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$fto statesman.
' 1 i i 1 ' ' 11
TJoLt:rotJ 1 New York
Wendell Phillips has Blown his
. Wkkpkli. Phillip, a pioneer In the Ab-r
olitlon movement, la not disposed to irjolce
over the election of General Ghaut as a
victory In which every thlnjr needed has
been -won for the Abolitionists. Inas
week's Anti-Slavery Standardi be.annbnnees
that the work ol the Abolitionists la not
over, and will not be over until the Negro
is secured id every political right that the
White man enjoys. He insists that the land
In the South belongs to the Blacks and that
it should be parceled out to them ; .that Ira-v
mediately upon the assembling?! ponjtress
an additional amendment should fee adopted 1
to the Constitution forbidding disfran
chisement or proscription from official trust,
on accoatf,raceetMln iixatjy Stale or
Territory of the Union." Be Insists that
u the Negro is still the bone of contention
and nntll his manhood and political equality
is every where recognized he will continue
to be a disturbing element in our politics."
In General Grant he does not have im
plicit faith. .Be demands .the immediate
impeachment and removal of President
Johnson. This, in his estimation, should
be an accomplished fact by the 1st of Jan-G
nary. With Bra Wadk in the Presiden
tial chair two months before the inaugu
ration of General Grant, he triloba the
road could be made easy for the Badlcala
to travel over. On this point, he speaks
thus: Ids baio'oO
"With Wade even two months in the
White Bouse, and such tools ot treason as
Rousseau, ttteedmamiind company, of New
Orleans, replaced by Sheridan 1 and other
trustworthy, loyal men; with the recon
struction laws propertyTevised and amend
ed; with suffrage and the right to hold
office vouchsafed to the negro everywhere,
the nation may be well on the way toward
'peace,' having secured its essential con
ditions, before Grant Is Inaugurated r
nwfj njnch a t:uiDKti. pn.LP8 jsould j
not defeat the nomination of General
Grant for the Presidency by the Republi
can party, I l -not likely that he present (
Congress will again undertake the Impeach,
merit and removal of the President, to the
end that Ben. Wadk nay tie up General '.
Grant's hands, In the shaping of his policy
and dispensing of the patronage.
The Journal is Forced, by its Argument,
to Admit that Johnson
was Right.
its efforts to get rid of the Tenure of
O-Bce act, especially e regards -its effect
on members of the Cabinet, the Journal
pronounces its continuance a flagrant vio
lation of the Constitution It -was far the
supposed violation of this same unconsti
tutional law, in the rembvarof C Cabinet
officer, who, by the' bye,"tlld' not come un
der its. provisions, that pi .attempt was
made to impeach i President Johnbo-and
give his office to another, and because a few
Republican Senators did" opt? lend them
selves to the outrage, the Journal blew off
an abundance of steam, In fierce denuncia
tion against them. Now the law J wrong;
If so, President Johnson must have been
right. If the law, asthe J oumal says It is,
is unoonstltntlo rial,- then it follows clear
as noon .day, Jthaithet!l.enortv. to, removV!
President Johnson was but an, exhibition "
ot malignant spite -and if - accomplished
wohld have removed an honest man because
he would tot do dlshofaestacWiujretaiat:.
Ing a bad man in office.
The Panic in Cincinnati and St.
The Cincinnati Chtonide of Friday," has"
this relative to the panio ,
'The demand for loans, however, is no
li st pressing, and the abilities of the banks '
to supply 16, have ratter diminished tban
increased. We understand that twoof our
large banks have ordered In all their call
loans. before three o'clock' this afternoon..
Rates of discount are without change'. De- '
positors are accommodated in bank to a
limited extent at I012 percent., while on
the street it is a favor to get money at any
reasonable rate. 12, 15, 18 and evuri 24 T
per cent, ia asked and obtained, but 18 per.'
cent, is about the outside for goud commer-"
ciai paper. A -considerable portion of the
outside paper offered la for ninety days and -
lUUr Uiuuuiai . fr " u.
