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WEDNESDAY, Nov. 18, 1868.
M . ,
v- ttanveter, iXhriBntr
1 ,.
hue Rites.....
U I Son Beta.
39 f
' "cg-The City Council meets to-night.
'.? tSTFrink Julie's .MJBtee b twlrt4
at AndrawaA Hull'-'! '- -i--;r t j ()J
! :i anbstautlal horse fcfc to being
T putp lairont of thaCourt HotaeiH
i '-'tar Col Sam Pike. Sergeant at Arms ol
-"ctae Hons waa lathery yesterday
: 13?" Some hasty youths were rt sleigh
-c.'ridlng on the Nicolsoii last rifgbt, '.-There
was about the ooe-bUllontp part ot an men
f snow od the treet-'
tt :li.r I I
. tSTTo quit advertising In dull times Is
m tearing out a dam because'thw water Is
loWf;; either plan will prevent gooa times
. a irons ever camuvjf. ' .-- -j. -..
.r friiMksgtvlng . day next iTbnrsday
4 A largs nlceiJal turkey; with the donor s
tr- compiltnentV would meet a hearty and
prompt acknovledgwant,
fjfThere were buti rwo aJoOt. beforela
'. M.r 'eferdft V: 3 AWneo Garter! and
'Johnj Gillespie,', bothrdnsrre were
fined ;W ea5esplValdJ; ;.yarer
haaamereth. -" ' ! .2',',','l'",',' '
" I The ease of the United Statfes against
N. Cools.,, a"loriner paymister;ln;.the.
army. Is being argued In he S. Circuit
Court, at ClnclnnatU-SamanCows citizens,.
Wi Deueve, remeiuves iu vvi( A o... j
Dcit, the maitstrtea report WsTneis
In their line extremeiy dull. Tne times
"Ire'-'nVr for ' peopfe to fndnUeln the
an empty sca.j .onr,-;
t Mrv.iT imVMOii Ptr9. Thertwas
i nothing on',oy mo
Court Qf Common
Pleas .vesterday except-tq call, the docket.
oBew' ssij:nmenf 'of cases'. was made.
"ThejuryTvUl meet tbiftoenIug, .ndlhe-
Naw Statb Sbal. Ihe new Seal ordered
by the Legislature last winter for the Stat
LQhlo, waaon yesterday jeceiyed by the
UUttrV of 'fetat aid preHCiurt.f fit
Ifckirrftirt improvement.'., Bianj on
seal before in use. The absurd motti
'Imperium in Irnperto" la removed, and
LippfflscoTr's Maoazis. The December
BMoerof jW,valaJle nontblyjs on.au r
' SblevII paprrre-ore than oHinaTlljf
full of Interest aud attractiveness. W4
consider it amongtbe best of American
publications. B llted with vigor and g-eat
In the land.
h t'uMt yaxwAT The- artfRcaleiol
cdrporkaotnaf the Scltd; Bnllalng: A,s
soclatlon ot arclevllle, Ohio, waa' filed;
fltB M Secretary of State1 yesterday. It
Is organUed tor the "pttrpoae of coastr uct
Ing and malnulning buildings. Prlnclnal
-fflce teCirotevfllev K3pital stock 0.e00,
lnSharrt 'l 25 iatJiiBtli'BFHil -fordvBatteal
H. Moore. Samuel W. Court-
A. Wllllania, corpofatora. .P. :,i.i v j
cVtaCw hrt To-rir. PeoDle'n? lome' ol!
,4bjtowshipsttbl8 fetateaugntne
way like a flock of sheep-Aiarioiv.iown-ahlp,
Mercer county, cast 337 votes for
aay0$ar'i apd root-one; ,fof ,Grant. :Blue
"Creek township, Pauldinfi county, cast 20
votes lor Grant, none for Seymour; Jack
son township. Augiaizi county, gives Sey
10001,449 yptes and Grant 6. Last; year
bU same tW nsb tp" Saret HafeK ibne toU,
showing a Republican Rain ot 500 per cent. ;
TnaNSFERRitD Ybstbbdat. The lollow
Inz transfers ot real estate were left at the
eiorrferVVrScb'yeskaT-V '
John C Platten and wife and Luke D
Patten to" Peter1, 1'almer, ;Pecember 3d,
1 saSMota Noa. 113 and 115 and 4ot known
mrMamlts lot in the vlllage-ef-Loekburne
fmt'ttvMXItY 1314 i ,iiR&Vk l!Ll
Rebecca Mlller to, Isaac N. Case, Sept
16th. quitclaim to 100 acres of land in Per-
Thk.Agriccltiijbai.-Cqli.egk. MesEts.
Sberwia. Cannon . and , Wood worthy jpf .the
Agricultural College committee, are at the
Neil floor. ifrt!bmrtibe -visited Woof
tT to-day, and proposejioldtng a meeting
here to-morrow to examine various pro
ppaajs made ior the location ofhe college.
Proposals have been-received-frora rWor
(b4pixtroJWiirtei3ulphw.SprbgvNejwtrk Gtnvtlle,LUnjb9ailndoncOxfoi!4 and
Wooster.njQiiT.) j "r?AgA;l
jXx Fist ,Sow Vtrday..wV;rere
vlsfteil DjfJpiejBrsi) sno; ot th; 'season'.- It
came-' as reminder that summer and its
pleasure! "had gone ' "It came torf emlnd us
that the pleasures as well isttia privations
ef winter wonld Soon be berei iThls harl
i bi tiger of tba coming iwln te'r ieaBse4 d Iffer
ent emotions In diflerentftreaVfti;jWTifle'lt
wakened in maty bat merry anticipa
tions of wdatesfiaporU'" and I pastime, it
iftK td p lf1cn) f a pp rebnalobs 6f ohh
(bit want ia other hearts. ! .et'.i. t, v
ph,J,let ns Iielrj jne; anothet,f v,. I
iAH ata Mlp'eacb other to prepare for
the winter. ' "' -
The FESTivitiaa, "or Wistkr. While
tfw cojddUnVaTi ayof 'wlnifjfrerdl
id aM)recurera miaeryifc-whlehv in iset,
they are to a great extent thfey-ritig
with them many pleaaureM'such as balls
parties, sociables, fairs art bops. A large
Camber'' of OiesVare in prospective, and
the season wilt no doubt be on ot tinneual
enjoyment. These leativHLea rob winter of
much of itt dlsagreefibjeness. Permit us
to add in connection with this subject, that
wVife reparefto ArlJif baft'tfekep'ro-'
graawrtea? &&, executed' in tbe most artis
tc trlL .
Wr8TMms3rs..iCaCca TKSTrr4L.-Onr
frlendaof the Westminster Church) are to
told ajeatjyaljto-nlghttn tbelettUTrpoiFi.
rjcar dfitiaeaureh; to whlehltbejf Jwrltd all.
those of aar eitieBwhtif wJsi toass a
cosy, social pleasant 'evenTng tTOtn our
k owledgepf tbe,bility ap reorees ol
the ladies engaged-ta-these socials of a
setiea1 of WhiCh,J by-the-by;- tbM Ms'tKe
flratl-are can promise all who inty attend
a -Biosfe- happy . tiioe. ltb plenty", of, the
gaod -and enioyabla things bi "tMs- life,
vftetewtth to grasify thai laner ouan. Go
7fcr$o4T that can, an ald . thejidles. In
naklnf thlSf Chelf first Social of the- seison
jpeifect success ;v :,, ;.! ;;;0?:,;. ,
'. 'ftmm Days Grow Shoktkb As the year
djawa closer to 'tta' end; 4is breatb'.becbniea
shorter and eoder,t every advancing step.
lillooK since passed ite days f youth and
manhopd,andno w Itf ttt hoarj age it Is' llo-K
ly dy logout in a season that wlll'maotle Us
Withered! form. In a robe aa pure' an J whiie
as -Vhat .which i tt iVas firtj bered Joto
existence.' The" 'days "grow 'Shorter,' the
nfgtfts Ibngnrhor ffie" alf cfTand iW,
too, wtwi.-wW are neater the'auh ihanae
are at any period of the vear. But that
sojaj iplapL.nbf pouring his.beainJ
obliquelv througlhe tttoephere. so.;lia
t.t-inefeW Mrikwthe wtiae thai SW
tfo Pf jpartu p,0A V ffi&Vlt Ufol
jng us petiuicaj ifiuap iucy ignf,
but causinj' thf,15eiejphj;rpugb
which it passes, to be intensely cold.1
The whole Building in Ruins.
