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THCBID4V nOstrlll".,. - . NOV. 19.
News and Otherwise.
'4 Goi cloeJ la 2fw York yesterday at
i35Jf. "; ' .
Th Ilanlon Brothers are in Cleveland, j
Hiram Powers is going to visit CIncln-:
Flour is selling at 95 per barrel in San
Fraoclfco. !
S Sbawt's mejerity hi Wisconsin tojeatl-,
teamed at 24,000. ' !
Out Boll is to give a concert in Spring-,
field December 8th. i
Spain it would seem, is about to take on!
a new vigorous Hie. ' i
I Cleveland, the police are arresting last
rivers oj th streets. -j ij '-.'j j
d SnukorMLb, according' to the :-Xepubtic,
is not a burglarious place.
Is ten years, California has yielded $90,-;
OOOvOOdiBgoid aadrsilvervi a he es j
Hark Twain lectured at Cleveland Toes-;
day night and made a hit. j
Marion Township," Meroer county, gave j
Seymour 387; Grant none. j
On Monday, at'Omaha, and further wes
there was a heavy snowstorm.
io aim Ut-i a :-.viujo j,:m-." tr TJ
In Japan the women marry between the
ages ot sixteen and seventeen.
Negro Suffrage was beaten abtraf 25,000
at the late election in Missouri.
Napolkon's new official paper, is edited
by Robert Mitchell, an AnferUan.
Qukcn Victoria's oldest daughter, the
Princess orftssla',R'aWlx children.
It is thought that Julius J. Wood will be
VtaiapS VmSbttoffice in Columbus.
Mr. Dxfrkks, the public printer, can
not give employmenOo any more printers.
Thb grocery d.;irketlBg bill of tl e j
Astor House per year is reported at $225,
000. !
ptirt&if!t evBraf pfaces frtea&ef&e
llsParliament4ryetectlons' 6"n"tle j
.Mas. Mabj:,Tharp, of Mlddleport, ,Ohio, i
InstMUi.sCJSaUwday of heart dis
ease. In Richmond, VsCTthere are over forty
tobacco factories, employing 23,000 per
sons, "vo . "j,,VT
The Cadiz SentinetwnuU the Democrat
atate Jyventlo-fcald orUeJtta otkn- j
Hon. C L. Yaixandioham has lessed
hi ioaarestts.tha JayUm LtOjertd H. El
liott, Esq. ' .
At Iodiaoapolisrbe price bogs ranges
from six to' sevtti Wnts-thi ia'ttet for ex
tra grades. .'
Wrndku. Fbuih 'eoothines'to rave
about General Grant's reliability, in the j
Bartholomkw Deiolk, of Benton town
ship, Monroe con fit v aom'toiUedAsuicide
by shooting himser: " U;
Gkosgk AurdTowSskkd is the Wast.
rtyjiajSC OWT eapogpJentoC the iCVc v CauM
Leader and Cincinnati Commercial.
JrjdJihfl Republicans praise General
Grant's silence during the campaign;), JIU
t uij auuujiui tu Wiein.
Bt the dejaaeTtsn tbeJStrpieme Court ef
Missouri, the "Shares of National Eanls are
TBsf pomiealacks'fa'the Republican
part are ia .trtomauon, i MMt tuev r toart
ads ie the iilect id General fc-at' kfl
.anoT tf3 i
Jakes Rothschild, who has just died
UrAHswas w&rilY 50.000.0fjf). - Be had
fbf ,jrepuaon of be.ln. the; menestj smanj
ttt Fai ' - -' ! JPfi-taA
. rrtaT JWrWol su(stlfe taeVoP making 1
Foreign jpeistf utf florae Greeley .
It WoaM mak out of hlr the SecreUry of
jTrjeasuryr, ,M 4t ...t, xa M
riariucol.umn'$teS' 'fbat bds.s'g
awry d-llTha- iwhata ay for lie-
pu Oilcan rule. ,0!!ul e .n,xaMn ifiui 1ojh
the "p'ropjtetor:nrl ie'diiors of' thet
fM-V ijt"wthey:.aja
maS'ngo f.f.f.:UVsr
lTsi Carpet-Ba"g Static i Government 1 to
joagtAtned la Arkansas, at he point ot.
the bayonet. Goyerpor Clay tori has de
tSfiidrttukaitMn to that tffeot7.Ai tH
CoC5(?oa?Wi MdCooit'is wrged)by
the Cadis Sentinel, Uw behalf of Eastern
O iW a hfct person to be the next
Democratic candidate for Governor.
Gkkxkai. GaAWTlB lnlffew "iork City,
breakfasting, dining, wining and supping
wiUktomnt, Kepabllcans, and riding
ut with Bonner behind fast hordes . .
xl Indiana there 'are iBl Odd Tellow
. Lodges, with a' membership Of 13,885! The
rfeBTc.e( the dodges amouuti to 80a
084 29, ana tne Orpharr JTund Is f 133,3o3 01.
tsTBitfht, about half-rmst S o'clock, the
Lunatlo Asykim at this city took lire, an
wssjes Durnuig as we. went to press.
Doubtless, its destruction has been com-,
plete,.. Wjiii -' it- j. "
On 'the trial before United States Com- '
alSsiorjer-Halllday, Judge Pngh was rep-,
resented by Ho4 3IUtorl Sayler, Judge
Stanley. Matthews' and Lorenzo English,
a-2;. i-t i-'f"
kTbb Grand itfry t the United States
Cfiurt for Jforjherrj Ohto, hive found bills
ot indictrent, against Judge Dickinson
BJ.',Wiillam Ha McArdle, charged with
baling viojated, bi Jfaturaliaitioa 1 laws.
Their plea is, notuiglty, t v.r-.s:., r.
A ' Wrjii iif n o vvn as Rose Delmond, of
queenly beauty when the war broke out,
whose mother and- brother-live In Utica,
New York, by stepping aside from the path
of virtue went, down dishonored -to, and
now "sleeps in, a pauper's grave at Mobile.
