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M.,r.wr.i.oGiCAi. Table- prepared and
re directed br W. JV Savage, Jeweler,
MONDAY, Nov. 9, 1868.
O'clock. ' BroiM"N Therasossetar,
99 SO
IS TC .......
Sua Rises.
" '
! Hilt'' :
, itRun Set....-."
H. M
. 46
Andrew Johnson ha only llf day
ot anexpired term remaining. -
tsr-Heturna comt In tout slowly. . Onlv
f orty-elght counties have reported as yet
- -m..,.., i. . first rate bust of Fred.
Douglass on exhibition In Seltaer'a win
' tST "Oliver Optic" has been elected to
: Vh Maasachusetu LezUature. He can see
. it, be can. t .". - ': -..', " - ' .. .,.'. :'
-' t The Townahlo-Trustees on yester
day expended $67.70 for township and
' pauper purposes. ';r ' . ': ' 'r
Newcomb's Minstrels will commence
a three nlRht's enjfajtement at th
House on Thursday next.
i" ISTAi winter approaches free lunches
will be on the increase, and the friends will
loose their presenHean; and hungry look.
'is? The Street Cpmmlssioner and his
force, were at work yesterday cleaning
High street The street was ready for the
work..),,, ;:. ' : . ,-,;
tW If one woman In the neat 01 pas
sion kill another woman, can the offense be
called manslaughter? that's what we want
to know, Mr. Lawyers. ' ' ' - " V -
br tS The PcBtofflce entrance is very dl
ty . Will the Street Commissioner send his
snen aodarte la. there atao.early day.aud
oblige "many citleTiP.,, v! ,
tW Andrews & Hall have received Pe
terson for December. Harper's Bazar lor
3Tov. 21st, ' s Frank" Leslie's Christmas
Stories, a paper for the holidays. .
The'Armlesoi the Tennessee, of the
Cumberland, of Jhe; Ohio na,,; orGeorgla,
will hold their annual reunion at Chleago,
Illinois, on December 155h and 16th, 1868-
Libel Son We are Informed that U. S.
CemmlaslonerjChlttendeii hascomueiiced
i suit against the proprietors of the potion
ous'Wai for libel,' laying tls Mimages "at
$20,000. The article claimed to be libelous
to this amount, was published in theXW
oiv Wednesday, Nov. 4tt -: :5 -.i-i ."ii-v.'-s
Horsx Thief Captubed. Samuel P.
MadviUe, De of the pax ttesl whol . stolen
horse, buggy and harness from Wing &
Sulvely some two-or three weeks since,
and captured at Gallipolls by officer Mc
Bwen knd brought tatliis-clty few dya
since, will have an ''exanlnatl6ri', before
Squire - Meeker ; to-day. The ..other, thief
escaped to the kills of West Virginia.
Mktbors. Next Thursday night," say
the astronomers,' we A to have a grand
meteoric displays, The; performance ..will
be repeated on the Sunday following. :No
postponement on account of We weather.
Judging from what we see on Sunday even
ings, the only meteors our ' young men
eare for is "meettier by moonlight alone.
If we shall see" the falling stars," though,
we will be..forced .to ; express vourself a
"hallelujah mecter.'',; No cards. , .; .,
Festival To-NiGHT.-r-The Bannah Neil
Mission and Home ot the Friendless, will
faqld a festival ( to-night, -,;at , Naujh
ton Hall. Lunch on" Wednesday from 11
to 4 o'clock. Please send in donations
early Tuesday and Weflnesday morning.
Admittance for adults, 25 cents; children
IS eenu.CThere Is but litUe need, ot,urar
ing our citizsns to attend this festival.
They all know the needs of this great
charity, and will fully and freely respond
to this, the last calk probably, the Hannah
Nell Mission will ever make upon them.
Do not fall to attend to-night. :
VaxuABLsr Invention. A' machine for
harvesting corn, by taking the ears from
the stalks while standing- In the field, was
exhibited at the recent, State Fair In Illin
ois. The apparatus is conitructed to strip
tws'rowaat.ooee.'riia stalks Are taken
between projecting metal-faced fingers,
and as the machine advauoes the butt of
the ear Is brought in "contact with a short
sickle,1 playing at the reae .of Jihei ng9ia
cutting It off, while the stalk puses under
the machine without betng pulled up ; the
ears are received into a large hopper at the
rear" of the machine, and discharged, when
Assault with Ikticmt to' Commit Bapx.
Last Friday as a woman named Mrs.
Moerch washurking co'ru in'a ..field just
west of the Harrlsburg bridge, she was
assaulted by a negro named Vincent Lew
is, better known, aa Vlnoe Caleb," who
has been working in Emerlck's soap facto
ry, who, after exposing his person and
Waking iise of the most : Indecent and li
sulting remarks, chased her from the Held
to the shelter of a house near by. Yester
day the brutal negro was taken in custody
and locked up In the city prison.- He was
taken before 'Squire .Meeker, and in de
fault of $400 baU was committed to 1all
for an examination on Thursdays Novem
ber 12th.
Bauxisci Capital of Colcmbub.--A. C.
Kfng, Deputy Auditor, has our thanks for
the following , statement of the banking
capital of the National Banks in the city of
Columbus as returned for taxation :.. ,
Capital. Fremianv.- Total
Fint ffationel ....aaouooo ,. aau.ooo ,
Ksahance KaUonal luoooo m M.oov
Franklin aaonai. lao.OUfr- 16.O0
! 18&.UM
Totals SS61M0 (66,000 (713.000
The banking capital of the private bank;
. i- -i-.11.' w. " "''
ers in mis city s lunwnoj
Bailey. ThonosMi t Oo..'.'...:.v...;..
Jiartli i k Smith. . .
Harden, hutcheson a Vo
V W. Huntington A On..... -.
Miller. Oonaldson Oo
EiokijA Brother
Total rrirate bankers...
gTotal National Baoksj..
Total bankinc apHal.. .
