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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, November 12, 1868, Image 3

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M.TnoLoaicii. XajsLi. prepared ri
jlfi'-- TVT"iV !,,.
. nan w
" rnVr ..." . i j
T -X . . - ..ttM , . 4 - ft
a I. v----- r - - "aa1.Ift
RU Rum .- 4-Sao Beti..".
4 M
t" The weather-wise are predicting
severe winter. r .& r 1'.7
Hon- Kt; A.' H.rrte,;I
w. at tha Veil restersUy.i .!(
line before flu Mayoiiyesterday-.
BtGod , newt" far'.Tmsbands ladle
aarilielrrresses longer than they used
V .A IV..-.-
! rsr-The ladies of. thejaannah Nell MU
.inn htm our thanks for ft beautiful bo-
l..t 1
qqetr ppj ."' n ? i- .:
' tST The man who shirks the payment of
Ma Income tax la termed a. '-revenue cm-
. -V ' !
'ty-The, slarees, cara are provided with
stoves. ' Riding In the car la right com-
forUble now.' t.,r.UXXk 4.
BTLStar ga-sera, are making preparation
to witness the meteoric shower to-morrow
an Sunday night. - '" '- .-" M
tW MUlers,Green & J6e Inform s
that their sales during, tne mo-n-a u .v-;
ber1 reached $85,000. Pretty goo for-one
viar'jTa have received a fre,'pag8 good
tnr trir. nn the Saline stream. Thanks to
the'donor. Jit maye pnr.Jnck tf return
the favor someday.-"' i
tS5" Several new hU have, been Been on
th atreet lno ;electloni : fonder ,-if be
catawatnpus.aUta of the election returns
compelled their pwrdbaae.- ? n
MT Tfie Jtmrnil says Chas. M. Fix baa
been abnothiej 'aepot'pbilcenian iee Rob
inaon. rwlened.-No auch commiaalon ba&
been WaneBhCSS- W SlI
Alex. Kidd, arrested for stealing
clothing from JerrTJleTner.ts, was held to
ball by th Mayor In the sum ef $400. In
SrL'TksV. VlngaJ mnda from aU
phnric acid, coloring matter and water. It
la.atatedV.can..be. tested in the following
manner: Putjtmall quantttac ofth9.lin
gar in a clear glass and add a few drop of
thoj-eMoride oi -barium- orthe."nltrat&jof.
barVtaTirthe"ltqirld pTeserta-lwJy-iipH
pearance, it contains pulphurlc acid.
Pzkitkntiabt Arbivai.8- Seven pris
oner arrtve- at the- PeBltntiary th
10th and 11th tnst; Worn Portage leonfity.
John, -Klrby grand Jarceny, two , yer? ;
Geo. ;CarT, forgery, threa yeara.-.'i'rom
Hancock county: John Byal, felfai too
abauch and Eno P, Porter, burglary, one
ear 'each, t From . Washington eoUirtyy
Edward' Blum, grand larceny, ear year;
Wm. Bobinaon, burglary and larceny, two'
fUhV la ;. '.! A w. r.' M .V .M W1
J tj V - )- m .'i 'i- ..H
Y. M.'C. A. The iollowlng Is the' list of
officers of the Yeung. Men's Christian As
abcfatlon,elected at their last' regular meeU
UMtJW hn l,..rrH.'A im -t .... . w "t
President, Gordon Moodie; Vice President-
E. BadlslU; Becnrdl'ig, SecreUry,
E- C. Smith; Treasurer, A. RiUon; CjrresT
ponding Secretory. W. Awl.
Executive .Committee Gordon Moodie,.
J-Hudifull. E-C;Smlth, !A Ritaon,; W,
Awl, W. Mitchell, O. G. Peters, CP. Math
ews. J. C. S. Miller, L. Dvis.
Trustees E. L. Tartor. W. Awl, L. J.
CritchHeld, H. Erly, J. E. Rudisill.
St Thing i-Mllieri'Green &
Joyce, our great wholesale dealers, have our
thanks for a sample" or Che neatest thing in
the way of a paper collar for gentlemen's
wear ye. invented.' It It tnolaedln sueh k
way a to fit the neck, and chafing and
choking U imposlbie.': It is made of the
best bank note paper, and - Is remarkable
for Its-whiteness and great strength. These
collars arecallcd the Norwich paper pol-i
lars. We can recommend them.
informal meeting of some of the railroad
offlcTalalhterested in the new depot, held
in this city on Tuesday f They agreed to
build thedepofcan "xamlned eeveral'erude
plans of elevation that were presented, but
without agreeing on-any of them. They
adjourned to meet in this city on the 23d,
when4 final action will be taken,' rrsne-
ments made for advertising for plans and
specifications Tind Ispuing -of bonds to pay
for the' work. ;rne Dniiaing wiii oe com
menced as soon as tfie spring opens.
liiu i ta J " i "';:'r4:""
Thx FErriVAt. Tbe ictoelng night of the
festival .given tby the . ladies of. the Hannah
Nell Mission, we are sorry, to say, was not
attended as "well as on the previous evening.
There was much to seo and enjoy , and,, we
were sorry-that 'our- citizens teout o
illy to see and enjoy it. The lunch spread
from 11 o'clock'yesterday morning until
in the afternoon was. largely patronized by
ar business men, end well it might be. It
4a"s "api tat IspreadJ. Everything that
rmld' tempt the palate was there anil the
funchers seemed to enjoy .ItAThe receipts
from the luncb .tables-amounted to $80
The total receipts will. not ejeceed $225.
TH!i Woman's 'KraoDOMAnd rews &
Hull have received the advance coples'ol
' the great novel by "the author of John
HalUaXrl entitled, The Woman's Kingdom;
sfy; Story fwhichj has been -running
tltugirtoe'coiumns-.of itiirper's Migazrne
for the past year." Nothing equaTTW it In
power and Intense-interest has ever been
laaaed.4romHrft8r A PPW16?! P"!6?
From the beginning to the end the Interest
WreejSfcufl;!she;YT is swayed
with passion, melted to tearjor ;$94 ;
smiles Jusfc4h anagto pea pltojened
ktttfascwUls. i.ftAnMri
of theyea,,wa,yia, qinta-jii uayear
RomulSs 'Whence il dwives-lu isme.
originally. consiatedTBf thlrtyrflve days.
which were contWucdLuntil Julius Cear
rncedtaxaW to thirty, aadf this number
M has ever slno retoined,, Our. axbs AO
eeStofS i caBeq ,.- November Blotmoutit
Uoodmonth, tbe mouth of saeriaeev be-
Mrse at this seasosi of the year the heather
ta7-tMiS.made provUioij for the winter, sad
-bffered ts Sacrifice many of ths, animals
wbfchweri' tbelatkiliedi- wasoirimo
.brs-;se?on to vsladghter3 oxen, sheep,
ievau tc. for. te during i the. ns(ng
i I r i 'if. ft:riq,-(.i, ' ot
Introduce (naatjneea, here.rhas met with
.ireauy treofonse.-,. no are jcs,i iw .a-ri
Iqjnbus comlni up to the times in this respect-
Most of our riUes have their matl-
tbk a r to rgeijjttundea angKjn
fact,haobeoome (Ae, fashionable place
ai-du'seWen'li The well known' Abillry and
oxqtjisite Aastcvof -Misa .SqUnelder ,warant
ItaUyBittUtpalthsMghYiA series fcr
thirWrtmr-wnil nshwrt", t it . nnot
rril-4r rir ettisfactidn rBy Xbe
'nrorramme lnnot,bei; column it win
gktA'tbAliSxUBS ol.DUf iKst mtv talent
hMoIabterwd to BsistJI Is Schneider in
her e8,-rrWliaicXset
such as must give infinite satisfaction
New Counterfeits.
