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trtTOtferlal' First Page. '
, The PRESIDENT called the Senate to.
order at 10 o'clock. , ,
"ThV following notices of the Introduc-
flon of bills were triven:
-By Mr. KRANER Of a bill to repeal
aa act tq anthoriae the council! ot incor
porated Yillafcea to levy a tux for revenue
purposes, pawed April 13, 1867- ' , .,
' By Mr. JAMISON-Ol a bill to prevent
th importation and ' transportation of
Texas or Cherokee cattle, and for the pro-,
tectlon of the cattle of the State from con- ,
bThe 'fallowing Senate resolutions were-
dffcwd:"-" "J'' ;
i -By Mr. KVERETT To refer so mch of
the Governor's message as relates to the'
"Texaa cattle. fever" to the committee 4aj
Agriculture. Adopted.' . . . . x
By Mr. CAKTER-Reqoestinsr tbe'Pres
kleat f the Senate to Invite the reverend"
elertry of Wio.cltv e Cnlumbas, without
distinction of creed, whether , known by ,
the' name of bishop, priest pierjjyinan,,
preacher, 1 minister, - pastor or any other '
same,.' to open the Senate each morning'
with prayer; provided that none be invited
who are opposed toUbe teachings of Him
whose mission was heralded, as oue of peace
on earth and good will toward men. Re
ferred to the committee on the State U-.
-iBj Mr. EVE RETT-VTo refer so much of
the Governor's message as relates to a jreo-:
logical survey or the State to a select com
mittee eonsistmg-or Messrs. uraner, Jm
aattt, "Griswold, i Carter and ' Lawrence.'
- iHoaae Joint resolution Ii..91, providing
for the appoln tment of a committer to- inrr
vestigate the Central Lunatic Asylum mat-r
MJ.w..:ta.il ' tkitM .1 . - ....... -.1
- Mr. HUTCHESOS moved to refer the
resolution to; the committee ex Benevolent
Institutions, which was agreedte ),, .,!;.
On motion of Mr., BROOKS, the plank
was niiea wrtn tne worwinree."
iOa motion of Mr. BROOKS, the' resola
tioa:wa, .stfter diaciiaa,amended so as
vrevide that the committee report by the
first Wednesday in January, 1869, and. thst,,
is on vo reavr lu sit uuriujr any session or
vacation ol the Legislature; - 5i-.--n-
,tr. HUTCOEtSOX moved to, strike dot
the fourth, proposition , in -the. resolution
making tt tne duty of the committee to in
vestitehe piwprlety of selling the pres
teuef ttierjefilrar'AftTlut-, and apply
lag the proceed to the . ereetiom ;of ,a ow
building, at some otner point. t" - -
"The. motion wasater discussion, put and
IsijAl J"
nMr. MAC -sored aa amendment to the-
r-lutku iustrticUu jr the committee to In
autre Into the cost, plans and specifications
of' new "Asyidni "building, or. ot the repair ,'
os toe i one. " -
, Toe notion waadiseasaed and lost.
.The House iolnt resolution as . amended
vas then adopted by.the following vote; . .
- fTis-i!Messrs. ; Berry; " Biggs, Brooks,"
iMrrowsJUimpDeiixxrey; Dnier,Uieitsv.
Dowdney, Emmitt, Evans. Everett, 6odW.
frey, Jamison, Kenneyv Kessler, Kraner,
Linn,MayyPotta,Scrlbnr,Simaioas, Sted
an, Torrence, Winner, Woodworth 26.
-IndefiOitei leave of absence was granted
to Messrs. Rex, Stambangh and Corey, and a
lor tne remainder ot to is wees: to JUr. Uris-
E. J, R. N. fi3-eRe!ative.! the. appoint
ment bf a joint committee to collect Inlor
malion In- regard to the cattle plague, was
read and Deferred to. the committee on Ag
riculture. .1 n - . ; A :r
H. J. R. No. 94 Providing for the ap-'
pohitmeot of commission' to represent
the State of Ohio in a convention to assem
ble at Springtleld Illinois, to consider the
'etr-pWgoe,-&c-; was read, and referred
to the same committee -?. .i':;v .' .;) & .
On motion of Mr. DANGLER, the- Sen
ate took a recess till 3 P. M.
The-' PRESIDENT called the Senate to
order at three o'clock. ) i -jui i-a
The Senate concurred ,in House Amend
ment to H. J. R. No. 91, Relative to Cen7
tral' LBnaHc !Asy1rm matters, fixing- the
first Tuesday Id January as ' the -time tor
. the joint committee to report. . n
Tue"'' ; PRESIDENT thed 'sp'potnted
Messrs.-Biarsy Hotcheww awT Kraner1 s
members ot said committee on the part of i
meoenaie. r. . ... .. ... ,
H. J. R. ProVnir'fdr the eare
ot-th patientaof hfr Central Lutistio Asy
lum district in the Northern and Southern
Asylums, was read and referred to the com.
mlttee on Benevolent. Institutions. ' . - -1
Mr. EVANS, from the committee oh Ag-':
rleulture, reported ;back H. J R. No. 91.
reeommendiqg. tilling, the blank with, the ,1
wora - two, sou me passage oi me resolu
tion. -
Tbeblaritwas filled accordingly, and the,
mojutiou was then adoj)tedo . ... ', .
Mr.'Ef ANS, from the same committee,
reported back H. J.R."1 No. 94, -recommending
striking 6oV the word irbree,n
designating the. number of the commission
to attend the Convention at Springfield,'
Illinois, and inserting "any number not ex
ceeolng A ve,n-and the passage of the reso
lution when so amended. . - ., , ,
The amendment was agreed to, and the
resolution as amended was then adopted. ,:
Indefinite leave of absence was granted
to Mr. Keifer.i' nit sunr-.U L-.w.ri i' t...-
Mr. WOODWORTH. bffered the follow-
lng resolutions:
WHKBkaaY In the dispensation' of Divine"
Providence, David Tod, Ex-Governor of
Ohio, was removed trom this life on the
13th day oi November, 13(58; and -u-' 1 - 1 "
Whekkas, It is proper that We the rep-::
reseptativea of the people , who mourn bis
loss, participating in their sorrow, should.
in View of bis services to oar State- In the
Sast, express our regret lor the illustrious
eceased; therefore be it . . . .
