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TCUD4I HObKtn i. i . MOV. IT
Boi4"cToantt'eir ork yetterdayt?
The American Nation Dishonored
by One of the its own Diplomats.
..Ybjfc ejapU. comaa -tout laden with
vJeep awd heavy charges ajtainst one ot the
WashBubsk family, so noted in American
frolKlcs. Aa United State Minister to Para
KQy b ft chhrfeed bj Ihe Jtf mt Jo
Foreign Aflalrs with being hired to aid in
mssassiuatloD the snm he received as the
reward of his crime is named, a charge, of
so heinous a natures that even If 'lalse the
fact that It is made, mast reflect ioul dl -h"nor
of the nation.
V itdixjKs't fs also Charged wltjJf fefrielyf
su,6t4itidgtvan outrage on Amej-icin clt-
Izens by' the Dictator, Loffz." If either
charge be true, there is- no pun
Ishment that the law could Id flic t sul
flclentTasW'pnnfshmeht; "A-'talhls'ter of
the United States, who, either from con-
nivance or for pay, allows American citi
zen to be fofelly Beatt with tya Foreign
Power, is a wretch so base that it is almost
flattery to call hiare. scoundrel.
The New fork papers are load In their
denunciation and ccriMsfisi their demand
on the Government to interpose, but not
more so than the justice of the case and
the honor of the country demands00
The Negro Soldiers and Sailors
The Negro Soldiers and Sailors Swindled by Freedmen's Bureau
The Cincinnati Gazette, Saturdar,
through ltj.hln5tpIio correspondent,
unveils gigantic system of fraud perpe
trated by persons connected with the
BiMhStaVB4feau7who, instead of aiding
the Ignorant blacks, as the Freedmen's Bu
reau officials were professedly placed in of
fice to do, have been engaged in a system
of plundering1 the'ealoVed'-sdidiera, sailors
and marines. By the laws of Congress,
these colored soldiers, wly fought apply"
andeldrj a(dnarlneSwb? resfde 6
have resided In any "State where slavery
existed In I860, who have money due them
from the Government, for back pay,, prize
nloneytorbouitiea are paid throu
Freedmen's Bureau and its agents In those
States. It appears that the plan covers these
States and reaches far enough back
in Washington, to secure-a)l needed in
formation and assistance. Those who are
parties to It havo combined to delay the
pfxJent tSEtpeje cjftals altejrthje mo5jy
has passed out of the Treasury and into the
possession of the Freedmen's Bureau offi
cials an9 lit the meantime, having obtain d
the postofflce address of the claimants or
their legal representatives, the- principals
in the office, "who are now traveling for the
purpose to represent to them, that tbe
chances are thatu'citjaims.&ay.'vot be
settled for a long time, and then offer to
boy tber clainj for-xless than half K face
for cash, taking" the cnilmants receipt.
On presentation of their j receipt the full
amount is paid over i pneid Thewatter
came ont through application made by
those engaged in the enterprise to certain
plrttM-ioArBlkh ofcpltat o? prosecute
business on a large scale. Those applied
to showed sufficient interest in the matter
to learn the outlines of the plan, and then
nirJ-' v -tA t-a-if prt u ifer
Those pro8ecutUi&-tbe awtydle represented
that the jvercpstlpf h'ujnjg. uplhesa
claims had been only440j)errcent, aqdhak
l$pMMtwul3 fully' eove? all costs of
travel and information from tbe depart
ments7 Th'if ndeuienlinporlaned'tofar
nislf fund weno, asswed that vejr Jlollar
lttteitfed MHld be1 dodMed ttt-'J W weeks'
as tbe claims unpajand dejayed amounted
to teveral million dollars.' There has
psdhroftghhe freed men's Bareaav
from the Treasury -Department In checks,
and C8rVJ4JV? on' acbtut of colored ol
diers and sailors daringfthelast, year the.
Mxilia' 1 of 3.4(X),000 and : the' only" guard
against; tho wholesale: perpetration of tbe
kindpr, fraud aUndett to U the; individual
hoaestyn Of the .Agents i.threnjtaoul the
ewuptrji 'which.; is, perhaps; Ibe poorest se-'
ewriiy tbe poor -deluded daf key, swindled'
tn ihel liouse of , Jii political; triendav cau
hav 'jneahiii I a r.-.-tji,.-,:. ni s..-i.-(l ,- i iflij
aeBWWr. .! 1 .).-' - :!! sm i - lie!)
ft,Tb Gazette, in calling attention to Xhi
fgtte.lraad,ys ""7;
tTbre.'lave been, lor some time, frrave
Mapteionrvnterranied by the best; Irtenda
of .tbe freedmen's Bureau, that its Vm a-
finery was perverted extensively to iho
Accomplishment of .ends quite foreign to
abe ; beatllcect objects- tor which 1 it- was :
called into being. Our dispatches from
WcMbfagton tbis m6ra'ing will do much to
justify these suspltions. The' Freedmen's
BaHvp was Fotganlzed.to .be sin, assistance
to the poor and a protection to tbe op
pressed. Such, a system ' of ' organized
Denetirence-was needed. There can be no
questioning the fact it has out-lived its
usefulness to tbe ireedmen, and apperances
indicate that sofnerconnected with it have
employed their opportunities for personal
aggrandisement, and perverted Its methods
ot charity Into methods of extortion." r "
liTbe Freedmea5 Bureau bas outlived ttff
Usefulness. sienslbly; it wasstarted"toi
protect ttenegrbeso the 'South U has
beftems.ibeir pladerer In.iralitn tt was
tuhered Jnto existence as arLelectioneering
mabbifie, to'coerce tho South Into negro
udrage and, to lorce, by" aid of vthe, bay o
e, the. electoral voter of the Southern
$taM.'ior the'.Eadical nominees, J It baa'
heen so successful In ' this latter that. by'.