3tiMfo?jhtTt 3Wii ' Fellow'
camptroerHa,inJlBdlaa, with membership
ot 3t469., During; the year there were J 3Q9Q
Initiations; 37 were admitted by card; 291
reintawd;;v7;wfthdrew' on card," and 40
weH suspended.. Tbe resources of
Eic)pm4sart 48,438.18, :
'a ! I
XBrtjjji,eGytf Ppe; W thii fii late ,
Ol'Sue aeaweonbiv jrwiby mo m vjv JWB
now lor the. serf os , coDftideraUon 4t the"
Aarerican: Teople",-Wot, ao,V ;anbjisl'
jusiiow sot the serious eonsideratioa of
the American' people is, how are, they to
tnnlva boMmm Tears of Had leal mle?-
..i i . ...t-if.!:. I, lial u -( 1 . -t-2
Tbm Circuit Ceort t Madtson, Wiscon
sin, has granted awnsutt ia the case of
Emntsf Bc'lfneiderf gainsf the" Pi-oyiderlce. ,
Lll lsafl'cc Company, oChicago who
suntt to recevertbe" amourit of a4 accident'
pollcxoa.theife af er hoahand, the court
holdlDgthat, as-tBedeceased'jbBt IIS llf
whllsaftBrklBl? loifeCeieaA 4ftei
they were In motion, the deftaiinta were
notllaaaipj:tB.auiouat of the policy.
Interesting Arrangement of the
4 The Albany Evening
Journal gives the
following tatajes wtyh a yiew tftshow that!
General Grant has not received a majority
of the electoral votes as they would have
been cast if left free from the operation of
military power:
Grant. Seymour.
Mine : 7
New Hampshire. .. ml i a
Vermont... 5
Massachusetts ,.. 11 .. ,
Rhode Island ..) '. 4 .. ,
Connecticut 6 i
New York........: .. - S3
reuosyiTania, xo
New slersey.....-..i
Louisiana. ...... -
n.eoiaoaj s.
VUUI .... f. .
Iowa, ...
Kaqsas1.. au.
California.... ...i........
1 SI
n...i.i.V - IS
161 81 ,
Add to the Grant column the States con,
trolled by military power, and. we have : i
West Virginia ....a....... ...... 5
North Carolina.
....... . ...... l j
Sonth Carolina.
The States coerced into Silence by act of
Congress and the. threats of military gen
erals were :
Vi:ginia 10
Mississippi.... 7
i exas
The total then is :
r-mtr- -i Electoral
' ' I Tot4'
States for Grao.-.v..v.f.. A..-r.'l lfil
States coerce t for Grant 69
States silenced... S3
States or Ke.rinwr....S..V..'......,t .4. '
Left to the free utterance of their un
forced opinions, the States of the South j-
those which voted under martial lw and
those whiorV iwere : silenced i-would have
oast j their electoral Votes, fof Spy mour, as
Georgia and Xiouisiana .have dune, in spite
or military dictation. ,
Add these votea-totne Seymour column,
where they belong,, and, we have :
Free States M
Mili'ary dependencies....... ....v.-.t..,..Y. 61
eHencjHates.. .i.f.,-...iti
Grant's vote.. ...-r.r.;
Seymour's majority.,
K J'i.l' l."..r-,".r.l, ,1
"Honesty" and "Simplicity of
Character" Fatal to Office Seekers.
era. --'
In the division of offices, under General
Grant, Horack Greexbt is proposed as a
Droner nerson tQU the posUt Minister-to
Koglatuf. fAgaipst tlSv'the Joimrlof this
Llty enters.lta potesti Itsajsj f i
and other pajiers to send Horace Greeley to
represent us at the Court ot St. James, Is
simply ridiculous. Mr. Greeley does not
posses ono single qunlttv tr "Peoommend
hi til fdrfhe career of a diplomatist; bis
honesty, bluntness and simplicity of char
acter, which so bocome him at home, are
not available virtues at Foreign Courts.
His eccentricities or. character, manners
and dress would soon subject htm to Uie
ridicule of Punch and tbe London Theaters,
aod4rorjs the outset be would be the butt ot
theliolomatie corps,
We enter our protest against the asser
tion that'Bbriestybluatness ahfl sltnplic
ity of charfreterr'"ai'e ''not available virtues
at Foreign Courts" when possessed by a
representative of -ther United States. We
have but little confidence in Mr. Greeley's
Hontj3'M W,n Simplicity
ot character" is a mask, put on to make
bim appeas eccenrie j.nerdejr,te.bc talked
of by men. ""Yet, If real, they do not mlli
Vata.agx.ipst bis. appoi.iment.a The. most
successiut idlplomatlsb thlcon try ever
produced was Franklin, who possessed
the characterist!cs-th-Journa2 thinks un
suitable for a Foreign Minister, in an emi
aa ctegrse. He was the idol of the Trench
Court and of the French ' Jpeople, and this
day jrhernamfr.of;FAKKiiN isrSaoreamUp
nia Frtucelhai In any other portion "of
the world outside of the United States.
The Journal has an editor craving a For
eign! .Mission,, .who. .Is.. the antipodes; 01
GrexXk In therofeof 44honesryj bluntriess
snd "-simplicity -ef character.wlth'; which
the 'Tfibuii edltorts clothedJs' thejojnai
editor after the English Mission
Mr. Lincoln proffered and pressed upon
Mr. Beskktt, of the Herald, the appoint
meet.pfTMipitr,to France, aad-4h,cTr&r
aEdiwiaVprovied ii; as the best selectiori
that could, be. made.. We give, tbla 88 a
sample of Mr. Greeley's "honesty?"
