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News and Otherwise.
Vli1 York Sawrdayj-.t,
Xoycmbix has thirty days.
. Them Is no lack like pluck. ,.
tons; o.U c! b.,.p e. - fi jje 911
Grant's majority la Ohio U 41,190.
Oeseral Grakt is in Washington.
Tmrt harebad gaa In Mt Vernon.
, ? Q W. mijoVy in,iBdiaaaTiriO,146.?I
Geakt's majority in Connecticut is 3,04
Skymoux'i majority In Georgia, la 4a -
age ideas H o bT'sal 'ist
The age of the wife of Schuyler Coif
h S3.
9 fl loftS fcaroun., Grahl.r mior!ty U
The oil market continues quiet at Pit : -'
8m CflvrwUr. far jEuroj n. i-1
Them is not it Hebrew beggar In Ne
Xorkelty.'A' 3 aL "0 1 0 o
Wheat la all parti of Futnam court t
looks well.
Thh velocipede was Invented sixty ye ; s
to In'r-rtsV'' ""- n':J
Turn Hiasonri river at Omaha, has be ' a
closed by ice. tjloc3
BoRACE Omelet's 'Recollections" ha t a
been burlesqued.
Wheat around abonjk rohOiifon loo
remarkably well. ' "
It Is better to, use white than color;!
750,000 hotel is talked of on Waba ?t
Kew and rich mines bave been discovi
ad on White rlverr-"
Thh excitement in Erie has subsided, th
stock setainaf down'toVf. "
Thh amoney market in Cleveland (s
urtritM dsyi f y -r-
f VbeuTH ixxj ah Is to Wture 'in Vry
venna on the id of January.
il JaUs 'Bamvf the-. JCFemm Sam-)
wanU his wheelbarrow returned.
Tnu is no Bink atSpringfleld, and t).
odltor ot the Advertiser is miserable.
LocutillsVv Kfm M largest inlai 4
tobacco market In the United States.
' Thh Catholic Cathedral of rhlladeph. i
3 a new-ian with 3,155 vpea in itV-
Garibaldi urges Spain to choose a Dl
tator tfg two. 7 W4 ien TI Bepuh .
Owe hundred thousand dollars j;e to ir
Invested to aj hotel atJilloW Springs
4. V. AySTWTS uvj tnceipityr-oipo LH-
jtsM JVotioiMil 7io. "He makes a tip-fa t
ChItmcT oorehocsk, ' or Chesterfiel" i
ICadison county, Jodiapa. Jiaa drown
. blnwelf. .lriAJa DP.rt
Thbt talk about a fllllbnstering expeo
Hon onCobain Mew Tfx clt.-Jtwi
The Lebanon JPatrtOTwants an ar'jouriv.t
Eseji)t'04it JglalatExe natil the 1st Mot ;
Jay In January,
-Thh. Marion Mytmt, Tf iP oW 1
ment Of the lgUratrire jntu JheJbtJBjaj.
day toJanaaryQrt aiEl
- Wehdell Phillips? tamor for the Im
peaebnietot oTPisIdertt Johhson has foun j
echo iCUnijey,.,.,';s'lw..,,' ,;jv
'tidt' ;kri ror;ltepublieanswnowitl
tofe d IVrteralOoTernment IB.l
Pbstofflce at VerBOB.'vrM'ii'i h-i' Vj "!-
?The VoVce ot'thV mcotk ''-cWiar is'fr)
tbovlat Hoaday la Janaary. ;;-r:Ji
lTHsvSasftetfl kai oaiyt beard of ten B ,
pa),)lilcknf Jwbp' 'ajlq,7eno'ugn tV
aw as' PostmMteT 1n Ottawa:';- V"
Baw. Botleb think Grant will blEadrt
csalon aUythe aestions settled by tb w '
sHrtponserrajtira bponlna4es3"Lw; ' a
Bb.JU. GkxHAirrX'tbeinember in: th
OhWlbiwseotRcpreeetitotiTfts from Eich ,
.laHdotrntyi Waangerously "lit. ' " i
Th 'jtr tVunly Standard thinks tb
Lsglslatnr shonjd continne In session and
do up its wort t& ther lss of February, ,
Two boars of. severe mental labor drawl '
as neavUy apoa the vitality of the system
f does sa entire day f mere hand work. ,
,THH,C!otopfga Democrit, which Js oae of .
thetbest ,Pncratic , papers la the State,"
raeontly put oa a new and beautiful dress.'!
i ao.i a vuio-a 'I '- ;
It is said that Thaddeus :SteTnaj"!" the'
great leader of the Republican' party, was '
the farter. of eleven. Ulegttlmate chUdien.
ffj. OToke,:a fOtht in New fork"
eitn iMeeatly j onfortnnately they .'were
separated Wora' they could do eacbotber .
Th Crmoford County Forum character-
laea the propositionria bold the, Democratic
State Convention -next summer as a ,Tnis-; .
akieyous suggestion ' '
Wsirma OktswoLD, brother of Di
OrMwold, vof,: TrclevUle, was elected a
SMiaberoi tho H assachnsetts Leglslatara
as tne recent eiectwn, . -. ir vi
tosoe'Bepubllcan quarters, it to illeged
that mora troops must be jent into the
South. The Democratie tote there was too
Thh. Pidtean' Blnlqflf. carsi magnicent '
affairs, aava been Introduced on the Chica-'
go and. 8tlXittis railroad. They seat forty- ';
eight persons at a time.
wlt&TtSe aid of a loaded shot gun, mad
oat fit biatsalf the' fobrth suicide for that'
plape lp thq last; fopr; months.
