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rrirrectert fbr WW.. Savage, Jeweler,, 83
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week U ten
hours and nine mini.
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'J;.rsrth4' ndttot ipf, the Jqitrw Mch;fc
Brijradte W yw T!7 ,"-T ; i
. Yesterday . was . the. anniversary .7
Lincoln's re-elecHori to tn rywencyy'
K Tii'i Xip'tae rAUClark A Farmer !'
pa, la lfpc. fathan any style pre be
low aiiucaV'-- ?-nu '- ! ''-V
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the city In tmtrsS iof eonrtruetlo -la, beln
ptroed rapidly.' j-"
K r?r The : 0M4- Ideational" McMMy :Jt
-wt i i. tnoi.Mi s The article "He
an't and At0't."4g rood r . I r!
Blo& : siyathat the 'reason" we did
not elect oor National ; ticket J. thafc.Blalr
la too good a aofdter to wtoa Jff. afffr
tgrTontrng'and fishing par"68
thaetty dally with guns and tckle and are
said to be meeting wlth' feood success. .
- ts?"1 DrooDed "-esres are
-favorite, and
Wholesome dlsh.Achap dropped abasktt,
eoMalhln dx Sozen Satmrdayi Be dldat
seem to like lu i
ameVWtuVdWyrTew lecture;
that nrenared for the coming season, is en-
itii WmnrMinna .and. Recollections of
Abraham Lincoln.?..! i o
1 After readlngthe fiimtfaf IftMreff
yesterday we are satlaHed r h truth of
that adage' which sattb:1 "WhOsO'.'toucheih
pitcbJLfcC- XT W tlM
t" The latest sensation Is paper wed
ding. This occurs oiwyear after marrlasre,
and on which occasion the 'happy pair'
Must Bb. The Sunday Ishmaelite speafc
of a "mornlnjr coteroporary, of very little
aOTnt.''Tbat"fca8f be a dl)T at the Joir
ioi, for without the Statesman the"I7im
eliU would ba void of local nc .
f GoMiw-aveou obwrVed tlie mag
niflcent sunsets of autumi.f No painter
can approach those more than gorgeous
tint jf ; goM and , purple la the. clouds, as J
the sua gradually :nka to rest oenma
Harbiagb Liobnsbs. There were twelve
marriage licenses issued by the' Probate
t3ourt during the week endlngSaturday,
Nov.' '7th,. as follows 'Monday r 4; . Tues
day, It Wednesday;!; Thursday, 2; Friday
1: and Saturday 3.
TJownr lsFxfeMART.Durlng the week
ending Saturday, Nov. 7th, fifteen pau pers
have been received at the County Inflro
aryi nd seven discharged. 1 There are now
171. inmates .o.thatjnstltutlon;, During
the week thirty-four losds of coal have
been distributed to the poor outside ot the
Inflrmary. , ' 1 : vr"
Emiobant ' AaSNT'S ?-BPORT.--C." rH.
Cam pen, "General VVestern Emigrant
Agent, reports the arrival of 543 emigrants
at this point during the week ending Nov.
7th. They design settling as follows:
Obio',' 123; Indiana," 46; Illinois, 93'; i Mis--iri,
131; Kentucky, 67; Tennessee, 22;
T? iconsin, 41; Michanr34. Totol, 548.
Tbaksj ebk S4TUuT,f-:TUe follow-J
Dg transfers 01 real estate were leit at tue
Eeoarder'sfBce Saturday , .ir tt: , .
Albert Baker -and wife to John W. Mil-
ligan. Oct." 29th, quit-claim to 100 acre tif
laid in Mifflin tovvhghip, for $2. :V . ...
Fulcher and wife to John Fret
well, D. c. 7th, 11-67,3 acres of land in Clin
ton Mvmup, jo vouu. c -r.-r-.r?,- a ci
Tagged. A vagrant named Jake Smlth
one of tbe most accomplished loaferf of the
tribe of John Smith,' was captured on Sat
1 I.U CmlM. 1
urday pigbtsaBglcackedjwy,fQrhi&
regular snoore on a pile of warm ashes
Jake was drunk all-over. Not the one-
sixteenth part of an inch of him but felt
disszy' frdm; his 'ex-essive: 'potations. .He
was lined 1 5 and costs, add in; default re
ceived permission ' to break stone for a few
day . . -:, i
" :i" " g' :z
PoBTPON'iD.-rtThe examination o Judge
John M. Pugh, before U:8. Commissioner
Halliday, of ClncinnatCon 'a charge ol is
suing fraudulent natnraiizitlon 'papers to
James Smith;-' ' was ' set for ' to-morrow,
Tuesday.-' The -Commissioner' being un
able to attend the trial because of sickness,
the examination has been postponed un
til tbe 19th Inst. It might a well be post
poned altogether for all the good It will
do.'-Those 'emcaged' In prosecuting . .'the
ease know there la no thin? in iu : '
NoJTBCKWere; glad to be able 'io
ay' the report of the death of John M.
Koerner is untrue r jYfi made the statement
on what we considered the . best Authority.
It annoys as more than we choose to tell to
be thus made the vehicle of false reports.
We must trust sometimes t to what people
tell us, and if we are lied to we ipust bear
tbe. annoyance of having made a misstate
ment.' That Mr. Koerner bas been sick of
typhoid fever for the past two weeks and
dangerously lick we knew, and the story
of his decease was nofrtmlikely under the
clr5umstaaca.3i';We learned on Satur
day, be is recovering, and will . shortly be
outagaln. '.y ii'-i.Mu'V.v'.', 'i
h i.i v , :
County CQJuassioskBs' MEmnro. At a
meeting .of the County Commissioners,
held on Saturday, the following bills were
alloweq F.'. TJhlman,' stationery,. $7 43
Jacob Lohrer, poll books, $15. -The Audi
tor was directed tetnake the annual -report
of the Commissioners to the Common Pleas
Court, and allowance wu made to pay for
that service.- 'A contract was made with
Fred.. Erterst for putting down . a new
pavement in front of the Court House at
$11. W , per toousaau, i ne . to . pay tbe
county $5 per thousand for the old brick.
Pbobat Court Busike-s. Judge Pugh
made the following appointments during
the week ending Saturday, Nov. 7th : ,
Horace Wilson, ad mi nistra tor of Alexa n
dei. Holmes, late of Shaion township, de
ceased. - Bond $2,000.; . .'-V'," .
S. H. Kosecrabs, guardian, by choice,
of Mary Alien, child and heir of Samuel
Alleni late of Columbus, deceased,- Bond
$100.' ,: : H "'
Ellas 'Scofleld, ' administrator of. ; J. ' J.