4id of Saaibern States forced to go Badical,
m-d otherStaes deprived of their voice In
tbe ElecidratColIege, Qrtm.&ax is eleeU
M Prtsldenti-whep', . without tha aid of the.
IVowimen'aBureau and the standing fmi ,
kte wooJd hftVe. Joat every Southern. SUf ,'
and thOrPssBocratto oominoaS bave been
-ectyV The soiesi of Radicalism shows:
that the .Bureau! has "outlived IWnseful
aesbocWiMWBadiBaliia); -saving now
scooiDpUsbed. awagbV Can' afford to
.hiyitaaidei" ' .,
Organized Ajr, ,QshoKt purposes, it Is
not at all to be wondered at, that its agents
have been engaged in a successful scheme
to plunder the 'very menlhat Radical Urn
claimed, that they were paid to protect.
The poor darkey fares badly when his Ig
norance is taken, advantage of; to plunder
binl In the hosse of his friends." '-''-
Agents. Dayton Ledger.
This excellent sheet publishes a card from
itr.VAttAirniOHiK,' which says that, pro
posing," to devote his whole time to the
practice of tie law, he has leased his half
ot Ihe Xedef. office; to. H."ELLiOTiy Esq
who has bad charge chiefly jtora year and
more past, of Its editorial ooiudbs. ' Many
of Its most widely, copied articles (Sir. Y-l-ivdiobam
adds) have been from bis pen,'
and til his hand the Ledger will maintain
its Men position. -' ?! ' "'
The Ledger, during the campaign, was a'
remarkably well edited and spicy sheet, And
is 'deserving of extended patronage. " "A
' ' ' ' -
The Vote of Delaware.
Vgar SivLUtaxr,' ot .Delaware, has Is-!
sued his proclamation annoutlcing the vote
in that State ojj th choice of residehtial
electors and represeata?4'(. kflgrflsa.
3,345rnd, $ptf ajor BiWAHf T. Biggs,
for Congress, It 3,326.' i t
Terrible Gunpowder Explosion.
A few ag six kegs of fun
powder, piled dp near Granbx Jord Ne
vada,for he m'se of tha Central Pacltle
rjilroad,were accidentally exploded in .an
extensive camp of the workmen. Five
men were killed and several badly wound
ed. One of the men, a Chinese, is reported
to have been blown one hundred yards.
Most of tbe horses and mules in the wag-
9ns,t near themagazlne wereblpwor 4o
atoms, and one twelve-mule team was en
tirely destroyed.!'?' j Y'iCl
Terrible Gunpowder Explosion. The Mercer County Democrat.
'The Democracy of Mercer countv have
Nnow In the Merctr Comiily Democrat an or
gan worthy their most extended support.
it recently nut an . new dnu mnA i
oae ofy the mot beautiful, ia .well as one of
the best, papers on our exchange list.
The Ohio Legislature.
Ohio Legislature adfourned to meet
0n.1tne.z3a t this montbvThe Newark Ad
vacate is desirous that a further adjonrnr
iijcub auuuiu Ldku piHcv jrum mo xoii untH
the 1st Monday in January, and on this
motion calls for the yeas aDd nays-OAto
Biaretman. -
We vote "aye.",';' In our opinion if would
he advisable for vtliat body-, to bromDtl
a Mourn over until the first" Monday i f
January, ana jnen, go to worK in earnest to
transact me necessary Dusiness. ot tne
State. PorttvnoiOh Times, hi- ir..i--j?n
The editor of the Time'ii ' 'member of
the Legislature.' ' ' v ,at 'l
j Thk value, of the liquors drank bjr the
people in one year in the United States is
fifteen hundred millions of dollars, or three-
fifths of the National debt. Tbe amount is
ascertained from tbe offl ial and sworn re
turnsotBevepaa CniminionerWKi.u.
Arcordhi to the report, the sales of
liquor by retalldealers lq theUnited State?
for one yeaivamounted (o 1,488.401,865
Ot this snm'Sew Yorkis cridited with
$246 617.520V , Pennsylvania 19VQ63,495.
Ohio $131,734,878, and Illinois ll8,33,945.
! In view of tbe fact that whisky is now
Offered at one dollar per gallon, the New
York Pott says it is a natural inference that
if there be a dlstfllqry in the country which
l?not' defrtudlhg' theGovernmentiit is
working simply as a benevolent institution
for the public good, and at the cost of the
il -I A
I nr. kimjc VI uuuel HI will livb Xpire
wh'the resignation of Granges H is an old
ifi-nuc irviveu uy a rereni aci or uongress.
When Grant resigns there will be a vacan
cy, for which the President can make an
appointment or not at his discretion. It Is
presumed' that President Grant will not
Sherman to that rank. The law does not
course it is discretionary with the Presl-
n n . f.' . i m
I And in the exercise of that discretion.
