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treetr A
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Nov. 24, 1868.
A M .
1 M
.4 AT
. 4
Hm Rlees.
... 59 1 Sun Bete.
rarm.il, street i belnit
mad clean
" . . in.
It was 'read? ror
The Sheriff -b the court Mid
JU ieh anew pin.
wa the fifth anniversary
ol the battl of Lookont .Itaattto V;,
4 BJ-Ttie Grand Jury will probably close
Its tabor to'day.t-Jfc larne number of wit
nesses have been beforehe 'Jury.
. tar Watch four henroosW. i Poultry
thieve are commencing business again.
They 'aid ""but ona oal" piece ot ntt-
I'tST 'A iirgeTdtwe 'of fat cattle were
.- j ......h.- mv '-veaterday. We
eoiiid see oorter house steak - la ,
mcjsemeiit of the. critter, j .!;'
iAHiMivWAs has bee n tb custom
fpiwanyj yii:,qjPi9'sxlvlnjt;jDay. to
..mt.) will be Dretty aenerally observed
hm fcuslnesa, W !y,W-TWi.0
heldatsBOSpofctheehercnes. ; ..ir.
Messengers An-owraiw The Governor
annnlntBd-H. C. DillkleV, of
Lancaster and. Elia & Lewis, or Cleve
land, messengers to ,, notify0 electors t
PreSdent; wntf Vice President, of -their
t : , f" e-iYT -1 .JIM.'.:;- :
election. .'
atreefc ot the. city, to-morrow. more
soldierly or 7 beoer -organized company
theto fa not In thVState of Ohio than the
Independent Snerwai Guard. y er!,clic,,
"DKiASnttVL' vr rather The-dellghtfhH
weatherof thepastjve, dayabroagnttout
many iadlei'upon our treefki.u"K Imparted
a buoyancy to thelr-spMtt and an elasticity
tehrr te andaeed thelaceiiges
to gldwwltbiieaWanir beauTyra- ttiey
drank In ths -beauty of aniuiclQudedj8k.y
Soldier's Claims Collected. - From
tbe rerCXfJtheCA(9BtanX Generate ye
learn that he has collected from the com
mencement of bis term-of office to the end
of tbe fiscal year 278607,61.,, Thia la for
Sffldieclaims; oYltlpds; excluslTfof
lesion cases and.atnt war; .claims,"; g.
Court in ths Probate CourtlMPflW yester
dayv.The pom lT pot Jn Jit, condition. Jor;
tbe parpose. and we hope the Commission
ers will make the necessary alterations and
ImproveiKenrs without delayriJurt ee Olds
made an assignment the chancery and
divre csen
,,TJm erlminai gases yUP
A Perfect Jam. The wrecks brthe two
engines that coHTded at tftbalisi, a few days
ago, are at thVPKqni shopi.f 'THej present
Jy.ii&PPer"P e nlin. ntit
lam thtkhr ktb joints 6t-lecopC
Nettaeir ofi'hVhgines wen ibxowa "Iron.
thi!tftfcsi'JyithtOTce of tttf cjlliibn, and;
the two engines .were, brought here very
easily, the trucks running as If they carried
but.the one ehine ;'," .f
tila&&ii m- CCLTUBe.Thilddeu
Norris, whose inj;lef 4 Boali" met wlth
such deserved 8 jocess. has writtefl anoth er
thltiwe oaithe cultuTpiart'iacial breeding
aid; if earing ' bl trout, salmdnV'shad and
othaiLiasbes.. Mr. Nereis tallr understands
the subject on which he treat's; and he gives
as here clear and distinct -instructions as to
the Jeedjftg jQjidt management;, fii fish.. , He
bas fully mastered the subject on which he
trestsi'lnd tsV tberelor& : competent to teach
others. Tlie book Is credit to Porter A
Coates, the wbiiahessiuanaall & Aston
have it for sale. tXA:'ii fio.j
Top TROfc AlToji pFjrp-DAXifttbe
e otXmaeh-engaiiag wor,silsul '
from the popular pubflsbing house of G. P.