Jones, deceased, late of Norwich township;
The last Witt and testament of H H.Tay
lor, and also of James Sandy, late of Madb-
son township, were admitted to.probate and
record.: .i . ..-; .n
Mrs. Maranda Taylor was appointed ex
ecutrix under the will of B, H. Tayior.iate
of Columbus, deceased. . io bond Kquij-ed
Jacob Bobr. appointed executor of. tbe
fcswte otjlamss SaBiyiiate.otJMadUon
township. Bond $1,500.
LOCAL NEWS. SATURDAY, Nov. 7, 1868. Resolutions of Respect.
At a regular meeting of the teachers of
the Public Schools of Columbus, on Friday
cwenlne. Nov. 6th, 1868, the following-preamble
and resolutions were, reported by a
committee appointed to propose them, and
unanimously adopted r :;t T'V 7 v:
"WfiERKis, it has pleased our Heavenly
Father to removefrom o ir number, by sud
den death. Miss Lulle F. Boyle; there fort,
Resolved,' M. That In the death of our
akaoaiMe iteaaher we acknowledge the hand
of 'Gbd; and reverently bow to Him, who
doetb all tbUgs well. . .
Sd. That bv her death tnerbildren of the
fitv havalnxta kind and faithful teacher;
'and W, a worthy and able co-worker. In
tft Max of education. "--. i-;l
- 3d. That her life was a constant example
of kindness, eentteness and patience, wpr
fhV tef the' Imitation of all. ; As a teacher
jfie VaP eminently successful, laboring not
only tMttrengtben the intellectual powers
f-kewpoplla,- but- also, to lncokrate Into
their minds the principles or a sound 'mor
ality, the only true, foundation of a true
education-. ' i!
4rh. That lnv their1 severe and sudden afr
diction we heartily and feelingly eympai
tfclza. with tlie friends and relatives of the
deceased; and firmly believe, that their
great loss is even a greater gain to her.
5tu. That a copy of theea resolutions be
sent to the friends of the deceased, be pub
lished in dailv Diners of the cltr. and be
entered by the Secretary among the min
utes of tne.teacners meetings. .-
'- Mr. A: BboWw, "".") Committee
Miss Anna Carter, 'V 4 on
Miss Antonia Mbes,) Itesolutlons. !
E. O. Vailb, Secretary
I H CO C 't ' 'i'
FanX' Kkmble s - Rs ADrKGS 3y the
advertisement It wlH be seen that Mrs.
Frances Anne KembleJs to read Shakes-
peaxe's great tragedy of King Lear in this
city.bn Tuesday evening, Nov. 17th. Thl
is an intellectual treat not often given our
cltlzeBS. Mrs. Kemble la one of the besti
if not the .best, reader, of Shakespeare' in'
the' world. . Now, that we ar- to have the
pleasure pf .a. ,r,ead,ipsf,,rpm her, sboil,
Sketch of her career will be of interest
Sbe was born In London. In 1811, mak
ing-; her -present age fifty-seven. She
seems ; to nave oeiongea very legitimately
to the stage, her ancestors,., fbr : several
sreeratioUavinar been of that prefesvioiR
and the celebrated, actregg, Mrs. Siddons,
was an aunt of hers. "It seems in youth
she manHe8ted. no special predilection lorr
the. Uf?.X ariactress; but owing to embar-&
irassed circumstances of her father's family,
the was induced, when nineteen years of
airewlt Jtnake debut at Convent Garden-
Theater, then under the management of
her father. She-was -auocesetul, and dur
insr the three- following vears . performed
leading parti, both In tragedy and comedy,
with great success. In' 1832 -she ' accora-'
panied her father to the-Uniteu States, andn
n her profession, met. with an enthusias
tic reception in all the chief cities of the!
country. In 1834 ahe- was . married tQ:
Pierce BuHerf EsqiioCPblladelphia, and
retired, as she thought,- finally-;. from the'.
Stage. The marriage was not a hapy one,
and -'a; ''separation took' place by mutual'
consent, twjjea, she establlsbed,, het reei-i
pence inLeanox, Massachusetts. In 1849,
a dlvoroe'trorn her husband was granted by1
the Pennsylvania .'.Legislature, when
she "resumed her maiden name of
Kemble.' o-Mrsv Butler. , prnrioas -' to
her separation , "from '. her hus
band, had become an author, and had pub
lished ber first .work In prose." entitled UA I
Journal of a Kesidenoe In America," which
waschb fly devoted to a description of her
tour through the United States.;,' In 1837,
She published a drama,- '"The Star of Se
fHle;'' Which met with success; and in 1S41,
She published a volume of poems, some of .
tvhirh had previously appeared in print. v
In 1846 she traveled in Europe, and after-wards-
pubjehed an account of ber tour.
Buder tlie pleasant title of "A Year of Con
o!ation." - In ' 1849,- Miss' Kemble com- -menced,
in Boston, a series of Shakspeart-J.
an readings, which drew crowded audi
en ces, and. In -the two following years, she
repeated the course of readings in several
of the principal cities of the country. In
1851 she visited England,' and reappeared
for a brief period on the stage. After-.-,
Afterward she gave readings in Loudon
and other partsbf the Kingdom, when she '
made another: Jong!- Continental tour re
turning to this country in 1856, and from -that,
time until 1860, she was constantly '
engaged in giving readings, v ;'
j Family Mabkhts. Anxious to assist the ; .
endeavors of all good housekeepers to keep .
their larders or pantries well supplied, we .,
append below'a list of the prices of our 7
lahilly markets. : The game and fish mar
ket it corrected for us by C A. Wagner;
East -State street,, and we shall try and
niuke the report of this market a regular '
feature; of our paper, fatisflel that it will
be a grrat convenience to our readers:
i WrtnVenlfon steak' -30c; other cuts'
2025 :' Squirrels 12l5 eacli; .Prairie .1
Ciiiekens.are selling at $1 a pair. -with but
asHght demand; mallard ducks, $1 a pair; '
teal ducks. 50c; quail, $2 50 per dozen; wild
seese, 60075 1 ab: turkeys. 16e, per: ft:
" --vv -r-- . . . -
I Sfeals, Butter and Earn Tbe prices asked
St the markets tor meats, butter,- ergs, etc., "
are as follows Steaks, best cuts, 18 ; mut
ton chops, 15 : pork chops thesnm-; gans
Ke;18cper ft; corned beef. 810c; vral,
choice cuts. 20e. , Butter, 40ioi per ft;
cheese, 2628j; eggs, 25 30c per dozen,
and lard 23c per ft. ' The demand has not"
been very great of late, although suppll-8
are luruishfd ta ceaular pttrona ia, euffl- -
lap t quantities to keep the prices-at these .,
ft ores for the present. v
Finli and Oysters. The weather for some
time. pat has been quite favorable to deal--''
efs. White fish are selling for 10c; her
rings tbe same: pickerel do: blue nsh 20c: -
codtuh lSc,; 'Striped baas 20c; halibut 25. ;
Oysters are becoming more plentiful, and '
less.ofia.juxqry.. ilie following w about
the average prfe asked bythe retail deal
ers: Double X 40c to 60j per fiuart; A,
t elect, 65ev a .'. - -
i Veaetablet Are quite plentiful, and, con-
sldeuiig the season; of the year, the price
cpftiliitres'very reasonable indeed. The tol-"
lowingrare the selling rates: Irish pota
toes 74c per bu; beets 75c; turnips 7ocl;
onions $1 25; sweet- potatoes 60c per peok;
cabbage 6 10c per bead; pumpkins 19
zuc eacn; Fquasnes tne same. ,
f ruits lu some branches of tbe fruit
trade there is a decline in prices, and Indi
cations show' that the -rates will 'be still
lower in a few days.. Just now the follow-;
Ineis ahout the average price:- -The best
Catawbas sell fbr 12)n per pound; Isabel
las, 12c; apples $3 504 00 per barreL- .
