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rRiirriD aud published bt
(bid4y nomina(
.'not. 20
News and Otherwise.
Gold closed la New York yesterday at
IMS. . '
Fokkut la jtoinjt to England.
Tbi weight or Gen. Grant is 150.
ttHyrrrt popularity Uatraii end.
J Thji ootnmerce of Boston is on adecrW.
Qdekh Isabella, of Spain, had 170 cvr
ri.Ke. Job Jmttwow Will ie 1 Cleveland on
Monday. .
Buttir la telling at 40 and 45 cents In
(XiiprltjOf UiWma an.oiiBlaIpiD4T
about bad k.
Clktblasd talks ot her letter carriers as
kongaft mo attber,,, Ji0 o
Two hundred and twenty-four cadets
are at West Point.
Obsok KttLOoa, a retlredv merchant of
Baltimore, is dead.
Dull times and'thescarcity of money Is
the cry every where.
Th ioternatloVai Bareau'ot th Y. M.
C A. has "gone up."
Th Saxons ate the whale, and regarded
it as a very savory dish.
High tortoise shell combs are in favor
with Empress Eugenia. 2 rti h W
Herbert Spencer Is not coming to the
United States just now.
Cold weather tikffput ah end to the min
ing season in Montana.
rrr;Sority!lS5llnne8oU in favor of
Negro Suffrage Is 8,924. -
Wk. B. AsTORTwtIh his incalculable
wealth, has pot a real friend.
It is announced that President Johnson
will visit Europe next spring.
wEnfrnJU'er fldewilbT ev b&S
lulftlcagdstnceJAtrgnst ' - v
Repeated api41catloas ot chloroform to
the spine have cured lock-jaw.
am Erglani, in :th fourteenth century,
none but the Clergy wore linen.
Theke are 835 steam vessels and 181
salliog vessels In the British navy.
The Cretanswnd hare taken refuge in
Greece, are in need of money and clothing.
131 LoffWo Kentucky matron is sooirtp
become the wife oi Bev. Dr.Breckenrldge.
Doctor of Literature Is a new degree
just estaoiisnea oj sue uuuennj ui xjuu
don. The Weftert AssociatadjPrttalkeldlta
annual meeting in Cleveland on Wednes-
BGbaxt's majority1 1n' Vertnout Is' 36.1 22.
'. Sbtmocb-'s ajority.-B, Jew, Jersey is
j 073.Ck.'M s, i.u i'j U-jiiJ-jUvJ
' Thb soil of the cotton States is found to
bo admirably adapted foj the i culture of
wheat. r
Epwsd Northrop, day telegraph oper
W?aVUe depot bElyrIahasCommittea
inicide. .-. -
IlsjthoKBljtTapewni not keep as
well this yeat as last. The early frost riir
pedhem. ' "
Ex-Got. -MwDBcii -Bati.by Is yet
aTifethougVln feeble health. He Uyes at
Thb Shield and fionner vote? against an
Increase of the President's salary to $100,-
' Thk Clevetan
od churches are not very well
attended. ls6ttaesametraaof churches
in other placet?
A Takkee ladrhas taken " pumpkin
and -annarftctured It -into palatable pi
within anour. ZllJ " - ' :- "s,"r'X
' Ti Shield adannet favors an adiottrn
ment of ht Legislature an til the Are t Mon-
ihTei Protestant Church at Liverpool,
tJlafke conpty, bu been purchased by the
stamksj Catholic. !'. )!-, j
i:iAT Bear River Clty;-l)eyond Omaha, ;th
Ylgflance CoHwnittee is hanging up dess
penrte characters. ! ' r ; ''
fl. ...... ii ; 'di',sM!'pr.;ir'.n.A
Eiimi Kikosto ! was rtm over by, an
- -- .... ' -,
Omnibus in Ut-Taraon Monday afternoon,
nd badly Injured. 1 ; '!?!,V-. ' : a A
I.Im EngHnd, many of the -churehe are
Restoring the orchestra to the' iniuical por
tion of the service. .jmj.th
. l ''I'l l .! t. s
Thk Mllburn Ladge of Independent Or
defiof jSdod Templara,iPatnan,i has 'sur
rendered Its charter:, j, ,. j ,. , fu
7KKWwat!414 pupils enrolled in the
Union schools of Washington C. for the
week ending the 13th.
Oa the 3d Tuesday of next May, the
Ohio National Bank Association will meet
in Convention in the city of Columbus.
VThk pUosM$ Beg&i? & ppai ft
bhlo' Leisla'ture adjouroiogoverrom the
33d Inst, to the first Monday in January.
EiQHTT'ForjR cups of coffee were recent
ly (drank; for a wager, by a Frenchman.
A emeOo kept him from being planted.
Jsr Tlew of the destruction of ths Lunatio
'Asyivm by firs in this eity, it Is a fortunate
jthing that tht Legislature meets on Mon-
1 i -
JTt ,-:-. ; -.i.a-'-i-"'' -:T
Drjumo the past year, the Methodist
episcopal Church of the United States has
toad r net gain of 100,000 in its member
ship.? - .
WjI.Btbbv of Elyria, a youth of about
gfghlvrtnte.tasjust taken unto himself
t'wifeuWbJUi cbaofaeIor should bow de
apair? .hk
Thb Internal Revenue collected in . he
13th Dtatrlcffof the month of September,
was t5.512.43, $851.80 of which was from
Bomb Republican papers are urging Hon.
