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MCTroKotSGic.,.AiL,prep!.Ted and
i . , W. J." Savage, Jeweler, 83
8oatHiAtrsj'iiHiJ ALiA';lM
TUESDAY. Nov. 10, 1868.
f.-:K revs
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TUESDAY. Nov. 10, 1868. Attention, White Boys in Blue.
TUESDAY. Nov. 10, 1868. Attention, White Boys in Blue. HEADQUARTERS WHITE BOYS IN BLUE
COLUMBUS, OHIO, Nov. 11, 1868.
Yoiare requested W, neet
Ball this eventng, at 7 I ( r
HU II W very important .that, metebm
'..l-remanent organlMUon, .and read
log are to;' '.established; alao, a
mo ball bo ,T" ooai' Tur0 OUt'
aid In ' -l pushing on these
Col. Com.
J. B. MILLER, Adj't.
! 19 Engagement rings Of opal are now
''tT Hon B.F. Potts and John H.Tbom;
as. Esq; were ltfthe city yesterday. ;
ty TheT thermometer fell fourteen de
cree; yesterday f
and. qoVIock v .'o a '.i ft V.o
-r tSTlThe ejection .etprnt wtlr' Wopened
on Mondar wexu JrThere are fiftee coun
ties yet tghearfiwrr. v A r.0:LI
rar.W'!were In error la saying that
Vlnc Caleb? worked at the soap .faetory,
He had joegnlar employment.:?
I A. Buffalo Justice has decided that t
riae:tse an- nmbrella Don t
it no
try It on here. Our j ostli
Our Jdstlces don't hold that
-m.,i th.iJHnnl t).T WT.: Stambauirh, of
the Ohio Beiiate, aa married: on Wedhes
toty.thefth InsfU to Mlse Lon. Atklnaonl
otOarrolltott.: . Weoffarth happy couple
ooiJieartlestrttinjuiatlonB.- u
CkHSojI1 wrtLiSTfcThVohamplo n
lajrer beer drinker ol America 11 res In Cin
cinnati. He hista In- hla 160 tlasses
dally. One of the correspondents ol a Cln
oJpaatt paper n this rfaoe-cealA fire jhUn
4ieal.3( he were to puthlmfclt diwn io
U iq-ukrebcerdriWri "
.Comtkstbd Elkctios. J. T. Irvine
QmnocraUc candidate tor theTflloiif aTn
ditor of Muskingum county," hwT served
aotlca. ofcontest oabls .opponent, C.JD.
CiW weitMrlrtnaibeaJtt -by .alxr
teen majority, while the balance of the
county ticket war-elected' by majorttlt s
tinflng from ninety-four to one hundred
andtloty-fl, , .fli t , ,0,u1
TpTAt.'VoTa o.- STTMlf)nCtti.7rTbe
fotWlnff. Is the total' yote ;east for State
officers at tu'e October election: no"!ii "J.
Becretarv of State Sherwood, 267,067;
Hubbard, 9,682. .vv,';,-'' .i1.
'Bojardof Public Works Moore, 268,858
Hnghea, 349,518. .'. -..a
Supreme Judge White, 2 6,907; Flnck,
Clerk' Bupreme 'Court lpos,r"a688785
Webb, 249,496.' ' ' ' " ' "
School - Commissioner Norrls,. .266,990;
lUrkwood, 249.648- , ,,ii; , Bl
Boot Otbtu The horse thlel, Samuel
MeadVllle, 'whose exploit In stealing; a
horse, bujtKy and general outflt fromWbsg
A 8nively, we noticed ""about a"weelc
stacea an, .examination, before
Sqnire Meeker yesterday morning, wtilch
resulted In his being held in the sum of
$400 to answer belbfeTtie Court of Com
mon Pleas. He refussed to tell anything
sXaJlabajit parjserj X defaf;U;o ba
he was committed.
Sam of Citt Skwer Bobds. We call
ftQntion,to,be advertlseaient'orspaled
proposals for city sewer bonds, payable
twenty years after date, .at the National
ParkBank In New York city, and bearing
sejen per cent! InU rist, jwhlch Is pubtished
In another cbluninthls JnbrnThg. As I he
SbndsVilt'be offered' In sums of from $20,
000 to $S5.000, bidders -will regulate their
Wda accordingly--This la 4ne of be, best
ihTetmetrtrthat has- offered lor-many-a
dav. and must command the attention of
capitalists, siif-ti' vJ.'rS
NiwcoMB'MrMrracLs-iWxn-rii&-aen ,
the agent lor Newcomb's Minstrels, one of
the most favorite troupes with onr citizens,
called on us yesterday to announce the ap
pearance of Jh'e party he represents at the
rHat.itlcitxloFd'a and
Saturday cDtnga'rowejBt The
quartette aieenj'grealx .sepgthened,
apd.now comprlses'some of the best yoices
In tb rbfessloo'.The'en'd inen." are; stars
It Is said, while Ned West and Kfernan will
touch Ualigl)tfiwitBtlJa a- manner that
will delight Rovers of clog dancing.
.oss'ii?! wrra i iitnt W tiimMuR-
filed an affidavit against Asa Davis charg
ing him with' committing' an assault with
Intent, tqoommlf murderba he said
STorBBr4 DavU : waived an examination
teylrig':t&at he sappbsed he' was guilty pd
wold have- tosuad It. ' He wa4 held to
answer before the Court ol Common Pleas
in the sum of 1,000. r.ni'. vr
O.I the othec charge, against, Davis, that
of. gjsaultlnjtrWltt Jntenti HMlh Ueprj
fjchrelnef, hcwasheW littne sunt of f L0O0
to appear tor examination on Fft lay, the
;Bkqobj of BiSTBS axd DsuTHB. From
er'fhiprtecttorB ;ade o the
Probate Court or rne Keoora oi tstrcm ana
Deaths In Franklincojinty, we glean the
following facts. .There have, been born
oVrlug the VuarWr en'dTng1 Ut?f? 1868,
7PMHi6;5brv.ih fonf were lllegitl
mate.Turfnig the pame time: 133, persons
have dledj,pt tnese.7-were:niioren un
der ten years of agero4 6. persons bver
that age. The law in- regard to making
ftes, rgpoVU shoull be opeieftpj jbi te
alty steroli Inflleted, else jwece-, better
that it 'b altogether (repeated. We can
see how valuable a CferHflcate of ihe birth
or death of a person may be, under certain
etronmstsnees, an4 think the originator of
theiHMsentlawfhad a first rate klea to ib
head wl?eh (e concelyed it,T)ut It is' of tio
M disregard ea as it is now -y mjiyf
wirbcst physicians. .; .A ftI tr ...
j.vl,.T i M . i (I'll .'J U'J.t
: i' Gfi-LoOT Eecpaia. Thera Vwert pu'ttre
sses beforeittHS May or yerterday r -;. : .
'.V H. P. Hamilton, a yoopg man ifrom the
cpunVy,: wrfOOB'Jof ese,;,:iHe6t "chock
tollot calamity water and fell by tho way
ery lack Of stamp ;-wa Sen Wth stoft
pltei.rm .ft J ,
.ogfl!Swrwrlf;fed'WB wth
beoatneplunibto tne muzzlel Then he took
in a full her km a.piiialMU i Asbestrticle
pJtJSSllnil,9Jl4 JndrlnklngjiraS ftfan
InllammaW characterr, by" tp 'Qmf he
reached the depot hSrp(odWl.( -Becoming
nosfe, dlsq.rderly. bowas .arrested
tvlW pim 9 MPtVf6 as a cob;
tiibaAkNiAOotaaityrfTA eouiint pay be
fPfPb wfsr as M fejrtrti Ay
the. pofwsnafid astsorderly s a Bouau
financsir JKrsMncnKteed; at tht
BriBT'S HUSBAND, by Marion Barlaad. Haw
fork. Sheldon A Co.: Co.ombiu. iiandall
"J : . ' ., l r , .
