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HI OFI DAY nOBNIBin - - - - NOV. 16a
. Gold closed in New York Saturday at
The Arrest of Judge John M.
"! We have witnessed much of anjrry pas
ion engendered by political controversy,
bat have always made due allowance lor
the violence Into which men may be .be
trayed. In the heat ot the moment when
the blood Is up. And when the sniggle
was ended and the Issue decided, we have
been nsed to see those hostile manifesta
tions give place, on the surface at least, to
the amenities of social life. Not so, how
ever, at. this .time, and we. are. condemned
to witness the exhibition of a spirit of ma
levolence on the part of prominent mem
bers of the successful party, such as has no
parallel In the history ol parties in Ohio.
The clonal triumph of the; Badicals at
the late elections, seems not to satisfy them.
The bitterness that marked their conduc t
of the campaign the foul and slanderous
denunciation of Democrats their princi
ples and their purposes by means of which
they were enabled to poison the minds and
secure the votes of the well meaning masses
that voted their ticket, finds ho abatement
In the assurance that power Is to continue
In their hands for another PreaJdeutfl
term. On the contrary, they seem anima
ted by a devilish purpose to destroy their
opponents literally; and a, lack ot power
alone controls the will to do tol This spirit
is made manifest in the malignity with
which thei49UoW; pbi; persecution ot
John H.Puoh, Judge of the Probate Court
of Franklin county.
eioTtnelasilectlon, and partly for
the purpose of diverting attention from the
frauds they had perpetrated on the second
Tuesday of October, the Badicals got up
an excitement on the' subject of alleged
frauds on the naturalization laws. Espe
cially were, fhey lndignan at the number
of irishmen ho lad ten kdmitted tfl cl-"
sensbip. The Irish, true to their love of
liberty and hatred of oppression, sympa
thized, with their natural friends, the Ie
mocray. It waa. known that ' they would
vote the Democrat lo ticket; hence many of
them, lawfully entitled to vote, were re
jected at the polls, on the pretext that their
final certificates, which, they presented, had
been obtained by fraud. And this, too, by
Judges ofelectlon who were receiving
I ai voteaTof negroeaT- voting the Radical
ticket, who they well knew were not even
within the absurd rule more white than
black established by the Supreme Court.
Certainly not lesa than five hundred of
that class onegreec.voteJ far Judge Wi
xahs, the Radical candidate for Congress
in this district, securing him a meager
numerical majority ot a little oven 100, and
thus defeating the vote of the qualified
elector of he district To 'oi vert, atten
tion, as We have said; from this' outrage, a
ease was got np cbarging.jQBif fivrrr,
an Irishman of .this city, with hav
ing tradulently . procured the final
certificate of naturalization for one
rts J Smith. The accusation was so
destitute of facts to-sustaln 'it, that Dufft
was discharged, on aqll hearing by United
States " ttonrmlssloner' Chittenden. -The
cie oi the-Commiestoner-exaspeTated:
the manager, and their rage lound ex
pression JnJCbe colum's' of the Journot their
mouthpiece, in indecent and libelous as
persions of that officer: "The testimony 1n
the case established that this James Sijith
was ah unmitigated scoundrel, who had
' beentused for'the'occssion, and so glaring
was his Infamy that it would have outrag
ed the community tot have predicated a
judgment of even suspicion of guilt on his
testimony There was danger of reacttort
a ,Uta, public mind that" would, overwhelm
the aeeaser. To- avert this consequence
f gvof hold ad,indacii piave.;
inade, which resulted in the arrest of Judge
ruva, j, .,,,! ..... v.-vi- rv
Cominhsiohet dtTTEXDEW had refused
to he a pliant took' No man could be found
tri thlJ cptamunlty so degraded as to make
the retjuired -affidavit. - Resort was ! bad,
Iberifore, to tie rabble of Cincinnati, and
a fit Instrument was lound to swear as he
taVdfrectcd. " Thai the creature who made
the affidavit in Cincinnati ;-vs which the
Warract for the arrest of Judge Pcea was
Jounded, committed peijury; eah'' scarcely
