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.Doii oloo4 In Nw York ytqraaj at-I34?j.
Clamoring for Universal Suffrage.
. Quite, a numbec of Republican paper
bar set np the demand, that ft U the duty
of the present Congress to enact an amend
ment to the Federal Constitution provid
ing for Nejcro Suffrage In all the State, and,
territories.' The apprehension pretall irf
the minds of these Radicals that II this
hall not be done now, It Is not likely to be
rinn. in the tteai future; It will not require
much nrgtnz to Induce Congress to do tbl,
thing. No doubt they would have done it
before bed not the presidential etectioa
stood between True, In the, Chicago Plat
form the Question of Suffrage In the "loy-i
1" States Is declared to be a sub
ject for those States to regulate them
selTesyrsolhati ttwM.vthjs ..duty, of
Congress only to Interpose and reg
ulate It In the disloyal States. This
distinction to, many seemed queer; but It
was made simply' to help " them safely
through the Presidential Election. The
temper that the people had Just displayed
In Ohio and .Michigan touching Negro
8uffrage'lnduced them to believe that It
would be hazardous, politically, to assert
the right aud the duty of Congress te reg-.
ulate that question In all the States ana
Territories. Inasmuch as Iowa and Min
nesota, with scarcely a Negro within their
limits, have at the present election declared
the abrogation of all political distinction
between thfc VlteM $9 Blacks, the
advocates ei the political equality of these
noes have been emboldened to open up the
odMttoH fcfbtStri States, and to secure it
the more surely they will demand that
Congress shall enforce it on all the States.
Congress having done' this In the South,
with the approbation f orpeople, they
argue that if right and tolerable there seri
ous opposition will not be Interposed to it
herflta uA Nirtf ,)lf (Jongress ftatt'bnl
say It1 must prevail. BadlcaTUm Is not yet
prepared to abate anything In Its ultra de
mands. We knew It would not be, if Gen
eril Giiiif should W elected.' f Cftif people ?
who voted against Negro Suffrage should
have known that the only way to dispose ot
that question effectually, was, at the same
time they votfd against It, to, vote out of
power the party who advocated It. Having
failed to do this, they are now likely to
hffjit fostjeIuponJh!ia by Cohgressidp
enactment and Legislative ratification.
Clamoring for Universal Suffrage. A Strong Government.
The Journal is out in advocacy of a strong
Government that is, a consolidation ot all
power In the3aMTWniePfrC,ina lt
regards "the present as the auspicious
time" In which tot establish this strong
Government. The whore doctrine of State
Eights It wants torn up and trodden, out of
txtaternslst4!bUjtaMslwll not
have a distinctive right that It shall
breathe and exist alon f nder thefaadow
and sanction of the Federal Government.
Tnat we do not misrepresent Its views, the
lallosring -extract ronv jts leader p thi,
subject will "testify :
- The dear delusion oT State supremacy
Is yec-oherisbed, aad it we-hear less about
therlghts!ot ,'soverelitn States," we hear
aUngnthsr lnii i mnnh ahrnt tVt right on
the reserved rights ot Slates and about'
States being sapremejover eeitain classes
of-ubjet aad witbia certain spheres of
UXUoVeiio3 lftbVisplcisaliaedd
the opportune moment when this whole
heresy regarding the supremacy of a State
over the United State in any particular,
should belquelcbed.' The pdrulctohf aereiy
ot Stale right should fee elimlrmtedj utterly-
and absolutely, trom the administration ot
every department of oar Government."
No doubt, an effort will be made to. revo
Intio'nize totally O&clJRepubllcan' Wrm of
Govemaeat and . substitute ' 1st, effect the
Federal krMttBatc&iaT form." It is W
eootk for.sgeatienMai aft the ;domtnant
party., that the dotrtnrof StAte. pighu in
the' ieose finat ' Btaie can i 'plead It In
Josttteatibilr M" KSwlthdrirVaTor atterap
fd wUhdrawslfTom the XTnionr' "ba been:
abandoned. ;Hore ra detnande d,Jltf o State,
Wtwbwalsawed to set i that It-toaa'. Vssi-.
prenMuorlQveranythlng wlthfa lu
limits To so claim Is'nbir held ;to "be !
ult'-heW and.ihe;.tro'ni;!aim: la 12$
ipked.to ysaato&li." li,.fa-.VA
oiBow smb and how parUeachaage lEjgbt
yeara , ago,'' the. rational Plattorm' of , the
cpubiioait party was. bottomed -upon, the
octrln-6f .f tate Bight: It ;wa pralt-ed
the country over by Republican politicians
wpeseBsinrtraBeodant Virtues. Now,
the central or4n or the Republican party
o6tiicitlgmaflze It as erifemos' here
sy," and demands, that itJilhe eliminated,
utteVly""and'ab30lutely, from the adminis
tration of every department of our Gov
ernment." At every step? since this party
came into power, in I860, the Democratic
party T baa ..warned. . the people that they
meditated the consolidation ot all Govern
myne l&Htftel Federal Governmini Tta
twndiffi f6nd.h.93 jt'may not"
Jxs potential ' in Its luflusnceit doubtless
spkS'sentiments of t great mass of
the loaders o4 ita.party, 5Tthi ja
jrerer1 W ,l5e hhWtf otjhe1 Government
was i so neeessary thatDeiwDcratssboal
Maintain their orgaalzatlou and extend the
elrchlatlon pfj DeroowIc jotifnalt1; The
khsWy Xj'ni Government must not be
everthrbwiit,'Ttf sphere 1 the; Federat
Government shall be supreme; i In theic
Sphere, he Btatss mtist be supreme, .ThtiS
will harmony be preserved and the people
be protected fa their rigbts.