Watch Pk h s h k t ation .--M r. J. E. Hart-
man, tbe efficient superintendent ot tbo .
hew St." Joseph's Cathedral, waa very agree
ably surprised on Saturday evening last
by being requested by tlie workmen under
his charge at the Cathedral, to accept from,
them watch and chain, in token of their
appreciation of bis ability as superintend
ent. In making the presentation, tbe men
referred to the fact that Mr. Hantaan Jiad -found
it necessary to modify manyot the'
original plans given him to 'work npon,
and so successfully had changes been made
and. tbe entire work.managed, that not on
ly "as workmen of the building,
but- ' as directly t interested parties
In its " ' success, ' ' ' did . they ' feel
called npon to attest their high esteem of
Mr. Hartman as a competent superinten
dent and a man. i The donors had received
no special favor from Mr. Hartman as su-.
perintendent; they had simply done their
duty- as worklngmenj bad received just'
and fair treatment in return at his hands.
and chaise to donate a watch in token ot
their esteem, .; '.'. ..." , .. -
', Tbegift was a magnificent American
sliver watch, chronometer .balance, and
massive si'ver chain, and was received by
the superintendent with unfeigned emo
tion&Ot.s'virprUe and pleasure. !: i
; New iT4i-6piiRATivB Compasy. The
Franklin Cd-pperaMve Agricultural Com
pany filed its certificate of incorporation '
with th Secretary of State on Saturday.
It is organized for tbe purpose of estab
lishing a mechanical and industrial asso
elation for the manufacture ot agricultural
and' mechanical -Implements, doors, sash,
blinds, &c. Principal offlc j in Kent, Port
age co-mty.. Capital stock $20,000, with
the privilege of increasing it to $50,000, in
'shares 'of $100 each. James Glass, A, D.
Power, Geo. W. Lafurge, Geo. B. Jones,
Geo. S. Howdon, E. E. Simpson, Jos. B.
Piatt, George H. Euggles, Eobt.: McKeon
and D. S. Kockwell are the corporators.'
!xSaaoot .tecoW.-r-.Theri ware ! several
plain drunk cases before the Mayor on Sat
urday, not one of them possessing a point
bt Interest.
John Donahoe, don't know who took him
to the calaboose. He was too limber drunk
for that. He was fined to and, In default,
baramereUi"',- s ii- '--'
Ben Sprague's drunk verged on the con-
plieated-orderjof rch!tectr: There wag
lust the least suspicion of a disposition -to
be disorderly mixed with his drunkenness.
He was fined f 5 and costs, and he, alsc,
a am mere iu. v y'.'-y-f . i- r r- 5:
John' Flanagan, a 'Zinesvillan, came' all
he way here to sample our benzine. It
was too many for him. He fell, and in de
fault of $5 hehammereth.
Mary McGuire doth often aspire to get ag
drunk as a lord, j She .tried. It on' Friday,
and the result was that she received per
mission to board for tb.a ntxt ten days in
Castle Earhart. ' -. -
The White Boys in Blue. There was a
story circulated on election day, that a
memberofthe gun squad-of the White
Boys in Blue had deserted to the enemy,
and lotd his- votVto the Radicals' 'The
members of the organization, satisfied that
the story was false,"" yefanxious to be able
to furnish the proof to the world, -called
a courtxtf inqulry.-tbe resulkof which
was the acquittal of Wm'. Kraft," the mem
ber charged with desertion. He sends us
!the following ear for publication : " : "
; Editor 'Ohio' "Staksmak: It'- having
been asserted publicly that I accepted mon
ey, aa one of the Whit. iBoys in Bine,:e
vote the republican ticket, 1 hereby de
nounce whoever said go as a radical liar. I
never accepted a bribe, and 1 voted the
Democratic ticket at the last election, and
expect to vote it at the : next election. I
hope the Radical slanderers who have villl
fieil me are satisfied with this. I had rath
er be chareed with crimathan'with voting
their revolntioaary ticket. - Wm. Kbaft.
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 9, 1868.
New Pristinci Company. The certlfl-
fcate of Incorporation of the Dayton Print
ing and Publishing. Company was filed in
the Secretary of State's "office on Saturday.
tt is organized for the purpose 6f printing
and publishing a newspaper in Dayton, and
to establish and maintain a job printing of
fice.; .The capital jBtock is- $100,000,., In
shares of $50 each.. E. W. Davies, Peter
P.'Lowe, John Howard, Adam Prltz Sam
uel D. Edgar and Robert G. Cor win are tbe
corporators. This lgcorporaj.ton;la hi op
position td the Dayton Journal,. now con
ducted by W. D. Bickham, who has incur
red the hostility of the followers of Bob
Schenck. Bickham will have an oppor
tunity to sell to tbe new corporation ; If he
will not, then he wil have to run 'opposi
tion to more money than he can con
Vehfently command. ...Jil i ;' "
A Sad CAsa.-T-Last, Thursdays a yoang
woman named Sarah Harness came from
Stark county to thia city; She came here
to find some acquaintances living In the
neighborhood before starting for Philadel
phia. She was unsuccessful in ber aearchi
nd while riding to the depot In a wagon,
sW' fainted' and (elj,'3tjr f,he, ground, the
wheels of the vehicle passing .over Iter
breast. She was taken to tho boarding
bouse of Mrs. Althbue7 on North High
street, and was kindly cared for. . It . was
thought at first that her injuries were but
slight, hot Saturday afternoon-she died'.