TUe great question discussed on Third,,
street . is: What has caused this crisis in
monetary affairs- and what is the remedy t
The opinions are almost as various as the .,
people nuimug mem are numerous.
t If the statement of the dispatch
is correct the Secretary McCullocb pro.;
poses to Increase it to $400,000,000, by re-
issuing $44,000,000 of this circulation, re- ;
deemed but not canceled, , Should this ac-,..
tion' be taken, it: will, doubtless, greatly (,
relieve this presentstrlngency of the money
market, but it would be sowing the seed for,-,
a future and more disastrous crisis. After;
the present crisis is safely over, the country '
will be better without the further expan
sion of currency."
In St. Louis, the telegraph aays, on Fri
day: "Considerable uneasiness was evinced in
business circles to-day over private ad
vices from New York and Chicago indica
ting a commercial panic. Everything was .
fUr, and all kinds of produce unsaleable,
even at a decline. Rumors are thick of re
ported failures, but bank officers are reti- -cent
and evince a disposition to tide over
customers, yet knowing operators predict
a number of smash-ups to-morrow."
The Stewarts and other large capital-'
isU may profit by these disasters, but not
the people. The end we fear is not yet.
The Election of Hon. S. S. Cox.
When, we announced the nomination, of
Bou. S. S. Cox in the 6th New York Con
gressional District, we stated that his elec
tion was certain beyond a contingency.
The vote resulted: -
8. 8. Cox, Democrat.......
James Htarr, Republican-...
- S.7IS
Cox's majority - 3,604
What a contrast there will be in Con
gress between the Representative just
elected from the 7th Ohio District and the
Representative from this District when Mr.
Cox represented It. The defeat of Mr. Cox
in 1864 was bis gain; but it was the loss of
the Distriot. '
Thk New York Herald gives it as its
opinion, that the Republicans, " with any
other candidate than General Grant, would
have been defeated, and . with equal truth
it declares that " in short, having re warded
to the utmost General Grant for his great'
servioes in the field, and having given blm
their fullest confidence as the proper man
to repair the blunders of Johnson and of
Congress, the people expect him to avoid
b jth extremes and to give us a sound, pro-),
gressive, decisive and yet conciliatory and
j i . .. ii n ' ; '.
conservanve aumuiui.rai.ivu. rfi
Nkwspafxr speculation puts Col. JoHjj.i
W. Fornkt into General Grant's Cabinet
a Postmaster General, it was really on ;.
Col. Fornkt's motion that the General was
nominated as the Republican candidate for
President. . ' "
;..; - ' ' r " "'"
Wr bare studied history td little pur
pose. Springfield Advertiser, (Sadtcal.
We believe you. ' " at. .
Th ZmeniUe . Courier -wants General
Grant to make Governor Driuuson Post-,
master General .,
The Financial Panic.
"TPhe financial panic in New'York, wnich
heralded the election of Gen. Grant, seems
to -bi spreading, and in Its results will
have an effect disastrous to the business of
the"conntry. AndT slmilar"reaurts must
ever attend a country whose currency is
teideTEp, asTi" the currency dPouf people,
of paper promises!
This commercial panic has been long
brewing. Efforts to stave if off until the
.result of the election was known', resulted
successfully so tar as' the staving off was
iconcerned, but in the end it will prove
,tha more disastrous to the commercial and
I V ' '
otner ousiness interests ot the country
' J While Government has no business to
ffgulate trade, for trade will regulate, Itr
"Lf, the Secretary of the Treasury and
0hgrtss haveboth attempted the experi
ment and both have failed. And now, Mr.