President jToHxsoit conferredthe rankon
Gen). Grat whd subsequently becaiae hf
aeterminea enemy. i j ji j
NewTork Bun advises 'General
Grakt to sell the letters of the numerous
applicants for office to the waste paper
dealers instead or hOrnlnhemfand apply
the nmnpda tn thA pTtlnirnlBhmAnf nf tU
National debt.
Republican Decency versus Republican
Meanness—The Radical Jubilee,
GROVEPORT, Nov. 12, 1868.
: is one of the
duties ot a public journalist to keep the
people weU portotUn all that is transpiring
among. themallow. me to7 contribute a few
facts for the information of your readers.
! As the recent elections have resulted fa
vorably to the Republican party.the mem
bers thereof ot this, and surrounding
townships- determined 'tn hold srencrsi
jdWlee-at tlHv place on the evening of the
10th Inst.
Bonfires-to he klodled. houses illuminat
ed and a general display of fireworks and a
speech by Thomas Donaldson, Esq., were
W oeinerpropnneucieatnres oitrtetvenlng,
andre were told further-that ont beatitt
ful hickory pole was to be cut down and
the rooster taken therefrom and publicly
buried, but in this tbey very naturally
supposed that Democrats would not acqul-.
escwsopooa numoreqiy.t roey Rnew max
'twould be enough to see' the pole ruthless
ly cut down, but to expect Democrats to
Band'ldlyibjf and see old chantklt-er pub
licly disitraced that brave old oira that
has so often perched upon our banner and
crowed forth his notes of victory and
defiance. ;,.,of victories gaiqed,ujKtnof
One ' section over another ; , not of , the
rich,, .nabob '"over" the laborer but
victories ..'alike ' for " ' the whole . country
and bringing with them no unjusfTand dis
criminating' law;,' would be' to lndnlgein
expectations never to be realized, and lest
there should be a failure in this part of the
programme, we were told that certain men
oC,decjded Jgbtlng proclivities .had been,
nireuu4o..aa. special coarge oi uie oast-c
ness. vv bile we acknowledge that the re
sult of Abe recent election has been some
what damaging in its effects upon our
spirits still we Waited with a tolerable
degree of composure for the coming of the
eventful evening. Well, it came, and I will
pot say the demonstration was a failure. I
8TdeethT6 old1arrel8 cdnstftutine ahouT
all there was of, four bonfires, Bnd I did see
f Jffe. ond impminff 'splay of fireworkp, I
made ot aoout 1. oozen -skyrockets and
about an qhafnuniberbf turpentine balls;
also-one house partially iUunifnated.-snd
crowd numbering near two bandred. divid-H
ed about ar follows i One- hundred Demo
cratic boys, eeventy-Jive or eighty Demo
cratic voters, and twenty or twenty-five
ranters, men1 an a ooys. : Aiten the. gatlit
ring 6f the crowd, the lighting' of the
iies. etc we quite naturally exDected that
the next thlni; in order would be the move
meat 6B the polo, and we heard tbe ii -
quiry where are tU braves who are to
do - the. dirty iwork- of -th-5party for
pay, but no one could answer.- The trntfc
was, these catspaws bad seen the Are lust
in time to avoid it, and by eating their own
word ana lgnomtnousiy erawltag in the
dirt, 'they did -manage to save themselves
from being badly, singed if not considera
bly burned, and again was the tilt fay tn
diBeretiou is the better part of valor", ver;
I fled. But these same men are brave, a-
the sequal will provefor they did cut the
polenot' in daylight, hut in the night
time; while honest men slept. And yet
they are brave men, but It Is bravery of a
peculiar kind, not the kind , under whlcb
men march to' the mouthi-of the -roaring
cannon, nor is it tne Bravery ot a moral
courage .that prompts men to do right and
dareUbe. consequences. Dot it is of tbe kind
that prompts men to rob henroosts, oc un
der color which they would rob the widow
of her last pittance, or - 'steal ornaments
trom the dead. It was this seme kind -of
bravery that sustained Judas while ta
king the thirty pieces of silver. -
jrpc-my gooa opinion oi mankind, i wui
nub ueiicyo f-UMn me.- wuuic jaci'uuiicnu
party sustains such men in their dirty
tricks, yet, It Is a mystery to me that more
of them here do not come out and openly
condemn such conduct. i w
. 1 1 " k . I n II ..LI.
Indeed. Tommy, I bad come near forget
ting your speech made to us on this occasion.
ro onense. i nomas, xtest assured xw'
appreciated. Indeed. 'twas quite an Intel
lectual treat a fine display, cf eloaueBce.
once heard, never forgotten. But I greatly
regret that 1 bad not the pleasure of hear
ing It ; In fact 'tis said 'twas not heard
cause why, 'twas constituted wholly and
entirely- of "eloquent nastjts oi silence
Come and see us again, Mr; Donaldson.
Perhaps next time you will have a better
audience, and perhaps not. -T. D , I am
thine. ' - -.". .'. Bob.
P.S Since writing the above a copy
of the Morning Journal has been shown me,
containing what purports to be a commu
nication from Madison- township, givinp
an account of the jubilee above referred
to, . which speaks- in 1 glowing terms of
rockets Shot into the heavens," and tht
country all around being lighted up by
blazing bonfires, &c. Of this I will only
say that the writer thereof exaggerates
o- Again he says, "An Intimation had
gone forth that a certain black Republican
intended enttingthe -Democratic- pole
This brought forth from their boles certain
of the Unterrifled who took position, re
volvers in band,, declaring they would
hnnt the first man attempting such a des
ecration." This I know to be totally false.
