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Gou cllu New York yesterday
"Cincinnati Drying UP."
. Some daya ii,nce.we copied an article on
full autject from CtncUuiat! paper, shoV
lng that while Chicago wag Increastne her
business, Cincinnati was losing. The rem
edy w gay e fof this evil, was when Radlj
tallsnr" ceases It efforts' to force thenar
ketsoi the West via the Northern Lakes in
the direction of New England, and leaves
the peoph? of Southern Ohio, Illinois and
Indiana to seek their natural' markets to
the ocean by way of the Ohio, Mississippi
and (heir tributaries,, and allow, the.South
ero bjantef to plant and to gther frls c6f
td aotep. with, no bad laws to make Ira
afraid, then Cincinnati will again be the
Queen City of the West. Then, but not
until. en131 fvrn .' - j; v " ,,,
The Commercial fiWt like our plain talk.
It says :
have bad the peopiexef CincMoAti subserv
ient to the Southern traders. There was a
time when the meanness that he illustrates
bad force here. If a man ventured to say
that fugitive slave hunting on Ohio soil was
disgraceinCthereM a how that be might
hurt the Southern trade."
We would have no subservancy about
the matter we would bave justioe.CClB
clnnati was built up by Southern trade
that trade, thanks to Radical measures, no
longer exists, and Clncjosaf Jl SjW play
ing second fiddle to Chicago. In no city
does the destructive measures of the Kadl-
cal leaders itfVtgTnfta stronger advo
cates than in Cincinnati not it Is true,
a pop 2 Jier bpslneaa. men, but with those
Wlio mould public opinion and then con
eontrate it on themselves and their acts
we mean the Ben. Eoglcstoks, of that
doomed city pf CnuaJl.,,,.
When the South raised cotton, and her
fields produced enough ior the world's mar
kebpavk sf jmrrf-rice.-fete forront'OWf,
sIleiuanppAesW pntvlaians werdxausn
from (he West, and Southern Ohio furnish
ed her full quota, Cincinnati being the
gjeaf pert fkewblcb these supplies were
shipped, and Bie tfteat port or entry for all
the augar, molasses, etc., for Southern Ohio
and Southeastern IndTaTSa, brought from the
great valley of the Lower Mississippi. This
gave her trade?enkbled her wholesale mer
chants to do a thriving business ; but now,
althoughjhf South baastlll mouths to feed.
ire has tftrfnoney to-Jrarchaseano cotton
to export, no rice, no sugar to sell. In Hen
or herjjicb, atapl hi .planter have to
content themselves with their little patch
ot corn, to raise bread to feed their bait
starred faitilleOtuJetatfiiofLOiiirs,
caused by the bad and unconstitutional
jaws of Congress, ttepriveruot only Cincin
nati, buethe whole" vast Wrfioh of the great
West, watered by the OhloMisslsslppi and
their triUHtarje; of ttelr rightful and their
natural market. The loss of Cincinnati is
the gain of Chicago and the other lake cities.
- New England nfade mare nfoney out of
the war and sent feweref her sons, in pro
portion to population, toght tb battles
offlie country, than the patriotic States of
the great West. Tim-Eastern States now
gevtae(VM jroaaee.-of fine west wnicn
once found its market on the lower Misels
T$$V LiSESSfir&Tby toe dng'afti-JJew
"Orleans boatks'tbeyl were called which
mA is mmmttm wrt ftf lene r.rwt mill river.
pork, beef, etc., competing with the float
ingiiKUacSiiateajniiers. for the- cheap-carrying
trade tqajrpduc,qt,tbe. West is
npfwnbj al JNew f fifcftAft
England the price of transportation being
in many caee ial 'to thej 'value of the
article and thus produce raising is cheated
Of1 Its just re ward 'l 1
o &r (fatastcd is . Uie Commercial ; with
BaiQfm,'that it can 'tiof see whrltffc
Mt.K?eiaati4 ldsnit.iulrying np,r
nor how justice to-the South, and. in the re
oiienlng.oi Its trade,5 Justice to the West,
which will restore-that tnde,'tan be done,
.without It belag , called " subserviency to
-the 8outH.f We eanf see1 no nbservtency
iia. IaitWBtiiedkBce to the Constitution i
'Jolixjartfcs to ouTselvci by repealing. bw.
which make the Southern States but desert
Jfrftate V befhej a.nl tapwpm' aC the
rose, ' .sai; ,;!l;diJ to :-bo
fxS r.-. ;.:iwili
An Adroit Move of the Radicals.
t There Is talk- -at - Washington lCfcy that
jltlf ,1b eonplittoB to throw tb BpHb
jieMectorakxetelo Colfax insteacLef
for, general. pRyT.,((Tbe Constitutional
tf nion say s thU jtalk la serious and Is not
If such talk wears, jl , serious .form at
WashJUyikWill Ja erlou,only 1 this that
It is' to frighten Gbakt into making up a
Cabinet that will be acceptable to the Rad
icals. The BepuBlIcan Electors would not
dare throw their votes for anybody but
GKwr-for President 'Nobody "heed 'fear
that, tbey-wili. do, any such Iblng The
Badlcalstnay threaten that IS will be -done,
unless -they -Aavet the1 Vole they -desire in
the, nnjahuyaaon J? tbeyeaafrjgbtea
"Gbakt Into maklng-sueb a Cabinet as they
wnt,')heiiJ; theywlUJ,.be satisfied that
throughout .hi AdmlnlsCration they can
bwe things thelwnv. J-V
Ex Governors of Ohio.
"jCOWpbiident ptkaevtiandiTtaU
'iJeirier-glves list or th (ex-Governprs of
(Ohio, stUI'living,' with, their present resL
dence, as follows:' - " : :
"But few 1 the ex-Governors yet r
rlnein' Allen Trimble, who was the exec
.utive officer lit the State in 1822. and again
ji;pni J82a W 1830Js stIU Jiving Jn, HiUs
WpuaU. Bigblaad coaqty, aged 65 years,
edoveinor iWilson fihannoa 4s practicing
law at .Leavenworth, Kansas. Governor
Tiromas . W. Baitley resides in Cincinnati,
where he is practicing , his profession.
