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uMninicii.TTABLK. prepared and
- h wrjSayage. Jeweler,
LOCAL NEWS. FRIDAY, Nov. 20, 1868.
.atwuai KVa-ieii -fS't'
.iicMuaHilM ha- iH(
' kRtm..... . BjiLHnn Betfc.....
innA.Hkikian la Bine. ion
tctbmrm ittU.eseolng, t ,&&k.
I. H. MARROW. Colonel commanding.
J. B. MILLER, Adjutant.
' tor B&oiw weekly ssateVi i'rtW'li"
-'the fourth p.wKw5;.i?r- &7lJ ;
1 i"ftn"
Terncmciifc in uwt" .s
4Vers wanted;'' oaA'ji'r a(."
"t-:ThTfftslatui will be railed to or-
TiiWaw1 HriT French Wv TbornhlU.' of the
-"t'WmV McDonald Ctowt this city
hare' the Contract for furnishing the cast
Iron worker IbosewXuoattc Asylum, at
trains between thiaqif amJ JL,ncaterwui
brttn on theSoelHng . Valley" railroad be
fere Christmas...:, , -;, , ., j.r-
c. yirany of our friends design sending
as a fine, fat turkey jor, Thanksgiving phr-
pew's, Uls not;-necessary ,that they shouts
rfeed U oa corn trom now uu tuexi. - -
ti ar 1nh. nif .' Coimoil PLBAJ-To-day . Is
motion day In the fcourtof Common Pleas,
JThftfand Jury la jall, In, seasjon.j .They
i.a Tmlnid lares ' number of wit
nesses and a still greater number Is yet to
come before them. ' They hare thus lar
reOrned" seven Indictments. J .
-Gen. John It.
In ,xow.
Yoiing and a
dikaailon of some" twelve or fifteen per-
-aons from Urbana, am in the city as a com-mlttse-oo-the
part AtlQjampalgn county
to secure the location of the Agricultural
College in that county.
Fast Driving. A countryman, driving
a'aTmad and reckless manner through
igl jstreetwasarrestea yeswjrujr vy
Marshal Murphy, and Incarcerateo. ie
was inspired by the fast spirit of benzine.
rtrc Mayor wlU eettre with him hla morn-
JJpcBLK FDSKRUrrTherewas a double
Vnwei rimnthe-4Catholij Church yester
day. Mrs. Bridget Brophy, one of those
suffocated at the Asylum, and a Mrs. John
Lawler, living near Mrs. Brophy's. were
burTeat,'"A, very; long; train of .carriages
and buggies were in attendance.
.vTutmwBt Club. ; Mbktino. There will
!ii atteeting? t the Franklin Connty Farm
ers' Club at Secretary Klippart'a rooms 16
MY5f VThtMter 9i the locatiori of the
Agrfcaltnral College will be considered,
It la hoped that every farmer and all others
-Interested lathis subject will be present
nd participate In the discussion-'1 ', t .,'
icity -lor the past two days has been lull of
strangers, parties from the various counties
having insane bero.vho have come to look
after them and take, them to their homes.
'The dead have been,' we understand all
claimed and taken away by their friends.
Xa, few days he wave of robjivlon wllj
Mash ovef the remembrance of a scene that
thrilled all with horror, and people'wiil for
get that the poor ere attires ever lived.
TBAKUGiYQto Night Amosembsts.-t-"Tbe
second lectori oiahe course given un
der the auspices of the Young Men's
Christian Association, occurs on Thanks
giving night, Nov. 26th, Kev. S. H.Tyng,
rVbeing the lecturer. The l;ood eoneert
of the Mssnnerchor, at Naughton Hall; the
goelal -Entertainment' of: the ! Columbus
Schuetzeu-Veretn, at Hessenauer'a Hall.;
and Ihe-ball ot the .Sherman Guardsat
y jAmboS Ilallare also to be held the same
evening. '
TraksfkrrkdYkstbiidatv The iollow-1ffiitwat-rotTreal
estate were'lelt at the
Kecorder's office yesterday:
K Webb and wife to Flora H. Walker,
November 19 Ji, lot No.l In W: G." Desh-;
ler,smcnddddltiOQ to Phelan's Mount
Pleasant addition to the city of Columbus,
for $500.
Samuel Fisher and wife to A. W. Gray,
November 19:h, one-hali ot an'icre ot laud
In, Norwich iownghlp, for f 1 400. '
'L KXiilp and wife to John Godown, No
vember 19th, lnlots Nos. 73, ' and 77, in
the towri'oi' Hilliafd, for tMOOl
:-"WQHa Domlgan, Sheriff, to F, W 'Af
then, jfovetaber 6th,-1866, lots Nos. 2, 34,
6, 38, 10a2,14, 46 62, 30, 22, B4, 68 1 and 26
n the village of Rome, ior $303.
Henry Moerch' and wife to' John Moerch,
jrvaDd. Henry Freyijbv.'26th,'tiio undi
' Tided One-third of lots Nos. 12. 31 and 32 In
McElvaln's addition, for $1,000.
C F. Jaeger' to Hefriricn' T. Guenther,
M ajr Slat, iulot No'. JOS Yh CI TF. J aeger's ad.
Mom to the city Of Columbus, for $500.;
i'He'nf y"3T., Giienther and wife to John
better, May 26th; jnlot No. 106 in C. F-
Jaeger's addition to the city of Columbus,
for $500. r ?! ::.
John Moerch and .wife to ,enry Frey,
gepU 10th, tjie undivided one- third of lots
Nos. 12 80 and 31 In 'McElvalne's addition
to the city ot Columbus, for $1,384.
8. E. Bailey to George Hott, Nov. 9th
Jnlot No. 27 In DiXon's first addition to the
to wn oi (Jaaai nincneter.: r.t ,-.
"''BniiPiDriBrtTTbUbaguIflcentpai -
tomine is now in good working order
The chap that runs the magical part of the
nacbliiery labecdming pretty well drilled
aud there were last night co baulks of mo
ment have already given our opinion
of Tony Denier, as the clown." He Is im
mense, and there's . no rubbing that .oat.
Mr'. 'Sloan, as Panialoon, Is also great, his
9iakenpis superb, and having most of his
business with the clown seems to h&Ve Deefa
bitten bj the saine spiiler g tifiEarfjr'ieslle's
Harliquin Is acceptable. We have seen
better, but lKeyJwerfe"Frenchnien, who of
alLmea In the world are Immense. la that
line of lite. Signorioa f eplta we must say
' realty great, and more than Reserving ol
the laudations Jieaped upon her . by the
Dress and public of nearly every principal
citjjf Li America,' and is really ; all that Is
. claimed for ber.the greatest of the great
'Jbmmbv ! ItmiVi have , ever V visited
Our '. eonntry.'She . ittlght bo1 .truly
characterized as etberial. - She is a petite,
sjmmetrlcaliy, Grecian-formed, gracefujl
creature, as Itgbf as the air, as agile . as. 4
iawa, and whose every movement e. is
plebe with artistic brilliancy. Her danc
ng is partlcolarly cbaracterfcd by ber
-step, tho classic beauty of ber poses,
and the fire and dash of her .evolutions.
