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tV I
The "Big Drunk" to the Grant
The eood people tot Columbus, of
perstiailpA of .Ghaut, Tanners, are have b
biz drnnik tWlfc.Vdajvihe ' Elector of
President and Vice President meet to cast
tha nr. of the SUte lor Grant, in the
shW tfia fBatqyat to,the Presidential
ide view of the affair :
"We feel anlhorized to say for the In
formation Qf-our citizen, who areabont to,
join in giving a Banquet to the Grant
Electors of Ohio, that the committee of
Arrangements purpose making it one ol
thtwonastTDleaabiK entertainmeijti of the
kinew Kt en in this fcity. It wilT not pf
ojjl4ieofltloi. butrtn elaijt pftntrfj
a laEussZ or in the superb English tyie,'
. with undeniable PUNCH and the CHOIC
EST OF WINES selected in Cincinnati,
Ac, &c-The toasts UJr osen with
care, kha'wlll De proposed hWpondl
toby guests and citizens whose power to
please and entertain has many times been
recognized before. With such speakers as
Tod, Galloway, Stanley Matthew, Schnei
der, McBurney and others, citizens may
rest assured that theuoccasion will be one
of supreme pleasure and the istkllkctual
feast of rarat delicacy." , .
When fee Uto temperance Convention
met last summer, it was decided not to
ote for any man for office who tippled
inlir linnor or rot fuddled. JJone ot xne
leaders in this movement voted for General
f Wmdill Phillips says
was seen drunk in the street JwltMn the
present year, but they all yoted for the
Grant electors, Jfow 1, H- proposed to give
these GRANTeieciors a' grans' drunk "an
elegant dinner, a la Busse, or in the superb
EajrMKf'fc yrfrt'idcriiable Punch and
theerWeetio Winea selected in Cincinnati,
&e." This bM-Mare is amply suffi
cient. "Dinners,! to tfuas," mainly consist
or brandy, (KpiiWNWMM-th -superb Eng
lish style" dinner, of roast beef, port wine
TrUh whlskv. and these, with
unaiiabje sWctV nT. She choicest!
ofwineat ijelected; In'Clnclnnatl'' txrsay
nothing 6f the "and so forths and so
fortha," of the Journal, which means other
dr1nks6o'rinmerous to mention, will forni
an assortment ot drinkables sufficient to
make the mouth of theSMt gentlemanly
galoot of the twenty-one electors of the
Grant and Colfax party, water with anti
cipation. II carried but," per the JoumaTt
nrograrame, the "supreme pleasure" of
geJIISg drKWjCean berulgedrin to awry
extent, but "whether under the Influence or
the "undeniable punches" or " choicest ol
wines," W otWBbloed i the intellectu
al feast" will be o e of " rarest delicacy,"
is a question lhat,tlnw, and those-present
must decide. Ufi'.Uj jUiCild
The Journal, as a general rule, charges
all dissipation on fteDenfocraScarty.
The Grant elector' areto be an exception.
Although wpfeaenttiveae. of he Radi
cal party; their hi te WJfrntahoV by the
free gift of the citizens of Columbus, with
the means of getting Ar ?Pk S1815"
Punch can make them. Brother Gaixo
wat. one of the Senatorial electors, who,
toMl.ttrldJSeit spftkenHi8 oriljas.fceini
a tee-total temperance man, is to be again
placed in a state of '-suspended animation,"
not 4bifaBoV'ffie, but by the
orthe superbnglish styie" ana in mis,
he is to be follWeay'Qthellheretofore
equally temperate, Wben uie omner is
drunk, and 'the electors and the getters
up ofnlhe"ffaltkr4iriIHkSr)haitlon,
the f(epcasko?,ay, fe oaeMuflref ftrj
pleatbre," thwti iben the etxug imhkij J
with its deadly thirst, the, swelled head,
which aches to" the verge or Insanity,
w jUinot r.,e8ra.v.t0 ?.btaS :9fi $$
one that temperance men will choose
khp nf nnentanc eemes, the victims
of the1 yisrrtea tfo'spitantfr,ol,thetGS
lombBaTaiHwrs wili thhik, ,far fpne. " mote
hoirea trjfi bracn.tha . Intbe observ
ance! Batt wUfui men must, haye,lhelr
wVr.lndFlieneeall the Statesman F do;l
is t'fctaroleia.Ttae.Vr8ult, If the ..electors .
are fiae for iieftig Mrn'Blrtmd 2
Electors. Meeting of the Legislature.
The legislature of Ohio wiU ..reassemble...
on the of the month, that feeing the
date to which it adjourned. As there Is no
VMpwssing busineta, it is thought , by
some that it will again adjourn to the usual
time of wetting In Januarys Themajority
wag InffnencHiinUxingop6n"w farly a i
date as the3d lor meeting, by the possible
exigencies of the - Presidential,- campaign,
but as the people have disposed of the "ex
lgeitoiesMa a-maniierthatsettlesiheqtws-tlon
of the Presidential ucw asion. without
the aid of leglslaUvie wisdom, our Solons
may-as well adjourn over the holidays and
take the world pleasantly by their own
firesides. Cincimati JComraerciaL
We have taken much pains to form a cor
rect Idea, bj; talking with such members as
we nave met on the gubiect matter of Vn
adtoVftiIr5ftm. Whlir relrank tqq
aly thes majorrtjvp feose'we have Wei are
In favot of arf adjournment inittl the first
2oaday 4n January a eapeetahleainorlty
are in fayor of contnulffg the session so as
to fca-n-.eariyTspringr.adJo'urnment.