1 t;.E . , , .. vn
Adjournment of Congress.
e' Yesterday:'wae the day !t6rhlch:on-'
gress had. adjourned. The President of the
Senate and th Speaker of the" House were
aacbortsse fto 'dj(ira ; their respective
bodies until the 1st Monday It? Deeember,
In Eeeebl,lh't there was no emergency
demanding a session and no quorum being
present. Inasmuch a General Grant was
elected, there was no quorum present.
Congress was accordingly , adjourned until
the 1st' Monday in December. Had the
. etrbltcaarparty beejtl dfe(eatd, the; man
agers qthat party ,ui liaveyDsidered
ar session, necessary tq devise . ways an
WeBftf hold" 6n to the Governmeut.' They
warelwtft a mischief.' i'Ti;-;A
.t.:i -
Save Pen, Ink and Paper.
9lA4Tloeomes two !. V7hlnKtofli to the
seekers Wi ifflce,lhat tberd Is no . use fo
writ Geetkaral Qbant beseeebtn jr spyoint
nieot'isoms, office.;, t:hes4 letrs;49 not
s hrt Ikts hnd, " He Is nor swaw any
soch lestorjbiare ri(ta him Tbef . ps
lato the haads-s sr staff office whosw
34 It.U to'opea,' tW "and destroy IbeiD.
psrlotadifellfremeii i,ho are wUritt6
rl? wHBStrte ma offie sa ssts pen:
The Ohio Legislature.
to meet
on tbe 234 of .Uug mceiUi. Xbaj ir'sioor A&
?;fc2lp1 .tsjt a, Dt adjourn
ment should take place from, the 231,nDj;fl
the.HrMWr4ax Ja January, and on this
motion calls lor the yeasTansl naysv" tJ-v
The Greenback Issue—Neither
Dead Nor Sleeping.
sooner was the .
Gkant known than theV great battle of
November the 54 Instant, was charged 10
have been fought on the greenback Issue,
and the res alt claimed as a triumph of the
bondholders, which would give them gold
for their bonds.
The State Convention of the Ohio Rad
kale which met itbiaeity ea th 4th of
March last, took gronnd, In Its platform.
in favor ot redeeming tbe bonded debt of
the, conn try In legal, tender notes, but no
soboer-was General Grant elected,- than
the Journal, a paper that lauded the plat
form when It was made, as ''unequivocal
a id straigbtforwar&V'and 6Tnb.,'hpmeanlng
or doubtful phraseology denounced the
.'tame resolution as an "indescribable piece
pi 8opnompricai paten-wor K,": as a Vum-
daag, kxavltk, - thieving - greenback ' plank,"
which no Republican In Ohio defended
rxoept undr duress.": ;- -y i n i
; ' The Neio Tori Times, too, claims the re
sult ot the late election as a verdict against
the taxation of bonds and against paying
them in any thing but hard moneys worth
,34 cents on the dollar more than ; )egal
teuder notes. It says; . . i r i
'The financial policy of the Democratic
party was dictated by the. supporters of
i-eiiutenni, inu raunea oy tne uonventiou,
with the avowed purpose of conciliating
,the West. It was con tended that the West
ern States 'weie lmost a unltlrc lavor ot
the Uxation .of bonds the payment of the
dve-twenties In greenbacks, and an infla
tion of the curreuey-to- render that step
practicable. When the partr made these
measures leading features of "its plattorm,
the whole West was claimed for Seymour.
Pendleton, became, one, pf the great funs
pt the campaign evtry Vnerer expound
ing his nostrum, and urging its profita
bleness to the , Western people."
I There was no unnecessary Inflation of
the currency promised none Intended by
the Democracy over and above that neces
sary to carry on Its business. In the very
nature of things the volume of currency
biust have been increased by full Demo
cratic success, for that success carried with
Et a restoration of the Southern States to
heir right nnder the Constitution,; and
with this, a re8toratibnof trade and of the
markets of the great West to that region,
necessary on the resumption of the indus
try of the country. Beyond this necessity
kheiwas no Inflation of -.-the currency,
titber 'promised of intended by the Democ
racy bad they comeinto power.
; The West was, and the West is, almost a
milt Tn favor 6f the taxation of bonds' and
the paying-of them, when due. In the same
currency promised when the bonds were
Sold in the same currency that the pro.
prietor of the Time pays for the labor on
hli paper the same currency that the Gov
ernment pays the soldier and the pension-
enfand In which alone, thk law saysi shall
t a legal Sender Ih payment ot debts
Ain thcTimu makes Ja wotuf mistake when
t claims that the result of the late election
was a decision against the Greenback issue.