- ..SI09.841
..SS 14.6 42
It 'J
S8 00U
, 20.000
' 13.643
, lU OOu
Wbt ark there so- many Bald-headed
Mem ? Why so many bald-head men and
so-few bald women? asked an evidently
bald-headed local editor. Why Is it that the
skulls Of young men in their twenties shine
like billiard balls f Why this speo'acle ol
bald-headed barbers rubbing the dry top
of bald-headed men, recommending invig
orators warranted to produce bushy locks
in less than a fortnight wb",e bald-headed
spectators and middle-aged men with wigs
look on with derisive smiles j though an
the while their wives snd daughters tbrony
onr streets covered with crowns of beauty
and charming actresses toss tbelr blond
tresses In luxurious profusion on the stages
of our theaters. . Our male population will
no doubt take a serene satisfaction In say
ins that it Is because men have more to
wprry them .than r women ; and have th;
trouble of contriving not only how to sup
port themselves,- but- also bow to support
these, y wives e ana daughters. Probably.
however that ism tbereason.- Women of
course, have finer . and longer hair, than
men, but men destroy their hair by making
ovens of their heads under theic hats,' and
thus heat the tops of their cranlums nnti)
the beat dies out for very want of air.
Men should either take on tneir natsoften-
er or ventilate them better,
MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 9th, 1868.
. Council met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Messrs. Armstrong, Beekey,
Bergln, Caren, Chad wick, Comstock, Don
sldson, Frankel, Gibbons, Janney, Knopf,.
MeAlister, Reinhard, Boss, Wall and Presi
dent Nsgh ten. --
The President called the Council to order.'
The minutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved. ' -'' v-:
Jas. G. Bull, Mayor, reported that he had '
collected $135 fines and licenses during the
month ending Tuesday, October 27th, 1868. 1
Bernard MoXally, Street Commissioner,
reported that he had performed 449 days
work witii men, hones and carts during ti e
month of October, removing dirt from
the streets and alleys at a cost of $910 50,
including month's salary of Jno. llartman,
foreman of chaingang. There was 42 days
work performed by the cbaingang.
L. E. Wilson, City Clerk, made the fol
lowing report of receipts into and dis
bursements from the City Treasury from
the 1st day of October until the 31st day
of October, 1S68, botji days Inclusive:'.
Opera Bil. in Treasury Oat. 1st. S8 ... .15.157 SS
Jamas G. Bull, fiaet and 1 icons es
tor. September (373 55
. Reinhard. temporary loan 13.000 00 .
Joho L GUI i Sun, root of wharf
lott - s... ....... 171 00 .
H. Fitea A Sod, rent of wharf
lot 118 00
C. K. Unokler. teat of market , . - -.
Honfie 211 FX
Tappinc trunk towers. ........... Sou on
Street Commissioner and chain
ganc 1.01S 4t
Fue Leoartment '. Mt
Gas and repaire 1.W8 4S
Goodale Hark M 80
Ineidental itpens ............ 881 4
MarKet Uoom and markets..... - 60 00
frinlini and stationer.. S16 60 .
Fees and salaries 931 69
Ninth Ward . ..v....; loo 00
City Police (Sept. and Oct.).... 9,804 71
City Park....; ..
Veteran BoanVr Bonds. Ifiii 60
Interest on t. mpurarj loan 160 00
Cleaniuc Nicolson paremeot,
September - - 350 00
GraTelBaok 40 00
Cleaaisa; and repainnK street
lamps - so eo
TO.08Z S5
Balance in treasury Kot. 1. 188.. $4,149 81
B. F. Bowen, C.ty Civil Engineer, made
the following report of estimates for work
required to be done : -.
t grading the north half of Perry
street from High street to corporation line,
$583 20. 1 "-Lr ;
For grading and paving the gutters and
crossings, grading and graveling the roadr
wsy on Mound street.. from Washington
avenue to east line or out lot No. 16, $853 32.
Mr. Caren presented a remonstrance
from John Qualey and eight others against
the improvement of Maple street between
High and. Park streets, which was referred
to committe. on Ninth ward. . . . ...
Mr. Beekey presented' a remonstrance
from L A.: Biwersproprletor-of the Zet
tler House, against the backing of market
wagons lu front of bis hotel., Beferred to
committee on Markets.- -
Mr. Reinhard presented a petition sign
ed by Olio Dfessel and twelve others In
regard to vhanelng grade' of High street
south of Mound'Street. : Beterred to com
mittee on Highways."
Mr. Gibbons, lrom committee on Ordin
ances, reported back the following ordin
ances,' which were read a third time and
passedV : - - : ' -
To grade and repsve the . sidewalks on
the east side of Front street from the north
east corner of Town and Front streets to a
point eighty -five; feet north ot Town street
yeas 16.
. To assess a special tax upon the leal es
tate bounding Seventh street from the north
line of W. C. Brown's lot to the flist alley
north of Broad street yeas 10; ' :
The ordinance to grade and gravel Maple
street from High to Water street, was re
ferred to a special committee of one, Mr.
Caren. '.' .' ; . . .. . i -i
An ordinance to assess', a' special tax
upon the real estate bounding the east side
of Seventh street from Friend street to a
point 100 feet north of Cherry street, was
passed yeas 16.
: An ordinance to assess a special tax up
on the real estate bounding the north side
o; Long street from : Center - alley , to
Straight alley, was passed yeas 16. . ' , .'
; Mr. Reinhard presented an ordinance to
repeal an ordinance to assess a special tax
on the real estate bounding South . street
from Seventh to Gift street, which was
read a first time. '"' . ' X U!',
' Mr. Reinhard presented an ordinance to
Tepeal an ordinance to asssess a special tax
on the real estate bounding South street -from
Zenos alley to Gift street, which was
read a first and second time. r Mr. Rein
hard moved, that. the rules ba suspended
and the ordinance read a third-time-.
Agreed to, and. the ordinance was passed
yael.r.-tMt;.;. ; 'T r'-f':j h
' Mr. Reinhard" moved to ' taker from the
tableau ordinance to -repeal an ordinance
to assess a special tax upon the real stat
bounding South street from Seventh street
to Gift street. Agreed to,' and the ordi
nance was read a second and third' time,
the rules being suspended, and the. orJi
narice passed yeas 16. . -
' Mr. Reinhard presented an ordinance to
assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding South street from Zenos alley to
Gift street which was read a first and sec
ond time..! Vi, ; -ff
' Mr. Reinhard moved that the rules be
suspended and the ordinance read a third
time. Agreed to, and the ordinance paned
yeas 16.