About half-past hlne o'clock last night
an alarm of fire was sonnded from, the ,
Insane Asylum box, and In a lew moment,
the entire lire department was on Its way
there. ,
)nonr arrival we found-the" east wing, '
occupied by the female patients, lu flamep,
and the. patients screaming and dancing,
making a sceae like panqimonium. -- :
The crowd of citiiens present used their
DfSt efforts to save the Inmates, and in tLI
humane effort, JI. C Lllley and S. S..
ETckly nearly lost their lives. , While en
deavoring to take- out some of the women
they were overcome by the smoke and felt
to the floor helpless and almost dead; they
Werer rescued With great difficulty and"
conveyed to their 'residences! 'i -Fears,, were'
enterUlne4(that thejrifroul(l not recover. ;
'., Six oi the femak patients were smothei ed
before theyNsould be taken obt, and their
bodies were recovered with great risk
among'th'm'afe'patlenis,' and 'they were
not permitted to leav.) their wing of the
building until haeks and omnibuses were;,
bbtalned W convey them , to a placQ.of
security. The less violent ones were taken
to the Deaf and Dumb Asylunn and- the '
dangerous ones to the Penitentiary, we -were
told. - - ' i I'tvr
'As we write at mIdn1gbt-T-thel.flre, is
atiU ragingead aa the eopply)f water las :
given out, tb chances are thaC the entire '
building will be destroy ed. .
There arernmqrSof other patients being
burned to' death, but- noU)lngst.otriourse,
ewrbe thrflatterysCTftaTnaTh' amhx-i
oitement now rAyailkritiiyl
Various reoorts are given as to the origin '
fillthaJireCt Oiie ol theni IsJthatJt waaaet !
on fire by one of the-patients, but as tbey
were never .alio wed l approach- the gaaor
to carry matches, this is not likely. An-1
other, and th4 most -probable is, that it
caught fruak the heater, -.tl kit'.im ': il j
o wiih!,iuwup wwfiam, v
and all additional particulars joj-daj, ;l j
Hcmpty DoHPtY. -There was a glorious j
crowd at,the OperaHouse, kfft, night Loag
before the hour for opening the entrance t1
the Opera House was crowded with' T peopV;
abx'idWto geVgood seats 6 bein? eSirl v. !
and such a crowding,: pnshlng, swearing !
04 aquealin ntU the doors openeoV.was i
never seen or heard, there before. At (
o'clock the curtain-ran up, the house beini;
c?6wded We've'ry part, and from the first
the last of the pantomime such roars ot
iaoghter greeted the periaraasvnce as never
befq,r5 , made the, walja, of,,, Jtbeafr rlpg.
From the time the-ftrst sone was over the
the success of t6elinterprlse was assured.
Tbhy Denlef as Wowtt 1s Jexcesslvely
raonrw He reminds ss ot Gabriel Ravel
more than any. van we ever met, He,, has
the same. wonderful facility of expression !
and the same ease and rapidity of motion !
distinguished Ravet from' ail other pan- ;
tomhnists ot his days The fun-tlependa cm .
the clown and the clown is fulloMt.
We I
cannot at tms late nonr particularize.
shall reserve that lot, another time. We L
fewst, 'bwever,r'Bpeak of the'?danclng of I
seems to touch the boad bnt'c father
fly'ShO is 'ty efyemoolmnt; of
grace and; aknity JShe is a perfect' artist.
po,? everybody go and see Humpty'Damp-
ty."' The last sceno is one of bewildering
beauty. - The trick scenes did hot work as
smoothly last night as they 'wlH in futtir,
but all. mistakes, shortcomings and over-
aigbts will be remedied to-night- Go and
see Hunrpty Dmnpty, say we;-
Trial of.' Judge- Pdgh. - The
trial ol
Judge John 'M. Pugh,' Judge of Probate.
Jthis fcobnty, was commenced befbre!IJnled
Commissioner Halliday on Tuesday
afterDop4 at .2 o'clock.' . The Governxneut
was represented by General H. L. Burnett.
CinoinnattU Jadge Metcalt; rf Colum
bus and Major, Augustus Ward,'Asistant
United States Atorney. The counsel for
the defense are theuioilowliig'gentiemen :
Milton Say ler. Esq, Jndge .Staplev Mathi
ewsyof Cincinnati, and Lorenzo Euglisb,
Columbus. . . .'.V-',.'1.-1' i
The evidence, was, about the same as in
the Duffy case", tried before-1 United States
Commissioner" Chittenden, differing only
that Smith nowwears that he received
njrihte'menti.'rp faklpg)fa action he
has, while before Chittenden he swore that
Mr, Perkins, prpmliedtb make his grocery
krrangementT "air right. "Judge Stanley
Mabews jralsed .the. fqllowiog important
law point: He Hid Hdewn as a proposf
tion, absolutely 'wit"houtJ exception, that
the3 tecordpf ,,tbe Probata "jj.udgejot
Franklin county must be accepted as
true, 7 d "that ft w was ' not- to be at-
yked - by .3 any roral estimonyr aI
tha absence -ot iny Congressional en'act
ment,on,'tbe .subject of tbeconrsetof a
Probata- Jadure- sittinir lar natnralizatiori;
thefecordoj" that Judge can riot be attacked,
but must be received' as absolutely true.
The trial was contlnned yesterday.
Gkjtino ak Outfit-W. H. JIaskena ia
plali, easy-going, honest fiirmerl ! Wf
Dfeniris, lately a eititn of ihe; -Old NortbT
Stated labors for him on his farm, and wna
on Tuesday entrusted with .the diity' 01
selling sucb plunder and truck as Hakc ns
had) )eee'dT jthrf appetites W our; feitlze is.
would crave and their greenbacks pay for.
Dennis, as iaduey bouBj-cornoji0 markeA
and was snccessiul in selling put bis loadf
and jKceivMLcibexefQE. ibaatua&ai $1& io,
good and lawulU, S., Treasury notes. As
Dennis gazed upon the bills as they 'lay ln :
the drawer some new and crisp, and wUh
u8ioalrate andjothers-greasyiand
nan faded from muchnseand-then looked
upon bis patched ynd seedy habiliments, a
desire entered his soul4o be arrayed in a
styje'bf ms'gDlfic'eiicy 'unequalled' ;by Solbj
ibob in ait ma gtory 1 would not 00 tton-i
estle thonghtr-bntll would-be warm an
niceJ ' The temptation eould not be: with-'
stood. . He .clutched the. stamps,, and pro'
cecding to a store kept by"a man who voted
against -Grant because of "General Order:
No. ll.liej tnvested. lt ln store clothes.'
JUeanwniie xihskciis tiau uiocovereii nis
loss, and just , as Dennis came out of the
store 'wttb 'tis "buggy harriesa","pn be'
was - arrested and , confined 'hi Uhe cKy
prison, while Haskens -went before the 1
Gnmd Jury to wtter tits complaint?"01"""3?
