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11 -"' -
Dip tafesman;
eve. ioois 5 t
FRIBIV mOHltINU .v-i, NOV. 13.,
'I Goua closed in Jfw York jeterday at;
133. V ' ' ' !
Radical Majorities Reduced, and
the Democratic Majority Increased
on Members of Congress.
The Radical papers claim that the action
of Congress In keeping the country In
state turmoil, and the Union disunited,1
l was 'endorsed at" the late election "by the
election ol Gen. Grast as President. On
this issue the proper test was on the elec
tion of members of Congress.. Tried by
this we find :
At the Congressional election In Ohio, in
1866, rthe,ReDubllcan n.ajority. In, the 1st
Plstric was 926 this year the "District:
elected a Democrat by 211 majority. -.
In the 2d District two years ago, Hates
(Republican) for Congress had majority
of 58-, At the election this fall that ma-
jorlty was reduced to 497.
In the 3d District, Schkncx's (Kepubli-
can) majority two years ago was 1097 this
fall but 475. J J
In the 4tU District Lawrence, (Republl-
can) two years ago, had 2,254 majority,
this fall but 629. .
In the 5th District, the Democratic ma
jority for Muhgek was 2,652 this tali it
swelled to 4,846. .jiooJI
In the 6th District, two years ago, the Re
publican mafority for Congress was 1,579
this lall but 343. , . . ; .
In this, the 7th District, SheLlabargkr
(Rp.) had, two years since, a majority of
2,171 thijrar his successor, Wisans, has
but 105.
In the 8th District, the Republican ma
.5fity:Jd1S6 w'as i,852-thlg fall but 943.
In the 9th DUtrict, the Republican ma
jority, two years since", was 1.2S7 this year
it Is 1,636 Democratic.
In the 10th District, Ashley (Republi
can), of impeachment memory, two years
since carried, his District .by 1,917 majority
fils year HoAi (Democrat), beats Abb-
In the 11th District, the Republican ma
jority of 3.338 in. 1866, in 1863 is reduced
to'2,126. :Z'i-'3" '"
Judge Van Trump's (Dem.) majority in
the 12th District two. years ago of 3,210,
is increased this fall to 4,913.
In the 13th.District, Gen., Morgan, two
years since, receired 271 majority. Els
Republican competitor, Delako, contested
E3electsS! and ja nnfairtyglveajfie
seat. This year, Delako fearing to run. a
more popular Republican was put forward,
and MorqakV majority was' Increased to
Wklkkr (Rep., had a aajority-in 1866 of
1,707 in the 14th District.' This year it is
reduced to 462.
Two years agq the Republican .majority
in the loth District was 2,064 this year it
Is reduced to 956. fl?T I PI
In the 16th' District, Oomf A.-Bingham
(Rep.)vwas elected . two years since, by
1,422. This year he te ro-lecJted by 416.
In the 17th District, the Republican ma
jority, two years ago, was 4,642 this year
fctt realised to 3,396. -'- f 1 ;
In the 18th DlstrietJJie Republican ma
jority of 6,555 in 1866 was reduced at the
late electM 106,379; ? A , ,
attx lSUi District, 4he Kiieai majority
of 10,986, two, years Ago, , was reduced at
the Octoberelectlon Of the present year to
&ThvV H will fee-seen1 that An ever TJis
trlct in Ohio, taking members of Congress
as the test,' and ' the'action of the Radical
Coneresenss the issue, ithe Rffutfhcans loe
find the Democracy gainei-1 , i 1 " '
The Cost of the Freedmen's Bureau.
" The Treedmeh's&ureau, according to
the export of General Howard, just made,'
nas1 expended, $3,571,000 durinii the last
official fyeaiw General Howard says 'that
there la no, necessTfy.Tfor -continuing the
BUrean beyond January 1st, 1869, at which
time it expires by Congressional limitation.
He, haweyer, reccomniend the contlnu
ance of the Freedmen's Hospitals at Wa hi
lagtoot Richmond, Yjcksburgh and New:
Prleitnst.tbe estimate tor all which amounts
to only 9 90,000. ' The educational work,
and that or aiding f reedmen to collect their
claims as already provided by law, should
contlaue till further -action is had by Con
forest. It fs stated that the Bureau;' will
have, surplus funds enough to go on in
this; work. Without further appropriations.
The school expenditures during the past
year were 2.000,00O; of which the . freed -men
paid $360.000 ; Northern benevolent
societies; 1 $700,000? the Buread, $94,000
the taxes of the people 'paying the re
mfcdferVf"',0'",'J "
Negro Voting.
There are scarcely a baker's dozen ne
groes in the States of Minnesota and Iowa,
and probably never will be,but the Radi
cals have,, with a. great flourish, struck the
word White from the Constitution of these
States, .as qualification, for voters.
n Missouri, where; tiegroes .abound, H
Was beaten almost as badly as in Ohio one
Lost Money on Election.