Mrs. Atthouse procured a coffin and yester
day had her decently interred. The de
qeased woman was without funds and was
a stranger in the city;--All honor to the
noble woman' who thus performed a sister's
part by the dying tranger.
IT. M. C. A. Election of officers for tbe
ensuing term, takes place thisf evening.' A
full attendance i requested bv 7- o'clock.'
ni . ; - -FOB '' i '.
i j.:. . t - .... . :
tiadlee it) CroxLtlemen,
No. 27 East State Street,
; TLatb C. A iVVagner's.
Every' delicacy In season served up at
this establishment lb the finest and best
style... :.--.'!:." . - .
: Families supplied with all kinds ot Gam',
and Oysters by the ran.
Private Supper Room for Ladies and
i- , ; ..; r Proprietors,
i nov9-lw-
The live Oysteman, 16 E.Broad street, '
gives' (for fifty cents) a well filled can of
Spencer,. Auger &Co.'s prime oysters ' .
and a ponnd of butter crackers. .
; CoLtiMBCS Business Collkob furnishes
situations to its graduates. - .' novfl-lt
Jewelry made and repaired by Chas.
E. Smith, 27 South High street, over Bain's
store..- ,.nov6d3m
1 ' m
from G. F. J. Colhorn, Doctor of Dental Surgery
- Newark. N. J i -
j The popular Dentifrice known i-s S:z--dont,
besides being a very pleasant addi
tion to the toilet, contains Ingredients that.
if used, according to the directions, will
prove or the greatest utuity to tne neaitn
of the mouth and teeth.
"Spaldisg's Glue,", with Brush, always
ready for use;- ---vY-junel5-eod6m-cw
1 Don't fail to join the classes at Columbus
Business College this eveuing. nov9-lt
Howto save Doctor Bills? An Im
portant question in these high tarlfl times,
but easily answered. Go, or send and get.
one of Dr. Humphrey's cases op Homoeo
path Specifics. A full case, with' book
ot directions, costs but $10, and with it you
may prevent or treat successfully nine-
tenths of all diseases occurring In your fam
ily and save so much of Doctors' fees.
Sold by druggl8ts,or8entfree on receipt f
the price. Address Humphreys' Spectfic
Homoeopathic r Medicine Co;562 Broad'
way, N. Y. " " - Jyl3-d&wly-cw
No graduate of Columbus Business Col
lege ever failed to give satisfaction to bis
employer. ! ' . noVO-lt
Millinery Reception. Mr. Simmons,
Opera Block, invites tbe ladies to an in
spection ot winter styles to-day.
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper's
oct7-dtf .'
N cghton's Store. Call and. see the
great reduction in prices. nov7-d2t
Gloss & Wilper's Restaurant open day
and night! " . oct7-dtf
Jewelry, cheap at Simmons'. -
Naugbton is selling . jail 4li best prinU
at 12) cents per yard. ; nov7-d2t
For Sale House and -lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. Vf. Moore, No. 48 West North
octl3-dtf . '
Hair Switches, Coils fcc,
at Simmons'
A thing of beauty is not a joy forever,
but like spring flowers fade. Not so with
those elegant cassimeres of Charley Nls-
wander. Tbe memory of tbem, like the
color, will never fade, and Stimson's band!
"work completes the thing of beauty. - .
Naughton is selling heavy bed comforts
at $350 each. nov7-d2t
Holoway's . Pill8v Colds and Sore
Throat. The foundation of a cold or af
fection of the throat that lasts the winter
through Is often laid In autumn. If you
are-threatened with disease of any ot the
respiratory organs, rub tbe external sur
face night and morning with Holloway's
Ointment and keep, the bowels regular
with Hollow ay's Pills. A cold, cough or
sore throat promptly treated in this way is
speedily cured, and all danger of consumption-
r . bf enobttis ,-avouled.r Sold s bft all
DrnggUts-ilS MyO-dlyj-cWj
Bleached and brown muslins very
cheap at Naughton's. nov7-d2t
Whooping-Coush l Ahoopin Cough I !
Is -well known as a tdrig, "tedious; and of
ten dangerous disease among children
not ud frequently inducing convulsions,
pr.euiDopia.or resulting tn decliBe. O0
Rcho6r"medIcinand the arums' of ' the shop
do but little or nothing for It. Humph
rey's Homeopathic-Specific for Whoop
ing Cough works wonders, quiets and re
lieves the cough, and if given earlyt ar
resfeJts further progress, while In all cases
it Soon winds; tip and cures (She disease.
Prfco5p bents per box.x, Sold; by all deal
ersor sent by mail. Addresi Humphreys"
Specific Homoeopathic Medicine Co.
562 Broadway, N. Y.
jyl3wIJw'I IJIIOril
Naughton is oflerlng blankets very
cheap. nov7-d2t
, Nervous PtBrxjr, with its gloomy at-.
itendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory vilil -threatened Impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure" In Hum
phreys' Homeipathlo Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once -at the root ol the matter, tone up the'
system, arrest the discharges; and -Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. fPrice $5 per package pf six box-i
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, andsent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Bpecific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway, New York. . jyW-deod&wly-:''
I sw.! -mm - - ' r V
Naughton is selling Waterproof cloak
ing at $1 12 per yard. : ; 1 nov7-d2t A
New York, October 13, 1867.
Dear Sib :-.It is with much pleasure that
I say to you'that I consider the Planta
tion Bitters of untold value. In the fall
of 1867 1 was taken'withrCbills and'FeveC
with tlie most Severe pains In my chest ana
head. It was with great difficulty that
could breathe. My lungs were greatly dis
tressed,' and there was severe pain in my
right' side by1 spells. I "could hardly get
bp from my bed. I called a Doctor, who
attended me all winter without tbe least
benefit..' About tlie flrst of Auguslfl, tori
tne teed using your Plantation Bitters
a wine-glass full three times a day and
have used it - most of the timeinee. and I
am now well and- strong, able to do all my
own work and the care ot a' large family.
Yours, &c-, Susan Wilson.
Magnolia "Wateb. Superior to the best?
Imported German Coloj ne, and sold at half
tho price'.' ' : " ' ' .- ' ' '
; HNY-sept25-deo(l&wlycw
i Furs very cheap at Naughton's.
j cov7-(12t :r ' ' T1 1 i!.M!
Fine Wines, Liquors asd Delicacies.
Emil Ambos has now in store at. his rooms
No. 242 South Fourth 'street, one of the r
choicest selected stocks of Wines, liquors and
delicacies ever brought to this city" The
selections have been made with an especial
view to the, want ot tbis market, aad pt;
rbhs rna Test assured of getting only gen
uine and unadulterated stocks of wines and
liquors, imported as well aa domestic. The
wine lists embrace the celebrated Fox
Champagne, Green Seal, Fleur .de Sillery, .