Counsellor (?) Nash !
lieT6e8TTio"rTlE8greate8t law y era." Ihe
public seems severely forgetful of tbe dis
jclples'oi ULACisTOSETTeavIn (bemlolan
'guish in obscurity, scribbling a daily tissue
ofliessfOF jioma aewspapeft as' neglected
bat as deserving as the writer.' "But true
:genius scorns the obstacles which succes;-
fjlly impede tbe progress of -ordinal v
uwrCalJV itt clients don't come -lo attor
neys, attorneys must seek clients. , Such
are the tactics ot Mr. Nash. ' He would
notrtut himself up In an office, but would
sally forth and impress 'the public In gen
eral, and one Mr. Smith in particular, of
the - Importance,' the 1 eloquence and the
learning of G. KVN8H. , Mr. J7ash a,nd
Mr. MabtIn, according to the testimony ol
Smith, intimidated Smith and coerced hlfn
into , making an . affidavit against Judge
Pugh. ' In order to do this young gtaius
justice, we copy the -exact words of the
CommierdaVi report : '
v -
Q. Who told vou it would keen vou out
oi irouoie to maae in is amaavitr
r -A. Mr. Martin and Mr. Nash
on Monday these gentlemen came in to
wnere iwas working ana asked me if 1
had any papers of that kind, aud I said .1
had."----' '
Now Nash ought to know, It he knows
anything, that a man .' not' entitled to
vote, and who does " vote, i as Smith
did, is . punishable by fine and im
prisonment. Instead ot keeping , the
poorjdupe j"oat' of) tronble,". 'i as
promised, Smith is being prosecuted for
illegal voting, and his conviction must fol
low as a necessary .consequence, since he
confessed to the commission of the crime
charged. This pink of propriety peeks
out a weak -minded dupe, and deliberately
lays a trap for his conviction by promising
to protect biml. It may be urged, irt favor ol
Nash, that. he... has been-: at Xhe bar only a
lew months and never read the election
law.' This certainly is the most charitable
supposition. Either he lied deliberately
to Smith or he was too great an ignoramus
to comprehend the, legal' effect of ibis ad
vice, which Smith, acted upon and trusted
implicitly :i -
Hollo wat's Qisxukitx Stiff Joints
One-of the"' most remarkable attributes of
Hollowat's OusTMBitT Is the rapidity and
certatntywlth which 1t relaxes contracted
ligaments and, sinews.' Joints that have
been stiff for years have repeatedly been
restoreffjpMlilitl ty apeneyerjrig os of
thla matchless salve. .Brisk friction should
be useifiB applying It la inch cases, so that
ita annealing .influence; .may. thoroughly
rJnetrate the contracted fibres. Sold by
all druggistf-M f t r, iralw1cjrr;
Fob SALB-Horfse' and " lot, 1 corner ol
1..-. 'iu a
; . . .. j .1? wanKthotr,ff A tfen up
Franaiw1"1 T
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
New Advertisements
VS The Ohio Statesman ' feu a
Lars Circulation th any pa
per published In thl Cly or Cen
tral Ohio. . Advertiser vrlir bear
thie) in mind.
Paving Notice.
Toaflwkomitmayemeemi ', ir'"(
Columbus. O.. Soy. is. 18s8.(
- Notioeis berebr airen. that uiuueedinn hare been
Instituted in the City Council of Columbus, foi
makiiia the fol owina-improvements, to wit:
Korar dinv an4 navio the ui. paved sidewalks.
(utters and crossings on the west side of Washing.
Ion avenue irom ine norm aiae oi niuan riace to
the south aide of Oar street. , , . . , . . ,
Also, for rer.avinf High street frm Perrv street
ot the eorooration line.
Also, for grading and paving with boulders the
rradwaj of fuolie allej from 'itth street to Slith
Street, if ' i
t The sameto be done in accordanoe with theplati
ana estiniuts to De prepared ny ine mitu fin
fineer. and Sled in the office of the Citv Clerk.
All persons claim ins damages on account of said
nmooned imomvement'. are reauired to file their
olaims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the first day ot Janna y, A. if. loon.
novlB dltawsw ,: i-' City Clerk
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a donble row flsgerossini
aorosa South Fablio lane at the- west side of
mgR street.--; t- s-v . - v. .
Section 1. Beitordainel by the Citr Connoil of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring). That a doable row Bag crossing
be built across South Publio lane at the west side
of High street, in accordance with the nlat thereof
ion ate in tneomee 01 toe uuy uierg.
nsa.i. inat an aamaaes. eosn ana expenses
arising from the foregoing improTement, shall to
aaaessed and levied upon tne several lots 01 land
frwBting erabuUwg en the west side of High street
irom first alley to oorawDOrry aue.iacroporuon
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To assess a special tax uvon the r -al estate bound
ing the east side of High street flora Broad street
to uay street.
Scctioh 11 ' Be it ordained by the City Cennoil
of the city of Columbus. That tbe su n of Ten
cents. One mill, be and the same is hereby levied
aalatssed upon eaon loot irons 01 tne severe:
lota of land bounding or abutting upon tbeeslst side
of High street from tiroad street to Gay street, as
the sum are oesigoated uooo the plat of the
Civil Engineer, on file in tbeoffioeot the City Clerk,
for tbe eost and expense of building a douole row
flag erosaina aorosa Linn alley at tee east side of
tiigh street, aoeordicg to- tbe estimate of the Ctty
l!ivil K,tffinear . t , - ' i .-- (,
. Sao. S. .'I'.at the owners of the awvwral lota of
lan 1 upon which the foregoi. g assessment is made
ball pay tnaamounta at money bf mora severally
due ia that behalf to . 1 ' , , , within
twenty days t rum the date of this, ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and penalty allowed a. pen
An Ordinance. WM. NAGHTEN.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row flat erossinc
, across C'eu tor . alley at the north, sideoi Long
street. . , , .,!.!. -
SacTiONl. Be it ordained by the City Council
ol tbe eity of Columbus (two-thirds ot all the
members concurring), Tbaia double ro flag cross
ing be bui.t across Center a, ley at the norm side
ol Lone street, in accordance with the t.a,t there.
of on nle in the office of the Citv Clerk.
, ouon. ina an damaies, costs ana expenses
arising trom tne foregoing luiprovemement snail
be assessed and levied UDon the several lois of
land fronting or aouttiox on the north aide of Long
Irom slreet to, inird street.
