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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, November 07, 1868, Image 3

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ID FTFUK""r A $r
.-,Fmnu.T. Not, tjsot.
B.. Riim .. 1 Son Bet
-; JulU Cviiili nirn , l eWi ili'l ' HT il'JOll .
rkra-Th rranklfn County Miner
r i uuu
' .A. -
- t i
i Meets to-day
nrrtA . . t.tl
" , 1 (
plentiful i
,S t Ifegga . r-y" , , ,
winter with 4 W-W,WW !
j.ft .fc.rfct!.iWtiM rebeived tb official
" theODora House Mr"-WMw nigm
air ' - ' j . - .V"''1 .'
UiiJ i -li
-I' o
l" twlnd'eek the Art stand to five cents i
..Jijt T 131. iO ; I
:lWOI TS ! A ! ',"- l ! vr,.i !
ois.d m- felobbs, on rending the election re-
"i" Utnar' Waited : ."; color;At!roops
: MrnMitr brlabtod.batU
fulyesterday,- withhaU: thir bfhtneajf bfl
Indian srimtfMJ A 17. L v K
wlll aceoosodate 35k,
RT Th wwseBp'of' this bean try
at Tr naeo- nio-.
A Vt
i8one of' flW. grain dealers predict a
;Le4T7 Ia)l in grtni :;ThM h
sale naa Dereer m o- a u:ht
-MMih. iMMfcnttfr it a' 4ua the Sixth
T? m- irvix --
National Bank of PhUadelphla In clrcula
m'hoif Thi en'graVHnV kratcht 6bk.
fcI-tAttie'8moke of fh late eonHlct'
im. the wbrser the 'Tettirns Took. Let her
a' rThmr scaBcely any. Strangers in
.... i j ,t r i
J 1
Wclty att)lttinei fd,liotelfegtetert1
fcatBfhattrael basalmo -anoswea jo
the nonce. I
rsr Malor General George H.Thomas
rw-Qnnners should remember that the:
Maws of this 8Uta r UUng losedtLYerout
birds at any season of the year,
vi f v -r
dences of seraph summer save in the lone
llness of lost leavewhlle gossamer gars
and delicate hues have all been transformed
t rrntJeima whs chews fine cqt
.taays thai within a few wrekUhe qoaotlty f
"the wed lrtciosea W the ordinary papers
bas been diminished one-third. Any one
Sacks Kbaut. The lovers of saner
.rau)( are, :ow,aking., gopdly.ftuantity
r; ;lt i ft .wUtWmisuvei . Our restaurant
keeper also ire hying good aupply j I
laM XxTMltaVpiCfUTbe jreatfrnjeetijig
of the Columbus Typographical (Jnion o.
9 will beld thU-evening at Z 'ekck, at
Tbh 7 rooifii. 6if"th' TJntoo, ISbs! ' - Opera
E'House.J ' A' full attendance Is req.aested'.. i
Emigrants. Some nineteen emigrants
.awfced faithiXbtHtetiis frm0reofir;,
boro, C W. They are bound for Cinciu-
nati. One of the somen displayed as;
handsome, strong a beard on her chin as,
aaw 4sa th f-nwfv t "V t ' f I
'"- ' ' ' ' ' - tr frr'i. i OH j j
Johk M. Koerkek Dkad. John M.Kccr
ner, late County -Commissioner, died at hit
. residence, corner of Third and Long street,
.-'ofr'Thorsdly WgbV alter: r brief iHmsM.
The news of his death will be received
wlth'rrow tjr-Msmiiriy frtendM '.la this
dty nd coqnty) .-y.-. . f .) . i. j -."A
Kktolas Bjnw.-Tbttrsdar.ntgnt about
; It o'eloek a 'party of iuien In agrocery kept,
by Mr.Reis, ne.ar theCapltol Unlverslty,
Xofcintoa regular knock-dowaanddragi.
titJfi(hv2 Ai fcian ZoamedDSbetldau'jtss
shamefully beaten, and a student at the
A.The-rst lactare of the
course wttf be delivere3 Tn"the" Second
Presbyterian Church-on Friday evening,
November 13th, by J. E. Murdock. j-t-'CRev
S. B. Tyng.'. JrwmWi-lectori jon
Thanksgivlng-'eventng 'November 26tb;
.TSubfeot t tJobri Buoyan and bl ieUtiofi to"
certalh live queiotjs toi ChutHSh and
8tate.".?A'.' clJC'iAXAia J :
give one of her readings in this city short
ly, wiUoonamenoB a series of jowrjread in gs
in Cincinnati on Monday, pext. She says
that her trip tnua far has not .been, as sne
ccessfol as she could wish, "polities having
' Interfered "with' be)r; readjnga, hey
have with ours, which is la singular eoln-
. I I
cidence. . .. .T, i
U 34 I
s .FaAMXijar
'ijiA5ri!6K7-At ik'.JneeUq; ;'oCiM ,'B?ard I
- Dlretrs t; tb abo-re association, N ; M
""'tlbn was'elected President ; stinMorrf-
son. Vice Presideot; , J.;4T Jann ey, Treas
nrert Thomu-SpajrrQW,jr.,Jorrlson add
h John Greekat fiaaMcsi fmmltteejand
"Walt!- Moritdn: Secretaf f.-1 SnbsCrlbers
are numerous, and loans will be made abonfl
the 1st of December. !
J,ifcsTwrtitW(j, $erttfiCtnat
" tb boiiding committee boob' to have this
""cliurch reidy for occupancy about, f,he JBrsU
m.r vmmrm Tha rnantT anil inlnerV
VI 1 I.U1 U. J j."..-"- J r-
work thus far has been done In the highest
.T'r'T-f!hce finder !the Immediate
direction of Mr Jas Mulyany. Mr. Geo.
H. Gibson tnakes the pews and other furni
ture of the church. ! Messrs. flullck' and
agle bave'the plastering eootraotJ -Their
. Work will be completed In a few days, and
tairUK'ir.ii,i,l tatwAfe!AmTitfnlhA
finest job of. the kind jW.e p ttf (
Citt MoRAU.-i-.From the Major's docket
we leanr'tbatt thetottit rrests during the
e mouth, of October were. eighty-thre,ejcass.
itted as follows: Drunk, 46; drunk and
i disorderly, 10; vagrancy, a; living i houses
ol ill fame; 8jassanlt and batteryJ'-3; as
sault with intent to kill. 1; bovglary, ' 1;
L'grand lare'ny!l; pilfering 2j illegal voting,
1; shooting ' witbin corporate limits; other
Ivofiences.. This Is. not a bad record for a
Volty of so large a populaUon as Columbiis.