It was not so in the West not so in the
Easta In the former, theRepuoiican party,
before the election, put it in their platform
4 their orators prooleUaed it not an issue,
or else they advocated it. In the East, It
was made an isspe against Gen. Bdtleb
In his contest with Dana, the bondholders'
candidate, udvBoTi.sBTTwno "linked .the
taie?-vlrtue of being in' favor of paying
the bonds in Greenbacks with his "thou
sand erjmes,? rassuc;esfintr J J
I Every -"Where (hWufrhbut -the' West the
fact that Horatio Skymocr had once so
spoken, that; the inference could be drawn
that he was iu favor of giving the bond-
bcltfmgoIJ for tlieli-' bonds, was iired
against the Democracy, and while it may
not have prevented Democrats, who went
to the election from voting for him, it cer
tainryvkfpl aBy trom the pollsa j r.-
fie-who '-believes the greenback ' Issue
dead, reckons without his host. It is neith
er dead nor sleeping. Its great advocate
was, and still Is, Georob H. Pendlhtom,.
w'hd,' In' his perso, embodies more of the
popular sentiment of the West than any
other jDSOi He, and the United. Democra-r
Cywltb him, will continue the' contest,
and, mark the prediction, Mr. Times, they
Will be successful. It is a battle for jus
tice a' battle against the repudiation of an
honest j contract against allowing'. the
bonded wealth of the conptry,,t(0 go un
Uxed, yhlle its. Industry . U -taxed: to. the
death, and in such a - contest, the issue
fairly made, who caa-doubt the result.
I The eastern bondholders and their organs
mlf fkelJIrBflar Jast, underttand, UVatl
If the bonus are to be paid they are to be
paid iiflegai tendepnote, and that like
pthefawealttv they, must bear. their, equal
share ot taxation for State and National
"OEAaBXCHcrrRT KzATrof IjOUlSVille,'
Ky who dUttoK6israe4;.himself In the
Mexican War, andrwho phtntetl theflasr"rf
the Kentucky Toltlfr-oo tbe wails ot
Ghepultepec, on the 8th, lasU, shot himself.
into -eternity with it Derrioger pistol In
1 ."'I'
One of the electors chosen by the Kadi
oal legislators ot Flbriaa i A oaI brack
neftro. To that complexion must the Ohio
Radicals come at last.
tlli i - " -T i
The Mysterious Sickness in a
Poughkeepsie School.
[From the Poughkeepsie Eagle of November 2.]
Stranee sceaas were enacted at' Bisbt-e's
Military School, near tbe Lower JLandine-.
and in Alain street, on Saturday aiternoon,
about 4 o'clock. At that hour Mr. BUbee
was in the buildintr, when he observed one.
of his students bent over, endeavoring to
vomit. AnotDer pupil came np ana In
formed htm that one of the teachers was
verv sick, and wished to see him. tbe DUDil
who Drongnt me iniormation leaving lor
the . door. Scarcely, However, . pad he
reached It when he too,; commenced vomit.
Ins:, i Mr.i.Blsbee becoming alarmed, has-
tenea to tne teaener's room, ana loana him
vomiting freely. -While attending him
word r waa, broofcht faint that Mrs, Bis bet
bad also been attacked with vomiting, and
again Mr. Bisbee started on his errand of
mercy. Dot ,Delore r ne . reacnea nis wife's
room, he, too, waa attacked with vomiting
Tbe matter now became serious. - All over
the building pupils were vou.iting, while
some were suaaeniy attackea with dia
rrhe. n fjr,i"' r'A '
Ielng tne -weekly UolKJay; a-large
numDer were promenading Alain street.
1 hey, too, were anecceu. one stood on i
street cornerrvomitingr another was reel
ing about on tne siaewaii r a' third was
sitting on a curbstone, and some were lean
ing against lamp posts. People along the
streets were impressed with the idea that a
numDer oi tue pupus were on a disgraceful
spree,, sad; gossip picked op the. rumor as
tr ie,1 and carried it from one end of the
city to tbe ther' In tbe, meantime, Dr.
John C. Payne had been sent for and had
arrived1 lit the school, where, together with
Dr. Avery, everything yr as done to allevi
ate the"snfferlngB"bf the" afflicted. Power
ful medicine was given those at the school,
aud wagons were tent feboat the-city to
pick -up' the sick' pupils abroad. At 8
clock itf the'evenirjg the panic and sick
ness bad 'subsided, snd-quiet once more
reigned about the premise. It is believed
that there was' something about the- bead
cheese, vaictr was partakea ot freely -by
all at tbe dinner table, that caused the dis
turbance, Mr. Bishee states that it was
made or good irmh meavier tbe-iHa-mediate
supervision of Mrs. Bisbee. Thai
hvino- the case, we are-of the opinion that
some evil disposed wag knows more about
the trbfBia"lw Is wllliryr fo felJ: Al
together about sixty pupils were aflected
. . ,, zj;H '-r-l i TJ 1
Thb abolitlonlstt, hereabotfls, are almost
MJubllan vJtheieliriaB! of Grant, as
were over that of Andy Johnson.