There is nothing in the periormance to
Elch'aiiTIaayb6las evrfir seei 1 ballet
trotfpa upon the Stage can", pots ibly object
to, and Peplta is as modest as she is dash
ing aodbrilUantTj : ' j ' " "J " V
TJyplay:i,uUPt lHy points and
places,.and cqpcludeswith.a lranfelorma
fion scene exceeding id dariling brililahcy
and beauty anything ever placed upon the
stage in this .city." .The' house will he full
to-nlght,tberefor secure jputaeatf in ad
J. B. MILLER, Adjutant. The Hannah Nell Mission.
Mr. Edito" Sir :Tae Managers otthe
Uannab .Neil Mission are very sorry to in
far the public that they Urere bof M-uc
besSlri TilXhe little mattei6r hionetf'mak
In sr at their Festival as nsnal. their net re-1
feeipu keln ely l47-WbH' theT are
yery tnanKiuLloT eten.thls success, they
Mnnot help feeling much anxiety. as fcofcne
Che Industrial School ia to be sustained.
However, we have material in the shape, oft
ory goods to carry it en a montu er aiz
weeks. - At the end of that time Godinkv
end us help from a source we know niof J
vi"ti. n not, wra B8su.aa
pend that part ef our work. We cannot
opDstntld create a deht which 'do not
know how we shall pay. We have hut a
limited Dumber ot 8uoeV and without
means: we cannot boy more.1' We'-d'"riot
wish,- to complaiD. Some; of ua,-at' ximcs,
(eel sorry thai. we. know ao much of human
misery. :
r lvia very palnfnl to hear f wants you
eannol saoolv. and each dsv brinara tnore
or less ot this kind oi but door demand fpr
uii.nu anu ciuiiiiuk. nut in vbiit invy cry
the f helf is empty and the clothing tni
tiwi WeaTe now speaking 6f the requests
from the 'Industrial School not at all'of
the Uome.or iu wants. Of them we Will
report at the end of , the month. We' will
only Bay -now, that, thanks to oar lady
frieuds. oar wants there aro well saDolLed.
We make this ..atateroent regarding ' the
Festival tor two reasons." First, that those
who gave us donations, lor . .the ' Festival,
may be assured that their liberality ted utv
appreciated, although their names will not
appear rn. the monthly' report.". "'Second,
that the benevolent. Christian ladies and
geiitleincu m v know that with our limited
means. It will be utterly impossible for p
to procure shoes and the most necessary
articjes oX. cloth lag lor the .destitute chil
dren who.' will la consequence sufier from
the iucIem'eBcx o the coming' winter.
J. B. MILLER, Adjutant. The Hannah Nell Mission. A. V. T.
.Galoot , Eecobd The assemblage of
galoots yesterday was made radiant, bril
liant and beautiful by the presence of one
o Columbus' fairest -flowers--the gentle,-
young, lovely Mary Blizzard.. Sister Bli
xard has been missing from ber accustomed
berth In Castle Earhart for many days, and
We were sad. She has returned. . And we
rejoice with exceeding great joy. She Is
beautiful, this Blizzard. ' Her nut brown
hair hangs In gorgeous luxuriance in wavy
masses down her back that is it would so
hang had it been combed this year. Her
refulgent nose of reddest liue.her dreamy,
watery black eye she hnd two black eyes,
ier husband gave them to ber her mas
sive forehead, at least one aud ' one-half
ihches 4n 'highif her lovely mouth ahd
pearly teeth, handsomely stained with the
juice of a chaw f navy tobacco; her per- "
fumed breath smelling of the ' fragrance
drawn frotu her corn-cob pipe -ancl many
draughts of benzine whisky; all these o
to make Dp the tout tntemble of the divtoe
Blizzard Sister Blizzard had been drunk,
and Sister Blizzard looked hard. She was
escorted Jo Castle Earhart,where for thirty
days she. -will xeigu. Queen of. Love and
Beauty..... J . ..; . , . j . ... ... .
Joe Ben tz came into town Thursday lo
see the ruins of the Lunatic Asylum: The
sight overcame him. " He sought consola- -tion
in copions draughts of benzine. One of
Joe's peculiarities 'is that whenever he gets
drank he must be making speeches. He
so roared and bellowed that office Englrke
had to lock him up. -Yesterday be was up
before the Mayor. Joe has been there be
fore. Said his Honor: "Why is It that every
time you come to town' jou. get drank?"
Joe's answer showed what a philosopher he
is t vWbyi pecause, I ton't can git any
dinks totrink In de goUntry. Dat's wat.n
He bammereth out the fine of $0 and costs
at the ktoneile. - "' T.''
Charles Foster was drunk and disorderly.
He told the Mayor that he was subject to a
great infirmity, having once' been struck
by lightning."1 ' I rather think that, this
time it was lightning whisky that struck
you," said his Honor. Charles didn't have
$5 and costs to interpose, so the stone, pile
receives his attention.
Pat Nolan was drunk and disorderly.
He was reckless-of life and reputation.
His name bad been; published in the Jour
nal, and be considered that after that his
charackter was gone intirely.'. He had
no $5 aud costs. He didn't think there was
so much money in .the world.:,' Btbam-
Pi.TiT-, Larcery -The Say before the
State'elertion John Blizzard, husband' of
that pother Blizzard which is Mary went
Into the store of Patrick Clahane, on West
Broad way i and while there stole two pairs
of shoes, the property of Joh n Mozier, who
pa this shoes on the counter while buying
some groceries. "t From that dayvnntil yes
terday the buzzard, Blizzard, kept himself
scarce - He was seen by Mr. Clahane, how
ever, On bis arrival in the city and arrest
ed. 1 Before the Mayor yesterday he plead
guilty to the. larceny. The Mayor, not
withstanding, bound him over in. the sum
of $300, remarking that in that way per
haps the city ; would be rid ,of blm for a
time, Blizztrd'e answer was right cool:
"No, you don't, Mayor, 111 stay with you
till the lart horn blows, you bet."
Great Land Salb at Urbana. We cal,
special attention , to the advertisement ol
Mr. Andrew Wilson, Jr., who will sell at
Urbana. on Thursday, November 26th, one
hundred and -fifty valuable city lots, it
auction.-)- Each purchaser will be entitled
to one chance ior every lot he may buy, in
the drawing of lot No. 100, being a square
equal - to eight full sized city lots, and
valued at $5,000.., In addition, . a grand
lhankgiving banquet, free to all visitors,
will be spread, which, with a tree ride to
and from Urbana, will make the occasion
one of extraordinary pleasure-and profit.