sneclarjy- when w- ooneWer the- excite-T
,i ment upon two elections, and tba groat op-
portunlth;. presented fli " men ; to buln
. strong drink. - - ' -"y-'
Of P7(Vi.1
Warranted Gehuikc. We received
-' yesterday from Marpie'' Rlteon', drng-
.gists. No. 100 South HUh Street, a myste
rious looking package addressed -' a lol-"
Capt; XXabesoiu 8tatwmaj iOttpice :--r
. Jttay usootu your irouoiea spirits ana jeeep
the chaps ,rom afflicting, you (bands apdl
' .,Tbat package rontalied A box of emol
lient cream, lot the. prevention aad enre
r bf charted bands &c. 'We arvure now
that there, 1 a balm in Gileada phy sicker
on High street Jrud.ien young laaies, will
find it. UraliiabW.lt la " keep the
SLPdataff paehrtujrlutihlslt yertt
A4. H tbl war Hot IVssttnirtooJ nW
chaps from their lips
WtuT wrMaKAirnorteyfbody whp
keeps abllosopby shop" feels called upon
Ltoglve a definition of man--, Sometimes he,
J la Ja-igrUng animal, somatlmet tverying
animal, then a.tTkThg" one, or a biped with
out featheriAirdlng to last-accoUnt
from -aathwtia aouraea lie is a 'develop.-
hnnt; On 'the authority-ot anr-Wcl and
I little-read philosopher, to whom tbe world
gwmwm tnaq K.tainka uooea (tnat oiesa- r
lag payed calomel, tat JtisUwe, ajd whose
name fa' Partcelspjjwe musValssentirom
alAesa deftaUioas which eteobtlleflnd,
sud take, the following,' which appears la J
WeLetter to the Atbl.n.; by fel, n
Theophrastu Paracelsus Bombast 'df koi-
henhelm:" 1 1' "
y Whatever bath. a body Is tnothinc but
ordle smokeixwhereln. a partfcuUr prer
(1eS nation Iveth hid.-- And aU thtoirSVhall
Itlasyanish.Hkasmoka, for that sa4ik')
which doth coagulate' nsth 'pewwrot a
eertalnW appointed time. .Theam- tnusb
be nnderaUxKl or.tSte coasulatlott.., For all
bodies shaU'aa-wsr ranlst. into
th4ng bttf smeke-hey ahull all end In a
1UIUVI, & 111. uq, m,v v,i a w U1 va 1
botli" nvlng, .nd dead. ' t i t
JtVm a c y(J Wnw.' i . a j i a !'. t j
coagnUted f ume i.LThlnk.of UvatTln
nan, jior even again dare to put a "stove
ipipaM thy head o Axi'.uyr.U-,'.'
reft tb TJnton depot vesterdaj mornlniod
the Hocking Yulley rail road.. ,fo trip
down the road, which is finished as fat al
1fXcwtelQ?ong the Vxcislonjstg were ,
r. h. uimiMCioA.-4kumey ana unas
Reemelln, of ClfiWlAna'tl? E. Gest, President
of thja Cioclnnaci K 2Unes?ille railroad: Mi
JLi Jreen iVfce - PreeWent. ' and -: B.!'Ej
Smith, W. JDeshlerj Isaac Eberiy"and
TV; 3.' Brooks, Directors of the Hocking
Valley railroad. The trip was a most.'de
llgtfulii1 ;jdjtnraft;rofe.port;
Winchester and Carroll, the party -armed
Miatn-wAeV it VotlocIt A?.cM.Lpella
train was' here fnrnUhed by ElXiest, of the
C 4 Z. raAroad.andolt the party paid a
Ti&if 'to ;th)RtoamI Coal Company's mines.
splendid collation was -here served, and
tue party OOja trip jo osQcsviue. aiwi j
passing a few pleasant odurs there, they
returned tn Ijinruter. Xieavinir this iat4
W place at 4:1$ PVM they-arrivetUrt feo4
Iambus at 5:43 P.H making a pretty
gfcol sfanjFwe thlik;vet a neiomd.r7hei ,
road is in splendid conditipn. About one4 .
half of it isValTaated.1' The choice compa
ny, the beautiful day' and: the tharmlDg
scenery ot the roadi all eoosbltted o-iake
the excu,Eslon,a most enjoyaWoone
A very iarga a ncUenoe, at ih e Qpera Honse
last night, testi4ed,7thehlgh appreciation
in which they hold- h at winsome artiste
Marietta' R'ivel. "-Her ticht rope pertorm-i
ance w biie'of 'thejhbst' chas'te.'exclttng
and! iwondeiftif i w baveHvT seenj and
won round after ound of applause irom
JhedellghadtorsjjnlglKt ,-if ,fb4
iasi appearance-oi'inis cnarming iaay
and of Mr;'1Lanrga"nJs fine compa.iy,
tM Mi'!etestotfnrael,-!r sire :
peat har tightrope. exhibition, and apprar
nthe great.. melpfRTrama oi Jibe French n
Spy, presenting ait-entertaihment worthV t
theluflest'patronag&l'' The 'company goes .
rnini'beYe to Daytppi wberej otf'Mondayj
with M'dUe Ravel aa the -Wn,"hey oped
the Opera HousewTth. the French Spy. .
"TaANSFttRRBD YhsteBdaV The follows
ng trangfers ot real estate wexelelt jatthe
Recor,iler'g,ofHce yesterday : ',
Richard Kennedy -to 'Herman 16chlrnerj
Oct. 28th, lot Nof3Tf,.Medary & Piatt's
subdivision ol great lota No?. 8 0 and 10, In
the Cental Reservation; fof f 1200J;:''!;' !
Moses Zinn and wife trnWoii' H. RagerJ '
Aprf4rl8t,I86r.2D $8100 aeres of land in '
Madison towttshlp; for 370O;,'.7 "Z'XlH I i
Wilwjo Graham and wife to James E;;
Wright, October 28th, 89, acres of ,Undjn
Washington township, for sU768.' y.','1 j :
VbGCR FLOUHBKRiNa-Tbe- tendency of
the flodr market is at last downward, foil -which
let the whole people be thankful. i '
Th nsaket: is well stocked with a constant
tejidencyW, increase. But the decline is1
not yet what it should be. Flour paast
eemf;. down to less than t war prices. A
maguitlcent crop o(. wheat and an unparall
eled crop of corn demanded-tbe redaction,,
and the command' will have to be compiled ,
RirroHNaTbe ' Secretary of State baa
thus far received' official return! from the
following counties: " Allen, " Ashtabula,
Athens. Anglaiaei Champaign, Fairfield;
Fulton, " Greene,"" Guernsey,:-, Harrison,: '
Hnroni La wre nee, Logan, Madison;
Marion, MianjMobtgotuery, Muskingum
Pauldlngr-Pickawayr Preble, Putnam,'
Richland, Trumbull, Tuscarawas, Vinton,
Warms, WooQ Wyandot-fBciotof SanJ
ansiry'ahor Morgin "tJi j
jWKRuqoM-Preprrfpi;the reigni
of storm and snow lathe warning of the
ool Qorfiings add loog everiings ; It is a
lesson which; enjoins,' certain duties oji'allj
ol ns. The prudent housekeeper will mend
the5 teaks 4o-'hi roof. repair - the- broken;
ralnspouts, replace the missing panes of
elags, repair his pavement if it requires itJ
tay; lp hir coal; ant wood,' 'and ta'ke'othet
precautions to make his home" comfortable
ecdoonflsfr, save doctor bills. Withal, the
poor fd pur midst 'should, be remembered.