Wbytxay dear sirs, revolvers; would have
been entirely superfluous. .The dirty,
mangy curs you had paid for'doing your
MddimrJ would have, tbey did whine and
ivhlninerat the crooking of a finger. One
pf MaUUon townsnip s -unterrineu, siuue
and.unarmed, is more than a match lor a
hmf.ior.ca such puppies as . those you
bouzhtto bark at your bidding at the "ju
Dost. On Saturday afternoon last at the
Matinee, Aoro High street, a gold bracelet,
richly chased. V. The finder will reward
ed byleavlng it at Aston, "ayloraTBurf's
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- nov!7-Itd " -i- --rrr-
Auction Sale Qovbrnment P(ob
tt. The furniture in the Chief Mustering
and Disbursing office, Noi 108.1Casr State
street, Columbus, Ohio, will be sold at
public auction,' on the premises, ' on Wed1
nesday, Nov. 1, 1868, at 10 AIM.- j" ,.
. novi7-d2t ', V.v.'.,,,,', 'v;.'
Horsb at Auction. I will cell at auc
tion a fine Bay Horse, six years old, at the
corner of High and Broad streets,' on Tues
dayVNovi 17th, at 10 o'clock A. M. :
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regular from Cincinnati, .1 Thatcher r&
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Thkbb seems to bb' no end fo the new
goods Clark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
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consignment trom tbe East for this estab
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The Ohio" Statesman lias a
Lareer Circulation than any pa .
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Sherifl's Sale.
Isadora Frey.:05'l Conrt ofjfiommon
cLristophor Kneewater"!
- ; . -1
Pleas of Franklin
et at.
eonntv. !
i. in the abore stated ease from said court to me
iirctd, I will offer for sale at pablie auction at
the door of the eourt house, in the city of Colum
bus, on -. '
Saturday, the 19th day of December, A. D.
, 1868,
at 1 o'clock F.M, the following described proper
ty. to-wit: Mituate in the county of Franklin and
state of Ohio, to-wit:
Lot No. six (6) of Joha Short's subdiylaioa of lot
No. nine (9) of Robert Neil's addition to the oity of
(Joluinbus, Ohio;- said premises conTeyed to said
Chr 1 ODber Kneewater by John U. HcGuSey and
wife, b y deed dated" ilaroh 30th. A. U. IcST.
: Appraised at $310.
1-rwter'i fees ! -QK(J sheriff
By J-8. BriL. Deputy. . . ,
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V.. V
peculiar and important relations whicn
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform; are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no, small .degree, to their
happiness and welfare, for none can.be
happy who are ill. , Not only so, buVno
one of these various female complaints
can long be suffered 'to run dn without
involving the general health of: the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline : Nor
is itpleasanttoconsalta physician for the
relinf of these various delicate affections,
.and only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman- so far sacrifice ier
greatest chatm as to do this.--To Bex
will then thank ns'for placing in their
.hand simple - specifics which' "will be
found efficacious in relieving' and curing
almost every one 01 those, troublesome
coniplalats peculiar to the sex. ;
i.'.'.'-.r; .'i 3;-..i
'to Itm:
hundreds suffer, on , in silence,'; and
bundeds of others apply vainly to drng
gists ztnd doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope -of a 'care or
apply remedies which make them worse
(.fonldjnoi wjh to assert anything. tliat
would do injustice to, the afilicted put J
'am.'" obliged to .eay that itlihongh it may
, produced-front'eXcPsive exhaustion
.of the powers' if iife,' by' laboridus' em
ployment,. unwnoleome ' air and food,
; profuse. menstruAtloQ, the P8e of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it ta-far
ofteher cahSed br direct irritation kp-
ipiieu 10 lao mucous inemurnne ot tuo
lVfg.MbWs.v.5iH.a 01 S.i:5.t .-j-jK rniil !
!. f-.f-R 'ti fl""T fi 1 . f i " -i:r.-.-. ',
; ;WIhen.t,a,viewingiihe .canseg of these-
distressing complaints, it is most painful:
to contemplate the attendant 'evils con
sequent upon' tbem.' It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many pdditional causes which bo
largely affect the life, health and happl
ness of woman in all 'classes of society,
and. which, consequently, affect more'or
less directly i the welfare of the entire
human family. Vl The , mania 'bat exists
for precocious education and. marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
for corporeal development to bo wasted
and perverted, in the restraints of dressi
the early confinement of, school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement. of
the "' ball-room., - Thus,- with the -hody
half-clothed, and the; mind unduly ex
Jited:' by ' pleasurej1 perverting in mid-
1 ."'Ll' ii'J'i. '.: 3.' u '
nigni revel tue uoiieb ueigueu uy liaiure
for Bleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished.: . , '7 -
? . In consequence -of this earljr strain
upon ber ' system, (.unnecessary effort, is
required-by the' delicate "Totary to ro
W if nec 'Situation -m kutoi t-i inter
day; thus afirgravadng! theiievil. ; iWhen
one excitement is: over, an fct her in pros
pective keeps th mind morbidly sensi
tive toi impression, while- the now coh-
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely-forbidding the exercise indis;
petisabie to the attainment and retention
of .organic health and strength '; the- ex
posure to night air' I the: sudden change
of temperature ; - the: complete prostra
tkm . produced by excessive dancing,
tutist, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. J 'At last, an early marriage
enps the climax of misery, and- the un
fortunate one. hitherto so utterly regard
less of the plain dictates and '.remon-
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. : This is but a truthful picture of
the experience of thousands of our young
women. ' . . ; -
: .. . ; . . f ' T.I I .