Thla h Tery interesting and entertain
ing contributlMby the author of "Hidden
Path,"Ieme88,X"Mllam,,, atc In' which
the gifted American novelist" manifests to
moch originality la iber thinking that" the
reader find j himself unconsciously recur
ring to what has had such powertul effect
pon hinv4 ;pric4 $1.75. , . , ; , - r
GRsNDMA'8 WARDROBE t.y " Mrs. "Marshall,
author of "Join nr Waton.,VMWttle Mal.a-
lumboi, RaodaU A.toa. .
A well written story for the little peoplei
in which they are taught many things .hi
reference to their duties to elders and
tbemselves... Price, "76c.. kip i r- - ( - y
I A" Circular from the t well known, aiifl
long r established Advertising' House of
Messrs.) S. M. PetUngill A Co', of New
York, Inform ns that the firm propose to
enter upon a newspaper enterprise of their
own. Oa or before the first of January
next they ; will Issue the first number of
a weekly publication to be called "Swth
and Eom.1 which will be neither partisan
or sectarian in its character, but will be
devoted to all that pertains to Country
Life in its broadest sense. Tbe forthcom
lug Journal will be tinder the editorial
charge' of .Donald G. Mitchell, ?Uq', while
Its home and fireside departments will be
aMy. conducted, byMfs Harriet Beech er
Stowe, who will also oontribat. original
articles io every-narnbSr.' "
We cordially extehd our hand to Messrs.
Pftttlngill A Co, and bid them welo ime to
tue field of fournaiism, feeling convinced
that the 6ame honorable dealing which has"
ever characterized their' history as Adver
tising Agents, will also, extend to, every
departmeatof the new enterprise, In which
they are sure to succeed. A ,i:L:
uJ".N"rdQrA..Gsuif.J.N,',the great
philosopher an4 dUclple-of T a h, who
has ofiered himself as a martyr ou the altar
of the divinity whose follower he is, more
fTraeVthan anyma'nTbf iaodlern'days. has
been on a visit to Gen. Grant.1 Hear what
tbe4hilosopher says. We find great con
solatfboHn knowing thaVas- Me1 a Desks
nothing but truth; there Is hope for the
sofcfitly stadei GenlGraat'a kdmiilUtrUioi.
The immortal, ','J,Nt?1lays:j
I am proud to call both' Gen. Grant and
Gen. Lee my friend. 1 never ooKld tmve
fought In either army and held, truth. War
is only brute force. Jt is passion, not reai
son. My province -of thought. -ia aruthw
There is no truth in War.
"From what 1 know of Gen. Grant, 'shfl
what I have heard him say. X have great
confidence he will have but one end and
aim in view, and that is to reconcile 'the
prejudices of the .people and lift the veil
which now eitsbrouda-the South. His am
bition is to do rizht.i Knowlnsr he eon Id
act lndependentlv s. President, he bad a
desire to fill the office, for the good of his
country, and for that alone. The people
may rest araured thatpoliticians will never
rnle him:" He' wilLmake every act of hiS
subset vieot to one great end, to establish
truth. ThU political-victory must not be
claimecT:s a partisan' one. Granf Is iib
partisan,' nor washe elected, as -Bach-; In.
his acceptance ol -the- nomination of the
Republican" party he defined no policy, but
plainly told, them in" , his letter,! accept
ance that he would act for the
good' of' 'the country. " I have' great
confidence la Grant's honesty, good .sense,
and want of revengeful feelings' toward
the Southland in his independence tit ail
prejudice from whatever source it, may
arise" I am satisfied he will attempt to an-
nihllaXe all party prtjudlne and-restore-a.
genuine teelinit of sympathy throughout
the couatryli I trust I shall sooir ba under
stood, "and that my truths ' will 'be ac
cepted by all. J have attempted to lift the
veil from General Grant, and trust be will
shortly reach forward to the position I oc-
eu'py as a disciple of Truth, and relieve me
from the pressure I. have so Ian? sustained.
I have but one Obiectof life:' the nromul-
gation of truth, aurt en 11 not be induced to
desert her utterances for, wealth,' office ot
station.? .'i--, .',.-.'. i-1 -....;..:.
There, if the Democracy be not satisfied
wlth--yea,- glad of Grant's election, after
the veil .has beeOt thus lilted-by the only
philosopher living1 since the days of Lord,
Bacon. , they deserve the fate of ll onbe-
HeVeFS u r ... ...f., -r. u f - 1 nT.,-i -
Grant's Gibinkt. The BadlcalS' here
about are 'niuch exercised about Graht'4
Cabinet, and to relieve their difficulties we
thus nobly rush to the rescue with the
fittmes of persons pecnlrarl, fitted .for the
pjsitions. We suggest: . .-: .: -. 'i -1 .. 1
Secretary of State The great philoso
pher, "J.,-..,, ,H,. ..,. ,, ; p
Secretary of War George Francis 1 rain.
Secretary of the Treasary-Bill, .Gibson.
Secretary of the Navy Admiral John
Wiliisws, t)f the Scioto fljtilla.
Secretary ofthe InterloivDr. CoulW r.
armed with, two boxes of Brandreth's in
vincible pills. '"J'-i J '- 1 i
Keeper-Tfthe Private Key Brigadier
General James MComly,
eneial James fiLtmly.
Keerrpf ihe.PrlTOt'Pap6TS-J,5. A
Getitlemen of therBed-Chamber Messrs.
HafrttotfanoVBhttres! .
Court Jester Dninn Piatt. Should he
decline, Sam. Galloway. 4 1
Chief'bt the Freedmen'S BureauDave
There I we snail expect to oe appointed
to a fsireign mission for relieving tUn Pres
ident elect of J)is, great difficulty, .If.the
tnlislorftoMeea.Funi Clil,is not taken,
we are a candidate Coijnt .us la. Tx
TheFesttvai. Last NMHT-"-The festival
of the Hannah Nell Misston at Naughton
Hall last night, had not- so large an atten
dance as we had hoped to see, -Or ai the na
ture of thehsSlty and beauty' ind enjoy
a6oess.$hb festival iiohld' cmlnio.
The sbsenccof madyi of; the -ladies,! fore
most usually, la . patronizing lestivals. ol
this kind,-was due andoubtedly to the un
pleasant and. cold evening (To-nrght we
shall look to see the attendance doobledjr
Thrarrhngenieht or the hall Is very press
f g, and. cXhere -la, !rouch.hasid6 the
4eautl(uT",and 'affable lady attendants to
make the place attraptivei Vhe''i)ooth fcr
the sale of bouquets and other floral treas
ures -is -si point' o Mauty. Here' also are
displaced a variety ot very creditable
pinunjrsior-eaie. oe jawnen, ays,ter
tihflithejRrre8bttie.ntt4)i)leiXrg fool-
veniently arranjred and well patronized.
But we have tot space ' to elaborate. Go
yourselves to-night. an(t ee i-To-)ay. a
,tincll wiUibo ipread irota; 11 o'clock 'AVM.
until r pL "Mn u u popeu; ev
ery ibasiness man in the city, will, jnakeit
i point1 to lunch at Naughton Hall, ' The
ladies deserve and neeA ali the . assistance
they gan get. ...... -1- ,,
The CooB?cBKA'Ur-rsW have re
ceived the first pumber of the new consol
idated newspaper, the JjommUleiKfij Cour
ier'-Jma-naL It Is' now' very handsome
paper of fortysolumiis," and the Union, we
think, will be for thai benefiK of all con
jSrhedTTh Jhvter VaT56wnecr,y"Mr'.