GawraiuGAW tas been hobnobbing'
with Badicala, and dining In Union Leagues
In Kew York cityuid Phlladelphja. J
this thway to study eenservatlstn? v it
A kew species of shad has been dlscov-r
ered in Lake Ontario, off the' Irondequolt
Bay. It has a more snub nose and Is flat
tar than the common, shad, .aad -has a giz
zard. THtTjUeW Tribune writes up EHha B.
Waskbarueas qsallfied to makea conium-
mate Secretary of the Interior..: General
Graat will, undoubtedly, do the handsome
thing (or him. . . if..s i -
Gehebai. Gbam took -a sbort inrllr on '
CheiEaavasreBt, Pbtlaeelphla. on Friday,
nd atralghtway tha faot was selegrapbed
all over the country ;i m tbiag of particu
lar Importance j , .: ,i k'n, & -'
Tw Independent JTo. i, the name o a '
good neutral newspaper, pablUbed at Shel
by, Obioy of which Hob. 8. B. Bloom A Co;1
are proprfetdrt, and J. fflll pabliaher!
la thaas baaas'ltTOMt be SncJesslut ,,
Thb DesMeratle press of this State treat
witb tnettabla scorn the proposition to cast
the Seymour f 0alilacloral Votes JorT
Grant andfColUx, a notice of which found
M wJP.floA-b a-apesfiU io
the tSacinao ftpVjiaad i .which i the
Ohio Legislature.
At twelve aYloek to-d ttmrOhior-lc-
telatntf will meet.preif ant fl fbe adjourt-
It iythelHoie thee ii but rine change
able Speaker of that body having resigned.
litres IdlnaoffljWUlMvto-ao-"
In Ms place. Until this U done, Hon
French W. Thoknhill, as Speaker pro
UmnnrtL. will Drealde. An a member of thi
Morgan .n. Udell as the.suycessor oi mi
In the Senate, the death of Mr. Hall
from the Lucas1 Senatorial District; ceuset
a vacancy, which will not be tilled uutl
December, the Governor having ordered a
special eletddn on the 8th' bt tb at aon th.
i Tie reslgaatlon sot Senator, CoSantj J
ttioTorUee and Summit District, is filled
by the election ot Gen. Wii. Stkdman, who
lt')OWi!lia!itha city witi his f rtylenilals,
which will be presented as soon as the Sen
ile-meeUvand the new Senator will thci
be sworn in. .o The election' of' Sted.m'a
(Rep.) to the Senate,, and Udell (Dem )
to the House, involves no political Changi
both branches remalnktg -polUictilly Is
iMtyear.:"''',; .:.";'!
. Governor Hayes. will probably send i
his me&sage. to the' tw(J Houses this after
noon, if there is a quorum in each brand
to receive it." He , will , probably recom
mend. immediate and careful "action, on tht
Finance bills, reported bya' omiiiuitte
raised by the Legislature pi ISCo 7, and
now pending in each House,
The subject of rebuilding the Central
Lunatic Asylum for the care of the In'
sane, deprived of their home by the burn'
ingokttil8 inetltutkia,' ilt, lt-is hdught
enter lomewoii largely into uia ujessajje
The necessity for prompt action on thi
subject, it Js tbh(ighk4 wl change tb
minds of members as to the necessity oi
adjouTometfUntil tb let-Monday in Jan
uary, when the reports- ef th State offl
cials will be printed and ready for delivery
The care ol the Insane, and the careful
scanning of the Revenue Bills, together
with the unfUilslird 'business of the last
seisiAn, will furnish abbndant employment
for the Legislature' until the reports of the
State officials are ready
Why Should Not the Ruins of the
Central Lunatic Asylum be Preserved?
It will be the duty-of the Legislature to
put on foot Immediately the work that will
secure' the soeedy reconstruction of the
Central Lunatic Asylum in this place. Un
doubtedly.he purpose Is to rebuild on tht
present site; but should It not be a ques
tion with our citizens whether it would
not be wise to purchase the present grounds
and fence the ruins in just as they stand?
the Journal Says l j ( f V 3
'To-day tthese? massive walls, in tbclr
Magnitude and Solemn grandeur, call Jo
mind the" monuments anil remains of Im
perial Rome."
