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B. EHfM.W! Editor.
..m - " .
NOV. 244
' .2; i50L closed in New York ysterda at,
- 134?g.
Ohio Legislature.
:Th tw6 branches of the ObJ LegislaJ
tnra met In adjourned session yesterday,
In the Senate, twenty-lour members
were present. After the transmission of
I 'ikt aaual meisajjes and the appointmen$ of
a committee to wait on the Governor,
two communications were received from
the Executive, one of which was the Ar.
nual Message and the "other announcing
the resignation of Senator Conant. Upon
the reading o! this, the credentials of Gen,
rwi$Tnki, Senator Meet ?tof lUrhe)
Ifacneytf were read andLihe new Senator
worn Into office. , J
The Governor' Annual Message was
then read and appropriately referred. Aj
edmmuhlcatlon1 was received from the As-
oclatlon of Ministers of this city, com
plaining that at the last session of the Lel
islature no resolution wai' passed to give
them the use of the State Library, and
hence they will not officiate in the luture-4
offering up prayers. The preamble and
resolutions as presented are badly written
- disjointed and ongrammatlcal particular
1 v In the last "whereas" ana evince a sp r.s
' unworthy of men claiming to be dlscipled
of the Prince of Peace. The preamble and,
resolutions Will be found copied in full In!
the Legislative reports In tpdaj's Statks-
MAN. f
In the Pouse, seventy-one members were
present. The me&Tjeri on assembling paid1
a high and a deserved compliment to Hon
pEBKircasVtTaow.-Hii.i.ln electing him byi
acclamation,' Speaker ol the House.in place
of Hon. J. F. Follstt, resigned, and an,
equally deserved compliment in electing
Hon. A.TL Waiuk Speaker pro tempore;
A resolution, ottered by Mr. Gaston, of
Butler, that when the two Houses adjourn
jjl FrMssTJiexthej; adjourn o meet again
t ctlreWfoadayinkJanuiry waa laid,
over, under a notice, by Mr. Hksricks, of
Perry, to discus it. .A motion to suspend
'We rure'ialk4.by a'fcw Votes-47 to 24-lj
requiring two-thirds to suspend. This vote
la supposed to indicate a determination to
adjourn the session. j
A resolution to appoint joint commit-1
tee to collect information In relation to the
cattle plague, by a joint committee of the
ISfro Houses, wasjgried tojx. ' O j
Both the Senate and the House passe 1
resolutions appointing committees to ln
Testlgate the origin' Of 'the Are af!the Lu-
, natlc Asylum.- j
The MessageofGevernorHAVBS is much)
commended by membets bf each House for
Its brevity and lack of party spleen. !
Ohio Legislature. A Subject for the Consideration of
Ohio Legislature. A Subject for the Consideration of our Law Makers.
ot h i Cen-
tral Lunatic Asylum, the Cincinnati Gazetti
-y: - .ilAja bfiA !
MA more melancholy Illustration of the
follv of building a crowded public in;
.station, wiiere. person and , property f
-mayTWl vrctimsto nre, coma naraiyoe &i
forded. We trusULbat our. law-makers
will take the hint In respect to the location
fc aOTjaatUutiofli it the kind."
This I a much as to say, thatthe7s
iioa.ojSe 'Oentrfi tonaiia sy lunx totals
cltyLwU' a melinelioly'mustrAtion of
lolly," and. tbVrJlnclnnau-Tls the place
where such an nsUtfltibh' would be. abao-
lutelf, vHosaJ-a place Cincinnati
would e f6r sttch aw institution, is illus-
ago tb rwagnih cent and xostly Pike's: Opera ;
jflpiaiaJlpoli, ; fire,; Which,'' .wlttt "! thAentlre
hlockjwas consumed," despite tW landed
jnWaier Workaj lFife bepaxtmenl and Police!
rf fcracinnitt'Thatfe atdne gave ovejrtoj
dtectreilo'tttfiiilteiy a greater amcrant of
Mcopcti" (ban that whleh rwaa destroyed in;
etrtatle Asylnm fir;; We concur tfi'thi
.iVttei,6aia that 'our iawi makers" should:
?Uki the; in'Ujrespect "Mie lPcatioiiiOf!
new institutions of the! kind," to 'lqcatej
-i tbew Where their safety ,woul its aWwed;
j as'tatich 'isr;ppsslble.'y jlitftj Jeara;
neinee. the Central j Looatlo Asylum "sasi
',' first it,hrown. lipen'j ! ,Uie; recepfloo :of
pa'tlen The jfact that this institntloni
atood long : without sustaining injury!
from Are or from other, cause, attests the J.
wisdom ofltttielngestabllsbed in this city. I
Tere.wasdefecf a Its coBstruction, lui
ao jar taat baa not even a fire wall with-!
tri.lti'An' institution of this'. tip? Should
"be absolutely.-sir proof; f and 'we trot t
m ftatf "theXegMature In, ordertfiglts recon-;
inn:tion will - jasake -provision1 that it
IiaMMMnitrisciediiiTaketho pop
, tion, Into, account, and !tbere js" not any-i:
where withtn -the State of Ohio a more
cg.atetor orderly place than Columbus, nor 1
h one lo which property of all kinds la more'
1 secure, i Hera from outside parties, all pub-!
1Jl$ institutions art perfectly secure against
all,barm,,r If their construction is proper;
and ythelr supervision in competent and:
-vigilant hands no material harm will re-j
ult to toejsSjfcom-anfc 'caoseVhen, there,
is no city in the State that can surpass it
fa good hedUh.', This Is a consideration pre
B.inliutVntapw .
ki .sjjjg ieVille paper EaVe set hp a plea!
' for the construetlon of the, Central Luna-
ttft Ji'sjtubj' at their ity They claim to
d have on : band ' so bountiful a supplof
i- water, that Are never has the hardihood to.
j rak 0Vur a grate or manifest restlessness
tn ft stve ' Thef lnslsrthat'flre in, Znfes-;
I ; vllleisas pacific as became the wildest horse
;;."J?ter the late Ifi, abxt bad snbjected Jiinj
tohia treatment. The Newark papers call
forita.-,)ocationatthat place, holding out
knjnducemeni cheap lanffai chean bnijdJ
1nx,.materlals, and pretty jnuch cheap
weiythtng else. i J: CSi ilnJ.U j
y.It,ust bo, recollected that the State
M the land en which the -Asylum stood.1
Considerable, of p his building' yet remains
whole and sound. It will be cheaper '
. , i'k , ' l i. k m --.tMJ
toereiorsj, to rwuuuui onits jpresev it
. than to build iteisewnere. Perhaps Zanes-.