I' I.
f It
lF nyoWt KQod .beef, caliatC,,!.
fiumers',1 No. 21 Westtate street" ,v '
e " 1 - : .
t.Lir BUa-ETs. Wolf,'Ix antfjjurralof
Robej4at received ai,;..-, , v L;
j.. , Clarx & Farmer's,
J0.rMrtfl .-. J0- eMJgousBhick. ,
ijv.ynwaBt good sausages, ,, call ,tj
Suiners, 21 WestState street.)
I Jewelry made and repaired byOr E
SnjJUuJjHjBtreejve 6tore;
' vanr trnnn rroah
meats of all
kinds, go to C T. Sum&a' 2V West'tftate 'i
street' h-K noVlS-di:"
Mimiir ",MiTkHui8,'-.TBfveta, Satins,
&6n cut in the bias. Ribbons, Laces, Flow
era, . Feathers ld hi any quantity.
Frames in every atyle, at "Simmons', Opera
Block. fJ ' " ' '!. '' -: i
Ths live Oystenianr, 16 E.Broad street, t
gives ifor fifty cents) a well tilled can
Spencer, Auger & Co.'e prime oysters i
and a pound of butter Crackers." , a ;
' aug5-dtonov23 t h c j r; '
Hats ! Hats it Hats 1 ! I-Ladles' Hats in
every shape,-at -reduced prices, at Sim
mons'. novl4-deoa3t
-. ,, .- - . .... i r
' Oysters! Oysters!! lam now selling;
at reduced prices, those fine fat Famtfy
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Wm.
Taylor, Eq., Baltimore, and sold by me in
this city for over ten ' years; Warranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. T."XXX, a .fine
Oyster for Soup.' C. A. Wagskh, '.
novl3-tf . No. 23 East State sueet.
1 Tbrrc skems to be no end to the nw
goods Clark & Farmer are receiving. 'Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived. Almost every train brings some
consignment Irooi the East for this estab
lishment. They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishing. . - - ' ' novll-dtl
Alc and Porter. I am now receiving1
regular . from Cincinnati, ...Thatcher , &
Dyett's celebrated stock and fresh Ale and
Porter, In pint and quart bottles, put up
for family use, and highly . recommended
by physicians tor sickness, &a. ? ' ' . i
I also have a stock of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stout Porter; Mulr & Son's Spark;
ling Edinburg Ale; English Ale and Porter.,-
' ,, C. A Wagner, ,': j
novl3-tf ! 1 No. 23 East State street.;
Coughs, Colds, : Bronchitis .'.and Sore
Throats, are unwelcome, but Very frequent
visitors, in our variable climate, and hot
nnfrequently1 lay the foundation ot con
sumption and - premature decline. - 'The
best, safest and surest remedies are Hum
phrey's Homoeopathic Specifics, Nos. one
and seven J. They act promptly , mildly and
snrtly, and soon1 cure the most trouble
some cold. . Sold by all dealers,' 6 boxes
$1 25 sent by mall on receipt of price. . ' i '
Address HrrtPHREYS' Specipic Homoeo-
tatbiC Medicine Coh 562 Broadway, N. Y
yl3-d&wly-cw '. v
JTOT. ' A nRirrr. rckmlth ' .nil
Jelepf- 1 k DbBotts.
h4nj?er8 at jgo. U North High-street;
4re now prepared to, hang panor and hotel
ln nneawss ana ww siyie. oew-
"f"""1' "i "'
,'ranteea. moaeis outit ior jxuenteeis
11 kind ot h machinery mad and
paired, Keys ot an descrlptton always
m hand, and safe and jjatt'lockf made and
f'epaireq. i -.. ' MaayJ-a-iy; 1
A Fine Thisg for thr Tekth. The fra
;rant Sozodont, has taken a very proniit
Bent place among' the Wost appro ved Jden
ifriqes.of. the .f)a?3 -is a very popular
irtieie for the toiler, highly recornmended
y all who have nsed it as abeautitfer and
preserver of the teeth, refreshing the
nouth, sweetening the breath,and arrest-
""tig the progress of decay. .i"-.. !
"Spalding's Glne." . - , !
VNY-junel5-eod6m-cw . v j
"Barrett's", Universal Hair Restorative.
Taa trial of one bottle of Hall's Vegeta-j
ble Sicilian Hair Renewer will show most
beneficial effect upon the hair and scalp. !
.novlS-w&ds . ." i
"Barrstt's" has a high reputation.
"Barrett's" can't be beat..
Vokder of the age, -Barrett's.",.
-.. ' . 1 1 c - -X
YotTKo America uses "Barrett's.H
oer30-d.ltawwlZ-cw rtr. '
Ca it be possible that oyer, Five, Million
BotUea of Plantatibu BiTrgRiihave -been
lold during the past year? c It is almost in
credible, nevertheless it is absolutely true,
and is the 'moetsconvinclng -prbbf of their
opderful medicinal and health-restoring
qualities, i Every fara ily should be an p.
piled with these Bitters, at .whatever cost
or trouble it may be to .obtala tbenaji Be
careful that your get. the gennlne, andrthat
yon are1 not Imposeifupori by a spurious ar--
."ii i
Magnolia Watkk. buporlor to thatest
imported Germaii Colojne, and. sold at half
thu prien.'. i -. -.: t .i
;i'RNY-sCpt25 deodfclycw .. ;'. '. ,1
'.'. ' ; . . . ' ;--!-":.'".'.-.
Nervoos DKBiti'tlfv y'.itii Its glboiny'at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of Bemen, . spermator
rhoea, loss'of power, dizzy head, loss oi
memory and "threatened impotence and
Imbecility find a sovereign cure In Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific N6. Tweu-ty-Eight.
: Composed of the niost valuable,
mild and 'potent Curatives, they 6trike at
once at the root ot the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor au4. energy, life and vitality , to the
entire man.';, They have cured thousands
of oases. Price $5 per package of six box
es. and viaK which is very Important In ob.
stinateor old cases, or $1 per single' box.
Sold by jail Druggists and sent 'by mail' on
receipt of' price..;.. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homkopatuig Medicikb Co 662
Broad way.'New: York,',', iyl3-debd&wly
1 l, -Kj M ' ' ' -
Centra Ohio'i Lunatic Ascltjm,!
f 1 , COLUMBUS, Aug. 31, 18(W. V
Jna. 'B. SiftdaltsEsq , .'Agent Neto England
' Mutual Lift jn. Co of Boston, Mass.i - .r ,.
' Dear Sir I am Informed that there have
been misstatements made In regard to div'
idends.paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, which I nave bad ih the iVete Eng
land Mutual for 24 years. For the informa
tion' pf those interested in Life Insurance, I
will state that. I am entirely satisfied with
the New England, Mutual. . I receive my
diy idend of profi tsregularly, and that th'c'y
now amount -ta About-one-hundred per
cent, op pur premium. Ply ip ends paid an
nually ln cash.
f Signed f; ', ' "W: L PECir, ; ;
.-,, rw; , Sup'tC O.Luna tic Asylum.'.:
brj Wm;, L. Peck, and Dr. Morrell, his
assistant, have both -to-day made applica
tion to the New Eugland Mutual ior- more
Life Insurance. - " '"'l" t '
'-''", . Ggo. F. O'Harra & CoT'Ag,teit-V'!'
-nit).;.. . - Kanghton Block, Columbus. 7
novl2-tlltaw8w&w4t ' i '
.-l r; t
It is the
j 1: ' t;; O'UWTH. . ,. f2
It is'the eheapeif preparation ever offered to the
t&blio, as ora bottle will last looter aad anoonptiebi
aaern thaa three bottles of any other preparation.