Logan Gazette.
In ihe iSd
KCERNER On Tuesday, 10th inst.,
veax uf his AAO. J OHM M
. Friends and acquaintances are invited to, attend
the funeral from bis lata residenoe.'riorfbeast cor
ner Third and Leag streets, on Thursday at. I P.
irrapLixe siLTftx ware j
ft' AND '. i '-.
PRO V IDKHCE. K. L. bavins U largest mana-
faot tj of Solid 81lT Win in th world, with
tba moat improved mMhinury. and mployia tix
most skilUd.' labor. : ar oublcd to offer an an
tqaalled variety of new and beautiful deiicoi in
Diaeer Banhiaa. Tea On !,- -orary wtiele
tpeeially adapted for Holiday and Bridal GifU.
They offer alio tbtir well-kaowa and nnrivalled
Nickel ailrer Eleotro-Plated Ware, in whioh th-
have introdnead new patterni of rat lefaaoe.
The Solid Silvwr 1 giaanwtecd to be- of etarlln
purity by. U. 8. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate I
gaaranteed'to b Superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders reoeived from the Trade only. bu
tbese goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every ehere.
rsn Trade
1X1 Mark.
Trade Mark . nr-i
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D0T5-dAw4Xm-Fe NT
; Itis tbe only infallible Hair Preparation for
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R. P. H ALL CO.. Nashua. N. H.. Proprietors.
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DR. A, B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, aesr
nD imn, vasmvait vdiv, nee avroioa- nimsei
rmte diseases. He may beensulted at hie offim
iaySl-tf 1 i --i ' - ' 7
i.J.lL J'iimvAUtnrnmttAt pm f Urn; Curtiii.
The"Medkl limes" saye of this work: "This
-raluable treettee on tne eaaseand euro ofvrei
tare deolloe, shows how health is impaired thronsh
seoret abuses of youth and manhood, and hnw
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neryous aeoiutfv ana toe remedies Werelor, .. A
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receipt of J5 cents, by addressimr JJootor Ocktis
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Mew Advertisement!
; ' 3T The Ohio Statesman had st
Larcer Circulation than sssiy pa
per pubUsJiexI tat tblw City or 'e as
tral Ohio.' Adfertlsera "will bear
tfala Im ami ad. w.,i . ,.!.'
floe of tbe City Civil Engineer in Columbtu,
Ohio, until , . - r
MaadawTVolSlh, IS68,
at 4 o'oloik P. M., for doing the following work,
to-wirr m--t''' -
Fer.baillint a sloable row flag croesiog aoreu
South street at the west side of High street.
- For, lowering the flsg orossing across Mound
Street at tbe east side of High street. . .
For giading and repaving the sidewalk on the
at aide of Front street from the noitneasteorne
of Front and Town streets to a point eighty-live
feet north of Town street.
. The bid atiU be opened by the oommittee of the
wards in whioh the improvement is to be made. The
oommittee reserve the right to reject any or all bids
at their discretion.
j"f " '- 'i -,- j. W. BOW EN, 5
S--" City Civil EagiaeeW
City Civil Engineer's office, No. S3 South High
street, up stairs. - : - ; novll-dtd
City - Sewer Bonds.
-. -,-,! ( -'CTTT CLERK'S OFFICE, i '
.' " . .' ' Columbcs. O.. Kov. 11.188.
eeived hv the Citv:lllerk at his office, in the
eity iii tjoiumDus, vmo, uniu
Blondisys 1h tfifh Uii.t f niovem
Im r.. . s.. :
at S o'cloek r. JI.,-"iiiC th ,:0-'v-f t'ity Sewer
linnrts fiH li-riii a e- f"-)slu T' trtL. a ter
date at tl Nti"m.i irk 't. -le l-i Se'v 'Vi.r i'.r,
and bear 7 per" co t .ieit.(-'jiHe 'cuiinnnu
ally on tbe firs' lsr, r nf Kib ury aud August, at
said ational Fark liauk.-and cannot be sold .for
less than par.- '
Proposals will be received for from $20,600.00 to
S85.SUU 00, to be optional wiih tbe City Council to
soil the whole amount of the issue or only a part
thereof. Bidders will therefore regulate their Dies
, xne bids will oe opened ny tne standing oom
mittee of Ways and Means, who will report to the
City Counoil for their decision. " -
novll-dtd . ,' City Clerk.
Advertising Agents.
133 maaean street, new XorK. ...
I-'a" icj itotablUhtd in 1882.) i, i
We bes; to eall the attention -of advertisers to
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Messrs. Phalon Bow, New York. - '' i
Messrs. Phblom A Colmsde. New York.
Messrs. T axhant A Co.. New York.
Messrs. CmcKKKiNS a Son, New York'
Messrs. Kadway A Co., Mew York.
ool20-eod3u ... ., r , ..
m. Brick Warehouso on the corner of North Pub
lic lane and Center alley. Being olose to all tbe
railroad ireight houses ia the city makes it a very
desirable plaoe for receiving and shipping freight.
