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niiciL' Tablr,' prepared and
antaA hr W. J. Savage, Jeweler, 83
Nov. 13, 1868.
..ii. - '',-.- . Uuoirittr. Ihsrmoraetec
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. u 53
rVH..,. !"- - - "
jrj ' (...H. M. J...-.
Ram Rises.... 4S 1 Son Sets.,
H. M
..4 tt
COLUMBUS, OHIO, Nov. 14. 1868.
-r -,.,td to meet this (Satur
davrevenln,. November 14th, Thua-i
-Hall, It 1. ected that .11 members will
. i.. th. r nnmlwn. 1
attena ana recei -
H. FELTUS, Sec'y.
' .v..t.nlRf was moat beautiful. The
ladle were on the street en mow. -
" ray-The Western Press Association Is to
meet la Cleveland oh Wednesday next.
Fiye cent "shinnies" are fast dlsaj
liearing.' The nickel 1 taking their placif.
rsr- nni 'tiftrkDaokers are Retting ready
for business, which will soon commence
now. ,: -, ,-!, f ' - --
i: 13- fWenty -one daya hard labor was tie
ntnce of an Enema laDorer woo pui.ru
a carrot from a field to eat when, he was
, T.Jt.i;.i.iA wii nroauce me
same effect In this country- . .' u'.'t -.
ti T?rs:. Workmen are busy kt woik
at the skating rlnk,lveltngtheskating floor
and getting everything ready for tne win
ter sport. The freezing doors are In place
and all arrangements made tor having ice
the first cold snap we have. '..
Tibx. The alarm of fire yesterday after,
noon was caused by. the catching Are-of the
roof of C. Emrich's Union foundry Irom a
aoark tron the chimney, It "was, ex tin-
gulshed before the arrival of the engine?,
lnrfact It was almost subdued before the
alarm was given.' ' ', '''':'. ., ,.f ,
Th Offioui. OBOAN.-The Journal has
been selected as the official organ of "Black
Crook(the boot artist. We noticed con
siderable "hlnenrln Its colnmrjs.yesterday,
and understood where iteome-'from hen
we saw "Crook's" card. Success to the
Black Crook organr
Dw,th of Sknator Hali,. The Governor
informedby-dUpstch I
the ileat h.of Hon. James C Halfc njeroher pf
the State Senate from the Toledo district
He had been suffering a great while from
thVeffect of a pistol shot, which- tasome
manner affectedlils spine. ' "" "
I pigjiH W BTJJ. Djcjid Toi.r-Hon. San
Galloway "yesterday ' received a " telegram
announcing that ex-Gqv. David Tod had
died very suddenly yesterday morning at
his jesldenca jat. Briar . H.W, ,Iaboning
couty,f apoplexyv "The news -was re
ceived here with, feelings of deepest regret.
The ' Sags on -the State House , and 'other
bufldtogs were dhtplayed at half-mast.
. TRAMsraaaaD -Ykstkbda The follow-
In transfers of real estate were lelt at Uie
Kecordtr's office yesterday : " ...
Joh.n, Morris and wife to William Veach.
SepVil&h; utteiaia ta7i acres of laid In
Jackeon townshipv for T0(. '; l
Mlohn Bi Peflin to Wm. Heflin,Nov. 12th,
naores, 3 rods nd 28 poles of land , in
Pleasant township for $623. - -'' "
....r n - i i- - f")
Eiictios; KBTOHia-i-Tlie official elec
tion returns Irom all the counties of this
State except Williams have "been received
at tihe Secretary of State's office. The la
bor' 6f opening ' them will comDience on
Monday and continue during the week.
As the returns are made by townships and
TOtlngplaceSt and as there are about six
teen, hundred pthesfting precincts In
the SUte, our readers may judge what a
j oh it will be.
.Accident to an. Exprm s Driver. As
tafayette M. Davls.'cair driver ofAdams'
Express Company, was driving tpnthe do
pot between onu and two o'clock yesterday
alternobn. heras thrown to the ground by
the expre3S wagon striking the street raiN
read trackwhen aear'Oay' street, and se
Terely injured by belngftruck in the back
bv the front wheel of the wagon. Had the
beavily4oaded vehlcle paasedivetihim, it
must have killed him instantly, ana ne
barely' aaved. hla llfe by rolling out fin
nnder the wheels.
ex o. .rv - .
Chestnuts. Chestnuts
just' now are
chestnuts. They retail at thirty-five cents
a quart. This gives to chestnut trees a de
cree of dignity that pnts even mahogany
to the blush., JJaox .a score' of bushels of
them have we seen fold for a third of this
price." ' Boiled chestnuts are J a delicacy.
Stuff, a turkey with' them, ahdyou have a
mbrcead of exquisite daintiness.'; In raw
state, the'chestnut, like the cocoa nut, is
about as digestible as , leather. . It. lacks
essential oil, and should be sedulously let
alone. .. . "... . ' - . . j,
' Caw'' Bi -PBKTKNTBD. As' winter Is
nearlv upon us. perhaps' It might not be
out of place for ua to make the suggestion
that the smooth, Iron "covers that protect
te'entrincea to coal vaults underlying tbe
pavements, might Te so fixed as to -keep
omd; a person irom linunus wmwu uui
In'jr the snowy season. Tese eoverlngs.
smoothed and polished, by constant attri
tion with tbe thousands ol feet that pass
over them, will remind all of jthelr presence
a the first 4all oty snow, aid many an one
will have cause to remember thrm, if there
is not something done to remedy the mat
ter. They 'ought all.toTje removed and
T - ' .'. i.' ' ........ .i
tin patent iron ana glass covers suDsuiuiea
W their jplaces,';, ;,,-:v:v' '
Galoot EKCOBD-TThere were but two
specimens of the genus galoot before the
Mayor' yesterday.' On "of them? Charles
Thompev,wa. terribly drunk. He was
unable te stand; sit Or walk,; so there was
nothing for It but to lie down,' which lie
did, a good deal. Charles took up a good
deal of the sidewalk, for he Is no chicken,
rrlea kti'tJ ? TTtt traa flnetf 5 and COSt.
and In default was conducted 6 that paTa
tial abode, where! galoots all, hammer dor
nicks and benzlnists all find rest. He bam-
mereth.' -M ,0i!
