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fcaatWHlgu street: . :;J lirUJl
THURSDAY, Nov. 19, 1868.
7 .. M : ? OS
ii H..:...-.....Jt..js 5t?to?i
Haa Rises - 151 San 8ets.....
40 r j
H. M
.. 4 t
tW Narr galoot before the Mayor yes-
i.!.. r . - 8 b u,j bTer mhill
to-jnorrowto make room toy.pther taafter,
J." ETeXfa of Advertised Ittett!iti-
; .ayri&tT8MAS. ;.o;qwwt: paper pw-
Usher ft.
" . ferTTh near Wproacb. plaftksglrig
Dxr has tendency M ie we pouisry
mrket quite nvij.-.'i J : it
for the fiscal vear ending Movemoer im
fLfW jicsCMcUy .eggsageratfngly
"sjggsaUed tnemselves in price at the market
, 'TV :t ncnranrnCtalinsT, . -
S'crOar piibllc acboata are as fk" Uey
ought to be v a nd, the pupil?. are reported to
be making praiseworthy progTes In their
' Farmers throughotrt this county are
llelng alpnjrv.w)tb. hulkingmany fields
are cleared the coral housecW And the
atalka stacked;. vvtA ti : ;;,: a
Look out for.wogas Jtty cent Cur
rency notes, as the country U full or tnem
They are printed in a dark green, and the
engraving ia luqmi k ni.,m!! . a oc.
'br Hoik FneavW Thornhtllli te
Neil, seemingly as freeh and vleoroua as he
MtientyyEyeara?fo nd as aeternnaea
rOur next narfonal addsements will
be tMrkeya. thanksKiviaK. mince pies, and
-the 'reopehfnir-of the Congressional -beat
garden at Vaghineu)ni : a ; . .1
tSF- A number; ot pavements on oqr most
freqaehted treetsany out repair,
OrweshouldludKeso trom the way our
young bloods slip on them.
tST.Pepple are now stocking Jtheir ceU
xi wltkpotatoes,; onions ana tprqips iwr
the. win tor: wkile.trade In tUoeiajngnOt
immediately, perishable Is considerably
I --'f-av-' it ! r
AbthbsticatiiIw Th G over nor on yes
terday issued a proclamation authenticat
trienew QTVU 8eai-oi thetajeof
adopted Tby the last Legislature.
No Quorum. There" was not a quorum
at the special meeting of the City Council
iMBfttliHltliail.dd, iwa compelled
to adjourn without transacting any busi
ncssi :i ".T.'r." .h .a ffi.i r
PaRSONAL. T Gutzwiller, E?q. Of
JJansIield, and A.T. Arnold, E-q, of Belle
VnieVOJfaTored na with ia in yesterday.
ThejF are both ltT,sealoas, Democrats, and
will do good service for the party hereafter,
Mtb'ey have heretofore done. ; ' : fx -
j :-, - .r-L"'
A DMRisf .-i"Dear deer, bow dear thou
awt,? said Blobbs, aa.be gazed on his empty
pocket book ani then tamed his watering
eyea. to.where a fine venison hung, on the
lamp-post in front oj Liademan. & Go's.
Aa we saw bia banker ing gaze we could
but say, "deerlst, good night.ni. ; j.sj i.
.Faiud to CoNsecr. There was to have
1een a meeting 0( the legislative committee
appointed to select a location for an Agri
cultural College, at the office of the Secre
tare of the State Board of Agriculture,
yesterday. Forsome reason the committee
failed to pnt in an appearance and the
meeting was no-- h;-H.
Cioabs and Tobacco. On the twenty
tMrtf ot his November the new law in re
lation to the Government tax upon tobacco
nd--cigars' goes Into" effect Under its
provisions this tax is to be paid by stamps,
.which are to be furnished to the mannu
facturersby tho revenne collectors-
Humptt DuMPiT4-?Other matters of iu-
luU rest crowd out the extended soticenf
this "fl-ne-paiitomlme -we ; bad designed to
give this morning. We must content our
selves with saying it is the "funniest thing
in the business" and is drawing the people
in crowds.- Go-and see "-it,1 very body. -
Columbus Postovficic. On and after
Monday, Nov. 23d, 186S, until further no
tice1 the1 Poktoffice. will bo opened" M 5
o'clock" A. and closed at o'clock
t m&j ; ;:-?..:;?.;."'
Opettlnnsinday as teretofore'iro'm
to 914 o'clock A' m; 1AU'-"
Short Dresses. Tbe fashion of wear-;
Ing short dresses is one that should cause;
every pocket book ' to-' rejoice. There is
o more wlpi.ng-np of sidewalks by ladies'
Vklrta ,t. The wrinkle is- good thing for
boot-makers. A shabby pair of gaiters or
balmorals is diseardei at once. As we of
ten quoted: "It's an 111 wind that doesn't
Blow good womebody.'!;'-,j' ; t- ;..;',i,?1J 1
.ri , ., ; -I., .i ... i. ' ' i
' Fa"- IiWHKlT.-i-The average decljnej
i&tsie price of-standard wbeaC'in the Chi
cago market for the last 'thirty flays has
been one cent A'oUshel,1 and bottom has
not bee i ri- ehed id far" as appearances In-!
5fjfp iWe suppijn'th! hva.rket, owing
to the abundance or the crops as oamea
the calculatioria f ho speculators and
many ot tliena have auflered Severely, and'
jatt,; Without jgenerai sympathy ia their
Transperrbd Tk8tbrdat The ioil6w-i
ing transfers ot real estate were lett at the.
Xteaaderfefe-fficeryestecdavii t
Shush J... Eobinsoa . to . Caroline Bock,
Hoyi.UH Iqt N9 h Grov City, for $500.
David Auld and. wife to James' W.'Con-
ger, Nov. 17th, lot Ndi'S 61 Brptherton amd
WaJMitt's addition to the city of Columbus
"4or000. - .-.! -r,-rr1
John Noble ' to William ; Williamson,
Aug. .94acrei 6t landj iriTJefferson
township, or $i362l60l "
5 :..f f!- jn . l. t i-i ,
Onk.of tbk Bistji-ts. One of tbe re
sults ' of party spite was made maoifest
yesterday. , It, was deemed advisabje un
der the circumstances that the insane of
this county should 'be returned, to their
homes for tbe present, that the Trustee of
'tbe' Ceatral Asylum might bo relieved or
their care. To do this at) order from the
Probate Coort is taecessary, but the Judge
"of that Court Is detained in Cincinnati on
I a most groundless partisan charge, and the
Insane must e'en remain uncarea lor oy
.their relatives ' i
. Whkrk arx Thi? What bas become ot
tbe H.JC. IC? Has tbe approach of winter
pat a stop to their operations or were the
Radical paper lying about them 7 Three
creeks ago it was impoeeible to piek op a
Badical uewspaper that did not give a full
and particular account of Ku Klux out
rages. The very bill of larei such as
utewedSlgger spring nigger on toasf;
Brggerraw; nigger bn the halt shell; was
(Published. .'Election day came and passed,
and not a word baa been heard of Ku Klux
barbarities since. Why is tbis thus?