If this is true, and It would be unpardon
able scepticism to question itS'truthfulness,
forthe'editor of the Journal who wrote it
is a man who has been to Rome and rum
maged through its ''monuments and re
mains,' there would be pilgrimages made
yearly by thousands to behold -'these mas
sivejwalls, in their magnitude and solemn
grandeur." t Thousands - upon thousands
yearly Journey to Rome ior the purpose ot
viewing, ltat uonumeutS'and remains,"
the grejitBett or Which.' have been told in
prose and poetry. It the people of the
United States can behold substantially the
same thing here in Columbus, or that which
etdls-tt. soiljs ;ormn$ ,rf lh6(p-eserfratoii
of the ruins of the Central Lunatic Asylum
in their present "magnitude and solemn
grandeur," hey would more readily
come here Jlianjtrvel tcRome,, because, ij.
w,oaia De mpco cneaper, j aua wis eomiag
up of thousands to witness these ruins
would bring in yearly to our city a large
revenue. It surely Is not wise for our cit
izens to neglect to-take advantage of The
opportunity fur'nlshed to tarn' these ruins
into, ft source of continuous revenue.. Will
nptitfie Counoll te-night take some action
In th' matter? We know that the mem
bers of that body are not inclined to go in-
entQrpriseg precipitately or blindly; All
that Vrey will have to do- to convince them
selves that there is money in this, is to
tail .lb' ; the 'traveled' editor oj the Journal,
who will "esteem it a great pleasure to show
how u these massive walls, in their mxgni
tale and solemn grandeur, call to mind the
monuments . .and- remains of rIoipeialJ
RdmeV and Ills' elucidation of the subfrct
should tbe jjlyen to Jthe public Jn the-form
of a report.'' ""
The Burning of the Lunatic Asylum—
The Cause.
Editor Stat ksmas: IadJtheaccount
of the burning o .the Lunatic Asjlum in
yourjaper, ; It'Was 'thrilllng.But yet Jt
was nor. complete. T ? - ; t r-y
On the fatal night, when thus the finest
building "for 'the .insane that tbe country
can boast, was consumed by fire, there" was a
dance at the institution, where a large num
ber of invited guests enjoyed that amuse
ment prohibited to their members by most,"
if not all, the orthodox churches. At the ball
the attendants' Danced with the rest ot the
invited guesta. ' The fire, It is generally
understoodwas commun.icatedjt.o a bed by.l
a (unatiQ woman, in tue aosence or the at
tendant.7 Was that attendant in the Ball
room, at the time when thus the buildinsr
was fired? .'This-question- discussed rnd
answered, your account would be com
pete. . ....;;
i Dr. Smith, of the Journal, Is at the head
of the Board of Trustees.- He was, I un
derstand, at the Ball when' the- alarm .was
first sounded, Perhaps be can give some
information on the subject. - If not, it is to
be hoped that a Legislative committee may
sift the matter aad make the truth known.
If the great fire that thus caused so "severe
a; loss to the State, and with it the death ol
several of the inmates of the: Asylum, Was
the immediate result of making the hall ot
the Lunatic Asylum a Ball room, where1!
the guests, invited by Dr. Smith and- the
other Trustees and the officers, danced un
til after the building was in flames, the fart
should be known and their conduct be cen
JUSTICE. Journal of the House.
.We are Indebted to Amos L.atman, E q'..
lor; an advance copy of the Journal of the
Ohio House of Representatives, for the reg
ular session ' of the ' Fifty-eighth General
Assembly 4:It is the largest Journal of the
kind ever published in the State. .Mr, Lay.
mar has bestowed special 'attention in its
preparations proof reading and Indexing,
and has succeeded so far as to deserve the
warm commendation o .the. House, whose
admirable Clerk be is. .. :
To the Members of the General Assembly.
Conformably to invariable custom,, we
this morning lay the Statesman on' the
desks, oi Senators and Members of the Gen
eral CSSsemblyThose wfiodo fiot want It
will please notify us of that fact, and those
who wish it left at their rooms can have
that donJbyitia'klDg. that wish known to
i:i" ' :
John Stdabt Mill, who has just failed a
re-election to 'Parliament 66ntributed a
subscription in aid of the election of a Mr.
BradJangh' W represent the town of Nor
thampton in Parliament, who for years has
been an obscene revilerofall religion."
r f XTd RvniiV tha honcw n-nr.n .
xm v..v jruf, kucu Uldblilll CI UL
Brobkville, lnd has gone into ban raptcy
with liabilities amounting to $110,000.
fiewt AdYertisernentfc
tW The Ohio 8tar
uareer SDircnlutlan fhaa 'any ,Ja
per published In thia City orSJea
tral -trios - AdTersisersSvlrl' bear
thia in mind.
Little Miami, Columbus & Xeni
Little Miami, Columbus & Xeni —AND—
Little Miami, Columbus & Xeni —AND— DAYTON & WESTERN
Little Miami, Columbus & Xeni —AND— DAYTON & WESTERN RAILROADS.
(in aa after 'MONDAT. Nov. 23d. IMS, FOVR
TRAINS DAILY will leave Colambui
Wlthon tchinge of ears to JJAYTON and RICB
- MONU, mndonljr one chaoiro of on to IN .
. Connections are teUbl aa.fsllewi
-FIRST TRAlIr (Daily). 3
Lmtm at- 2 A. M. for Ciheirifaati:CfrnTfrtfTlt
Iianewter, Rilliboto and Chill icotbe; (topi at Lon
don, Xeola. Morrow, and Loveland, arxivins at
Cincinnati at Tfu a. m.
n ft
(Daily except Sundays.) '"
Reaves at StOO A 1. for Cincinnati,. Dayton
Riebmond. India nasolis and ('hicalo. and atntm &
'West Jfferron, London, fnuth ChHrleston.tSelma
veaBrvuie.Aeum, opriuis y alley. orwin, AlorrOW
..soma -AjbaneD,'oMera. ijoveisn-t. Miltoro;.ar-
, riving ac uino'onau a. -ivzja a. Ai., eonneetii
. with the Mail Botua. . - . . , i
. V'--1 " ' ' THIRD TRAIN.: ' ;' . !:--
t-i ,.. :! (Daily except SandayaJ Jl,
Leave! at IMS V. H for Cincinnati, Dayton and
npnngneia, via A.enia. axrivinc at uinetnnati ai
" , "" FOURTH TRAE?."