I Oar Renewer ii not a e: H will not ttala the
skia as'othets. ,,', , ..';,.',., i, ..','., (
j It will keep the Hair ffoa flintJont. - i 1
' R eloiris'ss the Scslp, kuj maket the .Hair soft
lustrous and silken. ..:-;. j . i.y. . (. .
j 'j' gtKT fb arMAiL.'' '
; R- P. HILL A C0Nhoa, N. H.. Proprietors.
k'ot Ml by all DnwtiBt.-. -- ;i .f. ..(
loaljas dlUwAwlj-ain... i.. ,
I ,. !. . - . "FLOR DE MATO." . -,
I "FLO ft DE mAYO." " '--"-:
HAdOH a B0,K, T. Bold by. aU Onurgte
Collission on the Ohio River.
MADISON, Ind., Nov. 18.
The to wboat Tiger, with barges, coming
down, collided with the J. N.McCulioch,
going up, one mile above this city, at ten
o'clook last flight.- -The McCuJloneh was
struck by one of the barges, tearing the
whole side off for twenty or thirty ieet,
causing her to sink ln three minutes In
seventeen feet of water. The deck sweep,
a boy, is mUsing aud.probably .-drowned.
The rest- of the crew .and- passengers are
sate. The Mellnotte came to the relief of
of the McCullouch and brought all on
board to shore. Two coal barges also sunk
fed are probably a total Joss. yj - ,
ITHICA, N. Y., Nov. 18.
Professor GoUjlwinjSmlth commenced bis
lectures on Enitlish history at the Cornell
University, last night. He will reside at
the. University; and continue .bin course
through the entire-college year.. ; 4
Snow Storm.
CONCORD, N. H., Nov. 18.
Ji thick Snowstorm is' raging here' to
day, and there is good sleighing. j
BOSTON, Nov. 18.
The steamer Aleppo, Irom Liverpool, has-'
arrived. '
A storm of sleet and rain prevails here
LEAVENWORTH, Ks., Nov. 18.
The printers in the Evening Bulletin
office struck yesterday because the propri
fctora'wouhfnot conform twprtsln regula
tions of the frinters' Union. Ibe paper
appeared, however, made up by the editor
and one apprentice. An editorial on the;
subject says: We insist upon our right to
hive our work done in our own office, in
our own way, and believing we are right.
w Intend to fight It Put on this line if it
takes alt winter and next summer too. I
Gov. Holden's Message.
RALEIGH, N. C., Nov. 18.
Gov..Holden's laessasre was read to--the:
Leglilature -yesterday.- -He-shows', that a
tax ot one per cent, ad valorem on the;
property of the State would pay the inter-i
est on the debt-C. h-$tate, and recom-l
mends such a levy, lie advocates various;
internal improvements. He encourages!
(numeration to the State, con srratulatps the:
otate upon Mi4 suppression of the rebellion,
upon iiiie reconirucuun oi me oouui on
the basis of suffrage for all, and upon the
eleetmn1 of 'Grant arid Colfax, aH"of Which
combine to' render the-' Union perpetual.
River News.
Weather titoumoan cold.uSiier 5 teet
9 inches and at a stand. Mercury 42 de-;
grees. j
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 18. Fire.
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 18. Fire. LAWRENCE, MASS. , Nov. 18.
Afire last night destroyed two wooden )
ouuaings on tne snutn siae 01 canal, near
Union street. Involving the loss.of $30 OQO.
NHerey Whifnev, H. K.'Webster. J. P.
Pilrsbntyi 'Smith' & Ricker' and" Ged. E.
Davis, owners of the buildings, are the
principal sufferers.
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 18. Fire. LAWRENCE, MASS. , Nov. 18. Collided.
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 18. Fire. LAWRENCE, MASS. , Nov. 18. Collided. BOSTON, Nov. 18.
The steamer Providence, for New York
via Bristol, last night collided with a
schooner and bad heri port -awl old rail,
ioceand alt andwheel)- badly "SboVeUn'X'be
steamer putboati ia' ail unsuccessful
search tor the schooner, which it is feared
sunk with all on board.
Executive Mansion.
Genv? iiichletsfiuoerintende'iftr of Public
Buildings, recommends in his report that a
large appropriation be made for the annual
repairs of the Executive Mansion, and for
refurnishing it at the commencement ot the
JieacePresldeliti-J' term! CI I T
WATHINGTON, Nov. 18. Failure.
CHICAGO, Nov. 48.
The failure of Wheelnr. HonaJanrl A- Pa
IfifodU'ee and commissiou uiercliantsia an-
uuuuueu. ,ciue nauiiiues arp not Known.
Woman's Rights.
BOSTON, Nov. 18.
rAvstofronhe sut of1wTn5au
rfghls assembled In'HorticulturaT Hall to
day and was fully attended. Rev. Ja3.
Freeman JClark nresided and 1 made the
opening- ndJress. setting forth " the "objecta
of the meeting, the primary one being the
r.ixocoi. sunrage. wmcn tne speaker -ajva-eated.1
Tliev COnvebtlcni 'has sixteen "Vicb
Presidents, including six women.
Letters were- received froiu Goyerpor
Bullotk LTnMn Neal kid ethers,! arid jad
OTe.ses delivered "by Julia Ward, Howe,
Samnel E. Welland aud Col. T. W. Wlg-
On motion of Stephen S. Wooster, It was
voted the society organize permanently as
the New Englaud Woman's Suffrage As
sociatton, and a committee was formed to
irame a constitution and qejAitatcoincerst
Locomotive Explosion at Port Jervis.
NEW YORK, Nov. 18.
,rThe?Timea' Port Jervls, N. Y special
says : This morning, as locomotive No. 287
was standing in the yard at Port JervU,
the boiler exploded, instantly! killThg! the
engineer, Fred. Hardenburg.1 The fireman
was in front of the engine and escaped, un
hannl;''HardenbuTg was carried over th
top of the trees near by, and was found 150
feet from the (engine, .tits body waa'-hor
ribly man tiled and wedged In between two
stumps. The dome of the enginewoat
through the roof of a house 200 feet dis
tant, passing tbrougth a ibed room, fortu
nately unoccupied, landing in the kitchen
NEW YORK, Nov. 18. Killed.
This afternoon, Robert ITagerty, ia the
employ ol. the Greenwood Iron Works, was
killed at Greenwood by the caving in of a
sand bank.
Paper Mills Burned.
Last evening about half-past ten o'clock,
the extensive naner mills of MesHrsSniitlu
Tonipfcios & Co.. at Chatham Four Corners,
were totally destroyed bjlire, Iioss 9 3o,A
000;-'ltnx6ranci10,000. rThe mill "had re
ceotly, been, put iu operation aud was mant
uiactunng newspaper Irom straw by a new
process. The .machinery wua verr exUin-
sive and the loss fails heavily on the own
ers. It-.wlM ber rebnilt wi.h all possible1
Benj. B. Bangs, of Brooklyn, connected
w til 1m!l Warren Etfofing Cojapanyj es
terday committed 6uicide. -w
Alleged Bond Robbery.
John T. Beach, a well-known resident of
Brookyni was on yesterday arrested by
Detective' Smith, on a charge of having
guilty possession -of several one-thousand
dollar bond' of the bounty loans of Oneida
county, N.; Y..' which, it is alleged.; were
stolen with other securities Irom the Syra
cuse Savings Bank, on the 1st ol April
lastlMlaV Bach is aatoek breker,and will-'
have to explain how be became possessed
of the bonds.
Flour Mill Burned.
The exlfensfva fldur grisf mfll of Payta"
A LanHarlem, was octroyed -by fit laat
night. Loss about $200,000.