By all means go to Urbana on the 26ih. -
Itr the Weikly. Our. account of the
burning of the Central Ohio Lunatio Asy
lum was received with so much favor yes
terday by the public that a large extra edi
tion was' exhausted long before the de
mand was supplied." We are glad thus to
have met, the approval of our citizens in
presenting a "complete and truthful ac
count of the terrible disaster.', We would
Inform our readers that the article in queer
tion will be published in the Weekl
Statesman. Orders may be left at the
counting room until next Wednesday: We
bave already orders for a great many
copies, and trust all who desire extras will
let us know at once. - -
. -for
Go to No. 133," North High etreet,ifor
the latest styles of Boots and Shoes, aTlo w
prices. .. .:. - . . nov21-d2uw2w "
Frek Lunch to-Dight at Henry Schnei
der's saloon, on North Public Lane.' ' .
nov2i-u , .. - - . ,-' i;;;f-'.:v''
' Goto J. C. Kalb's, N9- 138 North High!
street, for Boots and Shoes at low prices, ;
5BO2t-d2taw2w""" """
Boarding. Persons wishing boarding
in private family can find two pleasant
front rooms by calling at 41"; East Iin$
street, two squares from the State House
and bait a square from High street.
cov21-d2t . : .
1, Auction Salb of Beal Estate. I will
sellbn Satutday, Nov.22t,at three o'clock
PI M4 ohVacreof ground, or five lota, In
Fielding's addition, Mt,. Pleasant, north of
depot.' Terms made known on day of sale,
-' 1 . V. B. Glazier,
Thb llvo Osteman; 16 E.Broad street,
gives (.for fifty 'cents) a well filled can
Spencer, Auger & Co.'s prime oysters
and a pound of batter crackers.
i, augs-atonovra
J. B. MILLER, Adjutant. The Hannah Nell Mission. A. V. T. Wilson's East Lawn Addition to
the City of Urbana.
That Uban hi bound, to become a large
:ity and at the same time a manafacturln
jiXy hi made manifest by the operatlpneof
-apltallsts and shrewd observers of such
Drospeetlvo Interest. Moaeyed-men from
11 parts of the Ualon,araBetUineEisaV
aently ther,! and making valUaqlel Jjnt
provements Jor their oW eonTenleciaii
' he advantage of the towii 138
-ITanroad facilities have place
Ight in theenj,er pLthetraveling. public
and his fact alone has called the attentiof
t business' men 'fro'm a distance to the'wj!
oeriorr: advantages offered for making a
large place of the small city.' : ""7
Mr. AnoTrew. Wll6on,rJr bas'beeK'en
aged fippsome time past in completing talk
plpts and1 making artangemcots toi the sale
if large number of valuable building and
gardening lots, now and yet to be needed bi
addition to thecttv as well as the tract ad
joining it on tha south and extending to
Scioto. Btxeeb 'Itt ',the meantime he.'JJias
graded and graveled "Washington Avenuei
n extenstoji oli.tohn streety to the. east
htru of be KAiagKfarmr MadiaonCAvenUe,
an extension of Boyce street, to the same
point; ' Jlsst 'Lawn ';Avenue irom . Scioto
htreet to Col. J, B, Armstrong's farml Wd
as well, bas prepared to open- out trans
verse streets, running north and south, from
the northern line of Ease Lawn to Scioto
street- "Alleys of the ordinary. width are
laid ont, and in such manner as to give ac
oess to every lot and parcel of ground.
In East! Lawn there has already' been
graded and graveled no less than two miles
of streets and avenues; giving altogether,
a pleasant drive in regular routine, of no
less than five miles of the best graded and
graveled road in the State. V
Mr. Andrew Wilson has fumilled ever
promise made at the sale) of lots hereto
fore controlled by him in Urbana, and his
should be a guarantee that this sale, taking1
place on Thursday, Nov. 26th, must go on.
An inducement is offered to all persons,
in the way of a free donation (to all the
purchasers of lots), of Lot No. 100, being
the beautiful grassy knoll, just east of the
corporation line and fronting on Scioto
street, with two wide streets on either side.
'.This property is valued at $5,000, and con
ains eight large city lots. The purchasers
"f the other lots will decide amongst them
selves who shall receive a warrauty deed
the property.
" A dinner, in honor of the day, will be
spread before the people, and none will
come to the sale unwelcome. ' '
The railroads leading to Urbana have all
been consulted, and have contracted to fur
nisu special cars from Cincinnati, San-
dusky, Day ton, Piqua, Columbus and
kron, and all intermediate points pas
sengers for Urbana free of fare. 'c -
All persons will be conveyed from all
parts of the city to the sale and returned,
free of charge. ". ;J
If you want good beet, call at C.
Sumers', No. 21 West State street.
Auction Closing Salb or A. P. & G.
S. Lewis' Stock of Dry Goods. VV. K.
Kent will sell, without reserve, the remain-;
der of A. F.4G.S. Lewis' Stock ol Dry
Goods at their lormer stand, No. 7 Gwynne
Block, sale commencing Monday, Nov. 23,
18GS.at 2 o'clock P. M, and continuing from
day to day nntii all is sold. The attention
oi the ladies is particularly called to the
tsale. ' " nov20-2t
Lap Blaskf.ts. Wolf, Fox and Buffalo
Bobes just received at
- Clark & Farmer's,
novll-dtf ' No. 5 Neil House Block.
TUB trial of one bottle of Hall's Vegeta
ble Sicilian Hair Bene wer will show most
beneficial effect upon the hair and scalp. .
;uwvi8-w&ds v. ii r: qiio
'Barrett's? has a high reputation.;. ,7
If you 'want good sausages, call at
Sumers, 21 West State street. ' ; ,'"
, "Bab Rett's" can't be beat. .
Ir yon want good fresh 'meats of all
kiud, go to Cv T, Burners', 21 .West State
street. - - novl81d4i-
'.Tjevrelry made and repaired by C. .E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
;.lytv6J3m- .. " m - .a .
Wonder ol the age, 'Barrett's." -
For Sale House and lot,.'' corner . of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 43 West Nortn
street: - 1 ii--t -m - - .
octl3-dtf':;' . "?' '' : ': : ' "" '
. Tbbrb seems to bk no end to the new
goods Clark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived. , Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
lishment. They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade they are
establishing.' - . . novll-dtf
Youkg America uses "Barrett's.", ;
i sep30-dltawwly-cw - - 'i - ,!-; '
, Oysters I Oysters!! I am now selling,
at reduced prices, those fine fat Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Wm.
Taylor, E;q, Baltimore, and sold by me in
this eity for over ten years. Warranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. T. XXX, a fine
Oyster for Soup. . C A. Wagker,
,. .novl3-tfJ No. , '23 Ewt State street.
Jeleff & DeBctts, Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing .. machines repaired and . satisfaction
guaranteed. '.Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired.. Keys ol all description always
on hand, and safe and jail locks made and
repaired. ; 5 , . s may23-s-ly
Alx amd Porter. I am now receiving
regular from Cincinnati, ' Thatcher &
Dyett'a celebrated stock and fresh Ale and
Porter, in pintj and quart bottles, put up
for family use, and highly recommended
by physicians lor sickness, fcf. ,s
I also bave a stock of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stout Porter ; Muir & Son's Spark
ling Edinburg Ale ; English Ale and Por
ter. " C." A. Wagner,
novl3-tf No. 23 East State street..
'.-. t ' -..li
r Hollowat's Ointment Stiff Jointb.
