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io Statesman.
BiO HA. I 13 NKVIN8.
ERiMT momma, .
NOV. 6.
oij closed la New York yesterday t
The Sheet that was a Traitor to
Democracy—"Hang the New
York World!"
The election is over Gen. (Jkakt
Schutlkr Colfax are the President and
Vice President elect. .Seymour and Blair
and with thenrthe Democracy, are defeated.
This announcement tells the tale, but not
all ot it.
When Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana
voted, by majorities which could have
been overcome, a newspaper, the Neva
York World, by a coup de etat, in the interest
of the enemy,1 secured the defeat, ol the
nominees of jthe Democracy by proposing
a change ot candidates at the very moment
the party was preparing to make good its
loss. .Treasop ln.no, other form could have
done the Democracy such injury treason
in no other form could have been so suc
cessful. ...... .
The yew' York' Wortdy with its present
conductor as editor, came into existence as
an Abolition sheet. "It failed of being a
Success. After draining its friends of
money to keep It' alive, it was sold to Fwt
kando Wood and its politics changed. It
was then purchased Irom Wood by a band
of Wall street Brokers and Bankers, and
run, in their interest, as a professedly
Democratic sheet, the editor of the World,
when it was an Abolittoa sheet, "being re
tained as editor and proprietor of the, so
called. Democratic Journal.
By dint of impudence!aria vast promises
of what it would do, it got the endorsement
pi the ;0 hip pefttfratlo members of Con
gress, as well as those of other States, rec
ommending its circulation in the West, and
this endorsement, year after year, it pub
lishes in its prospectus vaa the great claim
it has to be considered a Democratic sheet.
' With this endorsement it has obtained a
large cirtulafioaf la the West and that cir
eulatidnaabled ft to scatter, lar and wide,
the poison of its late treason to the Demo
cratic nominees.
The AnbkhiiK.Yl Democrat leading
Dmoc ratio sheet, 'says the course of the
World cost the Democracy over 40,000 votes
in that State alone. In Ohio we know that
its course in attacking Gen. Blair and
Indirectly Horatio Sxthocr. and its or
der that these gentlemen withdraw from
the canvass, in order to give place to 6ai
ttotf P. CfiTASs and 'some other of its lavor
ites tor Vice Presideut, completely demor
alized -the Democracy -and made tt-jia im
possibility to get ont a lull vote.
The Cleveland Plain Denier, iully alive to
the treachery of "th$ lfei York World, and
the injury it did the Democracy by its
treason in the very boor battle, advises:
"Every Western Democrat from this time
forward ought to cut the New York World.
It bra -betrayed and sold the. Democratic
party -basely and infamously, and should
be '-bung up" for its treachery."
So we say, and so WfltrustfWUlsay every
Democrat throughout ' the length and
breadth of the State. -,
Had It not been lor the- heavy circular
Hon ot the New York World in the West
ern States, its power Tor evil in the late
contest, would have-; beerr comparatively
but little fellj. But its articles, double
JeadednkTgIve them greater eftect, de
nouncing tbl Democratic nominees and
proposing a- change ot front, whenthe
battle wai apparagtly ijagaiast ui.'lmade
certain the demoralization which followed.
The Grant Journals and ' Grant leaders
held phesq articles as. sweet ..morsels, and
the telegraph, id the interest if n?my)
sped their poison throughout the length
and breadth-ef tlie land."' '
The New York World has a large circur
latlon In Ohio. To punish that paper or itt
wltb the' expiration of Ihe term for which
the subscriptions were made; 'Let noDerno
crat pay .hit . tnoneyrecetve or circulate a
sheet that flayed them - false in the hour of
battle.1 What it has done, It will do again.
Let the true men of t be party v in every
neighborhood, look' to It ' that tbc pemoc
racy, when they subscribe lor a newspaper;
Subscribe for one that, can be trusted as
well in the hour of defeat as In the hour of
jictory.'; Spies and traitors should be hung
let the Democracy hang the New York
World I ; .n'..,- -.
The "Tenure of Office Act" Now
Plagues its Inventors.
The' Journal' of yesterday devotes- its
leading editorial to "Democratic Blunder
ing." The Democracy, it says, might have
waged a successful war against that "pre
posterous and unconstitutional Tenure of
Office act, changiug, as it did, so far as it
applied to members of the Cabinet, our
whole system of Government."
Are you there, old Truepenny ? The
"Tenure of Office act" is now in the way
of the' Radical triumph'. ' General' Grant
must r a nder -that law,) keep President
Johnson's Cabinet for a - time, and under
it he must 'keep all of Johnson's ap
pointees until, they die, resign, or their
term of office expires. This is a sad draw
back to the 'victors, in the late con
test, s greedy and as clamorous for office
s a pack ot wolves for food. - N j fat For-
gn ilifsion, just yet, lor the traveled!
editor of theJoumal no Territorial Govern
orship, or Columbus Postoffice for the mili
tary editor no Collectorshlp of Internal
Revenue for the 7th Congressional District
for the physicking editor. Every dog has bis
day their day will come, but not as soon
as Jhey, wish. While they', are. ravenous,
they must wait-until other animals are
done reeding.". Sq says the Teuure of Office
act, and so will say President Grart.
This Tenure of Office law was got up to
cripple--President Johnson,) If, has re
turned to plague iti inventors. ..,The
poisoned, chajlpeill soon be at their own
lips they must drink it to the dregs.
What terrible "Democratic Blundering''
it was that the' Radical Congress was uot
forced, by the Democracy, to repeal this
act, so that the lournai folks might get o'-fip-f
,Ptcn ta Messrs. Journal editors, and
ge th Tenure -of Office act repealed as
soon as possible.; Bread and butter de
ptedaoniti! ;if!?- fjohrt. fO
Estimated Majorities.
These are estimated majorities for Grant
In the1 following Statesj;u;: , '
W est V
.....ii..... 6.000
.From s to Su.ouo
Iowa ..... .-w.. ...i..j.,
Aiiefeitaa .......