Samuel Galloway for a ptece in. General
Grant's Cabinet. What says Alex. Sands
tO that?,.) '.;". :!. ' : i,73 SSY I'T ti.
P. j. Dbvwb, Consul to.Cprkunder.
&ehaaan'i ail ml n 1st radon, reoently died
1 n the. Dubuque, laws, or' hoase.: He
batongbeeaul. br ntbnuJ J
lbs , tftto ouu4j Jiegitur wan w Lr. juign i
ettosead its baJaooa olflSduefor ad
vertising Jltsays, mildly, of course, that
art la ft liar and swindler." . i - i
-Tk tJrbaMt says the friends of
General .Durbln' . Ward . will present his.,
narna to the Democratic State Convention :
lor BomisatioB to the office of Governor.
Tab umc$U OMtrter'says that, the- ax--.
eaadlng low prioe ot wool, and the high'
pHoa of 6 y and feed generally has brought
mutton, down to '-almost ' m s0ng.,!' That'a
good news to mattoa eaters, bat Vnot for.'.
wool'-gTwwers. ; Grant - however, is the
Tbis Vealthy ltt Engiahd, ln' th four
teettUkMfttsurr, -would be considered poor
now. ( Tnelr household furniture consisted
of ad occasional, a brass pot, a brass enp,
a grid Iron, a rug or two and perhaps a'
towel. Evesr-tbe- Nobility sat upon the
chests in which they kept thiir clothes!
Full Particulars of the Heart-
Rending Disasters.
Rending Disasters. NAMES OF THE DEAD.
Incidents at the Fire.
The Reception by the Deaf and Dumb.
Never In the history of Columbus was
there such a conflagration as that at the
Lunatic Asylum, of which we - gave 1
hasty and necessarily partial account yes
terday, as all sorts-of rumors were flying,
arid we did not wish to give more than the
facts. Paying a Visit to the ruins, yester
day, we were enabled to gather many im
portant particulars, ind have time to re
late besides what we beard and saw.''
Tbe fire broke out about half-past nine
o'clock. It was first discovered in one ol
.he rooms at tbe northeast corner ot the
east wing of the building. This east wing
was devoted entirely to tbe use" of the fe
male patients, and tbe ward or section
where the fire originated,'' eootalned some
titty of tbera.i. Fifteen minutes belore al.
that portion of the building was in flames,
the attendant j having 3 that section in
charge, passed through it, and 'there was
no signs of fire, smell. of smoke, or other
indication of danger! Quick as flash it
must have spread, for, by the time, tbe en
glnes. arrived on the ground, though the
flames did not show through , tbe .roof, the
interior was so filled with smoke and fire
as to threaten death to any one who should
atiempt to penetrate ."' '
Tbe maior Dortiou of the inmates had
net yet retired, but la the Ward where the
fire originated, some of the most mischiev
ous were, and some sick ones. All efforts
to induce these to leavo -their rooms were
unavailing, and the few citizens who had
reached the place, and the attendants, were
obliged, 'at the risk of their own lives, to
rush in and drag them from the horrible
fate that awaited them. The roar of tbe
flames, the rolling clouds of smoke, now
black as Bight and -again lit with a .lurid
glare; tbe cries, screams, shouts, laughter
aud ' dancing i ot the', demeiited women
whose madness' seemed' increased by'tbc
wild and exciting scenes around them,
made up a picture terrible to look upon
Br-a'nd-by came word that . some were
dying in their, rooms suffocated in the
smoke, and others raving and struggling
to tree themselves, from their confinement
Then some of our heroic- citizens rushed
Into tbe flames and dragged forth tbe dead
and tbe ..dying, r Some were dead, when
reached; othere 'diecf shortly after coming
to the fresh air. One poor creature, a
beautiful 'girl of about eighteen, whose
arms were -confined! because of her mis
chievous propensities, on being brought out
called plteously forirer mother, and died
with the prayer on her lips that she might
b&allowed ro'lay'ier.hea'd upbri her moth-
er's breast, '1t pains me so," she said.
There weresix-of -the female, patients
who died of suffocation and inhalation
of the flatues. .They were .placed, 00 mat
tresses on the-pisKza,- near the main en
trance, and afterwards conveyed to tbe
dead house in tb-North Graveyard to
await the orders of their friends. Their
names and residences are : Mary Murray',
Wyandot county; Susan A. Parker, Lick-
ntroounty; Bridget Brophy, coiumous;
Clara Bradford, Llzzlo Herroldj and- Caro
line Conner, Athens county.
There were rumors of many more hav-
tng'Iost their lives, but it Is absolutely cer
tain that, the above names comprise the total
fatalttiesv Three persons, Battle Love. Mrs.
Bain and Mrs. Parker, were nearly suffo
cated, but were all right last night.
Mrs. Brophy's -body, was taken to her
late residence, on Buckeye street, in the
northern portion- of tho city, we -believe.
yesterday morning. " ----
The opinion of those connected wttn me
institution in, regard to the origin of the
fife is that some one of the patients, in a
spirit of mischief, lit a piece of paper at
thegas burner in the hall, just after tbe
attendant had passed Ihroujrh; and set 'fire
to her bed. On 'no other theory can the
choking! blinding smokeTe accounted lor.