Where, oh, where is the K. K. K, sensa
tional" reportet? J : .
Tn Ttbuiov -fifpiam Puoq.--Te trial of I
Judge Pugh was continued before United'
States Commissioner. Jallidai pn Wedqes- ,
dli'he.onJymaUrtaltesttmWMdaied i
on that day, and that was in behalf of
Judge Pngb, wa tM following": 'A H 1 0 j
A.CJKijig was then called to the stand, j
and on examination by Mr. Sayler, stated 1
that be was Deputy Auditor of Franklin j
county, and bad resided in Columbus, with :
a few intermissions, since 1850. On the '
12th of last October be was In the Probate
Court ""St fVlllimhiKi from' lOV AT M tn '
7a P- M, During the whole of that time .
no- was engaged in iasning' natorallzation :
' 4- Did James Smith make application fpr
naturalization naneraf A. Mv imDreaion
is that a' man presented himself there with
two witnesses.
.Q. You saw James Smith here vesterdav: -
la be the- man you saw in the Court room ? ,
A. i could not say positively, but be looks .
very mnch like the same man. ,
vmss-examined Dy General iiurnett ,
IVImt-time la the dav.dld this man present 1
hlmseil?" A. -At aboat four or half-past
four o'clock in the. afternoon,0.- 'V , , :
;. Q. Did 'ou know the name of , the men
who wre with himP A. I did not. - .-'
Q.- Were they sworn? A. Jndge Pngh :
wi re them, I believe. He swore them all.
so far as I saw,- .,:. - i.-. -,, n
Q. Did von sign Judge Pnsih'a name to i
iny of the papers you tilled up T, A.' No,
Sir. . ; : i. ii-1 .-:( i. i ' '. '', I
Q. Where was the seal kentl ! A. It was
on ills desk.- ; ' - ' r :' ' ". "'.' 1 ' " ' ' ' :;
Q. Do you .know .where. It was kept at
algb't F :jA I don't kaewvi n . - .: . w
Q. Were there manv Daoers isstled that
day f A. I thlnk-t-must have filled ud
soto Jlflor 25a ; -s ;.:.-
Q. Can von recollect the names of any of
them ? A. t ean not at present recollect
any of them, with thv exception ol one
man with whom I was"acquinted. ..
O. "Did Judire Pus?h have a'deontT? "A.
O. Did he slsrn' Push's name A. I don't
Q. Did Jndge-PuA ''call vour attention
te the fact about James Smith' examina
tion whether he' had been examined or
noi? A. He did; I said I thai ent' I re
membered Itf I went afterward, and rail
ovrtb list, and found his name ther.
V ,iou say tnat tnisoian'a countenance
was familiar to you. when you saw him
yesterday, . . A.. Yes, sir.
u Have you seen him since the day you
aay thaf be appeared In the court and got
ins papers? A.", ?(o, Mr,' , ; .L
Q Aud yet you believe you can remem
berjiini? .-A. lean sav that I remember at
least fifty f those men that I isened papers
Chas. Kilev examined bv MrlSavler-r-
Was at the Probate "Court In the afternoon
of the 12cii oh October pretty late; James
Smith, the witness who testified here yes
terday, was. there;. I saw ttim iu theaourt
room. . ..
Cro.-B-examtned bv General Burnett I
had seen Mr ; Smith several- tiiut-s btlore
that, lu the street, -but did not know his
name. Saw Mm at' the postofflce" one 'day.
Am certain that it is the same man.. .Whea
saw him at the oostoffice he was standinsr
out in front, leaning against the' Iron rail
ing. . When I, saw "hint in the court-room
there were a good many other people there.
was hite in the aHernoon. I could not
tell what time. . Is. was yet davlight. . ,
Yesterday the trial was concluded, when
Commissioner Halliday reserved his de
cision for oimT week. It docs' not matter
what the decision may be,. it has been con
clusively shown that Judge ,Pugh, ia inno
cent of the charges maliciously, tor base
partisan purposesr-trumped pp against
him by unscrupulous ' politicians. Not
tbis)' a alone; : but that be! . has - been
taken , from . his Court - and . subjected
a. trial, before an . officer who . has
no jurisdiction -In his case, upon
the supposition that, be would'lend him
self to th desperate scheme of the Repute
lican - politicians of Columbus.. Commis
sioner Halliday should not have, entertain
ed thla suit; bat? it he entertained it with
out knowing that he" had no jurisdiction.
snouid now dismiss the case, especially
Judge Pu:h stands proven guiltless.' It
has been the boast here among Republicans
that however guiltless Judge PugH might
be, Commissioner Halliday would be sure
bind him over in order to secure the
fees and that thus his persecutors would
derive gratification in having bim harrass-
We fhall see whether they accurately
udged Conimtsslom r Halliday. '
Important to Cigar Makers and Manu-
fa'ctcrkes. The following extracts from
the Internal Revenue laws will be found of
interest to every claar maker ;
- ' Every enrar maker shall
cause bis name and residence to be regis
tered, without, previous demand, with- the
Assistant Assessor of the division in which
ich cigar maker shall be employed ; and
any manufacturer of cigars employing any
cigar maKer wno snail nave neglected or
refused' to make such resistrv. shall, on
conviction, be fined .five dollars for each
day that such cigar maker so ottendinjr by
negiect or reiusai to register snail De em
ployed by him.:
Stealing at tbi Firk. Two boys, one
white and thether black, were arrested
officer 'Ryan for stealing knives and
forks towels, stockings and various little
things from the fire at the Lunatic Asylum.
As. their stealings did' hot iisej above the
dignity of petit larceny, the Mayor fined
them tyand. costs each, and put them at
work on tne stone pile.
Auction Salk of Ekax, Estate. I Will
sell on Saturday, Nov. 22 1, at three o'clock
M; one acre of ground, Or five lots in
Fielding' addition, Mt, Pleasant, north of
depot. " Terms made known bn day of sals
' ' i i ' :- V.B. Glazikr,
Bov20Mi2t ' ' - : '.' Auctioneer.''