Tiile is perfectly fire prooff "bat if thetjen-;
tral Lunatic Asylum Isremeveel from this
city, there will yet remain the Deaf and
Dumb, the Blind and the'Idlotlc As v I urns
and Ue 3hU TenitefiUary. Provision will1
iJ" iMl to guard these , institu-:
tions against destruction by Arc. That is
What this fire has taught "our law-makers";
mast bo done. How is this pnwision to be
made f Is it by removing all these institu
tions to ZaiWvfllf'or to "any other city f
'hch 'removal would Incur a far
larger-flrty-iold,' more-expenditure thanj
rcsuwuaow oontribnoon Irom the jState for
lto place would amount'
io." TheiVater WorUa tiilf will h-.mni-'
W-tecV Stations that woulrfle-i
-rAlr.'.f-.i,i w. i . i. . i
'!n itnMJeniovai of Jht .Central Lu4
1 7 am ?e Protect it
. '"tnfOMoI alikakind'thati
reouud the AsjUimat thi.
clf.v and tr aww-
,ntnt aoafiittaea im tha eDAtac-'
uts.stayers. .Wsnus UaeuuL i!'u-,rJ
I 4
Fifty-Eighth General Assembly,
AT THE Adjourned Session, Commencing Nov. 23, 1868.
Fellow CU tens of the General Assembly: '
Upon your assemblinsr to enter azaln
upon the duty of legislating tor the wel
fare oi tne people ot Uhlo, the governor it
r quired by the Constitution to comiuqni
:ate to you the condition of the Bute, and
to recomuend sucn measures as he shall
deem expedient. The reports of the Ex
ecutive officers of. the State, and of the
leads of the State institutions, are required
by law to be made to the Governor on or
before the. 20th day of November of each
year. Since that date sufficient time has
not elapsed for the publication ot the re
ports, ana i snail therelore not oe able at
the opening of your present session to lay
oerore you a .detailed exposition ot the af-
tairs of the various - departments of the
State government, it will be my purpos-
in this communication to invite your at-
ention to a lew oriel suggestions In rela
tion to some, measures which are deemed
important, and which may be considered
mil acted upon, if you think it advisable.
n advance ol the publication of the official
rrpyrw, - - ; -. (
The financial affairs' of the State gov
rnment are in a satisfactory condition.
The balance in tte-Treasury on the 15i.h ol
November. 1867. was $677,990 79; the re
celpts daring the last fiscal year were $4
347,484 82; making the total amount 61
luods.ii the Treasury, during tb.eoe.ir,
3i26,475 61. i i.. ) i : .
The disbursements during the year have
oeen 4,40&jj4jti; whlcnsuni lias been paid
out oi tbe ITeasitry troui the several lunus
as folio wsrvfts. : "
Geaera Revenae Fand...
... tl,51.S10 j5
Sit 1 M 939 3a
J.i J 18.8J9 S6
... 1.472,226 33
... 1.426.S68 8
IS 95
... S.781 68
national noaa jona...
Ciinkinz Fnnd
Common Sebool Fund.....
Bank Redemption Fund....-.....
Soldiers' Claims Funi ..
Soldiers' Allotment Fand
Hal. nee in Xreasury, Hor. IS. S868.
..l Total
482 Ott
670.120 75
. 5.e25,475 61
The amnant of the Pnblie Funded
lebt. Mot. IS. 1867. wn
. 11,031,941 E6
Oaring the jear the redemptions wore
Of the Loan of 1860 .....fli.FSO 67
Of For'n Union Loan of '68.. 191.166 00
Of Domes io Loan of 1866... 13K (Wrt 13
Of Loan if 1870 157.361 31
409.S6S 13
Debt ontstandinc. Nor. 15. '68 tl0.632.675 43
Small temporary appropriation are re
quired as promptly as practicable, lor each
ot the fallowing objects, tbe existing ap
propriations navmg been exhausted, viz.
Expenses of the Presidential election : ex
pensesof the General Assembly. Trustees
ot Benevolent Institutions, Care of State
House, Uas lor State House, expenses of
Legislative Committees, Binding lor the
State, and tne new idiotic Asylum
-, In pursuance of an act ps?ed March 18,
1867, a board of commissioners, eonsistine
of Aaron; Fj Perryof Hamilton comity,
Charles E. Glidden, of Mahoning county,
and James H. Godmau," Auditor of State,
was appointed by my predecessor. Gov
ernor Cox, whose duty it was "to revise
all the laws of this State relating to the as
sogeraent-and taxation. of property, the col.
lection, safe-keeping and disbursement of
tne revenues, and alljhe laws constituting
the financial system of the State," and to
report their proceedings to the next
session of v the General Assembly
ine report 01 tne commission was
laid before you at your last session. It
disclosed many imperfections, and incon
sistencies in the existing legislation touch
ing the finances, and the urgent necessity
tor an elaborate -revision of, that legislation-'
,Tieir reoort was accompanied bv
eight separate bills, consolidating the pres
ent laws, removing contradictions, and
supplying detects, but introducing no rad
ical change in the general principles of our
financial system. These bills have already
been somewhat considered in ooth branches
of the General Assembly ; but no definite
action upon tnem as yet been had. I
respectfully recommend an eariy;considera-
tion ot tne bills and their adoption, with
such amendments as in your Judgment the
public Interests nfay require." - - -
The destruction of the Central Lunatic
Asylum by fire darisg the night of the
lSth instant, causing the death by suffoca
tion of. six of the patients, and incalcula
ble tlistress.ahd suffering to ttiil remainder,
will require Investigation and prompt ac
tion on your part In rebuilding the Asy
lum, the erection of, a fire-proof building
will occur to you, as alike the suggestion,
of prudence and humanity. I '
inis calamity also suggests the DroDrietv.
of examining the conditiou of. the other
institutions ot tbe State., wnb- a view to
providing them with every proper' means
of: security against a similar, disaster.
,The interests of common school education,-in
my opinion,' wilt tie promoted by
the early adoption of connty superinten
dency, as provided in- a bill on that sub
ject, now pending in one branch of the
Ule4ejaiAssembly. I therefore earnestly
recommend tne, consideration, and passage
of the bill.
The Cooa nates ioner of Common Schools '
is , required, in the discharge of his duties-to
pay out each year, for travelingex-
penses. aoouc f 700. The propriety of re
funding to him, out of the State treasury,
his traveling expenses, will probably not
be feanedIft"question. " ;
jjuring tbe last summer a cattle disease.
Lcommonly known a the Spaaiai-or TexaB
cattle tever,-occasioned; much alarm in the
grazing counties oi tne state, ana in a lew
localities caused serious -loss. - On the rec
ommendation of the State Board of -Agriculture,
in the absenee-of effective, legisla
tion, it was deemed proper to appoint com
missioners to take such measures as the
la w-ftulborized to prevent the spread of the
disease. A proclamation was issued to
prevent, as far as practicable, the intro
duction, movement, or transportation of
diseased cattle--within the limits ot the
State. The railroad companies and the
owners of stock promptly -compiled with
tne requirements referred to, and the in-,
jury sustained by 'the cattle Interest -was
happily not extensive; It is believed that,
upon investigation, it will be found neces
sary lo' confer' by law upon a board
of - commissioners, -appointed - lor that
purpose,' or upon the executive com
mittee of the State Board , of - Ag
riculture, power to "stamp out' the dis
esse wherever it appears, by destroying
all Infected cattle, and tq prohibit or regu
late the transportation or movement oi
stock within the State during the preval
ence of the disease. To the end that prop
er investigation, may ba. bad, I respect
fully recommend that authority be given
to appoint nve uommise loners to attend a
meeting of Commissioners of other-- States,
to be held for the consideratlooof this sub
ject, at Springfield, Illinois, on the first of
Decern Der next said Commissioners to re
port tbe results of their investigation in
time for action by the present General As
sembly. . I submit to your consideration the im
portance of providing for a thorough and
comprehensive geological survey of the
State. Many years ago a partial survey
was prosecuted under many difficulties and
embarrassments, which was Iruittul of val
uable results. It is, beyond doubt, that
such a work as it is now practicable to cart-
ry out, will, by making known the mining,
manufttpturino and avrionlt.iirnl rAariiif-i.be
manufacturing and agricultural resources
of tbe State, lead to their development to an
extent wnicn win, witnin a rew years, am
ply reimburse the State for its cost.