' Tremont National Bank, Boston, Mass,
2s. imitation. Well calculated to deceive,
Marine National Bank. Yj eUv 3b
Imitrtlon'. 'The shading under the tide f
the bank is Dad, otherwise tha bill ,is very,
goodi-aad likely to deceive; . ' 'J -i J.s" V
National Uqipn Bankrof Linderpark, N.
Y-2a, (noucb, bank) well calculated: to
deceive. ; -
Tremont National Kink. Boston. Mass.
2. imitation, . Well. done,, and will easily).
uciTciuQunwarT. - -
Gore Bank, Hamilton,. Canada.-- ; 'If
very close imitations-better retuse all bills
of this demonination. ; -t .-
Mechanics' National Bank of JanesviHe,
?V5u (nosncb bank) 10s. A very good
looking bill look out lor them. , , '. " " '
20s, Greeubackf A dangeroua-contoter
felt. Green ink, a good color, but the pa
per too yellow. Principal detect In the die.
krrt - a .it.. t. . 1 A
Iiooks more like a collecti on oi several.
prts. Female well done, but the face
rather coarser than the genuine. .
Mutual National Bink,Troj, N. Y 10s, :
imitation.' Weil executed, and likely to
deceive. Shading ' of "United - Scales'
lighter than the genuine. :
First Natioi al Bank.. Boston, Masa.-v-5s.i
Imitationii Well done.' Signatures en
graved. , . -. , 1
.First National Bank, Louisville, Ky. S&.
imitation.' Columbus at the lett tnd of the
note baa no left band. Eneravlnz rather
coarse and heavy. .'
Second National Bank, Cincinnati, 0-4
10". Imitation. Well done. : - ' u -
Floor CitV National Bank. Rochester. N.i
Y. 10. imitation., Thia bill is well exe
cuted, and a dangerous counterfeit. The
die on the upper right end Is very pale, and
has-a speekled appearance in the imitation-'
instead ot a dark and lined appearance as
in the genuine! observe the small curved
line under the word KUfited ;" in the Imi
tation it connects the letters UNI, the gen
uine "does not. -The slsmatnres are en
graved, and the bill is J inch longer. '
Tioga National Bank. Oweeo, N. Y.
60s raised from 6s. Well done.- e
First National Bank, Red Hook, N. Y. .,
10b imitation. Well done and verv likely
to deceive. . -.- -. m -
First National Bank of Boston, Maw
Sslmitation. The engraving is fine and'
well done. The slznatares ot the president
and cashier are enzraved.
First National Bank. Boston.Mass. 100
imitation. Tbe only way for the public to
protect themselves wilt be not to take any
$r0frNattonar Bank" Notes, except they are
received from sources- of well' known re
spectability. ' ' "
; Lynn Eark National Bank, N. Y. (iVo.
J4a 2. -- Very well done.-. - ti.uji
Thk .Weatser and Thwos. The tum
ble taken by the thermometer Bince Mon
day night has been the BObJefct of general
remark. People haye been, talking, about
ft And they had reason.., A I(tall in the.
temperature' from 7& to43 degree is worth
talking about, and talking abont seriously
It's no joke. It ft full much lower ws may!
y It's now joke.. i :t Tiii ,di wt ji
Bricklayers with chilled hands and blue.
noses are still driving their' work, endeav
oring to get the' buildings on' which' they-'
are engaijed ''under tbyer."" 1 Most ef thra'
will accomplish lu .-. There are so ma bulldtl
lugs, though, they cannot finish thU win
ter. , Great additions have. ;been made to
the force olmen engaged on the city sew
ers, and the work" there'" Is being rapid'y
po8hed:'1;i'-T '' T t ' ; i- -s i :I
x. As this U s running article, we may state,
that the health of the city is only tolerable.
good many people -are enjoying the
8bakinv'ager." And this' chilly weather
does" "not lessen the number of shakers.'
But there is no loss without some gain.
Tbecold U giving our coal .dealers plenty
of business, and has killed, the ransqnitos
as dead as Hector." They held on ' for a .
good "White they"Btuggled gallnntly-fDr
life, but he cold fetched them. Well, let
them io We 'are "comfortable" without
them. May they lire forever when the
fMCfctt gets Mem.', -rerftwit ffot.;.;, VT.'i,
Tkan8Ferrbd Ye8Trdt. The follow
ing transferVot real estale were left at the
Recorder's ifHce 'yesterdaV:'1".'' 3 ' ' ; T"
Jesse B.Stone and wife to Wm BIchardSv
Oct. 31st, lot No. Si In BirUit, Hubbard &
Smith' addition to the city, of Columbus,
for$l.e00. - - - . " '.-. , -,v ;
Wm. , Dpmtgan, Sheriff, to Henry. L.
Althen, Jan. 4th, lots Nos. 13 and 50 in the
village of Rome, for $52. ': '. ( V, - , -(-:
Ifm. A.GIil and wife to Wm. A-Gill, Jr
Nov.' 10th, inlotNo. 59 in Wm. A. Gili's
north fourth addition to the city 'of Column
bus, for $1.' ' 1 1 . . -. ; j
Enoch Thompson and wife to W. H , M.
L. and S.J.Thompson, Jan.ltth. 2 acres of
land in. Pleasant township, lor $375. .
-Joseph Kooning and wife to A. C Wolfe li
Nov. 4th, part of lots Nos. 8S0 and 1.881 In
the city of Columbus, for $1,400. -. . . :
i John Short and wife and Danfbrth.Royce
and wife to Francis A. Sells, Oct.29:h, part
of inlot No. 36 in the city of Columbus," for
$100. - "-"-'-
Philip Knop and wife to B. F. Stage, O ;t.
3lst, lot No. lbf J.; D.Oommln's subdi
vision oToutlot No. 28, Tor $750.
For Sale , Cheap. A splendid second
tartd" 'piano. Enquire at Hirris'- BooV
Store, 23 North .High street. v , nQvl2-lt .
Lost. A small Gold Bracelet, carved on
onesided By leaving It at the Good ale
House the finder Will be properly' rewarded.
It is valued as a relic. , -, j;. novl2-dlt
2 1 5 CiarritAiV Ohio' IjUnatic AsuL'djI.M
v " CoiAjmbcs, Aug. 31, 1808. '
Jno. Siddall. Eq Aqent New 'England
Mutual Life In. Go,, of Boston, Mass.:
Dear Sir I am informed that there have
been misstatements' made in regard to div
idends paid by yourC6mpany to my Life
Policy, which I have, bad in the New Eng-
land Jfutoal tor. 24 years. f For tb inibrmap
tipB bl those interested in life Irisnrauce, 1
Will state that I am entirely satisfied' with
the- New England Mutual. I.Tecelvo my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now amount7 to' abont one hundred per
piiC onQny premium. J Dlvldendt paid in
nnally in cash.
V Sup't C. O, Lunatic Asylum,."
Dw Wm. L. Peckptnd Or. MorrelVhU
auistantkaye.botli .d ay--made, applica
tion to the New England Mutual for more
Ufa Insurance. ,ir(n .t
Ujt;l.l liUIl AJltV-aVa VUlUUitUQt
i Ktmcnt- OrxjniBus Lodg-s, Not 9,- I.'O.
(fXlThe tlnenM pt Bro.' J,' M." KcePnjfr
.will be- attended by the, rnmbers .of, (be
order, from bis residence, corner of Third
and", t-bng- streets, on : Thursday,, at pnb
-o'clock P. M, without regalia. -. nn; i
-nisi it.'" .-.I kf . -: - . '"" -(l!jrM :
JJB.' Potts, Secr. 1 "'-' sovll
."A - '
. i
- Laotsa, it will pay, you to go to Mts.
PoWning'a. idlfqur.'ats ! and Bonnets.