; Mr Reinhard presented ah rdtnance
assk; a- special tax upon the, real estate
bphnding South street from Seventt) to Gift
street, which was read, a first and second
time.--1 o ;- ..!:..: ..? m ..'.: :
On motion of Mr. Reinhard, the rules
were--suspended . and the ordinance was--read
a third time and passed yeas 13.- -"- '
I Mr. Reinhard presented an ordinance to.
change the name of Ralnhard Street, in$
Deshler and Thurman's addition, to' Esper
Street, which' was read a first time.""'
: Mr. Knopf, from the committee on Filth
Ward, reported back an ordinance to low
er the crossing on the east side of High
street across Mound street, which was read '
a second timev
; On motion of Mr. MeAlister,' the rules
were suspended and the ordinances read s,
third time and passed yeas 16. -!
Mr. Knopf, from the standing committee'
on Highways, made a report in regard to.
the grade of Perry street from High street
to .the corporation hue, in which they an-;
nounce that the property owners on Perry
street refuse to sign a petition for the grade
of said street. ' "
Mr. Armstrong moved to lay the report
of the committee on the table. Lost. The
report ot the committee was then agreed
to.-; "-.v.." , ...
. Mr. Gibbons moved that la special com
mittee consisting of Messrs. Beekey, Ber
gln and Frankel, be appointed to consider
all matters in regard to the grade of Perry
street and report to this CouncU. 'Agreed
to. ' - :, ' .
Mr. Naghten offered the folio win g :
! Resolved, That the committee on the
Hare charity fund be and they are hereby
directed to sell thirty-eight shares of Ce- :
tumbus and Xenia railroad stock and also
twenty-three shares ot Columbus. Woolen?
Manufacturing Company stock, and Invest
the proceeds in seven per cent, city bonds.
The resolution was adopted.. ,
Mr. Reinhard, from committee on Ways
and Means, made a report in regard to sale
of city bonds, n -
Mr. Reinhard offered the following :
Resolved,' That the' committee on Ways
and Means are hereby authorised to borrow
$10,000 to pay the contractors and superin
tendents of the sewers now being built;
'rovided ; the committee on Ways' and
Yfeans are not able to negotiate the city
londs, issued for that purpose.'
The resolution was adopted yeas 12,
iays 4.
Mr. Reinhard moved that the committee
f Ways and Means be authorized to nego
iate and advertise for the sale of the city
ewer bonds, and use the proceeds to pay
he contractors on the city sewers.
' : Mr. Jan hey offered the following :
Whereas, That the prospective 'early
ompletion of the Columbus & Hocking
Valley Railroad will render the lighting ol
Mound street as far west as the track ot
laid road necessary; therefore,
Xesolved, That the committee on Gas and
tu Liights be and it Is hereby instructed
o secure tne laying or pipes ana tne erec
tion of posts as may be necessary for the
On motion the resolution was referred to
the committee on Gas and Gas Lights.
Mr. Chad wick offered a resolution direct
ing the committee on Sewers to remove the
drop out of the center of Elm alley and
State avenue, and' place drops at the cor
ner of said alley and avenue. Passed.
A resolution 'permitting " Comstock &
Smith, proprietors ol the Opera House, to
ereot fifty bulletin boards In the city
limits for the use of the Opera House, was
passed. - 1
A resolution was introduced by Mr.
Janney, having certain unpaid assessments
placed on the tax duplicate.' It was laid
on the table for one week.
Mr. MuAllster, from committee on Fire
Department, Introduced the following :
Be solved. That the standing committee
on f i re Department be ana they are here-
Dy au tnorizea ana instructed to pay Hid
ward Babbitt, the sum of $23 for services
rendered the city.
Mr. Bergln introduced a resolution di
recting the City Civil Engineer to prepare
a plat and estimate for laying a double row
flag crossing on the north side of Long
street. Passed. . ' . ..
Mr. Frankel Introduced a resolution di
recting the City Civil Engineer to prepare
an estimate for buildings double row flag
6rosstng across South Public lane at the
west side of High street. - Passed, i
Mr. Wall introduced a resolution to con
tract with John Murphy for grading and
paying on the. south side of Chapel street
Tom High street to Fair alley. Passed.
: Mr,1 Knopf Introduced a resolution to
prepare an estimate for building a double
rowl-tg crossing across South street at (he
west side of. High street. Passed.
The City Civil Engineer, on leave, made
she -following estimates lor work required
o M done: -
For building a double row flag crossing
across South street at the west side of High.
vFor building s double row flag crossing
across South Public lane at the west side ot
High street. if.ii C 1 '-'i'J- I'
Mr. Knopf, on leave, presented an ordi
nance to build a double row flag crossing
across South street at the west side of High
street, which wa read a first time. .' 1.
The rules being suspended, the ordinance
was read a second and third, .time and
passed yeas 16. . -
Mr. Gibbons introduced an ordinance to
build a double row flag crossing across
South Public lane, at the west side of High
street, which -was read first and second
time. . ' ' i-'." "
On motion, the Council adjourned uutil
next Monday evening at 7. o'clock., ,. ; ,.
Galoot Rkcord. The regular Monday
morning array of galoots at the Mayor's
office, was not up to the standard yester
day, nor was there the usual variety of 01
fenses. "Plain' drunks predominated. We
might gay plain drunks were iu the unan
imous majotity. ' .;'
John Bickman looked like a . sick man,
who was tired of the trick, man, of getting
blind drunk. His tongue was quite thick,
man, he was still lull as a tick, man, so
closely had he packed his trunk. The
Mayor fined him $5. - Lacking the neces
sary shlnnl s, Bickman hammereth.
