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onrrected by Wi J. lavage, Jeweler, 83
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Nov. 17, 1868.
T i. M
oft 4
P. .-
a in
ni meet
. l Dkii Seta..
ttitenUv watt a niotir-wy-
IXS game 1. aad
'Whlri Itshbf A iargw are un-
-sMlly plenty In market?. Eeece Quliii-,
jjuva thw.;.;:., ; " ; 'j-;-,v ;. " .1' ; J j
" ' 'OT Mutton' )m till- idowuward ,ten
' dency.. Chops ere twtf j-iSsl'itftoe
Tjcenta pound. - s:;;...- .-'.Vi if V '
jj-QT Wehad -tigu7rtt ehance of a
I3f-lt was quite cold near niianlih rat
-nlirM: The thermometer most neve os
dowit pretty near .to Xeplaj- ;r.; .
,-T' tjrr would add otir testimony that
tbe tlaiaoid coklsoid ay James jrswru-,
Esq, Is the beat we ever, nsed. " "
tiTl lanre nUniMr'olToor -apbrtamen
in Henrr and: WtMams counties" fbl
tii Uf deer! and .' chaslnsr the
- --tt-oates Kinney has become -one ,of
Xne associate culture ui w-.- v ;
Oh. toon't
' now I
bl lllastrlous bugle
. " H - r- " :.'.
" KT This city W ery - Healtnyr- WHh
Ihe xoeptioaof hUl.andi a jpajmmf
weddtn W Wo"att n.ottrtniri or- aiv epi-
The re adertislitjj,ta01d Moun-
wiUkyctbiS.w, ,?i:,,JOOj; .head
Qtitckcr thait -wink, Claaibua inla Is
the article.
"Nd-rxfe-PtBlrO-JHCoV Ifajtle was on
Tfsterd? appointed bjithe 4JhMfriMt as a
XtOtary rUOllC lor r raiimm wuuij.
" Fashion. Onloos-are becomtnjt fash
ionable as a perfume. The Emperor Na-
poteMeats Kariic,vaaa , as, a
Oa. tbis Lov! fut two persons tn
the same bedroom, one ot whom has the
ehnth ache and the othw is iiriove, 'and it
wWbe-found that the hap with the -raging
tooth will go to sleep flrst.
fi v"" in MW- "
TTlwtdia TiBM.-'l'heTallroaii men are
fixing up the winter time table. The new
time table will goTnto eftect on Monday.
We suppose that ic will be slower to all
poita i6in noithaji betog;the u&Ual 'hing.
in winter. .. . . '
eiti-T. ' -'""' ' f ' .
..''t'oeKittBOoa: Stolkn. -A.oman named
. Mri'SadUler had her pockelboo'k "stolen
while, making a purchasei in the market
Vvsterday moraing.'iShe laid ber pocket-;
boot'dowtt on a Huckster's stalliiantt be-;
fore she could take a quiet, comfortable
Shbef Steauno. Two burly, Insolent
flarkfes, named Daniel Williams and. Pan-teirOreen-wereT)efore
the Mayor charaed
.with stealing a cheep's carcass from' Peter
JBnWolfSc wagon on the, market ,space.rr-
Tbe heer was found hid in 4he- yard of
the old Doremus planing milt. - The Mayor
fined them $8 and costs each, and in de-
ault sent them to the stone pile."fl 3i.Ji. f
Forestalling. S. P. Spitler and S. T.
Martin were arrested yesterday morning
on a charge ,of forestalling the market,
iled by toe markeiaiutet tiltrteanis that
Spitler brought a lot of chickens into mar.
ketand sold them-to Martin before the
market was opened. The Mayor fined them
3ad costs each. Mr. Martin gTfl notice
that he would take an appeal from the
judgment of the Mayor. -.r:f..
Townships " in OhIo. The opening of
Tlectloneufns'deveToped some, very
interesting stattstlcsi There are 1,313 town
ships in this State, while the voting
?Uces will jreach. npariy ?3.0X).In Ilam-fltoirrounty.'-fcr
Instance, there -are but
fifteen , to wnsh'ps, .while, Including the
waxds oC Cincinoail, there are 61 voting
places. In Mill Creek township alone,
thertfev-eight'''votIng ree(neCa -When
the returns are all opened we will give ad
ditional items onthis subject.
AMtiuiTiao Canarii, When your caria'
tj birds are moulting sncease to sing, do
'U1 Put a little oxlde'of Iron ' (Iron' mat
from' the drugstore) or let a couple of lath
nails be'1nf the ' water1' they drink; take
info tieirVathv'fO th,afr ;thecrtnc:get
any drink bat their medicine. 'Id Another
water cup immerse aiitUesa8ron, The lat
ter gives color to the Incoming fethers.The
iron braces their systems "while moulting.
la a little while thej wifl sing loud enough
fotiuse' a headache. .
Hcmptt DtrPTT. To-nrght we are . to
have the.flrf t reprentitfnn In this city of
Alits great pantomunp. i xoe scenery, cos
tnmes, properties and the lltfe, are all nw
-and ' Mr.; EHaleT pledges himself that the
pantomime will be produced ioiatf respects,
equal to the NeWclork production. Tony!
Dinter will sustain . the hart of the clown
In. which, says lb, Chicago Timet, he has no
ro'eqnah The-4a41et hi 'in; charge o
Hons. Henri bf, uay, na is gracea Dy tne
great, accomplished arid beautiful danseuse
Eepltav, wh6selfiancelg'rtiiy 'the, verv po
itry of motions T MlleAtexandriBa, Ella
StiirUWlle JBelllnf, HatUe astinga;Mliitiie
Weigel, Sarah Manning and a-ruU-oorps of
coryphees. In thflaksting scene, E. Tj
Ooodrlk, the champion skate of A merles.
wtll' appear.','From alf we' can sS and hear;
Bwmpty , Damply Will produce a great sen
aatiori &Mni its tenighte Jie
Tegoltnf meeting of the FarmersOub ot
jlTaanjn eeunjxi w De.npKi-ajijnq gij
cultural i Room in. the, jHateouse, on
Satnrdkjk toMctrNorenJoer (66S, the
subject of, heJocanofl f fhe. State Agri
cultural College wULbs discussed, and th
tfews Of these clttaeae present1 wtoT't
pfdprlety of petitloolBg-the. -General As
eiBbty whh, meets-, 'on 'the 22d inst;i'
MlleW-'i th-Cbmml81oaeT of Frmnklhi
Dvut to submit the. question.. to the ieo
riBHtClal.ttotj, as to "wpether they wUl
:iUwl r J5plliege, locate4 Z In FiaiikU
'.lLl.h.! t .4 K: v;:vH
t-There bare been several notices oCgimi-
K eetlng, W VM at aMohji. pTa'cei
titwhen: the draenie for'th meeting
' not even'the geUers np o.the notioes wert
prtsent,' ioi ear we have an doubt, that
they would e. called upon to tead off Tn a
liberal suUcripUivtor:the benefit of salt)
1a reep "wuy intua jSe-etr e the meet-lner-o
'thervaistx inatj wvthrthe assurance
that no'one wUrba'aed LQjL expected
8bwrlbeny anevnt or'nabe any Oonsr-foir-foi
fbVbenefft et'sVl CWIlereV or Ian
eUre W tocVrtWVf In'tHiiklid' cbnwy or
Let every cktcenot theeounty be at this
eetfrig; and espetiiallall those that el
arf interest in tlier caurtf ol pablici ednca-
" .iuia. ,UliO u w-UJC
won. i-5.i-
Franku CDCNTT,,piciAfc-We are'
at last able to present the offlclkl' vote of
Franklin county for President, thanks to
thecourtesyef Hon! John BusselL Secre-1
tary of State: (
TowKSHire in wabss. .