Ppp't forget the .number, 67 North High
street."", '4 Tj :'i i'-i ' " hov7-sa tu th
TllFBiXit.m.-,Wolf,oX and Buffalo
Robes j ust recctiid & )', ',
fi . u b- Jbi V 1 duwh1..
,?fioVlf-dti'!f Ko.SNeliaouselock;,'
6fnibat.,An,eycomenoiietpo fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they an
Thbb easuts to. k no- end tob'new
goodn Clark t Farmer art- fecelvlng. Yes
terday ah6ftfer fargelotof seasenable'goods
arrived Almost every train brings some
consisnment Irom the, East for this mk.
egtablUBing- ir-A
, aovll-dtt!
LATi"i8 don'ttorjret where you can get
the prettiest and cheapest Millinery at
Dtwntoga, Nb7 North, High street.
--nov7-'sa tn th .. -" . . - ----
Jewelry made and'repalrea "by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, TvST Bain's store.
W6d3de'-r',--J' i aw '
iwyc34.tm G-eX3LtXaxxa.nu
No. 27 East State Street,
fLATi C. ArWAaNKu's.
i Every delicacy in season served up at
'this establishment in the finest and best
Families snpplied with all kTndsJtCarne,
and Oysters by tbe can.
Private Supper Room for Ladies and
J f? ' ? ?l COVEBDALB & H0SKXTOir,-
. inOvS-lw-4 i -.m; Proprietors.
The live Oysteman, 1G E. Broad street,
gives (for fifty cents) a well filled can of
Spencer, Auger ACo.'s prime oysters
ahd pound of butter crackers.-' "i:
aug5-dtonov28 .. t
m ' '
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ol J. W. Moore, No.48 West North
- y li or.-
Hollowat's Pills The Horrors of
Dyspepsia. "'Try all things" is a bad mot
to for the sick. It is better to try that
whjch the world's experience baa proved
to be super-excellent." For fifty years
Hollo way's Pills have been coring. Dyspep
si a. Not a failure Is on record, while the
successes have been countless. Is not this
sufficient -guaranty. Is it not madness
for any one writhing under the terrible
pangs of Dyspepsia to decline or neglect
to take a medicine fortified with such cre
dentials. Sold by all druggists. ; -nsn-'
Jj9-dly-cw " - - '
aow to bate uoctor dills t An im
portant question id these high tariff times,
but easily answered. : Go, or send and get,
one of Dr. Humphrey's cases of Homoeo
pathic Specifics. A full case, with book
of directions, costs but $10, and with it you
rriay prevent 'or treat successfully nine
tenths of all diseases occurring in your fam
ily and save so much, of Doctors' fees.
Sold by druggists or sent free on receipt of
the price .i Address Humphreys' Specific
Homoeopathic Medicine Co., 562 Broad'
wfty.'N'.Y. , ;? y!3-dfcwly-cw .
Fine Wines, Liquors and Delicacies.
EraR'Antbbs has now in store aehis rooms
No. 242 South Fourth street, , one of the
choicest selected stocks of wines, liquors ai d
delicacies ever brought to this City. The
lections have been made with an especial
view: to the wants of. this market, and pat
rons may rest assured oi getting only gen
uine and unadulterated stocks of wines and
liquors, imported as well as domestic The
wine flistsr embrace - tlte .-celebrated. Fox
Champagftc,Greeh Seal.'Fleur" de Slllery,
Star. Brand, Sparkling Catawba,. Sherry,
Madeipa, Port, Sweet Malaga, Claret, Sau
temee, Rhine, &c, In brandies there
is Jogtiae, ' California,: Sonoma, Catawba,
Cherry, Peach and Blackberry. The stock
oF pure choice Rum, Gin and Bitters is also
"v: W te - .. . ' - -t .... m ..... '
complete, me justly ceieorarea -Aecifies
Schweizer Kirschenwasser" may be found!
at this house, warranted pure.
In the line of delicacies we enumerate
genuine Swiss and Llmburgh Cheese; Sar-
dlnes,- Anchovies, - French . and ' Holland
Mnstard, fcc Ac. :;
".Mr. Ambos will' continue -to conduct a
first class establishment In every particu
lar, and by stocking bls house only with
the choicest goods, and by giving promp
attention to business, he is entitled to. '
large share of public patronage. . 'i .--.im
nov7-dlw .- . .'.'' I , ,.,.1 ,
Aversion to any kind ot spirituous bev
erages can be produced by adding a" little
of "Dr. Johnston's: Specific'' to' the same.
The Specific will not change the. laste of
liquor and it cannot' be 'detected "by the
person partaking. .sep22 dt&sfcwly:cw.
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Postoffice,
November 11, 1868.
;',; ,. ' - ' .' a ,
." Adams AH
V '. -':-; ' . u :':
Beard Miss Kate Benni manse C
Barnard HA Ruroker Jehu
H.noUrMike : Bates Mrs M K
Biiley Mrs Z ,-Be.lilrs W W ,
B adley Mrs B
Beers Miss L E
Barrett Tom , ' ,
iJarshaui W . , ,
urownAJ ,,
,i .'' ") .'i' C " '"' " "
Cvnnm Miss A Clark Andrew H Clark B M ,
Cres-ey E T Catrhon Lizste Clurk Mis f I.
Cherry H tt Corrock J Collary James
Coles Jacob' " Connor John -rCregin Joa Tt
Campbell L A ; (!rafl Mrs Mary Copeland MrsMJ
Cowlin Mike ' Callmsri P Callahan Miss 8
Caraenter Sl) -da k Miss H S CaUehea Th
CanimerFrel Conner Mrs F Chambers Sarah
Capps Wm f
CunmnchamUrsJl u..
Douglas Benj
noren- Mis I
Davis Mrs J
Deuels J W
Dawso T H ;
Raskins F. A
Edwards F A
Fidler Mr "' i
Del Elias
Dotiechue J O
' Dugan John A
Denels S
Davis W M 1)
'. .. K ' '
Evans FE
Edgars Miss M
-. r
Dodge Gv
Daniels John
Ddd Miss L
Dickinson Tboa
Ely Mrs F
Axons a ,
Farner Mrs A
Farrell Husan
Flood Miss M L
Fink Wm P (
Fe;l Mn M
Frank Jas H (9) Flemend Mrs L L
-.; -.-.- - - - . .. : e -j-
Grsnn AW'- Graham D
Gibson J W
' Ureenleaa Wsa
Glouler F J . liinson .lames A
Graham HrsI.M Uoss Mrs ij -Qraham
lira W. .
: li
........ , ,i; : H ,,
Robson EgbertT Horn Geo . Horton Q L
Harmaw Henry Hill Henry Hallev Ju
-. M
Humobrey Jno ile'.lrigle Mary - Horn Otto
Hanaman MisaS Haroer S W
Hunier T A
Haakias Wm
Hughs Thos - Houghton Thoa
- - -' : - I . -
. ... imkip Mr ' '
Johnson A Ti Jackson Alex
Jaokeea lidwird Jaoksoo Mrs S
.:.iv, - !- - K '
Jennings C M
i Jacobs Mrs lirrr
Kinnav Mies J
Kennedy Thos
Keen MissrTattieKInnard Ja
Kennadr .1 bo
Kendall SSI
Katehill W B
bewii Mrs A K
Itincoln Geo A
Lindley LD
Lehman 8 W
liineoln E
Livingston J
Ian J na .
