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ave Harper'$ Bar
car for Dec. 5th :. L
I1T tirJ 3oVashl& Trustees lanvister-
day allowed $213.77 for pauper purpose.
-..-.--.- - i i
. The Treasurer ol Stat-submitted
hla repartjto thaGovernorestewajraiterj
noon. . - -
t3T Olive Logan U coming out West on!
. ai thla winter. She will visit
Columbus. ; Hurrah tor Q1WI , ;. .
.Hr TtrjT' was a -most
one. : We may bop for about tea days of
such weather, ana -then
M- "riiir thanks are i' due Andrews &
Hull for the "Galaxy"" for December. The
article from Pollard-on the. Confederate
Congress ia very Interesting-v
" lpBl'tBa-Tflot3Hotrr; t,rB
From the 31 to the iOth of January,' 18C9,
a week of prayer Is besought, under the
B uthorUj hitiii Evangelical Alliante, over
thwhoie-woldi '-!''.' '
m. .r- - - " t
- J7Akother TBis;it.-Tlie Freachers of the.
a Ministerial Association have struck against
the-Legislature. If they cannot have the
use of the State' Library, "nary prayer cab
. the Lejdslataregetr So they wy. No 11-
iA mry books, no pryw.ix ; . v?i
i . .it .
'Bulls AWB.Baaaa.K?'- Stephen H
Tinr. Jr- will lecture on this subject, It
f. la .expeeted.lelore Ahe Young Men's Cbria-
j.tiatf Association dt this city, in tne ejeconc
-'Preebvterl&n Cbnrcn,; on next -inursaay
(Thanksgiving) night."" -,ja
.Ffast yOBiiaaTiox. The Calholie
''Telegraph announces lhat "tlie Feast 6f the
Immaculate Conception, - 8th recemoer,
will be henceforth, a holiday ot, obligation.
Tt la not to ie held oa.the 6unday. within
tbe octave as it has been since .1854;
WuiKitTOCrr Naw8.-If the enterpris
ing local of the Journal and correspondent of
.the CinciruKitf Owucm Vurn rolne ?e".UI
the StATxsjuH-O the first f October they
nan find t about J.W.McKnlght,tlws
Expelled Odd Fellow. -They areouly about
alxjraeJw behind, with th,e,lr,news. n s . !,
Taa. (Seiasek Fk .Twi -r-Hon. A. T.
Walling, of Pickaway county, was elected,
Speaker jro fem. yesterday by acclamation
,; Wooongratulate friend Walling on his new
j-j.bpnorSj "A firm and consistent Democrat,
''fervent worker an honest legislator.. he
deserves all, the honors , bis, .St1 na n,g
.,nrtvan eonfer noon Oinr. . buccess ai-
rljtend aim in all he undertakes, ',
i ' 1 t-r . i. S I r- .
Wtiik CattLb Diska?. A convention of
commissioners. from the States Interested
.twill be held at Springfield, Illinois, on De--ucember-lst,
for the purpose of devising a
t-tinlfonn, system of measures for prevent
ing thfotroductton and cheeking th i fatal I
consequences oi tne var10u4ca1.no vtxapvw,
-:,whfch system "Is to be reertnUieniedtottie
''everat State igisfatnres for adoption'.-j" j
. Traksfkkked YiitTaRDaT The lollow-,
Virig transfers bt' real estate were left at the
ecprder8 office' yesterday " :.: I
ioshoa. McDonald and wife to' Harvey
W. Johnsopy Nov. Tthvlclota. Kos. 1 and 2,
In the town of Flinty for $200. . r !
, .ete Becker anrf wlfet Johh Bnrkhart,
pv.'?lst, parVof lote ifos'.ll,;12'and 13. jn
Gilbert's addition to the city of Golumbuiv
far 92,400 lj'gr'l frji iT Yk I
1, Fob BCKfBC-;rhe Ccahotic Wpt ld- for
I. December opens',,! With '-'"i'; :,ltngJ:aHlcle.
Hjpnoti,w In wblch the wrltercarefully'
.' -argues that the Gatlioiic religion, gives; thto
gTgreaSest peac of .mind;; j'rho .Invasion,"
from the French, Is continue. ."Glimpses.
6 "of ,Ts;any Is. foijd Th , Old
Time and Our 6wflr" a capital translation.
h,?b& Ca&aite World r,I)eceaiber;afrifds a
variety of good readlngi
HUtrit: . i i : t.--.:. I
Aid Tenjbk.d.?-Gov, Hayes on yester-;
' Kday receivtd the folowing dispatch,-liich
j was received with ihe heartv thanks of the
omciais aaoresseu : .;.
WESTON, W. VA., Nov. 21, 1868.
To hni. Hmif and SI M. Smith : :
9 Have just heard of your eaUnityo Our
Bokrd-o Dtreetors now ta eessioiS tehd r
syrophT,- and. remembering tbe past,
offer roo'm'io-our new. hospital foe twenty-
five patiinta. Wilfbe there on lucsoay
a aA Dark AitaIb. The polio, on- Satun
a.4ay night made a descent on a bouse of
i'llj Irepute,-'where dusky 'damsels eongrej
. tgate, kept by Maria Ivy , alias Pocahontas,
..qd arrested tbe keepers and all the darkies
I Wund.in tbe bonse. These were before the
" 5'Mayor yesterday, and were fined as; fol
L'lowsr1 "Pokey"; $15; Anton Harrington,
Vi10f Henry "Johnson, $3, and John Lewis
$Sli there, wasnt money enough In, the
"whole party to pay tbe smallest fine, they
.weTe afl sent tq aiiiners Het. ; j
Cbstbal Qmio 'Lpjiaw! faitvu
angements.have been made lor the rtcep
.C tion and treatment of -recent and curable
.ease of insanity occuirlng in this district
at tbe Soathern Lonatle Asylum at Day-
i tti provisiwn shall be made by LcgU-
" lative action tor" the restoration of the Cen
tral Asylum'.' 'Application to be made as
heretofore, to the undersigned,
Pacers published witbin the limits of ihe
gilstj-fcfclop itfif) Jo'titil IVinatlc, iXsyluoi,
notice. r.
WM. L. PECK, Sup't.
Escaped trom.TH CALABoosK.Tne
- t,Smith,Qaill.andCopcutt, wiioseariest
'delsMrnerS cnrphtclewer?, urf in
cell No. 6" in the calaboose. This cell has
Joek'4hatt Wry insecure and.' haa. teen
for two years. .Sunday nlgbt they were
Informed by John Blizzard, who "has been
I InJ W&ty eelj in this calaboose and knows
eVery loci Hffi ihat they feodd get out by
fortirist' 1oek.: 1 He, having knife In his
,d06aeeipnijcVtfXfec;o from' the bench' in
his all and passed It to them.'. With this
they made a: lejreiv'Jbrced tbe lock and
made their escape out the back door and
over tha.fance.-J x -vj
f lilhiaanCbaiPUMEiiTOn'iester-
tke HinJ f renehVMT -"1 nornhilU df
oairaetoKottoty, was -elected Speaker of
" the 'House ol Eepresebtatives, vice Hon
John F. FoUetu resiicned,,by acclamation.
