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- vr.T,:ni.otoicAi. Tablk, prepared and
,Mprectd br W.J. Savage, Jeweler,
street:- -
SATURDAY, Nov. 14, 1868.
O rtnek. ' - - Barometer.
n h
9 a
H. M
"u h..-. ............
V. at .i..
,B Rise....
- ( Bun Bets...
4 41
. I
The lineal year of this Stole ended
on Saturday last. ","' -V -:- ' ' '
RT A day's length this week la nine
hows and fty-tf v minutes. -
i s Li-T.n bastardy cases are to bi tried by
Judge Green at this term oi court. . 1
" '. rar-Andrews & Hull have received Dem
worest for December. Right brilliant It Is
-.too.." ' ' ' : - ' ",';' i .v:.
ifnni' ve&ra aso to-day;" Sherman
started fromAtlauta oo hU march down
. to the sea.- . . .. - : ' ' ..
' DP" The weather yesterday was truly
".i.Hoin... I 'll thia Is not Indian Summer
uatis it? ; .! -.".- :.. ( . ' . ,". vf1.'; .; .
- t There are forty-seven applications
for di vorce on the Court of Common irieas
docket, to be heard this term
t7 The "receipts of the. two entertain
ment giver,' by .Newcotnb's Minstrels at
the Opera House, was 576. s -ty:
rB-n. Toewensteln. Clerk elect of. the
,&urt of. Common 'Pleas, took the oath of
Office before Judge Pngh on baturoay.
:;r-' Julius" Ci Richards, late Deputy
"Clerk' of ;the Court of. Common Pleas, has
formed a law partnership wltb R. .P,
-JTLBeturnslrofn all the counties of this
&tite have been.' received at' he Secretary
. at- SUte's office Th work of , counting
' will commence to-day. h,:,
.NoTaVrrPoBUO. A Julius CL Richiards
J Was on Saturday appointed a Notory Pub
He for Franklin, countyy by; Governor
Hajes."- "'. '.".'' . " :""M
S03i SQr;AH.We saw a-tmas In mar
ket on Saturday raked by Soloman Brena
man. of Prairie -township, that weighed
1241b. Some f quash that. - i
Yo3.-Towlef A Prentice jbsfre
ikksrtv thanks for a sararJleof? th buck
wheat they have for sale at No.39Eust
SUte street. It Is - royal ueorge, - anu
aihktoke.prrS-rr'':"'r'-,1-" n''T. ,.l
What a tall man Splvlns would make. If
ha-was ran tbceugh. v roJlmt mill oir-i
Yes, and what a nice man Busbey would
be If he was run through a smut machine
time or two.
3W07 l!-Cmml,8loner lect Eu M.
Lisle, on Saturday presented his bond to
Jodge Puah, and took the oath of office
S. 9. BloklVy P. Hess and1 John Ltele
bis sureties. The bond is in tl penal som
jf.too;--'I?-:...i :
j l -1a- . jjn - ' -' r." ,
MABBuaB Licekses. There were fifteen
marriage, licenses Jssued, by .the Probate.
k)w6urtag the' week ending ' Saturdsy,
Nov.- Uth, as follows t Monday, I; Tues
4y, S; WdBesday, ft; Thursday, 2; Friday,
:i; and Satardy 4..01 tod) j iu .:
-t EmiOkamt : Aobmt Rkport. From C.
H. Campeo, -Jahral 'Western Emigrant
'Agent, we learn that 495 emigrants ar
rived in this city during the week ending
Saturday, Jfov. 14th, who will find homes
la's fbllowsr Ohio, 87; Missouri, 1(M; Illinois.
116; Indiana, 68; Kentucky, 42; Wisconsin,
33; Michigan, 27; Tennessee, 18. Total 495
.."Aw TjKC0iiM0N,Coj.pLAXtT. A lady
"called on one of "rptaya iao the other
day and asked or A proscription. "What
do you think ailB-jour Miss?" asked the
doctor. "Flirtation of the heart," replied
fhe'la'ay," meaning "palpitation 'of the
heart." "Ah, yes," said the doctor "I sec.
Flirtation" of the bea'rtl A disease your
sex Ir rarely troubled with.".
f Miteobs. Those rw ho were. up. at Ibe
ungodly andr "unfashionable hour of two
o'clock on Saturdays aorning, were 5e
JrglHcd with 4tte tacteorie display then x
VbItfr"TieUrBshot hlther'and yon as
U. thev iad all goue crazy,. while the earth
aa m&do lizht As dav nearly -with their
' brilliancy. The phenomenon lasted about
three bouTs-Eveh tbe dog star, It Is said;
was out shooting.
Codbt .of Common Plkas. There are
728 civil cases: to be tried by the Franklin
oun ty , Cou rt . of Common . picas 8 1 . the
November term' to commence to-day, Be
aides these .there are 37 : criminal indict
ments now pending, and 33 cases now on
the donskat to go before 'the grand jiiry
This wilt make a pretty heavy -winter's
business lor . Judge Green and pretty fat
pickings for the lawyers., t
. Pbsatbn'tlary Akkivals Nine prison
er arrived at "the Penitentiary o Friday1
'last; eight from Lucas and one from Sum
mtt county.' From ' Lucas'' county; Chasj
Tnir. James CamDbellkhd Henry Swaga,
."burglary and lareeny, eight years each;
"Woj'HarscW grand larceny, five .years:
-Thoa.' Loweran. grand larceny,'- three
"tears; C ' Cooper, burglary . and larceny
t tree years; Walter, Williams, burglary and
larceny, two years; Henry Wilson, grand
i larceny, two years, From, Summit county
MJaeob Bberers burglary and larcety, one
year and six mouths. ... ,(
Tbansfkrrid SATtjftiAT.The follow
iing traasfers ot .real estate were left at the
Recorder's office.SatprdaT: :-
Michael Brtsnahan and; wife to Michael
Lyons, Nov. lltb,atriangular piece of
land between, Locust alley and Straight
"alleand1 N6rth Pabric' lane! In 'tfie'clty of
Columbus, for $1.000. ..'."f .Ti
Ansbti' Davis and wilfeto Samneipawlusi
October 9th, lot Nb 1 In George E. Hutch4
Inspo'e subdivision of.lot'No., 57 Of Wml
Phelaa's MU Pleasant addition to toe city
Spt Uliiimu,.ftr.tlSO.. ( ; -A?, 1 U i
J. J.jaoney ao4 wife to Sarah. B.Pol-
lard, Oat. tOth, 54 acres of land in Frank
lin township, for $6,000.
