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UmoMLMicu , Tax., prepared and
i - h. W- A. Savaee. . Jeveler. 83
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? Kareeter.' -TnoginomatoT,
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'-... - -4 Kutl. 4
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:. 4 :A i ' -k t fjf.fr .
"'- rears ago; to-day "Pensacola,
aw. , . j r. !
fcarVA. "das' ienBlhlsVeekjB
bpur and, foy oftf mnro tea. : y
iMotSff" 800 MiijrrnU-pH8d through this
JrcUT ft&,MbK wMtVaW vw.r ,
TST() T 'J l!0 I I
-Z3 KTSkateateoiinfl't fce the leading
J:ili; 't' v.-'.tnrrf" show vrfrrdrj.
eu;ii f :.W
A KrThtfW i to w?
V. .Ar:T-.tiv... I
The Columbus Temperance Alliaa.ce
hold a 'meeting at' the Congregational
Chtfrch to-ofght "JIr r f ,
.J.'tipThe" twu i ollecterl 1 h! (Sev
enth)' District rtrtne month; ending No.
30th, amounts to oO oAJ.1, j:B mnoti j
c; . w" To-morrow taero nlll be a TFenlan
"innirreaa held to' Philadelphia. A'large
: delegation goes fronirils elty. :
iiiisrdd bell ea ring aoi lodlj aa a good
.advertlsement.Teople irtH rather bellete
.'.i r'tT "'- H. hoar.
iev5GoTt PayeMirsjjaonual message i$
ery brletj .It iwll be, obmltted to tne
AfwuiMyto-dayshould there he a quorum
tap All the railroad centering m inis
'city changed their time of arrival and de-
parttiretb-dayV' h; Jtu Time xaoie on
-ourth pi- -
t-'J a t- r - ' ? t
tWbether cloudy or clear,-two-Ur
will ahlne at the Opera House to-night,
Peplta, the premter"Bameu5e, and Good
rich, the champion fkoter.
ftr Te police force or this elty looks
gay is pea'chea" In their oevr cmtformt.
Deacon Armstrong, Chairman of the Po
lice committee of the Council, has . been;
laaite ' aietroDOiiian , m uu ui,ui.y.
force. .
i WlfeRfiGBXacwwes, There twerfrtl
' marriage' licenses issued "hy "the Probate
Court during the week ending Saturday,
Xov.21it.aa follows: Monday, 6; Tues
dy J5.Vednsday3i vThuraday, none;
Friday t; Batnrday -W- t"' 1 J
Spkual PotiCKAiEir Those.; special po
fceroen appointed en. the night of the lire
at the Lunatic Asylum, aiid who reported
In pursuance of Dr. Peck'a order, will call
at thUarahat,il ofSce this eveolng at 6
o'clock? arid get theirpny. f fa
.mAttmjtiob!,I.1P. O. F.i E. D. Farns-
rortb,- Moat -Worthy Grand Sire of the
Grand ' Lodge of the TJnlted States, will
Wtsit Cblamhaa Lodge No. 9 this (Monday)
erenlng.'" All the ttembers of the Order
are fraternally Invited to he present. ';
. P6 f bsBrxT seoond concrt of the
(fjolumhd -"JManf- rchpr, announced" for
next Thursday 'veningVT5"ovemberJ2Stb,
ha been poa . on d for. one week. This is
w!seVcoasider f"' ' nnmber' of
amusements to be offered on that night.
Galoot Rkcobd. Joseph Lawrence, of
Cincinnati, wa the only galoot up before
the Mayor Saturday. He was ient to Ihe
atone pile in de -a t of payment o! $5 and
costs. This Is no-eity for these Sin-sin
i . i - . 1 n a ouf Am .tit in
' ConwTT Infibmabt. During the
the week
jidlng Satnrday,,,Kovenjberr21st, there
have beer: twelve panpers' received; into
arid 'four discharged from this Institution.
roare no w 17S7pauperjf;tEere.;" Fifty
fx 14 d 'l reoal nd wo fit ave beemde
livered tOjOtatttdei poor durltfg eek.
Fat DBmjt. JamesjQorhln. the coun
tryman whose arrest-ior fast driving on
Friday evening wa menti.med, on Satur
day was fined 10by the Mayerv Volney
HetOshelmer, ir.,nd James Mix were also
wrested for fast driving, and fined $3 each
OerbiAnd Hettisheimer paid. Mix was
omhlitted idefanlt'- -7 -'i
i iimOB ant Agbst's Rrto: t. The fol;
lowln ' 18 tne ' report of- C. .H. Campen
Gendi; Western Emigrant Agent, of the
BOfn-ber'Aiid destination of emigrants pass
ing through this city during the week end
l?g Saturday, Nov.. 21st; ,010,": 62; Mlk
aouri, 203 v IUin '-is, 91; Indiana, 40; Ken
tucty, 29 T-nn ssee.-23; Wisconsin, 19;
Iovra 3$"; .Michigan. 20 ; Kansav 16 ; 'Min
nesota, TotaU 566.
aaea1--FranX Wyman was found by
Officer Domlgao .on Friday evening, about
twothlrdsgohe' lo'lrquon loafing in the
alleys of.theclty.. His actions being sust.
plefcM, theoffijterscmptnred him and found I
Frahh4benoliitrme,agrant. Tne May
or 4UedbjI(a$l0Bd costa, aud-committed
lrJrn'. ktTffcXnfk'rdayotlaborait the stone
plFrankfWpn be out lorbte Thanksgl-.j
Ing tnrkey,.9ftd, they . apa s . taut inrney j
'em In .tbo-oaIboDeeroTjr OXJ
counting of the vote. Iptfleetors lor Presl-
dentfan V.presldenfclu thaSecreUry of
Statn' jpfflcexaet onhe.3idaypf.Novera-.
berrgaYeTM hh Spportnii1ty to get the
preclseyn3diber 'o? f oflng place'i'towoslilps
and wards In the 'State of Ohio! There are
lso2&ottojjf pfceotnct in the Brtte. Thee
aro divided " rkiowi;.:j!i townships
haying but onelace pfbtlag; J40 wards
at .cities ana M-orecincis orauuuitwiuu ui
Gooseolooicalv One ot the ancient wri
ters pats Into the month of a goose language
something Me-thist "All the parts 'of the
ulveral.hve.ao Jpteret n. .,The earth
serves me to walk upon, the, son to, 'light
me. There Is hothlag tliat . ya beaveaiy
roof looaffi'M'livoftlftt fCffiu,' tw
the darling. of-natare?'- 1 t -. -
Just such an KOtlsUc.goo keeps cack
Hog at the printing establishment on East
State streeUjStUrjfyiDg tdMe Jiome,
. I ..J3V i!U U J .aa-naw--wna.lTgewoane--i
Cbako of :TlpB'aBdtter Monday;
V6t. 23d train bn the Pittsburgh, Cincln
natl St. Louis B. ( Pan Handle route)
will arrive at nd Jeavo, otambus as fol
lflW5'fJU IU 'jJ.lt IO 1 i i
J r Xvea .Ar.
