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Congress Will Not Meet—The Order
Not to Assemble.
hBr Con'tfrsV' -wai to life !nit BTBMdayj
next, bat tboM who manage Congress ls-(
ue manifesto that Congress needn't meet
Mcept to adlourD, raod hence., Congress v
will not ftow Ms aessio hwhiihii
The following U the order tor the mem-j
bers not to assem ble. j
ih nnrlerain-ried are ot ootnlon that no
p ibllc exigency wqnlrw the-ttendance of
Z. .nAM.m r niprnhnri of Conareaa on the
Not to Assemble. E. D. MORGAN,
Not to Assemble. E. D. MORGAN, ROBT, C. SCHENCK.
Not to Assemble. E. D. MORGAN, ROBT, C. SCHENCK. Washington, Nov. 4.
Mr. Mobqah la chairman of a caucus of
Btdical Senators General Schanck or
aimilar caucus In the House. j
Tie5 ftmwaa wWn Cdh'gres'raa3 law
and provided for adjournments In open
anion. The time Is when laws must first
be passe, fa ecret iaufcus, and the) ;
meetings of the two houses deputed to
tea who act, not aa-Benatora and Bepre-t
BJfmtaVlTCe ivr HIV 1UK1CB, vm j
but ai ttrti rbodr r 41 P party lcUtes.
The Next Spanker—Why Dawea
The Next Spanker—Why Dawea will be the Man.
The Washington correspondent of thej
Commercial, la speaking or tne next uont
gress, says
"Onlntnn aettlrm aftvY
a Mr: 1s.wea as
nwiliir Sneaker of the House, his term of
nubile service and coolness ot temper re-
comesenwag'iiiaFBiMaiiie, wuu w muiq
spleenUsi and ambitious, though perbapi
possessing more force. Mcpherson can)
.B-ba tmCha Clerkship again If ha
wants IU" I
DtwOi tt will be remembered, Is tha
member of Congress that gaT it as his de-
llberata opinion rthajadurlaf the first year (
of tha war tha Radicals stole more money
ttaaa it took to support the entire Govenrt
Bianr4aahg any one year afrBvgtuiftas'a t.
r atntoiatraUoW If be iaLmade Spaakei, U '
Will be for the purpose of preventing him)
from telling tales pa his fellow Radicals la.
Panic in Wall Street.
T"irda r Frl AexJ. we are informed b
teleirrapb. the excitement la Wall streetJ
lu the city LNe-Wyrav bordered on tbej
i m ion X .1. ,n If l! '
psuic VI loot, miiu buic.nu. v H" j
scope and disaster; that it Is creating apj
and has caused enormous depreciations Inj
Stocks. Railway shares were sold by tbej
by the
in all
millions. Trade Is standing still
directions q rn i nTn inn
There isVteataaBr ttatihUWanlc will -
extend all over the country, and yet fur
ther add to thiiijep9on W bSiiness in
tha West. This is a very poor return to
tbf ..Wastarf 1 States rgjytog-towneudons
majorities' ttf-the' Rep'abHcair party on
Tuesday. That prtyhad, it beep equal to
tha emergency, ceuid; bare wuch to
arrest this financial disaster. uouDtiess,
this will furnish a fine incentive for the
! piople 4fo joHify-cWer Selection at dasJT,
Panic in Wall Street. Will Grant "Tylerize?"
.Im abllablnartid9i on the late elec
tion from Democratic papers, the Cinetrtnati
rir--- wrrSXr.-t3XOrAjMB 1 1 iMi I ! HI, ,1111111 il
- fosttaays: "- -
"It will Ue'thaVraeei of the papers
- fttiei which we quota affect to believe that
Gnat: is, not much, of a -fiepuUkaov andi
the more intelligent ot the Democrats have:
a a aaoh idea: 'Iher otrir make lb susees-!
tion to com tort their followers, for want of
r faaxed orcbusolttloa f ; 'j
i Happen' to know that ltfof the most
Intelligent t she fienabUaan leaders in
this city men whose word is equal to the
bond otittie editors-gave "as a
..retou,, their suppor (OQan, flw,
i that bat wauld "Tylertaenha party by re-
lag to j jend, ElAslf t the schemea-yof
tha Radical leaders, as President Johsson
a4'U iit SM .Jft.
Panic in Wall Street. Will Grant "Tylerize?" A Second Julian Elected to Congress.
Tha Radicals elecwd Cngres8nitnn
i Colorada by niea simllar W those used itoi
;.aecrra;tb election"! Jiftaitfja' Indiana
See how hone these creatures arc r ' j
'ir 'i'jli- D. D. Belden', Democrat,' waar fairly
elected, September. 8th, as a delegate to
'' Congreea from Colorado Territory, ret tha .
"'canvassers and Governor gava the certifl-j
Treats of election to Mr. A. A. Bradlord, Re-
j,, publican. ..Among the returns presented!
v f ware precincts iaCostiUo county, Nos. 3;
a 'and 9.i -Tha former gave 67 majority- tor
Bradlord. tha latter 24 for Beklen. Ac
Vompahy ing the returns was a certificate to
the county officers, bearing the ' county j
aeaJpabd stating bat precinct Nm. 2, in
Costillo, known as Myer precinct, was'
south sU the Una of Colorado, and in New
Mexico. Ttespite this, the canvassers re
ceived the votes, and rejected the returns
Irom prerinctio. 7, which gave Belden 24 j
. -- I
A Specimen Radical.