Hrpn..,u. ... .............
Franklin....-.". .'. .
Jackson ,
Jefferson ......
4UBomej . .
Norwioh. ....... ......
Pleasant. ........
Sharon .
Columbus lt Ward
... ... , i-d Ward..
Grant. :
, ... jai
. i
. 101
- XI
. 138
i ,'140,
r ,lk
, i 181
-" is
, , S48
' sua
' M
; m
: C6
. 1I
- 37
1 su
V) (
101 T
S 16-
14S .
87U .- .
' 61 '
895 ;
SM "
3d Ward
4 h Ward-
-Sth Ward
th Ward
- 1th Ward
-8th Ward.......
8th Ward.... .......
Tll 1
, Sajmour't Majorttt...
Pktre Hatdbns New Builwso. This
line building, now In the progress of con-
pletlon, already gives signs of being,- in
architectural, beauty, oue of the' finest
buildings In the west. The architect,;.
B. Kelly, Esq , one ol our old citizens,
laid Uiej foundation broad and deep of his
skill, on the StateJIpuse, of which he was
fox (ailong.Ume the architect and on the
HighoScheol: and other fine buiiiings, as
an architect of rare merlfi'-flis fame must
Increase when theHay den building is
completed.- It has-n already -xeached-: the
second story, and is being rapidly 'poshed
ti completion. It is so much admired that
we subjoin a description : . '
The building is bounded on the south by
Broad street, east by Center alley and north
bv a nrlvate allev. and measures 63 4 Inches
on Broad street; by A2i (1, 3 in, on Center
alley, and four stories high. t The basement
story; to "be floored, plastered and ceiled;
lighted on the east eide and north, end by
j?a rjyd jyiad4wsrfn4he front fa lllumtnated
iron pavement, and 1s reached 1y a flight of
commodious stairs, leadiugL from the center
of echrstorer rThe water ctosetr-fer the
accommodation of'each store are located
In the basement. ,T.he. first principal story
ls'alvlcfed fn'to twol store "rooms; the east
113 ft. 4 In. by 39 6 in--the west room
118 ft. 4 in br ftC 8 ip.w and. .to eah
store room is attached office and. counting
rwm, . iron"'b:drfeiar-prd6f Viuftsi arid'aii
improved hoisting apparatus, leading from
bast ment toiJourth. story.! The- second
story is, divided into six j-ootns; two sto e
rooms and four offices, with . wardrobr s,
water closets and coal bins attached, and
reached by the main stair case, leading
from the south front.;' The third and fourth
stories-are., left, in two, rooms the entire
length of the building, and are intended for
the accommodation--of the stores below.
The' iecbwd.'thlrd and. fourth stories,: we8t
side of building, are lighted by a sky-light
17 by 7 feet. .The leading feature la. the
design of the front partake ot the. Boman
esque and Italian styles, combined with a
harmonious and pleasing effect. The en
tire front on Broad street will be built of
brows free stoueand backed up inside with
briek. . .The flank of the building on Cen
ter alley will be built of brick, having stone
quoins at each angle with rustical joints,
and stone drip-course at each story. The
Broad -street front and alley side will be
crowned .wit h a heavy, galvanized iron
cornice,''the frieze of Which Is ornament" d
with brackets and pahnels with ensp tra
cery. The building is to be -roofed with
tin. ' .'' ' -. ' -- . .' ' -' : "
Galoot Bbcobd. Business .still pontln- ,
nes brisk la the. galoot department, and
display yesterday was large and redo-i ;
lent. : -' . " '. ' .'.'.' . ' . " . .'
Geo. McDonnell was drunk and disor-
derly. He Went to "Ward's saloon and '
kicked -np a bobbery, smashing things in ;
utterly reckless manner. .' Jle Was fined ;
and . in delault was sent to .the stone
pile.-'5 '- ' '. - i .' . : '
Charles Webber, unlike his grea name- '
sake,' is not given to harmony. A : row is ;
chief delight. Us is never cool and !
contented except when he Is In hot water.
For being disorderly he was fined f 5 and .
costs. . Xot. having, the stamps he went to
stone pile where be bewailed his mis
and misfortunes In a mournful style,
emitting. deep groans and appealing for .
mercy In affecting prayers. - io-.'i
Henry Dunsmark'ecjoyed a plain drunk.
got so full that he couldn't walk .and
quietly laid down. He was presented with
little hammer,, not having ' the stamps
wherewith to pay $5 and costs.
John Gibson was found on the streets in ,
benziuical and tnroulent stiitus. a.--
wanted something to t-e-a-r-r-r. He was '.
of rHghtIig whisky.' In default of $H) j
J .UftlUlUGllllIt
'CoAL.fA5 we stated yesterday oal.-ls ?
held at fifteen cents per bushel, having ad-
ySiveed, some tTfree or tour cents 1 if a week :
two.... It Is said by persons familiar with ;
trade, that this advance cannot long be
matntaiiiea. I here Seems, w larsswMan
learn, no good reason for the present prices. ;
Transportation is, and has been, 16 wer than
evetfbefore'at thls seasonoftllifliyeaT. fFif- :
teen cents is too much to" payToraToshei :
coal, especially whenM lathe iasehere, ;
tn&.b iyer ?s cqmpktely at the mercy j'tffe
dealer li- regard to the quantity-delivered, j
Who knows, whenbuying"a load of cr)al,
whether they get all pc even half they pay !
for ? It is-nqfr weighed hat eger we beard 1
rfrheiCouncil haa art ordinanaa before :
reulatingiis matter, ahd Kspodhf be
come a law'at once There' are too maby ;
.fiijdr'peop who need every'.Turii'rj i bt'.iSdftl '
they pay tor, Interested In this matter, to
admit of aiiy'delayl" Pass the'fcill. !
"TransfkkbeD i KSTERDATi -The foHow- ;
fng transfers otEeal estate wtjre, left at tbe j
Recorder's 'office "yesterday 5 4 i I
.J- F.- Tiongman andwlfe A.'CtTOoney, !
K"o v. J7th quiclaUn to 105 acres of land
Clinton 'towfaship, for $412 io. ' ,
.A. C. Doner and wife to John F.Lonv- !
njaiVipy. lZth, fluclaJnj.fp t6crpsf
Unrf4alintoo township, foCSUAJ i"! J
Edwin Moore. Jtfnrwife ,to,pavid Gra
ham and "David t.ljdjey Grahani. Oct. 24th,
a16tfgrond a -the town ef JKeynolds-
:hur,gWW2'ooo;.T::';.-,'Tr r
Jhu,.5AI.clliJlin, and?" wjfe. a iiyal
Humphrey,, pyr16th", 26 acres of, land n
Brown wwnsnipj;iori)gut.v . vMui
Moses Seymour and wile; id John Hosier, I
May . 6,-83 ?3-lp0 acres of lad'ta 'Madj- J
oalwwnshlpj lor-3,700. i -m-o sn.-sJjo.iu
Moses Seymour abdf wife to John Diley, ';
Maylfitth, 83 8T-10O acres of land in Midi-
son township, for 3 700. . y-i ' , ,
1,TpRxar :TatSr-rThe excellent esculent i
domestic foul InoAn, as the turkey, whit !
ffreirirl -Rhode ISlBHdiTOkeflRthe-bliss, I
and bred in;-Ltng) Jslsnd the bale of 1
Thanksgiving dinners, is known in France i
thetsiidan or cop dea, Inie, which' "being i
Interpreted .means Indian cock," 'alid !