Leecb Geo
Lewis Miss MaryLawreace Mike
Littleton Wat , -.
organ Amelia- Jlinot C . " Mahon Edward
Mrs '"MTersMisEnrmaMtrehed Lieut
Moteru oK ;, aiatnews tieo ,., u -i n,, ,,
Morat Geo. - Morton Geo- , . MoranJH
Marion John . Morrison Jas , May UissTiilie
MinnieMLssMag- Morningitar Sn-Murdock SK .,
- gie san - - ' Mnrry N T '
Miller 'Miss C Killer Miss K Miller Mrs V
HoCracken if MbCratal'MisTS McMmen Wm5
:i!uli'. loaxi 'ti'ioM
NasbMissDarritSNeat-Jauiia K . ilfoioe Jos
Naireamer Ajriausan
OlmsteadMrsiCO'Neil Francis
!'p I 1 i , -1 p. .
Patterson Andy Park T P ':
Owen Bye Hi" '
. Parklo Miss E '
- Ponsr.-James T
i-MUioaJerome Powers James
FitsMi.uoart r- retere an .
l artar Alias J. ,
farks.J.sines 4 :
PmchardJnoW. Price L
vj (;; ti ,tia
ft ' "': ' 1 ' - -
Rowland Mrs K . R I ad an Daniel. Bunyan InoJ''
Badmoud Kev : Kisou liary Kussall R G .: ..,
Shaw MrsAtnMia Snowden MissC Staring Chaac'y
Hhearer Miasiy a.nas nrnr.aiKu -.nyaer r j
Sherman Geo KtewarrH C Somen J OJ
Shutfert J W (S) Hahffer.Iohn 8obauo Mrs L
Sites sirs Liouisa nnarpniss nav DoottKOBS l
Seager K W gteventon Mrs. Sharp 8 V ,
ShroaisChas Sarah A - . Bmitb H W .. .
Smith Miss Ti'He Smith Mrs Kate Sohmitt B i-i
Kekmitt Mrs va SmHhMiss Sal'eSmith C H i"-
SmithMiss Moliie rimitb Mrs Geo -jmith Thoa F
T ... .
Thmaaa Mrs A L Thomas Mrs AmTraaell Dariil
LXhumpson John Troj Joe , , . , Thorn WFJlq
Walsh fiath'rlif eWeeler Caroline ; Werner Crossy1
Wmr J H71, Winnat J H .' Weaver Mrs MA
wnih-rnsp li nmmiDun n wis itrn
Wilson Mary E werte airs Blary w arham Mosea
Warenam Missnn nn on airs ai j vvei.n Klcn'd r
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Wells, McUmbei A Co 3 Woodrough k MoParlin
Buffalo Market—Nov. 11.
"TrV HE AT Inactive-bbi ri5mTualluii-
CORN-Qule-tat07e:3 ' c " " U"
OATS-Dull at UOo. ..,.(
" H !G H W i N ES Q-ilet at 91 06: " i
jTR EIGHTS -Steady and unchknge. "-
Paving Notice.
Jo all vkom itmatCtmammt t- ,.-
, OOLUMBCS. O.. Sept. 38, 1868.1
: Notioe Is hereby jtiTen that prooeedinK bare been
instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus for mak
inz the following improvements, to-wit :
For grading and paring: the nnpaved sidewalks,
gutters and crossings on Third street from Hickory
alley to North street;
Also, for grading and paring tb unpared side
walks, gatters and crossing on the sooth side of
.North street, from T bird street to fourth street;' s
Also, for grading and Daring the gutters and cross
ings and graveling the sikewalks and grading the
roadway on Mohawk street, from South fubliolane
to Sycamore street.
Also, for grading and repaying the sidewalk and
gutter and orosing on Rich street, in front of Lot
No. 6 of Dennison's subdirisian of vutlot No. 38;
Also, for grading and (rareling the roadway of
Chapel sveet, from Fair alley to Front street; .
-Also fpr gradisg and paring tbe gatters aao
eurbing on tnesontn side of Cbftpel street and for
(rareling the roadway from High street to Fair
al ey;
A so, for building a double row flag crossing
across Linn alley at the east side of High street:
The same to be done in accordance wi(h the plats
and estimate to be prepared by tbe City Ciril Engi
neer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.'
All persons claiming damazes on aocount of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before tbe. Eighteenth day .of. .November, A, D.
H?-5 1 i i - i A i i j,. & wilson'. i
: o: dltaw4w City Clerk.
Paving Notice. Paving Notice.
7b alt whom it may oonctm:
r. r. . COLCMBCS. O, Oct. J9. 1868.1.
Nolioe i s hereby given, that proofed! ncs barebeea
instituted ia tbe City Council of Columbus, far
making the foltowitg improvement, to-wit: r
For grading and paving the anpaved sidewalks,
letters and crossings on Third street jrqm .North,
street to North Public lane. A K -
Also, for repaving the sidewalks on tbe east si la
of Front street from the northeaU eorner of Kront
and Town streeta to a point 85 feet north of Town
street. ... -.
Also, fof graveling South street from Sixth
street to Seventh street.
Also, for grading and graveling the roadway of
Maple street from High street to Water street.
Also, for building a double row flag crossing
aoross Noble street on the east side of High street.
Also, to survey and stake off South street from
East Fublis laao to the eastern boundary cf tha
oity. "
. The same to be done in accordance with plats
and estimates to be prepared by the City Civil JEn
giner, and filed in the offioe of the City Clerk. .
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in tbe office of tbe Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Fifth day of .December, A. D.
ootSS-dltawew . City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all scAom it may concern t ' 'ni' -
-- ' - Citt d.nta'B OFFtc.
Columbus. O.. Got. 18. 1868. (
Notice is hereby given, that proceedings have been
Instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus,formak-a
lag the following improvetnents,to-wit f; v ; "
ror grading tbe nortn nan ot rerry street irpm
High street to tbe corporation line,
j Also, for grading and paving the gutters and
evading an 1 graveling tbe .roadway and side
walks on Hiund street from Washington avenue
to tbe east li ia of lot K o. is.
Also . for a dr uble row flag stone pavement across
Mound street upon the west side of High street..
The urns to ba dona in eceordaboe with nlats anar
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Eagm-1
eer, and filed in tbe office of tbe City Clerk.
, Alt persons olaiming damages onaocount of said
proposed hnprovements, are required to-'fite their
claims in the ofice of tha -Cterk, in writing, ea or
before tbe itteeata day of Jecember, A. u.
octSS-dltawAw City Clerk.
' An Ordinance
Making appropriations for purposes therein named.
Section 1. Be it ordained by tbe City Ceaneil
of the city of Columbus. That -there be and it
hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treas
ury not heretofore appropriated, the following turns
of mone, to-wit:
For psyment of expenses ot the Street Commis
sioner anil Chain Gang, tbe sum of $1,000 -
For payment of tbe employes aad expenses of
tbe Fire Uepartment, tbe sum cf SI, WW.
For payment of expenses ot foltoe. i,S0i.
For oavmentof nrinciDal and interest on Veteran
Bounty B'.nds, S3.900.
ro lacMentsi expanses, avao. ;-m-
For payment of expenses of eleotion. f 204. I I
Sui. 2. The several sums of money aDoroDrlated
by the foregoing section shall be expended in the
manner nrear.ribed bv the fifth section of tbe ordi
nance defining the duties ol (be City Clerk, passed
siay zotn. ioo.
. -. i-,, . W Jl SAUtllD.1, "
- President of the City Council.
Pasted October 26, A. D. 1808
Attest: L. E. Wilson. City Clerk.
.Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
across Mound street at the west side ot mgu
Skctiojj 1 Be it ordained by the City Council
of tbe oity of Columbus (two-thirds ot all the
members aonearrrog),-Thai -there be constructed a
druelerow flu oro; sing aoross Mound street at the
mmt 4t ni Hih fttpeet.-4iv aoeordanoe wita" tkS
p at thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.
a KG . mat an aawages, cosis ana expensea
arising from tbe foregoing impruvemement snail
be assessed ana levies upon im sev-rai i oi
land fronting or abutting on the west si le of High
street from Nob e street to Strawberry alley.in pro
portion to their feet front. .,
nn. .,aua inn,
President of the City Council.'
