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-r,. td bv W. JtlJavage, Jeweler, 83
MONDAY, Nov. 16, 1868.
n-J-k: VP'";.' ". "ltometer." Tears"!!
: ( -J . - ' i -
cX; ; J ! Ji-sorf- a"''
H?"V-'?ftm'-y.-i: !'
'''r&afaeUa 'a fifteen nts
f Ul a.:
sl; .,! T ..M ,i
r Yetrdy w not a1 pleasant day
' 1 1
:lt wni toadutl W cloy WW 1 A f
M -i -.'" ii ' 1 " j n T
:Ji-TliB portrait of .Secretary' McCul
"ioch, in PutnamVMagaafoe tor December.
r i ii ,'i :i'r:i snot . r.
'I admirable,,,,, i . . .t,;. i . j, .A
I . f mm mmmmtm i j : T - v..-
-fl Bf Tb work ,of, epeiiingji-tbe ;eleotkn
reiuroavrat oommaoeed la the Secretary, oi
$tate, pfflfr yffterd.yi:" r".f".'
,-j. A- Hi.il kM receured Hat
Vwr'a Tair'.for HOT. 28. and Pataaraf Atf
'lantfeandOat Young Folke for December
Irr.- Mndd-'reUased.1 He should be; . It is
absurd to think ot has-lag wwe ok" tbe 2rjr
IioKATkD.-TM Ineeeesatyl papers
riavW beeff filedi vvith th Secretary Of
State yesjetday, Columbia, Hamilton eooiw
Vr, Piottook rank among the Incorporated
villages of the-State. . -
lat', report there were 174 jaapera In tbe
coanty nnrmaiy.i iturw ;? s- vl
11 -nra.Kcfclvtdaad 6 discharged, leaning
180' inmatea"t1er.tadit.m"r.Wjl. M
vrlr Howy1 Jdad s oft wood and
delivered to tbe outside poor.
Ttnur. for rember-taon'ourtabie,. ,T,5.
Arthur Is usIb eyeryj niean ta bis power
to make this little moottuy one of io-vi
0 the countryn he U soeeeedlogi in a.t
admirable manner. c Itrcosts rbut $1.TSS pee
yir a4'sbou:i.pe'In ,thf Wdl ol eTefy
5bU4 able jo read
-Rr rrtoM Foa Sbsatob. The Governor
n yesterday issued hia writs to the ShertCs
of tbe counties ot Hancock, Wood, Lucas,
Fulton. Henry and, Putnam, for special
UaioiBr Stite SanViof; the t.cafi
oaaaetby be deitk of Cl iTH
second Tuesday of December (8cb) is des
Iznated as tbe day for holding such elec-
Mas. Kkmbl's EaaDiKQS. Oar readers
pei'VreatpTay otTCinKtkdVf Tlrfr
Fanny Kembte, atthe Opera House to
nijfht. We yesterd'ay gave oar opinion on
Mrs Kembje'a., aWJUyaad, ioTXilh,,S-yoS
wllUwtfyXbatopliiioa. cBemenibiet aat
you are requested to be f before the
reading commence
awe lt tht-nlebe- -iled cp to wbat
will those people do who at a play'ltfe
aWald; enerwlll be locked iA of Ue'theap
bbacUa house where they .raslde, nd;
ways "jrlt up and git" before tbe tag' i
spoken iTi'tMi ..iur.' vsim':'.7i .r oo I
..Ofajlir'l . i i i- I I ' ' 1 .'?-: i
Vaos. Twomen,Tiamed Henry Lttohen
(els aa.iIaaacyT.rfeeyt re''e rrested qd
Suaday night as vagrants, having no visi
ble means of support. In default M $5
each andrfcost' ' they' hammertth; We are
glad ixj see jtbat there i 6t up Jn rtie or
ders to the police to V comprehend; all ya
grom men," and that they will continue to
makf'f rrestfcof JUla class nntll not vg:;an
Be found in our limits. ' Had our nelglibor
lng town of Springfield adopted thin plan
of arresting all men wBo have no visible
means of support, tneywould not now be
gVoanrBOTer-w: m6jr.buiigjariea.ri J 0 i
Traksferhed TasxaKDATw The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were lett at tbe
BrordTla. :oi9tt reeterjiayj! r io'I
. Gebbard Butscba and wile to Charles
SJedJ, JsM-9d, p art of lalot Ne.(fi2 in C.
F. Jar gerlr addition; to Me Clty.;of jColum
buf 'for $450. ' ' " ' ' ar''..
.Jacob Miller aad, wife to G., W Sbover,
Oct." I5thr29 '961(j0-kbres W land In Jack
son township, iorL,830r
T'ldttAtcheoa andwifa -to-Oabriel
rahirgdereiiicj-DecS 9th; lseotcTe of
land, in Clinton township, for K537 50.
Cabrial- Lamazdeleina and wife- .to Con
aUnz Jsabejl, Noy. 2d,5K acres of land in
Clinton2 toWnsbtpTOr $1.100r -
Ibsclting LADirs. Officer JIcEwen, on
Sujoday. Bight arrested a hap namedjPd
wardi jberj for ' insulting language and
oof dneQwarch ladies pafsing tbe Anierl-
. ean HeqsegBe wastakenpelore the Slay
or yeste-day, an fined $3 which, be paid
Sjiu;liellows should be fined to the extent
of the law Ladies should be permitted to
walk the'street1 at' their pleasure without
the least"1"- ',irnr rom any Obe. It
may be a matter of greatest necessity that
caLUvthem out alone, to letch aphysiciab,
or to attend a tick relative or friend, Any
how It is their right to walk ihe streets at
any time without molestation, and the ruf
fian who insults them will be punished, 11
oaugbt, ,!!' ' : ' ' ' - '"""J
(CotcJlBOs'pbDj ,FEixowB.--ThH :6i8?r
is saining aocessloD fapldly in this city,
ihd its financial cbndiUon, is mpst'epoour
aging. Out of a, voting population ot about
six thousand, bM amembership ot fil
toaiibundredLTbi is tbeeoujblned mem
ftersMp ot the live Ixtdges la this city; To
sbow bow prosperous the order' is' iinah
elally we win state tbat daring tbe six
mouths ending July' 1'sC 3 75Q jrere re?
eeived tor does alone. During h the . year
yj.lPS.lJSa.irM VM. ta-slpk an4;diabld
members, of which about 00 was to wid
ows and orphans. JTha. benefits to these
last tblayear will, nearly double the flgT
tires of last year. Of this amount, '91,085
was palihdoCby the Encampments, one of
whjch has Jhtt' commenced, ta-. career ,of
usefulness. he total receipts oi ioeiMuge
iathlscltv last year ,i tdffZ),' of -this
turn 92,800 was tor initiations and degrees
Directors. The Board ot Directors of tbe
Franklin Couaty Infirmary me'yesterday,
the beginning of tbe fiscal year... The term
Of office of S. F. Ucllvalne having expired,
ca. motion ot Jacob tirau. Jonas J. Funs'
ton.was nominated for Superintendent lor
Franklin County Infirmary for one year
from March 1st, 1869, said Superintendent
lect togive 4' loud to the acceptance oi
the Directors ol the Infirmary, in the sum
of flva ihonsaiid dollars'. The vote stood
as tollowa, W: i!i" :'"v!,-''.":.!.; . ?.
,u IS: Glbbops, (oi S.' P. McIlvalnel , , ;. P ,
Jacob Gian, 'for Jonas J. Funston. , '
r Fred. Fornoff, for Jonas J.Funston. ,
Mr, Funston having received a majority
of the votes cast,- ha Wa duly declared
elected Superintendent for' one year from
thelst.dayol March. 1869, ..
On motion ot Fred. FornolK DrMahl
mann was" unanimously elected Pbyslclaa
lor. the County Idtirmary (or one year from
the 1st day of January, 1869.