Nw York ExpreM... 1:15 A. M. BJ midnifbt,
iil,UHIHI SUIIHau. M.v M , .
lDuion Aeeom'iio- sUe.JL. M K Mf. -J
w YarhEiom raaS'daUyi all -athar teaini
- Iltnnaniin iiiiiil(iiia atattSifrwi FriiBht
ti : .Very respectfully, Ac. -rfx
-Probatb adst Busiaase.-.'The follow-;
lg was the ' only appointmeiit made by
Judge Pugh during ute wtek ending Sat
urday, Nov". 21;.; ' -,r ' 5
G. S. Ionia, appointed administrator of
the estate of Samuel Woll, late of Hamil
ton township, deceased." Boad $4,000."
The compelled absence of J udge Pugh
here again brought.,busInes to, dead
OriWJlocsB atubda ifiioHT. Suck
a soene as that presented in front ot the
jttckf t oflqer M f bQ Opera (House on ; Satur-day-hlghi
Vki nivet.witnesied in' this city
, beficrrev From about six o'clock uotH-elEht '
there was a never ending crush ot people,
straggling; forcing: forward a"tj T jinpliing
back In their frantic efforts to' get tickets'
and get away from the window. . Two la
dies and a little girl were considerably in
jured la Jhe jam. Oneof the ladles tainted ,
iptf being got into the theater! ThrougkAhe
propipt and kind, attentions,,. Jao.Q. A
fioblngon, M.'B'she was in a short time.
sutUi iently recovered to be removed to her
home. That the proprietors of the Opera'
House owe it to themselves and 'the public
to prevent a repetition of the disgraceful'
scenes of Saturday night is certain. ' What
object Is It for persons to p arch ase reserved :
seals, if they cannot reach them without
having their clothing torn off and their
rlbi - broken In ' the attempt , to j g-t '
through such, a jam? . Make some
dlff.-reni( arrangements,'Me9srs.:Cim8tock '
and Smith, ! or" wv mast advise 'ladles 'to
stay at borne ton Saturday-. .nights..; Why
eannot there be . gallery', entrance' made
to-! -the north : side of the baN and place
fixed foif selling tickets, so tliat at least
onr-half'of the struggle for tickets could
bt had there.? 8ueh an entrance : and.
ex!$ ts greaUy needed anyhow,- for In
case of an re, with such a crowd as was 'at
the Opera Houseon Saturday night, one-!
haltof the-peoplB bonld not, 'as the place
U new' arranged, get out of the building, i
The crowd coming from the gallery would ;
meet that coining- from the dress circle. ,
and death to some one would certain fy re- ;
suit. We believe there is a law In regard
to this matter, and also in regard to block- 1
tag the passage ways of places of public '
resort; with -chairs, which -should bo-en-
forced.,Ji "' ' L ', . ' .
An Hour with this Dbad. Yesterday
afternoon we. availed' ourselt ot an lnvl- '
tttion frorrf W.O'Harra,'Eq, of the well
known undertakers, Taylor & O'Harra, to
visit the dead house at the north grave
yard,, within whose silent walls He the re
mains of two of the unfortunate victims of
the late terrible fire at the Lunatic Asylum.
Erttertng"1he dead . bouse, we discovered
jying before us on cooling boarJa. the jre
mains of Mrs. Bradford and 3Ilss Conner,
packed carefully in ice,, and so perfect in
preservation, and entirely free fooi Affin
itive odor that it was with some,' difficulty '
we realized the fact that we were really in
the presence of Death i 'Inasmuch ' aa. the
Ciuclonatl papers have announced the te- '
moval of all the victims, by their frlcnfls, ,
is out oue the tarn 1 lies or the dead alid :
all others -concerned that the statement I
snouia vDeoutradlote.d.: From the
night .'of ' the , fire until ,the pres
ent! time,. Dr-Peck. baa given j thevbod
ies of all the. dead into the ; keeping 'of
Messrs. Tajjor &. Q'Uarra, and It aflords
us pleasure to speak most, favorably of" 'the
manner in which they have - discharged
their dutiet2 T(je apprafanceof the bodies
of Mrs. Bradford and Miss Conner, speaks
volume in favor of .the very; competent
management of the undertaker?,and stamps
th m a gentlemen in every way worthy of
the responsible task imposed upon them.
arful as were the circumstances nnder
wil'h the poor .unfortunates, lost their
lives, it is eerUlnry matter of great com
foct (4 surviving friends to know that the
gre et care and tender ne-is has been ex
ercised in ' completing every, preparation
incident tq their .preservation. Surviving
friends of Mrs. Bradford and Miss Conner,
by a ply tig to' Messrs. Taylor A 0,'Ha.rra,
will receive ail Information and assistance
necessary to the tlnal disposition of the
bodies. ". " .
Farmers' Club Mektino There was
quite a Urg-nuon -r ot the live farmers
Frank In county at the meeting on Sat
urda. . November 21st. The Club voted
unanimously to appoint a committee to
draw up a memorial to the General Assem
bly, of Ohio, asking permission for the
Cbmrniaeieoer of the county to submit the
question to the voters of the said county
whether they would tax themselvestor the
purpose of having the "State Aei lewttural
3alleg locied in Franklin -iouoty." .The
Chair appointed John II. KlipparU John F;
BarUit nod!JamesM..'Fu8on such commit
tee. The committee reported a memorial,
which was uoanimoJisly -adopted and
signed,; and a 'committee appointed to have
ilTpresented to the General Asembly. The
Clubthen adjourned to meet pa Saturday,
Deeember 5th at 10 o'clock A. M. Subject
for discussion Stock and Stock Feed aud
best manucrot feeding. 1 - '
Commissioners' Mbktikq. At a meeting
of. the County Commissioners, held on
Saturday, Messrs. Edwards,'. Gullck and
Lisle being present, the follow ing bills were
allowed: P. B. Case, counsel for Wm.Gulick
In the St ite street bridge ease, $40; Richard
Nev ins, advertising, $224 75; Coiuly &
Smith, advertising, $21; Woolard &,Thom-.:
as, gas fixtures, $45 76; Geo. W. Gleafon,
stationery for clerk, $35 90; M. Krumm,-
work In Treasurer's office, $H; B. McEwen,
special constable. State against Meadville,
$30 25V . A, C. King, deputy auditor, was,
appointed to examine the bill of Nathan
Cole Recorder,fbr transcribing Indexes in
Recorder's afflce, and to report at the nei t
meeting.' It was ordered by the board that
$300 be transferred from the general ex
pense fund to the crtdit of the poor fund,
for lithe Are alarm telegraph at the County
Jnfirmary. ;' ,: : ..-.'' '.. ' '. '
Eminent Women of .thb ,'Agb. We-,
have been 'Shown the advance sheets ot:
wbat will be a very handsome book bear
the above title, shortly to be issued from'
the press of 8-M. Betts & Co., Hartford,'
Conn., being narratives of the lives and
deeds of the most prominent women of the
present generation, written ' by v Fanny'1
Fern, Grace Greenwood. Horace Greeley,'
James Partoa and other noted writers of ,
the country. It will be splendidly illus-
trattdand will make one of the inost ao-i
ceptable and valuable holiday presents one !