Haldeman, apd ht)'Jmhiua by Messrs.
Henderson and Watterson. Haldeman &
Wattersbn.Jiaye porebsund ;ilr. ''fftmdef
son ,iuterct,umney are announced as
exclusive owners. Mr., Vatteraon "fakes
tbe edUtojlal imanageraent.'of tha Courier-
iowmaiL assisted by George D. Prent i-o ri
aloil corps bf editors:" -1 ' 1 - ' ;
iMTCRRipaaij.LASWAaEV-The Rwt,
Dr. Gallandet, ol New York, so well known
IM'fclffiHia-iong service li behalf of the
deaf and dumb, will interpret, In the sign
ianguige'the -Evening1 SerVIci'.'Ipf :;tba
Protestant Episcopal cnarcn, and will make
and cburfh-wprk among deaf mutes, at the
chapef ot Trinity churcnl'corner of Broad
and. Third streets, this 1 evening,
Tmnsfckkbd 1'kstada T4ie follow
ing 'transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office yesterday :
Amass , Jones and wife to Franklin
county Agricultural Society, one-half an
acre of land In Montgomery township, to
be used as a public highway, for $160.
Jacob 8Jyh and wife to Philip Sammet,
Get. 21st, inlot No. 8 In the town of Hill
lard, for $300.
Frcd.Doell and wife to Conrad Born,
Nov. 7th, part of lot N6. 4 in Hab' sub
division of lands in the city ot Columbus,
for $100.
Wm. Powell and wife to M. A. F. Ross,
war,' 6th,- lot No. 9 of John- Morrison's
subdivision of lots No. 6, 4 2, 8 and 36 ;of
John Morrison's addition to the city of Co
lumbus, for $1,200.
Tax Wsather. After afull eniovment
of the driest,1 pteSsantest faft" we "have
known for many years, the heavens cloud-
el up and yesterday we1 bad several smart
showers of rain. And not before they
were needed, either.'The farmers tell us
the land Is pretty thirsty and heavy rains
are needed lor the wiawn. wneat- we
doubt if yesterday's rains were sufficient
to BH the many' empty "cisterns Id IKecltjS
let alone wetting the entire country. As
the chap who was running round at the
Mm of the flood said to old Noah, as he
floated bv in his famous Ark. ''It wasn't
mucn 01 a snower alter au." stay it con-
Death of John M." KcEhNKk'. John M,
Koerner,, late County Commissioner, died
at his residence yesterday morning at' nine
o'clock, as we are informed by his brother,
Mr. Koerner has been sick for a long time
with typhoid fever, and his very low state
gave , rise and color to. the report of his
death previously made. -i We , eel more
keenly than ever, now that hels dead, the
regret caused uS.by the publication of the
first report. Believing as we did in the
honesty of those who4rought us that re
port, we gave utterance to the regret all
felt a the.lnssof so. good and so useful, a
man as "Joh M. Kcfirner. His epitaph
should bey "He-strove-always to do right."
.TsoTicE-Ctoi-tniBba LoDosi iicIIIa.C'ti
O. F. The funeral, of Bro. J, M. Koerner
will be, attended". Jy 'the members .jbf the
order, from his residence, corner of Third
audi Long ieet3,:on' ThnfBdayBt ne
o'clock P, Mn without regalia. , , .
D. Carmichaki. N. G.
Lap Blakkrts. WoTT, Fox and Buffalo
Robes just received at . , . r., , s.
Clark & Farmer's, ..i :
noTllt ! ? ' No. B Nell House Block.
Wanted. Some second-hand office fur-
nUuiandlXohae'-turtuture, aad.sw3man
to attend to sleeping apartments in the
Opera Hbaselddres HVV:, 'JXfi
Columbus, O.
Ther skkms to be no end to the new
goods PlajjkJb Farmer, are fecelyTnj.es.
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived. Almost every train brings some
consignment lroratheFast for this estab
lishment. u They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishViig. ''!''! ''i tj miMMl
If yon desire to know where, yon can get
all the good things for .the inner man, go
to' the Sr. ' lidWreaee Rratanrant
Coverdaie & Hoselton, proprietors.
novl0-2t . ,' 1
Tr H-rra flof omori ' la TP fe-Ai fa '
gives '(.for fifty ents)' a well filled can
Spencer. Auger-fc Co.'s prime oysters '
atad a'pQnnd of butter crackers. ;.!
auK6-dtonov23 ( .- : 1
ilrlry made and rerJred- by O.; E.
Smith; 27 S High street, over Bain's store-
.Fob."Sai. House " and ,' jlotj corner Of
Franklin snot Washington Avenue. Most
desirable propertytj will be sold at a bargain
Enquire bt J.W.Moore, No.4S West North
street.--; ;. ';.'; '...'
oct.!3-dtf . : ' ; -
From GL. F. J. Col harn. Doctor of Dental Sorgerj
Newark, N.J Mt .? ,.f.-l.
'The popular Deti tlfrice" known s Sf so-
dont, beidea heing; a very pleasani.addU
t ion to the toilet,' contains Ingredients' iWit,
if-hsed according to the directions, will
prove of the ereatost-utility to the health
o?fheradltth anateeth!'! -,!.- !,.-., h
Hl f91 JWtl . M. t, K-W!tt
-i:V5pAMsa'ftGLt4wIthBu,?h,, always
ready for use. YKT-nnel5-eod6n-r;r
How TolsATKDocTon 'B'fEtsf An Im
portant question in these.high tariff times,
but easily answered. VGoi' or send and gt,
one of Dr. Humphrey's cases of Ho'mokOt
fathic Specifics. A full case,' with' book
pdirections, costs but $10, ahd-with It you
may. prevent 'or treat suceessfully 'nlpe;
tenths of all diseases occurring in yotir fam
ily 'nd' save so mueh of Doctors' fees.
Sold by druggist, oraeot free on receipt of
the price. Address Humphrbts' Specific
HeMOEoWrHio' MsDicrsa Cottir Broad-
Hollow Af Ptlls Colb- kd Sosat
!fHBOAT.Tho foundation of 'j"cold! or al
tectlon bf the throat that las; the 'wrpter
through is vlten laid- in autumnilf you
are threatened with disease of any ot the
resprratdryorgans, rub tbe external sur
'?BiTw fci nd, jmorn'o5:,wlth jlpixowAV's
Disxmbnt and,, keep i the bowels regular
j;lth HotLOwsir's Pn.iJs. .' ;A cold, eoufth or
sore throat promptly treated in this way Is
jipeedily cqred.'and alldangef of cobBTitnp-
tton' or bronchitis' avoided. ) Sold, by all
rjtfnggistSfAKiiin ' "" "" fy-dly-cw1
Nervous DEBiLmfr-with its gioomy at
fcendahfeTWij? WpHrfsJMep!resotf,'ihToHiii
tary, emi8sIonslpss of' Semen, "spermator
rhoea,7 Iosi Tof power,; dizzy head, toss ol
rhetaqry and threatened impotence end
tmbeoUfty,. find a spverelgncnre1!!! Hvfttij-
phreys' Home-)pathtoSpeciflc No. Tweu-
tygbt.'Cotrrpesed of the rooet valuable,
mild arvd potenfr Corativea; they str Ike at
once at the root of th matter, tone up the
systemTarrest fhedischarjres; and impart
vigor .apd jenerjty.,ife, and ;.Vltaiity"to tlie
entire man. They nave curea uiousanae
oX cases; '; Price $5, per package of six box
es and ytaU which Is very important in ob-
stlnata er old cases, or 1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by ;mail on
recetpt"of " Pricet u, Address ilCMrHBETa
Broadway, aew xorit. lyia-aeooocwiy
. ' - New YOBK,' October 13, 1867j'i
Dcab SiaItls with much pleasure that
r anv fo.'Voti' that I consider the' Pf.AirrA:
Tiojf Bitters of untold value. In the fall
ofL1867 J was taken with ChjHs aiid fever,
with the mbs pevere pains in toy chest and
bead. It was with great difficulty that I
could breathe, My lungs were, greatly dis
tressed, and there; wasserere pain inr my
rjght side ..by speirs' X could hardly get
hp from my bed., "i palled a Doctor, who
attended me all -win ter , without the, .least
benefit ''About the Hrator August I com
menced nslrig your FiA5TAtio"N Bittkks
a wine-glasf ull tare , times ,oajr and
have used in most of the time since, and J
am now well and strong, able to do all my
own-work'smtf ttfe 'oars ol a large family
,TXTv"olV3 SAlLSgS
.MAdBjo-llVATRperi-ts ftrbesi
imported German Colof ne, and sold at half
taw-pricai r. ijm'-. .i, .-!,-,,.,'. ), R,j., jj
KVr-ircot25ftleotl&vlvcw ;" o.
lMdies) - Oxxtlexxxexx.