Albany Argvt has this story
cfatKCk-t&at specimen of Badteallsm wlo
I orders Con Press to meet or ' not to' meet'as
aaiu his sovereign ar ill and pleasure. He
.naldsttbatnaa to represent Radical moral
ity and honesty Jn Congress; . '
'One-fourth' ot the city of Little Rock,
Arkansas, stands In his name, be, having
Z bousrht it un at a tax or confiscation sale.
fia drawa tha rant ($100,000 ana uaUy ) and ;
- leaves the former owners whocontesfnisj
tiUe to Dtr the taxes.' " He has never toaid :
tha purchase money, and ao has a aate and
good thing any way.? :;'! - .un:i ;-. cms
i; . rt.nio.r? ....i' '.i ' i.'i'n j, iar.-;iirA.
Massachusetts in the West.
r The Cinetnnati Gazette calls IoWa, became
of her large Radical majority, the "Massa-!
' ehusetu of tha; Wegt.7 ;Tha;lata r election j
. abews that Msssscbusetto owns most of
the West, for the legislation in CongTewofj
Westara Republican members is intended j
to and does inure more to, the benefit of
Ifassacnnsets' manufactnrers Vnd' bond- j
holders than to that of their constituents. '
i "f- - -
Th Journal abuses Rivkkdy Johnson,
Minister from -tha . United States at tba j
English Court, as a "miserable diplomatic
lickspittle," and says, "how long he will j
continue to misrepresent u t. e. Journal .
j adloof Giuirr enly knows,; .j l ) '
OurJ opinion pf the matter is, that Rar- ;
. krdt' Johnson never misrepresented the
'JcmrnalW dont believe be' knows thati
sueb a paper la published or that such an
editor lives od, moreover, we think that !
. as kag as the Tenure of Office act exists, !
. General GAST, nhtU RTb6t JoaiabN'a
term expires, has nothing to 'do : ar say
". about . his suoesaor.'- The Jowrnai Jinan,
nwhose heart ldngeth for JoknsOr'S place,
mast bide hU time. -. 1'
t MrDaA the Radical opponent of Ben.
.'Bonis for Congress, -was proclaimed as
tha gentlemaii'a candidate. Hla. defeat by
an overwhelming majority shows thatgeu-
i tinmen art scarce in that District ot Mass-
aehaaBtta-'g''"' ' i
-,1.1 i.ii i - it ' t - -
" ' Wa had infinitely to-day rather be an In
habitant of Spain or Cuba than Georgia,
Louisiana, or any ot the Southern 8tata
Springfield Advmrtiter, . 1 :: i
' And the Republican party has had con
trol f fhe ?draI Government nearly
aught ' years' f '
Considerable Truth in It.
Tbe LouuviiU Coutier,Hn announcfng the
tteatiltot'the ekctloiv assijrBrthe folio whig
as tha leading causa of tout defeat: M
"Many causey aside irom ma qirect issue
ItvKkH tha ra&nlt- Amnnir these UlldOubt-
Jdly-w tb aatWa. aud praatineot. -parti
taken by distinguished Southern leaders.
If. wu their undoubted rizht to express
opinions and control conventions, but it
whs sucn a rigm as mittnr. wen ihyo vmu
waived wbea itacxereiae-detttated-t&e ery
object its movers bad in view. Such South
ern opinions bad been better unspoken than
tieir utterance should have been construed
a an.. acceotation bv the. Democracy oi
those ..men' a leaders against whom the
Northern people, as a body,' entertain a
stronsr Dreludlce. Itcoala be said of them
t le .blood of a wounded-nationality were
batter cleansed irom their garments beore
they undertook to control its Government
or dictate its policy. -We had no share In
this sentiment, and willingly accepted sug
gestions from anv sonroe. and tbeiropfaioli
f what was needed In 'the South' had the
merit of coming from those 'qualirled to
know.! The voice of the South in the true
spirit of our Institutions,' Is essential to a
Republican Union; but better that voioe
had fceen unheard, far "better if had been
expressed by men"hof repugnant to the
Biorihera. people tban 4U expressionoy
such- men should have deafened the v ter
alike to the caue of the South and the true
interests ot the North. We repeat our re
gret that the prominence and activity , of
trcse distinguished and able soutnern ieau
ers in arousing , a relent It ss prejudice
should have worked to the Injury of their
own canse. and the preat cause of the"
SjutUern rxKrln'eRtrusted to- tbe'Dstao
vrLlu Ultrbj. XJClt US UIILB bliv icwmii iiu
profit by ic The country is not yet pre-,
pared to take lessons in Government (row
distinguished Soutncni leaders, -even
though iheleaaona be good."
q When the propriety oif theBouth taking
part In the nomination Of the Democrttlc
PreslderHlal and Vice Presidential: candi
dates was discussed, .we adaised against ,
as cafcnlated" needlessly" to play Into the
hands of tba. Republicans,, -jut tey
played into their hands ia attending ibe
Philadelphia., Cpnventlont. In .1860, .. We
know that the Southern people were ani
mated by tha best of intentions' In attend
ing th UMts1 York Convenrion, ; We knoV
that they by their" attendance, wished to
.teftjfy;i; ItW'oribeiroi'iipebple " their
thoroaga aeeeptaaca of the sltaation that
was tha result of tba war; and right hand
iomelvdld they doth!;but yetlheir pres-.
euce in the Convention was an impediment
to success at this tone. That there Js a
deapwroitea irafudlceCn ffbeijnlDds&of
many of our people against the people ef
the South, fftbwingotrt of tha Waf, la Ah
4ispittably Jvne;ihd it-can tabi! bo jioid
of instantaneously; True, it thonld ot
exist anx-Hooxer; .lJie8 exist, and
existing facts must be treated as existing
facts.; Tbjt, prejadWS ;a' jW: strong "W the
minds of many, that to' punish the South
ern people, they wouW sapction, Negro su
nretaacryjtn Jhe South, everirtbopgh sOcli
supremacy worked injury to their own ma
terial interests:- -;;. Y"2,"""i!1,
TheJeadlng objection nrged at New York
to the nomination of Mr. PKNDi.F.f6 was,
fbaE there "was' aA' hdenfaed' sdnrethlng
aDOUt nis rrar recoru wuuiu reuuer
hlor anbenular as a candidate, notwith
standing aa . bad ..endeared himself to. the
people ,ty the early; and nnceasing advo
cacy of measures that wouW lilt from their
j boulders oppressive taxation and. set all
the wheels of prosperity in rapid motion
again. Jhis objection 4 Mr, Pkndleton
penetrated Southern delegates, and made
thett'look npon hlm;distrustfuliy:;ffhey
wanted success.! Twthera success was more
vital, than' .to the North., Natural enough
It was that they should desire the nomina
tion of naandldate- wbo, gava-promise of
success'aba while they professedly preieri-red-Mr.
