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id Statesman.
C. H. tXUOD, . I
Gold closed in New York yesterday t
135. :. ' '
Seedy Politicians at Work.
A special to the Cincinnati Enquirer,
dited Washington, D. C November 8
gives publicity to the statement that cer
tain politicians hare originated a sinful: r
moTement at Washington. This eioRui r
movement has for its object the casting of
the entire Electoral rote lor Gen. Grant.
The politicians who hare put this move
ment on foot are represented as professing
Intense solicitude that Gen. Grant should
give to bla administration a Conservative
direction. They credit him with a Con
servative inclination, and flatter them
selves that if the Democratic Electoral vote
should be thrown for him In connection
with the Republican Electoral vote, that
he would so far respect his manhood as to
pursue the line of policy that bis judg
ment points out as the right one. The En
quirer' special says:
A circular letter on this subj ect has been
addressed to Mr. Pendletou, Governor
Stevenson and General Preston, of Ken
tucky, A. H. Stephens and prominent Dem
ocrats of the North. The following la the
text ot the letter:
"WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 8, 1868.
"General: In my judgment, the wisest
thing tbe Democracy could now do would
be to throw their entire electoral -vote for
General Grant, as an indication of the fact
that, should he pursue a liberal, generous
and magnanimous course, they will sustain
him. It would also have the effect of not
leaving him altogether in tbe hands of tbe
adverse taction, and would doubtless
strengthen any purpose he may entertain
toward the conservative sentiment of the
country. This vote can not possibly do
Seymour any good, and thrown in the man
ner suggested would, at least, produce a
conciliatory impression.
Very truly, yours, &c.
This movement, we have no donbt, has
originated with seedy politicians who have
denominated themselves "Conservative."
Doubtless, they think that if this move
ment can W consummated they would be
come the recipients ot office. That's what
"Conservative course" means with them,
evidently. -rTha
Presidential Electors have a plain'
duty to perform. It is to throw their votes
just as the people of the respective States
voted. In tbe matter they have no election.
They are the agents of the voters, and the
voters are the only parties who can exon
erate them from the discbarge of this duty.
The matter Is not in the keeping of "Mr.
Pkdlxton, Governor Ststbnsok aDd
General-PseSton. of Kentucky, A. H
SrKPHBNS and prominent Democrats of the
North," and it is, therefore, impertinence
to bother them . with such nonsense.
Gen. Grant's majority is ample. His vote
assures him and the Republican politicians
that he is greatly stronger than the Re
publican party. He knows and they know
that the Democratic party Is committed to
a Conservative policy, and will, give to
such policy a satisfactory support. On
this Gen. Grant can rely." ' '
What, then, is to 'be' gained by making
the Electoral vote for General Grant ;
unanimous? Is such a vote calculated to ,
so strengthen Conservatism as to give it
supremacy in the Legislative department
of the Federal Government? Wiil it
cause the Radicals to forego their deter-
ruination to incorporate into the Federal
Constitution .an Amendment establishing
Negro Suffrage in all the States and Ter- :
r stories r vriu i. cutw . mcu w muuuv,.
their scheme of Africanizing the South, to
the end that tbe Republican party may be
a power therein! .Will it cause, tbem to
legislate in the Interest of the people, and
not in the exclusive interest of Manufac
turers, National- Banks, Bondholders and
Corporations whose existence depend up
on special privileges, the price of which
are paid In the sweat of the toiling and
industrial classes?
Assuredly, it would cause none of these '
things. ., . , 7
If General Grant would sacrifice his
convictions of Right, because tbe entire
Electoral vote may not be given to him, be i
must be an inconceivably vain man. A man :
whose vanity is so excessive that it it can- '
not be giatifled he will pursue a policy bis
judgment and conscience unite in con-,
demning, is a creature fit only tor contempt .
and not for compliments. Whatever the
Electors elected to vote tor StTMoua and'
Blau may do, .'the fact will nevertheless'
stand that the people of the States wherein
tbey received their, majorities have de
clared against the policy of the Republi
can party as illustrated in the past and as
loresbadowed in the future. That declara
tion will stand. ' Let it be recorded, then,
in the Electoral College.