The annual report of pardons granted
and the commutations of the sentences ot
eonvicts reauired by law: a statement in
detail of the expenditure of the Governor's
Contingent Fund ; the semi-annual report
ot tbe Commissioners oi tne sinicmg fund,
for May ; copies of proclamations issued
during the last year; and an acknowledg
ment of tha -presentation- to the State of
several of the portraits oi lormer ifover-
nors of Uhlo, are transmitted nerewitn
, The most important subject of legisla
tion which, in my judgment, requires the
attention of tbe General Assembly at its
present sewlotr,Teistertothe prevention of
frauds upon? tne elective irancnise. intel
ligent men of all parties are persuaded that
at tne recent important state ana .national
election great-abuses of Ihe right of suf
irage were praciiueu. x ui uUk jiopaiei
W adnflt that the.reports commonly circu.
frage were practiced, i am not prepared
later! and believed in regard to such abuses.
would, aoar-aa- the elections in Ohio are
concerned, be fully sustained by a thorough
investigation of the facts- But . it i not
doub ed that 'even at the elections in bur
own State Irauds were perpetrated to such
an extent that all good citizens earnestly
desire that-ettectlve measures may be
adopted by you to prevent their repetition
No elabqrate attempt td portray the con
serineflces of this-evil" fs required.' If It it
allowed to increase, the confidence of the
people in the purity of election will be
lost, and the exercise of the right of suf
frage will be neglected. --To corrupt the
ballot box is to destroy our free institu
tions. ' Let. all good citizens, therefore,
unite in enacting and enforcing laws which
will secure honest elections.
I submit to your judgment the propriety
of such amendments to the election laws as
will provide, first, for the representation ol
minorities In the boards of the judges and
clerks of the election?; and second, for the
registration of all the lawful voters in each
township, ward and election precinct, prior
to the election.
That the boards of elections ousht to be
so constituted that minorities as well as
majorities will have a fair representation
in tnem, is so plainly just that in som ,
ptrts of the State, even in times of ttv
highest political excitement, such repre
sentation has been obtained, in the absenc
of law, by arrangement between the com
mittee of the rival political parties. It la not
probable that any mode of selecting judge,
and clerks ot elections can be adopter
which will. In every case, accomplish thi
iu)ecc cut in ail cases wnere tnestrengtn
of the minority is half, or nearly halt as
great as that ot the msj.irity, the desired
representation of the minority may be en
sured with sufficient certainty by several
different plans. For example, it may be
provided that at the election of the three
judges who are to decide all questions at
die polls, each elector may be allowed to
vote for two candidates only, and that the
three candidates having the highest num
ber of votes shall be declared elected, and
in like manner that at the election or the
two clerks ot elections each elector may
vote tor one candidate only, and that the
two -candidates receiving the highest num
ber of votes shall be declared elected. -
I do not lay much stress on the particu
lar plan- here suggested, but your atten
tion is invited to the Importance of a fair
representation of the minority in all boards
of elections, not doubting that your wis
dom will bo able to devise a suitable meas
ure to accomplish it.
All parts ot the State of Ohio are nov
so closely connected with each other, an
with other States, by lines of railway, tha-'
great and constantly increasing facilities
are afforded for the perpetration of. th
class of frauds, on tbe elective franchise.
commonly known as "colonizing." In thi
cities, men called "repeaters," it is said.an
paid wages according to the number oi
unlawful votes they succeed in casting. ai
tbe same election.. The increase of popu
lation adds to the - difficulty ot detecting
and preventing fraudulent voting, In what
ever mode It may be practiced. It Is man
ifestly impossible, amid the hurry and ex
citement of an election, that the legal right
to vote, of every..person who may offer bis
ballot, should be fully and fairly
investigated and decided. The ex
perience of many , of the older States
has - proved that : 'this r can best- be
done at some period"" prior to the election,
so as to give to every legal voter, In an
election preelnct, an opportunity to chal
lenge the claim of any person whose right
is deemed questionable. Laws to accom
plish this have been in force in several
other States for many years, and have been
carried out successfully and with the gen
eral approval of the people. Believing
that an act providlng for the registration
of all legal' voters is the most effective
remedy yet devised for the prevention ot
Irauds on the sacred right of suffrage, and
that a registry Jaw can be so. framed that it
will deprive no citizen, either native born
or naturalized,, of his just rivhts, I res
pectfully recommend to your earnest con
sideration the propriety of enacting such a
MONDAY, Nov. 23, 1868.
Pursuant to adjournment of the General
Assembly of Ohio, en the 18th day of May
The PRESIDENT f Lieutenant Governor
John C. Lee), called the Senate tq order at
twelve o'ciock, noon.
Tbe Journal ot Monday, May 18. was
read ana approved..
The following bills were read the secondJ
time: . v
Senate bill No.
4)3 lo attach sub-d is - , -
Ho. 1 to-separate school district tilth-''
erto compossd or sub-school district No 5,
breene townsnip, Hamilton county. Re-
ferred to committee on Schools and SchoolJ
?i vnt ' '' '.
.s House billNo 299 To prohibit inter -
uiamaxo " conuuiiaiiuii ueiweeu wnitex
persons, and blacks and mulattoes. Refer
red to the Judiciary committee: l
Mr. CARTER moved a call ot the Sen
fc.On motion, of Mr. EVANS, the Senate
took a recess till 3 1 . M.
Mr. GODFREY offered a resolution-
which was adopted, informing the llonse
that the Senate is now in session and ready
tor tne trani-aciion oi . business.
" lit. JAMISON nffered a resolution, which
was adopted, tilling the vacancy til the
Judiciary committee occasioned by the
resignation. or uon. finio li tenant, ly
the appoi-i'm,- "- or Hon.,, Be' j iinin F.
Potts as a "i.- i;f- r tt rai.l f-nioiuiltee.
Mr. GODFIIEY r-ft-r tl' a',' resolution.
which w aduuu-.'V li-.tructlj'ig the com
mitte on Bencvwlent- Institutions to conler
with the-Superintendent ot the Central
Lunatic Asylum, and learn what Imme
diate legislation, if any, is necessary for
the comfort and proper keeping of the
patients lately removed from that Institu
tion On account of its destruction by fire;
and report to the Senate forthwith.