During a previous session, a committee was
ippointed to report ills so- as; to rendeifj
more puun, practicapte ana saie-mu revor,
rfgy stenS of StaJte.i.lfiW; were"rf; '
ported ta thLgiaiaturebWfiicn met in an'
red la the Haaae, n The idea ol Io wdo
wlsn the sesstoii:io 'b0htlnue,nia;td perfect
tVese bills at as early a day as possible, nd
ta pass them. imiI m
binder thfrhi Constitution ot Ohio 'the
iegiilatiire Wetoa ttefixModay lf.Pe-
crmtterT! The, meeting of the adjourned
sesiwfciabst aJawiayi Id advance of that
tlmatai-g f.tjl & i-bU'0 I ,o'ii)
Electors. Meeting of the Legislature. Have Abiding Faith.
85A)e(jf "frief" tfrublican papers are just
now busying themselves with writing lead
ers, wherein they don-much protest that
they have abiding faith in the "loyalty" of
GeneralGRANT,tor,the. Bepublicanarty.
Among the papers that has done this is the
$rf nqUlf "dvertUe! fit ;tokeap"JJurtr!
column Jn, asseveratjng tbayt bM abiding
faith Vhat "General Geast will jno't . tnrm
tail v lueui, auu iii uuvajiub prvpuet; w au
minister asyad vice to him, i Oil this i oint
; It p.ltseib,usqn (he roeord :
,(tW ! not intend t Indu'ge in any
orose IW)eBeTalGrtntairector1hdlrtect.J
We ad"not;inteol toJteU.hluxIiWhat haa'
biaa..'decided,' and. what iia,.ot beeit;
ba(trhKlar-dfirinr.7'' Wa 'sns-t
It to strange that before General Grant's;'
actaal jn)oriy,ua peeu .ascerfjyueM xic
oblhi1(Jl should e maktng;taenf
Selves uauafy r. v. u j
i. ni
tt !CJtf.C .......... .-.Ulr
w r aAW . mKa (halt namni in
tri'ct at the reoent election, isnrepeesented
.. .aatnkmMiT ty abOltVj t He
was United Stales Drstrlcl, Attqrney or
mtti&Za'a tjcVWsfdtnfliittra
tioa. His father was auold line atfiP
lonrer4s"eA'teaJihe MorgantQW tftf
DUtrict, now tVest Virgin, in Gongresi.
Electors. Meeting of the Legislature. Have Abiding Faith. The President's Salary — Radical
Sheets want in Interleaved.
TheW8ijlentt(Bf re
4, celTsja kj gajlary pf 1 28, OOP1 per innum.
TnTfr"m6bnl warflked" whenWASii-
isoton was President. ine iveio lorn
was President. The Neva York
$100,(KW as the liberal figure the President
cmjiht to receive, and says it has "no doubt
the next Congress will take' some action in
'thould not be compelled te-Hy? In cheap
hoarding house'sfyle.""
i Tlie fCjpJum6ua Jourjmi takes the hint, and
U,' too, goes for an "increase ol-salary for
general Grant, making-It four times as
large as that given to. former. Presidents,.
' fjow, ltltie lumortal George xpenae(
$25,000 in 1739. what would that aristocrat
ie and ceremonious old patriot exDend in
1B(5P"(A tiOO' 000 at She 10 weste'ttltonf ation
We think that sum is what the salary of
the Chief Magistrate should be raised to.
TM-P-payiag the President j of thes United
States the same1 as an editorr a'ioiaon
daiiv Dacer is Dale', or less than an ordina
ry opera singer or ballet dancer,, is disre-
Americans, who are proverbklly liberal in
evervthing else, are close-fisted penurious
and niggardly in dealing with their public
servants." tJi . t
I Passing by,,; as a' thing jof conrse, the
DuppyisifliOf sneaking of the Father of
his Country as-, Gkorgk,'! ap'd':;th'e ! tad
tjiste, notbUt by1 a harshefBainci of
branding him as an .'aru'.ocraUc na oere-
rkonioue old Patriot,'" we commend' to tliese
editors, so anxious -that- General Grant
gets a yearly salary increased foujr-fold
dver that of other PresMents. the follow
"The President shall, at stated terms,
receive for his" services., is -compensation
which shall neither be lincreaseiL nor dimin
ished during the period lor which he shall
hiva hwii elected, and he shall not receive
Within that period any, ether emolument
from the United States, or any of them."
i If the Intention is to give General Grant
one hundred thousand dollars per annum
-as a salary as President of the United States,
the Radical Congress must pass the law be
fore the ith of March, next, othe-wJsei the
increased salary will go to his successor,
not t
f It i
ot to himself. '
never was the intention of the lounders
of the Government to make the office of
President ! kL money 'making one. II Tine
salary was fixed at the sum it would cost
the President to live In the White House.
General JaCKBOM, at the end .of bis eight
years as President,. had to' draw upon his
estate in Tennessee tor money to bear his
expenses luck' to his beloved Hermitage:
President Jefferson died poor7Preeident
WoKKOKdled so near a pauper that his son-in-law
had to support and to bury bim.
These facrta-wcrald seem x ahowaiiecessityi
lorincreasing toe salary ot uie rresiueuv,. i
Bit, agaiuat teifi, the a that Presideatl
LINCOLN, poor wnen ub weni mio uuilc,
died rich saving much of his salary.
In the days of Jefferson, Monroe and
Jackson; who gpe"ntll,6titi 8rhe of them
more money than they received, the Pres
ident paid out of bis salary all the expenses
of the White House, except for furniture
and repairs. IrvJbese latter days, by a
IIKamI rtiierrimt inn nf th lflWfl. Ar hv vlr-
. . , ... . i
tue O Haws that, Wjll admit such COPatruc-l
Meri,1-tiie Presiieht pays Httle oriMMhing.
Most of his servants are paid by Govern-
npent ane fatdeli.laff'osdingaB Iheeg
ekablesnfj PAsldent,' his famitf Vfidvhis
jjnests use, Is worked by Government em
dloves his carriages- and the horses
hi h draw them are bought and fed
by.tilted"$iM, ?oafrop30
of the chapter. This enabled President
Lincoln tortaye mueh joljhis salary, and
this will enable President Johnson to re
t)ty tieh (Tfm tbiaaidOCW , 4 .