Bmolved bf th Senate of Ohio, That in.
.t. .-k. . L . i ff. I . f . 1
uie urmu vi xA.-vmvcnior auu, our oate
and' Nation have' ssstained the loss of
most abte, Influigntlal and pntriotio citizen,.
to wnose eminent services, as unler Jiiiec
titive qt our .State, in the darkest period
of pur nat ional existence, is due,- in no in--considerable
degree, ithe preservation of
the naionyf the tathers, and whose patri
otic exertions in that behalf, secured him
a proud nlace in the hlsiory of our natlor,
and an immortality3 as lasting as there
aulta be aided to achieve. a --'
JteHud, That while we are deeply mov
ed by the sad event of bis death, we should
be thankful to our .Heavenly Father that
there was1 given to ns a man whose wisdom
and' patriotism as a statesman;, whose vir
tuesaa a citizenj and wjhoee nobleness as
a man, will prove a beacon for the future
as tbey were a guide and exemplar in the
Hetolved, That these resolutions be spread
npon the journal, and the President of the
Senate is hereby requested to transmit a
copy of them to the family of the deceased.
Ifesohed. That the Senate do now adjourn..
spoke1 In commendatlod of tbe Itfe- and
character of she deceased.'. im.v.T r! , ,
Mr. CARTER moved that the resolutions
be laid on, the table, which was not agreed"
to. -' ... : tJ , , ...
Mr. DO WDNE Y . moved that the resol u
tioni be referred to the committee on Fed
eral Relations, which was agreed to by the
following vote:'
YeasMessrs Berry, Campbell, Carter,
-niilcv- .Diiv-dnpT. 7. .imiff.. . Frinfl. Mrwl.
frey, Hutcheson, Jamison. Keuneyt Liiui,
JUay, ocrioner, tt inner 10:
NaT Messrs. Biggs, v Brooke j Bor
rows, Corey, Dangler, Everett, Kessler,
Kranert ' Ptfto, Simmons, Stedman, Tor
Woodworth 13.- '
The House Joint resolution No. 92 pro-Tiding-
(hat when the General Assembly
adjourn on Wednesday, November 25th, it ,
stand adjourned to meet again on Tuesday,
January St; 1869, at 2 o'clock P. M. was
read, nod after a protrauted discussion was-,
made ths special order Xor lii o'clocjc
M. to- . . . "r' :."..',., ..
Mr. 'GODFREY offered;! aa'- ioHowifttf' I
resolutiojistisBaa ul oUan blwaU .i . ti :i
Whiuus, We have heard with profound
sorrow the death of the, Hon. James C.
Hilk; therefore I ' 1 :
Meweoed, That we testify to his exalted
chaiacter for pure patrlotisni and ability,
and perfect Integrity) and shall ever re
member him as a noble example ot modest
worth, manly frankness and Christian
courtesy.-.- - -rrT
Resolved, That by his death the State and
country have lost an active and uselul citi
zen; bis District, a tried and true represen
tee; society, an enterprising and philan
thropie leader; the Senate,a valuable mem
ber and a beloved friend.
Resolved, That we tender to his bereaved
family In their affliction our sincere sym
pathy. . r -' y : .. - - '
Resolved, That these resolutions be spread
upon the Journal, and the Clerk ot tne
Senate Is hereby requested to transmit a
epy of them to the lamily of the de
ceased. .
Resolved. That the Senate do now ad
raessrs. aUKKl. HUTCHKSON and
BROOKS pronounced merited and elo
quent eulogies upon the liie and public
services oi tne-deceased, which were or
dered to be spread upon the Journal.
The resolutions were then arlnntcd nnin
lmouBly,all the Senators present rising and
voting in their favor.
-ThePRE3IDENT then declared th
Senate adjourned till teu o'clock to-mor
row moruiug.
- Mr. CANNON, from the committee on
Agricnliare, to whom- was referred . in,
resolution relating to the cattle disease, on
yesterday reported in favor of the adoption
of said juiiit resolution.
" Mi1. COCKERILL moved to amend the
resolution so as to make the committee on
the part of the House consist of.xuree, in
stead ot. tlve members. After remarks by
Messrs. lannon, Scott, of Warren, aud
COeTterill, the amendment wssajcreed to
. ltW' question ithen recurred -upon the
adoption t the resolution asamended-
iue resolution was auopceu yeas VS, nay
'The SPEAKER abnolhted Mr. Jones, hf
Allen county, member of the committee
neon, Benevolent Institutions,: to. fill, the
vacancy occasioned by the election of. Mr,
Thornhil! as, Speaker Of the House..
j ' AlsoVfbrtiame reasons Mr. Hughes, of
tugniana, on tne committee on Finance;
I - Mm RUKEN BBODy H.' B.Nov 407 To
repeal aceruin act therein named,, which
! Mr! SHERWIN offered for adontion the
following resolution: ' ' ' al j ; - '
H, R.' No. 176-Whwrbas.' We have rea.
on to believe Ahat great fraoda have been
committed, at the. late State and Presiden
tial elections in this State; therefore be it
Resolved bvlhit Hovie, That a committee
or three te appointea,' whose doty rt shall
be at tlieir earliest convenience to report a
diii lor a . uonstttutionai .ana,,. Judiciary
Registr law, so as to present a like occur
rence at any insure election in this State,
I Air. HUUHJttViof iJlgliland, moved to
reier tne resolution, to the . committee - oil
rnvueges anu Elections. .
After remarks bv - Messrs. CoeVerfil
rona. waning. Hughes, of Htghland.Sher
win, xmii ana won, ina motion- was lost. .
i Mr. BALL then moved to refer tha ral
luiion 10 tne committee on the Judiciary
lur iiiuiiun u u ui,L uiev&ii.
' Tbe Question then ircurred iifVwirt r.hp
adoption of ! the : resolution, : which' was
agreea to yeas 67, nays 2s. .