Governor. VYflHatn ftebb is a clerk' In the
Patent Office at Washington City.. . Gover
noralmen PChse is tht Cbiet Justice of
the tTnlted States. Governor William
Dennlson resides at Columbus. Governor
J. D. Cox is pjactislog Uw at Cincinnati.
Acting Governor Charles Anderson is at
the same place. . These are all that remain
amongst r.'A-w; rvt vt r.k
An effort is being made by the State to
the portraits f tai , Goveriaors ei
Ohk V order trfreserve helr icoo nter
leltpreMnicBena.4t,Is to b hoped timt
Ibe effort may "be ere-wned with success.
(.SOIT-iO - i" 'Tr itTl-i'fA
Democratic State Convention.
e.?to Seoelwd flmn Dealer is opposed to
wrtdtng (he Democratic State" Convention
WtheSta of Jannary. It thin Its that a Coa
VrAUorf b'erd in tbe month 'orjqne or July
wooW iVw plenty of time to make a tbarp,
iart and olck fight In Ohio To a'geo-
rtlwaoloil cf the party at Colifmbnl, oa
MM Btn oi anaaryD with, an old, fasbkwed
THrextreiBe dlvUioo ( budieals are
f?yr ttrgjng tnaf MBngeeas tatM fa .
nwsftnage toeil CbeSUteaw'tiMr .i...
C&e'Cnlcago' 'platform' say u pea this sub-
States property: ofl6ntrs to,fh,peopl of
thpJJfeaiW Jreef Wikir lrusfn8V'4ias
Congress with it? WhatkVCHcftt
Colfax's Attempt to Force Wade
Into Grant's Cabinet.
sThe ournart'Washlneton corre8Dondent
gives newcurreney to' tbe remor that
J'-Wao is to "go into; the Gbamx Cabinet,
probably as Attorney Genera), and places
it pj) (ha custom, said to., prevail, that the
Vice President has the right to name one
member of tbe Cabinet, and in tbe exercise
of that right, Colfax has named Mr. W adb,
whose niece he is- soon to marry. ., m - .
- This custom, of allowing a Vice Presi
dent to select a Cabinet member, Is one that
has been got up for the occasion. Tbe
members of the. Cabinet are the coo 11 den,
tial friends of the President, and in whom
he has tbe utmost conlidence. No Vice
"resident has yet been allowed to select a
, yInet:offlcIal, and none, we venture' the
".tlon, ever will be.'. When the Presl-
dent hb.
sitates in making a choice, if the
1?. J tdent. is a.' friend in whom tbe
n confide, he may counsel him,
President Ck
-.o:?ly because the Vice Pres-
as would, any
fiveg "him the right to
. epartment,' and . Bed
point a man merv
Ident says custom ,
name one Head of I
VVidk as the man.
: country occupy.
There is so man in tht
fitted, by habits
ing high position, 2b little ,
and education for a Cabinet lu
Wadb. He is -quite aged his
inisteras Mr.
..habits are
Td.toba, nni
o: ' sincere
not, and forVeaft.have riot been k ,
he is a malignant hater and not a
friend a .irasb, pret.umptioua- man v
whole heart is bound hp in Ben. Wa.
and those that can serve him.
Such a man is not tbe Cabinet Minister
a man of inexperience in public affairs
like General Grant needs. But we bave
no right e saywhwand who-be f6bU not
appoint for If fcis'Administrfetiohfatls, it
will be none ot our funeral.
Out the meeting of - Congress the Demo
crats will propose a repeal of all tbe laws
passed -by -the .Radical uw-jrity, depriving
the President o his constitutional powers.
It will, probably, be amended so as to go
into effect on the 4ih of March next, and
and in that form pass. Detroit Free Press.
We trust the Democratic, jpembera will
do no such silly "thing. These' laws; were
passed In Radical spite,' jbd.reiitpw re
turned to' plaguettbelnventors. Iet the
party that passedrepeal them. To Dem
ocrats, we say, tands ''oft. ' -Touch not the
pitch which Radicalism prepared, lest ye
VdeMfeSJH -Tir.LiOJC Yil'dV
Thb San Francisee-papers tell large sto
ries about the yivsjd of wheat ip 6ome por
tions of California. .-Some' portions of San
Joaquinr count produce forty bushels pf
wbeatapd eigbt-fiye bushels of barley , per
acre, and in Los-Angeioa county theCbiH
Club ytelds eighty bushels of wheat per
acre and one hundred bushels of barley
are piroUjedintheajne county.
L.TBB Detroit police attemptedlast wek,
to irret a luaatic who was at large in(the
streets, proclaiming that he had breakfasted
on his wife, and hoped to finish his daugh
ter for supper. He immediately unscrewed
a wooden leg, jind hopping after them on
one foot put them to flight.
An exchange thinks that if Grant sees
that the duties xf tbe subordinate offi
cials are faithfully performed, it will be a
ereattask. To be sure. If he keeDS Radi-
idcfilcialilnstealkig, It will be a great
Shlt General Gkaijt be Presidentf asks
cotemporary. That depends upon cir
cumstances. Nominally be shall, but in
reality it is feared that tbe Presidency will
be run by Badical leaders and not by Gen.
Gbakt; iJ ;V--4 " : " V14"
Radicals of Lorain County Attempt
It, and are Caught—
Judge Steele Seriously Implicated
—How the Thing is Done.