Putnam ASoD.66l-BroadwffyiNWfTJrVVl
The'stbry lslafi oft Amerrcarisolf.knd 'this j
facQiTcoanection with the charming style
of lte'rehearsaij fine paper and clear type,
nfk& therbdok firifr'to'be sbtlzhl"itter bv
lovers' ol fim:MaU"'f(h'
the best reprinted fcoov-Putnams' Maga-
slne'. sal- 1rP;C6lumb'iis..;by Geoi F.
Cab 'lN.--The bew Wty. cistern at the
corner,of flay, and Front street caved in
about nwm e8ter(!ay.Tw6'"Tiien who were
wofltlnViji'.iCVC iaref informed, wefe
eau ght -by. jtb fMltfJjr; ,rtl nd ' debrff aiid
. seriously ipjbred-The 'cistern:, had ijust
beeVJlniFhed. put ad not yet .been turned
thitv.''i Tho men were :asted itf tak-
lng.put the supporto 4p,prbpi' 0, the In-;
id, rben the great wetsht of earth eaased
It to give' way. "We could "hot learn the
namekoT'the injuwrd' wkieA:M ',j M:
WP2 J-' t'A -i. -r-ii-t' Trn 'fiLniA,
borbdgh were mratWt; at! vagrants.;' Fpr
maa a weary hoar did Isaae and il Haa
tramp the streets punting for a home. Tbey
wooi not particular as to whose borne
was, so long as, ic; was wen suppueu wiuu
little tilings laying 'round loose that p ojJd
ariry'rafihese.'fcUows i atwben .they.
place thelclUy white. bands.ea.,anythiDg
portable, they yet ; erankp- tntheiftgers,
an . e mpot iv'ltaKAtii
of 45 and eosta each they wof escorted - to-j
that tone pue wnere many .avag.oas piga
od because ue.naa 10 wotm,
Kit I I
flrMrrTjtTMrrT:A. th ttBi when
' r
the fnnnv HumDtv Ddinpty will' take hit
possible, grow larger" TBe proaucuon 01
thkaBtamlpe2?ro4bo an 'unprtte-
dented succesiti i-LOnjf before cno nour an
nounee,forWeurr'.'toJ' rlse,r'Wantilng
mnm la at rrremlnm. 'and this night alter
nlffVTwnorrbw; alteroooo there will beJ
matinee Mvei forliladles!',airdLnclrndr6p
whe thehotase win be a WeIlll as at
a regulir':ntht' pertorniance.JSeccess to
the burlesque. Though it may not "point
a oraTnd adorn tile,"Jyet .ltcaus'.
neartv laugpier.msKJng us. torgetw while
indulging joaundf mirth, Uiatrf etfre bas
lodgement on. pe earthy, m r
OuR.TtOLEBajtHP pDBBJ9!HT8.-We have.
been .shpwji the proof sheets,ofytbB most
perteclt txnosltion ot tbe! machinery. o the
AniMcait' 'Gofernment evt, brought to
our notice. It Is the laborious production
of Judge Ansoa! Slibv, of PbUadelpbta, an
abi rltof profoattd scholarship'; "large
exberieoco and ' sound judgmet. : It la a
boolk fyerVneV-,lt givt the namea of
, every-andidate ' for. President and i Vice
Pr(B8ldent,.wlO the, votes cust for each, and
the result from the betinnlnC to the pres-
en(!jiine.i It also- gives the name, date,- and
time $f; service jpf- every "Senator, ' from
every'State-andafr the ooat of arms ol
every 8tattiwltB..th leading ; events 'In its
history; w;th the area, and population Tt
gives a complete exposition of the Nation
al Bank syiltn),aqa t&e iie venue Laws, Ip
like manner it treats of every eabfeet In
an j!. Way 'connected with the. legislative,
Judicial, and executive department of the
Federal Government. This city la now be
ing canvassed tor substrlhrs. " Te book
should be Jn the bands oi every voten
-t&alc r:T wu
oGnryeeerday afternoon F. TlmmoBl,
fct highly esteemed ; cltlsen residing near
West Jeflerson, Madison county, visited
this city, to procure funds to pay for a
drove- of cattle lately purchased or Wm.
