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voorrected ;T iW. Savage, .Jeweier 83
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- 'L.-r: 1TH0W04T, Not. 1S.-WSB,
,rTa.t)Vrr! 55:'IH f,47l'!
- Our: fashion report will be found on
thsoatskhjef to-dy' P''',:,;';,',-, ,
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all wlnter-are the bhimm pi mua.
s ... . ' ' ' i ' ' MVM
".I -ZmShSJ Suoreme, Court of OMe-111
oriTen0 In this city on Mondays Decewbtr
. A 1-
1 irAnflrewi &BuU have! received God
" -i'i Y.rfv Book for December.-' A. 'holiday'
13 tT There "was a ttgbt s mart sprinkle of
Ice In the gutters yesterday morning.
"frost was Very heavy.
irsi-'TM Green waa the only galoot be-
W Mai or vesterdaA V ia default of
taahdcostelie hammereth. w ja'j
, ,'. ii in " y '
""t3T Black "dresses were never, more
fashionable than-Bowt 'Ttte 'Material is a
fine alDaca-icalled y eoswtesyi mohair
Rather a slim market: yesterday,
'The weather" 'created a coolness between
buyers and selltra that' caused' prices , to
;keep stiff. " -..1 ' ' , ','VV ;
tW Autumn is only aummer grown old.
I Vegetation has become bald-headed, and
1 In a short time nature will be wearingj
.White Wig ; v V- ' '-'T U:',.:..A 1
t- Perfumed tooUiplcks are the latest
,iw.pttrDeriume4 teeth would . improve
the breath, of many people,
which is iar
f loin being -balmyi ! "i
k. Appowtmkmt- rho Governor on .yes
; terday aoDOluted Hon. H. S.' Bundyj of
Vinton county, as one of the trustees: to
locate and erect a new Lunatic Asylum.
-vicer-Clark McDermot, resigned. -----
'a. Ci J. . i iJ. 1 - - " .s k-i-
Accident. Bll (Jwynne was on yester
day afternoon thrown from his buggy at
the depot, and slightly bruised in the head.
His buggy was we understand, run into
ind ppset, throwing Mr. Gwynne out with
ico,slierable.'iolenoe i lL I I A ii tl '.
CosTTJS The hearing of the charge
gainst, the ajegroVlnce Caleb,'? before'
. Srplre Meeker, was on yesterday ieontin
ued until 8 o'clock this morning. It will
be-reraembered thatwe pobltehedthe par
ticulars In Ws case a diy or two sfnee."'
Thanks. For htrraany attentions A. C
Klnsr, Deputy Auditor, has our hearty
thanks.' Tohlnv'ihbre; than to 'any official
in the county are oiir readers indebted for
the many interesting exhibits and.4ab!ea
jWe have published during the past year.r
Attention, Dkwocrats op tub Ninth
'WABrJ -There will be a meeting- of ' the
Democracy of the Kinth Ward on Satur
day evening at John O'Brien's grocery.
-Let every Democrat attend, as it is to the
Interestof the, ward," : '; ' ;, I
n Skntbuck CoMMurso Sarah. M,,Victor,
of Cleveland, under sentence of death, for.
poisoning her brother, to b3 executed Nov.
205h, pn yesterday rtiadher sentence com
muted by the Governor to Imprisonment
In solitary confinement for life In the Pen-;
Itenttary. - - - ij
t "CoeNTT Commissioners' " MEKriiro. At
a meeting of the' County Commissioners,
held yesterday, MessrsJJarbee and Gulick;
present. It was i
- Ordered, That an order be drawn on the
Treasury in favor-ot-James "Reed for $140,
in full, for building bridge In Brown town
ship, near Edward-BurL's place.
Gaf pur. Marine Insurance. A Ger
man geologist lias calculated that Europe
and America will be completely submerged
five hundred millions I years from now.
If no "change in the programme occurs
"Wlthlnthat time.- MarlneTlsks are not ex
felted 'In consequence of thtoi annohhee-
ment. -m
r Gia or It. Wa- ar w-joiced- 4iatv he
electtotf Ts overl toonTT bspeciaf reason.
The Good Templars will now have leisure
to took fter theirvweai-kneed brethren,
many of whom fell from grace during the
camp'altgfe' We hoptf theywlli beecelved
b ick into the lold,.and.find that '-Peace"
which the Radical party promises to all
sinners. ; .;: - ' '.-irr-K r jr
, Newcomb's TSIinstrels.; To-night the
great Newcombs open their budget ofsmig
wit and fun at the Opera House; Tn pro
gramme Is full of new and beautiful songs,
and musician d glisteus all over with the
announcement, ot acts which must keep the
audience in a roar. That the Opera, House
will be filled no one ran doubU,The second
and last concert will be given to-morrow
Assault and Battery Michael Agen
was arrested, yesterday morning by Con
stable Chris. Bartling, on a charge of com
mitUng an assault and battery on kis wile,
Hannah 'Agen To this charge he plead
imlltv. and Dald 2)5 and costs fine. He Was
then arrested on a 'peace warrant "sworn
out by bis wife, and failing to find bail in
the sum of $200' to keep the peace, he was
committed to Castle Earhart.
tHcCmk 'oF-JntuiiiBtrs. The 'Catholic
Telegraph, of Not. 10, has this to say of the
Diocese oi.uoiumDus
The.work on the Cathedral Is , steadily
nrocrtrasinz. and bv the close of the season
the foundation wails will all be carried up
to the level of the Boor, over a deep base
ment. More nhan half the masonry- will
then be done. and. thanks to the superln
tendence ol Mr. Joseph E. Hartman, well
etenev The'ehief diffieuHy tala getting the
means to pay for the .wprk,vrI
VAGson'TKnon; ' Gptleib Schneider
and John Donahoi three ot the "vaggiest
kind of vagrants, were up before the Mayor
vesterdaT. -Thev were found -prowling
tbroKh th alleya'd the (A tjf Wkip&tfa
mizht be nicked an la . an honest way
They Were fined CSsradheestsestobpand in
default twer sent ta ffiat, stone, pile rom
which no galoot or vagrant returns, with
out having learned the krt'ahd sdenee o
stone' smashlag) In other .words; .. they
-- -. X-ltl A
John' M.' Kojrner'b TbERAL'The " ftf
nefalb? the'ate.IJohri,', M.lirner, yesteri-
-day, was one Of the Jargestever seen in
this city. The fU&eral seryies wjere . held
la U TrlrrflCytGretma)hurehi,' corner i
Thini knd Anath s'treetev lyBmkiWiav,F.
mlswnderstandinr Between" thei'pastor oi
.theihur and jtbe',0 F?Ui bljer,
we are pld, ,aia- 3aet 'Appear1 as eotsiety.
though most of th metoDers oi tne foag
Kicxeb- tJr You that bayrf traveTed'on
syhat ere JtBown.-aa-imied.,:.accom
tloa trains-r-that is, a mixture of freigb
aud passenger cars-are aware wlth 'whaj
a j erkyenetion they uatart j ap.f sometime
Imwt enoiiilo1 jerk passnice bald-
heViea:nTHtj'bith'eltd'ay!ei 'ears5 started
frmq Mtlp r4 ier3 mbti
throwing a little fellow 3 ever tbe seat ii,
front' of tlmv ftStralghtaning' himseir-up.