Pjuuu.nox, Uiey lent a ready ear to
isbaaa at ha inaiaaated donbts toiKshlng-is
popqlarityv and .helped swell the . chorus
that we must have a popular candidates i - j -
They evidently overlooked the- import
ant fact, that if Mr. Pkndleton's War rec
ord mjg6(.baveleen tortdredTo his dis
advantage by unscrupulous Republican
potitlctansV the presence ot Southern suen j
iin'tBe Convention Who occupy In' the" pub
lic mind North a conspicuous notoriety,
would be nae$ by 'them with Infinitely
more powerful ellect against the Demo-;
cratio . party n Had they been', politic
fnbdgh sot to hive attended the New Yprk
Convention, the .RepoWicaa politicians
would have been deprived of one weapon
that they used unceasingly during the cam
paign. ,.;'..',.'; 3'!., l . j.
Another circumstance contributed to defeat-,;
For more than Bix months before the
assembling of the New York Convention,
tba , Western : people, without regard to
party considerations, bad become firm, be
lievers In the policy advocated by Mr. Pkn-
dlitoh ; and (hey tood ready, to receive'
his nomination In; a spirit of ..enthusiasm
that would have given hina success in at
least some of1 the Western States. As the
illoting proceeded, the bulletin boards of
ie Western newspaper offices were be
sieged with' hundreds ot ea iter enquirers,
and Then the intelligence -waseomm a Oiea-
ted that Mr. Pbndleton could not be
nominated,, a, sullen, dissatisfied feeliog
took hold npoh almost every Democrat.
An impression,; that the West had, been
tricked or overreached took so strong hold,
upon the Western Democracy, that con
siderable fi me bad to be consumed lnTe
concllirijf them to the "nominations. ' ' 1
In tbeonUei of 'the campaign, there was
no enthusiasm. It was not satisfactory to
say that-the Platform -embodied Mr. Pan-'
DLKTon's financial Ideas, and that Mr. Skt-
mour gave hearty indorsement to- the
Platform. .They pointed to Mr. Sktmoch's
speech,' delivered but a ew days .before
the assembling of the Convention, wherein
he purposely f and distinctly3 took issue
with Mr, Pkndlkton. They admitted that
Mr. Sktmoub's conversion might have
bees" thorough f' but 'they ' invariably
coupled the admission with a doubt, and
this -doubt threw" chill over, tha whole
campaign that could not be dispelled..,; ... ;
These two causes of themselves were
sufficient to work our defeat, without tak
ing into account more trivial Causes that
ware damaging.';. .-J-i? " j
,B; adroit management by the exercise
01 tact similar to' that which wins success
in all undertakings we might, perchance,
have been successful,' Congress the Rad
ical portion oi it bad disgusted the peo
ple. Corruption had become intolerable
and the expenditures of the Government
eonsequently unduly, and unnecessarily
large.' The people; therefore, wanted a
change. '' And ' although tbey have not
voted ,: a change of parties, they Imagine
they have .voted a change, nevertheless.
They recollected that General Grant, c
December, 1863, had given expression to
the Opinion that tbe Southern States should
have coequal participation witb the North
ern States lathe Legislative Department of
tbe Government." It was " fresh In their
memory that he testified before the Im
peachment Committee, that he maintained
the conviction . that - our .' statesmen
should have taken advantage ot the
friendly feeling in the South that he found
existng n there In : i860. They j -saw
him ' in the War 'Department a
short time administering its affair and in
that administration cutting .down its ex
penses considerably "They "saw him inter,
nose, too, with promptitude, and demand
of the Government the observance of the
parole of General Lkk, and that his demand
was compiled with. - Tnese considerations
furnished the foundation for thousands to
stand upon and argue themselves Into the
support of General GrAnt, as a man who
would, as President, enforce , the Right,
drive.out corruption and lap off useless ex
penditure, f j , "
Through General Grant, tha people ijave
detennlneto give the Republican party
anotaexEial,and unless they siialLqulCkly
and greatly mend their ways, it will ta
a,Toat tb,a Jast time, they -will. trust, that
party with power.
Govi Wkr
lis, of Virginia, on Fridayre
spited two negTomurderers.wh jjyereto
have been banged during the day at Fort
ress Monroe for tbe murder of Mr. WoorkN,
t vo years ago, an til the 27 th ef November.
The tamt Governor, H will be remembered,
only two weeks ago ooramuted the sentence
of a negro under similar elrounutahces to
imprisonment, and the negro's accomplice,
a white man, was hanzed."? vi "
.- -f : 1 ' . 1 - . 7
The damage to the sugar, crop in Louis
iana, toougn quite seriwus,, in . some sec-
It tons, has not ben so disastrous as at first
reportea. xne prop 4s jiow, et down. at
i ai.uw noesneaus, wnich is a vast increase
over that o last year. .From every locality
wherein tbe .sugar, cana is cultivated jpn
the coast,, the y ield, both in quantity and
quality, promises finely., r .