No evidence exists that General Grant
will not be the pliant creature in the hands
of the Radicals." It is hoped that be will
not be ; and hence there is no sense in thus
indorsing him blindly in advance. As he
shows himself . worthy the support and,
commendation t the Democrats, ' be will I
receive inch support snd commendation ;
but it is cowardly toltender it in advance. It
Is unmanly, it is unworthy the. great
Democratic party, which by its stand, al
though In a minority, has conserved what
there is of Civil Liberty In this country, -,
and which will yet, if it shall remain true '
to its organization, its' principles and its
traditions, compel the administration of
this Government in the interest of the
people. ' i
But these false, timorous, leaders, who ;
Imagine that it party success can not be se
cured at all times, the organization and eve- '
ry distinctive party feature must be aban
doned and surrendered, must be sent either
to the rear or over the lines into the camp
of the enemy. From this class we have
already suffered too much. They are unfit
for the high office ot leadership.
The Money Panic on New York—
The Money Panic on New York— What a Grant Organ says
caused It.
The late tidal wave of financial panic, in
the great money market of tbe continent
for such assuredly Wall street Is folio w
ing .swiftly , after' the election of General
Grant, and the perpetration of Radi
cal misrule, Is heing felt throughout the
length and breadth of the land. Various"
are the causes assigned to it, but none, by
the political press of the victorious patty,
of a political, nature. The Cincinnati Ga
fits gives this reason : "' . : .
This monetary pressure was brought
about by the speculations that wei e excited
by the accumulation of money in the me-'
tropolis from a redundant circulation. The
primary cause was too much currency." -
This is the first time we ever beard of -"too
much currency? causing a pressure In
the money market.
The Secretary of the Treasury, believing
that the pressure was caused by a lack of
currency, proposes the doubtful remedy of
reissuing forty tour million dollars oi green
hacks, redeemed by the Treasury, but no
cancelled, while the law positively forbids
him issuing new ones. The Gazette on-1
pom this. It sayst- .. .: ,
"J V? speculative crisis with which Mr '
HcCulloch has uo business, 3 Jk he
can not touch without exciting grave sus
picions, a ne reissue ot notes will only ag
gravate the conditions that in a regular
circuit will bring another speculative
crisis, with another demand for more cur
rency issue. A system by which the Gov
ernment assumes the control of values- by
contracting and loosening money bas the
oaoBt eiirantlc facilities for corruption, and
it can not exist without running into that."
Again this Grant organ says :
"We have to inquire what has the Gov
ernment to do with the money pressure?
And if with 350 millions of 'greenbacks,
and 300 millions ot bank notes, and more
than a hundred millions of other notes.
that serve the uses of currency, we have a
money pressure, requiring another issue,
woere win tne system stop r"
Had Governor Seymour been elected,
tbe Gaeette would bave thought that the
Government had much to do with "a mon
etary crisis," and would have charged this
one, had it happened, as a legitimate result
of a Democratic triumph. . Why not adroit
at once, that Grant's election caused It ?
No one has confidence in Radical ability
and Radical honesty In administering the
monetery affairs of the Government. Mr,
Dawes, a Republican member of Congress
from Massachusetts, and - now the most
prominent candidate for Speaker, declared
as his settled belief, that more money was
stolen, during the first year of the war,
than was spent by the Democratic Admin
Utration of James Buchanan in any one
year preceding the advent of the Radical
party . Why not, then, charge the panic to
the election of Grant, as tbe Gazette would
have done to the election of Shymour?
The Slanderer of the Irish Race.
Lest be should be robbed of tbe fame he
h pcs to acquire thereby, the Journal an
nounces that "Bonk, oi the Cleveland Her-
aid, Is Dennis O'Flaherty."' ' (
This Bone Is an Englishman, who feeds
fat tbe ancient hatred the more illiberal of
his countrymen entertain for the Irish
race. The "Dennis O'Flaherty" letters
which the Journal and the Herald are both
anxious that the editor of tbe latter paper
has tbe credit of writing, are poor attempts
at imitating the "rich Irish brogue."