Warrirn W. Pollard and wife to John
. Janney, October 30th, quitclaim to 64 acres
.and 2 roods of land la Franklin- township,
fcrtlft. ;:-'.V1" ' V '
;k .-t . i t ,ii :i u-.. '. :
CoiiH rT Commissionkbs', Mektikq. A
meeting of the County Commissioners
'' hidoft Saturday; Messrs. Edwards, Bar bee
r 'od Gulick being presept, u was
it OrdersA'Thai an Order be drawn on the
'Treasury In favor of Andrew Me M inch, lor
r .... i. i A r t Ti
. 9031 oU in imi iur ui iufo vi?r Bin Jan on
thun.r.rirpRviUa rosd.. Franklin townshin.
ri Ordertd, Tuatan order ba drawn on the
Treasury In' favor of Andrew MeMinchi
for f 609-In full fbr'balance due for earth
work on , the . William Rub bridge,
"Franklin township, hhv! .'Uii-'J
.u Tba following bilU were allowed :
Doyiev' ijeonartr Co.. earth 'work; on
Harrisburgh road, $9,577 : W. P Brown,
engineer services, $37: Edgar and Van
dennwk!addltio4 t TreaSuretfa .ofHce,
.$425; Hall Sale and Lock Co, difference
xehaag of . aalesv" $2,600; J; T.MAbott,
. wOtt basket $U0; Jaeger and Mrtin,lc?
lor.J?ibt WW J- Wr. Russell,
atone for Hlbb's bridge, $52 60:. T. S. Shoo
kr!t fidixTr $130.79: G. Wr ZllL
f vassing poll book$Jl5j :Brooka, Merion
n I . 'J eft, YljiluMku r. . . .
'fL "'J i. ' KA. A .
cleaning treasurer s ouiue, .n-OJ. Cat
VrKIlKpVi U$vivu ui iuvuu Tiv. l-Z
Mis Sohnsidb's Matin kk. II Miss
Schneider ever had any doubt as to the
success ot the matinee concerts to be given
by her, the large and fashionable audience
present at Naughton Hall on Saturday
must have completely removed them. We
doubt if a more appreciative or fash
ionable assemblage was .ever seen in this
muslo-lovlng community. . Of Miss
Schneider's ability we bave already
spoken, and her playing on Saturday -was
inuy up to her own high standard of ex
cellence. - Mr. Wm. Lott sanr a tenor solo
admirably. ' In a duo wl;h Miss Lathrop,
ills voice exhibited a power and sweetness
we did not know it possessed. Mrs. T C.
Bailey won the highest meed of praise tor
the pleasing and sweet manner in which
she rendered her part of the programme.
Many were the converts to or belief that
her's Is . one ot the sweetest voices
in Columbus. The Interest for us,
though, . was in the singing of
Mlsi . Lathrop. We had never heard
her slnjr. and yet bad heard much in praise
of her style, cultivation and voice. To say
that she pleased us is to not half tell the '
delight she afforded. ' Her voice is rich,
flexible . and , powerful, . aud " seems
to ' bave been thoroughly cultivated.
Without . mannerism and seeming to
receive ' a . portion ' of . that . intense
enjoyment she imparts to her audience, she
stands the very embodiment ot our idea of
cultivated, thoroughly artistic'' singer
Her singing of Kathleen Mavourneen never
was excelled, livery . word was uttered
distinctly, the Very accent retained, as an
elocutionist would read it, and every note
of the music uttered in harmony with the
words of Lady Morgan's .divine ballad.
Miss Schneider has inaugurated a series of
concerts that must prove attractive and
remunerative. ' Success attend all such
efforts, say we.
1 i - n -rrt
Mrs. Kemblk's Readings. The sensa-
sation for this season Is set for to-morrow
night, -at the Opera House, when Mrs.
Frances Anne Kemble will read King Lear.
It will be delightful, and a rare intellectual
treat, which "one can look back to and re
member with a glow of pleasant memories
The peculiar force of Mrs. Kemble's style
Is that you lose slht'of the fact that it is
bat one person speaking,f-and the mind's
eye pictures the different personages of the
lay actually peaking, such is her won
derful power ot mimickry and imitation.
It is to be regretted that she wilt ' not give
auother reading.' To bear her is an epoch
In any one's. life, .and a pleasure that few
would, willingly .forego. AVe. regard her
King Lear as one of her most effective ef
forts. The spirit of it Is So fully entered
Into that its great points are brought out
with a master hand, and the keenness of its
sarcastic passages portrayed, with., most
onderful fidelity. We are glad she has
selected this play for her reading here. In
ft our citizens last saw Elwin Forrest, and
the terrific curse- uttered by Lear Is yet
ringing in their ears. Tbejrwill have an
opportunity of .contrasting the. greatest
living Lear with the greatest female reader
of the part ' Mrs. Kemble's genius finds its
truest field in the works of (he immortal
bard, and Illustrates by its brilliancy, ;
.The sale of tickets to Sirs. Frances Kem
ble's reading will commence at Seltzer's
music store at 9 o'clock. this morning.'
Filed Saxdbdat. The following .cer
tificates: of incorporation, were filed with
ne secretary ot snateoD Saturday:
Of the Cincinnati Harugarl Building As
sociation, organized for the purpose of rais-
ng funds to be loaned among Its members.
Capital stock $537,000, in shares of $448
each.s Principal ?offlce 4h- Cincinnati. A.
Relnhard, H. Qnerner, J.Selbert, F. Pfahh
kuohea and J. V. Maesuher are the corpor
ators, j . ; .-,' .;
Of the Union Hat Company, organized
for the purpose of manufacturing hats and
caps. Principal office In Monroeville, Hu
ron county. Capital stock $10,000,in shares
of $200 each. ' U. J. Lewis, Rl' Robey, E.
Wright, P. Ward and H. L. Wilson are the
Of the Hocking Valley Coal and Salt
Company, organized ' for the 'purpose of
mining covl, ores, Ac, and boring or dig
ging for salt. ' Principal office .in Lancas
ter. Capital stock $100,000, in shares ot
$1,000 each. Thomas' E wing, H-' H. Hun
ter, C, F, Steele, M. A. Dougherty, Thos.
Ewing, jr., and John A. Hunter are the
orporators. . ' ; ' '' : '' '
Of. the Toledo Union Street Railroad
Company,' organized . for the' purpose of
constructing a street railroad 1n the city
of Toledo. Capital stock $50 000. E. H.
Fitch, F. P. Brown, F.J.Scott, Robt. H.
Bell and J. K. Hamilton are the corporators.