No. 27 East State Street,
Late C. A. Wagner's.
Every delicacy in season served up at
this establishment in the finest and best
style. ":,!'' 4, -
Families supplied with all kinds ot Game,
and Oysters by the can.
Private Supper Room for Ladles and
A I (CoTEBDAxi & Hosixfdir,
J'novilwl.'i i vProprifetbrs.1
Paving Notice.
Columbus. O., Sept. 28, 1868.1
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted is the City QooneU of Columbus for aak
)na the following improvements, to-wit: - .
For grading and pirim the nnpaved sidewalks,
vnttrsand erosainas on Third aLrt from Hinknrv
alley to North street;
Also, for aradiog anajaring tb nnpared side
walks, gutters ana erosamgi on the south side of
North street, from Third street to Fourth street;
. Also, for grading and paring the gutters and cross
ing, and graveling toe aikewalks and. grading the
roadway in Mohawk street, from Seuth Fablie Une
to If jf smore street. - tr
I Also, for trading and repaving the sidewalk and
gutter and arvsiag on Rich. streeWin front of Lot
No.Soff Dennisoa'a subdivisianof onllot No..3Sc
v Also, for grading and graveling th- raadway-' of
Chapel street, fmni Fair alley to Front street;
Also, for grading and paving the gutters and
curbing on the sontn side of Chapel street and for
(raveling the roadway from High street to Fair
aley; p ; 1 ' - i t ; I rl 1 . "!
Aiao. for bnildira' a Hniibla row fluv nrruiilnf
across Linn alley at the east side of High street:
The same to be done in accordance with the plats
and estimates to be prepared br the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
AU persons claiming damages on account of said
proDoeed imDrovwmenta. are required ta file. SSnir
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the iiigaioenth day of November, A. D.
o:tS dttaw4w City Clerlf.
Paving Notice.
7b ail whom it may concern:
CoLUMBua. Oct. is. 1868.1
Notice is herebv given. that Drooeedinn have been
instituted in the City Council of Columbus, for
Baking the followitg improvements. to-wit: - i
Fnr aradinc and navina the nnnaved aidewalks.
gutters and crossings on Third street from North
street to North Public lane; "'
A Iso, for repaving the sidewalks on the east side
of Front street from the northeast corner of front
and Town streets to a point 86 feet north of Town
Also.- for1 aravenna- "tonsh atmeV from' Hiaba
street to Seventh street.
Also, for grading and graveling the roadway or
Maple street from High street to Water street.
Also, lor Dnilding a- acmore row nag crossing
aoross Noble street on the east side of High sireet.
Also, to survey and stake on south street from
East Publio lane to the eastern boundary cf the
tty?;'t "ri""",r". t " a Tt "i
liie lame to ai donoin accord ano. wita -piatf
and estimates to be prepared by the City Civil En-gin-er.
and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All personslaiminc daaaagee on aeeount of said
proposed improvements, are reonired to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the MtU day - ot Deoember, A. V.
ootK-dltaww City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all wfom it may concern :
O T C T3
OBLTJaWcSi OOst. SS, W68.-1 A
Notice is herebv given, that proceedinas have been
instituted in theCity Council of Columbos.for mak
ing toe loiiowing improvements, to-wit
ror grsding toe north bait oi ferry street uom
Hish'iitreetr to the corporation line. 'J -
Atae. foa aradinci and naviaCiAbe ABtUra and
grading and graveling i the. roadway and aide
walks on Mound street from Washington avenne
to the east line of lot No. IS.
Also, for a double row flag stone pavement across
o a arees aposruevweawide ot alien, atreet.
The sama ta-badone in aoeordance-wilili nlata and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engin
eer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed, improvements, are. reojiired to file their
claims. in the office of the Clerk, In writing, on or
oeture- me-M!iiieBn aay et Aeeemor, A. u.
I860. oilj m: ,1: j ci
1j. SS. W1LSUN.
O0t29-dlUww City Clerk.
Making appropriations for purposes therein named.
SacaTOlt lii- Bj'it erdmiaad- i)V tho CitwCbancil
of the city of Columbus. That there be and is
hereby appropriated out ol any money in the lreas
urv not heretofore aopfonxiated. the following turns
of monev, to-wit:
For payment of expenses ot the Street Commis
MoMrtMCfaeiaBC.lMfisntof $l,0M ; -v
Fer hwymtnt of she employes and Kpspsos:of
Cne' t ire DevertmeDS, mI l,wo
ror payment ot expenses ot rolioe. i,6Wi.
For navmentof princinal and interest on Veteran
Bounty Bona. SS.900.
San. 2. The sev
axnenaea of elections. tiOO.
The several sums of money appropriated
by the foresoing- section shalF be- expended in the
manner prescribe! by the fifth section of the ordi
nance defioinc the duties ol the City Clerk, passed
if rrn "J S fV 'WM "rJAGHTBN. r.
riJfH'l llreiflentoftifcCity)CmaiKJ
Jfaned UctoDer's, A. u. ita.
Attest: L. E. Wilson. City Clerk.
oeUO-dH . , ., , . , ,
Paving Ordinance.
Anrd!tn9 t build a double nnraK flaar crossinc
across Mound street at the' west side of High
KarjTTnv 1
Be it ordained by the City Council
or. ther oityref Colimbna, (two-thirds ot ll the
mewbirsjporajnrring), iThaH. there be oonstracted a
aruble row n 'g era. sing across Mound street at me
west side of High street, in accordance with the
p at thereof on fije in the office of the City Clerk.
Sac S. - That all damage," eosta-and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvemement shall
be asessed and levied" Trprra the seviral lo s of
land frnntinar or abutting on the west si te of High
street from Nobl e street to Strawberry alley, in pro
portion to their feet front.
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. SS. A. U. 1868. r , m n
Attest : I,. E. WiLSOW.CityWlerk.5 "
08130 du hna n(.Zi
I e Paying) jOjdinance.
An Ordinance to grade and repave in front of lot
,J0i.a oti ueanisun s snoaivision oi ouuot no.
Rii-tiks 1. Beitmnrairial bv the Citv Connoil of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring),. -That the nnpaveeV .sidewalks,
gutters and crnaiiings be graded and repaved on tbe
south side oX Rich street in front of lot Mo. 6 of
Dennison'ssubdiWiooof outlot "o. sa,4aioefd
ance with the plat thereof on file fn the' office of
toe Uity Uleru. ... . .
Sko. . That 11 damage. eostt.aaov foroernet
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
astes,ed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or au,ing thef eon, in proportion, f -tsjeir
w m. n Aunii-n.
President of the City Council.
, Passed O0U88, A i). 1888.