Auction Closing Salb of A. P. & G.
Lewis' Stock ttf Drt Goods. W. R.
Kent wlllselL without reserve, tue remaln
derof A.6 GsV;Lewt8, Stock of Dry
Goods at' their formcrstand, No."?G4Fnne
Block, sale edniraenclng Monday Nov; 23,
1868,at 3 o'clock P. M, and continuing from
day to day 'until all is sold. Tne attention
the ladies is. particularly called to the
If yoa .want good, . beef,. xH at C. XT.
Sumers'. No. 31 West State street.
T ' t f
- Lap Blankets Wolf, Fox and Buffalo
Bobea just received at ;
" Clark & Farmer's -
novll-dtf No. 5 Neil Housa Block. -
Ir yotO wkht i good ! sausages - 'call at
Burners', 21 WestState street-
4-jrutwiuii goou iresa bwhi. m
kinds, go to C. T. Sumers', 21 West State
street. '1' . V. novl8-d4L.
The live Oysteman, 16 EJBroad street,.
gives (for Afty cents) a well filled can of
Spencer, Auger & Co.'s prime oysters - - i
and a poond of butter Crackers.
aug&rdtooov2S -, -
Fob Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ol J. W.Moore, No. 48 West North
street. - - - -
octl3-dtf - .- ..
Teebs bbems to bb no end to tbe new
goods Clark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived. Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
lishment. .They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishing. . ' . novll-dtf .
OxbTebb,! Otstebs!! I am now selllog,
at reduced ' prices, those fine 'fat Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, pat np by Wm.
Taylor, Eq-, Baltimore, and sold by me In
tbis city for over ten years. Warranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. T. XXX, a fine
Oyster for Soup. C. A. Waodkr,
novl3-tf No. 23 East State street.
Jewelry made ajnd repaired by C K
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3in. . .;. j
Alb asd Portbr. I am now receiving
regular from Cincinnati, ; Thatcher" 'is
Dyett's-celebrated stock and freib Ale and
Porter, in pint and quart bottles, put up
for -fatally use, and highly recommended
by physicians for slckqess, ten. 1 i 'u
:- 1 also have'-a stock Of Guinness' Dubl)
extra Stout Porter; Mali & Sn!park4
ling Edinburg Ale ; English Ale and Por,
ter. : - - '" 5.-A. Waoker,
, novl3-tf , ... No, 23 East State street.
Hoixoway's OiHTMauT Sturr Jonrra
One of. the most remarkable attributes' pi
Hollowat's Ointmsnt Is the rapidity and
certainty with which 'it relaxes contracted
ligaments and sinews. Joint that have
been stiff for years, have repeatedly, been
restored to activity by a persevering use of
this matchless salve. ,. Brisk friction should
be used, in applying It In such cases, so that,
its- annealing Influence may tnorougniy
penetrate ''tha contracted fibres.', Sold by
all drugglsU.-, -' ' " . jj9-dlw-w
Coughs, Colds. .Bronchitis . and Sore
Throats, are unwclcome,but very frequent
visitors in our' variable climatei and hot
s nnlrequently'Jay tbe foiindatiou, ol con
. nmption' and premature decline. The
.best, safest and surest remedies are Hum
phrey'sHomoeopathio Specifics Nos. one
nd seven. '- They act promptiy.mildly and
purely, and soon cure the most trouble-'
omecold Sold by all dealers 6 boxes
1 25 sent by mall on receipt of prlee. ;'j
.' Address' Humphreys' Sr-rcmq Homok-
patbic Medicisb Co., 662 Broadway, N. Y'.
jyl3-d&wly-cw : i- ; . '
. , M t i
; How often do you hear the complaint
front mother and father that their son or
daughter is not well; that they have no ap
petite; that they feel languid; that their head
aches; that they are growing thin and fee
bie.and that they have no life or energy left.
That thjy are low-spirited, and. perfectly
incapacited to participate in any pleasures
or perform any mental or physical duty.
And the question is often asked, what shall
I do for them? or, what shall I give them?
Our answer is let them try Plantatiow
Bitters moderately throe times a day, and
our word for it they will recover, . ' .. ',
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at half
tlio prion. . ; .. ,.j
I RNY-sept25-deodS;wlycw" '; : '' ',"
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may concern : .
i . . ' . l Ooujmbcs, O., Mov. 16. 188.y '.
1 Notiea is herabr eiven-. that Droeecdinestaare bees
(niititatcd in the City Council of Columbus, foj
maKiog the following improvement, to wit:
' Kot tr-dinr and aavinc tbe or paved sidewalks.
cutters and crossings on the weatsidn of Wasbinr
ton avenne from tbe north side of Hatten flace to
the south side of Uar street.
Also, for retavinc High street frim Perry street
nt the enrporatioa Hoe.
AUo. for aradina and navins with boulder the
rr.Arlwtv nf Pnblin allot from Kifth atrfet tn Sixth
street. . .
and estimates to be prepared br the City Civil En
gineer, and filed in tbe office of the City Clerk.
-All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvement, are required to file their
elaims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the First day of Janua v. A. D. 1869
novl9.dItaww City Clerk
An Ordinance
assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ins; on UiR-h ttreet from a point 126 feet south of
r lead street to the south line of booth Fablio
lan. i
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city of Columbus. That the sum of ive
Dollars be and the fame is hereby lev ed and assess
ed up"n each foot front of the several lots of land
bounding or abuttint upon High street trom a
point lis feet south of Friend street to the south
line of Koath Puhlii lane, as the same are desig
nated noon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on file
in tbe office of tbe City Clerk, for the partial oont
and expense of excavating and paving tbe roadway,;
cutters and crossings along the same with the Aiie-
olsoo pavement. '
Sue.-'. Tha' the owners cf tbe several lots of
land utkid which the foregoing assessment is maite.
'shall pay the amount of money by tbem severally.
one is toatoenan to jqo. vt aisn a jO. wiiuin tweoij'
data from the date ot this' ordinance, or be sub-i
jeot tn tbe interest and penalty allowed apoa the,
-.- ....
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To iH'n a special tax upon the real estate bound
inc the east side of High street from broad street
to-Gay street. - . i .
KkctionI.-' Be it ordained by the CityCeuaoil
of the oity of Columbus. That tbe su n of Ten
cents. One mill, be and the same is hereby levied
and as'essed upon each font front of tbe pevera
lits of land bounding orabuttine; upon tbe east side
nf High street from broad street to tiay street, as
the Mna. are designated iiwb tbe plat of the
Civil Engineer, on file in the office ol the City Clerk,
for theeostand expenseof buildicga double row
flag croniug airon Linn alley at tne east side of
high street, according to the estimate of tbe City
Civil K gineer.