Fautlt Mabkcts. Tb following is a
correct re"por'tof the markets in' this "city
on Saturday :
T 6fam Venfson- steaks ' 30z' other cots
25i-; t-quirrel8 15s -ravii; Prairie Chick
ens are selling at $1 25 a pair. with bnt
a slight demand; mallard ducks, $1 a pair;
teal ancks, 5W; qnall, 9'2 60 per dozen; turkeys-
.15c per fi; chickens 2535c each ;
pnfasants. l per pair. - - - 1
Meats. Butter and Egg The prices asked
at the markets tor meats, butter, e?es, etc
are as follows : Steaks, best cuts. 18c; mut
ton chops, 68cj; pork chops 15l8c; saus- :
ages, 18c per &; corned beef. 810c; veal, '
choice cots, 1215c Butter, 3540o per lt;
cheese,- 2025c; eggs, 2830c per dozen, !i
ann laru sue per id. . ' ;
Fish ana Oysters. White fish are selling
for 10c; herrings the same; pickerel do; blue
fish 20-;codlish 20c; striped bass 20. ; halibut
25c. Oysters are be ominz more plentiful,
and less-'of a luxury. The tollowinz la
about the average pi h e asked by the retail
dealers:'. XXX 40c per half cam medium :
60.T select, Se.1- - xi
-ii Vegetables Continue plentiful and the ;
prices Tesonable. j The lollowing are the '
selling rates: Irish potatoes '-8090c per ;
bu ; beets 80c; turnips 75c$l;onions $1 50;
sweet potatoes 60j per peck; cabbage 5 '
10 j' per head; pumpkins 10ffl20o each:
Squashes the same. . , . r . , j
f J'rtttto.There is no change In- fruits- i
The following is about the. average price : i
aus oeet tawoa8seii lor.lo per-uound:
Isabellas, 12c; apples $3 ,5.04 00 per
uurrvL. - r
Probate Coobt Business. The follow-
fng appointments were made ' by : Judge j
nigh during the weak ending Saturday,
Nov.l4thj-Jl' - '-i
Philemon Harris appointed guardian of
Emma R. Dill, child and heir of Calvin' C.
Dill,, deceased, late of Madison township.
Bond $2 500. .
Elizabeth W. White and Charles L. Ea
ton were appointed executors of the estate
of P. N- White, late of Franklin township,
deceased. , ., ' '-- - ..'.-1
Anna 31. Koerner and i Veith Koerner,
appointed executors of the estate of John
M. Koerner, late pf Columbus, deceased.
The last will and .testament of John M.
Koerner, also that ot P.N. White, was ad
mitted to probate and recordlU'' "' '.
xIdmptt DtuipTT. Johh Ellslcr will i
produce the great pantomime of Humpty
ompty at the Op ra House, commencing i
on Wednesday eveniug and continuing for
ten nights. ;This pantomime is said, by
tbOM'who have seen it, to.be one of the
mott brilliant,-- laughable, attractive spec
tacles ever produced 'on' the American
stage..It is lull of startling .tricks and n.
luslohe, gay dances and " intensely funny
situations,, it sun noius ne-ooards in New
York, though it has been run there lor
three or fburhandred nights already. 'Mr
EUelef, if we are not mistaken in our citt
will find his enterprise pay aa-well
here as it did in Chicago, In proportion.
" The box office will be open for the sale
of reserved seats to-day Xrom: 10 A. M.to
; .
' f
Horss at Auction. I will sell at anc
tlon a fine Bay Horse, six years old, at the
corner of High and Broad streets, on Tues
day, Nov. 17th, at 10 o'clock A. M.
novl6-d2t J. G. Bbal,
Thk coming winter bids fair to be a gay
one In Columbus. A fine set of Ermine
gives a most beautiful ' effect to a lady's
toilet. '
Clark & Farmer are receiving a splendid
assortment of Ladies' Fancy Furs tor even.
ing wear. Call and see them. No. 5 Neil
House Block. n. vl4-d3t
Wanted Housb to Rent, A house
from 6 to 8 rooms, suitable for a small
family, furnished or unfurnished. A liberal
rent will be paid. Address postofflce
box 621. novl4 2t
"iu and Pobtbr. I am now receiving
regular from Cincinnati, Thatcher &
Dyett's celebrated fctock and fresb Ale and
Porter, In pint and quart bottles, put up
for family use, and highly recommended
by physicians ior sickness, &c.
I also have a stock of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stout Porter; Muir & Son's Spark
ling Edinburg Ale ; English Ale and Porter.
' C. A. Wagneb,
novl3-tf No. 23 East State street.
Lap Blankets. Wolf, Fox and Buffalo
Robes just received at
Clark & Fabmkb's,
novll-dtf No. 5 Nell House Block.
Oysters 1 OtsterSII lam now selling,
at reduced prices, those fine fat Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Wm.
Taylor, Esq-, Baltimore, and sold by me in
this city for over ten . years. Warranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
Tiave the XXX, and W. T. XXX, a fine
Oyster for Soup. ' C. A. Wagneb,
novl3-tf No. 23 Eist State street
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
imith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store.
nov6d3m '.-..-.'.-
;'Thk live Oysteman, 16 E.Broad street,
iVives (.for fifty cents) a well filled can
;rSpencer,' Auger & Co.'s prime oysters
ind a ponnd of butter crackers.
aug5-dtonov28 ' . ' , .. "' ;
' For Sale House '. and lot, corner ol
.'Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ot J. W. Moore, No. 48 West North
.trect, ; . -
oct 13-dtf - -.-.'
Theb seems to bk no end to the new
loods Clark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
' erday another large lot of seasonable goods
'.irrived. : Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
t ishment. . They come none too fast to sup
! ly the wholesale and retail trade they aw
stabllshing.', . -.', . : uovll-dtf
s. - . - . 'I:. o
A Fine Thing for thk Teeth. The fra-
frant Sozodont has taken a very promi
j ient place among the most. approved den
; lfrices of the day. It Is a very popular
rticle for the toilet, highly recommended
by all who bave used It as a beautlfier and:
preserver of the . teeth, refreshing the
nouth, sweetening the breath, and arrest
ing the progrtss of decay.
"Spalding's Glue."
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and Sore
Throats, are unwelcome, but very frequent
visitor?, In our variable climate, and not
unfrequently lay the foundatlou of con-1
umption and premature decline. The:
oeet, safest and surest remedies are Hum-,
phrey's Homce pathl3 Specifics, Nos. one
and seven. They act promptly, mildly and
surely, and soon cure, the most trouble-'
some cold. Sold by all .dealers, 6 boxes:
$1 25 sent by mall on receipt of price.
"Address Hum fh rets' Specific Homoeo-.
patbic Medicinb Co., 562 Broadway, N. Y.
jyl3-;d&wly-cw .'. .
r, Holloway's Pills Thb Hobrors of
Dyspepsia. "Try all things" Is a bad mot
to for the sick. It is better to try that
which the world's experience has proved
to be super-excellent. For fifty, years
Holloway's Pills have been curing Dyspep
sia. Not a failure is on record, while the
successes have beenconntless. Is not this
a- sufficient guaranty.; Is it not madness
for any one writhing under the terrible
pangs of Dyspepsia to decline or neglect
to take a medicine fortified with such cre
dentials , Sold by all druggists. ., ,
jyD-dly-cw .v.-..
Can It be possible that over Five Million
Bottles of Plantation Bittebs have been
sold during the past year? It is almost in
credible, nevertheless it is absolutely true,
and Is the most convincing proof of th-ir
wonderful medicinal and health-restoring
qualities. ''Every ' family- should be sup
plied with these Bitters, at whatever cost
or trouble it may be to obtain them.' Be
careful that you get the genuine, and that
you are not imposed upon py a spurious ar
ticle. ' . -
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the prlco. - -.i
BN-scpt25-deodtwlycw .
Nervous Dkbiutt, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory " and ' threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
pbreys' Homeopathic- Specific, No. Tweu
ty-Eight.-' Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once St the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discbarges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
eutire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
s and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old 'cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mall on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway, New York. )yl3-deod&wly
. Central Ohio Lunatic Asclum.i
Columbus, Aug. 31, 1868.