One, of the most remarkable attributes 01
HoLtowAY's Ointment is the rapidity and
certainty with which it relaxes contracted
ligaments and sinews. Joints that bave
been stiff for years have repeatedly been
restored to activity by a persevering use of
this matchless salve.' Brisk friction should
be used In applying it in such cases, so that
its annealing .influence may thoroughly
penetrate the contracted fibres. Sold by
all 'druggists. ' ' ' ' 1 Jy9-31w-cw !
Cocghs, Colds, Bronchitis, and Sore
Throats, are unwelcome, but very frequent
visitors, in our variable climate, and not
unfrequently lay "the foundation of con'
sumption and premature decline. The
best, safest and surest remedies are Hum'
pnrey's Homoeopathic specincs, xsos. one
and seven. ' They act promptiy,inildly and
surely, and soon cure the aost . trouble
some cold. Sold by all dealers, 6 boxes
$1 25 sent by mail on receipt of price.
Address Humphreys' Specific Homoeo
pathic Medicine Co, 562 Broadway, N. Y
i Jyl3-d&wly-cw
Report of General Sherman.
General Sherman's report of affairs In
the military division of the Missouri bas
lust been received at the War Department,
I6getbeifirtth hot$tiqGenerals btaridan.l
JUigerana 'Xerry.e ties. Sherman lays that
iAeYe'port' show that while theoiintry;
generally bas been at peaoe,the people on tl.e
plains and the troops of bis command have;
been constantly at war. He says he has'
studied to find some lasting remedy fori
tb iwr,?3Vttr8 TTaf .w (iuccess.
Our people will settle on the' iron tiers;
and travel without precaution, and run!
after wild reports of gold discoveries, and
thus come in contact, wjtb,hostile savages.,
Surveys ojf publitf land continues tq bei
extended and patents granted occupants toi
build railroads and establish mail routes, i
a though all was peaceful. t
Over all these matters the military au-i
thorities bave no control; yet they are call
ed upon Jor protection and. subjected. to all
thbCkick'fi an4 cu&V without tae.p'if ilege
of advistrigo being consjjted, So long as
these- things continue the military Jorces on
tjie frontier cannot b8..re4aaed.; i
"We liarl been 'directed bf the President
to subordinate the acts of all the troops to
whatever plan of action the latest peace
commission might adoDt, This commis
sion unanimously- agreed bat all the Indi
ans east of the Rocky Mountains should, as '
soon as possible, be collected on reserva- j
tions as tar as possible from white settle- :
ments and lines of travel, and be maintain- ',
ed by-the IJpited States Ail! they canpro- !
vi 'or nemseives. j
Other provisions were made, all of which '
weie wise and judicious. Councils had
been held by the Peace Commissioners j
with IU or .nearlj-i all the 1 tribes formal
written treaties were made and nearly all i
confirmed by the Senate, but for some rea- !
son Congress did not take action on the I
chief proposition ot the Commissioners, I
which related to selling a part of the res- '
ervations, and providing a government for
the Indians. The people had said this was
the cause ot the failure in securing a last- '
ing peace. It Is always' difficult to ie rn
the cause of war on the part of the Indl
ans, as r.hev never give notice beforehand !
hof hostile intentions. i-ncoi
The General 'gives, as near as ne Can
learn, the reason for the war. In General
Sheridan's department the Indians charged
the Government with not keeping faith;
that their game had been driven away by
building the Powder Biver road and the
Union L'acitie nriirood. The. Commission- .
era -consulted, and-recommended that -the
construction of the lormer be discontinued. :
It was, however, August before the posts
could be withdrawn,. and the Indiana, fol-
lowed up the parties having . the stores in
charge and made raids on them. They .
thought the action of the Government was
inspired by lea r, and they so- informed
other tribes, urging them to become hos
tile and they would drive the troops out of
other posts and force them to the abandon
ment Of tbe Smoky Kill line, which runs
through the best buffalo hunting grounds
in America.
The General then proceeds to recite In .
detail the hostilities of the Indians, which '
have already been published, to show that
the Government agents gave them only the 1
kindest treatment, with One exception,
that of the agent at Leavenworth.
Ibe soldiers, knowing an Indian war to
be all'work and ,. no- glory, submitted? to
many lndignities,''hoping that the Peace
Commissioners would license the with- i
drawal ot the Indians.
" General Sheridan tourid.'on Investigation,
that attacks on the settlers of the Siime,
Solomon and Republican ' were without
proviion, yet he delayed striking their
camps until be had demanded the actual
perpetrators Jot: th acts.' .This; demand
failed of success, as the old chiefs could
not give up so many of their young war
riors. ' War was then commenced 'along
the Smoky Hill and Arkansas roads by the I
Indians attacking- all white people, who
knew nothing of the renewed hostilities.
Gen. Sheridan, seeing. war with,tbeChey
ennes inevitable, endeavored to- keep? the
Arapahoe? out ' of It. 'In a council with
them they agreed to keep out of the war
and go to the reservation. Instead, how
ever, at the'tfuie they agreed to move they
were n me war: rne iuowas and uom
manches acted in the same way: n j
General Sherman gives dispatches from
territorial Governors setting forth the hos
tile acts of' these? Indians. JThe Governor
oi Kansas was -especially restive under the
butcheries perpetrated in that State, and
tendered volunteer cavalry to General
Sherman, t. General Sheridan was doing all
ne possibly could to atlord protec
tion, but with a limited number of
troops' could 1 not tfoHow: the; Indians
to their remote retreats. Gen. Sherman
asked Gen. Grant tor more cavalry and it
was promptly lurnisbed, and on the ech of
Octobeif the Secretary of Wac authorized
the acceptance of one mounted regiment of
Kansas volunteers for six months. Gen.
Sheridan expects to get these In -the field in
Movemoer, and also expects, during the
coming winter, to so punish these hostile
Indians that they, will not again resort to
war. 1
General Sherman believe h4 ."Will "meet
with all the success he expects, It Is Idle
for us longer to attempt -0-l6eenpy the
plains in common, with-these Indians, for
the country is hot susceptible of close set
tlemSnfwith farms like those of Missouri .
and Iowa, and is solely adapted to grazing.
AH our people there are necessarily scat
tered and have more or less cattle and
horses, which tempt the Indian, hungry
and it may be starving for the want oC bis
accustomed game, and ha will steal rather
than starve, and to steal he will not hesi
tate to kill Therefore a joint oocupatioa
of that district of the country by these two
classes of people, with such opposing ini
terests. is a simple impossibility, aud the
Indian must yield. ,., -!
The lYace Commissioner has assigned
them a reservation, which, if held fo- titty
years, will make theii dependants rich, and
irr the.-meantime they are- provided -with
food whilst they are learning to cultivate
the earth and to rear their stock. To labor
with their own hands, or even to remain
iu one place, militates against all the
hereditary pride of the Indian, who must
be used to-accomplish this result.
It was lor this- reason that the 'Peace
Commission, at its Chicago session in Octo
ber, alter the events before described bad
occurred and were known to them was
forced: ) to tha conclusion . tpat hjB
management of Indian affairs should
be transferred back to the War
Department, where it belonged prior
to 1849. That Department-of our Govern
ment is the. only one that can use force
without the circumlocution now necessary.
and no other Department of Govern mei t
can act with promptness and vigor enoush
to give any hope that the plans and pur-
posea-oi u-r eaoeunnmissioa wiH-ecar
fied out " Even' then there Is'doBbfthB
Indians themselves will make the necessa
ry personal efforts to succeed, and , I fer
.. . . . ... , . 1. . .
tnat toey win ai. lasu inn uhuk upon our
hands a mere mass of helpless paupers.