The CHAIR appointed the following
committee on Mr.- Sherwin's' resolution:
Messrs. Sherwin, Calian ud Hilt or n.
nance. - .- . .. . '.;.,: -.ill .,! t, if
Mr. HILL declined to serve. . . .,
The CHAIR then aDnointed Mr' rhot.
erill to till the vacancy on the committee,
who alsodeclined to serve, but was nntnr.
ensed from serving. , ; . ,.. :3 ,: i, ..
; Mr..vOCKERILL said : . ,
! Mr.SpkaKBB I am ODDOSed to the reanl
lution of the gentleman from rncahnir, t
understand ia object to be to pass a regis
try law, and I think after the State of Ohio
has lor nearlv seventy vears conducted her
elections without the -onerous, r.omniw.
tlve and fraudulent machinery nf a re.ria.
try iawa to ne saifsiacuon -ot ner people,
we . should hesitate long before we make
any such change In the votinc laws of our
l am opposed, to the whole thihir. and
here notify gentlemen that, I, shall oppose
tbe proposition from beginning to end.
1 I am not to be frightened from the: rl aht.
by (he charge that great frauds have been
committed on. the ballot box. into the sup
port of an, in famous registry Jaw I can
not very well serve pn the committee. t
:jttr. BALL ottered the following resolu
tion, which was adopted: - J ' '-. '
H. R. No. 17JBea6ltxtL That ton several
State officers, including, the trustees of the
several benevolent institutions and the Di
rectors of the OhioJ Penitentiary be re
quested to state to this House tbe earliest
day on which their- respective reports can
be laid before tbe Legislature. -
On motion, ot Mr. SCOTT, of Warren.
riouse joins resolution in. relation to ad
journing IH the first Monday in January,
ioo, wu iroin ine saoie. Tii ' . :
Mr. .MANN moved to amend as follows:
strike out the words until the first Mondav
iq January," and add the words, "sine die.''
Mr. HUUHL9,or Highland, moved to re
fer the resolution, together with the pend
ing. amendment, to the committee on Fi
nance,, which was not agreed to.
The question being upon agreeing to the
amendment proposed bv Mr. Mann, the
8am e was not agreed to yeas 9, nays 74.
Mr. HUGHES,, of Butler, moved to
amend, by striking out tbe word Friday"
and r insert - u Wednesday." Strike out
First Monday in Januarv. 1889." and in.
sert t First Tuesday ol January, 1S69," at
o ciocK i . jn , a ue amendment was agreed
Mr. NEAL offered tbe following substi
tute:;; , T ! ,;n V !-....-', , ., ... -
bub. H. J. R. No. 92 Besolveti by the Gen
eral Auembly of the State of Ohio, That this
General Assembly wiH adjourn tine die on
Friday, the 6th of February, A. D., 1869, at
o'clock , -A. M. i The, substitute was uot
agreed to yeas, 21, nays 63..
Tu 3 . : . i lm . '. . .
auc qucruuii nieu rceurreu upon tne
adoption Of the resolution.--' - ' '
Mr. BALL opposed the resolution. .
Ml HILL, of Defiance, favored tbe res
olution. ,
Mr. ACKER doubted the propriety of its
passage.'. - - .;--. v.ii -jui i:
Mr. BAKER was for doing up our legis
lative work now.
Pending the consideration of the resol u
tion( the House took a recess. '
The House conenrred ia Senate amend
ments to H. J. R. No. 91, proposing the ap
pointmentof a. committee to investigate
meienirai Ajunatic Asvium matter, ana
authorize the commltte to sit during any
vacation or - session ol tbo - Legislature
yeaa ia, aya a... -... :i '., .
Mr. PARR, on leave, from the commit
tee on Benevolent Institutions, to whom
was referred House resolution No. 170. rel
ative to tbe Lunatic Asylum, reported back
tne following a.o. ti. jxo. yo. , .
Retained by (As General Ataembly of . the
State of Ohio, That the officers of tbe North
ern Lunatic Asylum at Newberg.' be and
they are hereby' directed -to receive and
provide tor as many of the curable insane
ot tne recent inmates ol the Central Luna
tic Asylum as the capacity of said North
ern Lunatic Asvlum will permit: and that
the officers of the Southern Lunatic Asy
lum at Dayton' receive into said Asylum
recent and .curable cases of insanity boat
the Central District on the same condition
and under tbe same regulation as tbey are
directed by law to receive similar case.-
from the Southern District; until the Cen
tral Asvlum is rebuilt. -or tber. are- other
wise directed by law, and that, the sum ol
S17.7UU wnicn was appropriated to pay th
uecessary current expenses of the Central
Asylum lor' the first quarter of 18G9, is
hereby made applicable lor the proper care
of such patients of the Central District as
are received Dy said Southern and North
em Asylums, and tbe Auditor of State is
nereey amnorized and required to issue his
warrant upon the Treasurer of State for
snca sum or sums as may be necessary to
pay for tbe proper care of such patients.
JTbe resolution was adopted yeas 83
nay t none.- . , ,,
Mr. KUITER asked and obtains iD,.
submit a communication from the
Trustees of tbe Ohio State Asylum for
imbeciles, relative to receipts and disburse
ments ot tbe building fund, with estimates
and explanations.
on motion or Mr. irvnu, said communi
cation was laid on the table and ordered to
printed- . . -, -'
-Mr. BALL moved to reconsider the vote
which the House adopted U. R. No. 176.
relative to appointing a committee to re
nort a bill lor the registration of voters In !
- Mr. HILL, of Erie, moved to lay the mo
tion upon the table. f The House refused-
yeas 20, nays 64. v
The question then was npon A reconsid
eration of the vote by which the resolution
was aaoptea. xne House reiuaea to recon
sider; yeas 33, nays 48.
- When the House took a recess, it had un
der consideration H. J. R.. No. 9i relative
to adjournment. - The discussion was con
tinued. Mr. BAKER proceeded to oiler further
reasons why the L gislatnre should not
now adjourn, atter which, -
Mr. PARR demane'e 1 1 e previous ques
tion. The demand was sustained; yeas
53. nays 31.S . - . . , . ,
The question then recurred upon the pas
sage of the resolutions as amended, unon
which the yeas and navs were had, and re
sulted years 59, nays 26.