Passed Oct.8. A. 1, 1868.
A-rtBSt-i h. U..-W ILSOK. Citv Clerk. . .
e Paving Ordinance., i.
An Ordinance to grade and repave in front of lot
rio. a ot JJenoisun a suoaivision oi ouuot. mo.
Skctiom 1. Beitbrdaibel bt tbe CitvCouncil of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring). That the unpaved siaewalks,
gutters aud crossings be graded and repaved on the
south side of Rich etreet in front of lot Mo. 6 of
Dennison's subdivision of outlot . 3, in a-eora-
ance witn tne plat inereoi on nie in toe omce oi
the City Clerk.
SSc.S.- That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improveoient,shall be
aseeaied and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
feetitont. -sn ' j .
W IU. Ei AVinifiill,
President of the City. CounoiL
Passed Oct. 86, A D.1868. , --- '-.
Attest: L. K. Wu.sos,.City Clerk.
oo i30k!1 t Ar t v 1 : i i. ;
, , PavinitOrdinance.
An Ordinance to grade and pave Chapel street from
llign street to r roni street.
Sars-rnVl. Keit ordained bv the Citv Council
of the oit. of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring). That tne siaewaias ana gut
ters be graded and repaved on tbe south . side of
Chapel strtet from High street to Fair alley, and
that the roadway be graded and graveled from
High street-to Front street, in accordance witn ine
plat, thereof on file in the office of tha City-Clerk,
Sun. s. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots 'of tend
trooung or aouiung tuereoo, mimiiiuiMuu iv ,u,u
feet front. . r.. . ,
President of the City Council.
Passed Oct. 26. A. U. 1868.
Attest: Jj. . Wilson, City Clerk,
octso dU .. , .-. -
.... . . -i i -jr. . .1 i su: i A
Paving Ordinance.
AnOrdiranee to grade aid pave ; on North street
from i bird street to r jurtn street.
Section 1. B it ordained by the City Council
ithacitvof Coluiibus (tw -thirds of all themem-
Trf lFaon 'urrine). That the unoaved sidewalks, cut
ters and crossings be graded an i paved on the south
side of Mortb street from Third street to Fourth
street, in accordance with the plat thereof oa file in
tbe omce ot tbe Jity uieric. ... - : ,
Ssc.l.. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement- aha H be
assessed and levied upon the sevoral lota of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
feet front. ... .
.ijitr wu.nAuanii,
President of the Citj Council.
Passed Oetfc S6. . 1.. 1S8. , m.,t .
Atten : l7e. Wilsom, City Clerk. ' l;
inrs JiJIIJ
Pavine Ordinance.
An Ordinance to gn.de and pave en Third street
from jMortn street to norm ruDiio lane.
' 'SSCTIOW 1 . Be it ordained by the City Council of
the eity ef Col umbos (two-thirds of all the members
eoocurriog.) That tha unpaved sidewalks,. gutters
and eros-inas oe graaeaano pavea on lniru street
frnm North street to North Public lane, in accord
ance with the plat thereof oa file in the ofiioe of
tbe Uity t.ierK.
Sec. S. That all damages, costs snd expenses aris
ing frouv tbe foregoinx imotorement, shall he as
sessed and leviel upon the several lots of land
frosting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
SV front. jOf irifiriaiiVJ
President of the City Counoil.
Passed Oct. 28, A. D 18S8.
Attest: L. L. Wilson, City Clerk.
Resolution to Contfac
. Bolved, That the City Civil Engineer be, aad
-' i . .t 3 j - j: ... ti,
ne is nereoy auLuuriaou ang uimmi w cmiwn iu
the name of the- eity of - Cviumbusv witit John
Murphy, for building a double row flag crosiog
aoross Linn alley at the east side if High street,
up a the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per cubje
' Vor boulder pc vin g. orty-four cents per tquare
JFo'r flaacioc. tiinones widegixty cents per lin-
Aaid'w -iktabe.oompleted by the IBth day of
November; 1888, ot said nontraot shall be void.
...Adopted OoV?, 1808; E wrLgo,-l t
; OCtBO-dlt ' :.'''- ' -w :. -.- - .-.ii. CitrClttk.
' . ' . : . j , ,, . . i. ; x .
Paving Ordinance."15' "
An Ordinance to arada and nave on Third street
I from Hickory alley to North street.
-ffi!rAcHl. Beitrdairred bV th sjity" Obokieil
of tbe oity ot uolumbus (two-tmras oi an tne mem
bers eoncurrini), That the unpaved sidewalks
and gutters be (traiedr-eod saved on Third street
from Hickory alley to North street, in accordance
with the plat thereof on file in the office of the
C1rC1erk.r r -" -?': v; T-r.-
Hro. a.- That all damages, cost end expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the Several lots of land
fronting or.abutling theroo, i a, proportion j to their
feet front. WM. NAOHTEN.
President of the City Vounail.
Passed Oct. M.A: IX. I8e. . . ..
Attest: L.i"wn.soir.Cit7CIork.
Convention to Urge the Improvement
of Wisconsin and Fox
The Convention calh d hy the Goverm rs
of Wisconsin, Iowa, MUsourl and Minne
sota, to adopt measares to secure aid from
Congress to Improve the Fox and Wlscon-'
sin rivers, met to-day.,, Tbe attendance
was large. Very great interest is felt: in
opening a channel of water communica
tion by way of these rivers, between the
lakes and the Mississippi. .Many promi
nent gentlemen from the States mentioned
were present, including Gov. Fairchild, ol
Wiacousin, Gov. Merrill, of Jowa, and sev
eral members of Congress. . .. -,.:-:
Gen.- Atwood, ol Madison, Wis., ' was
made temporary, and Gov. Morrill, of Iowa,
permanent president.
: The repot t of General Warren, who has,
under authority ol Congress, made a sur
vey of the Wisconsin, Is entirely favorable
to the practicability of the improvement.
Resolutions were adopted declaring that
Whbbeas, The report of General G. K.
Warren, the engineer in charge, shows that
a navigable water channel ol any depth
connecting the Mississippi and Lake Mich
igan,, by way of the Fox and Wisconsin
rivers, can be made at a- moderate cost;
therefore -
Resolved, That the Immediate opening of
such channel is demanded by the interest
ot the entire country, and that the work is
one of national importance as a measure of
aetense in case ot war; that tne senators
and Representatives in Congress from the
several States ' be requested - to urge the
Government to -undertake and complete
the improvement at an early day; that a
memorial be prepared setting forth the
character ot the proposed improvement,
and statistics relating to it be presented to
the President of the United States, heads
of departments and members of Congress;
that the Governors of' Minnesota, Iowa,,
Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska and Wisconsin
are requested to unite in forwarding cop
ies of such memorial to tbe Governors of
the other States, asking them to concur in
such memorial, and lav it before their re
spective Legislatures, with the rt quest that
they adopt practical measures to effect the
objects desired; that the President of the
Convention, in his discretion, may appoint
a committee to visit Washington aud urge
the subject .ol the improvement upon the
attention ol Congress. , . , '. ; .., ,
News via St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS Nov. 11.
The Republican says one hundred and
one counties in this State give McClurg
(Radical), for Governor, a majority of 11,
519, and figures the lower Mouse of the
Legislature at eighty Radicals to tifty-one
Democrats, with, seven doubtful. In the
Senate it says there, will be twenty-five
Radicals and nine Democrats. '
Tbe Democrat says one hundred and
three bounties give Grant a majority of
21.817 and McClurg 10,343, and thinks the
counties to hear-from will give a small
Democratic majority. It also claims ninety
two members in the lower house of the
Legislature, without counting some of the
uncertain counties. 111 - - .