W''6r,BrtzillPn rigm.-i It'li -asked j
"yS? 4lUrtnsely A4eVicsSi Tr4 should i
be sailed y tUa name of a modern ' EuVe- '
eonntry."' -The answer is easy. We '
call the bird tmrkey" and. the French
CaHlf an IndlaA cocbVbecatiseeavtaees-
toxi.lo whotasilntrpduced by the
5lu"r'key:Com).apyfl fcbe sevetfteetfc Iseri-
tary:nppo8ed1ltito.ceme froqa 4he,East,
while th French, to whom It waelntrd
doced aomevrha earlier, supposed America,
justai,;Co1nrnbhs did," to be-a art or tffe
Indies, ,iuguage, we r,tvV(V, .is fossil
history, and here is a curiouSj though, fgy
nlU4vJllustrati0B oil tfti saylngTn," " "
Mrs. ,Kublk's , BEADiNa--The large
and fashionable'' andlence at the Opera
House last night certainly are indebted to
Mrs.Keuible for, one of the pleasantest,
most intellectual entertalnmentsjthey ever
enjoyed.' Her reading' of King Lear was
beyond expression, grand. ;-She seems to
have made the play a study, and the minor
speeches were delivered with as much ef
fect as the greater and oft-quoted passages.
It was as great a treat to : watch the eon
etantty varying expression of her face,
portraying now anger, then love, by
and-by - contempt, ' again ragejhang.
Ing now. . to ,; devotion, . and. r-. then
to despair, as to hear the words of the poet
of eternity, the divine . Shakespeare. uThe
theatrical representation pf the pity could
not do it half the justice It received at Mw.
Kemble's hands, even though our greatest
American actor, Forrest, himself, should
enact the loving, abused old King, for some
other part would be lily represented. Last
night the genius of the reader shone upon
and 1 illuminated -every sentence.'.- Th
word was suited to the action ana the ac
tton to the word until we could ' well beJ
lieve the whole story real, and lose sight
... ..... . . . .1 . . i ' 1 i
o( tne reader in me Deauty oi tnejeauing.
rsirs. Kembie goes benca to llttsburgb.
Success attend her. :
J If yon want good ' beef, call at C
Somers', No. 21 West State street. .',,
.Auction , Sale Goveebment Pboper-i
tt. The furniture in the Chief Mustering
and Disbursing office. No. 103 East State
street, Columbus, Ohio, will be sold at'
public auction, on the premises, on Wed
nesday, Nov. 13, 1868, at 10 A. M.';
novl7-d2t : -
If you want good . sausages,".' call ,atj
Somets', 21 West State street.' '. : v
The coming winter bids fair to be a gay
One in Columbus.: A fine set of Ermine
gives 'a" most beautiful effect to lady's
toilet. ,;;', -7 : ' i '' i' : :r
Clark & Farmer are receiving a sp1epd(d
assortment of Ladies' Fancy Furs tor tun
ing wear. Call and seexhem. Ha aJveil
House Blook.:,,,,:.:-'.,-t - ' VV' "n ,vl4-d3t ;
"If. you want!'good fresh meats of all
kinds go to C T. Somers', 21 West State
Q.tVV,l . ...... IIUI.U Ul-.
Ale and Pobtkr. I am now recoiviBg
Tegular from, ' Cincinnati,; YTbateher.,!&;
Dyett'S celebrated stock and fresb Ale and
Porter, in plnti and quart bottles, put up
for family use, and highly recommended
by physicians for sickness, Ac. -" , 1 '
: I also have a .stock of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stout Porter;'. Muir & Son's Spark-'
ling Edinburg Ale English Ale and Por-
ter.'.ss 7 -'-.,. .'-.-'.' ,C A. Wagner,
povl3-tf No. 23 East State street. '
Lap Blakksts, Welf, Fox and Buffalo;
Robes just received afs ; -
r-- r--r- CLARK FARMER'S,
novll-dtr -" No. 5 Neil House Block.
Oysters! Oysters!! I am now selling,:
at reduced prices, those fine fat Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put np by Wm.
Taylor, Eq-, Baltimore, and sold by me in
this city for over ten years. Warranted.
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. T.- XXX, a fine;
Oyster for Soup. . C. A. Wagner,
dovl3-tf No. 23 East State street.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E-
Srnlth, 27 3,'High street, over Bain's store .
nov6d3m .-. . ' ,
The live Oysteman, 16 E.Broad street,
gives (for fifty cents) a well filled can of
Spencer," Anger & Co.'s prime oysters
and a ponnd of butter crackers.
For Sale House, and lot, corner of
Tranklln and Washington -Avenue. ' Most:
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain,
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 48 West North;
street. ' ' ' ' .
octl3-dtf "' ' i- i
Thrrs seems to be no end to the new,
n6da Clark & Farmer are receiving.. Yes
terday an otbe r 1 arge lot ef season able good s
arrived.. Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for tbis estab
lishment. -They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishing. J " ' ' novll-dtf
Coughs, , Colds, Bronchitis and ' Sore
Throats, are unwelcome, but very frequent
visitors, in our variable climate, and not
nnfrequently lay . the foundation ot con
sumption and premature decline. , .The;
best, safest and surest remedies are Hum
phrey's Homoeopathic Specifics, Nos. one
and seven. Tbey act promptiy,mlldly and
surely, and soon cure the most trouble
some cold. Sold by all dealers,- 6 boxes
$1 25 sent by mail on receipt of price.
Address Humphreys' Specific Homoeo
pathic Medicine , Co., 562,Broadway, N. Y
jyl3-d&wly-cw ,
Holloway's Pills Thb Horrors of
Dyspepsia. "Try all things" is a bad mot
to for the sick. ' It Is better -to try that
which the world's experience has proved
o '.'be gnper-excellent ' For fifty years
HolloWay's Pills have been curing Dyspep
sia. '.Not a failure is on record, while the
suocesse have been countless. - Is not thl
a, sufficient guaranty.- Is it not madness
for "any one' writhing' under the terrible
pangs of Dyspepsia', to decline or neglect
to take a medicine fortjfted with inch crW
deniialR. : Sold by all druggists' - -q !
A Fine Thing for the TEETH.r-The fra
grant Sozodqnt has takeri t" Very proro)4
Bent place among the most approved den
tlfclCes of the day. It is a very popular
article for the toilet, highly recommended
by all who bave used it as a beautifier and
preserryer, of' the teethi".refreshing ! the
montbr sweetening the- breathy and arrest
lug' tie progrtss of decay; v .:. ., ;
"SpiLMlia's Gtae." , j r
VNSr-Jur15-eod6m-iwiiiiiU'iia i
,Can it be possibly tlrat over Five Million
Bottles of Plantation' BiTTERS have bee'ri
sold during the past'ypart; It is almost.ln-
credible, nevertheless it IS' absolutely true,
and is the most .convincing proof of thHr
wonderful medicinar.and health-restoring
qualities. Every.: family-- should be enp
pUed'wIth these Bitters, at j whatever cost
or trouble It may be to obtain the.' 1 B'
careful that yon get the genuine, and that
yon are hpt imposed upon by a spurious a'r-1
tide. 1 -.. r. i ...- . j
.1 .- .r. r i wary I nil-3 i.'. r-nm I
Magnolia Watek. rtn perlor to the best
imported German Colojne, and sold at half
tho price. 'v? -..',i ' .. .' ., -'. '. 'i V '''.'',",-
'Tfseptss-deciydw' .