Will the Journal please inform its read'
era whether this same Bone is also the au
thor of the article In the Herald, in which
the editor declared that seven-tenths of tbe
Irish Catholics were more grossly igno
rant than the full blooded negroes and less
fit to exercise the elective franchise ? . When
this is answered, it will he a sufficient
answer to the miserable abortion of tbe
"O'Flaherty" letters.
Out With It!
The Neva York Democrat has the follow
ing:- .. :.'-:
"A Bit of Advice. We give certain
gentlemen of the West, hitherto enjoying
the confidence and having tbe support of
the positive uemocracy oi the country, to
keeD verv ouieu They have, been alto
gether too obtrusive. ' Two attempts to
sell out tne uemoc ratio party are quite
enougn to toneit an connaence ana cancel
all claims between them. And those who
were parties only to the second and more
recent treacherous attempt at disorganiza
tion can expect no more favor than their
co-conspirators in New York. It com
pelled to be more explicit, we shall not
hesitate to call names. It will be a public
Give us the names ! Out with them, and
make a clean breast of it.- If any there
be in the West, who, like the New York
World, attempted to sell out the Democra
cy, let them be impaled that they be known
of men.
If 'twere well win 'ill done.
were well it tcere done quickly I '
So hurry up the cakes, Mr. Democrat.
William H. A spin wall has presented to
the New England Society . a fine bust of
Danirl Webster, executed by the sculp
tor, Ball. It was received and displayed
with appropriate ceremonies at' tbe Union
League Club House, on Friday evening.
Boston bas a statue of Webster on Bos
ton Common and for years the leaders of
the U nion party save the mark petitioned
to bave it removed, because when these
same men were plotting to destroy the
Union, Daniel - Webster stood by the
country in the famed compromise meas
ures of 1850. To show off a bust of Web
ster at a Union League House, owned and
controlled by his bitter opponents, is but
rank hypocrisy.
; This Pittsburgh (Pa.) Poet says:
1 "Reliable Information has reached us
that Gen. Grant has already taken steps
to emancipate himself from Radical
pressure, by inviting Horatio Seymour to
Washington to hear. his views ot public af
fairs, particularly in relation to the finan
cial condition ot the country which now
threatens a tidal wave ot destruction. ' We
should have much preferred to hear that
George H. Pendleton bad been invited,-nor
are we advised that he bas not."
"Not Ready."
Judge Dickinson reported to Commis
sioner White, at Cleveland, on Wednesday,
to answer the charges preferred against
blin, but the "Government" alter all the
fuss and fury of tbe Radical press, was not
ready, having no witnesses. Tbe United
States authorities do not propose to do the
In Scotland, recently, a woman went to
register the birth of her child, and had to
answer the usual questions. To the one
"Were you present at the birth?" the as
tonished woman answered, "I'm the neith
er of the bairn." "But that is not an
answer to my. question," replied the regis
trar. "Were you present at the birth?"
"Yes, of jCOurse,". she said, "I was there.
Sax. Cox says that when he gets back to
Congress be shall Helena uenerai is u tier,
and especially his military career, and do
It in the words of tne classic poet : '
I "Ben. Butler ni a soldier brave, -And
a soldeir bold was be ;
He bed for silver spoon and lion
par-ti-a-li-ty.' ;
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preparation, introduced last winter, having
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250 AND 252
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
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contribute in no small degree to their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
happy who are ill. Not only so, but no
one of these various female complaints
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dividual, and ere long producing perma
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tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
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I would not wish to assert any thing that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but !
am obliged to say that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ployment, unwholesome air and food.
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
often er caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself.
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent npon them.' ' It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
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largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes of society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly,' the welfare of the entire
human family. The mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
for corporeal development to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in mid
night revel the hoars designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is halt accomplished.
In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to ro
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind .morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to tbe attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of temperature ; the complete prostra
tion produced by excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. At last, an early marriage
caps the climax ot misery, and the Un
fortunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
less of the plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. This is but a truthful picture of
the experience ot thousands of our young
.Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education of their peculiar
nervous system,' composed ot what is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
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U furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies ior me same money.