be doubted, because.' it is quite impossible
that he could have had any knowledge of
'the facts to "which he deposed.': Upon this
asrtof showing the Judge was taken from
his home. In hot haste, in the custody of
aa officer, before -the Unite States Com
missioner in .the city of Cincinnati,' upon
a efcarge'ftf having fraudulently granted a
certificate of naturalization to this same
Jamis Smith. v
When it is considered that this accusa
tion Involves a wilful violation of his oath
of office, corrupt abuse of bis judicial func
tlprv lalilflfation of his records, and aid
ing and abetting perjury, for. the purpose
of violating the election laws, and when
if Is further1 'considered thatthe&e' ci!m-
are, imputed to a gentleman ; .born and
raised in this community, and who, by a
Jif of Integrity and the practice of every
octal virtue, had, merited the -confidence
and regard of all. amazement and alarm
posse onr minds. Amazement at the
audacity that ha perpetrated the outrage,
and alarm that no position-, however high
in public esteem, is beyond the reach of
Radical malignity. : ., A
. , During the war no applications for ad
mission to citizenship were made, fear of
the draft being the obvious reason. The
"first Presidential election since. the close
of the war was that held on the 3d of this
month.Large numbers of foreigners, prin
cipally froni Ireland,' were in this Congress
ional district who, had declared their Inten
tldo, and were anxious to obtain the right to
vote. They were almost to a man Demo
crats, and desired to voro the Democratic
ticket. No facilities fofobtaining the evi
dence of their right would for that reason
be furnished tbem in r the counties of
Breene, .'dark Or Madison;, Judge Pugh
was a.Pwwerat, and they came to Colum
bua p had -no 5 agency ; whatever ) in
bringing them here, and bad no pow-erS-
'tp direct or 1 ' 'control ' the order
of' " their ' coming. Hi court was
erowded, with ' applicants "anxious xo
get throng W and return to their homes
without loss ot time. '.'His duty required
. that he should attend to their oemands.
Legal gentlemen of the Radical persuasion
were present, ' and no obstacle interposed
to any objection they might make to the
tegnlrUy nd Tali(Jitj;of the proceeding,
It I flot -understood that those gentle
men .llege . any objections to ' what:, was
done.join two 'hundred andi finy Bpi
pllcanfand thelt;,14 were sworn
to and-examloed,! Iff ' the space of a day
and aalf.- Under such.-pressure, u
is-very poeslble" sOm mistakes may have
been made some'errors may have inter
veried In-the-record and It may fJe' that
he was in one or two instances-' Imposed'
a poa fyseofrftfrils personating men .who
were not present but that' he knowingly
and wilfully granted a certificate in any
case to. any on who he did not believe had
established a right to It, .no honorable man
n this community will venture to affirm.
Indeed prominent members of the Radical
party disclaim any such belief. Why,
then, it may be esked, is this cruel war
waged against him why has a large fund
een raised to carry it on why this effort
' o blast the reputation of a worthy man
f ind bring shame and sonrow upon his In
nocent wife, and children? The answer
cannot be found In an honest desire to pre
serve our free Institutions. No such mo
tive can be supposed to actuate men steeped
to the lips in fraud, in all its phases, on the
Integrity of the ballot. . Personal hatred
can have nothing to do with his piosecu
tlon.; Perhaps there cannot be found in this
community a man more respected, and who
has given less occasion for personal enmity
than Judge Pugh. No, the solution will
be found in a profound, inexorable and de
testable " policy, that declares exclusion
from citizenship of all who symyathize
with Democratic principle?; a policy that
has disfranchised the white men or-the
South, and enfranchised their negroes; a
policy that proposes to drive from the polls
all foreigners that oppose Radical rule, by
the tear of prosecutions got up on the In
formation of hired informers, mid to deter
State Judges irom taking cognizance of
applications for naturalition, by the terrors
ot such a proceeding as Is now harrasing
Judge Puoh.