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low splritsi depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen,' spermator
rhoea, ossv of. power, d'wey .bead, loss of
memeind-, 'ttweateeet impotence' and
iatbecillty, find a sovereign cure In Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No; Tweii
tyEigbt. -Composed of the most valuable,
thfltf ri(J,.potent Cpriflvesj they strike it
once at rite root of tha matter, tone. up the
system, arrest the discbarges, and . tmpart
vigor and energy, llfp, and yltallty to the!
e'utire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es; and vial, which Is Very Important lh ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by .all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt or price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co 662
Bpadway, New "York. '- Jyaa-deod&wly
The Eight Hour Law.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 17.
It is believed the Attorn y General has
prepared an opinion that, under the law of
Pofigress establishing .the eight hoar sys
tem employee on, , public works are: en
titled to lite- same compensation as when
they worked ten hours.
. General Heningsen denies any connec
tion, with anyCubanfiUvbustering expedi
tions Vj.ti.i. ;ji jL Oj.U CUii-'v-a
Admiral Farragut.
Orders have been issued from the Navy
Department detailing Admiral Farragut
from command of .the European squadron,
and he is placed oir waitln'g orders. ' "
Military Order.
By command ofjQeoeral Grant the Su
perintendents ot the mounted recruiting
service at Carlisle Barracks will forward
without, delay. all disposable .recruits .at
lutli pusilUJUEh uair.iiuiuBju, nutria
they will be reported to Genl Sheridan for
assignment,.; -, i i
Illegal Voting.
Clinton Aid rich, of South wick, was yes
terday examined and held for trial tor ille
gal voting at the late elections.
TheiRcpubiican ward and cTt cotnmitees
last night nominated Moses Kimball for
Nomination. River News.
Weather rainy and disagreeable. River
five feet and seven inches and rising slow
ly. Mercury 52.
Heavy Loss by Fire.
Heavy Loss by Fire. CHATHAM FOUR CORNERS, N. Y., Nov. 17.
The new-and valuable paper:, mill of
Smith Tompkins, near this place, for the
manufacture of white paper from straw,
was entirely destroyed by fire last night.
Pyy ,.,q .-,.,4? r.:.0?a
Heavy Loss by Fire. CHATHAM FOUR CORNERS, N. Y., Nov. 17. St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17.
A fire in Quincy. Ill- last night destroy
ed two three story brick buildings on
Hampshire street, between Fifth and Sixth
streets, occupied by Speigel, Thorns & Co.,
(nrnituije warehouse, ana M.r..Kohn, auc
tloireer.' Speigel,' Th6rns""& 'Co.'s' loss Is
$25,000; fully insured. Kohn's loss is not
reported.- The on actings were owned by
Tim Ifogers, of Quincy, and SRnther
ford, of 3U Louis, and. were vaiaed at $15.-
000 each. The latter is insured for $9,000.
but Rogers has no insurance.
An Omaha dispatch envs a heavy snow
storm raged there all day yesterday. Tele
graphic communication with the west was
cut off, but trains arrixpcU -The tbermoui
eterjasjnlght marked 15 jptegrees kbove
Official returns from all the counties in
Kansas except eight give Grant a mainri-
ty of. 14 446.; General Harvey for Gover
nor, receives in tne same cou(ities4 more
majority than Grant, arid, Clarki' for Con
gress, 1,187 less. 'The entire vote of the
State is estimate! at 45,000.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17. Fire.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17. Fire. KENOSHA, WIS., Nov. 17.
Vogel & Co.'s steam flouring mill was
burned yesterday. Loss $10,000.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17. Fire. KENOSHA, WIS., Nov. 17. Grand Encampment I. O. O. F.
The Grand Encampment of the Odd Fel
lows met this morning at nine o'clock.
Grand Patriarch: -French presiding. Two
new encampments have been formed dur
ing the past year one at Seymour, Noble
county, and the' bther at Young America,
Cass county. The Grand Secretary reports
the following statistics: 84 encampments
and 3,460 members, 239 members having
been .elected . in. the year. The Grand
Be-retary xeports the foliewing statistics:
28Hodge8i 8bavinbeen instituted during
tne pant year, and la.os enective mem
bers. The resources of the Lodge are
over half a million-of dollars.' The aesetts
are over $20,000.; : i- .ia:; -c
Railroad Accident.
The passenger receipts of the Indianap
olis fc St. Louis railroad for September are
F'-Wfc.lS'SO i.r ?o jD' j
Baltimore Items.
At ttie annnal meeting V1 Stockhold
ers ot the Baltimore and Ohio railroad,
yesterday, the Board of Directors wasre
elected;.X01 ? !)(, ri.iTv... I
The regnlar annual Convention, of the
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Free and
Accepted Masons of the State of Maryland
and District of Columbia' met Jiere last
evening, and was well attended.
Sudden Death.
An old man nametOIartin. residing In
the Eight Ward, died suddenly last night.
tie had sat down to supper, when he was
observed to gasp as thousfe: choking. ' A
physician was sent for, but he survived
only a tew moments. Iu-hv supposed that
bis death was occasioned fiy heart disease.
Thefundralof Dr.'Herron, a prominent
bpmcepatbic physician of this city, takes
place tnrs atcernoon.
Death from Street Car.
A little girl named Powell, who was run '
over by a street-ear in Birmingham, on .
Saturday, died vesterriatr.
Lutheran Church.
The GeneraTCouncii of the Evangelical I
Lutheran Cburrh in America, now in.ses- '
sion, tms'atternoon, with great unanimity, ;
came to an understanding as to points of
doctrine which have been discussed during
the pesf io
ion. 'i "r. ntvi
The Cole Trial.
ALBANY, Nov. 17.
The Jury lias not yet been impannelled!
in the Cole trial.
CONCORD, N. H., Nov. 17.
John, Titconib, an old. resident of Cpn-I
lid, hiiug himself this rbornins. He had
Grant's Majority.
Grant's majority in Alabama is lour thou-'
sand. '-' . .
Body Found.
MEMPHIS, Nov. 17.
The or a negro was foifhd 'ini
Hatch le river, yesterday, disemboweled
adjhrrrblyfjnutt)ated. hd -beenfin
th'e"" water' a long time. There""ar'e no
means.of identifying it or getting a clue to
the perpetrators. . ,in a.;. ',, ,
NEW YORK, Nov. 17.
Maretzk's Opera Troupe opened for a '
short- season, at the Academy of Jd usic last i
evening. with Ii Trovatore,Ho -a pA house.
Transfer of the Venango Oil Company
Transportation Com- !
Ewe Railroad Xtai-
Ol liC(XK00.'a-wVMr I
front of 2UO0 feet at the Venango Oil Com- ,
pany's docks, in.,Vyehawkenrbe,transfer ,
was made subject to a mortgageof $250 -000.
held by the.Hoboken Land and Im- ,
provement Company. The certainty that
this locality will at no distant day be the '
great depot and terminus of-tile western i
and southern lines induced. the Erie Com-
pany to forestall jiny competitor by secur- !
ing tlriS-VataaM water front. i
Docks. The Stevens Battery.
