a
-To makb dnr 'hair-gswnr-apply
Ha.1'8- Vegetable Siblllan Half HeBewSF,
the ureate'st discovery bf the
the greatest

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