The court bouse at Vienna, county seat
of Maries county, was burned on the night
of the 6tli, together with . all the county
records and election returns. 1 '
A Denver dispatch savs about three hnn;
dred Ute Indians left Maxwell's ranche
last week on an expedition against hostile
Indians.. J . i
-Miners from Montana report the mining
Reason abont closed. The weather in" the
mountains is cold, with but little snow.
However, about six inches of sn-iw has
fallen at St. Paul since Sunday night.
Tne Second Consressional District of Il
linois is claimed as the bauner district 'of
the United States, it having given General
Farnsworth 14 418 majority. The offl. lal
returns' of 67 counties in Illinois show an
increase of the popular vote on Congress
men at large in two years of 44 000.
Uov. . Fletcher has appointed the 26 h
inst.as a day of. thanksgiving a,u4 prayer.
Knights of Pythias.
The Supreme Lode ofKhlebts olPvfh-
tas adjourned its annual session lat even
ing, to meet in Richmond on the 2d Tues
day in March. The most important action
taken was a retusal to recognize the braucb
of the 'order styled conclaves.
TROY, Nov. 11.
Mips Mrv"E. Magee, daughter of Cant.
Magee, of this eitv.-eommitteti suicide by
shooting herself through the heart with a
revolver. Temporary Insanity was the
cause. She was 20 years old. ,, -
BUFFALO, Nov. 11.
A heavy snow storm oeeurred here this
morning, and a severe gale prevails on the
lake. .
Episcopal Convention.
UTICA, Nov. 11.
The Eniseonal nrlmarv convention of
the new diocese of Western New York Is
being held here. A bishop will be chosen
this afternoon. , (: ;. ;
River News.
Weather cloudy and cold. River seven
feet and ten inches. Mercury 41 degrees.
ALBANY, Nov. 11.
The Governor has appointed Geo.'D.
Lamont, of Lockport. Justice' of the Su
preme Court lor the jMtfhth Judicial Dis
trict, in place of Noah Davis, resigned.
Erie Canal.
. OneD hundred cJeet of .tow-path ol the
Erie canal has gone -out on the four mile
level, seven miles west ot Schenectady. It
will take lonr d3vg to repair it. The wa
ter in tbe adjacent river. Mohawk, is very
high,, and still rising. All the surrounding
flats are Inundated.
The Cole-Hiscock Trial.
The Cole-Hiscock . trial will not "com
mence till to-morrow. Considerable time
be in
ST. LOUIS Nov. 11.
The Leavenworth Conservative savs
Grant's majority In Kansas will be 18,000,
and thinks it may reacn zu.uuu. -. ,h
The House to-dav adopted the Senate
resolution providing for the appointment
of delegates to ttie Cattle Plague Conven
tion, which meets at Springfield, 111- and
appointed Messrs. Mciitniey ana Alien.
The Senate was notin session. .' ,V:-, . .,;
Memphis Items.
MEMPHIS, Nov. 11.
'.James Stokes 'and John CunniDgBam
went to the house ol Owen Reilly, near
the corner of- Winchester and Main streets
this morning and attempted to whip Mr.
Reilly for remarks made about S:okes'
mother? Reilly resisted them and a fight
ensued, dnrlng which he was shot in the
back and groins, and probably mortally
wounded. Stokes and Cunningham were
arrested and committed.
DETROIT, Nov. 11.
'rJitn' Jackson, a St: Lonis rough, was to
day sentenced by Recorder Swift to tbe
State ' rnson for niteen years lor tne attempted
murder of a policeman On hearino-
tha sentence. Jackson became very in
dignant and abusive to the Judge, express
ing an anxious desire to shoot the police
man.'' " ' ' ... ; ,
NEW YORK, Nov. 11.
- Nash L. Childs was yesterday arrested
and he.d by Commissioner Osborn for trial,
on a charge oi issuing irauauient nat-unu
ization papers. , .- , ,,
The steamer Celts, from Europe, ar
rived. The steamer Java, from Liverpool, ar-.
rived to-day.
Weston, the Pedestrian.
Weston is nreDartng for a pedestrian
trip from BaDgor toSu 'PauU and back to
,NeWYork, a .distance , oi nvq tnousana
miles. He will start from Bangor Decem
ber A&U ,1. ., :;4r -
At a fire last nlglit property was dam
aged In buildings. 818 Fifth Street, to the
amouut of 12,000. The occupants are
James Younsr. Genro-a IfpRa. FTnrlrlpn. Wil
sort E Wlnant. and Dunrl & Franklin, 'Sll
mechanics partly, insured. ; .
Wall Street.
t There was a very calra feeling In WalL
-treet this . morning, .and, notwithstanding
he money market is supplied at the legal
rate In currency,' there Is an utter lack of
confidence in valuari.and stock exchange is
in a demolished condition. ' The Assistant
Treasurer has received $4 000.000, of .three
pen cent, certificates, ot wblcii all above
$1,250,000 would be at reissue. It is not
ret decided in what manner exactly these
certificates are to be used. - -
'At the trot at WaVerly'Tark; New .Ter
sey, yesterday, the gelding Eddie beat the
gelding Beppo -time i-ii, 2:11 aud 2:11), be
iid8 a dead heat in 2:45.
Admiral Farragut.
. r Admfral Fartragut yesterday .mbraln'Sf
took up his quarters at his residence in
Tnirty-sixth street. Salutes In honor of
his arrival were fired at the navy-yard, but.
no public demonstration was mads beyond
visits from. intimate friend. The Frank
lin will not longer bear, his pennant,, but
will return to the Mediterrean, .hd the Ad'
miral himself will await orderij irpm, the
SecreUry of the Navy.., - .-. . -'A i
False Pretenses.
The members of the firm of S. C. Ken
yon and Co., boot and shoe ' dealers, of
Hartfort, Conn., are under arrest, charged
with obtaining under false pretences, of
parties in Boston and West Brooklyn
goods to the amount of $30,000 or $40,000;
and secreting the same,"- - 11 i
Temperance Convention.
A New Eng'and Christian, Temperance
Convention, composed of- ministers- and,
church members of all denominations, will
be held in Boston the week after thanks;
The Batler Card.
The Tribune this morning formally dis
avows the Bntler card abusive of J.-W.
Simonton, published on the 29th of Octo
ber. . .. ,,. ... '.';:'. . -..,5 .. ' I
Gen. McClellan.
' Gen. McClellan is about to take up his
residence iu Uoboken. - -.'
Three strikes are now in progress
city, viz: The cigar makers, shoemakers
and pianoforte makers. j.i i , . . -u.i
Strikes. Death of an Actor.
' W.L. Jameson, actor, son of the late Geo.'
Jameson, died ou Monday, aged 33 years. ',
The Revenue Frauds.
Notice was given to-day in the United
States Circuit Court that a motion would
be made on Saturday morning in the mat
ter of revenue fraud investigations now
proceeding In .this city by . authority of
Congress. The nature of tne motion win
not be disclosed till that time, but counsel
said it would be an important one.
Gustave Scheibal and Caleb Schevltzer
were arrested in Hoboken, New Jersey, on
suspicion of being counterfeiters.-; On
searching them .a large amount of coun-'
terfeit currency was found in their posses-'
sion. Several counterfeit 5 1- of the St
Nicholas National- Bank1 of New York;
were also found in their possession. 'The
prisoners were conveyed to : Newark and
given . into . custody of the , United States
Marshal. ,t
Retrenchment Committee.
The sub-committee ot the Congressional
joint committee on Retrenchment, ' com
prising Messrs. Van Wyck, Jencks. Benton
and Ualsey. have held a session. - Among
other things they inquired into the reasons
why the indictments against certain Indi
viduals, the Kentucky Bourbon- Company
and others, lor violations of revenue
laws were not tried, and as to the reasons
lor the great delay that, bas occurred si'pee
the case was first put on the calendar..