In accordance with the will of the late ,
Edwlif "A.Btev6ns, theStevens battery is
fco-beeetripleted AVk cost1 not 1 exeeedinir ;
EfWOiOW,'' Gei.'GeB. -MeClellan has
been engaged to superintend the work at a j
salary of $10,000 -a year. This engage- '
ment was effected in fans, by the late Mr.
!tveas, sbortly belore-his tleath, tQp.
?r.iiln"?Sfc.Ji ?,ealnV,
with several ot the European Governments
for the construction of a battery similar to
the one projected by Mr. Stevens. Ac
cemdingrto -toe-will, this-batteyrwjieieom-pletedrshall-be
prsette-othe State of
New Jersey, and In case It la not accepted
it shall be sold and the proceeds added to
lheestlmtVJi Sir? jf. fei .
Fire in Brooklyn.
Eight buildings, in Fftbjavenue, Brook
lyn, owned by J; Herman, were destroyed
, Loss-$2J,Q00, including
that of the occupants.
by fire yesterday,
U Paul MiUerra young man about 24 years
oi age arrestee ior tne staootng ol officer
Kling, Sandayevenlng, at Jersey city, was
Drougnt neiore me necoraer yesieraay
and committed to jail to await the result
oi juiDg a injuries, a no policeman is in a
very precarious condition. . - '.t , . ,
Loss by Fire.
- The total loss by the burning of Harvey'
oilcloth factory in Brooklyn amounts to
about fifty-five thousand dollars. Insured
for thirty-thousand dollars.
Corner Stone.
The corner stone was laid- yesterday af
ternoon of the Church ot the Holy tepuH
chre, in 24th street, near Fourth avenue.
by Bishop Potter.
National Christian Convention.
The National Christian Convention met
In this-k city, .to-day and permanently or
ganized: Rev.' Howard Crosby. D. D.. was
elected President ami Rev. J. B. Tyler
Secretary, i ,Ihe attendance ..was good and
services deeply Interesting. The ses-ions
are to he continued day and evening ana
through Friday, and will be addressed by
numerous distinguished .clergymen : and
laymen.-.. '.' ; "; '
Northern Pacific Railroad.
3 'A -petition--is being circulated through
the city and is receiving the signatures of
many prominent gentlemen, calling on
Congress for financial aid to construct the)
Northern Pacific railroad from Lake Su
perior to Puuet's land; also for the con
struction of branch roads via Chicago. and
via the straits Mackinaw to Detroit. - ' v i
Erie Railroad Complication.
A" new suit against the. directors of
Erie Railway Company was begun In the
Supreme Court - Chambers, before Judge
Sutherland, to-dav, on the application oi
Ausust Belmont. The eomnlaint is found-:
Cd on affidavits by Frank Work and ' oth
ers, substantially setting. Jortli that tne
money of the Erie Company has been nsed
by Messrs. Gould, Fisk and Lane, In fur-:
tberance of stock speculations for their
private interests. . The affidavits further
set forth that recently Line was Insolvent
and Fisk was an" adventurer from ;New
Entrlnd.' Itls also alleged in theefiidavits
that Pike's Opera iirmse was purchased
in the sole name of Fisk, with money oi
the. company to the, amount' of $S50,000.
Messrs. Fisk. Gould and Lane art" mrther
charged with having issued from $23,000".
000 to 430,000.000 of the spurious shares.
with a view or creating a corner'tn-wan
street.'- The affidavits further Ulege that
the above named individuals bave denied
the ether directors access to the books, and
in" fact managed the affairs of the company
exclusively for .. their, pwn,' interest and In
the most reckless manner. ''Judge Suther
land granted an itii unction which directs
the officers and agents of the company to
refrain, from, increasing the capital stock
of tho Erie Railway. Company beyond
the amount , now outstanding and in the
hands ot bona fide holders, and also orders
that the defendants refrain irom removing
any of the books," papers, ! securities- or
funds of the Company from the Jurisdic
tion of the Court' and directs mat the
funds shall be applied 'for no- purpose but
the payment or the legitimate cents ana
expenses of the .Company, the balance ' to'
be disposed oi in such manner as the Court
may from time to-time direct. ! Tde.Court
alsdoraers that the officers and agents oi
the .Company shall refrain from In any
manner obstructing any-of the directors
from examining any ot the books of the
said Company. 1 . ,
Another suit has been been Instituted by
Gbarles Mcintosh, against the directors
and August Belmont, in which an injunc
tion baa been obtained, duk wneuier tnis u
in aid or against the first suit does not ap
near. ...
- J - fl'.
General Grant's Movements.
Gen. Grant. Horace Greelev John'Rus
sel Younz and Gen. Badeau.- took break-
last at Deimonico's this inerning. Gen,
Grant drove Ont this morning to visit soma
friends in the city. Xhe programme or his
movements for, the remainder of the week
i as follows; To-night he dines at the
A s tor House,, with Attorney General Ev
ans, at a dinner tendered to the latter by
the. members of the bar. To-morrow be
rides out with Robert Bonner to the Fashi
ion Course to see Dexter trot. Thursday
he dines with A. T. Stewart at his house on
Fifth avenue. Friday he goes to Washington.'-:
; i ; 4 (I t..-i,.-u-,. r
New Development.
The latest development in Erie affairs Is,
according to report, that Jay Gonld was
appointed receiver of the company last
Tuesdav. by Judge Barnard. Report also
says $7,000,000 ot gold was taken out of,
the Gold Exchange Bank and takentp
Jersey City. . . '
Rumored Failure.
A rumor is current of the failure of a
large house lu Breadstuff's, but it is not
authenticated. .: .- , . . -,
It is believed the Government sold gold
largely to-day. The bull clique were also
heavy sellers. ,. i .... , ... ': ., , ;-1
Women Suffrage.
Mr3. Stone has issued a call for a Con
vention of the friends of women suffrage,.
at Viuelaud, N. J., on the 21 of December.
Cretan Refugees.
Mr.Battani. the Greek Consul, has Issued
a card asking contributions in money and
clothing fo rthe destitute Cretan refugees
in Greece. -dj. ; .',i .-.
Cretan Refugees. Breaking Up.
Capt. Gen. Lersundr, of Cuba, telegraphs
to the Spanish Consul here" that the insur
rection is breaking a p. .
Count Bismarck.
BERLIN, Nov. 17.
Baron Don Der Heidt, Minister of France,
has officially informed the Chamber that
Coijnr Bismarck will resume his seat in
tbarbody sometime In December.
NAPLES, Nov. 17.
: Vesuvius Is ia a constant state of erup
tion. ,- A.i.i ? . s (,- -.. or ' ,
LONDON, Nov. 17.
Baring Bros, yesterday' flrew a million
sterling from the Bank, ot England for the
Russian Govern meet- It is said tbis was
on American account and the money was
in part paymeut ior AiasKa.
Steamship Wrecked.
HAVANA, Nov. 17.
"The steamship Star of the'' Union, from
JSew Orleans, Tuesday last, lor this port,
was totally wrecked on the Cuban coast
near Bahia, Honduras." The crew and past
sengers were ail savea. ...... . .
The steamers Moro Castle and Grenada
have arrived from. Ne w, York i
Relief for the Star of the Union.
HAVANA, Nov. 17.
''Admiral' Huff "has ordered 'the United
States gun boat Penobscot to sail for Ban
bia. to render assistance to the passenvrers
and crew of the steamer Star of the "Union.
General Rosecrans.
Gen.' Rosecrans,', who arrived to-day ot
thesteamer Grenada, visited Captain Genj
Lersundi, In company with Admiral Hoff.