For further particulars, apply to the undersigned
at ( reign t umae ot tne u. i.. jv,,k.
james patthrson. a'u
Columbus, Oot J8. , . ' ' ; . .
oots-dw r ; .: ..
-- E solution to Contract.
Rtol&, That the City Oivil Engineer be. and
ha is hareti v authorised and directed to oontraet
the name of the eity of Columbus, with Peter
hages, for building m double row flsg orossing
across Public alley at tbe west side of High street,
upon the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty-five cents per
anhin vsrrl.
For boulder paving. Forty-lire cents per square
For flagging. M Inches wide, Sixty cents per lin
eal foot.
Adopted OcCts, lees. - r i - '
Attest: L. E7 WILSON.
.eot30JXt; r, ..... , , .City Clerk..
old, very handsome, kind and
n. and six years ma, i
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auKs-dtt .-
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- 1 KOKERT.' and BATH, will not ohap' th
1 8 KIN". Pries M esnts Jiet tAt, txi
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
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to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small degree' to th.eix
happiness and welfare for pone can b
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involving the general health of, the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent eicknessand premature decline. Nor
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greatest charm as to do this. The sex
will then thank' us for placing fn their
lands simple specifics which will be
found efficacious in relieving aud curing
almost every one of those troublesome
complaints peculiar to the sex.
' : ; himboid'S
Hundreds suffer : on in silence,, and
hundreds ofother apply vainly to drug.
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope- of a cure or
apply remedies which .make them worse.
I' would tiot wish-to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it may
le produced front excessive exhaustion
of t.he. powers of life, by laborious em
ployment, unwholesome air and food
Jirofuse'menstruation, the use of tea'ana"
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it Is far
cftener caused by direct '-irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of , the
vagina itself. 1 ;; r?.;i
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them. ' It is but' simple
justice to the subject to enumerate m few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
and, which,, consequently, affect more jr
less directly, the welfare of the entire
human family The mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes. the years, that nature designed
for'cbrporeal development to he wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room, alius, with the body
half-clothed, and the "mind .unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the' work of destruc
tion is half accomplished.
1 i- ' '
j ,Jn consequence of this, early, strain
upon Tier ByStem',' unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re
tain 'her sitiiatioti in 'school at a later
day,' thus aggravating the evil.1 When
one excitement is over,:another in pros
pective keeps the ttind morbidly sensi
iirp torTm'pression, while the now con
Btant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensnble to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
postirr to night air; the sudden change
ot ti-iiiperature ; tbe complete prostra
tion . produced - by . excessive dancing,
mm--t, of necessity, produce their legiti-
tnat'' effact, ,TAt last, an early marriage
enps the climax ot . misery, ana tueuu
fortuiiate one, hitherto so utterly regard
less of the plain dictates and-remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
au' unwilling , subject of medical , treat
ment. . This is but a truthful picture of
the experience of thousands of our young
women. ' ' ' '' .- ; '- - :' -.'
r -i
' : Long before the ability to exercise th.
functions of- the generative organs, they
require an eaucauon oi tneir peculiar
nervous system,-- composed of what ia-
called the tissue, wljich is, , in toramon
with the female breast and hps, evident
lv under thsoontrol of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life : and, as we shall subsequently see
these, emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sa
the very, life of , their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
For Female Weakness and Debility
Whites ' or ' LencorrhoBa, Too'- Profuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too . Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus 'and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri we
oner the, most perfect specific Known
Helmbold's Compound Extract of
Buchu. Directions for use,, diet, and
advice, accompany. ' 8 -
' ' Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age, will find it
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. Helm bold
Exteact BucHO. is . more strengthening
than any' of the preparations; or Bark
or Iron, infinitely eaier, nd more pleas
ant' .! Hblmbold'b Extbact Buchtj,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in tbe (J nited
States, is now ottered to afflicted nn
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever eause originating : General Debil
ity. Mental and Physical Depression
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused -Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite,' Dys
TiRDRia. Emaciation. Low Spirits. Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
(Generation, Palpitation ofthel!eart,
aud, in fact, all the concomitants of a
!Nervous rand, Debilitated state of the
system.; r To insure the genuine, cut this
out. - Ask. for Helmbold's. ...Take " no
Others .-!!.;. - H;-.-.- i-:l-
i Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. (.?-,-,-,- i n. v i-.-,-,
Iff " !,; :io ,ti.l,
Price. $1.25 pet bottle, or 6 bottles
for ' : $6.50.' , Delivered to ' any , address.
'Describe symptoms:, in all eommunica
jtions. Address II. T. . HELMBOLD,
I Drug and . Chemical Warehouse,'',' i59 i
j Broadway; N. Y. ' . - .- w
' None are genuine unless dona up in
steel-engraved wrapper, with facsimile
'of my Chemical Warehouse, and lighed
1 1
t !
is: '
I if
2i- n f
.irs t- rr i
silks,: ; :
- - 1 . j -- i a I . i
. T . i "I - .! 1
" r . ...
tl t-iiuit
:!t fj A--,Hi
J.. J-
'iii.K.-.i-.l ,
ill '.j
i it.