Those who voted in the affirmative were
Messrs. Branch, Bronson, Brooke. Callen.
Cantleld. Cannon, Carpenter.- Cjleman.
Cusac, Denman, Dennis, Dickson, Dunn,
&auies, unllup. Gaston. Hare. Hill of De
fiance, Hill of Erie, Hill ot Fulton, Hord,
Howard, Hughes of Butler. Hughes ol
Highland. Johnson, Jones, Kain, Kemp,
Kennett, Kennon, Lawrence, Lee, McMor
ran, Moffutt, Moore, Newman. Nichol
Odell, Parker, Parks, Parr, Rough, Ruken-
brod, Rutter, - Saylor, Scott of Warren,
SherwiD,.Sisler, Skaats, Stewart, Stickney.
a wetland,- Thompson of Columbiana. Ul-lery,-
Warnklng, Warren, ; Wolf,- Wood,
those who voted in the negative were ':
Messrs. Acker, Anderson, Baker, Ball, Bel-
ville, Bo3timer,CockeriIl, Oilworth. Finley,
Fitch, rOordon, Head ley, Kerr of Favette,
Kerr - of JefTersoti, Lewton, Mann, Neal,
Kead, Kobinson, Ross, Scott of Hamilton,
Shaw, Thompson of Stark, Walling, Wil
son. Worth. . . v . ..,
So the'resolutton was adopted. - -
- Mr. CALLEN moved to reconsider the
vote by which the resolution was adopted,
i .Mr. .CALLEN proceeded to urge the
reason why tbe resolution should, be re
considered, and why the Legislature should
not now. adjourn. He urged that there
was business of such a nature as required
tbe Immediate attention-ot the Legislature,
ana,tnat Dody could not escape the respon
sibility. : -Mr. HILL, of Defiance,' deprecated' the
coarse or argument pursued by the gentle
man who preceded blm. Mr. Hill denied
that there was any - coalition between the
Kepu oilcans nno uemoerars aoout ad
journing. He was for adjourning on prin
ciple, and because be thought it best tor
tbe State and the people. ' - ;
Mr.SISLERsaid it it was proposed to
have mileage drawn twice, , be would be
Opposed to adjournment, u --1
! Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, thought no
member would be entitled to . mileage ex
ceptat a rejulsr aeaslon, wljicb.. this. was
i Mr. HEADLEY moved that the House
do now adjourn. The motion was lost
yeas 28, nays 34. : .- - ...;.!
' Mr. BALL explained his course 'ln 're
gard to adjournment. He. deplored tbe
personal allusions which had been drawn
rrom gentlemen auring tne discussion,
HR'LEWTON thought the reason why
the Legislature adjourned 'last spring to
November was, because impeachment was
pending, and a vacancy wa- anticipated in
tbe Doited States Senate. He thought the
adjournment unwise: be also thought an
adjournment at this time would be equally
unwise.- - 1 - -' -' -:
Mr. HUGHES, of ITIghlahd, ' moved to
lay the motion to reconsider oh the table.
The" CHAIR appointed ' asJrhembersv'oT
the joint committee on toe uentral lanatie
Asylum on tne part ot u' Mouse, Messrs.
Parr. Scott, of -Warren, Ball, Johnson and
" '" !
Tlie House concurred In Senate amend
ment to H. J. R. No. 91 in relation to ap
pointing a joint committee on. said sub
ject. : ---- '- ' w J-i -
Mr. OASTON, on leave, from the com
mittee on Finance, . reported a partial ap
propriation bill for the year 1868. in ac
cordance with the suggestion of Governor
Hayes, in bis message, which .was. read a
first and second time under aiuspension
oi tne rules, auu,
Oa -motion of Mr.- HUGBE3. of-.tirh
landf ordered-to be-ngrossed at the Clerk'
desk, and read a third time now. The bill
passed yeas 74, nays 2. ,; ,.
Mr. BROOKE, on leave, bfTered the fol
lowing resolutions, which were adopted:
' Whereas, In tbe dispensation of Divine
Providence,- ex-Gov. Tod, of "Ohio, was
called by death from our midst on tbe 13th
day of. N ovember, 1868, and j ... i . .
Wherkas, It is proper that we, the Rep
resentatives of the people,' who' mourn his
loss, and participate with them in their
sorrow, should express our regard for the
memory ol the honored dead; therefore," -
Resolved. Bp the House of Reoreen ta-
Uvea of the State of Ohio, That in the death
ol Ex-Governor Tod. our State and natioh
have sustained the loss of an able and pat
riotic citizen, whose eminent' services and
commanding influence, as Chief . Executive
ot the Slate, during the. most threatening
period oi our na i-'imi nistory,w rauuh to
perpeiuars me union or ixir -tamers, anu
whose patriotic It T'8 in that direction se
cured lor him. an exalted position. in the
history of our country, and. an immortali
ty as enduring as the results be aided In se
curing. - "' , '. -I ; .-.'.,
' Resolved, That we are deeply pained by
this sad event, yet we are grateful that
there was given us a man whose virtue
and benevolence j as a neighbor and
citizen, whose high-toned nature as a man,
whose statesmanship aud political sagaci
ty will prove a beacon and guide to our
selves and future generations.
Resolved, '- That5 these resolutions be
spread upon tbe journal, and the Speaker
hereby requested to "transmit a' copy of
le same to tne lamny ot the deceased.
Resolved, That the House do now ad
jOlirO. . . . - "
New Advertisements.
t?? Tbe -Ohio SilntPsmnss ' a
career urcalallea lUaa any. pat
per pitblialied lei ihl City or Cea
tral Obio. .-Adrertlaera -vlll bear
talis ia mind. - .
Sheriffs Sale.
John P. Trabue et al. ) Court of Common Pless of
t c f nuftim county, v.
Ales M. Trabue et al.) : , - in Partition.