! The Radicals- in Kew York nominated
Cbiswolt), as their friends in New, Jersey
nominated Blair, for Governor, ' because
they; wanted 4 rich man to bleed. Grm
wold it if said has spent over $250,000 and
Blair over $300,000 in the race for guber'
tiatofial honors, and all to no ' purpose.
Both the money and the men were hand
somely beaten by1 the Democracy. ' '- "
Now that Grant has been elected to the
Presloeoey by a., sweeping majority, we
should like the Democrats to tell us
whether' they believe that the liberties of
the " country , have been overthrown,
whether, a aanguloary despotism is to be
established, whether the Constitution is to
be trampled undyr foot, and whether the
prosperity' of the country is to be blasted.
Before the election we were told all these
things, and worse things than these, would
happen in case of Grant's success. How
does it look now 1N.T. Timet.
The distrust which caused the commer
cial jpafile wbichheralded General Gbast's
aieetloa; rstkei goes to show that the pros
perity. wt the caantry was not Increased by
tjMsapoessof.hls supporterSrbioJ 0
The other charges -named by, the Time
cad bQ, nswe)red as soon as It is known
whether the new President takes the Rad
ical (lldc'of slide's out of the Radical ringR
rt i' rf'i . ;, ii. i . i . I in. i . " "'l' I
-'It is said that Congress will Increase the '
salary of the President to $30,000. Jt Is
understood. that, General. OnQt HUnk
$25,000 a snnt ta insignificant to ran the
Write HOTue and1thestabIe.--ZofJDOTto-,;
Xut as ifae tax pay era pay for ta horsed
WWn, the stables, and .then pay for the?
maaM Jheretorm .to iertiUze the' YresU.
&opp$ .,garcfeii,'as has been the case sluce'"
the' advenfr ff Radicalism, is not : $25,000
shfflclentr ...-,,.. u .
jri.f..ijj 1,., .. .. afaj, , - -..criiiJTrT
GsssRAt: Sekridam. has recently Issued,
an order, directing the commanding officer
at JWi Gibson t jimtp kll unauthorized
persons gravelling towards FectiCobb and
theWonttef orth4 rndlaii'Terrrtory 'for the
'urRi8'H0Jm?ynloUn' ito hostile
Indians. v.in ,:i,!i n-,
Negro Suffrage to be Forced on all
the States.
The Cincinnati Time (Radical) has a
special telegram from Washington, dated
Wfedpesdsy, Novvll, 1:30 P M, which
says:' ,
' Several, prominent. Republicans now
here had an Interview with General Grant
since his return, when the subject of Uni
versal Suffrage Negro voting In all the
States was brought up, and the probabili
ty o the passage of a law by .Congress, at
Its next session, and establishing the prin
ciple throughout the-country was dis
cussed. "The parties present say that Grant ex
pressed himself favorable to it. and there
is no doubt it will be brought forward as
soon as congress meets.
If the above is true, rGenaral Grnt if
already repudiating the platform on which
ho was elected. . The platform says? . ; i 1 ;
II. The cuarantv bv Consrressol Eaual
Suffrage to all loyal men at the South was
demanded by every consideration of pilblie
salety, or gratitude, and of justice, and
must be maintained ; while the question oj
suffrage m all tM loyal Slates -pntperlyj De
long to the people of those States.' ' . ;, !
In the South it was right to force Negro
j Suffrage on an unwilling people, but In all
. u n uM X". . v. . i - ... o....
line gwin ui tup aui bii me ' luyat OLaicsy
the question of suffrage "properly be
longs to the people of those States."
Ohio is loyar'-rloYal at the October
election by 17-000 majority, and loyal to
aouDietnac amount at the .November elec-t.oi,--yet,
last falU tbe people of this " loyal
State" went, with 50,000 maj -rity, against
Negro Suffrage. - If that was " disloyalty,"
Ohio, by voting for Grant, has since be
come loyal enough to claim the right whicli
properly belongs to the people of the State,
to settle the question of voting, as may suit
their sovereign; will and ipleaure.' '
Thus, Dy the Chicago Platform, which
S iperseded and. made .null and void the
Constitution, of the. United .States, in all
points where the two' conflicted. Congress
had no right to meddle with, or inflict
neero suffrage on the people of Ohio.
Under the Constitution of the United
States, Congress has no more right to de
clare to the people of a State, who, .shall,
or who shall not. exercise the elective
franchise, thai it has to say who the peo
pie of Ohio shall elect Governor, and the
attempt of Congress to enforce so flagrant
a violation of its provisions in a matter in
which the people have so much feeling,
will ; create a storm about Radical ears
which It will be found hard to allay.
Advised to Treat the Johnson Officials
Advised to Treat the Johnson Officials as if they were Dead.