-il it,
!; 1 P ll !
i 7;. ll 1 .'
A f: -r,.
n . -iun
ir.ib f-.i: ':
v .i.
-.: . :,;., .-.;-,i:-'f
: ;-. no
ft ,vr-t
.)' -J
IN THE- ct ,i:
ri...-i avis:
ii -.;.:.t"ij.
! - v-.i vi ijh 'i V' ' i
i i .ry.t I-
.('; ,.'in:uj''tr ;i
I 7 '
;r 1'i.ifn; ; . j r ; i -'
Caai be Foamd at
250 AND 252
1 1: -.: -i--i '"r.1 1 ; -:t--
'rr :!
.-I'-tW ' J'iOJ 1
.15 l-
.in-iv :
-.Inn !t -ii' ' f.rn
cm lis;
v :i
r.w. ,, .'1'
.' ' 3. ' . C. LJ.il
. . 0 THB ..
United States' 'of America;
..'ti .i .. !.; WBHINOTON. D. C.
Cash Capital, . ' ' - v $1,000,000.
- " -' PAID FULL."
t ...lIRAmCH OFFICE ' ' ' '
To which all, general correspondence should ba ad-
. , OFFICERS I '. ;"'..;. '
CtARB'lirit T3.". CLARK. President;1' n,..,", -
JAY COOKE. Chairman Finance. and EzecaUre
CommiUaa.. - -.- -
HENRY D. ' OOKE. Vice Tresident.
EMtKdON W, fEET. Secretary and Aotuary.
,) . unerea oy tnis company are --
It is a National Company, chartered by apcoial
. n. nf I'nMfMi 1BAH . ....
act of Comrresa. 1808.
, It bs a paid up oapital of tl.OOO.OOa. . j . ; .' L
it oners low raws oi premium.
It fnrnishes larger Insurance thaa other Compa
nies for tbe same money. . . -.-,.. r
It is definite and certain in its termed ' . j;
It is a home uompany in every locality. . ,
It5 Policies are exempt from attachment.
. There are no unnecessary restrictions in thePol
foles. -Every
Policy isnon-forfeitable. i
Polioies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amount and return ill tbe premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
N o extra rate ia chsrged for risks upon the li-res
of females
It insures not to pay diviHeads. 4ut at so low A
cost that dividends will be impossible. -!S
. JUHHW. ELias S yV.j
and Southern Indiana,
Colu-riboe. Special Ageuts-'fOT Frunklln, Licking.
jawsiingum ana liwioainti ceuniies. -
peNY-ootsa-deodAweowly . . n. -
rjiu::-.;-! i its -r j,; --4 ,.-i -:i . :
tn no previous year has there
been sucJ strong competition among
aU the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturer of this country and
Europe as the present.- At all the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
they met and contested for the Pre-
miutn on Familv Sewina Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the Florence Reversible
Feed -Locli-StUch - Family - Sewing
Machine, It received the First and
Highest Frize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uhi
verseUe, Faris ; American Institute
Fair j New - York; . 2iew K England
Agricultural Fair at Frovidence,
R. I.; Vie New York State Fair j at
Jiuffalo ; . the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics' Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair bf the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
whicltj:losed a four-ivcelis Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority ot .the' FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it the "GOLD
MEDAL," the higliest Frize the
Institute confers. . 1 . . 1
' It would seem sa if this succession of tri
umphs should to sufficient to convince overjr
unprejudiced person' of the great superior
ity of the FLOKENCE over all others as
Family 8ewng Machine. , , t , , . .
A written warranty ia given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL SO ALL
tnat ia claimed for it, and should it fail,
will bo taken back, and the MOKEY XU5-
Principal 0tee and Batetvaom, So. MS Wttt
Tnmrih Street, Cincinnati, O.
H. BXcCONNEIAr General Af eat.
IiATBR., j ( ,, ,
At the Ohio State Fair; which closed at Toledo.
September SBth. 181S, the FLORENCE received
the FIRST P&EJIIUiCiot the best Family Sewing
alaonioes over seven competitors. , ' - ;
- Send for a oiroular. or call and examine the Ma-
ohifles at tba new Salesrooms.
81 Eaat State St Columbus, Oble.
W. S. BBOWN, Agent.
1CW All kinds of stitohinc dene te twder,' and
-atMfaoUon gaaran teed. - -eetM-dlmltawrAa
Corner Broad & High Sts.
' feW-dly ,-, .
' l&nJO-dly-r
Colnmbne, O.
. ..'I . . - C.
r. L. BUTLSJ4.
Ko. 18 4cS18Bloatli Hla-t St..
- ' - cottJMBCs. oenbi'
(7Ar eteseasie Uanufactcry U at tte Tot
6out on th Canal.) . . .
Their business transactions, both Wholesale and
Retail new extend throughout the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They manu lecture
f alt classes and every desisn of superior work
manahip and finish. Also, Cane-Heat Chairs pf
every description. Wholesale and Retail.
a k. assci. ' - '' -' eo. w. o.mmc.