WM. NAGHTEN. President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16. A. D. 1868.
Attest: E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To assess s special tax upon the real- estate bennd
ing the west side of High street Irom .Noble street
r to ourawbewy alley. . - , : m -. ,k. ..
;.Kkctiom1. Be H ordained' bv the Oitvf!minnf1
of the city of Columbus, That the sum of .Nine
cents, i wo mi us., ee ana tne same is hereby
levied and assessed upon each foot front of the sev
eral iota ot land oonnaing or abutting upon the
west side of High street trom fioble street 10
Strawberry alleyy as the aa roe are designated upon
tbe plat of tbe liivil ISngineer, on file in the office of
tbe i;itv clerk, for tbe cost and exoenHenf Invinff a
double row flag stone oroninif across Mound street
on tne west side ot a gn strent. according to the
r ....... a f.f ,ha i;. I ' . . I ;
, Sue- S. - That tbe owners of the several lots of
lana aponwuion the loregoing assessment is made,
snail pay the amounts of money by them severally
due in that behalf to John Mnrphv. within twantv
days from the date of this ordinance. t,r be subject
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
,w Resolution to Contract. -
J?eoIesf. That the l!iiv 111 vil EnfriniMF k 'mnd
&e is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of tbe oity of Columbus, with John
alurpby, for grading and repaving tbe sidewalks on
the east side ol .Front street from Town-atreet to a
point eighty -ve feet north nf l'owa .street, upon
the following terms, to wit:
t or excavating or grading. Thirty-five centa per
ukratard.- r "- " , .
Jfor bricks laid, ell per thousand. - .
Adopted Mov. 18, lcS8.
. - ; .i."ir-5'.AUest:: LE. WIL80N," -
.neV19rdlt, ru-.f, i inir,;;, ..-:, ! City Clerk. ,'
An Ordinance.
. .To ehanEQ the name af Rein hard .trt.'
i-Baerron l. Be it ordained bv the CTtt Council' of"
m vhj ui vuiamuw, inm ine name 01 iteii.
bard street in Xiiuruian's addition be and tho same
is hereby changed to tne name ol bper s reet.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16. A. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To assess a special tax upon the rex! estate bound
ing- on High ttroet from a point 15 feet south of
- nend street to the south line of South fubha
.lane. - - , . - r .;
SECTION I. Be if ordained bv the. Citv Conneil
of tne city of Columbus, That the sum of tive
Dollars be and the same is hereby ler,ed and assess
ed upon each foot front of the several iota it land
bounding or abutting upon' High street Irom a
point 12& feet south of Friend street to the south
line of south Fublio lane, as the same are desig
nated upon tbe plat ot tbe Civil Engineer, on file
in the office of tbe Citv Clerk, for the partial coat
and expense of excavating and paving the roadway,
gutters and crossings aloug the same with the Mo
olson Davement., . - i .-
SEC. A 1 bat the owners cf tbe several lots of
land upon which the forcaoinc assessment is-made.
shall pay the amount of uiohey by them severally
due in that behalf to J no. W alsb A Co. within twenty
data from tne date ot this ordinance, or beenb-
iect to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16. A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Vie will Sell at Auction, .
On Friday Morning, Nov. 20,1808,
Commencing at 10 o clock, at Warehouse of
Rerrnolda street, near Colombia street, the entire
took of. a -..-. . - j - - -
Sugar, Coffee & Syrups.
' About I0 hhds prime P. R. Sugar; -
; x TOO bags Coffee, fair to prime;
60 bags Java OoBee;
--; ' 93 bexes Clarified Havana Sugar,' ' '
200 bbls. refined, crushed, powdered and
soft sugars;
J00 bbls. Golden syrups.
This stock is worthy the attention of the entire
-. ,,. i. til tn ha sold.
, Terms of Bale All turns under $500, cash; over
600, sixty days approved paper.
noTlS-dlt . V Auctioneers.
ittiij, sip r miiri: n at th b of.
VY fioe of tbe City Civil Engineer in Columbus,
Ohio, until
JNondny, Nov. 33d, 1S6S,
at 4 o'oloik P,' M... for doing tho following work.
to-wit: ...
For building a double row flag crossing across
South fublio lane at the west side of High street.
For building a double row flag crossing across
Center alley at tbe norm sine oi ijong street.
Th. kit4 i11 he oDened bv the committee of the
ward in which the improvement is to be made. The
committee reserve the right to reject any or all bids
at their discretion. iy an,
Citv Civil Knsineer.
City Civil Engineertoffioo, No. 88 South High
- ? n nT 1 ft, t rl
irraaf nn n ut.ir a. u.u
The Ladies of WeMminster Ckurcb
Will givea
At their rooms, THURSDAY evening Not 19th,
to which they cordially invite all their friends.
JL customers, and as many new ones ai may favor
me with a eall-tvt the lowest rates, for ca.-h. with
Oy-tsrs, Fish, Game, Poultry. Meats, Butter, tags,
. , J . ,. - CI . : a Rraail Irsa arAle . Ja lias
VnarAtn.hl. - FruiU oreaa.. . vr.OKers. jeu
swA;nn Hirk-SH. aiSUU. 1BU1V OnUCW, OBf
Lobsterv, lyiamB, vw.w
i.h.ti. OftrDi. Cov and Hpieod Ursters,
H,,l-H Wines and liiquore, cngnsn, sootcn ana
Irish 1'orter and Alej Cincinnati. Uayton and Phil
adelphia stock and iresBAieana rorter, in fint
;nAl."iwaokri. Torpedoea. Fix.woik. snd
cffi and look in. at myold Und. No M iart
Sute street. . -1- " rrAu.mtt.
noTl3-tt-r ,
A V - veers' old. rary handsome, kind and
Jeqvdiar, anrj irpportint. rejatioris ivfcjcli
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
1 coktribute in no small ' degree ' to their
happiness-and welfare, for , none can' be
happy who are ilL . Not only so, but no
one of these various female complaints
can long be ' suffered to run on without
involving' the general health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
1 is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
. relief of these various delicate affections.