- .John Longstaft was drunk and disorder
ly, .Very drunk and very disorderly. He
was prepared to, fight anything from a wo
njan 500 years eld to a team engine. ; H
wanted, to fight .people, because they
wouldn't fight him. He was fined $10, and
in default he bamroereth.;
'flAkl Mvktdock'B 'LKCTCBBV-rThe lrctnr
C Mr. Murdock at the Second Presbyteri
an churob last night,' drew such a crowd a
. was never gathered In that buildlng before
The bodv ol the church was filled, and th
gallery seau occupied.1 Viewed as a lite
rary effort Mr. MurdoekY lecture is im
mense; a a specimen of elocution, the el
fort was worth ylof the man.aid we rank bin1
among the best elocutionists in America
While we cannot agree with him in all hh
state menta and: deductions,. wa' hi dst' sa
that his . estimate of Mr. Lincoln's cbarac
ter is very : cprrfeuand not overdrawn. WT
do not; fcejieje, (hat. Jlr-i49ln'a wn:an
Indjepndept mind, but that be leaned upon
dbd wasieaa Dyne stronger, aeenermtei
lects be called around. hlm,:,Iuo .YamuI
M!en!s Christian Association bave . startec
out braeiy,-ana weoope.if.ieir.ua? w sue
cess may this winter know no ebb,
Coobt or Cook. Plka8. The Novem
ber term of the Court of Common Pleas pi
Franklin county, commences on Monday
next. We have already published the list
of grand and petit Jurors. The following
is the assignment of docket for the week
ending Friday, Nov. 20th : Monday, No
2 to 88 inclusive; Tuesday, No. 93 to 381;
Wednesday, 382 to 664; Thursday, 656 to
804; Friday, 808 to 822. Saturday, moti- n
day. , . :. -..I - " . ,,
The criminal docket will be commenced
on Monday, Dec. 12th, and end Thursday,
Dec 31st.
On Monday next Thomas S. Sbepard
will retire from the office of Clerk of this
Court and be succeeded by C. Loewenstein,
the Clerk elect. Mr. Sbepard has been
connected with the Clerlt's office for about
eleven years, having laid down the "sti k
and rule" to accept a position as deputy
Clerk under J. L. Bryan, , and remain
ed there nntil Mr. Bryan's death. He con
tinued in the same position under James H.
Smith, who was appointed to till Mr. Bry
an's vacancy, and then azaln with D. W.
Brooks, appointed to fill the vacancy
occasioned by the death of Mr. Smith.
In 1862, Mr. Shepard was nominated by
the Democratic party for. Clerk, and : of
course elected, and he was re-elected in
1865, thus giving him a. continued service
of about eleven years in the Clerk's office,
In all this time MrJShepard has been one
of the most popular officers that ever filled
the office. Tom was a good printer and, of
a necessity, was a good officer. He leaves
the office with the best wishes ot all who
have business with him, and' will takelnto
his retirement the warmest regards of all
who know him. To these be can add our
blessing. Now that he occupies a position
not wholly unconnected with. the shoe and
leather business, may his tole still expand
and his ; finances increase tpeg or two, unt 1
be is recularly seiotd up and life waxe to an
end. That's awfc?
Swindlkbs. Almost every . paper we
pick, up gives us accounts ol the operations
of swindlers,' who appear to be operating
upon - the credulous all-over the country-
The operations of these sharks are not con
ned to the old methods of accomplished
scoundrels, but they have invented plans,
laid purposely to catch. 'the unwary. De
spite all the newspapers can publish of the
operations of . these sharpers, it appears
their victims are still as easily caught. . It
would require ' too much space for us to
give advice how to avoid these fellows and
expose all their tricks; but we may be safe
In saying that no person should part with
their money until they know what they are
to receive In return for it. Steer clear or all
lotteries,' gift enterprises and every other
illegitimate business, no matter what the
Inducements are to invest. Our experience
and it is not verjrextensive teaches us
that all games of -chance are a fraud, no
matter what 'their ostensible object " Is
ciaimed. Grab baes. faro banks, gift en
terprises, draw poker, benefits for soldiers!
orphans, three card monte,, subscriptions
tor the benefit of disabled soldiers, kenoi
soldier organ grinders, or subscriptions
to clothe the Digger logins,' all and every,
a e swindles. If vou wish to Invest your
money In charitable objects, make it your
business to inquire thoroughly into.it, and
if worthy give all you have to spire. But
be chary of what you give to apparently
benevolent demands.- The sharks and
sharpers, who are now around will resort
all manner' ot tricks to" defraud and
gwlndle the unsuspecting and Ignorant,
and if you are not well posted, niue chances
to one you will be swindled. '?,,'
-M m
The WjaoLVaALB Tkadb op- Coldjjbos.
Chicago and St.-Louis advertise the im
mense business of their wholesale houses
by; telegraph. Columbus boasts of the
finest rooms and the heaviest wholesale
trade of any city in the West of its size,
and we must air them a little. Harris,
Carpenter & Co , Wholesale Notions and
White1. Goods,' head' the procession, and
their house is one vast beehive of industry
and ,.bonfey (money) gathering. Few of
onr people that have not ' personally in
spected , their stock and looked through
their spacious rooms, bave an idea of their
immensity. They occupy, four rooms on
the first floor, and two on .'the second, of
their block on Town street, and every nook
and corner, and more than a hundred
counters, are used to display their tempt
ing stock.' They are a positive credit to
our city as a business house, and we hope
their efforts to meet the wants of the trade
will be fully appreciated. Merchants will
find it to their Interest to place the name
ot this firm. in their memorandum book.
and examine their stock thoroughly before
purchasing elsewhere. s
CMrss Schnkiber's MA-nsEifc Our lady
readers will of course remember the mat-
nee concert to be given at Naughtost Hall
this attcruoon, by Mlss.Caroline Schneider,
assisted by Mrs; L. C. Bailey, Miss Emma
J."Lathrop, Messrs. Lott, Schneider, and
others. Of Miss Schneider as a pianist we
have already recorded our opinion that
she Is the most brilliant and correct lady
performer in the United States, and In this
frpinlon : we Brer proud to say we are sus
tained by the best musical critics here and
elsewhere. 1 Her touch is perfection itself.
Mrs. Bailey is the sweetest singer., we have
heard in Columbus. Her tones are clear
and bird-like and she renders her music
without straining for effect, that gasping
for breath Jb at mars the efforts of so many
otherwise good singers. Of Miss Latbrop's
singing we are not yet prepared to speak.
never having heard her. Report, however,
speaks ' highly of . her. The programme.
la full of beautiful selections and must
prove attraMlv. ' '''. , ,..,..
FiLED'""YjiTKKLi Tl -f he following cer-
tjflcatcs of tncorpi; rat in-were. filed with
the Secretary ot Su t6 esterdaj: .
kOf the Calumbaa building and Loan-Sen
ciety of Youngstown, organized tor the
purpose of raising funds to be loaned
among its members. Principal office,
Youngstown, Mahoning county. Capital
stock -$400,000, In shares of- 200 each.
George Budge, W. J. Whelan, C. G. Nolan,
John O'Herron and John Kietly are the
ctirporatort. -'," f1
Of the Pee Pee Bridge Company, organ
ised for the purpose of erecting a bridge
across Pee Pee and Crooked creek, near
the mouth of the Scioto river. Capital
stock $2,500, In shares of $10 each. James
Emmitt, Henry E. Ware, Edward O.Jones,
Joseph' Myers and George D. Emmitt are
the corporators.