- i' REEOB & QUINN, .
n. n m b f x sa,
Camof nd Oysters.'
i Also, all kinds of Coantry Produce, such SJ Bnb
1 Ti. ter. Kg us. Chickens; Turkeys, Ae - ' (
Io. , i sweauwey,
The cbnioest varieties ot fresh FUhi received
dajly- . r Aif sooas purcaasea ujeiiverea tnaar
pa.tof thecitjrrRBioroeABOi. locUa-eod6a
K9iIOTltsMf L,mt,n Fr
Sales "Ust,tl " Wstitu,' "Tmm,
Ilnoa, pnbUsjhasi fa thla mIibi Imte
9 'V11 tnrtlam. ...
AM ED A 14 RNTtl - Mna
month. eTerrwhsre, ml rd femmle. t
MACHINE. , Ttkis. Msobins will stitew
hem, fell, tnck, qout. orl. Siod. braid
Dd embroider In t most superior man
ner, rriee only SI8. Knlw tm
rw nsmrWw wilt vm at Mhsw
maenrne tnst will sew a stroncrr, mora
- --. f -1 . or mora elMtiasM iL. AM
Ti tna rElastto Laok Stitok Kar, ui,,j
stitch ean b out, and still tba cloth eannot b
palled apart witbona taarint jt. Wa pay AfeoU
Irom & to sw or mnniQ ana expanses, oca com
mission 1ronr which twice that amount t;an ba
mad Address sfcCOMB i CO. .miSBUROH.,
iAor KO-iTON,UASd. .
C aUTION. Do oot be imposed apoa br- otbaa
parties palming j,S wojtbja-i eaat-iroa maeniQee
nader the same same or otherwise. Ours is the
only genuine and zeaU raotiosl cheep machine
t"- " r - octSI-eodlStAw4t
- OFEKA 110Ua$E.
. . ' FOR TWO BIGHTS OH Lt I 1 '.
Frldaty A. Saturday, At. .M St 14.
- The old tlrnt aad well tried . '- 4
Headed br the Great Impressaria and founder of
I the present school of minstrelsy, after aa unpar
alleled season or inooess or. eiiateea eonsecutiTe
months at their Opera House, Cincinnati, propose
tour, for a limited number of weeks, througu the
country. The performance will embraoe the entire
force of this If ON8TCB OBOANIXS.TION.
Doors open at T. oommencint at S. "Admission,
X and 60 cents , ' WM.C. JJORNEN. Asent,.
noTii-d3t u : ..- .... .T
'tv5.r?-Kav-?7'i --BT
lur T m -
IllrSs I TailCeS aHH6 KCIIlulds
ll J,, - V
Mrs. KKMBLE will read in the Opera House.
Oethaatesl -"T TTfT PrJfTPTT'T
XtttsawiajrE-reTilng', Pf DfVi 17,
Shakspeare'a play of
Betsnre4 tieaita. sp.Csiatta Extraw
The Sale of Tickets wtft commett'oti!ondey
morning. November 16tb.it o'clock, at ,the Uusio
Special Notici. The readin will eommaneaaA
8 o'olook precisely, and it is leepeetfully requested,
to avoid interruption, that the aodieoo will be
seated ten, minutes Before-the readina; bating.
Doors open At 7. - . novt-dst-r .
, ::s , SPECJAL NOTICES.1 ki
Is Sickaeaej Avoidable) Ti I
Thousands toss on sick-beds to-c!ayxwhq.
laT?"?.?".a' J'. an4.. hearty, had, they ta en due
precautions for the preservation of .that most pre"
eioas of earthly UesHngs,a soweul aUad ia aoamf
to&fr Sickness, to a greater extent than most peo
ple suppose. Ii avoUabU. When' th body Is Jan,
goid, the spirits depressed, aod the nervous s yatea
unnaturally sensitive, it should be taken for grant
ad thamtiscAit i orewfiir-'-These "hints and
warnings, vouajsafedsasaohby a kind Providence
oaghtnotto'be disregarded. If they are alighted,
as is too generally the case, the next thins -stay ha
a fever, a severe billions attack, or some other form
of acute disease. They indicate as clearly as If tbe
intimation were given in articulate language, that
the animal funetioas are disordered; aod the system
debilitated. Under these circumstances, the enly
tXingtoitdontU lV UtoU!. At AOT MSTOM.Vdtl
the but rtgvZatiHg and reUraUvprparat4am (tear
wsst for V14 prevention 0 tictnttt is HOSThT
iuos remittent fever, chills and fever, spasms, ner
vous paroxysms, violent attacks of Indigestion, and
all the ordinary epidemics, may almost oertainly be
I averted. . They are msually preceded by the
ms described, and surely it is wisdom to forestall
them by resortinf to an antidote at once bantless.
atreeable and invigorating. Most assuredly, it will
soon dissipate the unpleasant feelings referred to
which, of coarse. U.deAirabla.ren il fhtj r-r TI
likely to lead to something worse. The close of the
Fall. is usual y asoompaaiedi by unhealthy fogs and
violent atmospheric changes, and itis therefore a
season when invigoration is "particularly needed.
ui.j-MlDuua4jnir- j-.4. i; ':.-."4 ,1AO-J
AtA eXAHDAaiMtBia BBf-a-
guch an article as "l)r. Tobiaa' ,Yenetlan, Lini
ment." It has stood before the phblio for 11 years
and has sever failed giving satufaotiosj in a single
instance. Every drop ef this valuable compound Is
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it can al
ways be relied npon.Jijs wa ranted saperioi t
any other, for the cure of Chronie Rheumatism,
Toothache. Headacbe.i Sure Throat, Vomiting,
Frosted Feet, Hemps. Croup. BnTnr.Cutr.-8earStelp
ness. Insect Stings. Sprains, Cholera. Colie.Spasma,
Dysentery. BruisesV Colds. Coughs, Old Sores,
Swellings, Fains in the Limbs. Baok and Chest.