If then, uen. vrast is 'Kr receive- iout
times as mucfi salary as any former Presi
dent, the people wiinnsist that he supplies
his own household that be pays all the
expenBesTand afc.JhjsIftOp.i'perannTJmr
be all that President Grant shall receive.
Tbtsv(ilbe iw f coord ane with the letter
aii ei)lrlfi"-Sf the Ccmstitvitlon, wTilch'sayi
that beyond a statedgaiaj-y, the President
liall not receive any other "emolument
from' the ''United States, of ahy of thein."
tA.in f r l vw 1 J r f. 1
Sheets want in Interleaved. Cincinnati Drying Up.
Sheets want in Interleaved. Cincinnati Drying Up. CINCINNATTI, Nov. 9.
To the Editor of the Commercial :
! I see a fine subject for an editorial in this
morning's Commercial, viz. : the vote of Cin
cinnati. 31.276: and of Chicago, 39,681:
exesoi(,vn?CBl??v.wa.i tiim
11 as Cincinnati ner urowiii .
A treat man v persons are aware that the
manufacturing interests are on the decline.
It Uorrty-.a few Amonths since two Of our
largest machine shops failed, and nearly
all the balance are doing almost
nothing. There is not a locoino
tivejwcesfwboatngiiie,1 11 hull oP'-ahiw,
or a sugar-milt oemg nmit tieie to-uay,
fnj the manfafactnereTs ' nave done as
much, it not more than others, 7or tlieTB
terests of Cincinnati,' but our capitalists,
banks, etc-da notxla anytiiiug to encour.
see them, lit la yfery noticeable, that he
corner store of that nne0loek 01 Duiidings
at Sixth and JStymiiier is Demg ntted lor
a beer saloon, which indicates that mercan
tile, business iswm the decline also.. - A. lew
wceKs esmce tne Telegram irom'.vnieago
placed the sales of two dry goods houses
each atabonttl.300,000torSeptember alone.
we. am T DuU lew luercti&nta who sell as
much in a year.
And. why fhouida't Cincinnati dry np.'l
The city was;vbuut up Dy the.outnern
trade its loss causes her to "dry up." w hen
Radicalism- ceases-Its efforts- $01 force; the
markets of the1 West, via the Northern lakes
lit the direction ot New England and leaves
the people of Southern Ohiov Illinois and
Indiana to seek" their natural markets to
the ocean by way of the" Ohio.Jllssissippi
and their tributaries, and allows the South
ern planter to plant and to gather his cot
ton.' crop, "with' no bad ..laws tomake him
afraid, then Cincinnatti will again be the
Queen city of the West. Then but not un
tiifbeifccn miwziY?ui ' .1.120
i SrjRRAnv John -11. Surrstt was dis
charged on Friday lasfc-J-f Uttburgh Chron-
tie. '"' ' !- . -
This brief paragraph Is all a Radical
sheet has to say about John H. Surratt's
kfelandqulttaCiilV J
Because John U- Surratt was sata to he
Implicated in the assassination of President
Lincoln, hianoCWerwag Tarjested tried
by a military court, who condemned her to
death, ana she . was- hanged, fop. the crime.
at DoNwiPliTVa leading fiadloal. alleges,
jl keeping boarding house In Washing
ton. -'
I The-son, whjv .wsnot in Washlngto
When the assassination- of Lincoln took
b!ace.5rwas arrlsfterllrl Uyypt,' brought! home
In a Government vessel, a large reward be
ing paid for his capture, and ianewdts
charged from, custody iVTbe 'mhrderefs 01
the mother, are' also at large, some of them
occupying Wgh Stations in tbe- Army, ana
as members ot Congress, but none of thein
have yet been tried for the high crime of
hanging an innooent women., t Q A
-t ' ' '
-t T i M
jpectatt4j.thAfenna(rue ssys
"It Is said that Colfax,, who according to
p.nstom. has the on vileee. as Vtoe Presiden
hf hftrnlna- one memrx-r or tne caoinet, win
desigcWer.f en'rj? Wadg foif the"Iutrior
! fWitfcfa.1Scoe it knocks the and, rpxn:
under tbe ftlendjoy-Governor Denni
a jn. who rfrze bis claims to the Postmaster
fclrfeNf id Bii fcrefllrte'lt saWf when" In thai
ffflce. made iff nnextepMotiable' officer, ad-
idfniaysrlniifiti alTairf wisely' and well, arid
With less of partisan spirit than most of his
' Hn: ta f larsrl
i Gold closed id NeW"i"6rlc esjjf,
fT'fMK Broo&ilU (Inflanal ffhnocfat says ?
lOne. ol tha-most iiifernal outrage we.
Dave Deen.' tailed unon to chronicle re-
many yean was enacted scar tne Tillage i
IlairfieUy in jhis county,, on fciturday
evening, roe delegation to sne isauicai
n arunu at tnis mace, irom mat region,
the residence of Hon. Red in Osborn, drew
themselves up intoine, and a valiant lead
er proposed; three groans for the dying hid
Democrat 1' The uroans were given, and
the irBken-meb aatehed-o--?"W hen- it irk
known that Judge Osborn has been lying
very ill for manyinlontlis, arid was sick at
the time, we can not find words to express
ourself iu. properly -oharacterizing . such
dastardly A conduct-;. W thapk-. God that
the party to which we are attached is not
guilty of such outragesiH
iKCERVER On Tnesdar. 10th icat-, in the 43d
year ut 014 ae, JOHN M. toiRNsa.
i Friends and acqtuintancBS ara inrited to attend
rthe funeral from nia late residenoe, northeaat oor-
ner Taird and Long itree'ta. on Thursday t I P,
i The bowels mar be ooatiTe or aoma organ do its
work neakty. - From eauses like these gaset'aod
(rummy lobataDeei oeenr whioh poison the b ood
tbe perspiration may be checked; the feet may be
so chilled that their fetid exhalations are throws
back npoa the blood. s Here to cause for paina; fe-
rera, inflammationa. In these cases Brandreth':
PiUsare worth mora than fold. ; fire ori tonal
oneaJ. Bamembai the aura bjat oncareaarina
from the body those mattera which poison the blood
and make ai aick.7 Xkcse celebrated Fills ahoakl be
in thehooje teadrj ". : . .