For thb Poor. Rev. J.- T. Rochford,
one oi the most able divines of the Catho
lic Church, will lecture at St. Patrick's to-,
morrow evening, before tbe Society of St.',
Vincent de Paul, the proceeds to bo ap
plied for tbe benefit of the poor... There Is
but little need of our urging a full atten
lance on this lecture, because its subject,'
Marks of the Church," and ita object, the
aid of the poor, together with the known
ability of the lecturer, will draw a lare
crowd of people. Admittance, 25 cents."
Stars Csan mo their Color. It is a
well established fact that stars change their
color, Sirius was described as a fiery red
star by the ancients; some years ago it was
a pure white, while It is now becoming of,
a . decided green color. Capella was also
called; ' red star by the ancients; It was",
alterwards described ae a yeliow star, and
is now Mulsh'. Many ' other Instances ol
change of color, though less decided, have:
been detected.' 1 ' ' v "' ! '; .'
Nbwcoub's Last Night. The Opera
Souse last night was filled with a delight
ed audience. The incomparable -New-omb's
drew such a crowd as has not been
-een in the Opera House for along time,
ind well were the people repaid for their
visit. The singing was splendid, the danc
ing superb, " and the . music ravishing.
Fayette Welch, a favorite with our citizens,
well sustained his ancient reputation as
being one ot the funniest boys in the busi
ness. His songs were all encored and his
jokes "brought the house" every time. The
opening chorus was a gem and received
leserved applause. The ballad Snow
White Blossoms, by G. Wlnthrop, and the
Tyrolean Refrain, by OberUt, met our dis
tinguished approval. To-night Is the last
appearancejot these artists, when we shall
expect to see the house filled again. They
well deserve the compliment.
Discharged. The negro "Vince Caleb,
charsred with committing an assault with
Intent to commit rape, was discharged by
Squire Meeker yesterday. There was no
evidence at at all of an assault. Vince was
Immediately rearrested and taken before
the'Mayor on a charge of indecent ex
posure.. . -
Burner, the live auction man. sells all
goods at the people's own prices at No. 89
South High street. - novH-dlt
The coming winter bids fair to be a gay
one in Columbus. A fine set of JSrmlne
gives a most beautiful -effect to a lady's
toilet. "
Clark & Farmer are receiving a splendid
assortment of Ladies' Fancy Furs for even
ing wear. Call and see them. No. 6 Nell
House Block. n vl4-d3t
Milinery Materials, Velvets, Satins,
&:., cut In the bias. Ribbons, Laces, Flo w-
ers, Feathers &c sold in any quantity.
Frames in every style, at Simmons', Opera
Block. . ; '
Wakted House, to Rent. A house
from 6 to 8 rooms, suitable for a small
family, furnished or unfurnished. A liber
al rent will be paid. Address postofflce
box 621. ' ' novl4 2t ;
Go to - Burner's
auction store. No. 89
. . novl4-dlt .
South High street.
Headache. Those people who are suf
fering so much from headache, will find by
using Seward ; & Bentley's Constitution
Bitters, they will be relieved if not entin -
ly cured.' They can be found at all tbe
first class Druz Stores. novl4-dfcwlt '
Hats ! Hats ! ! Hats 1 ! ! Ladles' Hats In
every shape, at reduced prices, at Sim
mons'. 1 ' ' : "' l' novl4-deod3c
"Barrett's" Great Bair Restorative.
The Rev. Father. Rochford will lecture
at S(. Patrick's church next Sunday even
ing at 1 o'clock, before the society of St.
Vincent de Paul, for tbe benefit of the
poor. , Subject "Marks of the Church.''
Admission 25 cents.
novl3 2t
"Barrett's" second to none.
Alk and Porter. I am now receiving
regular from Cincinnati, Thatcher &
Dyett's celebrated stock and fresh Ale and
Porter, In pint and quart bottles, put up
for iamily use, and highly recommended
by physicians lor sickness, ;-.
I also have a stock of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stout Porter ; Muir & Son's Spark
ling Edinburg Ale ; English Ale and Porter.
" C. A. Wagner,
novl3-tf No. 23 East State street.
"Barrett's" makes hair grow.
- 'FOR '
, ..
Ziacllea Gentlemon,
No. 27 East State Street,
1 ; rLiTK C. A. Wagner's.
1 'V VV 'A-- '. -.V. .-
Every delicacy in season served up at
this establishment in the finest and bet
style.- - ' ' ' -
M Families supplied with all kinds ot Game,
and Oysters by the can. .
Private Supper Room for' Ladles and
Gentlemen. '.. ,
Covekdale & Hoselton,
nov9-lw Proprietors.
"Barrbtt's" perfectly harmless.
Oysters ! Ot3Ters ! ! I am now selling,
at reduced prices, those fine fat. Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Wm.
Taylor, E Baltimore, and sold by me in
this city for over ton years. Warranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. T. XXX, a fine
Oyster for Soup. C.A.Wagner, x
. novl3-tf , No. 23 Eist'State street.
Everybody uses "Barrett's."'
l sep30-dltaw&wly-ow
Lap Blakkets. Wolf, Fox and Buffalo
Robes just received at
" ."; .' Clark & Farmer's,
: norll-dtf No. 6 Neil House Block.
JtTTflry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m ' ..
Thb live Oystenian, 16 E.Broad street,
gives (.for fifty cents) a well filled can
Spencer, Ariger .&Co.'s prime oysters
and a ponnd of butter crackers.
' au5-dtonov23
For Sale House and lot, corner of
lTrnnVlIn and Washington Avenue. Most
Llesirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ol J. v . Moore, No. 43 iV est SI orth
, oct 13-dtf ,. . " '
Aversion to any kind oi spirituous bev
erages can be produced by adding a little
of "Dr. Johnston's Specific" to the same.
The Specific will not change the taste of
liquor, and It cannot be detected by the
person partaking. sep22-dt&sfcwly-cw
; There seems to be no end to the new
goods Clark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
terday another larjie lot of seasonable goods
arrived. Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
lishment. They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishing. novll-dtf '
Jeleff & DeBdtts, Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing' machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models builflor patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys oL.all description always
on hand, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-8-ly
How to save Doctor Bills ? An im
portant question in these high tariff times,
hut easily answered. Go, or send and get,
one of Dr. Humphrey's cases of Homoeo
pathic Spkcifics. A full case, with book
ot directions, costs but $10, and with it yon
may prevent or treat successfully cine
en ths of all diseases occurring In your fa ta
il v and save so mneti nf Dnetnrs' feta.