THURMAN HALL, Columbus, Nov. 7.
General Order No. 13.
Atentldnl 4Tr.jpfncexs and
tB White Beyaln Blue via meet tbU (3at4
Viay eveoinrf it 7 O'clock t Tburmad
Hall. BusinessTOf great; importance- will
be'brought before you.. , Let no member be
absent. Pioneer Company, -Gun Squad,'
OSmpftatetf HU BwC "P.l JT- and "Ji 'atWiid.
Let no White Boy lnBlue be absent ioi r
nlghL order yeTT: I
Col. Commanding.
Col. Commanding. Adjutant.
Attention, Pioneers, of the White
Boys in Blue I Yon will meet In force' toJ
night, at ThnrwanBalUUd '1 r-.1 li
7 '(ittisTioiir; Gun Squabv of1 ibe White!
Boys In Blue I ' Yon will meet tn-nlsht ' at
7 "o'clock" at? Thnrman' Hall.' 'Let every
member attend.'1, ?.'.;'", ''.',.-' ',1TX'.L
Lieut, Com'd'g.
ATTEirrloN, Co. A White Boys Irl Bide 1
You are hereby ordered to' meet this (3a tj
nrday) evening, st 7 o'clock, at Tburman,
Hail.-' " "'- ':.-;:.V;
Attentioiij Company, B, White Boys in;
Blue.You- will-meet' "tills evening atj
Thnrman HalL at 7 o'clock By order-: j
Attention, Company C, White Boys in,
JBlue. '.You will meet on this, (Saturday)
evening, at 7 o'clock, at Thurman Hallj, !
" ' ' '
ED. McGILL. Captain
Attention,. Companies D, E and F ot
the WbltiB' Boys ' in Blue. ' Yoa wilt meet
on, this (Saturday; evening, t Thnrman
Hall, at 7 o'clock. By order.
To make your hair grow thick, apply
Hail's 'Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer,
the greatest discovery of the age. "l j
nov4-wAds'"'; ' 3 j
N cghton's Stork. Call and see"
great reduction in prices.
MiLLiNKRT Ekceptiom. Mr. Simmons,
Opera Block, Ihvlleg the ladies to an Ih
ipectlon ot winter styles to-day. '
'TJ- : m-il i-? j
Femrhbkr the sale ol those valuable lot
situated oa, tb.coor .ot Third. SxrektJ
grounds to-day at 2 o'clock P. M. SaU
p jsitivb, on long time. nov7.lt
5 r
K?1'1" lfi
"Wit 2i cents per yard.
Ladies, it will pay. you to go to Mrf.
Downing's for your Hats and Bonnets.
Don't forget the number, 67 North High
street, villnnl hiAH npvT-'sa tii thi
Trottinq ATDtsptANGY. There will pe
a trotting race on the Olentangy Course
this afternoon at hall-past two o'clock, fbr
a purse of $100, best two in three, one m3e
and repeat, to harness.
Clinton Phelps Barnes g. m.- Snowbird,
C. D. Parry names b. h. Nigger.
4 Williams tiWes bra? Lbey -
W. Hedges names b. h. Drift.
. nov7-lt)
Naughtok is selling heavy bed comforts
at $3 5Ctes4l,tA;iy.-05l. nov7-d2t 1
Ladies, don't forget where you can get
tW p retthssfand cheapest 'iHbieTy-al
Mrs.TKrwTrtng-s,'Ko; o jnotib mgtrstr
nov7-sa tu th
situated on the corner of Third Strex
and Mulbkrrt Allbt, takes place on ts
grounda. to-day at 2 o'clock P. M.. .SaIe
.I'.'M'W 1 'I I m ". "
BLEACHKD;,andU;brown,1'Jmu8lins very
cheap atNawgbton's.' nov7-d2t
u'lTQ-IM m
Jkwklbt, cheap at Simmons'.
Ausma removes apd prevents dandruff,
which is the result of a languid, unhealthy
condition or the snrface vessels of - the
scalp a premonitory symptom of the fall
ing off of the hair. A daily application jof
the AlUma, with a free use of the brnshf
fa WOfnTeertB bead trom-titrr and Hh-
druff. nov7-dfcwlt
i ' - ' . -1 1
is oftering blankets very
cheap. nov7-d2ti
ssx.s .;fi .,mm , if .ra r.u ;
Remkmbek the sale ol those valuable
situated on the cornet of'TriiRD Street
Ai MtA.Bnwr A"tLT,.tkea Ueeoibe
grounds to-day at 2 o'clock P. M. SaIe
positive, on long time. nov7-li
Hahi Switches; Coils
at Simmons'
q BOVl-jlfe3Jl.H Y.ITfiMirian"
Nadghtom Is sellinir Waterproof cloak
ntf at$U3per arU:i HI4ov7-d2ti
: 'Nasb " rcco nrm end i i4'Ba wtt'i -" : .
Chari.es K: SAtTflf,! Mahnfactniing Jew
eler, N. 27 South High street, over Bain
store. '-L "''1
All: kindsof jewelry made -nd repaired
at "the Wi6rtet notice,
- a nit "i
Furs very cheapaT Naughton's.
. jiov7-d2t . . . ,
'Dr. Johsstjn's Spkcifie" benefits man
kind, , It will, when' properly 'taken, des
troy alt-, desire for alvoholia - beverages.
Price tl BO-per bbtjlei 'Sold by i11Irspec'
tabledrUggists. ' (
- "Biram's Superior Hair Restorative.'
First in the Uair line, "JJarrettV'
iiiltii - -, - - i t , i- L i I ill
:;,Gloss oY Wopbr's Restaurant operi ; dity
and night! -.- -i :o.i:.i .oct7-dtf
.. t. , ' " ' r il 1 ill ' -.
. CAixnd see the great variety fit. dress1
goods at NJaughton,s.: ' nov7-d2t!
Mram t all hours, at i loss aad Wilpeifs
.'ct-dtf1'. r''-''
Us '"Barrett's ' and gray hairs disappear
sep30 dJUw wly-o w
Fob SALS-f-House and lot, corner
Franklin and', Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain!'
Enquire ol J. W. Moore, No. 43 West Nprtb
eeV13-dtf i -
BARfeKTT's"- preyents Baldness.
A thing of brauty is riot 'a' joy forever,
but like spring fl jwers flfde."-5 Not sow1th
those elegant asslmeres ofCharley Nis
wandef. The memory " of tbeav'like the
color, will never fade, and Stimson handi
work completes the thing of beauty. i I
."novS-dlw.-,. '.i'.v !
i -Rem otal, The - undersigned - has re
moved his Boot and Shoe Store front; 68
Est Town street to 140 NOrth Hrgh Street,
east sides between Spring and Long, in the
new block of Collins & Schwenker, where
he will be happy to see bis old friends and
patrons. A full line of goods kept and to
be sold cheap for cash.'1 ' - J. C. Kalb,
nov6 d2ttvr2r -140 North High street.!'