Seo. S. - T at the owners of the several lots of
lan uponwbiub the.fortgoi g assesiiment is ma.ie
shall pay the amounts of money bv thera severally
due in tbat behalf to within
twenty davs trom the date of tbis ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and pena'ty allowed upon
in same law.
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
novlD dlt
An Ordinance
To assess A special tax upon the real estate bound
ing tbe west side of High street liomJSoble street
to Strawberry al ey. ,
Kection 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city ef Columbus, That the sum of Mna
eents. Two mills, : be and the same is hereby,
levied and assessed upon each foot front of the sev
eral lots ot land bnandiog or abutting upon the
west side of High street from Koble street lo
Strawberry alley, as the same are designated upon
the plat of tbe Civil Engineer on file in the office of
tbe titty Clerk, for Ibe oust and expenseof layinga
double row flag stone erossins across Mound street
en the west side of 11 gh street, according to the
estimate of the City Civil m,ineer.
Sac. S. That the owners of the several lots of
land uponwhioh the forvgingasement is made,
shall pay the amounts of money by tbem severally
due in that behalf to John Morpby, within twenty
days from the date of this ordinance, or be subject
to the interest and penalty allowed upon the same
by law.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
noTi9- :
Paving Ordinance
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
across 8outhrPublie lane at the west aide of
High street. :
Section 1. Be it ordain 1 by the Citr Council of
the Citv of Columbus (two-thirdsof all tha mem
bers concurring), Tbat a double row flagorovsiog
be bant across soutn ruDiic lane at tne west side
of -High street, maecordaoee with the plat thereof
on me ia toe otnee ol tne ejity viera.
Sao. S. Tbat all damages,, costs and expenses
arising frosa the foregoing inprovemnt,shall be
aasesed and levied upon, tbe several lots of land
fronting or abutting on the west side of High street
from First alley to Strawberry alley, ia proportion
to their feet fiont.
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
' across Center alley at the nortu aide of iiOLg
street. r -
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the eity of Columbus (two-thirds ot all the
members concurring), Thatadouble rowflsgoross
ing be bui.t across Center ailey at the north aid
of lrfina street, in accordance wito the p. at there
of on file in the office of tbe City Clerk.
Sao. 2- Tbat all damages, costs and expenses
arising irom mo ktbkoibb lmprovemement snail
ba assessed and levied upon the several loia of
land fronting or abutting on the north side of Long
street irosu nigu avee w xoira street. -
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
oris dlt .
Resolution to Contract.
BtoUd, That the City Civil Engineer be, and
he is berebv authorised and directed tn nnntrsuitin
tha nam of the eity of Columbus, with John
Murphy, for grading and repaving the sidewalks on
the east side of Fmnt street from- Town street to a
point eighty -five feet north of Town street, upon
the following terms, to wit:
For excavating or grading. Thirty-five eents per
Fo- bricks laid, til per thousand.
Adopted M ov. IS, 1868.
Attest: L. E. WIL80N.
nevl8-dlt :,. City Clerk
An Ordinance
To change the nam of Rcinhard street.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of
,uo oi uotumous, 'j. rial tne name ot Kein
bard street in Thurman's addition be and the same
ia norouj ouangea to tbe name ol taper s'reet.
President of the Council.
Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868.
Passed Nov. 16, A. D. 1868. Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
General Halleck's Report.
Gen. Halleck's report recommends the
establishment of military posts In the
iielbUy 6f h 'Utie tribes of Indians In
tasks as a preventive of , war, anil the
keeping of a vessel -ot war isf these waters
A territorial government he regards as un
necessary. He regards the mineral wealth
of Arizona greatly misrepresented, and
that its agricultural facilities would yield
far"mdre than its rtlneArf oTl Smends
tha'lt"with three Southern counties of
California be made a separate military department.
Withdrawal from Circulation.
Then'tecT-'S&tei Treasurer has-Instructed
the Assistant Treasurers and de
signated depositories to withdraw trom cir
culation all badly mutilated or defaced
notes; also all fifty dollar notes tbe latter
bavinfr been extensively counterfeited, and
at convertible leeal tender- notes rfcsued
under the act Of February loth and i July
11th, 1862. the time for conversion Of which
has long, egpbrad. , i ,
Secretary Scofield.
Secretary Scofleld has returned from
New York.
Secretary Scofield. Seward's Speech.
Secretary Seward's speech, made at Au
burn just belore the Presidential election,
has been handsomely bound In pamphlet
form, revised rv himself, with the title.
The Issues of the. Hour. t , if -
The Outrages by Lopez—Measures
for Redress.
It is said, on what seems good authority.
that immediately on, receiving Minister
vvasnourne s-report -oi transactions in
Paraguay, decided and effective instruc
tions were given to our new Minister,
Gen. McMahon, and -also to Rear Admiral
Davis, to proceed with an adequate naval
force to Ascension to vindicate the national
honor and redress the wrones said to have
been committed by President Lopez on
American citizens.' . ' , .
Woman's Rights.
BOSTON, Nov. 19.
There was a large - attendance on the
assembling of the Woman's Rights Con
vention. Rev. James Freeman Clark ad
vocated ,etl ucating. the sexes tosrethet
Addresses followed, jy Charles Barnard,
Frederick Douglas and Hon. Frank W.
Bird, expressive of sympathy in the. mover
ment to establish suffrage for women.
Resolutions' were presented and laid
over for discussion. -' The following embra
ces the general scope :
Jlesowed, 1 hat we invite the Kepubltcan
party to drop he -watel word 6 manhood
suffraze, and the Democratic party to
abandon Its motto of a white man's Gov
ernment and unite in -aa amettdoaeat to the
CoiiatitiKian of the -United States extends
ing suffrage to all men and women as the
birthright of everv American citizen.
Rev. B. J. BolleR, ot Springfield, Rev. D.
Mason,- Lucy Stone and her husband.
U r. Black, made aa urease. Tne latter, aa-
voeated forming a league to .obtain and use
the balance ot political power to etlect the
enfranchisement of women in Massachu
setts." '"Tf'? ". r ?-- "ttj
Saw 1. SeweH read a proposed UonstttB
tlon and preamble, whieh is as follows:
Believing in the natural eoualitv of the
two races, and that women ought to erjoy
the. same, legal, rights and privileges as
men: that as long as women; are denied the
elective franchise they suffer a great
wrong, the undersigned agree to unite in
An Asswiation- to be called. 'the -New Kng-
loitrl ' VV rtman'o in fTro fru A ecru. !Hnn fhO
object ot tbe association is declared to be
to procure the rtghtof snnrage lor women,
and support such changes in laws as shall
place women in all respects on an equal le
gal footing with men. Adopted.
