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rorreoted bT W J.-Bavage, Jeweler, 83
t?olok.'"" Baromater. Jharmamatar.
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t-Foul Play" ibe election returns.
' npour'ftahkm article will W found on
:the first page l'A V"'-::,, Vl.T,1;
vi--Slxty-fiv -counties in Ohloiave
,,70,687 sheep. " .'vs V '.'' ?' '
'Dogs, trees and people with colds,
have a common feature DarK..' -
v. tThe" Franklin County Farmers' Club
wi'l meet In this city to-morrow.
;t yjTo-morrow is the anniversary ot the
battle of Belmont, Mo fought yi lb61.
' cg-The weather was dull, gloomy and
cheerless yesterday,' and horribly dusty
were th streets.'- - "
tThe Grand Cycloyaess of the female
Ku Kluxess has issued a proclamation lor
bidding the Grecian Ben. ',' ' ', j "j:
rariiiss Caroline Schneider will com
mence her series of afternoon subscription
concerts in this city on Saturday, Novem
ber 14ih.
t3r"01lve Logan, in her letters, says the
4oueof our State House .is thirty leet
higher thanThe dome, of the Capitol at
Washington. -
t"A dozen different styles of Gieclan
1&end are advertised, ' Nothing o good as
the cucumber and green
recommended. - - -
apple style we
'TJm-eomc. Thi nlghts-of the 12th and
j loth instants, between midnight and sun
rise, are fixed npon for the annual meteoric
ahowers. or -November meteors, any
gazers are making preparations for taking
a T?w. A neirro and a white man
named Bill Little got Into a tight yester
dav. Little got considerably punished in
tha fiorht and swears dire revenge on the
amending moite. ujiu
Firb. A fire caught in the roof of the
County Infirmary yesterday... It was ex
tinguished before the arrival of the engines
anrt hefnrn mt damasre was done. After
the-alarm was given a boy- was sent on
horseback' to meet the engines and inform
them that the fire was out.
Not Trub. The Journal of yesterday,
with its usual reckless disregard of truth,
says that. In the Six.h ward, on Tuesday
last, at o'clock there were 205 less votes
cast than at the October election. '; We
were at the Sixth ward polls at 12 o'clock,
and they were not 200 votes short then.
'The SvKrnatt informant must have had a
bully drunk on. ' " 'A ' ; '
Bnrrun Over. The - examination of
Clement Huntley, charged with stealing a
set of harness from Lewis Legg, before
Bquire Meeker, yesterday morning, resulted
In - Huntley's being bound over in the sum
of $ 400 to answer the charge of larceny be
fore the Court ot Common Pleas. In de
fault of ball he was committed, r-. ...
Scalped. We met a niau at the Court
House yesterday from whom the Indians
tad collected a revenue tax on hair." They
had taken skin and all, as effectually as
our tax collectors do atbome. He tell into
the bands, of. the savages In Colorado Ter
ritory laBtaI&h.","; His head basin a great
measure healed, but is still a horrid look
ing sight. -
Transferred Yesterday. The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Becorder's olfice yesterday s
" Japtha Hughes and wife, "to Sarah M.
Slade, Nov. 27th. 1865, partrof lota Nos. 18
and 19 in Latham's addition to tbeeity of
Columbus, lor $460.": - J 5:JiJ
W. M. Williams and wife to Absolom
Cooper, Nov. 3 part of lot No. 1 of out
lot No. 29 of John Riukly's addition to the
city of Columbus, for $1.000.
i Filed Yesterday. The Berlin and
North Star Turnpike Company filed its
certificate ot Incorporation with the Sec
retary of State yesterday. It is organized
lor the purpose of constructing a turnpike
road between Berlin, Shelby county, and
North Star, Darke county. Capital .stock
$20000, in shares ot $50 each. - W. J. Sher
man,. J. H Williamson, F. Gast, Milton
Kemper, Steph.- Kelmer, Joseph Lemm, E.
A. Eicbardson and Joseph Neiderkorn are
the corporators. ' a it . ' -' . s 'A
A88Aci,T.-On Tuesday night a man
named ' Andrew " Haas " was . struck and
knocked down, while standing on High
street looking at. the passing Republic! n
prooession.1 It Appears that some one had
thrown a stone at a transparency carried In
the line, and that B. C. Moeller rnshed up to
Haas and knocked him down. Moeller was
arrested on a charge of assault and battery,
Md on a trial before the Mayor yesterday
was held to bail in the sum of. $300 to n-
L-'V c's uuti
A Warnikcl -Youna men should never
get on a bender when they have their good
clothes on. : Wednesday afternoon a young
man from the country came in town to .get
a new coat he bad won on election. He
got pretty boozy over his . success. Start
ing for home a polite stranger asked per
mission to ride part way In his. buggy. He
consented, and as they journeyed he drank
once or twice out ot polite stranger's flask.
He woke up when he got home, to find
polite stranger gone and with him the new
coat and a new Alpine hat. He ta'ks of
joining a temperance society .(
Jubilek Services. We understand that
tueB services at the First Evangelical-Lutheran
Church, which were held lastven-
fng,lwere highly appreciated, py .aj ttfge
and attentive audience. . Addresses were
delivered by the Pastor, Bev. Beck, and
Eev. Prof, Loy. vSlmUar, services will be
held this evening la-the same church on
Town 6treet, 'betweeii Fourth-and Fifth,
beginning at .7 o'clock. , Addresses wlU
be delivered by Bev. Hockman, Eev. Prof
E. Scbmid and Eev. Prof. W. F. Lehman
We request av good attendance. . ,f,.:; ,
', An Ikcidkht. During the performance
of Massanlello Iat bight at the Opera
House, a most amusing incident occurred
While Mr. Davis was singlngBehold, bow
rijthtly breaks the morning," a French
man, about " half shot,? got hp -out of hhi
teat, and clambering upon - the stage,
marched up to Mr. Davis, and, laying his
band on bis shoulder, eaid " Sair, you sail
not sing dees solo vare correct. I vas
write' .dee' uiuseek. and. by gar,i 1
sail show yon how he eoes." The as
tonished 'actor ceased his singingand,
amid the roars ot tne auditors, the D rench
man approached the, footlights and sang
one versaof the song. When ho had finish
ed.he turned.toXfentleman. l .the .par
quette and sajd l was leavmy.chapeau
hr-dees-iseat.JEf you please, y6n shall
gU him to me'. Getting his hat, he march
ed off, amid the shouts of, the people. . The
scene wasne. at 4awflJu:JteebUl, but
was very funny. "''
Galoot Ercorp. The first mortals onr
vision tooit la at the police ceart yester
day were those well known patrons of the
Sinners' Kest, John Biggins and bis be
loved wife;"Ann. They are the most stead
fast couple wo ever saw,-, John would re
sist to the bitter end any attempt to make
mm crunk, did be not share the necessary
benzine with the partner of bis joys and
of bis bosom Ann. He took her tor better
or for worse, and he finds her worse than
took her for. Yet she, like a true wife,
would pine herself to death were she not
permitted to accompany ber idle idol John
to the calaboose.' They had been conjunc
tive in their drunk and In their punish
ment they were not divided. The Mayor
fined them $5 and costs each. They were
wiihont a sufficiency of the root of all evil.