and, only upon the most nrgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice ; her
- greatest, charm as to do thiB. . The sex
will then thank ns for placing in their
bands' 'simple specifics whicTi will be
found efficacious in relieving and curing
, almost every one. of thos troublesome
' complaints peculiar to the sex.:
Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
"hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them- with, the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
' am obliged to' say that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
. o the powers of life, by laborious em
! ployment, "ritiw'holesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
. coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
' oftenej; caused , by direct. irritation, ap
plied to the mucous' membrane of the
vagina Itself.1 '
'" When reviewing tbe causes of these
distressing .complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant- evils con
sequent upon them. It -is but simple
justice to the'aubject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
jnss of woman in all classes of society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the - welfare of the entire
"human family. : The mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that nature .. designed
for corporeal development to be wasted
and' perverted in the restraints of dress,
i the early confinement of, school, and es
' pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the . ball-room. . Thus, ,- with the . body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
iited 'by pleasure, perverting in' mid-
'. night reVel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and .rest, the work of destruc.
. tion is naif accomplished., ;
! - . - . . . "i. -.-... ' i---;'.
Jn consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary, effort is
required-by thidelcate votary' to re
tai tv her situation in School at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil.1' When
one excitement is over, another fa pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi-'
tive to, impression, while the now con;
slant ' restraint of fashionable' dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indispensable-to
the attainment and retention
of nrganic health and strength'; the -exposure
to night air the sudden change
ofl temperature;' the complete prostra
tion 'produced by -excessive 'dancing,
must, of nocessityi produce their legiti
mate effect. Ai last, an early marriage
caps the climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one, hitherto- so Utterly regard
less, of tbe : plain 'dictates and remon
strances of- her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling 'subject bf medical treat
ment. 'i-Thisis but !sV truthful picture of
the experience of thousands oi our young
women. ;'''
: Long before tbe ability to exercise tbe
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education of their peculiar
nervous - system, , composed ef what is
called the tissue, which is, In common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
lone before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has sell completed their development.. '
' For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites . or Leucorrhpea, Too ) Profuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too Long
Continued Period's for Prolapsus and
Bearing Down, or! Prolapsus Uteri, we
offer the most perfect specific known :
Helmbold's Compound Extract, ok
BccHU. Directions for usediet, and
advice, accompany. , . ;
Females in. every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age, will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
ita functions. . Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. Helm bold s
Extract Buchu is more strengthening
than any , ot the preparations or. Uark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's' Extract Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in tbe U mteu
States, is now offered to afflicted bu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
. ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : Ueneral .Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head,', Confused. Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
; cular Efficiency, Loss of Appetite Dys
: TieDsia. Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
generation, palpitation ot tne rteart,
and,, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated state of the
system. . To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
Sold by Pruggists and Dealers every
wberel - - , t :
Price. $15 per bottleTor 6 bottles
for S6.50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms . in all communica
tions. Address H."lT HELMBOLD,
-Drug, and i Cherhica Warelipnse, 594
BroaawayN. Y. ? s , a j 1 1 j.t f
None"are gerinine nnlesS 'done5 up in
steel-engraved wrapper,' vrith fae-simile
'of my Chemical "Warehouse, and lignedl
nir goods.
r 'a.
- - ,!:!. 'I :.- !.-.-it-.-!- rf
f.-.-.-i...'-fi-!.;i l-.'.; ; 1.'; ! tm'.'f
, . . ' t . -. ..... . .... I .. ....
' -i: I , .-ici --. - ' - ' V
) -. ' ' - i:' : vi:
. :, i v - j--f ' i ' i-
I- . ' ,t toil IN .'
.(! t.-i ,- r- f.-:! - :. ,.; . . -.'f -'o .
1 . :. -' .' . ;i .. ,
' ' - , ' ; ' :j. . ' :.
: 7
.- 1.
.; tii.- I,
,'1 -. .1 Y-.-S '
1 ' ..t l-'f :'.t
if -y.-r,-
i 4, r. !
I ,
v..:. ' '-A' . -. - : -
t.j ; : ' - - ' !ti : tj , .:-;
iv "!, r-:: t ' ' At. ', i! t- 'Zr-x"--I
t: iv.r, . -r. :..: :i : i
uifi, ; ! f).-.' ' '::.: ec-, wn; ;:.:st
,'j r-'. ' i!'si -. ' i fi",n.' vialii i'Tii
v : i
I -. ,::'.U . J ,
,'( 1!.. V
h.-li-.: ts n j
,1 , ' : ;ii -iv
.r it , ,
u---,iM( 1' -i
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'2 i f i!;
. ;i ..i ' tf. ': -. ;.:,' I- '
.'l : i (. ii'-l - '"-i
..i,i. ..!. ti ; I t "! -:.--u ' '
-,--. j- i-! -'.- ' i --ri-. !
"' r'. '.i I1; I:? i ' ' 'i
- ii : -! ' , :
-i . .1 ll II
- i,t! -c-ii'. i ! -,j ,i .- fi
i!-,L, ; j.,-! i-,:' v-.i ; n t.-.;
'..A ,!V'il! .i'.k. UI'.Tf I :-t--' ..:'
,J p :i,ri" -ihn-.-fiijfi ri'-.i'i i';!-t.t ,:-:
-i:i;!-,l';T-f ::i.,t -L-.i"l ; r VU
i 'in feii! r.i vy."'d -t'.l : '! sin
, 111 jtJ I'iiV ,!! ' -'K T,.! . '
it ,inriiiiv- viiiJli-! l!il -
,' -..ii '.Ai-.i Llot.I-. .-ii ''i!j ii-'tr y.- ';...
-AND- T;: ,;j
.;'J. ir.tr. i.; ' ' , t;'ii!.l(i?'A'v
,:'(! v'.ii-.--! i l-ii:-.t !' .7 ,i.;,f
'i l-i., ---.i i
:--:.mv I '.'. ,; Yl ' ' 1"
' , ...1-3-. S- :;,( H: !? !'