MiiaasotA ... ... .j......
AfiAsaeaiR . . .... .... .
....j) 1.000
vlt will.be ft few days toefon'we shaHlM
able Id obtain the accurate majorities in
most of the States. , ..
iSkmChot' (N. H J , Jiepublican his been
keeping" ft;reeord of big ' beets, but an
nounces at last that the beet that beat the
beet that beat the other beet, Is now beaten
by a beet (bat beats all the beets, whether
the' original' beetthe beet that' beat the
beet, or tbe beet that beat the" beet that "
beat thteet'
The Electoral Vote.
The following States, have givan majori-
... 7
... 6
... 6
... 4
... 8
.... 4
.... 3
New Hampshire
Vermont .
Rhode isiene...
....... s
, 3
, 3
Minnesota ......
IVM Virginia,.
The following States have given
(Tew York 331 Marj land
Delmwexo. 3l Alabatr.ft
.. 8
Gooriie, 9 I Kentucky
uoaisiena. ... .... 4.... e 1 , -
Mew Jersey... 1 ToUl s.
The following States are yet in doubt:
California 6 Orecnn
N orth Carolina. 10 1 South Carolina
: Even 11 these States, the resnlt of which
is not definitely known, bave eone for
Sktmotjr and Blair, and even if Virginia,
Mississippi and Texas had been allowed to
vote, and if they bad voted for Seymour
and Blair, Grant would have a majoriti
ol sixty-seven electoral votes.. , .,
In 1864," McClbllan had a majority in
only Delaware, Kentucky and New Jersey-
21 Electoral votes. Seymour has
certainly eight States, with 84 Electoral
votes a clear gain ot 63 Electoral votes,
with a chance tor 13 more.
T It "ftlTlus manifest that the Democratic
partyTln" all the essentials of a party, Is
greatly stronger, than it, was four years
Kto A few years more, and In the very
nature, ot ', thing?, the' Democratic party
must be victorious. Let every Democrat
therefore, stand by his organization un
fllnchlnely. . V' ... ,
Denouncing the Ohio Platform of
Radicals—Ready to Pay the
Bondholders in Gold.
One of the planks ¬
form, adopted by the Convention of March
4tb, of the present year, was as follows
"" TRfjtniMA. That the EeDublican partv
pledges Itself to the faithiul payment of the
public debfc according to the laws under
which the 5 20 bonds were issued; said bonds
ihauld be naid in the currency of. the coun
try which mo i be' a - legal tender when the
Government enau pe prep area 10 reaeem sum
The Journal of March 6. 1868, spoke of
this, and the other resolutions of the Con
vention aa follows! CJJ .:T-t'Z
""The" resolutions' "'adopted- by the State
Convention vesterdav are unequivocal and
straightforward. There is no mistaking the
opinions ot tne committee Dy wnora tnese
resolutions were submitted. -. They have
used no unmeaning or doubtful phrase'
ology ." t J - i v '...
In its issue of yesterday, in commenting
on the same Onto fflatform, tne Journal
says :
Then there was that indescribable piece of
tophoywricai patch-work called tne state piat-
lorm, witn some grotesque nonsense in tne
thane of a smndunaJcnamshMievina greenback
plank, which no Republican io Otiio except
tne authors or tc wouia nave aeienaea, ex
cept under duress." " - " ' '
This charge ot fraud is not at all extra
ordinary in 'tsuch a sheet as ttia'-Journal
The bondholders furnished the money that
elected Grant they did it to get gold for
their' bonds, which will add hundred of
millions of dollars to the taxes of the peo
ple and the debt of the nation, and the
Journal, recipient as it is, of bondholders'
favor, now, denounces the platform of its
party id Ohio as "sophomorical patch
work;" as "grotesque nonsense in the shape
of a swindling, knavish, ' thieving greenback
plank, which .no Republican in Ohio, except
the authors of it, would bave defended, ei?
cept under duress. Was theJournal under
duress when that sheet defended it?
Death of an Ex—Congressman.
Bon.'Wm. Everha'rt, formerly a member
of Congress, died at West Chester, Pa last
Week. . Many years ago he was one of the
passengers on a Ship wrecked off the coast
of Ireland.' All were lost but himself and
five others, who were saved and cared for
by the inhabitants -nearest tbe ship-wreck.
He did not forsret their kind nes.r but when
the. famine broke out in Ireland he loaded
ship with provisions, at his own expense,
and sent her to' the Emerald Isle to show
his gratitude. ,t - . y. v ,t. . ,-,
Tot London Svec'ator has the iollowinir
respecting American travellers in Europe :
.we wisQ tne Americana on tne continent.
would behave like the Scotch, whom on
points 3 they closely resemble, -but they
don't. Nobody in the world is quite-so
kindly or so tolerant as the American who
knows something; but there is a class 01
Americans lust now in Europe who are to
experienced travellers the most intolerant
of mankind American ' gentlemen say
they are the 'shoddy aristocracy, but they
have uniformly three distinctive and an
noying characteristics ooxes lor wnicn
they ought to pay rent, and not: merely
fares, loud 1 voices and ' bad' tempers.