... . " . . . .
can oDiain. it is boiu only oy suoscrip---tioni
at from $3 50 to $3 per copy.aceprdlng ;
to binding. Too agent for the work has
already commenced canvassing for 1C lin 1
this city and is meeting with fair encour-;
agement.. We commend her to our readers.,
I Akothsr Victim of thb Firs. Yester. -
day 'morning another victim of the late,
Asylum: fire was added to the list. - The-,
last was a female who was removed on the
nightof the fire to the Mute Asylum, and ;
although in the enjoyment of ordinary
irood health at the tiihe, succumbed to the
fearful effects of excitement and apprehen-;
lion, consequent upon the terrors of Che
night. Her remains were given In charge
of the .Undertakers,' Messrs; jTaylor and
O'Harra, who will deposit them In the
Asylum burying ground this alternoon. '
Fii.e Saturday. The Cincinnati. New '
ichmond and. Ohio Packet Cnmnanv
filed its certificate of incorporation with
the Secretary or State on Saturday. prin- '
Cipal office in, New Richmond, Clermont
OBOty. - -Capital stock - $12 000. Goorge'
W.Casten, William Sturges, James J. Pow-"
er, Geo. V. Eletus and P. J-Donham are -the
corporators. ' i'1";; . :
Fire- The alarm of lire yesterday morn
ing about 10 o'clock was causey by the
partial burning of the roof of a small frame
building, near the Woolen Factory. The
flames were extinguished by the use ot
buckets of water before the arrival of
Crr" MRKBTiWe are glad to know
that our reports of the city markets are be
ing received with great favor by our read
ers." To C. A. Wagner, of the great game
an J oyster depot, East State street, are we
indebted for the corrections In the garhe
and ovster and fish markets : .
Jomi-Veiilspff steak 3deJ otfer'tuU
2av; , Squirrels 10 eaoii( iTalrte caitck
ens are sellinir at $1'25 a pair. 1 with but
a slight demand: mallard ducks, $1 a Dalr.
i-al ducks, 60c; quail. $i SO per decent 4ur-
key. 15c per n; wua turicers, iHv;; chick
ens 25 35t each.; pheasants,-91 per pair.
Meat. Butter and EgntTU prices asked
at the markets lor meat, butter, eggs, etc.
fare as follows!'; bteaks, best cuts, 15-;
mutton chop?. 4o.'; pork chops loc; saus
ages. 17c rer B: corned beef. 8ai0i;: vz-al
ehoice out. 1215c. Batter. 3540o per tt:
cheese, 2025r; eggs 28 30c per dozen,
and lard 1518c per B.- . I. - ' ,
Fish and Oysiert. White fish are selling
tor luc;' herrings 6; plcweret iuc; niur
fish 20 ;codfish 20-; striped bass 20,-; halibut
toe.- Oysters are be. oming very pientiiul.
The following is about the average price
askel by the reUll d -aler. XXX 40c per
naif can; medium, 60 ; select, boa. "
Vegetdbtt Continue pientiiul, and the
prices reasonable. The following are the
selling rates: Irish potatoes 90c$l 00 per
bu ; beets 81k'; turnips 7530e; ontone 1 50;
sweet potatoes 60c per peck; caoDage'BCg
IOj per - head; pumpkins 510o- each;
fquaxhea the came. -".. a
: Fruit A Doles have advanced somewhat
They sell tor from $1 25 to $2. according
to quality, and from $4 60 to 95 per barrel.-
Transferred Saturday, The, follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office SaturJay: . . ; !. J
: George Titus and wife to Henry Noble,
May 15th part of lot No. 68 In the town ot
Westerville, for $100.:, 7: .' : i
Robert E. Nell and wife to Lqther Don
aldson, Oct. 29th, lot No. 104 in Neil's ad
dition to the city ot Columbus, for $600. 1
Robert E. Nell and wife to Luthtr Don
aldson, Out. 29th, lot No. 26 in E. E
Nell's addition to the city of Columbus,
for $350. :'--' '- " ' ' 1 '''',.-
Tub Legislature. 'The General Assem
bly of the State bl .Ohio , will meet this
morning.- There is- much of importance
claiming immediate attention at the hands
of the Legislature, and we know that, the
best interests of the State will be cared for.
It will be necessary to elect a Speaker of
me nouse, mat position naTing oeen vr
cated by the resignation of Hon. J. F.
Follett.1 Hons. F. W. Thornliill, Speale"
pro tew, and . A. T. Walling are the candi
dates. '; . . ..'' .. ' ; ! -1 ;
RsMRMBsn W. B. Kent commences the
Sale of Lewis' stock of Dry Goods at No.' 7
Gwynne Block, this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
nov23-lt . '.. .' : ' : v '?,
Lost. On Town street," between Deaf
and Dumb asylum and High street, a' rlgl t
hand fur glove. ; Any one having found it
will confer a favor by leaving the same at
the Nell House.; , , , , ,; nov23-lt
The Crrapkst Oysters in the City
Who does not know " Italian John," ..the
genial, good natured seller of good things
to eat and drink, at his old stand on North
High street, next door to Deshler's new
building? John is now in receipt of the
choicest canned, cove and shell oysters,
fresh from headquarters, which he is serv
ing in any shape, and in any quantity de
sired, cheaper than can be found elsewhere
in the city. Go and see John and learn
the fact for yourself, that all the above Is
strictly true. His oysters are the best to
be found In the market. .-
Je-welry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Balu's store
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
street.'- .V "'.:. ""'
octl3-dtf ' .;"
The live Oystemaiu 16 E.Broad street,
gives (.for fifty cents) 'a well HI fed can'
Spencer, Auger & Co.'s prime oysters
and a pound of butter crackers.
auji5-dtonov28 e ' - - ' : r
Boarding. Persons wishing boarding
in a private family cary find two pleasant
front rooms by railing at 41 East Long
street, two squares fmni the State ' Hou.-e
and halt a square Iroiu High street. ...
nov21-d2o ' '.
Thkrk seems to be 110 end to the new
goods (lark & Farmer are receiving. Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived.". Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
lishment. They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and letall trade they are
establishing. : novll-dtf
Oysters! Oysters!! I am now selling,
at reduced prices, those fine fat Family
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Wm.
Ta5ior, Esq., Baltimore, and sold by me in
this .city for over ten years. .Warranted
fresh, and cans not filled with water. I also
have the XXX, and W. 1. XXX, a fine
Oyster for Soup. ; ' .' ' C. A. Wagner, ; , '.
aovl3-tf No. 23 East State street. .
Ale and Porter. I am now receiving
regular from Cincinnati, Thatcher; &
Dyett's celebrated stock and fresh Ale and
Porter, in pint, and qnart bottles, put up
for family use, and highly recommended
by physicians lor sickness, &e.
! I also have a stock of Guinness' Dublin;
extra Stout Porter ; Mulr & Son's Spark
ling Edinburg Ale ; English Ale and Por
ter. .' ' '. ' - . C. A. Wagner,
! inovl3-tf ' No. 23 East State fetteet
; '-Holloway's Ointment Stiff Joints.
One of the. most remarkable attributes 01
Holloway'b Ointment is the rapidity and
certainty with which it relaxes Contracted
ligaments and 6inews. .. Joints that have
been stiff for years have repeatedly, been
restored to activity by a persevering use of
this matchless salve. Brisk friction should
be used in applying ft in such cases!, so that
Its' annealing influence. . may .thoroughly
penetrate the! contracted fibres,' . Sold by
all druggists. - jy9-dlw-cw
What others havk doss you may do
ne gentleman says, my doctors' bills for
five years, averaged one hundred and fitly
dollars Jper year. - Three years ago I pro
e ired one of Dr.' Humphreys' eases of
Homoeopathic Specifics, and' since that
time my doctors' bills have averaged $15
per. year, and we have enjoyed almost un
interrupted health. Price. $10, sent by
express on receipt of the price. Address
Humphreys' Sfbcifc Hom-ieopatbic Med
icine Co., 662 Broadway, N. Y.
j jyl3-dStwly-cw v -
j -
' Go to No. 133, North High street, for
the latest styles of Boots and Shoes, at low
prices'. " ' ' . nov21-d2taw2tf
. ' i ' - '
i Cbbttficatb of an Eminent Chemist,
I have made a careful chemical analysis
6t tbe Sojsodont, from an impartial sam
ple purchased by me personally, from
h ading drug house of tbia city, but noth
ing of an IdIutous or objectionable charac
ter has been found in its composition.