:i';:il r ;.ihH ':." . 'J '- It'll: '.-.ti!.'.:.
':.- V!r ! '. .- .1 li ur -i ci !
us i'i i-...' ," "':',!:; .'- ' ' J -
i H .t.rr ..:t. ' A u
i. r,'; .-j- in thb-;. tt , : .; ;..: ;
" r. . - it
"1 11"' ''n ; il-J-r
,; -r.i. i ;t ' .',
'i.f.'t .--' 1 --:
' ':' :V ' : -
v ; r-. -.,.-,', i -1 i . i i .
I -i-i ' '
, .I'i r. M . ,i I '
HAND AT ToB:- .' i
', .'' v.: , . .' i' .:; t,A .' -!i,.l-,
i '':,:!,'. ':'-iifl
:rl -1;
.'! r. ' n - "'T jl m I"'
ir--r .'.it . . . - ' ' ,
i ... -' ' . '; t.i
'.''-.: . . . I
Cata 1e Vossnd at -
u '
250 AND 252
'' -T -ii''. :. -: 'li ' .' -.i' X
..- -;'-;:)' ; 4, f,.i!: '.-. n ff'ivr .;
I ,1-JV".v.-..:i -Ii'j.'. ,i! f, ,.n
:, J il ! -.hi; -."., ;.,jf
i- (I .-'.'J. .!) :;. i niii : nt.::iti.,i
.,! 1
i'ilo o-: ,.;
nr'pf UCAIal CV A' ffi
A- ' -UJw IlkAULLI i C4 UU-
febT-aodlj1 'I J '
. . . :
.'III -Z. 1
United States 'of,4' America, :
i tr A8HtN6T01, B. o.
Cash Capital, . i - t $1 ,000,000.
-i r -.- i 'i PArD IV FULL.
BA.tlI OFFICE' r ' ) '
To which all general ebrres'popdeno should be ad
, . . , ....... d eased. - .
-JAY JOOKE, Chairman Finance and Exeentira
Committee. j -:., v
HENRY 1). OOKE, Vioe President. J
BMhKSON W. i'EET. Secretary and Aotuarj.
''"H" 1Stc4 b this Company are t ., .
It Is a National Comrjanr- chartered hv anaeial
v It has a paid ap oapital of $1,600,000. I I
It offers low rates of oramiiiai. ,.-
It famishes larger Insuranoe than other Compa-
M Dies aiur toe same monej. , - - - ...
It is definite and certain in its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality.
t It Policies are exemot from attachment.
There are no annecesaary reatnotions ia the Ppl-
lcies.. . , i
F.Tfcrr PolinT n non.fnrfaifahle . "
, - Policies may be taken that will pay Insured their
inn amount ana return all toe premiums, so that
the Insurance coats only the interest on the aaiual
i' paymenis. - - . .
t folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
' alter a certain number of -rears dunna- life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
foliey. ,
No exra rate ia charged for risks trppd the lives
sbk Teeaaiee . ..
It insures not to par dividends, oat at s
eost tnai aiviueaua wilt be impuesioie. i , ;
Cincinnati. Ohio, General Agents for Ohio, Central
. .., , COX, UWYBR fc CO'
Colofbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Licking,
Muskingum and Cnsuoeton-ooanties, ..' . ,
reKY-ootiiJhdood&weowly J
,u . . i-t i . . a -if.
,In no previous year hag there
been such strong competition among
all . the . leading Sewing Machine
-Manufacturers of this country and
.&urop' as' the present, A. all the
prineipalJExhibitiohs. and JFairs
they met and contested for the' JPre
tniutn on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously ih
favor, of the Florence' 'Reversible
Feed Loch-Stitch Family Sewing
Mactine. 7 It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing MacUne at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni
verselle, Paris ; American Institute
Fatr,2ffw Torkf" Tew "England
Agricultural 'Fair,-at Providence,
JR. I.; the Xieut XorJt State Fair, at
Buffalo; - the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, vis.t that of the
Mechanics' Association at Lowell,
JUassaehusettSfand 4heFairofthe
Maryland Institute at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks? Session
on tlie lth of .November", the sups'
rierity of the FL ORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machinesr.vho.iunani
tnously awarded 1 it the f G OLi
MEDAL1? the highest Prize tTie
Institute confer.
I r I iv .1 T
It would seem a if fhU succession of tri
umphs should be sufficient to convince arverr
nnprejttdiced person of the great superior.
Ity of tne FLOHENOl over all others as a
Sarailr Smring; Machine. - -
A written warranty4 la efren to the pux
ohaaer, that the Machine WILL SO ALL
that ia claimed for it, aod ahoold it fail, it
will be taken, back, and, the MOHETX" BJB-
f DHSED; " ' -
Principal Offle cnd Salemroom, JTo. MS West
WmmUfStrtetj CiruyinHmtt, O.
H. ZOeCONnXIX. Oaneral Afattt
-r -. -. ... .1 . . ., . , -
' . LATER.
-... - -s . ,-r
. At the Ohio State Fair, which closed at Toledo,
Septa -bet 25th. lfH, the FLORENCE received
the FIRST PBSMIVXfoT the best Family Sewing
Machines over seven competitors. - -
Send for a circular, or call- and examine the Mas
cruses at tne new salesrooms, r. .. . .., . 1
at aBaet State St., Columbuv, Ohio.
M3T AJl kinds of stitching done to order, and
atistaotion guarantees. eet.'.asnstaifVA8
B A N K E R S ,
Corner Broad & High Sts.
febe-diy : ', . " .: " .' -
B -a3L 3NT 33L 3S & JS
. If O. 13 S. IIItH STREET, ; .,
ian20-dly-r Columkus, O.-
, L Bl'TLKR.
Noa. 8l6&218Sontn Hirn St.,
.. . . CO LV iUattJS. OHIO.
(7Aet rense llaintfactory U at tts Toot of
South itt tit, on th Canal.)