He harameretb. She Borubbeth.
John Splcer believes In , a little row.
Spicer thus spices his life. Joy for him is
in a red hot old spree and a red hot row
after it. For being drunk and disorderly
he was fined $8 and in detault received an
introduction to the stone pile. . ( -
Ventilation. As winter comes on and
heaters and stoves are made ready for their
work, it should be the duty of our citizens
to see that proper precautions are taken
for the ventilation of their residences, to
secure health and comfort. Full and free
ventilation cannot entirely be secured by
looking well to the registers; but chim
neys must be cleared from the mass of soot
and ashes which choke ' them, "and pipes
must be thoroughly Overhauled, so that
when put up the noxious and dangerous
gases which arise from -'certain fires "may
not be driven into the rooms, instead of out.
A little attention will secure comfort and
health in dwellings. "A thermometer is
often hung up to mark the variations in
the temperature, but while it does so it
cannot tell, nor is it any test . of the purity
ot the air. ! A simple contrivance for dis
covering the impurities in the air is a bot
tle of lime water. If the air is impure the
water ' will 'immediately become milky.
This is Invariably a sure test. - -
The Smith Illkgal Voting Cask. The
examination of James Smith, charged with
voting illegally in 1863, and October, 1868,
was bad before Justice Meekerv yester
day afternoon. The charge of Illegal vot-
ng in 1863 being- barred I by the stat
ute of limitation.. It . was , withdrawn,
and the trial proceeded on the other
charge. Smith ' swore before Chitten
den that he knew the' papers on : which
he voted were : not intended for him ;
yesterday he swore they were intended tor
him. His evidence might make, some per
sons think he had committed peijury. He
was held to bail in; the sum of $500 to an
swer the charge before the Court ot Com
mon Pleas. . B. F. Manin, Wm., Jamison,
H. Bancroft. Theo. H.Butler, W. H. Aiken,
W. B. Brooks, are his bondsmen.
Benefit of Marietta ..JEavel. To-night
we are to have a most attractive perform
ance at the Opera House for the benefit of
the charming Frenoh artiste M'dlle.Marlet
ta Eavel, who' will appear in her wonderful
performance on the tight rope, in which it
said she has no living equal. .. The
beautiful drama " The Angel of Mid
night" will be produced, iu which M'dlle
Eavel will sustain four characters.' This
being the first speaking character in which
she has appeared this season we may look
for a very large attendance. M'dlle Eavel,
during- her brief season here, has won
hostsof admirers, who will take this occa
sion to show , their appreciation of her
great talents as an artiste and her sterllDg
qualities as a lady. .-x
No. 27 East State Street,' ,
V Late C. A Wagner's. ;
The proprietors of this most elegant and
fashionable establishment, respectfully in
form the Ladies and Gentry of Columbus,
and those visiting the city, that no pains
or expense have been spared to render the
St. Lawrence the first class restaurant of
Columbus. '-.. i. ' . .. ' . . i
At all times our larder will be found to
contain the choicest articles in season. .
Trusting in the liberality of our citizens
and visitors, we respectfully solicit a share
of your. patronage,' guaranteeing to all po
lite attention, moderate charges, and the
very -beat our Own and the eastern markets
afiord. Private room for ladies. . Families
upplied with oysters by the can, and game
of ail kinds in season. -
Covkrdalk & Hosklton, Proprietors.--nov2-d!w
x -
ci Cbarles E. Smith,. Manufactorlng Jew
eler, No. 27 South High street, over Bain's
store. --f-y t - -i-f.-,
All kinds of jewelry made and repaired
at the shortest notice, i - i t ! : -.: -.
nov6-.d3m ,;' ..' ;,
Gloss & Wixper's Restaurant open day
and nightl oct7-dtf
Charles W. Niswander, Merchant Tail-
br, No.121 South High street, this day re
ceived his third stock of tall goods this
season. The acute taste displayed in his
selection, seems to make It impossible for
him to over-stock his bouse with desirable
good's. The demand increases with his en
larged purchases . - -- 1 L-
This last consignment consist of Scotch
cheviots, Scotch Elysians and French Ely
siana,, trouserings, overcoatings; etc.," etc
Those, rich patterns, put together as only
Stimson can do it, is the perfection of the
art. Charges are guaranteed as low as any
where in America for the same goods. The
public will endorse what we have written.
Holi.oway's Pills Colds and Soke
Throat. The foundation of a cold or af
fection of the' throat that lasts the winter
through Is often laid in autumn. If you
are threatened with disease of any of the
respiratory organs, rub the external feur-
face night and morning with Hollow ay's
Ointment and . keep the bowels regular
with Hollow ay's Pills... A cold, cough or
sore throat promptly treated in this way is
speedily cured, and all danger Of consump
tion or bronchlti8 avoided. Sold bv all
Druggists.,' a - 'i i'. ' . iy9 dly-cw 'i
MeaIs at all hours, at Gloss and WUper's
OCt7-dtf .-:OUJ . ir :-'J .: s
For Sale House - and ' lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
street.' ' 1 : . ' .
octl3-dtf .''"'-
Those Scotch suits tnat Stimson Is put
ting tip at Niswander's Merchant Tailor,
ing Establishment, tickle the fancyYor
every wearer, the. eye of every 'beholder,
and the feelings of every passer by.
nov2-dlw ' - J
' ' '"""."' '
to A thing of beauty is not a joy - forever
but like spring flowers, fade. Not so with
(hose elegant ,caesimeres of Charley Nifw
wander. The memory of tbem, like the
color, will never fade, and Stimson's handi
work completes the thing of beauty. 3
nov2nilw. ..-- .
'OtsTEBSpYSTEKS Oysters. ;
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman)
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer," Afigur fc
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters.- a " ' A-f
aug5-dtonov28 ' ;J
EfMOYAL. TM .ndfrslgnpd, baa. Re
moved bis Boot and Shoe Store from 63
East Town street to 140 North High street,
east side, between Spring and Long, in the
new block of Collins & Schwenker, where
he will be happy to see his old friends and
patrons. A full line of goods kept and to
be sold cheap for cash, . J. C. Ealb,
nov6-d2tfcw2w ' 140 North High street.