'bTeb tjyiG mi ifTfUt wari:
.. . t r ANB I " ..',
PROVIDENCE, R, I., bavins the largest mana
faot rr of Solid Silver War in tha world, with
tha most improved machinery, and employinj' tbe
most sbfflel laker, are ensbled 'to offer aa no
xioaUoa vtiietr ef new aad. aeaatifttl awigoaJ ia
Qinaar Servioea.Tea Bervieos, and every article
pesially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Biftt. .-.
They offer alto their well-known and aartvalted
Nioket Silver KleoIro-natM Ware, in whioh tha
have rntrodoeed new patUrai ef rare elocanee.
Tha Solid Silver ia goaraateed be of sterling
parity by U. S. Hint auay. , The EleotrO-Plata 1
gaaraateed io be faperior to the finest Sheffield
ware.' Orders reoeived from tne Trade only, ba
these goodi may be pbtalntd ' from responiibh
dealers eTrybere, '! ' n'!"'Hi .11
rnttR nt ..mLitib" ptt i--"TraJ
Traai'Vark V'&t '' W K-l
Salesroom Ho. S Maiden Lam), H.'Y.
novW44JB-rejrT;, ;,;.jr.., f,.j (:01i V
i tf
ii l.'il."1. l.f.ii:i;u TT-J. U ' i
as mnv uui; auassAAiwav aAaaiA a riummuui lUTa
- -VUliUH AIIU rBusiuiiau ns
J If h the cheapest, preparstioa iwrer offered e tbe
public, as one bottle wiUIaat longer and aeoomplUh
morn, tban three bottles of any otbes preparation.
- r T, i . r : 1. 1 , i f. . ., .
uiujhotwku rnn.m ujvi n wiu not llliaui
Hn Mothers. .
i 1
It will keep the Hair from falinf. oaV;r fnul
Iteleansef tha Soalp, and. makes -tha Hair soft
lastroasand silkea.l
I 'll'
till a TRRATrSE! OV TBI tTl TD
' B. P: H ALL 4 CO.; Nashua. H. H.. Froprietori.
iifortale'ty allPrnsgisM. fit' !, ...3
. julyia dltawawly-em... !;J...,K;, ...r,iT ,, .(
How either sex may instaatty gala the andyini
oveof any person tbey ehoose. Tbe single mar
led, the married hlDDT, and WTSK IN TtMK -
Simole. harmleaa and flnre. Alio. Journal of l,nv
Seoretof Saeeeas. How to Get Riob.etn. All m&il.
ea iree tor xveenv. iuu,uuo sold. 'Addrese ' i
' Jtlit VKS A CO 78 Aaau.. Aew York,
a MT-aaglS-w3m . ;
; vb.. a. a. wiLiiiiAMB, weat Broadway. near
ligbratreet,Colnmbna,Ohio, baa devoted bimaiU
iriMnNoi rears to me treatment ofoanm,n ni,
rite diseasea. He mar beeiifmlted at hia affin
Broad wa, . oear theEzahange Bank : "-
mayai-u 1. . Tr 1 .... . .),
1, J
New Advertisements
K". Tate Ohio fSlatesmna ban m
lai-Bet Carcnlatioat thaat amy pa
pef pabllsbed la ihlw CUy ar Cep
tral Obi. Advertlaera will bear
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Additions have been made to the Editorial Corps.
and the paper will eontinne to be. aa it baa been,
second to no Agricultural paper in tha aoantry.
All Postmasters are aothoriied to act as acents.
Addresr. '1'- 'Dr YEK UUSBKY,
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Lttention, Fenians -y
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Messrs. Kadw at A Co., New York.
that usee add GomtnonmiTa
f. Brick Warehouse on the corner of North Pub
lie lane and Center alley. Being olose to all tbe
railroad ireignt nouses ia ine city makes it a very
j : li 1 . r : -.: J v. : . r v..
desirable place for receiving and shipping freight.
further particulars, apply to the undersigned
at Kreiaht Offiae of the C. U. A C. R. R.
Columbus, Oot 26.
octS6-d2w r '
Legal Notices.
reside in Nevada Territory, is hereby notified
that Sonsan Cromer did. on. the 3d day of Novein
oer, 1868, file her petition in the offioe of the Clerk
of tha (lonrt of Common Pleas, within and for the
county of Franklin and State of Ohio, charging
the sail Asa uromer witn wmiuiaDsenoe irom tne
.iil nl&inliff for mora than five Tears last nasi. and
asking that she may be divorced from said Asa
Cromer, andtbat she be allowed reasoname aumo
ni.wtioh petition will stand for hearing at the
next term of said Court.
. DatedNovea-ber 4th. m
By W, A. Ptjbtlbbatjoh, her Att'y. npv3-w
Emollient Cream.
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ae to the toilet. Prepared only by M AKPLE A
K1TSON, dispensing Chemists, lo South High
treat. Columbus. Ohio. nov-deod4wm
and si i years' old. very handsome, kiad and
found. Will be sold low. .
aoaas-dtf H1CHARD NEVINS.