I am fully aware that many of our good
people far removed from contact with these
Indians, and dwelling with a painlul inter
est 01V the past events, suob as are describ
ed to have occurred in Missouri in 1864. and
at the.Chivington massacre in ,1864, believe
the whites are always in"tlie wrohgi and
the Indians have been foiced to resort to
war in self-defense by actual want or by
reason of our selfishness. I am more than
cdowibeed sucb) is taot the ease ln;the preh
eat instance, aaAIliope I bave medaitceiw
I favor tbe belief that tbe only hope of
saving any part of these Indians from ut
ter annihilation is by' a. lair and prompt
execution of the scheme suggested by the
Peace Commission, which can alone be
done by the Congress, w4tlrho-Toofreo.i
rence of the Indians . themselves.- Even
then it will requise much patience and
hard labor -do. -the part ol the officers who
execute the plan, which I do not wish
to assume myself or Impose on other army
officers ; but, i( is certain, that the only hope
to .find an end of this internal Indian war is
in the transfer of the entire business to the
War Department, and tor Congress to enact
the laws and provide the money at least a
year before required to be expended.
General Sheridan then details the expen
diture of money appropriated byiCongreasi
and concludes as follows :
I propose to continue, as now, to have
Generals Terry and Auger protect the Mis
souri river traffic and the Union Pacific
road with zealous care;"aDd Tto ' gather In
all wandering bands of Sioux to the reser
vation north of Nebraska. General W. S.
Harney, is .; prepared to. feed - and
protect them to the ' extent of the
means subject to my control, to
destroy or pupish .the. hostile Indians of
his department till they of tbelr own voli
tion will go to Fort Cobb and remain there
on thefeserVatloV Aligned? jthem. under
the care of General W. B. Haves; who is
prepajtptVtq a limited extentrto, pcor
viuetr tnMraeccesinee. Bta ommm po
cess of peso wtetmi tneir reservation, ana
war without, must soon bring this matter
to some conclusion, -1 J nvm-,j
Captain' William A. Packet baa been, de
tached from cOmftand of thereceijfing shib
independence; at Mare isianas wavy lard.
California, and uunmander Paul bhlrlej
is ordered pTtivv tm. 3
Land Buying Party.
RICHMOND, Nov. 19.
"A land -baying party of. forty-five Penn
sytvanians and Mary landers arrived here
this morning. They go to Southwesterji
virgtnut-ana tuence-a tar aoma t
lambUi'BiGuo t., - '-.i'l e: H
Found Guilty.
UTICA, N. Y., Nov. 19.
The iurv in the case of Wm. Henrv Carar
Well, indicted for murdering Abby Eliza
beth Sanders a , little girl : ohly eight
years and-six months, old, in .the town of
Anusviile, in April last, this afternoon
brought in verdict of guilty f he evi
dence shows that the murderer . first de
spoiled his little victim and "then brutally
cut 'her throat.'. Judge Morgan will sen.
tence him, at B o'clock Friday morning,
UTICA, N. Y., Nov. 19. North Carolina.
UTICA, N. Y., Nov. 19. North Carolina. NEW YORK, Nov. 20.
'The Heralcfsifcalelgh:' North Carolina.
special says: Sen)l-oftlcl;il return,from the
Seventh district Indicate? f.tlie election of
Durham C Democrat) to Congress by a ma
jority of 18 in the 20 counties. The vote of
xancey county, however, received yester
day, the last day,, is informal and will
probably be thrown out, which would
eleut Joness(KepublicitnO by a majority ol
A ! Both candidates claim- to be elected.
aud either will contest tbe seat 01 the other
on the ground of iraud oa. tbe one band
and intimidations! voters on tbe others-i
The matter will come befere the.CouncU of
the State, which' meets my Saturday and
which will probably decide thatf the' vote
of Yancey county is illegal, and thus se-t
cure the seat for Jones. Congress will
have todeeide which candidate is plected
in the eud. Tbe Congressional delegation
is politically as In the last: Congress," six
KepuDlicans and one Lemocrat. the latter
Sbober, from the 6tb district.. . . . .' i
The shio Hellespont.- Cant. Saule. trota
Mellburue, Australia, was Wreckt d , this
morning, about 30 milessouth of this port.
Seveivof the crew were saved; eleven are
missing, including the captain and mate.
The vessel immediately went to pieces and
wui prove a total loss.
A heavy shock of an earthquake was felt
at Milierton, Treno county, California,'
Nov. 6. The wall of the court house was
badly cracked. The waters ot San Joaqueu
river, were disturbed. A slight shock was
also experienced at Austiu, Nevada, Nov.
Ilia. ii .'. ' Tf' -
Arrived.1 steamer Oreeonian. Panama :
Laurens, New York; Mo bo, Philadelphia;
Tenby Castle and Kinnel worth, Liverpool.
Cleared Oraele, (Jork. with 35.000 sacks
wheat; .Flying Eagl& Cork. 25.000 sacks
do: Sea Serpent, nong Kong. 50.000 bbls
flour and 5,000 sacks wheat.' 1
Shipping. Indiana.
Grant's official majority in Indiana is
10,146, a Bpoblican gain over the vote In
October ot 9,l85k i
River News.
Weather snowing hard. Itiver seven
feet and two inches and rising slowly. :
Mercury & aegs. ' ; ! n ... .-
St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 20.
' : An Omaha dispatch says Bed Cloud, the
famous Oiler ot the Sioux Indians, and
several other ' Uhiet?, heretofore hostile.
signed a treaty of peace and promised to
behave themselves. -
i A Salt Lake dispatch says new and rich
mines have been discoveredon White river.
The -ore taken ont : pays- from $5.000 to
$7,000 per ton. - Assavs have been made ot
ore yielding! from $10,000 to $15 000 per
ton. An ore stamping mitt is already in
operation,- and large quantities are being
shipped daily to Austin lor.reauotion.
A neavy snow storm is reportea on the
Plains in the vicinity of Fort Dodge.' -The
snow is said to be two feet deep. ; -
Tbe printers' strike in Leave uwortn con
tinues. A printer named Campbell arriv
ed thereon Wednesday to work on the Bul
letin, and was assalted and badly treated.
A proposition Is pending in Leavenworth
for tbe construction of a railroad from that
City to Atcheson, to connect with the Cen
tral Pacific, thence to. Fort Kearney and
the Union Pacific. - - : ' .
John King, a well known citizen of this
city, has filed a petition In the Circuit
Uourt, setting forth some curious facts re
garding the Pnsichle House lottery, King
put his house in the scheme, it was drawn
by the Association, but not receiving as
big a share as he thinks him -elf entitled
to be repudiates the whole thing aud de
nounces it as Illegal. -i
ATLANTA, GA. Nov. 20.
Complete official retnroc ive tlit total
vote for President at 159.000. Seymour's
majority is o,2G3, . r. , .