Wilson," large stock farmer In thia
neighborhood. Procuring 7,300 from
taeFlrrt National Bank pCthU .city,
tie"" started home. In passlug through
the covered bridge near his home, it being '
after dark, his horse was thrown by meats
o(,a cord atretobed across the bridge,' and
the Hder somewhat stunned by the falli
Instantly upon being, tbrownv Mr. Tim
mons was seized by a couple of scoundrels
and robbed tt his money. " The notes were
all of large amount.
- The robbers must have had information,
about tbe amount of money on his person 1
either by following him from Columbus,'
or te from information gleaned -la?- the
nelghborhopd.'-; 'U'r IV. :i "tV
The loss of so large an amount will fall
With crushing force on Mr.' Tlmtnons, who.
Is represented being a poor man, with
natblog but a spotless, character in his
dealings to' give him credit; i " " '-" i
Tiled Yesterday The following cer-i''
tiflcates were filed with tbe Secretary ot
8s jejtusiy reiyrSttarff ruw;
I Of the Toledo and Put-in-Bay Steam
boat Company, certifying an increase in
their capital stock to 30,000. Thos. G
Miller.-lJavid -JVliller, A W. Barlow. E9
Burton and Jaoies TjSoatbard are1 the 'Di
rector. I Of the Industrial -Savings and Building
loan Association ot Toledo, a certificate of
iiMS6rpbrailon.1 U !sibt2anl'zedTof the1
purpose of raising funds to be loaned
among Its members to assist "thein (ln 'pro
curing homesteads. Principfel offioetn To
ledo." Capttiit Stock '100,0001a shares or
f 200 each.rjM. ShBemaker,lJas.;H- Camp-b41xIi.-Yhitney,
JohaXy nch. ,TJios.Xulei,
man,iBdwar4 TLMorUmer Uahd ChasA
EBllven are the corporators.
ut ttjeuueyrusMAcblne Works. isrcertl-
ficateof Ipcorporation. J ft is-, for, 'tfief
pose of carf vine.bn ttie tnannfacture or" aa-fe
ricfukural ImplemeutB, &v Principal offlee)
mt?ltci6a tohlo.i; Capital itock ijo.OQOk
InTsbares of 100-eacbi; 8. . E. Harris, How
ace Up we, Jgaae y an, vporhes, fi, Pulton?
E.JB Finleyj CO. Edpp, G. Donnenwlth,1
rn U.,VVaiUier. W. T. MaDooald an4 Eliaa
Miller are the iporntor.
'JL'Jjov JSaloot. There was, but '' one
'galoot belore the; Mayor yesterday raorn3
Ingl.r Bt he was jfalopt, Vltfe a historic
na-ffliiK He Jt;is, Wbbse:i6ul'goetf,naTch-.;
Injf on," and haabeen marching on ajny v
tlnie ftbi' ali,' yearsVob$rpwn, '.bb'n..
Brown gof pn r high old . sprnd John j
Brown was doue.brown.' Be says he Dnif'
histed i,p a gallpn ,bt twp and was 'arVestetf ,!
TheMayors'eii for jhf -and he came nri"'!
ajd-.wai recivei. with great cordiality 1 1
tojd jhltfl bwas, a.promlsing'ypun in&ri ?
ffeia theeMry 9 handed -the: orgeouHly
,arf ayed o'BJcef 'ai plece of paper arid a pea,!q
anff the offlce'tlgnT$ his tiftme" Therf ;ihe'
Mayor proposed aitbast: "Guilty or 'not)
gdllty.p. Brpresponded, In a brief.tint'.J
eloquent strain; in which he descanted fltf"1
the necessity 4i staggertni to a man wliosa i
"jknapsitckwas strapped opbh his "back.?