Gen.jGrant was to witness a trot by Bon
ner's horse Dexter to-day, bat the weather
s so bad that the entertainment will be dis
pensed with. To-morrow be, wUl dine
with A.T. Stewart, and on" Friday return'
to Washington. ,.ii-5jT
Vote of New York.
With official returns from all the eoun
tles" boHw the'totai'vote of New York
foots up 848278, of which 419,550 are lor.
Grant and 428.722 lor Seymour: Seymour's
malorlty 9,166. Hoffman's majority is 27,
322." The official vote of New York Cl'tv is
returned ns follows: Seymour, 10S.316;
Grant, 47.702. ? .
Vote of New York. Arrived.
; The steamers Ville de Paris and Minne
sota, from Europe, have arrived.
The Erie Litigation.
The new Erie litigation is the leading
toptC'irE WaVJ-strtet,-nd at pteSBtit appears
to Stand 68 follows V On thelGth, Judge
Sutherland, ot the Supreme Court, granted
an. jijiunctlon. restraining the .directors.:.
frbm issuing more stock, from removing
any papers or funds ot the company out
of the jurisdiction -of the- oijrt, and from
issuing any oi bhiu lunus ior vtuer man
the legitiintae requirements ol the compa-
ri'i-'i, if
complaint of August Belmont and E. B,
Lacke, end: Wat so spotted bv theaffldarltx
of Daniel Dfew. An order was also issued by
cne same jusxtea to snow cause on or before
the 23d instM why tbereceiver should not
oe appointea. . ,
On the same date Mr. Charles Mclutosh.
representing himself to be the Owner of
uuu snares 01 stock, maae complaint be
fore Judge Barnard, sup pot ted by the affi
davit ot James fisk, charging among oth
er things hostile to the interests of the
Erie Company, that certain py.ons, In
cluding the complainants in ttie suit be
fore Judge Sutherlxnd, were engaged in
depressing the market price of the stock.
ana mat triev threatened to commence nc
igation and make application to the courts
fir the appointment of a receiver. On this,
complaint the Judge ordered that the per
sons named in - the complaint ot fllctn
tosh and the affidavit of Fisk. should
refrain from, the 1 ommencenwut of a suit
againss tne June directors, or from ootaia
ing. orders on exparte application1 from
the courts, aud also that they should not
apply tor a receiver. In addition he ap
pointed Jay Gould receiver of the Com
pany, on his filing a bond of two millions
of dollars. The injunctions appear to be
in direct conflict with each other. It Is
understood thut Judge Barnard has issued
an order enjoining the plaint! 9 in the, suit
commenced -yesterday lrom 'taking pro
ceedings in tne premises. ; l . ,
ny.-Thw -injunction' was granted on the
The Agitation of Vesuvius.
NEW YORK, Nov. 18.
. The Herald's Naples special says : The
streams ot lava elected bv the eruption ol
Vesuvius, have tilled and overflowed the
Fossevetrana. and are-still following the
course ot the eruption of 1855. Last' night
Uie nnoer cone discharged columns ot
ashes, occasionally illurainated by flashes of
name., - Abe spectacle is magnigcent, and
(many persona are going to Naples to wit-
ness it. :..iii Knnj i
PARIS Nov. 18.
The Monitenrsays that dispatches, re
ceived from all parts' of Spain announce en
tire tranquility. .a ' .r
The Elections in England.
LONDON, Nov. 18.
The Times this morning elHitns that the
Liberal majority tfaun far is 120. The hew
voters adhere to the teachlngs-of the Con
stitution,i but: net-h as read by Disraeli
They have 'Bgreeel 'to-redress all'Wrongi
ano to reject the change . for the simple
sake, of chadge. nThe result of the elect
tionS' tbuo far juscified the relorm 'act as
air' improvement Jin the5,' legislative ' roar
chines, Uii) d discredits the prediction' that
It would enthrone the mobs and encourage
the qream? of a wild IJmocracy.
The Elections.
LONDON, Nov. 18.
The Morning Herald to-day ssvar What
ever sentenee the ministry may meet herej
afterwthe, verdict,, ,waa,.:not against ti)eni
yesterday - On-the contrary the party bow
in power', has- been- abltf-wvcocnwid'the
government, for two yearsi though in a ml
norityand it ia now less ia a minority than
before the conservative losses. .
; London citvi'which ': Is' 'entitled 'to" four
members of Parliiimeivt, Jias so Lir electee
three out of tour ot the Liberal candidates
RiChafd uBsggally, Crinservatlve,' Is 'det
teated bv-HerfortL f.Ltefi returns'' show
tuat xttmunq ueaier-i-ioerai canaiuate ior
the lower hamlet,: Has been- defeated.
War Ended.
tlsp"atche8' frotn" Bombay state thatjtha
war in nortueru jnum uaseuueu.i.,
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 18.
. . ... .
Geo. B. Williams has-been appointed
supervisor for Indiana. "! a J i
European Squadron.
Preparatory orders have beew issued by
the Secretary of the Navir-te Bear-Admi
ral Kantord, now tn command ot vvakh
iagtoa Navy Yard, to. command h Earo-npHn-sooadron;-1
The Franklin will return
Lto the squadron with Bear; Admiral -Bd-
lOra. ,; ,-. ';?! -..,r'..::, ..r,.J.-i,i,. ! !- ! j
Report of Gen. Stoneman.
Brevet Major-General iStoneman, com
manding the First mllttarr 'dlstrtfrt, ' has
made-his report 'to the General-in-Chief---
The system .inaugurated and policy -pursued
by nGeni Schotii-ld having by long
experience been Ipnnd complete and satis
factory, the 'oheJwa3 adopted and , the
other followed with such modi filiation in
detail as circumstances arising from time
to time "demanrted..The -, 14th article
ot j-the '-Constitution waai thought ' by
some to vacate every office in the -State
filled by pecsenf who come, within its provisions.-Hesays.
his predecessor bad made
five hundred and thirty-two appointments,
very many of them minor positions,. to va
cancies caused by death, tesignntion or tei
uoval, and in doing so had very pearly ex
hausted the available material at his dis
posal. But one- vacancy. on the bench had
occurred, and to till this it had been neces
sary fo resort to officers of the army to find
a person fit for this important and -responsible
position. This instance is cited- to
show the evident impossibility of carrying
on the Government ot the State upon the
assumption that the thousands ot officers
In the district, embracing State fiflicers,
judges, sheriff, commis-VO'iffS.' common
wealth attorneys, magistrates &., not to
speak of the-, large 'numbers of town
or . municipal officers,' such .; as mayors,
councilmen, aldermen,' constables, ' over
seers ot the poor and others, should sud
denly 'cease in the. performance of their
unctions, with tio possibility of filling
their places under tne provisions of. the
reconstruction laws. In some instances it
has been found impossible to find any per
sftii tipori' whom an appointment-could be
conferrvo, ana the dimcuity.nas been over
come by ;d evolving tba performance of the
duties on persons who' were not opposed to
reconstruction. oor.disloyal to the Govern
... . "j- -1" TT.-.! l-L.'... '
. General Stoneman recommends, the re
peal ot the 9th section" ot the act of. Con
gress Julv lDthv loti7. While some reme
dy tor evils which it was feared with rea
son might not ensue, the question substan
tially settled itself and possibly this resu.t
was promoted by m his opportune ab
sence from the State Immediately r subse
quently to adjournment of Congress, and
things movea on as Deiore unuer tne pro
visions and requirements -ol . we-reconstruction
law, then and now in full opera,
tion. ; ;.:"', '.