Sold by druggist", or sent free on receipt of
the price. - Address Humphreys' Specific
Homoeopathic Medicisb Co., '562 Broad
way, N. Y. jyl3-d&wly-cw
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a donbla row flag Grossing
across South street at the west side of High
street. '
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of tbe eitj of Coluoibus (two-thirds ot all the
members oononrring), Tht a double rosrflageross
insj be built across South street, at the west side of
Biih street, in aooordanee with the p at thereof
on file in the ffice of the City Clerk.
Sso 3. That all dainaces, eosts and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvememeni shall
be assessed and levied upon tne several to s of
land fronting or abutting on the west si ie of High
street from btrawberry alley to South Public laue,
in proportion to their feet front. .
President of the City Council.
Passed Nor. . A. I). 1868.
- - Attest : Ij. K. Wilson, City Clerk. . ?
Paving Ordinance.
in Ordinance to grade and repare tbe sidewa k
on the east Bide of Front street from the nortneast
oornrr of Town and Front street to a point eighty
fire feet north of Town street -Szctiov
1. Be it ordain 1 by the Citr Council of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring). That the unpaved sidewalks,
gutters aud crossings be graded and repaved on tbe
east side .f Front street from the northeast eorner
nf Town and Front streets to a point eighty-fire
feafc north of Town street, in aoaoninne with the
plat thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.
Sec. 2. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
icet front.
President of the Ci:y Council,
Passed Nov. t, A 0.1868. .
Attest: Lt ii. Wilson, City Clerk. :
nov!3-dlt i r . 1 .-. -' V
t'iii Paving Ordinance. U i i
An ordinanoe to lower t-e crossing across Mound
street at the east side of High street.
Section 1. Be it ordained br the City Connoil
of the city of Columbus (two-thirds of all tbe mem
bers conenrrint), That tbe flag crossing across
Mound street at the east side of Highastrect be low
ered tocorresp nd with the Nioolson pavement, in
accordance with the p. at thereof on file in the office
of the City lerk.
Sec. 3. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foroeoing iroDrovement,- ehall ba
assessed and levied upon the several lota of land
fronting or aDutting on tne east side ot High street
from Noble street to Straw bery alley, in proportion
to their feet front.
.. President of the City Council.
Pissed Nov. ,X U. JS68. - -
Attest : L.E. Wilson, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To ass'ss a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing South street from Zenas alley to Gift street.
. Section 1. Be it ordained by tbe City Council
of the city of Columbus. That the su u of Thirty
four cents, Fonr and Seven tenth mills, be and the
same is hereby levied and assessed BDon each foot
front of the several lots of land bounding or abut
ti g upon South s'reet from Zenas alley to Gift
street, excepting lots Nos. 17, 18 and 19 ot' Baker it
Mite jell's sub lots Nos 8 and af Bniiiah A Mar
tin's sub. .and 66 feet off of the east side ef ontlot
Mo. is and so leet off ot the east side of outlot
No. 10, as the same are designated upon the
plat of the Civil Engineer, on file in the office of
the City Clerk, for the cost and expense of grading
the sidewalks along tbe same, according to the
estimate of the City Civil E igineer.
Sac. 3. T' at the owners of the several lots of
Ian t uponwhieh the foregji g assessment is made
sballpay the amonnts of money .by thera severally
due in that behalf to Weni. Beok A Co.. within
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and penaHy allowed upon
the same by law. .
' - ' ' ' WM. NAGHTEN,
-.-..s-vii,. President of the Ci'y Counoil.
Pa.-sed Nov. 9. A. D. 168.
Attet: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
nov!3 dlt
An Ordinance
To assets a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing S ath street from Seventh street to Gift
, streat. . ' , i J. .. .i, v .
" SectiosI. Beit ordained by the City Counoil
of the city of Columbus, That the sum of Eighty
six cents. Eight mills, be and the same is hereby
levied and assessed upon each foot front of the
several 1 ts of land bounding or abutting upon
South street from Seventh street to Gilt street, ex
cepting lot No. 9 nf Maris, Willard and Little's
sub., lots N oa. 17,18. 19, to and S3 of Baker A
Mitohell's sub.. 1 tNo. 1 of Ide's sub., and 43 feet
off o tbe east part of outlot No. 10, as the same are
desisnated.upon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on
Sle la the office of the City Clerk. Tor the oott
and expense of grading and pavihtrthe gutters
and crossings aloog the same, aocording to the es
timate of t e City Civil Engineer.
Seo. i. Tnat the owners of tbe several lots of
ttttid upotfwhieh'the foregoing assessment fs made,
shall par tbe amounts of money by them sever
ally due in that behalf to Wens, BeoK A Co.. within
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or
be subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
the same by law.
.. ..... WM. NAGHTEN. - - T
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 16U8.
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
novl3-ant- - ' r
An Ordinance
Toassew a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing the north side of Long street, from Center
f alley to straight alley, v .-
;Sction1. Be itordainei by' the Oity Conner!
of theoity of Columbus, That tbe sum of Eleven
cents. Three mills, be and the same is hereby
levied and assessed upnn eaoh foot front of the sev
eral lots of land- bounding or abutting upon the
north side of Long street from Center alley to
S'raight alley, a the same are designated upon the
plat of tbe (Jivil Engineer on file in theofSoe of the
Oity olerk. for the cost and expense of building a
double row flag crossin across l b rd street at the
north side ot Long street, acoording to the estimate
of the City Civil Engineer. -
. Sid. 1. That the owners of the severaT-lbls ot
land dpon which the foregoing assessment is made,
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
due in that behalf to 1 et r Eagen within twenty
days from the date of this oruiaaoce, or be subject
to the interest and penalty allowed upon the tame
by law,
" v - - t ' President of the City Council,
Passed Nov. 9 A 1). 1868.
Attst: L. k. Wilson, City Clerk.
An Ordinance-
To assess a special tax npon the real estate bound
ing the east side of Sevedth street, from Friend
street te a point 100 feet north of Cherry street.
Section 1. Beit ordained by the City Council
nf tbe city of Columbus, That the sum of Ten
cents. Three mills, be and the game is hereby lev ed
an I assessed up in each foot front of the several lots
of land bounding or abutting upon the east side of
Seventh street from Friend street- to. a point one
hundred feet north of Cherry street, as the
same are designated upon ' the 'Plat of the Civil
Engineer, on file in the office nf the City Clerk,
for the cost and expense of building a double row
fUg crossing across Cherry street at tbe east side of
Seventh street, according; to the estimate of the
City Civil Knginer. -
Sec.'-'. That tbe owners cf tbe several lots of
lanoVuDon-whtoh the foregoins assessment is made.