6 ; ;:!ii. .t..-i k. .'.'.. a: jh -j! 1 .
: Xiong before the ability to exercise the
functions' of the generative' organs, they
require lan-. education of their peculiar
nervons-riystem,' composed o& what is
called tue-tissue,' which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the .control of .mental emotions
and associations at am early period 'of
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see.
these emotions,.. when .excessive,' lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the. very life of their victims ei-6 nature
has self completed their development. -
j , : I.-.'.:" ' ' , -".il -..'3 ;
; - For Female Weakness and Debility,
W hites or i Lieucorrhoea, . Too ; Jf rofuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, we
offer the most perfect specific known :
Helmbold's Compound: . Extract op
Bochu. Directions. for use, diet,' and
advice, accompany. . '.'.:" n u i ;..
I-;:! - : . n:-..!i l... '.
- 'Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age, will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood.. H elm bold s
Extract BUchh is more strengthening
than any of, the preparations of Bark
or Iron, infinitely safer, .and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's . Extract Buchu,
baying received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in tbe United
States, is now offered to. afflicted hu
manity as a certain, cure for the follow,
ing diseases and symptoms,,, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Bestlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite; Dys
pepsia, EmaciationLow Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the .Organs of
Generation, Palpitation of the Heart,
and, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated state ot tbe
system. To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
other. . .... i . i. .
1 Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. . , ; .
Price.--$1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50. Del'vere to an7 address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. HELMBOLD.
Drug and Chemical ..Warehouse, 694
Broadway, N. Y,
' None are genuine unless dona .up in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fao-simile
of my Chemical .Warehouse, and tigned
i,M-dw4s-woowly U. T. HELMbOLD.
if r- 1 i
d oaar jg o o d s .
-ff.'i'T I--.,!i. inil-ll t'OM.'!
?s-i2 i i i';-:.s i-i ,....
l.vrK- .! i ji':i"J ', ..- 1 -. ; .,.') .,..,,
' ;i ,01 tyijTi-.-;.7,r
'i.i. t n fi'-.f;
.A vi ;.i iil.rv- ' :-! ':
,: :"',))
" '" tSirr.lr.Y-tU r.i
.A -iu1':!! ,
! v.ii' : ' .
,.t: ; ' I ,' IK -
J. . 1
.rs -. v.: ll..i.Vii:;--.'i;
-i :1 '.t'h'il -:-;i.r- ,((
v'ii.i.".-fv ( i i.- .ct -.;:!. vi;on.-. : 1
-.1.1 d: i- ,ii!sj.3-j;'i xid 'In .:iu f iv
tt to tf.----Ii.1-f- "t "i't vi .
;;.uj,'-iA f.ii-t .-'or::-': ' hi
tt? ilai.i-.0 Yslir-j
' V. '-it! tf r. tS !' ! -
"1 ii-c,
t : !. . .... r 1 .. . . . . . 7
1 1 u;; :'. ,j t". ii
tJtlll 1. 1 '.'':'.''" ' . -1 I
.f.:. :!; ! .-.jii r.ht--stq- siifs-'.MJsh si:'
!ri: i ':--'i ?ii-)i-iiiR jii -:J. li-j iv-ii .-.ii,-;
-I;'. ';. ."lot -'ill) lo Ji-Iit -nil -"I- j;
S :.. Vii..-t on ! M-.lt-."
';;! ...nii jar
WINCIES.V ,?.,.',':
...j.ii.j t' ':';o ;-.); t.!l a' r-.-f!
hi ;.t .two's Jit-...i;rti..j A tti .
:!-f' -;;.. m; 't : ,l:-ilny
: I, ; -,vl '7 .s V.
:: .--.i.'io lt.i;.'!l lt ': l)U
c?J:-j5 I'.J JJlit V !.,;-:: "tX I- A !
: .. ins- -if vii. -.i -,!iL:dt ii i liA-.:'-.': ,:
'.: .r.-i.i .;; ;! i.:r .(..-j -'
:-i li i - j r.' : r-j'..! I I! O ;i. . '..r. i I ..
' :':-' ;!:';!! I "t. : ' ',1 :1 :.
' j i ):: : : :! I.. -.-' ' ! : . t' ... v :
r-,.- i U-. rt. i;vo .ii; -. .- i -.; .."
1 1 .'. '. . soi, :-.:!):. i ir.-j; jit
' t
Li-ji 'oiin'i . . ..- i
S .itniisi!-i..,:.i.. i
. -..ij f
1 i: -, ..
.VU!i;...:.i.. i ,f-!fi.T .i! .'. .lb'. I
-i !i;: ' i ifif.t -i ; i:i"'.) i ' i-)tJ;:i-,
!!.::. ,v ..-i 'j :.-.'. i,lj ft .iw( ,t.s
- :;i i . .i n' u ...i wii f .jh :.ii-i.,:i J) .
1 ; ci;s i:--v .; ';, . ,
i -ii ,:-..'i!v, . .;:--;;rj :; , :-
: .; -'" ' r-A'SD ! ' .:-;;,,;:!