Albert Welder , was; very, very, very
drunk. He found it impossible to walk
'with the load he had oa, so he done the
next best thing, he quietly spread himself
iout on the sidewalk. .The ordinances are
foreninst anything of that sort, so -he was
gathered in, and fined $5' and costs,, which
he paid. . ". ':-j. ... .,
Neal Pow appeareth asrain. He is con
stantly appearing before the Mayor, this
Neal Dow. It seems to us that the great
object of his: life is to appear before the
IMayor." We donbt if he would ei joy per
fect and complete happiness' should -anything
happen to prevent his appearance
before the Mayor. The charge against him
is always tbc same, though'." A plain drunk,
next to appearing before the Mayor, is his
best grip. Give him a plaiu drunk and a
chance to appear before the Mayor, and he
asks no. other heaven. - He was fined $
and costs. For a few days he hammereth,
and then he'll go at it again plain drunk
and appearing before the .Mayor, a fine,
the stone pile, and so on di capo, ad libitum,
P. Murphy, an Italian, we should judge,
was on a plain drunk. He went to the mu
nicipal geological school iu default of pay-
ment ot $5. -". ' ' ' '
Larceny of Clothing. On Sunday
night Officers Ryau and Kile found two
men lurking around the alleys of the city
in a' most suspicious manner. They fol
lowed them to a pawn office, and there the
f .1 f tua v.,, nvrirliuulari Th pv WArA.ir.
ted rants and locked up. One of
the Alexander Kidd.' Short! v after-
these was Alexander Kidd.' ' Shortly after
wards a man named Jerry Clements, living
some five or six miles south of the city, on
!the Chlllicothe pike, informed the police
,.hat he had been robbed of his clothing!
find gave a description of the man he sus
pected, which, description, filled Kiddexv
ictlv. Yesterdav mornintr Officers Rvan
Hughes made a search for the clothing.
Finding a clue they proceeded to where
she : Hocking Valley railroad crosses the
pike, and about a half mile east on the
railroad, behind, a. log, and. covered with
Ltl. ,V .... a ... I
sack, containing a black lrock coat, a velvet
vest, shirts, drawer? and other articles of
Clothing, belonging to Mr. Clements. The
whole outfit is worth, perhaps, $10. Kidd
confessed that he went to Clements' house
li broad daylight and stole the clothing.
He wlU have an examination shortly. ' -
Railroad Assessment. Through the
courtesy of A. C. King, Deputy Auditor,
are enabled to give our readers the fol
lowing assessment oi railroads running
through Franklin county :
; Columbus & Xenia Franklin township,
S11.D4U; r-mirio wwiisnip, idU,Zdu;
lumbus, $125,350; total $373,220.
: Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati Sha
ron township, llz,8U0. Clinton township.
$93,580; Columbus, $117,900; total $324,460
Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central-
Perry township, $2,720; ISorwich township,
$65,280; Franklin township, $43,520; Brown
towrnsbip, $10880; Columbus, $5,440; Wash
ington township, $2,720; Montgomery
township, $17,050; total. $147,610.'
: Baltimore & Ohio, Central Ohio Divis
ion Jefferson township, $45,000; Truro
township, $3,150; Mifflin township, $21,
600; Montgomery township, $24,000: Co
lumbus, $24,250; total, $118,000. ,
Hocking ' Valley Madison township,
$14,160; Hamilton township, $3,100; Mont
gomery township, $4,460; Columbus, $2,620;
total, $29,340.1
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis Jef
ferson township, $43,180; Truro township,
$4,080; Mifflin township, $20,670; Mont
gomery wjwiismp, ?aa,5u0; UolumDus, 13,.
180; total, $106,510.
i ColumbnsStreetRaUroadComnanvnn.
lumbus, $12,580.
Transferred . Yestsbpat. The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office. yesterday: . ' v
Wm. S. Ridgway to Frederick Erfert,'
Dec. 2d, 1867, inlot No. 851 In the city of,
Columbus, for $1400. !
Christopher Huttenlocher and wife to
Gottlelb Schwarz, Nov. 7th, part of outlot
No. 5 in the cicy of Columbus, for $900.
, .Robert N., Taylor and wife to Michael
Potb, April 12th, 69 acres of land in Jef
ferson township, for $3,577 50.
Geo. H.Earbart, Sheriff, to Michael Poth,
May 27th, ten acres of land in. Mifflin
township for $570. " C " ;
W. 'B. Chenoworth to Rhu England,'
May 17th, 18G7, inlots No.'s 12 19 and 20 In
W. B. Chenoworth's addition to the town;
of Harrtsburgb, for $137 77.
George Shockley and wife to Rhu Eng
land, Oct. 10th, 1867, part .of lot No. 19 In
the town of Barrisburgh for $450.
W. B. Chenoworth to Titus England
May 8th, Inlots No.'s 21 and 22 In Wm. B
Chenoworth's addition to the town of Har-
risburgh, for $75.
Wm. Hettesheitner, Jr, to Wm. Hette- .
sheiraer, sen., Oct 23d, lot No. 1 of the sub
division of lot No. 1 of survey No. 422 in
Franklin township, for $300. r; "T "? V
Wm. Hettesheimet and wife to Jacob
Schneider, Nov. 21. 1 acres : of land in
Frankllntoa for $600. . i ki f i
Wm. Hettesheimer, jr., to Wm. Hette-
sheimer, sen., Oct 23J, one-fourth of one
re ofjand in the city ot Columbus for
Row at Pleasant Ridge. Last even
ing two members of the notorious Davis
family, Asa and his cousin Henry, were
brought Into the city neatly and securely
tied, in the wagon of Mr. Rhodes, who
come into market. It seemB that thu Da-
vises went to' the Pleasant Ridge Hotel
and, being inflamed with liquor, broke the
saloon fixtures, smashed the doors, win
dows and furniture, and in fact demolished
everything breakable about the place.
Their conduct was most ' outrageous and
dangerous, and only after a severe fight
were they captured by the people there,
tied and sent into the city. After their
confinement iu the calaboose, one of them,
thinking It an iron bar, perhaps, reached
through the bars of his cell and caught
hold of the drop gas pipe, and pulling it
from Its fastenings, endeavored to wrench
it off. These are men dangerous to the
community.': As'a'Davls IsTone'pf the men
engaged in the shooting of Henry Schrein
er, who has eluded the police ever since.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 9.
GOLD 131 buying'.
EXCHANGE Firmer; par buying.
New York Money Market—Nov. 9.
MONEY Market shade firmer at 7" per
cent, call loans with Js per cent, commis
sion, but became easier at close, and sup-
piv was in excess ol ciemana.
STERLING Irreghlar and unsettled at
109109c. ;
ijOLiii Active ana mgner; openlnz at
134 and closed at 135; transactions heavy,
gross clearings being one hundred and
lorty millions." ; 5 j" s r .' i
New York Stock Market—Nov. 9.
bnovantand higher. 'Con pons of 81 114
1145; do '62 10810S do '64 lO?