Htt.lft ehab. with a rathwr scared look. In-
quiredlMimma? did t ilttdcjt that
EijMKBATroi' EmJ8N7--From return
made to S. X. Kile, County Auditor, we
take the following, as the number of white
and colored unmarried youth In FraUklln
IcpuDty, for the year ending the ficst Mon-
f day of September, 1868:
' KO.oa i.
- SS
4l 3Sjj
ar-fferson ....
. S2J
risin ........
Mifflia ..;..
S90l 134
- 6241
Ml 7
' 47
- 4Ml
- 87
. 2S.7
- 836
', 247
, 327
4 8
. KM
. 65l
3 9
. 602
, 474
: 911
: 6 IS
Jackson ......
GroveDiirt f)'
- I5
Winobe UrD..
:- 23i
Worthioston. .j
1 18
wutlin ...
. 310)
Urore City...
Total . .
In the Virginia Military District there
are 4,495. and iu the United States Military
District 4,010 children, making a total of
8,505, included in the above grand total
'XluRDccat's LKCTURK.-Jaraes ' E.. Mur-
Jock will read his fecjnre 'Impressions and
KecolIeciiODS of Abraham Lincoln," before
the Young Men's Christian Association, at '
the Second Presbytertan Church, to-niglit.
Because this is 1he.."flrst lecture of.4 the
course, and because of Mr. Wurdock's
great popularity witiiour citizens, we shall
loof for a' very large attendance, though
we are at a loss to know what he can find
interesting iu a subject worn so completely
threadbare as the one named. If there be
any new points in the history of Abraham ,
Lincoln, Mr- Murdock will produce them,
'or be has enjoyed better and more oppor-
tunitles to become acquainted with his pe
culiarities or idiosyncracles than any other
man irTthe country,""
We understand It is the design to hold all
the lectures at the same place. A substan
tial platform has been erected and every :
arrangement made for the comfort and ,
convenience, both- of speakers 'and -audi- ,
ence.. f j ,. .,
The lectures will commence at 8 o'cloi'k,
so as to give clerks and others who are oc
cupied in the early part ot the evening, an '
opportunity to attend, i ; . .
Let all go and hear Murdock to-night. ,
" Transferred Yesterday. The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the t
Recorder's office yesterday: : -' i ,
Henry Miller and wife to Austin Fink,
Sept. 9th, 1867, inlot No. 37 in. thw town of
Harrisburgh, lor 675. ' ' '
Emma Reynolds to Peters, Benus & Co.,
part of lot No. 57 of Wm. Phelan's Mt.
Pleasant addition to the city of Columbus,
for $250,- t f
John Knop and wite to Charles Wendt, ;
Nov. 9th, lot No. 1 ot John F. B irtlit's ad- j
dltion to the city of Columbus for $1,175. !
Jane Borland to John Borland and ;
others Oct. 31, quitclaim to 125 acres of
land in Brown township, for $50 per annum .
duri'nsr life. '
John Borland and others to Calmore Mc-
Coy, Oct. 3d, 123 acres of land in Brown
township, for $6,000.. 1
Owen Tuller and wife to Catherine Mc
Donald, Oct: 12th, lots Nos 7 and 8 in the
town of Worthington,- for $1,000.
David Shull and wite to Bard of Educa- .
of Mifflin township, Sept. 19th, one-
half an acre of land in Mifflin township, for '
$100. i - '. .'J f t - nt i
Filed Yksterdat. Tfie following cer
tificates of incorporation were filed with
the Secretary of State yesterday: . , u
Of the New Lisbon Malleable Iron Com
pany, organized for the purpose of manu
facturing various articles of maleable iron
&c' Principal office at New Lisbon, Co
lumbiana county. Capital stock $20,000,
shares of $500 each. George XV. Heck-
art, Wm. Mathews, Wm. H. Ste wart, Chris
tian Kramer and Samuel W. Orr ar the
corporators. f, -o - . -.
Of the Odd Fellows Hall' Asso atta ot
Dayton, Ohio, organized for the purpose of
erecting a hall and business building in the
ity eof. Dayton. Capital stock" $150,000.
John Clingman, John C. Baird, and J. S-
Boys are the corporators. ;
Of the Ohio Home Washing Manufactur-
ng ' Company. Principal office in Cleve
land. Capital stock $50 000, in shares of
$100 each. Wm. J. Farrar, A.J. Farrar,
Charles F. Dodge and John J. Grant, are
the corporators.
Dedication -of St.-Mart's -Choroh.
The dedication of SU.Mary's Church, lo-
eated , on Third street, will take place pn
Sunday, November ..29th. Ten different
Catholic associations, with bands of music,
regalia, : and their banners, .numbering
some twelve hundred strong, will be pres
ent -A special train of cars will run from
Delaware. The committee having charge
of the arrangements expect it will be one
bneof the grandest religious demonstra
tions ever witnessed at the Capital. Arch
Bishop Purcell. by invitation of Bishop
Rjsecrans,. will participate : in ' the cere
monies. "" ' - "' '
In the evenlne there .will be a grand sa
cred concert, under the direction of Prof.
Schoppelrei,. which we hope will be well
acriled. The proceeds ' are to be applied
for the benefit of . the Chureht ; Admission
50 cents. . ( - .
l-t t: i I I.;-. ..... . "Ii.. r..l , --t - K
A Liberal Bequest. Mr. Alvah Wash
burn, of Clinton county, Ohin, who died
on the 6th ultimo, bequeathed property to
tne amount or mteen orwenty tnousana
dollars to the Urbana University. This,
itb the donations heretofore made, ren
ders the institution almost self-sustaining,
independen t of tuition fees. Urbana U uion.
Urbana University is, we believe, the only
Swedenborgian College in the 'United
States, and is the only one that, is out pi
debt. -1 Tbe beautiful grounds on which the
College buildings are located, were donated
upon the .express condition that they were
never to be subject to mortgage, or to any
debts the'Uhfverstyy might 'contract, and
they never have been..! It is one of the best
Hsfltutions of learning In the State". o r
.Is - ' -" - --.t 1 ... ..-.
Cabbaoes. rWe are glad -io learn ' that
cabbages afe plenty this season, 'arid cheap'.