J0t moMon of Fred. FornofiMiss Cmnia
Mcaoud.MAnn.ElvaUi ariS7 EVza
Slsley, were elected Matrons for one year
from tbe 1st day or J anuary, lisea iit;
n motion oi. Fred. Forhoft, iLwas ordered-that
tbe proceedings Of this meeting, be
published jo the. Qhio STATKBWand the
Wetbot of tbe city oi coiamous. v
Connoil met nurtuank to afHoursment.
i PresehtXasrt. Beekey.'Bergiht Cartn,
CJjadwlcjc.CpmstockDoualdson, Frankel,
Glbbohs," JanheyKuopr, 'McDonald". Paf
tenotiV'JKetnhara, Boss; -and' President
Naglite'nr"" " " . , " " " '
The President calle4 the Council to order,
f The minutes of the preceding meeting
era read and approved -f 5 .
' CK.Cuctler, clerk of the markets, made
his report of collectlonaxfor tbe Uoath of
October, as follows : '-'.
Hot of tao4s..i,.M,. .. ) t.-.naa as
Lisht bottK....vw.,r.i
Total... .,..,,. ..,..-.2St 69
,feJ!ThB City CJvll Engineer made the, f o
lowlog report of estimates for work re
quired to be done: Y'lV jh.'.Y'
For building a double'rotr flsg crossing
serosa Center alley at the north aide , of
Long street. 933.40. -i. x'.V.V'.."-1
Mr.- Caren, from standing committee oa
Gas and Gas Lights, to whom was referred
a resolution in regard to' placing gas lights
on Hound street, reported back the follow
ing, which was adopted; .,,uv"!ou. 'i''
" Beaolvd. That the Columhu ,Gas L'ght
and Coke Company be and they are hereby
directed to lay a gas main on- Mound street
from High street west to the Columbus
and Hocking Valley Railroad crossing, for
the purpose of lighting sid street and
furnishing gas to-the-citizens residing
tBereoBuu't ! -.' tjifriiWiinft'J
MriBeAey,'frtm"commlttee.n Markets,
reported back the petition of L. A. Bowers,
sskiog that tbe market, be removed from
tbe front of the Zettler House, and asked,
to be discharged from tbe further considtr-
atlonof the same".' Report accepted and ..
tbe: committee discharged. i ;.:;-! '
Mr Betkey, irom the committee oa Mar'
kets, reported that they had conferred with -.
Messrs. Carlisle and, Asbury In . relation to.
the jmrcbase oittae strip of ground on 4. he '
west side of. the Market House, and that
Mr! Asbury, agrees to adhere to his former
proposition and. Mr.' Carlisle proposes to ;
(ooveyhla.rlghtrlitle and interest to th .
street west of the Market House for a con- :
sideratloa. equal to 'the expense of deeds
aad -traiisfer papers- t 7 f: -?: r
Mr. Beinhard moved that the report; of
the .committee ana. .the. proposition of
Messrs1. Asbury and t3srMsle be referred tee
the City Solicitor, with instructions to as
certain what. the. rights of the.clty are In;
regard to this matter and reporf bs Inves-,
tlgations and judgment to this Corincil."
Mr. Gibbons, TronL'stahdi'ng cd'mimUtee '
'on Ordinances, reported bselcthe following:
which -were red a third time, and pas 06U
An ordluance to build a double row flag.
crossing across South-Public, lane, at the
west Side of High street,"" '
An ordinance-to change the name of'
Beihhardstpeet to Esper Streets 12 i :
Mr. Boss, from standing committee ou
Seventh ward, reported an ordinance to as-,
sess a special tax on the-real estate bound-
ng the west side oCHIgb street from No
ble stret to Sdrawberry alley, : whtcli was:
read; firBt Ume.nr 1 .?'!,.. ?ii io t.Miwa
Mr. Beekey, from a special committee to
consijier grade ot Perrr street, asked further
fime, Which' was granted. '
Tlffr. Bergirt5 introduced an ordinance 'to''
build a double, row flag . crossing across)
Center, alley at the north side of Long,
street, which, was read a first 0Ume. . , ,
Mr. uonaiason introduced an ordinance'
to assess a speolat tax upon iheTBal estarer
bounding the east side t High street from
Broad street Co Gay street,' which" was read
a first time. r.fv.v.j,.-!
f Mr. Kuopf introduced, ; ari " iifji iriancij .to.
assess a special-tax upon the real estate
bounding 00 High street from a point' 125
feet south ot Friend street to the south
line of. South Publlo lane, which was read'
Mr. Boss introduced a resolution to con
tract with Joba Murphy for grading and
repayhgths Bldewalks on the east' sidc"6f!
Front street from Town street to a point 85;
feet aorth of Town street.-- , : , J i 7
MrV'Janney "' introduced a resolution dt3
recti ng thCity t Civil Engineer to pre
p'are ,a plat and, estimate for, .grading and
payjng, on, the west side of, Washington1
avenue from" the north ' side "of ' Hutton:
place ;'atbe' iouth"slde of Gay itreeet.-i
PaSSed.:' ..--i:-a. !r.5nr. .93
oiilr. Gibbons iatroduced a reeolution di
recting tho City Civil Eitghieerer' tfll .pre
pare a plat and estimate for repaving High
treet from Perry street to tbe corporation
tlmV'PassiJd. " : -' ;
Mt. 'Donaldson Introduced a .resolution
directing the City Civil. Engineer to pre
pare the-' necessary -plat and estimate for
grading and paving with boulders the road
way prjfu une alley f rotiLi LftlutreetLta
Sixth street. Passed.
Mr. Frankel: introduced the following:
CJttsolvti .That IhestBBdini committfa
on the Fire Department, together with the
Chief Engineer berrm they are hereby
aiUBsctzed to'sell four of tbe nforaes" now.
in use In the Department, and that they be
authorized to -use ay and alt money rer
eelved from said sale in the burchaseof
four additional 'horses, for the use of" said
Department., . .
Mf.TRelnhard moved to take from'the
table an ordinance to assess a .special tax
upon the real estate bounding on Hieb
stteVfrom a 'point 125. feet south of Friend;
street to, the (south line ojT Soutlj .Public
lane, 'which was agreed toV 'and. We ordi
nance was read a second time, fcmia'
Mr. "Belhhard moved ' to' "'suspend the
rules that the ordinance, might bo read a
third time. Agreed, to, and the ordlnancat
was passedCk-yeas 14. C'X'i.
H DJaldson m3ved to tak "frbhj tb
tjabtp jresolbtfoa ia. regard to placing cerj
tain unpaid assessments on Franklin ave-
oue oa the tax duplicate : Agreed to, and
the resolution was referred to the commit-'
tees of Second and Third Wards. f
,Mr. Boss! moved to take' irom: the tabid
aif ordinance to assess a special tax upda
ie real'estateooundlng the'wesf side of
High street from Noble street to Straws-
berry "alley. Agreed to, and tKeordlnance
was read a second time and referred to Mr.
Boss as a special committee of one.
Mr; Bergln moved to take from1 the tablS
an5 oyclpagce (tjq build-; Sdouble row; jfia
crossing across Center-alley at the north
side of Long 'street. Agreed io, and tbe
ordteaaee wasrescl a second lme, ,
The' rules beionr susDended it was read a
tlrd tirn n passed., ' .
, Mr, ijonaiasou moveatotske rrom tbe
table an ordinance to as; ess a special tax
upon the real estate bounding tbe east side
of High street from Broad street to Gay
anet,. which was agreed to, and the ordi
nance was read a second time, jj
. The rules were-suspended and the ordi
nance was read a third time and passed.,
' Mr. Gibbons moved to adjourn until next
Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. . .
s Courxof Common PLaas.--The Novemf
ber term of the Court of Common I'leas of
Franklin county was commenced yester
day.; A. portion of the men selected as
Grand Jurors not appearing others were
selected to fill their places. Tha Grand
Jury oritanized, CoU John Geary being
chosen as foreman, and wero sworn in by
fhi new Clerk, C. Lowensteln, Ksq, wno
showed considerable familiarity with his
duties,, he. giving the oath to the jurors
Without aid from the book. EI1P.: Evans
and Charles Patterson were qualified as
Deputy Clerks.- As we have already stated
there is an Immense amount of business to
be done, and the term will be a long one.