[From the Lorain Constitutionalist.]
iast Week John QifT, WOliam Cliff and
one M. u. uioufjn, ot Amnersr, in this
county were arrested ana brought ..before
Esraire Eownir,wof Elyria, cbargedwttb
perjury in obtaining naturalization papers
in our Probate Court, .from tbe examina
tion it appeared that the lather ot the CI ill's
came into the United Suites from England
with bis family in iboi, toe hoy a, John and
WiiUaTi, at that time oemz seven-ad nine
years: of age respectively ; that he , lived
a short: time in Connecticut, then .went
to Iowa; from there moved to Pennsylva
nia, and again from there to Conuecti
cut, occupying abont-fbur years in trav
eling backwards and forwards. In 1855
he-svvel bid- laiuny- to Canada.-wiui
the Mntewtiotr v-ol - stayin.purchased
Drooertv and carried on business there
coniionosly until March,' 1866,- when he
came back to , the United States, bis two
sons, John and' William, living with him
all the time, William coming to the United
States with him, and John coming just one
year beiore,J.t further appeared that (be
oia man naa never ueciarea nis intention oi
becoming a citizen, and that none ot the
family had been in the United Statessince
1855. The hoys are working In Clough'e
quarry In Amherst, ana on election day
JOet6berT3irere:rogbtto ElyHCyH,
tf.Ctoogh, bavlrrg" been sent lor -by Judge
Steele, and naturalization papers issued to
them by him, and by reason of these papers
they voteq at,Amherst on inat aay. . , .
'judge Steele Issued final na turalization
papers to tbem.knowlug tbeyad not been
in the United States but about two years
and a naif abd three years and a half, re-
spectively,and without tam7 any evidence
of tbelr bavirfff 1 resided' in the United
states nve years lasvpass, a me jaw r
qulres. It did appear,however;'"that It
UiClough'gname was attached san affi
davit stating that ,Joh. Cllft bad Presided
in the United States for the five years last
past,1 and John Crifl's name' was attached
to a' .'similar, afBdavlt;; toi'lprove, tbe
residence oi w liaam , . iiiin,w ana ' tor
making these affidavits Clough and John
Cliff were Arrested lor perjury? but on tbe
trial the defendants proved by the Probate
Judge himself and others, that they bad no
knowledge of tbe contents of these affida
vits; that they did not read them; that thf y
were not reaa -to tnem, ana tneir content
were not stated to them by the Probate
Jadge; that they were tgborant"bf their
contents; that tbe facts statdd therein were
untrue ana aia notcorresponq to tne state
ments made to tbe Judge that bo question
was asked any ol them as to the cults having
resided five years in the United State--,
and as a matter of fact no proof was given
or reauired on that point.
m UMtea : States statute relating-to
naturalizations provides (section 15) that a
continuous residence of five years shall be
required of all aliens who desire to become
citizens. 13 -" --r? TTf
Judge Steele had this statute before bini
at the time, and in defiance of it issued
these fraudulent and Illegal naturalization
rafters." - - ' - - - -
ine aeienuants nave estaousneu tne met
that they did not Intend to comma perju
ry, and that tbe fraud and wrong was on
thepart of Judge Steele, n on any one.
Thev were discharged- We forbear fur-
tner com men ts a trrescuk as ir am iuuiri
Steele. Is concerned, as we" understand bis
conduct is to be judicially Investigated..
Grant Repudiated the Republican
oThe JITew York' Herald has the following
item of news,-which accounts, for General
Grant's reticence during the campaign.: 1
A statement made last evening-oy-a gen
tleman in- whom may be placed implicit
reliance, and,wha enjoys excellent oppor
tunities to enable hiiu.to .speak intelligent
ly on tbe subieot, may give sonie indication
of General Grant's position in relation to
the HcrBbltctr party; rife vtafceartbatafter
tbe teneral was nomlnatedtesat iorqulte
a long time arefuWy. reading and ponder
Ing npxvn the fflatform adopted by tne Con
ventlon: tbfte ftnallrtpresed to his
confldentfal friends that be did not like it,
and was in greaTdatib Whether he would
aUXntihe AomlkailM Olf'tbat plattorcfc-
This coming tolhe tArml cerujn leaders ol
the party, they hastened to call upon the
Geiferaf, who slati to lUfUt his objections
to the platform, this intflllgence war re
ceived with no little consternation by his
iters. aval) feared tbat-OsanteaeflrtAined
They at oncie opened upon lum wltb every
tooceivabla argument tbey could bting
-y 1-
fojward to induce-bim-to-accept, one of
t i "'uule" .was tnat tne platform
need not be reffrrKri h hi.i in ...t.
a , iignt it was simply an enunciation of
- ,vUi,u principles oi ine party, necessary-only,
to-make -up -the isaiMs.r' the
Campaign. Thev nrirui him tn aivunt of
all events, and to say nothing more about
,"w", JJiany otuer arguments Or a
oiujimr cnaracter were used, it is said,
which gave Grant to understand tbatthev
wanted him to accept the nomlnation;
even it it had to be on a platform of his
own adoption.- 5 - -i---Sl
Bondholder's Churches.
In i one of Bobert Collyer's speeches in
the Unitarian Convention, .when, matin a
plea for churches. where the poor might
uuu cuirauee, ne crossea tne platform, and,
put tins bis arm around the shoulder of Ed
ward Everett Hale, be said, "Brother Hale,
you have a beautiful church, and tbe music
is like Heaven there, but, I'm told the price
of seats is so hizh that a poor man can't come
u nu as me report goes in a tone
that was more than a reproof, In its gentle
ness, "Is it so ? I tbini if a poor creature
who beats his wife could come there and
see the beautiful Interior and hear that
young lady sing whom I heard there last
bunday, be would go home and forget to
beat his wife that night - But your rich
people have all these thinira
music and crimson furniture.and they don't
",cul uuurcn bo muco." ICetigtout
we commend the above to people of
oeuoc ucicauuuis. a. oonunoiaers' church
innst have a bondholders' preacher, one
that will preach the bondholder and bis
irxy, not unrist una him crucified. ; T
l his attempt to Johnsonize President
YiL wmassureaiy rail. Profit PoSj.
: Why because It is impossible to make a
wuiBueoucoi a pig's tail.r-Jrae Press..
ON J AUfK. A i i .' i.