107K; do '05 mitmmlZ; do new 110
110; do 67 110110i; do '68 110;
10 40-s 101104.
- s iwns vv ttn general oeciine doi sudw
scquently rallied and became active, buoy
ant and higher before the close.. . .
5:30 prices Wells' Express 28Ji28:
American 44145: Adams 4848-6: Mer
chant' Union 2122; Pacific Mail 118
118?; Western Uii'on Telegraph 354ao;
New York Central 122122; Erie 38
39:-de .'pretened 6064;" lieadihg JG
96J& Terre Haute 4042; Wabash 5859:
St. I'aul 7171 Fort Wavne 108109;
Ohio & Mississippi 29'29; Michigan
Southern 88J88? Illinois Central 142:
Pittsburzh" 83JH4; Toledo 99100;
Rook Island 103M103; Northwestern
New York Market—Nov. 9.
.COT I ON Dull and heUvj. and shade-
easier; sales ol 9(X) bales 242 125 J for mid
dling uplands.
FLOUR Closed without decided ohange.
WHEAT Steady and quiet at $1 52al 54
for No 2; spring $1 63il 65 for No 1 spring;
$1 001 95-for choice, Michigan. " ? ;
in m uun at 9i isai 4U ior western.
OATS Dull and heavy at 72Ja73o for
western afloat. . .
CORN Dull and heavy at$l 121 14 for
unsouud; $1 15al 16 for sound mixed west
. PORK Nominal at $27 50a28 for mess.
BEEK Dull and heavy.
BACON Quiet and without decided
chanve. - ,
: CUT MEATS Quiet and without decid-
ded. "-I
LARD Dull at 16al7c for fairto prime
steam . . ;"'.... . i
EGGS Quiet and unchanged.
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 7.
FLOUR Dull "and unchanged; family
$7 507 75J' :
WHEAT Dull; No. 1 red $1 76.
CORN Dull; old not saleable at better
than SOu', nor better that 58a59c -.- : , . 3
OATS Unohanged; sales at 5758c. : '
BARLEY Dull; Canada $2 25: State
$1 10; thesa rates are for the best grades. .
COTTON Dull; middling 23
TOBACCO Dull and nothing done. ,
WHISKYi-Dull. and declined to $1 03.
HOGS Dull at $G 75a7 50, the latter an
extreme rate. ' - . ,
GREEN MEATS Selling at 7c, and
10al2c to be delivered first good weather.
LARD Dull at 1516e , r .
BACON .Nominally . , unchanged. ;; jipt
much here; shoulders can be be bought at
13,ic, and clear rib sides at 17je; clear
sides at lSc. The total stock oi bacon
In this city does not exceed 200 hogsheads.
HAMS Suvar cured in moderate de
mand at 17al7c . .
BUT l'ER Dull and lower; supply in
excess of demand; fresh Central Ohio. 33
35cj Western Reserve 35a37c. ' .' ' ;. : '.
jEGGS Scarce and firmer at 29a30c.' '
T)IL Linseed very dull; retailing at $1 ;
lard .oit dull at -$l,40al 45' for current'
make. . ... srmSHi
Chicago Market—Nov. 9.
FLOUR Less active and a shade easier;'
spring extras $5 82Ja6 75.
WHEAT Dull aud easier; sales No lat?
$1 ISal 18J; No 2 at $1 llae 12, clos
ing at $1 12 ior No 2io change sine? noon,,
board",. - - t-J
CORN Firmer, dull and higher; sales
No 1 at79a80c: No 2 at 72a73e; rt-jected 66
a68c; elosinz at noon at 78a80o for No 1;
unchanged this afternoon. j
OATS-Less: active but firmer;
higher; sales No 1 at 46Va43c; rejected at
42c: closing at 4747 tor No 1.
; RYE SteadV: aud inactive; sales No 1
at $1 03al 04; No 2 at $1 01.
BARLEY Unsettled; 2a3c higher; sales
No 2 at $1 50il 51; rejected at $ 1 25; clos-:
ing at $1 52 il 53 for No 2.
N. Y. Cattle Market—Nov. 9.
Receipts this week, 5,490 beeves, 34,70a
sheep snd lambs, 23,504 hogs. . i
BEEF--Dull and heavy unlil to-day,
when there was more activity though no
change in the rates.,- Extras ' 16c; prime
1515c; fair to good 13K14e; ordi
nary ll12f; interior 10llc.
SHEEf AND LAMBS Which declined
Hi4 oa Thursday, have since about,
recovered the tall and closed firm at 44
6J4C for the former and 67)o for the
latter. . . . r
HOGS Higher sales at 728Jc, clos
ing firm at 88c.
Toledo Market—Nov. 9.
FLOUR Quiet.
; WHEAT 1 to 2o betten sales of No. 1
white Michigan at $2; white Michigen at
$1 76; amber at $1 681 69; No. 3 red at
$1 35; No. 2 spring at $1 18.
CORN Steady at 87c lor .No. J; 87e.lor.
No. 2 white; 90u for yellow.
OATS lc lower; No. 1 at 53c; No. 2 at
RYE Quiet
' BAKLfcf Dull. , - n
' FREIGHTS Dull at 5o to Buffalo.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 9.
The' weather Is flrie, 'which, ""with1 the '
pressure on the money market, has a ten
dency to check, -business- to the present
wants of the trade; though prices are pret
ty well sustained.
It 1
lto statesman.
Treaty with Kansas Indians.
Returns from North Carolina.
Condition of St. Domingo.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
Ingersoll, of Illinois, is the only other mem
ber of the Houwj known to be in the city.
Senators Wade, Morgan, Cameron and Cr
bett are here. After the declaration of the
adjonrnmentof Congress to-morrow, Wade
and Colfax will return to the West.
The Secretary of the Treasury will order
an additional amount ot 3 per cents, issued.
It necessary to relieve the money market.
Treaty with Kansas Indians.
Proclamation is made of a. treaty with
Kansas Indians, providing that portions of
them shall remove from that btate to res
ervation south in the Indian country,
while other portions will dissolve their
tribal relations aud become citizens.. The
Indians are duly compensated.
Gen. Grant.
General Grant is at" army headquarters
to-day, engaged unofficial duties.