The llonse loint resolution tor tbe ao-'
pointment ot a committee ot three on the
part of the House, and - on the part of
the Senate, to wait on tbe Governor and
Inform him that the two Houses were in
session and ready to receive any communi
cation he; might see propef to makewas
read, when, ' .
On motion ot Mr. UOOFREI, the blank
was filled with "two."' '
The resolution was then adopted.
The PRESIDENT appointed Messrs.
Potts and Godfrey members ot said com
mittee on the parr ot tbe senate.
Mr. CARTER offered a loint resolution.
which was adopted, for the appointment
of three on the part of the Senate, and of
on tbe part ot tne House, as a ioint
committee to investigate the causes of the
fire which destroyed the Central Lunatic
Asylum on the night of the IStb Instant.
Mr. GRISWOLD offered a resolution
which was adopted, appointing Mr. Sted
man on the committee of Public Works,
in place of Mr. Conant, resigned as a mem
ber of the Senate; and also on the Library
Mr. HUTCHESON gave notice of Inten
tion to introduce a bill to make penal the
divulging. of private telegrams, by tele
graphic operators.
GRISWOLD gave notice of inten
tion to introduce a bill to repeal the. act
passed April 16, 1S63, supplementary to the
act to preserve the purity ot elections,
passed March 20, 1841, and to protect the
judges of election in the discbarge of their
duties. ,. , ,
. The. PRESIDENT presented the follow
ing communication from the Columbus
Ministerial Association, which was read at
the Clerk's desk:
- Whereas, The Legislature of Ohio has
for many successive terms invited the cler
gymen of this city to officiate In turns as
chaplains in the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives ; and
Whrrkas, During all of that time has
granted to said clergymen the privilege
i.aKiiig uuoks iniui me owice library,
subject to the regulations of said library ;
and . .
r Whereas, The present Legislature, as
we are informed, did by vote refuse to con
tinue that pnviledge; and
Whereas, We know of no evidence and
no charge that the privilege has ever been
abused; and
Whekkas, It cannot be supposed that a
body which asks no gratuitous service
from any -other class ot citizens Is unwil
ling to give that small compensation for
our time and labor; therelore, - i. '
' Resolved, That we are constrained to in
terpret the recent action ot the Legisla
ture on this subject as an intimation to us
that our services as chaplains are no longer
deemed important or prontaoie to tbe
State. .-- , - r ,
i?es8ed, That while on our part! we
would cheertuiiy continue tne time
honored custom, we mast regard the afore
said action as the expression of a desire
on the part of the Legislature that it now
cease to be a custom. .......
r.Resolved, That due respect to the appa
rent desire of tbe Legislature nnltes with
due self-respect in us as gentlemen, and
as Ministers of God, in constraining us to
acquiesce in the abolition of the cuustom.
Signed by the order ot the Columbus
Ministerial Association. , ...
ISAAC CROOK, Chairman.
COLUMBUS, OHIO, Nov. 23, 1868.
On motion of Mr. BERRY, the foregoing
communication was referred to the com
mute on the State Library. M
ThePBESIDENT presented aeommunl
cation from the Governor, advising the Sen
ate ot the resignation of Philo B Conant.
member from the 26th Senatorial District,
'Composed- of the counties ot Summit and
Portage, and of a special election to fill the
vacancy thus caused. i ,-
' Hon.'WM. STEDMA3T; Senator ' elect
from said District, then presented his cre-
' denttals, and was sworn in asa member by
the President ot the Senate.
The annual message of the Governor to
the General Assembly was received at the
nanus oi nis private secretary and read at
the Clerk's desk.
. On motion of Mr. HUTCHESOX, so
much of the Governor's message as relates
- to tne central Lunatic Asylum, was re
, ferred to the committee on Benevolent In-
stitutions, and so much ot tbe same as re
lates to the purity of elections, was reler
red to the Judiciary committee.' '
' On motion ot Mr. MAY, so much of the
uovernor s message as relates to tempora
ry loans, was referred to the Finance com
mittee, and so much ot the same as relate.
to common schools, - wa4 referred to the
committee on Schools and School Lands
On motion ot Alr.BUKKO WS, the Senate
' ,The House met and was called to order
Speaker pro fem, a -quorum being pres
. ent. r r . . . , '
Prayer by Rev. Dr. Marshall. '
Mr. PAKR presented the certificate ol
election of, Morgan N. Odell, of Licking
county, elected Representative in place ol
John F. Fbllett, resigned. Mr. Odell came
. forward and the oath of office was admin
istered by Amos Layman, a Notary Publk-
oi ranKiin county. .
On motion, a call of the House was had,
- and oi members were found present.
The next business in order being the
election ot a Speaker to fill the vacancy oe
1 casioned by the resignation of Hon. Jno.
F.iiFoliete. Mr. GORDON , nominated
Mr! aTHOBXHILL called Mr. BALL to
tbe chair.
- Mr. JOHNSOK moved that the election
of Mr. THORNUILL be made by acclama
tion, which wa agreed to.
Mr. T1IQKXHILL was then unanimous
ly elected speaker ot the House. "
. Mr. BALL appointed Messrs. GORDON
and JOHNSON a committee to wait upon
Mr. THORNHILL and conduct hiui io the
chair.- The committee discharged their
duty, and upon taking the chair. Mr.
THORNHILL; addressed tbe House as
. Cfentlemen of the House- of Representatives :
Were I to attempt to express ray feel
ings on this occasion, lauguage would fail
me. . ...
Td be elected td preside over the: House
of Representatives ot the great State- ol
, Ohio is truly an honor, but to be called to
' preside over your deliberations by a unan-
- imous vote la an honor of very great mag-
This augurs well for our future, legisla
, tion. 1
Emerging' as we are from a great and
terrific contest for the Presidency, it was
hardly to be expected that party -lines
should so soon relax as for both parties to
unite in the election of a presiding officer
in tne uenerai Assembly, to my Repub
lican friends who have reposed In me such
a generous connuence, l return my sin
cere tnanlcs, and will say that In the per
formance oi tne duties assigned me as pre
siding officer of this House, I shall know no
member for his religion or his politics, but
shall extend to every member that cour
tesy and respect that is due from the
Speaker to tbe members of the House, and
due rrom one gentleman to another.
; With your kind aid and assistance, gen
tlemen, the performance of my duties will
be easy and pleasant. ' Without your aid
my duties will he onerous and burdensome.
May I 'not,' then, from the very flattering
vote you have just given me, reasonably
'Tnpot.vnnr siici and as.iist.!iiit.i in rli npp.
forman'f-.n of the-rllltipft Asfticrneri mo 9 Mtinv
- errors, nodoubr,! may commit: but allow
me to say they win be errors of the head
Permit me to say that-1 will faithfully,
Impartially and to the best of my abilities
preside over your uenoerations.
.; r Once more permit me. from the bottom
ol iny heart, to thank you for the very uis-
tinguished honor you have conferred on
tne; which I accept, not for any superior
1 quanncaoions i may possess over mylellow
members, but as a personal compliment.
The next busiuess in order being the
election ot Speakerro tern, to fill the va
'rancy occasioned by the election of Mr
Thornhill as Sneaker, ' '' " i '" .