ATLANTA, GA. Nov. 20. Gen. Grant.
Gen. Grant, arrived at tour o'clock last
evening and is stopping at the Continental
Hall, it is reported that he will be enter
tained privately at the Union League House
...... - --
An old man named Aaron Bliss, living
in Monson. Massachusetts, was attacked in
his house this morning by three men and
robbed of several hundred dollars.
Temperance Convention.
BOSTON, Nov. 20.
A call bas been stgned by a nnmber of
clergymen and laymen Tor a JVew England
Tem oerance Convention in Boston Decem
ber 2d. f- ' . -i
Grant Walks.
General Grant took a walk along Chest
nut street to-day, visiting Independence
Hall and Square. He was recognized and
a throns gathered, but after some delay he
succeeded In Sinking his admirers and re
turned to the Continental, tie will par
take of a banauet to be served by the Loy
al League, and be serenaded by the Boys
in Blue this evening. ( i
A Radical Story.
AUGUSTA, GA., Nov. 20.
TbelRepablican contains' commuiii-
tiqn purporting to - detail -nu JUin out-
ra?es in warren ana i ao oiiiioe counties
Itsavsthe negroes were intimidated Irom
voting the Republican ticket, and Instances
killing and til treatment by tbe iuiUlux.
MONTREAL, Nov. 20.
An ice bridge is said to be formed at
Bamasky, on the lower St. Lawrence. Tbe
canal ' is blocked with snow. - Weather
mild; SnOwing? ' ,
. A prW fight between Matt Conkliu and
Bill Hogan, ior $4000 a side, took place
vesterdav near Narrowsvilie, New York.
the match was made last September. The
principals were well trained, and entered
the rinar In fine condition. Twenty-aix
rounds were fought, occupying one hour
and twenty minutes., uonititn wasaeciar-
ed the victor. The latter was seconded by
Matt Bovle and Bill Butler, and Hogan by
bis brother and a mao named Vance, Mr.
S. Lawden was tbe referee. Both men
were badly punished. , . ; ;
Burned at Sea.
;An unknown vessel was burned at sea
opposite the viliageof Budgehampton, on
Tuesday night, during a storm,
,The steamer England, f.rom Europe, has
arrived.- -i , e
' The Drew party settled t,heir Erie con
tracts yesterday before the" corner broke,
at 67(358.: Their losses amounted to over
a million and a quarter. . -
- 'A boy who was playing truant from his
mother slept in a lime kiln iu Brooklyn,on
Wednesday mgnt, suu a suuocatea.
The Erie Excitement.
The excitement in Erie has Subsided, the
stock settling down to 41. Bock Island is
me'nUonea MtJvorneit sensatifcnlviftiff0
advanced o 107.'JT wo J brokers ' bad'
recent transactions in Erie1Tbeyiwer
leparafed j aieer nlamag ibg each otbet
Sllgbtly.il .y.i.UiTi i,;'oi'( :--! :na- mW I
The Fillibusters.
ind a lrtter trofii a late' Vebel ioffiec-wa
'.read, offering to joiri'thet',ex'peaTlon:,ttb
:,rt.ttrfusand-mel.:' 'fieneral Kerrigai'the
" V (Kiciai ICLIUIIB CI 1 if I lru trii uiaviTwa
aiiegeu ieaner-nere, Keeps very qnieu .oui
the fepdrtls an expedltioffteaVes witbiAy
shbft'iiimeforCnbi. -' if J " " " .T
The Fillibusters. The Cuban Fillibusters.
i-iTbe leaders of tb CbaniillibustrriB
icbeoiestrtl poraist in: theieifttesnoa.vThPl
say all the men fequlteni-jhaveiobeetv obf
tained and,ifully.!eqnippVaV and ttm Only
want.is traosportationo KTimfiagoftbodxf
peoMtion; la-exhibited; atv.Noa 4lBroo
tree U; and consists of red . -and-, blue-barei
with white ground in one-corner. On whioti
ia a lonastarvi It is-eaid tha(a large i forte
is coneentratra at Memphis .-'reatiy to sai
at annour notice i- hi -?;i-.v i l
The Fillibusters. The Cuban Fillibusters. Attempt to Rob.
""Aboiaattemotwas " made? is'! morni n
to rob the '.Third Aviiue ' Central Par
Savings Bank. dvef$l0O 666 was secured
by man named Joseph -Hdwell. 'and ah4
other; pame unknown, but. wks' dropped
their baste Is get .away fcora th'e officers O
the bank; Howell seems to bave . drawn
their attention from tbe sate by specious
pretences, while- confederates robbed lt.-
No arrests. "; : ",
LONDON, Nov. 20.
letter is' pbbllshed from Garibaldi
urging Spain to choose a dictator for two
years and then establish a Republic. ' . !
Arrested for Fenianism.
. i Peter,, Burns and Martin Constantiae
were arrested at Ash ton, yesterday, on sus
picion of belonging to the Fenian organic
zatlon-, .Valuable papers, : understood to
give details relative to tbe organization
wero iound op their persons,-1 ii i
Minister Johnson.
LONDON, Nov. 20.
..The corporate , authorities of Brighton
yesterday presented an address to the Min
ister of the United States, Mi ."Johnson.
In his response he gave a detailed history
of his negotiations with the British foreign
office,! From what .be let lall concerning
the terms, of the convention, for, the settle
ment of the Alabama claims, it appears that
a majority iof tbe commissioners are tode-
: ) .. ....... : - i .. . i.
board should select an umpire. ... ; . i,
Citizens of Sheffield propose' a -popblar
testimony in honor of Roebnck, the de
feated candidate from that olty.:
DUBLIN, Nov. 20.
during the election. Troops were.. called
out and fired on-the mob. - One of the, riot
ers was killed and several weundedM M',(,
Freedom of Debate.
BERLIN. Nov. 20.
The Prussian Diet has adopted a resolu
tion in favor of the entire freedom of de
bate, and the 'resolution has been approved
by the crown
The Provisional President.
NEW YORK, Nov. 20.
The Herald's Havana special says: From
revolutionary sources we learn, that Col.
Ccspedez Is acting as Provisional President
in tbe absence of Col. Aguilera. He has
issued a decree ordering-1 all citizens be
tween the ages of IS and 40 to be enrolled
for active service, -under penalty in case
that they be declared enemies.-" All native
males between 40 and 60 must do home
guard duty. Lieutenant General Maconl
commands theEastern Dep,rtment,Aguero
the central, the other chiefs being Marol,
Sanestebary, Berdoml and Peral6. -:-
Puerto Principe.
. The, latest uews'by. telegraph,
last night from - Puerto Principe, an
nounce that the Government troops, who
were beseiged, .with the. Governor, .in. a
convent, had surrendered to the insurgents.
The insurgents "whipped the troops, '- - or.
"Barrstt.'8". Universal Half Bestoratlve.
' A Fink Thing for The TEETBr.-The fra
grant Sozodont has taken a very promi
nent place among the most; approved den
tifrices of the day. - It is a very popular
article for the toilet, bighiyxecom mended
by all who have used, it as-abeautifier and
preserver 'of the ' teeth, 1 refreshing the
mouth, sweetening the breatbTand arrect-
iuctho- Drosrress of decavs-v-4
'Spalding's GlueJ!