1 "
.:( (-
: . I.. : . ! . ..,:
i- Xi it. ,v..-.t-:.'..--. ,-. .:i:;'-i u
': . -...d r:.; '- ....'
i: ,:l, i -I .-.: .-,-' (i', .!; i'-i) V
'--' ''.- i .-.it ". ' v-...'ri
S , J-:
-; . i - : .. '- i '...A -. ,'i' . .
--. f -, .'ii . ," I .-:). , )' ;! r ).:
!!:. ,A 15 THJt-v.,f.!i:.
c;i i:i b'.il' n.i -A ; .. ,.,..; ; .,.
ill r-.l , r 'Jul - ;i ; Jjj.i;., ;--
':.;i ''. :,'.!!',---.-.
..: :. 'I r .!f ', ' - (! .hi1,
1 '; ..:i ; : . : .'.f.h. -1 !..' i. i
Ij, -'-y '"C-'! ! ,7i i:: ' .-' -; ' .,
nr. '
A', '.; . , !
:ii!r I ;:' '. :. i . 'to i ir. ; i".
- : ; .;. ': - -,t.-.i.i-, j i-.-..'-. ; ..-
Caa b Fanad at
250 AND 252
'-:,.,f.-l ;,
.United -. States 6fi America;
Cash Capital, ':' $1,000,000
..."'.' 1PAIIy 15 FULL. .
nbtivrii acB?ia-'K' '' ' !
-.'first hat'iosal bask building.
, FIJI LAD ELF St A, v.' s 'rW
To whicD all ceneral correspondence) should be ad.
CI.ARENrH HI TTtARK. Preirtiltit.
JAY COOKE. CbairmaA Finance and EieoutlTS
uoHimiuee;' - . ' '
HENRY 1). ' OOKE; Vice President: '-
EMtRaON W. EBT, Seoretary and Actuary
the 'Advantage:
: Uttered by this Company are I . u t-j,
It is a National Company, ohartered by special
- It has a paid ap capital or 1.COO,000. i; ' 1
It offers low rates of nreminau . w. : . . ) .
It tarnishes larger lnsuranoa than other Compa-
It is definite and eertain ia its .terms. , . -It
is a home Company in erery tonality. '
. It Polioiea are exemot from attachmenL
There are no unnecessary restriauons in th Fol
Ever Polinv non.forfeitable.i ' -t '
Polioiea may be taken that will pay Insured their
lull amount and retnrn alt tna premiums, so that
the Insaraooe eosta only, the interest on the annual
payments. ;- ; - - ; i - '
-folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
alter a eertain number ot yean, daring ilte. an aa-
Buallnoomaoi one-tentn ihm. amount named it
Folioa. . i. ,i. ,.- . i . . .
j-jWa extra rata jaxharged for risk upon thaiiras
n leioaiea
It insures riot to pay dirfdandsi tut isb I '
cost that diridends will be impossible.' -' "x
-TrVtTRT TXT 1? F T ta L Tt
Cincinnati.Ohio, (General Agents for' Ohio, Centra)
. - iCOX, DWER Ac CO
Coln-ibns. SpeciaTAgents for.FranVin, LicVing.
' MNY-oet21-deodiweowly . " 3
In no Tprevious year ha there
been such strong competition .among
all the '-leading ' Sewing - Machine
Manufacturers of this country anil
Europe as the present. '.At all the
principal Exhibitions ami Fairs
they met and contested for the Fre-i
miumon Family Sewing Machines
and the result. was unanimously in
favor of the Florence 'Reversible
Feed JuocJc-SUtch Family : Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni
verselle, Faria; Anierican Institute
Fair, New
Torks New
Agricultural Eair, at Providence,
Ii. I.i the New York State Fair,
Buffalo the Great -Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of. the
Mechanics' Association, at Lowell,
MassachusetlSf'dnd'lTie EairojTthe
Maryland Institute, at Haltimore,
which closed a four-weeks', Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of Vie FL OMENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines,' who unani
mously awarded it the.-" O OLD
Institute confers. t .r .
. It would seem as if this succession of tri
ms pha should be sufficient to conrinoa every
unprejudiced person of tha great -superior--ity
of the FLORENCE over all others aa
Family Sewing Machine.
A written warranty is gi-ren to tha pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL DO t.t.
that is claimed for it, and should it fail, it
will bo taken back, and the MONEY KB-
wmttrth Street, Cincinnati, O. . .
H. JKcCOZCNEXXs Qensrai Agtnt,
r .1 it u n
1 . i.
r. t i t.
8epte "berSSfhj 18. the FLORENCE reeeiTed'
the MIST PREMIUM iot the beet Family Sewing
-11a. nvi-Ute. v.t. v:-l. -1-- I
at Toledi
aiacnines over seven competitors. .
Send for a circular, or call and examine the Mai
shines at the new salesrooms;
91aat State St. Colambssra, OI1I0-.
W Alt kinds of stitching done to order, and
I atistaotion guaranteed. oct-a-a-imxtawras
-. .' 1 1 1
B A N K E R S ,
Corner Broad & High Sts.)
...'. ... 'n't
feM-dly .: . :...
W.l. HATnaTt,
U . ..... . - . . -.1 -.,'! .
NO. 13 8. HIGH eriHEEX,
lanSO-dly-r ... . . -' '; Colnmbna, O.
i c. r.