' i' '- j
'' J el Err DeButts, " Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to. hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest stylei- Sew
ing machines; 'repaired and', satisfaction
guaranteed. -Modelsp built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light inacbiuery made and
jepaired. Keys omtl description always
on nana, sou eaie sou jail iwu uinuo ouu
'repaired. " ".-' ' ; .. i'"-,. nyay2$-8-ly j
Whooping Cough 1 Whoopiso Cough tl
Is well knowp aa'a long, tedious, and of
ten dangerons disease among' children
not nefreqaontly inducing "convulsions,
pneumonia, ot resulting in a decline Old
Mhool medicine and the drags of. the .shop
do but little or nothing for it. Humph
rey HpjiEopiTnrc 8pcme for WHOop
ikq Couda works wonders, quiets vand re
lieves the cough, and If -Riven eariyf ar
rests its further progress, while in all cases
it jsoon. winds .up and cures, the disease.
Price 50," cents' per box! ' .Sold y all deal
ers, or sent by mail., .Address Humphreys
Specific -Homoeopathic Medicine Co.
662 Broadway, N.Y. .- .:.;.'.'
'JylS-dAwly-cw ', 1 j
Fiks Wines, Liquors and Delicacies.
Emil Am bos bas now in store at his rooms-
No. 242 South Fourth street, one. of the
choicest selected stocks ot wines, liquors and
delicacies ever brought to this city., The
selections have been made with art especial
view to the Wants ot this market, and pat
rons may rest assured of getting only gen
uine and unadulterated stocks of wines and
liquors, imported as well as domestic. The
wine lists embrace the celebrated Fox
Champagne, Green Seal, .Fleur de Sillery,
Star Brand, Sparkling Catawba, Sherry,
Madeira, Port, Sweet Malaga, Claret, Sau
ternea Jthlne, &c, Ac; :J In brandies there
is Cognac, California, Sonoma, Catawba,
Cherry, Peach and Blackberry. The stock
of pare choice Ram, Gin and Bitters is also
Complete. The justly celebrated "Aecbtes
Sch welzer Kirscheriwasser" may be found
at this house, warranted pure, . , j
In the line of delicacies we enumerate
gennine Swiss and Limburgh Cheese, Sar
dines, Anchovies, '' French, and,; Holland
Mustard, fcc, Ac, &c.
Mr. Amboe will eontlnue to conduct a
first class establishment in every particu
lar, -and by stocking bis- boHse' only With
the choicest goods, and . by giving prompt
attention to business, be is entitled to a
large share of public patronage. '
nov7-dlw ' - j 1 :
The Public Debt Statement.
New York City News.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
&c., &c., &c., &c. WASHINGTON.
The Surratt Case.
In the Supreme Court of the District ol
rcoiumbyr, vs-am m case-oi JoHnm.ur-'
Trart cnfe rp, tl
mVmotiffri being -todismiss
ihe aDDeal of the District Attornev from
tne decision of Judge Wylie in the Crimli
nal Court sustaininar the Dleaof the statute
of tiniltation and discharging the prisoner.
TheGouTtJadges C?srrter, Olin nd Wylie)
there was no p'rSeodent for ..ualnloff
anneal in a case where iudement had been
lement Had been
Vendefca-ltii r1rfitbl casenfvdrMrthe
defeudant "This is 'the end" ot the Surratt
WASHINGTON, Nov. 6. Public Debt Statement.
Tka fr-vl lfkort nrr la clafnmanf tf t.ha nnh. I
Ilcdebrot Hie Umt(i,tatea on Nov em bet
Six per ent. bonds, 1881. 1.838,;73 00
Six per cent, s-so bonds 19.1ta.ua &p
r-'v 3'r'
if n Ls-!ut9?-.7.'! i ff
Total $r,07S.77 50
Certifloates 3 per cent (583 250 00
n stj pennon luna. s per oem i,iw w
Thre-year7-S0 notes, dneAnx. 15th,
" 1887, and JoneaadJal7.'lt8-.Ji.i'
Compoaod intexut note', matured.
as.a$s,SS0 OS
Juoe 10th. July 15th, Auk. 15;h.
Uet. 15lt, Uee. -1(1,1807, Mar
Aug. 1st, Kept. 1st and 16tn, and
Oct. 1 stand 18th, 1888, OoClstand
Koil. 1'p,Tk i wA ptn n if T 7. ....
6,128,310 OS
151,611 64
48T.50S oi
!.l' 445,491 Of
3I4.F60 0t
M.0U0 0t
Treasury aetet.acM of Jaly47.1861,
and prior thereto
Bonds April 15,1842. January 28,1847.
and March Slst. 1841.....
Treaattry notes, Maioh 3d, 186Svw.'...
Temoorarr loan
Certificates of Indebtedness
"aXCiiJ..:r.eafl-jitw4 st
United States Notes i356,0J1.0T3 Ot
riMttoaai'Vnrrenaj. -yi.
HoliUariuloates oJeposit..ii.l i
S409.151.8U8 4
oer cent. Lawf al-money Bonds 1
sued to Paeino Rail we j Co 48.194.000 Ot
Total Uebtu.-.w.,i..j.t.
.i.s4i,ooa,tn os
1 Stag
- 4T
- J03.4O7.W5 79
113,873,010 Ml
Amnnnt of Debf jeuCuh lafrasA- I
nr.. WlfiZlJX9JSS 83
The fofesroine: W correct statement
the publiojdcbt,, as appears from the books
and Treasury returns, on the 1st ot No-
HUGH McCULLOCH Secretary of the Treasury.
The warrants issued by the Treasury. De-
ptmment aannx vcmoer to mtei. require-
mentsof the (Government amount in rouna
numbers to tne ioiiowing?:, civiii rniscew
laneous and foreign intercourse, $4,176,000;
i. .a. aL ...11I JaIiA CI "Ol Atat.
mierem, uu nic (luunu ucu-, fi ooi.uw.-wir,
$8.720.00f naVy, 4,025 000: interest; Tn-4
sionsand bondv43.Q6J.0OO; total, $21 364, -
000. The warrants issued for tbe redemp-
tioft ff the publie debt are Included -In Ih
abeveti i ' ' i' ';.lu iii.iij
HUGH McCULLOCH Secretary of the Treasury. Order from the War Department.
The-'follbwing order from tlie War De.
partment has been published : I
Soldiers, for certain offenses not strictly
militarvi may be sentenced by, a,,eenerai
court-martial to confinement In a penitent
tiary. ,lf any State in s military departi
ment has mads Drovisions bv-' law' for-the
COnflriementiof prisoner! undor'sanaclfof!
ar court-martial 01 tneunicea-staves; tne
department ., commander , may designate
such penitentiary for the execution of any
such sentence to penitentiary confinement,
but it no provision bas been made by any
State in tha department, the record will be
forwarded to the Secretary of War for!
designation? of a' prison. The authority
which has designated tne place or connue
mentor higher authority, can change. Ihe
placeoCoODtlnement or mltlgat4-rfamit
the sentence. .
rne same ruies apyiy 10- prisoners sen
fnuwl hir mllitarr mnmmisHinn. an lnnv .
the law nnder which ! the sentence is
made ia ih force, but when that law ceases
to be operative, the f resident alone cart
change the place ot confinement or miti
gate or remit the sentence.; , - - j
Gen. Grant.
r General, Grant having, been Informed,
of preparations being' made In 'this city to
tender him a popular reception on his re
turn, bas written to a friend in Washing
ton expressing cordial thanks for the evU
ion expressing ; coraiai inanKS ior tne evi
P aa"f2
preference that no demonstration be mads
immediately on his arrival. The General
could not say at what time he would reach
Washington. It is probable" the Dublin
reception, which it is designed to tender
the Genera), will be deferred until he has
recovered from the fatigue and discomfort
incident to travel, and become comfortably
located at home. - - - -J - i
-The President has-.proclaimed a treaty
between the United States and the King of
Italy, for the surrender-to each of the conf
trolling parties of persons who shall have
been convicted or charged -.with, .primes
other than a political character. ,;, j
The convention continues in force five
years. L" "T "-. I
Secretary Seward hat returned to Washington.'-
. il ' A i
READING, PA., Nov. 6.