Their fcn.inMts transactions, both Wholesale and
Retail, new extend throughput the States of Ohio,
Penasylvania and Indiana. They manufacture
MIMItlV rUKWIUHt . ..... .
, f T1 -'awes and every deaicn of suDerior work
maifhip a -I finish. Also, Cane-Seat Chairs of
ever desert lion, v noiesale and Ketail.
0. K. RgaCI. OkO. W. QDINM
DEALERS JK " ' " '
Came and .Oysters.
' Also, all kinda ef Country Produce, such, as But
, . ter. Eggs, Chickens, Turkeys, ao... ; (
I No. 33 West1 Brcadvray,
I 1 . J J A f ' COlUVtOBlO.
The choioest varieties of VSjJK?'!?
"dairyf sW All-soodspurobaeed det&' ,
pa t of the city isiim ohabob. looUi-eodGjaJ j
? : n n
s ; ew r ii iMaChine
" O TIC ElUttTa S..,.n
"""rfkc.fAesillimia;;a;iS -tabllahel
! Halts ealaan
W tsati eclfaJneerlaB.
met with For K.it i-, .hj x-
?iyCp.?!'?t " i.alaissapital
i. ui jj o r um. OI ajoonnl ol bad
health. Address Box 775. bl.mi,,. m,:
novlS-dSt fVy y Tljrjt
H, I-?I.T.. K... I. MnAMMAA !- L . ...
SiieeGeoTtre L'. ox's creat Spectacnlar Pantomime
eotitledVHaawrf inssBt,V the Opera House,
tur aecaaon 01 six niKDia only, adis fSODderlnl
Moduatioa is still flllin the Oljmpio Theater, Mew
ra, eta ties -now reaeaets OTer s0 nifbtsl ltii
brim fa 1 of ftin.embraetrig lew geeaerr, afaehine
f. 4rioks and Traiufrmations. Danolnfr, Uroup.
ing. Ao . Ae beyood all description. On Wednes-
-. mnjoe, . ... .r.f-
jjwioiiowinc Batelaas artietawill appear fnihe
ramomiine. m .,1;,...- . .. . . i. . n -
UomD .nyr . Tonv .LiAflii. ci i w u,.
as l-anUlnoij: Harry. 4.1 ie, ae rlarl.iarn; Ji ll
annol, as LolanibinoTh. treatest Uanaense in
the oountrj, the la moot and b anUl nV i - i J j
.:,iJfi.t.,.rJ'..j; '
let; M'll. AlexandriB.,.MH. Ella Bheriflinie Bel
nni. Miaa .HatttA H,,i i,h Ui.. u L ,t"r.
and Hiss Belt VVeiael, and" a fall corps of Gorr-
P.aeoS- -a!o. .,B. V"pioa Saat-r of Americat
ir. B. X . Uoodrieb, in the Grand CarnWal Skaiing
Cicene. For full partitmlars see daily programmes.
- Box rfficwTroen far the-ali nf Tj.Mr..
Monday. Non 16, from A.M. to 11 M and lM.
to 1 f; 31.' - ' ' - 1 ' ' ' .
Naiatteti Clreat Ally. --
It took tha world nearly two thousand 'veaia ta
disooraran. remedy, one of the moat fatal errors
that mankind has ever believed in. From the time
of Galen to a comparatively very recent date, it wa
supposed that, in order to cure a disease. It was
necessary to weaken the already enfeebled patient
hjt artificial means. ., Bleeding, btiaterina, violent
purgation and salivation ware tbe main reiianee of
the faculty, not more than fifty years affo. Restora
tives were only administered a supplementary
agents, after tha laneet, eaatharidesvyalap and calo
mel nad done their depleting work. ;. Modern
soienoe has efiected a' ralutary reform in saediaal
treatment. .. jln place of the nansaftTT diaat aaea a ri
ministered in cases of ' indigestion, bilioasness.
xBTtrpstioniiek beBdschtBervensnesCiateriliit-
TERS are now given with tha utmost confidence
and tbe happiest results; : The reason why this ad
mirable botanical preparati on has superseded thede
biliuting poison of the 'Old wxrtor sMcficaare
these: it combiaes the properties of a "hotftjme
tonie with thosqr of gentle cathartic, a. antt-bil
ions agent, a nervine, and a blood depurent. Thus,
while it keeps the bowels frecnaulates the liver,
and purifies the current of life. It sustains "the
physical strength of the In valid, and by this means
the expulsion of disease and thareatontioa of con
stitutional vigor go on together. A
At this season, when intermittent and rmittent
fevers, with other eomp aiats .arising. fna a damp,
mephitis, atmosphere, are prevalent, a course of the
BITTERS is the best mean) of proUcttini; Ua ays
tern from an attack. . . -1 . - ; ,'A Za
may3SdeodAwly-ewB ''
f ROT r. i-NCE.' . 'U vine the largest aaW
factory t Solid Silver Ware in the world, with
the most mproyed machinery, fced employing Uie
most skilled laboi. are enabled to efiar an. em.
equalled variety of new and beautiful designs ia
4 Dinr-ert'erriees. Tea Services, and ve very article
specially adapted for Beliday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Ware, in. which the
bare introduced new patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver is ' guaranteed to be' of sterling
purity'ty TJ. S. Mint assay," The 'Electro-Plata li
guaranteed to ha superior V the Aaest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from the. Trade onlyt bm .
these goods may be'jpbtain4 frooi' roaponsible
dealers every here. ..t ,.)i.'l i,t; .-i'--nii't
TrtdeMarkTni- ) 5-,l'r ' or
-svr.r; .-mm - ""asr
a f.TiBHA" 'MjrTJFAfcTDRISIfi CO., if
... (" -' . Safearoom N 0.3 Maiden Lane, N.Ti
nov5.dAw4m-Fe nt t. - -i
l I hildrea'? LLrei Sarcdlfol-FUty
' Thousands of children die annually of Croup.