In view of this case grave questions arise
fir consideration, asiae from the personal
wrong involved. It is the inauguration of
a system of terror that should arouse
prompt measures to defeat Iti But the fur
t ler question arises, are we to submit to
the exercise ot this sort of criminal juris-
diatkm by .a'' subornate ot the Federal
coVrrts to drag our judges from the bench
to answer to alleged violations of law of
Congress, committed in their official char
acterf The Probate Court in contempla
tion of law is always in session. And now
whilst a judge of that court Is in durance
before Mr. Commissioner Ualliday, in
Cincinnati, the business of that court is at
a dead stand. If this can be lawfully done
what is to prevent a raid on the Common
Pleas or the Supreme Court, whenever it
shall please a Badical county committee to
invoke' tbe power of .a united State Com
missioner to punish a refractory Judge. Is
the Judiciary ofOtiUTto be thus at the
mercy of pot house politicians and partisan
officials f ' Is It not time to revive .the con
temned doctrines of State rights t
.But when before was it supposed that a
Judge was amenable to arrest and prose
cution, except by impeachment, tor an act
done on the bench in the exercise of his
ludicial Junctions? -Certainly rnot since
i tie reign ot jsdwabd ourtn in jungiand,
and never', before!; in "this-country. A
Judge,' after' conviction andrremoval by
impeachment, may be prosecuted crimin
ally in some cases, but whilst in office he is
not to liable. Br the common law Judges
of all courts 'ot record are exempt from
all prosecutions, except by impeach
ment, for any thing done by them
openly in such .courts as judges.
1 Hawk. Cr. Law, 447, Sec'. 6. 12 Coke, 24.
The .reason for this is obvious, as the au
thority of the Government cannot be main
tained unless great credit be given to those
entrusted with the judicial- department.
And 4t&.dninif tration-fnay be suspended,
t) the great injury of the public, if a Judge
exposed continually to prosecutions by
those who may seek by such means to re
venge their; private grievances, or red resi
jf public wrongs.
Ex-Gov. Tod's Death.
The sudden illness and death of ex-Gov.
Toiv a man pp;irently"in robust health,
as caused much surprise among his
friends in this city. The idea prevails that
he dropped dead without exhibiting any
previous signs of sickness. . The Cleveland
Plain Dealer says that shortly after break
fast, having refrained from eating an ordi
nary meal as "was his custom, ex-Gov. Tod
was about to put on his coat, intending to
come to Cleveland with a young lady who
was, stopping with the family... She was
ready and waiting, when he entered the
room for , his. coat, . . Putting his hands to
his head, he -expressed a fear that another
of those congestive chills to which he was
subject, was coming on again, and asked
the ladies to call Mrs. Tod. She came in
soon after, when he retired to a bed, com-
piaiuitig of sickness at his stomach. Spirit
of some kind were administered, without
affording relief. Soon after retiring, he
rose up in the bed, fell back and expired
instantly, without uttering a word.
The Blue Book.
ust now. Per instance, here are the sala
ries of- Collectors' offices in Ohio, feterks to
be paid by Collector; i l -: . j
ws. . . i al. I dis. .
II 48.)
.A W..'.n,175 u
........ .. .v.i -l,12lj....
4 8.134 U..
. e.osei
. 6 3391
io lo.iui
The Assessors, are confined to H4.000.
Many ot them receive less, as thev are on
ly entitled to that amount in case it is made
up by the fees Journal. , ,
There are nice pickings in the Collector's
office. The Journal knows where to find
them. Just think of $10,350 per annum
(Clerks to be paid by Collectors), now
held by B. F. Mabtin, who never scribbled
for the party, which might lust as well as
not, go to the Journal by giving it to one
of the J oumal proprietors.- This done, the
Assessorship, with perhaps as much more.
conld" be given' to another proprietor
There would be a fitness in this latter be
stowal. The Journal "assesses" the party
terribly that would enable it to "asses"
the public ' -'- -' - " ; J - -'
Severe on Grant.