McCpuriCH, the Secretary of tha Treasury,
pot satisfied with his experiments, which
have but made bad worse, proposes to reissue
several millions ot redeemed Greenbacks
and to throw them into the money market
lu order to retrieve his error of selling the
gold coin ot the Treasury, at a large pre
Inium, and., receiving ..pay, therefor., it
Government promises, one-third more for
Gold thn Greenbacks, thus admitting that
the pledged faith of the Government ta re
deem its promises to pay are worth one
third less than, the coin. In Jwhich the im
blied pledge Is, that they are to be redeem
fd. We fear that the unlawful reissue of
the four hundred million' dollars in Green
packs, while It will-g4ve-a momentary re
lief, will, in the end, aggravate the evil.
That portion ot the XJnlted States whU-h
in the better day a,o he Republic, with its
(Jottoni rices lobkioo, - ete, fornred t the
great articles of export, which brought
money to the country and was used to pay
our debts to foreigners, is' now but as a
desert waste, where not enough is produc
ed for home 5 consumption, much .less for
export. The South used to be the great
m irket for the West, where the surplus
o,rn, nour, pork and bacon found a ready
mirket. With the evils of the so-called
reconstruction the holding of the people
of the South as having no rights equal to
those of the race late slaves persistently
urged by bold, bad. men in Congress, and
carried into effect by a large standing
array, thus largely increasing the burdens
of the people, cutting off -'the broflta-
ble trade of the West, has produced the
commercial causes which prudent and far
seeing men long expected.-, No matter how
much . temporary relief is obtained byXhe
re-Issue of greenbacks, it must continue at
stated' periods, until the proper relief Is
afforded In the settlement of the great
question which results in the restora
tion of the people of the cotton, rice and
tobacco growing States to their rights ud-
dpr the Constitution, so that without dic
tation from? .officers ' of i the fnrmv
ojs- lOi the Freedinen's Bureau without
fear of negro violence, urged on by
carpet bag politicians in search of office,
the people ! the South'are permitted to
manage their own private and domestic
affairs in their own way, subject alone to
their laws made in conformity to the State
and National Constitutions. -
When the South again become producing
States, .whose fields blossom with their
great staple, and they again furnish a mar
ket for western produce, and their txports
ofj cotton and j other produce which: that
region, favored'by nature but accursed
by Radical misrule, produces, and which
more than equals the- money value of
any and all the exports of the
United, ; States, b.ririgs lt3 rich, return' of
treasure, then, and not until then, will
such money panics as that which followed
Gen Grant's election, cease, or be so few
and far between as to be considered, of but
llttlia cause o fear. r 3 ' '
A tedundant paper currency is always
followed by a money pressure. It pro-
rliippa ftvor trarllno nnrl linriirliiia ltuinry
tUe8e e certoln fo,OWed by a
pressure, always aggravated by political
quacks attempting to regulate the laws of
trade,, by ' statutory enactments and by
Treasury influence. No country can be
from them whose imports exceed its ex
ports that consumes more tban it pro
duces. .. - :".' i
Restore the country to whai it once wa3-
Give to the' Southern planter the protec
tion of the' Taws restore to' him his rights
under the Constitution, and again the
South will become a producing region.
That done. It relieves the great west of its
great want and gives it a choice of markets
lot its surplus grain. Now the South has no
money to purchase provision the govern
ment feeds the negroes in idleness and the
bill has to be paid in taxes by the people.
This increases the panic. Justice and only
thlsp1sthe"way to " bring order ' out
ofj chaos good .out of evlly 'and to do
away-with commercial panics to the future."
Bad the Democracy succeeded to fun power,
restoration- would have been among their
flrkt acts, aud this done, the exciting cause
bejng removed, as sure as the sun shines,
SKt; sure would cohtidenee have been re
stored, find commercial panics have, been
things of rare occurrence. It would have
enabled the property of the South to have
borne its just proportion of taxes to pay off
the great war debt, the simple interest to
be paid: on which now falls with such
crushing force on the Industry of the coun
try. It is the true, and the only permanent
pmacea tor the ills we have." " ' y '
The panic In New York has extended to
the West, and it will 'continue to ; extend1
Land many who, on the day of election
deemed themselves rich, find themselves
penniless. , T r , . . r , -
Now Force Revival of Business.