" n- r , - - ' . t uui, near
' MAR ."S? ,Huri"T Tening, Nov. 12th. bj
Chiilioou f'S'g"L,h'3tB- ' Masom. of
n.l alZ. Cui-Smu W. Jambs, of Bou
ooaity. ,,,0 of th " delightftrf wed-
. TIm above wax 'M i Kw toanty. The beauty
iinteverwitneak . ' Chillicothe were present, u
and the fashion ot abroad., five croomsmen
well as strangers from :"11rUd the bridegroom and
and Sre bridesmaids sap. v;!r waljlmpressivef the
the bride, j i The eeremob. ' : ",ad magnificent ;.th
bridal rresenU -were costly i H superb ana
Sompanjr, was oyons; the inpv wree e eloek
thedaaetns exhileratios; Notni. ".lor home, all
lathe morning did the gaexts'.leavt '
feeling exoeedinglj gratified. lug, .'tbe
, ' W ATT WEILE R On ' Tfloeday ,' mon. "'V'fffiSl
Iftb inst.. bj tie Rev. H. Kemper, at St. "i'":
tine Uharcb, Cincinnati. Mr. Joseph Matt. If.
irillt. nf llnliimhiia OMn tn Mi.. .1.. . t
Wiilbr, of tbe former city, and danghiar of a V-i I
Blessing and Ibnit life to ur friend of tbe "Peo
pie's Drag Store."
x .
fJew Advertisements,
tW The Ohle StntrBiMaa ban a
Larger CircHlutlon than any pa
per pabllshed la, tKU City or Cea
iral Ohio. Advertisers. vrlll bear
this ia mind.
. ;" WeiiffilliSell it Auciion, I
Oa Friday Moraine;, Nov. 90, l&ms,
j Commenoing at M o'olook.at Warehonse of " i
Reynolds street, near Columbia street, the entire
took of ... ; .... ,n -.(,, .. ., -n .. :. . , . .
Sugar,' Coffee & SyriipsS
' About 400 hhdi. prime P. R- Sugar; " ,i ". ..
. y, TOO bags Coffee, fair to priae i --i;i.-.:b
., .! . 60 bags Java Coflee; ... , t'; ,c;-
32 boxes Clarified tiavana Sugar; -i.
KH) bbls. refioed. crashed, powdered and
soft sugars: -- .
aoobbls. Goldea-rfyrnps. ' ' -
This stock is worthy the attention of the entire
trade, as it is all to be sold. , -Termi
of Sale All sums under $500. eaabt over
einiu, aixiy oajsapprovea paper..-(.jr 'j.ir:
II. LAWS 'St CO, :
- norl8-dJt
- flee of the City Civil Engineer in Columbus.
Ohio, until
T Monday, Neri SSI, 1868, J1,
at 4 o'oleck F. M.r fordoing the following work,
tp-wit: . -., i - ..
For building a double row flag crossing across
South FuMio lane at the west side of liiga street.
For building a double row slag crossing across
Center alley at tbe north side oi iieng street.
The bid will be opened by the committee of the
wards in whioh the-iinprnvemeot is te be made. Xhe
committee reserre the right to reject any or all bids
at their discretion. B. P. BtTWENT
. . ' City Civil Engineer. .
-'CltyCivil Engineer'i'offioe, o. ss South High
street. ap stairs. ... novlS-dtd,,
Koticc ScUlemcnt
filed in the Probate Court of Franklin cuotr.
Ohio, for settlemwit. and will be tor hearing on
Tuesday, l)e emtio, 15th, A. II. loGrt. to-wit:
Tbe first hi-c utit .l-jti t.i-lr-, executor of Per
etTal Adam.--, d ci: -u; (u.-t . vciuiu vf Ca hnrine
E.lSi berua.ru, a hdiuistr .irlx ' lain- S itierna
gle. dece-sed mc ii-4 ac i-uuitf llc-o Itidenuur.
administr-.toi tf J-nu Kideii-iit.-, a-cesej; eeona
accounts of Ausii . Fuuk, eu.rdtan if 'Darlotte,
George VV..Ednard 4. and. Wealey H. Tituuioas;
tbird account! of Susannah Kramer, guardian of
Amanda, Samuel K. and Alary A. Kramer; tbird
accounts ot John Bouman, euardian of Absalom.
Abraham and Elizabeth Good; third account of A.
C. llanes, administrator of E. A. Stanley, deceas
ed; final account of A. W. Graham, administrator
of E. F. Maloney. deceased; finai account of John
Van Yorx, executor of James Harris, deceased;
final account of 1. W. Pegg, suardian of William
Westerrelt; final account of Jacob Bowman, guar
dian of Leah Good, and tbe final acoount of John
G. AtcGulfey, guardian of Laura Medary.
Columbus, O., Nov. 17, 1888. Probate Judge.
DOTiS-wxv ,,,,, , . , ,, r. ;
The Ladies oi WfMminstor Cliurch
Will give a .j
At their rooms, THCR3D AT evening. Nor 19th.
to which they oordial
r invite all their friends.
. customers.- and as many'fiew ones as mar farnr
me with a call tt tbe lowest rates, for cash, with
Oy-tsrs, Fish, Game, Poultry,- Meats, Batter. Eggs,
Vegetables,' Fruit, Bread. Crackers, Jellies.
Canned Frnit and " Vegetables, imported,-and
American Pick-es, Catsup. Table Sauces,, Sar
dines. Lobsters, Clams, Core and Spiced Ovsters.
Bottled Wines and Liquors, English, Scotch and
Irish Porter and Alei Cincinnati. Oavtaa anrl-Phn
adelphia Stock and Fresh Ale and Porter, ia Pint
.na uarr notuea.
Also. Fire-craokors, Torpedoes. Fireworks and
Flags. :.;.... - . .
Call and look in.
at my old stand. No. 33 East
State street, , - -?
nevl3tf-r -
Advertising Agents.
. 33 nasiau street, new lerk.
We beg to call the attention of adrertteera to
our agency, uar facilities witn ail the first class
daily naoers in tbe country are aecand to none.
and oearo fully prepared to offer terms and con
ditions wntsn cannot rsni to give superior induee
ntents. We also send advertisements to all Cuban
acd South American papers, .with whom we hare
exolUBiTe oon'ractn n wear tbe onlr honse doing
a r anion au v Bttiiaiuu ousiitias.
We can, by special permission, refer to . , -
Mr. H. T. Hklibold, Druggist, 604 Broadway
. Haw int.
Mejjrs. S. R. VaMDezsa A Co., 188 Greenwich
sweat, new xora.
M8rs. Hall 4 Kuckkl, 318 Greenwioh street,
New York. , - ...