W.Mr. C ALLEN nominated A.T. Walling,
.. pi Pickaway. . . (
c. un motion ot Mr. ACKKK, it was
agreed that the election be made by accla
mation. ' ,'.::
Mr. WALLING was then unanimously
kKsWuteu speaker rMi.oi tne House-
xne VXiAiii. appointeu .Messrs. Acker
and Hill, ot Erie, a committee to wait upon
- Mr. vv ailing and lnlorm blm of his elec
The committee- escorted Mr. Walling to
the bar-ol' the House, aud, upon being in
i troauceu. as tne speaker pro tern elect, be
hddressed the House as louows :
Gentlemen of A Souse of Representatives
I return to you my mott sincere and pro-
found thanks for the honor conferred upon
me In the selection you have just made for
the position of Speaker pro tern. I trust
that during the brief periods the duties of
the chair may be devolve upon tne they
will, with your kindness-a;d assistance,
' be so performed as to justify your choice.
and result to the interest and honor ot the
-State we in common represent -upon this
'floor. '-Again,' gentlemen, I return mv
,: thanks for tbe honor thus conferred.
Mr. HENRICK3 offered for adoption
the following joint resolution:
H. J. R. No. 90 -Resolved by the General
Assembly of. the State of Ohio, That a jMnt
committee, consisting oi turee on tne part
: of the House,- aid on the part of the
Senate, be appointed to wait on the Gov
ernor and inform him that the two houses
' of the General Assembly are Convened in
. session and ready to receive any communi
cation he may desire to make. The reso
lution was adopted veas 63; nays 1.
Mr. IIOVVARD offered lor adoption the
folio w I n g resol ii tion :
H. R. No. 171 Resolved, That a message
be send to the Senate informing that body
that the llou.e is now lu ssssion and
ready to proceed to business which was
adopted. . ' -- ' -
Mr. PARR offered for adoption the fol
-lowing joint resolution:
H. J. R. No. 01 Whereas, The Cen
tral Lunatic Asylum being destroyed by
fire so as to make the same untenable; and
Wherias, The immediate construction
ot another building is absolutely necessary;
Resolved by the General Assembly of the
Stats of Ohio, That a committee ot five on
the partot the House, and on the paitof
the Senate be appointed, whose duty it
shall be forthwith to investigate First,
the cause ot the Are; second, tbe extent ot
damage: third, the. propriety of repairing
tne old building; lourtn, tne propriety ot
selling the present site and applying the
proceeds thereof to the erection of a new
building at some other point; said coni
;' mlttee to have power to employ some suit
able architect to aid in these investigations,
and report the result of their investigations
- to this General Assembly.
The resolution under the rule went on
the table.
On motion of Mr. PARR, the resolution
was taken from the table, under a suspen
sion of the rule. .
Mr.SQOTT.ot Warren, moved to amend
by adding ''and that they have power to
send tor persons and papers."
.. xuo aiueimujciib nw sj;iccu bv. . . i ,r
' Mr. RUTTER offered the following sub
stitute: ' - - .. I
H. J. R. No. 91 Resolved by the Gener
al Assembly of the iita'e or Ohio, That a
committee consisting of five members On
the part of the Hous", and members on
the partot the Senate, be appointed, with
power to call to their aid a competent
. architect, whose duty it shall be to forth
' with make an examination of the present
condition ot the buildings of the Central
Lunatic Asylum and report to this Gener
al Assembly what legislation may be nec
essary for the repair or reconstruction ol
tbe same, said committee to report by bill
or otherwise. .
The substitute was not agreed - to yeas
13, nays 55.
The question thei' recurring'-on'-' the
adoption of -the "N.lwU. resolution as
amended, thesamu w.a concurred In yeas
:-67, nays 2. ; ' - i r - -
. Mr. GASTON, on leave,offered for adop
tlon'the following joint resolution':
" H. J RTNo.92 7?nf h,i fi flenrrnl
Assembly of the State of Ohio, Tuat when
nis u. uerai Assembly adjourn on Friday.
November 27th, it stand adiourned to meet
again on Monday, January 4, A. D. 1869,
at 12 o'clock M. -
Tne resolution went on the tahle nnder
tne rule.
- Mr. ROSS presented the petition of S. S.
Edward. V.D. Moore. John H. Klionait
and others asking a law permitting the cit
izena ot t rank tin county to tax th erase 1V
in the sum of $200,000 for the purpose ol
purchasing a sufficient amount of land for
tn experimental' .farm, and ( nrcessarj
buildings for an Agricultural and Median
i al College. Referred to Messrs. Ross anu
The SPEAKER laid before the House a
communication -from the Ministers ot the
Uospel Of the city of Columbus renresent.
ing that the Legislature haviny denied tn
said clergymen the free use of tbe State
Library, they infer that their services at
Chaplains are no longer desired.
Ou motion of Mr. SCOTT, of Warren,
the communication was referred to the
committee on State Library.
Mr. BALL on leave offered the following
resolution which was adopted:
U.K. No. 7lResolved, That the speak
er be requested to invite such members ot
this House as are Ministers of the Gospel
to open tne aaiiy sessions wltn prayer. ;i
: Mr. SCOTT, of Warren on leave.offered
the followiug resolution which was adopt
ed : -
H.R. No. 173 Resolved. That the com
mittee on Benevolent Institutions be and
they are hereby instructed to report a bill
making provision for the admission of the
curable insane of the Central District into
the Aysluins of the Northern and South
ern Districts, until the Central -Asylum
rebuilt and ready to receive Daxients.
Mr. HUGHE of Highland, on leave.
offered for adoption the following joint
resolution: - i
. H. J. R. No- 92-r Whereas.: There has
been great complaint, aud losses sustain
ed, by many persons in our State, on ac
count of cattle disease, which' is believed
by many to be caused by the cattle brought
irom Aexas and other partiot tne country,
and as much of the wealth and prosperity
of our State depends upon the su cessiul
raiting of good cattle; therelore be it
' Resolaed by the General Assembly of the
estate or Onto,, mat a joint committee con
sisting ot three on the part of the House,
and on the part of the Senate, . be ap
pointed, whose duty it shall be to gain all
the information in regard to this matter,
and what should be done lor the future
protection of the cattle, .from that . or any
other dangerovs or rontageous disease, to
report at- an' early day by bill or other
wise. -! .j j !!Vi::n t. (."., ;'
. The . resolution was adopted yeas 69,
nays 2. ... .., ...