New York Herald on the 5th, the day
before the panic invaded Wall street and
alarmed Banks and Brokers lor their safe
ty, and caused business to stand still every
where in the city, under the caption we
have, put at the head of this article, pre
dicted an almost instantaneous revival In
alt kinds of business. In this rose tinted
editorial, the Herald urges these truths up
on the consideration of. the Republican
Congressmen and General Grant :
x "We shall have, as we said, a fresh and
good start with the settlement of the politi
cal excitement ana election oi ueneral
Grant to the Presidency ; but the prosperi
ty ot the country may be retarded by un
wise legislation or a bad administration or
advanced by wise - measures. The new
President and Congress should turn their
attention to the financial situation of Che
country and to relieving the people of the
present enormous - weight ot taxation.
Taxes to the amount of four hundred mil
lions a year in time ot peace cannot and
will not be borne. Such taxation is mon-
D.na iTrnm r.wo hundred to two hundred
and fifty millions a year would ife ample.
.The current expenses oi me government.
Independent of the interest on the debt.
rnii ht not to be over seventy-five to a bun
dred millions, - including pensions and
everything else. The expenditures of the
Government must be brought down a bun
dred and fifty- to two- hundred millions.
Then the whole revenue system ought to
he changed so as to bear lightly upon in
dustry aud the industrial classes.- Revenue
Should oe raiseu irvuj aicw articles oi lux
ury only and from the wealth of the coun
try. There should be a uniform advalorem
tariff. AtPre8antthe gysttm.ol raising
ZnneL both bv internal taxation and du
ties, Is cumbrous, com plicated, very costly
and oppressive, it mim- w mmynucu u
as to cost not a third of What it now costs.
The army ot hungry and thieving office
i,nM.r. in the Internal, Reveuue Depart-
.,. fit,d Custom Bouses might be w
duced to one fourth the numDer ana a more
vigilant eye kept upon those , that would
-,ir The national nanus, wnicn are
devouring nearly all the prolitsof industry,
hiH he abolished or be reorganized so as
timm etve up the twenty millions
s year which they now. draw from the Gov-
ernmcnt and public through their clreul1.
tion. The bondholders should be made to
bear a Droner sharn of th nnhll... hurdpns.
The national debt 'should be consolidated
and the Interest reduced, and itshoud be
either utilized or put under a process of
liquidation. - The American people ' will
not De burdened with a perpetual debt.
It wojtld be contrary to their views and
habits and to the spirit of our institutions.
Then, with regard to the. currency, any atr
tempt to contract that, as the resumption
theorists advocate, would create eeneral
bankruptcy and paralyze, the business 4
cne country, we should sutler more tnan
the British did; when , the Government,
yielding to the clamors of the bondholders
and capitalists, attempted to force specie
payments after the' wars with Napoleon,
oecause in this vast country and with its
widespread r interests there is a greater
necessity for an 4mrie circulating medium.
Contraction ol thetcnrreBcy wpiild only be
of benefit to i the bondholders, nation
al banks and lare capitalists. The
mass of the community would suf
fer. It would., make., the rich rich
er and tiie-opoor poorer.. Let General
Grant, then, prepare to comprehend these
great and . vital . questions or taxation,
finance and currency. In order that his ad
ministration may not be used for the ben
efit ot a privileged few, but that it may be
a Diet sing to the whole people. -
The Present and Next Congress
Present Next
I Congrm. Congress.
Repableans......'. ...1......174 in
Deinoonte !....! . 5S
I Republican majority.
Including Alabama.
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eounty of Franklin and State of Ohio, charging
the sai'l Asa Uroiner witn willtal absence trom tbe
said plaintiff for more than five years last past. and
askins that she mar be. divorced from Baid Asa
Cromer, andthat she be allowed reasonable alimo-
nj.wLion petition will stand lor bearing at the
next term of said Court.