Messrs. U. Ba vos's Son ft Co., Type Founders, IS
Uessra.iFaAi.oif Son, New YorkJ . -Messrs.
Fhelon k Collkndbr, New York. -'
Messrs. TiKUST ft Co New York.
Messrs. Chickkko 4 Son. New York. . .
Messrs. KaDWat ft Co., New York.
octiU-eod3m . - .
.-:;i ...FOR : SALE." "
A and six years' old, very handsome, kind and
sound, will be aoid low.
aug26-dtf --frr-. - BlCHABD JtEVINSL
iVl tHJI'H restored in four weeks. Success
restores manly powers, irom wnatever cause ari
tk. Atfanu of earlv Dernicioua habics. aeltv
abuse, Inipoteaoy and climate, give away at onoe to
this wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to tne aireouanstwnicu are very simple ana re
nuire no restraint from bus in ens or pleasure.) Fail
ure is iinpowible. Sold in bottles at Vor fouC
quantitiei, ia one for l o be bad only or the sole
appointed agent in Amerioa, H. Gkbitzkn. SOB
Second Ave., New" York.. . . I
vnv-jy-n-olyr --
; als AliUS'l XFArUtAN liOTIOK
for Beautlfilar .the 8KIH ud C0MPLKXI0S
PLE8, M0IH BL01CHK8I XA-, ato, f
1 '. :and rondera THS BKIN'BOFT, FAIR
I and BLOOMINO. M ' 0
Foi LADIES in the NUBSERY it ia invaluable
For OENTLEHEN after SHAVING it baa na
anaL "PAPHIAN 10TIOM1! i tag mlyrell
bl remedy Sot diaes and biamifbM. of the
KIM. i- -' 5. -'.
Tom ?-
. ; :FM4xesi ; owing; TO toe
peculiar and important relations which
: Dunsiu, iueir peculiar organization
and'the offices they perform,' are aubject
: to many sufferings. Freedom from these
I contribute 'ini bo small degree" to their
! happiness and ..welfare, for pone can be
happy who are ilL! ''Sot only bo, but no
i one ot these various female complaints
I can long he' suffered 'to run on without
; involving , the' general, health of the in
t dividual, and ere long producing perma-
nent sickness arid premature decline. Nor
is rt pleasant to consulta phyBician forth
.u...,. ui luooo TBnuus ueiicaie anecuons
and only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman bo far sWifice Ler
greatest charm as to- do this. The Bex
will then thaiik us 'for placing in their
bands Biroplej specifics which, .will ' be
found efficacious in relieving naJcuring
almost every one. of thosflitroubfeBome
complaints peculiar to the sexi i--r
:I ,!tri7it'iii'rbr.T''ir7cs
MM: of
. Hundreds suffer on in, silence,.' artrj
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatahze the'tn with .'the hope of a cure or
kjj.jt icuiouico wuicu naKe tnem worse.
I wtdd not wish to assert VpyUiin'g'that
would do injustice; to the afflicted, but I
aTrfbbligedb 'sayttiat although U may
be produced from ixce8ve exhaustion
of th powori lifej byrlaborio'us 'em';
pioyment. unwholesome air and food,
irofuse menstiiuation, the use of tea and
"Tee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
COU rananrl hv fTtrant ?i..!f.i:nn -
O.J. . 4 Jf.o--, , ' j P
ine mucous-, membrane of th
jlied to
vagtna,.itse. Hi;.f M..
In.T.i,,if5). -! i?ng; the 'causes' of,-these
iu nen review. -t -ntSr it is mogt
distressing complau .endant ievUsicon
to contemplateihe .at. f 5a but 8im ,e
eaue? P?11 hem-. h derate 4 iew
ti8tace to the subject to enn. jjjcn'80
of the many additional causes ' (- ..,!.
largely afftSct the life, health ana ' ,. :t v
ness of woman in all Classes ot boci
atid'! which ferinsaque'ntly, affect 'more .
lesg irectlyi' the welfare', of tfie' .entire
human family. . The' mania that exists
; for precocious education ' aad marriage,
causes the -years that nature designed
: for corporeal 'development to be'wasted
; and perverted in' the restraints ot dress,
the early, confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the--1 ball-room. Thus, wiih the body
half-clothed, and the' mind unduly ex
cited by "pleasurej ; perverting in . mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished. ' -.
- In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. "When
one' excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to Impression;" while the now-constant'
restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely : forbidding the exercise indis-
: pensable to the attainment and retention
' of organic health and strength ; the ex-
' pnsnre to BTgbt air ; tn sudden change
of teiotMjrature : the complete prostra-
. lion ! produced by'-excessive. dancing,
must, of necessity, produce tneir legiti
jiiiate effects' At last; an early marriage
enps the climax of misery r: and' the nn
' fortunate ons.hitherto so utterly regard
Ws of the plain- dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
i an hn willing subject of medical ' treat-
j fnent. This s-bnt a truthful picture of
the experience of thousands ot our young
'women. '" "' ' '.
: Long "befoM the ability to exercise the
i functions of the generative organs, they
require -an education : of their" peculiar
nervous system,. composed of what is
called the -tissue, which- is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control pf mental emotions
anfl.associatlons. at . an early period of
life X- andt'as we shall subsequently'see,
these ernotiona. 'when excessive'.' leadi
': long tefore puberty, to habits which sap
tne ve,ry me oi J.ueir viciuna ere lmiiire
; has self completed their development.
j : h: t .':iit;i-.- tir.vol
i !'Fop Female Weakness and Debility,
! Whites" 'or Lepcorrhoeaf Too Profnss
I Menstruation, i Exhaustion, Too Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus and
! Bearing Down, or' Prolapsus Uteri,- we
' offer tbe most perfect specific known I
Helmbold's Compound - Extract of
Bncuu. 'Directions for use, diet, and
advice,' accompany, j - '
I ; i l.Rtl -in-i (.1; ,. ; tl.li : "i
" Females 'invery period 'of life, from
1 infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. . Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. Helmbold s
! Extract Buchu is more strengthening
i than any i of tbe. preparations, oi .Bark
' or Ironr infinitely aaXer, -.and, more pleas
ant - Helmbold's Extkact Buchu,
having received .the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in toe u nitea
States,' is now offered; to afSicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms,, from what
ever cause originating : ? General Debil
' ity,- Mental and Physical Depression,
, Imbecility, Determination of .Blood to
tbe : Head, ; Confused Ideas, ,Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
' Sleeplessness at night, Absence of M us
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
, nensia. Emaciation, Low Spirits. Disor-
eaniaation or Paralysis of the Organs of
! Generation! Palpitation , of the lieart,
1 'and, in fact, all the concomitants of a.