Cabbage cut up fine, and delicately season
ed and arranged with, egg and vinegar, is
most palatable. , Cabbage , worked into
kraut has done much tor suffering human
ity. Cabbage does'1 more to keep corn bei f
from being lonesome 'than' any other veg.
etable. Who can deacant on the , virtue
and U3 of cabbage heads rfTake your' eye
and cast It onithe; Jdiirn; editors. What
would they be without their cabbage head?
.VM)' uld.your failpr do were there; ho
habbage, h Its uses, are many and varlouV.
GreatlBCabbaee! ' .
m Mjcteoric Shower The meteoric showr
er1, arltiouncfed to taker place' last" night be
tween midnight and daylight, we suppose,
came tiff as per programme. tTbe astronb
mers predicted that the shower would be
one fof ' great brilliancy, 'and ' Surpassing
splendor. We'stippose! It. was, )Vo.have
no' doubt the astronomers were entirely
correct but we know a local ;edltor, who
has bees fooled too often by-shooting stars
to stay put.pfc.bejLjaa 14 as, is was last
night to see the sboweiy. -There is to be an
other one Sunday night," We may take a
1 peep at that.
Ths Rev. Father Rochford will lecture
at St. Patrick's church next Sunday even
ing at 7K o'clock, before the society of St.
Vincent de Paul, for the benefit ot the
poor. Subject "Marks of the Church
Admission 25 cents.' .' ' f g .
BOV13 2t 'i 1 . v i
' Ale and Porter. I am now receiving
regular from Cincinnati, Thatcher4 &
Dyett's celebrated stock and fresh Ale and
Porter, in pint and quart bottles, put up
for family use, and highly recommended
by physicians tor sickness, &o.' i
I also have a stock" of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stoat Porter; Mulr & Son's Spark
ling Edinburg Ale; English Ale and Porter.-;!
": ' :, ; !'.'v C A. Wagner, . :
novl3-tf, . ; ' No: 23 East State street.
-FOR .;,', -
. . ..:
TjacUeM tta
No. 27 East State Street,'
Late C. A. Waoner'b.
Every delicacy in season served up at
tills establishment In the finest and best
style. : ;' '-'--, s ' ,;; ; ' i
Families supplied with all kinds ot Gamr,
and Oysters by the can. ' - , "'
Private 'Supper Room for Ladles and
Gentlemen. '
nov9-lw . "Proprietors.)
Oysters I Oysters!! lam now selling
at reduced "prices, those fine fat Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Wm.
Taylor, E-q., Baltimore, and sold by me in
this city for over ten years. TTorranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. T. XXX, a fine
Oyster for Soup. C A. Wagner,
novl3-tf No. 23 Eist State street.
Lap Blankets. Wolf, Fox and Buffalo
Robes just received at
Clark & Farmer's, . t
novll-dtf ; No. 5 Neil House Block.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store.
The live Oysteman, 16 E.Broad street,
trivt-s tfor fifty cents) a wpII filled cn
Spencer, Auger & Co.'s prime oysters ; ,
and a pound of butter crackers.
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire oi J. XV. Moore, No. 43 West North
street. - .
ocl3-dtf' '. .. : ' ' .. ..
.There seems to bb no end to the new
goods Clark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived. Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
lishment. They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishiug. novll-dtf ;
From G. F. J. Colhurn. Doctor of Dental Surgery
1 JNeoarK, B.J I
The oooular Dentitrice known -s S zt-
dont, besides being a very pleasant addi
tion to the toilet, contains ingredients that,
if used according to the directions, will
prove of the greatest utility to the health
of tbe mouth and teeth. ' -")
"Spaldisg's Glue," with Brush, always
ready for use. ' ' vNT-junel5 eod6m-cw
1 -
How to save Doctor Bills? An im-
portant question in these high tariff times,
but easily answered. Go, or send and get,
one of Dr. Humphrey's cases of Homoeo
pathic Specifics. .A full case, with book
ot directions, costs but $10, and with it you
may prevent or treat successfully nine
tenths of all diseases occurring in your fam
ily and save so much 'of Doctors' fees.
Sold by druggists' or sent free on receipt of
the price. Address' Humphreys' Specific
Homoeopathic ' Medicine Co 562 Broad
way, N. T. jyl3-d&wly-cw
HollowAy's Pills The Horrors of
Dyspepsiaj "Try Ml things" Is a' bad mot
to for the" sick'. " It is better to try that
which the world's experience has proved
to be super-excellent. For fifty years
Holloway's Pills have been curing Dyspep
sia. Not a failure is on record, while the
successes have been countless. Is not this
a sufficient guaranty. Is it not madness,
for any one writhing under the terrible
1 pangs of Dyspepsia to decline or neglect
to take a medicine fortified with such cre
dentials. Sold by all druggists. ;; -.'.'..
Can it be possible that over Five Million
Bottles of Plantation Bitter3 have been
sold during the past year? It Is almost in
credible, nevertheless it is absolutely true,
and is the most convincing proof of their
wonderful medicinal and health-restoring
qualities. Every family should be sup
plied with these Bitters, at whatever cost
or trouble it may be to obtain them. Be
careful that you get the genuine, and that
you are not imposed upon by a spurious ar
ticle. , 1 .-. ,'...,: '- '' ., ," -
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported Germau Cologne, and sold at half
the price. - , ' . :
RNY-sept25-deod&wlycw ;
. Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low .splrits, depression, involun
tary emissions, lost of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and 1 threatened impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
' Composed of the most valuable,
mild and, potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor .and energy, life and . vitality, to tbe
efitfre -fnanl-They have cured thousands
Of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very Important in ob
stinate or bid cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. ' Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway," New York. jyl3-deod&wly
Fine Wweb. Liquors and Delicacies.
Erail A in bos has now in store at his rooms
No. 2-12 South Fourth street, one of the
choicest selected stoekspf wines, liquors and
delicacies ever brought to this city. The
selections have been made with an especial
viewto the wants of this market, and pat
rons may rest assured of getting only gen
uine arid uria(hilteriteCstock8 of wines and
liquors imported as well as domestic,1 The
wine lists embrace the celebrated Fox
Champagne, Green Seal, Fleur de Sillery,
Star .Brand, Sparkling Catawba, Sherry,
Madeira, Port Sweet Malaga, Claret, Sau
ternes, Khinc, &a.; fcc,' In brandies there
is Cognac, California-Sonoma, Catawba,
CberryJPaclt" and Blackberry. -Trie stock
of pure choice Kum, Gin and Bitters is also
complete. i The justly celebrated "Aechtes
Schweizer Klrschenvasser"imay be found
at this house, warranted pure.