James G. Pohlb, M. Dn
' Analytical Chemist, 489B,'way, N. York
Late Dr. James B. Chilton & Co.
i VNT-junel5-eod6m-cw
Go to J. C. Kalb's, No. 138 North High
street, for B00U and Shoes at low prices,
i no"21-d2taw2w
Dispatch from Admiral Davis.
The Navy Department has received
lomlnotM dispatches: Yroioi Bear 'Admiral
Davis on affairs la Paraguay' .Nothing
appears tnrjogtify the arrest and imprtaon-'
mentof Bliss and Masternian, Ameriancit--izens,
by the Paraguayan authorities. !
Commander Kirkland, of the Wasp, sayf
he received Minister Washburne and family
off-board tils vt set en xha 10th. "On tne
11th Commander Klftrandad an Inter
view with Lopez, who expressed unlimited
friendship for the United States, but de--plored
what he termed the unprincipled
conduit df Washburne 'he Paraguayans,
treated the Wasp inost hospitably and fur
nished needed supplies. j
RIO DE JANEIRO, October 26.
Sir: I have the honor to inform the De
partment that. I have invited -General Mc
Aiahoo, the Mlnisier ot Paragtiay, and his
family, to take passage on this ship In 'Che
Platte. t: Ihave already fsild In- mycom-;
rqunlcatiop,314eurreat suris,,6hHlacoon)-
pany him to Paraguay. I shall i-.onfer,
Ireely with Mr. Worthington, the Minister
to the Argentine Bepublic and Uruguay,;
from wbouiA.8balL-obtaiu. information-
wnicn win serve to moony ana mature my
pians. I shall keep the Department con-;
stantly and fully advised of my action.
Very respectmuy, i
Rear Admiral Commanding.
Grant in Washington.
Gen. Grantand family retucned Jiere last
night; 1y -thef regnlar tralrr.' "At every sta-;
tion along the road he was received by the!
people with the wildest enthusiasm. i
The Alabama Claims.
Our Government is satisfied with Min
ister Johnson's official conduct as far as he
has none, with resrard to the Alabama;
claims and other questions, in. dispute. If:
it is true, as reported hy cable, that Lord :
Stanley has consented that the commission
shall sit in Washington, the fact will be;
aratifving to many distinguished: and in- 1
tefested parties in the country who have :
expressed their desire to our Government '
that the board shall bow its sessions here '
instead of in London. ' ' !
NEW HAVEN, Nov. 21.
Stenhen Abbott has b en Indicted fbt tbe
murder or Mr. Urouson, at this place,
last September.
UTICA, Nov. 21.
Corweli, convicted of the murder of the
little airl.- Abhv Sanders wa -yesterday
sentenced to be executedr.oa January 8Lh.
POETLAND, Nov. 21.
Newell . A., Foster, proprietor , of (,the
Poitiaud Press, died suddenly in. Boston
to-day. '- ,' -i -
The Cole Trial.
ALBANY, Nov. 21.
The Cblelrlal 'still continued
feuse'are presenting. ev.ileuce."
River News.
Weather cloudy and wet.- River elx feet
eight inches and failing.: Mercury 39.
Latest from Bear River City.
St. LOUIS, Nov. 21.
Later dispatches froni Bea'r'BiVer" City
say the city is now quiet, unuer martial
law. -and business progresses as -osual.
Guards have been placed on the outskirts
of the town and are also patrolling the
streets. Tbe mob were scattered to the
mountains this alternoon, and at dusk
wefeseen collecting ill small saoailS. The
rinKleadera. Shiitu-and Daily, were severe
ly wounded and are not expected to live.
It is now reported tliat t wenty 01 tne mob
are,-dead una -tiurty-nve wounaea,. two
m rtlly. One citizuu named Armstrong
was shot dead,,. 0 . r'.,
9 A. M. The mob collected in the moun-
talus near Bear Klver find sent into town
ftr "a -physician- to -attend he wounded;
Thev sent bsck word by the physician for
the women and children to leave the town,
as theyintendft to marsh oil It -400 strong
and burn it. The Mayor tclegraphrd to
Fort Bridges for troops, which are expecUd
to-mdrtow; i it lti'i "X'-r-I'J j kl
Insurance of Dowdall, Page & Co.
The following Is a portion of the insur
ance of f)owdall. Iiire & Col whose Ion 11-
drv was pait ally burin d last "night: City
Fire. Hartford, $2,500; Yonkern. New York,
$2 500; Citizens', of .Missouri. $5,000; West
ern. 01 bt. Liouis. aauu; t. Ijoiiis jutituai,
ioOOO; InsuraneeCiimpHiiy of North
America. l'hilMdeliihiav $5X)U0; Lorillard,
ot New York, $5 000; Lunar, of New York,
$5,000; Home, New York,. $5 000 ; Home,
New Haven, Connecticut, $5,000 Mound
Citv Mutual, ot St. Louis. $2-500; Alhany
City, Albany, New York, $2.500 ; Cleve
land Insurance -Uomp4tiy,-.DUU; Enter
prise, of CJiicinnativ-$o 000; United States,
St. LoulsC'$2.500r Commercial, St. Louis,
$2.500 f Uiijteil States, Baltimore, $2 500;
Fiiriiii-rs' and Mechanics', Qiiiucy, Illinois,
$2 500, Sangamon, of Sprfngtield, Illinois,
$2 500; Atlantio Mutual, of St. Louis, $2
500. j'..1!.jt .-.!.-
Memphis Items.
Memphis Items. MEMPHIS, Nov. 22.
The city stables, oe Washington streets.
near FourthVweTe-desi roved by flre' thie
morning. A large number of horses, and
mules were; buruert. Klward O'Donneli
watchman in charge, was so badly burned
tvit his life is despaired ! of. The stables
wereowned by the city. The loss is iot
known. j ' ' , .! r s 4
"The State Conference of the African'
branch of the Methodist Episcopal church
north, w inch has oeen in session here du
ring the past week, adjourned yesterday.
It was presidedover by Bishop Paine, and
the proceedings -were very .harmonious.
BUFFALO, Nov. 21.
'Col.- 31 W. Brown, former! v' commanded
of the Irish Brigade, has just been ' ap
pointed Brevet Brigadier General by Pres
ident Johnson.
Whipping in a Jail Yard.
NEW CASTLE, DEL., Nov. 21.
To-dav. in the iail vard. seven persons
convicted ot petty Offences, were tied to a
post and wnipped. une was a man seventy
year-old, who- received tweaty-ftrjhesron
the' back. " He-cried bitterly diirtfig the"
ordeal. T wo boys, of abquttwelveyears,,
received twenty lasues eacn. . une man
was placed In a pillory until totally help
less from, cold, and then , Whipped with
lashes. . , ' , ,
Massachusetts Items.