Uoited States District Attorney Courtney
was sworn in and testified that although
he was ready to proceed with the trial, tbe
delay now occasioned was by .orders re'
ceived by him from . Washington. The
committee are endeavoring' to ascertain
why this interference : irom ' Washing-;
ton is made to still further post
pone tne' trial-1 or, tnose cases, as
if is claimed the' Individuals - thus
receiving the Executive, clemency have,
made themselves . uselul , in making
charges against certain officials obnoxious
to the President, and that thcytand ready
to perform similar services in the future.
The investigation will be resumed to-mor
row. . . . r. ,. ... t,.- .,, - . -- r - a z
Programme of Negotiation Between
the United States and
NEW YORK, Nov. 11.
London special says: ¬
ister Reverdy Johnson's statement that the
difficulties- between England and the i
United States in regard to the Alabama
claims are ended, is regarded as too strong
and entirely unwarranted by the present t
aspect. Nothing really has been settled.:
No arbitration has been settled, and Min- ;
ister' Johnson and Lord Stanley have i
agreed only that both Governments shall ;
choose arbitrators to decide the extent of j
En"land'8 liability for the depredations of .
the Aratiama,and er right to-recognise j
the Confederates as belligerents. -., j ,
'In the event of the liability question bfe- ;
irg decided adverse to the American View, '
all claims drop, and if otherwise each Gov-:
ernment appoints two commissioner who
jointly?choose a fitih, to act as; president.
The uovernments jointly appoint a secre
tary, each paying halt his salary. -The!
duties of tbe commission fhall be to exam-j
lae separately each claim of the two coun-,
tries. At Minister Johnson's own Fugges-1
tion the commission is to meet in London,
because, as he says, most of the evidence.
documentary and verbal, will be louaa,
here. - -- -. r -
Tbe statement of tne Times fflat it had '
been airreed that the arbitrator should be a
European King, by which it means wore
definitely King William of Prussia, and
tnat-lhe united states nave decided not to
press the question of the right Of 'England
to recognize the' rebellion,' are manifestly i
incorrect. I am authorized to state: that
ths Governments wilt jointly select the ar-:
bitrator, and the question of recognition;
will form the principal suuject oi tnearDl-i
tration. i
The character of these negotiations hag
caused considerable dissatisfaction among
influential citizens representing the Eng-.
lishmen friendly to the loyal Americans'
during the war. On the one hand it is said
that the Tories have been using Minister!
Johnson tor political purposes, and on the
other that the rebels have been using the
Tories for their own purposes. , i j
LONDON, Nov. 11.
Political -news to-day is without import-1
ance. Advices have oeen received nere an-:
nouncing that Imam of Muscat has been!
dethroned without a struggle. The chief:
of the Wahabees succeeds to the sovereign
ty.. 't j-rr - 1
LONDON, Nov. 11.
The O&een'a hroclamation dissolving the
Parliament was prom'aigatetf'rofray. . The
j . , , x,,,x, v.xr. i a m v - . . , . .
appoint the lQ h day 'of December JorUie
meeting of a new Parliament. .. . i-y
VIENNA, Nov. 11.
The Vienna Presse says negotiations re;
now afoot for the purpose of amending -the,
treaty-of-Parls, so-,as to make (he sover-!
pjgnty of the Sublime Porte over the Danu-,
plan principalities less illusory,, 'it('3o'J j
The Latest Complications.
NEW YORK, Nov. 11.
The Herald's Havana special" says: The,
Provincial Government of Spain bas 'con-,
ferrrd on Count Balraaseda the full power
to pardon all persons engaged in the pres.'
ent Insurrection except the leaders. The
District Governors of the island have been
changed. The rebels are in possession of
Remote, Matca and some other -town In
the-jurisdiction of Puerto Principe. Re-
mote is on the southern slope of the island, j
about forty miles - southwest of Puerto
Principe, and about ten miles inland.
There Is rmiclifighttngtn the whole neigh
borhood. "'The Government admits this in'
a published communication, Nothing Iras
been recentlheard from Colonel Lane.- ;
A rebel commission here claim that they"
have plenty of money In New York, and;
war material.1" They also claim for the reb-
els the rights of belligerents. . Several
Mexicans are arriving and their movements
are watched, as the whole party are sus-j
pectedof unfriendly designs in Cuba.: o ,
- - -
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 11.
FLOUR Nominally unchanffed. i
tCWHEAr-Firm.ttritlj3j0 lorjUolto
Canada Items.
Canada Items. OTTAWA, ONT., Nov. 11.
uhder Is-rcr Monck's administration will be
held at Quebec on Frldav All. mem bars
Of tbe Government left here to-day to be
prest(Ohwf utk KtofcMS hU 6en
appointed Chief Justice-of the Courts ot
thV Qan 'IW'loI'Unu,sirtidlM'.e
Justice Hagerty.'Chk Justice os.Cout
of .ConjunftnleitSx.,, mMa, .b , ,T
."! .ni aTOROJITO, O-TT-, NOT. II.
;A deputaflorr frtim"fhe1" LnirfaIatii 'or
?,.lIio' aPPolated topresirhtii,ddres to.
uih rcniK'Dcy. jxira. .Aiosck, -on 'bts-nde-i
parture for England, left for Quebec tbhf-
QlDialDg. ,,;.,v. ,ti,r M-aairir.i ;(T
.rrmsA '.-asSMBaa-saaaaTnaaaaaaaBBiasav
" -- " -
New York Money Market—Nov. 11.
OLD-rOi Refl.-atljr,-aha cloierT Mt
lONl!:-5JAriIS auyotiVpe? cSnt on
raii'inaa!. .in
ft fEBLINCe E3:CHANQE-Stetty'',v':
.1"-. - .11.11 1 1
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 11.
par buying, and 60 to 1-10 premium sfdllngr
New York Stock Market—Nov. 11.
strong. Coupons of --Sl.mtSlUida.'fiaa
10S41QSJ; 4q .'64 WaW7i po.
107; do new K)9(gil09; do 67 106
110j do15 H0iUOfi;- 10-40's 106J
lOSt-"- ".awa baa urw
s'tks we'ak arid unsettled 1 i
,&30 prises r- ,WeUs'xti.73i38k
American 42; AtaaM 4247 UuitedT
States 40, Merehants' Union 9&g2Q; Pa
clfio Mall 115U5; Western Uaton TeJeV
graph 3535W; New York CeotraMlBJi
119; Erie 87j37Kr Reading V2HWi
Ohio & Mississippi 29292fi 'Wabash 6t
Mlchlgaoo Southern 82Ji82j; IllUoitV
Central 142144: fittsburuh 838te;
Toledo, 2t&9. Rock island 102j!103
Northwestern 81i; Ft. Wayne 107K
O10ZK; StiPauI9eTOJJir' I io
New York Market—Nov. 11.
COTTON Dullr irregular and lowen
sales 86Q bales at .24(324 for-, aniddllnft
uplands. (-, :iin'-- j ;-
FLOUR Closed quiet and without ma
terial change.. ' '""
WHEAT Dull; No spring -tXW&i
163: No 1 do $164 165,' ..,. .. ..
,-RYE Oosed dull and hOminaf. . . 'f
OATS Closed quiet and heavy at ,T0c
for western afloat. ' ' ":1 -' ' '' J
CORN--rull at 1 121 14 for unsounrf
and $1 141 15 for soutullxed, west-
era. v-.t r.. . .' in h .
PORK Quiet and -steady t $28 75 Tot
old mess: ... ... ... .... . .?
BEEF. Closed dultahd rJiwplng'V
CUT MEATS Quiet and unchanged.