See B.BKAJtDBxrn.ln white letters oil theOoT-
erament ataaipj raooipai' omoa crandbsthb
HotT8K,New Yorki ' Bold by aH druggists.
' iuoelS-dAwljcm-reKr
PRO V IDtNCE, B." I., having the largest manu
factory of Solid Silver - Ware in tha world, with
the most improved machinery, and employing the
moat skilled labor, are enabled to offer an an-
eaualled rariety of new and beautiful deaigni in
Pinner Services, Tea Services, and every article
soeoially adpted for Hobday and Bridal Gifts.
i They offer also their wall-known and nnrivmlled
Nickel Silver Eleetro-Plated Ware, ip which tha
have introduced new. patterns af rare eloganoe.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
purity by Ur S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate 1 1
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffield
-v ,
these goods may -be- obtained from reaponaible f-
dealers every where."
i erf: v. -i M : 'ret - : Trad
I .: . Mark
Trade Mark ,
for ft
i Silver. "
jjSaSAMia Eleoto-
A law Wo
I Salesroom N o. 3 Maiden Lane, K
1 nov5-diw4Mm-Fe NT
! t P R OFESSIONA L. , lq i
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway
ligh street, Columbus, Ohio, haa devoted himseli
r a series of years to the treatment of certain pri'
r-te diaeasea. He otay bieenanlted at bia oflBe,
ttroadwa . near the Exchange Bank
" :r. f - fi" ii '
Pamvhlst from 4hs twfi ot
The "Medical Times" says ef this work:"' ''This
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret, abuses of youth and manhood,-and how
easily regained. It lives a clear synopsis of tbe
impedimenta to-marriage,' the eaoae and -eftecta of
nervous debilit?, and the remedies, therefor." A
poeket edition of tha above will be forwarded ea
receipt of 25 cents, by addressing Dootor Cubtis
68 North Charles street, Baltimore, aid. . ...
era-mayS-dly- . ... .,, .
iwnnnn amn i . v i.i, ut
OrrrH rnslnreil in fnnr 'weeks. Success
M YOUTH restored in four weeks. Snocess
restores mahly. poKers. from .whatever cause ari
sing; the eSeeta of early pernieieoa -habi:s, self
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at once to
tbia wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to tha directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure ia impassible.. Maid in bottles at $3, or four
quantities in one forts. - To be bad only of tbe sole
appointed agent in America,, il. iSBITZXVk Stt
Second Ave.. New York.
vNT-jyS7-)ljr-. A r- -
splendid Hair De ie the best in the world;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous jnod reappointment : no ridicaloua
tlntM. rAmnHiM .Ha ill effects nf had dve.a: invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
or brttwM-- Knl.t bv all Drneeists and Perfumers :
Land properly applied at Bitohelor's Wig factory,
no, IS UqbH street..!. I or a. rsr pr oawiy ..
"TouB Lotion has cured me of Tetter (or Salt
Rheum) on 'rayhand3 of thirty eSftfatanding."
writes Joseph Kis tier, of Danville, fedt, who haa
"beeruuiBa, falmer'a Yegotable Cosmetiol.otion
Mew Advertisement
' tT, Tbe Ohio StatVman . "ban n
Ijarger Clrcnlatioal tlina aav pa
per publislied ict 'tbitl City or Cc
tra.1 Oliio. Advertisers "will tiettr
this) 1st mind- -a-... u -
I I.I, BfiiJIiiCW V ,.!,1T ,TMfc Of.
fice nf t .e On. T (Jivil Engineer lu Colnmbu.',
Ohio, until a:'-'. .
!fj.nl;iy, l..v. !,, IStlg, 1 -
at o'clo k P. for Jiiiug .the folloaiog work,
torwit:' 1 - --: '
t or bmlJinj a aou'.ie row mis orossing aoross
outh street at the west side of ilixbatreet. -Wnr
lAvarina the flae eroesinz . acroca llound
street at the eaat aide of High street. ,
For craHing and repaying the sidewalk on the
ea-t aide of Front atreet from the noitheast come-
of Front and rowa etreeta to a point eignty-nve
feet north of Town street
. ThM nirfii win oe oDenea or tne committee 01 tne
ward! in which the iutDrovement ia to be made. The
committee reserve the right t reject any or all Dius
at their discretion. .';-
is an . - u- .-ctwi!in,
Citv Civil Erjeineer.
City Civil Engineer's offioe4 o SSfSowth-High
mm A Main - tlflTl, tft
CitVx Sewer - Bonds.
l.i-.-:?u..-..'. eCoLtJMEUS. O., Kov. 11. 1868. j -
eeived by the City Clerk at hia office, in the
eity of Columbus, Ohio, until, , . .,
Mosciaj.yvtaf: 9tH day of .TiNoT"- :
oer, a. gsus,
at ' o'clock Fl' U.f for fh sale ef City Bewfr
Bonds.' Said Honda are payable SO years after
date at the National 1'ark Bank in New York City,
and bear 7 per cent, interest, payable semi-annually
on the first days of February and August, at
said National Fark Bank, and cannot be aold for
1im tban oar. - c
Proposals will he received for from $30 00.00 to
ZH5.ouu.uu. u teoDiionai witn tne i;iiy council to
mmH th whole Amount of the issue er only a part
thereof, tsidderi will tuerer-re regulate tneir pica
sccuruinaiJ. , ... " ..