She also DroDO-ed a list of officers, which
Was unanimously elected: also an JJxecu-
tive-ejoiamitpeeot 16.- . ' n
William Lloyd Garrison and Senator
Wilson spoke and were warmly welcomed.
Senator Wilson expressed' himself strongly
in favor ot female sqlirage, but be did not
want that or .any other question .put for
ward till the Southern question was fully
settled. He had no doubt Congress would
authorize the coloued men to vote in every
Statej but as some good men. doubted Jt it
was proposed the coming winter to put
forward an amendment to the Constitution
enforcing-the political dogma that a color
ed man has the' right to ' vote in every
State. With twenty-six Legislatures in
our.favor to only nine agaiust us, our suc
cess' was probable. That" don, the' fe
male suffr.ice question would have a
clear way, and be aided by the success of
the other. It wouloj stand a Detter cnance
Ot a speedy triumph, because -men could
not feel prejudiced against their own
sisters, lovers, mothers aud friends as .they
had against the colored men heretofore.
Make the colored suffrage sure first before
taking another step. . . . ,
St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 19.
An Omaha dispatch isaya . the Frontier
Index reports the hanging of three roughs
near Bear River 0.v, on the 12th. They
were taken from jail by a vigilance com
mittee. - Other desperadoes were informed
that they .must leave the neighborhood
within ten hours.
A dispatch from Sedalia says a report
from Springfield, Missouri, had rearhed
there that tha Leader newspaper" office,
two dry goods stores and a saloon were
burntd on- Tuesday morning. No particu
lars are given.'- ; '
One hundred barrels of whisky from
Kansas Citj"wera wix d .here - yesterday
for violation of the revenue laws.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 19.
H8rvey C. Mason, formerly asrent of the
American Vintage Co. of New York, is al
leged to have-recently sold drafts on cus
tomers of that company here and at other
places In the West- . lie is now understood
to be traveling north, and it is presumed
will attempt to raise wore money In the
same manner. . , .
Arrested for Fraud.
TORONTO, Nov. 19.
i' A man named Joseph' Nelson, who lately
obtained considerable f otorletyby bring
ing extraordinary charges "against Mr.
Bridges,- manager l ot, the -Grand Trunk
Railway, was arrested here at tbe instance
of parties from Hew York, on a charge of
fraudulently representing himself as tbe
agentr ot the -Canadian Government and
procuring a large quantity of coal.
-The gives Grant about -
jortty. Tbe numberot white voters in the
State, according to-tbe census of 1866, is
106,000, and of negro voters 90.000. -Grant
received 76.366. and Seymonr 71086 votes.
It is estimated that at leat 35 000 whites
did not vote. Tbe Democrats carry 39 out
of 61 eounties, and have carried three of
the six Congressional Districts.; ; ,
Bank of England.
LONDON, Nov. 19.
The Bank of England has raised the rate
of discount to 2i per cent. It has. been
2 per cent, since January, 1SC7. Specie iu
tbe Bank has decreased on (he week 1,000,-
-: '.;.- - -
New Hampshire.
CONCORD, Nov. 19.
Offlcial . retnrns from New' Hampshire
show a majority for' Grant Of 7.153." The
proposition for calling a ContitutionaLCon
veutlon was defeated by 1,117 votes.
John W.Colemar, an old resident of this
city, and lor many pears a leading- pork
packer, died at his residence this morning,
near Covington, Ky. ,
Judge Pugh's Case.
: The argument in the case of Judge John
M. Fugh, of Columbus, lor issuing fraud
ulent naturalization papers, was closed to
day. The United States Commissioner will
give bis decision on the 26th. , , . , .
Judge Pugh's Case. Somnambulism.
Mrs. Anna McLeon fell from a window
last night during an attack of somnambu
lism and was instantly killed." She was 83
HAVANA, Nov. 19.
Two persons, Mr. Clark, of San Fran-,
Cisco, and George Johnson, of Philadelphia,
lost their lives by tbe capsizing of a boat
landing from the steamer Star.
v A train on4ho fLtmsatooio-raUway was
-brown from -toe traefryesterday'by a bro
en rail. Every passenger was injured
ifiss Sarah Hayes of FltUfield, seriously.
River News.
.'.Weather variable. River seven feet tire
inches Mercury 45 degrees un .niiu
Orson KwlloggraTretiredrr merchant, dieq
resterday. " . , . .w. !
BOSTON, Nov. 19.
Tbe Democrats have renominated Mayor
3huruia. ,'.,.H - "
NEW YORK, Nov. 19.
James Saunders and John Hall bad an
altercation last night about a woman, at a
house in Baxter street. Saunders drew a
raznp and attempted to cut Hall, when the
latter'' pulled . out ;a revolver and flredi
wounding Saunders fatally. ' Hall was ar-t
rested." - ii-ni.-n. i
The Erie Railroad Litigation.
The present' Erie railroad litigation Is
becoming as complicated as any lormer one
proved to be.: Charles Alclatosh nas meil
a bill of complaint with- Judge Barnard J
Upon which' the Jndge nas appointed Jay
Gould trustee oi the company,; with, the
power of receiver, ana also granted an. or
der of Injunction restraining all p rtles
from prosecuting, new suits. . jasjisK.ir.,
made a counter affidavit, in which re
declares that Daniel -Drew informed him ol
the intended ault on the part of Belmont,
and asked for the loan of 30,000 shares in
consideration of the Information he -bad
given. On thin beingr refused h stated he
would Injure t tsk and his assooiates all ne
could.; ;i , ......... .,
Tha TkAmnnratif, TTntnn PnnvenHnn 1af.
flight Viomlnated' rfohn Kelly for'Mayor,
rand Ab'aham-R. Lawrence for Corporation
Counsels n.? ..I ir. :-:--r
Yacht Challenge.
James Asbnry, owner of the'y'acht Cam
' .'bria which defeated the Sappho In England
last summer, has sent a note to the New
York' Yacht Club, challenging all America
to a yacht race for the yueen'a cup, won by
the yacht America in i57. . i
Yacht Challenge. Prize Fight.
There was a priz fight between ConkliQ
and Hogan, at, Narrowsbnrg. to-tlav
Twenty-six" rotinds-were fought. 'The
former was victorious. , ;; ..0,, , ' ,.;
Tbe steamer -Harmonia, from Europe,
arrived to-day; : :" - .a '
The corner iri'Erie seems hear 'cnlmlni-tlon..-Tbe
-difference between cash and
regular to-day i1215 percent the form
er quoted at 505S and the latter at 4345.