Sno. 'B. Siddall. Esq Agent New England
Mutual Lxfe Ins. Co,, or Boston, Mass. :
Dear Sib I am informed that there bave
been misstatements made In regard to dlv
Idends paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, which I have had in the JVew Eng
land Mutual for 24 years. For the informa
tion of those interested In Life Insurance,
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now amount to aoout one Hundred per
cent, on my premium. Dividends paid an
nually in cash. ...
rSigned, W. L. Peck,
Sup't C. O. Lunatic Asylum
- Dr. Wm. L. Fecltand Dr. Morrell,
assistant, have both to-day made applies
tion to the New England Mutual for more
Life, insurance. '
T , Goo. F. O'Harra & Co., Ag'ts,
' Naughton Block, Columbus.
f novl2-dltow8w&w4t ' : , '
Kemoval. ine- unoersignea Has re
Moved his' Boot' and Shoe Store from 63
East Town street to 140 North High street,
east side, between Spring and Long, in the
new block of Collins fc Scbwenker, where
he Will be happy to see his old friends
patrons. A lull line of goods kept and
be sold cheap lor cash. . , . J. c Kalb,
nov$-d2t&w2w 140 North High street.
jm statesman.
Official Report of Commodore
Official Report of Commodore Sands on the Meteoric Display.
The following Is the official report from
Commodore Sands, Superintendent of the
Naval Observatory, In regard to the recent
meteoric shower, received at the Navy De
partment this afternoon :
Sir I have the honor to submit the fol- -lowing
preliminary report of the meteoric
showers of this morning: During the even
ing of the 13th inst. there were no greater .1
number of meteors to be seen than are us
ually observed on clear nights, until about
11 P. M, when there seemed to be an In
Tease in number and brilliancy, though v
not sufficient to indicate the beginning of .
a shower.
At midnisrht the number bad considera
bly increased, and the prevalence of trains
was generally noted. At thirty-five min
utes past midnight the observing party.
consisting of Prof. Eastman and Messrs. ,
Harrison, risby ana 11 ays, began to count
meteors and to plot the tracks of the prin
cipal ones that appeared In that portion ot ,
the heavens covered by the star chart cou- j
structett at the obserVKtory In 1667.
At 1:35 A. Al., 300 meteors naa Been i
counted, most ot them quite brilliant, and
nearly all ot them leaving green, blue or
red traces. Thus far the display had not j
been confined to any portion of the sky,
but most of them were in the northern and
southern heavens, and scarcely any in a- (
position to be placed in the star chart. ,
Many of the trains were visible several
minutes. : Onti lasted 10 minutes, and trace3
of one near B Ursa Minor were seen 30
minutes after the appearance of the meteor.
Alter 1:50 A. Prof. Eastman noted
the time ot approach of the principal me
teors, and succeeded in sketching the tracks
of about ninety. During one hour and
forty-three minutes four hundred bad been
counted, and afterwards the successive
hundreds were observed in the following
intervals, f The intervals are here given by
Commodore Sands.
. The observations" were continued until
after six A. M at which time there -had
been counted live thousand and seventy-
At 2:20 A. M. Prof. Noues and son joined
the party of observers and assisted in
counting meteors in the western heavens.
During the whole display there, were many
meteors seen in the, west, but from four
o'clock to five the numbers were about
equal In the east and west. - . ,
i tie time oi maximum frequency was
about five hours, when they feh at the rate
i aoout z ouu per nour. ' The radiant point
was well defined during the latter end of
the shower, and found bv estimation to be
about 149 degrees itr right ascension and
22 minutes, thirty seconds in declination.
The trains were unusually brilliant, pre
senting-5 the "various- srreen, orsneet blue
and red,- and remained visible 4or- n unu-
ual time. Frequently as many as five
ould be seen at once, nresentincr an an-
pexrance, when nearlv dissioated. of light
cirrus clouds. ' : ' w - t
Tne shower commenced several - hours
before it was expected. As it was pre
dicted last year it would be seen in 1863 in
tne facitle. ocean only, a number of star
charts- were -distributed, a few days ao, to
thes various observatories and scientific
men of the country, and it is believed
many valuable observations have been
wade of which -we soon shall learn.r a
i : Very respectfully, r.-wei; c-ro
Your obedient servant,
B. F. SANDS. Commodore and Superintendent.
The wedding of Speaker Colfax and
Miss -' Wade : -takes - place at- Andover.
Ohio, on Wednesday next.
Seeking Employment.
Many persons have arrived herefrom va
rious. States seeking Government .employ
ment. : instead ot Increasing tne depart
ments arc diminishing their forces, and
therefore there is no prospect of success.
Gen. Butler's Letter.
The Courier-Journal will publish to
morrow a letter from General Butler, In
which he says: We are politically opposed.
I think it must arise. Iroin : the different
light in which we see the same thing. The
South has no firmer friend than I am and
ever have been.- It is a part of my coun
try, anu aitnougn l may misjudge in the
best way to preserve the South from the
consequence of what I must regard as a
irre&t crime', and still worse, a blunder, yet
i wouia ao anyming i couiu to De con
vinced what would tend to the prosperity,
quiet and regeneration ot the South. Asa
part ot my country. 1 nave no hatred to
wards the South or Southern men. as such,
if I know my own heart, but I am on nosed
only to tho-e who still war'upon the best
nterests of the country, as L -understand
them, and that opposition', from the very
necessities of my nature, will ba-a stern
and unyielding one. I hope to see you,
and assure you in' person; that I can be as
ardent a friend in peace as I was a deter
mined ana nnreipmmg we in war.
..Xno Courier-Journal says of this : As a
partisan, 'we have untiringly fired the
heaviest guns in our battery at Gen. But-
ler. Wiien he soars higher and demonstrates
that his will, is equal t his -capacity fir
good, our guns shall all be spiked or turned j
upon those who may assail hiaacts iaeur '
behalf. ' " ( ' ' " 1
Fillibustering Organization in St.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 14.
The Times of this morning says: About
thirty young men. undo- the leadership of i
two.or .three old filibusters, held a meeting I
here last nisbt. and an organization was ',
effected with a view to raising recruits for j
an expedition to Cuba.
Startling Discovery at Bunker
Hill, Ill.
The Bunker Hill. III., Gazette states in 1
substance, "that in a barn'' attached to a
place wnere a tavern has been kept ior
years, in the vicinity of that town, the re-1
mains of three human beings have been
found buried beneath the bara fioor,Iqd
that the skeletons of five other men, sup-
posed to have been mudered, have been
discovered in the neighborhood of the
same premises. - The inn keeper Is Suspect
ed of having been engaged in robbery and
muraer ior years, ine uazette says he
has been arrested and is now imprisoned,
trial, bail been
Fire. BOSTON, Nov. 14.