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
dueinthat behalf to . i within twenty
da s from the date ot this ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed npon the
same by law, -:.,
' - . President of the City Council, "1
Passed Nov. 0. A. D. 1868. . '
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
novl dlt -'
An Ordinance
T assess a special tax npon the real estate bound
ing Seventh street, from tbe north line of W. C,
Brown's lot to the first alley north of Broad street.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of tho city of Columbus, That the rum of Fifty
seven cens be and the same is hereby levied and
assessed upon each foot, front of tbe several lots
of land bounding or shutting noon Seventh street
from the north iine nf W. C. Brown's Jot on the
northeast oorner of Kroad and Seventh streets to
the first alley north of Broad street, as the same are
designated upnn the plat of the Civil Engineer, on
file in the office of the City Clerk, for the oost and
expense of building a twelve inch stone pipe sewer
along the same, aocording to the estimate of the
Cits Civil Engineer. . ., . , - ,
' Sso. S. That tbe owners of the several lots of
land npon which tbe foregoing assessment is made
shall pay tbe amounts of money by them severally
due in that behalf to Patrick Conway, within twen
ty days from the date of this ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
same by law.
President of the City Couroil.
Passed Nov. JK A. D. 1668. f ; ., . ,i
Attest: L. . Wilson, City Clerks
novl3-dlt . v
Besolution to Contract.
rJtftiUvtd, That the City Civil Engineer beTand
lie is hereby authorized anc directed to contraot in
the name of tbe city of Columbus, with John
Murpby for gracing and repaying the sidewalks and
gutters on the south side of Chapel street trom High
street to Fatr alley, and grading and graveling the
roadway on Chapel street, from High street to r ront
street, upon tbe following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Thirty-three cents per
cubio yard.
For furnishing and setting curbing. Twenty-seven
cents per lineal Unit, .
For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per square
For brioks laid. $11 00 per thonsand.
" for graveling street, eeventy-five cents per cubic
Adopted Nov. 9, 18G8.
Attest: L. E.WILSON.
novl3-dlt City Clerk.
' Jk An Ordinance J v.i . I.
To repeal an ordinance enti tl d an ordinance to as
sess a special tax npon the real estate bounding
South street from Seventh street to Gift street.
SectiOn I. Be it ordained by the City Council of
tbe City of Columnus, That the-ordinance tn as
sess a special tax upon the real estate bounding
South street from Seventh street to Gift street,
passed Oct. lD'.h, 1668, be and the same is hereby re-
PCiIed' .:.-. YM. NAGHTEN.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. f, A. 1. 1S68.-.-
Attest: ii. i. Wilson, City Clerk.
aovl3 dlt 3 ' ... s .
Paving Notice.
loall whom it may concern :
Columbus. O.. Nov. 8, 1868.1
Notice is hereby given that proceedings bave been
instituted in the City Council .of Columbus, for
making the following improvements, to wit - -
Kor laying a double row flag stone crossing across
Center alley on the north side of Long street.
Also, for building a double row flag crossing
across South Public lane at the west side of High
Also, for building a double row flsg crossing
across South street at the west side of High street.
The same to bedone in aocordanow with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City CivilEngineer
and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons olaiming damages on account of said,
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Twenty-fifth day of December, A. 1).
I8W ' ' ' Jj.'jj. WILSON,
! novU-dltawsw City Clerk.
Death of ex-Governor Tod.
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Nov. 13.
Ex-Governor Tod, of Briar Hill, died
very suddenly at 7 o'clock this morning,
while preparing to take the train for
Cleveland. Ilia disease is as yet unknown.
Arrived, Harriet and National Eagle,
from New York.
River News.
Weather clear and uleasant. Eivereistht
leet and
Fire in Syracuse.
SYRACUSE, N. Y., Nov. 13.
The Sherman House, with a number of
stores and offices adj icent, was destroyed
by fire this morning. The total loos is
about $130,000. insured for $65,000. The
destroyed property is in the heart of tbe
city. - -
BOSTON, Nov. 13.
Kev. Phlneas Stowe, pastor of the B ip-
tist UcUiel for . seamen, ueu to-day, aired
56. : .
A fire last night In Bennington destroy
ed the Mount Anthony Hotel and badly
damaged a new building owned Dy A. W
Park. Loss $45 000. .
Dyer Court of Inquiry.
The Dyer Ourt of Inquiry reassembled
to-day. Mr. Ke.nnon, counsel for the ord
nance manu lecturers and others, who urged
the accusation against General Dyer, were
introduced to the Court. After a short
session, the Court adi urned till Monday,
to give Kennon time to examine and ar
range the proot lor -the prosecution.
Liquor Seized.
NEWBERN, Nov. 13.
The Deputv Collector of Internal Rev
enue to-day seized about one hundred bar
rels of liquor from parties in this city who
tailed to report tneir stocK on hand un to
the 11th lust. The Collector's notice was
not published until the day the returns
were required, and in oiuy one paper; , .
North Carolina.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13.
The Herald's Raleigh special announces
the arrival of- a wagon train, with boxed
State arms, at the arsenal. The Governor
disclaims anything arlike in connection
therewith, but hpf opinion they, as well as
a militia, are a State necessity. ..The arms
were procured at the Is orth, and brought
to Kalelgh via JNewDerm : The legislature
meets next uonaay, ino uovernor sen as
in a message Tuesday. Several weighty
mesures in relation U internal improve
ments aud the debt will be disposed ot. v
Dead Lock.
MONTREAL, Nov. 13.
The Episcopal Synod, assembled here for
tne purpose ot electing a Bishop or ftlon
treal and Metropolitan Canada, have come
to a doad lock with the House of Bishops.
The latter persist in sending the names of
gentlemen to tho synod to be balloted for
who are not acceptable, and withholding
names tnat are-acceptaole. The liisliops,
rather than- name the only man the Bynod
will accept, sent down a message last night
adjourning further proceedings until May
next. This attempted evasion-of tbe ques
tion has raised a storm of indignation and
tha riynod -will -hold another meeting to
day to decide whether thev shall not repu
diate the authority of the Bishops and elect
ur. isaicn, an American clergyman, and
send his name to Euelaud to be conse
New Orleans.
General Harvey T. Hays says his name
in connection with any Cuban expedition
is a story without the slightest foundation
He has -no knowledge of -It except that
gained from the public prints, and cannot
De induced to participate in any nllibus-
termg scheme. He . has - no designs on
Cuba unless under authority of the United
States government.
A claim against the city for $27,000 dam
ages during the riot has been presented,
BUFFALO, Nov. 13.
-About twelve o'clock last night a cattle
train on the Buffalo & Erie railroad collided
with a passenger train of the New York
& Erie railroad, coming into the city, about
a mile from the depot, where .the tracks
cross each other at riant angles. - The loco
motive of the Buffalo & Erie train passed
cntirelv through the baggage 'car of the
New York train, carrying the locomotive
and car entirely on the track, Kobert
Decker, baggage master, had a leg broken.
A large number ot cattle and hogs were
killed. Had the collision occurred one sec
ond later there would have been a fearful
loss of Hie. --: -
The Cuban Fillibustering Movement.
- mem. .''!,
NEW YORK, Nov. 13.