In the line of delicacies , we enumerate
genuine Swissandjjlmbnrgh Cheese, Sar-
dlnea,,.AneUoviQS,s Freftcht. and Holland
Mustard, '&c, &c &e. . ; ' "
.. MX. Ambos will continue to conduct
first class establishment In every particu
lar and by stocking bis house only with
the choicest goods, and by 'giving prpmp'
attention to . business, he is ' entitled to
large snare 01 puouc patronage. .
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a donbla tow nag crossing -across
Bouth street at the west side of tiigli
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of tbe oity of Columbus (two-thirds ot all the
members concurring), Thatadoubte rowflsg cross
ing be built across South street, at the west side of
High street, in accordance wita the p at thereof
on file in the offioe of the City Clerk.
Sko 3. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improremement shall
be assessed and levied upon the several lo s of
land fronting or abutting on the west si le of High
street from Strawberry alley to South Public lane,
in proportion to their feet front.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nor. 9 A. I). 1868.
' , Attest : Ij. K. Wilson. City Clerk. .
: novlS-ule ; i ' , . s; .i
rr '
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and repave the sidewa k
on I he ea9t side of Front street from the sortneast
c irntr of Town and Front street to apointeiBhy
fire feet nbttb of l'wn street. ......
Sxctiom I. Beit ordains 1 by the Citr Council of
the City of Columbus (two-thirdsof all the mem
bers concurring). That the unpaved sidewalks,
gutters aud orosdings be graded and repaved on the
eat side of Front street lrom the northeast corner
of Towa and Front streets to i m point eighty-fire
feet north of Town street, in accordance with the
plat thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.
Sec. a. That ail damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
asaesied and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
feet fiont.
, President of the City Couuoil.
Passed Nor. , A D.1868. . .
Attest: L. K. Wilson, City Clerk. ":
-BOVl3-UtK -r r , i . . ' -
' ' i. . Paving . Ordinance -
An ordinance to lower te crossing across Mound
street at the east side of Hinh street.
Section 1. Be it ordained br the City Council
of the city of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers Concurring), That tbe flag crossing across
Mound street at the east side of High street be low
ered tocorresp nd wita the Nicolson pavement, in
accordance with the p.at thereof on file in the office
of .the City Uerk.
Sec. 3. That all damages, costs and expenses
arintog from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots' of land
fronting or abutting on the east side of High street
from Noble street to Strawbery alley, in proportion
to their feet front.
.. r - -' : . President of the City Council. '
Ptssed Not. , A. D. 183. -
Attest : L. J. W ilson. City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To ais83 a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing South street from Zenas alley to Gift street.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of thecity of Columbus. That the su n of Thirty
tour cents. Four and Seven tenth mills, be and the
same is hereby levied and assessed upon each foot
front of tbe several lots of land bounding or abut
ti g upon South s'reet lrom Zenas alley to Uift
street, excepting lots Nos. IT. IS and 19 o Baker &
Mito lell's sub., lots Nos 8 and 8 of English & Mar
tin's sub. .and 66 feet off of the east side of outlot
No. 18 and S3 feet off of the east sidj of outlot
No. 10, as the same are designated upon the
plat of the Civil Engineer, on file in the office of
the City Clerk, for the cost and expense of grading
the sidewalks along tbe same, according to the
estimate of the City Civil Engineer.
Sec. 2. Tat the owners of tbe several lots of
lant noon which the foreSMi a toHMBm.nt m&.4
ball pay the amounts of money br thorn severally
uueiu iu&t Denail to wens, 150CK dc UO.. wltQin
twenty days lrom the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and pena'ty allowed upon
the same by la w:
. .. President of the Ci'y Counoil.
Parsed Nov. 9. A. D. 1S68.
Attest: L. E. Wxlson, City Clerk.
nov!3 dlt . .,.. i ..
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing S uta street from Seventh street to Gift
street. - . , ... . .
SectiohI. Be it ordained by the City Counoil
of the city of Columbus, That the sum of Eighty
six cents. Eight mills, be and the same is hereby
levied and assessed upon each foot front of the
several 1 ts of land bounding or abutiing noon
South street from Seventh street to Gilt street, ex
cepting lot No. 9 of Maris. Willard and Little's
sub.. lotsNos. 17,13. 19, 20 and S3 of baker A
Mitchell's sub.. 1 tNo. 1 of He's sub., and 43 feet'
off o the east part of outlot No. 10, as the same are
designated upon-the plat of the CivU Engineer.' on
file ia the office of the City Clerk, for tbe cost
and expense of grading and paving tbe gutters
and Crossings along the same, according to thees
timate of t e City Civil Engineer.
Sec. 3. Tnat the owners of the several lots of
land upon which the foregoiitg assessment is made,
shall pay the amounts of money by them sever
ally d ue in that bebalt to Wens, Bcc& k Co., within
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or
be subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
the same by law.
- . , : ' WM.'NAGHTEN. . '
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1808.
Attest: h. K. Wilson, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
Toa3ses a special tax upon the real estate hound
. ing the north side of Long street, from Center
alley to straight alley. " ' 5 , ,
SECTtoM 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of thecity of Columbus, That the sum of Eleven
cents. Three mills, be and the same is hereby
levied and assessed upnn each foot front of the sev
eral lots of land bounding or abutting upon the
north side of Long street from Center allev to
S'raight alley, a the same are designated upon the
plat of the Civil Ergineer on file iu the office of the
t itty clerk, for tbe cost and expense of building a
double row flag crossing across I'll, rd street at the
north side of Long strent, according to the estimate
of the City Civil Knlineer. ' - ,-
j Sbo. 2. That the owners of tbe several lots of
land upon which the foregoing assessment is made,
shall pay the amounts of "iotiey by them severally
due in that behalf to I et T Easen within tweutv
daysfrmn the date of this ordinance, or be subjeot
to the interest and penaiiy allowed upon the tame
by law.
5 1 President of the City Council.:
Passrd Nov. 9 A I). JP68.
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
'-L ' An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing the east side of Seventh street, from Friend
Street to a point 100 feet norta of Cherry street.
Section 1. Bo it ordained by the City Conncil
of the city of Columbus, That the sum of Tea
cents. Three mills, be and the same is hereby lev ed
an i assessed np.m each foot front of the several lots
of laod bounding or abutting upon the east side of
Seventh street from Friend street to a poiut one
hundred feet north if Cherry street, as the
same are designated upon the plat of the Civil
Engineer, on file in the offioe of the City Clerk,
for the cost and expense of onitdmg a double row
flig crossing across Cherrv street at the east side of
Seventh stieet, according to the estimate of the
City Ci 11 Knginer.
Sec. i.1. Tba: the owners of the several lots of
land upon wtneu tne toregoing assessment is made,
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
due in that behalf to within twenty
dais from the date ot this ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon tbe
same by law.
1 President of the City Counoil. :
1K..(IU HUT. O. JX., U. 1QOO.
Attest: L. E.