The Mayor requested Brown to loan the '
city 5 ,and costs' .Brown, didn't want toi,
80-heb8mmeretH: ,1 ''". "".i :.iJ-ri
jtfkhow how'tb'get' np a flue aflalr. arid they
! Traebbkd YKSTKWpiTTherfbllowT?
iDg transfers of real estate we're -left the','?
Jttecordee's .office yesterday hi.hO. ,!; ,
B. Turney and . , wjf and G,;,Simoiiind' ''
wife to Cyrus S, Hyde. Nov. 26, lots Nos. 6, ;
8, 9 and 10 In E. Sorin's subdivision of-
lots Nos.'49, 50, 61 and 63 in Wm. Phelan's ,
Mt, Pleasant addition -to- the city of Co-
lumbus, for 1,000 ":..( xi:'.Tt....i'.i!"
Jobn"God win'. and 'wile i',Et1jah;,Culp, :;
Nov. 19th, the nndiVided one-half of 8&M
acfcj of land , 'in Norwich towpsliip !; jfor
SS1 s -iti-vi:t,.-i5 ?r.,l-4t-, 1.1 'r.-it, rMi
jonnw. tresnmanana wue to haoea..
P.-Spafford, Ndv.th. acres 1 M-teftd. U ..j
Jttiwn,townsnip torJUUHB -.nu TD-r
w-m.-"ou 'v,juanuiuh
Nov! 24th, lots Nos. 41 and 42 In' Pberan'a
aaoiuon roweciiy 01 -unions, iorieo,- j
Hoksr Tbuv PoasD. Some week'sagn,1
oureaders'lll temember, two, "men stole ?!
horse' and baggy rronj Wing fi Snlvtly.!
tine of them wb arrested "bwOfilcer- Mc-
Awcn iu uauipoiu, anu Drougni nere, dui
the othorvwitiv the stolen property, 'wa 3 r
not found.,-Word came there a week since
that Xbeisecbud Sone, -Tiamed -Zaciiarhih
Harrison, bad , been arrested io Steuben--J
Tine uuin; flicfiiiif JII OUIIUttJ ulUb
Mr, Sniyeiv . paid , he,-t?aler .of horse' a ,
vislf, aJid. klentiit h in' las the man who"'
stole bis horse and bu gy . He also learned ,.'
tSat his property w a at Parker8burgh,- j
Va and. last nitbt be went .there to. re--
- .!;- . . . I. ' mwm , ,,- , .V. ,
Thanksgiving Dat The Independent ,
Sbermah Guards have our hearty' thanks
lor tbeir, very cothptlmentary fnyltatloh to
their social dance at "Ambos Hall on
Thaqikigivihg uight.'i,' We will endeavor to' -ayaU'enrself
of tbeii; krndlpvitatlon;' .The;.
bbyaideonrposing tbe- Sherman -Gnards.
njean-'te' spread1 themselves on this occa-
on. 1 :.' '
flfft learn HuducnCouniv Den
bcrof. that DrsijiWaruer . fc i CummlngeriTt11
enlists: Buckeye Block, have established n
branch office In London. O. ' r .1
, j JWAwosKByVf anted a.!; Tl,;Dcaraer8,,!
caq potaiagooa ooara ana pleasant,, com-t
fortabla rooms, (wo doors,.nprth ptp.aKj
sta-eeton Washington avenue. Enqnire t'r
W Pi Traceyfii ,store,. cornejt.Iof Oalt and )
ryasbingtph avenue. . . ' ov25 2. "H
itKKOVAiJVrbe many lrlenda and pat
rons of Mr, S.' Pi AxtelL the dealer In niu- ,
sical merchandise- and general varieties"
And special agent for the Home- Sewing"
Machine,-will be pleased to knOw tbat he
is now to b"e found in a very handsome and
eqmomdioiisoom at the north east corner 1
Ilisrh: and Eich streets, where every tblne.