The .2Veu York Times is very severe on the
successful candidate tor the Presidency. It
When Grant was a Democrat. Dix and
Stanton and Holt and Butler, and hosts of
others who are now on the other side, were
The classing of Grant with Holt, Stan
ton and Butler, is terrible on Grant.
Holt wrote a secesh letter about the time
the war .. commenced Stanton advised
Senator Brown, of Mississippi, to take his
State out of the Union,' and Ben. Butler.
since he Jeft the. Democratio party, has
achieved a reputation that no honest man
could earn. Blessed 'company these, in
which a Radical journal places the Presi
dent of its choice. -' " 'J ' -
Which is Lion? Which the
of meeting
the day after hia election, remarked that
the difficulty between Gen. Grant and him
self having been amicably arranged, and
both having been elected, added : "I sup
pose the lion and the lamb-will -now lie
down together?" ayes," replied Butler
'but the lamb will be inside the lion." -
Thffuestiotf naturally arises, which is
the lion and wnicn tne young sheep?
The Grand Electoral Banquet.
The Journal announces that the grand
dinner with the "undeniable Punch" and
"choicest oi Wines," to be', tendered to the
Grant Electors on their ; arrival In this
city, is to be abandoned. The reason as
signed Is the death of ex-Governor ' Tob,
' who was a member of the Electoral Col
ilegeS-'Baeh a festival, as the - Journal de
scribed It, was id bad taste, even if Gov
Tod had lived. ' " "
Cabinet Making.
As nearly all the Radical papers are en
gaged in the business of making a Cabinet
tor Gen. Grant, we give below the follow
ing "slate," which the correspondent 1 of
the New York Timet says was found in the
back yard of Gen. Grant's residence : " "
Secretary of State J. Lothroo Motlev.of
Massachusetts. '
Secretary of War John M. Schofield. U.
S. A.. . . .
Secretary of the Navy David D. Porter,
Secretary of the Treasury David A.
Wells, New York.
becretary of the Interior E. B. Wash-
bume, Illinois.
Postmaster General Ex-Gov. Dennison,
Attorney General Senator Frelinghuy-
sen, New Jersey.
The Guerntey Jeffersonian favors the ad
journment of the Ohio Legislature from
the 23d Inst, until the 1st Monday in Jan
uary. .
There was not a quorum of the Florida
Legislature present when that body made
choice of the Presidential electors.
The New York World.
We notice that the Cleveland Plain Dealer
and Ohio Statesman denounce the New
York World in unmeasured terms for its
cowardly course In advising the withdraw
al of our Presidential candidates Immedi
ately after the October election. We agree
with them that this professed Democratic
journal has done great injury to the cause
by its inexplicable course, not only in this
case, hut iu many others, and would advise
che Democracy of the West to "hang it,"
and cutoff its means fordoing injury to the
nariy oy its lu-aaviseu ana loousn sugges-
irestions. Let the people of the West, if
they must have a paper, other than their
home paper, take the Plain Dealer,Enquirer,
STATEBMANr some rename vv stern Dem
ocratic Paper. Support your Western pa
pers and you will not be sold out. Seneca
Advertiser. '
Sure Enough.
'.Prentice says:
'-Let the Democrats say what they please
about the destruction ot treeaora ot speeen
In the South, a man can speak just as free
ly there as he can in any part ut the world
if he is only a negro. And what right
have folks to be white?"
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An Ordinance.
To repeal an ordinance entitled an ordinance to as
sess a speoial tax upon tne real estate bounding
rontn street irom ,enas aiiey w uut street.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Csuneil of
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peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small degree to their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
happy who are ill. Not only so, but no
one of these various female complaints
can long be suffered to run on without
involving the general health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relinf of these various delicate affections,
and only npon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this. The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple specifics which will be
found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost every one of those troublesome
complaints peculiar to the sex.
Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists end doctors, who either merely tan
totalize them with the hope of a cure or
-apply remedies which make them worse.
I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that 'although it may
be produced from .excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ploy men t, ' unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
oftener' caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself. ' "" ' ;
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them. It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the welfare of the entire
human family. .The mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
for corporeal development to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room, Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure,' perverting' in mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for. sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished.