; yMY-innel5-eofl6rn-cw c.;TQ tf '
Queer preparations with queer, names,
are now-a-days com pounded, almost witbU
out number, many unquestionably worth-:
less, aud mauyaUll worse. absolptelj5i'u-!
rious. TheAli8ma is, we are convinced,:
an exception to either of these categories, j
We have seen it tried and knpwt Jt, wilL dp!
as recommended restore yL hair1 toi its
original color and lustre, and , at tb samej
time perform .-every funotion nt a perfect
hair dressing, which neither injures the
texture of the hair, nor colors the linen or
skin. For the purpose designated, we be-'
lieve it to be the very best prepartion in
use. East Saginaw Courier, i '
nov21-ciwlt- - - - '
' Nervous Debilitt, with its gloomy at-'
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, losi of semen, spermator-i
rhcea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss' of
memory and threatened - impotence and;
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum-!
phreys' Homeopattiic Specific No, Tweu-J
ty-Elght. Composed of tbe most valuable,!
mild and potent Curatives, They strike at
once at the root of the, matter, toue up the
system, -arrest the discharges,- and impart
vigor and energy, life and .vitality totbej
entire man. They have cured thousands!
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial,' which is very important in ob-l
stinate of old cases, or $1 per single box.;
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt ot price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co. 662
Broadway, New York. )yl3-deodifcwly '
- ' - i
How often do you bear the complaint
from mother and father that their qon or !
daughter is not well; that they have no ap- J
petite; that they feel languid; that their bead :
achesjjjhatjibey are growing thin and fee-
ble.and that they have no life or energy left. ,
That thay are low'-8plrlte(t and perfectly
Incapaclted to participate in any pleasures, :
or"perTdrifi' any mental or physical' duty.
And the question is often asked,, what shall
I do for them? or, what shall I give them? '
Our abswerls, "let them try "Plantation i
Bitters moderately three times a day, and i
our word for it they will recover. ,';
n Magnolia Water. Superior to the best ,
imported German Cologne, and sold at half '
thopfico' , ' .' " : 4 " , . .. ... i . .t
''''-' Central Ohio Lunatic Asulum.! '
- Columbus, Aug. 31, 1803. I i
Jno. B. SiddalU.lEtqX'Aqent New England
-Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Boston, Mass. : - ;
. Dear Sir -1 am informed that there have .
been misstatements made in regard to dlv- :
idepds paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, whicfi I have' had In' the 2feu Eng' j
land Mutual for 24 years. "For the informs-
tion of those interested in Life Insurance, I ,
will state that I am entirely satisfied with :
the New England" Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they '
now BtSortrif' to" about one hundred per
cent, on my premium. Dividends paid an- 1
nually in cash. .y
. rSignedJ, ' - W. L. Peck,
o .Sup't CO. Lunatic Asyluu.
,fir. Wm. X,Peck', and Dr Mar rell, 1,1s :
assistant, have both to-day made applica
tion to the New England Mutual for'more '
Life Insurance. . - fv" ,.
Goo. F. O'Harra & CW Ag'ts,
'' Naughton Block, Colunbusr
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 20.
rrGOLD--Steady j 145 lMiylng.
ju.-auj.y4it Jkt, B-etiti to
iifd" one-tenth 'discount bnvingt and Dar
Jelllog. .The BUDnlv, exceeds he a-..
fs MQNrEYlBrgooAriieBiaud and oMraet
close at 1C
close at 1012 pereent tnu
New York Money Market—Nov. 20.
l09ai0ai.T Ji.: ..oJa..:M!i,cr.A li.J'l
'- -GoLD-oni; -ofMH-mroi3r?i'r d
Med aiaitThegross JtTeaT
IagSAarO).S720a.00U .acainsf. IlS.ono oO0
yesterday jr l'ii.iA4iW htmnvtt wtll
il $3,000X160 next week, in lota ot B.V).
New York Money Market—Nov. 20. New York Stock Market—Nov. 20.
'62 llQlTO; dd -410732 107; uo '65
I W110; .flo' f 110$LW5fci-4ors
"StocKs opened active at a general decline
8r 24 per c'ndbs'f;Cenmt,em
botb of which cbrners'cufmtnated yester
day, while Beading, St. Paul.'Reck'Islsts,
ano Northwestern. were--$gf'pernteetff.
higher.; , The jmproVement was" lost at ttjo
regular board.. A, 1 4 ' o'clock the mai ket
wastrmigaDdubsueoJiy j4tadynced
except St.P.auLTpe, advance, was. gain
last at second, .'regular board, except'for
Pacific Mail, Bock. Island and. Nortbwert-
ern, which were- strong; At o'clock the
market , was , barely ' steady, but later' 'It
6ed' States 4647;, Merrtiht8rljnibtf 1$
&iiy; facing lafl I15.1I6; Jiyestem
Union 'iVlegraph 3636; Mew 'York Cen
tral 124124; Erie-4348M( Hudson
124Jla4;.. Beading " 999af; Terr
tiaute au-, w abash 57o7; St. jaul mii
63; Ft. Warna 109(3 108U: Ohio & 1AmU-
sippi 30J30; Michigan Central 116;
Michigan Southern 86J86.) tIMinols
Central 141(3143; -Pittsburgh 80U86J;
Toledo 09li99i4i Boole Island... 107a
107s; North weswrn-S484; Chicago
& Alton 14k St Jo preferred 88; Columbus,
ifiicsgo & Indiana Central 75;-LakrShoM
New York Money Market—Nov. 20. New York Stock Market—Nov. 20. New York Market—Nov. 20.
COTTON More active 'and flnar sales
6.000 bales at 23) 2c for low middlings and
2424Jc for uplands. Jk y
-r LO.u u Closed 610o U wer .pa ..com
mon and medium. ' ,.' r. .,": :T
WHEAT Moderately Aetfveand ln.bu.
ers favor, at $1 481 61 for No 2 sprmg-.
--BYE Quiet and without any decided
change, ... u - 3 -,,''
OATa Heavy at 7071e for wester.
fCORN Dullat $106S1 12 for onsoohd.
and $1 121 15 for; sound mixed west-
.r-. - V .5.. 0-irre7 .114
aPORK Xomlcal at $29 for mess. ,..t
BEEF Quiet andnnchahrcd. '.'isl
CUT MEATS Steady and in. modejo
demand. it . v-v-nj- .rouii,
rBACOJ? NomiRal. '-' m
LAB D Steady at 1IP4,X Mt to
prime steam. i ..".'! '(.
EGGS Unchanged.-5
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 20.
; FLOliB Firm; family $7 608 OuT,
WHE T Firm; No. I red $1 BK-,:? ho
-CQBX- Dull and drooping; 'new eat at
RYEguif at Wis. ' ':'l-JW "-1 m'
.JATS--Qilieti4JBrnj t f
BARLEY Unchanged and quiet.