The building was heated by Steam, and no
Story W ' defective flues wilt answer.
The gas burner In this portion of the build
ing was In easy, reach, the ceiling being
lowland although' the strictest orders an
Hdd to prevent patienta approschibg tlif
lights, yet the cunning ot madness otten It
too much for the watchfulness of sanity.
.All around tbe long line 01 the bnrqlng
building crowds of men stationed them-
selves',and with pale faces and husky voices
turned to with a will in. removing, to places-
ot safetr ontside, any and everything mov
able within. The proverbial fate of house
hold goods' on . such occasions. , was fully
exemplified. One stalwart man' steppt d
carefully over a fragment of charred tim
ber,, and cunningly avoiding eol Its ion with
a boy bearing an empty market basket,
strode far to the rear with a pillow snugly
squeezed under each arm.' Scarcely bad
he Issued from the-perishing structure,
whed a title dressing bureau came 'tumb
ling after him, which was" dashed to pieces
on the stone flagging. A barrel of potatoes
duly hooped and headed, was rolled away
from the fire, while Fairbanks' seales
eame down on the stony surface with a vim
which was heard above the roar of the
flames, suggesting serious doubts of future
usefulness. Two men,, with shouts of ex
cltement, bore ft large basket filled with
smoothing irons, which were tenderly laid
upon the ground, while two others rushed
out and dashed upon the same spot a basket
lull of preserved peaches in fragile jars.' A
box of shoes require! the care and attention
ot three men to deposit it sately on the
ground, while piles ot qaeensware were
taught to look out for No. I as they were
pitched from the arms of a half grown boy,
upon a general collection of kitchen uten
sils, prominent among.whlch. were a score
or more of large iron pots. .Frenzy seized
upon the throng" of busy movers, and no
wonder. If "the Darning or an ordinary
dwelling bouse incites frenzied excitement
in the minds of men, there certainly seem
ed soma season In tbe awful surroundings
of that fearful ulght, for proceedings which
under other circumstances, would entitle
t.tiA actors to accommodations In. a mad
bouse to say the least.
Warn- announced by. the members of tbe
Fi'nDeDartment, and with scarcely less
shock to the1 multitudes present tnan at
tended the first -Intelligence of the fire.
Steadily and defiantly nad ine nerce mon
ster, Fire, .crawled through- the east wing
the Institution, and licking his still
reeking lips, turned to attack the front.
But brave hearts met him and dealt such
well meant opposition to his advance, that
e'er he could singe the threatened west
wing good hopes were cherished of hi
vaoqulshmtnt. Just" St tWs period the
chilling announcement was made. 3To wa
fer j' no wonder strongmen were bowtd
down in utter helplessness. No wonder
rwere the members of the Fire Department
drawn up in line with idle machines, and
with folded - arms andr beerimmedrfaeeB
heard to deplore that sadly mistaken policy
which robbed the. Capital City of this grea$
State of Ohio of its most urgent need
waterworks.-'Wo: wonderatd Wnder": w"5
men cry out in anguish, ,2To wonder weie
the moistened eyes ot an aged Christian
philanthropist turned reverently to Heav
en as he. fervently breatfiedj-an' aadible
prayer for a delugeffhr there, before the
;yes of the powerless multitude; was beidg
licked ud bv fire the zrandvst monomenttx
4 great Christian charity to be found in tne
entire Union. Tbe pride of tbe State of
Ohio, her model Ketreat for the Insane, the
institution which was looked upon as the
flrst of its class in all this country, was in
flames; the fire engines had ceased to work
and the nearest water, a small eity cistern, mat
fully three thousand feetfwoay I ,
Sneaked cowardly, into the grounds of. the
doomed structure, and preyed greedily
upon the spoils which were everywhere
exposed.. Losing the semblance of' mea
while engaged in. their nefarious work of
plunder, watchmen failed to recognjze
(hem, and: lor the nigbfijihey reposed. ia.
their dens with their plunder, dreading to
look out at the light of the; coming day'.
Blankets, 'bed -linen, towels wearing ap
parel and stores of general description were
seized upon, and drawers and trunks fore
ed ppen and their contents (money, in one
case, at least), rifled. ' Several arrests were
made yesterday, and we offer a prayer for
the rendering of justice without mercy, to
each convicted scoundrel who chose such a
field In which tn i.lv hia devilish trarln. '
Was tbe theme of universal conversation
among the masses within the area in rear
of the main entrance, during the progress
of the fire, but careful search by humane
men soon transformed the reported spirit
into a poor frightened lady, who, escaping
aeam irora cue crumoiing naiis, naa eva
ded her watchers and with wonderlul
agility bad climbed to the roof of the con
servatory in, the , rear, wherc,in- white
night-dress she nimbly walked the ledge
singing the while, in apparent ignorance ot
the terrible doings: of tbe Fire King around
her. She was removed in safety.
The noble men wbo,VdisdaihIng death.
plunged into its jaws to snatch from thence
its passive victims, are entitled to most
honorable mention. Mr. Lonis Seibert, of
tie firm of Seibert & Lilley, exhibited true
bravery in' returning again and again to
the burning. rooms Of the east wing, bear
ing away in his arms on each occasion an
inmate,untilat last encroaching fire serious
If threatened to cut off bis ow n retreat.
In b la last visit to the fatal east wing. Mr.