Sohnvler Colfax oassed through here on
the 1-30 tram for New York. Be was met at
the depot by a large crowd of Republicans
to whom be made a five minutes speech. 1
River News.
River News. PITTSBURGH, Nov. 6.
River six feet eight inches. Mercury 41!
degteei. J
DOMESTIC NEWS. Earthquake Shocks in California.
Slight earthmnkPB are of almost dally
occurrencAJ?lnce October firsts - Last ottihtj
aU9 o'clock k sharp shock, isstlnr Q2 Mo
i B0-l
ends, soretd jcotisiderable alarni amohg
The at San Jose
Heavy Vote.
In San Francisco the vote was 25,700, the
largest 'ever polled. The Democratic ma-j
Jority fs'1.313,' defeatbifr'phe' RepuMlcanl
municipal ticket The Central Committee!
nA,m. . I. .. j n nsn hi- ,
voces. ..tw it-)i:j h-ji h:
British Columbia.
In the election of- members of the Legis
lature of British Coiomblav the Coatedera
tlonlsts were successful. ld' everv' district
heard from. The vote is, MJiUaually large,!
irancmse aaviog oeea exienaea to-ioreli-
ers navtng tnree monnmp resiaenue
aeciarea a aiviaena.oi 9M .tor, jaooer.
Dividend. Shipping.
Arrived Theresa, Hamburg; Angel,
Maria: Bickman, Bordeaux; Sallie Brown,
New fork ; Portland. Oregon. j
Cleared Ontario, New York. j
r Sailed, Neptune .Liverpool! Achieve-
Clearing House.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6.
A clearing 'boftse, Representing thirty
prominent bankers of this city, nas been
established, Jiera, and- wUL. oen fbr
bnsldesi aa sion aA. suitabletoom can be
Donnelly Defeated.
ST. PAUL. MINN., Nov. 6.
The split in the Benublican oartv here
resulted in the defeat of Donnelly and the
election'' of 'Wilson (Dcm-.)r or Congress.
The State gives' 12,000 Republican major
ity. Negro suffrage was carried by 6,000
The Situation in Missouri.
The Situation in Missouri. ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6.
TbeKepubliCan- pnbmhes arable which
shows a Democratic majority in sevn
counties of 7.825, ar Democratic gain bf
7,047, ana in 3a other counties a Republic
can majority of ,13,339, Jfgarn of $.030, giv
ing a ae Democratic jgain Via' iltty-fnipe
counties of 2,517. The Democrat, oLaJcaS a
iBadtoal ,-galn. if)f,over, 2,000 in. , fifty-six'
wp,.,i,,,. mt , IIP UJUj(lf -
the election of four Democratic Congress
men, me ist, otn ana utn districts, u car
ried, being gains. In the 3d district,
r-n.m!nT, : 1 1 h l . i
( Cormick (Dem. will be re-elected. j
Reported Mat Between Wormiald
Reported Mat Between Wormiald and O'Baldwin on Election
Reported Mat Between Wormiald and O'Baldwin on Election Day.
Reported Mat Between Wormiald and O'Baldwin on Election Day. POUGHKEEPSIE, Nov. 6.
I A doubtful reDort. lust received he
j states that Wormald and O'Baldwin fought
a battbreariynn trcnotTwag ef lecti6n
! dkyltfTutnanr coolrfy. There were but
few people present. Soon after the fight
j commenced Wormald hit O'Baldwin a tor
) ribleblow, cuttine his face open from chjin
; to ear, when -O'Baldwin rallied and soon
; after, by a heavy-and Veil directed blow,
1 won tne ngnc. The parties tnen left the
tiwidi aa4--prurbgTCri:iagesTiitejreepted
son Klver road, at either Garrison or Fish.
kUU where.
ibey took pa3Ras;eia.iJje4raw
pafifok ,New Yor4 hX the
VveV'oW ofitheLbliiTS kf
1 . : e
I tnirTOi!
! Ii?ht',ws
O'Baldwin got Into an altercation and
.lealt a terrible-blow in the face by f
nK..rn T-h- .....t. !n. ,. X?
wvuiiia a.uv aw i t,ow,cv v ax iiauoo vv no cuh"
' n-vjw.w.nY"i,,v
rneejrcKeraeirt le wail street to-day bor
ders on the panic of 1?57, and threatens (to
qual it in scope and disaster. It is creat
tug apprehensions atdbn baCkers, brok
ers, and- bas cansecf enormous-depreciations
in stocks. Kail way shares were said
by the thousandsv-and Government bonds
' iv the millions. Trade is standing still In
ail directions. . .
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6.
I'Govfernafc fTriwfoOd. of KSrRaiLThi .in.
Signed" and been commissiohed Colonel pf
the new regiment ofoavalry raised by the
State for service against the Indians. The
Lieutenant-Governor will act as Gpyernpr
- m i, i li yuv iGiuaiuuci vt l.iAVVW '!
The Election—Results in State.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6.
: 1 The ' Democrats - elect Wells, H Shields,
; Switzler and McCormick to Congress.
, rne nepuoi leans. .elect Asper, Uenjamip,
i Finkelburg, Burdett, and 'probably Boyd,
Toeing a gain of three Democrats. j
ibA majority for JSeClurg ilojcGofeinor
ia afltlm.rui af 1 K OOO Tl,. m.iA.;r. tm
GrajitiS; fully SOOOQ.., five, peg w auffrage
clause is defeated by 35.000,
rne iegisu-
Hrtf is btrzelv Reuublicaflj " -.ro-ru-.o
"Sisterly, Brotherly."
Jerry Faley, of West Vlriinl. arrived
law, Mary Faley, who resides In Kittanmg,
S4JP- He .'"eges haMarywhile on a
Fatal Fall from Train.
-i Press KIlgoM, brakemanntv thaDerry
accommodation -train of the Pennsylvania
raiiroad, fell from the train last evening, at
Uerrv station, thirty miles
j,c'lty, ahd fwas fan Over! b the- trarm":'He
V ... nn h.lff fn.A 'i,'nv h' .'II 1 '.-v:.
east of
Fatal Fall from Train. NEW YORK MELANGE.
Union League Club.
Union League Club. NEW YORK, Nov. 6.