(From Alai. S. DouKtaertjr, M. D.r lt one of tha
; MadioJ Dirclor U.S. A. ,Newrk, N.J.J :
'" Having been made acquainted with the
composition of the preparation known as
Sozodokt, I have for some time past per
mitted its use in my family, where it has
given entire satisfaction. It is an elegant
toilet article, well worthy of the encomiums
it has received."
"Spalding's Prepared Glue."
. - VNY-juuel5-eod6ra-cw .
110 Lispenard St,
New York, October 13, 1S67.
Dear Sir : It Is with much pleasure that
I say to you that I consider the Planta
tion Bitters of nntold value. In the fall
of 1867 I was taken with Chills and Fever,
with the most severe pains in my chest and
head.-' It was with great difficulty that"!
could breathe. My lungs were greatly dis
tressed, and there was severe pain in my
right side by spells. I could hardly get
up from my bed.. I called a Doctor, who
attended me all Winter without the least
benefit. About the first of August I com
menced using your Plantation Bitter
a wine-glass full three times a day and
have used it most of the time since, and I
am now well and strong, able to do all my
own work and the care ot a large family.
Yours, ' Susan Wilson.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Colog ne, and sold at half
tho price. ' 1 -
Whooping Codgh I Whooping Cough 1 1
Is well known as a long, tedious, and of
ten dangerous disease among children
not unfrequcntly inducing convulsions,
pneumonia, or resulting In a decline. Old
school medicine and the drugs of the shop
do but little or nothing for it. Humph
rey's Homeopathic Specific for Whoop
ing Cough works wonders, quiets and re
lieves the "cough, and if given early, ar
rests its further progress, while in all cases
it soon winds up. and cures the disease.
Price 5Q cents per box Sold by all deal
ers, or sent by mail. Address Humphreys
Specific : Homoeopathic Medicine Co
562 Broadway, N.Y.: -X ,--.??.! ,v
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy . head, loss ot
memory and . threatened . impotence and,
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in -Hum
phreys' Home lpatuic Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. . Composed of the mo6t valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is. very Important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.;
Sold by all Druggists,- and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway, New York. - iyl3 deod&wly
The Liver. Its office is to separate im
purities from the life current, the blood,
and to secrete bile. ' How apparent the ne
cessity for health's sake is the proper per
formance of Its functions. : If diseased, it
eannot purify , the blood, which, it sent to
the Iuiiks, brain and every part of the sys
tem, iUa morbid condition, will produce
jaundice, insanity, consumption, etc., etc.;
and by withholding the stimulus from the
intestines, produces dyspepsia, piles and
many other disorders. Delicate females,
and weak children are made strong by the
use of the Constitution Bitters. In fact, they
are a family medicine; they can be given
to the child of three mouths old, the indis
posed female, or a person of three score
and ten. : ' oct31-dfewlt
i .
It is strange to see with what carelessness
some invalids attend to their health. They
will procure a box of Plantation Bitters,
which ought to be used up in a month or
six weeks, and upon inquiry it is found that
they have used only two or three bottles.!
Some days they have used it according to
the directions, and others have not touched:
it.'- The whole trial has been irregular, and
of course a less favorable result has come:
from their use. If it be true that "what is
worth doing at all is' worth doing well,"
bow emphatically. Is it true in matters re
lating to the health. - A few bottles ot Plai -tation
Bitters have often wrought wonders,
while in other instances disease has only
been subdued after weeks of resistance.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the price.
RKT-sept25-deod&wlycw -j
' , AN ...'-'! . '
FROVIDENCK. R I., hiving tha largest mann-
faet rr of Solid Silver Wara in tha world, with
tha most improved maotain'ry. and employing the
most sViliei'labor, are enabled to offer an un
equalled variety of new anl beautiful designs in
Dincer Services. Tea Services., and every article
specially adjpted for Holiday and Bri dal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleetro-Plated Ware, in whioh they
have introdaoed new patterns of rara elegance.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate is
guaranteed to. be superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, but
these goods may be obtained from 'responsible
dealers everywhere. ; . .;t H
ilark i
Trade Mark
- ejSS"0 Eleofco-
" :-1 Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
nov5-d&w4Xm-pa r....r . ,
It is the only Infallible Hair Preparation for'
VuiiUK Anu rwj.nuunu ixo
' . . GROWTH.
It is the oheapest preparation ever offered to tbe
peblio, as one bottle will last longer and accomplish
morn than three bottles of any other preparation.
Our Renewer u not a Dye; it will not stain the
skia aa others. - - a M.J;.q ouj 'i . t,-Tri.
It will keep the Hair from fa'ling out.-3'-' - 8 '
It cleanses the Soalp, and makes tha Hair soft
lustrous and silken.' ' - ' - -
,:';'-'-, i-..I BENT FREE BY MAIL. '-u-ivl
- R. P, H ALL & CO., Nathua, . H.. Proprieton.
T' For sale by all Druggist. . . -.
k'july25 dltaw4wly-cui V,' , -M
now aithar sex may instantly gain the nndvin
loveof any person they choose. The single mar
ried, the married happy, and WISE IN llME.-,
Heeret of Soceess. How to Get Rich, etc Ail mail-
ad tree for so cants, luu.uw auio. auuiwi . -
vcs a iu. io iiniiii.flw x orav
iAa v;nKL,oK'S Haiti Dir.. xnit
mj . spienaid Hair Dve is tha best in. tbe world ;
tbe only true and perfect Dve: harmless, reliable
instantaneous ) no' disappointment : bo ridiculont
unie; reuieuies (oeiit enects ot Daa ayes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, blact
and properly applied at Batchelor's Wig Factory.
' No. 16 Bond street. N. York, pnt apr23 diwly
or rnwn. out i or an irrui?isM ami HriumAM ,
Of onr ONE DOLLAR SALE has canted such
3T3 ,
That in order to supply the demand occasioned by '
our constantly increasing patronage, we have re
oently made Importations lor the fall Trade, direct
from European Man-facturers.