Dr. Horace B. Wakefield, Superintendei
of the State Alms House at Monson, wa .
arrested to-dav-'for Illegal detention of ai-
inmate. He will have a trial in about 1
One of the gang who assaulted Aaro".
Blis in a bouse at Monson, yesterday, oHf
rpbbed- him of .money and bonds, was ar'
rested to-day. - - - - .
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.
The Constitutional Union Society yestetv."
day nominated A. Oakey Hall for May
and A. B.Lawrence for Corporation Coud
sel. - rlOv-iL" ro-U.'
The Fulton Ferry Disaster.
! The investigation Into the Fulton ferry
disaster was concluded yesterday, tbe ju '
attributing thecosualty to the overloadt-i
condition of tbe boats, No one is insured.
The steamer Arizona, from Aspinwali,
and City of Washington and Wui. Pent.,
IrontEu'rope, arrived to-day; I-i J
Phillip Crow has been arrested on su.
picion ot breaking into a house in Cincii ,
nati, making a furious onslaught on the ii .
mates, and carrying off eight thousand do
lars in bonds. He is held tor identirlcatio ,
Advance Demanded.
The coopers resolved last night to stril
on Monday for tbe wages which were pa -them
previous .to last winter, unless,
they expect, employers couoede the a.,'
Mount Vesuvius.
Mount Vesuvius. NAPLES. Nov. 21.
' The emotion of Mount, Vesuvius is still
ery imposing aud tht-eateriihg,' the
xnes of the volcano emit rumbling sound
tnarjrcta large .quantity or lava. Ihe
lava has set a whole 1 forest "of chestnut
rees on Are, causing immense devastation",
dorses, farms and lauds are overwhelmed
-vith rnrn, and the population of the near
?r villages are leaving their house's lp
zreat destitution. . j'
NAPLES, Nov. 21.
The eruption of Vesuvius is increasing
in violence. Manv houses and farms in tbe
vicinity have been utterly destroyed. -Ihe-
mar Kat town ot san. Utorgo is in lmmi.
nen t danger. j-
The Elections in England.
LONDON, Nov. 21.
The-Tiiwi rtate that th el ctions to the
House of Commons, thus far, have resulted:
Liberals: 3.101 Cousesvatives 168. The
fallowing are elected: Charles Burton,
Liberal, from 'Surrey East;' VV.': Johnston,
Conservative, from Bel fasi; Sir B. Blenner
hasset and Viscouot-St. Lnwrence, Liber
als, troro Gal way borougli;-Lord J, Man
ners, Conservative, from Leicestershire
North. The followintr Liberals were de
feated: . The' Marquis of Harlingtnn, for,
Lancashire Northwest, and Bight Hon. C-
Horseman, for Strand.
The Daily News elves the Liberal ma
jority at 146 . .;-, - .'-
Serious Riots.
'SeKous' riots occurred at? various -places
At Sligo there was quite formidable out
break. .' Before it was quelled, ten! houses
were sacked by the mob, There was- also a
scene of -violence at the little town of Ripr
leyv in Derbyshire.- A sharp nht occurred
and manv persons -were injured by clubu
and" stones in the 'hands of rioters. The
mob partially demolished several buildings,
including che vicarage. " ' 'i,,! I
LOWELL, Nov. 21.
Three persons were nff,cated. -to death
this morning in a fire at 06 Merrimack street.
Their names are Michael. B. Gaffney, Geo!
Manary and sybul bliackforu. The toeeon
Uie property U $3 000 to $4,000: . r -j
The Chinese Embassy Presented to
Queen Victoria.
LONDON, Nov. 21.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Burlfngame and
associate Ministers of the Chinese Embassv
were presented toQueen Victoria, at Wind
sor Castle, by. Lord Stanley. Mr.Burlln
game briefly aduressed Her Majesty in the
name of the Emperor of China; 'He con4
tinued Jby, expressing a desire 'that the
health. 1 arid happiness ot .. the Queeil
and the people over whom she presid
ed, would be long and lasting. He also
referred inappropriate and feeling terms (b
Sir Frederick Bruce, and spoke in the -very
highest terms of the .co-operatidii rendered
him by English reprentation. In the course
of his address he made a graceful allusion
to the well known friendship for 'the Uni
ted States. '- '-.' .' : - ",; j
' Mr. Burlingame then presented a letter;
of credence from the; Emperor ol China,'
rather an extensive document, beautifully
encased in yellow sattn. - Her majesty, evW
dently pleased, received the document, and
addressing Mr. B , said she was glad; to
welcome the first Chinese " Embassy , to
.Great Britain. .She ..was pleased to greet
Mr.' B. and the mission, and expressed a
belief that its object was a step in the right
direction. , v.!' --' '.
Burliiigame then introduced his aaso-;
eiate" Ministers 1 aud secretaries to the
Queen. The interview throughonr, was
marked with the utmost cordiality. A
magnificent !. lunch .was ' shortly, after1
served. - ' '
While the company, was seated Lord
Stanley took occasion, to ' express himself
as perfectly in accordance . with Borlin
game's sentiment relative to China. It was
true, he said,a certain degree of opposition,
originating in ignorauce of the real object
of the Chinese mission, coupled with a, de
sire to adhere to the old traditional, co
ercive policy, met Mr. Burlingame on arri
val. In England, but this had all passed
away, Mr. Burlingame, by his dignified
course, and feeling the grandeur and ina?
portance of the trust confided to him,
had conducted himself in such manner as to
disarm the opposition, and create not only
favorable impression for China, but tor the
United States; for while acting as the rep
resentative for the Emperor of China, his
dignified bearing and progressive Idea ex
hibited him as a true type of the represen
tative American. .- '
., Lord Stanley then concluded by expres
sing a belief, that.' the cordial principles
which are last influencing the nations of
the world have changed foes to friends. '
The Alabama Settlement.
The Alabama Settlement. LONDON, Nov. 21.
It is announced to-day that Lord Stan
ley has acceeded to a mortification of the
Alabama' settlement -which permits 'the
Commission to sit in Washington., ,,... .
Caxias and the Allied Army.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.
Later advices from Paraguay state that
Ctxias, with the allied army and fleet, had
arrived in front of the Paraguayan works
near Villeta. but was deterred from an as
sault by the natural delenses of the position.
On the 1st of .November, nowever, a recon
noiterlng party'su. ceeded id capturing an
important redoubt, while, ttm ; ironclads
hotly bombarded ths Augoetora fortifica
tion..; ' ' ,'-' ;
1 Lopez - fs reported to have shot both his
brothers aud to have his si'er iu prison.
New Minister.
Mr. McMaho'n, our new Minister to Par
aguay, was to leawe Bio Janeiro on the 25th
of Oetoberrwith the American fleet; to-ob-tain
justice froin Paraguay, and three Eng-:
lish and' French men-of-war had already
gone up tbe river on a similar errand. -
New Minister. Delay of the American Squadron.
The delay -In moving of the American
squadron Is said to have been caused ' by a
difficulty between Bear Admiral Davis and
General Webb, On a point of etiquette. ' :
Defense of Washburne.
Generar Webb' has published a card ex
onerating Wahburne from all blame in the
course he took in Paraguay, auq asserting
that any other course would nave cost mm
hlSlUe.. .-I-.. ;.-:!; i.ii'Hi, ' ,. 1
Bliss and Masterman.
last accounts state
been: tortured' by Lopez and Mastermau
shot.;'' ' - ;
Washburne at St. Thomas.