; At a meeting joLthe Union League Club
last evening,- tbe - naturalisation-frauds at
' the election were discussed aod resolutions
. r,ftoior1 hv VI n run I or fni fha innnlnl.
r) merit of a committee to take measures to
-in veetisate the matter, and requesting Jnc,
A. Griswold and his associate to contest the
election of HoffmiMr were adopted. Mr,
Griswokl wasr present, bufo an. hiqniry of
. . . . . T
. mm as to ms intention- to contest the elec-
. tiaa was re.iH.tAd hs thamMdmr. ,:.i . ti t
w. w. Kinney, a man said to" be worth
.' 250,000, was sentenced by Judge Dowling
yesterday to two months In the 'peniten
tiary, and to pay a fine of 500,ibr an un
provoked assault onjadge- Alker, in
street car.,',,,.,,, i' n
Superintendent Kennedy.
Judge Dowling yesterday gave notice
" that be would hereafter hold no oftlclil in.
f tercourse with Superintendent Kennedy,
t sxcep through the District lAttocaey as
le naa insuitea tne oi me
Accident. NEW YORK, Nov. 6.
, One of the immense arches of the skatirig
. rink, constructing? In Jlrooklyn fell ' this
mowing..; several worKmeu were injured
The Assembly.
The Republican majority in the Assera-
at 2
. Krlmund Eemack, OU6 of the leaainar
J German journalists In tbis city, liea to-
00 .;, -- i ,
American Bible Society.
At a tneetlnsr of the American Bible So
ciety, fast evening, eight new auxiliaries
were recognized, one In each of the States
of Maine, Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee,' Alabama,
and two in v :
Beverly Clark.
jaIcted-,n Michigan for fraud in the Post
l?&iCS?. '1 office Department; a
The case of Beverly Clark, who was in
sioner Osborne lor trial.'' came for review
beiore- Judtre Benedict.- The Jatter
hna-vnluaMl to disoharca-Clark. -He says
if there is aDy flaw in- the indictment
fnnnrl in Mihlcan. the COlirt lO wbich.tbe
'1 indictment was found is the proper one in
which the defendant .should take issue
against its sufficiency. ' '
Spanish Army to be Reorganized.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6.
A Madrid special says the Spanish army
is to be reorganized and a national guard
1 formed ftf" all the provinces.-"" :
The Provincial Government.
The Provincial Jnntaa-
themselvcli of theirown aeeord in nearly
all tbe great centersTThey, have been re
placed by men elected by- universal snf
frage. ; These councils have,: immediately
proceeded to reorganize the governments
Protestant Chapel.
' The Protestants of Madrid have demand-1
ed and obtained permission to build a I
chapel in Madrid. . , j
given him. br-thc-rYtrrtslonal
General Dulee has refused to accept
Portagese aie oppoapd to. Sptvitsh, ailntx
tioiii. Tha forts f hs country are beiag7
retlttedu v ? f . - s. it V ;y T
The Times on the Alabama Claims.
LONDON, Nov. 6.
. The Times to-day has an 'editorial oi the'
result of the Alabama negotiations wfciqh,
it iniera rromspecbeot American Minis-.
rican Aunis-.:i
i solutijn (of
Mr. John-'
cers,ave oeea ttroairbt lo a-satisla
conclusion., It Tn U inCh
rae-lfue8tron. ' and" br lies
soni; uoti tonlyi ifoenthei frarrfctirndlcoh
'iLiatorx? manner: ,teJaich..h(hBS cop-
ducted this controversy, bat also for-'
bis 'inaniyiaiMt sirs!ghfrwtefc4!6ranc:s ;
tn reKard'totheDavmentof thfl National-,
debt. ; Tlie Times declares that the. tone in k
wnicn nr. oonnson rnpuniaces lamperlag
with thef NaUonalvredisl as Joadi abows '
itbat -tbeYhigner.ote8J1t-i;AricaT pol
iticians recnilstatr!.ptiaeip3 bf
morallty,wliick are cursentoa tblside pt
the Atlantic. ' ..A-.it'-.... I '
Reverdy Johnson.
LONDON, Nov. 6.
The Standard (tlonservatfveorjran) as.
cribes the - disparagement of Beverdv '
jonnson oy tne itaaicals nerr to His aa-
miration or JSngland. ;
' Aecounte are received to-day of a dread-
railro ooUlslon yesterday, near Near--
ham, Wales. Several passengers wete ,
killed and many lnjared,
Collision. CUBA.
Lersundl's Instructions.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6.
A Havana states that on the 20th
tne iaplaln ueneral received, lnstructiohs-
Hon ttae I'roTUlonal Government to inau
gurate in Cuba such reforms aa bad been;
adopted in Spain. Lersnndl; op to the 31st,
had keDt the disnatch as Secret as nossibteA!
Nnmtrous arrests arebein.fdaJe, tae -parsons
In-most cases belirifldhDorterS ef-the
revoJutionUU in Spjiln, ,Ifc was. stated ihat
Lersundi coo tern pJaU,.LeavIii)i the lsaid
tor New lortc.- Tha details of th&gbug
leads to tne conclusion; that the insurgents
are brave and determined, " They are. said
tn niirnhpr K fWl m on .nl ia'favAtTkTAiry
independence or" annexation withthe tlrfl-
CMt'fltatea.-'-"' .''..r. l.s.iiTii I .J
Martial Law.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6.
f' A Panama retter-stateithat thepiacelis
still under martial law. and sentries ab mt
the streets- had orders to challenge" tH pas -'
sengers ana n re upon wiem tr tnetranswer
is not atisfactoTy.' 'The local mid national
suiuonues in me state 01 vunaenamarea
arc u luKjfcriieaus wiin eacp obner, ana tne,
otate is in arranarcniai fooaition in conse -
nupnra 1
JAPAN. Burned to Death.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6.
A Hong 'kong of Se.pteiaheri 16l!h,
states that two-women and seventean chil
dren were, burned, to death ia a. targe firett
American Seaman on Trial.
was selling liquor to his men.!,. vko ,
An American seaman1 was "On1 tfrsl for
American Seaman on Trial. Excitement.
PHnli(tirahlVnlftrnarir TaralftllillArl vW t
British gtinboat, bombarding: the" towi" of
Choachl. ' . -n..9 y.iu-ji
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 6.
FLOUB--Dull and lower; city
O 20.
ttore, j i j ;
buirarti n'toTff iar
:,';,' t : i-i;.'
No. 27 East State Street. j
' r Late C. A. Wagner's.
The proprietors of this most elegant and
fashionable establishment, respectfully in
form the Ladies and Gentry of Columbus,,
and those visiting the city, that no paitisn
or expense have been spared to render the!