In a pretty large acquaintance with Amer
icans, we declare that, except on tbe conti
nent, we never heard a loud voice or met a
visibly bad temper, and their own descrip
tion of themselves is that a valise with a
a tooth comb and two dickeys is too much
luggage. Nevertheless; a class with the
peculiarities we have mentioned in tact, a
mss exa'-tiy resemonng me jungnsn 01
thirty years since is flooding the Conti
nent, is ruining Dan its Desi Doteis, not Dy
extravagance, but by- tbe introduction
of a bad tone, and is concentrating on
the Union all that angry distaste which
for years was felt and expressed toward
oar own countrymen. The iidest carica
tures friends ot tbe south ever painted ol
Yankees are weak descriptions of some ol
these people, wbo are at last, fortunately
tor us, ceasing to be mistaken for English
men. Who they are, why they want ball
dozen boxes apiece, why they should al
ways quarrel with all service, what induces
them to criticise the guests at tables d'hote
in an audiDle . voice, aoove all, why ttiev
should be so Invariably cross, passes human
comprehension. - Americans at home or in
England show none ot those ioimes,and why
special class 01 them should zive them
selves that reputation on tbe Continent re
mains to De explained. .- ine evil will past
away; but if some American satsrist wou.d
laugh his travelling compatriot out 01
their 'ways,' as Englishmen have at last
been laughed by satirists out ot theirs, he
would make the great routes far pleasant
er to the remainder ot mankind." -
Deacon John Hitchcock, who lived In
Springfield, Mass., was a truly musculai
Christian. A biographical sketch says 01
him : "He would lift a cart load of bay, bj
getting hie shoulder under the axle, in a
s:oopiug posture, ' and throw an empty
cart over with one band, by taking hold ol
the end of tbe axletree. When loading
grain into a cart, -be would take a bag by
tbe teeth, and with a swing and the aid ot
a push irom the knee.throw it into tbe cart.
He bad double teeth in front and would nolo
a ten-penny nail by them and break it of
with his fingers. He used to say 1 e did not
know a man he could not whip or run
away from.. The day he was seventy years
old. he remarked t his wile, that when
they were first married, he was wont to
amuse her by taking down his hat with bis
toes, and added, wonoer it 1 could do it
now?'. Thereupon be jumped from the
floor, took off tbe hat with his toes, came
down on bis feet like a cat, hung up the
hat on a nail, turned to the table, asked a
blessing, and ate of the repast then ready."
A eentleman and bis wife were playing
at one of the tables in Baden in tbe midst
ot a crowd. "Hold I" said the lady, "an
idea!" "What is it ?" " I am golntr tob t
on the number of my own age." "All
right," replied the husband, without turn
mg nis head, Demg occupied in ogling a
pretty waitress. His wife placed a louisou
the number 25. Thirty-six," drawled the
croupier, in' a nasal tone. "Thirty-six.
you have won," exclaimed the husband,
with delight. The Madame reddened to
her eyebrows, watched the rake as be drew
away the louls from numbeiftwenty-five.
and quitted the room, vowlnguever to He
again about her age.
The wife 6f Stephen G. Lee, of New
York, recently instituted and gained a suit
for divorce from ber husband on the charge
or adultery, securing also the custody of
her children and the large alimony of $750
per month, or $9,000 per year. ; Before her
marriage with Lee she worked as a servant
in bis house, receiving $90 a year and
board; The husband has instituted legal
proceedings to secure a reduction of ali
mony. a
nCoNsiDSRABLK Indignation was excited
among the' Democratic electors' here on
Tuesday because of the action or the Trus
tees of Union township during the taking
the votes. Every naturalized voter wbo
had received his papers from Judge Pagt,
of Columbus, of a recent date, was subject
ed to great annoyance. The Judges did not
regara such natnralization papers ae evi
dence of citizenship, but insisted upon
going Denied them ana making- tne men
presenting them answer a number of silly
questions, prepared by Mr. Stiue, editor
of the Union, as" to when and where
tie men had procured their first papers,
or declaration of intention to become
citizens. Tbese questions - the Demo-
ocratic challengers very properly advised
the challenged party not to answer, and in
two instances Democratic votes were re
jected lor refusal to answer such questions.
me Democrats maintained that tne ques
tions specified in the election law were suf
ficient, but tbe trustees insisted on frolne
farther. 1 An attempt was made to swear
the Catholic voters on the cross, but this
was soon found to be a failure. Another
cause of complaint aealnst the trustees is
that they closed the polls before six o'clock.
and by so doing prevented some three or
four Democrats from voting who came to
the polls before the legal time of closing.
juaauon JJemocrat.
Mr. Jamks Fisher, of St. Louis, Mo., has
on foot a plan for building and sustaining
an "eleemosynary institution lor tbe relief
of the widows and orphans of deceased
physicians." This very praiseworthy ob
ject oe proposes to attain by annually as
(essinar, to tbe amount ot S3 each, the dif
ferent regular practitioners of the United
States ; calculating that .as there are some
loO.OOO physicians - io the' country the
amount secured would be not less than
half a million of dollars. That sum. be
contends, would be sufficient to place the
establishment on a firm. basis. The built'-
tng once ' erected, the annual assessment
would be amply sufneient to support it.
A Nevada paper notices a beautiful cube
otsalr, a natural production of that State.
The cube is two and a half inches lonjr, two
inches broad, and one and a half inches
thick. It Is as transparent as a plate of
nne glass, ana tne small print or a paper
may oe easily reaa tnrougn it. jn early in
tne center or tne cune mere is a small cav
ity in which there is held imprisoned
drop of water, which moves as tbe block it
moved to the right or the left, as the glob
uie 01 spirit moves in a level.
A temperance lecturer, descanting on
the superior virtues of cold water, re
marked : "When the world had become so
corrupt that the Lord could do nothing
wuu it, oe was oonirea .to give it
thorough sousing in cold water." ""fes,"
replied a to per present, "but It killed every
critter on tne lace 01 tne eartn.
- AJTDRKWS On Monday, the ti init.. nn hmrA
the iteaiaer Kubioon. Miasissippi river, near Co
lumbus. JKt., Mra. Anna K. Andrews, wife of
j ame Anarewi, 01 Delaware, UH10.
- Toe funeral will take plaea from, the lata resi
dence of Mra. Hannah Miner, one and a hUf mile"
southwest of the oitj, this (Friday) moraine, 6th
Inst., atlltf o'elockv Tbe friends and acquaint
ances of the deo eased are invited o attend with
out further notioe. ,, ;;-l;,fi :'
DOWDEL On the th inst. Dob A. duihterof
George and Isabella Dowdel. aa-id 11 tmmtha anil
4 days.:! ! ,::. , , . .... . ...j
funeral this mornipx at 10 o'clock, from the res
idence of the parents. Mo. SSI East Mound street.