: Thn hiHii will he ooened bv the atandinr com
mitteeof Wajaand Means, who will report to the
City Counoil lor their decision
City Clerk.
novll-dtd '
Advertising Agents.
133 Nassau street, new xetrK.
. llatalliehcd in 18S2J .
We bee to oall the attention of advertisers to
our ageoey. Our facilities who, all tne hret mass
dailv narjera iu the country are second to none.
and wearo tutly preparea to oner terma ana con
ditionawhieh eanaot fail to give, auperior induoe
hiMitji.vW aim send advertisements -to all Cuban
acd Sonth American papers, with whom we hare
exclusive contracts Wearetheonlv bouse doing
We can, by special per jiissioo. reier to : : i
Mr. H. X. Ueuibold, Druggist, 9a Broadway
Nan Yo V.
Messrs. 8. it. VaKDUzut A Co IDS Greenwich
street, new lork. .
Mesrs. Hall & Kccksl, 118 Greenwich street,
Messra. U. BRTjca !s Soil i Co., Type Founders it
1 i;oamoers siiroeii.
Measra, PaaLON a Sou. New York. '
Messra. I delon A Collkndbk, New York.
Messra. T Attn XT A Co New York.
Messrs. ChickkhikoAon. New York.
Messrs. RaDWT A Co.,ew York. . '
I ectsood3m ,- ' : -. --I ,
and comnuDiom
Hrir.k Warehouse on the corner of North Pub
lic lane and Center alley. Being close to all tbe
railroad freight houses ia the oiiy makes it a very
desirable place ior receiviug auu suippiusireiisub.
i For further particulars, apply te the undersigned
at Freight Omoe ot tne j. m. s i. it.
at i reigui wui , JaMEA PATTERSON, Ag't.
, Columbus, Oct 28. . u. -
: oetse-dltw r - .' - r
Resolution to Contract.
i Suelnd, That the CHy oivil Eveineer bei and
)..; kikT antnorised and directed to -contract in
tha name of the eity of Columbus, with Peter
1 cagen. for. building a oouoio row nag crossing
aCrOSS rUDIlC alley t w oat. am, ui w,u
. .k. fnllnainf terms. tu-WlLS .
For excavating or grading. Forty-five oenta per
l : 1
For bouldeT paving. Forty-five 'cents per square
m fFor flagging. 1 indies wide, Sixty oenti ; per lin
at foot. ' '. .
iaw -iilflt. WILBON,
eot30-dlt Clerk
, V ' - ' i 'akr.vft An raTTVll rlrVTlPa 17TTJP
IA. and i yrt'-old, vty fcandawm. kind nd
lonnd. Will be sold low.
- - .t
e FeSalES,' OWING''- ' THE
peeulias and .important-.ielatiopa which
they Bustain,, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in ; no small degree to ' their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
' happj who are .Not only bo, but no
one of, these various , female complaints
can long be Buffered to run on-without
inVolvirtg the, general' health of the in
; dividual, and ere long producing perma-
; nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
i is it pleasant to consulta physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections,
and only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman , so tar saennce her
greatest charm as to do. this. ' The seit
will then' thank ns for placing in their
'. hands 'Simple specifics which rwill he
L found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost , every one ot those, trouoiesome
complaints peculiar 10 me sex.
j Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of others ppljT vainly to drug
guts end doctors, vrhoaeither merely tarf
tatalize them with the hope of 4 cure; or
apply remedies which make them worse
I would not wish to assert anything that
would da injustice to the afflicted, put I
am obliged to say that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of tfie powers' of life, by laborious' erri
ployment, unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, nd frequent childbirth, it is far
oftener caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane , of th
vagina itself. ..
l When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon" tbem. ' It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few "
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
aria which, consequently, affect more or
lesf directly,' the welfare of the entire
4 human family, The- mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
for corporeal development to- be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. . Thus, with , the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished. ' ; '
la consequence of this early strain
upon her' system,' unnecessary effort is
requfred, by the delicate votary to ro
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. ;,When
one "excitement is over, another in pros
pective "keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the' now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding , the . exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to night air; the sudden change
of-femperature ; the complete' prostra
tiniY produced by excessive dancing,
most, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. At last, an early marriage
c. ps the climax of misery, and the uu
fo. tunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
lers of the' plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical : treat
ment. This is but a truthful picture of
ttia experience 01 uiousuuua ui uuryuiuig
women. -3C2SOD r ; J
1 Long before the ability to exercise tlie
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education ot their peculiar
nervou system, , composed of what is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast And lips, evident
lv under the "control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period' of
life : and, as we shall subsequently see.
these emotions," when : excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very Jife of their victims ere nature
has se completed their development.
i For. Female "Weakness and Debility,
Whites or Leueorrhoea, Too Profuse
Menstruation, , Exhaustion, Too Lon
Continued Periods, : for Prolapsus and
Beariner Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, we
offer the most perfect specific - known
Helmbold's Compound Extract of
Buchu. Directions, for use, diet, and
advice, accompany. . r: r-
' Females in verv period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions." - Strength is the glory of
manhood and womannood. 11 elm bold s
Extbact Buchu ism0re strejogthening
than any of the preparations : or. isark
or Iron, infinitely saler, and more pleas
ant. ' Helmbold's Extract ; Buchu
havinc received the indorsement of 'the
most prominent physicians in the United
(States, -is now ottered to amicted - nu
inanity' as a certain cure for the follow'
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity. -Mental -; and Physical -Depression
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
General ' Irritability, ' Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular. Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
riensia. Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Jfalpitation or ineixeart,
and, in fact, all tber- concomitants of a
Nervous' and .Debilitated state .of the
system ' To insure the genuine, cut this
out.' ? Ask for-Helmbold's.' Take- no
other".'.'.,', ' , 'f '. '-. 'i i.'''