Judge" 'Green deferredjcalltaov the docket
nntll Wednesday, as' it number of the bar
are gonef to' Cincinnati as attorneys' and
witnesses in the case, of Judge Pugh to-
morrow, before Commissioner Halliday.
CoumttComm aaioKRa' BxroaT-From
the report W 'tM' County Commissioners
if Franklin county we take the following
ntatement of balances on band and amounts
received, as shown by the records ' of tbe
Auditor's office, Sept 7,1868: " '
manta for
on band
aaoalyeafiaptf fth
(JunntvOeMnl Kx..
(4.tl 4Rt
13.441 1
lo.ota 11
11. ISO 87
(nfirnarj aad Foc..
n.i:a 74
Ujmn ill
, 3.233 S3
7,180 94
10,048 SO
ttridse .
Aobool .........
K,dempiioa.,w. . . ..
.how Lieenae
.7.6.S 3
I .16S 8H
141 .f17 9SJ
Z7.S8L 9-i 1S.5M Si
... 871 84
106.64 1 81
106J57 01
. 44
66 60i
S3 86
- - 310 41
133 II
140 OU)
- K Sol
16.S2 aJ
140 oej
los am
Momi Tax and Hoadi :
: V'olonter EaiiaC.v..
otdwrf' OUimt.....:
Township Boant.',..
etrn Bonntr.,:.".
Vew Jan
(JfMlaimd Coat.....
to6rmar7 Baildiaf..
ttcfoaded 'laxj...
taiof Ohio.'
TowotbiD Oiteh.....1
I'rtMorer'i :....
Ohattel Tax.........
' lotafs.'.i. ... .'.J..
1 vm as
1.3S6 11
S.TSS 4(1
IT -
: 3.TSS 46j
l.sia m
1.S1S 881
. : 107
ISO so)
Li t .7 84
8S8S 0
6,008 04
883 44
X.10S t i l
1,130 Bf
978 4-.
1.77H 4'
3.778 45
' I,T1 if
HI 26)
4.838 48j
1JW8 T3
1.837 04
6 86
S.S44 34
19.TS1 7S
lU.OtO is
116. WO IO
3S0 99
so as
138 76
4.9HT 38
673 08
4.187 M
414 381
54,455 60l
318.718 071
37,79 49
,.1 Galoot B cokow The Monday morning
drill fif the galoot brigade was well attend
ed, n Some six. or eight of them answered
It roll call. . 7 ,y l' r-l'.,
John Morris was on a bully old bust.' "He
busted bis head and busted his cost.-. Not
Having' busted a sufficiency be wandered
round quite loose,' anxious to bust the bead,
snoot or coat of any ether nan. He was
arrested in his mad career .and fined 10,
which he paid, and that busted him.' : 1 "
i Joseph Frillmyer, suffered from a com
plicated drunk. He filled his skin so full
of benzine that it stood out on his face in
little drops like perspiration or little beads
on ari old lashloned purse. FrM" frilled
his drunk- with an 'edging of disorderly
conduct, and, tbe Mayor frilled Frillmyer
out of f 3 and costs, whtch he1 paid. 1 T"1 '
Joseph Michaels, as a Joseph of the olden
oirae, does" nbt amount to; much, but as a
drink let he ia a success."-After be had
tucked into his carcass. about a quart of ca
lamity water he became so dazed that he
didn't know where: to go.v He 'asked the
assistance oi an officer who kindly escorted
him to Sinner' Best. He paid $3 lor hav
ing received that little attention. ; ': :
John . Cavendish, though no relation' to
the famous Lord Cavendish, got as lordly
drunk as .Lord CavendUb,' Lord , knows
whpor any lord of 'era kll. He was fined
$5, and In default they use Cavendish at
the 'stone pile. , ';;' ...".:,':,'",
." John Piatt' was on plain drunk.- H
got drunk for drunk's sake.'. Failing.. to
ante up $5 he was Sent to enter Upon a
tcourse of geological studies at th muoici
pai sione pile. .. ... ... .
q. Thomas; Spencer took a quart too mnch.
The effect was enervating, i He fell ; was
gathered; "up ;",,ilned $5;' couldn't pay "It;
iMunmetetbv--' .: - 1
: ' County CoinnssiONKRs' Meeting'. The
new Board of County Commissioners held
their -first meeting .yesterday, Messrs
Ed ward ai Gulick ami Kllb' being present.
The following bills were alio wed ; S. JKile,
Andltor, for making report of Comity Com
missioners to Hon. J. L. Green, Judge of
Common Pleas Court of Franklin county.
f$60; A. Sites, repairing lock for Recorder's
Jofflce, $1.00. .
Ordered, That an order be drawn on the
Treasurer - in favor of D. B. Strait, lor
building a bridge across Roc key Fork, in
Plain township, for S350 in fell for said
work, and that he be allowed $15 for extra
Work on said Rocky Fork bridge.
: Ordered, That an order be drawn on the
Treasury in favor of David Spangler, tor
$100 in full for repairing bridge across
Spangler's mill race in Madison township.
Attention, Ltckumists I The ; mem
bers and invited friends of the Lyceum
Association are requested to assemble at
Desiiltr Htll, corner, of High and Town
Btreets, this evening, at eight o'clock, to
partRsIpateitrtlie first -cotillion f party'Dt
the season... The . Excelsior . Band, with
DodStevens In command, will be there, to
ehfiveh the steps of the daneers.y
rCi TV VfVT-r-tTitr-rvr "
It ii tho only infallible Hair Prepaiation for
. 'i 'AJvLUK AXvlf fKuMUTlAU ITS -
,..-.r,.,i.: .. . okowth. '
It U tha coeapest preparstioa aver offared to the
peblio, a one bottla will latoncer and aeeomplUb
morn than three bpttlea of any other preparation.
Oar Beaewer ii aot a Dje; It will -not ataia tl
kin at other.'' .:-.- ":- .-, .! --. .
.It will, keep tho Hair from. fa'lini out. "
- It fllaaoaas th Healp, and make the Hairsoftl
ltntroosand silken. "' " ' ' " - -'
pub treatise; on the haib ' V
R. P.,H ILL & 00.'. Nashua. N. H.. Proprieton.
" Kor aalebj aUDrocgist. . . '., i . -'
july25 dltawA wlj-om
AClerTnin, while r-idinir in South America
ai a missiooarr. dlsoovered a safe and simple rem
edy for the Cure of .Nerrou Vv eaknea. Early Ue
oaT. DUeues of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought aii h
baoeful and vioioea habit. Great nambera bay
been ciirea py nus noble remedy, f rompted by a
desire to benefit tbe affiieted an.l nn fnri nnnttm 1
will tend the recipa for preparing and aring thii
ueuiciue. in rwiwi vutqiu, bu atuy one wa
need it, asB OF CHAE08. Addrea.
... . JOSEPH T. Ill MAR,'
Station CBible Houie,Jfew York City.
' oetO-dAw .. 1 ' , .
Catwvmliera Tremtlsa the Kale,
free to air, civan away at the Drns Store, or sent
by. mail free.' Thi book aboold be in every bona,
itteache to eultiyate and-hay baaatifal boir,
and reitor raj hair to.it original oolor. stop iti
falling oat, and remova -all irritation or daadrnff
from th aealp, thu keeping tho hair beantif nl to
toa latest period'of life,
-m il ,t..'i SARAH A. CHEVALIEB. H. D,..