in thW line of useful small articles for the
nnrsery and the boosebold may be round
alj low prices. Call in and See him. "
ov26-it,r-;: .,-y-ti
T , I ' . 1 " - l
-Jorelvy Me ana-reTiairea-Dy
Smith,. 27 S. High-street, ver"3aln's store
novpaana, 0 r- i,to
Ton SACBHousei anaJoU.oraer of
Franklin a'nd Washington Avenue. Most
desjfable pjoper will be eaJdet a bargain:
nnqu ire. oi 4 . ,v . Moore, No. 4S West Norte
ttjnaet .- ... : :n- - -v;m
loctlj-dtf1"1'' " '': - T.TV blieH
v-t. ,,!-
THBjlIve Oysteman, 16E.Brbad street.
gives (.for fifty-cents) a well ailed c,an of
Bpeacer, Anger s,o.s prime-oysters
and a pound of bnttcr crackers; j Y
no?dtonov28 i iU.
i -Ts:r- tv ' " T. " X7Xt.-
Cy in OystkrsII I4im now selling,
a rdaceff tpH, ose "fIne; TaTl'sintly
eyBters, stamped SELECT, put np by Wm.
ay lor, Esg- Baltimore, and, sold by me in
thfaiclty for overiten years. ' Warranted
fresh, and, can not filled with water. 2 also
have the XXX, and w. T. XXX, a flpe
Oyster for Soup. ' C. A. Waohkb, - i
Vovl-tf No; 23 East State street."1
Wilson's East Lawn Addition to
the City of Urbana.
That Urbani is bound to become a large
city and at the 'same time a manufacturing
elty is made manifest by the operations bl
capitalists and ebrewd observers of such
prof pectlve interests. Moneyed men from
all parts of the "Union are settling perma,
nently there, and making ' valuable im
provements for their own convenience and
the advantage of the town. V ; - f
"Railroad facilities have placed Urbana
right in the center of the traveling public,
and this fact alone has called the attention
of business men from a distance to the su
perior advantages 'offered for making s
large place of tbe small city. -, -,-f
' Mr. Andrew Wilson, Jr., has been en
gaged for some time past in completing his
plats and making arrangements for the sale
of a large number of valuable building and
gardening lots, how and yet to be needed by
the increasing population, in East Lawn
addition to the city as well as the tract ad
joining It on tbe south and extending to
Scioto street. In the meantime he bas
graded and graveled Washington Avenue,
an extension' of John street, to the east
line 0 the Kenaza farm; Madison Avenue,
an extension of Boyce street, to the .same
p'Oint'E-ist Trtwn Avenue from Scioto
street to Col. J. B; Armstrong's farm ; anu
as well, has prepared to open out trans
verse streets, running north and south, from j
the northern line ot East Lawn to Scioto
street. Alleys of,. the ordinary width axe
laid out, and in such manner as to jrlre -ao,
cess to every lot and parcel ot ground."
' In East Lawn . there has already been'
graded and graveled no less than two miles
of streets and avenues; giving altogether,
a pleasant drive In regular routine, of no
less than five miles of the best graded and
graveled road in the statev;.-', "
j -Mr. Andrew Wilson bas lulfiilled every
promise 'made at the sale-t of lots hereto
fore controlled by him In Urbana, and 'this
sbouldte a guarantee that (hi tali, taking
place on Thursday, Nov. 26th, must go on. .
j -An inducement is offered to all persons,
In the. way of a free donation .(to all', the
purchasers of lots, of Lot No. 10Oj being
tbe beantiful grassy knoll, just east of the
4drporatfbn. , line,. and, fronting.'oii.ioto
street, with two wfde streets on eithef side.