: The SPEAKER appointed as members
of the committee on the part of the House
to wait upon the Uovernor, Messrs. lien
ricks, Sherwiu and Finley. '
. ..The Joint committee appointed to wait
on' the Governor reported that they .had
discharged that duty, and that tbe Govern
or would communicate by message imme
diately. 1 - ''
t ne uovernor'8 Annual Message-was
then received through W. B. TbraU. Pri
vate Secretary of the Governor, and was
read oy tne Clerk. . ,
On motion of Mr. BALL, the message
was laid upon the table and ordered to be
printed. - : '. i t -: :
;' A message was received from tbe Gov
ernor transmitting the special report of the
Board of Trustees of the Central Ohio
Lunatic Asylum, which was' read by the
Clerk, j -. - --' tu;
A special meeting of the 'Board of Trus
tees of the Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum
was held, on call ot the Superintendent, at
the office ot the Institution for the Desf
and Dumb, In Colurabps on' the 20th' of
November; 1368, at'which tvere present:-. ;
SrM. Smith, M. D.. Pres'M " -: ' i
. a i HRALL, secretary;
"8, . ' t. 1
The. Superintendent made a verbal re
port, setting forth, that on Wednesday
night, the 18th instV the building .ot the
Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum was destroy
ed by fir; that six female patients perish
ed by suffocation, their remains being re
covered beiore the conflagration reached
them; that 171 ot the patients have already
been returned to 'their respective counties.
in care of competent persons; that 103 otb r
Satients nave been , transierred to -the
'orthern 'Lunatic Asylum,. at 'Newburg
(two- new wings ot which are lust being
blushed). In conformity with an arrange
ment kiudly proffered by the Superintend
ent ot that Institution, in postponing, to
that extent, applications tor admission, tn
afford this temporary- relief? "and that 2-1
patients are remaining here, awaiting re
moval by friends or proper county officers.
That the Superintendent of the Southern
Asylum, at Dayton, has kindly tendered
reception and care, at that Institution, for
such recent, curable cases, as may hereafter
apply for admission from this district, ui -til
other arrangements be made by' legisla
tive athority tor their reception' and treat
ment. - . ! ' 1 , I r.l:i. :
. The Superintendent reported- further,
that so soon as the great calamity had
overwhelmed the Central Asylum, the Su
perintendent of the Deaf and Dumb Asy
lum, Mr. Fay, kindly tendered, apartments
in that Institution lor tbe temporary shel
ter and accommodation ot the patients aud
officers ot this Institution. ,
' Mr. DICKSON offered tbd following res
olution: " i
H. R. No. mResolved, That the Speak
er be requested to enlarge tbe standing
committee on the Judiciiry, by increasing
the number by one additional member.
The resolution went on the table' under tbe
rule. '
Mr. CANNON offered- the followlnz
Joint resolutior; -" ' ' . '
II. J. R. No. 93 WherkAs, Very seri
ous losses have occurred to the cattle
growing interest in Illinois, Iudiana and
the State ot Ohio during the past year from
the introduction of a disease communicated
by cattle from beyond the Mississippi river
being transported througb or pastured in
the above named states, aud
Whereas. The Governors of Illinois
and New York have agreed to can a con
vention or meeting at Springfield, Illinois,
to take place the 1st ot uecember, and to
which meeting representatives from other
States are respectfully invited, for the
purpose ot ascertaining what legislation
s necessary to prevent the introduction or
recurrence of the disease, and further to
decide upon the necessaiy steps to be taken
to secure harmonious and uniform laws in
relation to this subject in the States east of
the Mississippi river; therefore, belt
Resolved by tne General Assembly of the
bttite of Ohio, lhat the Uovernor is hereby
autnorizea to appoint a commission or
committee of five persons whose duty it
shall be to represent the State of Ohio at
said convention in Springfield, Illinois, aud
report to the liovernor the action and rec
ommendation ot measures there passed.
on or oeiore tne nrst aioaday or January,
On motion of Mr. WALLING, referred
to committee on Agriculture.
Mr. COCKEU1LL offered the following
resolution wnicn was aoopien :
H. R. No. lio Resolved, That the com
mittee on Finance be requested to prepare
aud report at the earliest moment practi
cable, a bill providing for appropriations as
recommended in tbe message of tbe Gov
ernor. ; '
B. 406
To am :nd certain sections of tbe tax law
Adjourned. '
DEI LTtJKER On tbe morn inn of Nnv. 9
Jons . IIEllicikk. agea yean. -
Uis funeral will take place this (Tuesday after
noon at- o'clock, lrorn the residence .of. Yf". B.
Wells, on Russell street, north, terminus of the
Street Railroad, one square, east of High street.
Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend
wrthoutrfurther notice. ' " ' ' ..' dlt-
!. 8 16 A: a (8 Son tl Hlsfb St., -- : i
(?Alr tKttnitr llanvfactory it at the Toot at
. MUM lltMl, IU WMIJ. , i - i
Their hn.inMfl transactions, both WbnlttMl-aUj
Rrj,i) nw x tend throusbout, tha Stat., nf. .fit,:..
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They manu lecture
' uiuntN runriiitnt - " ; i
fall elassea and every daaia-n .of Mirmrlnp A.t
mantthio and fiuish. Also. Cjkn'-.Si.At .f
every description. Wholesale aud Retail -
New Adyertisement&
tW The Ohio Sateaniasa ban a
Larger Circmlatioat than assy pa
per published la ibta City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertiser -will bear
sjaHJ- SSV HSiSSCS. ' -
XA.ssxJN lu.
s s- A STATED MKKT1 n nif pni nu
Vl',aU,?luck- r - B.J. VOX
Iluckeye Dry House. . !
vention. bj means of wh eh Fruit ran be suc
cessfully dried in five hoars without change of po
jiition. aad which bakes sunerinv t,, nw it.,.
equal io any brick oren, will be ezteosiTelj man-
uiaouirca oj . n. ACbJia 1 1HJ.U A UU . at lio.
17 Kast Town street. Com lib us. Ohio, thej having
.purchased.the richt. .to .manufaqturaad. aeilao
Franklin eountr,
farties wisbioir to seethe House in operation ean
do so Bj eallinK at V. baker's. No. 103 Kast Friend
street, who bss one in use in his large Baker; and
Confectionary establishment. novJ4 dli ,
' Th ree Trains Lears Cwlnmbua (Unlan
,, "Fit aiaiiy (suaataya ixcepte4
-: A. M. H1UHT EXPRESS, arriyinr at
i EanWTllla at S.-13 A. M - lui.ln ui a. bu.
. . Baltimore M4MA.H.; W aehinf-ton City at J5
" IJtlO A. M. LHraTINa EXPRESS-. rrfv1-e
at Zanesville at 130 P. Hi Bellaire at 6:10 P. M.:
Baltimore at 8 SO A. M.J Washington City at
. A. M.
.r-: i' ,
2'.IS P. M.EXPRESS M ATX. arriving at Zanea
ille at i:56 P. M.: Bellaire at 9:15 P. M.: Baltimore
at 4:45 P. II.; Washington City at SM P.M. , f
9. These trains are from TWO to EIGHT hours
in advance of all other routes to Baltimore and
Washington. ' ' -- '-
Close conneotieus made at Baltimore and Wash,,
" tattoo, with trains for Philadelphia and few York!
Passenger boiling through tickets lo Eastern
eities hare th privilege of - - '
" -it1 i.i J ' . ' i,
Visiting ' WashingtoH
City Free.
:-' ' -i : - t - i,.- ' '
No Change of Cars at Ohio River
If.l.e':..' . Vili-n'iSi...:-, tr,
.. - - . ' '.- , -..t; . 1 ;
JNO L.-WILSOIT. Msrter of Transportation
L. M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. .
. -, JSO. W. BROWK. Oen'l Pasaencer Aajt.