She motion was tnade -hy Mr.Oordotuiof
' Adlaizevaad found taecond lb Mr. John
on, oAhen.TWs..Ja f-well deserted
coinDliment and tbe House have' conferred
ioaotouiUeaMelvea-Aquallywitii aa.ld,
"tried, and useful member. Mr.Thornhili,
by a long tefan pf; honorable service In tte
- House, has made many and warnv friends.
JIq higher compliment was.ever paid, than
I -tbaB pa 'yesterday unanimously paid Hon
TrKpe)trl!oraat and certainly never
was conplMBefi mora woj,uii ucsiowkq
vV''o fu War Path.-a'p""''! Vf fe'lfowe
' flamed Bllir Smith John' Quill and tCojt
eutt, started out oil the wax path on SatuiM
.'day llghtjT w be Known com going
on the war path with these bucks, means
getting inerrsains mmi o.pguuuic wuwu
sin4;theo,striklBg every iioflWiai? person
they eaU meet, and smashing thfrtgagener,
- ally, , ir,bei lere is .nofear, pf moitdlate
punlShmenu'i. ney orougnt up on suoaay
morning about 8 o'clock, in Imms' grocery.
n East Friend street, and beeause their Her
t Tnarfds fbf flqtfor were hot compifed with,
rulserfiloliy row." Prior to goiflgber!,
f HpfrfyCKJ&ML jbad sa(hrieCj 3 JP0sj oil
a widow woman ron-Slxth street, and
riaoaabed dW the windows tJffldeiCEbgaU
rresled the disorderly wretches and tool
ones mnd took
ia T
MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 23d, 1868.
TOounoil met pursuant to adje-urnraeni.
Present -Messrs. Armstiong, Bergin, Ca
renr Chadwlct,V'ComsfcJck, Donaldson,
Frankel, Gibbons, Jabney, Knopf, McDon.
aid,' Patterson, Kelnhard, Wall and Presl
dentNaghteh. ..(., - ... '
Th President called tbe Council to order.
The Olerk read the minutes oi tbe pre
eedlng meeting. ..v :
iThe City Civil Engineer made the j fol
lowing report . of estimates of work re
quired to be done: . ' . ' , " i I
.For grading and paving ' on High street
from Perry street to corporation line, f 6,-
830 47. : , ,; . , . ..... .. : j
For grading and paving with boulders
the roadway of Public alley from Fifth to
Sixth street, t434 40.',,..; ,;' ; ; r :
': For grading and paving nnpaved side
walks on west side of Washington avenue ,
from Hutton Place to. East Gay staeet,
134 69. ' '-""n ,
The. City Solictor, E. F. Bingham, to
whom was referred ' the question of the
owneiship of the, street west of
the Market'.'. House, claimed . by thel
city; ', and Li by "Messrs. Asbury and Car-;
lisle, reported that he. bad examined tbe
deed from Thomas Asbury; the decree of
the Superior Court rendered in 1864, an I
finds t.w "h rst'- i , ; . I. .1 1 7m . ' -S i
1st. That (be city has no right to' nse the
spaee on tne west (no ot me market, tor
market house purposes. !,, i. j
The ntteen teet on the west ' side of
tiie space Is reserved for a paved sidewalk.;
3d. Tbe Council has the right, in the
usiirI way, to compel Messrs. Asbnry and
Carlisle to construct and pave this side-:
walk filtcen feet wide (or pay the cost
thereof) adjoining their property.
4th.. The remaining space between thl.
fifteen feet oi pavement and. the market
house, thecliy may cause to. be McAdatn
lied, paved with stone, wooden block, or
any other material used for public streets'
one-halt ot this expense to be charged to
the Drooertv owners west thereof, and one-
Thalf to be paid by the city, tbe same to be
nsea only as a puouc scree r. .
5:h. Messrs. Carlisle and Asbury have;
noother property or rights-ln said -spare i
than to li'ive the same used for a public :
sidewalk and street, as above indicated.:.
Keport ordered to oe spread on the mtn
utes of the City Council. . ' : . " '
' Mr. Knopf, from the standing committee
on Highways to whom was referred tbe
petition of Otto Drescl and twelve others,
asking for damages' in consequence of low
ering the grade of High street by the con
struction, ot the Nicolson pavement, and
the remonstrance of J. W. Barbee and
others, reported that, tbe grade bad not.
been lowered moretban sixteen inches at'
J,he curb; that the city, clerk gave (he
usual notice to all parties, and that, be
cause no claims were presented within the!
proper time, the petitioners were not en--
titled to damages The report was ordered.
to be filed y and the committee was dis-;
charged. I."-: ; ' ; .. J, i
; Mr. Donaldson present' d an, ordinance
to assess a special tax upon the real estate,
bounding Gay street from High street 'to!
Fifth street, which was nad a first and
second rime tond referred to the standing
committees "of the Second and Eighth
Ward. .. , .- . :..
Mr." Bergin presented an orrlinapce to ,
assess a special tax opon the -real estate;
bounding. McKee alley from Seventh street
to Cleveland avenue, whicb was read a first,
and second time. . :..' ;
Mr-.Ri'lnhard Introduced tf ordinance:
to make appropriations for purposes there-'
in named, which was read a first and sec-i
and'Jtim&i --i.SiJ.-i j'EiriiXiC !
Mr. Kelnhard moved thaJ the rules be!
suspended and theordinance read a third
time: ' Agreed to, and the: ordinance : was
passed yeas 14w : . , i , -: :
,;Mr.Gibbon8 introduced, an ordinance to
grxdeand pave -on -"Perry street south toi
the corporation line, which was read a first
and second, time. ,.; , 4 ,';. ' . '..; '". " . j '
Mr. Belnhard presented a transcript,
from ihe (Jockfct pf Squire. Loiterer, and;
the opinion of the City Solicitor in regard;
to an action brought by George ' Keintz
against George Brooks, on which garnishee
was issued. The only question Is, was tl.e!
Mayor the proper person on whom the
service of the garnishee should - be made.';
The City Solicitor was satisfied that the
was the proper person, and that, although
Brooks had drawn his pay from the city as'
policeman, the city was-bound for the'
amount. ' '; , .- '- .. r-'
On motion of Mr. Beinhard, the rrport
of the; City Solicitor was placed on file,and
the claim referred to the committee of
Ways and Means. .
Mr. Bergin presented a resolution to.
contract with Peter Eagan tor building a,
double row flag crossing across Center al-i
ley on the north side of Long street. !