This property Is valued at $5,000, and con
tains eight large city lo.tjS. ",The pnrcTjasers
of the ether lots will decide amongst them-
8elye8'wbo shall, receive' a' warranty, deed
fur the property.-; .'y5 rZ',i.l':,',.er' ' ."''.
j A dinuet, in honor of, the day, will be
spread, before the' people, and, none ill
LomO to the sale unwelcome.-1 : -;'
! The railroads-leading to Urbana have all
been consulted, and hte contracted, to fur-'
nish. special ears from- Cincinnati, San
dusyt:, Dayton,' : Piq'ua, Columbus i and
Akronv and 1I Intermediate points pas
sengers 'tot Urbana free of fare.'-: l -nx
j 'Aff persoda' wili be conveyed from all
parts of tbe city totbe'sale and returned.
5 - . .ti-i 1 lift !. .': '
i.HirK. ,t, , it ..j,,,, til
Alk audPprtwu r am now jeceivine
if - 1 " 1
regular from Cincinnati, Thatcher A
Dyett's celebrated stock and fresb Ale and
l'orter.tid'plnt and quart bottleaput up
ioe. family use, and brghly recommended
by physicians lor sickness, Aerj- k
I also bate a stock of Guinness' Dublin
extra Stout Porter ; Muir fc Son's Spark
ling Eftinburg Ale ; English Ale and Porter.
I ' V C A. Waomer,
j notl3-tT . : No. 23 East State street
iHoxio wat'b Oijstm rnt Stiff Joints.
ue of the most remarkable attributes 01
HoLLhwAT's Otmtment is the rapidity and
certainty wUh which it relaxes contracted
ijlgamentsand sinews. Joints' that have
been stiff -for years have repeatedly been
restored to activity by a persevering use of
uiis matcniess saive. ansn iriction snouia
be used in applying it In such cases, so that
itsrahneaTltig''1Tiitluen'ce7 may' thorougTilj
penetrate the cpntracted.pbres., Sold by
all 4uggi&t8!- ii -? - r j &-dw-;wjT
vear. and we have enioved almost on-
What oth"ers, Bavb possSroo'iiAT do
-p9negnUemaa'y47',4yn,.lille for
3ve years, averaged one hundred and fifty
ollaft per year. .Three years ago I pro
cured one ol Dr. Humphreys' cases -of
aom0eoDthio Soecitics.- and. sinee-that
tIme mydoctorai bUls have averaged 15
interrupiea neaun. rrice iu,
niHvu m rpapi nt nf the nrl am.
interrupted health. Price 10,, sent by
rtrirpm'Wc HoMiKoPitHic Med-
.'icjnb CoG2 Broadway, N. Y. ' -
jyl3-dBwxy.cw. , ,; ,. ,- t -r . --.! i
- ' : : 1 1 t if i.lU
l: t- . ' - - I ' -- " ' -'
-1 Central Ohio Lunatic Asumtm -j
-inr;o -j 1 f COLDMBOS, Aug. 31, 1808. I
fno. B- S1ddaUXqi Agent New ngland
Mutual .iie in. U)oj pouon, Mast
DbarSirA-I am informed that there have
'MmIsstateHieHt8imade In regard to,dtvA'
Idepds paid by your Company to my litre
Polidy, which I have had in the New Eng
land Mutual for 24 years. For the in forma'
tloo if tb,oee Interested In Life Insnrauce, I
will state that I att entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual.. I recerve my
dlvldepd of profits regularly, and that they
nbw amount to about one bund reef per
cenLon my premium. Dlvldendspaidan-
nuaxiy.40 ca8n a. v ; -
rSignedj.rt,-j3 vTLPc-,
Sup't CO. Lunatic Asylum,
Dr. Wm.,L.Perk, od Dr. Morrell, his
assistant, have both to-day made, a,ppllqa
tlon to the Nw England Mutual tor more
Life Insnranoe.' ' - ,.i
, .-.m,
j;6JGGoyT. O'Harrjl' Coi Afte,
" " Naughton Block, Columbus.
novl2-dlta8w&yr4t.n SAO
hnge at No. 141 JSorth High street,
" .' ' ! i.u
Jklktp 3b DeButts, Locksmiths and
ate noW prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells fn the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing-machines j repaired and '"satisfaction
guaranteed. Mqdelsbnilt for patepees,
and all kinds ot light" machinery made and
repaired.' Keys of all description always
on hand, and safe and jail loqks made and
repaired.1 4 t , .-UV may23-s-ly
..o'A..n. -
iGo w No.