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Cincinnati Railroad.
TrAlut). IDallyi
From Colnmbns, in connection-with Traing oa the
(Little Miami A Colambas fc Xenls
... . asallroasla.
Iff GHT EXPRESS Leaves' Columbni a-l:10
A.M. Will stop at Delaware. Oardineton. UfleadY
' Galion, Crestline, Shelby." 'Shiloh." Sew" Xondon,
Wellintton, Umfton.and Berea, arriving at Cleve
land at 85 A. M., New fork 7:00 A. M. This train
leaves oanaay morning, not uoaday.
at SflO A. M. Will stop at all. -way stations. ThiJ
umu Mr irv-ji l r TBIEUI I ItQ, .
NEW YORK EXPKESS-Leaves Columbus al
11:10 A. M. M ill stop at Delaware, Ashley .Carding
ton, 6a!ion, Crestline, Shelby, New London, Wel
lington, Urafton and Berea. Arrives at Cleveland
at 3:5f P. M. New Vnrlr nut Am.w at 3-3(1 P. M .
M All. 1)RYPB1NM. ....r,,mU..,-4nl
P. M. Will stop at Worthineton, Lewis Center.
Delawarn. and Kit Ktatinns tn K,lK nl MKllfJ.-
" Kew London. Wellington, Urafton and Berea.' Ar
nveat Cleveland at:tO P. tL.liew York 7:i5 P.M
Passengers for Fort Wayne and Chicago, bv tak
- inc-thts train, will get sleeping car at Crestline at
6:00 P SI., arrive- in Fort Wayne at 11S0 P. M
Ch oago at S:0O a. M. being in advance of all eth-
-- er rout -a. havaasaple time for breakfast, and take
tne earnest train tnr th wt
a w a Ktj ije&ves Columbus at 2:30 P. 41. Wil:
Stop at all stations hatwean Colnmhns and Knrins.
field, arriving at Delaware at 3::15 P. M.. Sprinefiolc
e&0 P. M. This train leaves. S pri ngfi eld at 7:00 A
k si arrives at .Delaware at 835 A. Al.; Coluaibu
lOO.A.iU ... . ; ,. :, '... . . ..- . .. i
PateatSlerplnfrCars are Van oaal
niKtat Trains fo Chicafio, . .
- j .., , ,. v ieir York and . A , ? ,
. lioaloa. - . ........ ;
- " Baggage" checked through to 'weWTorV"kn(T
ooston, via vieveiana ; also, to Philadelphia and
jnew xorK, via vreeuine.
.. Nisht ExiN-pafl arrivM fttdnlnmlin, atVAKA . U
Cincinnati Express arrives at Columbus atJK-
Mail Train arrives at Colambus at 9: S P. it.
' prtngfie)d Accommodation arrives at Coluuiha
at iu: a. n, :,..,) . t , , , , . , ,j
Fare as Unr asty any Other Itoute
' Ask for Tickets via Crestline or Cleveland. '
: -! r ' , i '-K. 8. FLINT. ( . '' j
Superintendent, Cleveland. Ohio.
. j JAMfcS r 1 littiSUi.
. . Agent, uoiump s..Vnio.
Columbus, Nov J3. 1868. .. . , ... ,
! l.l If: ' I " i
J3ttyL of IJrbana
' i F.'V l Y :' ! :'-' :
Cbampaiga Count j, Ohio. ;
One Hundred' and Fifty
I s
At Urbana, Thursday, NoTfrabcr
25, 1868. .
A ately adjoining tbe oity of Urbana. one of tbe
most nourisnmg ana prosperous luland cities in
Ohio, and in direct railway connection with New
lork, CiBoinnati. Cleveland, Columbus. Sanaus
ky, Dayton. It diauapolu and Chicago, and they
aie especially deairaoie for . -,,
ni iLuno pcrposes, ; l
Being elevated above and commanding a 11 je view
of the city and surrouadiag country, and unsur
passed for natural beauty and bcalthfulnerk. They
-not only afford a rare opportunity for private resi
dences, but thev an in every way worthy tbe at
tention of capitalists and others who are seeking a
profitable investment.
There are also a number of large lots that are
. well adapted togarde-iog purposes, the cultivation
of fruits. Ac. r
As a turtber inducement to persons desiring to
buy, each purchaser will be entitled to one chance
for every lot he may buy, i a the ,, . ;
Drawing of Lot No. 100, -T !
Being a square. 1 designated above ! W College
Square, and equal to eigat full-sised City Lota, and
; !vValijko ax 5,oeo. ' ;
- The Drawing will take place immediately after
the sale, and the person drawing the lot will receive
a warranty deed for tie same. ' r- ,
, Arrangements will be made with the Sandusky.
Dayton 4 Cincinnati Railroad; the A. & M Af K
" W., and the Columbus. Chicago A Indiana Central
Rei way, to carry parties desiring to attend tbe sale
from Sandusky, l)aU)n, Springfield and Kellefon
Ume, and from Akron, Massillon, Gallion and Ma
rion, and from Columbus and Piqna, and all inter
mediate points, to and from the sale, free of charge.
Terms of Sale 850 of the mnhiu nni.. tnr
each lot, to be paid on day of sale; enough more to
make one third of the purchase money within sixty
days, and the balance in one and two years faum
the day of sale: deferred payments to bear interest.
an'l to be secarea oy mortgage on tee premises.
Sale wilt commence at 12K "o'clock P. M
THUKSDAY. .November Ssth. 1888. ' , !
" ' novai-dot -,j - ANURlsW WILSON. Ja. ,
J',: ' Attorney' atN'X.a-irf Jx J
PARSON'S B01LDIK0, - ' : ,V; ' i
autas-eodSm COS. TO WA-JA E1GB STS.
flOTlflt'l LA .
le Loi, Waat, raa,
" PMUae i. .1,1. ...
0 cento estcn laMerttea.
IL Ho"",Mo-1'eornro' aieS d Third
1 1 1 1 'i 'i i
friends and enstomers tbst she has reopened her
OicwmfkiPjt wtaWtghmratln th lUnKbtoa BaA
Buildin. I have also secured the assistance of a
rerr fashionable Trimmer. Particular attention
paid to cutting and firtinf. W ork done on the most
reasonable terms. ... . .. n-rsl-dst
Stia.K BcBIMIsa ILlkaovl.
1 - i- . Toevf '
Last nichlhat TWO of '' i "
J V By unWersal request, a ' 1
On ThuTsd-rteTnoon,3oT. . for tha teneflt of
Ladies and Children. - , .. - T
norU dtf ' " 1 " ' ' ?
ThaiiksgiTing AiternoonyNof. f.