Star Brand,"SparkITng Catawba, Sherry,
Madeira, Port, Sweet Malaga, Claret, Sau
ternes, Rhine, &c, &c, Jn brandies there .
is "tJognac, California Sonoma, Catawba,
Cherry, Peach and Blackberry. The stock
of pure choice Ram, Gin and Bitters Is also
complete. The justly celebrated "Aechtes
Schweizer Kirschenwasser" may be found
at this house, warranted pure.
I In the line of delicacies we enumerate
genuine Swiss and Limburgh Cheese, Sar
dines, Anchovies, French and Holland
Mustard, &c, &c.,-Ac.' ---
. , Mr. Ambog will continue to conduct a
first class establishment In every particu
lar, and by stocking his house only with
the choicest goods," and by giving prompt
attention to business,, he is entitled to a
large share of public patronage'.
Call and see the great variety of dress
goods at Naughton's. ' nov7-A32t
Alisma removes' and prevents dartdrnfT;
which is the result of a languid, unhealthy
condition, ofthe, surface, vessels, of he,
scalp-a premonitory symptom of the falli'
log off of the hair. A daily application of
the Alisma, with a tree use of the brush,
will soon tree the bead from dirt and dan
draff. nov7-d&wlt
i . . SPECIAL .NOTICES. .... .
fttOVIDKNCB. B. I., having tbe largest mftnu
factorr of Solid Silver "Wsre in the world, with
the moat improved maohin rj, and employing the
most skille f labor, are enabled to offer an fin-'
equalled variety of new and beautifnl designs in
Dinner Hemic ea. Tea Sarvieea, and every artiola
specially adpted for Holiday and Bridal Gifta".
They offer alao their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Ware, in which the
hare introduced new patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver ia guaranteed to be of aterlin (
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to be auperior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these gooda may be obtained' from' responsible
dealers everywhere.
- i-i-lit'T y. 5 LI. .-..-Trade"
I.T.I Mark
Trade Mark t-rr
a. mm
A JebO
. . ' - Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lai e, H.Y, (
noTS&wtm-Fe NT
It is the only infallible Hair Preparation for
... -,r i GROWTH. .... :
It is the cheapest preparation ever offered to the
public, as one bottle will last longer and aeoompliah
morn than three bottles of any other preparation.
Our Renewer is not a Dye; it will not stain tha
skin as others.
It.wiU keep the Hair from ia'lingeut.; I .' i .
It oleanses the Scalp, and makes the Hair aoff
lustrous and silken.
R.P.HALL A CO., Nashua. N. H., Proprietors.
For sale by all Druggist.
july2S dltaw&wly-ciu
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, nest
(if h street, Colnmbns, Ohio, haa devoted himself
,r a series of years to the treatment of certain pri
rate disenaea. Homey b.eensulted at his offtot
Broadwa . lear tbe Kxohange Bank
The Treasury Department
Sensation in Leavenworth
Wormald and O'Baldwin
Portuguese in Mozambique.
A Disastrous Expedition.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
Naturalization Treaty with Bavaria.
."' rnrla.
The naturalization treaty wlth,Bivarla Is
officially prodainwdi- It la iri- substance
the same as the North German Treaty Al
ready promulgated, i ., , ,;
WASHINGTON, Oct. 7. Financial.
. Although tbe Secretary of th Treasury
believes he has power to reissue notes je
deemed but not cancelled, it is not deter
mined what he will do, as this d,p0nOd'6'n
fcircuratances: and acconlliii; to what Is
believed here of an improved condition of
tbe market, tt may not oecnme necessary
to resort to that means in order to afford
rtllel. " ';
Grant in Washington.
j General Grant arrived here last night on
a special train, by wav of Harrlsburr, ac
companied by Generals Smith, Coinstot-k.
Baaeau and J. Russell Jones, and Quietly
proceeded to his home in the northern part
ot the city. Thia ruornlusrhe attendad
Key. Dr. SanderlandV church. r ,
Wade and Colfax.
j ,Senator-,Wada arrived -.last" night, and
Speaker Collax will reach Washington to
morrow morning-; They will. In' accord
ance' with the Congressional concurrent
resolution,' arljuiru both houses on Tues
day till the first Monday in December.
Sensation in Leavenworth—Senator
Pomeroy Fulfilling a Pledge.
Quite a was last
eveirtnx by the tulfiUuientof a pledge made
by Senator Jromeroy Denire tbe election,
that If Laven worth county gave a Repub
lican majority he would walk bareheaded
through the , streets of this city. He was
followed by an immense crowd, composed-
ot tanners in procession, witu torcnes ana
transparencies, and citizens of all political
opinions, who are crowding the streets
along the line of procession to witness the
novel spectacle ot our Senator trudging
through the streets to the music of a band.
In view ot the fact that every one was sur
prised at the result of the election in this
county, the Republicans are making the. oc
casion one of great jollification.
River News.
1 Weather pleasant. River 5 feet 10 inches
and lalliug. Mercury 45 degrees.-'
' The fish oil and glue factory of Plncns,
VVest&UO., was totally destroyed oy hre
early this morning. Loss $12000, with no
Insurance. - The fire Is supposed to be the
work of an incendiary. ; '
BUFFALO, Nov. 7.
Kate Johnson, the murderess, was sen
tenced this morning to be hung Dec. la.
General Grant.
General Grant arrived here at noon to
day. He was presented to a large assem
bly, bnt merely bowed his acknowledg
ment of the cheers that greeted hits ap
pearance. He lelt for. Washington at 1:30.
The National bank and commission
warehouses of A. B. Bucker and Geo. D
Davis and Sons, were destroyed by .tire this
morning. Loss heavy, partially insured
Grant's Majority in Pennsylvania.
tab1 makes Grant's ma
jority in Pennsylvania 28 397.
Election News from Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 7.
'Eightv-five counties, part of them offi
cial, give Grant 17.82S majority. Esti
mated returns from the remaining counties
will increase It to about 30,000. The same
counties gave McClurz (Radical) for Gov
eruor, 13.513, which will be increased to
about 16,000.
AUGUSTA, GA., Nov. 7.
Additional returns continue to Increase
the Democratic majority. From, present
indications it will reacb 40,uuu. ;
Returns from part of the counties give
Seymour and Blair maiorities ot 14.151,
and Grant maiorities of 23,600. Nearly all
the inhabitants ot the remaining counties
are white and will probably give majori
ties sufficient to overcome the majorities of
the negro counties. The result is doubt
ful. ..
North Carolina.