'toVn-eodltorl HT5 " 1W3 Broadwar. S T.
IVl JKO CM restored In four weeks. Success
restore, asahly power, ' from whatever cause ari-
lb. tfmmntm .f M.l. nM,Sniniia k-kira . n 1 f.
abuse, Impotency and climate, giro away at once to
this wondertoi meaioine, it lagan regniarly aocord-
ing to the directions twnico are Tory simple and re
aair no restraint from business oraleasora.) Fail
ure i impossible. Held in bottle at $3, or four
quantities iff one for S3. Toxe had only of the aole
appointed agent in Aejeriea, H. Gkbitzzn. Sot
jeoo ato.. new otk
VMT-jyST-dlyr ..,
It IfSFI UOSD.n AnotKmr
Xem iftdlaai
111. Pamphlet from
the vtn at Da. Cdrtis
The "Medical limes" say of this work: "Thi
ralnable treatise on the eanse and euro of prema
ture decline, show how health is impaired through
inc.rnt abuse of youth and manhood, and how
easily -regained It tires a dear synapsis of the
Impediments to marriage, tbe causa and effect of
nerrou debuitT, and th remedies tnerefor." A
pocket edition of the abore will bo forwarded on
receipt oi ao cools, or auuiessiu uwwt vusti8
No- 68 North Charle street, Baltimore, Aid. -era-mayiS-dly-r
splendid Hair De is the best in tbe world;
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instantaneous ; do disappointment : no ridiculous
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"Yoc Lotion ha oured me of Tetter (or 8alt
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writes Joseph Kistler, of Danville, led., who has
been using Palmer's Vegetable Cosmetio Lotion. -
-m-d&wly-o .-.-
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and readers THB 8KIH 80PT, FA IK
and BL00MIHO;
Foi LADIES ia the KTJKSERY it is invaluable
For GENTLEMEN after SHAVING it has a
equal. "PAPHIAH LOTION" UTthe only reli
able remedy for diseases and h-emiahes of th
VT-myM-eodly ' ' ' " ' "-' '
"FLOE DE MAT0." ' : .Tt- -
FHAL0N a 80N, N, Y. Sold by aU Draggists
Condition of the Public Buildings.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 16.
Supervising Architect Millett has sub
mitted his report on the condition of the
public building under bis supervision" for
the yearendiag September 30th, 1883.. Tbe
business' Is now greater-than af any time
since its organization. Tbe report men
tions among the causes of embarrassment in
the completion of many buildings in tbe
course of erection, the elsrht hour svstem in
Government work.wUfcbllhe Buperviser
condemns strongly, and states that it
nas greatly Increased the cost and retarded
the progress of buildings under charge of
his office.. He recommends. that a sufficient
portion! Ot the. Battery a Jew Vorlr.be
purchased as a site for appraisers' stores,
and ultimately a new Custom Houre, the
present building being over crowded and
the increase of business making additional
room indespensable. He also calls at-
tontlnn tn f.hA rllttlpnl Mm nf In.
diecrimfnatoi iiiddiag tor 'Government
contracts and- recommends thaC soma re
strictions be placed -upon, its . Under toe
present ulan. the most, worthless and' in
competent bidder having the tight to In
sist upon the acceptance of his proposal.
even though the Department may be con
fident it cannot .be. enforced,, all effort to
col lect damages for breach of contract have
heretofore failed.
Internal Revenue Regulations.
Commissioner Rollins has Issued a circu
lar calling the attention of all effioen of in
ternat revenue to regulations for the mark
In if and branding of casks or packages of
dictllled spirits, a strict compliance with
which is enjoined on all omcers and particularly-
guagers. Gomp4aiitts; ar made
that there- Ms great lack of "uniformity
among guagers in carrying out the regu
lations, and it is charged in some districts
tnat the regulations are persistently
and deliberately disregarded. All officers
are notified that they must be strictly
complied with. ' It is also-reported that the7
stamps lot distilled spirits are in many.-in-
stances negligently . and, insecurely at
tached. This is almost entirely the result
ot carelessness on the part ot the guager
and undue haste iori affixing, the stamp.
6aira3must bs (taken tdawach-thi itamp
securely and smoothly to a clean surface,
and the guager must take time enough
do so. Alter ltT la-t80 affixed it
should be cancelled as prescribed,
and then covered with transparent
varnish. , Thjs is a. matter for .which,
tho vu&rer will be hel J resrjonslble. aud a
desire'to do the greatest amount of work
in the shortest space of time will not be ac
cepted : as' "an- exriuse -fdr a1 failure" to 'do
work welt:'' Collectors and other receiving
officers are Instructed to detain br seize any
and all casks or packages of spirits guaged
after the receipt of these instructions,
which 'Are not imaYkedrautr branded
as rt quired by tbe instructions, series 40,
No. 7, and the supplement thereto, and
forthwith report tbi -facta rtO-tbt-of0c-T,ht
owiiar if.lhe aplritA will Jimiii to hla.
interest to insist that the guager does his
work correctly. Any neglect to mark and
;brand spirits as required by the regula-
Ufl?iMr any case ol negUcuceor, careless
ues&uiii.-i Attaching , theaiStSBip.. shall , be
at once r.porrd uK tool this office,
that proper s eps may taken for the dis-
uiL-sal ot offi era so doing and collectors
wiUaloo boiaaa-fied in declln'Rjt to as si an.
,aiiy-Bager4o'ul-. ho shaa -be- Krnai
Iguilty of such negligeuue, ca elessness or
idisregard 01 regulations.
Report of the Comptroller of the
The Comptroller of tle Currency has
concluded his annual report, which has
been sent to tbe public printer. He re
.wnmeadsf the' redemption; AfiNatlotiar
Bank notes In New York and prohibiting
ot payment of interest on bonds balanced
,oy oanKS 01 inaiciiy. xne report win con
tain the usual statistical information, show
ing the condition of-the-banks, the amount
of taxes paid, the amount of lawful
money eerviB,&c. ,The jiumberox banks
organized linCe .last aiHi'nsl report 9s
The nunrber closrhg is la. 1 he number
which have failed is 4.
Central Pacific Railroad.
A dispatch from Sail Francuco the 16th
says passengers, , and mail by the Central
Pacific railroad' are'how carried to Argents,
Nevada, the station for tbe Reese mining
district, 385 miles eas of acramento. The.
earuirigs for Ootober'exceeded $300,0001
An Outrage upon Americans
Paraguay by Lopez—The Conduct
of Minister Washburne.
NEW YORK, Nov. 16.
"The1 Herald say Hne Minister of the
United States to P.iraguav has been get
ting himself Into serious toule with Mar
etial Lopez. Tue latter accused Minister
washburue of havrng-emerea into the con
spiracy to assassinate Jhe president, and It
was cnargea in at ne naa rvceivea one Hun
dred and forty thousand dollar as. the re-
u.nl nF hi, aptlnn. -'-- '
The chirf accuser ls 8enor Jose Berges,
the Minister ot Foreign A Qairs, who turn
ed State's evidence against, the conspira
tors. ,He charges Mr, Porter C. Bliss, a
member ifthe-"'-legation, with having
feigned a, compact with the conspirators, al
though 'Mr. Bliss denies all these charges
In letters to tijend, -The Paraguayan
Government has published a letter pur
porting to hayebeenj signed by5, Mr Bll
admitting all the charges against his own
Minister.. iThis latter is generally believed
to have been goffrom the writer by'means
of torture, while in prison. . ...
The whole foreign, population of the Rio
de la Plata are disgusted at the outrages
committed. by Lopes, in this aflalr,,but reM
gret that a Minister ot tbe great republic
should have ever noticed such charges.
Tbe commander of tbe American squad
ron4,i Real. Admiral. Davis,! bad;taken
promW measures to vindicate the 16801119
our flag.