Minister AVashburne has arrived at St.
Thomas, from. Paraguay, on board the U.
S. steamer Shaniohin.
Salnave Defeated.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.
' Later advices from Hay ti state that Sal
;nave had been defeated at Jeromle, and a
vessel with larse guns had -afPived atSU
Nearie for the Caiuas
Cape Haytien Attacked.
'. Cape Haytien was being vigorously sfc-
taCKeU oy IUU iiiuiiiio.
British Residents.
; The commander of the British war ves
sel had orders to prevent the bombard
ment ot any town where British residents
were engaged in trade.
I There was a rumor" thatra5Gnvernineht
had been installed under "the Presidency
ofNassaige Saget; at St. Marie, in . the
North, and General Dominigue held his
own as President In the South. ' ,
The Latest.
VIA HAVANA, Nov. 21.
President Salnave returned to this port
yesterday from Cape Haytien, with his two
men of war. ; '
Geueral Nissago Sazet is concentrating
numerous forces arouud Goniaves, and ex
pects soon to attack the Saioaveists there
HAVANA, Nov. 21.
Later advices from Pori au Prince are at
hand. - The revolutionists are agaiu mak
ing progress. The excitement against
Americans has not abated, but seems to be
on the increase. '
Fighting near Azua.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.
Later advices from St. Domingo state that
General Ozardo was moving with his rev
olutionary force in Azua, and fightiog is
reported near that place.
' Baez's troops, under Caceres, had been
united near Capolita, and the insurgents in
the North had proclaimtd tor Luperon.
1 Baez continues hU infamous outrages on
I citizens.
The Fenian Prisoners at Ottowa.
The Fenian Prisoners at Ottowa. OTTOWA, Nov. 21.
. -The Fenian brtsonert tor tail hera ..nnder
bile linucUH UUrpUS BUBpt3Ilwu BH to
liberated on bail at onceV Buckley Ddjjle
and Kinsella, indieted as ac cessories to tne
itmrderof DTArcy MGa,twia tfot be lit
eraed. , Vhalen waa requdeq.ffi)oait jail-
last night under writ of. habeas. oqtdiH,
to be present hi be Toronto Court attK,
argument1 ort the Japplfcatlon''Ji0i'i a rifjw,;
inau tie will weturo toiaUk wbaceyevtbe
ueqion may .pejr.d Lt.c vH-n; A . .i. I
The Panic at St. Johns.
The Panic at St. Johns. ST. JOHNS, N. B., Nov. 21.
, The financial panic cbntuiues' uh'abatieid..
The notes ot the Yarmouf.tr Bftdtc of Noya.
rScotia- and of Prince E-iward'i- lslarjd
Sank have been refusedlta-dayi-.SUiteih-'
eji m tea are selling ar 3d per cent, Uieo,uat, ij
I'lt- "iti:i
I hi - i
From Halifax.
From Halifax. HALIFAX, Nov. 21.
ijieuc. f ortn, nt Her untien majesty's
',ifi.'ance, nasp serjif Qjaiiiogit con
siderable amount of mess nionev. I
The ilancbesttir '.lift vnsterUai for Eos-
Extradition Case.
Extradition Case. TORONTO, Nov. 21.
The areuments In the Morton and
Thompson extradition eaeeyor robbing qf
an express tympany,- was heard to-day .
XiMUecisioir was reserved. ? f r t
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 21.
GOLD U44 buying. "
EXCHANGE Dull at discount buy-
tnir. '".- ' ' " . -.x J'-'. " -r r : Mji
h MONEY No change In the rtfarket.' !
New York Money Market—Nov. 21.
f. MONEY Easy anditbundiirit at46 per
eent.'on call. - It Is generally conceded that
the money tied up baa Jjeeu returned into
circulation, and that there Is no .probability
of a revival of interlerfence of market.-
0irHojfjoaithe,stree6M8 that the Erie
0 ique are large holders of Erie, , and con
sequntiy; likely to .entourage',, ease,1 In
money.,, ' .. '-'...' '.-' -, , ,' ,
bi,LiLKu JUJLCUAJNjU-4uiet at
109J'l019j-f - 'c,:'.r I
GOLD Dull and flroonlns: ooehed 'at
ana ciosea at ..mn
r - - i i n r v-" iu:-I
New York Stock Market—Nov. 21.
peciall V exportable bon dr.- Coupon of 81
1 14V115 ; do '62 lTlni3&do 'C4 107M
1((7; tio'Go 107lu7; uo' new lJOiS
U0sl; Iff 40'sl051052i: . 1
The stock market is comuarfltlvelv ouleti
the result of the natural reaction from the
late exuttement ln prices." Opened t 4
Toledo and iNorthweBtern, which were J?
c better. At the"regular. board there
a sngntiy - improved .Reeling, but
alter stocks
were -ottered freely, and
mires -'fell
-rt .eeiit;' . New!
lork Central being especially Wakir
Erie ! roid 'down -to- 4U nmarkef J. attt-e
close ,was' recovering from the-, iowerd
poivopeeiliy-on New-orkt!entm-kndj
at. I'aui, tne-geaerai marker, nowever, re-t
mains qtuet-ana transactions light. x-l
Dres stocks steady. " I
J5i30 f rjees-j Wells' ExpreViTJB 2Z
American 4i'.,(ffi4z; Adams amnii: Uni-;
ted States 4445T Merehanta' Uuon.l.9
13$;- Jaclll MaH T4115; Amterul
Union Telegraph 3636i; New YorkCen
tral 123 123- Erie s4040; Read4
ng S(gySili Terre lljiuie 3.40;: W a-I
hush 3S38"4; St. Paul 63J4t4; Fort!
Wavne 10SiI08s; Ohro '-& Mississippi;
3030;,Alichigu Southern 8686;i
Illinois Central 141 M Pittsbur-ch Sa54a
80; Toledo 99100r: Roek"- Inland 101'
iui; northwestern 4684; .Colum-,
bus, Cnicago & Indiana Central 75. ' '
The Commercial says report aie current
of extensive forgeries in foreign exchange
or letters of credit baying been' perpetrat
ed iu London. They are said to have ap
peared in all the principal money centres!
of the world.-. 1 . ..;.ji,l-;m i j
It is stated that a large number of the.
leading brokers have signed a paper not to i
deal in Erie, or lend money on it as a col-,
lateral, in open board, a. resolution was;
offered and referred to the executive com-
mktee.. looking to the -appointment of a ,
committee of the two boards for the. pur
pose of considering the question of having 1
all stocks called on the regular list, come j
from some responsible financial Institu
tion. ' "' - ' ' '
The cold exchange has inorcased ita anU 1
mission fee to $10,000, hut laid on the table !
the resolution to exclude powers of attor- i
neyJ ...Wt7 -J A : .,J J. ',.:n.-: i.J s' ,
New York Market—Nov. 21.
COTTON Less active and steady: 24j6
for middling; t j Jii i Li'"; ,
FLOUIt ull, and.sUghUy-In-buyers ,
favor. , t- - !