(Daily except Sundays.)
If earn at BP. BI. for Cincinnati, Dayton and
epnnnea via Lionaon, etoppiitr m Alton, Wei.
Je&erson, London, South Charleston, Selma
. Ueiarviue. Aenia. Morrow and Lovelaud, and ar
riving at Vinomnati at iuv r. AU .
... . . -.. . . ... . - . : ill
Sleeping- Cara an all Nignt Trains
- ' " HTSWRY BROOKS, Ticket Agont.
; :. -w. H.H.SH1NN. Agent. . ( p
OeplTioketAg'O . ; : ., aovSS'
City of Urbana
L -..7. - , . . - : ' -'': i '.'fi ' . .ri ;
Champ aign Connly, Ohio.
One Hundred and Fifty
'-- Valuable :
r ' . .
At Urbana, Thursday, NoTembcr
, .' 26, 1868. . - '
at el j adjoining tbe city of Urbana, one of the
most flourishiDt; and prosperooa inland cities in
Obio, and in direct railway connection with Mew
York, Cincinnati, Cleveland. Columbus, Sanuus
ky, Dayton, Irdianapolis and, Chicago, and they
are especially desirable for
tiu;ilui:g purposes, .--
Beirt el era ted aboreaod commanding a fine view
of theeityand surrounding eountrr. and nntur-
easaedfor natural beauty and healthfolDefS. They
not oniy anora a rare opportunity tor private resi
dences, but tbev ar,-ia every way worthy the at
tention of capitalists and others who are seeking a
profitable investment. . -
There are also a number of large lots that are
well adapted to garde. .ing purpose, the cultivation
of lruiU. Ac - . - .v. --j - --
As a further inducement to persona desirini to
buy, each purchaser will be entitled to oue ohauce
for every lot be may buy. in the ,(....
r Drawing of Lot No. 100, ;
Being a square. - designated above - as- College
Square, aad equal to a.got f ull-siaed City Lou. and
TALUU AT $5,000.
"The Drawing will take plaoo immediately after
tee sale, and the oersnn drawing the lot will receive
a warranty-deed for the same.
Arrangemenls will be uiaile ith the Sandusky,
Dayton 4 Cincini nil Kaiiruad. th A. i li W .K
W., and the C.l-i . t-n-". 'h:caao ludiirn Central
Kai , to cr .i-srfii .i--irin toatien I the ?le
from raiiriu-k.t,.la.inn, -.,'n liu'd .nil Hellvt'oD
tai"e. ami it. Akron. Mas'ilion. iilii' n and Ma
lion.And Ir -m 'olu-:'-.- au " i' q -a, --'uall in'er
mediaie points, to aud l'r .ui i,p.'-..ii. fro ul charee.
Term of Ka:e tSJ i f tho mre'jai-o tnoiiey for
each lot, to be. paid dn Un y of ae; enough more to
make one third f tue purchase mo-.iey within sixty
days, and the balance in one and two years from
the ciaytjf sale; deferred pajmonta to beir interest,
aa-l to be stoured by mortgage on tLe premises.
Sile will eomuience at I2i o'olook V. 31..
THU KSDAY, JSovember 26th, 1868.
nov21-d5t AXDR&W WILSON, Jr.
customers, and aj many new ones a? mar favor
me with a call tit the lowest rates, for cash, with
Oysters, Fish, Game, Poultry, JJeata. Butler. Kegs,
Vegetables, Fruit. Bread. Crackers,- Jellies,
Canned Fruit and Vegetables, imported and
American ' fiok.ee. CatKUp, - T a!le trances. Sar
dines, Liobster. Clams, Cove and Spiced Oysters,
Bottled Wines and Liquors, Fuglish, Scotch and
Irish Porter and Ale; Cincinnati. Oavton and Phil
adelphia Stock and Fresh Ale and Porter, in Pint
and Quart tfotUes.
Also. Fire-crackers, . Torpedoes. Fireworks and
Flagii. . -
Call and look in, at my old stand. No23 East
State street. C. A. WAGNER. .
novi3-tf-r . c-, ..- ;; -"i
Attorney at.JLaivi';,:
augSS-eodSm . COB. TOWir.i EWE STB.
Paving Notice.
T09U ntkom it may concern : . .'.
, . . Columbus. 0 Nov. 16, 1888.)
'Notice is hereby given, that proceedings have been
instituted in the City Council of Columbus, foi
makins .the followina improvements, to wit:
Forgr ding and pavins the nt paved sidewalks,
guttersand crossings on the west side of Washing
ton avenue from the north side of Hatten Place to
the soutn sine ot uay street.
Also, for repaving High street frim Perry street
ot the corporation Hoe. . .
-Also, for grading and paving with boulders the
roadway of Puolio alley from t ilth strtet to Sixth
'l hesametobe done in accordance with the plats
and estimate&to be prepared by the City Civil jn--gineer.
and filed inxhe offioe of the City Clerk.