Evangelical Alliance.
. At a. meeting of prominent members of
the Evangelical Alliance, held yesterday,
at the residence of Wm. E. Lodge, the
plan-of ' holding a world's' convention in
this city in August next, as recommended
at the last convention, held at Amsterdam,
was cordially approved. " i " ' !
Fenian Brotherhood.
"The General Congress of "the Fenian
Brotherhood is called at Philadelphia; Nov.
24th.' , ' , - .
: It Is Mntedlha't Belmont, for the benefit
ot foreign stock , and bondholders, will
throw tbe Erie matter Into the. United
States courts, possibly - that ot bankruptcy.
Two freight trains' on theErle railway
collided at Allendale, thirty-six miles from
New York, yesterday, wrecking several
cars. ' ' - -i
Buildings Nos. 199 and 201 Water street,
Brooklyn, occupied by Fitzhugh Smith as
a rubber factory, and others owned by
Henry W. Green,: was birrnt this morning'.
Loss $100,000 One fireman was killed and
another seriously injured. '
Cuban Deputation.
A deputation from the Cuban Insurgents
are said to have arrived here, and are in
conference with the filibuster leaders. -
' Foster and Dion are matched at billiards.
The injunction era n ted by Judge Bar
nard in the omnibus suit of Charles Mc
intosh against the Erie Railway company1
has been modified so as to prevent Jay
Gould, receiver, to. apply so much of the
money of the company, now in his hands,
or which may come into his hands, as may
be nrcessary to enable him to purchase and
withdraw for . the benetlrof the company
200 000 shares- Of the stock, provided - the
purchase shall be made at reasonable mar
ket rates and not above par. ,- V
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad.
In the rase of Brlgrht, agent of the Mil
waukee & St. Paul Railroad Company, an
order has been issued by Judge Barnard
modifying his previous order by striking
out the special provision ordering the road
to be handed over to a receiver, and leav
ing him with the ordinary powers of a re
ceiver. -.,'.., .
Diocese of Long Island.
The primary Convention of the Diocese
of Long Island to-day fixed the salary of
the Bishops at $6,000.
' In the National Christian Convention to
day resolutions were offered congratulat
ing General Grant on his election, and re
ferred to the Business committee. . , - -
The Turf.
The trotting match for $2,000, mile heats,
3 in 5, to wagons, between Georsre Wilkes
and American Girl, at Union Course, to
day, Wilkes won irr2:29, 2:27 and 2:29.
Tne track was heavy. American Girl made
a close contest. . ...
The Liberal Majority.
LONDON, Nov. 19.
The Times says 376 members of the new
Commons had ibeen elected. The Liberal
majority is 118.-
Reverdy Johnson.
Reverdy Johnson ha accepted an invi
tation to dine with the London Working
men's Society on the 28th --, i
NAPLES, Nov. 19.
The eruption of Vesuvius . is increasing
In violence and grandeur.
The Insurrection.
NEW YORK, Nov. 19.
The Herald's Havana special savs the In-
enrgenta hold all tbe country- from Puerto
Principe to Santiago oe uuoa, except .N u
ti vitas, Jibara and Baracoa. as well as tbe
railroad rolling stock, but all communica
tion from these points Is cut.' -
The Government troops have met with
Revere reverses in the interior, and in con
sequence they keep in the towns and dare
not sally out..
' Arms from the United States for the
Government troops were captured on a
train by the Insurgents on the 9th Inst.
The latter threaten to burn the estates of
all Cubans who offer to aid the Govern
ment. ;. , .
The Governor of Puerto Principe Is In
trenched with the arcnieves In a convent.
The young students have left the place
and joined the insurgents. Tbe latter hold
Monslvillo, we are Informed.
Later advices from Puerto Principe state
tbat the- insurgent forces are reported as
numbering 10,000 men. They include the
wealthy classes, who freely risk their all
for the cause. Here was a force of 1.110
Spanish troops In the place and they were
barricading the streets and squares In ex
pectation of an attack from the insurgents.
The latter were only three miles distant
from the town, and skirmishes were fre
quent. All tbe Cubans were suspected,
and many of the wealthy citizens were ar
rested. The Insurgent organization is com
plete in every respect.
Accounts from Santiago de Cnba to the
6th inst- report that the rebels were within
four miles of that place, and in full force.
A hundred families went to Jamaica by
the French mail steamer.
Loud cries for American aid are heard in
all circles. In all the cities of the coast tbe
oonlusion is immense.
Habeas Corpus.
TORONTO, Nov. 19.
Tbe aDDllcation for a writ of habeas cor-
pns in the Whalcn case was granted to-
r. fr!it")V I
l o:
i uliiiVf
. i.i ' .' i'l jittn
I5B X .. -.:! ' fc'-.il''
I - 1. . .'! ' I T- IT'-, f
peculiar and important -xektioua. whirh
they sustain, . theig peculiar organization)
and the offices they perform, are aubjectj
to many Bufferings. Freedom from tkesel
contribute Id; 'bo Bmall, degree to &eirj
happiness and -welfaafor nona-can bat
happy who are ill, . JSotwjlobm4noj
oncof these various female compiaints.
can long be. suffered, tor run oa without
involving the.'geheral ealtn of the in-l
dividual, and erfong producing perma-!
nent sickness and premature decline. Norl
is it pleasant to consult a phy sician forihe
relief of these various delicate iffections.j
and only fipon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice : herl
greatest charm as to do this. ' The sex
will thea1 thank ns - for 'placing in their
hands simple specifics which., will be
fonnd efficacious in relieving and curing
klrnpstevery one of tho8trQubleone!
comtainta pecuiar to tne sex.
-Mi? I. '
v 'Av."..-t:.i-
Hflndreda jaffej toa r in silence, and
hundreds of others apply, vainly to drdg j
gists and doctors, who either merely tan j
tatalize them with the hope of i cnre'or;
apply remedies which -make them, worse.!
I would -not wish to assert anything thatl
Would do injustice 4o;the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it inay
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ployment,' unwholesome air and food.