I '' .. 1',: r .' .-... I
! 1 Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. terF'Bf'
! Price. $1.25 per. bottle, or 6 bottles
for i ?6.6f. r Delivered to anys address,
De'sctibe symptoms' fn all commnnica
tions.V: Address' H.' T, "HELMBOLD,
Drt and Chemical 'Warehouse, 594
Broadway, JN. x. L
.01 'A.i?yA : ! jiAJ-viui s-rif'-
i :'"ir6ne ire 'genuine .Ttnless" done tip in
kteel engraved wrapperi with fac-simile
of jay-. Cle'm!eal: WarenouseJ and ,ugned
iyss-dwii-weowiy n. t. utmbuiAi.
I :-. . .
I.- '
IK h i i
' ', l . : ,
1 '
!:1 fi'i-.
Jj.!l O'K.
II , v .i.
) hHK fl
Al .: :'n,p,;
. ''. 1." :
( -
iiii;t- i:vf . ; i-- t
' (:J I'iini-! ,-
:o :
1 K',V
-ir i', . ,-; -.: . .
1 ' ' ' ; .' ' ' ' ' ' 1
: in?-. :. , .1 ' . .
1-1 V
.HUIT i il
,-.,1 b'. '
t 1; :,; -f
,. J I,
1: ili,,
lK in-
Caea b Fofaatd at
250 AND 252
,- jiiinJi.i::i
i t.
,U Ti.:(l
if,- s'v
-in:'! ;.t --
1lli I..!
; -Jifl 1o. ..Ji; -c:-j-li j
rim tt Jrin; I'Ji.
11 .rut 1 : hiiu-.r
-I I -nii.ii'i i -Jil
a.;c:headley & co.
.-Ami m ,Ll Kfil ..ii..
m aw rrmimmi-'
1 "i'Tttawilw5
J af
- - - .nr thi -
' United; States xot;: America
1. 1- v ' lrlaHnioTow. p. 0.
Cafeh Capital, $1,000,000
. PAID 15 FULL. ', , , .
i 1 4
To whioh all general oorreapopdenee ahould be ad
di esaed.
CI.ARENrK H. RI.ARE. President. ' "'1
iJAT COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HENRY I). ' OOKE. Vice resident.
EMtRSON W. PEET; Secretary and Aotuary
I TUF-'anuaurirtfe''tt'
nEi . mm w mw a ,
' r ' ' Offered by thia Company are s
It ia a National Company, chartered, by. ipeoial
It bin a paid upeapitaTof fl.eoO.OOO.'
It nffera low ntefl of nreminm. - '
It furnishes larger Insurance than ether Compa
niea for the same money. ---
It is definite nd certain in its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality.
It Pnlinim, ,i,mnt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restriction- in the Pol-
iciea. , . . ; r . . ,
F.vprv Pnlinv in nna-forfeitahlei ' i .
Polioiea may be taken that will pay insured their
full amount and return all tne premiums, so mat
. the Insurance costs only the inter. ai on the annual
, paymenia.
f olieiea may be taken which pay to the Insured
; after a certain number of rears during life, anaa
. nnal income of one-tenth the amount named in the
Policy. !.
No extat rate ia eharged for risks upon the Uvea
of females . l - i j
It insures not to pav dividends, but at I
coat that dividenoa will be itnpoaaible. .,
eaw JOUi W. ELLIS A CO -.--issa-
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio. Central
.... ' . -ana aoumern f naiana. - : i'i
i 1COX, DVirTKR & CO4 -
Coin -rbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Lloking,
4 u 1. : a 1
peNT-ietSS-deodAweowly ' "
In no previous year Juts there
been such strong competition among-
all the leading Sewing Machine
' Manufacturers of this' country ana"
I Europe as the present. -At alt the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
' they met and contested for the JPrev
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously iri
favor of the Florence Reversible
, FeedTAck-StitchFamUy "Sewing
' Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing j Machine at the following"
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni
: verseUe, Paris; JLmerican Institute
Fair, New ' York ; yew England
j Agricultural Fair, at Providence,1
' It. I.; the New York State Fair, at
1 Buffalo:" the CfreafZdnnuat' Fairs"
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics' Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
1 which 'closed a-four-weeks' Session
' oh the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
; again confirmed by the ' Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded 'it' the "GOLD
MEDAL," tlie highest Prize -the
'. Institute confers. !" A ,
' 1 1 . .
, Jt would seen, m fit this. BruccesBiQii of tri
umphs should, be sufficient to convince every
unprejudiced, person of the great superior
ity of tbe FLOEENCE over all others aa a
Family Sewing Machine.'' J - f j
A written warranty is given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WIUj SO A-LIt
that is claimed for it, and should it fail, it
will be taken baok, and the MONEY EE
FUNDED. , .. ... VV
1 PrInMpal Office and Soletnom, Jfo. SS ITeaf
Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.' T ..l,.,
Yfri. O REN CEp;
-, H. McCONNELIm General Affemt.
LATEH. ' : -
n; .i
. ;-,. . , ,. .
At the Ohio Stat Kair, which closed at Toledo,
Septo ber 25th. 18w, the FLORENCE received
the FTRST PMCXIUXtot tbe best Family Sewing
Machines over seven competitors. ' -r
Send for a circular, or call and examine the Ma
ohines at the new Salesrooms, . f
91 East State St., Colambas, Ohio.
W,S. JBB0WN, Agent.
jn-.All linda of stitching dona to order, and
atiafaction guaranteed. . . ootS4-d3m3tawTAs
BANKERS. ',Vi.;'nJ
9 r'-. i 1
tv ;i .:. . . . til. - . -
Corner Broad & High Sts.
";r.. ;COLUMBU8',pHlOg';
it '
febS-dly - .-,
a ...:.r. . t i i
, 33" IiBR. O :
,i . .. ..' - - i.i.i'
anM-dly-r ' Columbus, O.