Seibert narrowly escaped death. Against
remonstrance, he dashed through a sea of
fire, lollowed by a noble attendant carry
ing "the ' keys . of the .hall, . until
they together reached a room, tbe
door ot which was - found : . to ' be
already - ft sheet of flame. Dashing
through, Mr.Siehert directed the light of a
small lamp, which be held In his right
band, to the only bed In the room, but find
ing it unoccupied, sprang out in the hall,
telling the attendant that the room was not
occupied by ft patient. On being assured
that the room was occupied, Mr. Siebert
again entered, and casting the ..light from
his lamp around tbe room, discovered a fe- j
male crouching in a corner, to spring at hit
throat. In her mad rush at him, he for
tunately caught her right baud in his left,
and throwing away the lamp, trusted In the
fierce ensuing scrapple in the darkness to
secure her other hand. He succeeded, and
although - powerful man,, fouud it neces
sary to exert all his strength in bringing
tbODmate her kneesi in which posi
tion he dragged her . through fire
and,, suffocating smoke '. to . a place
of safety. The great exertion of the
wrestle, together with the long exposure to
the suffbca'ing smoke and gas of the room,
overcame Mr. Siebert, and he sank fainting
co the floor. Drs. Peck and Smith imme
diately administered restoratives, and in a
short time hf' again on his feet, and
away toward tin- w.tr iii. ; In a room in
the front biilhling.he found , a sleeping man.
Extreme difficulty rXH-riemd In in
ducing bitn to get up and follow to a place
ot safety, but by a little good tact it was ac-
Mr. S. S Eickly was also overcome by
smoke, and was taken to his home in a
carriage.' . He soon recovered." 1 -
Mr. Albert 8. Ford did noble service, in
company with Mr. Seibert in rescuing the
inmates, and to his bravery a number of
tbe unfortunates are Indebted for their
lives. Other citizens, whose names we do not
know, joined -the noble heroes above men
tioned, and by their determined bravery in
the awful emergency, ' gained for them
selves a record lasting as Time itself.
When it became patent to every mind,
from the frequent whistling of the steam
ers, sending the alarm of "no water,
that the whole of tbe beautiful bolldiog
must be burned, the fire slowly, yet surely.
traveling along the front building in close
proximity to the west wing, where most of
the male patients had their rooms, the ne
cessity of the removal of all the insane be
came ft subject of anxiety .f ' ' T
The females, inhabiting the east wing,
and the eastern portion of the south front.
were cared for, by being conveyed to the
Deaf and Dumb Asylum In omnibuses and
close carriages of every description that
could be got together.. Some of them.
forced from the bnrning building, were
wildly violent, but under the firm care and
kind treatment of the attendents, who, lor
months had kept watch and ward over
them, the patients were removed without
mujoh difficulty, pne old lady, we noticed,
seated in a carriage, was wild with excite
ment. She seemed determined to get out
and struggled hard for that purpose. Sbe
was anxious to go to her room, now, alas,
a sheet of burning flame. At this moment
we noticed a young lady of some twenty
years, who rushed up to the carriage, and.
as she clasped her arms around the old
ladys neck, in an endearing tone, said
"Aunty, I have come to take care of you 1"
la an instant the lunatic lady was subdued,
and, as she buried her face on the bosom ot
her frlend,forsuch undoubtedly'she was,she
murmured, "Yes, yes, my child," and. was
led to a different carriage, where familiar
taces greeted her, with the confiding faith
of a child with its mother. We knew nnith r
of the parties, bnt it required no stretch of
Imagination to conceive that the young
ladv was the kind, attendant of the elderly
lunatic and by kindness bad taught her to
place her trust in one who had never de
ceived her. This little episode spoke vol
umes for the humanity of that attendant.
The female patients were all taken to the
new asylum for the Deaf and Dumb.-
The removal of the male patients was a
work of more difflculy. Every desoriptlon
of vehicle that could . oe pressed Into the
service was put in requisition. About fifty
of the number patients ot the wildest in
sanity, with a homicidal tendency were
removed to the hospital of the Institution
where they were cared lor as well, if not
better, than eouid reasonaoiy nave Deen
expected under the distressing circum
stances. Over two hundred. tnd fifty, tHe
and female, were cared lor'at the Deaf aid
Dumb Asylum, which! was promptly
thrown open for their reception. The
deaf mutes were transferred to other poi
tlons of tbe building, and were forced to
remain content' wtth"Cne-hair the- wceom
modations previously enjoyed, yet not a
ign of .'murmur escaped tbem.i E'jch one
seemed to leel as it upon his, or her exer
,tians 'fo ; make ""comfortable' the ""strange
j guests thus suddenly forced upan them,.de-
i pended the, reputation of the Asylum for
I hospitality.. , ., ... 1
; . Dr. Fay, theBuperiptendenfof the Deaf
; and Dumb . Asylum, with. his .effi-ient
i r.ewera,-Mr, Wkeflald,i andi indeed, -all
the mala offlolafc, seemed to be the righl
: men id the right place, and w re unwearied
ih their exejftlons.to accommodate alL, ,Xhe
j matron, Mrs. Westervelt,-andi her assist
' ftntV.Mrst- Barrett-ami Mrs. Wakefield
j seemed each to be; possessed of. the power
of nblqultyto be every wbere -at the
very time they were needed,' and ,to . hate
ft hundred hands. leach,; which . were em
ployed -in, .making, .beds and providing
! places for the houseless lunatics thrown
upon their charge. It is, much praise to
siy that, wild as was the condition of the
patients, when thus transferred raving as
many ot 'them were and all terribly es
Cited-; by fhree o'clock la themoroing ol
1 yesterday, and before tbe Lunatic Asyiam
-was entirely in flames, all the patienta thus
transferred to the Asylum tor'Mntes were
either asleep or quiet. yv.:-.-. . :
Fortunate it was that in this houseless
condition these unfortunates had such
refuge, so easily Improvised Into a Lunatic
Asylum tor their welfare, and doubly for
tunate that the new home was officered by
men and by women who cared for the un
fortunates not as a duty, but as a lab
I of love. '
In company with the officers of the Deaf
' and Dumb Asylum, we ascended tbe tower
ot the home of tbe mutes ooe'of the high
est points in the city .7. Here a scene of tbe
. wildest beauty burst upon our, astonished
gaze. Full a quarter of a mile off was seen
the burning Asylum.; From our stand
. point, high over the roof of the tallest
building in the city, we Baw the " entire
south front and west wing of tbe bnilding
; in full blaz& From within the walls tbe fire
: flashed th rough 284 windows.'1 Far above
the burningVnass; the jets' of flame rushed.