Amounting' to vNearlj; $500,000,
So that we are prepared to sell every description ,
of Dry and Kancy Goods. Silver Plated Ware, Cut- '
lery.Watches, Albums, Jewelry, Ao , of better qual- j
ity than any other concern in the country for the
uniform price ef ONK DOLLAR i'OH rJACH AR
TICLE. - The best of Boston and New York refer- I
nces given s to the reliability of our house, and '
that our business is conducted in the fairest and ?
most legitimate manner possible, and tbat w,
give greater value for the money than can be ob-
tained ie any other way. Ail Goods dainaced or
broken in transportation replaoed without charge. ;
Checks' describing articles cold sent to agents in '
Clubs at rates mentioned below. We guarantee
every ariicl- to cost less thin if bought at any Boa
ton or New York Wholesale House,
Our Commissions to Agents
Kxoeed those of every other establishment of the '
ki .d, proof of this can be found in oomparing our :
premiums with tfcoee of others for Clubs of the
same sise. in addition to which' wa claim to cive
better goods of the same character- We will send '
to Asents rreeot enarge. r r :i
Foe a Club op 30 and Three Pollabs 4 dos.
rood linen Sbirt Fronts: 1 set Solid Oolcf Stud;
all Wool Cassimere for Pants; fine white Coanter-
Eane. large sise: 1 elegant Balmoral Skirt: SO yards
rown or bleached Sleeting, good quality, yard
wide; 1 elegint 100 Picture Morocco-bound Photo.
Albumi i double lens Steraosoope and 12 Foreign
Views; 1 silver plated engraved 6 bottle Castor; 1
elegant Silk ran, with Ivory or Sandal Wood
Frame, feathered edge and spangled; 1 Steel Carv
ing Knife and Fork, very best quality, ivory bal
anced handle; 1 handsome beaded and lined Para
sol; 20 yard good Print; 1 very fine Damask Table
Cover: 1 pair best quality Ladies' Serge Congress
Boots; 1 dozen fine Linen Towels; X dozen Rogers'
best Silver Dessert Forks; 1 Ladies' iarse real Mo
rocco Traveling Bag: 1 fancy Dress Pattern, X
doten elegant Silver plated engraved Napkin Rings,
1 dozen Ladies' fine Merino or Cotton Stockings;
Gents' heavy chased solid Gold Ring; 1 pair La
dies' high cut Balmoral Boots, 1 elegant Delaine
Dress Pattern; 1 Violin and Bow, in box oomplete;
1 set Jewelry, pin, ear drops, and sleeve buttons.
For a Club op 50 and Five Dollars 1 black
or colored A lpacoa Dress pattern; 1 set Lace Cur
tains; 1 pair all Wool Blankets; Engraved Silver
plated 6 bottle Revolving Castor; 1 beautiful Wri
ting Desk; 1 solid Gold Scarf Pin; 3K yards very
fine Cassimere. for Pa.its and Vest; 1 set ivory bal
anced handle Knives with silver plated Forks: 1
elegant Satin Paras 1. heavily beaded and lined
with silk; 1 pair Gents' Calf Boo s: 30 yards good
Print; 30 yards good brown or bleached Sheeting,
yard wide or 40 yards yards wide, good quality; 1
Ladies' elegant Morocco Traveling Bag- 1 square
Wool Shawl; 1 plain Norwich Poplin .Drees Pat
tern, IX yards double width cloth for Ladies:
Cloaks; elegant engraved silver plated Tea Pot; 3
..ril, ilnnhl. wiilth watr nnutf Al.tfli fnr ninalrinv'
Par a I T.rn nf lOQ .un T w Drtit ivo 1 1
Merino or Thibet Dress Pattern; 1 pair fine Dam
ask Table Cloths and Napkins to maioh; 1 pair
Gents' French Calf Boots: 1 heavy silver Dlated en
graved Ice Pitcher; ve-y fine all Wool Cloth for ,
Ladies' Cloak; 1 web very best quality brown or I
bleached Sheeting; 7 yards fine Cassimere for i
suit. J e'egaot roplm Dress rat tern; 1 elegant
Enslish Beraee Dress Pattern: 1 beantifnl Knelish
Berate Shawl; 1 set ivory balanced handle Knives ;
and Forks; 1 Ladies' or Gents' Silver Banting-case I
vv a ten; I eartlett Hand portable bowing Machine;
Splendid Family Bible, steel engravings, with rec
ord and photograph pages; 85 yards good Hemp
Carpeting, g od colors; 1 pair good Marseilles Quilt
1 good 9 karrel- Revolver; 1 -elegant Fur Muff and
Cape; 1 single barrel Shot Gun; 1 silver plated en
graved 6 bottled Revolving Castor, cut gSass bet
ties; 1 verv fine Violin and 3ow.in cas2; 1 set ivory
balanced Knives and Forks. , . . .
Presents for larger Clubs increase in the same
rat" -- -' ' - - . -- -
mW Send Money by Registered Letter.
" Send for our new Fall Circnlar.
43t Catalogue of Goods sent to any address FSXE.
.; , t , PARKER Jc CO, -.K
Nos. 98 and 100 Summer itreet, Boston.'
TO - H I' OJ
XLSJTI02T IS 0 TEB.. A. ii'iHfii
And Now la tne Time to Subscribe for 1
. , TOE great national
Tne Rnmr, Nsw-YoMUa has long been tha
Leal in j and Largest Circulating Newspaper af its
Class; Xb-hae emstantly iuereased in Circulation,
Influence and Reputation fairly acquiring, by
superiorahility and enterprise, the hrat rank in its
important sphere of Journalism. But in order to
immensely augment its Usefulness and Power fur
God, its rounder and Conductor hM determined
to so enlarge and improve the Rural tbat it shall
be tbe - . - .
' This is no idle boast,' for tot msanallw tayor
imnlu; and all who ha'e noted our vromies and
performance for twenty-five years while con
ducting tnejuvii(.n xurmri lwj, Ixtnetet
Parmer (1846-1849). and the Ru8L New Yorke
since Jauuary, 1850 know that OCR Plkdoes abb
.-:". - " - '-"jrl
Onr Dnranm is to exoel all oast eflforts bv makinsr
the Kdbil about DOUBLE Ira porker sizb. eiv-
ing more reading in the Lea ting DepartmeoU'kdd
ing several New Features, and employing, as Edi
torial and Special Contribntors, many of the ablest
Practical, -cientifio and Literacy writers Men and
Women of great Experience, extensive Knowledge,
and high Reputation.