Passed."' ''z - ;- j
Mr. Bergin introduced a resolution di-j
recting the City Civil Engfneer to prepare;
a plat and estimate for a double '. row flag
crossing on tbe south side ol Long streets
srasMttu... .S .,.,).. .-- rr ,.-r- I
Mr". Bergin introduced a resolution di
recting; the City Civil Engineer o prepare
a platr and estimate for building a double
t6w flag crossing across Center alley on tbe
south' side of Spring street.' Passed. j
JMr. MrDonald totrodnceecf a resofutlonj
to contract with John Murpby for grading
and paving tbe unpaved sidewalks on the
west side of Sixth street from Town to Rich,
street. Passed. ' i . - I
Mr Frankel Introduced resolution' to
contract with Fred'k Erfurt for building a
doublejrow flag crossing across South Pub
lic lane at the west side of High street.
Passed.. 3 is.-i..:- . ,...- i. n r'. i
Mr. Knopf, on leave, reported back 'art
ordinance from a se'ect committee to assessj
a jpecial tax upon the 'real! estate. hound-i
log.the.we8t side of High street frooo-No-
ble to Strawberry alley. Passed yeas 15.
VMr.. Comstock introduced tbe, lollowing s
Betolved, That a select eomtntttee of five
members of . this Council, consisting ot
WUliam'Naghten, President, and Messrs.
Donaldson, Reinhard, Chad wick and Wall,!
be appointed to furnish conveyancea and'
accompany the committee of the Legisla-j
lure appointea u select a site, and locate;
the Agrlcuttnral College, for the Durnose:
of showing them - suitable grounds, that
nave oeen or may oe onereo lor sale near'
tbe city, upon which to erect said college
buildings, and that all expenses' incurred
be paid by the Chairman" of the committee
on Ways and Means out ot money appro
priated lor contingent expenses. -1 - -
Passed.: sa ?.-'! ,tv .... t
Mr. Knopf presented tbe following :
Eesolied. That the street Commissioner.
under tue arree ion oi the committee on
Hltfhwaysr-and the City Civil -Engineer.
be and ne is nerepy instructed to grade
the roadway, and change tbe gutters at tliej
south end of tbe Nicolson pavement on
Uish street, so as to make them conform1
to the Mid Davemeirt.,;-Passed. : " .
Mr. Donaldson introducedjhe following:
Hesolve'IbBt E.'B.; Armstrong, Jacob,
Beinhaid, James Patterson ' and ' W m.
Naghten, President of tbe City Council.!
auu Jost-ph Solltvant, Hermann Jaeger, W.'
G. Dt shier and IT. p. T.-KHer in.on the.
part ol the ciUzens, be and they are hereby!
appointed a committee to visit the citiei of.
AAWKpuri, u auDurn, ew York, and ex
amine i the water works -w 0 operation1
in said cities, built by the Holly Manufac-i
taring Company, and report at ihi.
et conveniei.ee to this Council, their cost'
kiju auniwuuu iui use in tue city ot Co-
On motion, Mr. Donaldson was added
to the committee, and the resolution, was
pMr". Knopf presented a resorutidri to' con'
tract; with 'Mathiaa Lang for building a
double' row; flag; crossing across South
street at tt west Bide of High street.
Pasted. , a - i
.Mr. Knopf Introduced a resolution to con
tract with Joseph Hartman for lowering
the crossing ; acTosi Monnd street at the
east side of High street, to correspond with
the Nicolson pavement. Passed. 1
Mr. Comstock presented a resolution di
recting the City Civil Engineer to prepare
a plat and estimate lor grading and pav
Ing the unpaved sidewalks, gutters and
crossings on the weft side of (he vacant
ground west of the Market House, and for
paving the balance of said vacant ground
with Nicolson pavement, from Town to
Rich street.. Passed.. t k i e I.
On motion, the Council adjourned.
. Important Correspondence. The fol
lowing important telegraphic correspond
ence explains Itself : i
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 1868.
L. Donaldson. Esq: Your oetition to
be appointed postmaster in Columbus, has
been received and duly burnt up. stage
aiu't "sound."
Colonel and Aidde-Camp.
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 20. 1868.
Col. A. Badbau : Let her burn. It was
Insured in the Home Company ot this eity
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. 1868.
J. J Jamnet: Although I regret it ex
eeedingly, because ot your services in the
Judge fujrh case, tne orders ot the com
manding General and President elect had
to be obeyed. Your petition to be made
Colonel and Aidde-Camp.
COLUMBUS, Nov. 20th, 1868.
Col. A.'Baditau : "The point I want to
make Is tms. in is very nard to. have my
petition ournc up. l worKed laitmully on
the Pugh case. It cost mo more than C5
to go to Cincinnati and swear to that I did
not fully know. Besides I have to take a
good deal of cussin' from some of, the Re
publicans here for making such a bletsed
old iosey ot myself on all occasions. -,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21st, 1868.
Brig." Gbn. Comlt: On the receiptiof
your petition to be appointed postmaster.
tne ueneral-commandiiiff-the-armv said It
appeared to be taken ror prat-ed (lalture)
that he was going to make an issue of sub
sistence to the party, and be immediately
detailed two privates to burn all letters
coming to his headquarters, to prevent
tuem tailing into tne hands or tne enemy. :
Colonel and Aidde-Camp.
Col. A. Badeao : If my petition is
burnt up it is no matter. The names are
taken from an advertised Letter L'St pub
lished in the columns of the Statesman.
Gov. Hayes refused to sign it because 1
won't meet him on terms ot perfect raual-
ity, be being nothing but a paltry Gover
nor. : ,' . ' . : - !