KENT On Tuesday. November S. 1668. at a
quarter past nine o'clock V. M.. Chaki.es W.
km r, agea so years, a montns and 3 days.
.' The funeral services will take place at tbe resi
dence of his father. No. 332 East Hound street, on
Friday , afternoon. Nov. 6th. at 2 o'elook. The
friends and acquaintances of the family, are re
quested to attend. '
Hew Advertisements
d" Tbe Ohio Statesman has a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral : Ohio. . Advertisers will bear
this in mind. ,
roll 1800. .. .'
... Now is the time to subscribe for the
FAXKk-s.o-r-'sBi i Olaronlole.
Published every Saturday, sit Columbus', 0., by
TERM8 Two Dollars per year in advance.' Ten
copies for Fifteen Dollars, '
To all new subscribers the paper will be furnish
ed the balance of the year 186d febs. ' v.i
, Additions have been made to the Editorial Corns.
and the paper will continue to be. as .it has been,
second to no Agricultural paper in the country. :
All Postmasters are authorised to act as ai'entg,
' Address. . J) A YER it UUSBET,
novS-w6w ;'i ' ": 'i "Columbus. Ohio. J'
Emollient Cream. :
preparation, introjueed last winter, bavins;
reoeived so many flatterios: eommendatioea from
those who need it, induces the proprietors to bring
it aoein before the Dublie. assuring them that it
stands unrivalled as the best protector of the skin
agunsttoe ineirmenoy ot tne winter season, it
not only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but'also oonduoes to its health, purity
and preservation. For healing abrasions. Chap
ped Bands. Face, Lips, or Roughness of the 8 kin.
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
delightful fragrance render it a necessary append
age to the toilet. Prepared only by MARpLE A
R1TSON. Dispensing Chemists, 100 South High
street, Columbus, Ohio. nove-deodAwea . ;
1- Attention, "Fenians! ..
7b tie Utmbw oftTi O'Xeil Circle. Military and
A meetine of the ?8rotnerlond nf the abovA f!lr-
cle will be held on FRIDAY, the 6th inst., at John
U'cnen's nouse. napie street. - ttusineas ol the
utmost importance requires their attendance. '
uyorder. rA I KlUh. MUrlfU it . ,
novo-dJt' ' 8d l.ient. Military Circle.
Advertising Agents.
ISatablitAed in 1862.)
'. ; Ss. : i ;
We beg to call the attention of advertisers to
our agency. Uur faouities with all the first elass
iaily papers in the oountry are second to none,
and we aro fully prepared to offer terms and con
ditions wnicn cannot lau to give superior induce
ments. We also send advertisements to all Cuban
acd South American papers, with whom we hare
exclusive contracts We are tbe only house doing
W e can, Dy special permission, refer to
Mr. H. T. Hklmbold, Druggist. 94 Broadway,
New Yo;k.
Messrs. H. R. Vanduzib A Co.. 198 Greenwioh
street. New York.
Messrs. Uajx A Ruciil, S18 Greenwich street.
New York.
Messrs. G. Bruob's Son A Co., Type Founders, IS
Chambers street.
Messrs. Phalon Son, New York.
Messrs. Fhklon A Coixkndek, New York.
Messrs. Takant A Co.. New York. . . .
Messrs. Chickskino A Son, New York -
Messrs. Radwat A UoNew York.
Brick Warehouse on the corner of North Pnb-
lie lane and Center alley. Being olose to all the
railroad treight houses ia tbe oiiy makes it a very
desirable place for receiving and shippingfreight..
ror lurtner particulars, apply to toe undersignea
at Freight Office of the C. C. A C. R. R
JAMt.3 1-AraKSOll, Ag'U
Columbus, Oct SB. .
oct-36-dw r '
V and six years' old, very handsome, kind and
sound. Will be told low.
aug26-dtf K1CHARD NEVINS.
Paving Ordinance.
Ordinaoee to grade and pare oo Third street
irOHl Aj.AUn.UI J allCJ WW AWa,A iwsvii
SkcttohI. Be it ordained br the City Conncil
P, . w 1 M-..U:.J.Af .11 haM
Ot Wie Oil J Ol VOIUUIUUHlWTiuuuswi ni woiuow
bera ooDoarrinx. the on paved sidewalks
. . . I uJul n.4 v. v A am 'PK1. A a,..
id suiters oo ri'w . r , . , "
jm Hickory alley to North street, in accordance
h th. mat thereof on file in the office of the
City Clerk. . . . .
SRC . 1 USt an aamasi". wsbs uu.. VApousv
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon tbe several lots of land
fronting or abutting theron, in proportion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26. A. D. 1868.
.Attest: L.JE. Wilson. City Claik.
"oet30-dit -
Besolation to Contract.
Eetotwd. That the City Civil Engineer be, and
he is hereby authorised and directed to eontraot in
the name of the city of Columbus, with Peter
r.agen. for building a double, row flag crossing
across Public alley at the west side of High street,
noon the follow ing terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty-five cents per
ubio yard. . .
For boulder paving. Forty-fire cents per square
For flagging. 14 inches wide, Sixty eents.per lin
eal foot. .
Adopted Oct. 16, 1868. r
Attest; h. E. WIL80N. .
ect30-dlt City Clerk.
DRY G00pa-v
it J I
. i . ; ; ,
7- X- -II!
. y. . ..
. : . l . f i-p
1 . " iium ,Hf '. ..' !'.
!.:: :!-t-.1 :'..7 '.. u,.. ';:) ,: !. - :-f :
; - : 1: . -i-. :' . -; ':! I
I it 7 . . r ' Li -. : ' .
' i t . r
i - r,' ,
Brown and Gold. Garnet and Gold. Drab and Gold,
. Brown and White, and Black and White. .
,...( Single and Double-Faced.
'I '.t" i '
i . ..- ; i
. - T
250, AND 252
.t i'.:U i
j i -1 :
Paving Notice.