The Chicago Poet is in favor of Grant
taking off the heads of all the Government
officials at one fell swoop. The Johnson
appointees, it thinks, have no claims on
the party that the spoils seekers are bound
to respect forgetful of the fact that Grant
owes hispresent position, as General ol
the Army, the highest military rank ever
conferred In the United States, to the same
And EW Johnson, whose other appointees
are thus summarily to be disposed of. Jt
-that Gen. Grant's true policy is
to look upon all places in his gilt as just as
much at his disposal as if the incumbents
were dead. In no other way can he relieve
himself of what, otherwise treated, will
be a matter of extreme embarrassment
He is sure of the good will and co-operation
of the Senate, and may inaugurate
such a -policy in appointments as pleases
ntm Desr. we point out tne direction oi
the first step."
If General Grant pursues this policy, he
will have-the approbation of a large ma
jority of his supporters for the majority
want office. The oots of office are many
the ins are, in comparison, but few. The
former will, ".fight, it put on that line if it
takes all summer" the latter are earnest in
their war very, "Let us have Peace." In
the great "battle between the ins and tl e
outs,, we go with the majority, and in favor
of office to alf, except .those that are now
eDjoying the spoils.
Political Temperanc.
The State Temperance Alliance claims
thirty of the forty Senators elected in
Massach usetts, as prohibitionists, ; and
thinks the House1 has two thirds?-of tts
members inclined the same way.
Last year, when the question on prohi
bition; was Xairly. made," the Temperance
Alliance was badly defeated in Massachu
setts and the Temperance laws , were re
pealed. The present year, when the ques
tion was overlooked, in the heat and bustle
of a Presidential campaign, the Temper
ance Alliance gained a victory and the
Temperance ,-laws, will be -.re-enacted-
Power is-always stealing from the many
to the few,?,, fn Massachusetts tbe'inany"
love liquor, the few are Temperance men.
The latest returns Irom fifteen counties
hrOregoir grve-GRA!rr500 majority; Nine
counties yet to hear from,-, which will give
the Stale to SETMUUKnnd Blaiu. '
P. S. Stilt later returns,-' all the counties
lnp;ivr the- State to SKYHOURimd -Blair
by 200 majority
Sbymocr'8 majority is; 31.841. - Bowii ,
(Dem.) for Governor, has 41.044 majority.
i he democratic majority in Delaware is
3.320.4 , i y -v ft . r v r-; t
.! ' ' ' i- ' ' ' - '
Thb price Of wheat ia St. Paul," Minn.,
has gone down to seventy-five and eighty
cents per bushel, and flour sells at five dol
lars., per barrel. ,, High taxes, , the great
wealth of the country locked np in un
taxed bonds, ., the . holders i of . which are
clamerous to be paid -ia gold, with wheat
at seventy-five centsp'er bushel, because
the great Southern market is cut.off,.the
farmers ol Minnesota,wbo voted for Grant
and the Bondholders, may yet realize that
repentance that comes too late. -Is
Sua Domingo, the financial condition
of the country, it is stated, Is becoming
more and more hopelessly depressed every
day. No business is done, the Government
has no money, and it is doubtful if any
support will be rendered to the proposed
line of steamers -to New York and ; New
Orleans. The revolution was spreading.
The Missouri Bepublicanr-caMi attention
to the peculiar phases of the Radical par
ty. In 1860, that sheet says, it triumphed
as an "Anti-Slavery party." In 1864 as a
"war party." In 1863 as a "peace party
In 1872 itwlll have- to place Jtsl; hopes of
success upon being "no party."
The earthquake .in Ireland on October
24th created the most intense excitement
in tne city ot Uork, . although tne shocks
'were not perceived in the vicinity ot that
place. The enects oi tne internal commo
tion ot the earth were felt at Newton, wltt
in a few miles of Mallow, in county Cork,
ana at some otner places Detween Mallow
and Konturk. The shocks were accomna
nied with a loud, .rumbling noise, and an
oscillation of the earth. Houses were shaken
from" their foundations, and ia some iustan
ces the furniture was tbrowu down and
broken The' shocks passed from north to
SOtrtfCAtr-thetnaethe wind was blowing
a hurricane;ji,o ;; j 1 r )
I THwItope.-eewrdfngtothelatestti-lvlces,
kiaa hro nhtlerthe medical treatment 6t an
Italian physiciaD, who Is reported to baveJ
elven an aniavoraDre opiuwu vi Lnn-ciruui-tionofliU
patierjt., Tb Irequwniappura
lion of the diseaSecr le Is Yegafded as a
nirornm BcmntotTj.? Th Pope, however,
It U lttfl; is . Very active antfi ppefrf
otherwise tpenjoj; gooa, pey .