A. sale in the abere stated ease from said court
me directed, I will offer for sale at the door of
tne court nouse, in toe oiiy oi ioiumDus, Uhio, on
Saturday, ttie 26th dav of December, A
U 1909, .
at 1 o'clock P. M.. tbe following described real m.
tate. to-wit: the same being situate in Franklin
township, county of Franklin and State of Ohio,
and bounded and described as follows, to-wit;
Beginning at a stake on tbe margin of the Moioto
river, being the southeast corner of the Trabue
anrvev No. 630: ruonfaa thence on the iiniith i;n.
of said survey south 64 degrees, 30 minutes: went
n so-ieu poles to a stave; tnenee Bortn o degrees.
IS minutes: west 104 80-100 poles to a stake; thence
north 64 degrees, 30 minutes, east 40 4-100 poles to
stake in the margin of tbe riyer: thence down
thenrer wltn tne meanders tnereof south IS de
crees, east 11 pjld and 60-100, south 36 degrees
minutes, eacw ei-iov poles to tbe beginning,
containing 0 acres, 1 rood and S3 poles. u
'k'mr mal kn,hiri, MBJih in hanrl n J.. n f T
one-third in one year and one-third in two years
from -Ja? of sale, back payments secured by mort-
ggge on idc preuiHw boku ...
AppraUedat SS.OOO.
Printer's fees t '
ufcOROB H. EARHART, Sheriff.
By J. 8. Bull. Deputy, - ;
Dbbsel A AIayo. Att'ys.- - novas-dltwtd
Paving Notice.
altvhomU may Ckmetrn:
Columbus, 0., Not. S3, 18S8.J
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted in the City Council of Columbus, for
matting tne louuwiug i in pruo mourn, ,u-w 1 1 ;
Kor ffradins and caviar the unoaved sidewalks.
gutters and crossings on tne west siae oi tne va
Aantsround west ot the market house, and for na-
vingtbe balance of said vacant ground with Kio 1
aon pavement from Town street to Kich street.
Also, tor laying a aoueie row pi nag crossing
aoro'i Ucnter alley on tne aoutn siae oi spring
street. . ... . ' -. ' ' '
Also, for laying a aonoie row nag crossing across
Center sue at tne l.iuia ins oi ong street.
The same to be done in accordance with Dlataanil
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in tbe office of tbe City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
nrntwiAAfi imarnvements. are reduired to file their
claims in the office of tie Clerk, ia writing, on or
oefore the fcighth day ot January, a. v. iskb., .
. H. Xi. YV ILiBUK ,
nov25-dltaw4w City Clerk
OB. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, Bert
a aeries of vears to the treatment oi certain pri.
lis street. VOinmous. umo. dh oivvkw uushs
rate diseaaea. Ham., hAnaulbsd at his omatm
Broad waj . near the Exchange Bank
mayi-u . . .
j .Attopneyat Ia.vr !
PARlOlTS BniLDIHO, -. - i : '
aug-eodSm COS. TO Wli'Jk BIGBST3, '
. ,r",
peculiar and important relations' which
tbey sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, hre subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small degree to -their
bappiness and welfare,, for none can be
Jiappy who are ill. , Not only bo, but no
one or these various female complaints
can long be suffered to run on without
Involving (the , general health of the in
dividual, arid ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections,
and only npon the most urgent necessity
win a true woman so tar sacrifice her
greatest charm, aa to do this.- . The sex
will then thank ns for placing in their
bands simple specifics which will be
found efficacious in relieving aud curing
almost every one of those troublesome
complaints peculiar to the sex? ;.":,'
: n:
i Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds' of othrs apply: vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make tjhem worse,
J would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice -to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em-j-
ploymerit7,' -nS wholesome ' air and food',
profuse men8truatiiiiu-the use of tea and
coffee, and freqpent childbirth, it- is far
giuuur cauafMAT uirecs lmnwion, ap
plied to the mucous" membrane of the
Yagina4tself. :!:' ' 1 : ' -''
When reviewing- the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
toentempafethe,: 4ttna,ir evil con0
t :L iiiA fx. L J. v I
BtjucuL ;uiju lueuii jii is diu simple
justrce ti thesubj&Tittcr enumerate' a'fe'w
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in -all classes or society,
sjnd which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the welfare of the entire
human family, -yhe -jn ania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
1 eatrses-the 'years thanatore designed"
for corporeal development to he wasted
and pervertefj m-fts9 restraints of dress,
: lie early coDfinem'ent "of school, and es
peciaiiy in tne nnnealtny excitement of
-the ball-room. Ibus, with the body
half-clotbtrd, and the- mind unduly ex
leited Ty pleasure, perverting in miJ
"flight revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion u halt Accomplished. t -
",,,":...-' .: . J A
I In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the .delicate votary, to re.
tain ber situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one e'xtiterbent ,isr6ver, another in pros-
ici:tivo .eepa ma uiiuu uinruiuiy sensi
Aive to impression, while the now con
stantj Restraint of fashionable dress, ah
Bolutely torhldding the exercise indis
pensabfe to the attainment and retentipn
ot organic bealtn and strength ; the ex
posuM; to' bight air ; the sudden change
of temperature ; the complete prostra
tion produced by -excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti-
mateect';At last, as' early marriage
caps tbe climax ot misery, and the un
fortunate one; hitherto bo utterly regard
lesspflAhe plinj dictates and, remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. This is but a truthful picture of
J. ins is Diu a trutpmi J?LCtjejt i
tbe experience of thousands of our young
; ; JjQtiff before the ability to exercise the
functions pftpe generative organs, bey
require an education -ot-their peculia:
nervous system, composed of what is
called, the tissue, which is, in common
Witn tne remaie Dreast ana lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
'and associations at, an early period of
me ; ana, as we snail jsupsequentiy see
these, eruptions, when, excessive,, -lead
before puberty, to habits which sap
-the very life bf their victims 'ere nature
,has self completed their development.. n
For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites ' or Loncorrhoea, .Too- Profuse
"HenstruRtion, Exhaustion, ' Totf ' Long
.uoniinuea Arenoqs, lorjt'rpiapsus and
Bearing Down or Prolapsus Uteri, we
otter tne most perfect, specific; known
Helmbold's, Compound Extract ot
Buchu. ' Directions for nee, diet, -and
advice, accompany.
r rr n Is. . '
Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age, will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its Junctions, btrengtn is tbe glory of
manhooa ana womanhood. Helmbold s
ExTBACT.BucHU.ia more strengthenipg
than: any ot tbe preparations Bark
or iron, inhnitely saler, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's Extract Buchu
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
fctates, is now ottered to afflicted humanity-
as a certain cure for the' follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what-
ever cause originating : ' General Debil
ity, Mental - and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood. to
the . Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
Urenerai irritability, .Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular i,thcieney,l(OS8 ot Appetite,' Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
ieneration, palpitation of tbe Heart,
ud, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous ' and Debilitated state -of the
y stem. To insure the genuine, cut this
iut. -Ask for Helmbold's.-- Take no
ther. . '.')
I Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. ' ,
, . - "r- ; -- -Price.
$1J25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
or j $6.50. Delivered to anyaddress.
describe symptoms in all 'communica
ionst -Address H.: T. HELMBOLD,
i'.Jrug and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y. , -". . . . ;(
lone are genuine unless done np in
'iteel-engraVed vVrftppe'r, 'xvffif'fao-simile'
;f ray Chemical Warehonfi.-,' ftnd ugned
ySJ-dw-s-weowly U. T. HELMbOLD.
or THB
United k States of ) America;
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
in i . .-1 ' ? r
To whioh sll general corrcspopdence ihonld be ad
,,w tik A ': bt i ;.
CLARENCT? H. Cl ARK. President.
JAY COOKE, Chairmao Fiaaace.and Ezeeotirt
Committee.'' l J J
HENRY D. OOOKE. Vice Tresident.
ElltKSON W. 1-EET. Seereurj end Actuarj.
Offered br tb U Comp-nr Are ji
It ia a National Company, obartered by ipeeial
set of Connress, 1868.
It bus a paid ap capital of S1.CO0.0O0.
I It offeri low rates of premium.
'It furnishes larger Insurance than otherCompa
liies for tbe same money.
it is aennite nd certain in its terms.
It is a borne Company in every locality.
It Policies are exempt from attachment. -
There are no nnnMnuirr rAstrintlana ia t)i- Vnl.
I Erery Policy is non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken that will pay insured tbeir
full amount and ret-rn-aU-tfee prjtoiums, so tbat
the Insurance costs only the Ihtertst on tbe anoual
Polioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a ce.rta.UL number af years during life, an an
neal mseepwol one-tenth the amount named in tbe
No extra rata ia charged for risks upon the lives
f females.
. It insures not to par dividends, but at s
Cost tbat dividends will be impossible,
i JOHN -vr. ELLIS CO..
Cincinnati. Ohio, General Agents for Ohio, Central
; and Southern Indiana.
CpTu bos: Special Agents for Finklfn, Lloiini.
In no previous wear hat' there
een such strong competition among
all the ) leading SewmgJ If ahine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present nAt all the
principal Exhibitions- and Fairs
tJiey met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor- of the Florence1 Beversiole
Feed Zock-Stltch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
FBighest Prize as the best Family
Sewing "Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.tExposUion - Unt
verselle, Paris f American Institute
rv.ii. '- vrv. : ---ar
-a.i7ic a. jm A. i i jBryaorsssfica
Agricultural iffrir, at Providence,
It. I.; the New York State Fair, at
'Buffalo) ther Great 'Annual Faire
of JCew England, viz, t that of the
Mechanice? Association, at Ixnrett.
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks Session
on the lth of November, the supe
riority of the . FL QB.ENCE . was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing , Machines, who ' unani
mously awarded ' it the ' 'S GOLD
ju.eda.Ij," the highest Prize the
Institute confers.
.s, - - v...i.,..,n; fv f, f ., ''I
It would seem, aa if this smeeeaaion of tri
nmphs should be anffloient to convince every
nnprejaauced person or the ereat superior.
itv of tha FIjOR'RNOir. an, 11 nth-v. mm
raaiily Seing- Machine.
A written warranty la given to th pur-
cnasex, thst tno Machine WILIi DO A Xj'
mat is claimed for It, and shonld It fail, it
will be taken MOk, nd the UOHXT S-
rrtncipal Offleftmd Salmnemi J, M Wut
nurth gtreety. CinMnmatU A -. , i-,Trf -! a-inV
H. KcCONNEIUti, Oeaeral AfwX
1 TlrVTEHl. ' -1
At the Ohio Stara Voir arKink . TtJ.
Sopte - her Kth. 18fiS, the FLOBKNCK received
the flBST fBEXlPJCloT the best Family Sewing
oiwjuinea over aeven competitors. -
Send for a eiranlax. nrAa.11 jLnH ramina ihj. Ma.
ashines at the new Saloirooms. . ., , , ,.
81 East Stale St Colnmbssaj, Oblo.1
I Irlj),!?. S. BB0WN, Agent. i-
.-'- . ' i ' -""''it
5r AIT kind! of stitching dona to nrdr, and
NEW-.yORK. -
FOR It E;y;ir. 1
It is an elegant Dressing for th'e Usir. ' .," - -)-
It causes the Bair to Curl beautifully. 1 An . '
It keeps the Scalp Can nd Eaalthy.. . : 1
It invigorates ths Roots of the'Hair. 'Vi . ", i. , '. '-.
1. -. ' , . !- '.' .' ""
1. iun.es me cair ana iera,.e grow raxurui itly..r
ttimrnediataly stops Hair FsUing Out. ?',- '.' , ;
tt keeps the Hair from Changing Color from . ,-
It restores Grey Hair to iti Original Color.
It brings out Hair on heads that hare been bald fot
is composed entirely of simple and purely veget-
j, .'.'( 'fi '.le substances ! .'
hss received over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many . .which are frorn
. " ' physicians in high standing." ' '
It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
the glass), bv Druggists and Dealers in Fancy j
.... . ..... ,
Goods everywhere, st One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale by Demaa Barnes A Oo.; F. C. Tfells A Co.;
SchieBelin A Col. New York. rsCHmr-mchSff-dlv
Corner Broad & High Sta.'f
1 COLUMRIIR V nu.r.1 i ! : ! j I-
fehs-du v.-. ' "''-i18
'vB-TDaM.1- ' job. HtrroHBsou. w.a. VArnkx
-4 i
13 S. JLUCei- Hi nGET, '
(anlO-dly-r Colambas, O,
! ytsa SCX A. 1 II
(eif.uiai; ,"SsTfc-)Se':rr!ia .I
, , , .