St. Lawrence- the first class restaurant bf
Columbus. -.'' . '.;" '., J
At all times our larder will be found to1'
contain ttae choicest articles In season. I
Trusting In tbe liberality of our citizens
and visitors, we respectfully solicit a shape.
of your patronage, guaranteeing to all po-j
lite attention, moderate .charges .andtbe
fvery bet our own- and the easterd markets
aftord.' Private room fbr ladles. : Famljlj s
eapplied with oysters -by the can, and gttme
of all kinds in seasoni-A u
:'' (JovkbdaIr & HosELTOsrj proprietors.!
nOv2-dlw ., j
Charles W. Niswandkr, Merchant Tail-'
or, No. 121 South High street, thi day re-!
thisfcived his-thlrdtock-olUll goudaUhig;'
season. ( The acute taste dlsjnlayed in his
selection, seems to make it impossible .for '
him to over-stock bis boose with desirable
goods.' The demand increases with his ei
Urged purchases. :i-:n-: i-,.'ij'' j
This last consignment consists of Scotch ,
cheviots,' Scotcb Elyslahs and French Ely-
sians, trouserings, overcoatings, etcn etc ;
Those riclr pattern put together as only .
Stimson can doit, is the perfection of the
art. Charges are guaranteed as low as any 5
wnere in America tor tne same goons, rne
public will endorse what we have written. 3
'nov2dlw .. ... , . .
irs-iO J
. y n i i f n
late ore of tbe
Menioal tftreetors tv.. ivojnu-ic. . j . j ,
Having been made acquainted with tbe
composition of the preparation known as
Sozodont, I have' for some time past per
mitted its nse in toy family, where it has
given entire satisfaction. It is an elegapt .
toilet article, well, worthy oi the encomiums ,
It bas received. ' .
tSAtDfWt Prepared GLWH-nu6?
vnt junel5-eod6m-cw,i1. .
..-A.---i"''f ,1 '- " l
THBOAT.-The foundation of a cold or , -fwtlnn
of the throat that lasts the" winter
through is often: laid In autumn. If you
are -threatened with dlsease of any, 01 the
respiratory organs, rub tbe external sur
face night and morning With Houuowax's
Ointment and keep , the .bowels. )grilar.j,
with Hollow at Fills, a cold, cough or
soro throat promptly treated In. this Way-Is
speedily curedand aUdanger of consump
tion or bronchitis avoided., bold py ail
: . Ji 9-dly-cw!
Those Scotch suits that Stimson is put
np at Niswander's Merchant Tailo
EstablUhment,., tickle he.! fancy';
every wearer, ' tbe eye of 'every beholder.
and the feelings of every passer by,
nov2-dlw ; '. '-. . ......-
Oysters Otsters Oystebs. "I
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman) " j .
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur & ;
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters. , , n a I '
r. aug5-dtonov28 , ;
for Beautifjiog the 8KI1T and COM TJ. EXI0N
, PLE8 MOTH BL0TCHE8, TAH, ele.i 1
' and renders THB 8E1B SOFT, JTAXK ' f
aad BLOOMING. -, .,'.". ,; i
Foi LADIES in the HTJBSEKT it is iavamabla.
For GENTLEMEJf after SHATIBO it has a
qnaL "PAPHIAH LOnON" is the enly reli
able remedy br diseases and blemishes of tas
8 KIN. .- -v- 1 1
VNT-mjM-eodly - 1
FL0B DK MATO." .' ... !
. FL0a SB MAYO."
PHAL0N a BON, X. T. Sold by all DruggisU
VHT-niy w-eoaijj
MOBS-SKY. and bath, win not chap th
. 8KIN. Price 25 cants per cake. 1
VHT-mjta-eodlj .t ,:. , J
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 6. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 6.
EXCHANGE Vrr rtrrll mt 1.1Atn-Kft
-MOsI: Mwlconrtfa1iIe455tit?,at 3
percent.. . . , . . ,
tiM S teW7i-.iiWL?ATTO iJ ni-if-. t?
New York Money Market—Nov. 6.
"ThekxXtetenitWkTtiteit'Wd& is
IdWiuje, a6d '..without! ppscedeat, ia he
jiistory of stock exchangsv.XaiMhfcihis
forenoon was about as Severn a wswv
Irnowjn, and Jlri f be afteruoorf tltelffifrt
was greatur than at anvftffh' afima?.. .
speoulativoirAiror toe a -rnaiAbauf two
fMTiMaiket, Jery, jstrftMreut t 7
per cent, call with 14 uer cent, comm Winn.
but closed easier at.7 per. ceatnyBarireaey,
thia occaslaned by i reports that tbanBaar
eiltle, bad Covered -their shorts '.wr
letting, joat, , iponer. (Jtad tbat bahfttf wire
authentic, .noiri rla eiau
TjSTEBLLSGTJnsettled at 10S1 9.
133 .tl . A ui.II 9Kjril Minli'iHii
.A WI.T11 .If "I I" T IllK fell A
New York Money Market—Nov. 6. New York Stock Market—Nov. 7.
, 413;, do, ..'&2 a Waaiu8k&jaf 'ft. iaeJz
ful l06jfioo
.671 ;iO0'aifwS; do &F 109ail6: il?40'a
GOVEaST M EK!& TOCKeWai ejsn-
icky this mortrtrto4. tfrid bvibes declined Vfti
1 per cent. At noon call there was a bet
tor ieeiing wlttt the reeoverytrf W per
cent,3ind late ,totheattrrrtKm' ! tUere'jras
a JTwtber dvaBCOoC'ij!3;pe4alLhe
market closing aotive. Coupons of '81 Tl2W
67.109lVyi; '68 109 11& 10 40'a
TrMThe -.market;- bwnedwTta a
general breaks St. Paal- ett ta6 ana yre-
rerred ttf Td;- fl pon large amounts being
presented ya' resamv aeraVyr'Nonh-
western fell to( f?' ahorVlIaue stocks iren.
Wrsll, decftfreaT35 per cent. , Subsequent
ly, inere was snarp rise ana great activity,
but at the. close tae.roarket watibeavj iand
unsnueu ana aftam aawer.:,mA a,- . ni
5a',prfeeswavells?xprs' 2S426:
American, ag41 'JAmiVi
ted States 45346: Mershants' DnloaAOfa
20PAeifio;'MAll116JBr115K; Western
union leipgrapa. al(gaM; JNew r orr
CettllMg(iUff( Kaadt ns 3f 94i;
Ohio & Mi8sissipp4-a28 Wabash 65
uoK; '8W Pul( ifial; d4jchten Cen
tral, 112; Micbigaa-aouthern 7980; Il
linois CantraliAl41; Pittsbnrch 82(182:
Toledo .898M; BoeM IsiandT10r101;
Northwestern 74j 79 : ' 'Hartford,'6i;
New York Market—Nov. 6.
COTTON Heavy: and
Lwith.saierait25a2adribr:ffDiddliDgi up-
FLOUB-Mai k A steady wd wlthoute
elded change. ' " --' ' ' . o '-i
W HK AT More stead v and Without ac-
tivltv. UU:tI ; ', i 1 .O
RYE-rDull at ttWaf ( for westijar!
CORN Ouiet at si lft.it 1. for , anaanrl
rvi -Mai rv lor sound -mixed, western-1
l'. WATSuiet;, 74s74Xe'.',tbr1Ii WMtJ
1 ,.Anr - - -
MES3..PORt-Ouiet .t Mli for
TM'Jrf.tl f '.t7 iti
-aiij nam lad muMy txjviii
BEEF-Dafllrnd- tmcbangiwL.!"