" Since August the forces in that -district
have been, reduced by sending a squadron
ot cavalry to the plains, the battery of ar
tillery to Washington and the 29th infantry
to Tennessee, anu tne companies wnien re
main have been greatly depleted by reason
of the number of men discharged en ae-
Aminf. nf pvnirnHnn nT t.hpir tprm nf spr.
vice. ; A large nuiaber 'wili be. discharged
during the next tbree -mouths, ant conse
quently by" tba 'first Cf Jannary next the
whole number in the district will be much
-In the. aggregated among - the more, im
portant questions'-that have presented
themselves, is the Methodist Chureh con
test. After careful Investigation and an
able opinion thereon, by Judge Advocate
Col. B. H. Burrban, it has been deemed
advisable not as yet to make any order
thereon.-; The investigation shows that it
embraces' many delicate questions ot law
both statute and ecclesialtical, and then
the one. General Stoneman says, that can
odIy bo settled b- the decision of th high
est civil tribunal or by-legislative enact
men t. special cases, as they have arisen)
have been settled on the principle of recog
nizing the claims of both contestants, and
giving each the. right of occupying alter
nate weeks. ' '' ' ' '
i Arrangements have been made with most
ot the railroad companies, auvantageous to
them as well as to the State, by which it is
hoped they will be able to pay In a reason
able time dues to tue treasury, xuis ar
rangement contemplates that one-third
will be paid ln currency, and the balance
In State bonds. . -
The appointment of officers and directors
ior tne apportion mentot taxes, aim exten
sion of the stay law is not yet determined,
and are questions for further consideration.
The report contains a correspondence
between Messrs. Bobert Ould, Marmaduke
Johnson and Thomas A. Evane, a commit
tee of the State Central Conservative com
mittee. atJDointed to confer with the Gen
eral In reierence to holding an election tor
Presidential- electors. General fetoneman,
in reply as to whether they can site any
law authorizing him as military command
erjto order or authorise such election, says
it Hhe district commanders"1 -cannot
prohibit.. .. according to law. . they
cannot ' permit in the sense or. the
order, v or authorize or give official
sanction, without in any manner express
invmv nnlnloii on the propriety.-riirht or
duty of the people of Virginia or anv nor-
tion of them, at this time to peaceably
form And ballot for anv dp rami a na eiawtrtra
for Pres.deot and Vice FrealdetiL . He stiff? ,
the.''iiitiation of any aueh course of
procedure -; calculated :-- to excite ' and
disturb the , public .mind : would . ; be
wise or prudent. My' dutie,' lie said, are
plain and marked out by the' law placing,,
me here, and are confined to protecting all
persons in their rights of person-and prop
erty, to suppress .insurrection, disorder
and violence, and punish 'oi1 .cause tojbe1
punished all disturbers of the public peace'
and criminals, and obey the la wild order:
of. my properly constituted snoeriora.i i .!
A writ of habeas .corpus has been. ap
blled tor and is understood as a test'otthe1
I gality of the action of the dtstrtct com- ;
manuer in regard to the 14CU' article or tne
Constitutional amendment. . What the re-.
suit will be remains to be determined ; ;
. The offices cvyinected with the' Bureau,,
of .Refugee, Freedmen and Abandoned '
Lands in . Virginia, have; been managed
with ability and discretion, I fleeting great
credit on the able and -upright Assistant
Commissioner Gen'l Brown. His subor-.'
dinates have, as far as Gen'l Stoneman is.
informed, performed "their duties io the
general satislaction- of those concerned, -and
sought, as far as rn their power, to see
justice done and the rights ot the negroes'
secured.- In doing this, they had on one'
hand .Ignorance, aud on the. other preju-.
dices -.tp contend against and overcome.
Instances, though rare, have been brought
to hiSfBttention, that. violence has been
used toward them.- but these cases were
confined to individuals, and uot chargeable '
to communities.' -. j
The abuses practiced toward negroes
which . have been reported by bureau
asrent8. have been In all Instances Invest!- '
gated by military commissions, and the
civil authorities have been required to see .
that justice was administered... I
as tne law now stands, and in accord
ance, with its requirements, many of the ;
functions ot the. bureau -will cease on the
1st of January. -.
In consideration of the unreconstructed
condition of the State, with no Legislature
to make laws or regulations or appropria
tions ot-BKHieys, with an exhausted trcaa
ury and an apathetic people, its further
continuance, in some1' modified formj be
comes .an important matter,, jvorthyl the
early attention of Congress.-, i., I j
f J-ueotfloers, both civil and military, have
geaorauy perlormed their tin tie with a
wiamgness -worthy of commaudation,-and
to this, together with ;the respect ,to law
and justice manifested by. the people, white
ana dumtk, is cue tne quiet anu good oiaer
mat reigns corongnout cne state,- .
.- "
Cincinnati and Baltimore R. R.
TheAtockhiaej batfieJClnoinnatl and
Baltimore Railroad Company met hers toj
nay,"ahrt'elected.the following Directors:
?olm dvirig and1; G. Olivet QTtonhel, of
BalttmotP: Henry Or LoreT," Keoifort Gerr
kard andfJohh Donneil Smith, of dnrlnf
nati; WjOLrOidham, of MaricUa, aqtWmi.
T. McCi nto:k. of Chaficothe. JohmKinpi
Jr.; "if Baltimore "Wis , elected Presidents
. W. Klrverh'Se&etarrrrn-Dotrnell
Smith, Treasurer, and John WadQVUl Chief
engineer .t vf ..:. i a l c ;.
Burned to Death.
A girl named 'Maria Gaines Was 'burned
to ieath whll - Hghting a flrc at . the TV
fiiua iioU8e. near beaaoivuie. tils mocn.
ingl 'im.T.a liC-.danV. ;ft f io bn .li-rcii1
ST. JOHNS. N. B., Nov. 18.
rSam'uelfJ.Scbv.ille.as'entof the StSt'euh
r'nsiBaukc ha suspended. .- The httnk ia sc
oil red. Other creditors will gn BO cents on
bit U UUll.ti
TU ornoial-vete of Termoht i4Grant,
44, 167; Seymou, 12 045. .
Frost. ATLANTA, GA., Nov. 18.
There was a killing frost beJasfralght,
Adyertisjng Agentp,
UjiiBimuKireei, new ieK.
lEttablith, d (7V1SS3 J . 1 T ' I '
Webextaeall the. attenioa;of iKtAertisers to
oaraeenojr. un: taailitiea wan en tne Brat aleti
daily papers in the. ooaiilrjr.are- eeoena r jtoa.
nu ..un iuiij prc7aiau wuu ICCUIB 1QQ coa-i
4itionswhjelieitaiotfaH tRire superior induce-j
ments. We Also send advertisements to all Cuban
hii (-..j.u .umiDHi vayw .Mw.m.iii wa J.
exclusive contracts ' We are the onlv houHedmnvl
.'Wead, br epwial peJteeion,Tefertoi rti?aj
pir. il. i. HKUiBuLD, xifagLSt.. Jjroadwaj!.
new io k. , .
Mours. 8. R. VandpjSB. A ,Co. 198 Greenwich
Men. Hull .A. KookSL, 18 Greenwich street,
Aiewjfork..:' . .-Ln . : I'd t-rji r, i -xt 3
Messrs. G. Bkuck's Soh A Co., Type Founder!", 13
t.barnhe- street, 'n - -, ti,'. -"v "-
es-irs. Pralon a Sow. New York. '-.ii t.i-i.--js
Messrs Fhklon A CollumdeK. Mow York.
Meeera.. T&S.HAMT A Co.. New York. ,it.. .r4rt
Messrs. Cuickkkino AriON, New l ork.'
Mes.ni. KahwaT A Co..New York. " '
oc wi-eiKj-Mn
Probate Notice---Settlement of
filed in the Probate Court if Franklin ervuntT. '
Ohio, toe.aetUeineBS.- and wilt be tor -hearing; o '
Tuesday, Uejember 15th, A. U. 186H. to-wif.