;and myriads of sparks floated -upward
Through! the sashless windows, the lurid
glre8bowed tbe building reft of allbot
bare walls and burning wood, As beam and
rafter and joist tell into tbe burning mass
below, the whole heavens would light up,
with almost dazz.ing brilliancy. -The mass
of burning matter looked not unlike a fur
nace at almost white lteat. ' i
-' The smoke,' which '. hovered above the
walls,' and catching the breez?, floated off
to the South or West.' was not dense, but of
'a liht bluish grey. South of Where we
stood i( seemed to bank op against the
Heavens, and looked not unlike that hazy
range ' of mountains in the great Apala-
chlan chain, known to travelers and to the.
buuuui uoj as uesiue luuge.
-The whole scene, If photographed w
colors bright and true, would seem nn-
1 natural, and we felt as if we wer in the
land of gorgeous dreams, or e1 viewing a
fl e painting of rich beauty, rather than
11 tne sooer reality, witnessing the con
flagration of the finest insane asylum tnat
th. ; world has yet produced, and which was
far Jy. the pi ide of our people, as well as
mo-w 01 otner states. at. a o ciocr on
Wednesday night, it stood firm In its solid
beauty and in the pride of its usefulness.
Within a few honrs it was a mass ot smoul
dering ruins. '' .
' The building of beauty, which we hoppd
would be a joy forever" to our Bane citi
zens, where all of reason lost would be cared
fori has left us but its blackened walls its
inmates Sent elsewheie, and our State pride
humbled."'' ' .- 1
During the excitement several of the pa-:
tlenrs m:w)e their escape. ' Two are known''
to have got away from the Deaf -and Dumb
Asilum by jumping through the windows
For the present the most Violent of the
patii-iita -will be transferred to the New
burgh 'Asylum near Cleveland which
fortunately has one wing ready for the re
ception of 'patients. The others will be
cam! for ih the Deat and Dumb and Idiot
Aj turns and by being sent to their blends
as they best may be.
; ! The main building of the Central Luna
tic Asylum was opened for the reception
of patients on the 30th of November. 1838,
and wings were added on the ' east and
west sides in 1852. The cost of erecting
the main bnilding was $77,708. The wings
cost 6S,04S. ' The total loss to the State by
this fii'e i3 something over a half million of
dollars'' " ' "'.'" '";"
- The cause of the j entire destruction of
tbe building was laok of water. ; Had there
been a sufficiency to supply the steamers.
,$10,000 would have covered the entire loss
to the State. For six or seven years the
City Council of Columbus ' has been
straining every nerve- to raise money
to build waterworks. The State has
been asked to aid us, but the -request ha?
never been granted. ' Had the' State ft
Ohio owned . $100X00 of Columbus city
bonds last night the Asylum would have
been saved, for the waterworks would have
been built four years ago had such aid
been given. We can get fall-enough to
carry water to the top ot tbe Asyluni, ami,
with the flooding pipes in use Hi other In
stitutions of the kind, any story of the
building could be flooded with water if. a
few moments, without waiting for the en
gines. It is hot too late now tor the State
to take hold of this matter, and for future'
safety help the city of Columbus In her
efforts to obtain a sufficient supply of wa
ter. - " '
New Advertisements
t3f Xbe Ohio Statesman ban a
Larger Circulation thaa any.: pa'
per published In thta City or Cen
tral Ohio. . Advertiser) 'will bear
Itaia in Mind.- i-i a
V V fice ot the City Civil Engineer in Columbus.
UblO, until - " . -
- Monday, Not. S3d, 1868, .
t 4 o'olo:k P. M.. fordoinf the fallowing work,
to-wit: , - -
For building double row nag eroasing aeross
South fahlio line at me west fide ot tiign street.
For building a double row flag crossing across
Center allej at tne norm iiae oi iiong street.
The hid ill be opened bj the committee of tne
wardain whioh the impmTement is to bemade. The
emmittee reserve the right to reject any or all bids
at their discretion. o. e. ouwus,
City Civil Engineer.