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, tneireMlKolrgaization
and the'ofEoea they perform, are subject
to. many sufferings Freedom froin these
contribute in' nb.'Bmall degree' .to their
happiness an4 welfare,, or jone can be
happy who are ill. , Not only so, but up
'one of taessanous female cornplhintB
'can Jong be "suffered !to ruh !ori' without
u oVying , jtha '(jeiraj;, bealthrof the ifl-
dividual, and ere Jong producing .perma-
lnent sickneaaand premature decline. Nor
1a it pleasant to consult a physician Ibr the
relief of these Various delicate affeciiohs,
ana oniy upon tne most urgent necessity
wui a true woman po-tar, sacrifice. ..her
greatest charm aa to do this.. The sex
will then! thank ua for placing in their
hahds Bimpie 1 speei ties which ;.will be
o'enlciMlomiaUeiig mtofr curing
zatmoBt,. every one ot tnose troublesome
; Complain te peculiar to the sex. ,.
u n; i.Jij' ti-.i I;!jfv.vf
j.-i(!ItO, rtiil lOi lll'l'l
1 1
tin.tri! :
'', Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctars, who either merely tan
f tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
-I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am Tpbliged to . say that although it may
-be produced from exceaive exhaustion
nif -the powers of life,' by laborious Wm
ployrrie'ntl unwholesome air and food
profuse menstruation, the use of "tea and
'" c;offee, ard frequent childbirth' itia : fat
;; oftenex caused,, by direct,, irritation, ap-
plied to the imueoua membrane -of the
Vagin Itself. r4'!:' -'"" i-t-ri.u od it
.loL! 111 is.it iliirl -tiI .UjA In:
od When reviewing the causes- of these
distressingleotnplaints, Jt is most painful
to contemplate the' attendant' eyils'con
:'aeqaept.i,pjran"ne simple
itisticeito the subject to enumerate a few
f the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
' neas of V-oman'inall classes ot society,
ana which, consequently, ettect more or
lees' directly, the . Welfare of the entire
human family. Tha mania- that -exists
for'precocious e3uca,ton ' and marriage,
causes tne .years mat nature. qesignea
for corporeal development to be .wasted
and perverted'in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement) of School,, and es
pepiany iu ine, iiuut-aiuiy eAcitement 01
toe. iau-room. x.una, witn ne. ooay
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
. cited; by.ipleaaure,-. .perverting in xaid-
night revel the hours designed by 'nature
.for sleep and rest, the. work .of destruc
tion is half accomplished."1 -V
: In consequence of this early strain
upon her system,' unnecessary effort is
required. by the. delicate votary, . to xa
tain her situation. , in school - at; a -later
day, thus aggravating the eyiL: ,JVhen
one excitement is oven another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now con-
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding, the exercise, inuia--pensable
to the attainment and retention
of organic health 7and strength j the ex-
posure te night air ; the suddeni change
of temperature , the complete prostra
tion produced by excessive .dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their, legiti
mate effect. ; At last, an early marriage
caps the , climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one. hitherto so utterly regard-
less of the plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
,an .unwilling subject of medical .treat
ment. This is but a truthful picture of
tbe experience ot thousands 01 our young
women. .,.,.'.1 , , .f,., , , . . , ,.,. . 1
, Lone; before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require fin, education ot their peculiar
nervous aystem, ', composed , of what. . is
called the tisaua, which, is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the' control of mental emotions
ana Bssociatiuus m, hii rriv ucriou 01
lite ; ana, as we enaii auoeequentiy see
these emotions, when excessive, lead
lone before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
, 1... 3 t : 3 l.'il ;
lias seu compieiHU tueir ueveiujjuieni, j :
For Female 'W'eakness and Debility,
Whites or Leucorrhosa,' Too' Profuse
Menstruation, 'Exhaustion, Too .Long
Continued JPeriods, for Prolapsus and
Bearing. Down, or Prolapsus Uteri,, we
oner the most perfect specific known :
Helmbold's Uompound . Extract of
BuchuI Directions for use, diet, and
advice, accompany. . . ,n .
Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. ' strength is tbe glory of
manhood and womanhood. Helmbold's
Extract Btjch0 is more strengthening
'than any of the preparations ot Bark
or Iron, infinitely, safer, and more pleas-
"ant. . Helmbold's Extbact Bucmu,
'having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
estates, is now ottered to afflicted bu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
' ever cause originating : General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of .blood to
the Head, Confused ' Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Kestiessness and
sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Jiimaciation, lxw pmts, JJisor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Palpitation ot tbe Heart,
and, in fact, all the eoncomitants of
Nervous and Debilitated state of the
system. ' To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask tor Helmbold's. Take no
other. '"! V" ": ' ' ' "
i.. ;. . . ; . ;
' Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. . ' '!.', .
Pbice.-l-$1J25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6,50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y. '
: None are genuine unless' done np in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fao-simile
of my Chemical Warehouse, and iigned
91-dwAi-wowlr H. T. HELMbOLD.
IT -jr t)Uy goods.
- IN
1 3 -IT
:-n;r .Tn'r
! IO
:.'Tipnnrrjr rne
IV'. itjiCIH-J
: 3 Si." f t-'.
r: vi-;it't i-;
iT-)c. IjB.f iva v nil' 1 ., Ir.H
lO'l CHIT t;
;;v '
iff :u 1
s h':
4-" !'f
nswi' -.l;J:l
: Oil II T.'il -: U
:il mIi.m-,
lv" !
Jitll." ' Ii! !
.!l SJ5V.' !l .
,inr.ri 'i'j-.Jo-
III.! t-J
. r
i ,ifl lit '
. l.tr.:-:.ll
O! -IVfcL
..1 ri, I l.:,r. , .1
ii iovr i.i' j
r(t till I
h':f.t!fva',2H j
.iHtif! ;.::'( i
ill i t h i-n'jd-. i
.q'i.l i
')ii'J' I
' ij. lv!
..:!i:V :
.-.ii'.'MU i
-;'i'f':ii !
- i Ti
I .-;'xnK'i
:l ,:
it 1 .-
o nr.
ti .j
- a 1
:t - I :
Mr. ,-,
i 3:'
i.l.- r
...l ift '
; -iil 3-1
ft !.-:
1 1 1) 1
i i . ;
- 1.! a:
; !.".,.-;,
,. ... :.
'ti r. ,;.
v.-i;.i, j
:i ::.
TlV J , :
. ii'i . .1 . Nirp !
;:t i.i fl -ii : i - I; !