'Eich' gold'tlliii U ;la 'reported,- have
been discovered on the northern frontiers
ot Norwav and Russia. Thd severity of tht
cliinateilHioreVer prevent the placers i
from being worked', py. emigrants from
southern and middle Euroye. tu-1'-'.''.-!
Letter from Unionville Centre.
Letter from Unionville Centre. UNIONVILLE CENTRE, O., NOV. 6, 1868.
Eos. Statesman: There was 'a scene
witnessed Tiere last night that equalled, if
not surpassed, any one ever beheld on .the
upper Missouri among the Sioux or Flat
head tribes of Indians. .The Republicans,
(?) puffed with victory, gave vent to their
feelings by parading the street with etnfftd
Images labeled Seymour and Blair, follow
ed by a crowd of women and boys. '-Ar
riving at the lower end of the village they
halted, and procuring a can of coal oil sat
urated the images representing the Demo
cratic candidates, and then fired them amid
the most, hideous yelling and howling ever
heard by mortal ear?. . r s : . i
iThls morning several Republicans who
did not participate in the affair condemned
the proceedings as disgracelul in the ex
treme. How long will" it be till they Im
peach or burn ia effigy Grant or Colfax ?
J. D. S.
i Tub revival of the project of a railroad
from Columbus to Portsmouth, by way of
Chilltcothe. Is -Attracting considerable At
tention among, the.. capitalists along the
Chicago Market—Nov. 12.
FLOUR Qniec and easier; sales spring
extras at o aoGSo to.
WHEAT Active and . ensier, ' and . 2c
lower: sales No. 1 at $1 151 I6); No
T$J071 OOjclosingat $1 0761 08 for
Nr: 8; sales No?. 4 this altcrnoon at $r 00
1 07.
CORN Verv dull: sales No. 1 at 7980c;
No. 2 at 7375c; rejected at 70c. anU clos
ing quiet with Dujers ot ISO. i bc
new shelled eolil at buc id store ana on
track: sales No. 1 since 'Change at 80c. ,
,. OATS Less active and a trifle firmer;
sales No.. 1 at 48V49);; rejected at 46c;
closing at484Si! lorJNo. 1.
RYE Quiet Ht 2(333 lower; sales No.
at $1 02 1 05; No. 2 at $1 01; closing tame
at inside Dnce tor Mo. 1. - -
BARLEY Dull and heavy and 56c
lower; tales No. 2 at $1 431 47; rejected
atel 26(cttl 2(5: closing inactive and nnm
Inal, with no buyers at over $1 40 for No
a... . , .. . :
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 12.
Weather very fine and warm for the sea
son, and trade continues inactive. Prices,
however, show no material change, but the
tendency Is In buyers favor. Ptpperell
brown muslins are selling down to 13o and
even 12c, while bleached and Thorndike
are reduced to one shilling. Standard
brown sheetings are in steady but limited
request, atla(3.!6o for brown drill?. 17c
for printing cloths, 77c tor best makes
nrints. 12W!c tor stanuard. I3(cbl3 for Co-
checo and Merrimack D, and 14o for Co-
checo roDes. . .
OTJFFY D0LA.N At St. Patrick's Churoh. by
Rt- Uev. Bishop Rosecraos, on Thursday eraniDg,
Nov. nth, John Dufft to Hiss Mart Dolan,
all of this city.
The bowels may be costive or some organ do its
work weakly. From causes tike these rases and
(nnrny substances occur which poison the b ood
the perspiration may be checked; the feet may be
o ohilled that their fetid exhalations era thrown
back upon the blood. Here is cause for pains, fe
Vers, inflammations. In these cases Brandreth'
Pills are worth more than gold. . Fire or six cure at
onca. . Kemember they cure by at once removing
from the body those matters which poison the blood
and make us sick. These celebrated Pills should be
in the house ready. . . . -
See B. Brandbpth in white letters on the Gov
ernment stamp. Principal office Brandreth s
House. New York. Bold by all druggists.
'. - ' AND
PROVIDENCE. R. I., k vinglhe largest manu-
factory of Solid Silver Ware in the world, with
the most improved machinery, and employing the
most skillet labor, are enabled to' offer an un
equalled variety of new and beautiful designs in
Dinner Services, Tea services, and every article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
They oner also tneir well-Known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, in which the
have introduced new patterns of vara elegance.
The Solid Silver is guaiantecd to be of sterling
purity by U.S. .Mint assay. The EUctro-Plate i
guaranteed to. ba superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every ir here. . . .
m Trade
X Mark
Trade Mark ,
for 1
taBSAMJvPo Elecf.o-
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, N
TiQvS-'&WXi''-p nv
DR. A. K.- -:. J A .". ft Kroad way, nest
tiali stris l.'iiuiiiu. Uotv ttu levotel himself
rinn yersiothe tr 1 irrain pru
v.te diAeMseh. do .ij :i.o..rHuite-.i t his Mfioi
Broaiwa . oear tbf i.sr.taDvr imps
mar:-tf - . -
11 Pamphlet from tk pen OS LR
The "Medical 'limes" sa.vs of this work: "This
vnlnable trea.lisa on the causa and eare of Prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired throusb
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained. It 4ives a clear synopsis of the
mpedimeitts to marriage, tne cause ana enecis oi
nervous debihtv, and the remedies tberetor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forward-d on
recoiDt of 35 cents, by addressing Doctor Curtis
JVc. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore, Md.