In consequence of this early strain
npon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now con
stiint restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of temperature ; the complete prostra
tion .produced by. excessive .dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
m;ite effect. -At last, an early marriage
cap's"ihe climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
less of the plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. - This is but a truthful picture of
tbe experience of thousands ot our young
women. . ,..
' Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education of their peculiar
nervous system, composed of what is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
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Whites or . Leucorrhcea, Too - Profuse
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: ; ' '.
r .. j .. , .... - . A tI :' . ;
'" .--:':i '.-.; . ! '
t'.u hii?'-'-
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... AND AT TuE : . ...!:
Can be Found at
250 AND 252
Nature's Great Ally.
It took the world nearly two thousand years to
discorerand remedy one of the most fatal errors
that mankind has eyer belieyed in. From the time
of Galen to a comparatively Tery recent date, it was
opposed that, in order to cure a disrase. it was
necessary to weaken the already enfeeble 1 patient
by artificial means. Bleedinc. blisterint. riolent
purgation and salivation were tbe main reliance of
the fannlty,iot mora than fifty years ago. Eaatona
tlyes were only administered as supplementary
areata, after the lancet, caitharidei, jalap and ealo-
nrel bad done their depleting work. Modern
science has effected a t a lutary reform in medica
treatment. In place of tbe nauseous doses ooee ad
ministered iu eases of indigestion, biliousness,
eon?tipation, sick headaohe. serronsoess. intermit
TERS are now given with the utmost confidence
and the happiest results. The reason why this sd
mirable botanical preparation has superseded the de
bilitating poison of the old mitorla msdiea are
these: it combines the properties of a wholesome
tonio with those of a gentle cathartic an anti-bilious
agent, a nervine, and a blood depnrent. Thus,
while it keeps the bowels free, regulates the liver,
and purifies the eurrent of life, it sustains tbe
physical strength of the In valid, and by this means
the expulsion of disease and the restoration of eon
stitutional vigor go on together.
At this season, when, intermittent and remittent
fevers, with other eomp'aints arising from a damp,
mephitio atmosphere, are prevalent, a course of the
BITTERS is the best means of protecting the sys
tem frrm an attack. ;
may23deod A wly-w-a
A Clercyman, while rrsiding in South America
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simole rem
edy for the Cure of Nervous Weakness. Early te
eav. Diseases of tbe Urinary and Seminal Urgans,
and tbe whole train of disorders brouabt n by
baneful and vicious habits: Great numbers bave
been cured oy tnis nooie remedy... Jrom plea bjts
desire to benefit tbe afflicted and unfortunate. I
will send the recipe for preparing and using tbis
medictce, in a sealed envelope, to any one wh
needs it, ikeb of chabgk. Address. .
Station D. Bible House. New Y ork City
' I1 KOSJTH restored in fnnr wawka. Knnno
restores manly powers, from whatever cause ari-
sin; tne enacts of earl, pernicious habiia, self-
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at onee to
tbis wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the direction (which are very simple and re
uira bo restraint from business or pleasured fail
ure is imDossible. Said in bottles at S3, or four
quantities in one for t. - To be had only of tbe sole
appointed agent in America, II. GzKITZKN, 20a
DFcona Ave., new xora. , , .. , ,
VKT-iv2T-dl7r '
.-United - States : of - America,'
r COJiGRESS. , . . . " ,
Cash Capital, -. - $1,000000
' '" V : PAID IS FDLL. .. : ,
. To which all general correspondence should be ad-
j- j-. . 1 dressed. ,. ,u. . ,
CLAREN'!? H. CI. ARK. President, . . '
, JAY COOKE, Chairman finance and. Executive
HENRY D. !OKE. Vice Fresident. :
EiltKdON W. PEET, Secretary and Actuary.
'. Offeud by this Company are : -
It is a National Company, ehartered by speoial:
act of Congress. 1868. ,
It bas a paid up capital of tl. 000,000.
It offers low rates of premium.