Mr. John Ellslerbets announce that In com
pliapee with the universal request of the citiaena
or Columbus, he has made arrangements for a "
With the same attention to Scenie and otherref-
denTer as VSSWsjrr,:: ?r
i?rJ T j "oee only adults 60 eents:
Children under 13 years of age. 86 cents.
ik iur neservea eau. wbieh can be
procureduaily at Opera Bouse from 10 till ItJuM.
and from 1 till 3P M Th.H.. .
potrtrtTrty last night bf Hnmpty Dum'pty. - ll&l"
- ANB . .. - -
PRgTENCE.EJ. h Tim tha Urgast. nana,
factory Solid Silver Wan in tha world, with
the most reproved machin ry, and employing tha
most Hcttled labor, are enabled td offer" anan
eqaalled variety of new and beautiful design in
Dint er Services, Tea Services, and every articla
specially adspted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.1
They offer also their well-known and . unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-PlaUd Ware, in which tha
have iritrod need new patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver is-gaaranterd to be of ateiling
Purity by V. S. Mint assay. -The Eleotro-Plata 1
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from, he-. Trad (Onlyba
these goods may be obtained from responsible,
dealers every a here. - j '-,..
ii Salesroom No.3 Maiden Lane, K.T.
hov5-d4w4m-ps Nr , , .MM
"tliildren's LiVch SaTed for Fifty
I-'. :.-i - Cents.'!,'. -,Vrr
fffusandYerebfldrea die anBaallyofCronp.
now. Mowers, if you would spond 60 cents, and
always have a bottle ot Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in the house, yew never heed fear 'leeing
your little one when attacked with this complain.
It is now ax years since I bave put upmyldniment.
and never heard of a child dying bTCroup whea
my Liniment Was usedr, f at hundreds of cures
have been reported to e, and many state if it-was
S10 per bottle they wonld not to -without it. Be
sides which, it is a certain Aure far Cats, iuxna.
nemo acne, lootnsctie. Sore Taroat,-.-Swellings.
Humps, Colic, Diarrhea. Dysenterv,. Spasms.Old
Sores and Pains in the Limbs, Back, and Chest
So one one tries it who is ever without It ; it is
warranted perfectly sal to talre internalljN Pull
directions witfilsvery Dottle?" SoldTTiy the Drug
gists and storekeepers' InL U) ilnllej Stetes. DeJ
pot 1Q Park Place. N. Y
janeie-diwljom-peMr' ' - it
I ' '-: Haii' h HpellnA Is Prnjnl.J
- Pore blood makes us Well,' bad blood makes al
sick. "Vapors from poorly .digested, food injtba
blood axe condensed upon the varioas ergans,iand
serve to make them grow or repair -their -waste.
Organs mads with a greater or lesser proportion of
such materials cannot be sound. If the bad con
dition of blood- continue but for a few days or
weeks the body will be out of suits; and If It con-
tinues, the wholeJof the body'wlll (n'time ti re
newed with imperfect blood,! and the l.ealh ad;
U is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
Mow ttrandreth't Pills penetrate tne whde mass
uf blood, causing tbe expulsion of impurities; tha
body feels relieved from a single dose what then
may by expected from twenty? By entqnins;
their use the whole of tha blood in time becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma
terial, tbe decline stopped, and a new lease of lifa
secured. Principal . ofiiee,. "BRjiraxa Bqwbi,
New York. Sold by aU druggists,' .o. 'iJ at
iunel6-dAwlycm-reKT . - , . J ' J .
., To art we owe a thousand graces;' f
Improving Nature no disgrace is. '-' "
. . . So, as gray hair don't please the eye. . I
nrktadnrn's Hair ?n sp.rvntivp.
Striking, a tonnding, are the Effeets produced
by L'ristadoro's flair Preservativa and Beautifier.
Be tbe hair ever so wiry, coarse and unmanageable
by brush and comb, in one week this artiol Will
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to curl" J
S 4d by Druggists, and applied by aH Hair Drear
er. Manufactory So. OS Maidens JjsuMiPringipal
Depot No. S Astor House,
iuil-dwlycm-re!rri ',' ''
. Cbevaller'a Treatise) on sue flstift
free to all, given away at the Drug Stores, er sent
by mail free. This book should be in every house.
It teaches to tmttivat and hare beaatifut hair,
and restore gray hair to its original color, stop, its
falling out. and remove all irritation er dandruff
irom the scalp, thus keeping the hair"bautlfni to
tne latest period of life. - "
jXT-;iovl7-eodlm,, , , IU3 Broad wa B.Y.
.. . .... .- ; ? . '. : : n
- '-'.- - ' - ' ' alu X --Jl.'.iJ
.... .. t i k s.AS
A Clercvman. while raldimr iu Snaft'snnrtn
as m missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem-
adv for the Cure of 'ervons .Waaknau. RarlwIlA-
oay. Diseases of tbe Urinary and Semiual Organs,
and the whole train of disor.i&ra. hroaa-ht M.hr
iuuieiul and vicious habits. Great, numbers hav
been cured by tnis noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit the affiioted -and unfortunate. I
will send the recipe for preparing and using this
medioi'e. in a sealed envelope, to aSAtOae wh
needs it, raaa or cuuoi. &aares.
Station D, Bible House. New I ork City.
-.T-. I ? ' J ' - ' ' - 1 1 i j tt it At.
DR. A. B. WIL1.1AVK, ee Broadway, letr
igh street, ColumbusvOhia, has oWotee) btoaselj
aserieeof years to the treataiant oieevtain ta-i.
Mtediaaaaaa. - ilemar beensnltari at hi. nS-
oad jav.aear lheaivwiaagahas...riiii mm
maj3l-tl y.i-.-- r , ' ' :
' J? P-t V Da. Curtis.
The "Med 1C4 1HBM"-says of this work s "This
valuable treatim ttm IhaMmu A r
tnra aoliB.aows bow heeath ie impaired thretnth
secret abuses of youth, and manhood, and how
easily regained-.v It aires av clear synapsis of tha
.uiHuiuieuvs io marriage, tne cause ana enects-oi
nervous debilitv. and the remedies therefor..", A
pocket editicn of the above will be forward'd on
receim of 15 Cents, by addressing Doctor Cuaua
. . : .7 . . r,, , . . . . ...
j. oo nona i.nanes street. Baltimore, aiu.
era may2S-dly-r -
Attn Tnm'
T1SOR" ipp
iVI IVlfH restored in four -weeka.-.
guaranteed. DR.'RICOKD o tsMfiJll. OP L1FK
restores manly .powers, from whatever causa ari
sing: toe effects ot-eanv pwureio u.una, sen
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at once to
this wonderful medicine, if takes regularly acoord
fnw to the directions (which, are very simple and re
ouireno reetraintrrom botiirorpleasre ) Fall
are is impossible. Seld in bottles at S3, or foar
onantitieb in one for fa. .ao bahad only of tbe sole
ippojnted agent In AJieriea, JI." UJBIiim Oi
splendid Hair Dre is tha best in the w6rld ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment ; no ridiculous
tints rremedies tha ill eneots of bad -dyesi invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, blncM
or brovmK . SOU by all Druggist and Perfumers ;
eodproparlt applied at Batabelor's Wig Faetery
No. 16 Bond street. N. yrk- r"T'0ra,,'t''lr
A.r vaand deiieaU skin, fro la. every jAem
ib. it tha reward of aa enoasioml.'Swe tJ J'alsaar'g
Vegetable Cosmetio Lotion. 8ep21-d4 w lytnr

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