CP mnyys-dly.-r
New Advertisements
The Ohio Statesman has a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published in IhU City or Cen
tral Ohio.. Advertisers will hear
this In mind.
X customers, and as many new ones as may favor
me with a call tit the lowest rates, fnr cash, with
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Dovl3-tf-r .; ' : .-it i
Licensed by the United States Authorities.!
uoi tusa, , UAttrniiun. buuis and
CUT.LERY.4o.. 4c,
To be sold at the average price of 1.00 Each
Our commissions for clubs exceed those of other
establishments, and our goods are warranted to give
satisfaction. Clubs of Ten and upwards receive
articles valued at from 3 to sioo. New Circular
and full particulars sent free n. I 1.III I1
itt Aft et, CO., 40 Hanover St.. Bosleo
iTlaaa. Dovl3-w4t-FB-r
City Sewer Bonds.
Columbus. O., Nov. 11. 1888
rnived bv .the City Clerkat hifl Offinn. In thm
city of UuiumDus.unio, untu
Monday, the 16th day of IVoveni-
her. A. .. 18S
at S o'clock P. M., for tha sale of City Sewer
Honda, . Kaid Bonds are payable 20 years arter
date at tne national ran eanK in new X ork Uity,
and bear 7 per cent, interest, payable semi-annually
on the first days of February and August, al
: j fc: . : i tj i. U n 1. .. . . i i i
less than ntr.'- - - - '
Proposals will be received for from $20 900.00 to
tss.ouu.uo, to be optional with the City Council to
sell the whole amount of the issue or only a part
thereof. Bidders will therefore regulate their Dies
: The bids will be opened By the standing com
mittee of Ways and Means, who will report to the
City Council for their decision.
novH-dtd-- ' "? City Clerk.'
Brick Warehouso on the corner--ef North Pub
lic lane and Center alley. Being close to all the
railroad lreieht houses ia the oUv makes it a very
i aesiraDie
. . . . : . . . -
aa ireigut nouses ia ineoitymaKes i a very
able place for receiving and shipping freight,
r farther particulars, apply to tho undersigned
eight Office of the C. C. 4 C. R. R.
at reizht
I Columbus, Oct SO.
octSs-dSw r " "- -
. and six years' old, very handsome, kind and
sound. Will be sold low.
auE'28-dtf RICHARD NEV1NS.
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small degree to, their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
. happy who are ill. ; Not only so, but no
one of these various female complaints
can long be suffered to fun oil without
' .involving the general health of .the in-
. dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections,
. and only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far .sacrifice , her
greatest charm as to do this. The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple specifics which will be
found, efficacious in relieving aud curing
almost every one of those troublesome
complaints peculiar to the sex. i r.
: ; iielmbolDs
Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
, hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them' with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse,
I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it may
be produced from exepssive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ployment, unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
oftenef caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself. ' " ' .,
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them. It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the welfare of the entire
human family..,. The mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
. for corporeal development to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
ppcially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, with the body
half clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by. pleasure, perverting in mid-
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished.
In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is-
required by the delicate votary to ro
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus' aggravating' the evil. When
one excitement, is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now. con
stunt restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
' pnsiu-e to night air ; the' sudden change
of temperature ; the complete prostra
tion' produced by excessive dancing,
; must, of necessity, produce their legiti
1 niiite effect. At last, an early marriage
C-ips the climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
lt'ss of the plain dictates and remon
strances' of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. ; This is but a truthful picture of
the experience of thousands ot our young
' Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education of their peculiar
nervous system, composed of what is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
lv under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life ;' and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty; to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites or Leucorrhoea, Too Profuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, wp
offer the most perfect specific known
Helmbold's Compoond Extract of
Buchu.. Directions for use, diet, and
advice, accompany.
Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. 1 elm bold s
Extract Buchc is more strengthening
than -any ot the preparations ot Jiark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's ' Extract Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now offered to afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow,
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity. Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head," Confused - Ideas, .Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation. Palpitation of the Heart,
and, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated state of the
system. To insure the genuine.cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
other. i . - . - , '
; Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. '' ' " '! '
Price. $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50.. Delivered io any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y. : ' , : ,, .:1V
V None are genuine unless don0 ip in
ateel-enoraved wrapper, with faj'3imile
Of .my Chemical Warehouse, and ligned
i,J2-dw4s-weowly H. T. HELMbOLU. j
1 t s , - Vs r ' . t
il.' l i
' 1 1
Cam be Found at
250 AND 252
. : n. : . r. y". ;(;.. ..
i'" ''lis , j'-. .' j i : ' " :
. i ' l.. .' .! i
ill.:' I'.l 'l fll-.Jb' .'if
,.-! ! .::.! j
, )h
.'.A -..! Ji;"'i; i .. .'ii:
:.' '- r, I'-rr :
-United States''' of 'America,
Cahh Capital, V ' -' $1,000,000
-- j -- . . -- ...
To which all general correspondence should be ad-
CT.ARKNf "E H. Cl ARK. President.
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Execntirs
HENRYnD.obKE. Vice Tresident.
KMbRSON W. I'EET, Seeretary and Actuary.
Offered by this Compiny are :
It is a National Company, chartered by special
... f lam . .
: - It bu a paid op eapital or tl.C04.000.
It offers low rates of premium.
It furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa-
BW 1U IDA BKIBV DlVDVJ.'. . . - t
. It is definite and certain in its terms.
It is a borne Company in every locality.
It-i Policies are exemot from attachment.
,- There are no gnnaoessary rasuiotiana ia the o
Every PoHcv is non-forfeltAbla 1
Policies may be taken thst will pay insured their
full amount and return all the premiums, so that
me insurance costs oniy tne interest on tne annual
Kolicies may be taken wbieb pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of veara darina life, an an.
. nnal income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate ia charged for risks upon the lives
oi females i
It insures not to par dividends, but at S
Cost that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio. Central
ana ctoutnern lnaiana. - '
" "COX, DWVGIt &. CO.,
Colu-nbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Licking;,
rousKingum ana viosooeron counties.
SE WING machines: .
In no previous year has there
been such strong competition among
all the . leading Sewing 'Machine
Manufacturers of this country anil
Europe as the present. At all the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
tliey met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the Florence Eeversible
Feed Loch-Stitch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.! Exposition X7nl
verselle, Paris ; American Institute
Fair, New Torle; New England
Agricultural Fair, at Providence,
M. I. ; the New York State Fair, at
Buffalo the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics' Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks' Session
on Vie 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it the " O OLD
MEDAL," the highest Prize the
Institute confers. ...'. -
It would seem as if this succession of tri
umphs should tie sufficient to convince every
unprejudiced person of the great superior
ity of tbe PLOEENCE over all others aa a
Family Sewing Machine.. - . - -
A written warranty ia given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL DO AltXi
that is claimed for it, and should it fail, it
will be taken back, and the BE-
Principal Offle and Batosroom, So. S3 West
Wttrth Street, Cincinnati, O.
.... -ji
H. McCOMNEXX. General Affent.
( rfi. o REN c jsryy
Tifl.TER. - . ,
- A t tl,. nt.:. fat.- it-:- .l.:.i; -i.-j . , pAiAn
. . v . u ..... . ; u. . ii . mi , 11 1 . . i ..i.rovu a.
Septn ber 2Sth. 18w, the FkORENOh; received
tbe FIRST PRBMlUXioT the best Family jewing
aiacnioes over seven competitors. .
- Send for a circular, or call and examine the Ma
shines at tbe new Salesrooms. -
91 East Slate St., ColumbuK, Onto.
W. 8. BBOWN, "Agent. '
hT Ail kinds of stitching drne to ordor, and
atistaotion guaranteed. octxt-azmntawT&s
BANKERS. ; ' u
Corner Broad & High Sta
febt-dly . .
' NO. 13 S. IllCill SI ltEEX,
lanto-dly-r Columbas, O,
flee of tbe City Uml Jingmeer in vummou;,
Monday, Sovi IBlfct iswts
at o'clock P.'il., for doing tha following work,
to-wlt: tl . - ' . '
; For building a douMe row flag crossmg across
South street at tho west side of street.
ror loweriu r".-"" juounu
. . . .u .ft wl nt HlffB fltr.Af:
For grading and repaying the sidewalk on the
ea-t side of front street from the no thc&et corr e
of Front aud Town streets to a point eighty-five
feet north of Town street.
The bid will heoeened by the committee of the
; wards in which the improvement is to be made. The
; committee reserve the right to reject any or all bids
' at their discretion.
,'.:? r;c&i?2Kr
City Civil Engineer's office. Ml South High
street. np stairs. ' - ': novll-dtd,
ID0 eaa.o'u. vi -.. .......
' An Ordinance
To repeal an ordinance entitled an ordinance to as
sess a special tax upon the real estate bounding
I r-outh street from Zenss alley to tiift street.