It is definite and certain in its terms.
- It ia a home Company in every lonality. . '
It Policies are exemot from attachment. -
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol-
Erery Policy is non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken that will pay insured tbeir
lull amount and return all tbe premiums, so tbat
the Insurance costs only the interest en the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain nnmber of years durinr life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate is chanted for risks npon the lire
of females
It insures not to pay dividends, but at IO low a
cost tnat dividends wiu be impossible.
Cincinnati. Ohio, General Agents for Ohio, Uontral
ana sontnern Indiana. . .; i -
Columbus. Special Agent for Franklin, Lloking,
In no previous year has there
been such strong competition among
all the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country ami
Europe as the present. At all the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
tliey met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the Florence Reversible
Feed Zoclc-Stitch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Frize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the , following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition tni-
verselle, Paris; American Institute
Fair, New York New " England
Agricultural Fair, at Providence,
JR. I.; tlie New York State Fair, at
Buffalo; the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.: tffat of the
jyiecnanics' Association, at JLowelt,
. Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks' Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it the " O OLD
MEDAL," the higliest Prize the
Institute confers. '
It would seem aa if this succession of tri
Tmpi. ahonld be sufficient to oonvinoe every
unprejudiced person of the great snperior'
ity of the FLOBENCE over all others as a
Family Sewing Machine.
A written warranty Is given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL SO ALL
that is claimed for it, and ahonld it fail. It
will be taken book, and tbe 1IONXY
Prineipml Office tend Salesroom, So. tS Wut
Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.
" H. BXcCONNEXl General Agent
A t the Ohio State Fair, whiob closed st Toledo,
Septe t.ber ist.h. f". the FLORENCE received
the MIST PRESllUlfioT the best Family Sewing
alachines over seven competitors.
Send for a oiroular, or oall and examine the Ha
ebines at tbe new salesrooms. .
SI East State fit., Colsmbss, Oliio.
W. S SHOWN, Agent.
J9 All kinds of stitching done to order, and
i ausiaouon guaranteed. otue-axnutawMa
Corner Broad & High Sts.
feM-dly ' -
Ian30-dly-r Colnmbne, O.
Nos. 816 & 18 South HiRbSt.,
tIMr extensive Manufactory is at ths root oj
South ttttft, on the Canal.)
T1i1p bfli.inp.8s transactions, both WbnlaiialA tn A
Retail, new extend throughout the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They manutaeture
Mibncn runiYiiunt
t .11 classes and everv dAliffn nf Inrum'A. waV
mansbip and finish. Also, Cane-Seat Chairs of
every oescripuon, i noiesaie and Retail.
0. K. BESCB.
Came and Oysters.
Also, all kinds of Country Produce, sflch as But
ter, Eggs, Chickens. Turkeys. Ac,
No. 33 West Brosdwar,
The choicest varieties of Fresh Fish received
daily. sW All goods purchased delivered to any
pa.t of tbe city rs or chaboe. Iootl2-eod6m
IkM NOTlrRtuUT. a.-M .w
Mat ueeeainni eight
est published la this colasam lor
month, everywhere, male and female. t
f ?VjidJ,-e.e R E N U I N K IMPhOTBJ
MACHINE. This Machine will itob
bem.fall. tuok. ejuilt. eorl. bind, braid
and embroider in a most superior man
ner. Price only fig. Fully warranted for
Are years . We will pay 1 000 fw
machine thnt will sew a stronger, mora
beautiful. or nnr. .I. . - A.w. -
It makes tbe "IClastie Lock Stitch." F.v.. unJ
stitch can be cut, and still the cloth cannot be
uiiea apart wiiDoat tearing it. we pay Agents
ro n 976 to tSOO v r month and exnansaa. ar tnn-
mission trom which twice that amount can be
U UTION. Do not be imnoeed anon bv 1W
parties pa' mini off woithleas east-iron machines,
under the, same name or oth'rwise. Ours is the
only ge- nine and reaily practical cheap machine
IB ocuw-eodlSLCwlt
Mrs. Frances Anne Eemble.
ojsxh 2srrGHr3T 03sr.nr
Vht K KM RLE will mil in ill. fin.. IT.