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be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers, of life, by laborious em
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manhood and womanhood. Helmbold s
Extract Buchc is more strengthening
than any of tbe preparations ot Jjark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's Extract Buchu,
1 having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now ottered to afflicted mi
manity as a certain cure for tbe follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debt!
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Kestlessness and
, Sleeplessness at nigbt, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss of Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Palpitation ot tbe Heart,
aud, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated state of the
system. To insure tbe genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
other. .
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. ' -
Price. $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50. . Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. AddresB H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical . Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y.
None are genuine unless done np in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fae-3imile
of my Chemical Warehouse; and rigned
iv32-dAi-oowly H. T. HELMbOLl).
s ! -
i ,l.u ...
nq -A'.
!t i.
.-. ; i
ji J.
T.:- Ir.T.-i- It- i
, . .... ..i -ii i.:,.,y
Brown and Gold. Gsrnetnd Gold. Drab and Gold
' Brown and While, and Black and White,
tSinila and Doabla-FaeacLJ
250. AND 252
feW-aodij ' ' ' '
United , States-dfVAmdric,v
; Wasbinotoh. 9. c.
Cash Capital, ...7J-:; $1,000,000,
.""'""r.:-L paid in full;- .. -
fniLADELpniA, - ! :. f '
To whioh all general correspondence should be ad-
d assed.
: CLARENCE H. CLARK. President.'
, JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
uoTnmitice. , i-
HENRY V. OOKE.TJce PresidentT
EMr-RSON W. FEET. .Seoretarx and Actuary.
;' 'Offered by tbl Company ar'aiT ""'
It Is a National' Company, obartered. by special
act oi iongress. msoo.
i It bss a paid np oapital 6t (1.000,000,
i It offers low rates of. nreminm.
1 It fnrnishes larger Insaranoe than other Compa
l nies ior iuo same mooej.
. It is definite and certain in its terms. ' ,
, It is a home Company in every locality. " -ltd
Policies are exemDt from attachment. w-
There are no unnecessary restrictions in tbe Pol
: tow. - ' - - - - -
Every Policy is non-forfeitable.
Polioiea may be tab en that will pay insured their
- full amount and return all tha premiums, so-tbat
the insurance costs only tne inter, at on the annual
. paymeuis. i
i folieies may ba taken wblrb pay to the Insured,
: after a certain number of years, during life, an an-
i nual income of one-tenth the amount named in tha
I roney.
.No extra rate il ohsrged for risk npon tbe live
I of females - -
1 It insures not to pay dividends, but at to low i
: coat tbat dividends will be impossible.
CHcinnati.Ohio. General Agents for Ohio. Central
ana ooutnem lodiana.
Coin -nous. Special Agents for Franklin, Licking.
m U.D U , U .11 . IIU l.UCUVUI.IU uvuuuw. -; . ,
i FeNT-oct22-deodweowly , ,
; -LQeyj
In no previous year has there
been such strong competition among
all the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present. At all the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
they met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor.' of . the Florence Reversible
Feed Locli-Stitch . Family - Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition TTni
verselle, Faris; American Institute
Fair, New YorJc ; . New England
Agricultural Fair, at Providence,
Ii. I. f the New York State Fair, at
Buffalo; the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.:- that of the
Mecluinics' Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
which closed a four-toeeJcs' Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it the "GOLD
MEDAL," the higleest Prize the
Institute confers. , '.'.
It would seem aa if this succession of tri
umph ahould be auffioient to convince every
unprejudiced person of tha great superior
ity of the PLOBENCE oyer all others as s
Family Sewing Machine. , ,
A written warranty is given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL DO ALT,
tbst is claimed for it, and should it fail, it
will be taken back, and the MOOTS x" RE
IHncipal Offioe and Salesroom, So. tS West
Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.