Sectioh 1. 1 Be it ordained by the City Ceunoil of
the City of Columbus, That The Ordinance to aa
. Bess a eueaial-tax on tha real estate bonadinA- ttrvnth-
street from Kenas alley to Gift street, ptsa.d OatJ
jrr, looo, do sua uie seuie is Dereoy repeaiea.
i " - '. -WM. NAUHTEN,
I ' t Prosiilent of the City Council. i
I Parsed Nov. . A. I). 1H6. .... . .. 'i 7- XT
' Attest: L. E. Wilson, CRr Clerk. I . .! IL
lei'' "Lest,., WMU, "Fonael,
aot aXeeccUnna; ela;hl
pallahe Ira this ewlaiaia fr
?!i,Iil,A,tE,lll't-tt to tM per
monliieTery where, male ad fewaJe. t
MAPHmi??15 AM1LY8EW1M(
MAOHINg.- Thia llaebioa wilt flitch
bam. fall, lack. quUw oor. tin braid,
and embroider in m. mnf . i
- : , -- - . ,, - j 1 ww iut any
machine that will sew a stroDK'r, mora
beautiful. or mora elastic sum th. n..M
It ,. .. the "Elastio Lock Stitch Knr. m.A
tilchcD be eat, and still the cloth eaooot be
pollen apan wit nou iwnun i. ni pay Agents
roiu tlito (SM p r month and expenses, or a eom-
tnssioa lrotn wnien twice tnai tmosDt can ba
made. Address SECOMB CO i F1TI8BURGH.
C UTION. Do not ba imposed) npo by other
parties pa:muisj off worthltt-s aaert-iraa maebiaes,
under the same name or otherwise. Ours is tha
only ge..aiaaad rea.li practical ebaap machine
mnutpture(l r-a ocil-eortlStt
A IJUf. J"0. U1LL, ,...,,,....'.,::..
.y, srMATINESl ;
1 OveTture-',Le Phltre,..... : .Auhar
Mr. .lohn Seltser. Miss rtohneider and Krnth.N.
S Tenor So oVberenade to I.U". ...... Weineand
JUT. n ia, IjUK. -
S Sopran Solo "In Quasto Templioi"
' ' "" ..- ' iioniaeta
Mrs. L. C.Rsi ev. -r
4 Yiolineello Solo "The Last Rom of Sammer"
:f . c ... ljinelner
- Mr. Theo. Pohneider. " 1 s
S Soprano Solo "O Loving Heart. Trust On"
... ' uottschallt
Duetto "Tjna Kotte Uatnore". ........ v.Ardit I
1 ... aiiss Lathrop and sir. Lott.
T. Soprano Solo ''The Two I ant uas.es".. Herrrion
. Mrs. L. C Baileys
8 Soprano Bolo "Ernani" ;........Verdi
- alias Cmma J. lAtbrop.
Piano Solo "Bhapsodie Uongroise," Ko.
- Uies Carolina Schneider 1 ' ;
tW Doors one n at 9: llnncert tn Anmmnmr st3
o'clock. Season tickets can be ha I at Mr. John
Settler's Musio Store. Single tiokets at the door.
novm-aia - .
Friday Jt, Saturday, Harr 1 VM.
The old time and well tried
Headed br the Qra&t Tmnraflinrla .nti foanrJar-of
the present school of minstrels after mn unpar
alleled teason of success of eighteen consecutire
months at their Opera House, Uincinnati, prop cue
a tour, for a limited nam bar of weeks, through the
country. The performance will embrace the entire
xorceot tnis monstxk oboanizjition.
Doom open at 7. eommenoina at S. Admission.
35 and 50 cents. W M, C. DOKNES. Agent.
novli-d3t .;--
Mrs. Frances Anne Eemble.
Mrs. KEMBLK will read in tha Open House.
Columbus, on - - - - - ' -' "
Tuesday Evening,Nov. lv,
1 ' Shakspeare's play of -J
, Beterred Seats, SO Cents Ext raw )
The Sales of Tickets will commence on Monday
moroinx, November 16th, it o'clock, at the llusio -.-More
of J. Seltzer. . State street.
!-fecial Notice. The reading will eommeaceat '
8 o'clock precisely, and it ia respectfully requested,
to avoid interruption, that the audience will ba
seated ten minutes before the reading begins.