Tt turnishes larger Insurance than ether Compa
nies for the same money. -. -
It is definite and certain in its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality. -
It-1 Policies are exempt from attachment.
There are no unneoessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. ...
"Every Policy is non-forfeitable.
. Policies may be taken that will pair insnred their
-full amount and return all tbe premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the inter. Bt on the annual
' foliates may he taken which pay to theTnsured.
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate is chsrged for risks npon the lives
of females- - .
It insures not to pav dividends, but at I . a
cost tbat dividends will be impossible.. . .: ,:
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio, Central
and Southern Indiana. , .
COX, UH VER &. C04 ...
Columbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Licking,
M nskingnm and Coshocton counties.
peNY-oo!22-deodAweowly '
. -i .
In no previous year ha there
been such strong competition among
all" the -leading Sewing- JUachlne
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe, as the . present., At all the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
they met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the Florence ' Reversible
Feed Loch-Stitch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Frize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni
vcrseUe, Paris; American Institute
Fair, New Torhj New England
Agricultural Fair, at Frovidence,
H. I.; the New York State Fair, at
Buffalo; the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks Session
on Vie 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on . Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it the " O OLD
MEDAL," the highest Frize the
Institute confers,
: i It would seem aa if thia succession of tri
umphs should be sufficient to convtnoe every
unprejudiced person of the great superior
ity of the FLOEENCE over all others aa a
Family Bewing Machine.
: A written warranty la given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL DO t.t.
that ia claimed for it, and should It fail, it
will be taken back, and the UOBXZ SB
FUNDED. JVinefjHU Offle mnd Balmrtetn, JTe. X8 West
Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.
' . t .'':, :
: H. McCONNEIX. General Agent
...I .;,!.., i . .
' T.APT!Tt.
Atthe Ohio State Fair, at Toledo,
Septe -ber 25th. 18RH. the FLORKNCE received
the FIRST P REM Wit lot the best Family Sewing
Machines over seven competitors. ,
Send for a circular, or call and examine the Ma
chines at the new Salesrooms. t
31 East State St., Colnmhu, Olilo.
"W. S. SHOWN,. Agent. , ;
tfW All kinds of stitching done to orderanl
alisfaction guaranteed. oclSl d2m2tawTA3
tnfnoTlOEIuXTe Lm.r .b?
sH, "Log,,,, MWanta,' Found,
.tii,n t , not exesedlaBt eight
tinea, published Iu thla eslimi far
SO centa each inserUea. -
FWlliliB'','"rFiT,eonfwable rooms. on ste
k;t Pd, d ona,oa first flow .(auts&a-Jor
kitoben). will be rented toa.am.ll f.n;i. l.nl. .
o. Sue East Town stre.t. ioViaoKi
AI"lJBl-AOENT8- to am per
month, everywhere, male and female tm
introduce the GENUINE IMPuUVKla
MACHINE. Tbis Machine wUl "titoi.
hem, fell, tuck, quilt, eort. bind, braid
and embroider in a mo?t superior dso
ner.. Price only $18. Fully warranted fpf
five years We will pay SI 000 for any
maebine thitt will sew a stronger, more
beautifnl.or more elastic seam than ours.
It makes the "Elastic Lock Stitch Every second
Hitch can be cut, and still tbe cloth eaonot be
palled apart without tearing it. We pay Areola
from B75 to 2O0 p r month and expense, or a com
mission from vthioh twice that amount can Da
r"A..or HOHTON. MASS. . -
C , UTION.Oo not be imposed upon by other
parties palming off woithles cast-iron machines,
under the same name iir AtlirniM. Dura ia tbft
only gei nine and reailjr practical cheap machine
manuiacturea. ii ootau-eodUtAwel
..-' BY--' ""-
Mrs.; Frances r Anne Kemble.
Mrs. KEMBLE will read in the Onera, Hoiaaa.
Columbus, on-1 ,. . - j . .-, j
Tuesday EvenIng,NoT. l'?'
-"."-J. -. Shakspeare's play pt";'
BeaerTed-tieata, 60 Canta Extra.