Columbus, on . . ,, . ,
Tuesday EvenlngiNoy. l'?'
rihakapesre's plsy of '
Beserred Heats, 50 Cents Extr.
The Sales of Ticket will omn,nu on Un.ir
morning. November 16th, at o'clock, at the Masio
Store of J. Seltzer, E. State street.
Special Notick. Th r.ri;n .ni nrnn..M
8 o'clock preoiseljr, and it is respeetfullir requested.
v wwnrwy.Hiu, ium UO BUQlflne Will DO
seated ten minutes before the leading begins.
Doors open at 7. - Dov9-d8t-r
Is SickB.es Avoidable ?
Thousands boss on sick-beds to-day, who might
bave been well and hearty, .'had they taVen due
precautions for the preservation of that most pre
oious of earthly blessings, sound mind in a sound
iody.. Sic knees, to a greater extent than saost peo
ple suppose. it avoidable.. When tbe body is lan
guid, the spirits'depressed. and the nervous system
unnaturally sensitive, it fhould be taken for grant
ed that mitekUf- is timing. These hints sad
warBiocs,Toao.isafedassuah by a kind ProTideaoe.
ought not to be disregarded. If they are slighted,
as is too generally the case, the next .thing may be
a fever, a severe billions attack, or some other form,
of acute disease. .They indicate as clearly as if tbe
intimation were gives in articulate laagusge, that
the animal functions are disordered, snd the system
debilitated.' Under thess circumstances, the only
thing to be done is. to BI6ULATC AND KUTOBK, aad
the best regulating andrestoraHee preparation eeer
for the prevention of sickness is HOSThT
TERU "STOMACH BITTERS.In this way.-6H-iaos
remittent fever, nhilfe and fever, spasms, ner
vous paroxysms, violent attacks of indigestion, and
all the ordinary epidemics, may aim it eertainly be
averted. They are usually preceded by the symp
toms described, and surely it is wisdom to forestall
them by resorting to an antidote- at ones harmless,
agreeable and invignrating. Host assuredly, it will
soon dissipate' the unpleasant reelings referred to
which, of course, is desirable, even if they were not
likely to lead to something worse. The olose of the
Fall is usual y accompanied by unhealthy fogs and
violent atmospheric ehanges, and it is therefore
season when invigoration is particularly needed.
maySSdeod&wly-ew-R ' '
Such sn article as "Dr. Tobias" Venetian Xini
ment." It has stood before tbe public for tl yearn
and has sever failed giving satisfaction in a single
instance. Every drop of this valuable compound is
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it canal,
ways be relied npon. .Is is ws ranted superior t
any other, for the cure of Chronic Rheumatism.
Toothache, Headache. Sore Throat, Vomiting.
Frosted Feet, Mumps. Croup, Barns, Cuts. Sea Sick
ness. Insect Stings. Sprains, Cholera. Colio.Spasmj,
Dysentery. Bruises, Colds, Coughs, Old Sores.
Swellings. Pains in the. Li m be. Beek-smd Chest.
There is no medicine in the World" that stand
more on its own merits than the "Venetian Lini
ment." Thewsands of certificates can be seen at the
Doctor's offioe. attesting to its rare virtues. The
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, bas
induced several unprincipled persons to counterfeit
this "Valuable Remedy;" purchasers cannot be toe
careful to see that "Dr. Tobies' Venetian Liniment
is stamped on the glass, done up in yellow paper
and signed "3. 1. Tobias." ' All others are danger
ous connteife'.ts, and altboogh they mnj resemble
the "Venetian Liniment" in color and smell, "be
ware of them.- Sold by all Druggists and Store
keepers throughout the United States. Price 60
cents and one dollar per bottle. Depot 10 Park
Place. New York . . .- i
junel6-d&wlyom-peNT-e . 1
It is in demand wherever personal blemishes are
considered of sufficient consequence to be removed
Its Actios. Instantaneous.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative
AND BEAUTIFIER is a preparation of equal merit
and repute. Its effect upon the hair is electrical
It fastens every loosening fibre, replaces harshness
with sil iness and flexibility, semi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness witb g'oss. Its use will incline
the straightest hair to curl, and prevent the driest
from turning gray. It is the favorite at every toilet
where it has been tried, and as a means of keeping
the hair free from scrnf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliations, is perfectly invaluable. . .