A large wooden building, corner of Al-
bioh and Paul streets, occupied by McNeil
Brothers, carpenters and builders, and oth
er mechanics, was destroyed by fire this
morning. Several members ot hose com
panies were severely injured by a falling
wall. William Lovett, broken head and
badly cut; George Vinal, leg broken ; Geo.
iNUgeni, severe internal injuries. Another
tire destroyed a tenement house on Bonnet
avenue occupied by 12 or fifteen families.
Thomas McCormick was burned to death.
-Michael Mason and another laborer,
name iinknowitv were killed yesterday by
a land slide in the gravel pit near Gardner.
Motion to Quash.
In the contested election cases before the
Court of Common Pleas to-day, a motion
was made by the Democratic lawyers to
quash the petitions on the ground that the
affidavits are detective. " The court fixed
Friday next for the argument on the mo-
Howland Will Case.
BOSTON, Nov. 14.
Judge S. Circuit Court,
this morning delivered his opinion in the
great Howland will case, in which Hetty
Robinson and Edward H. Green were com
plainants, against Thomas Landall and
others, executors,under the last 'will V of
Silvia Ann Howland, to have the will set
aside. The whole case rested on the depo
sition of Mrs. Green, and this Court de
cided It inadmissible so far as related to a
contract between her and Mrs.- Howland.
A bill of complaint was dismissed with
costs. An appeal to the Supreme Court
was taken-
The political organization known as the
Parker House Committee bave nominated
Geo. W. Messenger for Mayor.
There is no new phase in the impeach
ment matter. The citizens are much inter
ested, but there is no excitement. The
counsel for Governor Reed is J. P. Sander
son, of Jacksonville: A. J. Peeler aud M.
D. Passoy. of Tallahassee. For Lieutenant
Governor Gleason, ex-Gov. Walker, ot Tal
lahassee; D. P. Holland, of Savannah ; and
F. A. Dockey, of St. Augustine. With the
exception of the last named, all are ex
A very brilliant meteoric display was
witnessed last night, lasting from mid
night to daylight.
The meteoric shower occurred this morn
ing at 3 o'clock and lasted till 6:30. The
display was one of the finest ever seen. , .
Gov. Warmoth has issued a proclama
tion appointing the 26th in&t. lor Thanks
giving and prayer.
NEW YORK, Nov. 14.
The steamer Henry Chauncey, from As
pinwali, with California passengers and
mails, arrived this morning.
Recruiting for the Cuban Expedition.
Recruiting for the Cuban expedition, it
is said, has ceased in this city. Col. Gibbons
having already enrolled 6 500 men, which
is 1,500 more than he wants. He alleges
that the whole command Is to devolve upon
a wealthy Habenesc, who is famous as a
military leader under Don Carlos and Max
imilian, and who. so tar, has furnished all
Uie funds necessary. The iutention is to
innex Cuba to the Union. A public meet
ing Is to be held in relation to the matter
,n Copper. Institute. )f, ...
As Mr, John BV Schumaker, Congress
man elect from the second district of New
York, alighted from a Broadway stage at
the corner of Amity street, he was seized
upon by three men. One of them stole a
diamond pin, valued at $1,000, from Mr !
schumakers shirt bosom, and passed it to
i confederate, who made his escape. Two
of the robbers, giving their names as Wm.
B. Robert and John E. Tonenson, were ar
rested on the spot. .
. . Meteors were still flying thismornlng at
halt past 6 o'clock. -. v .-
Base Ball.
The picked Nine of New: York and
Brooklyn plajed their second game of base
ball yesterday, the Brooklyn Nine whining
this time by 18 to 13. :
Base Ball. Injured.
, John Seller, a well known base ball play-'
er. yesterday fractured one of bis legs b
a iaii. - ' - 1
basin. Brooklyn, waV nearly destroyed b
fire last night. - Loss $5,000; supposed In-
A terrible collision occurred - in- Eat
river-, this morning, between the Fulton'
terry boats Union aud . Hamilton, . as the
latter was .entering the lip on the New
York side. Both boats were badly dam
aged. A boy named George Brewer, ap-:
prentice at the printing business, was
killed, and William Brock, a fellow appren
tice, . was fatally iij tired. The following
persons were also fatally injured : George
Devoe, since died; John Thompson, Alfred
iaart, irancia Mi-arcy and William Cirm
mlngs. The following were adly hurt,
limbs broken, &3, &c: Kate. Piirrel, Julia
Vlahan,- Mrs. Qnimbyr Charles Gamlish,
Irs. and Miss Corrigan, Michael Hart, Mr.
Oee- Caballero, ; Michael - Morrill, ; Sarah
Clark,: Lizzie Clark. Charles Gross. Eliza
-'Jamplon, Miss Schnnnel. Julia Dajley,
Cathuriua Manclay, Miss Cunningham anu
i nunjbecnif others, whose names- are as
yet unknown. ;
'" Dispatches from Hartford, Poughkeepsie,
Fortress Monroe and Richmond mention a
brilliant display during the night. -
The number of -meteors seer, here last
. night exceeds 2.500 by actual count. J
Official Reception.
NEW YORK, Nov. 14.
- Tlie Herald's London- special cays: Mr.
Burlingame and the Ciiinese Ambassador,
. will be oflicially received by the Queen, at
v liiuuor, on lue aita nisi, - - - - r , -,
At a meetinsr lic-ld by the various politi
cal clubs in Madrid, it was unanimously
agreed to act'ept a monarchal torm ot jroy
eminent not based on divine rlxht, but a
sovereignty ot the people, expressed by
universal 6 till rage.
The Recent Treaties.
The Herald's Mexican special says: The
Government deems it Inexpedient to brin2
before Congress tbe recent treaties drawn
up between Secretary be ward and Minister
Komero. ' " '' '':"- "
Railroad Matters.
The concession to thb' Mexico & Vera
Cruz Bailroadi Company has' been finally
aereed. A -bill in favor ol tba American
Rail & a'eJenrapb.: Company lias passed
a second reading. ' " '
No Meteors.
LONDON, Nov. 14.
The sky wag clouded last night. No
Colonial Ports Free.
MADRID, Nov. 14.
The Provisional Government has de
clared all Spanish colonial ports free. An'
chorage duties are abolished.
BERLIN, Nov. 14.
Count Stonderiroltz, Prussian Ambassa
dor at Paris, has resigned. -.Von Wertherj
the present Minister to Austria, has been
appointed to fill the vacancy.; ; .
LONDON, Nov. 15.
- The prosecution ot the French Govern
ment .of the -parties wbo promoted the
subscription for a monument over the
grave of . M. Bandin, are of the victims
of the coup de etat of the 21 of Dec. has
resulted . in the conviction of several
journalists and others.- all of whom
have Deen neaviiy nnea ana addi
tionally punished by suspension
their civil rights. - The decision -of the
courts in these cases causes much popular
indignation la raris, ami symptoms ot agi
tation have appeared. The police and mil
itary authorities in the city are taking ex
traordinary, precautions against disturbances.
Death of Rossini.
PARIS, Nov. 14.
Rossini, the great Italian musical com
poser, died to-day lu nis 77th year.
BERLIN, Nov. 14.