L'aet301iti 1 U V- 'j i
-.. ijl.i
Paving' Ordinance. ,
An Ordinance to grade and pave Chapel street from
liigt street to 1 ront street.
Ran-rfnit I Knit ordained bv the Citv Connoil
of tbe oit of Co)nmtwiwo-thirds of aH the mem
bers eoncnmnO. That tne aioewaias ana gui
ters be
rs be grade-i and repaved on the south side of
ei anrrat irons niso sirees to aair ai-oj. mp
the 'roadway fe graded and, graveled from
ii;.it mtwt tn b-rAna.trAt. ,n ancorduice with the
plaV thereof on Jftelnthe oAoe of the City Clerk.
SKO. S. Tha.t all damages, costs and expenses
arising front the foregoing improvement, shaH be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or baUiDt Ujoteon, in proportion to their
feet front.
rir, j tt preiiaont of the City OounciR1
Passed Oot.SS. A. D. 1868.
AttesUttia, u Wusoh, City Clerk, ak')
ootSO dlt
An Ordinance to grade aid pave on North street
1 tm a from Tnrrd sireet t pmna street. - ;J
SSOtfOK I." Bitordaiied bribe City Council
(the ally of Colunbtu (two-thirds of all the mem-
citoon !urrincJ. That the unsaved sidewalks, gut
ters aod orossinaS be graded and paved on the south
side of North street from Third street to Fourth
street, in accordance with the plat thereof on file in
tbeomce of tbe Ulty viera. .
hKC.Si That-all aamages.1 costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement shall be
Managed and levied noon the several lots of land
fro ties? ir sbutng; thereon, ipjfjoftrcfm. tojbeir
10I irUAllt. ..... w.nrvmn..
- ,Vt Bl. RAUalXn,
President of the City Council.
Passed Oot.l. A. D.. ie8..
Attest : L. . Wilson. City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinanoeto gr.de and pare pn Third s treat
.... from ii.orth streaf to North Publio lane. .
Skction ).' BeJtbrdained by the City Council of
tha itv of ColumSusttwo-thirdr of all the members
concurring.) That the unpaved sidewalks, gutters
and crossings ne graaeaana pavea.on 1 aira siraa
from North street to North Public lane, in accord
ance with tbe plat thereof on ljle in the offioe of
the City Clerk.
Sra. a. That all damages, costs and expenses aris
ing from the forciDint-imwrcveTBeot, shall be as
sessed and levied upon tha several lots of land
ftviitingorabattiDg lb.ereon,4n proportion to their
&Pji.- tr wet -mUl AGHTSKv.tA
- v !. , .President of the CiyCounoil.
Passed Oct, 2S. A. D.18S8. .
''Attesfc WrtBOH. Ctt7Clet'S. ' "
octJO-dlt .ci:l;lii
Besolutiorrtti Contract.
. jkita' Tasrt thsAlity Vivif Engtheef be, and
he is hereny autnonsea anc airectea 10 coniraoi in
the name of the city of Columbus, with Jobn
Murphy, for bnildihg a double row flag crossing
across Linn alley at the east side cf High street,
upon the following terms, to-wit:
i'or boulder paving. Forty-four cents per square
For flasgins. 14 inches wide. Si?ty eenU perlin
aTfobt. a' x V. " .
Said w rk to be completed by the J6th day of
November, 1868. or said contract shall be void.
Adopted Oct. SVjCfc) E. WIL80If.
oet30-dlt City Clerk.
Ijiij' statesman.
General Kilpatrick.
Qen. tilnntrlrk" had an interview yes
terday with President JohnsoD, Gen. Grant,
and Secretaries Seward, Schtleld, : Wells
and McCulloch, aud left here last night for
his home In New Jersey, "having receiver)
an ex tent ion of bis Iaveof absence from
Chill. Ue has accepted an invitation to
deliver an oration on tbe occasion ot the
reunion ot the veterans ol New Hampshire
on the 8th of January. . v. - . !. 1
The Senate was called to order by Presi
dent Wade. . . ... . ,
. Senators Corbett, Harlan, Morgan and
White wero also present. - - -t-.
Alter prayer by the Chaplain, the Jour
nal of the last meeting and the concurrent
resolution of July 21st were read, and no
objections beinz made, the ' President pro
tern, declared the Senate adjourned till the
7th of December. ' ' . ,. :
In the House, Messrs. Colfax, Kelley and
O'Neill, of Pennsylvania, Kellopg, ot Ala
bama, Dewees, of North Carolina, Lincoln
and Stewart, of. New York, -and Ingersoll,
of Illinois, were the only members pres
ent. V ..V'V. '. 'r . ' ). ':',.
Mr.- Drake-the successor of Thaddeus
Stevens, was present, but did not qualify.
After similar proceeding to those in the
Senate, the House adjourned until Decem
ber. ' ...-! t f
Revenue Decision.
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue
has -decided that dealers in liquors, on
making their returns of distilled spirits on
hand, are required to draw ofl Into regular
barrels what at the time may be in their
stand casks, in order that it may be guaged
and stamped. in v. u -n v.-: .", . i: .
Gen. Grant.
'iQeneral Grant declined to-day .-'a""pnbllc'
demonstration in his honor.: tendert-diby
various Republican associations ot this
elty.''. This afternoon a committee consist
ing ol delegates from the Sailors' and Sol
diers' Republican Committee. officers ol
the Boys in Blue, the- President of the
Central Grant Clnb and ' Mayor of Wash,
iogtoB, together with the Aldermen and
other prominent eitizens, railed on General
Grant by appointment. TChe object ot the
visit was stated lu the following address of
the Mayor: .i tr v u.
Gen. Grant : In behalf of the'ettlzeiiH
and the -Republican orgahtzttlansof this
city, we have called to tender our: hearty
congratulation on -the result of the recent
elections, and make known" to you their
wishes that they-: be permitted to attest
their feeling of happiness and" joy by a
proper pumic Demonstration, 'welcomln?
you as the President fleet to tlie capital oi
the nation, as they were deprived of that
pleasure on your arrival before by a sortnt
flank oaovtuaentv by .which 1 you stole a
march upon our people. All indulge the
hope that you. will now accede to their re
quest and name the time and place, that
win De most agreeable to- Von ' tor -such
demonstration. -"!'- -!. ; '
;Gen. Grant responded as foTlows i'T'i J
n-'.I am glad to meet you all and. receive
your congratulations; but 1 hope you' will
spare me any public demonstration.; I live
111 tnis. city and- Itke to avoid demonstra
tions as else where,' and iwtthf' my consent
there cannot be any. I am always ready to
meet such gentlemen as may call upon me
at my office, any time, without- public dia
piaycijDT -demonstration -i-Th is woultf- He
much more- agreeable to ne, and I hope it
will be agreeable tp youi1 , .. ; t I
-The-Mayor replied v- -IVe- sha.ll certainly
Study'ybur pleasure-lnJiie'matter.' '
.1 General Traacuien-saatitli am not -onr
mindful of the feeling intended- to-be dis
played by a public demonstration, and yon
must take all this tor Granted. Laughter.
u The company then retired... . 1 .-.v
There Is much disappointment at the re
fusal of Gen'Graut to accept a public dem
onstration, as the, preliminary arrange
ments had been made for a grand display.
Genl Grant was at his office to-dav trotn
ff untHr'3, o'clock, for the. perloruianlce of
o.mcjai anties, airnouga ne was constapuy
interrupted by visltor-!
Young Men's Seymour and Blair
The Young? Men's Seymour and Blair
Club was to-nixht reorganized under tbe
name of the National Democratic Club, the
members intending' to make It a permanent
orgaaizauop.. ,
; Tbe arrival of Hon. John? T. Hoffman
and wife at Congress Hall was made the
occasion, ot a complimentary serenade to
him last evening, by the Jackson Guards
ALBANY, NOV. 10. Damages.