All Deraona claiming damaces on account of said
proposed improvement, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
betore ut nrai aay ot Jaauaiy. A. u. iwi9.
novlS-eUtawaw : . - - City Clerk
An Ordinance
Tfi amess a special tax noon the real estate bonnrl
ing on High street from a point 125 feet south of
Knend street to the south line of South Public
Skctioh 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city of Columbus. That the sum of Five
collars be and the same is hereby lev ed and assess
ed up-meaoh foot front of the several lota of land
bounding or abuttina upon High street Irom a
point 1x5 leet soutn 01 rriena street to the sooth
linA nf South Publii lane, as the same im rinicr.
nated vnon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on file
in the office of the City Clerk, for the partial cost
and expense or excavating ana paving tne roadway,
gutters and crossings along the same with the Nio-
nlann ntnmBnt.
Sec. That the owners cf the several lots of
land upon which tne toregomg assessment is made,
shall pay the amount of money by them severally
due in that behalf to J no. W alsh t Co. within twenty
dat s from the date ot this ordinance, or be suh
ieot to the interest -and penalty allowed upon the
m.u,law. WM. NAGBTEN,
President of the City Council
Passed Nov. 18. A. D. 1868 ,
Attest: L. E. Wilson. City Clark.
noTl9 dlt
Paving Ordinance.
An' Ordinance to baild a double row flagerossinc
across Bouth Public lane at the west, aide of
Uigh street.
Ssctiom 1. Be it ordaine 1 by the Citv Council of
the City of Columbus (two-thirdaof all the mem
bers concurring), Thata double row flag crossing
be built across South Pnblie lane at the west side
of Hitch street, in accordance with the plat thereof
on file in the oflice of the City Clerk.
: Kkc.J. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting on the west side of Uigh street
from First alley to Strawberry alley, in proportion
to their feet fiont.
i President of the City Council.
- Passed Nov. 18, A 1). I808.
Attest: L. L. Wilson, City Clerk.
- ri
peculiar and important -rktiori wiieh
Jtliey sustain, tliuic. jmculiar prganizatkB
aud the ofBces they perform, are subject
to many Batterings. Jj reeaom trom tnese
contributs m. ao pmaU 4egree; to ,tbQU
happiness and welfare, for none can-he
happy who affi'iirJ Not only so, but no
one of ihV8e"varibus" female cbniplaiuts
cau lung nuuorou to ruii yii muwu
involving... the. general, health p the in-
dividual. andere long prodncing permit'
-ne'nt sicknessand premature decline.'JTor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for tiie
reif of tnese various delicate affections,
: . anq only upon the most urgent necessity
'.will si true 1 woman so -far sacrifice i her
-rroatftst charm aa trt rid this. "-The sex
'' will trien thank 'tis for' placing in the ir
' 'nan 3s "simple "specifics which ..will le
found efficacious, in relieving and caring
- almost 'every one of those trobblesome
complaints peculiar to the sex. - " '-
"J Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
. gists end doctors, "who'either merely tan
ta'talize them with the hope bf a cure
apply remedies which make them worse,
I would not wish to.assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
-am obliged to' say that although it may
bejfrdduced from excessive exhaustion
, of the powers of life,' by laborious em
ployment unwholesome ; air and food
- profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
Oltener. causea vy uirect ifrii.ai.iuu op
plied to the mucous .membrane of the
.vagina itself. ' ,
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
.to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent npon them. It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the welfare of the entire
human family. The mania that exists
for precocious education and. marriage,
causes the years that nature designed
for corporeal development to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room, lhus, witn tne oody
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ,ex
ited -Ty. pleasure, perverting in mi
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep "and rest, the work of destruc;
tion is half accomplished. .
In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to rr
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is over, anotlur in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression; while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely , iorbitlding. the exercise- .iudis-a
pi-usable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of.temperature'; '.the complete prostra
tion produced by excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
lniite effect At last, an early marriage
caps the' climax of misery, and the un
fortunate One, hitherto so utterly regard
less , of .'.the - plain dictates and '.remon
strance? of her delicate nature-, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical : treat
ment.' -: This is but a truthful picture of
the experience ot thousands ot our young
women. - . . u
' Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative- organs, they
require an education of their peculiar
nervous system, composed of what is
called the tissue', "which" is,' in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early - period of
life ; : and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
For Female" Weakness and Debility,
Whites or Lencorrheea, Too . Profuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too : Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, ,we
offer the most perfect specific known :
Helmbold's Compound Extract1 of
Buchu. Directions for use,, diet, and
advice, accompany- '
.Female's in every period of life, from
infancy o extreme old age. will find it a
, remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. Strength is the gtory of
manhood and womanhood. Helm bold s
Extract. Buchu is .more strengthening
than any of the preparations 01 liark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant',. Helmbolds Extract Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now. ottered to amictea tm
inanity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and .symptoms,, from, what
ever cause originating : brenerai Ueou-
;ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility. Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys-
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, .Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Palpitation of the Heart,
aud, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated state of the
system. To insure the genuine, cut this
out. ' Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. , -. . '"
Price. $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50. Delivered to ' any Address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. "Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y.
None are genuine unless done up in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fac-simile
of my Chemical Warehouse, and ligned
iyS2-dwa-weowly ' H. T. HELMbOLD. 1
DJ3L ,Yj a GO OD S .