.'1 U iii-..- -ri i'i i-ti-iii',.. r--: ,vli 1
' " 'ii--:iif'i 1 -' 'I 11 1 .-
Brown and Gold. Garnet and Gold, Drab aad Qot,
. Urown and White, sn 1 Black aar) Whita
Single and Doubla-Faeed. I '
- - : ..--..' . .... . : .
-, n-.iiJ
-.1 ,j-i
1. !"
! li
! ii,:,
. . , . . . (
1 t ' : ' - -. -'
"... . ! -.;' - .. ; ;
r Vi..:!...'l ";! 'io ..!...-;..,!) UAi
('. 1.3 ; Sluiiua n 'J'i-J '' ';-::!;-.'rt;i: Jjj
1 'rtr.lL I .!;. :,; f ..i) -t!
: ;;niv .., I.i ha-.is.'i ,'. t-.iiijo-j
n ,-: i;: i! ) i-.-d v i ;u:wi j l-j 7t 1
. ") '-i',ii:irif!! tlt lo Jni.'oa -i n. I..t';v
wV.' hir. iiu'.i 'i;-i -:-;': .---: v;' :-.d
i 'i.l ,-.! ,;-ii-:r. j: ,!T'i
.v!:.:!i;'l 'i .il 10 :'j..'u:3
li D'WSl'ttl Ufvt .f-'itui- -'Tii
I lllT5
')' mt i .-;'iii;. !!. .1
I Lril -ii.!.' ''.1. f
nrr fMani'.' I-'iOif u!i
:f rr.f;i ''-- ni!
tM dm
1 1
01 VH 1 .1
or Taa
United States ''ot'menda;
Cash Capital,'
1 1 . r 1
.l;.vii,jo3 TRIL&DELPHIA,
To which all general eomspoedsAe Ihrmld ba ad-
1 . .. . . diasaed. !
CI-AKESrl? H. CLARK. Praslrlni. m I.-
JAY COOKE. Cbakman Finanoa and Exeentira
HENRY D. lUOKE, Tiea President.
EMfcKSON.W.fc'T..SacreUrj and Aetmary.
.0 .- i.:.. Offarad by tbia'-ComBanr an '
j- It is a National Company, chartered ' y special
eox Quame, jodo. f.
., HbMapaidmpaaltalof $l.coo,eo. - .;1j i
It arlara laarrataa of nraminm.
- It f arniahaa laiar Insnranoa than other Com pa-
, ain iotbv miNHf.' . . . , - .( f .
it is definite and eertaia in its terms. iil
It is a home Company in Tery locality. .
..Its Polioiee are-exeniot from attachment.
F-Tef r Pollnr Is anft.fof fditaWsf t i t f
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amount and return all tba nramiaana. an thai
me insurance costs only taa interest oa the annual
' . folioies may be taken which pay lo the Insnred,
after a certain n amber of vaasa Annum lifaw an
nnaj income f one-tenth tha amoant named ia
Policy. '
No extra rats) U charted for risks npoa tbe Urea
01 iemaiee ...... , i
. . It insures not to pay dirldends. bat af so sow
coat that diridends will be impossible. - '
' ' " JOHN W.ELLIS A CQ ' S'2L i
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Acents for Ohio, ifentral
r i 1 : sso ooninem inaiana. t
Colnbas. SpWal agents for FranUiri, Licking,
- aiaa,na;aii anw osBeefoaconniiea,-reNT-ootSl-deodAweowly
. 8
In no previous year hag
L been such ttrong competition among
tn the . leading Sewing Machine
Mmmufactrerof thi country and
Europe a the present; At all the
- principal Exhibitions ana Fairs
, tltey met and contested for the fre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
it 6-:. !:m '' ft . wjaaasr r.r i '-.'i i.'. Ii
;.--.18S7-: "
..-V ' ' .-i..... r.t ... . J i ; r. .
and tlte result as
favor of, the Florence 'Reversible
Feed Loch-Stitch FamUn Sewina
Machine,' ! It received the. First and
- Highest Prize as , the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
- Exhibitions,; viz.: Exposition Uni
verseUey Paris ; American Institute
Fair,' " New York New England
Agricultural Fair, -at Providence,
IU I. the New York State Fair,'
Buffalo; the Great -Annuat-Faiir
of New England, viz. t that of the
-JHechanics' Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of Vie
a Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
tcltichMoseda four-veeks'-Session
on tlte 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLO HENCE teas
. again confirmed1 by the Committee
; on Sewing Machines, who. unani
mously awarded it the "GOXiE
'MEDAL," tlte highest Prize the
; Institute confers, i 7 '.' -M . x-
vi-.i ' T .-..- - . :, ,.v .'.L.ZTiJ . -.IA ':.s
It vroold eeem aa if this succession of tri-
Trmphs should be sufficient to oonvliioe every
nnprejadloedl person of tha great superior
ity of the FIiOKENCE over all others u
Family Bowing; Maohino. , . - 4 r f ;
A. written warranty ia given to therrar-
ehaaer, that tbe Machine WILL DO ALL
- aiu is ciaunea xor u, ana anotua it rau,
will ba taken back,' and tha MOITET ZUB-
fHnietpmt Offitm ossaT tTnfsaraassi, St, M jTest
,o. -'' -
, B. McCOimEIA, Oanaral Aftsit.
. A. JL t ' a-J I " . - U' - : UVi H
,' -.AttneunloMtate Fair, which closed at Toledo,
' September S3rb; 18w, tbe FLORENCE received
- tne ji-ihst rttEUiUM lor the best Family Sewing
Machines over seren'oompetitora. . .. - - -
U I c i 11 i r at
ahinee at the new Saiesroema, .
.SI Eatt State 8t Colamr, Ohio.