The Rural Ne -Yorker for 1869 will be cnb
lished on a Mammoth Sheet, comprising 16 LARGS
printed in Superior Style, on Book Paper, and Ap
propriately Illustrated. In b'ief. if will be Ably
Edited, Finely Illustrated. Neatly Printed,
pages will embrace Departments- devoted to or
treating upon Agriculture, Horticulture, Kural
Arc dtecture. Sheep Hnsbandry, Cotton Culture,
Graiing, Breeding, Dairy Farming. Poultry, Bees,
Landscape Gardening,- Entomology, Literature,
Education, Science and Art, New Inventions Do
mestic Economy. Natural History. Travel. Tono
graphy, General Intelligence, News, Commerce,
tne Markets. Ac &o.. witn illustrations, lales,
l-88ays. Sketches, Poetry, Music Rebuses, Enig
mas, io. ...
Involves vast Labor and Expense, but we possess
means and fcilitties f-.-rits successful aoeomplishr
lnent. Indeed, our Experience, Faith andKnowl
edge ef the Wants of the People, in both Town
and Ccuntry, assure success.
The paper will excel in all the essentials of a Pro
gressive, Timely, Entertaining and Useful RuRAL,'
Litkhary, Family- and Business Newspaper;
and the issues of Vol. XX. for 1869. will more than
ever before manifest the true spirit of its Motto,
"E-rcelMor," and Obj ota, "Progrett and Improve
ment" making
With Offices and Managers in Rochester and New
York the Heart of a famed Rural Distriot. and
the great Business and Commercial Metropolis tbe
Rural possesses unequaled advantages and facili
ties. Reports of the principal Cattle, Grain, Pro
vision, and other Markets, will be Prominent and
Reliable Feature of the Enlarged and- Improved
Rural. Crop Reports will also be given.
, The Rural is not a monthly of n y 12 issues a
year, but a Large and Beautiful Weekly of 38
Numbers! In nearly doubling tts jiw, its . Price
is not increased I - ' ; ; - ' (
Wbetner locates in uoumry, village or Uity.
You, Your Family, and Niciohboks want the
Rural, for it is suoerior in Value. Purity and Va
riety of Contents, and Adapted to the Wants of
au. Born peopie ana press pronounce me kdsab
tbe Rest Paper in it Sphere, Try it and see.
. TERMS OF VOL. XX FOR 1869j. n-.if.
STNnr.it Copy. (3 a Year: Five Copies. Sle: Sev
en lor $19;. Ten (or t3S, Ac., with free copies or pre
miums to CI "b Agents. w ia the Time
lo Subecribe and form Clubs! Liberal
inducements to. Lo?al Club Agents, but no travel
ing canvassers employed. Specimens, Show Bills.
An .sAntfrea or the 13 numbers of this Quarter
(Oct. to an), ob trial, or as specimens, for ONLY.
Fifty Cents- Postoffioe Money Orders, Lrafta
and Registered lietters may oe mauea at the risk ot
the Publishers. - . Address
' av. av. . luvuncf
41 Park Row, New York, or Rochester, N. Y.
pnv- ovwlt -
u IP
Legal Notice.
-reside in blevada Territory, is hereby notified
tbat Sonsan Cromer did, on the 2d day of Novem
ber. 1S68. file her petition in the ofiioe of the Clerk
of the Court ot Common Pleas, within and for the
county of Franklin and Slate of Ohio, charging
the sal 1 Asa Cromer with willtulabsenoe from the
said plaintiff for mora than five years last past, and
aking tbat sbe may be diyoreed from said Asa
Cromer, andthat she be allowed reasonable alimo
m.wlioh petiti"o will stand for heiring at tha
next term of said Court.. .. i - .-- -y
Dated Noven.ber th, 1888.' '
By W."A. Pubtlbbauoh. her Att'y. nov3-6w
for BeauUfjing tho.oKIH nd COMPLEXION
-and renders THB SKIN SOFT, FAIR
Poi LADIES in the NTJESERT it is invaluable
For GENTLEMEN after BHAVINO it has ne
eqnaL "PAPHIAN LOTION" ia the only reli
able remedy for diseases and blemishes of the
VNY-my22-eodly r- -vi.
PHAL0N a. B0Nv N. Y. Bold by all Druggists
-r ; . . , t-w :
NURSERY, and .BATH, will not ohip th
EKIN. Price 25 cents per cake.
iio talesman
Central Pacific Railroad.
The Test Oath in Missouri.
New York City News.
Speech from Minister Johnson.
Cuba, Mexico and Panama.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
Public Debt.
The public statement for Outoberj
will be lgsnea to-morrow. It wUI sqow a
reduction of nearly $S,000.000:- v- !
Financial Explanation.
By the 4th section of the act of June 30tb
1b64. the secretary ot tne Treasury was
authorized to receive temporary deposits)
or loans to the United States to the extent
of 150,000,000, tor not less than thirty
daya,.at six per cent. Interest; and'to meet
sudden calls he was authorized to keep a
reserve of $50 000 000 ot leral tender. These
deposits and. loans- having been faid the'
Secretary bas no reserve which be can use
tor any purpose whatever excepting a
small remaining sum, less than a third of a
million. This fact is stated because it ia,
contrary to the opinion that has heretofore
prevailed. , 1 - - ? t rr - n i
[Appointment Recommended.]
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue
has recommended- to the Secretary of the
irea8ury for appointment Charles Hedges,
Supervisor of Internal Revenue for,the
Northern, District of. Utuo, and JoUaal.
Commons for Indiana. .
[Appointment Recommended.] Gen. Reynolds.
General Reynolds, on being relieved by
General Can by, of the command of the
military district and department of Texas,
will resume command of his regiment, the
26 Ui infantry, nowstatioud at Austin, his
headquarters, t- . ' ; t' ' g
Central Pacific Railroad.
The President has accepted a twenty mile
section of the Central Pacific it til road, and
tbe telegraph hnsiust-been eompleted,' end
ing 'with the- 370th mile east ot tje initial
point. '
Secretary McCulloch.
There Is no truth in the report that Sec
retary JUcCuuoch has received Intimation
that his resignation would be acceptable to
the President, nor has he any intention of
resigning underfills .administration-
Gen. Grant.
Delegates from various Republican asso
ciations met this evening at Republican
Headquarters to take measures for the, re
ception of General Grant on his return to
Latest Election Returns.
'Andrew county. SOO Reniiblican maior-
ity, generally counted 250 Republican; De
kalb, 1.3US liepimiiean; aiacon, 1U7 KepuD-
licau: Rollo,tl50 Republican; StGliarles,
500 ' Republican; - Knox,-: 417 Republican;
Clark, 829 Republican; Caldwell, 437 Re
publican; Sullivan, 378 Republican; Lewis,
57 Democjatic; Chailaii, 37 Democratic.
The KeDuolican has ataoieot 31 coun
ties, givhig the vote, reported and official.
on the Gubernatorial ticket, which shows
Democratic gams of 6.37o aud Republican
gains of 1,077.