Wilson, City Clerk.
novl3 dlt
- An Ordinance ... ,
To assess a spec'al tax upon the real estate bound
ing ceventu street, troai tbe north line ot W . C,
Brown's lot to the first alley north of Broad street.
Section 1,, Be it ordained by tbe City Council
of the city or Columbus, That the ruin of Fifty
seven cents be and the same is hereby levied and
assessed upon each foot Iront of the several lots
of land bounding or abutting upon Seventh street
from the north line of W. 0. Brown's lot on the
northeast corner of hroad and Seventh streets to
the first alley north of Broad street, as the same are
designated upon tbe plat of the Civil Engineer, on
file in ths office of the Citv Clerk, for the eoatanri
expense of building a twelve inch stone pipe sewer
aiong tne same, according to tne estimate ot tbe
Citv Civil Engineer, s -r - - .
. Sso. 2. That the owners of thi, unvAr&l tnfrfl nf
land upon which the foregoing assessment is made
shall pay the amounts- of money by them-severally
due in that behalf to Patrick Conway, within twen
ty dayB from the date of this ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
same oy law.
President of the City Couroil.
Passed Fot. 9 A D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
novl3-Ut , ., . 5 , .
Resolution to Contract. ....
Jtoolved. That the Citv Ci vil ICniruiAAr lie. and
lie is hereby authorized anc directed to contiact in
tbe name-.ot tee city of Columbus, with John
Murphy for gra- ingand repaying thesidewalks and
gutters on tbe south side of Chapel street from High
street to Fatr alley, and grading and graveling the
roadway on Chapel street, from High street to r-ront
street, upon tbe following terms, to-wit:
ForexcivatiDg or grading, Thirty-three cents per
cubic yard.
or f urnisbinc and setting curbiDg, Twenty-seven
cents per lineal loof,-
For boulder paving, Forty-five cents per square
. J"or brieks laid. 13 00 per thousand. -f " v " 1
Kor graveling street, eeventj-five cents per cubic
Adopted Nor. 9, 186S.
Attest: L.E.WILSON.
novl3-dlt , City Clerk.
-JJ 4 , ;An Ordinance -4 4 1
To repeal an ordinance entitU d an ordinance to as
. :sess a special tax upon the; real estate bounding
South street from Seventh street to Gift street.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of
the City of Columous, That' the ordinanoe to as
sess a special tax upon the real estate bounding
South street from Seventh street .to Gift street,
passed Oct. 19ih, 1868, be and the same is hereby re-
Peal8d' .,- r -i WM. NAGHTEN,
. President of the City Council.
Passed Wot." , A. 1.168.- -
Afest:. L-.JS. Wilson. City Clerk.
liati3-4'- - 4 ' ' ' -
Paving Notice.
To ail waom ii may c9noem : . -:,
Columbus. 0.. Nov. 8. 18C8.J
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted in the City Council of Columbus, for
making thofollowing improvements, to wii: -'.
Kor laying a double row flag stone crossing across
Center alley on the north side of Long street.
Also, for building adoublo row flag crossing
across South Publio lane at the west side of High
street. , ., , . .
Also, for building a double row flag, crossing
across South street at the west side of High street.
The same to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City CivilEngmeer
and filed in tbe office of the City Clerk.
, All penonaclsimingdamages on account of said
proposod improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the 'twenty-fifth day of December. A. 1).
novl3-dltaww City Clerk.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 12.
The Directors of tlie Bureau ol Statistics
is preparing an elaborate report on statis
tics ot taxation of the Uuited States.' . I
will exhibit Federal, State, county, town
ship and corporation taxes in detail. The
sum ot these various revenues now exceed
Assumed Command.
Brevet Brigadier General Horace Brooks
to-day assumed command of this depart
ment. It is believed the present staff will
be retained. . , -. .
Another large number of visitors were at
General Grant's headquarters to-day.
Revenue Matters.
Secretary McCulloch and Attorney Gen
eral Evarts this morning had a long inter
view with the President in mlation to in
ternal revenue matters.
Prize Fight between Gallagher
and Elliott.
DETROIT, Nov. 12.
To-day two battles were toughton Peche
Island, at the head of Detroit river. Ttit?
tirst was between two young sports, Hal-
lerin, oi Cleveland, ana Broderick, of Chi
cago. They fought - sixteen rounds in 40
minutes, ana naa to give away for the
main attraction of the day. They fought
tor filty-five dollars and divided the spoils.
Both were pretty badly nunUhed.
The light between Gallagher and Elliott
was iu tne same ring, and was determined
and brutal. It ei.ded in a rough and tum
ble encounter and a most unjust decision.
The weather was quite chilly. The ring
was pitched in a wet, slippery locality.
ub jranan, oi iieveiano, nnipirea lor tial
lagher, and Dennis Moynahan, ol Detroit,
and Johnny Jlackey, of Cleveland, sec
onded him.'
Tbe same offices were respectively per
formed for Eiliott by Dan Leekey, of New
York, Dan Brown, of New York, and Tom
Allen, of Cleveland.
Joe Colbert, of Philadelphia, was chosen
referee. He was throusrh the fisrht com
pletely managed by Elliott's party, and
by his unfair decisions gained i,o friends
lrom either side. It was quite apparant
that had he decided against Elliott he
would have been killed.
Tbe fight commenced at eight minutes
after two and lasted one hour and seven
teen minutes, during which time 21 rounds
were fought.
First Gallagher forced the fighting and
at the 'outset received -a stiiiixer in the
mouth. Elliott thus getting first blood.
They clinched and fell, Elliott under.
Second The men visited each other se
verely on the ribs, breast, shoulders, neck
and head, without any severe disfigure
ment, and the ronnd closed by Elliott slip
ping out of chancery and going down on
his knees.
' Third Another clinch. In whicb Elliott
got decidedly the worst of the bargain and
went down to avoid punishment. This
dodge he repeated quite a number of times,
greatly to his advantage, and the round in
variably ended in his going down to pre
vent disastrous blows.
Up to the conclusion of the 14th round it
was give and take, and the result at that
time was in favor of Gallagher. Elliott
had his right eye completely shut, so as to
be useless.. He was pretty badly brnised
in different parts of his body. His right
hand was badly' injured, and appearances
indicated that he had mistaken his man.
On the other hand, Gallagher had a
swelled nose and enlarged car and several
sore ribs. .Otherwise he was uninjured..