WILMINGTON, N. C., Nov. 7.
Returns now in are sufficient to show
that the State has gone for Grant by a con
siderable majority, though the Conserva
tives made large gains. It is believed that
the estimate of the Morning Star, given
VVednesdny, approached correctness. That
give the State to Grant by 8,000. Returns
from the mountain district to-night show
the election of Durham (Conservative) to
Congress. The delegation stands five Re
publicans and two Conservatives, a Demo
cratic gain of one. The official count In
creases the Republican majority iu New
Hanover county, inoludlng Wilmington, to
167, a Republican gain of 245. ,
Fight in a Lodging House.
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.
Shortly after twelve this morning a fight
took place between Bernard Meholens. pro
prietor of a lodging house at No. 36 Spring
street, and several ot bis lodgers. Mehol
ens was stabbed In the abdomen, leg and
arms, by a ruffian named John Stanley.
Another man named John Vlckers, who
was engaged In the fracas, was also stab
bed by Stanley lu the leg and arm. Me
holen's wounds are of a serious nature, and
it is feared that he will not survive. John
Vlckers' wounds are of a serious but not
dangerous character. Stanley was arrest
ed by an officer and the wounded men were
removed to Bellevue Hospital.
The Union League Committee.
The committee of the Union League to
Investigate the naturalization frauds in
this city is composed of seven gentlemen,
as follows: Vf. E Dodge, Horace Greeley.
Moses H. Grin veil, Isaac Sherman John
H. Bailey, Marshall Ov Roberts and John
H. White. ., 1 - (,!.. ,.y
Error Corrected.
An error in tbe Kinzs county returns
has been corrected, and the Republicans
now.' have- two Assemblymen instead ot
one among tne delegation. J' '
Wormald and O'Baldwin.
. The renort that Wnrmalri anil O'RMrl
win fought in Putnam county. New YorkJ
on Tuesday, is false. O'Baldwin has been:
lor some time In this city, and Wqrmald m
under bonds in Boston not to leave thfej
State for pugilistic purposes. 11
A nleasant reunion of the New 'RncrTiinfl'
Club was held at the Union League club!
rnnmft lnsr. niurllf. Th. nnnmainn txraa th.
unveiling of Ball's colossal bust of Daniel
Webster, presented to the society by Mr.
Wm. H. AsDlnwall. Addresses were made
by this gentleman, by Mr. Jas. H. Choate,
Air. Jag. Hoxie and Rev. Dr. Bellows. ' ui
Matrimony and Forgery.
Thursday evening i Frederick Bondv. a
native of Austria, twenty-four vears of
agej, marrle.d. 8young lady oJdusLxitsv-of
excellent iamily, great beauty and high
character. Tola husband of 'a. day toe at
laet night In a cell, a confessed forger. He
was tbe confidential clerk or'Aronzon (fc
Brothers, and had foreed checks -on their
btnk against them. 9 On being arraigned
tbe prisoner freely confessed: his guilt add
stated that he had spent $280 lor passage
ticket to California for bimseli and lip,
by the steamer which sails -next Monday.
The remainder of the money he had spelt
ainuer 01 tne money be bad speat
oa jeweiryt
Election Items.
ah fijnres Seymour's msjority at
(The Sun flarnrea Sevmonr'a malorltv
if j x- , t j. - - -
Ahe Zimes figures Seymour's matorifcvt
6,003. - . . - , ','...,
The World figures Seymour's majority at
2.565, and Hoflman'a at 31.629; -1. una
The Tribune makes Seymour's m .
7,441, and Hoffman's 23.830 J.. ' -J"V
TheTVerld figures Seymour's maioritTln
New Jersey at 2,983, and RtiudqlpU'a .Xdr
Governor, at4.208..,. , -, .. ...
The Fouth Congressional District of Jfew
Jersey is still in doubt.. Republican au
thority elects Raflerty by one vote. . .
Ex-Queen Isabella.
Ex-Queen Isabella. PARIS, Nov. 7.
Er-Queen ' Isabella of Snain and auita
United States and Cuba.
A Madrid correspondent of the Inde
pendence Beige writes to that journal that
the Provisional Government of Spain will
entertain no proposal from, the - United
States looking to tbe purchase of Cuba. ;
Portuguese Expedition in Mozambique
LISBON, Nov. 7.
I Accounts have inst been, received here
announcing the almost complete annihila
tion of tbe Portuguese-expedition in Mozi
ambique, South Africa. This expeditionU
which consisted of -about six hundred sol
dier?, with artillery, fca., was sent Into the
interior of that country, where it . was at
tacked by the natives.. -Nearly, all tbe sol
diers were killed and their artillery, small
arms and ammunition captured. Barely
Mxty escaped to the sea eoast with their
HveS. -;.-: : : I' I r; 7 !--;'! : -.
Madrid Items.
MADRID, Nov. 8.
Marshal Searrno has confirmed the an-
Fiolntment of General, Prim as Commander-n-Chief
ot the armies of Spain, 1 -
I At brigade of infantry ill sail for Ha-
rana on the 15:h Inst.
General Dulce has postponed his-departure
lor Cuba until December. ;
Probable Liberal Majority.
LONDON, Nov. 7.
I The Libral patty. In view of present in
dications of the pending campaign, esti
mate that they will have a majority in the
new Ionise of Commons ot at least 100.
Burned at Sea.
i The bark Kate Danton, Captain Slocum,
of S;. John's. New Brunswick, from Liv
erpool. July 13th, for Bombay, was burned
at sea on the 2Sth of September. The Cap
tain. Second Mate and ten of the crew had
arrived at St. Helena, but the fate of. the
rest of the crew was unknown. ,. . . ;
Desertions from the Papal Army.
LONDON, Nov. 8.
Dispatches from Italy report that the
Papal army continues to be depleted by.
desertions, which are on the increase. '
1 ' : ' : ' V . -;
Excitement Allayed.
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.
I The Herald's Havana special says : The
excitement here is entirely allayed since
the-last news from Spain. General Do
mingo Dulce, our late Captain General, Is
ordered here with four transports and a
body of troops, to keep order on the island.'
Puerto Principe.
The Count Balmazeda has gone to Pnerto
Principe with a detachment of artillery.'
According to the R volutionary authorities
the entile jurisdiction of Puerto Principe
has risen against the Government. They
claim that tbe rebels bold Santa Cruz, and -that
they are firmly established at Bayamo,
where they have set up a press to issue
Revolutionary publications. The slaves
are armed with machetes, and fight desper
ately. Captain General Lcrsundl Is deter
mined to have tbe rebel leaders who hail
from St. Domingo and the Spanish main
shot. . -., i , .1, t i.. i- :
Additional Havana News.