The Post contains the following editorial:
Elsewhere we print a letter from a well
informed correspondent in the Rio de Ja
nierry relating., in language, -the. tone of
which shows the deep feeling which exists
among Americans in Brazil, an extraordi
nary story about;' the United Staie.11ta
later at Paraguay, Mr. -.Washburne, -It is
asserted that Washburne left the- country
and abandoned to the barbarous, dictator,
Lopez, two" American citizens, : Porter C.
Bliss and George - F. Masterman, . both
moreover, Employed in the legation, and
thus ofjLpera o ,tha United States. ,-f,,t 'l
So incredible a story ot cowardice 6n the
part of ft Upited; States Minister, mustb
received as at least doubtful, and suscepti
ble of some explanation honorable to Mr.
VnUWptjrniS:r AJong. lettercTroinCw"ash
burne, which will also be found elsewhere,
fully eoolirniB it. - He relates in this letterv
which is addressed to the English Minister
at Janito, that Bliss and Ma&teruiaa were
forced from - his .''Bide as he and they
were passing from the legation to the wa
ter side, where they were to embark in a
United States vessel. Not only did he suf
fer this atrocious' violation ot the rights of
Americans, of bis officer?, but seems, from
his' account, lo have- goncqnietly aboard
the vessel waitiug for blm, and sailed off.
leaving them to tnelr fate, without stop-y
ping even to remonstrate.
Our correspondent in Bio adds still fur
ther, that while tbe English and French
fleet are hastening to Paraguay to- -re6u
their people, Washburne has not even
called for our fleet, which, lies idly in Rio,
while Lopez is torturing and murdering at
his own sweet will. -.
Mr. Washburne's own' letter condemns
him. No such shameful outrage has ever
been suffered by American- citizens as that
which he has tolerated. . No such weak
minded person has ever misrepresented out
Governmentabroad or Buffered our flag
to. , be dishonored ..and the sanctity
of a United States legation to be violated.
We will say nothing ot reports which come
from-Bio of Mr. .Washburne's entangle
ment with Lopez, of, his corruption, by
that barbarian. It is quite nough that he
has submitted to have two American citi
zens, besides a large number of persons of
other nations, taken from his legation,
where they had sought refuge from' thd
fury of Lopez.
We hope our .Government will act
promptly in this matter. Tbe country has
a right to demand that the President shall
send out, without the loss of "a day, by the
speediest conveyance, a man with spirit to
assert and maintain our rights and honor
of our flag, . to-take the place of Wash
burne; and the new Minister must be
backed by a fleet which will enable him to
wring from Lopes the most ample repara
tion and apology lot- his outrage on our
flag, and the Immediate restoration of all
persons whoa he forced from the legation.
- l ucre can oe no argument on-thls-quee-tlon.
If our flag does not protect our cit
izens in fereign countries It Is a sham; it
has bo right to place amoiMt the flags ot
national aad unless. our Oipvertiment acts
promptly and lieorously In this matter we
shall become contemptible among foreign
ers. Let an officer of courage, a man like
Fai rairut or Porter, be sent out at once, in
the fastest man-of-war we) have. I Let him
take the fleet which Ilea lit tle Kib Janeiro
forthwith, and be instructed ;td deal with
Lopez as Decatur did with tbe Dey of AI
giers. I
It appears from Washburne's own letter
that Lopez is a worthless barbarian, who
violates every law and respects the rights
of no one, whether native or foreigner.
There Is a reason to believe he has sub
mitted Bliss and Masterman to the torture,
and there 18 no reason to deal with him
otherwise than as one would with a pirate
It is humiliating that it should be nec
essary for the press Of this country to call
upon the Government to resent such an un
heard of outrage upon-, the flag as Lopes
has committed, or to save from imprison.
ment, torture and death American citi
zens. Mr. Washburn a misconduct is a
stinging disgrace To every American, one
under which our" people will hardly re
main quiet, for It they did they would
jiave Joat all spirit and sense ot honor. -
We trust the President and Mr. Seward
will for once act promptly, and show that
there ts some decision and vigor left In the
American Government,. Washburne's own
letter shows a sufficient cause lor the most
energetic measures which can be taken.
NEW YORK, Nov. 16. Drowned.
- A skiff containing three men in the em
ploy ot the- Bridge Company capsized at
tbe falls, yesterday afternoon, drowning
Henry Smith, one of the party. The other
two men were saved.-:
River News.
Weather clearuad pleasant. -River five
feet eight inchea; Mercury 4S degs.
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 16. Steamer Burned.
The steamer Matanzas, from Savannah
for New York, with a cargo of cotton, blew
out the tube ot her boiler, on the night ot
the 15ttH off Hatteras, setting lire to the
vessel. Every effort ' was made to save
her, but the Are gained rapidly and the
k-re w had to take to the boats. They were
wut 7 hours, when they were picked up by
(-he schooner Frank, (rem Turk's Island for
Halifax, and brought here- ,. .:,',' . -'.. ,... i.
FORTRESS MONROE, Nov. 16. Embezzlement.
SYRACUSE, Nov. 16.
Frank H. Bobbins, formerly confidential
alerr or I'Tazier'-dt-'BurB'saagbHryana
iardwafe nianula'cturera here, has been de
fected in an extensive embezzlement. His
latest .'eiploit - is eollectlug-. money - from
realtors ot a.nrm,- aua jt is Deuevea. nq i,
b operating extensively, ia the.; Westers
General Grant.
NEW YORK, Nov. 16.
General Grant kCbomnanied hV'hJs7 Wife
rid Oe-ntfal DmiUleft Wst'Point-at 3
v. M. yesterday, and arrived In this city
n the evening. He was wserved-at West
brnt and along the line Detween tn City
v:'nd Garrison's Landing-, w)f h , hearty welt;
; omings. Before leaving West Point he
inspected tire "Cadot: Corppr 1 1 T j J ? H f)
Major Pauline Cushman.
Maior-Pauline Cusbman, who was ar
l-eetod- Saturday evening at the instance of
V. B. Newcomo. once ar Dusmess agent or
erSv.Mid incarcerated in the. loth piecinuu
KA.r.tnr, tinuap Mil that nintbsfilchsnrs or.-
MTeeny, vas 'arraienea before 'Jastlce-
rTjndiri..- at thH1 .Tfflcrson Market Pollen
i'ourt, yesterday morning, to answer.
?Vhen qutstioned; by the; court :2ewcomb
ud be bad nocomplaiut tomnke, and wltn
jatthef accused lady was iiermiued-to de-
hart. 'itisaueto msjor tusnroan to stare
lat she most indignantly denies the accu-
httion. and,. that she,, avers the proceedings
istituted by Newcorob have their origin ia
Indictiveness and jealousy,.
Henry Ward Beecher.
Kev. Henry Ward Bcecher last evening
(.reached, on the text Abfior that which
rfyil," m Whicn- n& -unepanngryae-ounced
the whisky and other frauds, and
vbolesala .corruption . in office at Albany
.'nd Washington, and among the-judiciary.
Detectives have discovered imnortant In-
rmatioBoopoeriig tbd dftath of young
Nugent, found insensible In the Jersey (Jit y
' treats ou (he night of the-ePemooratia. pro
e.sion i S i M-:hMW
Just betore election at 6:40 o'clock last
, ventng,' Ja.- Barron, a resident of Troy,
was instantly killed at the Barclay strtet
rry by betug crushed . Detweeu the boat
.nd bridge." - ; ; ''
Held for Trial.
Those Crawfhrd. a porter, was yesterday
held tor trial by Justice. Do wllng, for steal
ing the goods of his employer, the Ameri
can Suspender, Company, of 62, Read St.
The steamer City of London! from Eu
rope, arrived tliis morning. '; ,i . s v -
The Evarts Banquet.