' City Civil Engineer's offiee, be.-Ml Houth High
street, np ptnire. nnvis-iitd
X customers, and as many new ones a may favor
me with a call fat the lowest rates, for ea,"h.with
Oy.Hrs. Fiab, liame, roultry. Meats, Butler, bsgs,
11 .-?! V . . 1;.... ,1 iwLM Tn.
Canned Fruit and Vegetables, imported and
American Pick es. Catsup. Jahie baaces, bar-
Bottled Wiues and Liquors, bnglisb, hootch and
Irish Porter and Ale; Ciucinnati. Dayton and Phil
adelphia Stock and Fresh Ale and Porter, in Pint
nd Vluart UotUee.
! Also. Fire-erackers. Torpedoes. Firewoiks and
CaU'and look in. at my old ,;Und No. SS East
tatesteet t .. . . . C A..WAUNEK.
. novl3-tf-r
I Cbevaliei-'a Treatise on tbe Hair,
free to all. given away at the Drug Stores, or sent
by mail free. ' This book should be in every bouse.
It teaches to cultivate and hare beautiful hair,
and restore gray hair to its original eolor. stop its
falling out. and remove all irritation or dandruff
from the scalp, thus keeping the hair beautiful to
tne latest period of life.
novl7-eodlm-J HT j 11 Broadway. H Y.
rjj m-
(.-'" -. j.i ii
j'lHr!: t-.
.' ti I'if.;-
;.- y-."i.-i- 'n
II j .
. ,
b I
V "I V
-in; i-
l"!I.t '
IJCI': l; !
: i-lt ':
It .Ir.'li
i -JTtiVf
. I
' I-..'.
! 1!
..-:t u
-: j'..-
vf V.'
-Ilf THI-1
Can be Fonnd at
250 AND 252
"ill 11-4 i'i -li?ii)'-.f.' .-r ;
mi l -.aotr.i-.l fi'lii J;:;jo.;'.i; hn'ii,
.,:H-uIl .-F. in-xl i'--. : -,!'- !
- - . - v? -
Mir, ..
!.; A
United ; States J cif Amenca
Cash Capital,- $I.000;000.
. i -PAID IN FPLL, r - .-1 1 1
To which ail general eorre-porience should be id
nil, djessed, t i
JAT vuur.r,A;nainnaa tinanoe and Xxeeatire
Committee.:- -i J
ncflM iii'UUMS. v ice rresident. -KMbKdON
W. PKT. Secretary and Aetuary.
.H I IS ' In i i i . a t i fl s f
Offered by this Company are :
It is a Naliooal Oompany. chartered by (peoiai
ao. or uongress. jaos. -. . -.. ; i. I
It has a paid up capital of $1,000,000. , .
It offers low th tea of premium.
- It furnishes larger lnauraaoe than other Compa
nies lorme same money.
It is definite and certain in its term.'" ' '
It is a home Company in every locality. '
It Policial! are exetnnt from attachment.
There are uo unnecessary .restrictions in the Pol
icies. , , . , . , . , . ,
Every Policy is non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken Ibat will pay insured their
mil amount and return all tbe premiums, so tnat
tbe Insurance coats only the interest- en the annual
foliates may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a eertain number of tears durlne life, an an.
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in tbe
."No exra rate if charged for risks upon the lives
oi lemaies , . i ; i r
It insures not to pv dividends.- but at t .
eet that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati. Ohio. General Agents for Ohio. Central
ana aoutnern loaiana.
'.I'" COX, DWTER fc CO.,
Coin -nbus. Special Agent for FrankKn, Licking,
Mnskingom and Coshootoa counties. . .
. FeNT-ootvi-deodAwenwly .-. - .
-Xm. no previous year . has there
been such strong competition among
all the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present. At all the
principal Exhibitions and .Fairs
tlietf met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and tfus result was unanimously in
favor of the r Florence Heversible
Feed Lock-Stitch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition t7ni
verseUe, Faris ; American Institute
Fair, New York ; New England
Agricultural Fair, at Providence,
E. I.; the Xew Toric State Fair, at
Buffalo; the Great Annual ''Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics Association at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the'
Maryland Institute, at JSaltimore,
which closed a four-weeks1 Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLOEENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it the "GOLD
MEDAL? the highest Prize the
Institute confers, i ; ; j
' .It would seem aa If this succession of tri
umphs should be sufficient to convince every
unprejudiced person of tho, great superior
ity of tbe FIiOBBNCB over all others) aa
Family. Sewing Mao nine. y
. A. written warranty Is given to the par
chaser, that the Machine) WILL DO ALL
that is claimed for it, and should it fall, it
will be taken back, and the MONET BIS-
Prtnetpat Ojjtee enter Salesroom, So. 98 West
Mourth Street, Cincinnati, O.
-.' H. UcCONNElA, General Afafc
Ts rVTJjH. ' ' t.
At the Ohio State Fair, whieb closed at Toledo.
Septe -ber 2Sth. 1R8. the FLORENCE received
tbe FIRST PBSMIUJf for the best-Family Sewing
juacaines over seven competitor.