An Outragk. About 8 o'clock Saturday
night as an unmarried woman, some thirty
years of age, named Mary Jane Carnes,
who. had been visiting a colored fortune
teller, on Fair ally, near Linn alley, was
coming' down stairs from the negro wo
man's house, she was set upon by two men
and forced into a shed nearby and her peij
son outraged by both the men. One stood
over her-witb a drawn knife while the
other committed the rape upon hcr. She
tried to cry for- assistance, but was pre
vented by the men, who she says chocked
herSintll she was powerless. Her fae.e,
hands and throat" show" the. marks of the
struggle she had with the ruffians. We
understand that two persons were arrested
yesterday on suspicion of being the perpe
trators of the outrage. We had the abovfe
item on Sunday night, but were requested
to withhold It that the perpetrators migUttvrSor
.... I
be found, but as an lecorrect account ot it
ppeared in the Journal yesterday we see
nd further use in silence. ... i
A -Qcber Idea. Fred. Donnemaker was
passing through this city on his way toi
Philadelphia, so bethought he would stop'
nd look at the sights and sample our ben
zine. The sights were all right, but the
benzine. was. too. many tor him.., While
under the Influence he remembered" that
chad not examined bur mission Snnday
School System, 'so he' wandered "down to
the. Mayor's office, on Sunday afternoon,,
where several of our charitable ladies ai d
gentlemen hold a Sabbath school, and tat
down to warm himself by the stove. The
heat and the liquor combined to mike him
hilarious, and when the children sang "I
want to bean Angel,". he shouted ''Bully I
Encore 1'' and the like. Fred's approbation
of the music caused him to be arrested
Tbe Mayor fined him to, and as he bad not
stamps gave bim an; opportunity to study
that other popular, missionary labor tbe
stone pile. .' - . ,
The Wkult Ohio Statesman, con-
taiuing tbe full and graphic ieport, of the
burning of the Lunatic Asylum on the
night of Wednesday, November 10th, will
be found at the desk of our counting-rootr
wrapped ready for mailing, to-morrow
(Wednesday; afternoon. In addition to
full particulars of the fire, embracing
chapters of incidents, " the removal, of the
patients, the names of the lost, &c, the
Weekly Statesman of the current week
will contain the usual l.irge amount of se
lected reading matter for the family, gen
eral items of home and foreign news, fujl
and reliable market, reports," local intelli
gence, &e-,&e. Price ' per-singlo-ebpyv in
wrappers, 6 cents. .. t
Hcmpty . DcMPnr. Anothei1 ' crowded
house greeted the always funny Humpty
Dumpty last night, and laughed at his
tricks and mishaps most heartily. . Thurs
day night is Humpty's last appearance In
this city, and all who have not seen
this great burlesque should now Im
prove the opportunity. Tbe Thursday af
ternoon matinee will be largely attended
we know, for about all the boys and girls
In the town are talking of attending.
- . r -. t .
Thk Legislature. At the meeting ol
the Democratic members of the Legisla
ture held last evening, the question of ad
journing till the -first Tuesday In January
next,' was discussed, and finally postponed
till, to-morrow, (Wednesday) evening. A
joint committee of tbe two Houses was ap
pointed on tbe subjeci of the Central Lu
natic Asylum, to report, as we understand
to a similar meeting to be held this even-
ln?a -- I
Penitentiary Arrival. The Sheriff of
Tuscarawas county brought , in one prl:
oner to tbe Penitentiaiy yesterday : Jefler-
on Davis, alias Richard Roe, assault with
intent to commit a rape, four years. This
la "Jefferson D.'s" fourth conviction, and
all agreehat lie has more of the elements
of pure "cussedness" in htm than any man
of modern times. : 1 V !
Je-relry made and repaired by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
- nov6d3mj - -
Fob Sal- House and , lot, corner-:ol
Franklin and Wasliington Avenue. Mosit
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ot j. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
street. . . " "
Octl3-dtf 't ; ' ;
Thu live Oysteman, 16 E.Broad street,
ffivea t for fHty cents) a well filled can of
Spencer, Auger & Co.'s prime oysters
and a pound of butter crackers. -aug5-dtonov28
' '
Tbkrk beems to b no end to the new
goods Clark 3t Farmer are receiving. .Yes
terday another large lot of seasonable goods
arrived. - Almost every train brings some
consignment from the East for this estab
lishment. They come none too fast to sup
ply the wholesale and retail trade tliey ar
establishing. novll-dtf
Wilson's East Laws Addition to
the City of Urbana.
That Urban a is bound to become a large
city and at the same time a manufacturing
city "Is made manifest "by the operations of
capitalists and shrewd observers of such
prospective Interests. Moneyed men from
all parts of the Union are settling perma
nently there, and making valuable im
provements for their own convenience and
the ad vantage of tbe towD. --' iu'i' ; "
Railroad facilities have placed Urbana'
right in the center of the traveling public, '
and this fact alone has called tbe attention
of business men from a dlstancet to the su
perior advantages offered for 'making a .
large place af the small city, i i ' v
Mr. Andrew Wilson, Jr., baa been en-'
gaged for some time past In completing his "
plats and making arrangements for the sale
of a large number of valuable building and
gardening lots', now and yet to be heeded by
the increasing population, in East Lawn
addition to the city as well as the tract ad
joining itontte .south and extending; to
Scioto street. In tbe meantime he has
graded and graveled Washington Avenue, '
an extension of John street, to the east ,
line of the Kenaga farm; Madison Avenue, ..
an extenslpn, of Boyce street to tbe .same
point;' Eist Lawn- Avenue Jrora Scioto
street to Col. J. B. Armstrong's farm ; and ' '
as well, has prepared to , open out'itrahs-
verse streets, running north and south, from
the northern line of East Lawn to Scioto
street. Alleys of the ordinary width are
laid otltand in such manner as to give ac
cess to every lot and parcel of ground.
In East Lawn there has already been
graded and graveled no less than two miles
of Streets and avenues; giving altogether,
pleasant drive Jn regular routine, of no
less than five miles of the best graded and i
graveled road in the State. - (
Mr. 'Andrew Wilson hai iulfiiUed every
promise made at the sales of lots hereto
fore controlled by him in Urbana, and this
should be a guarantee that this sale, taking
place on Thursday, Nov. 26th, must go on. ;
An inducement is offered to all perso.ns,
in the way of a free donation (to all the '
purchasers of lots), ot Lot No. 100, being
tbe beautiful grassy knoll, just east of the
corporation line and fronting on Scioto'
street, with two wide streets on either side.
This property is valued at $5 000, and con .
tains eight large city lots. The purchaser!
of the other lots will decide amongst them- '
selves who shall receive a warranty deed -
for the property.- r ? s t ---:" '
A dinner, frr'honor oT-ther day, wilt be .
spread before the people, and nono will,
come to the; sale' unwelcome, v 14 "' ' "' I
The railroads leading to Urbana have all
been consulted, and have contracted to fur
nish special cars from Cincinnati, San-'
dusky; Dayton, -Piqua,'' Columbus and
Akron, and all intermediate points pas
sengers for Urbana -free otare.
t All persona will be conveyed from -all
parts of the city to the sale and returned,
free of charge.
iB(t energy; lifet and vitality In the,
. . : T. .... L..n'AMWIj I. ..
NVrvous Debility, withJts gloomy "at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun-'
tary emissions, los of semen, spermator-!
rhcea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of,
inernqry -andT threatened Impoteiiceand'
mbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeipathic Specific No. Tweu-
ty-Eight. : Composed of the most valuable,
mild arid potent Curatives, they strike at
once a! 'the root of the matter, tone up tbe
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
recaiLF" Of 3Mgc. 'Address HUMphrs-ys'
SpkcipcIIowboathic MfeDiciNA Co'- l562
Broadway, New York. iy!3-deodtwly
-' now often' d6 you. hear the complaint
from, mother and father that their son or
daughter is hot well; that they have no ap
petite; thatthey feel languid; that their head
acbes; jthattbef art gray ing thia-and fee-
bfeVahd thatthey liave nrflife or enerty left.