The Prussian budget was submitted
the Diet to-day. Baron Von Durheyde,
Prime Minister, in his remarks, said the
financial difficulties or Prussia were mere
ly transitory, and affairs in Europe were
favorable to the preservation ot peace.-
Elections in England.
LONDON, Nov. 15.
The elections absorb the attention of
classes of people. Little business will be
done during tne week-, i ne cotton rraae
at Liverpool will be suspended on Tues
day and Wednesday, and the bread Uuffs
market will probably be closed on Tues
day. Sanguine Liberals estimate that
Gladstone will have a majority, of 130
the next Bouse. -
LONDON, Nov. 14.
A fine meteoric dfepla3' was witnessed
observers at tbe Oxford Univerity tonight.
The Revolution.
The Revolution. NEW YORK, Nov. 14.
1- The Herald says a private letter from
prominent insnreent In Cuba states that
the revolutionary- Junta in Havana has
sworn to destroy the property of .every in
dividual who shall, over bis signature, of
fer his life, wealth or protection in favor
the Government, but that in no other ease
shall property be attacked. .
' The Herald's Porto Elco correspondent
savs that irom 800 to 1,000 prisoners
help In Arecibo, some of them being
most prominent men in the Island, ' Those
taken in arms are lb be tried by- military
courts, and will probably be shot, In the
Island, according to Government reports,
all is now tranauil.
Insurrection Progressing.
from St. Domingo state that
the insurrection against the Baez Govern
ment is in active progress. ... ,, ,':if .
NEW YORK, Nov. 14.
The steamer Henry Chauneey bHngs
Panama advices to the 6th an I $l59,000 In
California treasure. - -
Earthquakes continued all ''along the
coast of Chill and Pern. A very heavy
one occurred on the 13th ot Oct. lasting
nearly three minutes'. Another lasted four
Civil War.
It Is thought a bloody civil war in Chill
is imminent, growing out ot the sup
port given Euazuriz for the Presidency. !
Auvtccs irom Australia to tne sen ot Uct.
are unimportant.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a donbls row flat croseinr
across south street at the west aide 01 Migu.
street. !
Section 1. Be it ordained br Hie TniT'TJonacil
of tne city of Columbus (two-thirds ot all the
nemberseoQcamna;), Thai a double row fins; cross--
in be built across bontn street, ab the weal sidt or
Hieh street, in accordance with the d at thertoof
on file in the office of the City Clerk.. - I
' 80. t. That all dacnaces, eosti and expenses
arising from the foregoing improveoieinent shall
be a-sessed and levied upon tus -several lo i ol
land fronting or abnttina on the west ai l of High
street from strawberry alley to I
in proportion to their feet front.
street from Strawberry alley to tioutb. Public lace.
ont. , . - ;
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
i novij-uit .. -
Paving Ordinance.
cn the east eideot front? treet trom mejnoioMt,
cornrr of Town and Front street til apjlht ei((U;y-i
five feet north of Town street. - - v--- I
' Miction 1j- Beitordaimal bv the OitrConnofl of,
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem-1
bers concurring), That the nnpared sidewalks.'
gutters aud cross in kb be araded and repaved oa the.
eabt side X Front street from the northeast corner'
of Town and Front streets -to a point eiatfity-five;
feet north of Town street, in aooordhDee withrf he ;
plat thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.!
Sec. a. That all damages, costs and expenses i
arising from, the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
President the
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. City Clerk.
Bovl3-dlt . .. -;: ,. '.'-. ".. ''r'.'t, !
Paving Ordinance.
4nordinanee to lower tv-e crossing., across Uoand;
- , street at the east side of niah street. iy .t i
Suction 1. Be it ordained bv the Oitv (iouna'il !
f the city of Columbus (two-tbirdeof aH fbemem-f
bers eooearring, --That the flag eronina; aeroes ;
Mound street at the east side of H ich street be lew-1
ered 4ecorresp nd with- the' A'ibolaunr pavement, in;
accordance with the p;at thereof on file in the office!
of the Cityllerk. f ? f- 3
. Sko. 9. . That all damages, coat and. Kperea ;
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be!
assessed and. levied upon the several: lots of land
fronting or abutting on theeast side of High street;
from Noble street t r Ejtrewbery alley, ia proportion
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To aass a special tax upon the real es'ate bound-)
wt aimtaetreet troia isnaa alley touitt street.
Ssction 1 Be it ordained bv the Citv Council
ef the citiof Columbus. That the su a o'f Thirty-
lour cents, t our ana neven tentu mills, he and the:
same is hereby levied and as-eased upon -each footj
front of tbe several tts of land bounding or abut-'
ti g upon South streot-from Zenas alley to Gift-
street, excepting lots Nor. 17, 18 sni 19 Or Baker ft,
Mito ell's sub., lots Vos 8 and 0 of English 4 Mar-'
tin's sub. .and SSfeetoff of the east ide-ef ovtlot
No. 18 and S8 feet eff of the east sids of outlot-
No. 10, as the same are designated upon the:
plat of tbe Civil bngineer, on file in the efnee of
the City Clerk, for the cost and expense of grading
the sidewalks along tbe same. -according to -the
estimate of the City Civil Eflginoer.. t '
SEC. i-at the owners ot.lhe several lots ot,
lan I uponwbich theforeg ii ig assessment Is ma-lei
shall pay the amounts of money bv them severally,
due ia that behalf to Wens. Beck A Co.. within
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and pena'ty allowed upon-
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
Zp asse'l a special tax upon the real estate bound-.
ins; s uta street trom seventn street t uilt
street. j..--. -., ..
SacrrOMl.' Beit ordainect by the City Council I
of tbe city of Columbus. That the sum of Kiaht-:
six cents, bight mills, be and the same is hereby.
Uviel and assessed upon each foot, front of the'
several Ms of land bounding or abutting upon j
South street from Heventh street to (itltetreet. ex-!
oeptinc lot-Ke. 9 of Marie. Will ard and Little's
sub.-, lote bos. 17, in. m, xu ana ra- ot Baker a
Mitchell's sub., t I leo. 1 at tde's sub., and 43 feet
off o the east part of outlot No. 10, as the same are)
designated upon tbeplatof the CivitEagineer. on
file in the office of the City Clerk, for tbe cost
and expense of grading and paving the gutters
and cross in 1(8 along the same, according to the es-i
timate ot t e uity uivn engineer. i
&EO. 9. Tnat the owners of tbe several lots of
land upon which the foregoing assessment is made.;
"shall pay tbe amounts of money by them sever.
ally due in that beball to w ens, Bee A l o,, within
twenty date from the date of this ordinance, or'
be subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
the same by law. ;
President of the Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To assess a special tax noon fhe real estate tw,nnd
i ing tne north aide ot Jbong street, trom Venter
alley to straight alley. : . -
Sect on 1. Be it ordained by the City CoimciL
of thecity of Columbus, That the sum of Eleven
cents. Three 'mills, be and "the same is hereby
levied and assessed upon each foot frontof tbesev-,
eral lete of -land bounding -or abutting upon the
north aide of Long street from Center alley- to
Straight alley, as the same are designated upon the
plat of tbe Civil Eug neer on file in the office of the
!ity clerk, for theoortand expense of building a
double row flag crossing across Yhj-d street athe
north aide ot Long street, according to the estimate
of the City Civil Engineer.. .