General Badeau, of General Grant's staff,
stated to-day, in answer - to'- a question
whether General, Grant .Intended., to be
present at the Evarts dinner, that lit would
ileDemton whether -Sefcrewtites1 Randall,
.vicuuirocii ana weues wouiu pe gueBis, as
the President-elect did not wish-, to meet
any of these gentlemen. . :
Collector of Internal Revenue Bailey tea
tided before the Congressional Committee.
Judge 'Fultertoa ba expressed, a desire
Burglary and Violence.
Burglaries are unusually bold and fre
ouent. A store In Fulton street was robbed
Saturday night. An attempt to rob another
In Front street tailed In consequence ot tbe
unexpected appearance of the porter ot tbe
store, two mgA way men orutauy oeaiana
robbed a man, Saturday evening. In Fluahi
ing. , Policeman Charles. Kling was fatally
stabbed.: Sunday even lug, in Jersey City,
by Paul Miller, who has been arrested.
Major Hoffman.
.Mayor Hoffman sent a letter of resigna
tion to-day to the Common Council, to
take effect .Nov: 30 , . .. .....'; m, ., .
The sub committee of the joint Con
gressioual committee resumed. its session
to day Testimony .was," given ; showing
that frauds were now being perpetrated
under the present revenue law; mat dis
tilleries are as successful now as under tbe
old law in evading the payment of tax,and
trom one-third to one-half of the whisky
manufactured 'escapes tax-. The vbtious
modes In which frauds are carried out and
by which, tbe revenue is defraudedwere
fuHy explained.-' Theinvestigat ion on this
branch la. stlil, further ..to bv. pursued to-
- Four' light shocks of earthquake were
felt at iillzaoetn, in. j., last nigut.-' " -
King William and the Alabama
King William and the Alabama Claims.
NEW YORK, Nov. 16.
The Democrat's cable special savs: Noth
ing -oi-an -official -character-has yet been
made public' or submitted to fte Diet with
reference to tlie umpireshipot King Wil
liam on the question of the claim of tbe
United States nnon Great Britain for dep
redations committed by the Alabama.'.
Prussia Pastoral Conference.
The Prussian Pastoral Conference, com
posed of one hundred and twenty clergy
men from all parts.ofPrussla, has issued
the following declaration: Considering the
pretensions-of the? Roman Pontiff in the
recent invitation to the Protestants, it
would be desirable, not only for the Prot
estant Church of Prussia, but for all the
Evangelical churches of Germany, to re
new before God and man, by the mouths of
their ecclesiastical leaders, .their unani
mous adherence of that church to the con
fession ol AugsburK.,. ......
Marford, the favorite of Queen Isabella,
has been dismissed. His place is now oc
cupied by Count Esplato. belonging to one
of the first families of Navarre.
Suppression of Drinking Saloons.
. The Czar has Issued a ukase hi virtue ot
which nine-tenths of the drinking saloons
now existing in the Russian empire are to
be suppressed.
Without Employment.
. lfcOOO workmen are now . with
out means of getting a living, and receiv
ing pay from tue uovornmeuu : . -
Switzerland, and Norway have
I recognized ihe Spanish Govern meat binder
gouviclinn 4b at ltwlu. ialvebaAatuuloq
of Cortes. j
LONDON, Nov. 16.
-The- corporate anthoritiea of. Brighton
slve a baronet ta BeverdV 1 Jdhnson aud
Geo. Peabo iy n xt Thursday.
Death of Baron James Rothschild.
PARIS, Nov. 16.
Baron James. Uothschi Id. .head of the;
hni)HP nf tfntktnltllH. AimA t,n,-vAltoml,vJ
. ...... ...v.. j.J
Monarchial Demonstration.
MADRID, Nov. 16.
There wa an .Immense demonstration
here on Saturday- in favor of a monarchlalj
form ot liovernment. Addresses were made
by Olazaus, Nnrtos, Serrano, Prira Topate
and others ' Not less than 50,000 people
ww n resent. Much enthuslam was man
ifested. ' - i ' "i i t -J r, M i c; i 3
NAPLES, Nov. 14.
Vesuvius has become agitated and a new
cone baa been formed, from which streams
of lava are being ejected.. ...
A vlo'fTit shock of. an earthquake, occur
red on Friday. '. . ,..
Increase of Garrisons Requested.
MADRID, Nov. 14.
The mslnrity'of. the Captain-Generals of
the provinces have., requested ani Increase.
of their respective garrisons, to. which
General Prim has -replied in a circular. !
stating that such increase would be beyond !
the resources of the country. Troops are" !
concentrated In New Castile, and can be ;
readily dispatched wherever requested, jus :
Archbishop of Canterbury.
LONDON, Nov. 16.
Th announcement Ja made in London
'loufnals that Rev: Archbishon Canmbell. !
Bart.. U. UlsiioD or'lxmnon, has been-
appointed Archbishop ot Canterbury;'" '
La France on Lord Stanley.
La France on Lord Stanley. PARIS, Nov. 16.
La France finds fault with Lord Stardev
for his r ferehce to irsnce in his speech at
King's Lynn. It savs ha should recom
mend moderation to Prussia, not to France,-
and asserts:that. 'the, genernl i impression
produced by that speech is not reassurlnrf
either as to the result of the Amfriarl'ne-i
gotiatlons or prospect of peace In Europev,
Tvaases a special tax upon the real estate boand )
ma m aortn side ot LtOOK strtet, trom Ueour
aller to straifbt alleT,H !..! .., ...j t ji
Rsctiok 1. Be Tt OTdained hT' the CHt floeeelll
of theitr of Co'nmbas, That the mm of flernr
cent. Three mills, be and the
levied and assessed noon oaea foot front of the ebv
eral lota of land boindia. or abattinc. upon Xha,
north side of Lodr s;relt frnin.ijenter all or- to.
iSrraight alley, at tbe same are decimated tpoh fritjt
plat of tbe Civil Erf ;ncr on file in tbe office of tbe1
Oitr clerk, for tbe'ooet and expense of biildinf a
doable row flag eroesin aoVotis fh.rd trel at ibV
north side or Lanm atrawb. aeoordiaif to the estimate
of the. Citi Civil iLnineer. . r
Sio. S. That the ownrrsof the several lotf of
land upon which the forrgoinKasseetment ia made,
sball pay tbe amonntf of money by them feverally
dneinthat behalf to Pe'er acen within twenty
days from the date of this ordinance, r-r be snbjeot
to tbe interest and penalty allowed upon the fame
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To asses a special tax vpon tlie real estate bonnd-
m toe east side ot BevemtD street, irom rnena
street te a point 100 feet norti of tiherry street.
SkctionI. Be it ordained by the CitT Council
oF th nltv' Af t!olnmhua. That the- sum ''of Ten
cent. Three mi Us. be and tbe same is hereby ler ed
an l assesaed-apm eacn loot tront ot ueaereial lot
of land bounding or abnttins opera the east side of
beveatn street irom xrieqa street to a point one
hundred feet aorth of Uhernrratreet. as tbe
vame.are desicnated upon the plat .of tbe Civil
tnrineer, on nle ro tne oejoe ot tlie i-nr ierK,
for tbe cost and expense of building a, double row
fUc crossing; across Cherry street at the east side of
Seventh atteet. eeording to the estimate of the
City Chit Knginer. .A .'--'A it&gS 1 f. t
fciKC.S. Thai the owner tf tbe seTeral- lots of
land upon which the foregoing assessment i mads,,
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally,
da ia that behalf to- . within twenty,
da, from the date of thi ordinance, or be snb
jeot to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
An Ordinance. WM. NAGHTEN.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
novia-dn,- i , . . , ...... i.m,!,,,
An Ordinance.
To. assess a speoial tax hpea the reat estate lound-i
ing Seventh street, from tbe north line of W. U,!
Brown's lot to the first alley north of Broad street.