Gen. Rosecrans will sail this afternoon tot
Mexico, to enter upon his, duties as. United
States Minister. 1 :
Mazatian Advices to Nov. 7.
Arrived,' steamship '"Continental, with
Masatlan advices to jiToveniber 7. V.
Reiardo Palacio, formerly Chief Justice
of the Supreme Ourt or the state ot bina
lor. was arrested October 2Sth, and convey
ed Mparts unknown, accused of attempting
to Drioe tne guards, nis orotner also- oeinsr
one of the leaders of the secret reyolntton
ary j movement to drive Governor Rabl
from power wheaCbrxofia leaveS ior Mex-;
loo i ,. ; t - .. , mi i:)I in 'K!',.
ihe. American residents were aaxiouslv
Swalting the ' resnlt of the Presidential
election. It was generally belived Grant
would be elected. AU parties are of opin
ion that he will inaugurate ' vigorous
.Mexican policy and dciand accountabill-
the"late outrftees and murders of
.j for the . late outrages and murders of
American citizens. It is - expected i his
election will renew with greater-force tbe
auestlpn, ofj -".nneftrloi; X)f northwestern
MeXlOO.-- I. i ,.?. 'rin':-- .O'i'lVl
A terrible wind and rain storm . rasred
overlhe countrv.from October 15th to the;
ioi.ii, uoing immense uuumnc inu causing
ireat suffering and loss of iife. The citv
of Alamos, State of Sonora, with a: popu
lation or7.C00i was destroyed by floods and
OrTitrlnrlnfla. ' TTtVPFtn. T .nnxrav P.,Hf.l.
......... , w v. vvuyiuiajj
and several other -small .town were en
tirely destroyed.. Herds of; cattle were
swept way. Orange grove crops , were
in some" Instances totally . ruined. , Yaqae
and Mayo rivers rose forty 'feet'.' J,;,,, i
Mexican Advices via Havana.
HAVANA, Nov. 17.
The French steamer Panama, from Vera'
Cruz, 13th, arrived to-day. She brings the
following intelligence: , A newspaper says
Senor Romero will shortly return to Washi
ington, and that RJva Polacio will replace
him as Secretary of the Treasury' . .. t
: A tremblios of the earth was felt on tha
3d and 6th Inst., At Iturbidej.Ui league
from San' Luis Pptbsi., Many of th , jn-!
habitants were Iriichtened and lefL' Inun-I
datfons caused much damage at Saq Juan,
Bamtlslia and Tobasco. The , Mexlca'ni
Congress had approved, the pontja-yQ'-nej
vera cruz ana Aiexico railway.
Repeal Controversy.
HALIFAX, Nov. 17.
ThtTfepeal oontroversy eontinu-ss. Hon.l
William Annandhas oublished a letter in
reply to that of Air. Howe. He Isconftdenti
of bringing about repeal in Etisland. andi
in the .failure ef Canada to conciliate Nova '
Scotia. 'Judge Marshal bs- also' written'
another letwrv in which he saye-Mri Howe1
counts too largely oh Che steadfastness ofj
the people, and warns any person In office
that If they support "Howe 'their career!
will be short:'' The Repealers generally j
think Howe cannot influence .Nova scotia,
but fear that his course will bave an, im
mense influence in England. - '
Monetary Excitement.
ST. JOHNS, N. B. Nov. 17.
' The monetary excitement continues.1
The St. Stephens Bank agency closed yes-J
terday, and the announcement was made;
that its paper would only be redeemed ati
the head office. There has been a general!
run for gold on the other banks, which so,
(ax has been jrouiDtly met. Pert- P. San-j
tleon, cashier of the Cbmmereiai Bank, has'
absconded, leaving defalcations amounting1
io ao,uua. - commercial a ma. notes nave
notes hav
Declined to sixty cents.
McClung, and occupied as grocery and dry
goods .stores,,' was destroyed by fire lat
night. ,Lpss30,fXK).
. v- :
New York Money Market—Nov. 17.
MONEY Easy at6g7 per cent, op eallj
UuLD-Lower: opened 1 ati 136?a, Ind!
ejHMta U li?4. rr. 'fi t.;. :-r. i
New York Money Market—Nov. 17. Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 17.
discount buying and par selling; . iv
New York Stock Market—Nov. 17.
without material change. Cohpons.of ,'$lj
H4U(ail4?; do'. '62 109i09; do i
106?2107; do '65 WliMiH' a ' new!
109109; do , '67 ltJ9?ilt7ir do 68
110110; 10 40's 10iJ-ilUo.:. Y j
Transactions in railway shares continue
large, although less, excited than yester-i
dav. ,Tbe market opened firm with salts!
of E'le at 54c; New York Central at 122J;
Reading at 99; Northwestern at 5;' At
the first open hoard prtcerweakenea.-ahtl
since then weakened and settled, qntil the
second regnlar board, when Erie touched
47; Central USX- Reading 976 and Norths
western 821. - SubsenSentlv . the, market
became excited and variable, Erie reach
ing 50; Central 120, however; and closed
dull and unsettled. . !
630 prices The renswatof the Erie war
rhadmaeh effect on -the market. Italsol
cteated an uneasy feeling in. monetary cir-i
cle. Wells' Express 2728;-Amerteim!
43(345); Adams 4S,,49- United Spates 43
(?4; Merenants' union zui; I'acinq
Mail 1141U& Western Vnio.i Telegraph!
303CH; New 1'ork Central 119119j
Erie 4M49M do preferred 63; Hudson
123iil23; Reading 9797ia'; Terre
Hmite 384ir Wabash 56U(!?57; St.' Paul
6S69; Ft. Wayne 107l073i; Ohio &
Mississippi Tjy.maix, Aircnigan -uentrai iits
Michigan Soiithera- 8383; Illinois
Central 4U&ritl&t)UTitbSi(mx4: in
ledo 9S99; Rock Inland 10410i;:
Northwestern 8383. i
Weely Review of Columbus Markket
APPLES The demand is fair at $3 75,
4 50 per barrel, and $1 001 50 per bushel
retail. .
BUTTER The supply is. fair: lots are
sold at 35c. ."".'' : ' ' - -''
BROOMS Are very scare and firm at
$2252 75 for common,. $300 3 50 for
medium, $4 00 for extra, and $o 00 for
fancy. - ; ; .. - i
COFFKE Demnnd - good and prices
firm. . We quote common i0&22e: "medium;
2325c, prime to choice 25.V26c, Java 33
tS-ioc. .
CHEESK Firm- at - our 1 quotations.
Dairy 1717a'c and. Ohio factory 1819c,i
with prospect of higher prices.
DRUGS AND DYES Our quotations
are unchanged, although prices are very
firm. We note Carb. Soda. Liverpool, 8c
Sal Soda C7c; Saleratus 10)gl2c ; Cream
Tartar, pure, 435c: 2d quality 3550c; Borax
45c; Brimstone and Sulphur 89c; Ep.