In the fifteenth round Elliott rushed at
at his opponent, clinched and pulled him
Gown. As they reached the earth Elliott
attempted to gouge out one ot Gallagher's
eyes. . "
lhe bix remaining rounds were fought
in about the same manner, Elliott on each
occasion attempting the gouging process,
ana with partial success. On one occasion
he rolled Gallagher completely over, got
upon his back and attempted with both
hands to take his opponents eyes out. - This
fraud was so plainly to be seen that Gal-
lagbei's friends interfered and. a promiscu
ous row seemed imminent. Quite a num
ber of men rushed into the ring and the
excitement bt came very great. Gallagher
arose on his feet after the close ol the
twentieth round, and having failed to se
cure previous claims of foul, refused
to proceed lurther with the light before
time was called, and while Gallagher was
speaking to the referee Elliott approached
him from behind and dealt htm a terrible
blow under the lelt ear. Gallagher re
turned the shot, and a rough and tumble
fight ensued. Elliott claimed the fight,
and the referee decided in his favor.
St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 12.
A petition was filed yesterday in the
Circuit Court by Ellztbeth L. Engelke,
wife of Maj'ir B. H." Engelke, asking ten
thousand dollars damages from her lather.
Henry B. Brant, for cruelly beating her.
The immediate cause ol ilio whipping Is
not stated, but It is understood Mrs.-En
gelke ran away with the Minor some time
last spring, but all parties were soon alter
reconciled and the young people have since
lived with the lailv's father. Henry B.
Brant is a son of Col. Brant, formerly of
tne unitea states army, anu Detore nis ue
cease a wealthy and prominent citizen of
at. L.OUI8. fie was also connected oy mar
riage with the late Thos. H. Benton.
A convention ot white lead manuactur-
ers was heldfiere yesterday. Theobject of
the convention was to e fleet concert in ac
tion relating to -the trade, with the further
object of promoting the interests of Wes
tern white lead manufacturers exclusively,
of reducing the price of white lead, and of
ridding the market ot adulterated matter.
It was -presided over by Mr. Wm. Wood, of
tnejuage Whitehead Works. Cincinnati,
Chicago, Louisville, Cleveland and St.
Louis companies were represented in the
There was to have been a convention of
general railroad agents here yesterday, but
tnere Deing present a less numDer man
necessary to transact business, they ad
journed to meet in Chicago next Wednes
day. . , : -
The recent heavy rains west and north
west of here have caused a ri.-e in the
rivers unprecedented at this season of the
year. The ryirer at this point has risen be
tween seven and eight feet since Tuesday,
and several thousand dollars damage has
been caused to freight lying on the levee.
The Cofler dam at the bridge has also been
filled, and work has been suspended until
the river falls again.
It is reported that Perry M. Hunter, ex
tensive woolen manufacturer at . Norris
town, committed Buiclde this morning by
shooting. -
Brewery Burned.
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Nov. 12.
Miller's brewery. Lake avenue, was de
stroyed by tire last evening. Loss 1517,000,
insured tor s,uuo.
Seymour Carries Oregon.
' ' Seymour carries Oregon by about 200
maority.. -t .. ...
The . Savage Mining Company omitted
the October dividends. . "
Arrived Ultivator, Aurora, New. York.
Cleared Yosenilte, for Liverpool, with
1,2000 tons of wheat; Emma Maril, for Kio
Janeiro, with 424 tons ot nour.
River News.
Weather cloudy. Itiver 8 feet and rising.
Mercury 41 degrees.,. .
BOSTON, Nov. 12.
night in' the store
Kelly & Con dry goods merchants, Otif
street, destroyed property estimated at
$70,000.'. Insured here. - . ,;',;,'
Attempted Bank Robbery.
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 12.
An unsuccessful attempt was madetjo rob
the National Bank, at 'CableskUl, last
night. .
" The criminal case against Lieut.' Gov.
Qleason and Secretary Aldem comes oi.
to-morrow. The opinion ot : the Supreme
Bench in relation to Impeachment of Gov
ernor Eced will not be rendered before t,ke
19th Inst.
Commercial Bank.
ST. JOHN, Nov. 12.
There Is abetter feeling regarding the "
Commercial Bank, which Is paying notes
to depositors.. Its notes are current S5o to
00c per dollar. ' r . . r ,..
San Francisco News.
San Francisco News. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 11.
Johnson (Democrat) is elected, to Con
gress from the Northern District' by a.
small majority. ' - - ' " '' I
The Board of Regents has elected Gen.
George B. McClellan President of the Uni
versity of California.
Late Arizona advices say there are no- '
merous Indian outrages. Gov. McCormick .
disapproved the recent massacre of Indi
ans by whites near Lopez, aud has ordered
the arrest of the principal actors. . 1 ;
1 The Legislature is to convene November
30:h. -; ..' ""! :. : -:t :
Toronto News.
TORONTO, ONT., Nov. 12.
The schooner W. B. Allen, laden with
wheat for Oswego, went ashore on the Isl
and last night aud is breaking badly. . i .'
. The City Council has passed a law grant-
ing 9400,000 to build a narrow guage rail
way. : .':'' J- ' ...:!! f .
vote of the State stands, with one
parish incomplete Grant 26,552; Seymour
81,742. . ,., . , ; u , '
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 12. Nashville.
. A bill passed the Senate on the first '
reading to-day, providing for tho-sale of
the- Nashville Northwestern Edxfield, -aud
Kentucky, Memphis, Clarksvile &
Louisville and Winchester & McMinnville
raihoaJs. The bill empowers the Comp
troller of tbe Treasury and Secretary of
State as Commissioners to sell railroads. If
a sale is not made, they are authorized to'
lease roads. .
Official Vote of Pennsylvania.
The following is the full official vote of
Pennsylvania: Grant 3I2.2S0; Seymour
313,382. Grant's majority 23 80& .
Wormald and O'Baldwin.
BOSTON, Nov. 12.
; The evening Herald says the stake money
pending on the late attempted priz9 fight
between O'Baldwin and Wormald has been
paid over to the former; also that Worm
aid remains in Boston and O'Baldwin will
leave for California next week.
CHARLESTON, S. C., Nov. 12.
The Citizens' party will contest the elec
tion - for Mayor and Aldermen on the
ground that the election was carried '. by
traud aud intimidation.. . ; , : - '
Workingwomen's Association.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.
i A meeting of the Workingwomen's As
sociation was held last night, over which
Susan B. Anthony presided.. Several Sor
osiana were present, who. it was-iMsUeved,
were anxious to get control of. -the rising
organization ; .but they were utterly de
tented in their object by the true represen
tatives of the workmgwomen; The debate
between the two factions was quite s picy,
and tbe S'rosis received several severe re
buffs, but the meetiu adjourned peaceful
ly. Miss Sus in B. Anthony was elected
President, Miss Celia Burleigh and Mis
Elizibeth BrowMi -Secretaries, ; and Miss
Field Treasurer.
Stuyvesant Divorce Case.
In the Court of Common Pleas,' before
Judge Brady, in the divorce case of Theo
dore Stuyvesant against Catharine Stuyv'e
sant, the referee to whom the case bad been
referred for taking testimony, reported to
the Court in favor ot the defendant on all
the issues submitted to him. and which
were the basis of the plaintiff's prosecu
tion. -
Naturalization Cases.