The Democrat gays thirty-four counties
show aJiadical gain ot 1,060 u pontile vote
of 1S66, when the Radical State majority
was over zu,uuu, ana claims tnax it outer
Darts of the State show like results, Grant's
majority will be over 25.000.'
The Kepublican figures Wells' moionty
for Congress in the First District at 226,
counting the unofficial vote of' one' pre
cinct :- ... j -.41
f Mississippi county (official) gives Sey.
moor 308 majority; f utnam county give? a
Republican majority of 1.017; Washington
county gives a Democratic majority of 30S;
PDlaski county gives Seymour a majority
or 26.
TRENTON, N. J., Nov. 5.
Seymour's majority in this State if about
2,000. Randolph's is nearly. 3,000. The
Congressional delegation will stan.l three
Democrats to two Republicans; ana tns as
sembly thirty-two -Democrats to twenTy
eight Republicans. In the Senate the
Democrats gain one. A lie majority on joint
- '-
NEW YORK, Nov. 5.
Morrissey's majority for Congress is over
The-World this morning claims a major
ity for Seymour In this State of :10 000.
Hoffman's majority is 17 957. Tbe World
also claims the Assembly by a majority of
fflUK , . ; t ' - '- i f , T
' The Tribune says: Seymour's majority
in the State is 6 586. The Legislatnre is
certainly Republican by 14, and probably
16 majority, thus ensuring the election of
a United States Senator. - ' t
.-Van Wyek will contest the election of
Greene to Congress. : .-. -
A telegram says frauds have been dis
covered In Ave Assembly districts, by
which Democratic members were to be de
frauded of their-election, thus giving the
Assembly to the Republicans, in order to
secure a United States Senator. .. The cer
tificates, "however. . will be" given to the
Democrats, -leaving: the Republicans to
Full and complete returns of the vote in
Conncticut make Grant's uiaj rity 3 041. a
Republican gain ot 4,085 since spring. The
total vote of tho State was 94 000.
. Corrected returns of the vote of the city
makes the majority 2,518. . i
Rhode Island, complete, gives Grant
in WW- Spvmonr fi.fi4S. Diten's msioritv
for Consrress in the western district is
AUGUSTA, Nov. 15.
The official count twenty
cniintiea in (ieorsia gives 9 353 majority
for Seymour., Seymour's majority, in. the
at a,.
CHARLESTON, S. C., Nov. 5.
"The election returns come in very slow
ly. The upper portions of the State fiive
laro-e Democratic majorities. The middle
portions are very close.. No returns have
yet been received from the Sea Islands,'
where the Republicans are very strong,
Tbe Democrats claim two Congressmen in
ttpper counties Ibe Republicans -claim
tbe State, but by a reduced majority." The
full vote ig not yet returnedi - ', V j I
. A dispatch, from Helena.' Arkansas, to
the agent of the Western Associated Press;
says tbat county gives 2.000 Radical major
ity, and the Democrats concede the elec
tion ot Logan H. Roots. Republican candi-
over Cameron, Democrat. 1
MEMPHIS, Nov. 5.
The Registrar here bas. thrown out the
polls lu the 31, 8th and 9th civil districts
lor informalities. - The county of Fayette
has been thrown .out for the same cause.
The full official vote ot the district is not
yet received, but Leftwich. the Democratic!
candidate for ; Congress, . is undoubtedly
elected by 36,500, unless' other polls are
thrown out.' ' i
Knox county gives Grant 2 471 majoritv;
Maynard 2.471; Grant's majority in Blount
county is 1,500; McMinn, 1.000 for Grant
and 1.200 for Maynard; Bradley, 825 ma-
jority for. Grant. Maynard is re-elected
Marshall" gives Seymour 700 majority, a
Democratic gain ol 1.180. This, witb gains
in Giles, Coffee, Franklin, Rutherford and
Bradford, render the 'election ot Sheefe
Suit for Damages.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 5.
Stilson Hutching, editor of the St. Louis;
Times, has brought suit against tbe Reg
isters of the Sixth ward for . refusing loj
register him as a qualified voter without!
taking the test oath. He lays bi3 damages
at $10,000. The suit is brought to test the
constitutionality ot the voters' oath, and
the case will be carried up to the United
States Supreme Court lor that purpose,
Speech of General Butler.
Speech of General Butler. LOWELL, MASS., Nov. 5.
Gen. Butler was greeted last evening by
about 3 000 of his fellow citiz ns, to whom)
he made a brief speech.! He had triumph-!
ed, he said, under the motto of equality to
all men and rights under the law, by using
freedom's great ' weapon, tbe ballot. . He
hailed tbe glorious triumph of Republican:
principles throughout. the land, arid be-;
lieved it would bring peaoe and prosperi-j
ty. We shall not. long have murder afcer'(
murder, and riot after riot. 4 Look, at Newi
Orleans, from where we have reported)
25.000 tor Seymour and 276 for Grant-j
There was a time when tbe people behaved'
better applause, and lie feit confident';
such times would come once more. Sev-j
eral Southern States have .voted for- Sey-j
mour, or are in donbv because men's lives!
were threatened if they attempted to vote.)
When Congress meets,' in a short ,time, it!
will be our purpose to, find . a remedy forj
shis state of things and if Andrew John-1
.1 . . fT ' .1 L t.
will be late,, iu . the .day, we will try to
provide for .them.. Applause. If the
Republican . party ' is . true .. to .. the
Democratic principles of Jefferson and
others, it will 'bold the Government for
generations to come. We must be true to
the doctrines of equality and trust in the
integrity of the great mass ot the people,
racner tnan to any member selected, irom
among them. Let us pledge ourselves as a
party in power, with a renewed lease, that
we will aid in carrying out the principles:
unuer wnicn we nave
' A tank id Geo. Shillito's soap and 'can
dle manufactory, corner pf John and Find-j
ley streets, exploded yesterrtay afternoon,
nearly destroying the building. Two per
sons were injured. . Tbe loss is about f 25,-i
000, with no insurance. : .-..;:
River News.
- Weather cloudy. River 6 feet and fall-;
ing. r- - . - : yyy: 1
The Habeas Corpus Case.
The Habeas Corpus Case. NEW YORK, Nov. 5.
The habeas corpus case in reference to
the arrest of numerous prisoners on elec
tion day and their commitment by Judge'
Jmes, of Ogdensburg, who held bis tem
porary court in the chambers of the Met
ropolitan Hotel, came up yesterday before
Judge McCunn, but as Judge James had
left the city he concluded, after hearing
the argument ot the counsel, to hold the
matter under consideration until this
Margaret Murray was yesterday com
mitted bv the cornor for trial for the mur
der of the negro Brown a few nights since.