1 T C? Ci l7
! ufirtUo .iidhu
.,i i ..lit ttsiiar.
.nwh''-. i.-fi .
-.cHi 'I- : ,:-.ti--i;.5 .'a.i..-
; - - ---.-,.;,..; .v
-. -..
- r.A ..i
!!-..:. . -'.'tf
I f !(.' . .-.a-.
era a waKtsrsr mz:
y. t . SEItGESs
-D I b'.'9'tt't w . i.:- ...... '
.it Uf f.r
.-Kmu.il-i '
-- i , -.i t : h
.." ) ;i-ii-1 . i i
r-'H .T:;ia ''t a-.vi
71) 1 UlU
! 1
I '. . srM-"-- -9
I ; .-w- .:aiii "
. . !,. - . I , -
IV t if
3. '. .A
-1 -1 'ar
, IV.i, li. l
. i .tr i it i . I
an- )
" 'DE fJlTNES,..'"
A rr : . t .
I -o ;"
':is I .-
;f :!
.Y)i.i:i7:!i i.L J-.;i:'.)TAV
tlffM a 3-tsi It '. ... ,!-
1- .,f
1 'ft - I:
sio H r. tf -.'cd 1 -.6-9,
i i t i-tTf-
- w 'vT -w-ar-. Va a-. -w- - . 1 I
i f -j. :
. I ,
,;: '1 . ..
: 1,. a-i,!--
Cost Fostsid fat
f I
It .1 MV ' i . i r: .. .-.
260iiAIW ':?
T, - ' ...... -
' ' ' : - - .H
i.-. ; . t.
I .! .... . ....
w ,j, -: 1
. .
:i v I
: JiP IV , HujJLOXUlAf
il i
!" tT
- K .
m .a
'A '
b , i-
- -. . i
:. x i j -I or
' A. '" 'Sd'
han CO
f 'or i nr 1 1
Lart night bat ONE at
' Bt nnlvenal raqaeat, s)' '
r tM..iVTAT-. T-tiHg I
TThwiksgiTing Mtvrno'KoU
I r.: Johtr Ellrier begs to .bnounei "thai si'-
"r'jSS9 wLth thve oirs.l", eVeatf lb2 ?.
ef iWttmbms, he baa mad. an-MgVm.ntT for 1t?
i ( , . vr.iivj-3 . -, -
Oo.Thursday afternoon. Nov. Ss. on whiel,
- -.. . . -- i
win be produced - . .- . . -
With the sams attention teSeesis and other efi.
" evening perfermaDoes. SET- TflNV
UfcM-Kas CLOWN; 1 - " r
Ad miss loir to Mat.nee vjnly Adnltg 60 dents:
i hildren ander IS years of age. 86 cents. "
' do Slta eharaa f., Ummi .,. w:-v-- 1
orured daily at Opera House from io till I (A. M,
and frem 1 till 3 F- M Thursday eveniug. wort
potluvely last night ef Httmpty Dnmpty. tovS4 t
specialuohces.;, t;
- Rn.lt I. w. .
When the stomach is rebellious, tbe Hver cents.
mesons, the bowels disordered, the fcrain eonfuieof
sad the nerves in a tumult, eall ia the aid of Hoai
rectors ouiet,'reg(larity and harmony to the action
of these important organs. A large proportion of
the complaints to which the hanraa famUy an) sub
ject, originate in indigestion.- Pot this distressing
."-.wv,uu iwwirui mnumeraoie AllmeBUasdi
tressing aa itself, tbe BITTKR8 are the only artiste
ptyysa tu farsruse- to W-swvaweal sa aufaH
lng remedy. But although it'was as a remedv for"
dyspepsia ah. tnTobiness thai thMfm- 4Aia4'
pnttffft rwtity years ago. it is now will understood ,
coin by tne public and. (be medical profession, ttaf
their curative properUesdakea fa1 wider range. In
new 'oaoaiB4aiQt. spasmodic sflectioss. fever and
ague, and every variety of general andlocal dsbilityj
mwii)ii uim 'T I hi a lasses ur pro
elements in the watsv w. the air,piTa'tinipo
lure, Ac. no mediohml fcgeatit'present knows eaa
be justly compared with this powerful, TSt jismiinsa
tonic The feeble and .sensitive, wo oan'ill with!
Mai tb icUme ef the winter seasoa, will
Bod the BITTERS .exactly the article they need to'
fortify and sustain them. ,j.i ,ia - nr. r. i
may2Ueod&wlyw-vJ-i a i
, , . . V. IDUIWIIM kUDIVtVl. m
Ket edition of the above will be forwarded on,
"welDt ot J5 cents, by ddreafne: Doctor CtrKnf'f
Wo. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore, Md. a t- v
CPs maySS-dly.A i .. ,n.o. .ji. mc
. ti- . 1
- if,-,-, z ,. -,s-.-A-'.iiui-VA l
PRO? tvqsl Srkviat the largest marrot
factory ; uHoiUt Bilver Wats in the wbrlj.-irtllh
the saoH sapreTwl machin iy. ana-wailldyinf ' iheT
moat skilled: lirbor. are enable tqofer an BtaA
equalled variety ef new and . beautiful desigae 4s
Uinner Serviees, Tea Services, end) eer articll
speaieJly-sMtipteaCar Holiday ass BrTdaJ Utfti,
Tbey offer also their weU-knowo and anrivajtedf1
t-eisqtkiJleUvrt-tU-.V-B ! siIjsu- lhr
have introduced new" patterns of-rtreveleganee.--
The Solid Silves U guaran tatd1 to he of sterlisf
P-rityhy O.tS. Mint assay. The Eleetett-PJaii
guaranteed tobe superior ,t6 h"e Dest'SbsffieaJJ
ware. Orders received rant the Trade- oaly, hm U
tb- sjss-jiNnoMaia
; - . rxi Trada
rrsdeMsrkrrt ' '
1 Bilver. "CS-liWlMAJ "''''irr"
Salesroom Ho. SaUuiri. w v
, novS-d&wtXm-re kt'
; .lenis." . . ""'
j ? . l iUt if, tf I
Thousand of ehildrtn die snnnallv of erriBi--
Now, Mothsrs.'lf yoa wouia spend 6" oen&. and
always havaa boUU ot CiwTobiae Veuul)suta
iment in the. house, ypa never eed, fear losing
your little one whea attached with tbueomplaias.