The Eosenburg naturalization fraud case
has been sfet dow n for Monday next. In the
United States Circuit Court, Judge Nelson
In thn United States Commissioner's
Court, Peter Mitchell, a member of the
Legislature, charged with issuing a fraud
ulent naturalization paper, was, on exam
ination, discharged, and the 'complaint dis
missed.. - i - - i '
Severely Burned.
A Spaniard named Nareno, while im
prisoned on a charge ot insanity in the
Tombs, on Tuesday attempted to set fire to
his cell. He was severely injured by burns
and . almost suffocated by smoke. Little
damage was done to the cell. He was taken
to Bellevue Hospital. . :
Admiral Farragut.
Admiral Farragut is expected to visit
the Brooklyn Navy Yard to-day, and will
be received with all the honors due his
rank. - -. . , . ;
Slaughter of Cattle.
Yesterday morninsr, on the Morris &
Essex railroad, it was discovered a large
number of cattle were being driven over
the Grove street crossing. The engineer
of the locomotive thought that if he
slacked the train he might be thrown off
the track. ', He accordingly dashed through ,
the drove at full speed, tossing the quad-:
rupeds in all directions and killing live of
them. ' ' . - . - '
It was rumored last evening that the
prize fight between Wormald and O'Bald
win was arranged to take place thfs morn
ing, at a sporting house in Amity street,
and Captain Caffrey detailed a number 61
men to keep watch of the roughs. It was
also rumored at a later hour that Wormald
had forfeited the stakes and that conse
quently the tight was again off.
" '
The prize fight between O'Baldwin, the
Irish Giant, and Wormald, occurred this
morning at Weehawken, N. J. The form
er was seconded by Joe Coburn and Wor
mald by Geo. Itonke. Only one round was
fought. Wormald was sent flyiug to his
corner, knocked insensible, lie" could not
come to time. His jaw was bioken. No
arrests are reported. ' ; .
The reported prize fight between O'Bald
win and Wormald was a hoax, palmed off
as genuine on some of the New York
evening papers, from which it was taken
lor telegraphic news.
Supervision of Agencies.
A New York Insurance company has
tendered Gen.Relee the position ot Super
visor of Agencies for the Southern States,
at a salary of $10,000 a year. ,
The Tribune has the following: -
Montgomery, Ala., Nov, 11 Alabama
has certainly gone lor Grant. " . -
Chm'n Republican State Com.
The stenographer of the Congressional
committee on Retrenchment reports that
at to-day's meeting testimony was given
to tbe effect that an ex-Collector of Inter-'
nal Revenue paid last June thesura of $30,
000 to one D. C. AirdsalL, a black mail, in a
proceeding commenced by A. Belknnp,
special agent of the Treasury Department,
for whom Judge Fullerton was counsel, and
that the arrangements tor the payment of
the money was made, Juge Fullerton be-
ing present, in Birdsall's office; and that
lately parties concerned have repaid $23000
tor the money so extorted.- The Investiga
tion will be resumed to-morrow, r -. ,..
General Kilpatrick.
General Kil pat rick, through Gen. Whit
taker, of Hartford, replies to General For
rest's denunciations by reiterating .Jiis ',
own.. General Sliackleford, of New Haven,
to whom the reply is addressed, denies the
truth of Kilpatrick's charges against For
rest in the Fort Pillow affair,- and nrges
Whittaker to address communications on
the subject hereto Basil Duke or N. B.
Forrest. - .. . - - - -. ,
The soldiers arid sailors of Passratc'coun--tyv'N-
J-, have made arrangements to erect
a . monument to the memory of. comrades ;
who died in the battles' of the' rebellion, j
Gen. John Cochrane delivers the oration;
upon the occasion of laying' the corner-'
stone, at Tatterson on. the 26th. lust.
A person .Jiamed. W H. Moore, sold to
Henry Clews & Co. a $100 5-20 bond, re
ceiving therefor a check on the Fourth Na- i
tional Bank for $105 50. This he altered
to $95,000, and presented it at the bank.
The forgery was instantly discovered, and ;
the perpetrator, after resistance, arrested, j
Attempted Robbery.
'An unsuccessful attempt was made this '
afternoon in Cedar street to rob a. bank 1
messenger of $100,000. .'The Tllguwajman i
was secured. -' '': ' ,'' . "
Two Tdeni named IK Cr and J.' E. CYe
tnincu, have been arrested lor alleged con
cern in the, celebrated Royal Insurance
tskerr t 'Binghampton and a warrant is-
Glliul dn ... SVI l.i. I 1
uicir, nuu me lauer. woo was taKeu
011 fiUAnlinn. filhnroo1 4 want- saf atfL
denoet...T isrsr iiur:i
Safe Blown Open.
Iftut nlfrhft .ha nafa In f VS ctAM
Samls & Cudder. Huntington. L. I- was
blown open oy iwrrfftrs, and $17 000 in U.
villus carrieu on. mere is no ciue to
e burglars. ' ' . '"in ' - t . : .
.TsimPa ftplflln alt-a 2.AKnfe V
. v., ul00 i ji ue ii s una mxil
full V cnmrnittprl nn .1,,, . r hKin
dimesaviugs bauk. in Broaldya ot 3,30O
III UyilUO. - r . i .- f m
Two target companies, the Texas Gpars,
F- RrAnkiwn. mirl Van flam fli.m-Aa A. XT.
Vnrt . fi Qil m fiirhfcin 'au, Va.1. J
Several were injured and many bones were
broken' bflrlngjpisslle. -
The Pope and Spain—Reformatory
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.
The Democrat's caola" special says that
the Pope, through bis v Nuncio "at
Madrid, still refuses to recognize
the new Government of Spain; that
at - a ' meeting of French' Bishops'1 and
Cardinals In Rome, several reformatory
measures were, to the great sumriseof the
conservative members, lavorably received
oy a majority.' Among tne measures ras
one to reverse the Council of Trent con
cerning the celibacy of the OatMie clergy,
anu allowing tnem to marry. Another
was to abolish tbe Latin -Htursrv and sub
stitute the language of the nation In which
tne service is pertormed. These measures
will be submitted to the coming Accuuaim-
ical COUUCil. -. n--.-..- .-'-av :::-!
Havana Advices to the 7th.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.
A Havana letter of the 7th Inst, says: la
the flht near Baire the Spanish troops re
treated, having one hundred and thirty
live men killed and wounded." - "
. A cargo of arms- and ammunition was
landed for the insurgents at Mac'nay Sor
tella.. -r a .u
A small lot of rifles arrived "t Havana
on the 5th lrom the Spanish Government
and was taken immediately to the Eastern
Department, with a reinforcement of troops.