-;:? Jt
.a 91 isit. i-iortijtl
:) arawoi
tt mil.:.
iiVJ .i -. I"
,1 b-d,
r?L '111 :-. -
31 1'lllauvrt
''I UI '.. i'i
. A-.t
.. I,
'.. ..;:IIi i-.
.i '-! j
ii ii 1 .-1 i
if 1- 1:
"rut i'
i:u !f-s 10)
;i L:i. .t-J
tiiii. 1
-1 1.
,:i .1
.1 -v;.'
. -. r
;i-'i I-
1 - . !-.--,. . ,.r
,.;:. i ) , 'i.:-i'?.'.;j 'iiri5
!-. ji;i ;.- :' ir.iu
,!'! - ' ' - ' -: '-
. t r : - - . .
.V: i;
. r
:. '.
. ' l i ui':
Cast be Fwtafjtl mt
250 AND 252
.70 II
I A .!
' Of" THbT
.United . Stated , 'of Mrherfdaf, I
(.1.1. a. ! , ;V. 'j?tASHINaT0H. d. c. I
Cash CapitaUljOOO.W.
BRANCH orricxf
.'.' riast KatiosaL bank bdildiso, 1
To which all general oorrespordenoe should be ad-,-.i
i el. eased. ;
CLABENrF H. O'l.AKK. President. i
JAY COOKE, hairituMi Fjoanoe and-yecutive
HENRT IK- OOKE. Vioe Prssident:; ''1' 1
EMtKdON W. f EET, Seoretar and Actuan.
ZSiXiit ' XTDVAtiTACliS : '
. ir; i - Offered by this Company arr ' "
It is a Rational Company, chartered by ipecial
:aet of Connrops, 1868. . :
- - It ht paid ap capital of $1,000,000. -' ' J
It offer low rates of premium.
It fiirnishea larger Insurance than other Compa
aiee for the tame money. "V' - -- :
It is definite nd certain in ite terms. ,
It is a home Company in every locality.
Its Folic. ea are exempt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Policies.-
- -!--'- -
, Every Policy is non-forfeitable..' " '
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amoaot and return all the premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the inter. et on the annua
payments. - --
folioies may be taken which pay to the Injured,
after a certain number of years during life, an an
- noal income of -ece-tenth the amount named in the
Poliey- ' l - - '
p.- No extra rate ia chirced for risks npoa the Uvea
Hr females
It in ores not to par dividends.' but at i
eoat that dividends will be impossible. J
. Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agents for Ohio. Central
and Southern Indiana.
Colu"bos. Special Agents for Franklin, JUioking,
Alnskingum and Coshocton coanties. . . j
FeNT-oct22-deodAweowty ... ,
.ihi .--. I.- -i. -i i
In no' previous year has
been such strong competition among
all the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present. At aU the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
they met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the 1 Florence Reversible
Feed Loch-Stitch Family' Sewing
Maehinei , Jt received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni
versale, Paris American Institute
Fair, Arew York; . Kew ''England
Agricultural ,Fair, at Providence,
It. I. ; the Kew York State Fair, at
Buffalo the Great . Annual Fairs
of Kew England, viz.! tliat of the
Meclutnics Association, at lAtwell,
Mis8cCthusetts, and I the Fair of the
Maryland Institute,' at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks'. Session
on the 12th of Kovember, the supe-i,
riority of the FLOREKCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, vho''unani
inously 'awarded it the "OOLD
MEDAL the highest Prize .the.
Institute confers. ,
r.' . i i Mi-, i 1 L
It -would seem as If this succession of tri
umphs should be sufficient to con vino every
unprejudiced person of the great superior.
fty of the FLORENCE over all others aa
family Sewing Machine.
A written -warranty' is given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL SO ALL
that is claimed for it, and should it fail,
will be taken back, and the MONEY BB.
PrlntHpat Office and Batetreom, JTo. tS Wett
AurtA Street, Cincinnati, O.
.... , H. SIcCONNEIX. General AgetxL.
riA.TEH. 5 ,
At the Ohio State Koir, whieb closed at Toledo,
Septe-nber ?Sth. 18fi, the FLORBNCB received
the FIRST PREillUXlox- the best Family Sewing
.Machines over seven competitors. . .
Send for a ciroalar. or call and examine the ila-
eatnes at the new salesrooms. -
SJLfatit Sto-teJSt Colnmbns, Ohio.
, "j WS- BROWN, Agent.. .jv,
Mr All kinds of stitching done to order, snd
atisfaotion guaranteel. 0CtV4-d2mZtawtka
f t, i. 't a i
?rtr KUMTlNfiTON & CtJ
Corner Broad & High Sts.
febe-dly .. -I ;1 ,"--.-. '! ' '
lanlO-dly-r '" CoItunbuS, O. '
. ; f:-.
O, F,
Nob. 216&i8 Soulll HisrH t. .. .
tlkeir extent Manufactory i at tie Foot of
South, itr at, on the Canal.)
Their business tra-"actions, both Wholesaleand
' Retail, new extend throuthout the States of Ohio,
Penasylvaaia ana Indiana., They man u lecture
fall elasses and every design of superior work
'Snsnshtp and finish. Also, Can-Seat Chairs of
every description. Wholesale and Retail.