... .1. s ,9 OHIO
Gtrutk mttett. o tasKMJ ......
wt,.:, business transactions, both Wholesale and
RTil new extend thiMushout the States of Ohio,
PVilTania and Indiana. They manu lecture
rAriLUn, o kijqhEN FURNIlURE : ..-i
f all classes and every design of superior work
mansnip and finish. Also. Cane-Seat Chairs of
everr description. Wholesale and Retail.
febf)-derdl ' .
0. 1, unci. oao. W.' QVIXN.
Came and Oysters.n
' Alto, all kinds of Coantry Produce, such' as Bat-
tar. Eggs, Chickens, Turkeys, c
Ho. S3 Weil Broadway,
I The choicest varieties of Fresh Fish received
' daily, as- All goods purobased delivered toany
nan oti oil m i'e ulm a-.
l"Lest,t Vaais, Fowaal,
Biwaj. nA,.. M. axcoeeUBBar israte
"MSi wstbllahaj aala Mlaei .
tOeentaesich Itasertlca.
Sr AN1 ED-AUENT8-STS to W0 per
month, everywhere, male and female, t
MACHIt.lt. This Machine wdl ititeb
bem.fell ,tkyqallt. or ). HtVbr4
and emafcider im a noet sopetiof mmn
ner. 1'rlee only I8. Fully warranted fvt
if leara- W a will pat -1 oog fuc,asy
ma hlne taut will a u-otir, mere -heaatiful.or
more etutiaium than a..m.
tt . w K "JCtaetio; Look Htitre' k..,
stitoh een b cut, and still the eloth cannot be
pultad avaat wUhon -taerioc We aay -Acenta
iroin 76 to axuu p r monta ana expenses, or a OOm-
mission roea whtca wiea- abaa- vmovnt Sean be
made. Address SfcCOMB CO , m j'feBJtJROH,
PA..V himton mass. r .-IT 'rrr r.rr
. ff UTION. Do not be Imposed npon. by other
parties paiminc off worthless east-Iron machinee
ander the same him e Athr-rwisa. : Wore la aher
only nine and reaily practical cheap machine
annfartared-H i A fc -J nsj octM-a64ItAw4t
hi ;
Mrs. Frances Anne Eemble.
J', tin .On ..; . o o g. sj d t 2
rtm.!KkMKLE will real in the OMra"rton.
Columbua.on ; :'; .',: ,. ; ;, ; n
w o .v Bhaksp ease's play of ? v ?l
11CKET8 - '.'"-" OWE XfOIXAH.
. -Baaerred Sestta, 50 Caata Bxtxaw.,
X 'tift' i :tilzt :i.-.L i... .' - -'. k 1 i j it.i.-r .n
ThaSales of Ticket will eornmenca on' UfanAav
morning, Moremberjtsth, it t o'clock, at the Musia
.-store of J. Seltser. E. State street. ", 1
f-pgciAC Kotic The reading win commence at
8 o'clock precisely, and it is respeotfully reauestad.
,n ,.nfd intwmntinn 1 .Tib. . V. I : TT
seated .ten. minutes before iha- reading begins.
J John Ellslee... Manager.
Mr. Kllsler begs ta a'nnounea that be will pre
daceOeorge h. trmc'Tea8pec tegular iVwntonrfni,
entitled "Humpty Dumpty," at the Opera flouae,
for a season of six nights only. .This wonderful
production ia still tiling the Olympic T heater, ew
York, and has now reached over S60 nights 1 . It-is
brim fml of fan, embracing New Seeaerr, Jlaohiae
ry. Trioks and Transformations, Daraing-Urovp-ing.
Aa., Ao, beyond all description. . Oa Wednes
day evening, Jiqt. lfl.hlHfijy and jvajj aTaiunsT
nDiiMQttnw nonce,-
. Tha following first olasa artists will appeal in. tha
Pantomime, in addition to tha entile- Dramatie
Comp.ny: Toor Oeoier, aa Ciowir Joa-W. Sloea,
as- .Pantaloon: Harry Xealie, aa Harlequin; M'lla
Anriol, as Columbine. The greatest Danseuae. ia
tke country, tha famous and btautiXul -' J
P B, P. T1A fT'.'E(
Assisted j Mon. renri"St: Ody.' WaiUrDe Baf"
latil 'lie iloxandrina,.M11e EUaSheri. MHaiel.
lini. Miss Hattie .Battings. Misa Saraa aiaacinc
and iMias Betty Weieel, and a full aorpa ot Cory
pbees. Also, tbe .Champion Skat r of America
Mr. . T. Goodrich, in the Grand Carniral Skaling
Scene. For 'nil narticulars see daily programmes.