-The Sales of Tiokets will eommenea aa Vnndav
morning. N ovember 16th. it o'clock, at the Huaio
ritoreof J. Seltzer, E. tState street.
: feci AtHoTicl. The reading wnTobmtnenceat
8 o'clock precisely, and it is respeotfull requested.
w aiviu luwrraiibiun, lull cue auaieuou will Da
seated tea -aoinuUe-before th reatiiua Waiae.
Doors open at 7. novt-dbt-r -
IXJ .Joan El.l.BLKR..
------.. -Manager. -.
Hr. Ellsler begs to annoucaa- that he will pro
dnce George I. t ox's great Spectacular Paatomfiaa,
entitled "Humply Dumpty," at the Opera House,
btv a-ssassa of six nmats only. - Thia weadifnl
production is still filling the Olympic Theater, New
York, and has now reached over S50 nights 1 It is
brim fu'l of fan.embracing New Soenery, Machine
ry, Tricks and Transformations. Dancing. Group
ing, Ac-, Ac., beyond all description. On Wednes
day evening,' Nov. 18th, 1868, and every evening
until further notice, - 1 ' ' - -
STJ3vriTTr uump rs1.
The following first clata artisti will appear In the
Pantomime, in additioa to the entire Dramatio
Comp.nys Tony Denier, as Clown; Jos. W. Sloan,
as Pantaloon: Harry Leslie, as Harlequin; M'lla
Auriol, as Columbine. The sreatest Daaseaie in
the oountry, the famous and beautiful .u
-:" J " -P'E a 1 T A ! 0
Assisted by lions. Henri St. Odyj Mmitar De Sal
let; Al'lle Alexandrine, M'lle EUaSheriTil'lle ktal
lini. Miss Hattie. Hasting. lifs Sarah. Alaasinc
aad Miss Betty-Weiel..ad a full corps of Cory
phees. -AnJo,ti Jhampi;.H Sssfr-orrAmartea'
ttr.)i..X. Goodrich, in tbe G.aa4 Carnival Skating
ficene. For full sartioulai see dsiiy vrflaTramntea.
I Box trffice-rpen for tb sale qt Reserved Seats on
nnnaay. nuv. le.irom iv a. wn nOMl ir.a.
tO JP. kU. I . j . . i L,..r - jti L
novU-dtf . . J - vli'H
:.' ici..;: and . -j ... xr
PRO T IDENCB, R. I., h ving the largest manu
factory of Solid Silver Ware in the world. ,wtth
tbe most improved maehin-ry, and employing lie
most skills 1 labor, are enabled to efier an un
equalled variety of new aae heaattf a4 -deeigns dn
Dinrer Services. Tea Services, and every article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts. .
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotre-Plated Ware. in whiehHfce
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance--
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of starling
purity by U.S. Mint assay. The Electre-Prate) i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest S!-effleld
ware.; Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these- goods may be obtained from " -responsible
dealers every ahere. - .2 i .
1 . Tde
. , , AL. , Hark
Trade Mark rrt '' 5 ' SL fe
s5v.r. .iJgsr
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, K. T.
. navS-d&wiiin-Fa bt ' . 1 . . - i .j '
Such an article as "Dr. Tobias' Venetian" Lini
ment.' It has stood before the publio f ot U years
aad has sever failed giving aatitfaotioo ia a single
instance. Every drop of this valuable compound is
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it can al
ways be relied upon.. Is is wa-ranjed superior t
any other, for the care of Chronic' Rheumatism,
Toothache, Headache Sore Throat,- Vomiting,
Frosted Feet, Mamps. Croup, Burns. Cuts, Seasick
ness. Insect Stings. Sprains, Cholera'. Colie.Spasnrs ,
Dysentery, Braises', Colds, Coughs Old Sores.
Swellings, Pains in tbe Limbs. Back and Chest.