The town of Rnekport, Mass- has been
mulcted in $12,000 lor personal damages
sustained by.'J. E.iHartwell and Adelia
Babson, by a detect in the highway.
HALIFAX. Nov. 10.
Hon. Joseph Home published another fet
ter,. .in which f he announces that he has
reached the conclusion mat 11 is useless to
continue 'the straggle for the repeal. He
alsff says he is in correspontrence with-the
Dominion Government but omits to state
tbe character ot tbecorrespoodence. The
letter creates srreat excitement here. The
Unionists predict a eol'apse in the repeal
movement, rue anti-uninnists denounce
Home 'in nnmeasured terms
?TheiteaZcoiorado, fiomll?aianaar
rlved to-night.
Southern Railroad Enterprise.
NEW YORK. Nov. 10.
-: The- Times' Charleston .special says :
Governor Scott, accompanied by General
Sawyer and a deputation, of promlnentcit-
izens, siarteu lotew luntpii morning,
with a view ot advancing the financial In
terests of the State and enlisting: Northern
capital to secure the' completion, of . the
Blue Kldge Tsuroao, wntcn is the missing
link In a continuous railroad line between
Charleston and Cincinnati.
The Position of South Carolina
.The Governor is much gratified at the
quiet and order that marked the election
torongnous cne state. Alter ino announce
ment of the result a number of prominent
Democrats, int-.luding,Hamptpn, called in a
body on Gov. Scott: ami declared .their de
termination to accept cheerfully and abide
by the decision of the" people; to stand by
the State Government in its acts, and tp use
all' their influence in inducing tbe people
throughout the State to do likewise. They;
expressed their conviction that the future
prosperity -ot tbo State depended upon a
unanimous and hearty support of the Gov
ernment, and . reliance' .upon the ballot
box alone in the luture as a remedy for the
evils of unwise legislation.! In reply tbe
Governor expressed the great pleasnre
their visit had given him; and bis belief
that this action on tneir pari, wouiu oo
more to restore unanimity among oar peo-,
pie and place the credit of the "State where
it deserves to be, than, any political ex
pression could possibly effect. '. , ,
Ex-Governor Orr.
-.-.Ex-Governor Orr bai accepted and qual
ified lor the Judgeship under the State
Government" to which he was recently
elected by tbe reconstruction Legislature.
Stopped Payment.
ST. JOHNS, N. B., Nov. 10.
The Commercial. Bank of New Bruns
wick stopped payment this morning.
Much excitement prevails. . .-.-i ,.i is.a
BOSTON, Nov. 10.
The steamer Liberia,- from Liverpool,
has arrived. -.. , ; c;",.;,,:!,i:o' ;
River News.
inches with indications oi rising." Mercury
65 .,!(:)
The Cole-Hiscock Tragedy.
ALBANY, Nov. 10.
The second trial ot -General George W.
Colet tortbe killing oi l Harris Hiscock,
the alleged seducer pf Cole;s wife, will
commence) tb-morrow.. ;
Not a Candidate.
NEW YORK, Nov. 10.
Governor Geary,' of Pennsylvania, has
written a letter that he Is jioV a candidate
for Uuited States Senator. ; . j ..
Brownlow's Message.
Governor Brownlow's message was read!
in tbe Senate to-day. He recommends that
measures be adopted to wind up tbe Bank
1 Tennessee forthwith.'- In regard to the!
'xtension of franchise ;he suggests thati
here should be a discrimination exercised
'concerning those who were In TebelIlon.j
1'bey re - not all alike culpable for the
past, nor untrustworthy tor the future,,
for there are those who were involuntarily
Iriven into the service of rebellion, and
vho, since its utter failure, bavegivep evi-j
lenoe that they accept the resiTt. In good
faith; that they are irood crtieens, quiet and!
law-abiding, and have strictly o'beyed thelri
uaroir: tnai tney will not tise political:
power to - proscribe- and 'degrade; those!
whom the war. has emancipated and in-i
vested with the rights of r-Itiaenshlp. For
'iisrrancuistid persons :of this description
the franchise tnight safely: and therefore
wisely b extendd. The extension should.
however, be applied' with suitable guards!
and checks,' that advantage should hot be!
taaeo 01 ita iiDerantv to the danger and
harm of the State. Tne other elaxs who
still remain hostile to the Government, he
thinks, should remain disfranchised for an
indettnite period. ' v - -'
Cornell University.
UTICA. Nov. 10.
Professor Goldwtn Smith arrived 'this
morn in s, and will enter at once unon his
duties in Cornell University. -
UTICA. Nov. 10. Explosion.
UTICA. Nov. 10. Explosion. HOLIDAYSBURG, PA., Nov. 10.
Yesterday a locomotive exploded at Du-
neansvllle, killing the engineer, Robert
Patterson, and the fireman, Phillip Davis.
ST. JOHN, N. B., Nov. 10.
Quite a panio was occasioned here to-day
by the reported failure of the O mrnercial
Btnk. The stock sold vesterdav at SIS for
9100 shares, and this ' morning its pipir
was jrenerany rerusea. ADout- noon me
bank closed iu doors.- Other banks are de
liberating whether they will come to its
assistance. : :' .' ' -v.; .-. -. C : : ui
'Mri Ti K. rtava'mfaeircdTi 'ffew
series of lectures last iilght on the subject,
tth enrol to nf Ramfnira ' i ..
r. , ,
Held for Trial.
Tb man Jno. Beetl Vj arrested en: sus
picion ot j murderiugj his wile onr. Susv
day night,i has been held, though he. pro
terto tUe tell while dmuk, -striking her bet d
against a table ji .ii u-:s 1 , i --1 . ,--
.iThe steamer WestDUalU. fromHambiule
arriyea today..,,.,,, T,rt6 v. AnnotU
A 'locotnotfVJS'llj 'teported have 'ex
ploded on the Harlem railroad last "night
blowing five car to-pieces- and injuring
several Dereons. i"" ' ' '" -J 1 '
World- bn 'ammirirr of a
filllbn-tering expedition, alleged to be fit-j
ting out.ia (he United States lor ub. , It
says , 2 500 men go 7rom, New .York, 800
irom iioscon ana 3.uw from- jew urieans,
and a . dewchraent . from ', Mobile: . The
leaders are said to :b6' General Haryey
Hayes. C. P. Hehnlngsen, Colonel George
W. Gibbons and Colonel James Kerrlngan,
Recruiting offices. are, . reported, to .have
been ppepedt. and W, commissions, for of
tlrers issu d-, Tue whole story bears the
look of u canard. K - - .;",;,., -; T.'v-
Mayor Hoffman.
In Mayor Hoffman's remarks at Albany,
last evening, he observed that he would!
say ts his Republic an- frlendsthst Inasmoch
as they had been -defeated bv about thirty
thousand mjJity, it would' be -best -fori
them gracefully to accept the result.as badl
been the-custom of the Democrats ror many
times In tbfr'pas&t'w --''- i..j lu:-
Mayor Hoffman. Senator.
It is stated on good authority that Hon.
John A. Griswold will not consent to have
his name used, as a, candidate lur, Uuited j
Admiral Farragnt-Tfltme quietly up to the
city - this --mortiing: 'and -'main tains- Strict!
-privacy, - xne Ji-anklln ..remaloa in the!
lower Day. . -i.-r,,,.,
Generals Rosecrans and Longstreet saff
ai to-day for Mexico"-1 - -
Radical Resolution.
-At a meeting of the French Radical Re
publican Club of Newark, last nieht, the
toUowtng was unanimously adopted:; r
Resolved. That with the deepest Teeling
we here and now te.ider onr warmest con
gratulations to-the people of vIowa and
Minnesota for their sense and probity in
baying admitted Impartial suffrage, by
their sovereign ' ballots, on the memorable
thirdpf this monfjtu ,,- r-
Radical Resolution. Election Matters.