The World says the Cuban filibuster
ing moveroentcontinues to elicit tho atten'
tion of our citizens,' and it is manifest to
every one that we shall soon hear of a de
scent 61 a bodv of ad venturers on the Cuban
coast, either from this port or the port of
New Orleans. Yesterdav a large number
of.-recruits were obtained, and it is be
lieved that many of th'-m left last evening
for New Orleans by rail, to take transpor
tation from that city in vessels that will
be ready lor theni in a few days. Colonel
Gibbons has his hands full, and it is more
than certain a great number of commis
sions have been issued during the last
twenty-four hours to officers. Over a
dozen men left yesterday on the Moro Cas
tle for Havana, who carried commissions
in their pockets to enlist men for service
against Lersundl. " :
The Herald's Havana correspondent con
firms the report that Puerto Principe had
risen Id revolt. Five war vessels have
been ordered to depart immediately for the
scene ol the Insurrection. A commission
in the person of Aquitisa, a prominent
leader of the rebels, is believed to bave
gone Irom the insurgents to Secretary Sew
ard to urge upon bim the expediency of
recognizing them as belligerents. The
Government authorities in Havana are
quiet about the progress of the revolt. It
is believed that they are forced to confess
themselves unable to subdue it. Tbe in
surgents are supplied with arms from St.
. Nine thousand dollars In bills were stolen
from the Mechanics' Bank, In Court street,
Brooklvn. on Tuesday, by an adroit thief.
who, with two confederates, entered the
office aoouc one o'ciock in tne aicernoon
The two clerks present were enaaged by
two of the thieves, while tne tnird quietly
the drawers nearest him.
William and Manghen Carter, brothers,
from Canada, drug clerks, while on
drunken spree yesterday morning, attacked
Mr. England, managing editor oi the sun,
and got beaten themselves. They were ar
rested and held to bail. -
Cigar Manufacturers' Association.
The Cigar Manutacturers' Association
vesterdav n creed to oav an advance in
prices ol $1 per thousand till tbe 1st ot
Januarv next, and an additional $1 trom
that time till the 1st of May next, provid
ing that the state of business permitted ic
Mr. Christopher Fullman, who was mur
derously assailed Dy ruffians on me c ruuy
preceding election day, is recovering from
the effects ot the severe beating which he
received. ;
Gen. Grant.
General Grant and family are at the Me
tropolitan Hotel. The General goes to
West Point to-morrow and returns on
Monday, to spend a week.
The steamers Erio and Ontario, at Bos
ton, have been purchased by Commodore
Vanderbilt, and it is said will run between
the Pacific coast and some foreign port.
Polar Sea.
Dr. Hays, tbe Artie explorer, a lec
ture before the Geographical Society last
evening, expressed the utmost confidence!
In being able, with a steamer, to reach the
Polar Sea, and said he was willing to at
tempt it In the interest ol science and for
tiie honor ot the nation. He thought the
Government might be persuaded to) lend
the expedition a good stout ship. , : ;
Philadelphia Council.
. Mayor Morton McMichael and a number
f members ot the Philadelphia Common
Council left here for Boston this eveninir,
to Inspect the workings of the municipal
government fa tne nob. 1 ' -
The Fillibustering Expedition.
Gen. W. F. Smith has telezraohed to the
Captain General ot Cuba that their Is no
?ruth in the rumor that he is in any way'
wnnected with tho fllllbusterlng expedi-;
tion fitting out for that island. The Cap-
rain General, In bi replv, begs him to as-i
sist, as far as possible, in discouraging such i
0 uniawmi enterprise. -..,, , . -;
The Gamble Poisoning Case.
The so-ralled Gamble Dolsonintr case re-1
suited in the discharge of Mr. Gamble and
Mrs. Hujus, accused of being criminal to
the death of Mrs. Gamble.
Board of Health.
At a special meeting of the Metropolitan '
Board ol Health, held yesterday afternoon, :
it was resolved that after the first of Janu-
ary next the law requiring that under-i
ground lodging and sleeping rooms shall
not thus be occupied unless with the sanc
tion of the B"ard, shall be enforced. Tne!
Sanitary Superintendent was irected to
make an ini-pt-ction of all such rooms In
New York and Brooklyn, and report the;
location, with the name of the proprietor
and statement oi the condition of the prem-i
Church Matters.
! Key. Dr. Uttlelohn; of Brooklyn, will de
cline -tbe Bishopric of Central New York.
An election will be held next Wednesday
for Bishop -of the new.diocesa bf Iontr
Island, tor which Mr. Littlejohn la a candi
A call signed bv a larsre number of dla-.'
tinguished clergymen and lavmen of evan-j
aelical denominations in the United Sites'
has been issued for a convention In this :
city, from the 17ch to the 20 h Inst., for the
discussion oi topics and elncidation iof!
vtwsfbr a more free devetopment-of ;
christian zeal, and -the rendering moreef-1'
licient the energies of the church. 1 io i j
P. Moorei has been
committed for trial as the author of the
attempted swindle on the , 4ih. National i
Investigation Committee.
Thes i' ommitteeon ratrrnchmentcon
tinued investigation to-dav into th al
leged whisky frauds. Several of the prin
cipal witnesses have not yet been secured.
Investigation Committee. Died.
Horace Mann, eldest son of the la.r FTnn.i
Horace Mann, died at? Cambridge, Massa-:
chusetts, Wednesday, aged twenty-four. j
Arms from the North.
A-Raleigh special ann'ounceii the arrival I
of a quantity ot arms from ' the North at'
tne acate Arsenal. . . -:(
Tribune Proposes a Constitutional
The Tribune to-daeditoriailv ures the
enfranchisement of all ,who are now dis
franchised because of rebel linn, as well .a
color, and submits the following plan for
a constitutional amendment on the subject!
of naturalization; r . , T,r
First, Restrict naturalization to United i
btares courts and commissioners.
Second, Print official records j of - the
names of all persons naturalized, with date
of naturalization respectively, o
Third, Alllow any foreigner who swears
he is now an actual resident of the United
States, expects to remain so, has committed
no crime other than rebellion or treason,'
and renders a hearty, exclusive allegiance
to our Union and its Constitution, to be-;
come a citizen at any time,;without. exact-;
ing preliminary residence or declaration of'
intentions. .
Fourth. Accord the right of suffrage to1
every person who has been naturalized hot;
less than eighteen months and swears hoi
basin the meantime committed no crime1
known to-our laws. .,
Fifth. Punish as felony the manufacture
or use of illegal tjertiflcates'bf naturalize-i
tion, and all voting or attempting to vote :
by emigrants not qualified as aforesaid. .
Such an amendment, it trusts, would be;
ratified, and would powerfully aid General i
Grant in securing lasting and general !
peace. - - i
The Imperial Dynasty.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13.