SicnrTowl:' 1 Belt ordained bvths Citv Coeneil--
bf the city of Cdlumbns, That the rum of Fifty-,'
seven con's be and the same is hereby levied and.'
assessed upon each foot front of the ' everar lot'
of land bounding or abutting noon Seventh street
trom tne nortb line ot w . i. Brown's -lee -on tne
northeast earner of Kroad and Seventh streets to
the first alley north of Broad street, as the same are
designated upon tbe plat of the Civil Engineer, on
file in the office of tbe City Clerk, for the cost and
expense of building a twelve uich-atone pipe sewer
along, the same, according to the aetimat of be
CH Civil Engineer. " ) "
i So.l- That the owner of the several lots of
land upon which tbe furegoisg assessment is made
shall pay the amount of money by them severaUrl
doe in tnat behalf to Patrick Conway, within twend.
ty days from the date of this ordinance, or be sab-i-Sect
to the interest and penalty - allowed upon to
WM. NAGHTEN. President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
Toaasaea asDecialtaxnoon the real estata beemd
; ing S nth street front Hevenlh.treet so Uift
. street. I e "
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Coaneil
nf tbe oity bf Columbus, Thai the sum of EUhty
8ix.eats. Eight soiUs, be and th same is hereby
leviei and assessed upon each foot front, of the
several 1. 1 of land bounding or abutting upon
South street from Seventh street to Grit t street, ex
cepting lot No. 9 of Maris, Willard and Little's
sub..-lots Isoj. 17.18. , to aad of Baker 4
.Mitchell' sub..i?t No. 1 of Ida' sub., and 43 feci
off ot tbe east part of outlot No. 10. as tbe 'same ara
desisnated upon -the plat of the Civil lugineec. on
file in tbe office-&f th Citv Claik. for tbe .cost
and expense of grading and paving tbe gutter
and ctussiAgs along the fame, according o ne ea?
timate of t-e City Civil Engineer-.
Ssa, 8. Tuat the owners of the several lota of
'and upon which tbe foregoing aeseesaent ia aiade,
sball pay the amoants of money by them -severally
due in that behalt to Wens, Been & Co., within
twenty day fro lb the date', of this ordinance, -ot
be to tbe interest and renalty allowed upon
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To ass's a special, tax upon the real estate bound ,
ing South street from Zens alley to Uift street.
.'Sacrum I. Be It ordalned 'by the'City Ceuneil
of the oity of Columbus., That th sum of Thirty
four cents'. Four and Seren tenth mills.-beand the
same is hereby levied and assessed upon each foot
front of the several lots of land boundirgor abnt
ti g upon Houth s'reet from Zenas alley to (lift
street, excepting lots Nos. IT, 18 and 19 o ' Baker ft
Mito .oil's sob.. Tots Nos 8 and of English A Mar
tin's sub.jind 88 feet off of the east side of outlot
No. 18 and 88 feet off of the east sids of outlot
No., 19, a tbe 'same are designated upon tbe
plat of the Civil Engineer, on Hie in tbe office of
theClty Clerk, for the coat and expense of grading
the aiovewalks along tbe same, aceordieg to the
estimate of the City Civil Engineer,
j Stsc. 2. T. at -the owners of the several lots of
lan t upon which the forrgoi g assessment Is maAe
sball pay the amounts of money by tham severally
diiaJo- that behalf to Wen. Beck A Ce.. ajthia
twenty days from tbe date of this ordioame, or be
subject to tho iterat and pana'ty allowed upon
An Ordinance. WM. NAGHTEN.
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An OrdlnancS to grade and repftve the sidewak
on the east side of Front street from the nortneast
corner of Town and Front street to apjinteighty-
t.trm fu,.nrih nr Tnwn . f r T. 1 '
' Section 1. Be it ordaine 1 by the fiitr Couooil of .
tbe City of Columbus (two-tnirusol ail to mem
bers concurring), Tbat the nnpaved sidewalks,
gutters aud crossing b graded and repaved on tha
eastaid of Front street trom the northeast corner
of Town and Front street to a point eighty-five
feet north of Town street, in accordance with the
plat thereof on file in theomoe or tne oity uier.
Sao. S. That all damages, costs and expense
arising from the fu-egoing improvement,shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lot of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To repeal an ordinance entitle d an ordinance to as- '
sess a special lax upon the real estate bounding I
South street from .-Seventh street to Uift street. I
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Counoil of i
the City of Columoua, Tbat the ordinance to a-
sess a speoial tax upon the real estate bounding
South street from Seventh street to Oift street, '
passed Oct. lSlh, 1888, be and the same is hereby re
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To repeal an ordinance entitled aa ordinance to as- .
sess a special tax upon the real estate bounding .
t-onth treot from Zona alley to Uift street.
Bbctiok 1. Be it ordained by the City Ceuneil of
the City of Columbus, Tbat the ordinance to aa
teas a special tax on tbe real esute bounding South -street
from Zenas alley to Oift street, pus d OoU
18. 1868, be and th sain is hereby repealed . - r
An Ordinance. WM. NAGHTEN.
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Nov. 9. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
New York Money Market—Nov. 16.
MOVKT-F.W at i7 nnr cenk' nn pall
vsuwf.TT wrrrr uiofl jumm
GOLD Firmerv-opaned at 136, and
eloaed at J3GJi.iiOB& t.i u-. iwds aiwof!- r
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 16.
GOCDIf regular fClOiln jr At'lSoJ,, buy-
k KiCijNdkPull at paijlin 'ii
i -
New York Stock Market—Nov. 16.
higher, ,batloec4 a- trUfe- of-wxtrame
prio 'Coirnnns'o:81h''fl3Jiai14W; do
Jl07KlO7 do - new Ud&UOUo .'6
U05?fflll0)i5 i do '68 llDraiioiZl! in ina
j05105Ji. .'I "m..,?
l Mestotxexcnange naa Deentheattfirb?
thewfldest'e-fcltemenfe an(l price of jrUt
WayharMlIukfHAtertitJali, wl&P Wtbii
mense . transaction. The prlnciDal bnai-
tiess has' been In tbe- lon room.-an wttfl
pert doors. Tire (Jeallnit at the first -v-rsroU
liiq jabver of;icgaivu .io.uw susfeaj
35 000 belntr'jSrip, the sale ff Erie com-,
uieuciuK witn; ;vu4 oj;eiinj(, price in tne
Iodk room, and continuing op to the first
essioaoi tne open toard,--Th)TaneeTv
a follows: -68 ,5SU1. 5f, 5i tt&.tlC
BOH. CI, 62-ana 53. . . baJea ot H. Yj.
uiiRinn trio eamn tiaM Ht 124, 123, 122,
I'-ilr-vJOWa and Brok tttU,,
North westeru sold , at Si 8$3Xd5j!f :
orth western, preferred opened at 8a: sold ,
it 87Uand airain declined - to fcV- &?
Island -'has been . vcrv steartv fa Drlce audi
has, ruled between 10o.!105;' the market;
tfter tbe fiwtrejtular bualta(a toerariom
the entire list, with prices exceedingly va
riable. After! : o'clock the openoard.
market was- stronjf on i heayy Jbuslnest
Erie ruled between 5DUra52Vi NWYorlf
Central sold at 122. eeverat failure are'
reported." Subseouentlv.',th7-ttarket
came excited and active; : ; aad therq was
ijreac strenjttn particularly lor JErie. ,i,:c
&10 prices , i- Wells' Ex press 27; Amer
ican 45 ; Adams 49 United States 47W
50-,.Mertwau'I Utthtn' 2123: Paeitlo
Mail 116116; New York Central 122
122;.J.ria .6444iHadoa 12U;
tteaaiusr ssimswm: ierre unite 3J41:
rtatjaehDyxSLPaul 70W70; Ft.