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.
!.A Havana letter of the 1st says tho ia
snrgents have a Provisional Government,'
and hope soon to be recognized by the
United States. The principal leaders, An
quilera, Cespedes, Arleogaes and others are ,
very wealthy." Some Americans are In the !
rinks. . Anquilera and Cespedes have lib
crated the slaves who Joined the army of.
the insurgents. It was believed ) Puerto
Principe, Villa Clarra, Penaz. de Brio and
other important places in .the central and
western departments would soon join
cause with the eastern Insurgents. : '..'
HALIFAX, Nov. 7.
Tlie steamship Marmon, from Savannah
7th, 10 A. H., when near Scotland light
ship, was run into by tbe steamship Gen
eral Meade, striking ber amidships and
cutting ber down below the water line.
The Meade took off part of tbe crew and
passengers and brought them to the city,
the Captain and remainder of the crew re
maining by the ship. The pteamer Lacka
wanna has been sent to her assistance. The
General Meade was so much injured that
she run ashore, on Jersey Flats, to prevent
sinking. '
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 7.
GOLD 133 buying. 1
EXCHANGE DuU at 50 discount buy
ing. . r . - ; r .-
New York Money Market—Nov. 7.
A telegram from Washington to the effect
that the Secretary had decided that he haa
a right to reissue 944.000.000 of legal ten
ders, making the maximum circulation'
9400,000,000, had a magic influence on Wall
street this morning, and gloom and depres
sion gave way to cheerfulness and buoyan
cy. There was a sharp rebound in values
from the extreme prices ot yesterday, and
a great rush to buy. Upon Inquiry at the
Sub-Treasury, we learned that Mr. McCul
loch had written a letter to Mr. Van Dyck,
in which he regrets the money pressure,
but has no desire to interlere between spec
ulators in Wall street; but in event of the
panic extending outside, or the National
credit suffering therefrom, he would feel
ponstrained to relieve matters by reissuing
some of the greenbacks withdrawn irom
circulation but not cancelled.
Mr. Van Dyck says if the speculators ex
pect him to run up a large balance here
to relieve them they will be disappointed,
but If there is any run on the treasury
with 3 per cent, certificates or matured
compound notes, then greenbacks would
likely be reissued to a certain extent.
The Secretary further says in his letter
that he will not sell any more gold or bonds
at present; also that the announcement of
theBe facts tend to restore confidence. -This
puts a different face on matters and
shows the greenbacks are only to bo re
issued in certain emergencies. When this
became known it putadamperon the spec
nlation for a rise, and there was a central
decline from the highest point. ' "
Tbe money market is easy, and call loans
were Made at 7 'ber cent. Thi trttranJr
demaod is IpsSf urgent, and altogetberxhsre
w t-mmf r ami more ronnnfns,feeung.
- STEELING Dull at lOfiffllOflU.
" GOLD Buovantj ppenett at Wleinrl
closed? afr I84(3l544'.- Thia was caused
by parties caUiuir tn cold loan. Tnnu,i.
ftiotis ' were tfnuatiauy;-Tfittfe?i,,the;,ffKa8
clearings ' beiugYa hodmiad. foro.
uur uiuuons.
, . k : .. i -z. i: .iiio .DaijiiTi;
New York Money Market—Nov. 7. New York Stock Market—Nov. 7.
Uin-wns of 'SI .-1130113; d07aljs
lysy, tip '64 107ai07i; do "69 WT4
do-hew 109$! 10: db B7;lrBTiaiITi
cloeihg'.wiUt a feverish anrljTAlcpljiruirml
tendency. ! , ";--r"'"
;!. 00 prlee -r- Wells' ExpresavayigaT
American .42ia)44ji Adain.-4ftifc1,
ah ants' Unlou, 2IJ22; Pacific Maiff TSW
TTesiern,-, Ajpion Aeiegrapb 3a3i54'
Yqrft JCeDtraI.l23K124; iwSM
3a Wabash 66xa56; Fort Wavne 108l
109;., Ohio & .'MUiaisaippi 2923iiv Micuij.
gaii', SoBtherh:8iS3;..liisoia Central
i4z: 'i-iitsDuren MgH4; -roio V93
lOlj-Roek 'Mand '41-41: Northwestern
78. . f n mtr.lt Ijttl
New Market—Nov. 7.
COTTOS-irOpened rather - mtm
but closed duU and .;ipwfir,'witli4alesi .i
2oa2tfo fpr:ridcUuig uplands, closing at
" FLOTiR-oseguiet
posed to realize. T
WHEAT Nominally unchanged; blv
pers and millers insist' upon.asiei prices;
..JlYE-Dull and heavy at '-a8al 8 teli
weaterfthi-i'-Aa.it .A.
OATfWALowef anff a61li75e'te).'','
CORN Dull at MltriI13 for unsound,
and tl 15al 1BJ Hot sound mixed western.
POEK Steady; $2773 for" mess.'qaah'and,
. Bhtub Dull and heavrrf:.!it-r.A n-.u.i,a
CUT MEATS Nominal.'"- ''' " '
. ACON Nominal.'. ' 'rf'-'iv;."'1
' L 1RD-Dull- 16al7c fair"to p'riDMi
ii-GGS Steady at-3437c.
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 7.
FLOUR-No material chaairwii o
WHEAT No material change.
CORN Doll for old and It was not sale
able at the eiose better thaa SSefnew tt?
fair demand at 6063y; !" ' f .'.
OATS-Unchanged iaad fflth A jfaiir doH
mand.. '.....:
RYE Unchanged anditn,,i1 tAt'i
aland. ' f .," . "7 V- ;
? BARLETi-$2 lor 6.i:ititi spring,
and $2 25 for Canadian. -,ry ,n,ia
COTTQN-pull at ' dt&Mi
uplands. . '. .i x i ,j
WHISICY-i-Jn moderate demand at 105,
TOBACCO No sale of tobacco to-day. J
,PPKK-S8le it $24. "rr..wJ
LARD Sa!a at lil6b"ibrs prinaJ
steam and kettle rendered. '' 1 '
cBACONScarc and held firmly Wflfa
lCJlS19e for shoulders, sides, elearritH
and clear side, -but buyers offer iD lessrthe
demand Is light but the stock Is Small" -"1
' GREEN M EATS Quiet at 7i10(ai2W
the weather is too warm for-curiiig,.tQerw
for not miicb- done. -' 'i' "' . vma
''SjLcJ V vsl,iiji bra xb
EG(Sr-30c. (-! in.. ,nlli Y 12av3
"UGX-R-PirmJat ISOlSe.-' ""T;.-i
COFFEEfrB ,iair duaua.,:ai'32(j56
tfisy liiitter rate for choice. .'i . i - ,oi t.n
FLAX SEED Dull at $2 20.-' -" ""!' ''
LINSEED OIL-wDulI1 and, prices riomf.
nal ' I, hi
LAR D Ol L Steady at tl 401 45. - -PEIROLEUM-Dttll
si38O30o lor re-
'HOGSADali' at 6 7o7 70 gross
! ol i,int
Baltimore Cattle Market—Nov. 5.