The trat aeoonnt of John Lists executor of TVr- '
elTftt Adams, deceased;' first account of taiheriaa .
E. Silbernasle, administratrix of Adam Silberna- I
gle. deceused; second account of Heory Kideno rv i
administntorcf iobn Kideaeor.'deceaaed: so'on.l i
acconnts of Austin Funk, runrdian. f t'barlotte. .
Georae W.. Edward A. an d Weil er H- Timmoos;
tnttd accounts of Susannah -ILratner. guardian of
A maaeW 8arnael R.-nd Mm, a. Kramer? third :
accounts oi. jonn conmiti, auarautu ot Absalom.
Abraham and Elizabeth Good; third account of A.
C. iianes. admiDistrator of E. A. titanler. deoeas
ed; final account of A. W. Graham, administrator
of E. F. Moloney, oeceased; final acoount of Joha; i
Van Yorx, executor of James Harris, deceased;
final account nf E. W.Peg?, cuardian of William
Westervelt; final account of Jacob Bowman, gusi
dianof Leah Guod, and the final account ot John .
G. McGuttej, guardian of Laura Medar.
... v. . JOHN Jtt. PDGH. ,
Columbus. O., Nov. IT. less. - Piobato Judge.
norlS-wxw ... ...
- i 1 . . Is issued tbisnonth by the ". -' '- ' ' i t
um & mm mwm';
and will fee sent, post pair, to ever applicant, con-1
taintDt? aDBOuneemenU of 1 ' - ;j
new iTEiriox, '' i:
tw- 'II. '.--JriO
Four Octare Organ. Solid Walnut Case, S50.
Five-Octaie Douele Keed Oman. Kive Ktops,
Solid Walnut C ee'. carred and panelled. $135.
Utber styles at proportionate nrieea Warero,ms,
1S4 Tremont street. Boston; 586 Broadway. New
Ifork. ' . . novi7-4t-PMT
";: Vi Sherift's Sale.-
j Isadora Frey , ) Court of Common
-vs Pleas ot Franklin ,
Cfristopher Kneewater et al.J county' J , -TIT
L in the above stated case from aid court to me
directed, I will offer for sale at publie auoti at
the door ot the court house, in the oity of Colum
bus, on . . i , -:--wfl I ..... u . ' -" '- .
Saturday, the 19th davof December. A. D.
., 1868, '.; : .
at S o'clock P. M-, the f-llowinc deseribed Bmier
ty.to-wit: . situate in the county of Franklin end
State of Ohio, to-witt
Lot No. six (6) of John Short's subdivision of lot
No. nine (0) of Robert Noil's addition to the city of
Columbus, Ohio, said premises couveyed to said
Chria-epherKneewater by John O. MoOuSey and
wife, by deed da'ed March 30th. A-1). 1(67.
i Appraised at-'f. - -
' Printer's fees l I o
' . - GE-H.ARHART. Sheriff.
, By J- S. BrjT.L, Depute. ..ii.-. j.
J. G MtGt-F-ET. Att'y. " , . . ,
novlT-wtdAdlt ' ' "
- TON, Holmes county, Mississippi will tak.,
net ce that Marshall F. l)avis. of Franklin comity.
Ohio, did, on the 6th day of October, ItrSS, file hi,
petition in the office of the Clerk of the Court of
Common Fleas within and for said county of
Franklin and (State of O.iio, oriargiDglhe said Nan
jy Davis with willful absence from the petitioner for
more than three years ist past, and asking that be
ay be divorced trom the said Nancy Davis, wtaioh
petition will stand for bearing at the next term of
said Court, and on and after six weeks from the
dnteof this notice. ., r . . i mi.-w -i... i :
October Sih.iess. .. ;r ' .
Sr arrow A Wbioht Au'ys. oota-ww
tor Beantifjing the "BKIH'and C05TPLEXI0W
andreadera THE BEXtf SOFT, FAUt-r- -
Fot LADIES in the NUBSERY it ia invaloabla
For GENTLEMEN after SHAVING it has ne
eqoaLL "FAFHIAN -LOTION" Is the only reli
able remedy . for diseases and MmJahaai of ths
VKD-mySa-eodly ..::- .- ' i I'HM rw
uttiJiiii. anu jjAiit, will" not ohtp Ur "
SKIN; Price 25 eeata per oaka."-" i
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 18.
S2y) ISlK.buylug.,;..
EXCHANGE-DunaHd one-tirith dis
count buyjng and par sslllngi, ,niw. p
New York Money Market—Nov. 18.
ki MOSKY-Rmf -for ent,"en call.
AiibiAU jiJkutiAJN Quiet at
108.109j 'f-f ..wii.' i:i'W 47 .4
' G U LD Irregular and fnse'ttle Jn'tbe
moroing bat setiye and oxc-iied la the' af
nrnooo.' Opened atrial awrWlase at
135j. There were lage tiurcbase, made
Jbrtue stwkrcoiftblnatipnT ' The Govern
ment.sold ah,jmimoA'tp1dayii!MAiJlll,
It is reported, resist another attempt to
.'i --'. " '' 1 "-"
New York Stock Market—Nov. 18.
Ootipona io -'8L 1 14 WSW4 -iJewfMl7'
01101: do"64'107it1f)7t rtn 's in7i2
t3107i; do 'new 109lloJi.do-:67 iM'ii
nou; do '68 iioino iO'40'a
-' ''".; ... . (i.N caiz-
In the stock' market interest still con
tinues on Erie;" There -basr been1 grBr dif
ficulty in getting Erie shares tor delivery
on contracts maturing to-day-The market
lor this stock has. been very active- wite a
diflerence as high as 10 per cent, between
regular arid, Belter, and three days Indica
ting a close corney, whicbjnay culminate
to-morr0w.',OthetshaTes' ate dnll."inie
market closed unsett1ed."bat verynrrbng.
:&3Q prices Wells' Express 27)27 ;
American 4445;. Adam 48UQ4&K ;
United States 47g48 I- Meriwhants'
Union 202l: faciflu Mail 1141
114 ; 'Western Uumne1eoraiTJho36Ti :
New .York Central' 122J122 ; Erie 167
157Jf; preierreri .-e-Meadrngf rjir3
98Ji; Ohio AMisslsslppI SfJ30 ; Terre
Haute 6939i: Wabash 565ia St. Paul
686g& Michigan Central lloMicbigan
outuerii - Illinois Ctentrar 141
I43f PlttBbnrair 8B95Jf ; Toledo 909X;
Rock , Isjand 10Gi Northwestern 84W
84Ft'. Wayne 10r1084; Chicago Bur
lington & Quincy 170 Alto 137.
It Is reported that the Erie comoinatlon
bougbt.80,000 shares pf New York Central
and Considerable proxies, when Vander
bilt found it .out and closed the books pre
venting teif oojaining.coatrolef Central.
1 '' -
York Market—Nov. 18.
XOTTONtr-Scarce and lirmi'low; grades
about' Jc better; sales at 23j toiloW mid
dlings; 24c for middling uplands, .
, r Luu-r-riosea anif ana owc-ower
n medium and lummon cradeit.'
'f WHEAT Quiet and In bnTerS'tayor:-1
-Kxm uii at si bvt 33 for western.
-OATsi-Firm with a fr,vaEtpand jgv 21o .
for western afloat. ". ..., . o".'
CORN Dull aud heaw at 1 679112
tor flnSotitid, and $1 131 14. for 'aohnd
mixed western. ,-.,,'" . .,' '
.k PORK-Sales at $29 60 for mesa, aaafe.
-S.BEEK ill and wnchanged. ",'
, CUT MEATS Quirt and bncnVbged; .