- WHEAT-r-Dultand. heavy,v $L-4Sjal 50
tor NoT spring, m iijiirj. :J ,
BYE fairly active and Arm; SI 40 for
western. ,
OATS-Qiiet a70' for-western f
CORV Dull; $1-071 11 for unsoun''
and tl (21 15 tor eound' mired WeetetdJ
- POKK Quiet and nominal; $29 00 fof,
mess." ' ''" - ''
BEEF Steady ami unchanged,.
eU I" MEATS Steady . " ' : 1 " ,J
BACON Dull and drooping. s
LARD Quiet and steady at 16lGc
EGGS Steady at 343Co.. , : ri si Jl
- ' -
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 21.
FLOUR Firm; family S7 508 (H)i
WHEAT Scarce and firm at $1 80 for
No 1 red and $2 10 for white.
COKN Firm and nominal.; 5S39o for
new, old nominal. . ..- , -
n 4 -r o.n,i. . .7. rv XT
BARLEY Dull and not much demand:
Canadiiin 2 252 30- t 1 . . ? , y,
COTloa Firm at 22o tot middling
uplands. - ' ' , '--
WHISKY" Quiet sl!'97c."" " ' ".V '"'
HOGS Eisier; f 6 757 50 gross; light
to cxr.ra S99 25. .
.GUEEN MEATS Easjerjiield at; 7J&i
lQ,'4l?-4 ; some extra heavy sides and
stnali weir trimmed tiams sold; pr quota-
tlons, bht a deduction from quotations
generallv asked. v 1
fBULKHEATS Good demand; 9orfor'
shoulders and 1314c tor clear rio and
dear sides packed but not more than half
ured., . , , - -in-- f ' -,-
. LARD Limited demand ; 14e ! ibe
prime steam and 15n lor kettle. ......
BACON Dull; shoulders can.be bought
at 12c. - '-J O ii -r
BUTTER Scarce and firm at5J5S9o. '
t EOOS Advanced to 333. .
1 SEED Very dui;? clover cart be bought
at $12 50: timothy $2 25.; ax dullat Z 2.
i OLr-gLinseed dull mL nominally un-
chauee '; lobbing sales 'only at 95e; lard
oU $1 251 30.' -r.M,-..
; PETROLEUMFlrroreflned 28(30'. '
BEEF CA'ITLE Dnlf and uncluiDged ;
common- to prime $35 25 per ceutal,.
"sHEEP Unchanged and qtlet;$22 35
for common td good; S'50i for prime to
choice and well tatted., v ,' ' ". ,
6UGAR-Dtjll ahd'ijichanged; atWof
Cuha at 1214K; Forto Bico at 1$ -15e.
. '., ..- 11
COFFEE In fair demand; sales at 21 "
25C J-..;t ,1 .till' ,fii'.fc?
not lower. . . .
CR A N BERRIES Scarce ."cultivated
bring 25 1 per ib, and wild 20c. ' '
i CHEESEIn good demand and firm at '
1618c; shipping demand good;,..-; -r; ', ,,.
Chicago Market—Nov. 21.
FLOUR la good demand and firm;
spring extras S5 757 00. ' -
' WHEAT Firmer and more active; No.
1 advanced 34'; sales at $1 28il 33;
No. 2 arlvanci d 3J4c; sales at SI 14
1 16; closing at SI 15 for winter, and $1 14
1 I4j for round lots of regular? sales of
No. 2 this afternoon at SI 13a'. : o a
CORN OU quiet and a shade easier,
with sales of No. 1 at 80 90c, and No. 2 at
75c; dosing quiet at 90c tor No. lj new In :
fair demand at 5761c In store; closing at .
at OSc; sales of No. 1 since change atSuo. i
, OATS Firm, quiet and llo higher;
salen at 4647c; closing at 4747Vc.
BYE Dull aud steady at SI n for No. 1,
In store.- -r--
BARLEY Firmer; No. 3 34o higher;
sales at $1 (i9l 70; cloaing at 91 66 1 67;
rejected at 1 4Pl 42.. ;
Buffalo Market—Nov. 21.
FLOUB City ground spring' 16 75
7 -25. -' ' ' ' ' ,-1
WHEAT Stronffer: sales of Racine at
1 301 81; No. 2 Chicago at II 35; Port
Washington Club at II 45. -- :i.
CORN Western 11 00.. '-' .ui'
' OATS Western 6JS0. .... ... . "'t,.-"'
s BAKLEY Nominal. i.
' BYE Nominal. Market generally firm.
Buffalo Market—Nov. 21. Cleveland Market—Nov. 19.
ttaa-y-teadeTXX3f:whlten 25
11 60; XX amberJIO N)03XXj-ed
winter $8 25860XXHrmg7 BOT7hi
1tVTfrK7V1!iro9WmTjt Madam red
and amber saa 7s- v-y anrins 7a OOs
- vv ii KAfano ti era and Is nlof iflvo
and the market fTtrnrNo.-l red winter $176:
CORN-Qinet and scarcely, so. nrmi ld
No.,1 shelled newlfat1 h14 all ?0tt,5ut
mr m -err tuie uemanaom e. i..m
ate rf oeit kt 67u -for If o.; 1 StaterX:0 4
.f,M.YE Wc hiuie iuad oX AalmvaanUona
tor ceveral days, i tK a l .
is . AlUUC xXhar tok umm1tjm1 Am
inerket is entirely nominal.
for N.. I saesBj 23 00 for jSTo. 3 doT2aj)0
for clear. - .'( mkjiJ
iiDRESSEBHOGBThe offerings are yet
light aatb the rr-rhrttlintrtrlsili iiinnln
are holdlngbff."
' I-.A1UJ tUooa oemana an.natj atO
18e for city renderedi.'.ManqTH .airiM
BEEF Ste4rt No -lmees held-at A IB
exra nie at tt7.
V BU flKiorionwWirn&ami'njj
scarce and tir J.rmana1tJ8940c; good to
prime do and vCtlntral 35Q36ir roramanio
good do 28 . .mio :i wjT
.vmsKSK-iiw market ilr "teady'ahd
flrmj helff ai Kai7Jie- -for the range of
dttirr and tactorv U Urire Intel lffraiHa for
4doma selected teareelsl- is"
EGGS There" is Terrg6oUftlpty hnd
the market U lower; fresh lota held-at .321
St. Louis Market—Nov. 21.
ELS0 forsupertine and $5 756 50 lor extra.
;,,YHEAT'--JSteady...A.Trirja)7 prt
ranged from 1 201 24 -for prime 4o
choice.' ;?.::: ;
CORN Unchanged 8082 tot Jd..
OATS Steady at24)ov ,Ti,.j5 n
-7 RYE Vnekangedf SI 16Q K,t .
.BARLEY Unghanged; SI 002 20'foV
sptlrrg: i ,J ' - ,r
WHISKY 97)996:
BACON Shoulders" lSlK clear sides
18c.'ii'"-Y- - J JA'"''.A l.'.Z iJCl-oJ'j
r L ARD 13 tiT
bi . ,r.x .
Toledo Market—Nov. 21.
. FI-OUR-QuIet. 'J -'K w mi
WHEAT Ad vanoed 34e: closed. Vrlth
part of advance lost;, sate o NO 1 iwhito
Michigan at $2 10 and No 2at $1 SOraiKber
$1 741 76VA NoTredSi72; No I spring
II 20; No 3 doll 00. -:i'..a.-iiiiniii.j-a
. . CORN 1 n better; salesOC-JSo lat 929
92c; new 71c.