"H. KcCOITOEIX, General Afeai.
At the Ohio State Fair, which closed st Toledo,
Septe ber lath. 1SB. the FLORENCE received
the FIRST FBEMIUlf tot the best family Sewing
i siaouines over seven competitors. .
Rend for a circular, or call and examine the Ha-
eniaes at the new salesrooms.-
81 East State St., Colssmbais, Ohio.
W. S. B BOW Nt. Agent.. -
" All kinds of stitching dona to order, and
atiataouoa xuaranlaad. eeuuvaamatawTAa
Corner Broad & High Sta
febs-dly .
lanM-dly-r Celumbna, O.
... : c.
Noa. 816 Ac 8 18 Montis Hlsrni St.,
ilheir extensive Manufactory ie at the Foot of
South ettctt, on the Canal.)
Their business transactions, both Whnljwl.n,l
Retail, new extend throughout tho States of Ohio.
rvDHijivania suu tuui.ua. uey manmaciure .
f all classes and every design of superior work
manship and finish. Also, Cane-Seat Chairs of
ever., uescripuon. n uoiesaie ana Ketail.
0. K. BSKCB.
oao. -w. QriKif.
H. 33 f3 XX FIB XX ,
Came and Oysters. .
Also, all kinds of Country Produce, suoh as But
ter. Eggs, Chiokens, Turkeys, Ae.,
lo. 33 Wrmt . llroadn aj,
' 1 ! . - 1 COLUMBUS. OBIO,
The choicest varieties' of Fresh Fish reoeived
daily. " All soods purebased delivered to any
pei t of tbe city rnsi or charge. lootU-eod6m
UQeay-ablihd In this cslui tt
zr, - . " ...
A.itHD AGENTS to $200 per
month, everwhere, mals ard femaleT
UACHIljE.. ThisJ.hiD wUl.stitok
bem.felli tack, qaSlt. corl. bit, braid -
aod embroider in a 'most suierior dib-
ner. Fnoe only $18. Folly warranted for
macnins (am win sew a strong' r, mora
feaautifuJ.oraiore etaetiseeam than Aura.
It ajketlMf JslsjUo Look Stiuh Every seeond
stitch osii be eut, and still tbe elntti cannot ba
pulfatr apart without tearin iV. -Wa pay Agents
'oiu 76 fo 'v p. r monin ana cxpaoses, oa com
iissioa troin wnich twice that .mount can ba
asst. Address SfcCOMB A rl a s s?BU &uMt
Fior KO-(TON. M SS,
,li JUTION. Do not ba imposed apoa ky-otbaT
parues pa'minx ff woitUa-j eaaf-iron niaabiaeai '
aader the umi n .m. i.r nfh.rwi.e. Onra is the
only ge nine aod reaj. sraetioal ekeap tnaebina
' " B oct-eodlStw4t
' - k - . '
- - - ;-- BT ; --
Mrs.? Frances Anne Eemble.
"Mrsl KEMBLE will. read' in the Ooara'Honsa.
Co.umbos.on Hl . e,-, , ; ;u ,A . .A r ..
Tnesday E-renlng,,IVo-v'. VY'p
; ,-. ,v -. BhakspenreVplayjrf ;' -
k i ll a: l;:e a r i
- Heaerrad eatar so Centa Extra. - a
s t" ' . i "'..i'at
'The Sale of 'Tickets will comirenoe oo ifondav,
morning. November ISui. tX o eloolC4)t tha Maaio
Store of J. Seltzer, E. State street., .
fecial N ones. The reading will eommaaeaat
8 o'clock preoisery, aod it ia respaotiully requested.