Io ail wAosi it man Ccnctm : -
COLDMBOB. O., Sect. W, 1868.J
Notice Is berebr rimi that oroAeedinas have been
instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus for mak
ing tbe following Improvements, to-wit :
r or grading ana pvm ine unpavea siaewaisa,
gutters and crossings ou Third street from Hickory
alley te North street; - ; i (
a i no, lor sraoinr and nannr in unpavea siae-
walks, gutters and crossing, on the sooth side of
none atreet, irom 'inird etreel to n ourta atreesr
Also, for crading and paving the auttersand cross
inga and Eravelins the sikwalka and irradinc tbe
roadway on Mobawk street, from South Public lane
Ml ir.vuBuiue Direei.
Also, for sradine and reo&Tinsr tbe sidewalk and
gutter and era-sins on Rich street, in front of Lot
ao. o OI Uenmson a BnhriiviaiBn nf unlink No. 39r
Also, for Sradinx and err&valin tha rnadwav of
rii.n.l irn., f-n.n L'-l.-.l ... L'
Also, for grading: and Davinir the eutters and
curbing on the sontn side of Cbtpel street and for
sniveling tne roadway irom Migh street to Fair
al e: ...
A'SO, for building a donble row flag erossing
across Linn alley at ibe east side of Hiah street:
The same to be done in accordance with the plats
and estimates to be prepared hr tbelJitrtJivilEngi-neer-and
filed in the office of the Citv Clerk.
All Dersons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of tbe Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Eighteenth day of .November. A. D.
:orti dltawsw City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all wAom il may Concern : r
. Columbus, O., Sept. 31, 1868.1
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted in the City Council of (Jommbus, for
maKing tne iuiiowidk imprvveiouubs, ,tr-v il ;
For reDavin&T the nuttera and resettinc the eurh'
ing on the west side of Seventh street between
FriAntl street and Rich street. .
Also, for paving the unpaved sidewalks on the
east side of Filth street between Rich street and
Cherry street.
- Also, for grading and graveling Chapel street
fmm Hiffh atrnnt to Fir allev.
Alao, for grading the roadway of Hamlet street
north from the C. C. A C. railroad depot to the line
ef Wm. Neil's property, t
The same to be done in accordance with plata and
estimates to be prepared oy tne t;ity vivu i,ngi
w! AIaj! In Ih. nffiiA nf th.ril.f'Urb
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file theix
claims in theorheeof tWe (Jlerk, in writing, on or
before the Seventh day of November. A. U. 1868.
sep34-dltaw4w City Clerk
Paving Notice.
To all whom tt may concern!
- . , . - . CoLUMBUa. Oct. 19, 1868.1 ,
Notice ia hereby given.that proceedings havebeen
Instituted in the City Council of Columbus, for
making the followitg improvements, to-wit: -
For grading and paving the unpaved sidewalks,
gutters and crossings on Third street from. North
treat to North rnblio lane.
A Inn. for reDavine the sidewalks on the eaatsid
of Front street from tbe northeast corner of Front
and Tuwn streets to point B5 feet north of town
street. '
Also, for graveling South street from Sixth
street to ae vent n street.
Alao. for grading and graveling tbe roadway o:
Mante atreet from Hiarh atreet to Water street.
- Also, for building a double, row flag crossing
aoross n ooie street on tne east sine oi niKja ai reet
AUn to anrvev and stake off &outh street from
East Public lane to tbe eastern boundary f tbe
city .- ': 1-1
The same to be done ih accordance with plats
and estimates to be prepared by the City Civil En
gin -er, and filed in the office of the City Clerk. .
. All njtmnnaAlaiminr damtsM on aoeouat of said
proposed improvements, are required toa- file their
Olaims IB tne ouice Ol toe viera. in wntiug, uu "i
before the ritth day ot ifecember, A. u
1868. ,. ' ' L. E. WILSON"
oct23-dltaw4w ; .---i .v City Clerk
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may concern : .u )..:
Citt Clvri's Offtc,J
Columbus. O.. Oct. 26, 1868. (
Notioe is hereby given, that proceedings have been
instituted in tbe Uity council ottioiumDus.tor mak'
ina- tbe followineimDrovements.to-wit: '
For grading tbe north half ot Perry street from
High street to the corporation line. '
Alao. for sradina and Davioar the autters and
grading and graveling the roadway and side
walks on Mound street from Washington avenue
to the east line ot lot Mo. is. -
Also, for a double row flag stone pavement across
Mnnnd atreet nnon the west side of Hich street. . -
. Tht, umM to be done in accordance with olats and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engin
eer, and bled in tne omceot tne uity ciiers:.
All oersons claimins damages on account of sai
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Filteenth day ot December, A. V,
1868. '
oct39-dltaw4w " City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
Making appropriations for purposes therein named,
Skotioh 1. Be it ordained bv the Citv Council
of tbe city of Columbus. That there be and is
hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treas
ury not beretotore appropriated, tne louowing sums
of money, to-wit:
For payment of expenses ot the Street Commis
sioner and Chain Ganc. tbe sum of 1.000.
For payment of the employes and expenses of
the Hire Department, tne sum ci sii.dui.
For navment of exDenses of Police. 1.60(1.
F'or payment of principal and interest on Veteran
county Bona, vi.tfuv.
-For Incidental expenses, t250. ;
For navment of exDenses of elections. S200. .
Seo. 2. Tbe several sums of money appropriated
by the foregoing section shall be expended in tbe
manner prescribed by the fifth section of the ordi
nance defining the duties ol the City Clerk, passed
President of the City Council.
Passed October 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. Wilson. City Clerk.
oct30-dlt , , .
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
across Mound street at the west side of High
. street.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city of Columbus (two-thirds ot all the
members concurring), .That there be constructed a
drnblerow fltg crossing across Monnd street at the
west side of High street, ia aoeordanoe with the
p at thereof on hie in tbe emce of tbe City Ulers.