Sbo. 3. That the owners of the several lots of
land upon wbiob the foregoing assessment is mad e
shall pay the amounts of -money by thein'severalb
dueln that behalf to I et r Eaeeo within twenty
days from the date of this ordinance, or be subject
to the interest and penalty allowed upon the fame
by law. ' -- -
An Ordinance. WM. NAGHTEN.
President of the Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To asses a spaoial tax npon thb real estate bound
ing tbe east side of Seventh street, from Friend
street to a point 100 feet norfi of Cherry street. ,
Section I. Be it ordained by the City . Council
of the city of Columbus. That the sum of Tea
cents. Three mills, be and the same is hereby lev ed
an t assessed up-n each foot front of the several.lota
of land bounding or abutting upon the east aide of
Seventh street from Friend street to a point one
hundred feet - norths f . Cherry street, as tba
same are designated upon the plat tf the Civil
Engineer, on file in' the office of tbe CHy Clerk,
for the eost and expense of building a double row
flag crossing acrosi Cherry street at the east side of
Seventh street, according to the estimate of the
CityCiil Enginer. ...
Sbo. S. That the owners cf the several lets of
land upon which the foregoing assessment ia made,
ahall pay theamounta of money by them severally
due in that bebalfto within twenty
data from -the dte of this-ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To assess a speeal tax upon the real estate bound
ing Seventh street, from tbe north line of W. C,
Brown's lot lo the first alley north of Broad street,
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of tbe city ef. Columbus, T bat the rum of Fifty
seven cents be and the same is hereby levied and
assessed upon each foot front ef trie several lota
ot'land hounding or aanrnng upon seventn etreet
from tbe north line of W. 0. Brown's lot on tbe
northeast corner of Broad and Seventn streets tq
thefiret alley north of Broad street, as tbe same are
designated upon tbeplat of tbe Civil Engineer, on
file in the ofhee of the City Clerk, for the cost an-1
expense of building a twelve inch stone pipe sewer
along the same, according to the estimate of tbe
Cit Civil Engineer. '
Skc.S. That the owners of tbe several lota of
land upon which tbe foregoing assessment is made
aball pay (be amounts of money by them aeverall V
due in that behalf to Patrick Conway, within twen
ty days from the date of this onfinanoe, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon tbe
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To oU wham it may concern;
: ii : JoLCMBUS,-0.,- Nov. 8. 180S.J -
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted In the City Council of Columbus, for
making the following improvements, to wit :
For laying a double row flag stone crossing across
Center alley on the north side of Long street.
Also, for building a double row flag crossing
across South lublio lane at the west side of High
street. . ...
Also, for building a double tow fJg erosnng
across South street at the west side of High street,
The same to bedone in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared bytbe City Civil Engineer
and filed in the office of the City Clerk. . -
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in tbe office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
lit-1 III O .uw ...I-IIUU u V.J vi XCCVUlUCr, A. kJ
a''-" L. E. WILSON,
novi3-dltaw4w City Clerk.
New York Money Market—Nov. 14.
MONEY Easv at 7 percent, on call.::
GOLD Firmer opened at 131juid closed
at 135136,, T ,,nT
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 14.
' ' . ; --- t'fi
New York Stock Market—Nov. 14.
hisrher. Coupons of '81 113(8114; o'2
108;8109; do '64 10C106; do '65 106J4'
107; do new 109109 no' '67 110M;
do ;68 110110J; 10 40's1043,.rt .,tt,(."
' 8tock exchange wildly exciu-d this after
noon. There was a further heavy decflrTtj
In prices, based on reports .that "leading
bull and bear operators had - joined ,ln
working together-for an' upward 'tnoV
mert.' "Business ertormonK -iouhm
5:30 prices' "Wells Expreaa 2728;
American 42(3431: Adams 4Bii&i7il-z
United States 454S; Merhr.t' Union. 20
20; . Pacific Mall 116117Ji; Western
Un'i-it TelepTnh -3sW3ti: New York
Central 123123: '.Erie. SoySHi
1 : nm t nn. 7a.jil
ucauui i7niA, icnc nnuHl Ol W4U
w ahash-57301631, BLPauJ 69UJ -IfU vwnj
108109 Ohio & Mississippi- 30Si;
Michiffan Southern 84(as4: lllfnois Ceii,
traLHl; Piusbureh 85JS; Toledo "99
100; Rock Island 104?ai0fi.2I orthwasteru
New York Market—Nov. 14.
-A shade lower, wtth Safefat
2424Jcfor middling Uplands; chiefly at
FLOUK Closed Jull and 510c lower.
WHEAT-Qulet and decllning;No. a
prlng at $1 491 52: No. 1 spring at tl'Ba
i 64. j . , ..' ... ' ..t-T t i ,i
O. l!-DuU and heavy at 1 3231 35 for
western;- : - o-.:. !.4 -n- w
OATS Dull and heavy aKTIc fof -wesli
em afloat. ' "'
.COKN-Dull an beaw at $1 10ai 12
for unsound, and $112)1 14 for Bound
mixed western-r Oi tilt" 5
POKK Unsettled raess 23 75 tor cash:
afterwards ottered,, ;at $27j0-resnlar or
28 75 cash.
.BEEF Steady and in moderate demand.
GUI JJEATS-auiet and without decid
id. change, - ... ' ' e. -v
BACON Steadv with a limited buslnesa
ofLABJD all t. 1616o for Jair-to
JJ.GGS Dull and unchaogW.-, '
"nrr-' " '
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 14.
FLOTTR Unchanged family $7 507 7i
-UrnTTt -P T . . 1 1 . 1 i , . . A -I "f. r
t, uiiAi iuii, BHiaui. Mica, atb ?
3Io. 1 red."?, -f ) j, :.!-,--H-a3t
-CORN In fair demand at STVfbf newii
old neglected. 1 ,;W
OATS Firm at 57a for Noi I mud 5ao-rj
S8. 2... !.. ii'oomnwH
RYliV-'Ffrrhpr for "Km 1 1 rTirilh T99fa
. .: --..-.7 -''.Tivr-ijKTrfl
B ARLEYn- Held at 2 132.-30-.! fwr
choice state snrin?; and Cknad. niaf..
- COTTON DUll at pvmWtttjgyfa
alius. -.7 --..r -.n
og. AVHISKYTrStead-at 1 00. 'K y.r.
HOCcS Dull, but-owners; ref jfrt; wll-
ns to make concessions. . Rale at
7 25; and some extra at $7 50 prossrwaatf
hold era sk 35c Mhert the- vveatberu-fibt
, -GREEN MEATdr-. Saleable- all0lia
out noiners asK nigner." rsm ta
BULK : M E ATiPartiillF ctirea'rjfiefVd
LAKL) finaTT sales at 15c for prlure
steam andai15?1(rrHietf6'renflered.