-The Den)ocrflta of-4ha Eourth . Jersey
District have applied i for a writ f.- Iqno
Avarrantd to declare th'S election In Boohion
township void, alleging that one of the
a judges carried the- hsliot box home, and
the Republican County Clerk, and that he
stuffed ttvwith epSH.tiGXetsjvTtie-reJection
ol th is to wnslvip. .would else, jRsffierty over
' At a meet! nsr'of the Board of Sartervlsors
of New York to-day a protest was receivrj
ed from Frederick Leeman azsiust count- i
ing the returns from several preeineta of j
the-6th. Assembly district, on the ground!
that one ot. .the inspectors, surreptitiously j
substituted 50 votes beaiin? another naroei
tor those bearing his (Ltem in') name, and'
thBt Other ftsudsf wef-perpetrsftd "bf
Which Ire fLoetnan) ,ost 128 votes.' 'The!
protest was laiu over ior lutarauBoosiaera-
tlOn. - '1 " .-' ' J '-i -ir: !'
Radical Resolution. Election Matters. Sentenced.
-Albert A, Whitehead.- aged 90, has been
Fentericed to tlie State Prison frr 3' years,
for marrying two young ladles- lie ap
pears to have eagaged himself to twoj
otherav 7 yiTy. .".'u.: hjtt p.
Basis of Settlement Between the
United States and Great Britain.
i . u . .
all. : ,j ; ; m.- 1 tiH ai . ,;fit.-, j
LONDON, Nov. 10.
-' The Times has an editorial article giving;
the basis of the settlement ' and present
status of questions which have arisen bt
tween the United States and Great Britain:
A mixed commission, consisting .of two'
members from each nation, will be appoint'
ed to adjudge all questions arising since
1S53, .the .date 1 of the- last commission.
England's responsibility in the matter of
thp .Alabama .claims will be referred toj
Prussia ior -arbitration tf the' tJeeision ia
favor of America.' The corhTiissron will
then investigate the. claims. " America has;
withdrawn the question of the recognition!
of the Southern . States by Great Britain'
during the war.- The: San-Jufcn.;. business
will be referred to the President of Swlt-j
zerland for arbitration.' -n-n ... f
Banquet at Guild Hall—Speech of
Reverdy Johnson.
LONDON. Nov. 10.
" The Lord Mayor of London irave a' ban-'
quet at Guild Hall, last night. ' Among tho
K nests were Rt, Hon. Benj. D Uracil and
Hon. Reverdy Jobnson. In the course of
bis reply tba toast Mr, Johnson said: ' ' 1
.... I have been greatly criticised for the
manner in which I have received and of
fered civilities while In this country ; but,
such strictness on my conduct have not al-j
fected the negotiations which are in pro-
grefesv' However dissatisned -the people
at. home may be, they will And there is!
no ground for such a feeling, Tbe questions'
at issue between my Government and that
of Her Majesty are now -settled without
touching the honor of either nation. If!
dinloniatic negotiations in the future are!
carried on. In the same spirit, . war between
England and tbo. Uuited States will be im
possible.'" ' fe' -' ';: fl- 11
M. Disraeli made an ekranent speech, al
luding to tnesubjectintroduced py John
son.- liesam tne removal 01 our OiBleul-!
ties with the United States gives good)
ground. for hope that no luture mlsconcep-j
tion may occur. ; He reviewed the. state of;
anairs in Europe ana aamittea. -mat tne
superflclaVaspect was- tbrwttentrtjr, hat de
clared that the ;mihUtry couia see no ap
parent pretext ior an outbreak ot war.
Treaties of Pence.
MADRID, Nov. 10.
The Correspondia says there Is reason tb
expect that tha Spanish Government win,
at a early-dari conclude treaties of peace
with Chili and -Pera.' It attributes the hap
py result to the mediation of. the TJnlted
;r.r and to the avmnathv arnusprl in
Srtain Ineoniwqoenceef the desolation of I
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 10.
GOLD134J buying. T
EXCHANGE Firm at par bnylnjr. - "
MONST-i-Marke eoriUrhies 1 VloseaPlO
isia per cent.
New York Money Market—Nov. 10.
.MOJSElf Easieeaod-a drar'atf -psr
ieot. on call, with some transactions at 6
rer cent. Among the tenders there werfc
-nine nartiea ln.jiv. tri.nfm -.t..
; est, bear combination, whIoU bjtivut
. ."ii.ivj. buich oaturuay.' A D9arsra
lartles are, however, extending tnelr.tln.es
r-lW 'irS nd there' are some
. V-a uun.wu (Mia MSjWr, UDtlrW U
lSorclosed atl34i134;the Bull ellqoi
T hat? A Kjaintn mat.ir.ntatL, LV J 5 a X
pe?Uy this morping,, K glo mUMfA
New York Stock Market—Nov. 10.
1 finVFRMMTVi1 ATnrtraLvi.ii
. - w -v uua a. wa.wjxa.kv a77T117reH
-rmaott-ijaft atsJlrttalnsw atasar4 W a jl..w- H
-uu uuovvvivii, vivotna; oktoju cast aw li CUilll
The operations are mainly on the bull side;
tnu consiaeraoie amounts are neia to br
parties who bllevecf 'Iqp y?eaiyVoul9
take them off their hands at high prices.
Onpons. of;t 113Ja113;. do.'6 108
ISiu?4; ao.'tS4,io(j(ai06; .do. '65 10644
106; do new lOOJlOefe '7 102
W6Ji ; do '63 10110Y 10 4(Ts' 1045
05.',, ' '
'I'hestk'taCrfet'niVs'been' afftafeil'Vy"
unfavorable romort of bank fantrres athe
West, an 1 elosy weak and unsettled at a
dentine of lf21 npr r-pnt: nf, Hm
Qaitations. -I n r. i-ot,; 1 1 -...a-Bt
o-Mt prices' 'wens' Jfixpress W628;
United States 40S7 ''Merahanta' Union
192f, Pacific', Mail. .117117ifc AVest-.
em Unn Teletrranh 35Xii$ix Naa York
Central 1196U9J$ Erre883S Readv
ing 6f596: Hudson 128; Ohio Mtsi
?1ss1ppl 29K29- Wabash ,68g58Ks fits
1 am, iu74igiu, -u.u;uiKaa vhhtii ' lliti
116; Michigan Southern 8282J-; Illin
ois Central 143; Pittsburgh 83J483J6 To
ledo. 98J99; J?criRland,103)t'air03K;
Northwestern -5690; Ft! Wane 107
lira; lerre uante o.i, unicago X Alton 142
C.C.C; Indlana7V;!'- -''
New York Market—Nov. 10.
bales tr2424c for middling aplande:
fhieflv 24c. ' ' . ' " '
FLOCR--Closed' wlthrrt eliange1. K
v. vVHEAT QuleU and .withont anateriat
ennnsre; jno z spring l ol m No-4 de
11 68; amber Michigan tl 0l
c RYiSrrDull and heavy at U 3 for'westi
eru. e- 1 . ;i . miuI!'. .;nd
OATjr-DuU at 72fS72c,. Jdr western
vyui yuiet at i.xa(Xi4 ior nasoTma
ani $t 16(3117 for sound-mixed--wetaern,
PORK Quiet andomlnri si f2j ai(3
2S-25 Tor meaL cash arid rpuiil.r..
BElilf In. mederate rt qatatprtees 4a
iayir ui iiuyers, -t .
J CUT MEATSNomlnaUv;,';-;;.?