That thjy are low-spirited, and perfectly
incapaclted to participate in any pleasures,
or periorm any mental or physical duty.
And the question is often asked, what shall
do for thtm? "or, what Shall I give them?
Our answer is, let them try Plantation
Bitters moderately three times a day, aud
our "word for it they will recover. ' ' '
Magnolia- Water. superior to tbe best
m ported German Cologne, and sold at half
tho price.
""7 p"'- -: ? -AVHAT
-One gentleman says, my doctors' bills for
five years, averaged one hundred and fifty :
dollars per year. Three years ago I pro
cured" one 'ol' Dr.'fluraphreys' cases of
Homoeopathic Specifics, and since that
time my doctors' , bills have averaged $15
per year, and we have enjoyed almost un
interrupted? health. Price- $10, 1 sent by
express on receipt, of the price. Address
Humphreys' Specifc Homoeopathic Med-
icink Co- 562 Broadway, N. Y. .
Jyl3-dfcwly-cw' "
.. .i .. ,i m
Hollowat's'Ointmsnt Stif? Joints.
One of the most remarkable attributes ot
Holloway's Ointment is the rapidity and
certainty with which It relaxes contracted
ligaments and sinews. Joints that have
been stiff for years' have repeatedly been
restored to activity by a persevering use of
this matchless salve. Brisk friction should
be'used in applying it in such cases, so that
its annealing influence may thoroughly '
penetrate tho contracted fibres. Sojd by
all druggists. , jy9-dlwcw
Alb and Pokter. I am now receiving .
regular , from'- Cincinnati, Thatcher &
Dyett's celebrated stock and fresh Ale and
Porter, in pint and quart bottles, put up
for family, -nse, and highly recommended -by
physicians mr sickness, &c. i
I also have a stock of Guinness' Dublin
ex'tra Stout Porter; Muir & "Son's Spark- :
ling Edinburg Ate ; English Ale and Por
ter. . ' C, A.: Wagner, !
novl3-tf . No. 23 East State btreet. :
The immediate use ot liquor weakens tbe
vitality ot me mental ana pnysicai organs
to an alarming degree; tbe poor debauchee
eel this weakness in his sober stages, be
repents and earnestly" resolves to amend
his life, but in bis weakness he lacks the
moral power to do so. We advise him to
seek belter In Dr. Johnston's speeiftc,"
the powerful weapon to" attack the relapse.
ijfW i-f'i . i mi r."
Otstkrs! -OTSTER81I I am now selling,
at reduced prices; those fine fat Fsm ly
Oysters, stamped SELECT, put up by Win.
Taylor, Eq-, Baltimore, arid sold by me in
this city for over ten years. Warranted
fresh,tuai eans not filled with water. I also
haye the XXJt, and. .W. a. a tine
Oyster for Soup. ' C. A. Wagner,
novl3-tf No. 23 East State street.
i Certificate or an Eminent Chemist
1 have made a careful chemical analysis
of the Sozodont, from an impartial sam
ple purchased by me personally from a
tradfng'drttg hottse of this city, Butr noth
ing of an injurons or objectionable charac
ter has been found In "its composition.
James G. Foblb, M. D-
, Analytical-Chemist, 489 B' wayr N York.
Late Dr. James K. Cnuton Co.
Go to J. C. Kalb's, No. 13S North High'
street, for Bootaaud Sboea at low prices, 1
General Grant.
General Grant Is engaged to-day at the
army headquarters,, attending to otnclal
business. He will not make any formal
official report this year, but merely a short
communication, forwarding tliose wlilcn
have been received from tbe various mili
tary commanders. ' Among the visitors
who called on General Grant this morning,
were Senator Cote, irom California, aud
Hon. E. B. Washburne. , - ,
A letter from Syria, October 12th. states
that our Consul General will doubtless be
successful in his effort to obtain the release
of the two Americans held as prisoners at
Uamascus, on suspicion or bring engaged
in a plot to overthrow theTurkish Govern
ment. They,,were engaged with t some
Englishmen in a survey ot the new rail
road route, 'and their possession ol arms
was taken as proof of treasonable purposes
Mary E. Hill, a widow lady residing on
the corner ot Tenth and Piue streets, was
murdered toiuighC "by tier " son-in-law,
named George S. Tactiell,- Jr. Her body
was afterwards thrown from a second story
window. The deed was committed with a
heavy iron poker. No cause has yet been
assigned' for tbe act. The-murderer was
arrested. ; -; ; : I . 'f , ; " j
Reward Offered.
- A reward of $5,000 baa. been offered for
the arrest of the three men who assaulted
and robbed Aaron Bliss in his housed at
Monsoo. on Friday saornlng. ' Yesterday; a
man named Stutson was arrested on sus
picion and identified by Blisa as the man
who struck him. ; , :
Land Slide.
PORTLAND, ME., Nov. 22.
A dispatch from West Brooke states that
a land slide took place about five o'clock
this morning, just; beiow the Cumberland
paper mills, wuich comprised about forty
acres In area and. 'Completely till d the
channel of the Presumscott river, so that
the water is backed up within three feet ot
tbe top of the dam and the lower story of
the mill is submerged.
New Haven, Conn.
NEW HAVEN, CONN., Nov. 23.
" A town meeting was held this iiriorntrtg
to consider the question of loaning . one
million of dollars in town bonds to' the
Air Line Railroad Company. Without
taking action 'the .' meeting adjourned to
Wednesday..; -: - -. i
Norfolk and Great Western Railroad.
road. ' ' ' i' '' ' 4 i
. ;The County Court of Nonsemond county
has ordered a vote on the qne.-tion of sub
scribing $200 000 to the Norfolk and Great
Western railroad... ..i t
A shoemaker 'named John Sullivan was
run over by a 'locomotive in. the Ontral de
pot, this forenoon, and instantly killed. ;
'' The grocery' i.t'cn pied by Henry' Llhr
was burned last nights . Loss $4,000. , j
River News.
Weather cloudy. ' River six feet elglit
inehesand falling.-' Mercury 44 degrees, j
Murder Excitement in Philadelphia.
' .: . . phla. r .
There is much excitement 'here lit relaf
tion : to the murder -of Mrs. Hill. Mrs.
Switchell is in custody on suspicion of par
ticipating In the murder. 'The deceased
was wealthy, having Inherited wealth from
her last husband. Mrs. Switchell is her
daughter by her fpriuer. husbjiud. Negof
tiations had been going on for the purchase
of a house corner of Tenth and Pine streets.
It is said the matter had been intrusted to
Mr. Twlchell, and he. liaQ a deed made ou,tl
in the name of his wife instead ot Mrs. Hill.
There had been some difficulty about the
matter and Mrs. Hill had been. -advised to
commence a prosecution against Twltchell
for misappropriation ol funds. It is sup
posed the object of the deed was to possess
himself of the property and get out ot the
way evidence as to how ho became In pos
session of it. The deceased had only a life
interest iu the property left by her last
h,,ih.,.ii '- ' ' r -. " '"i
Negro Organ.