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
A 'Washington special says; Secretary
Seward recently sent an asrent to St. Do
mingo to endeavor to purchase Samaua.
NEW YORK, Nov. 9. Calls.
Several gentlemen called on Gen. Grant
this morning to pay their respects. Among
the number were the Vice President elect,
Secretary Scoflpld, Major Gen Thomas,
Senators Wade, Morgan and others. Major
General George H. Thomas, Hancock and
- -
The officers comprising the court of in
quiry to investigate the case of General
Dyer, Chief of Ordinance, assembled In
this city this morning. . .
McHenry, charged with perjury In the
recent conspiracy case a&rainst Conimis-
fioner Rollins, has been admitted to bail in
The New York Money Market—
Interview with Secretary McCulloch.
- :
[Special to the Cincinnati Chronicle.]
The stringent condition of the money
market in New York con tin ires to furnish
the subject for much speculation in finan
cial circles here.'
- Your correspondent had an interview
with Secretary McCulloch, this moruing, in
order to ascertain what course the Treas
ury Department would pursue. Mr. McCul
loch ex pressed, in -strong language, his
determination - to break' up these move
ments, which tend to bring about a finan
cial crisis. As to controlling the currency,
he was cloarly of opinion that he had the
necessary power to reissuih g l ten Ier3 to
the amount on hand uncancelled. The law
restricted him as to the amount he could
retire, but did not forbid any reissue.
At present he believed there was no occas
ion tor putting out tnese legal tenders on
the market.
Orders had been given to Assistant
Treasurer Van Dycke to exchange $U,
000,000 three per cent, temporary loan cer
tificates for that amount of bonds, which
would relieve the present stringency by
allowing banks to hold them as part of the
reserve, releasing that amount of green
backs. ' If this did not give 'sufficient re
lease to the market, then the subject or re
issuing the legal tender notes 'would be
considered. . .-. ; - .
f The Secretary' said that all statements
i ihout , the . Assistant' Treasurer ' of New
York selling-bonus -during the present
stringency were false, iioinis nan . oeen
! -xchanged during the past month for tem
porary , loan certificates, but before the
, .narket assumed IU present aspect, the De
partment oaa oeen adverse to taking up
these certificates, but as they had been pre
sented with a request for bonds, this ex
change bad been made. , . , -
In regard to the statements telegraphed
' to New York last night that the Secretary
. would not re-Issue any legal tenders, ' he
1 jronounced them Incorrect.. -If the occa
sion demands, he certainly would issue
them to as full an extent as necesoary to
The Collision between the Gen.
Meade and Marmion.
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
In the collision between" the steamer
General Meade and Marmion it appears
a telegraph -signal on the Marmion was
mistaken tor her port light, and the Meade
ran into her amidships, causing one of her
boilers to burst, without, however, severe
ly injuring any one aboard. The Marmion
sank to her main deck and the Meade had
a hole knocked in her bows, from which
she leaked badly. It was found .necessary
to run her on the Jersey flats.: :
North Carolina.
Sufficient returns have been received
from the Seventh Congressional district to
show the election of Durham (Conserva
tive). . The delegation stands five Republi
cans and two Conservatives, a Democratic
gain of one. The best of feeling prevails
here between the races. The Conservatives
submit gracefully to the election of -Grant
and are determined to do their part to sus
tain the Government.
Burnt to Death.
A little son of Mr. Charles Appleton, ol
Sherbyville, was burned to death on Fri
day night last. II U clothes took tire from
the stove, and before assistance could reach
him he was so badly burned as to live but
- "
The House of Refuge.
' The House of Refuge now contains 105
Inmates; $10,000 have been forwarded to
run It until the meeting of the Legislature.
Its expenses for the year has been $60,000
Reward Offered.
ATLANTA, GA., Nov. 9.
: Gov. Bullock has issned a proclamation
offering a reward ol $5,000 for the arrest
and conviction of the persons who caused
the death of Albert C. Kuffln, Sheriff of
Richmond county, killed in an election riot
at Augusta.
Grant's Majority.
The latest returns from Pennsylvania
inake General Grant's majority 30,190."' ,
The New' Hatlroad Line
Projected from a point on the Pittsburgh,
Cincinnati & St. Louis road, opposite S'eu
benville. down the left bank of the Ohio
iver to Wheeling gains favor and strength.
Williamsburg, West Virginia, the other
lay subscribed $100,000.
Nothing of importance has transpired
the report ot Saturday in regard to
impeachment of the Governor, or concern
ing the Governor's suit airsinsc Lieutenant
Jleason and Secretary Alden. There are
10 indications of disturbance of the pub
lic peace. About half the arms thrown
'rom the cars were recovered in good or
der, and are now in possession of the Uni
ted States troops. All the judges, of the
Supreme Court are here awaiting the ac
tion of the Circuit Court. . ; . - - j
Another Radical Sensation from
New Orleans.
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
A special to the Tribune from New Or-
leans, Nov. 7th, says the Republican State
Committee to-day unanimously resolved
chat the administration of- Alsj r Genera)
Rousseau and General Buchananespecial
ly their partisan conduct during the Ire
cent tumults, riots and massacre in ttiia
eity and State, are highly reprehensible in
that they exhibited sympathy with and
partiality "for the rebel Democracy, and
emboldened them in their attempts to oveH
throw the State Government and carry the
election, even by fraud, violence and blood
shed. ; . i .' 1
S. B/ PACKARD, Chm'n.
R. C. RICHARDS, Sec'y.
Murder and Robbery.
MADISON, IND., Nov. 9.
A German named Nicholas Simon, living
in the country west ot this city, was found
the road dead early yesterday morning,
tew miles out of the city, with his skull
broken and otherwise beaten. His pockets
had been rifled. He is supposed to have
been murdered and robbed. There Is no
clue to the perpetrators of the deed.
The drug store of Messrs. Harper &
Meyer, of this city, was broken up Sunday
night and $75 extracted.
John Allen was arrested at Chicopee
Saturday, for the forcible abduction of a
sirl named Emma Burke, from her borne
Augusta, Maine. He will be taken to
Maine as soon as a requisition can be ob
tained. . . - T . . v
Knights of Pythias.
WILMINGTON, Del.. Nov. 9.