138, . North High ctreet,'fot
the latest styles of Boots and Shoes, at low
prices,. n nov21-42taw2w
. ,,.-- i ,
Tnv Immodla nan nt linnnr weakens th
vitality of the mental and physical organs
to an alarming degree; the poor debauchee
ftls.thls weakness In his sober stages, be
repeqta and earnestly resolves to amend
his life, but in bis weakness be lacks the
moral power' to- do so.". We advise hinv to
seek shelter in. "Dr. Johnston's specific'?
tble powerful weapon to attack the relapse.
lRen22-dtifcstwlv-CW . ,i
j8ep22-dtfcsfc wly -c w ;
iNERyHJS Dkpilitt, with Its gloomy t
tejnda,nt,lw spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen,: epermatorrlie3a,
loss -of power, dizzy -head, loss ot
memory anil threatened impotence, and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
pnreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweii-ty-Elght.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at tne root 01 me master, tone up tne
systam, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and. energy, life and vitality to the
entire man.- They nave-enrea thousands
of cases. . Price $0 per package of six box
ed and: ylal, which js very important in b"b
stinate or' old cases, er $1 per single box
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail'on
receipt of . price.. Address Humphreys'
SfKCmc Homeopathic Memcinb Coi. 562
Broadway, New York. ' ., fyl3-deod&wly
BARRETjVInraUible Hair Kestorativo
"BarbbttV satisflea everybody.
Attorney General Evarts has rendered an
ipiolon to tbe Secretary-of the Treasury
obat to Convey from the outlet of tbe worm
-he prodoet of distilleries to a still-- or
doubter, through which such product bas
not passed before reaching tbe worm, is not
a violation of the actof July 18, 1863. The
interposition of a tank a9 a receptacle be
tween the.wqrm6' thTiTrsTdlstllleryTand
the doubler or the second worm, is not a
violation ot the act. These conclusions re
fer only to proof spirits, and not to the rec
tifying of the same or manufacture of other,
aJohoUq pm pounds.- 1 & ,!
The new Dostal convention with Great
Britain was to-day signed by the President,
and goes into effect January 1st.
St. Louis Items.
By tl
v the accidental falling in of a brick
arch yesterday, in the lower portion of the
kity. five mtn were buried in the ruins, one
of whoair-iamett Tbbg.iClirrariS was in
stantly killed, and the others badly hurt.
; A prisoner named Jonnson, Douna ror
the Frankfort penitentiary, broke his
shackles on board the steamer Morning
Star, Jumped overboard and .attempted, t9'
reach the'shbre but was drowned.' '
: A woman, named Mary Hayes, of the
trail sisterhood, has fallen heiress to 300.
000 in gold, bequeathed by her grand
lather i a d 5
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 24.
The St. Joseph, Missouri, and Council
Bluffs, Iowa, railroad, bas passed Into the
hands of Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad
Oo-and trains willTun trom West Qutnevr
on the Mississippi river, to Council Bluffs,
under one managements 'A telegraph line
is being constructed alone the line ot tbe
H. Rives Polllard Killed.
RICHMOND, VA., Nov. 24.
H. Bives Pollard, editor of the southern
Opinion newspaper ivaaabot and killed at
IU o i-iock tnis morninz, wniie passing near
his office, by James Grant. The cause of
the shootinar was a nublication lathe ODin-
ion reflecting pn.he character of a aiem-1
Lewis Davis, was thUiannraimt convicted
of tbe murder of D. P. Skinner, at Indi
anapolis, a few days since.
River News.
i Weather clear and frosty Eiyerabp.it,
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 24. Reprieve.
AUGUSTA, Nov. 23.
A reprieve has been granted in the case
f Harris, the Auburn m,urderer,: imtii the
tlFMdy-in Febnary.-'f' -, '-"
Particulars the Shooting of H.