The New Orleans Tribune, the organ 'of
the colored Republicans in ' Louisiana,
owned, edited and published, by a colored
man, reappeared yesterday, after a suspen-ciou-of
six months. ; 1 1
Out of Employment.
PORTLAND ME., Nov. 23.
One hundred bands aie thrown out of
mployment by the ' submersioh of the
Onmberland paper mills, at AVestbrook.
The loss by the. laud slide is 'Stated at
Gen. Butler Ill.
LOWELL Nov. 2.
Gen. Butler Is dangerously ill." ' ' -
Loss by Fire.
NEW YORK, Nov. 23.
The loss by, fire l i Mercer street last
night was about $124 000. . ... .
City Politics.
Mr. John Kellv, who was nominated as
a candidate for Mayor by the Dt mocratic
citv Union party, and R. T. Lawrence
their vanaiaate tor corporation vounset,
have .both declined. Ihe executive com
mittee of that party have decided to tender
ths nomination lor Mayor to Judge )!iiy
Sermon on Stock Gambling by
Henry Ward Beecher.
Rev. Henry Ward Beecber preached a
sermon last night on tne evils or siock
tramblinsr. Alter visibly- alluding to tm
prevailing ue&iro oi men to. grasp ricurs
Py . ail- meana,.. lair . ur iuui, luo , tcv-
frpnH irentlemen forcibly dilated upon
the nresent system of gambling on Wall
street, passing the most severe strictures
on tne speculators, anu contenuing mat ii
the course ot harsh speculation was not
put an end to the most ' terrible conse'
nuences would ensue. ' He'drew' a -toucb-
Insr Diet u re of :tia thousands of honest
men who, tempted by expectation of gold,
and ever swollen with hope.now wanderet
about helpless beggars, through the great
pandemonium of swindling and- ruin.
Wall street was the very sink of iniquity,
tbe hot bed of corruption and the maguet
ot ruin and desolation. He enumerated
the raanT evil consequences of avarice
anions' others suicide, madness and the
tail, i Wealth was not necessarily injurious.
but men should not be over hasty m accu
iniilatinir it. , Wealth was a divine power.
but very dangerous, and needed all the
more to be controlled. The Reverend
preacher concluded: with an eloquent ap
oral to avoid stock rambling or iuie specu
lation, for their consequent es were sure as
tney were disastrous. .
Arrested for Swindling.
' A Panama letter says an American, who
recently ' arrived there from California,
named Henry V Clinton, is under arrest
for swindling several parties by means of
false letters of credit on Duncan, Sherman
&Go. '. ' ',
The New Spanish Loan.
A Madrid dispatch states that the Roths
childs and the Barings will take a large
of the new Spanish loan. -
The DRinonratic Union oarty have Sub-
Btltntetl Smith Eiv. ir- for Mayor, aud
John McKeon, lor City Council, in place of
Kelly aud Lawrence, decltneu. . ,
Mrs. Carson, who was brutally beaten
bv her husband, on 'Saturday, died ..this
evening- Carsori has been arrested.
Pockets Picked.
Four ladles had their pockets picked at
a fireman's lunerai in urooaiyn yeaieraay
Colonel Wood, the Republican candidate
for Congress in the Fiist district, wiH, It Is
said, on test Hie sen. ot. mr.. tteeves; nrst.
mi neftnuut of illegal' votinu: and .second.
r.,r tiuli,vultv and ulvlnir aid and roinfort
to tne enemys (
Judge Barnard.
Judge Barnard, in a charge to the grand
Jury iu the Court of Oyerr and- Terminer
to-day, called attention- to- alleged, -frauds
and alleged corrnptioos of the Judiciary
. cere, and to the action or. certain newspa
pers ln-Nw Y rkr in prprtrating daily
and. hourly libels. - Inuto-day'aTribune
anu limes, in mew jersey papers, airt ,
elsewhere, he said,-are charges of a mon;
atrocious character against corruption',
In Interfering, with the duties of electore. ,
and 'charging bim tBarnurd with being
in a combination iu Wall street. He had
never bonghr, sold or owned a share of"
stock in his Hie. bad not. separate from his '
wife, a single dollar's worth of property,
and was to-day dependent upon bis sal- -ary
as Judge and the charity of ' bis
wife. . :He- therefore- desired ,: aiu craved "
the jury to examine into the- matter -and
say whether a' combination ' of . thieves, .
scoundrels and rascals who have intested i
AVall street and Broad street lor years, and
now quarrelling among themselves, shall ,
be permitted to turn aronnd and endeavor
to bide .their own tracks by abuse aud vil
liticationof tbe judges, j i -v-.,,' , '
Mr. Marsh, of the late firm of Temple &
Marsh, has absconded, after purchasing -5-20
bonds of 1307, from Henty Uiser &
Sons, giving' in payment 'a check" W the '
Bank of the Commonwealth for $16 500 !
signed In the firm name. On presenting It
Messrs. Hiser learned that the firm dissolv-
ed Friday, having succumbed to the pres
sure in Erie, and that thecheck was value-
less. It is alleged that several other brok
ers bad njected tbe .check previously. -. ! ;
Foot Race.
- A foot race between E. D. Davis, of New
York, and J. W. Cozead, of Iowa, for the
championship of America, 12o yards, for
$4,000, took place on the Fashion Course
to-day, Ooread in H seconds.- :
Express Meeting.
' At a meeting of the managers of Express
Companies to-day there was no harmony
of action and the results, w ere . unsatistac- ;
tory to all parties interested. ' (
Cigar Manufacturers.
'"'The' Cigar1 "Mannfacturera'.. Association
baa issued an address to the,, trade
throughout the United States andCanadas,
stating facts: relative to tbeir issue with
the Cigar , Makers' Union,: aud appealing
to manulactnrers not to increase their':
workmen at present; -but join In rgaMz-
ing an opposition to any unjust demands'
of the Cigar Makers': Union; now or here-1
alter,,,., . - -. .- . .' -.i . ,' t.. .. -
American Millers.
are through
our diplomatic officers, to take part in tne
great fair In Lelpsic, Germany, next -May."
The award of $300 000 In gold to-day,by .
tbe Sub-Treasurer, was made at 133 89 100.
There was a sharp advance in Government"
bonds to dav ?. . . . j
tm - - L 'r -Mi ,-
The Financial Panic at St. Johns.
The Financial Panic at St. Johns. ST. JOHNS. N. B., Nov. 23.
The financial panic has somewhat abated
and public confidence eliyhtly improved."