Nervous , and Debiiitafed , state. ,p? tlie
system. To insure the genuine.cut this
out.! Ask for . Heausoxu's. ; Take,, no
other. ; -i.-ri i ' ii.f-i. t
- f- Sold by: Druggists and Dealers every-
where,-'i t-tii i,,..: .. , ,i ,
I ..-..- I' v.-i'-.'l ;J .t . i . "r i .
: -:Price--t!.25 pen bottle, or p bottles
for $6.50.. ;eiivereajo-,uiy.Mfires8.
Describe symptoms ..Wfiall Awnimumca-
tions . Address i ..ThHEMBQLD,
(Drug and jCUemical.uVYarehpuseK oy
! Broad way, JN. jtnifa -u niiy
I .-. - . - 1 T
Itrmi t-.lt i;i .tsillJKUt i)t!j; it!i;l-( . rl : ;! v
--.None are renuine unless done up in
gteel-engrayed wrapper r with fafr3 wile
ro( my ChemiflairVVarahoue,.iind Jigped,
iyS3-dwl-W0Wl si. T. UtiiiltoUULl.
.i f:
t-Ol f,l:n
:o jvoi.!.:
! i
3 .: ;i.d
-Ui.yy.'yti ! Ar.
J I '.,.IU:H .j-Jft ,r.i
vi-ii;.?:. -!-::i.I
l l U-:
1 I:
I 'li - !:;
y-h In:
ol vf .i
.; . .-!-: it a ta
- ;. -:
At f.r.t
r.:U ;i
t- -J.i'v.'tl
i' U'T . " -s r j i- ,,;
'" .!T ::11 ;'.-:- vi;;:,;-
, tit lliVCT nB i 'ft t'-JU!-,
i!fl,-it.i-j;i:-'r ifta e-xtn
i 'ititi j
v: '"a
u fry.-, ;
! JO
,':r::;i'i-r-i ;: jn (,,, IJ'f
',ir ,v vrt iHi:'vr no
: ! Jji . ' y 11,1
;vii-i' i.
1 i'l1!!
T i- -i-r: l "; .,
s!l 1 1;,;3
Ji'lSn-fr Loa
1 1,1
: :is 5.n.v
nil 'in g-.';
:ii' -. : .
: ' .1. '
"I Ilf
:i J.i
i ;t '".I.
'; sirtWOv
I 1:
latest smes
1 ...r
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11 'i
, :nzhA If.!;.-; 1
f-.it vnlil--. . ..
.')ii!o t i. tfroi:
!-at)a Ba-.n
:0.1 -fiTil
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ill v ; : ; (it . i- ,-uiii
' : : '. .i . . "!' - !-,?
i a . 'iiiiijj-i'. -nil 1 1 - " OJ lit.ft'i
, ; nl . ! : ,:n .I, : ,jA-,
,-.-;.;,-) Caai be F0netd at '
if--, ii J-.".i-i-.' :p Ion h i .- t)7. t -; ..i . !
.. ,v . ,rj jj .'!) ni.'.-i.-.ii-4 -ii
. .'I n r-.til fxflf .7t-
. M.f H-.'. .ll-l nil l.
'i - ... i ,. ! - . .
.. .;- " - ' . - ,
250 AND 252
..-i .it
, o v; 1
.;( oit.t.
i i c -i.l
j.; s-'ti.jtl.
, f .
: A-
i ttlt:
totit i
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tit a
(.- - ? n
, ".' ,-r.
. i
, J.J' U-.U. .1
"t!r. on
or. 'i ilii'j r.il
it .1
A. C. HEAD!.EY:i CO.
J . j. r. . v
.. United States: of, Americtf
' ' 1 " I: -k) rtnltf, ...in -I. J
Cash Capital, $I000,00(JL
" 1 ' paid is ftjllV .
- -r,. OFFICE t ' "J-'
f.r.-A:i..,,mPmi.ADSLTPBIA.l. VX
To which all eneral correspondence should be fed
- '- a.essed.
CLARENTl? if. Cl ADIT P..,j..
BUS RY 1). jjJdKBL Tiee President'. ?&'''
EfitRSON yf. fElfT; SeVreUry and Xotwuia.
Offered by this Company are :' 17 '
' I' Ig a. -National Company, chartered b special
act ot Congress, 1868. T "tt"'
it has a paid op capital of Jl. (00,000. a
It oners low rates of premium. .'.. j . r-
Tt fnrnishea Isrrger Insurance than other Compa
nies for the same money. - : . "
It is definite nd oertaie in its terms. . ,
,f,,!lftB1" Company in eTerykwality.'
" i,v0l,0,e are exempt from attachment,
ieies "aneoesaary restrictions in the Vo-
pny ' oa-forfeitablei Vfc r" '
Polioies may be taken t hat wUl pay Insured tbetr
roll amoaot and return all the preminmsr so" that
trie Insnranoe costs only the inter . et on the annual
payments. ...-i. ... , 4 tJ j,. j ;
- l-olicies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, dariag life, an an--asal
income of one-tenth the amount named ia the
ioliey. . .1,, .-- i'j
r te extra rataia eharced for risks npon the lira
of females . . -
It insures hot to par dividends: but at si
ri thtt. i.iJ.nJ. : I , V t , -
t diridends will be impossible..
- van it t rJUUia lAJii j f ,t-,
Cincinnati, Ubio denerat-Afents for Ohio. Central
and riouthern Indiana. s nii--a
Colu-nbus. Special AsenU for Franklin, Uokinc.
Alaakins;um aad Cothoeton oounties. . . "!