avuia uiierrapuoe, (uu uia - aaaieDoe will be
seated tea minutes before the readiag begina
Doors open at 7. nov-d8t-r
: Ia SIcUMeaa JLwotdsable T
Thousands toss on sick-beds 1 to-lay, who might
hve been welland hearty, had they ta -an tluw
p ecantions for the preserratiotf of that most pr"
ion of aartblj blesaincsi tounSmiad to tont
todtVaSinknai. to a craatav extant tbaa asoat waaa
pla suppose. U ovoidoU. , When tha body is lan-'
tuid, the spirits depressed, and tha-vervous system
unnaturally sensitive, it should be taken for graiit.
ad that mUchUf U brewings Tbesa hints aacj.
warnings, vouasafed as such by a kind Providence,
ought not to be disregarded. If they are slighted..'
as is too generally the case, the next thing may ba
a fever, a severe billions attaok, or soma other forna
of aculo disease. .. They indicate as clearly as if tha
intimation were givaa 4a articulate lausrcMra.'fhaf
tie animal foaetious are disordered, and thesysten
debllitated.1 Under these circumstances, tha ostly
thing to be don it to HtqyUkTB ih'D BimUui
the beet rtgulaiing and ttormtt preparation over
med fir the prevention of tietnett is HOSTbT-
'rl TERnSTOCff'BTTTERSrnn lha'wayrDnr
ius remittent fevef, chijls and fever, spasms, nr-i
vons paroxysms, violent attacks of indigestion, and
all the ordinary epidemics, may almost certainly ba
averted. They are usually preceded by the sjnlp-?
toros deicribed, and surely it is wisdom to forestall1
tbasa by reaortiog to aa antidote atuuue haisslsaay
agreeable aod invigorating. Most assaredly, it will
soon dissipate ' the unpleasant feelings referred to j
which, of course, is desirable, even if they, were ao
ikely to lead totsomething worse. Tha oloaaof thav
Fall is usual y aeoompanied by unhealthy fr gs and
violent atmoepherie ehanges.- and it is therefore s
season when invigoratioB is particularly needed.
Such an article at "lr. Tobias Venetian Lini
ment.'- it has stood-hefora tha publie for H-ywart.
and has never fiiled giving satiffsetion in a single
Instance. Every drop of this valuable compound ia.
mixed by Dr. Tobias, himself, therefore its can als
ways ba relied upon. Is is wa ranted saperier t'
any ther. for tha eure of Chronie Rheumatism
Toothache, Headache. Sore Throat. Vomiting..
Frosted Feet. Mumps, Croup, Burns. Cuts. 8ea Sick. -ness.
Insect Stings. Sprains.Cholera. Colic.Spasms
Dysentery. Bruises,' Colds, Coughs, Old Sores.
Swelling. Faiaa in the Limbs. Baett and Cheetr
There is no medicine in the "World' that stand
mtre on its own merits than the "Venetian Lini
ment." Thousands of certificates ean be seen at the.
Doctor's offiee. attesting to its rare virtues. . Thai
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, has
induoed several unprincipled persons to counterfeits
this "Valuable Remedy;'' purchasers cannot be too
careful to see that "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment '
is stamped on the glan. done up in yellow paper '
and signed "3. 1. Tobias." All others are danger-
ous oounteife'ts, and although they may resemble .
the "Venetian Liniment" in color and smell, "be -mart
of them." Sold by all Drnegists and Store-
keepers throughout tbe United States. Price 60
cents and one dollar per bottle.' Depot 10 Park;.
Place, New York. -. ,. - i -
junel6-d&wlycm-peHT-0 . ..
It is in demand wherever personal blemishes are
considered of sufficient oonseauence to be removed .
Its Acliea Instantaneous. '
Cristadorb's Hair Prtservative.
AND BEAUTIFIER is a preparation of equal merit'
and repute.' Its effect npon the bair. is electrical .j
It fastens every loosening fibre, replaces hasehness
with sit iness-smd flexibility, semi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with g'oss. Its use will incline
the straightest bair to ourl, and prevent the driest .
from turning gray. It is the favorite at every toilet
where it has been tried, and as a means of keeping;
the hair free from soruf or dandruff, and the scalp .
from exfoliations, is perfectly invaluibia.