A telegram tram the-President of St. Ste
phens Bank.holds but encouragement for ,
the hope that the bank may soori resume
business, aud tbe value of its paperbas in
creased 10-to- 15 ,per cent, ..Notes :of the
Commercial bank are selling at 30 per cent.
discount. Business , is generally - almost
suspended. ; .' '" ' ' '--. (
.i.r.'.'o :.;u--t
In no previous year haa thers
been such strong competition among
all the leading Sewing ; Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present, ' At all the
principal Exhibitions ana" Fairs
they met and contested for the Tre-
mium on Family Sewing Machines,.,
and the result was unanimously tn
favor of the .Florence Reversible
Feed ItOck-StitcA Family "Sewiiip
UTtirliine. i It received the First and 0
Highest Prize, as. the best .Family
Sewing Machine at the' following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni
verseUe, Paris ; American Institute
Fair, Jfexo Yorh f New 9 England
Agricultural Fair at Providence,
JB. I. ; the New York State Fair at
Stiff alo f the' Orea t Annual :Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics' Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
tvhlch closed a four-weeks' Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines,' who unani--mously
awarded' it the "GOLD
MEDAL," the highest Prize the
Institute confers, ; . -. - j
It would seem as If this succession of tri
umph! should be sufficient to convince every
unprejudiced person of the great superior
ity of the FLORENCE over all otbers aa a
family Sewing Machine.. , -. ' '-f
A written warranty ia given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL SO ALL
that ia claimed for it, and should it fail. It
will be taken bade and the UOBI17 BB
TDNDBO, ' " ) -T; " i
. PHnetpal Offle mnd Baletrootn, JT. tS Wtt
fourth Street, Cincinnati, Q; ; ., .
H. SScCONiraXX. General Agent.
At ths Ohio State Fair, whfeb closed at Toledo,
Septn hrr S.ith. 1S(W, the FLORENCE received
the FfRUT PRBUlUXiox the best Family Sen loft
Machines over seven competitors. '
Send tar & oirealarror call Qd-SXmiae the- Ma-
ehiaes at tbe Mw.tial9rooma,- . -a
9$. East State St.," Colambns, Ohio.
j W. S. BROWN, Agent.-. J . j
MW All kinds of ititohing done to order, and
atisfaotion aasranteeil.. oct24 dlro2UwTts
BAN K E R S"7j
Corner Broad & High Sts.
f - ' - -' ft ' ' -1 j - - - '' : ' ' 1 '- ' . - - j .
r.nATPat. .' jos. bctchbsok. w.bfat"bh.
- ' NO. 13 S. IIICiH I ItEEX, :
' lante-dly-r - Cslsnbni, O. "
... -v: : .AFRESH FISH.,. '
0. I. BEBOB.' ' GSO. VT. QU1MN '
B4.H-'.S BBjUUBaa lltl ' . f I
. Came and Oysters. -
Alio, all kinds of Ooanlrr Frodnce. inch aa Bat
... ter. Ens, Chickens, Turkeys. o.r- ; (
,JVo3iWet . Broadwaj, .
The ohoteest Tariettes of Fresh Fish received
dmilj. a" All aoods purchased delivered t.. any
part of tbe eiiy rasBer caim. - looilg, eod6m
? r, o An Ordinance . t i
ir .venire the same of Bainbard street ',
Section l- bo it oroaiDea ojine vitj vonvoii ot
the City of Columbus. That the name of Keio
hari street in Tbnrnisn's addition he and the same
is hereby OBkuged to tbe name of Etper reet. 1
President of the City Uonnoil.:
Passed Nov. JS. A. U.lf8.u-' -a I
Attest: L. K. ft 1L30N, City Clerk., ir..n j
noia-dlt I
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 23.
- GOLD 134 buying.
" EXCHANGK Dull at per
connt buy Ing." t'S )55
New York Money Market—Nov. 23.
MONEY Easy'at 4"g8 per cent on 11 ;
jtrlme discounts f9 per cent. ,
t irm
tiuLD-Orned. at . aad r aloaed
strong at 134. - "
New York Stock Market—Nov. 23.
IiTghef. Connona of TO 3 Ulim 15?tf: do
02 lT2S(31t: do 64 lfrr?fSTf)H,nJis
lOSia" do new 110W;railu;.dn J7
110110; do J6 ' 110lUtT; 10 40's
105106. -......T.7.m.,,3
: Stocks opened dull and lower but the" de
cline soon recovered and an advance es
tablished. New York Cen(ral'VaehIngf25;
Hudson 127; Erie i1 and Pacitlo Mail
118. 'The market closed steady and d trite--The
joint committee of tock .boards -fen
Erie settled on no definite report and 'ad
journed till' Wednesday, ,., .
American v 44!45: Adams 49(949:
United States 447; Merohants' Uiilba
20; Pacific Mail 1181SK; 'Western
Union Telegraph 36W36)& Sewftork
Central 124i4U4: Erie 42J4;
Reading 99UiJ. 'lerriute-anJi(gil;
Ohio & Mississippi 30ffl31: Wabasu ASi
ix St. Paul 67Um7lA: Michiiran Cen
tral &Sl88 Illiitois Central 142n3;
PittsburU 87ayS7; Toledo 100i tmi:
Rock Island 101U7; Northwestern ik
(Sauon4u;.iiuriingon frWWI.lW
New York Market—Nov. 23.
COTTON Firmer, wtttl falf b'usWelsf
24325e for middling uplands .4" :!, ".
iLOUR Closed dull and 5e lower pn
medium and common grades. f ' .
WHEAT Quiet and in buyers' favor at
$1 481 50 for No. 2 spring.- - -'
. RYE-Firm: and moderately active, at
$1 40 for western .
OATS-Steadv at.7uc afiMt.nd-.7i)c in
store for western-
CORN-Quiet i,,tl 12l,la.for sound
mixt-d western iu.au re and afloat.
POliK Quiet at $29 lor mess.
BEEF Dull and neavvanr-fT
CUT MEATS-Qulet,oaad withoat' de
cided chaifge. xl i -""'-' I'" 'i
LARD Closed heaw at 16Urai6efor
fair to prime steam.-' ' -' .
EGUS-Quiet and ateMyi' ."jj '
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 23.
FLO CE AND GRAIN Quiet anil ;iin-
Changed.-- . . . '.j",.'fl't.'n:irr-,ar
WHISKY Steady at 87c - ..si M
COTTON Firm'ar22Mc!Wrrtia(Hlnj?.
. HOGS Stead V and -lu iaaA 'ikniind at
$77. 50 gross;. 8 2n9.25.neW'ibntatter
an -xfreme rate forje-xtra large.J,'''i
GKEifiN" MjATSDnlI.8t,73itrifWfSnd
BULK M K ATS lower and less
demand; shoulders 9!c, and clear rib' and
clear sides at 1313c V, - 'i!;lf,B
LARD In moderate demand ai &(3
15c for prime steam and kettlo rendered.
HAMS Old sugar cured verrflurrat 13
15c. ( i-tH-,t-:. '.hY oniitt-l
BACON-JVo Old in market? nominal.