There-ir -no medicine inhoOTttr'ttat stand
in we on its own merits than the "Venetian Lini
ment." . Thousands of certificates ean be seen at the
Dootor's office, attesting to i:r rase virtu eav The
great sale for Dr. Tobias Venetian Liniment, 'lias
induced several unprincipled persons to counterfeit
this "Valuable Remedy;" purchasers eannot be toe
careful to see .that "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment1
is stamped on the glass, done up in yellow pepest
and signed "i. I. Tobias." All ethers are dangeri
onsooonteifaits, a.nd although they may rsasnotCa
the "Venetian Liniment" in color and smell. "o
wars of Aem.?xSold by all Drusgists and Store
keepers throughout the United States. Price M
eents and one dollar per bottle: Depot ! Park
Place. New York '" ' . . K-i-, ,7
junelS-dAwlyom-reiiT-o' . -
It is In demand wherever personal blemishes are
considered of sufficient eonsequenceHo be removed
: ,u Ita AcUaai JatatsiiataiBieaiaiav :
Crista'doro's : H air" 1 Prtservjitive
AND BKAUTIF1ER iaa preparation ofeqaal merit
and repute. Its effect upon the hair is electrical.
It fastens every loosening fibre, replaces harshness
with sil iness and flexibility, semi-baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with' goss. Tts use ill inc&ae
the straigh test hair to ourl.and prevent the driest
from tuning gray. - It is the favorite at every toilet
where it has -been tried, and as a nseaas ef keeping
the hair-free from seruf or dandruff, and the scarp
from exfoliations, is perfectly invaluable. - '" '
8 Ad by Druggists, and applied by ell Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory So; aft Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot Ne. 6 Astor House.
ii I. i II f
i.' . KA M m as A . s
V wrrncio vs nuisva...
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colie. Th -need
not he,' T)rV Tobia'Venefiadllorse taair
meot.in pint bottles, prioe one dollar, will posi
tively care every esse, if given eooording to the di
rections, when first taken. . It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls, Sprains, Old
Sores, Swellings and "SbreTnroaCTC Is no new
remedy, hut of ll .years'! staqdiog, and approved
by the first hoi semen in the country. Col. Phils
P. Bush, of the Jerome Tark Course; hag ttsed J
for years, and recommends it to big. (friends. Orr
ders are constantly reoeived for it from the Racing
Stables in England. It has stood the test, q lime;
no one has ever tried it but continues its ase Rtar
ollect to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Liniment
in pint bottles, and take -no otbecut Seid kgithe
Druggists end Storekeepers throagkaatthe tiniled
States. Depot 1,0 Park Place. Kew York. '" '"1
jnHT jn"
The bowels may be costive or some ergea do iu
worsrl weakly , From aanses like these gases anil
tummy substanees occur which poison the b-oodj
theperrpiratioa may he checked: tha feet mai-hsi
so chilled that tbeir fetid exhalations are throws
back upon the hloodc LHere is cause for pains, fe
vers, inflammations. In these eases Brandreth-
Pills are worth more than gold: Five W six cure a)
once." Remember they euro by Mt ones removinax
from the body those matters whioh poises the blood
and make us sick. These celebrated Pills should ba
in the house ready;'' 4 - i ' I 1"
. See B. Bbamebeth la white fetters on th Gkrvi
ernment stamp. Principal offioe BKAKDRan'sl
HotJSB.New Tork." Sold by aU druggists,"
innelg-d4kwlycra-reHT! 11 A ) Q j t
A Clarsrvman. while residinc in Rontl, A ,lu.
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple tesaw
edv for the Cure of rJervour Weakness. Early De
cay, Diseases of tbe Crioar and .Seminal Organs,
and the whole train, ef disorders brought en ai
naaeini sua vroiwusriiaoiBij u real siQmeers aayra
been eared by this aoele remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate. I
will send the recipe fbrreparieg end etsieg Hi.
medicitiev m a sealed envelope, to en wbl
needs it, mm oronaaoa - Address, -. : -.i -, . o i7m
..... . i. I . A . 7J f
: i ors ijonoM oat cured me ofTettvsr (or Bait
Tetter (or Bait
Kheunu on my hands of thirty yean) standing '
wrttee.Joseptttthitler, OfTMnvme, Ind..ho hat
beinjt-linlt PalntegAri, Jt,;
- -UW vs a j-v

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