: feM-deedlv - - - - i .......-
'aTRESII fish.
3B" H. XI H jr i a ix 9
v Came and Oysters.
'Also, all kinHa ,f Coantry Produce, each as But.
... ter. Eggs, Chickens, Turkeys, ao.,
Io. 33 . West Broadwaj,
: ! '. -.:'.) ' - COLVVSVS. OHIO.
"' The efoicest varieties of Fresh Pish received
daily. SdT All eooda purobased delivered to any
pa.t of the city fbeb of chaeok. Ioctl3-eod6m -
( JgrrtO REN cjVjf
71 rr
OTlCKS-MTa I.Kt.n .w-
ral'i'oiLsit.ttuiraiiii.i Hm..
'4fr,"V., aetezceealnni i-lif
luivr. pabliahxrf twd ai.
1 0 cen
oiita tack1ueni.
H?t J1.?1! WAM1-liliMtS8 AB-
makina eilahli.),.. : . .1."
Buildir,.. I ha,.Uwe."i;h: iiS- .fi
verv faahionable
paid to cutting an
reasonable terms.
ytiealv "attention
paia 10 euwine; ana aitinf . w ork aone on the moat
BrsLitiss Maaasaa.
r rrl M - 4
V... . frr Jt
I .-'.tsV Tl ?Wr
i: - Last night but three o-
r ....... ' r-u 9iof-5 e tl
47...,. ... ijvt
On Thuradav sfternoon, Kov.18. fop the- beneft of
Ladies and Children. J; .3
novi4-dtt - -. ,
; "JReyolf In. the Iatertiv:
'. Whan tbaatoaiaoh is rebellions, the liver eonta
maeeHs.;4b boWeTs disor dored.-th brairi confused.
nd'the'DrTeiin a tumnlt. oU in the aid of flOS-
IKTTKtt'a aTOMACH "BITTERS, if yo woold
restore quiet, regularity and harmopj to (ha action
of these important orians. -A large vrtactisai of
the-eomplainta to which the human familj are jnb
jeeVoriiriDtte in iodigestion. . For thia distressing
malady.' and parent of innoneraUe-aiisefltasia-treising
al itself, the BITTK R8 are the only article
proved bjr r iperienca to be a BDivaraalaad. aafail
iDKiem'edj.r Bat adthoogh it was as svamadrfor
dyspepsia and biliousness that they first obtained
prttUgt twenty years ago. it ia now well understood
both by the pnblie and the medical profession, tl at
their curative properties take a far wider range. 1 n
nervous complaints, spasmodic affections, fever aad
a.:ue. and even variety of general and Inset aohUMj
their effect is most salutary; and as a means of pre
I'-parfotrthe eyatemtor reziat dampf eold.'poiaoBcns
lemontiin th water r the air. prrnrthmeipe
sare.4c.no medicinal agent at present kaewaeaa
be justly compared with this powerful yet harmless
tonic. The feeble and sensitive, who can ill with
stand the inciemenor of-the wlarerHfeason, Mrill
find the BITTERS exactly the article they needta
fortify and sustain them.
isb'" '-'!
PROV KNCK. R. I., h ving the largest mana-
factory . . Solid Silver Ware in the world, with
the most, mnroved machin ry. and employing the
most skilled labor,, are enabled to offer, mn, wn
equalled variety of aew and beautiful deaigaajn
ianer Services, Tea Services, and every article)
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts. .
i ney oner aiso ineir weu-anown and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-PlaUd Ware, in whiefc tha
have r" rf ran -'naai
The Solid Silver is xuaraatetd to be of sterling
parity by V:i Mint assay. The Electro-Plate 'i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest gkef&eld
win. Orders received from. the Trade owlyt en
these goods mar be obtained from responsible
dsalers everywhere. , -,-
, , . rsn Trade
-.. ':--.! ili It. VI., 1.
Trade Mark lrn ,J' '
Suver. .SMS,.
. SalesiwmNkSJUideeiLaas,M,'T
nov5-d&wXm-re r
. .- i s , - ; . i ya .
kChiIdreii'8 Lifei, SaTci fojc.Fiftj
- ... -.-..-.Ceiits,,,-'"ti.'. - O
Thousands of rhitdren die sonnaTfyof TSrnpl
Now, Mothers, if yod would spend M eents. snd
always have a bottle of Dr. '-' Venetian Lin
iment in the. house, yea ever heed fear losing
your tittle one when attacked with this complaint
It is now SI yean since I have pu t up my Llsimeat.
and never beard ol a ebild dying of Croup when
my Liniment , was nsed'but hundreds ofenree
have been reported to me, and many state if it was
S10 per bottle they would not be without it. Be-
eidee which, tt is a certain sure for Cats, Barns.
Headache, Toothache; Sore Threat,) Swellings.
Mumps, Colic,' Diarrhea. Dysentery, Spasms, Old
Bores and Fains in the Limbs, Baok. and 'Chests
No one once tries it who is ever without it. It is
warranted perfectly tafe to take Internally. Fall
directions, with every, bottle. - -Sold--by the Dreg
gistaand storekeepers in the United States, DcJ
pot M Vark Place. N.T. ' -- ' '
jnneI6-dAwljcm-reNT , , . j. , . . .. , : r
Bow a Decline is Produced.