SUGAR Firm and in fair dettiawd at
TSJiOlSs for raw." - - -i;u
CUFFEESteagyiftT"!ZT(giu 11 "J"IB
APPLES In tfairrdtnaud at $35 00
perhhl. - - ' .
POTATOES Firm: selling from store
au outtjuues per tosd j-,
SEED Flax seed dul
ill at 2 notnin.
ing in grnss seed.'
WiT-EK-r-l irSa at3o3Sc: supply Det-
ter. :c- '-. ,
EGGS-Sales at2c. -J'J-OIL-Linseed
dull at 95 lard jll firm
$1251 30. .-. "
New York Live Stock Market—November 23.
V ' yemher- S3, jf f- .'1
1 BEEF The market for beet eattle rnled
moderately active and firm on the day fol
lowing our last report, and on Wednesday
at tbe National Drove Yard. where offer
ings aggregated 900 head, ft" was J4)jo
higher at the opening but dull andfieavy
at the close, though blgber than at tbe
date of the last reports Pricea Tanged from
10 to 16Jc, the latter for choice. On Thurs
day the "arrivals were- Insignificant and
prices nominally nncfarfitged. During tbe
balance of the-weHiai m(Merat ri
vals and s-lair4 demand, -tlie -mariettas
quite sUadv,a,"t?iiose anpjUonajTo-
ay with tuode, rate, ofl'erluns, .. being atout
2 500 head and a fair dkmand,vtM -a&arket
was steady at J0lt3je,jthe bnUc-ofstllea
being 14JlC;c. Quotations r-,'Ej?tra
16r: prime l$i16W; fair tdgood 14
KKi ordinal vl2T13M Inferior 11
llic, and receipts 6.326, r- "T '"3
SHEEP AND LAMBgDtfrlng-the. fore
part of th week were 'active ' and very
nx in lor .good-Stock, hnrflnn nti tipavy for
common. Sheep 4yi64 l5?bl 63
8c Oh Wednesday audouriiijTtbe Bal ince
of. uie week, arrivals "wete rj0.nitBL4i eral
and only moderate-demand. 'Prices tere
.lower, partltularlyfoij r'omrnon, v liich
'oonioostd die bulk oflbe fiflt-rlnl. Tt Aon
Tort Saturday t about Stgtfec Jor om-
mou .to extra, siitep,- nu -M7Jia lor
lambs To-dy Jlw market waaujodt-titely
attired and prices stead vi Witha lair? sup
ply.' hheepsold at4g6e, aini lain )8 at
6)i7)$c. Rt ceipls uwring- the-teli 41,-
lS2;'''.UU--'-'W--'. S
SWINE Immediately mtef qrent t the
last report the- markefcTTuliimo' iim Aider
lieertctipiU nrwlSaiul jseiitfad; kales bt-
iag flimv at 8!ysc; rticea.teiUJzepp to
Saturday, 'wbea me a'rriyalFiliig. pbout
2,700hPad and demand. sTdwiptices receded
abont WCi closini! at 7?oin''r8ftonnd
4 lor all grades; soidey tlia nou ketlctive
an(i,iuii prujes tiDtaineci; sale BtMng!t t
.k?4Ki the, ofb Jin ga wereti20O1'iaad at
1 uu'rtcentli stie 6 SO? bfad." at Fcstieth
'stftet.'and 6-807"1iead-at eommttnipaw.
ReceipU for the week 36,322. .tan
Chicago Market—Nov. 23.
FLOUR In good j- quest and firm;
spring x rasfS 75&7 7St ""T" .?
, VViJEAT Aetive ..e - lower; -jajles of
No 1 at 1 301 33; No t 13 l
closing at $1 13(atltEalt No 2 this
afternoon at 1 141 JT
COBN Moderately actlvflf)v?eiT'"lpa
No J g5S7t i No S6r; new "ihp (led 56
58i5e; kilo.drifcd 7,2c for No 2 and 70c lor
rejected: '.'ciosingv nominal At, 85c for Nol
and 585Sc, lor new.beUed; sales of No
1 since change at $4c: -
. OATS Active and firm;. salsa, of No 2
at-4747to. ' - - ..'." -
RYE Scarce and flrmeTr'23chJBber;
sales at $1. 121 14 for No 1 and at 1 10
for No 2; closing at outside price fbtvNo 2.
v BA RLE 1 Excited and acttvr: No. 2
opened at $1 60; advanced fo tl.Tfi; icll
back and closed at .SI 65 for regular and
$1 67 for fresh receipts.,,, ;..;,.'.,,.,.,
St. Louis Market—Nov. 23.
FLOCK Quiet and nnvhangedtrvtiper
$4 755 75; extra t6 O0d 60.
w HEAT 5c lower on best grades, and
1015c op medium qoalltiea. , ,
4 tUKN-Higher; u(6U0c lor new ami old.
. OATS Firm and unchanged at 62(365c.
RYE Unchanged. :-' ;; ,;V.T ''m
'.BARLEY Unchanged. .
PROViaiONS Nomlnallr iower. -with
very little doing. '-. : ';: f '
pork sales aj 23 m. r .;,;:,:; i
B At ON Shoulders imiiXc. clear sides
17.?il8c. - ..-..-..a
ijftrsL naiewat Htsilc -
W H SKY- Uncli a ngert. at Q7c.
HOGS-Firm at 6 607 00.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 23.
"DRY GOODS-trade dnlL bnfr prices
for all staple "cottons .stead v. Certain
classes Of worsted and woolen goods, how
ever, are in active n quest for Jadies wear,
and such as the t Washington . green Sand
blue, Helen ilagregor .plaid,, are selling
readily at 80c. These goods are wanted
for suits Bntf dresses Repliants 'are'fefo
in great request At-from $1 23 to $2 00,and
Chinchillas, tooi are in animated demand
forcloakings at full prices. Canton- flan
nels. Dine, mixed, twilled domits and low
priced scarlet all wool flannels are in ac
tive request at prices below 35c. - "
Toledo Market—Nov. 23.
; FLouR-Qofet. .,';r:'.'il'i"v'.'-.,
WHEAT Without material, change;
rah s white Mb higan $1 $0; amber 1 75
1 76; No 1 red $1 70;'Laporte spring SI 18.
CORNlc better'j 4f3607J,i.,Bjew
75c. -
OATS 1c better; No 1 at 54e; Michigan
54o; No 2 52Je.
. RYE-Bvtter; No 1 at 1.161 20.
.v BARLETr-ftull...; i .. j r .. 1 3
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 23.
' FLOUR" Market' quiet,' Steady and un-
thntf1 - - - .'.....lu.l I, .1..1
: WHEAT Quiet antt steafly at. .i
ao. x tn siojrt?.! ... ,.io-) 1.. i.
" ' TPS
Buffalo Market—Nov. 23.
' Market generally"
firm. No transactions. J

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