, COTIOX In good demaadi-; aaea mid
dling at 22o. ., ui ..,it) ,f,iyi a ni
, TOBAt'(OWFirm and quiet,,, frlirvl , ,
WB 1SKY In . fair deman4 a, i)697c;
sales. 360 bbla. at this ratCj , !t .T"fjj!
OILr A jobbing demand for J4ieei oU
o .. In .1 A;l .1,.., I : .1 .A 1 ini
L, II QG$ Close and dollii packers holding
nacK, ana not ottering oetter thas, 97p
7 -60 ro pest $ W9 20 net qDrorers
ask 1015o .btgher.iMv,-j itWif -u: wiiffl
, GREES METS-rIn demand aiiio
for shoulders,, 1010)'.fori side rand
11?412 f hOBlBV If.ifl .1 I ,1J.V' j, tr -,
BULK MB A,TS-rIa demand ; shoulders
Dc; clear ribs, 133io, and. eleErtU, all
packed aud 19,hmore.jtfiaj,no-hay
cured- .i-ifjt. -..( yt, i.,-, ve q-iitT
, . LAED-SoW to tentent of 660 tierces
at 144 :for priuw steam and.150 kr, kettle
rendered; - i .,:rn f i;,-- ;r.l iiu-ii
.n POBK-"-Mess $23 50 and dull, j,,,,'-!-
BUTTER Scarce and firuat8520c,
. EGGS-vAdvnced to32.i.t r Pa.,f-T.. i
POTATQESDuU at 707oj pe? bu,f,
. 'APPLES Pleaty and dull at ,$2Q4 per
bbl.---; r.is r-i or,f-,-;!tf .t.i o iatAt ?-hu-f
. SEED Flax declined to $2 clover a ull
at' $12 5013; timothy deolioed.to $2.25
i 40... ..,! ;l rim:(! :t in ,.( ,r.! (a
Chicago Market—Nov. 20.
FLOUR Moderately antive and ateadj
spring extras sold at $57 !-.ri rf.-Ti
, WHEATNo. 1 firm,.nd. 34cllgher;
sales at $1 23 1.29; No. 2 opened firmer
and advanced 3c,- with sales at$I,14i subr
wqufiitly declined to $1 !, and closed at
$1. 113; sales No. 2 wnee change at 1,
' CORN Old quiet and unchanged j new
shelled active and firmerj sales NojJLt 00
91lNa.2at 76c; rejected t C8i70. : cjos;
ing steady with, buy ofN6.,l atfiOcj,,po
ciiange this. .afternoon; "pew shell .abl&j
G660c in store, and 60 62c on trat)k. &
r-UAfS Dull, ,weak ana 3r. loweritles
at 4647;;i closing qijiet at 46),.! r . -t
RVi bteady.quit,and 2 higher: sales
No; l at I10l.H;.No..2$l 0S;;blo8jpg
firm. ; ..,..-.! 1 T .y , ,7h
, . BARLEY? In good demand; sales Noi2
at 1 8l 65; rejected3at:l 45j,cloaii)g
weak atSl 63 for No. 2, l r.-jg
St. Louis Market—Nov. 20.
FLOUR Quiet and firm, at $4 7o5 60
for super. - - .: : i-is -.i 0,1 i:.u
v WHEAT Firm and nnchanged ; spring
scarce and wanted. ( ;! n.l
. CORN Unchanged ; new 75c old Eooi it
BYE Advanced to$I 15I 18. j 10
PROVISIONS-Unchanged. : -11, 1;, i
- PORK $24 60. 1 ,m 1 .-ti el
i BACON Lower; shnulders 213a,
clear sides 18-4 r - i. . i .1 dawius eisniai
LARD 1414. .t-.v
.i ' HOGS Supply large vand prioes easier;
sales at $6 257 Ott 1 si:.-:imn ! .! ,hk
; WHISKY 3c - , y .i-n,i -,.( fmw
Toledo Market—Nov. 20.
FLOUR Qniet-- ff,jr.i i -to witl
' WHEAT Qiimr"whitei' Michigan" at
$187; No l do $2 072 08; amber $172;
No 2 spring $1 12." ' dv-v -! i -,u no ,;u
CORN In becterr sales' ol No 1 at We;
klln-drled 87&V- "1 -w on fi in'
OATS Unchanged;" No 1 53c; Not i mt
51 : i'fi'.i.n .m-ii- u
K YE-Sales No 2 at $1 05' rejected $K 1
BARLEY Sales State at $1 70. ? "
SEED Clover seed $7 IS; flax seed at
$2 25. " ---i-l -,:a u j-'tiU
- '- i !
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 20.
Tbe market was quiet for all: Cotton
goods v and prices iare . without essential
change, being as low a tbe cost -of pro
doctioni Woolens are also dull, except low
priced scarlet twilled fi an nels and - domes?
tic; whlcb are In light stock and good rep
quest, as are repellants for ladies cloakingf
ac full prices.' " ''-y ' tl-i'- 'jw
Buffalo Market—Nov. 20.
- WHE AT Fal r demand ; sales Ne- Chi
cago at $1 83; Nol do at $f 44. 1 to nml
- CORN--Qaiet'-we8tern $1; new ' waits
kiln dried 9493c. ' "' MuH
' OATSJ-Dull at 5758c J-i-! "h visf a
FBE1GHTS Nominal. , -v!6 1.
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 20.
FLOUR Firm ; prices unchanged,,, ..j
-. WHEAT Steady at $1 28 for No-1.., r
Sherifi's jBale. .1
'- !' Isadora Frejr1 i Conrt f Oommoi
i-. t. Plwitof JfranklUiit
Christopher Kneawatet atal. odudvj , .... ,
in tbe above stated ease from raid court to to
directed, I wilt offer for rale at poblie auction at
the door of the court house, in tha city of Oolnm
btu. en . ' . .1 .. ., (.;
Saturday, tbe 19th dav of December, A. T.
'-' .tfU 1868 .
atl o'oloek P. M' the MIowln described prnpeil
tjr. to-wit: Situate in the county of f raakln and
tttataof Ohio, to-wit; u ; ... 7 -, -
Lot No. six (8) of Joba Short's mbdiyision of lot
Ko. nine () of Robert Neil's addition to the city of
ColunTbuc.Ohio, uM preraiees eooveTed to said
Chris opber Knee water bj John li. MeQufissriasa
ife.b..deeddjtedilaroaOth.A. ,,
Appraised at f240. . J-
Printer's fees 11 OS ' " 1 " mm:.,- .. ,
; ,0b'' fiW- E. EARHABT. Sheriff.
?y,fS-SrLIB,ntr' iw d-.i-'-jf
' noTlT:wtdAdlt
Mcrehants; Bank.'
holders of the outstanding notes ot the ilor
cb rats' Bank of Msseillon, and nil others eoBcennd
Utat in pursuanoe to tb prTisiona of ih-41t see
bonef the charter of said Bank, that applioatioo;
will be made to the Auditor. Treasurer and Sears- .
try of State to surrender the Bonds deposited to
secure tbe circulation ef mid Bank after tbe expi
ration of six months from this date. . . . I . ...
11 ;.y..':,; HJSm.Wi
MassUlon, MajJS. 1S8S.

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