Sow. Mothers; if you -would' spend 00 cents, and
always have a bottle of Dr. Tobias, Venetian Lin
iment in the house, yon never, nsed,eat losing
your little one when attacked with thiaooompleiat
It is nowei yean since I have put np my Liniment.
("AwrTleTef heard "6f a ; child" dying of Cronp when
my ilrment)was,used;rba hundreds f cotes
nave been reported to sse, and many state if it was
10 per bottle they would not be witheo? it. JBe
sides which; it is a 'certain sure for Cuts.fiurns.
Behdache. Toothache. Sore Throat, Swellings,
slumps. Colic. JJiarrhcavD; sentCTy.- -6pasnuT.-fSd
Sores and Pains in the Limbs, Back, and Chest.
Ho one onoo tries it ho is ever without it. It ia
Wirranted perfectly safe Jo take, iaternallr. Fall
directions with'every bottle.. Sold by- tbe Drug
gists and Storekeepers ia the Dnited States. 1 De
pot M Park Place. N, Y. ,
junelfi.rlAwl.vcm-rcyT .
Bow a Decline is Produced.
Pure blood makes US' welt had blood makes as
sick.,- i Vapor, from poorly digested food" in 'the
blood are condensed upon the. various ergana, and
serve to make them avow or repair their -waste.A-Oraans
made with a greater or lesser proportion of
such materials annot be sound.' If the bad eon
ditioA uf.hloed tootinaea. awt foe few day -or
weeks the body wjll.be out of sorts; and if it con
tinue?, the whale ef the bod -will in time be re
newed with Imperfect blood, and the health bad;
it is in a dcsliae popularly called a consumption.
Now Brandreth's Pil,s peaetrate-ths whole mass
of blood, eansinf tha expulsion of impurities; the
body feels relieved from a single dose what then
may .by expected from twenty?' By continuing
herifse4hwkerfjrtW tfceomea
purified, and the; beta reconstructed from good ma
terial, the decline stopped, and a new lease of life
secured. Principal office, i!aAllBKXT ' Houea.
New York. BoM by alldruggists. ; y
InnelB-dAwlycni-WKX'ti ". '. " : i
. , . attn 1 ' ' 1 'I : ..:!,, ". a.vrte i
To art' we owe a thousand graces; . A a-ia '
Imptoving Nature np disgrace is, A. .
1 nn So, as gray hair don't please the eye.'' '
Cristadoro's Hair. Prt servativei
Striking, antannding.' are the Effects produced:
by Cristadoro's Hair" Preservative and Beautifier
Be the hair ever so wiry.ooarse and unmanageable
by brush aod comb, in one week this article wilj
reader it flexible, lustrous and inclined to Curf ' h
j Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair breed
ers. M anufactory Mo. 68 Maiden 'lAbe.'' Principal
Depot Ita. 6 Astor House,' ;i-,.i.,fin -i ' .
inneleVdAwlycm-reirvj ... .' .'.. -. . C
i A Clergyman, while residing in Sooth. Aaerioa
as a missionary, discovered a aafe and simple rem
edr for the Cure of jt'ervous W aakoess.' Early Ue-t
cat-.iliaeasea of tha Urinary and Jjamiual Or st
and the whole train of disorders brought en by
baneful and vicious habits. 'Great numbers have
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a -desire
to benefit the. afflicted and aiifostaawtev 1
will send the recipe for preparing aad using thrist
medicire. in a sealed envelope, to aoj JUO .Via U
needs it. rasa or cbakgr. Address.
jucarn A.Jiimar,,
Station D, Bible House. Near Xock Cita-j f
iAw- i . ? ".A .:!
UK. A. r W llflilAai o, West Broadway, seer
dlxh street. Columbus. Ohio, has devoted hunaalf
jr a series of years to the treatment of certain pri
vUe diseases. He may b)onsultdat.Bia eAsa-.
Broadway . near the Exchange Bank
may31-tf v;!,-) t '.n'.A '
it UTANHOOD Anotkar ..JTmb M11mI
iVI Pamvhlet from ths ma' nt Tin rrn-it 1
TheMedioal limes'1 says of this work? "This ,
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture deoiine. shows how health i imnaired tfimnah
secret abuses of ' youth and manhood, and how -easily
regained. It tiv.es a-clear synopsis of the
impediments to mernaavt theoaase end effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor.'- A
Docket edition of the above mi ka. fta wbli flaw ess a
receipt of S5; cents, by addressina Doctor UUBTW
ro. oo onn unaues street, uaiumese, aa.i ai -.i
upa maygo-uiy-r , , " ' ., .
OIITH r.tnrel fn four' weeks. "M'neces 1
gusranteed.'UR.llICORir8 ESSENCE OF LIFE f
restores mahly powers, from whatever eaue an
sing; the effects of earl' pernicious habiia. elf-
abuse, impotency and climate, arrw away m once ro
tbia wonderful medioine, if taken regularly seoprd
ins to thedireetions whwh sre very simple and re-
quire no restraint from buns ornleuure.) t ail- ,
i. irwihh- lnld in bottles at as. or four-!
QuaDtitietT in one forts. 1 o be hr.J only of thesole
ippSnted agent 1n America.- H. iintiTMN. 808
Second Ave.. Kelr York; .. . .
r :.ov.rl1wi .. .. . . , . . - .
T'T-l ,1.1! i - - - - -
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JplendidHair Dve is the beet ia the worlds
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
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inf tantaneons i no disappointment, : no nuicuioua
Ho"" remedies the ill efleetr bf bai dyes' rnvig-.
orates and leaves me nairaonana uni,.h w-
or brovm.. oH by all Uruawista aM rwrremeiw r
and proper! applied at Bstohelor's Wig Jaetovy-ff 1
"YniTi. I.oTtow-has' dared i se tifl Tettel for Salt
Rheum) on my heads of thirty years sUadiog."
writes Joseph KisMer, of Danville, Ind.-.Srrjty sl.
been using p almcrfl. Y.ageUhla. J?onieti I,qflfan, ,
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