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee,' and frequent childbirth, it is farj
oftener caused , by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous. membrane ,' of the
vagina Itself. ' ,.. . :,:;V''Jj . .'. '.III. 'i
.TTlWn reviewirig ,he causes of these j
distressing complaints, it is most painful ,
to contemplate' the a'ttendant etilscdn-j
sequent' upon' them'.'' It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the ma'ny additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happV
ness of woman in all classed ot "society,)
and which, cowqtenttyy affect more or
less directly,, tha .welfare of the entire
human family. . The mania that exists'
for precocious education and marriage,!
causes the years that' nature designed'
for corporeal development to 'be wasted-
and perverted in the-restraints of dregs,
the" early Confinement of school, and es j
pecially in the unhealthy excitement ofj
tbe, ball-room. , Thus, with.thoj body
half-clothed, and the mind . unduly x-
cited by, pleasure, perverting in: mid-j
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc-'
tion is half accomplished. :;. !
''. - -f ... t ' - .
In consequence of this early strain:
upon her system, unnecessary effort is,
required by the delicate votary tore
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. . , When i
one excitement is over, another in pros-,
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi'-'
tive.to impression, while the now-con I
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab-1
golutely ' lorbidding.; the eierciae indis-
pensable to the attainment and retention j
of organic- health and strength ; the ex-;
posure to night air ; the sudden change j
of, temperature ; the complete prostra- j
tion produced by excessive dancing, 1
must, of necessity, produce their legiti j
mate effect. At last, an early marriage :
caps the climax of misery,, and - the un
fortunate one. hitherto so utterly regard-'
less of the plain 'dictates and . itemon- j
strances of her delicate nature, becomes;
an unwilling subject of medical treat-j
ment. Thi is but a truthful picture of t
the experience of thousands of our young j
Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they 1
require an education of their peculiar
nervous system, composed of what ia
called the tissue, which is, in common ;
with the female breast and lips, evident-,
ly under the control of mental emotions i
and associations at an early period of j
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see, ;
these emotions, .when excessive, lead,;
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development. ,4
For Female Weakness and Debility, '
Whites or Leucorrhcea, . Too , Profuss
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too- Long'
Continued Periods,' for Prolapsus and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, we!
offer the most perfect specific, known :,
Helmbold's CoNPOtftiD Extract of;
Bitch u. ' Directions for use, diet, and
advice, accompany. ' .. . . . !
Females in every period of lifej from!
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a!
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its funqtions. ; Strength is the. glory of
manhood and womanhood. Helmbold's!
Extract. Buchh is more strengthening'
than any 'of the preparations, of Bark!
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas-'
ant. Helmbold's, Extract Buchu,;
having received the indorsement of the.
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now offered to afflicted hu
manity 'as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : - General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,:
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus-
cular Efficiency, Loss of Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Palpitation of the : Heart,,
aud, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated state of the,
system. ; To insure tne genuine, cut this
out. Ask for, Helmbold's. Take no
other. . " ! i.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
Price. $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drue and Chemical Warehouse", 594
Broadway, N. Y.
Vnim are erenuine unless dona nn in
Steei-eiigiavou nftapyri, nivu javsiiuue
of my .Chemical Warehouse, and signed
jvn-dwAa-weowly " H. T. HELXbOIJ).
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 19.
h GOLD 134 J buylngandlSo aillng.;
-EXCHANGE Dull, and one-tenth dis
count oner par abrnaav ioii,irt
New York Money Market—Nov. 19.
HCrNEY-Eaay 'Bt 87 per tent, oft eaH,
jft1ERLtNy -'.KXCHANflSrr Fifmr at
mimodK a. .i, .T ..:.,ZZ.,.i
V. qotP-frregolar; opened at-13i.'ad.
tranced to -13. and closed weak- t1?4&" "1
is reported that Government' will reouma
pabiio sales -ahortiyifTSrviRia'c!s's;T t
' - - ' ""
New York Stock Market—Nov. 19.
Honnons of '81 114"49; do .'8 lHXa
UOi do ' 107Ji107Ji; do 'es 107A
I0t9i'4o newri lloailOW: do"'67 1T0i?a
110 da :6&lMailOdO 10'a W5'
xue block urarajWBiRs wmm exciteu ana
yitlaWe, with'Erre as the leading feature
before 3.15 P M- the close of thd dav' 1or
jifeliverles among brokers,'. Erie,, at ",00&?
cash; . Immediately, thereafter tha prices
Uteelioed to. 4263 and fiavairda nliiedftv
4SV, and laterv "thdtecilraient abating,
feiri;6'45ffl45i at the close. A treat deal
.of real stock came on thS toatkfit at -illti
.cash quotations." Outside. jgpoeulatoM.are
noisposea to touen irte at ttileclri
tearing thecorner-H not over. The bal-
nee of the marker had beetT dalfc.bj&4al
the arternoon tn--4Xerteaent xteoded'ito
New Vork- Ceutral, under rumors of an
order by Judge Barnard to reooett thi
transfer books -which were reeoatly cloacat
at onerdav's notice,-and the price was run
up t12t29I'earrylnr tti1f'4xa
vance ail tue rest or tne list, particularly
Northwestern and Bock Island. -The-foil
rise was now hewever, - maintained to the
close, but lett off at 5:30 excited and strong,
except for Erixywhlcn was, very dull... , ,
5:30 orlces Wells'. vlxoresti. 28: Ametv
lean 44; Adams 4848; United States
cifl-! Mail 115i; Western Union Telegraph
3636;.New JTorK .Central 127J127;
Erie 4545i ; preferred 64; Keadingi98k
98; Terre Hmte '3940; Wabash 56
57;"rft'Paol 6667: Ft Wayne 08V
uw. vuiu vu iixisoias i y y i tiU juiuuiiciavii vciiw
traI116;MichlganSouthern 82K82j!i; Ilr
liriois Central 141(3143: Pittsburgh 86f2
mi; Toledo 99?99 Bock Island lOi
1ju6; Northwestern 858ft , Lake
Snore 97. " 1 " v .
-- "' ' -
New York Market—Nov. 19
COTTON Firmi sales 3.800 "bale at
24c for middling upland8i ;i " ' -1
FLOUR Closed dttrl' and h .slightly la
buyers -favor- """ ,.,"' -" "-
WHEAT I 50I'5I tor No 2 apribf
and $2 tor prime ambe Mjohiran.i . .' j
"K t K-Jomirrally unebanged, T "
..OATS Dull at 71c for western afloat ana
in store, no.s '.. '.. . ".";-!' t-t-i...
CORNT Dull at$l 07(81 12 tor" naood
and SI 131 15 for sound mixed3WCTterr.
rOKtt Nominally uncJianaed at 29 00
. MESS BEEF Dull and nnblianged. :
CUT MEATS-Steadi' and.iii fair de
mand. - ' " I,.,. .,..!- f ..'
BACON Quiet witbml decided chaage.