!BfiEvCATTLE-The offering :at the"
scales during tbe; past week amountto 2643 i
head, against 2316 last weekv Of tl aum--ber
oftVred 662 head earae from West Vir
ginia, 653 from Ohio, and 303 from Virginia!
over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad ; EC1
Irom Virginia, 301 .from Maryland; and. 23i
from Pennsylvania on foot,' 'and 3 from
Maryland by boat. Of the receRts 905 head
were taken by Baltimore butchersi CM sold1
to farmers for grazing, 933 to speculators'!
for other markets, and the balance were rwf 1
shipped to the East without Toeing offered J
'here.'' Prices to-day-,ranged as, .follows;
Old Co ws and Scalawags at f 3 5Q4V ordin
ary mm ateert uxen anti- cow MS4 w;'
fair . to : good., Stock Cattle -vf 5(g5 50;--farri t
quulity Beeves $66. .50, aodh) ery pest
Beeves 6 50.S 100 , R's ther averagq
price being about $5 50' grosk- 'The map-'8
ket closed dull at a decline from -pie rates' '
of.last wetk of 250-,100 fiS4..but,;clueflyr.I
on the lower grades of Cattle.;. -...Kr-.tu
SHEEP. The supply during', the iafit
week has been greatly in excess of tbe de
mand, and the market is very cmWbutquo'1!
tationa unchanged. iPrices to-day, ianfeed
as lollowsj Fair to good la,t sbeep at 2) w
AM cents tier S cross. - Stock sheen at. SI Kli
2 50 per -liead.'. Lambs'. $1 502 50 per'3
head; am J -i : .-in t j
HOGS. The supply this week was smallf t
and tbe market more firm, but, no-chan
from the rates of last week. Prices ti - jy
ranged as follows: ' Fair to good' fattibgs'
lCrtlo0per 100 lbs. ' ; J J'"
1 - . nil ij.,il
Chicago Market—Nov. 7.
i FLOUR More active; spring extra at-
578. - .-. - -,' ,.;',,;.- ,Sr.';j ,t 'J "
i VVHET Firmer, iuiet and t 33o--v
higher; ales No. 1 at fllS121;No. 2at ,
1 12(31 14, elosing steady at $1 12 for regu-' 1
lar, and $1 12J for fresh receipt- no sales' 3
of No. 2 sini-e thange at$l 10, ; t ti i..;A
! CORN Unsettled and 83o higher: ,&
sales Noi l at 77c f No." 2 at 7172c; re- '
jected at 65, and new'shellerf at 4750c,;1
closln? at 49c ; - ; --g :i;.:,v . i ..J
' OATS-r-ln,liKhtderaaBd; firmer , -aid 2,w
2,c higher; sales No. 1 at 4546.:i re-elected
at 4t42iii closlngat 4646o for
No. 1 - - i ".'
RYE-rirmeK nniefc mtSd 4le higher;
sale8-No.lat103l:04. . ,'- ' , r
BARLEY Firmer, unsettled . and 2c,
higher; sales Nol at $1 4S1 50 in store, "
Motiing at $1 491 50; rejected at i $ 1 20 '
1 31. it '. 'ti .tiV. f--. ; : liif.tl i:.--6 oT
St. Louis 7.
j FLOUR Dulta'ni unchanged:'1!;"' " i "' '"1
WHEAT Slow and easier. -; lK ' , !3
; OOR5f Unchanged at 085clft''l !!!!
, OATS Firmer;at4853w f! i;.-!t
! RY'E Better at 110 U2c. ' .?.
BARLEY Weak. ' J h ' ' ult,
WHIfvJCY 103105j. :";;;r,"!l "
. PORK Unchanged at 2929Wcifori
old anil 926 for newvv t t i-t .v i.lalw
. T, VT TT 1 .
Dawn uiu-uangeu. .. ' i, y , -
1 ouvuuunuo hu ; r.iear Eiuea X33bO.
: LARD Lower at lfiUe '
Toledo Market—Nov. 7.
j FLOUR-rQniet. ;' tvW --a-
WHEAT Quiet and 23c better: sales :;
amber at $1 67; white Michigan 91 76; No.;,
2 spring 1 182'c. . . ', . , ' ' . , ,
; uuxtiN ae better out not active; Bales"'
I no. i at gu;
OATS A shade better; No, 163H54ck.-i
s i it x Hi u ncnangeo; sates j0 1 at Wl is. , ,,;
J ! BARLEY Dull. , ' l.
Buffalo Market—Nov. 7.
j FLOUR Steady. i t ..vi- vm-i m-.t't
i, WHEAT Entirely nominal.: r., : jk
CORN Active; sales 60,000 hush mixed
JV6Stftrtl At 05c. " "' ' - '-' ; . - f IT
1 OATS Dull; sales of western at 59(3600
i western to arrive at 59c. .-,.,. ..
! ; RYE-124. . r .. . . .,.1. .
f ; BARLEY Nominal. , - ' .' : ,
FREIGHTS Steady and unchanged. ' " '
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 7.
: DRY GOODS Tie general tone or the
' narket is quietude, but prices meantime
vill be maintained notwithstanding, the ..r
' tringency. in monetary circles.: Heavy-'''
rOwu sheetings bring 1516c ; printing
lorbs 77c; common to good prints .t
I2c for stanuard makes; 12c tor. Amos- i,
i eag; 13c for Cochecos and Merrlmacks; '
; Joe for New York Mills bleached muslin ; : '
( 5c for Bartletts ; 47o-for 10-4 Ellertoa. - i
I i l : 1 i riini I, . '.; ' ,t.
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 7.
i : FLOUR Firmer, city , XX 96 25C 50
1 WHEAT Uusettled at 91 27 for No 1 ia lrl
J itore. 1 ' - ' -;ni!
11 Fourth Street,' near Wain,' - "
f ,j. -. it n, rj i-i.t
::'' '' ' 1 'w ' fKf
dENRY P. ELIA8, - - - ,-' Proprieyr ; A
I I eated and eoDvenient to Lusinees, and to all
place for persona vlsniog tbe oit. No pains will
ba apared to mak th st7 ot guests pleaaant ia
ever; particular. mjli-dSm
-. r.

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