: ' '- :
-" :
Npe. 8 1G A; 8 18 South Hlajti.St.,; S i,r
'.'.!. . COLCinBDt.wHIo.
iTXeir attentive Manufactory U at the Foot o)
8otlit't, on the Canal.")
"Their Business transactions, both Wholesale and
Retail, new extend throughout the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They maaulaeture .
f all olassea and every design of auperior work
manshid and finish. Also, Cane-Seat Chairs of
every description. Wholesale and Retail.
febo-detdlv A
" rbecb & quinn; .:x
l-- ;... .iai..ui;it.A
Came- fend ystersa
Alao.all kinds of 'Country Pnsiaoe, auch as Bet
ter, Ems, Chickens, Turkeys, Ac,
noJXI Wi-st-J Breadway,
Tne!;eiiolcest'varieHe8 of Fresh 'Fisa! aecetved
daily. A3 .All eoods purchased delivered to any
OTIcig l-eL t atr
Smle,T Ist,f i Wanta, Fenael,
Borelljr," AccVnt execealiir elckl
line, pbllahel la tbli elm fer
OMBtsauiJ laaarw. A .
AK IKI)-AUENT8 TS to " per
introduce tbe GENUINE IPhUVr?J
MACHKNg.; rTbi Machine wBL
bem, fell, taak.vquilt. orlbicA.'tiraid
and embroider in a moat auperior rcaD-rer-l'rice
only 8 Fully warranted fcr-
flveyearar 'We wilV-pay 1 OOO for any
machine tht will aew a etronier, more
beau tff ill. or asore flaatie aeam tha a oura.
I, ....i... tha "blaane Lock Stitch " Everv aeeond
atitch eao be cut, and atiH the eloth. cannot be
lulled apart wimonv wanu n- ne pay a goon
B7k tn AvUMl n. v.montii andZDeDeaajot a com
trr,m whifth twice that iimoant can be .
made.-Addreaa HfcCOM A CO -, WTIBBURGH, &
P;,lir BUSTUa,MB. '" .. .. v
C tfTla le net be Inrpoaen opon -oy 'aer i
rMrfiM m'mvnf ow warthlera eaeUiroo aiaeaines,
under the eante waate ut oth'rwiae. Oura ia the
only ge aiaaad Mealy ,iiatkal ebeap iwiachine
mtDBMAtomi fb ocizu-eoajarawat-
AtUul'u.t aaAX.1.. . .,,,1 -; .-,.;
Ovarlnn I.a Phatre'l... 1 . t....AnW
Mr. John Seltser, Miss nohneider and Brothers. -
Tenor.l3o.o- serenade to Ida' -YYeiDtanil
o r Mr,Wm,Jx)tt.-. - -
Soprano Solo "In Juesto Templioi' - -
-.- . - ', - --i 1 Doniiotti
- Mrs. L. C- Baileyi ' ' - -TioHneello
Solo "The lst Koteef Snmmer"
1 . - - - Lindner
S Soprano Solo "O Loving .Heart. Trort Oa" '
. a . VOKB6DUS
S ' Duetto "Tina Hotte l)amtre".......iI.wArditl
aiiss latnrop and sir. ijovc. -'
Soprano Solo "The Two l anxaaaea ..Beamofl)
-' "Mrs. L. C Bailer.1 - '.. '
8 Soprano Solo "Ernani" .7.... ....Verdi"
i -1 ' Miss Emma i'. Lathrop.'
8 -Piano Solo "Bhapaodio Honrroiae,' No. J - ,
. - - - - . . I: '. - fjljist'
- -t;llbicoBnwMBwH-,,wl-'-''- -'
ajfaT Doors orjen at 9: Unncert to oommenee at'a
o'clock. Season tickets can be he I at Ur. Job a
Seltxer'a Maaio Store. Single tioketa at the door.J
Friday 4c Satvrctay, Wotj M 4
.- The old time and well tried . .
Headed bv the Great ImDreaaarie and fenader aCr
the present school of minstrelsy, al tar aa nnpar-3
alleled aeaaon of ancoesa of eighteen consecutive
-r . k . r IT n 1 1 : ; n
A. HUB,. W f V. . I. ' ' J UU. VUIUIUU..I4 f.M,.. V,,,
a tour, for a limited nnmer of weeks, throngh tha-
country. The performaoee will erarbraee the entire
force or thia monbtbk eR9nsTOH;
Ooors open st T, commencing at 8. -Aduiiaaion
35 and 50 cenU. W M, ti. DOENEN, Agea.
novll-d3t "f.t , !. i A
HOUSE. 11'
.t 1 'J r.tlf.a. T
, ,T. ;u .I'iihi n i ' r
Mrs. Frances AnndEemMe.
lira.. KKM13LE. will d in the Opera Houie,
Colnmbaa, on 1 'j ' ' , '
Tuesday Evening,NoT. 1
Bnakapeare s play of i aii , ,, j
. ; Bekcrved Seats,' fid Cealie ExLrat. i )
The Salea of Tioketa will commence on Monday
morning, November 16b, at o'clock, ah the Maaio .
fctoreof J. Seltser, E. State atreet. -
Special Notice. The reading wilt oomntenee at
8e,eloekiraeiMly, and itia respeetfvlly raqnestedV
to avoid interruption, that tha aadioaee will hel
seated ten minutes before the reading begins.