OATS Without rhaterfal diinge'Jto
Michigan 53c; No 2 62Jcj -Hr ,1 i 0
-KI K Quiet -- . , t.-.......mm
-BARLEYi Dull. 4 "'g&iZSZfi9
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 21.
iFLOUR Firm ud prices "unchaflgett
WHEAT Firm at SI a& jDe.Ne- i tn
DU1C' r 'T 1 - t, ,
Y. Dry Market—Nov. 21.
The dry goods' business H ISngnidf "prU-ei
are, however, steady fo staple Jabrcs.
-li' v IHO,-),
Wilson's East Lawn Addition to
the City of Urbana.
rThat TMahl ft WuhffTtoTScoWEIiiqps
city and at hef able ime V manufacturing
city is made manuesiby the operations ox
csriUaUsts. ajid.ihrewd observers pf uch
prpsjpetjtive interests. Aipneyeo men irorn
ailp'arts pfthe Uii Ion are settl t'n g , perm a
neatjtjierei'andj .'rflakiig tibl
proyements' for their own convenirice and. v
the, advantage ot thei)w'
', . follrojiaIllttes 'sYe.Iaeinl prbana
tight In the center of tiip trayelinjg public,
and tbia fct alone has called atterlbp
ofhuslness men , from a dtetarjcejty tbe su
perior : advantage oflered (or.,kuk,lng,fi
large place.of the stnali f hy,! .i,"
. Mr. Andrew Wilson,, Jr, has. -been, en
gaged forborne time past in completing h(s
plats and making arrapgemeots for theaaiB
of a large number of yaruble budding and
gardening lots, now and yet to be needed by
the, Increasing .population, nlnJast .AW
addition to the elty as well aa, the tract adt
joialng It on -the south -and extending o
Scioto street. In; th meantime! h hAS
graded aijd graveled VVaahingtod Avennei
an: extension of Johki atreet,! to t be j east .
itneor the Kenaga farm; Aladlson! Arekoe)
an extension of Boyce - atrac , to -the aae
point; East. Lawn Avenne ,irom- Sckot
street to Col. i.B. Armstrbag'.. farms sM
a well, has prepared -to-?OBOn ant trans
verse streets, rnnnlngitbrth and south, Xrom
the northern line ot East Uw.t BeloXt
street, j Alleys of the. ordlaafy width r
laid out, and in such manners to give sen
cess, to every lot and parcel ot groaad.-;,.ot
.. lb: East: Lawn there ihskiklrajadyi been
graded and graveled no leas ths two miles
of streets and avenues; giving kUtfgeUiO!)
a pleasant drive l. regular routine, io'DO
less than Ave, .miles of the, best graded fin,
graveled rad' in, tWStotei,'rnj '., ii9
; M', Andrew WUsoaaa lljaiauiedi
promise made at ;he sates ofjjotj, hereto
fore controlled by hl'ni. in UrbanaK and-tbia
should be a guarantee. thattoaa4(,.aknjt
place on Thursday, Nov, 26th, mutt g
.,Aii indueenjent, is oflered, So al persofm
in the way qf a free donation .,(lif t&
purchasers of ots) o) Lot,, No, J.00, b4M
tb, beautiful grassy kpoll, Just east fjtbt
corporation, llpe ; and ; tronUng on Seloto
street, with two wide straete on either sido
This property h valu4t 15,000V and eoat
tains eight large.elty lots.Thopnrchaaeft
of the other louwUl decide amoogsttheoM
selves who shall receive a ; warranty dfdj
for the property, -i -:! iuula ti i-nwo
, A dinner. In-honor of the dayi 1lw..h
snroarl hpftirrf IhA rwvinl anrl1 MAnA will
t-. - .r- ,w- , i-.-r-n w . m
come' to the sale unwelcome. ;hjn r-L oj 19
. The railroads leading to Urbana havatkU
been coosiilted.'Snd have contracted toilsrv
nish special .oars from .Cindinnatlr Bapi
duskyv Dayton, Piqnapilnmhnsspd
Akrop, and aU , lritegdlajte. jiolntspasj
sengers for Urbana free.o (ax,)s,w 1?0!Tt
, All persons I, will. bo coDveyedfmall
parts of the city o the 'sale snrefrneoa
free of charge. ... ',; 1 ,t M,f fnrJ
t'.;.l l-.ii, . vji- .- i i-..i.'.JJ VUj'A
Jii,1 jju-.iAAiraUUlXCw J fcano-i
TosMiaisavevWl out aipea 1bMr MranTkoHftaCi
of the city . of CoIambuJ- That .U( n n'of l'sj
oeots.Oaemin.be and the utnau Berby lerief
Bd S'tsted opo aok foet front - o-ths istrorall
1 iti of laod boqnding-rbnttinf npon tbeeutiid
of"Hih tree from brod rtrmt to- Gmrirort. t(
the sme r desifeoated . aD.tb jlsii 11 f llij'
Civil Btmibeeri-on file is tbeoffiteof ttae0itTJleikw
f or tba eoat mi 'exens tt baiMine a donW- rw
&X cronini a?rost Linn alle at tne ut jide at,
High street, aroordicg to. ibe tetimat of tbe City
Civil B fineer. : 1:1 -i m. ) i.ini n o j ili t
Xkc 3. Teat the owners of tbe ereral lets of
laa-t epoe whioh tbefoirroi g- araearaient k nader'
ball pay the unouou ot aieaej bpliieea eererallyv
doe in thai behalf to aritbia
twootf dari from the date nf tbis ordinaJK-e, r b-i
abject to tbe intereet and, p via' tj. allowed apea,
tbe earn by law. -' ..- r-r..
- ' PrIdmtf the Ci-y CooneiL f.
fan! WenltvA. D. INS.- .uiri VWrfl
toTiiaditlj,iS" U0",Cit'Cl' Sni''5 10
'i' f- ' - ' T
i,. ! t .; I l;iltt . --1. : ,
.Paving Ordinance.;;:.;.
An Ordinanoe to build a double tow fa roatingi
aerou Center alls at the norta side ot Lout
Skotiok L Be it ordained y the City Couoil
or the oitj of Coluuibua (to-tbird ol all the-
menben eoBoorriDa), That a doohie irrn -
ins be bai.t aorueCenteraler at the north aida
of Lout treet, in a-eordanee with the p at there-'
of on file in thet-fficeof tbe City Cler.- : -,., ,w4
Sao. S. That ell datnaces, costi and expensee
ariaing from the foregoing imeroTememeet ehall'
be a-seed and levied upon tbe eererel le af 1
treet from High treat to Third trait
-Ii. bllj
' ' FresiilMit
of theCity Coanoil,
1 A V i ,k. A
AiM K- WluomCItyClerk.
uo .liil
v .. . .; ' . . J y . .. J. 'H J I
Resolution to Contract! " t-'-
, MnolMd, That the City Viril Eagioeer be. and
he it hereby authorised and directed to oontraet in
the name of the eity of Colombo, with John
Murphy, for grading and repariag tbe eigVewalks ami
the east aide of Front etraet from Town (treet to a
point eighty-nve feet north ot Town street, apoa -the
following term, to wit; .-.l.n., ,. ..,'1
tat exearating or grading. Thirty-ire. eenti pet
eobio yard. 1 : '- i . i- . . ; . -m! 5 'i.i i. V
Fc bricks laid, 1 per thonaand, ': 1 1". r-
Adopted Nov. M, less. - -I ii i
atteat: L. I. WILSOW.
neTiS-dlt City Clerk.

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