LARD Steady at 15515J for.lalr to
prime steam, .m ' i,;-on'r ,',.. r i "
JiiUtiS Quiet anrr steady.. n. i.r-. ,
J: 1 ' " ' '.''": '" ' ; '. r
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 19.
FLOUR lo fair demand and prices bet
ter shIps of family at $7 80$7 75.
WHEAT -In demand at 0 tut N.;
,i vu ior jwo. zsprinff,. ;
uo it in iirm at ssmo'Jo lor new ear: old
nominal. --X.
COTTON Dull at" 22c for middling.
TOBACCO No change.
WHISKY Doll at 95978 tax pi.
HOnS tltiiriMf aerivi, jt 7 'VZritfT RK
Mnaarl Hull at. S!7rt?l7 A. nanVan iiAa milliner
to nav better than $7"507 80. ! 1H '''
,' GfiEES MEATS-sales at 7iie for borii
ders, 1010c for sides aud Jljc for
name.' r '-cwn- v,. i(.. !.-.;-:
BULK MEiTS In" demand at' 9?ifflI0o
for shoulders, 13WUc fur clear ,nu and
clear sides, packed and about 18 and 25
days in-Mlt.' ' ' '" e-a-ni .ii.,."i r
LAKLV-Dull at I43Iofcfor kettle VcA
1H for steam.: ,L-U -'. .,...'.
bUiiJi-K hcarce and in demand at 35,
39c. il
JSUGS-FIrm at VKs ' - ' .rf.w-t . t'O
OIL--JLinseed 95a97e:" , " ' '
seed Flax $2a,io:.: ' :'."', . :l r. ,
GKOCE1UES Firm, at full rates. - h
Chicago Market—Nov. 19.
FLOUR Firm and steady: spring ex
tras $5 257 50. -': ' ""' ' : A.
WHEAT-r-.JSo. 1 quiet: 23C hlgrien
sales at SI 2ll 25; No. 2 firmer; 339
iilahen sales all mh 12 cfoaing brui
at SI 11: tales. ot No. 2 this afternoon,. at
SI 10. ? ' ' " " 5 -
COB N No. 1 very, Jlrm and lc higher:
sales- 8990e; closing at ouiside' price;
No.' 2 dull; 34o lower; aalea at 7576c;
new -shelled 5t63e in store and 30Mo
on track; sales ot. No.'fV, since change at
OATS More active; lla higher: sale
of No. 2 at 47M48C and rejected a(
42e; closing at 47T47B'! forNo;?: V'. 1
KYE Firmer t and., active; ,2j.bigbr;
sales of No. 2 at SI 07i10; closing at
i w. . ; : -'-
BARLEY Moderately' active; 'BOSfiTo
higher; sales of No. 2 atfl 5ol 57 and
1 66 for No2;- ; " A " rj-
St. Louis Market—Nov. 19.
FLOUR Pretty -firm but quiet and un
changed. A.'
rVHJfiAT rirm aad tHwhaoged, Spring
ranges Si 151 20 for No. 2 nmhljr ;, t ,,a
CORN Sold 75 j for new, and 80S23
for old.- ' ''' !'!: f. .rmi
OATS Higher ;' 6255c. !iuH
BYE Unchanged ; St 101 J-fc..,';V.'i
BARLEY-Unclianged. ... , Z i
WlilSKY-Declined toDSc i-i-l .- ;?
PROVlSIONS-Unchanged. '
PORK 2426c; latter guaranteed.
BACON BtlOULDEBSt-13W4: '. clear
sides 18e.J"' : '' '-; . I
.LAKD-Nomirtar..;.;,; ; , -',-".;. ,".
Buffalo Market—Nov. 19.
WHEAT Amber Wisconsin SI 70; Am
ber Michigan SI 85. ' , ''
CORN Old SI ; new klla dried' Mel ' .
OATS Western and Ohio 57c: car lots
RYE-Western $1 K.""-' 11 : J:'a
BARLEY Firmer feeling; Canada four
rowed S2 00a 05.J 1 '1-"-' .
FRElGHTii-Uncbanged. ' " ' ' '""'"'f
Toledo Market—Nov. 19.
FLOUR Quiet. O
AVHEAT Quiett amber 8c better: amies
amberatSl 7,0t 73.-1 '" --
,.VyVlkA.1 OtCBUJ, SIIC9 111 1 l IM- . ,
, O ATS 8uada lower; sales No. I at 520.
RYFr Unchanged: Micfaigaat SI -ea'
BARLEY Qulet.il
' n
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 19.
FLOUR Quiet and nrta aud unchanged.
WHEAT Quiet at SI 28 forr No i In
store. "" ' "-'
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 19. N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 19.
The dry goods trade is exceedingly iuer t
but prices are well sustained.
Advertising Agents!
133 Wavanausireei jxsjw rS. y
a-l..i " 1 r., iKxlaiUtAid tn : m r
Wa bet; to Ball the attention of advertisers to
onraireoay. Uur laouities wim all toanrst elasa
daily papers in the eountrj are seeooii to Dona,
and we aro fa'ly prepared to offer terms anil eon
ditioos which cannot fail to give superior indnoe-
aaents. We also send advertisements te all Co baa
atd Soutsa American papers,-witsr whom wa aaa .
exo'nsive oon'racts Waare tbe onlv bonHdnin
We esiw bv special perJiisaioa. refrr to- '-' i'?7
Mr. H. 1. Ublmbulu, Druggist, 684 Broadway.
Vo k.
Me-srs. S. R. YanddzIk ft Co.. 196 Greenwich
street. New York. r
Messrs Hall ft Kuckil, S18 Greenwioh street.
New York. -f
Messrs. U. Bruce's Sow ft Co., Tvpo founders, II
Chambe s stieet. , '
Messrs. fHALOH A How, New York. -
Mesnrs. Fbeloh ft 'oLL'KDrR, MewTork.
Messrs. Ta-kant ft Co., New York.
Messrs. Chickkking ft Son, New 1 ork.
Messrs. Kadw at ft Co., New York.. ,
ocUWod3m . .- j. ;".
la issued this month br tbe .i,
and will be sent, post paid, U averr applieant. ooa
tainim announcements of -
, '. new !JiTE!noi ;
.. ' AND
Four-OcUve Organ, Solid Walnat Casa, $50.
Five-Octave Double Reed Organ, Five Stops,
Solid Walnut C ao. carved and panelled, tl2. ,.
Other sUrlos at proportionate PTicas. Wareroima.
164 Trasoat sUeet, Boston; SM Bnmdwar, New
lork. B0Tl7-w4t-riCT

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