Sjld by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress-
en. ' Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane, Principal.
Depart Ro. Astor House. - -'
' jnnelg-dAwlycm-rsMT-a , ' ' -
; t..To Owners of Horses'- r
iThouracds of horses die yearly from Colie. Th- )
need cot ba. ' Dr- Tobias' 'Venetian Hone Lini
ment, in pint bottles, prioe one dollar, will posi- -tively
eure every ease, if givea aeoordin; te the di
roetioas, when first taken. It is warranted super-', '
or to anything also for Cuts. Galls, Sprains, Old I
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat., It. is so .new ,
remedy, but of 31 yean' standing, and approved i
by the first hoi semen in the ooantry. Col. 'Phlle '
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has nsed 1
lor years, and recommends it to hi friends.' Ot-
uai a .ro cous uaaii j receirou lor n xrom me Aauns; r
Stables in England. It has stood the test of time; -no
one has ever tried it but eontinaes its ass. 'Bee- f
olteet to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Hone Liniment''
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold by the ,
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout tha United Y
States. Depot 10 Park Place.Kew York.;,., J
PeMT-juia-dAwly-m - ' ' : - !
The bowels may be costive or some organ do its
work weakly. From causes like these gases and t
gummy substances occur which poison the b ood- '
the perspiration may be checked; tbe feet may be
so chilled that their fetid exhalations are thrown
back npon the blood. Here is eanse for pains, fe
vers, inflammations. In these eases Brandreth' ,
Pills are worth mora than gold.. Five or six eure at 1
once. Remember they eure by at ones roejovlag t
from the body those mstten which poison the blood
and make ns sick. These celebrated Pills shomld fee .
in the house ready.
See B. Bbahdbxtr in white Ietten on the Gov-' -
ernment stamp. Principal- emee BrardbethB, )
House, New York. Bold by all druggists, ,. t , :
AClerryman. while rrsidina in Snntii A
as a missionary, discovered a safe aad simple rem- -edv
for the Cure of .Nervosa u MVnM, v..i.i. .
oav, Diseses of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs.
and the whole train of disorders brought en by
ianefnl aud vicious habits. . Great nambers have
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by
desire to benefit the sfflicled and unfortunate. I
will rend the recips for preparing and nsing this
medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any ona wa ,
needs it, iese or chargb. Address.
i - - - - - uus&rn a. jnns,
Stttion D. Bible House. New York City.
ocUa-dAw -
YOir'A1!! rAstnrfld in four weeks. Hsemn '
guamateed. DR. RICORD'tiErtSENOE OF LIFE ' '
restores maly povera. from whatever causa ari
sing; the' effects of earl pernicious habiis, self-
abuse, impotency end climate, give away at onoe to
this wonderful medioine, if takes regularly accord
ing to lae directions (which are very simple and re- '
quire no restraint from business orpleasure.) Fail-
Br.ii imiwunibJe. rld in bottles at as r..- -
quantitie in one forts. To be had only of the sole '
appointed agent in America, H. Gssitzem. SOS " '
s..ri Ave- New York. "
VKY-jjrer-aiTr - - - -
BaTCHELvt'S HA Its. D( -.This-olendid
Hair Dve ia tK. W t7t-ArJ
tbe only true and perfect Dye: harmleaa. rli.hi '
In.tAntaneoUS : SR n t ..rmi , n , . K. ij: , '
iinu remedies tbelll efT -r UZi j
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, blaik
or broum. Sold by all Droggists .and Perfumers 1 1:
and properlv applied t Bate helots Wig Faernr.' -
o. 10 Bond street. N. York, pmt aprU dAwlv
Tons Lotion has cured me of Tetter for 8ait -
Rheum) on my hands of thirty years standing '
writes Joteph Mistier, of Danville. Ind., who hag "v
beea using Palmer's VageUble Ceaxaetis Lotiosw i
. aa if

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