Seo 2. Tbat all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improveinement shall
be a-sessed and levied upon ths several lo s of
land fronting or abutting on the west side of Higi
street from Noble street to Strawberry alley, in pro
to their feet front. '
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest : L. K. Wilson, City Clerk. ...
ocOO dlt
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and repave in front of lot
- jvo. o ot Uennisons subdivision ot ouuot Do.
" SECTiOf 1. Be it ordaine i by the Citv Counoil of
theUityof Uolnmbns (two-tntrdsot all tne mem
bers concurring), Tbat tbe unpaved sidewalks,
niters aud crnssines be traded and repaved on tbe
S'utbsideof Rich street in front of lot No. 6 of
Uennison's subdivision of outiot o- 39. in accord
ance with the plat thereof on file in the offioe of
tne uity vierg.
Sun. 2. That all damaeres. costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement,sha)l be
assessed and levied upon tne several lots oi land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk. -
' OOtSO-dlt : V i i . s .' . : I .
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and pave Chapel street from
Higb street to Front street.
Rhitiam 1. Heitordained bv the Citv -Council
of the citt of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem-
hen nnnBnrnni. lnat tne aidewaiKS' ana cot
ters be graded and repaved on tbe south side of
LiDapei SUf.l Ituui diku sirea, u, r.ir .iidj, auu
that the roadway be graded and graveled from
High street to Front street, in accordance with tbe
plat thereof on file in the offioe of the City Clerk.
- Mien. a. That all damaires. costs and etrjensea
arising from tbe foregniog improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Oot. S. A. U. 1868.
Attest : L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
oct30 dlt . ' ""
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade aid pava on North street
from Third street to Fourth street.
Section 1. B it ordained by the City Council
Itheeity of Columbus (two-thirds of all themem
1 eisoon urring), Tbat the unpaved sidewalks, gut
ter and crossings be graded an ' paved on tbe sonth
side of North street from Third street to Fourth
street, in accordance with the plat thereof on file in
the office of tbe City Clerk.
MO.l That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement sba 1 be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
Passed Oct. 26, A. D., 1868.
Auet : L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to gr.de and pave on Third street
from North street to North Public lane.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Connoil of
theoity of Columbus (two-thirds of all the members
concurring,) Tbat tbe unpaved sidewalks, gutters
and orostinss be graded and paved on Third street
from North street to North Publio lane, in accord
ance with the plat thereof on file in the office of
the City Clerk.
Sbo. 2. Tbat all damages, costs end expenses aris
ing from the foregoin imorovement, shall be as
sessed and levied upon tbe several lots of land
fretting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
President of the
Passed Oct. 26, A. D., 1868.
i . . . . 1 I I7 - ni .
autoi; aj. a. i, iisun, liny viera:.
octaO-dlt ........
. , Besolution to Contract.
Rtfolved, Tbat the City Civil Engineer be, and
he is hereby authorized and directed to contract in
tbe name of the city of - Columbus, with John
Murphy, for buildibg a double row flag crossing
aoross Linn alley at the east side if High street,
upon the following terms, to-wit:
For exoavatiog or grading. Forty cents per cubic
yard.; ; ,
Vac boulder paving. Forty-four cents per square
For flagging, 14 inches wide. Sixty, cents per lin
eal foot. . ' ,
Said w rk to be completed- by the ISth day of
November. 1868, or said contract shall be void.
Adopted Oot. 6, 1868. - .
. Attest: L.E.WILSON.
ocl3fl-dl . ., i - City Clerr.
' ' Of TH -- ' 1
United States of America,
Washington, d. c.
Cahh Capital, - - $1,000,000.
To which all general correspondence should b ad-
CI.ARTSNrT! TT. CLASK. President:
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finanoe and Executive
HENRY D. ' OOKE. Vice President. "
EMhRSON W. PEET, Secretary and Actuary,
Offered by this Company are :
It is a National Company, chartered by special
i . tona
It has a paid np capital of 1 1.000. 000. '
It offers low rates of oreminm.
It furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies iorine same money.
It is definite and certain in its terms. ' ' f
' It is a borne Company in every locality. ' - X
Its Policies are exempt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. -' - .-
Every Policy is non-forfeitable.
Polioies may be taken that will pay insured their
run amount and return all tne premiums, so tbat
tbe Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
payments. : .
foliates may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of tears dnrinc life, an an.
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate ia charged for risks upon the lives
or females
It insures not to pay dividends, but at IO low
oost tbat dividends will be impossible. .
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agent for Ohio, Central
. ana ooutnern Indiana. .
Columbus. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking,
ainsKingum ana uosnooion counties.
- 500,000
"have you
cjl MDSIC. Ac, Ac, that you wish to have
bonnd in a nice firm binding, promptly, at low
prioesT Books sent for and returned to any part of
the city by giving notice through postern oe, or at
the , . . ,
Franklin Steam Book Bindery
One of the largest and best appointed Binderies in
.ine&tate. . ... .v.
Room 34, 38, 38 ITortli Hlffh Street,
(Over Messrs. Nevins A Myers', and Statesman
. steam ranting umoes.j
Of every description and quality, from the hishest
to the lowest, printed If desired, ruled and bound
to any required pattern, and superior workmanship,
at tne lowest prices. -
rHnm nn:..M n.t. u v.M.
- v.uaio ii "u, wiauv w uiw. lfcuud, .'in, uii.ii , d,
and all Officers requiring tiCfKhiOR BLANK
BOOKS, will be executed promptly, with our per
sonal attention. ' .
lour patronage reepectfully solicited. --
. : W.. XV. LEFAYOR,
oot3-deodSm Proprietor
Blank ; Book Manufacturers,
Special attention paid to manufacturing first class
.. .,' BliANli BOOKS-
of every description, with or without printed Eead-
- ings. 101 ' -
W- Full sets of Books made on short notice,
warrantea to givepeneot sansiacuon.
aprll eouly . COLUMBUS, OHIO,
d ui .uiikiTiajnTnu o. nn
i iii nuii iiiu i uii tx uuh
Corner Broad & High StsJ
. febS-dly j . -! , . .. .-r
' ian20-dly-r Celumbas, O.