Salts Vc;-saltpetre lo'S'iOc; Camphor l 6U;
inaigoi4U(z txi; .Madder -iiiwwc: Alum
7c; Copperas 6c; Blue Vitriol 18c. j
EGG'S Are tngood supply at much nizn-
er figures. ' We iiote retail price at 2530q
per doen. ' - , j
Disti xne aemana - remains gooa
for all kinds. We quote No. 1 Mack-
erel half barrels at $12 50; No. 2 do. $11 00
wnite r isn are lower: we quote new as
$7 .25 for half barrels; Gibbed Hem
ring $5 25; Labrador do. $7 00; Dried Her
ring 60c; new Cod Fish 8to9j.- . - !
i FLOUR Spring ,-$7-508 00; white
$8 609 00. - . ": i - i
FRUIT AND NUTS The demand for
foreign fruit is good. We quote Layer
Raisins at $4 25 for old, and $4 75 for new;
Currant8l7c: Prunes 18e; Figs 2023c; Cit
ron 40c; Almonds 2540c; Filberts 20c; Pe
cans 2022e; Brazil nuts l820c; Sardines,
quarters, 25cr Oranges $7 50; Lemons $7
7 50.' ".' ., ' " .' "" . -i
. GRAIN Wheat, red. $1 30l 50; OaU
4050s; Corn in good supply at 40 to 50c
per bushel. - - "
SEED We quote Flax at $2 25; tHover
$6 50(7 00; Timothy $3 ,25 ' per . . bushel,
buying rates, j- t - :
HAMS AND BACON Sugar onred Hams
iOo; Plain do. 20c;-Bacon sides 1516cper
ponud ; Mess Pork $28 00. , r j
LARD Not much doing; sales at 19
20l'i- . . -.JC - v i-. j
OILS Lard Oil nominal at $1 10; Lin
seed $1 25; Fisfi Oil S0'$1 00. LiZ Zld
PEXROLEUM 3031c . !
POTATOES From 80c to $l 00 per
bushel. . , i r -. , c. -vl
RICE The demand is fair.,. : We quote
choice Rangoon at 11c. i
LEAD AND SHOT Are" hIgher.vsW
quote Drop Shot , at $3 75; Buck. $4 00;
Bar Lead 13c. . ' "i
demand, and prices are fully maintained!
yye. quote Sugar House Syrup at 65c; Gopd
Syrup 86e$100r Extra "do. Ki
Drips $1 25(1130; P. R. Molosse.8590cj
New-crep New Orleans $1'4041 05. ,
SUGARS There has been a firmer tone
In the sugar market tor the past week, with
a brisk demand. We quote Molasses Sugars
do. 25a.
STARCH-n'There are rio 'changes in pri
ces;, from Uast week's quotations Sc. i the
ruling rate. - - - v t-i - -.aj
V SALT Thedemand is light, with almost
no stock..-. We quote Hocking and Zanss
vllle at $2 753 00; Cases Dairy $4; Bar-,
rels with sacks $ j.M ' 1
rALIXW Is held at 1213c.
TEAS Are - without --change. Wi
quote conftnon. S5c$l-25;-medium $1 5Q
1 70: Fine to choice Young. Hyson, .$1 75
i-90; Imperial $1' 65(98-00; Gunpowder
$1 752 00; Oolong, $1. 25(11 65. I
TOBACCO-.MANOPACToaici)i Dark 46s,
Viz aod Navy U 66(75r Rrtlhi.Vrs and
uound8 95cl 3VSix twistj 40c; Suiokini
Tobacco 2232c. Fine cut chewing 65i-
$120. '" .
WOODEN ' WARE-Two boor Pails
$2 80? .threeo.$3-r No.l--Tubs $13 00; No.
2 $11 50; No. 3 $10 50; Washboards $3 25:
No. 1 Churns $14: No. St do. $13: No. 3 do!
Buffalo Market—Nov. 17.
rFTjOUR-Unchartged; :" ;?-? Vj
ter .at ! 70; Wisconsin per sample.' ac
1"33.-' ' ' i:'"'.'i i i ..i vn,
: CORN Sales at D0c lor kiln dried
87$1 for old western. . ,'0. .aV i P'i..-
t tAT--UUler at 69C v ) i.:i3iuaa i.. '
RYE Nominal. . . ., .emi.m
Cleveland Market—Nov. 16.
FLOUR Ctty; made-XXX white til 2f
011,60; XX amber $9 609 76; XX red
winter $8 25(38 50: XX 8DrinsrS7 f50-a7 7K
IX spring $77 75 country made XX red
WHEAT Holders-are firmer bnt the
rrnarltetls Inactive and ndmtnal al $1 GSig
i u ior jmo a rej winter; MX ,oOsl -3 an'
3 do,-.., , -, ii-imuio) .hAi,,Mj
. CORN Quiet and firm at 92c for No 1
wiilHlt no demand for ean oomw i. . I .
- OATS The market is sH Mt) norlaar
ly unchanged;, held ,t.6(3l57cr fot'J$f
..YE Market dull and nominal; helij at
IJ5t!J?r NO Jiate -indNvesternV '
iuu i wuu-ri ur aemma ana neia at
$3638 00 per. ton for fine. miudiinBt-r$-J6
30 (X) for No 2: $J466 0O AWnnwaia
tfu2auu ior snorts. inxj
r : I a-vi n. mr . . a.. ....... tta-in v Jt
joiKiyrfttMitei .qiet pj steaay atfal
fox No. ,mes; J$2i-fofllNp J JviA'&b
uivnr. ,i?fif i a amu
- DRESSED HOGS Market doll and
nominal: . - ;,;:t .
. L A RD Steady ajid nncbanged; city reof
deredheld at 16o In tierces, 16c in kegs.
. , BE E a fiteadv j, Ne JU toon JkaidntnCl
extra mess at $I7vii ln
j BUTTERr-i-T-he demand is falror
prime, to extra Western Rrve. At :3B
3Scin tubs, -pails and . rolls; commoa te
gooa new at 2834c. il
CHEESB-Thereis a very good local
andhtp-pier:demand,t md' the imMket1tf
firm afc lAaiJe-for.dstrjtnrfjf-naniv-
smsll lots selected do 16018c. .
EGGS-Market steady ndJIrni fitHid.
35c for fresh receipts. n4i.i tVimiait
POTATOES . The market firm anil
steady ata6065e'for pesch blewiWtnnbi
ONIONS-Mtjderate request aud steady-
at $4 60(35 00 per barrel. ..r-vt.i limayiA
- 'DRIED APPLES Market "lrM.bif
and steady at 8t39q 4pr;.goo4 to- choice
,'ru ,T'ih hot
i JiiREEN: APPLES The market irri!et
and unchanged, , Prices range at $2 tJOi
3 -80 pet- barrel for common to choice hand
picked winter fr,uit.T,
BEAN: Firm and fn'good -Teqaest at
$3 504 00 for medium to prime wnlte.
SEEDS-Nothing ot Importance doing
and market nominarr
PETROLEUM-f-Market dull bu a,shad
firmer; -refined held at ?4o4o Urg lpt; 5
27a in trade lots-; .' .nuMni
.fl ' "i t'fl nn:y3
Cleveland Market—Nov. 16. Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 17.
and quiet. ' .i A . I .' i .'rm-.ii J
"CORN firmer; new 5859i H y J
w'OATS Unchanged ."-ii ..-i-Vi-i. '.:ihl
...RY&t-Firm at 1 3(Wr JTo 1.-'". oiiHJ
mTTnv n,,n. r.u,ii oa;. .ai o n
.... ,vo , .Lu.i, iaiuujiiiii-Ab, . . .
ir t-r T, -1 - ,r . . . . . . I -j.v
purvA-Tucciinea v). yo8.- and) ir
regular. k3a uu..i.:r ..I j. . -'j
HOGS Iri good demand at $77 'fed.