' Pure blood makes us weH,Tad blood makes s
sick. Vapors fpm poorly digested food in tha
blood are condensed upon the various organs,' end
serve to make them grow er repair their wastes
Organs made-with a greater or lesser proportion, at
sneh materials cannot be sound. If the Dad eon
diUoa ti Uood contiaaee bat -for-a feir dsyl'e
weeks the 1 ody a ui be -cut of sortst and if it eon
tinuer, the whole-of' the body will' in time be re
newed with imperfect blcod, and the health bad
it is in avdeelina popularly called a eonsamptton
. -fcow Brandretk's tills penetrate the whole tnass
of blood, causing the expulsion of imparities; the
body feels relieved from a single dose what the
may br :.eipeoted from twenty? By eontinuing
their nse the whole of the blood in time beeomeg
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma
terial, the decline stopped, and a new lease of Ufa
secured. Principal, office.! BB.AXDKKTK Bouse,
New York. Sold by all druggists,
! iunel6-dwlyem--reKy- - 1 - ff
To art we owe a thousand graces; . i i
tjL-Jmpioving b atnrans. disgrace is.- a--jje
Bo," as gray bair don't please the eye.
CrTstadoro's Hair Preservative
Striking, a t nodin& are the Effects, produced
by Crisfadoro's Hair Preservative and BeaatiAsav
Be the hair ever so wiry, coarse and unmanageabla
by brush and eomb, in one week this artiel will
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined ttSctvrf1 '
S Jd by Druggists, and applied by aft Hair Dreff-
ers. Manufactory No , W Maiden- Lane, ' Principal
fSVpUb W A9LUT flUUS.. - tl
i juneU-d&wlycm-peMT .n-a-'iJ
: : : s 1 1 . f
Chevalier's Treatlee 'etm tHe Aasirl
free to all, given away at the Drag Steeeev or seat -
by mail free. This book should be in every house.
It teaches to cultivate .'and .have beantifnl atr j ,
and restore gray hair te its original aolesU atop its -falling
out, and remove all irritation or dandruff "
trom the scalp, thus keeping tha hab bewotifnltol
toe latest period of life. - '' ", ', '!
SARAH A, CHETALIEB, M. D., 1 -jMT-novl7-eedlm
' IBS Brotdway; H.'Y. . )
A PAHJ),.,..,
! A CleJwyman. while residing ia Beata America
as g missinnarj. qi8coverea.s isie snn simple ssss .
edy lorthe Cure of Nervous Weakness. Early De
oav. Diseases of tbe Urinary and .Seminal Organs,
and tbe whole train of disorders brought oa by
baneful and vicious habits.- Great noaiaera Jhave j
kMn .nnul kt thia nnbla l-emadv. Promoted bra i
desire to benefit the afflicted, and unfortaaate. I t
will seua toe recipe ior ffrepanua m ividi tuie
medioi- e. in a sealed envelope, to any one wa
needs it. ibii OF ch abjsv. Adaresa. r .
I ' Station P, Bible House. New It ork Cil
octiSIAw ,
ti ' win i' i
i PROFESSlUHALkn,i'i.i
DB. A. Mi WILLIAMS. West Broadway, serf
iigb stree,-Oernnrbnsi-hioi -has devoted hunsilr?
t a series of years tothe treatment of certain mi.
rttediseasea. Hemay4.teneurtedaa-hia oflaaia
rjroadwar.-near thealaehange Bank
1 n
llfANHOOD.w Another
I I'. Pamphlet from - the pen of Da. Curtis. .
TheMedieml 1 im," mv. nrthi. -,v .V Sri?:1!
valuable treatise on tbe eaeseevDd ear prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of youth aud manhood, and how - -easily
regained. It aires a clear synopsis ef the
m pediments to mam age, the eause and effects ef J
nervous debility, and the remediee therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded en
receipt of 15 cents, by addressing Doctor Cubtu - -
jT-j. uuruviiH aueeb.4a.uiBuret sia.,, , t .
tr aNnooD aud the vigok er '
Itl tUt l'H restarsd infaar- waeke.- Mwewjas
guaranteed. DR. KICOKD'8 ESSENCE OF LIFE "
restores mahly powers, from whatever caasa ari
sing; tbe effects of earl pernicious habits, self-
tots 1
are is impossiue. cteia la eottlee at H, ar foar
auantitiea in one forts. To hjui.w w i- i .
TNT-jjr27-dUr ...o ,, W " .hij
splendid Hair Da ia th. w ,v , j" A
the only true and perfect Dye; barsaless, relUMe,",
instantaneous l no disaDDointm.m . iwTIi.-iTT.
Unto; remedies the ill efieoU of bad dvaa-irr-T"
orates and leaves the Hair soft and kniTtifJ u..i
ortrovm. Sol t by aU DrnggUu and i'wfumersi
and Properlv spplvedat Bstchelor-s Wig Factory "
" doth eixen. n. I ora. TUT BDrM dAwW
A liBan&delicateekia. free from everv Uam J'J
iih, l the reward ef an occasional use of Palmer's :
v egetaoie vosmetio Liouoa. sepMdwIy-ov
p. air away atones to- i
rosderfui meoucine, it laa.eareguiarl accord. ' I
s to the directions (which are very simple and r.
Ire no restraint from bumeH nrnlnunr. 1 ,

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