C. K. REKCS. . . GhO. W. QDINS
"Ft. , "EJ S H r F I SB
' Came and Oysters.
Also, all kinds of Country Produce, such a Bttv-
ter, eggs, t;nicJtens, turkeys, 6c,
JSo. 39 West Broad-vray,
. . ' ! COLUMBVS. OBIO.i
The choicest varieties of Fresh Fish reoeived
daily. 49- A11 goods purohased delivered to any
pai t oi tne oiiy fkkb of chabok. loctu-eoaom
Times of Holdingr Courts
: iii. the .Fifth Juaicial Dis
trict of Ohio lor 1800. -
The State of Ohio.'
Franklin county, J ' f
a Court of Common Pleas within and for said
county, do hereby certify that the following order
is truly taken and correctly copied from the journal
oi said vioun.io-wii: , .. ....
Times of Holding Courts in the Fifth Judicial
District of Ohio for law. .
It I hereby ordered that tbe order heretofore
made on the 18th day of September. A. u. 1868.
issued, fixing the days of the commencement of
tne Uourts of (Jominon fleas and Oistnot uourrs
ot said Judicial District, be hereby amended, and
that the District Courts and Courts of Common
Pleas for (be year A. D. 1889, shall begin in the
several counties of theMfth Judicial Di.triot of
the State of Ohio. at the times following:
Madison, Mav4th. I Fayette. May 14th. .
Franklin, May Sth. I Ross, AugustSlst.
Piokawa.v. May 10th. 1 Highland, hept. 3d.
Adams. Sept. 6th. Brown. Sept. 8th.
Clermont, Sept. 13th. I
; ', , . COORT OF COMMON PLEAS.; i.- t
- Brown, February th. June 1st. November Jd. ' '
Adams. January S7tb. May '8th. September list.
- Clermont. January Sth, June 29th. October 6th.
Highland. January lath. May 18th, October 13th.
. Kofe. JaooarySth, Juoe 1st. November ad. '
Fayette, Febraary S3d. June S9th. September
''Madison, February S j. May 18th, October 19th."
Pickaway, March 8th. June 15th, November Sd.
Franklin, February 16th. June 1st, November
15th. -i-
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our
' - J. Q. S.SHB0RN, 1 Judges.
4. : t t JOSEPH OLDS. - r J " Tsw;
i: . In testimony whereof I bave hereunto sub
scribed my name and affixed the seal of
8gAL said Court at ' dumbus, this 30th day
. of October. A. D. 1888. T
T. S. SB.EPARD. Clerk.
October 31. 1868. oct31-dltw3w
For juveniles. Saturday afternoon; -ftoBrito' S
P. M Gentlemen's evening class at A J1BOS
HALL, 83d intt.. at 8 o'clock P. 11. ootu
MngaTinttulr. a .ar.
Sailed Ua,f) Wmata,' FeBSl,
' '., siwt exoeeaUnwsx eicta t
Uawa-abllsbeA la ttala cvlvaaa (r
n A.m. .
AN1EB AGENTS tTS to 200 per
month. evervwh.rf m. i - fm.!, t
tetredriea- ti iiEtibiNK JslPsitfv'stJ''
ii,S,n,i'.1.BJ!'2.s'i; FAMlLi eEWlft
MACHINE. This Machine will stitc
bem, felt, tack, qufltcori. fcrud, braid
and embroider m a most superior man
ner. Price only Stg. Fully warranted for
fire years. We will pay 1 ooa fox asy,
machine that will sew a strong' r. more
beautiful. or mote elaaticseam than ours.
ft makua the Elasus Lock Stitch." Everv second
atitcb can be cut. and still tbe cloth eannot be
pulled apart without tearing it- We pay Agent
fro n S76 to (200 p r month and expense., or a eom-
uission-irom wbion twiee teat-. mount can ba
made. Address sbOOMB A CO , P1T1SBUKGH,
FA..orHO-TON,MA8S. f
t: u'l'iun. io not Deimnosea nnon sr otoer
parties palming off woitbles cast-iron machine,
under the same name or otherwise Uur is th
only ge nine and reaily practical cheap machine
i --
! ot9&-odlStiw4t
Lessee and Manager Mr. J. W. Lanxboah .
Benefit and last night but one of
llle. Marietta., Xtkyel S
Marietta Ravel in her great act en tbe .. t
And the : .., ... '. '-', ? , :., .. 4 ' j .
; 3" Full particulm in prograinmeB. '
J .u.nnlAut:ik mwA OK AK.taa I a.n wkMk A AS-
AUA1?)1VI vv auu UUUtal, JUvi B VvU sBIl I Jtj
co menoe at -8 o'ctook.
-Tib resit Itleel leal mistako
Of former day .was an utter neglect of sanitary
precautions 2s o efficient mean were adopted for
the prevention of sickaoas- Sewerage' waa un
known in cities; drainage was rarely attempted in
the country. Heaps of offal were left to rot in th
public streets, and domestie cleanliness', the- great
antidote to febrile diseases, was sadly neglected.
It is not so now.r JWiae laws, ph ilanthropie institu
tion, and a vigilant sanitary police, have, to a great
extent, remedied the evil'. Nor is this all. Pstx
remn - mxdio atioh - ha helped materially
to lessen the rate of mortality. It is not too
much to say that tm or thousans escape sick
ness in unhealthy season in consequence of having
This pure and powerful vegetable tonic and altera
tive comprises the extract and essence of a va
riety ef root and herb. ' renowned for their
strengthening, soothing, vitalising and purifying
properties. Tbese medicinal agent are incorpor
ated with a spirit absolutelr free from the aerid
poison which defiles, more or less, all the liquor ef
commerce, and their effeot ia diffused through th
whole frame by this active, yet harmless stimu
lant.; The resnlt ia aach a condition of the system
as renders it all but importtout to the exterior
causes of disease, suoh as dam p. fog, sudden alter
nations of temperature, Ao. Strength, and th per
feet regularity of all the functions of the body, aro
the best safe-guards against atmospheric poison
and tbe effects of unwholesome water, and HOS
TETTER'S BITTERS are-the iert ntrerrgt boning
and regulating medicine at present known. For
dyspepsia and bi'liousness (hey are a SPECIFIC AB J
solute. - v
-- maySSdeodAwly-cw-B ; i ' .