. PeNr-oetS2-deodAweowly ,' ' f
. . T 1 1 II ur r . . ... .
J-&J.no . previotiay ear hcujhet
been such strong competition among
all ' the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present. At aU, the
principal Exhibitions an&-.lTatr
they met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
ana tne result teas unanimously in
favor' of the Florence Reversible
Feed Locfc-Stitch FamUv" Sewitm
Machine, i It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Famitu
Sewing Machine at . the followina
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition TTni-
verselle, Paris r American Institute
FalrXew XorU i . Hew England
agricultural rFairt at , Providence,
j. -T.; the Xrew orh State Fair at
IiuJral the -Great Annual Fairs
of JVCW England, viz.! that of the
MecJiatsodation at LowpU,
MassachCletto, and the Fair of "the
Maryland Institutei ' Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks' Session
on the J&th of November, the supe
riority of the FJ'OEEjrCE was
again confirmed bf,' the Committee
on Sewing -. Machines, who unani
mously awarded it . the '' O OLD
MEDJLI.JZ-ttie highestPrise.the
Institute confers.
- It would aeem as If this roeeajalon of tri
umphs should b aoffloient to convince every
unprejudiced parson of the great superior
ity of tha PltOBJSSCS over aU otbara aa
Family Bowing Machine.
A written-warranty la' given' to the pur
chaser, that tha Machine WILL HO AI4I1'
that ia claimed for it, and ahould it faiU it
will ba taken back, and tne MOHEY BX-
principal Ojjtoson& Baiesrtomt, S0.MS West
SkaaTta. Strut, Cincinnati, O.
BScCONNEUh General AgaL
"'sirti nUn.-ite Fair, which closed at Toledo,
Septo - ber Kth. .'8s. the FLORENCE received
MusTlEST rMKUlZTX tor the best Family Sewing
Machines over seven eHuPVtore. ; , r r
, Send for a eireular, o," call and examine tha Jla-
ahines at the new oalearv-pms, -'. .. 1 :,'.
wA-fisettc-St4 :"Iimtw, Ohiax
" s- All kinds of siitefting sttna .ta eruemand
aausfaatioB gaaranteea.-. T'O0t-V"'""'"Toa
PFw.KUNTiN(rroN &;
Corner Broad &Etigh 'St?
1 febS-dly
- li.-
03 JL I? tESL E3 &
eda00-dljil:i'l V hvll
,,i Columnsia, O.
Nos. 216 ds818 8anl M'K" s- " -
, ,,, ,oi.iymB(j8 Ohio. ,
(IAsr earrfee Samnfnetery U at tie foot
m 1. 1 f r.nMlions. both W boleaala and
Retail, new extend throushout the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They manufacture
rHLun. b , KuQHEN-f URNIlORl:
MIL,; AJfi
f all olasses and every design of superior work
manahip and finish. Also. Cane-Seat Chair of
every description. Wholesale and Retail. .
febq-derdl ..; ,i : . ' - V
i H. 3E1 BH 3T I'slEC-,
Alio, all kinH.of. Country Produce, snch aiBut
- - ter, Egiss, ChiekensiTurkeys; Ac, - .A I
1 ... ..- :,".;.;.,'. ...
"Th ahnicast varieties, of -Fresh Fish reoaived
daily.- AiLaood purohased deliverejd, n aoj
pa. t of tha city fbei or ciugi, Iootl2-aod6ia
!c," ali lneertlo..
Bxm ofSey fVaT
Colnmbn.,O..HoV:if., "agSKSS
.li...!, .AMUSEMENTS
OrtKl tietlsi;,
JOBS' BLtstaTr ..r;.
Ail . . jtaflniw
Mr. fillsler begs eo nneanee that be- tn
dueeGeorite L. Fox's areat SlHtaeularPantomff2"
entiUei'-H? l.t.pty,y a1he OaiSl'
for reason of six nifthts only. ThiswooderfQi
produetieB- is still fillinr the Olympte Theater New
rork, and lias bow reached Over SSO nights I ' It ia
brtm fa l ef fun-einbrscirg New Scenerr, Uacntne.
ry. Tneks snd; Transformations; Dancing, Gronnh
. 4o-. o., beyond all description. On VVednes-
L,?d,V" to the entire Dramatie
the sklntr.-th rJSSZ.. t? f?'''1 Dansetue in
- a- T5 yu.lraasitui, . is - lj
i - s.. -
.2S??,2i!J?n fe av: Maite, b,B.l-
lini. Miss fittie SaStings Miss Sarafc!?'
iB7 W.igT.S"d frSlW fCofy!
pJ- Al tVtuimvion Bkat-rSf Amertri"
BQo?d,?'''' QnIKi Carniraf SSStaw
?2?n.' 'or full particulars see d.ilr nr
eex cTBee open for the sale of Eeserred S.
dar. Nov. Mrop
novVjUf ; "3 " -
.v ml. so if n and,
. c vi --r.Majtaire'sj Great Ally. ,, ai .
"It too the world "nearly two thousand year to
aiodyer and med one of the .most fatal errors
the mankind has erer believed in-. From the tine
ftt Galen to a eomparativeiy very recent date, itwa
upposed'that. in prdei to cure disease, it
oeoessary 16 weaken the already, enfeebled patiaa t
by artificial means, Bleeding, blistering, vioJoft
porgation and salivation ware the aiain raiianca.f
the faculty, not more than fifty years ago. Bsatota
Or'"wor -nlr administered as .iinfttieTneiifcrv
agents, after the lancet, eaothari4.ee, jalap and ealo.
mel had done their depleting work. - Modern
aoiehcehaa effeetei H salntary reform In medloal
treatment.. In place of the nauseons do.i .A.
ministered 5n easee- of " indigestionj bilkmsnesi,
enstipatieta.viek beealaehe. TTeaseeaar nsenait-
TER3 erenow given with the utmost confidence
and the happiest resarts -The reason why this ad
mirable botanical preparation has superseded the de
bilitating poison of the .old: wFTMWes -are
these: it oombiaeaMae properties of a -arAolaaiwa
onic with those of a gent eeathrtie, tin anti-bilious
agent, nerrine. and a blood depureni." naa.