The supreme lodge of Knights of Pyth
ias, composed of delegates from the Grand
Lodges ot New Y'ork, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of
Columbia, Virgiuia, -Louisiana and ..Ne
braska, assemble this moruing la annual
session. - -
Beatly Springs Hotel and College, thirty
miles from this city, on the Northern Cen
tral railroad, wer testroyed by i fire on
Saturday. , Loss $10,000; insured for $25,-
000. , ,.. ,: "
Thrown from the Track.
BUFFALO. Nov. 8.
The morning" train "on the New York
Central railroad.: bound to Lock port, was
thrown from the track about one mile from
the depot, by running over a pair of canal
horses. Little damage was sustained by
the train. - " - ' '
South Carolina.
The Daily News 'has 'nearly complete
returns from nearly every "county in South ,
Carolina, giving a Republican majority of
900, a Democratic train of 3.350 since the!
election for the new Constitution iu April.!
River News.
River four fect and nine inches, and fall-
Ing. Weather cloudy. , Mercury 70 deg. i
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
John Rcillv. a laborer, residing at SI
Ninth avenue, was arrested last uigbt on
suspicion of murdering his wife. - ,.
At about seven o'clock last eveninsr. be
fore the departure of tru? Philadelphia train
from the New Jersey depot, Jersey City,
Mr. John McCallon, a merchant doing bus
iness at No. 4 Eldridge street, New York;
was attacked by three ruffians and robbed
his pocket book, contaiuing $140.
Commitment for Trial.
In the case of John Spicer, arrested
nearly three weeks aco by Inspector Wall
ing and detectives Irving and Coyle, of the
central office, on the charge of having
stolen $05,000 in. Government bonds- from
the Sub-Treasury in Wall street, on the 2d
of July last, Judge Hogan has rendered a
decision, after carefully reviewing the tes
timony introduced during theexamination.
The Judsre believed there was sufficient to
justify him in holding-Spicer, and there-
lore tin iv committed him tor trial in default
of $20,000 bail.
"At a late hour Saturday niffht. George
Cornelius and John Bai'' both n'oes,
had a quarrel in Brcon street, when the
latter stabbed the . forim. uau y The
ruffian escaped.
The Weather.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 9.
Snow has been falling this morning in
central and western Kansas and westers
Missouri for the past forty-eight hours.
Heavy rains fell here all last night.
: Mrs. Catherine Engels and Mike Moran
were arrested yesterday for dealing in
counterfeit money. Between two and
three - thousand dollars, in live and fifty
dollar greenbacks and postal .currency ,
were securred.
Farragut's Flagship.
frigate Franklin, flag
ship of Admiral Farraguc,' arrived this
afternoon from European waters. .
judge Nelson to-day refused a motion
for habeas corpus in the case of Theophilus
C. Callicott, convicted aud sentenced last
May of frauds on the Government ia the
Internal Revenue Department.
judge Benedict, In the United States
Circuit Court, sentenced one Lewis Snow
to pay a fine of $500, to be committed un
til paid, tor violation of the injunction of
the Court by selling hard rubber combs in
Infringement of the rights of the India
Bubber Company. -.-
Jury Charge.
Judge Banard, In the Court of Oyer and
Terminer, called the attention of the Graud
Jury to the reports lu circulation relative
the election frauds, and charged them,
anythiug in relation to them came be
fore them, to Investigate-them thoroughly.
The steamers City of Paris and Erin,
from Liverpool,' has arrived. ' ;
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
The Democrat's Warsaw special says the
peasantry ot Wholynia have raised arms
against the Russian Commander. : They
are led by the Catholic c.ergy.
The Democrat's Athens special says that
thousand Cretans who had sought shelter
there have returned home. The urea test
part ot Crete is said to be quiet, although
the insurgents still hold the mountains.
The Democrat's Constantinople special
says several conspirators implicated in the
plot against tne suitan s me nave been ar
rested. Tbc conspiracy originated in the
bate of the Catholics for the ' Musselman.
and a desire for independence animating
the'Christians in Turkey. .
The Democrat's Berlin special says:
The opening debates in the Prussian House
Indicate an increase or the majority on the
side of the Government. .
The Crown be Offered to Espartero.
LONDON, Nov. 9.
The Times' Madrid correspondent writes
that the Crown will probably be offered t?
The decree removing Lersttndi from fl,i-
Captain Generalship of Cuba and appoint-
; ' gSgg
ing General Dolce was officially published
Saturday.,- , , .,iv . j4;
Clarke, the Comedian.
John S-Clarke, the American comedian,
played at Strand TheatervFriday evening,
before the Queen, Prince and Princess of
Wales, Reverdy Johnsoa and -other nota
bles. ... - (, ... ,.
; The i steamer Harmonia 1 sailed from
Southampton Saturday for New York. ,
LONDON, Nov. 9.
. In the case of Miss Lvdia Beekey, the
Court of Common Pleas has rendered a
decision, in which all the iudges concur,
that the "common law of Eugland gives
women no right to vote.' ' - i.
Morning Post.
The Mornlnsr Post regrets the postpone
ment of negotiations for a new reciprocity
treaty between the Dominion of Canada.
and the United Stares, 1 Jfcrezards. the con
clusion 01 sucn a treaty as -cne only seda
tive for discontent in Nova Scotia.
Popular Demonstration.
CORK, Nov. 9.
-A great popular demonstration took
place here yesterdav on the eceaston of she
funeral of James Monritaln, who is sup
posed to have held .a prominent position ip
the Fenian organization. A procession qf
over six thousand men and women.follow
ed the remains to' the cemeterv.. Ur. MooAr
tain formerly: resided in the United States,
and was a delegate to the Fenian Consent
tion held in Chicago la November, 1863.
South America.
brings dates from Rio Janeiro to the latfe
ult. The allied fleet and army was before
Ascension, the capital ot Iaraguajr: TX ew
of. the surr ni :r of the city was hourly ex
pected at Rii.. lb was reported that tlie
United Stauai squadron, -under Rear' Ad
miral Davis, was going up the '.Paraguay
river to Ascension, j .
Robberies and Assassination.
HAVANA, Nov. 9.