WS8. BBOWN, Agent. , ' I
: i'i - ' . .. , .. ..... -i . I
tar AH kinds of stitr.hina done to nrrler. and
asiaiaenon gamranteea. ocxrs - aimxtawTAs
' f t i !
A-U L.
B A li IC E RST"
Corner Broad & High Sts.
febe-dly '. , -''.,;; ,'.,;. .. .'.
' P. HATDBS. '),' JOS, HtTTCHB80M. " W.S. BATnXM.
; ' WO. 1 8. HIGill STI ItEEX, .
I., ianao-dly-r ColBnthate, O.
.' a.
Mas. 816 CIS Hoatli Hisrk 8t,t
' " ' ' " ' ' "'" ' COLUMBCS. OUIwl
( 7Air extensive Manufactory ie at the- Jbet ml
. South ettttt. on. the Canati YT.
1 neir uuaiuw, u.iiwimm, oon Tf nOleSKle Snd
Retail, new extend throughout the States ef Ohio
f...i.l.,nii ni, Indi&n 1'k.. . . . -
. . . , . vwivmim
t aU classes and every design of superior work
manahip and finish. Also, Cane-Heat Chairs of
V uo j i.K "wio ana lie tail.
. t-f FRESH ' FISH. '
S' )
-Bca. oao. w. oulnk.
l.i-!:..: DIALERS IT 1 ")'"
Came and Oysters'.
Also, all kinds of Coantry Produce, such as But
ter, Eggs, Chickens, Turkeys, Ac. v J
ro-- tt IV eat.. JUreaaway,
. . C0iUMBE8 OBIO.
- The choicest varieties ef Fresh Fish received
dailT. Si All coeds Da re based dellvanwl
pa. t of tbe city fbii or charge. loctlj-eodtim
tba I
dj) hot Xei Lot.n rar
wwitai,' Mfcataial,
BaftrsU(,wA;e.t aot txcccdlaif alvkl
llna. pmbiickaai lm lku eciaaawi tmtt
Ar i Kl AUKMT8 tT ta (MC par
month, everywhere, male and femala.
trodnce -th i'fniW UPuilTfiH
MACHIAiE ,Tbisaebin wiH wtitoa
bem.fell toekyqakU. cor.' bin braid
and cmbroidei1 in a mneV superior cso
ner. Price onl 118. KuIIt rrmrtrd .'cr
,ayaaaa aVaartt ayaaa fut aty
macnine mat wiu sew a strongrr, mora
beaati fwl. er aora glartio aeam than ours.
It alur'VSlastia Lock ttith Ever aeeond
stitch can be cut, and still tba cloth cannot ba
ileoTapanvwiiaeat.. uenna; ia.o.nr pay A sen is
ro n S7fi to tSQO 9 r month and axaaasaa.4ir a com-
aission irom' wnich twfee that mount can ba
mla. . A d dress s E COM ft A. VOi , PI'f A tiBliliaa.
ra..or iiO.-iiu,M .
, lITip.-Do aotba imnaaad inpoa-y wtber
parues piniBj of wof thlaa caat-roj anaebtrna.
under tneaaBis name or otherwise. Ours is tha
only go pma-as4 reaV .puetiaal cheap anae
. anutactured. ' ' kb octlO-eodlstAw.
. AOl U D J3i 31 JiW JL2S.., in n T
Leslee fend ManageT. .;
.'iMr: J. V.ajriaaAJI e
. Last night of tha
By ptrtwalar request, tha great dnuaa osf.
THlfREWCH spy.
v t;0
v, k.. I.-) -v r-; (Vi. : .' r :9.
lot with MLI.Ki1 RAVEL la bar
ajraw acioa u' s j
'w. .r. i; ' o li- f II 'Z 1 -t
Anawsioa sn and S&eants. , Doors open tOx:
Commence at fo clock. .' . ' : . . '
!1 il-
1 uoTaast SMt ISsxIIsmU SUalSAk' ua
Of former daya, was an utter, a select of sanltiry
Braaautiooi, " No efficient asaasa warn adopted for
the prevention of sickness. . Bawaaaga was an
known In cities; drainage wag rarely attempted la
tha country. B-aapaof. offal warn left to rot ia tk a
public streets. and daaeaatte alsaalinssc. the gnat
antidote' to' febrile diseases, was sadly neglected
It Is not so now. Wise laws, philanthropic institna
tioni, and a TtgHant sanitary police, bare, to a great
extent, (eased tad-t be -wril Nor thia att- Paa
rxxnxM WaUDioiaioaT ttaa JtelpasV '-anal anally
tojessen tha tataa of mortality. It is act: to
mnch to saylhat ixng OP'taOTSAHS aeeapa sick-
laeas ia nnnealtny seasons in eonaeqoenca of aarina
rirnoox.TSD naix rubs anv aarancsv fcy
This pure and poweiful TexetatW tonic and altera?-,
lira comprises the extracts and essences of STS
riety ef roots t' aad barbs ' renowned for their
king, -soothing. Titaliaina-smd purifying
properties, .These medicinal agents an lacorpoi
atad.witb fe spirit abaofoteljr Jree frem tba erid
poison which defiles, more or leas, all the liquet ef
commerce, and their effect .is diffujed through tka
wbote frame by this iolLraC yt katmless stinu
laat' - Thesasult is such condition of the system
as renders If Gtrpa. imptrvio 7o ,tha .exterior
eamsesxif disease, aaoh udamp. fog.' sadden atter
jutioas of baeaperatura, Ac. Strength, and the per
fact regularity of all the functions of the. body,, ar
the bestaafeguardi against, -almospha Ho
and tke-effeata ef unwholesnui, wataav and qc g
I TKTTFF' FITTERS ar tba bast gtrengtaaaia
and rtMinlatina medicine at. prasentt kaowu. Fa
dyspepsia and billionsneu they are a aracn'ie'Aa
i. may23doodAwlr-cw- .