while it keeps the bowels freel regulates the liver,
and perifies the eerrent ef life, it santains Ike
physioal strength of the ia valid; and ay this neaha
the expulsion of .disease and the restoration of on
stitntional vigor go on together. ' ',,
At this season, when' Intermittent and remittent
fevers, with other oemp-auits arisiDifram i lamn
meefcitieetmosphere. are Prevalent, a enn rue of tVi -
BITTERS is the best means of protecting the
aay23deodAwly-cw- i,,i T
.-.-.f:'r'.w-:r:iND--'.'-,A... .7
j!,5ftJECTRb-lPI,4TEp WARJj,
I'aJk u.uattjM aiAJ U rACTUBINQCP,T OP
PROVES KCE, B. V ving lb Urgert mea.
factory o Solid 8ilver"Ware in .the? worldTwith
the most.morpved machu-ry, anieniployuia; (ha
most skilled labor, are enabled- te oste an ta
equalied . Variety of new'and beautiful designs in
Dinner Services, Tea Services, and every" utieia
speeiklly adapted fo Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
- They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, h wnieu, (ha
have infrodoced new patterns of ran elegance.-.
The .SolidSilver la guarantetd .toha o steiling
purity by V 8, Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed fax tie' superior to the laest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from the Trade onlr. hn
Ahese goods may , tV obtained 4ron rsepansftW
aeaters every nere. iusal'S'l jc ic?ntt
Trade Mark;
j . . ,r 7 Plata.
'J"i ValaareAm lfrfa M.Mjn, T - K w
nov6-d4w4Jm-pe kt -'i.'.i.a
"Children's Uve Sa?ed for F
i " stents."
Thousands of ehildrea die annus lly of Cronn.
Now, Mothers, if you would spend 50 eentaand
always have a bottle of Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in the bouse, yea never need fear losing
your little one when attaoked with this complaint-Itis-aal-jeeseeiBeel
and never heard of a ebild , dying.of Orowp when
my 'LminiBTit was'TTsedi'-but hundreds- of mm
have been reported to ut, and many state-if it was
10 par bottle they would not .be without. iU Be
idea which, it is a certain euro for Cuts, Bonn,
Headache. Toothache, tore Throat Swellinra.
Mnmps, Colic, Diarrhea. Dysentery. Snasmr. Old
Bores and Pains in the. Limbs, Back, and Chest.
We ene enee tries it who ia ever without it. ttia
warranted perfectly safe to take' internally. Till
directions with every bottle. . gold by the Drug
jistaend fitorekeeoers in the United States. De3
poi iu rant naee. rt.i .
Dow a Decliae i$ t Produced.. ;
- T! -. - ...' .." 1 K ;UM ' t
Puro blood makes ns well; had blood" makes us
rick. - Vapors from poorly digested food in tha
blood are condensed npon the various organs aid
serve to make them grower repair , their waster
Organs made with a greater or leaser pro ponies, ef
such mate.ial cannot be sound.. If the bad con
dition 'f blood continues but for a few days -or
weeks tbe body eri'l bo out of sortsi and if it con
tinnei the whole of the body will in time be re
newed with in perfect blood; and the Health bsS;
Ts in a' decline popularly called a consumption.
Mow Brandrc th's Pills penetrate the whole nrasa
blood, causing the expulsfon pf linnurlties; the
body feels relieved from a sing! a dose what then
jnajEvby expected from laanliT II r iiaiiliasiiai
their use the whole of, the blood a time becomes
pirified, and the body reconstructed from good ma
terial the decline stopped, fad a cs,w, leaieof JiTe
secured.-Principal offiee., B-jmpaaH-'Ocak.
.New Yerk - Boldby all dreg-itt-:!i'lai'- -'-
.V'V" 1 "J1.?',u5
...K.0.I.1U T.9-11
To art we owe a thousand gra-es; - -
, Impioving -Mature no d"ugrace'is.,
as grayaairaons pieaaathe ejei v-ns-1
Cristadofd' Hilt Prfe'sentetivti
Striking, a-tounding.' art' the Effects' produced
CristadoroVHair feservativs; and Beautifier.
thb hair ever sowiry,earse and unmaaageaaka
bybrrrshand conrti. 'inone week thra-artittlail
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to enrl. -;
,S Jd by Druggists, and apprieA by all Bair Drja
ers. Manufactory No. Maider,ILana. Priaoipal
Depot No. 6 Astor House.
innol8-dwlycm-erTr ,
ss t.
Cterryman, while residing 1n8onfh AnfsrTea
a missionary, diseovered a safe and simple ren-My-fat-theCuier
uf ervorrs W aakuuss.-Barly Irev
eav. Diseases of tkejprinaty aid, Seminal Organs,
and tbe whole sraia disorder1 ibrougbt on by
baneful and vicious habitst- great nnnrbets baya
been cured by this nehle Temedy. ; Vn! M
desire to benefit ika -afflicted Dd unfortunabaAl
will send the recipe for preparing aaO nung) Uiis
medieka. ia a sealed envelope, to any one wh
nei. it. CHAEdre J
i I Station D, Bible House, Sew lerk City
Cbevliera TremrtsjB 'oat' tnei ffsil.
free to all", given away at. tha. Drug, (oraj, aejt
aall free; -This book should be in every house.
restore sJuuttifat(gipal -color, stop its
felling out, and remove all irritation or dandruff
froaj, the scalp,,thus kwgj the halroarlftd jo
latest period .iAife ;, ' in
lvl7eoitaryr3 " "1TT3 Uroad wairflFrT
DB.Ai B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, Bear
ish street. Cotwrabas. OhraL4aa devoted Massif
traeerieaef vaarasatha treatmaat afoul lain pri.
diseases, nemay eeeaaaitaaas tusos
Droaitwu .near theltaohanee siank
XIJL raBpn jrom in
Da.' CcRTia,
"Medicaflimes" says ofth is work:'
and aara-af eraaaar
decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret .abusest of -youth ni manhood; land how
easily regained. It sives a dear synopsis of the
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"Your LoVio has cured ma1 of Tetter (or Bait
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