The Diaro to-day publishes the following
intelligence: "' 1'i ' "'
Col. Lono, who left the town of Tnnas on
an expedition into the country lu search. qf
provisions and supplies, lias returned with
out success, the Insurgents having destra v
ed . every thing of the kind within their
rech: . , , . - ,
Tne Diaro says .many bands of robbers
aie committinj; depredations on-the -plantations,
acting under the pretence 'of be
ing revolutionists. The planters In large
portions of the east district of the island
are consrqueqtly unable to harvest their
crops. -This state of things, it. is feared
will lead to famine and- disaster. . . :" . . j
" 'A mall Commissioner was assassinated
last week and the mails rifled by the rebels',
who have seized the mails at Various points
in. the. disturbed district..! t. ".!.' . .1 V.4
Captain General Lersundi has received 4
telegram from the home Governmentlaur
thorizing hlra to-suspeod or not at his dis
cretion, as occasion may require, the death
penalty in case of persons condemned for
political offenses.- . . '' .V
The insurrectionary disturbances i are
confined in the eastern -districts ,-;The rest
qf phe island continues tranquit':'
Condition of the Government
Condition of the Government Growing Worse.
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
Advices from St.T)omfng'6:state that the
condition of the country srows worse every
day. r No .business is done. The Govern
ment has no money. .It is doubtful if any
support will be rendered to Mr. Sullivan's
proiKsed'.lineof steamers to New York and
New Orleans. i The revolution' was spreads
laS' -.i ,1:0- 1 . - ,- 'ha
St. Louis Market—Nov. 9.
FLOUR Dullimd
: WHEAT Unchanged;, spring $1' 15
1 18. . ",r.r.-. ,.!..
CORN Lower at 6570c for new and 75
80- forold. - , '. ',' '., ' ' ;;
OATS-Unchanged t'4852c ! ',r "; '
RYE Sellsat$108lil0.: ! r. . T.-.a
BARLEY Dull at $1 ,601 Zo for Jowa
spring-. ... . i- t
PORK-Unchanged at $29 Bu.'7 ,v. A
BACONUnchanged at 14c tor shoul
ders and 18Jo for clear sides. I. ; i ;
LARD l(j16Jo., , J(. - ,ft
wHisKv-ti oa. - .,' . ... ; - ;.'.
Buffalo Market—Nov. 9.
-FLOUR-Stesdy. : 1
i VVHEATSpring tasler;! No. 2 Milwau
kee $1 33. .,. . r. . ,. ... .
, CORN Better ; sales at 96c','" 1
1 OATS Firm; salts at 60e. i; ' ' ' ' I
- RYE Nominal at $1 24. : t-rt - !
., FREIGHTS 18c lor wheat; f,
; ... SPECIAL notices: . i: h
; 1 : - " 1
' - ":!!'" : '! Vasi"- -;-
"THE QORHAM MAKUPAC!rtjkiy3 to ;b'$
PROVIDENCE. R. I. havinftlie largest manu
factory of Solid Silver Ware in the world, uMl
the moct improved maohin ry and employing tha
most ekillot labor,, art .enabled :t' oSer.an on
equalled variety of new and beautiful degifDi is
Dinner Services, Tea Services, and very aitiola
specially ad.pted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts. '
They offer also their well-known and nhriraUeJ
Nickel Silver Eleo-ro-Plakcd Ware, in which that
bare introduoed now patterns of rare .elacano.T
1'be Spiid Silver is sjuarantecd to be of sterliasj
purity by U. S. .Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i."
guaranteed to' be superior, to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders recoired from the Trade only, bu '
these goods tear be. obtained from responsible
dealers erexy here. , y 1 r.
IX "Mark
Trade Mark U
--r . for
bales reom Ne. 3 Maiden LsmeiNk.'. i
noT5-d&w4m-Fe ky
1 -d3 li .1
.. . ;
It is the birTy Infallible Hair Preparation Yor
"... '- . " GROWlfi. '-',
It is the cheapest preparation ever offered to the
public, as one bottle will last longer and socbmpliflt
mora than three bottles of any ( other preparations
- OorReneweria not a Dye; it will not stain the
skin as others. . . ,.
It will keep the Hair from faUinf out. ', u
It cleanses the Soalp, and make the JIair sof ti
lustrous and silken. "'' ''"'--' 1
' BBKT VRBB BY M AIL.' ' .Ji:; ':: i;i
it. P. HALL A CO.. Nashua, N. U,; Proprietors. -.
Foi sale by all Drusgists . , .
july2S dltawAwly-am .' ' ";; ' '-'I
Hew either sex may instantly gain the'nndTinc
loveof any person they choofe. The urngie mar
ried, the married haDpy, and WIDK iIN TIMK.
Simple, harmless and sore. Also, Journal of Love
Secret of Snocess. How to tiet Rich, etc AH mail
ed free for SO cents. 100.000 sold. Address
KEtVES A CO.. TS Nassau St.. ti ew York. '
H Nr aocl-w8m ... . i'.-.- i. a ...
DR. A. B. WILLIAM H, West BroaawaT, nerr
ugh street. Columbus. Ohio, ha devoted hiiawlf
. a aeries of years to the treatment ofoertain P i
r.te diseases. He may bieensultod at his olfio
'4roaHwa. near theKzooange Bank . .'-. i
maj31-tf , '- . "
... . i-. .! j-j 1; j-.
lfANBOODil-juaifi jr iJJul
. I' PnmphUt from th pea nf Dr.- Curtis
The"Medlcai limes" says ot this work: "Thi
valuable treatise on the oause and cure- of premart
ture decline, fihowa how health ia iutDaired thmn.k
seeret abuses of youth and manhood,- and how'
easily regained - It fives a clear synopsis of the'
impediments to marrisse, the cause and effects of
nervous debilit. and tho remedies therefor."' A
pocket edition of the above will be forward -d on.
receiot ot W cents, by addressing Doctor CtTana
So- ss Aorth Uharle SUeeU Baltimor. Jad. ,1 7
era maySS-dly-r ,, "''
' Fourth Street, near Mala, u' 1
BKSRY P. ELIA8, '. ' -: - '- '" troprietor '
ftat.ed and convenient ti bn.in-.. mnA ,A t
points of travfl.
is the most destrhtble atoppina i
place tor
r persons Tishinc the oil,,. iJNq oi
paiaa wm i
spareaco man tne orcnectji :
every particular. myia-d6m.

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