CUT MEATS-tDuUad-nominali.
B ACOJIr-Quiet aaoVwttbesifchaiiga.
LaKD Dull; a-iitjryltjime
steam. 1 .-i.,;,-m i.a. .,.k
EGGS Withoqthange..Miii aikeS
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 6.
FIUBDuU;tamUy.7 UHX-Jitxia
WHEATt?1 65. ..A4uw-i5i.M
k,t vJttTJJi4lvaiu.uw;ifiiuij; oia wcr new '
aAnXgifiln.. ,l,.i.
OAT Steady at 57(a58c; -BYB40jiwHT25T)nI
BARLEY Dull and nominal
$ffetal ttrl 79n aj -r-
"txr rxv -- co 1 r- (ra e for
idling pladt:isckfllglift.
TUB AUU1-1JU1I ; lugs '
WHISKY Firm at $1 05.
i MEEN 1HaTSSo)J brt Or ent
3aff7c;ehoHiertanasids 101
jtiAMS suo
mereo; -rec i
steam 15J6C.
I A CO Vt Srierea hlglierfSshouldera
pold at 1313M. now held "t 14c,rib
aides sola,"4t .IfiJicvclJto V3U&C;' but
bow held at ISetor clear tud j.3 iwr-olear
rib; demand light, bat tub atock being, so
Small hMriers aj-a very, firm. n ,p
- GROCERIES Firm and a good demand
at'lbft'ralSfeS.i-' fi iq-n-J.i)iJ: -i
' B.UTT, ER Firirf. 'nndet ; JighJ epelpta
Ires 3438!4 -t ii.-.-n- ?u'io.-'c't.it .
JtWtiS-jrifot at 3Ur.' " t . xitini-.-im
'-OIIz-Lin dull at tl.' "ai , f
I iFLAX SEED-rDull at $2 &T,VA
POTATOES -r Supply large 7ae uper
bQSrrel'. L -' -.iJ '" swiii a ,.--
r APPLESLarge.'supply and duU. afj $2
4 per barrel. ,,
Cleveland Market—Nov. 5.
FI.OURHCity made XJtH white 50
(fan 75? for1 X3f 'amber! J7ll5-6o7 for
XX red winter 99 508 75; for XX' spring
$7 753 00; for '-X! spring 725SO0;;for
country made rXX red aad amber. S S5
9 OOTfbr XX prln;f 7SS 25;J Jor-XX
white $10 25lO,75?;-.-;V..,y'
WHEAT Held at $l7a lor No.Vled
winter and 91 62f l 65 for No. 0 do. l a
. COKN Firm - but 45Ulet atSefor Kbl
shelled.' , There . Is no.'demand4or ar.)Cpra
and shippen will eonsals their Interests
by holding'- it back" for'thepreseirtv-as it
cannot be sold here except at a sacrifice;
OAls-ribe marfcet la na and tii ide-
mand fair; held at 60o for Noi Ij
and fair; held at 6O0 for No. Iju t
RYE Market Ofaietand nominal attl 23.
Igl 30 for State and western.,.:..'" '. . .,': .(
BABLEY-ri-The market is quiet bat hold
ers firm at a range Of - $2 00 10 for No.
1 State and Canada. r.J i '. ' "TH
; MILL FEEDGood demand aad steady
at $38 00 per ton for fine middlings; $30 00
tor; No. 2 do- $26 00 tor coarse do: $22 00
1 lor Kiiorm. ; ,. ,, . . , , , ,, , Kj
J POKK Steady and unchanged; sales at
au wtor iso. 1 tness; z 00 tor o,4W.
BEEF The demand, Is iight : and the
market dull at $18 00 for extra mesaAn'a
, LAKD-Stady aad quiet at 18c foraity
rendered." Country at 17e.; ''-
" ' - 1 ' f ii',-
Chicago Market—Nov. 6.
FL.0UR Dull at $5 t7 25 for spring
extras. : . -,; ; o
WHEAT Dull and lower; sales of No. 1
at$l 161 17; No.2at$109l ll;leslng
at $1 091 10(51 09 tor No.:, Sale of
No-2 since Gntnge at $1 10J i )
, CORN Dull and lowen tales otNo. 1
at 75(76ei N.,2 t97M r?jted) at
6465c; closing- at' 75K76C.tox, ,'Npi 1.
Sales of No, 1 Uiis P." M. at .few, 1 ,
OAT8 Dull and llonlower?' sales of
No. 1 at4345c: veietjted.at 43cy; clos
ing at 440540 Wo.71.,v:.l',: "
RYE-Quiet aad a2e lower; -sales
of- No. 1 at $1 021 05: closing at $1-03;
nothlngngjln No.; i
HA.nue.x-uuii ana nnsetueu; openea
34oJowr?;Noi fj? l44
: , -ns tr. td
St. Louis Market—Nov. 6.
FLOTJR DnTi and tonchange I"
...WHEAT Medium gra4e;;lprl and
. mariset generally, weaa. -J.
'CORN Lower and dull at 7585c.
I OATS Unchanged at 4852o-
RYE Unchanged at $1 )lll.
; BARLEY Declined 510c
'rades. .r-lil.i C UilOOO
on lower
j,;,;-! WHISKY Unchanged at $l,D4l 05.
PORK Unchanced at $29 25.
-B4CON--Unchanged, at 14o forihoul-
tyi81f f?ryear.8id i.Tif k't
-"'r ""' I
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 6.
; . There - la little - more enquiry for season
ible goods, but the market on the whole is
- uietand generally steady. Jobbersvbow--vr,
patup the price of Lancaster prints
4a per yard in synyatiiy,withthe advance
established .'by agents ,Tbe marked for
, Canton flannels is looking up undec aa im
proved enquiry and the near' approach of
: cold weatheriotherwlse no change.. .Elleton
Brown B Canton flannels are quoted at Sic;
do O bleached do 26e; Nashua A dol7Jc.
There ll.a great fall in grain bags, and they
are offered as low as 37ic; LomUton A 40c;
Stark A 42 ie; heavy brown drills ars re
duced "c; they now sel at
Toledo Market—Nov. 6.
FLOUR Dull. --Twi-niH .H ,I.XH
WHEAT Inactive and ' lowerj - sales of
No. 1 whiteMichigan at $1 94; white Mich
igan at $1 73uNo 2 white Wabash $1 90;
amber $1 31 S5. 1 rn f5 VV p-rQ.
CORN Dull and ,2c, lower,. sales No. 1
at 8586c; reiefjttd p(84e, ( j
OATS Ic lowen Ralwr Sn. 1 ftt 54c
PRYS-Uncbanged: sales Nolt IT5.
44VUU. ...
Market—Nov. 6.
WHEAT-DulI. '-"-"-i ' .'X".'.-. irt
CORN Dull ; by" boat load 95& ear lota.
9697c. '" - - ' -" ,
OATS Lower; sales early of western at
59c; later at 68c: -- - 1 ". u - :
FKEiuurs vesKer; wneat lac, toto.
19l7c, oata lliac.JJ.,M, p . r-r

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