It is now years sinoe I have put npmyXisimenta
and never heard oi a oLUd dyicg' of Croup whonl
my Liniment was. need:: hat hundreds f oares
have-bees reported te tee, and many state if it was
1 SlS-per boftte tbeywould sothewitbout it- Bs-
""Y- ;, m tinajn ruireior liuss, Jtorns;
Headache.- Toothaahe. Sore- Throat. 8welllngfr:
Mumps. Colie Diarrhea. Dyaentery, gpasmg. OliT
Sorts and Pslns in the LTmhs, Back, and .Chestr
No one once tries' it who is ever without it. It'is
w arras ted perfectly aafe to tats rn1crEanyMnn'
directions with every, bottle. : B0I4 by the Drug
gists and storekeepers 'ih tha ilnitJ Hi.i, pTe
pot 10 Park Place., f(.X. .,,,., 1 1. .m (t
, jnel6-dAwVFSO-Pejn. 1 ,s ,.--jxut.U vJL
r r , . ,.l , 1 1 : . . ..: :J1
j . BQifjs ;Jct-Uu-J-.Pjoluct(. j.
rore blood makes wtlr, had bloodrmakes aa,
sick. Vapors from poorly digested food, ia tba
blood are condensed bhob llriii M
servo to make them grow or repair their waste.--
Om.v- m. :,. . 1
ww mi.m m aiv.ef or lesser proportion of
ssch materials cannot be soun4.' If ths bad eonJ
dlrton of blood, continues but for a few days er 'i
I weeks the Lody will be out of sorts;-mad if it cB- J
tinuw, the whole of the bodywjll in time be-fg-,
newed Withlmperfect blood, "and the health bad; '
it is in a decline popularly called a eonsumption.
INow li rand roth ' Killa n.n.it. k. -
of blood, causing tbe sxpuisieaTbf 'farpufities;'tfi
body feels relieved from a sing's dossn-whak tbea
may by sxpeeted from twenty? By continuing "
their ws tbe- whole ef tbe blood fn time beomee 1
parifittf, snd ths body rooonstruetsd fross goed na- .4
terUUthe decline toppd.au a avw. JsMawsccMtaa
secured. Principal .office,, Bsampeith Hotrsa,
IIewYork. Bold-Sy all dWie3st."
, lnneRiwlycm-rKT f . ,, , , .
To art wa owe a thoasaael ma--"-" i I
Isspiovtog'ffBtuie per disgrace is., ..4j
; j 80, as gray hair don't pleats the eye.' -in . vi'4
Cristadpn)'? H.fr PriservativtfM
i striking, a tmndlag. are the Effects prodaead.
by Cristad-ra'i Hair trsaermtivs aad Beamtiser: A
Be ths hair aver so wiry, coarse sad idmanageabl
by brush and comb, in one week this artiol Lwill 1
sender it flexible, lustrouasnd iDcliaed toesuvt . I
L SM b DraggistSL-adsnpHed by ail HairtrrM?--
f'ra. - Manufactory If o: SS aialden Lane. PrincipaA ,
USDAa Na.. IfMpHiuiu ...... -
- janel-dAw)ycnt-reNT4
CheraUers TreaUse (ho Hals.
free to all. given away at MfVDrui .StoreX'orsaat' rj
by mailfree. Tbtsbook shooJde in every house.
It teaches to cultivate and havs baaatiful hair, m
and reetqrs gray bail to it original ooson .ate !it-
WKng out, and ramuve elli rrritatron ti' uandnUtli
fJltsspin"fl tsir wtifiato
tns latest period of. lifa-rtlU. h i,l(l
, 1 oanan a. r. t AL.lc.rt, ai. .
- jNT-aovl7-eodlm-
rt23 Broadway.
ty.B.Y. VI
as a missionary, discorered a safe and simple rem
ed for theCure of Merroos Vk eekness. Early bo
car. Diseases of tbe Urinary KfiiBlrn.! J I
and the whole , train of dussalec regkt.B BJ t L
baneful and vicious habits. .Great numbers bawe I
k. MrjMl bvthis noble semedT. Pm, l
desire to benefit the afflicted and awforttrfrate:
ill send the reoipa for prepanor and ,h:. :
medicire. in a seated' envelope, to- any. one wh
Deeds it. y-ax or CHAaai. Address. -
I Ration D.Wh
pie treatise on the cause and euro of prema-
aula usci me. snows now Deaitb is impaired tbrooea
nd manhood.
and how v 1
iivwoto and the vigok
singj tbe effects of-earir pernioioas Mhi's selT
bn, inrpoteney and climate, give sway at once to '
iuniiir powers, irum woatev
this wondflrfnl madieine. if tthm i...l-,i .
ing to the directions (whieb are very simple and re-''1 "
Suits no restraint from boioe.or plaauare.) Fmil
r : T " , nmci oniy or tbe aol 7
HI'! A l"tf t .r ,Te
splendid Hair D-j It tb best la the Tjrorld 1,3
Dly true and perfect Dye; harmless. reHable,a1'' 1
ntanena. an ilin.iJL .7.. ii.
the m
tin; remiilheilUfibTnvi:
orstes snd lesves.ths Hair soft andtWi tUA. Uai
ao ridk-nloas':??
nvir- .
Vegetable Cosmetis Lotion. epSl-dAwly.vr
iPdimente to marriage, the oause sndeffects of :"'
ner von s nehthtv ami ,ka w.j: .v. ..x- .
bne Sol i by all Drugei.u and IVf,;t .
j6 Bond street. H York,, rwv aswW AAmtw
is the reward of an oooaiioaal use of Palmer's

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