. Send for a circular, or call and examine the Ma
chines at the new salesrooms, i
91 East State ft, Columbus, Onto,
i i i W.-'S. ROWNj Agent-i A i n
S AH kinds of sf itching done to order, and
anstaotioa guaranteed. - ootxe-aamstawTM
1 ! I
Corner Broad & High Sta.
febt-diy ;.. - , . ;.' ; - ; : K '
an30-dly-r Celumbas,
c. r.
Nes. 816 at 218 omli Hlsrn t.
( 7Afr evtenHee Hamift"" ' Ibot
&rtA ttrttt. on the Canal. t
Their holiness tra"""1'01". hoth Wholesale snd
Penasylvania and Indiana. They manutacture
. ,i .i..-a and every desisn of sunerior vanrh
mansbip aid finish. Also, Cane-Beat Chairs of
every description. V noiesaie ana iweuui.
0. K. KKBCS.i. - . - - -flAO. W. QUISN
: 1 -. DXALKBS .1ST : : a. - i
n.'xi s a f i an,
Came and Oysters.
Also, all kinii of Country Produce, such as But-
ter,r.ggs, vnicaens, luraeys, ao.,
JSo. S'i eVest Ifroadway,
The choicest varieties of Fresh Fish received
daily. Aa All goods purchased delivered to anr
pa. t of the city r b or cu aeob. j.ootia-eod6n
RD".10Tlt;g.uSra Let,.,
BoaiVlr," mot fteillBi mt-L.
"ftakUsboel in tibia cola am a far
met with Vnr K.la A L' - m.A V i
SwrWdoioia paying SDeieesV-Sot Targe eipit.J
required. Reason for selling, on aeeosnt of bad!
tin nMin IW WH30VO. OI PS
th. Address Box VTAr, Ctfhnabus. Uhio. T T
vl-dat .( . , t .T7
John Ellsleb Manager.
atvi'-EHsler beg tnennouree that1 hr vfll pro
uee George Wiox't great ttpeotaoujar Pantomi me
tiue-i numpty uumpty," attne upera House,
r-'mSeasoB of six niahra- tmlc .This
produolioaisatiil All rrathe Olympie Theater, New
k erk. ajud.baaunw reesbed -oner -S0 nights 1 It it.
Win fu I of f utheasbneiBg Uvw Seeaev-. ttietnn.
ry.tl ricks and .'ransfurmations. Dancifig, Uroup- '
ing. io , Aebeyeod all deecnptioili; Ow Wednee-
n'inY.kwr-noVi' - ?f d:I' ?9"
i iue iouuwiuc Hi at tiw axUsts wili appoarre tb
Pantomime, in addition io arbw-imtm tfranaatiS
Conp ny:. Tony Denier, as CJewen afaas. Jiloan.
as rantalopn: Marry Xesiie. as Harlequin; M 111
a.urKl..a Columbine, ol'he imut n.....
the country, the famous and biantilul J
- ar -a v i - -jr- Jk. t - i
Assisted by Mom. Henri St. Ody. Maiter Ie Bal
let; il'lle Aleaandrino, M 'lie Ella 8hari.il 'lie Bel
lini. Miss Hattie Baatinan. Muia Kara.h m...mi
and Miss Betty Weigel, and a full corps of Cory
phees.'. Also, tbe Champion Sat?r of Ameriea
Lr. H. a . Uoednch. in tbe Urand Carnival 8acing
Seener- ForuH pwrrieniars see daily programmea.
Box trace open for the sale of Beserved 8emt on
Manrtav. Nov. 1. from 10 A. H. to 19 Jf and 1 P.M.
to3P.- M. -' i - - '-
ovl4-dtr - "f 3 m ir " D i - s i
Nalnro ASrent jklly.- n t
' It took the worldnearly two thousand yean ta
discover and remedy one of the moat fatal tnh
that mankind has ever believed im : From the time
Of Galea to a comparatively very recent date, it w
supposed that in order to eure dismeit was
necessary to weaken the already enfeebled pattern
by artificial means.' Bleeding, blistering, violent
purgation and salivation were the main nliaam f
the faoulty; ant more than fifty years ago.- Restora
tives were only, administered fes supplementary
agents, after the lancet, ceatharides, jalap and calo
mel had done their depleting work. ' Modern
science his effected a falutary reform in 'medical
treatmenCIn place of the naaieous dose onee ad
ministered in eases, of. iiiiirintirn. hilinesnne.
Ojonstipatioajick headache, rervousnejv intenaS.-
tent fever. Ac, UOiSTtTTER a STOMACH BIT
TERS are now -given with, the utmost confidence
and tbe happiest results. The reason why this ad
mirable botanical preparation, has supeneded the de
bilitating poison of the old. materia m4ica te
these: it eombiaes the properties of a wholesome
tonic with those of a gent'e cathartic, an anti-bfi-ious
agent, a nervine, and a Vood depurent. Thus,
while itkeepathe bowels free, regulate the liver,
and purifies the current of life, it artais the
physical strength of the invalid, and by this means
the expulsion of disease and the restoration of con
stitutional vigor go on together.
At this season, when intermittent ana ramrHei)t
fevers, with other comp!a nts arising from a damp.
mephitic atmospfaere, are prevalent, a course of thai
BITTERS s the best means of protecting the sys
tem from an attack. .. . '
mayasdeod A wly-ew-ji
.( - j t
PROT NCE. B.I.k ving the largest maou-factr-ry
e Solid Silver Ware ia tbe werlaT, wfth
the most mproved machrnrry, and employing the
most skilled labor,, are enabled to offer an un
equalled variety of new and beautiful deeigoen
Dinner Services, Tea Services, and every article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, ia which Shi
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterliig
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate ii
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from -the Trade Miiy.'ba
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every where.