BACON Quiet and areadr. ' ",!-':J
, LARD Dull ,, lC17c' for :UrJ
prime steam. r.,- aW:ruin'i ui.'
- EGGS Closed dull at 3437e. '.
' -- .. "i.iscTt.afr
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 11.
-Firmer; lamily $7.607 75..
WHEAT Firmer and hlgherr No, 1 lid
$180. v. ':v-r
CO RN Dull; old, nominal at" j ne,TV
closed at 65i563i-1 j ifl . i-'n mni
- RYE Scarce and firmer; No. 1 tl 28.' n
OATS-Quietftt W68cJ-a'-
BARLEY Dull and nominal. ' A
xl'TOS-Dull sdBeopint-radliof
22TOB ACX)-iNohin Sone Vna' Vecelpts
light, '"' l - .' !'' '.li i 'j: 1
r WHISKY In but limited. demand ki
ll 00. though sales are reported at, $ip
but this rate is above market."1' '. 1
- HOGS Firmer and higherrsaWs at 97 IS
s8 00' gross, the latter an extreme .rat tvf
extra large. i j .oJ-jatint ,iuv L-,it
.POKK Mess.held firmly at 2?. , . f
'. GKEEN MEATS Hieher as regards
tfdes and hams; sales of Shoulders : at - 7s
7; now held at 8 r; sides sold at lOo,
and hams sold at ljicio nm;;:'- -.Ji to
f LARD-t-DiU.1; prime,, steam, .held at ,15c:
kettle',rendered 16c. " . ' - -j
BxXXN'--Shonlderil decllriea W ISaHJict
clear rib sides 17Jh17. ' t" i .i.-.f
,OIL-r Linseed ery dull; ib. can -bf
boi'jf ht at 93c in a, large .way : lard, oU par
chaiifed., ' .'" -,' "'- : V
' PETRdLEUM--Dulh; 28a30e lorreflnea.
1 FLAX SEED--Dullat $2 20 '- .-
.la inirii'-nior)
Cleveland Market—Nov. 10.
. FLOUR Citv made XXX white $11 50
ll 75; for XX amber $9 7510 00; for
XX red winter $8 50S 75; tor XX spring
$7 7oS 00; for X spring $7 258 OOf for
conntry mads XX-red nd ' Amber 99 29dr
9 00; for XXipprwi $7 268. 25: for XX;
White $10 00U.003a , i, " ' ,f, f
WHE AT-Sales 2 cars No.l rea at $1 70:
3 cars No. 2 do at $1 53. ' ' u' A''
CORN Held at 9093c'l "am NxiHut
i OATS Sales 3 ears at 56dir.il t-mm r(
RYE Dull and nominal; offered at $1,20
1 25 Cor No. I State and western. ' , '
BAKLEY Nothing; doing and pjarket
entirely nominal. -" 1 i--
. KILL FEED Good demand sod steady
at $33 00 per ton for tine, middlings; $30 00
fur No. 2 do; $26 00 tor coarse do: $22 00
lor shorts. -
PORK Quiet and weak ut unchanged
at $30 00 for No. 1 Mess;. 4291 .0s for No.! 2
do.- - r- . -.-.-- .j Mi'
DRESSED HOGS Market dull; pack
ets paving 9(?9c for medium to heavy. "
BEEF1 The uemand hT- light ana ths
market dull at $18 00. for extra mess, c r. 1
.. LARD Quiet and unchanged but weaij
citv rendered at 18'; county do 17. " '' ,
" BUTTER Choice qnilities are 'very
scarce and in good local demand' and-lJrm;
Western Keserre held at 363&'; cominoa
Snd medium grades ol dp. atid .Central dull
at 2535v . r , it " -
CHEESE The market ts quid and nrm
at 1417Jo for' dairy -and factory) In
round lots; 16 18c for small selected Iota
EGGS -None on the. market and -woult
command yery high figures: nominal pripe
8435i. " - - -. c "
PO r ATOES Good supply and market
quiet;, held at 6065c for peach blows by car
lot; 7075c fordo from store., ".:.-. ..j
PETROLEUM Market weak and quiet;
refined held at 2425s for round lots; 26
23c for trade lots; ' ,- .! '
' 1 11 aw .jl i p u'i'-.J fili-lt
Chicago Market—Nov. 11.
. FLOUR Lower, and, medium grades ia
fair demand for shipment: choice grades
quiet; spring extras $4 759 J.''
WHEAT Moderately active and S2Je
lower; sals No. 1 $1171 20; No.2$I 0iJ
1 ll,l08ing,st $L09l 10 Jot o, 2:
since 'Changs $1 0S. ' - " ; 1 77
CORN More active- and le lower;
sales-No.-1 at 798lc; Na; a- J273cr re-j-cted
70371c; closing at 7979)q lor Xo.
1; sales No. 1 this afternoon at 79c.
OATS More active and c lower Bale
Nos. 1 and 2 at 4748c; closing at
4Sri' -'i t -at t- .Haw 3tn nit
RYEr-Flrmer at Jdlc higherj sales No
1 at $1 0501, 08; Np.,2 at $1 03, anddps--ing
steadv. , - - ' ' '.' ''
. B'ARLEY-In, fair' derharirJ i',?t3!
lower; sales No. 2 at $1 47 I 58; rejected at
$1 201 25; closing at- $L 48 , for Not ,2;
sample lots at; ,$1 48 1. 68 pa tfack. .,
Toledo Market—Nov. 11.
3 FiouR-Duii:' Bb"u
7 W HE AT1- Dn 1 r-" hmter 1 " S4 hrwer;
sales amber at 1 6SQ1.69-, Na-,3di $l,6(t
amber, seller.for la .halt, at, November at
$1 70; No. 1 Tred $1 55; No. l2 spring al
'1icOR Opened a thsde Darter, but dtfsed'
dull and drooping; sales Haj .l at; -R9e;
Michlgin 8So No., 1 whits 88c; J,o,,.2 do
83c; rtjected86c,, r. ..... i j . .
: OATS Dull and ,o'rrtrt3To:-fl 6S; N6."2
52c. ' '"- '-f.iu, iU x-iiS f , i hi ,,r,
'' RYE Lower; Sales No! 2 at SI 071 10.
1 BARLEY-Sales at$l 7nj.w r. LwJi
St. Louis Market—Nov. 11.
FLOUR-Tolerably active and firmer!
r WHEAT.. TJnchangedi spring jsolil at
T 15116 Tor'-No.' t. -- ,i".f "
-v CORN Finn at 80c for bld.m'vtt v!,t ,'.
OATS Butter; 4fta54c,;, j, : ., , . ,,
, - RY'E Unchanged; $1 JQal 12.V-
' "RaRT ITV STnwarVrl ifni-hancrnl.
si r
WHISK Y-Unchanged; $1 02.- ' i.)'.ol
-nPROVlSlON&-Stock Jot old tneatix-
bausted to-day. Jt m , c.nr
, BACONhouiders,,!
1 POirK $29K 3' "aq I rna lan'.Vn
t .im-.ic. ..... .r'l
j Xiaau-"UB. r., - ,iiMEiniil vi!
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 11.
The dry goods trade itv this department
remains Inert, and as a general thing prices
rtrle steady, the only eh ange of Iro porta nee
noticeable trj-dayibeinff a reduction. o Jt
per; yardr,lal LanQaster prlntsy yblcrr are
mow selling at 12c,Other styles of, coltoji
staples . sre dull, nevertheless'. prices' are
Mistalned. Notwi thstanding the preceirala
the.' money i markjU seasonable, i styles f
woolen.craoda far ladies wear are. in atoadir
ireguest, but apart from specialties there
is flos iuuimi . Biiiuiaviun, vne prevalent
weather being still tod line for aotWe bntS
HesSi'ui ji!J tj ijul etlJ oJ ou btiivy'

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