The Democrat's cable special says : La
Commune Kevolutionaire, an association
of French Republican refugees, nnder the '
Presidency of citizwi Pyal, has issued a
manifesto recommending the overthrow of I
Louis Napoleon and the Imperial dynasty, j
Miss Bismarck, the daughter of the cile
brated Minister, is shortly to be married to ;
Count Luxbury, President of the Regency,
in Wnrtzburg, Bavaria. .
Turkish Government.
' The Turkish Government . has made a
contract with a bouse in Boston for the
purchase of one hundred revolving guns.
The asitations in the Danubian provinces :
are said to be the cause of the present mil- '
itary preparations. j
There are four parties In Spain who will
contest the coming election, the Provision- j
al Government, Conservative, Democratic
and Clerical parties. -. - ,
London Times on Seward.
LONDON, Nov. 13.
. The London Times to-day, in an article!
on the convention for the settlement of the
Alabama claims, alludes to Secretary Sew
ard In the following terms : The official ca
reer ot Mr. Seward is drawing to a close.
To the favorable result ot the late war his :
skill and energy are largely at-;
tributed. . His foreign - policy , has ,
been, successful. He- retires when:
all chances of domestic arid foreign, strife ;
have disappeared. He must naturally ;
wish, in common with Lord Stanley, to ter-!
initiate, before retiring, a dispute of all the )
details of which he is master. The .con-:
vention is especially important because at
a time when national jealousies weaken
confidence, it establishes a freer precedent 1
lor resort to arbitration instead of war for i
the settlement of differences.' - - ' i
An imperial ukase fixes the time of mak- '
ing the 'subscription in January. Four
persons out of every thousand - are to be
drawn to complete the effective force of;
the army and navy. .
LONDON, Nov. 13.
It is officially denied that the Arcbbish- ;
op of York and Bishop of Oxford are pro i
moted to the Sees respectively of Canter-
bury and York. j
MADRID, Nov. 13.
The Captain General of the Phillipine ,
Islands will be removed by order of the :
Provisional Government General Prtua, :
Secretary of War, has issued an order for
bidding the attendance ot armed soldiers
at public meetings. The Papal Nuncio
continues relations with the new Govern-
VIENNA, Nov. 13.
The bill for putting the army on a war
footinc passed the Reichrnf.h bv a. lars-e I
majority. , i.
The Latest Advices.
HAVANA, Nov. 13.
It recently came to the knowledge of tbe
Government that a band of 14 persons had
started from Havana for the purpose of
creating an insurrection in the Vuelta
Aboga region. On the 10th Inst, the rural
police succeeded in) arresting 12 oi the
party at San Ci istabel.
Senor Aguirre, a merchant of Yara, who
is charged with receiving arms aud ammu
nition for the revolutionists, hag been ar
rested and was brought to this city yester
day by Government officers.
Gen. Balmesda has arrived at Manzmil
lo, where he has Issued a proclamation
giving the revolutionists eight days to lay
down their arms and cease . hostilities
against the Government. .
Toledo Market—Nov. 13.
i FLOUR-Quiet.
WHEAT l1c better; sales ot white
Michigan at $1 78; amber at $1 661 67k;
No. 1 red $1 67; No. 2 do $152: No. 3 do
$1 35.
CORN a better; sales No. 1 at 86 V
8?U; rejected S5S6 -; No. 1 new 75c. ; " .
. h lTU tTn.l........J n. SO., r V . :l "
UA1"J ui.uiiiicu a, twu lOf i0, 1, -
RYE Quiet.
BARLEbr Dull.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 13.
GOLD 13334.
EXCHANGE Dull at par bayinjr.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 13. New York Money Market—Nov. 13.
MONEY More active and firm, at 7 mr
cent. on call. ...--..,,,!.,,
100109U k..
wliu-duii; r opened at-133,;anfl
lostd at 133.;; - - Z
New York Stock Market—Nov. 13.
teidy. Conpr.n of '81 J13jV113V: do
'65 l106rdonew lonXTJ
10!)W; do,'68 109;il095i; 1ft 40' 104i
in siocks there has been 5rrpr. .-i-plfai
ment and activity In New York Centra
ind Erie, . which . fluctuated., larg ,Ua
former selling down to. 114 nd the latter
to 35, which caused a general decline
throughout the list, which, however, was
subsequently about recovered, the market
closing unsettled.! .Rarnor says that a new
i.-orner in r-rie nas been .sola, fuig, tfi
total to sixty millions;. j. i,,'
o:au prices Wells' Express 26J27;
American 42345: Adams 4.a,4&A- Unit
ted States 4345; Merehants' Union lOVffZfc.
lQUf- Pilrttfli M.11 1t,1a114t.lir
Un on Telegraph 35Ji35; New York
Peuir,aI,1.6I16; ErMi 37J.Read,
ing 9696; Ohio & Mississlpp12yX29fe;
Wabash esSC; St-Paul 6666; Ter
re Hnute preferred 6061; Chicago fc Af
ton 136; Michigan Southern 82a82Wi
Illinois Central 140140?r; Pittsburgh 82j2
f3; Toledo 96Ji96, Rocltfolaosi '
102Ji102; ' Northwestern 83; Fort
VV'ayue 105106. , y .
New York Market—Nov. 13.
i COTTON Without ; .decided -. chsnvM
sales 1,800 bales at 24Ke for ' mixed utr
lands. - . . .."' .'. o
FLOUR Closed dull at 510c lower. T
.WHEAT DuU at l32d-lower.
RYE Quiet and-4teavy at $134136
for westemzti'i ('"sw 5sr.
OATS-Quiet at 72c-for western afloat.
CORN-irDull .and heavy at 11 Ul 13
for unsound, and $l-i4l 15 for sound
mixed -western..; i
PORK-,NomtMl at $23 75 for ttess.Tegi
ular way. '., ' ''
BEEF Ddll and unchanged, t
; CUT MEATS Nominal. .'').'
BACON Quiet and nnrhanoVr
" LARD Quiet at 1616 .for' fait to
prime steam,' r . a .a .' . . j
EGGSj-Dull and nnchanged ,-;.i
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 13.
FLOUR In fair demand and firm; Iam
ily $7 507 75. - : JL
WHEAT-ln. moderate;demand at $1,75
lor No 1 red.' .?!." r:-:,-; ,,!. i-rf
' CORN Drill; new 6657c; old neglect
ed; held at 80s. j.v X CVr -f . tlU
O ATS-Dull at 57o loiSto 1-v , n "t l
- RYE la moderate demand at $1 28 fcr
' ' BARLEY-Nominally HA&ihK&J"''
COTTON Dull at 22u middling sp
lands. i . --.a
TOBACCO In lair demand ah (t Steady;
sales 115 hhds. i rv-hai'. h.s tvb
WHISKY Dull at$l 00, .I!i7 Mtr3
HOGS Dull; weather 'mlldeTnff-Ve-eeipts
largeq-pricea lower; held ii7.Q(t
7 60 groa; receipts 6.000 bead. ' t n i.n
GREEN MEATS Dall arid 'telteM
shoulders 7)c; Kies.'10a; hams 12)0.