Holders asking bettef prices at, the clott
receipt 3 800. ":; ;:;',M,)";;;n;
' GREEN-.MEATStMlfdeB'.at'7Wt9
7c for shoulders-, 910j tof adeLTaiia
likdfA-ubs. " : ua.-: :jjip"Tr-,
:LARD-rDull;:tdemand.. llglvt;-: prtinn
steam 14, and kettle rendered'! 15k ($
BULK MEATSDul-iatesA fcr
shoulders; VSs for clear rib, and 14e-or
clear sides all from 17 to 20 days id Salt
wd packed. y - v r, r :.:r ;p
BUTTER In light supply and firmer at
3539e tot fresh; "--., r- j-.-.s
- EGGS-Firm at 30c'. J '. ,"
SEED Clover dull at $13; timothy tji
dined to $2 502 75; flax is down to $2
t W and 9iill.--'-:''---
OIL Linseed unsettled; small 4ales "at
9395-?. a . i-,-.j'ii,vTf. I j
BEEF-CATTLE In large supply and
50elower$a 605. 50 pej-.tefttal j-rpsaa
the whole range, ,ii!,,t
New York Market—Nov. 17.
'. COTTON Less 'activd 'and without
change at 244 for, pliddllng upland,-:-low
grades, dhli and droopTng., i"'
. FLOUR-Closed dull and" mOahxyt.
, W H E AT4Nominally l2c lower., ',' IT
RYE Dutl at $1 30 for westernT.
...OATS-ruiet ,at 70n.c fbrestern.
.', VCORN--DuIl, at $1 101 13i'lor pq
sonnd, apd, f Ll-lQl J5 lor sonadmixMl
PORK-Nolnlnal at $29. casn'for' lie'S.
., BEEF Quiet; without decided change.
' BACON Nominally unchanged: ;;J
CUTMEATS-Noiiinaliy i,nchanged.l
LARD Quiet at 1616c for fair to
prime steam '- --il.
EGGS Quiet and" steady. 1 M I
- ,: ' ' duiju
Chicago Market—Nov. 17.
FLOUR Less otIve and easier: Spring
extras $5 ?56 75. ' :- If . .if
WHEAT In good:6pecnrtlye Tqrje8t
and unsettled; No 8 crosed 33J-?e-Jowen
sales of Nol at tl V&. 23? No-! $1 08
i 12); closing- weak at $1 08; sales of
No? since change at 9V08.-1 -,1.; "
' CORN A shade firmer; iteady tales of
No lat 8080f;'.'NoJ'2r76M(3i71c; nCw
Shelled 57c In store and'58(afcnr- -on rrari--
sairsui nv i tins arcernoon at 8!.-
i . . .- , . .. ... .
RYE Firmer - and more cr!W-r''-iJ.
higher- sales of No I at $1 04r 06; Nd 3
$1 03; closing at $1 061 06 for'No' l.
- BARLEY In good speculative demand;
910s higher; sales of Na.l at$l 50(3158
anu rejeciea as 91 au;.ciosingat $l 5& for
No. l.' ""l ' ! j ''J ; ' " ' ' .f
' -'" -- - "'.r -" . '' " ''' :.S av
Toledo Market—Nov. 17.
FLOUR Quiet: ' " -
WHEAT Ad vanced 1 ontTb?erfwTta
the advance lost; sales of white1 Michigan
at $1 82; amber $1 711 72; Illinois amber
$173; No. 2 amber .$155; No, 2 spring
CORN le better; sales No. 1 af SOtasgtic,
closing at 89c; rejected at S7c; -J '
'" raTlo bctttri No,! f XJiaj McMg'ak
: BAELEY-Dun: 1 ri'-o-xiiaoT
tl. - - ' - t
St. Louis 17.
FLOUR Quiet and 'unchanged ;' super
$4 505 50; extra $5 756 50.' . rZ...
WHEAT Firm, nnuer light recefpts,
but not qnotabty higher -A " " 0
f, CORN-Unchanged ;, 75C for Old." ?"
OATS Unchanged; 4852j." ! l,i
RYE Sold at $1 10
BARLEY Unchanged. -w-H
PORKT-OId $2Si new $25.:'"J ,'i'"'1
. BACON Easier -"13)13J4j for shoulder?-.
18e for clear sides. Vr';Z,,.,J
LARD Cn be bought for U4h' -L-m"
WHISKY Unchanged. -J-'-"-- . n-lori
HOGS Sale 100 at 67o.
. mm rrnTi'j
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 17.
FLOUR Firm and prices, bnehangotikei
WHEAT Nominal; $L 27 for No. 1 ia
store. 'jmi-win
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 17.
Market generally inactiye.. " '
Paving Notice.
7o lU kom U oiayaaiwii'a i W " v. 1 b i rbr.
-...Mm-. "( CITT CLBBX'8 0rTCR''Y
1 i t r Voupuvoa, N(rr. . lsafi.fc"
. Notle Ii aombr s-Wea thatHtaf!MiW.i
UMtiutedin. theTOilr Conaoil of Coiajnsw, for
makiiu tha following iinp(omaaoU,,to wit:, ,
For la.vint a double row flag stone eroraUig aoroaa
Center alley oa the DrtQ aide ef bBtr straet, -
Alao. for baildioc a donhla mm (1..
aoroSoMh,l,iili.l-MiB-at(Ua ywrntU ! a Uith
Also, for aIl(Krir';a''Vlf,nMi''Vn i;yi.'-
aeross South street at the weak aide of Hie a ttrmat.
and filed Itt kfcaftoe-f tB CitvISarE.
oauiuaic w u, proiwoa OI. in jir Jivii
m wi-
All persona olaimuig daoagea, an aoooant of sail
oroDosed imDrovements. are reauirnd in fil.
elaima mtbooffioaof ha.CIrk,-ia wHtiDt-.'on or
before tha lwnr-nlUi aajr of -ttyrt A,. Ml
norls-dltawiw '
'A, ,,.! -OltTlTfei'
Paving Notice.
Tb ail wXonit maveonemrmz J.tiJ-rrt .Inritt
!' ..i-r
Cirr th.-riii'ti (h-vrcCf-1
ltI. llU lk d 'I .
i GOLtJ-MBC. Oaoot. J4. laaa"'
Notiee . l-y,-rtTn,'tfcat-JeedrnhaTaT-
insututed ; ia.tbeOitr Uoaeoil oColumb,itoWaS-
IDE lae 1011OWU12 llflDmVAmMita bv.it,
ni i.r.?.r"T?,.il,,ortl b,il ! Pei7' H-t from
High streets to the corporation line, r-
or grading t
. ' AlBOk IOS Al
i aradieg and ipaviD tlie' a a Iter aad
n atravaling-. tiia. roadwrj and- aid.
-Mound street from, Wathuuton
liaa of lot No. IS. ' -
cradina, ana
walks on iJoand
to the east line o
Alao. for dooWe row flag e-lone TaaVeteetii'taBraaa
Moaod street npon the wett side of iLicta atreel(7
. The same to be dona in iMAftl.iM. ; . v ,?- .
All persona olatnuag daman b ,
tN-opoeaa improTemeine. are Teaairad tn Sl.,w.
claims in the ofioe of tie Clartin -I?Ji? ir?
Before the Fitteenth' danrSLrJ?Kti;.OB,'0,
ectW-dlt,w4wj !liw 7,,, tla&Jt trj yier'g-
:rt7i: Jra rL0 WarAYObsbofofl
'V'.'. T. -.rf'FL0a.BS MXQ,"VvrA V
HIW, FEBFUKB for Um HAWn-rtrBrrrHr-
ttaa.ua a twl,a,i ooisnv ali-rrr....

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