BACON -Q'jiet and TtnoksnjeU t irwH
HtLARDQuiet at 16m(iMi tor fairito
Drime steam. f-t....f. .;-. K
.EGGS Steady ai 36
t i '
fcT.flnSf. T'-o
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 18.
FLOUR Unchanged: ni 'Aali. iamlkr
$2 507 75.. ti t!.uif.,T.iT'..i
WH EAT Better demand at 91 T8l 80
' - " aoiioiV rle-Vil.
CORN--Firm; ear5859cJ, ,.,.',-.
RYE-Dall fct$l 28.-" . itA
'OATS-Dutiando'roopririr; Nol at 66n.
B AttL rA ahadrflrwcr mtrjS9W0
for Canadiap . .
COTXQNirm.tor grod nties: sales
600 hHles at 22c lorjnlddjing.
TQBAWO Salea 143 hhflptjio change. -
WHISKY Firm;.salea at 97c'. '
OILr-Linseet oil, firm aud- in fair de
mand AC 95ir." " ' '" '!'-' r'-:HOGS-fri
arod demand! mud higher
tfiwitd at TWoM7d for shoutow:''lWi'
MJcfor aiOBS.aiiti llc for hamwsWei-
140); awv 'ti'.J ti-i, til nu ot Jiiaw
bUIJC MEAT&r Good demand ; saleaiit
9Ji :. lor shoulders;and 13(3 L4c . for clear
rio and clear sides packedj ihe demand is
chh fly from Baltimore ana Phftailelphia.'
' BUTTER Firm demancT and trood ' at
35 89c. I'nitf'j r, hi itntxr!) .;"vsirf.,) .
" POTATOES--Dull at ?S80'o'pe!t btTshel;
1 APPLES--D01I Afr 2(ai4 DW'barre): -
etipts continuQ large, rnominri trit nilii
(bH.EUSrTr.Mail; clover held, a.?, WT
othy $2'25(aa 50;.flax $22 W-
- GKOCEKIES-- Unehanged sjndr hnTeC"!
v HAY Diiliat 1314 on arrival loiJnlo
closing at 70Z 85 gross aod.$9 25 (9. A
new I ifccvrijjin auw IMrayAv-, j
" GREEN M E A Ta Firmer and Bet
Cleveland Market—Nov. 17.
FLOUB-rCity. made'XXXwbite$ll 25
011 60; XXamber 9 509 J3; XX red
winter $3 259 Sfl; XXispring1? 50?T61
X spring $77 76; country macfeiXXJM
and amber. 88 76.XXifrig IJOP-OOJ
XX.$loJ)10,75,-; , ,. , d--m-i
' filtAlii-Thero, are" no'lraTTsacflons'on
Which I to ''base 'cbi'reet flgnreA' vhder tM
presenfesnsettled atatdJof .the: marketj w4
therefore rmlr, g8orttionSw.i; M ;nr h1
M ILL FEED Faic demand andlield at
3638 00 pT tort W fine ralulltng: 2?
30-00 for No 8; 242 XX) fot coarse- do
$202200 tor short.! .:VjiiiTjlrt .inlrjmot
' lJOtli-Tarket suiet and toady at fit
for No, 1 mess; $25. lor'-No ,2, do: 2a.f;
clear."7'- ;'-' Ij t-v
4'DKESSEDi HOGS'ii Mret-uf -oA
nominal aVerjltew sffering itD-ithlaMfM
, LARD Steady and unchanged: clty ren
dered held at 16c In tlcrcesi.lejiih'leifai
- B EEP Stead r; No T mess held At I
extra aaess at $17.iii iai'.s -L,-?li tt ina-
Chicago Market—Nov. 18.
: FtOUK Stead v, t rm'er and.leas .active ;
spring extras 5 608 00i-- '. ""
- WbEAT-Ne.-ateady. and-'unchangsidl
sales at t l9l, 23., Jfoy 2, In (air demand;
unsettled anu irregular j sales at 107
1 10, closing at fl 0SV08J.' Sales .of
No. 8 this atternooa at I TJS'i.1 S. -nil' 1
COKXt-No. 1 in fair ipeculatira'reqaf it
and 9J0;hiltber; sales at S995c,elostot
at 90,. No. 3 quiet and 33io rhighen
sales at 7S80c,rejeeted at 70. Nw shelled
2c higWerrsalat 59c In store and BOc'Vjtf
track. eales -No. 1 since 'Change-an? 87J
OATS Firm; sales No. I at 4o4?o,
""ieted. at 40(41cj cOsjng.a46!!(a47c fop
UfYE More- atrve BniT'l(feM Wgher?
sales .Notliat t'06l 07.:aodtNo at
$1JM1JP5, closing at ouuide.-,, m(h)iib
BAKLEY More active and unsettled jr
safes No. 2 ait f 1 601 55, rejected.kt 1' 30
1 32, closing it $1 81. 0i -
f -
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 18.
Busiiiess" remains nuite , languid, but.
prices rule ' quite uniform for staple style
of -domestic 1 cotton 'and nvooien "fabric
Printing cloths quiet at 77o ror eoeaai
mon toextra. 6 4.Qij' pru.ts of be,
makes in limited request at.-12(313Jcv ex
cept Cocfie co. and Meh-imacV I). which!
brinjr 13c. Motis. DeLalnew'Vfjroo
styles cotmbandr 2b:-..bnt inferkryr makea
can e . boii(iht at -1819j. ,CaauMsleoo,
trills, In double width, as low as 'agCt
Brawn, 'sheetihg, best makes, lo16c the
latter an extreme price. 7Angusta eH!dgr
at J4c; Standard 13c; Bedford 14 Atlntii
Valley 6; mieese, cloth ,8-; Peppe-t
riii brown drill 17c; Savage iuek21Ue;
Columbian do '30c; Qiiantrille Osnaburgs1
21c, and Santee do Bepellahts and 1
and Chinchillas la. good. -request : at foil 1
P'rCff' M-a?i:.:-- l j.' il Sr.-tt iU.lt
St. Louis Market—Nov. 18.
"FLOUU Firmer ,
changed. "' ..' ' -!
not i' uotajblj
WHEAT Also flnn.-,' 5-i-mint
COKN-Better; 7580o.b ssiv 10 v .'-.!,
OATS Higher; .5053c,.; ,.;
KYE-Betterat 91 1U1 14.' ' : "
BARLEY-Unchanged.' . ',"f"'; 'VV
-WHISKY Unchanged; $'fJd."'i, ' J -''c
PORK Easier; $24 W2fciloewvi!ia"-
BACOf Shoulders quotejaAl.3; clearj
1 1. in in'ul
Weather cloudy and cold.
tt-'til ie- I v 1
Toledo Market—Nov. 18.
: :
FLOUR Quiet ' . . , . -. .. Jt
vrrtiiAi; Amber opened at. 2c and
closed le lower. White ttnchnneedj fllegl
of No. 1 white .Michlntrrat $2 03r acabertJ
at$l 69;No. 2red at155k u;'t1 ,.
CORX-l'r better; sales ho, I at 69i5. . . A
OAK-Without material chaise ; 63c!1
for Nri.l and 6252c -for Mlrhijtan. J
JtYE A BbadH lower : Ka. 1 amljMirliU'i
gan$109... . ',!. 1, ,,
b AiiLE 1 Dun. r " :,,' ;
Buffalo Market—Nov. 18.
FLOUR-Steady. ii .Tiinr Io tnhto
WHEATr Millino- r demand! lor, I mki..
and white,"-. , .. t. f -j .,f,Bm
UATS-Qniet sales in lots at 68g59e.
FREIGHTS iNomlnal. i Lafj-nix-s
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 18.
FLOUR-n-Duli and prieaa mneaaagedJ ow
WHEAT Steady at l 25 for No.l In

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