There is no medicine in the "World" that stasd
more on its own merits than the "Venetian. Lini
ment." Thousands of certificates ean be seen at the
Doctor's office, attesting to i:s, rare , virtues. Tbe
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, has
induced several unprincipled persons to counterfeit
thia "Valuable Remedy;" purchasers cannot be too
careful to see that "Dr. Tobias' Venetian liinimaat
is stamped on the glaas, done up in yellow paper
and signed S. I. Tobias. All others are danger
ous counterfeits, and although they may reumNt
the "Venetian Liniment" in color and smell.' t
vart of them." Sold by all Drasgists and Store
keepers throughout the United States. Price SO
oents and. one dollar per bottle. Depot 10, Park
Place. New York - - -..-4
iunelu-dAwlyem-reMT-a - .- .- - -
It is in demand wherever personal blemishea are
considered of sufficient eonsequenoe to be removed
Ita Action lasuntaaeeas. (
Gristadoro's Hair : Pn $ecvative
AND BEAUTIFlERis a preparation of equal merit
and repute.- Ita effect upon the hair fjt eleqMioal.
It fastens every loosening fibre, replace barshaesi
with sil iness and flexibility, semi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with gloss. Its asewiltimlase
the straigbtest hair to curl, and prevent the driest
from turning gray. It is the favorite at every toilet
where it baa been tried, and as a meant of keeping;
the bair free from scruf or dandruff, end the tealp
from exfoliations, is perfectly invalmble;"- '
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress -era.
: Manufactory No.8 Maiden Xane. 'Principal
Depot No. 0 Astor House, '., a,-,i,-jo'w -.--.
innel-dAwljcm-reNT-Q . . t t . -
The bowels may be oostive or some organ do ita
work; weakly. . Front cause- like these gases aad
gummy substance occur which poison the b eod
the perspiration may b cneoted; fre feet maybe
so chilled that their fetid exhalations are thrown
back upon the blood. Here ia eause for pains, fe
vers, inflammations. ' In these eases Brandnth';
Pills are worth more than gold. Fiv or six sure at
6nee. Remember they eure by at once removing;
from the body those matters which poison the. blood
and make us sick. These oelebrated Pills should ba
in the houe ready. - ' ; ' ' '
See B. BRaKDBSTH ia white letters om the. Gov
ernment stamp. - Principal office vBBaHDRKTH'g
Housa. New York. Sold by aU druggists, ;- " 1
.iuaela-dAwlyeni-reaiT - -. an
"To Owners of Horses."
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colio, Th
seed not be. Dr- Tobiaa', Venetian Horse Liii
ment, in pint bottles, price ene dollar, wilt peed
tively eure every ease, if given according to tbe di
roetiohs, when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cats. Galls, Sprains, Old
Sores. Swellings and Sore Throat. It is no new
remedy, but of II years' standing, and approved
by the first hoi semen in the oountry.; Col. Phils
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has used 1
for years, and recommends it to hi friend-. Or
ders are constantly received for it front h Rseittg
Stables in England. It has stood the test of time;
no one has ever tried it bnt oontinues its use. Eeo
olleot to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Llnlmsat
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold rby the
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the "United
States. Depot 10 Park Plaee, New Tort.. . .
:.i,.JI.l..rm -
' n..i-.
Tl MANHOOD 11 Jincthtr JTn - Iftdical
1VI PampUft fror U pea az.Dx- fiurria.
The"Medioal limes" aaya of this work :,. "Thi
valuable treatise on the cause and our of prema
ture decline, shows bow health is impaired through
secret abuses of youth and manhood.- and how
easily retained. It aires, -clear, arai pi at the
impedimenta to marriage, tha eause and effect a af
nervous debuitv, and toe. remediea therefor.';,
Docket edition of the above will he fr..jJx.
receipt of .25 cent, by addressing Doctor t&uia
fa. 6S North Tharies street, Baltimore. MA
era mayss-uly-r- i v 1 1 ; . '
' 1 .
Y nnn T-nTiriM Yia, nnnul m .r T-n-- r . .
VblQL tiJT e&i
Rheum), on my band of thirty, year standing.'
Dtea Joseph bustler, of Danville, led., who- hat
been using runner v egetable vosmetib Lotion.

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