The insurgents want jno retorts, but de
mand independence of Spain . and an
nexation with the United States. ' . :
Puerto Principe is reported to 'have
joined the revolt, and it Is expected a ris
ing will soon take place near Havana.. ;
It is reported in Havana by the Govern
ment authorities that the . rebels ' have
agreed to lay down their arms on condi
tion that all. should be pardoned, but the
Captain General would not tnclude Cespa
da and Arquilera In the-amnesty., . ' ;e i;
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ' :1
New York Money Market—Nov. 12.
MONEY" Easy at 67 per cent, on fall
loans, chiefly the latter rate, but, there .are
indications that the lying . up -process is
beinsr removed.' 11 - a
looifsiooc - - ' ' rf..v
GOLD L iwer; opened at 131'b and
closed atl33X133.. . (
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 12.
GOLD 133 buying. : sw-i
: MONEY Market remains tight.;! I
New York Stock Market—Nov. 12.
ed steady and higher, but the advance was
lost. Coupons of '81 113)mSt do "62
10$ do '64 106; do '65 106; do new
100idO7671.409; do , 'C8 . 10 4Q's
Stocks opened buoyant and higher, and
closed heavy and unsettled with loss of ad
vance. . -.; .:::! i .!.., ovihv ,
5:30 prices Wells' Express 27J27';
American 41K42; : Adams 46X47;
United States 45J7; Merehantsf Union
1919; Pacifie Mail U3J113) Wes
tern Unon Telegraph 8535J-4;, New York
Centralll7ll7; Erie 37J37k; Hud
son I22; Reading yC)i96; Ohio & Mis
sissippi 29i29; St-Paul 6868JB': Terra
Hmte 3740; Michigan Southern ? 81
82t; Jlliuois Central 140;. Pittsburgh 83
83"; Toledo 97, Northwestern,. Sli
Sm; Rock Island ,101102; Ft, Wayne
New York Market—Nov. 12.
npMva n i.'
er. closing quiet at 2424c for Toldling
FLOUR Closed dull and a trifla -lower
on common and medium giades.- . ' , , '
WHEAT Nominal and l2of lower,
with holders disposed to realize,
.. BYE Dull and declining. . -
OATS Quiet and firm at 71723fQr
western In store and silnat. .'
CORN Dtlll atl 12fl- 14 fnr nnsnnn'rl.
$1 151 16 for sound western mixed.
i viviv xHomiuai,, wiin sales Ot mesa at
$29 . r
BEEF Dull and' unchanged"."'.' '' '"'
CUT MEATS Nominal;
BACON In moderate request and ttn
changed. . - ' ..-- t ) -,- ., -,, j
LARD Dull at JGOlOJio for fair, to
prime steam"."'" ; "
EGGS Quiet and unchanged. -J ;"!,
-..ir . i , -it :'iii,;J:,it
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 12.
FLOUR A moderate demand at $7 -50a
7 75. . , .... ,. . , .
WHEAT Fair demand at $1 75 lor No.
1 red.--- '
CORN Dull and drooping; old 80c; new
55t56u. s .-.! i..-.. - . ,- ..
OATS Quiet; No. 1 at 57c. ...
RYE Steady at $1 27 1 2S for No. L
BARLEr Unsettled and prices nom
inal.' tMt -.!:. !,! r- tsl'.i;. ir..n M-.-Il
COTTONr-Declined tt 22i for middllnr
uplands. , .... .... I
WHISKY Dull at $100.
HOGS Good demand and firmer at $725
800eross. " j -
GREEN MEATS Firmer and. higher;
shoulders 6old this afternoon at and
heavy sides at lie; hams held at 12J13o.
; LARDLower; prime' kettle renuered
sold at 15le. - ;.. - .:...
BULK MEATS About half cored offer
ed'atlOe, 13c,14Jc and I4c packed for
shoulders, sides, clear rib and clear sides, .
. BACON 13JC--; stock of sides small. A
II A MS Sniriir curprl hum, van, Hll
-lG.17c. ; . , , .., . -j . -. ;
BUI rLK Good supply and market dull
at 3337c, the latter lor prime Western
Reserve. ' " ' "' -
: EGGS Firm at 30c.' i - v - . -i.tiIr-
. SUGAR dti, moderate .demand: ! Cuba
12 14c; Porto Jiico I3K15c..7 ,.. , ia
COFFEE Firm; sales at 2324c for falx
to prime Rio, and 25e for choice.-'
OILS Linseed dull; email sales at 95e,
but can be bought much lower In a large
way: lard oil unchanged. .., v ...
Dull at $2 004 CO per bb'l'.:A
POTATOES7o75c. i . uuK
-. HAY Dull.at1314. ; i
Toledo 12.
FLOUR-Qtiiet- . . . V
WHEAT White' iirtchanged,' amber 2c
lower; sales No 1 white Michigan at $200;
white Michigan at 9V.7G)4i amber at $1 66
l 66; No 2 white VVauash at $1 95; am
ber, buyer during the month, at $1 67: do
seller, last half, at $1 66. . ' . '
CORN Inactive and lower; ' NO ,1 87c;
Michigan 86)c; rejected 84ej j r
OATS Steady at.53u for No L t
RYE Unchanoed ar. SI Ik rritrn 1 4
BARLEY Sales wehtorn r.nJ. '
$1 90. tkv, s ri-.'rn :-:tt. ,T" "?
St. Louis Market—Nov. 12.
. rv nnai-f irmer nut trreeular- .
' CORN 75faS0c for nil ivltiu- now lr.
regular.1'" ' J ' " '.'' ' ; ' !l '
OATS 48a52o;t :.. .? qf. n.U.u-j
RYE-$1 vom 33-'- n -If I ilAAn ,
BARLEY Unchanged., . , . j . v
WHISKY-Jl 01102.-' J-1 351,1 t'u
POKK $29 50. -
LARD 15t:., ,.,.m , ,q r- .- rt , if
BACON Scarce and upchanged.,
Buffalo Market—Nov. 12.
FLOUR P.it.v trrnnnH 1 -.
7 50 !-v.--r. w "J"." ,v'(
-WHEAT-NpmlnaHr'unchanged;1 saVeJ
No. 2 Milwanke t 83; No 1 doV 45; am
erMlchigan $1, 77; white, do$2:2fJ.,'it at
. CORN Dull and firm; small lots aelllnir -
at9Sc. " ..'"' : ' -j c
" OATS-Dun and scarce af 60cV 'nominal
qaotatiooSt"' '-n io fiviini .le-n.n- j
i, JF.REIiGHTS-No edgagementaj ; t.,.:(!,a
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 12.
- WHEAT-Weak; fl 29'
r. -.7. . ' .MMmianxeo
ror .

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