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No. 8 As tor House. "
; ""To Owners of Horses." -
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic. Ta.
ment, in pint bottles, price one dollar, will posi
tively onre every case, if given according to the di
rections, when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls. Sprains. Old.
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat. It is ne new
remedy, but of SI years' standing, sad approved
by the first hoi semen in the country. Col. Pailo
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has used i '
for years, and reeemtnends it to his friends. - Or
ders are constantly received for it from the Racine '
Stables in England. It has stood the test of time;
o one has ever tried it but continues its nse. Ree.
olleot to get Dr. Tobias Venetian Horse Liniment'
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold by the "
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United
States. Depot 10 Park PUoe.Kew York. 1 UX
PeNY-julB-dAwly-cm . . . '-?... )
, The bowels may be costive or some organ do its
work weakly. From causes like these gases and
gummy substances occur which poison the b obd;K
tbe perspiration may be checked; tbe feet may -ba
so chilled that their fetid exhalations -are thrown
back npon the blood. Hare is cause for pains, fe
vers, inflammations. In these eases Brandreth,' ,
Pills are worth more than gold. Five or six cure at -.
once. Remember they cure- by at oaoe removing -from
the body those matters which poison the blood
and make us sick. These eelebrated Fills should be '
in the house ready. . ' - ' ' '
See B. BaiMDEETH in white letters on the Gov- -
j a 1 T m.Li Tr . . x, . .
eminent stamp. Principal - office' BrakdeetH'Sj
House, New York. Sold by all druggists, ,.: L (
... CARD. ,
1 J . j i r ..J
A Clergyman, while rrsidinr in Snnfh
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem- 1
edv for the Cure of Net vnne Vt . ii- i
car. Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs. :
and the whole train of disorders brought en by
'ueiui .uii viaiuus naoits. urea numoers save "
been cured bv this nnhlM r.mlr. VmntA k, &
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate. I
win reno tne recipe ror preparing and uing tbis
medioine. in a sealed envelope, to anv ana wh. .
needs it, I bee or chabgk. Addre, , I t
Station D, Bible House, New York City.'
octS3-dAw '
II I YltriTH MtAiw1 in fnnr weeks. Hnm,M
rUK... m.Klw iwtm fraiii whatever canma ari. 1
sing; the effects of earlv pwnleious habits, self-
abuse, impotency and Climate. i vo away at onoe to
this wonderful medioine, if taken regulsrly-aecord-,A
ih. jiMiinni rwhieh are verv simnla and re
quire no restraint from b airiness orpleasure.) Fail- :
ore is impossible. Held in bottles at 3. or four
quantities in one for. To be had only of the sole '.
appointed agent in America, H. Geeitzen. SOS
Second Ave.. New York. t.
TNT-jr-n-O'jr .
MF epivnuiu n wtj ia iuv uost, id world i
toe outj hub F''wt ujw3 , osu-miess, ruiADie
inUntaneons ; bo disappointment : no ridiculous f
ud(b; rTMUTjunsw tug in fjQBoi.8 oi n&a ayes; lnrit-
orstesund Uatos ths Hsirssfl and beantifnl. black
brow. Soil by alt Drowsta and Porfamem ;
1 v v -ri" - aBwuw"i b vv ie ATSCCOrj. 1
Touk Lotion bas cared ma of Tatter (or Sala
Rhenm) on my hands of thirty years standing,
writes Jomdq Kiatler. oF Danvilla. Ind v.-
been using Palmer's Vegetable Coimstio Lottos.

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