Box office open for the sala of Reserred Seat u
Monday. Nor. 19, from 10-A, M. to 11 iland IP ,U.
asU dtf
osot'H O'to i 'rV, ''' 1.. A
Nat tire's. Great Alljmuu ll.-d
It took' the world nearly two thousand yean to
discover and remedy one tit the most fatal errots
that mankind .has aver believed fru From the time
of Galen to a comparatively very feoent date, it was
supposed that, ia order .to purer a dilraaw. tte was
necessary to weaken tha already eafeebled patiess
by artiflcial 'me'ans;; Bleeding, bartering, violent
purgation and salivation were the main reliance of
the faculty, not more than ifty years ag. Beaton
tlves were only administered aa supplementary
agents, after the lanott, oarftliaVldes', jap and ea)ej
mel had done their depleting ,', work. ",kldera
science ha effeetei tSuUryjsJirmiaOLediaI
treatment. .Ia place, ot the nauseous doses onee administered-
ia ' eases -of ' indigestion,-bilionsness,
constipation, sick headache, BervousnessvintermlC
TRS are bow given with the utmost eoaadeoaa
and the happiest results. The reasoa why this ad"
mirable botanical preparatioB has superseded the de
bilitating poiaoa of the . old mattria mrndica -aa
these: it combines 'the properties' of -wboreeotne
tonicwith. xaio oX a gentle iathariii an, anti-bilious
agent, a nervine, and a blood deporent. Thus,
while it keeps the bowels' fre.egulate tbe liver.
and purifies the current of life. 1t gustaimi the
physical strength of the in valid, anj 'by thit means
the expulsion of disease and the restoration of oonf
stitational -vigor go on together.
r "Af tblTseason; when IntermitteSt aAaTKinlRellt
fevers. jUhthr eompints arismg- frpnia damp,
mephitis ataMsphere, are prevalent, aeoarae of tha
BITTERS ia the best means of pioteetlne; the ays-
tem frrm aa attacki, . ., y
A -
'iHDl,1 .
PROV i EKCK. R. I.", h ving the largest menu
fkctory""raolid -Silver Wire 1HThewrldr1H
the most m proved machin-ry, and employing the
most -skilled labor," are enabled to offer an, un
equalled variety of new and heaatifut designa- tt
Dinner Berviees. Tea Berviees, and every article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts. i
They offer also their well-known and .unrivalled
Niekel SUtT 1 BUo'ro-Plated Ware," in .which Vhe
have introduced new pat Urns of Tare eleganoe.-.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
purity by rj..B.JJint assay.. Ahe leoteo-PlaU ...4
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received froai the Trade only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every ;here. j
pxv - Trade
UE. atark-
Trade Hark
for .
tf fnr
aV aeSajsjBa
Saleareora No.3 aVaidea Lane. H. T.
novS-d4w4Xm-re tr ' - ' A -
?klhildrcn's LItc. Sayed' iortiti
Thousands Of ebildrea die annually of Croup
Now, Mothers, if you would pend M cents, and
always have a bottle of Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in the bouse, yorf never -need fear' losing
your little one whan aU.aci.ed with this compjaiatr
It is now il years since I have put up my Lipinwatj
and as verheard.pt .a ebild .dying of Croup wkea
my- Liniment was usedy- bat hundreds of cures
have been reported to se, and many state if it was
10 per bottle they would not be.w4thpat Ba
sides which, it is a eertain Sure for Cass, Baraks
Headache. Toothache. Bore Throat.' Bwellings,
Mumps, Colio, Diarrhea. Dysentery, Spasms, Old
4ores and Pains in the litmb.:Back. and' Chest.-
Si one once tries U(bo U ever, without' it, ; It Ts,
warranted perfectly safe to take internally. Full
directions wjth every' bhttli;;fe51o 'by "the rag 4
g'staaad etterekeepers in the United States. DeJ
pot 10 Park Placets, J.n s . , is .
ianein dAwltcer-reKT --j I i.-.h rinsiuir.
-flora- Ofcliocis-Prodncedr-
Pure blood makes Us well, bad blood makes u
sick. Vapors from poorly digested rood in aha
Mnod are condensed upon the various ergaBSi'aael
serve to make them grow or repair their waste.
Organs made with a greater er lesser prapcrtian o
sueh materials cannot be aound. If the bad con
dition of blood eontinuas bat for a few days ey
weeks tbe body will be out of sorts? and if rt xu
tinuw. tbe whole of the body will In time be re-,
newed with imperfect blood, and the health bad ;
it Is in a decHne-popu'.artyrallaJ a eomruBiptfoiiir
Now Brandreth'S t ill penetrate the whole mass
of blood. causing the expulsion of imparities; tha
body feels relievsd from a sing's dose what tbesi
may by expected from twenty! .By continping
their use the whole of aha blood ia time becomes
rrified, and -the body Teeeustreeted flrett aeedVurs''
terial. the decline stopped, and a aewi lease of life
secured. Prinoipal offioe, BbamdketB Houbx,.
Hew York. Sold by ail ruggiaU ihk 1 hj
iunelB-dAwlycm-reKT " ' "'"- J
..!... ! t iiiii. 1
:. To art we owe a thousand graces; r(-' '
Improving Nature no disgrace is. .
80, as gray hair dout please tbe eye.'" -Use
Cristadoro's . Hair; Pre seryative.f
Striking, a-toundiac, are the Effects produced
by Cristadoro's Hair Preservative aad Beautifier.J
Be the hair ever so wiryeesrse and snaniastislils
by brush and oomb, in one week this article wHl
render it flexible, lustrous and tnolined to curl'.' '' '
Sjld by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory Ho. 88 Maiden Lane. Prinoipal
Depot No, 4 Astor Hooee, - , ;.. ;, --. , a .,,,.
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DR. A. B. WILLIAMS; West Broadway, near
iah street. Columbus. Ohio, haa devoted hlmMl)
r a series of yean to the treatment of eertain pri,
vtte diseases, fie may bseeusuHedat bis effioe
Broedwa; near theKxoaaace Bank
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