Wavna .lmu.foJIUsJi': .Ohio & MlaaiMrrMti
30Ji30,; MichlKaii Southern
MlchiSHii Certtral 116; i niioola'Xiul
Ul)4i Pittebmnfh , 858SK; Toledo
Wii Rock 'S0!0.5.,11.1
New Market—Nov. 16.
COttOJTFiraier: aulas -.at ile . forr
midd line uplands. " ,jiie'. '..n .a -i .J
FIOCKMarket oulet 'n withOlit .
.. WHJSATe-OiiIet I CQOl 64 for JiOa'A
and fl 63.l bo for Nl aprln.' .n.nmp
iiXl-DaV; l-90l-83 hrwesttf.i
,.COfl!f Dilll atrSl 10(3 12 for qmuiiiSi
arid 1 13'i tor ousia xd wea-ci
, PORK-Ouleti. fat ",d"""rS'1
BEEF iJull and aiaiMf(v4L!;r3i;'i4air
dtderi.chiMitw i:T?J?zi4
LiARD Quiet at l?iJ5Xd tot sood, to
prlmesteam. t i-.ai.ijjj 1,03 td
New Market—Nov. 16. Cincinnati Market—Nov. 16.
bie at kjo hie.htaaV iQbn hifiaatwai
"CORN Unchanged aud flnjet-
OATS Unehaiiied and sjulet.
BAKLK1-Nothlnjr aotnfr.
COTTOX-Dull at 22u tor mlddlioe up-
isnup. 1 . . r -
e- -. m.--v- , J J
TOB AOriW-Unehan jfed.. ,
AVHISItYinoo; Baud
HOGS-rIuUAt $7T-KOsa.
snnuiuers, ,-j.,i-ui1tiI .lrW)i u
HAMS-lOUfcD, r-?--.,i
LARD DuU atJi15chfor prims
steam and 16c foi ItetUwaradered.
BULK MEATS No demand... ,. ., -BACON
There is about oa itindrfjrl
hogshead of shonldra still ,o band,, and
can, be bought at 13c. , . v . t ,
BUTTER Steady at3337c. -;'- n
POTATOES Very doll and a large sAip
ply;"irrlceg' nominally ttucnanged, "i.,0'a
APPLES Very.4lull.nd a large aup
plv; prices nominally unchaBged, , ,vl-
OIL Linseed dull at 95c,
FLAX15EED Dull at $2 20. , . . ' ,
GROfJERIES-Steady. - ';
WWU n at .a. J49
;Uli,b.rMesa auj 8J, f .(gaft JJU,,
SS&T ib'for
Cleveland Market—Nov. 14.
LfJUR-Clty "made wVtl fll
Oill'SOr XX amber 3 60ffi9 75-.XX t-e
winter 8 258 6(V-XXrlfi$l60fj
XI sptiajf 971 7B; comtryjma(telXX Vp4
ana 1
tsseiicevat xraasactioiis we ro unaDie. u
ilvAfleireB that would be reliable; iiola-
Ware zenerany aemaatfino; tne rates at
HAirxhRfore. bnt meawith nn jnonin
'CORN Tti e :-jnSrJcet Jsri)inparatTTKTy
rirm for'NoTeneled1' at -2ft. -There Js
scarcKlyarry Betnsod fop iearwif n, land
shippers: !-6uJVdv' to, wtthbold U from
ooi! for 1
I ILL FEE.D Faipdemand: andlieldat
$3633 00 p-r ton lor fine irilc'dlinio: $28
30 00 forNo 2; $24 26 00 for coarse do;
$202aOOfor-t.horU.-r'J - -'
PORK Quiet and unchanfred;'klfrg! 2D,
hrls aa 926 lor No 1 mess; 25 fon Na i tk);
$28 for clir.--' I- .x' a-..t
" DRESSED HOGSWeatherarm andv
market u "Settled aad irregular;, p,othnfi o.
importance doliip;..i -i..--.i.ji i .!- oi
- LARD Steady arid In fair demand; sales'
of l.COQ- pounds city xetIered at, 18c tn.1
tierces i6ae la kegs.ia.in ;!:. .1 fc-: i-i.
BEEF Steady r No 1 mess held at 16:
era messai; 1 17.- -r'."--'
7DUU ana nominal; JiellJ at e&(9
JTo x Stale 53546 ld:" . .."
s.moii sui to
Chicago Market—Nov. 16.
Active fir me i -tra
$56 75.
WHEAT Firmer and active and 06E'a
higher, 8aleatnGl p8 fo No,4 and
No 8 at 1 08H!, cW&liiff firm afjl 11
1 11 J. for JTo-2 ,Sale,NoL..a since
'Chans; at $1 121 13.
COEN--gteadyj aodyflrTBandu SK
rusher, sales N I at '7$S0t, Ntf tat 76
76c; relected at 6870c, closing: at out
side for No 1; sales No 1 thU'a4Uiraootva
OATS Opened Arm; towafdYHSe close
it weakened and dooliuarlt sales No 1 at
4647k', rejected 'at' 4313c, closing
witrr seUetof rifoLM.tqstde.
EYE Steady; sales Nol at $1 021 04,
No 8 atf levdoaiBK at inside for.Kc U J
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 16.
DEY GOODS Moderate .loQulry, but
with the rapid advance ln'srold", the market
is steady and fljra, at JtoQlfJf qrjataai
ard. sbPttgg,.U.lJ!c; for printing;
dlotli s,17c; bro w n d rill of best makes, 1 3 ;
Amoskeag.v OrteatiLand Lancaster prints,
13o,Blcbuioscls fc ,SpraKUea,3Ier
riiuacKs, J. , 3, ,rQocj4&W rancrtt"WB
12)c: for Chapman, .extra bleached. mus-r
Ifna, 12c; Boolt.,Barnsley, 11J12cJ
CollioK vyood, J2o;;Great Falls,. 12 9 Kenr
sage, 1 A, 20o ; New ,York, M ills,, 85c ; Kearv
sarge cotton- jeam bring; ltto j PeppereJl
bleached loc, and Holtowell Brown, 14c ;
Whirtenton aouble and twist cottotadeev
steady at 42Mb. ). .
Toledo Market—Nov. 16.
FLOUR-Qulet..-ivJt, nirlOl
W HEAT White Michigan 45e better;
amber 4c do; JVo 1 red . 3o .do; spring nn-v
t! banged; sales No 1 white Michigan 92(3
2 10; white do SI 82; amber 1 70(31 71;
No 1 red $1 70; No 2 spring $1 15. . .
" CORN lo"2e better; aaleg JSo 'at.8S
88c; No i white 88c; -jitetl See; aem
70c. , , ....
OATS Without 4iatftVlal chantre; Nol
52o253c; No 2 618c; Michigan
EYE Qnkefcii.-, . v
i .7 .T--A
St. Louis Market—Nov. 16.
FLOUE Firm for low grades at $4 50
5 50 tor super. - " r . i
t WHEAT StifTer for choice, "but'notquo
tahly higher. '.-'. a.Viji
CORN Dull and weaker; 75o for old. ,j
OATS Unchanged; 48(50e.
EYE Unchanged; tl 081 10.': '
'WHISKY Unchanged at I 00.
PORK Sold at $28 00.
BACON, -Shoulders 1 3rc; clear sides 18c.
LaKD Lower at 15c. ' , ?:.in).
Buffalo Market—Nov. 16.
' FLOTJR-Steady. " '.''-" - ! -t
-WHEAT DnU; ale of ITo. t Milwauke rt
81 S3. -' , - -'- ' - i- ..j
CORTM-Firm ; ear loU 91 01 kiln-dried 0c 2 1-
;OAT8 Steadv. . -.
1 BARLEY-Car lot Canada $1 ssjf.
FREIGHT Nominal.
t hf l Li Vl:
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 16.
FLOUR Firmer; price -emnabged.' T
WHEAT fiim; tl 26 for No. 1 ia gtorei

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