LAED Ltulland daataad,ibA jUk jajt
tor prime kettle and 15o for prime 8 team r
BULK - M E ATgDuil; - ahriuktei 10
lOo;. sides 13c: dear rib 14 and iciear
14Uc; all; about, half cured and including
pacxages ot. uacon; snouiqerf can-tm
bourht at 13oy t .' -: ! j t. n
1 BUTTER Unchanged and qalet; Creak
WfGGS:at'30e-?-: ",!"'
'' OILS Linseed flull and' nominal; helfl
at Oaf, with only i limited detuamd., . Lard
steady at $1 40.'' ! ,u -V "f.-.:--font
PETROLEUM. Dull at 2S23c for, re-
G ROCEKIE3 -'Unchanged and qulbt '"5
- -
Cleveland Market—Nov
FLOUR C'tv made XXX wbite $11 50
U 75; for XX amber $9 7510 00; for
XX red winter $850S75; tor XX spring
$7 75&00; for X spring $7'258 00; 'foc
conntry made XX red and smber $8 25(3
900; for XX spring $7 258 23;. for XX
white $10 001100. ' r ,
' WHEAT Very dull and "lnactTv;11ieTI
nominally at $1 70 for No.' 1 red;'$l 53
1 55 for No. 2 do. ' -w It Joit
CORN Firmer and in better request;
sales at 92a for No. 1 shelled. . .
OATS Steady and in lair request: held
at 5fic for No. 1 State. -' -''
RYE Dull ana nominal; held at $1 20
l 25 for No. I. - -
BARLEY The market is dull and nom
inal; no sales reported.' ' ' "-'"
MILL FEED Good demand abd stnadr
at $38 00 per ton for tine middlinga; $30 09
tor No. 2 do; $26 00 , lor coarse 10; $2i 00
for shorts. - . ,. ,
PORK Fair "demand" and1 steady1"!;
$28 00 for No. 1 roea?; $25 00 for No". 2 do
$28 00 for clean ales of 25 bbls.. .-jirr
,i DRESSED HOGS Nothing doing, and
market nominal. , '
BEEF Steady; No. 1 mess held at $16J
extra mess 17; " u'- " i
BUTTER Choice tub and , roll In small
paokayes awl iu demand at.-3840'; choice
firkin 3633c; common togod,2531c, as
to quality." '' '' " ' '' ;
EGGS Fair demand for fresti lots at 38
(334"-; supply improving, .u ; ru-j li
. GREEX APPLESTbe market ia qnle
arid unobanged. . Prices range! at, $2 50(3
3 50 per barrel for common to choice hand
picked winter fruit1.-1 - i' ' ! ''" '4' 'I
: BEANS Moderate request and steady
held.at $3 5q3 Ja per bu. lor mediuoa, to
prime white. :'-,:. .
LAKE FISH Market quiet; White Fisti
held at $6 50: Trout at $5 50.
LUMBERrf-Market firm and active at the
following figures: "-.; .u.v .. 1 . .:; .J
Pine Clear
" , 21 Clear-.
- ".'ad Clear-
455 00
....... 48 00
...... 40 00
...... 30 00
Box....; ,
Second Clear Sidinc Htrips...
CominoB Fluorine Strip....
Bara Iluards
...... 45 0
16 00
23 00
J 00
18 99
11 00
Heleet Uoinmen..
Cummoa.. ...... ..
Calls. .i .i.....
Joi.t ScaDtlins and Timber IS ft and under..
Joist and Scantling 18 ft and upwards (over
1 00
length) SO ot
Second Clear Flooriog, Dreea :d. ...... 50 00
Common Floorins, Dreed.....ii.t.... 32 00
Ash Flooring, Dressed .-i. 41 00
Second Clear Siding 27 00
Cummon....;;k .....'....;..,.t....w. 90 00
I.ath , .". 3 5
No. 1 18 inch Sawed Shingles.;'.'.-...'.... Ot
No 1 18 , " ' " . A ...v -5 0
No. 1 18 " Shared " ......:..... 0038 M
M .
Chicago Market—Nov. 13.
FLOUR Quiet; sales spring extras at
$5 306 50.
- WHEAT No. 1 unchanged; No. 2 In fair
demand and o ' lower; sales No. 1 at
$1 161 20. arcording to location; No. 2
at$l U6l 07; closing at $1 07107K
for No. ,2; sales No. 2 since- 'Change at
$1 05.-. : ' -.r '- , :
CORN Firmer and Bom-active and'l
So hitrher; sales No. 1 at 8032c;, No. 2 at
76 70c; rejected at 7272Je, new shelled
6165r, and closing firm at 82c tor No. 1;
sales No, 1 since 'Change at 82c.
, OATS-Qutet; sales No. 1 at- 48J40o;
closing ejfcih buyers at inside price, and
sellers at 48c.
RYE Quiet and . easier; , sales No. 1
at $1 001 OOK; No. 2 at $1 00; closing
teme with sellers at $1 00 1 03. :'
' BARLEY Shade firmer ' and ' more
active; rales No. 2 at $1 4l 45; rejected
at $1 251 27. . . ,, : :t
St. Louis Market—Nov. 13.
'- FLOUR More active for lower grades
and a little better. . ; -.i.
. WHEAT Unchanged ; spring ranges at,
$1 laal 20 for No. 2 and 1.
CORN Unchanged; 75aS0c for old. ' ' ''
OATS Better; 4Sa52c. mA
. RYE Unchanged; $1 lOal M. s' s .
BARLEY Firm for choice.. ... t -'
WHISKY" Lower at $1 00.
PROVIslONS-Unchanged.' ':i
PORK $29 25forold and $25 fornew.
BACON -ShouldeTrl4f; clear sides 18Jc.
LARD New sold at loc . .'
. UOGS-Qiilet at 6.i7c. .. m
Buffalo Market—Nov. 13.
FLOUR Unchanged.-' ' ' V ' "
- WHEAT Inactive; No 2 Chicago spring
nominal at $1 30 tales Nq Milwaukee at,
$1 32. .
CORN1 Small lote selling at fl'OO; mar
ket bare. '' i...iit
. OATS--Steady( sales wr stern at 60c:' r.
.BARLEY Unchanged. . - . ,, ,y
' ' FREIGHTS Nominal at 17rfi19A ?
wheat.' 1 '' - ' -
r.t n-. -r-.r i i ) fV-n
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 13.
FLOUR Dull and Drices nnrh
W HEAT-Quiet and stead fit 1 29,for ;
Nojln store.; , ' -
. 'I' ' ' ' V" '! f
Y. Dry Goods Markets—Nov. 13.
.The Drv Goods market .rnntinnwi . ,,nl. .
Uve, but steady. ' "

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