BACON SlioulrJers tielu at 1313Kc.
"'HAMS S'ujrsr tnreddtilT aTfietflTfe.-"5
BUTTER Steady, ai 3337c.
Baltimore Cattle Market—Nov. 12.
BEEF CAlTLE-TbeiHurin iat the
rnles during the l6t week mtmrrted to
1637 head' against 2615 last wejek"O0 the
number ofltreil,.300 bead :cme frii West
Virginia.- 618 from Ohio, and 232 from
Marvlartd,"-avi,'the Baltimore SrOhf6 rail
road"; 273 .from, y"KKinia..)I6Mrora, Mry
land on foot; and ,1ft from.. ViminiB. and 0
Irom Maryland by boat. 'Of--tba receipts,
885 head were token 'by Baltirfiotp butch
ers, 601 sold to farmers forraziag,. 713 to
speculators for other markets,'and the. bal
ance were reshipped w the East 'without
being offered here, Prices to-day ranged "
ns follows; Old cows and ScaJawao-Vat S3
4; ordinary thin steers, pxen, andr OfJws,
4 505 00; lair to lootl stock caaUa $4 50
5 75; tair'qtrality of beeves' $5 506 75t'and
the very fcest beeves $78 per.100 lqS,Tthe
average price- being abtmfc 43 62 (roes.
Tbe market was brisk throughout tbe day
at an advance on the rates of lasfwetk of
25 to 50 cents per 100 lbs. "' J :;,T
SHEEp The supply durlnj the past
week has been in excess of tbe demand, and
quotations are Jf lower.- Prios. to-day
ranged as follows:. .Good Sheep at, 3(g44C
per lb gross. Stock Sheep $1 502 60 per
head; Lambs.91 60 2 50 per head-, -r t.
HOGS The t upplythis week fell fshort
of the demand, and we notice an ttilVance
i of 50c per 100 lbs. .Prices to-day ranged as
follows r fair to good live bogs' 911 0C
12 00 per 100 lbs'.. !; - - J j
Baltimore Cattle Market—Nov. 12. Cleveland Market—Nov. 11.
, FLOUR Tbe market .is dull, and ,nn-
cuaiiru ttiiu piii-s mvui uiiyrrg. . vve
.. .1 . ' L.-.L. Iur. -
quote as followf :City made XXX White ll -
50011 75;'for XX amoer $9.75lS10,aOj for
XX red. winter 8 5Q375; tor XX, sprinf
$7 75S 00;. for X spring J 258.00;",fr
country mnde XX red and'auiber t8M(tl
a 0U; lor .X..X. spring 7 258 23;-lof.2CX
White- iu. W(auuuw7m-.x vti-n. -i'I
as aia wisu uu.i rm-.x1 vtr". Tl
HEAT Very dull and, Inactive;, field
inally.'at$1.7Q forNo.,1 red: f l' 53
1 K3'fln
.-CORN-Firmer nd ' in- better -request;
sales at92ii for No. i -sbtlied. v I tnrA
OAJi'S Steady aud taiair request: ;lveld
at 56e for No. 1 State. ', ' , '.
- - RYE trnll and' nbmtnah' held'affl 20
1 25 for No. 1. '- Lit owi
BARLElf-t-Tbe market li dull and tom-
Chicago Market—Nov. 14.
FW)UR-fi-Moderately actlvi 1 Sprin-ex-
vv HE A 1 Family fairly,acuve nd, 2a
2c lower; sales Np,4"at..l 141 lY
CORN Opened strong ;at - yesterday's
prices, bnt Subsequently weakened sndo
. dined, 23c; sales No let 79(82c;No-a J5
:7(5ic;. rejected 70cj mw.imh n track:
at 60c, closing quiet at 79c for .Noil. - '
OATS More active and ljlc' low
er; sales Nos 1 and 2 at 47 48J, closing
at.4747c: rejected ioacuvet and nom
inal. .- t'.jpT Kt - l -.Tnr
RYE More-active and easier: sales No'l
at $1 011.03; 'No.2 98W-rfrcctedat54c;
cIosiB at$l 011 02 for No-'l. Xl
BARLEY In fair demand andS4o
lowei; sates No .2 at, fi 39r42rclosiu( at
inside price. , .- . . , "
St. Louis Market—Nov. 14.
: FLOUJt Unchanged, super 94 50a 50;
extra $575(6 50... y. ,,,,
WHEAT rjnehansted; spring rane at
tl.ftal-20-" " ho
'J CORNA little Weaker; totSdoo qcia
O ATS Unchanged;. 4S5'4a.j is'-taov or
,t RYE rLower; $1 05al 10. ,, . f. r
BARLEY Unchanged.' J iJ - .
WHISKY Quiet at 1 00. :?f"'?-,if
PORK Declined to $28.M"'r. -..ti
BACON-Shoulders 14c; clear sldeslle.
LARD Sales at ISaloc, r,.u
HOGS Packers holainx oU -x prices apni-
inally 6a7e. -" '
Toledo Market—Nov. 14.
FT.OtTROn1wt. . ' ? . .
2 00 for white Wabash; i 05 tor Atnbcp;
l 67 ror No. 2; red 1 62; n No--spring
CuRN A shade lowet; No. 1 86fiS7c.
OATS lc lower; No. 2 51o. " ' -RYE
Lower. No. 1 1 09: Michifflra
$1 08; No. 2 $1 05. ; -J.i t j
HARLE1-UUU ,,;. ;t;f. : r.mo
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 14.
Trade oulet but -prines. howeveri-are In
the main -steady and- the production is S-
in?; rather reduced. The manufacturers
are changing tuetveacuiaery ou "to the
spring 6tjles,itn-ff unK
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 14.
i:FLOU'R Diill 'and tSrlces uncharVged
VHEAT-i-WeaR; CI' 92k 'for KoWfa
store.--' nil.' -..t i j titjtt ,;i3tw .
Buffalo Market—Nov. 14.
No sales .worth "reportlrur.1 ' 'GenVralfv
dnll and nornlnaHy.rrnr!hanepd;l! j
1 ,T P R O F t S S I O NA:L"ii:
DR. A. -ff -WH.t r mu ui... u.j.j. -Li.
:4ighatreet,jCorambtta,Uhid, has devoted hiaeelf
r . jsuiwiatflaioiDi 01 certain prj
Vate diseases.: 'He may b-cnjaltedt his oSaif
y3i-tfT',1,ia -! .an
I 1.1 11 ii- n, . , . ,1 1 - -j r rf-T n IT
splendid Hair Dy is the bast tn be world
the only true and perfeet Dye charmless.' naiable
instantaneous; no disapoointuent ; no ridiculous
tints: remedies tberll'eftects of bad uyesf itoviw
orates and leeves therHair soft ana beautiful. W114A
or brovm. Sold by all Druggista and Perfumers :
and propetriv-asplied at Batobakn-'e Wiay Factor
Ho. 16 Bocd stroet. N. Tork. put apr28 dlwly

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