Doors Open at 7. novrKl8t-r
. , ..is BicuBcmt AToiaaoie; -r:
Tbonsands toea on sick-beds to-dayi who' might
have been well and hearty,-, had they tajan due
precautions for the preservation of that moat prw
cioua of earthly bleadinsa, a found mind in a ionni
tody., giekntvia. to a axeatex extent thanmnsl nans
pie suppose, t' avoiiable. When the body is lan
fuid, the spirits depreased, and tbe nervous r yatem
unnaturally sensitive, it should be taken for (rant- .
ed that mitchief it bretMng. These hint ans
warnings, vouoMafedaaauch by a kind Providence)
ought not to be disregarded. If they are slighted,
as ia too generally fhe case.The next Thing may be'
a fever a aetere billipua attaok. ortonie other form,
ot acute diaeaae. They indicate as elearly aa if the
intimation were given in articulate language, that
the animal function) are disordered, and the syttem
debilitated. Under theae circumstances, the
tMmqtebeioneU RBOtrLATs A KB ms8TBa,-aB4
the best regulating and rettorative preparation ever
ueed for the prevention of ticknen is HOSTtT-
TER'S STOMACR BITTEBS., In this way.bii
iuoa remittent fever, ehills and fever, spasms. aie
vous paroxysms, violent attacks of indigestion, and
all the ordinary epidemics, may almost certainlJ-.b.
averted. They are usually preceded by the symp
toms defcribed, and-surely it ia wisdom to forestall
them by resorting to an antidote at onoe harmless. ,
agreeable and invigorating. Moat assuredly, it will
soon dissipate the unpleasant feeiinga jelemd te
which, of coarse, is desirable, even if they were not
likely to leai to aomething worse, .The sloss of the
Faltis usuril y aeoompanied by unhealthy fogs and
violent atuoapherie changes, and itia therefore s
season when invigoratioa is particularly needed.
maySsdeod A wly-ow-si e--;.--'
Such an article aa "Or. Tobias' Yenetiaa Lini
ment." It has stood before th public fori? years
anil haa never failed giving satisfaction in a single
instance. Every drop of tbia valuable compound is
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it canal.
ways be relied upon, is is wa ranted superior v
ajaji othersor the euro, of Chronio Khenmatiim.
Toothache, Headache. Sore . Throat. Vomiting.
Frosted Feet, Mumps. Croup', Burns, Cuts. Sea Sick
ness. Insect Stings. Sprains, Cholera. Colio.Spasms,
Dysentery, Bruises, jCoida, Coughs, Old Sore 84
Swellings. Pains in the Limbs. Baok and Cheatl
There is no medicine in the Worl'l" that stand?
mire on ita own merits than the "Yeaotiaa Lini
ment."' Thousasds of certificates can be seen at4he
Doctor's office, attesting to i s rare virfues. Tha
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, has'
induced several unprincipled persons to couriterfVrl
this "Valuable Bemedy;" purchasers oanaot be toa
careful tosse that "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment
is stamped pa tbe elaa. done np in. sallow passes
and signed' "d. I. Tobies.'' All others aredangerf
ous counterfeits, and although they may rttemiU
the "Venetian Liniment" jn color and aaneU.
ware of them." Sold by all Drmsgista aad rHors-a
keepers throughout the United States.' Price
cents and one dollar per bottle. Depot 10 Park
Place. New York ' '-' " f - - A
juneie-ngwlycm-yeyT-g - "
ft is In rlemand wherever personal blemishes- are
considered of anffieicutf coH80qnencerUrpB remove
tiu Actlwsr-liistasnaisiesiaia . - "
Cristadoros W? ' 'Prtservative
AND BE AUTIF1EB U Jipseramtioaof eqwas aaerrt
and repute. Its sffee upon -the hair ie electriea.
It fastens every loosening-8 bre, replaces harshness
with ail iness and flexibility, semi-baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with tfose. Its-'-uae win tqfelfae
the atraigh test bair to curl, and prevent the driest
from tmning gray- Jt la the favorite at every oilet
where it baa been tried, and si ameaai af eeptofc
'the hair free from scruf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliations, is perfectly invaluable.
SoT(l"bj Druggists, and applied By aJTHelrllreay-
era. Manufactory, Not. 88 Maiden, Lane. Principal
Depot No. e Aator House.
)one16-d&wlyem,PeMr-0" '' ''!'':' j
f'Tp Owners of Horses. '
.Thonaand. of harass diavyoaiiaioaCaie-TsH
need not be. Dr. Tobias' Veoetian, Horse Lini
ment, in pint bottles,' price xjne dollar,' will posi
tively curs every case, if fiven according tohdi-.
roeUons, when first taken ,li is warranted superiy
or to anything else for -Cuts, Galls, Sprains Old-
Sores, Swellings' and Bore Throat. It is no new
remedy, but of SI years' standing, and 1aperored.
by the (r4 ho: semen it the oountry, Colt, PhRr
P. Bush, of tha Jerome Park Counas, ama sedt';
foj jeara, and, racorqmeadA jt. johist. trjecdax. Qyja
dera are constantly received for it from, he facing
rttablea In England.. It has stood tha tarsi 'oTtioie;
po one has ever tried it but eontinues usOj Rec
oUeo to get Drr Tobias' Venetian rlqrse, Linimant
in piiit koMJea,n4 take no.othe. .field y the
Druggists ami Storekeepers throughout the UnitadT
States. Depot 10 Park PlaosvAom York.- f .: .
Peirr-juie-dAwly-em a- ! i i J
I' .. '.J, J . . I "I Ili'J 1 m hi i , m j
, ..Pi fl- :AJili- w A "t1a
; A aergymanwSfteVf siding outnimeriaV
ai a missionary; fliacovered a afe and simple re aw
edyfor the Cure of Nervous Weakness, Early i)eAi
ca. Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Orxana '
and the whole train: of disordars broanht" a by
baneful and vioteust habits. .enaVaambers hare
been cured by this- aeUa remedy Prompted by a
deaira- to- benefit tia afflieied- and wnfortoBat I
will send the recipe for preparing and awisa this
aedliaecaai sealed eaveiope. t ausaie wkU
wiwwwwiw. moQreeaj.. ' - j ; -
e Mouse, Now '
1 oik City.

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