. . - - ' Trade
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, N. T.i
novo-dawjm-pe NT -
"Ihildren's Lireu SaTed for Fifty
Thousands of ebildrea die annually of fTmnp.
New, Mothers, if you -would spend 60 cents, and
always have a bottle of Dr. Tobias Venetian Lin
iment in tbe house, you never need fear losing
your little oue. when attacked with thb complaint
It is no-v stt years since I have put up my Liniment,
and never heard ot a child dying of Croup when
my Liniment was used; but hundreds of cures
have been reported to me. and many state if it was
10 per bottle they would not be without it. Be
sides which, it is a certain eure for Cuts, Burns.
Headache. Toothache. Sore ,X oat. Swellings,
Mumps, Colic, Diarrhea. Dysentery, Spasms, Old
Sores and Pains in the Limbs, Back, and Chest.
No one once tries it who is ever without it." It is
warranted perfectly safe ?' take' internal?.. Fall
directions with every bottle. . Sold by tbe. Drag
gists and Storekeepers in the United States. De
potl0ParkPlaoe.ir.Y. " '":3
jnnel6-dAwVTcm-rewT ' ' ; ; ' ;
flow a Decline is Pjrodacedr
: - - -, - ..-o'..n .
Pure blood makes us well, bad blood makes s
sick. Vapors from poorly digested food in the
blood are condensed upon tbe various organs aSd
serve to make them grow or repair their waste.--Organs
made with a greater or lesser proportidii -of
such material' cannot be sound. If the bad. goa-
dition of blood continues but for a few days or
weeks the body will be but of ear's; and if it continue-,
the whole of the body wili in time be re
newed with imperfect blood, in the health bad ;
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
Now Brandreth's Pills penetrate the whole mass
of blood, causing the expulsion of impurities; tbe
body feels relieved from a single dose what then
may . by expected from twenty? By eootiBaiwg
their use the whole of the blood ia time become s
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma
terial, the decline stopped, and a new lease of life
secured. Principal office, Bbahb-kbth Bocsg.
New York.-Sold by all drnggislv
iunele-dAwIycm-reKr "
To art we owe a thousand graces; , "
. Impioving Nature no disgrace is.', .11
. j So, aa gray hair don't please tbe eyej '
Cr istadoro's Halt: ?n servati Vd
Striking, a.'toundi-ig, as the Effects produced
by Cristadoro's Hair Preservative, and Beautifier.
Be the bair ever so wiry, coarse and nnmansgnaoie
by brush and comb, in one week this artiei vrrll
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to curl" ' ' -
Sld by Drui8ts,andeptllebaH HairDreti
ers. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane.", Principal
Depot No. Astor House,
inneldAwlyem--ainr ;
A Clergyman, while residing fa South America
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
edy forthe Cure f Nervous U eehBSBs,-Karly ye
em'. Diseases of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brougbt en by
baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have
been cured by this noble remedy.. Prompeedaby a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate. 4
will send the recipe for preparing and asiog this
medioice. ia a sealed envelope, to any one wh
nei. ' JostplTllIMAN., ,
- - Station D. Bible Hoase. New 1 ork City.'.
oot23-dAw , : a
OBI A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway. (Met
igb street, Uolum boa. Ohio, has devoted himself,
a series ol years to the treatment of sertsia paw
mte diseases, tie may bioensulted at his office
-troadwa. oea the lixohange Bank. (
may3l-tf '
' MH00" " Another jrev, - HtdiooX
... JJf. Pamphlet rm tht pen of D Cubtis.
The' Medical limes" sava r thia work. "Thim
valuable treatise on the rang, and unn nf rMn,
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of yeutb and manhood, and bow
easily regained ' 1 eivee a etear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, tbe oause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor.'" A
pocket edilien of the above will be forwarded ear
receipt of 16 ceeta,by addressing Doctor Ccaria
No. ta Aortb Charles street. Baltimore, Md.
era maygs-dly-r
YOUTH restored in fonr weeks. Success
restores manly powers, from whatever cause ari-'.
sing; the effects of earl pernicious babiis, self-
abuse, lmpotency and climate, give away at once to
this wonderful mediolne, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure ) Fail
ure is imimssible. Sold in bottles at S3, or fon.
qnantitieb in one forts. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America, H. Uxbitzbii, SOS
Second .Ave., new iora,4-l Mt. .
aolendid Hair Dve is the beat in th wm-u .
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; nO.diseptKrinttnent ; no ridirulousi
tints: remedies the ill efieete ef haA-dnai. tnwia-i
orates and leaves the Rair anft and ttMntir.1 Uui
er imm. Sold by all Drugctsta and Perfussere ;i
ana pro pen apTHiea at Daneemrs v m fsetor
pio. 16 Bond street. N. York. . pnt aprM dAwly "
Y ot-B Lotion has cured ma of Tetter (or Salt
Rheum) on my hands of thirty years standing.".
writes Joseph KistVer, of Danville, Iod who hag'
been using 1'almer's.VeEeUble Cosnetio Ltiofi ',
l- ly-

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