..1 ( 311 . T
- Bach nn,artfel a Dr.ToblsTcncfiaii lini
ment." It Jias stood befcrs tha pnblic for 11 years
and has nerer failed gt-ring satisfaction In a single
instance. Every drop of this raloablaeoaapouBd is
mixed by Dr. Tobiaa himself, therefore it sUal.
ways be Tdied upon. Is is wa'rantod lapetlof t
any other. tbrthe ears of Chronic Rhenmatism.
Toothache; 'Headashe; Soft' : Threat. Yomiting.
Frosted FeeWMumpa. Croup, Bans. Cata,8ea Sick,
neas. Insect Stings, 8 prams, C bxl era. CWrc,3pms,
Dysentery; Bruises,'- Colds. Coughs,; Old Sores.
Swellings. Pains in the Limbs. Back and Chest.
There is no medicine' in the "Worldhat stand
mire on Its twa merits tnam'tbWrlYenetiaa Lini
ment." Thousands of certificates can be seea at tha
Doctor's offlee. attesting, td Irs rare Tirtueai The
great sale for Dr.Tobiaa' Tenetiaa LinimenVhas
induced seTcral unprincipled pemena to eoantecf eit
this "Valuable Remedy:'' purchasers cannot batoo
is stamped oa th glass, doe tip la yeliew paper
and signed "3. 1. Tobias." All others are dance
ons counterfeits, sad although they may reeewtbts
the "Venetian' Liniment" iri eotor and smell, .
tear of them." Sold byallDrnggisto and Store
keepers throughout tne'Ubited State. 'Price se
cents and one dollar per bottle. Depot X Park
Plaoe. Raw Tork.
It is in demand wherever personal blemirterare
considered of sufficient consequence to be removed
Xta Actios, IssatamtatBiaaiuia.
Gristadoro's ' H atr Pre servative
AND BEAUTTFIEfi is a preparation or equal merit
and repnta. . Its affeot upon the hair ia eJeotrical.
It fastens erery loosening fibre, replaces hsrshness
tB Inesr anoTllexlbllity. semi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with g'oas. Its tase will incline
thastraightest hair to earl, and prevent thedriest
from tuning gray. It is the favorite at erery toilet
where it has been' tried, and as a means c' keeping
the hair free from scruf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliations, is perfectly lnTalutble. ,
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dnss
enw Manufaetora So.sja Maidea lane. Principal
Depot So. Astor House. ' ' -"' " ' '' '
janelS-dAwTjcm-reMT-o , ...
"To Owners of Horses."
- Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic Th
need not be. ' Dr. Tobias Venetian Horse Lini
ment. In pint bottles, price one dollar, will posi
tirely enra erery ease, if giren according to the di-
reetioas, when first taken. It is warranted snperi
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls. Hpraiaa. Old
Sores, SwelUnga aad SoM-Xboas. .. It is ae aew
remedy, but ef years' atanding, and approved
by the first boraamea is the country. Col. Philo
P. Bosh, of tbe Jerome . Park Course, has used I
for yean, and recommends it to his friends.. Or
ders are eonstantly received for it tsoas tba Racing
Stables in England. "It has stood the test of time;
no one haa erer tried it but eoetiaues its ase. iUc
ail ect to get Dr.Tobiaa' Venetian Horse Liniment
hi pint bottles, and take no other. '- Sold by tka
Druggists nd Storekeepers throughout the United
States., Depot 10,Park : Place. "ew Tork. ,ll
." rcNT-julc-dAwly-em ...-,.- .'
.. Ine bowels may be costive or some organ do its
work weakly. From causes Tike these gases and
gummy substances pecar. which possoa the b nod.
tba perspiration may be cheeked; tba feet mayba
ae chilled that their fetid exhalations are thrown
back npoa tba blood. Here is eense for pains, fe
vers. Inflammation! 'Ia these 'eases' Brand rath'
nils are worth' more than gold. Fire or six estreat
once. Remember they cure by at once removing
from the body those matters which poison the bleod
and make na sick. These celebrated Pills should ba
in the honse ready., , f .. ,ei "
.; See B. Bbamdbkth la white letters on tbeOor
ernment stamp.. Principal - efflce BKAWPBrru'g
HoTjgB lfewTorlt.-" Sold by all druggists. T
iunelS-dAwIyem-reKT . M l
A Clergyman, while residing- In South America
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
edy for the Cure of Nervous t eakneaa. Early Ue
eav. Diseases of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought en by
baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers bare
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and anfortanate, I
will send the recip for preparing and asina this
medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any one wh
needs it, fail or CBABgb. Address, - .
MiS?a? ?J5 ,T" V.GUK sir
torS poTr"-, Srom wbaereraaae ari
sing; the effeota of earlr perntoious habits, self
abuse, lmpotency and climate, gire away at once to.
this wonderful medicine. If taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
Quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
are is impossible. Hold la bottle at 3. or four
quantities ia one for . Te be bad only of tbe sole
appointed agent, ia America, H. GiBiTsax. SOS
oeoona Are., new xora.
THT-jvST-dlyr... . i cnh ' ''
f ANHOOD.n-aott- P Jfevi- MeSeemt
1,1 Pamphlet from the pen of Db. dntrra
The "Medical limes" says of this woritf hig
ralnable treatise on tha cause and cure ot prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired tbroueh
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained. : It aires a clear synapsis of the
impediments to mamage, the eauae and effeota 7
nervous debilitv, and the remedies therefor
pocket editicu of the above will be forwarded .
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writes Joseph KisUer, of Daerilte, Ind.. who haa
been using Parmer's Vegetable Cosmetic totfoa.

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