"' Such an article as "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lini
ment." It has stood before the publis for SI year
and ha never failed giving sati faction in a single
instanoe. Every drop of this valuable compound is
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it canal,
ways be relied upon. Is is wa-raoted superior t
any other, for the cure of Chronic Rheumatism.
Toothache. Headache, Sore Throat. Vomiting.
Frosted Feet. Mumps. Croup, Bums. Cots, Sea Sick
ness, Insect Stings, Sprains.Cholera. Colie.Spasnu,
Dysentery, Bruises, Colds.-, Coughs. Old Sore.
Swellings, Pains in the Limbs. Back and Chest.
There is no medicine in the World" that stand
m re on it own merits than the "Venetian Lini
ment." Thousands of certificates can be seen at th
Doctor's office, attesting to i:s rare virtues. Th
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, ha
induced several unprincipled person to counterfeit
this "Valuable Remedy:" purchaser cannot be too
eareful to see that "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment '.
is stamped on the glass, done up in yellow paper,
and signed "S.L Tobias."., All others are danger
ous count rf'.ts, and although they may rettmble
the "Venetian' Liniment" in color and smell, '"
soar of them." Sold by all Druggists and Store
keepers throughout tbe United States. .Price SO
cent and one dollar per bottle. , Depot 10 Park
Plaoe, New York.
- janelHlAwlycm-rirr-a - ' '
It is in demand wherever personal blemishes are
considered of sufficient oonsequence to be removed
tta Actiaa Instantaneous.
Cristadoro'S' Hair Preservative
AND BEAUTIFIER is a preparation of equal merit
and repute. Its effect upon the hair is electrical.
It fastens every loosening fibre, replaces harshness
with silkiness and flexibility, eemi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with g'oss. Its use will incline
the straightest hair to curl, and prevent the driest
from tuning gray It is th favorite at every toilet
where it has been tried, and as a means of keeping
the hair free from soruf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliations, is perfectly invaluible. ", I
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No. 6 Astor House.
- junel8-dAwlyom-peMT-8
"To Owners of Horses." -
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic Th
need not be. : Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Lini
ment, in pint bottles, price on dollar, will posi
tively our every ease, if given aocording to the di
rections, when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls. Sprains. Old
Bores. Swellings and Sore Throat. It is no new
remedy, but of 31 years' standing, and approved
by the first horsemen in the country. Col. Phito
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course,' has used t
for years, and recommends it to his friends. . Or
ders are constantly received for it from th Racing
Stables in England. It has stood the tort of time;
no one has ever tried it but continues its use. Ro
olleottoget Dr. Tobias Venetian Hon Liniment
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold by th
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United
States.- Depot 10 Park Plaoe. New York.. J ,'.,',
The bowels may be costive or some organ do its
work weakly. From causes like, these gases and
gummy substances occur which poison the b ood
the perspiration may be checked; the feet may be
so chilled that their fetil exhalations are thrown
back noon th blood. Here is cause for pain, fet
ters, inflammations.' In these cases Brandreth
Pills are worth more than gold. Five or six cure at
once. Remember they eure by at onee removing
from the body those matters which poison the blood
and make ns sick. These celebrated Pills should bo
in the house ready; ' ' ' '" .
' See B. Be andreth in white letter on the Gov
ernment stamp; Principal offioe Bbakpketh'S
House, New York. Sold by all druggists,
iunel6-dAwlycm-PeKT .'.."'
A ; OAH.D. ' " v--
A Clergyman, while residing in South America
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
Aw fnr theCiira of .Nervoos to eakness. EarlT lin
ear. Diseases of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs.
and- ne wnoie train oi uiwmtn orougns, en by
baneful and vicious habits. Great number bave
Kann enred bv this noble remedr. - PrnmnMl K -
desire to benefit the sfflioted and unfortunate I
will rend the recipe for preparing and using this
medicine, in a sealed envelope.. to amw. .kn
needs it, rBIB OF CHARGE. Address,
Station D, Bible House, New York City. -octSS-d&w
4lt A ; ,
TkOfJTH restored in fnnr wmI?. Khmwii
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; the effeot of earlv pernicious habits, self
abuse, ltn potency and climate, give away at onoe to
this wonderful medioine, if takes regularly accord
in to the direction (which are very simple and rn
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure ia impossible.- Sold in bottles at $3, or four'
quantitieb in one for $&. To be had only of the sola
appointed agent in America, H. Okbitxen. sos
Second Ave.. New York . , j ... . i. .., .
NT-jTg7-riIyr .- - - - -' " V f
UANHOOb Another jfao 'Medical
Ivl Pamvhlet from Uu fM ot llt.Ciimn.
The "Medical Times" says of this work: "i'hi
valuable treatise on the cause and euro of prema
ture decline; shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained ' It cives a dear synopsis of th
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of
nervons debilitv. and the remedies th.r.fn- a
pocket editicn of the above will ba forwarded on
receipt ot 25 cents, oy addressing Doctor Cunru
Mo. 68 North Charle street. Baltimore. Hd. .
TT A T air W V ! w a u.w . aaar. . ...
r.r?' V nfi-a-aio. w est Broadway, near
Bigh street, Columbus, Ohio, ha deroted hlmsVlf
oraseneeef rears to the krwainieiia rf.n.i. .
vat disease. He may boensulted at hia offi I
Uroariwai . eear the ,xoheuf Hans . r-. .
" Youb Lotion has cured me of TeUer (or Rait
Rhenm on my hand of thirty yearn atamding ',
writes Joreph Kistler, of iaDvilla, hid., who baaV
been-nsing raimw vegetable Cosmetiq jUotibn.-'"
H 11

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