H-BACON-Steady, with mrejatoLattsT
ness doing. f----: !T,.1i..i,oJair!-.AT
LARD Dull at I lejitxyref ' fro- fy
prime ateam.' .... : l,y.i
EGGS Quiet at 3i3le. -.J : .fJ
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 10.
' FLOtTRtJncharifeed. ' '. T. 'v
.'CWli-EAT-Unehanged-.n . -.0
-"CORN Dull;' sales of oid,t S098Ifc;.'neH(
at 6815. .ir 1 Jttth-.i. iin(wtofisk'uir
OA Td Firm af 58v. JU a
BARLEY Nominally itchaaaod.in
TOBACCO Better-demand and firmer;
7 65a9 0for-lBw,hd $10r2flforle4f,
HCS-Flr'iTrerV sales at $7aY 60,jUr
traMarge $T.7i.";' v' r ';l 1 If
1 'PORK-Sales hevrmess at tiS'J ",u1
GBEEN ,MEA;i'S-7 10 WiT3e;
good demand. tti l-ji.-i j i .1
BACON In light supply, chieny sbtjuli
rlevs In-arriaH aa1-af;iaj.''i' ' - C .'.i..
1 J LARD Nejrlected; held aild otl,t)Hme
kettle. ''!. ' .-.- -3 -"iJjf.
HAMS-SugSf leuie:B'arhs -ilnll'-atiOa
17c. ''"'':' - liii -Ji. ,'-:i-ia ill s-.itil:i
- BrjTTER-M5oo1. TOT1yitir limited' de
mand and dull at 33a 37c! ' : ' J
CHEESE Easier at lfJilfJclHJ
: OILS-fcLlnseed Very dull? offered af W
97c without' buyer! Hnidi'laif leriiiiJid' at
ll'40at 45.1!' 1 1 & J7. r.JjjTa
i'FLAX 8EED-Dui!;'2 -202 So,'-1'
'PETROLEUM Dull; 2830s lorflirej.
'"BEEF CATTLE-Dull; 9a6e percental
gross the supply has been in excess of tbe
demand. '' -." f t.:i-.j.iu.I
' SHEEP-TJr.chahgedi and 'ibeStfy'' 1 3at
percental jnoss.".'.;1 Jf r-
Chicago Market—Nov. 10.
A FLOUR Steady with a goodShlppjr?
demand for lower grades; better gjsdes are
dull and unchanged; sales' sprinb extras; at
$57. 00 ".' '- ' ' ' ' ' i-.i . - j
W.HEAT Firmer 'anbf Infaf'r VpecnTi;
tlvs demand; Bales of ild.i at fl J7l 20;
No. $i l4l. 13; closing at tl 11? 'f
regular and tr 12fcf ' tot 'fresh receipw tr
No. 3; sales of No. ifslrtceCharige at tl Vr.
, CORN Dull aqif flrrher: sales ot Nfi. 1
at 8081r; No1, t at 7375o, and. rejected at
6;, closing dull,, at 804 tor , 'No. li, sales of
N". t.this afternoon'atltgSZc.'- ! J 4
UAia-jin-iiair rrqueau .urmi'f and t
higher; sales of '.No: ,1 at .48" i'iiscti d
4CCI rloslneiat 48! (348i&C ior 0
" i V'T r, . . . . . 1 T u -.7 1. i VT
'IYF-Quiet and firm:
: tt.'rii
f 1 03(31 04J No. 2 I 02aruSr-clbslrf5r
the n fslrie."" r" '-'"
BARLEr-Easiir, ales of No. 2 t $1 49
1 6I, rejected t tra2l?o; Closing7 at
tl 51 for No. 2: sample lots' 011 track 0ld
St. Louis Market—Nov. 10.
Tanalnff tl'lCfat 18.
. OORNrT-Ujasettled; ,n,ew,ranxlBg p00c;
0l(r7582u. f . tj r' .... j ;'.' '."'-r: ,
OATS Little better feeling bupriceS
Jire unchanged ; 4S52c. .' I j , ,-r ', 4 ,-
RYE Unchanged; fl 10(91 M. f
.,,,BARLEYrDulland unehangedMV ,
' WHISKY'Easlerjfl 001 02V, ,
-, PRpySIOcjiangean4 nothR
.doing: jj :g j xj-,ia ",tui Wotrp
'FLOUR More,, actiyebuV th dtmand
is tor low grades..., ' . ...' ,".',,:. : '
, WHEAT Dull and unchanged :'. inrtnir
Toledo Market—Nov. 10.
, ,, Quiet,n . r,
. WHEAT 34s better; sales No.I whiie
Michigan at f j 00;,Ne.4o f 1 0;. amber
tl 70. 72; Jsie,, 2. red f 1: 651 ; Lapoxte
, COBN-lolette.ra N9-l3!iVj "ry.
Q ATS-r-lcn betten ale Sj 4 at 54,e.
a-r!s"'-ifI"4a;v";,:o "w .bnfub Jiid a
;RE No.ltl :13.:-:.,;M-f .vff j4
;.. 3ABLEr-Pull,- .r o'-;V'M
Buffalo Market—Nov. 10.
'., FLOUR Dull and unchanged. -. --..,
WHEAT Spring nominal, at f Jl 30 tor
No. 2 Chicago.
; CORN Quiet at 97c earjott at 98pi'
.:OATS-rDullat.60e.i i'j-yi 1-Ml moil a y
RYE! Unchanged. .8jin ni!i 1
f BARUSY-Htominalinir, ".fiT'r 7a H
IUGamNESw-8a.es at tl 05J Oikr
- t , FKEIG HTa-aSo or wheat 1 l3to; for
corn; 10)c for oats. .11$ -Aix:. tin kht
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 10.
-general, is inaetivevotal
thongklitcDedoiniS wita the charge of cool
weather,-. ; The -rtes ; are. .without mnch
change, t a wr.i it .noi-Ki am fpir.T !
M1 -llia-aaaaaaaaaaaaBBiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOT
' ! Fijns WjfjES, L?9'nb'B8 xsiVk Lie AEsi-
Emtl Amboa has now la store at his rooms
No., 242 South Fourth street, one of. the
choicest selected stocks of vv ines, iiqu6fs and
delicacies ever brought to thia-clty. The
elections have been mads with an: especial
view to the wants ot, this market, and pat
rons may rest assured of getting only gen
nhie and nnadulterated Stocks of Wines ind
liouors,' imported 'as, welt aidcmestic'.1 The
wine: lists embrace the celebrated, ,' Fox
Champagne, Green Seal, Fleur-le Sillerr,
Jtir" Brand, 'Sparklifi Catawba,-Sherry,
IsadeiraV Port Sweet. Malaga, Claret, Sai-
texnes, Rhine, Ac, fic. in DrandieS; there
is 'Cognac,' -Cslifornia, ; Sonoma,' Jfttawba,
Cherry, Peach and Blackberry.; The stock
of .pure choice Rum, Gin andJBittrss also
complete. The justly celebrated ;"Aechtes
rJcbwelzer recbeowasseI,,, may -be1 found
ft tbisbousKwrrabtea Jauu
i-Jo- th.e' Hue of dellqaclea, 'weenumerata
f ermine SwisS and Umhargh Cheese, Sa-
dines,: !Anch0viesVI,Trench and
nd ' Hollarid
irtJiiinr. lot
,1.1 u-.:V
o Mr., Ambos:iU aopUnne t conduct
Rrst class JasUbUshment la,;very particu
lar, and brstocMnr his house (enli w-n
ifee,' folcest' goods, ..iUyio pfinajp-
aiccnuon to. fusiyrsivi qe.aai ueniuea to- r
liargbshareo puWiopatrtrig.-q iio eijoit
"'aovT-aiw-;1"'; " ;(-s)'o .ta i ir.iol

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