Government bonds to-day fell about 4
per cent, under an immense pressure to
sell, but subsequently recovered slightly.
Hallways also tell on a to 3 per cent, ana
heavy transactions were mtde. They sub
sequently recovered slightly, but the mar
Gen. Rosecrans.
General Rosecrans will sail for Mexico
10th inst. ' ' ' ' :
' Judge McCunn to-day discharged" the
parties arrested on a charge of illegal vot
ing, on the ground that the commlttants
charged certain crimes without specifying
by whom the charges were made, or wheu
and where the crimes were committed.
W. -A. Tread well, a Colonel in the Con-i
federate army, basbeen arrested in New
ark and committer for trial in Jersey City,
in default of $2,000 bail, charged with hav
ing sold a large number of naturalization
in Hudson." " t t e 'i
Mayor Hoffman.
Rumor says Mayor Hoffuiaii will resign
bis present office in time for the vacancy
to be filled by the charter election in. De
cember. - . .. ';UI
Queen of Holland.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5.
A T jnlnn enorial cava TriA Ouppn nt
Holland is at Balmoral Castle, wuere she
has been received with much cordiality by
Queen Victoria. Lord ' Stanley and Mr.
Disraeli were with her Irom Loudon. Her
visit ia connected with questions relative
Dinner to Reverdy Johnson.
nha ShAriff nf Tnrlnn 9a.ve a dinner thin
evening, at which Reverdy Johnson was
the chief guest and had an enthusiastic re
oeption. In reply to the toast, "the United
states," JUT. toouBon aiu, iwuuu
Southerner he had always believed the
TT., I vrt ..1 1 hn nrAiprvmi n. anv frtet: 1 T
U I J Hill BIIVUlu ' - - "j
extolled the heroeB of the war, and partic-
many Treneruia vjiaui, uiiuui.n, iihiiwiik
and Sheridan, and Admirals Farragut and
d..,a,. PTa holtAVAd i.haf: tha .Amnrimn
debt would be paid in gold, and said the
American people wouiu nave ueen un
grateful if they had not elected Gen. Grant
to the Presidency, Mr. Jounsonlines with
the workiogmen of London the last part of
Spirit of the Press.
LONDON, Nov. 5.
The newspapers here comment variously
upon the election of Grant. ,
Tho Telegraph, after noting the loity
character and position of Grant, says the
defeat of the Democracy was richly de
served. They should have accepted the re
sults of the war by nominating Judge Chase
and not Horatio Seymour, a pea-e man,
whose election would have been a recanta
tion ot all accomplished by the war. ,,'
Interview Between Lersundi and
the United States Consul.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5.
-' Captain General Lersundi had an inter? ,
view with ue ia iiaintre, lue American
Consul at Havana, a few days ago, in re- i
gard to affairs connected with the insur
rectionary movements in Cuba.'. The Con- !
siil stated tbat some .American citizens
might be implicated in tbe movement, as
they generally favored republican institu
tions, and if tbey were captured and should
be tried and dealt with in a manner tbat ,
should create a suspicion of foul dealing, 1
the United States Government might be
unable to prevent flllibustering expedi
tions against the Island.
The Captain General said all prisoners
would be allowed to consult with the Con
sul and would be dealt witb according to
the'eivil law in the case. The Consul. sub-,
sequently determined to ask for the pres
ence of a United States man-of-war in
Havana, but on preparing a telegram, for
the purpose, the Captain General requested
him not to send it, as it would eneourage
the discontented.. .The Consul lusisted, aud :
the Captain General tiren poshiel-re-fused
-o allow 3 h Viegram M traut-
Pjltted over tbe cjblj.
Spaniards Excited
NEW YORK, Nov. 5.
; Mail advices from Mexico are to tbe fd
ult. Most of th-Spaniards are exciftl
ver .the SpanjstcxoiMkp,bjaja Jn
Surrender Demanded.
of Vera
that Donnyuez be surrendered f the State
authorities for trial, but the-' minister of
war refused. ., ...
The Italian Minister.
,Jtalian.f Minister waaiarxpeatad
towards tbe end of October. It was
thought be would be well -reeerved as tins
first representative of a Enropean -powsr
since the overthrow of Maximilian4J
Battle in Los Santos.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5.
' The steamer Ocean Queen from Aspliv
wall, 23th ultn has arrived.
There had been a., battle ia tho aiep&rt
ment of Los Santosv betweea the forces of
General Correroso, President of the State
of Panama, 300 strong,, and lOOOonservaV
tives, under Veldere; - The latter 1 was
routed with nine killed and two wounded
Correroso had proceeded to Chlriqul to put
down a rising there. .. .Capiat Little, ef (he
Columbian war steamer. Jolivar, relused
the request . of Correroso to aid him'.
Nothing later from South America. nu,T
TORONTO, Nov. 5.
''A writ; of habeas'eprpus was gf anted" to1-
uay in tne express roooery extradition
case.' . The prisoners, Warton.andThonapr
son, will be brought hereon Saturday, and
.the' case argued in tbe chambers-next
week". ..- j- " i"-i-'-'titi'' ewitar. . .
' A dispatch from Halifax says" "the "people
of (bat (icy have subscribed $2000 towards
the red river relief fund, and that-th.
United -States-Government bas granted
$1,000 towards the same object.
..i -. ' " J Q
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 5.
GOLD 132j, buying! UT'-Kfr.in
EXCHANGHJ-Firm atparbnyihgililfl
premium selling... ..HJti '
New York Money Market—Nov. 5.
MONEY-Extremely 'acttye- atTTpetcenf.
on call, with peroenUoer dav ooinr-
refssion, and. ou turning stocks 3f. pef
cent, is paid for 15 days. , Bank are fcauj
uuus urirnauii; on slqckb. libqo untie aOfn
inal. i-terling dull at 109109i J
UiJivU uoened at-132?: closect at 132'K
?GO.v!k R N M EXT 122
almost panic1 under extreme 'pre8st)re'i
parties obliged to sell at sacrifices, Dpet
rations, have been enormous .and-i'Ahe
slaughter of weak holders is terrific There
was Jg per cent, difference- between
cash aud tegular sales,' and iu' terms for 15
days 1 per cent, and upward was paidn in
tne aiternoon market tliey became firmer
and recovered a portion, . ot ,th declljie
under purchases ot dealers. At tiieciusa,
however, pricesw re heavy. . -T
New York Stock Market—Nov. 5.