Uoore open at 7. - noT-d8t-r
; Is Sickness Aroldable ? ,
Thousands toss on siok-beds to-day, who might
have been well and hearty, had they ta' en due
precautions for the preservation of that most pre
eious of earthly blessings, a found mind in a sound
tody. Siokness, to a greater extent than most peo
ple suppose, is atoMablb. When the body is lan
guid, the spirits depressed, and tha nervous system
unnaturally sensitive, it should be taken for grant
ed that mischief is browing.- These bints and '
wamings.voueBsafedassuohby a kind Providence
ought not to be disregarded. -If they are slighted,
as ia too generally the case, the next thing may bo
a fever, a severe billions attaok.orsome other form
of acute disease. They indicate as clearly as if the
intimation were given in articulate language, that
the animal functions are disordered, and the system
debilitated. Under these circumstances, the only
thing to bs don it to BSGUl.?aVHB K8TOKB,aad
the best regulating and restorative preparation ever
used for the prevention- of sickness is HOSTKT
inos remittent fever, chills and fever, spasms, ner
vous paroxysms, violent attacks of indigestion, aad
all the ordinary epidemics, may almost certainly bs
averted. ' They are usually preceded by the symp
toms described, and surely it if wisdom to forestall
them by resorting to an antidote at ones harmless
agreeable and invigorating. Host assuredly, it will
soon dissipate the unpleasant feelings referred to
which, of course, is desirable, even if they were not
likely to lead to something worse. .The close of the
Fall is usual y accompanied by unhealthy foga and
violent atmospheric changes, and it is therefore a
season when invigoration is particularly needed.
may33deod&wly-ow-n - - -
Such an artiole as "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lini
ment." It has stood before the public for il years
and has never failed giving satisfaction in a single
instance. very drop of this valuable compound is
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it canal,
ways be relied upon. Is is wa ranted superior t
any other, for the cure of Chronic Rheumatism.
Toothaobe, Headache, Sore Th'roat, Vomiting,
Frosted Feet, Mumps. Croup, Burns. Cuts, Sea Sick
ness, Insect Stings. Sprains.Oholera. Golio,Spasmst
Dysentery. Bruises, Colds.' Coughs; Old 'Sore.
Swellings, Fains in tbe Limbs. Back and Chest.
There is no medicine ia the "World" that stand
mwe on its own merits than the "Venetian Lini
ment." Tbonsandsbf certificates can be seen at the
Doctor's office, attesting to i s rare virtues. The
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, has
induced several unprincipled persons to counterfeit
this "Valuable Remedy;" purchasers cannot be too
careful to ses that "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment
is stamped on the glass, done up in yellow paper
and signed ".3.1. Tobias." All others arc danger,
eus counterfeits, and although they may resemble
the"Venetian Liniment" in color and smell, !&-
sears of them.",. Sold by all Druggists and Store
keepers throughout the United States. Price 6S
cents and one dollar per bottle. Depot 10 Park
Place, New York '...it, a -.t't i
janeW-rlAwlyem-reKT-el - .'" '
It is in demand wherever personal blemishes are
considered of sufficient oonseqaenee to be removed
Its AcUoav Isslsalssssas.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative
AND BEAUT1FIER is a praarationof equal merit
and repute. Its effect upon the hair is electrical.
It fastens every loosening fibre, replaces narsnnesi
withsil iness and flexibility, semi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with gloss. Its use H1 incline
the straightest hair to curl, and prevent the driest
from turning gray. It is the favorite at every toilet
where it has been tried, and as a means of keeping
the hair free from scruf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliations, is perfeotly invaluible.
Sold by DroggistSj aad applied by all Haft-Trrel.
ers. Manufactory NO. 6 laiden Lane. Principal
Depot No 8 A'stor House.
janel6 d4wlycm-peNY-a ! ' !s l,i
"To Owners of Horses."
i ThouFands of horses die yearly from Colic- Th.,
need not be. Dr. Tobiaj'. yenetian Horse Lini-'
ment, in pint bottles, pries ions dollar, will posi
tively cure every case, if given according to the di-
rcetions, when first taken. It is warranted Superi-)
or to anything; slss for Cuts, Galls. SprainsOii
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat.. It is no new
remedy, but of 31 years' standing, and approved '
by the firot ho: semen in the country. Col,PhQo3
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Coarse, has ased i -for
years, and recommends it to his friends. Or ;
ders are constantly received for it from the Racing
Stables in England. It has stood the telt bT .time;
no one has ever tried it but continues its use. Bee- -ollect
to get DC. Tobias Yenetlkd.porte'Linlmentj
in pint bottles, and take no otheB," Sold, by the '
Druggists and Storekeepers tbroughent the United'
States. Depotl0ParkPrlaca,NsjrilX)rJ5.,r tl ,
, rsKT-jnle-dAwly-sm . ,,
j AQArtp. ' 1
; ACiergymanhi1e,fs,MTBgJinodth 'AtoWcA .
as a missioBary, disopvered a safe and simple remv
d for the Cure of Nervous Weakness, Early De
sa lhseasee of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs
sncV the wSniv Seals f disorrlerr brewghr on
baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have
been cured by tfaia noble rsmdy I Prompted by a
desire to benefit the afflioted and unfortunate. I
ill send the recipe for preparing and using, thia
taedioire, in a sealed envelope, to any one wh"i
Static!,. Blfal. rHou..eVkaCit;.
TflDb'ULl an ""sjar.if a-
octSS &Sl

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