'81 112ll3;ao 'ea 106106; do '64 105&
lUij;tto '6o 10S-810oft do newO073i
108; do '67, 107 108; do '68 10810feS
KMO's 103) 104.- a.r .JT
f iatocKs unsettled.-.ahd -lower; e market
is strongly hammered by bearj basioess
heavy though, large portions consisted
merely ot turning operation's at a differ
ence of J'per cent, per day; closed .urn-
seitiea witn aownwara tenaeocy.!-
5:30 prices Wells' Express 25&2&
American 43); Adams 4747J; United.
States 47:; MerohantS' Union 2tfer20;
Pacific Mail 116m6!fc - Westeru. JmoR
Telegraph . 3535) ; ; New York CentrM
120120; Erie,393nj; Readipg 84
O4J4; Terre Haute 373!)-, oo preferred 60;
UI110& Mississippi 2(320; Wabash -mat
56; do preferred 7074; Michigan Southern
822; Illinois Central 141T Pittsburgh
S3S3i; Toledo 9S.-49S?i';..,Rock. Island
102102; North weSteru'W; Fort
Wayue 109109Ji; Alton-WSi -" tntno-
New York Market—Nov. 5.
COTTON Less active at; about previous
figures, sales of 600 at .25aO for' middling
upland". ii v. ii m-s-.J r.:.ii lii jt i..aU
t FLOUR Closed .dull at B10e loveni v
: .WHEAT Verv. dull :and strbnsrlv in
buyers' favor. 1
: RYE Nominal; with sales at $140 for
western.1' v.:'Vi. .Aux.'.iiiit-wa
v O ATS Nominali 7575o for western
afloat. ... - .,- k . ? -...--.
. CORN Verv oniet at Sl-iaO 115 for un
sound; $116117 for sound .mixed west
ern.' - ' 1 ,r ' 'ji ' it,it -ilj (iiia.ai
t MESS PORK Very quiet at $26 752Z
for mess, cash and regular, r., f.. ..;.f.f0
BEtiF Dull and drooping. .'. ' ' ' .
' BACOX Quiet and unchanged. .' .! 1
' MESS POHK Unchanged.
LARD Quiet at 16J17)o for fair to
prime steam., i.-rr-' t. -...-1 . '.,.,jV7"
EGGS-DulI and drooping. , .
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 5.
- FLOUR In moderate demand : famil v
$7 507 75. . ' :. . '
tiKAiA No change in grain. - -
COTTON Quiet; middling 23 v-"- 3
WHISKY-! 05. - -.,o '. .(...:; ' : r.
f, PRO VISIONS No change in provisions.
BACOX Held at 184C for clear sides.
'.GREEN" MEATS Held, at S, 11 and
12,c. -! ' ' -
- LARD Prime kettle -rendered Sold at
i LINSEED OIL Dull at $100. s .- ,
: POTATOES Very dull at75n per bush
and $2 25 per bbl.'' - - t; . . 1: u
i. HOGS--Dull and lower at $9 25; net re
ceipts 2.000 head..-.. . ., t3. .- irt
Cleveland Market—Nov. 3.
. FLOUR Market nnclianged but a shade
firmer; city made XXX white $11 50
11 75; for XX amber $9 7510 Offc for
XX red wfnter $8 508 75 tor XX spring
$7 758 00; for X spring $7 258 00; for
country made XX red and amber $8 25
9 00; for XX spring $7 008 25; for XX
white 510 2olU'o. - . . . .. ... ..,jfl
WHEAT The demand is moderate, but
holders are 'firmer; - No.-1 red' winter " at
$175;No. 2 doatl 52. f :j ..'..na
CORN Firmer and nominally higher:
held at 95c for No. 1 shelled.. ; ,
OATS Firm and 52 better; light sales of.
No. 1 State at 55o. " ,J X.J
' . RYE--Market quiet and nominal at $1 25
1 30 for State and; western.;. - fi a
, BARLEY There is aot much doing but
the market is firm at $2 60033 10 for State
and Canada. ; u
MILL FEED Good demand and stead v
at $38 00 per ton for fine middlings; $30 00
tor JSo. ado; 2t 00 tor coarse uo:. 522 09
tor'shorU. '. "z
PORK Steady, and unchanged: sales at
$30 00 for No. 1 Mess; $29 00 for No. 2 do.
jjjseb rue oemana is light ana the
market dull at $18 00 for extra mess. -iK
, LARD Fair-demand and steady;' sales
of 2509 lbs city rendered at 18c.,. Country
nominal at 17c. " V ' . ' "'
Chicago Market—Nov. 5.
" FLOUR Dull at $5 756f25 for j8prinr
extra. ' ,' ' ": V ' .. .
WHEAT Dull and 22Ke lower? sales
of No. lat$l 181 2aand No.2at$lll
1 13; closing at $1 12), tor No. 2. ! Sales
of No. 2 since 'Change at $1 13. . - irj
CORX Dull and 34c -lower; sales ot
No. l at 76K78e; No. 2 at 7275;I-rei
jected at esoj!'; closlngi at 77770 tot
No. 1. ,Salesof No. 1 this P. M. at78o. i
OATS Quiet and lilM5 lower; ales
of No. 1 at 4547c: closing at4545Jc.
RYE-Dull, steady and 23c lower;
sales of No. 1 at $1 f)5 1 06; No. 2 at $1 02
l 02'; closing nominal Mt $1 05l 05W
for No. 1. and at $1 02 for No. 2. . ' .,
BARLEY Unsettled, irregular and 4
5c lower; sales of No. 2 at $1 -471. 51 for
rejected.'- ' -a . ii -.-; .k j
Toledo Market—Nov. 5.
"' FLOUR Dull and drooping. ' n"
' AVHEAT Amber 8c lower; alei of N.
1 white Michigan at $1 93t-.95; wbite
Michigan 1 80; amber $1 661 S -Noje
spring $1 20
CORN 2c lower, fcales No 1 at 87;a'
gg . -- . t
OATS l2c lower; sales. Jho 1 - Michi
gan at 64c; No. 2 at 63c.-
'"STffrSifi8 No 1 at 5" .sr-AH
, BARLEY Dull., , , , - -.. -r, n
Buffalo Market—Nov. 5.
Market' stagnant-and no 'sales; quota-
"cornS xzez-
1. OA TS 59e.i -' --iax-ii ta ""f f ihiST
, RYE $1 24. '-?'-f-':.i'' .iiJ3
CANAL FREIGHTS towfef qn wheat;.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 5.
' Trade quite languid,' oiit" prices' tnl;
quite Bteady for all classes ef staple goods

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