Rives Pollard.
Rives Pollard. RICHMOND, VA., Nov. 24.
i rBe'fcHwlnf alAearticnlaMbPife
tratredv which took place this morninz :
On Saturday a report was published in
in !ouanrai npoioirTreuUTe i-w nea
elopententiottbe. daughtee ot, William H.
Grant, a wealthritobtiocouteti of this city.
This morning about ten o'clock, as H.
Rives Pollard, Editor of the paper, was
Bearhjpffloedon;Jear.4na eornerpij
Main'aud Fourteenth streets,' going fn, a .
shot was fired from the upper window ot
5 bulldrng opposite.-' Mr. Pollard tanie
iately tell dead, eleven buckshot having
entered his body, ooa jiassing through his
heart. The police searched the building
and found James Grant, a brother ot the
l:iS v narupdl fnr a .fhnnt.1 d surHeidercdT
and was-Uken-to- the- station. Alouble-
barreled shot-gun, with one barrel dis
charged, was found in the room. The
affair-caused great excitement, ana a large
crowd has beeu gathnredaround. the office
since the,CQurreuc$j, i ;i
rbfdeTof MrVfliirhas rendered a"
a verdict
that the deceased came to her death at the
hands of George iTwitchell and his .wile,
They wereconimltted-fof ttfat. The evi
deuce to-day completely destroys the the-
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 24. New Jersey.
TRENTON, Nov. 24.
The WUrdal vote of, New Jersev la Sev-'
IllVUL OA I KtJ, KJT I ft 11 U M CtyGli I- AHMICl lUini
Contrressional District Hill (Republican)
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 24.
i The residenceml lisbs Jlaro, of West
Davenport. Delaware county. New Yorkv
was entered by burglars lastSlgarandnia
wife murdered. The .villains, escaped
without any booty. tBCOn..
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 24. Caved In.
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 24. Caved In. CLEVELAND, Nov. 24.
The sewer at the corner of Cross and
rfensnon streets caved in this afternoon.
Several of the workmen, were buried in
the ruins. One has already been taken out
dead. yK-Vi vSr.-u! Vi',
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 24. Caved In. CLEVELAND, Nov. 24. NEW YORK MELANGE.
NEW YORK, Nov. 24.
The steamshiD Russia, from Livemool.
t arrived this nerjpin&i ,j I u
Losses by Fire.
A fire this morriln commenced In the
root of tra Unit building, Moi 111 Broad-'
wayui A no ouaiuiuxiwiijua iss m wry targe
. I t 1 . t 1 : k .
one, was badly aamagea, the two upper
floors beiug nearly allr,burned .put. the roof
destroyed and the remaining lower stories
very, badly inj urea by-water. The upper
floors were occupied by Hat h & Co., Lith
ographers. 'The remainder bf the building
was occupiea oy omces, tne principal oi
which were the Pacific Motnal flnsuttrflce
Company, Pennjylvanla C6al jCQmpanyi
Spring Mouotairt Compaiwv Blake, Mason
& Co E. B. Ely & Co., and scores ot others.
Tlie firemen are at work upon the buHrtlng
at this hour. 8 A. M. . Two or three tire
men were slightly injured by thefaHing'isf'
aiceiling. TJje loss must be heavy, but Is.
not yet known. ' " r
Tbe lossiy fire in Hicks street. Brook-;.'
Ivn, yesterday anemoftn was 24,000. The
root of the new Bethel Mission was badlv
damaged,-butth-bitlding waS'SavedT-Tbar
vrv.ik vi ui
Bill of Indictment.
jThe" grand jury of the'.Circuit Court for
the Southern District of New Tbrk, have
found a bill of indictment of -nine counts
Fagainst Wm. Fullerton,' Jacob Pepuy, Al-
irea A. ceiKiiap, uauiei j. ouaseil ana
Ed ward, J Wlndust, ioroonsiracyiairainst
the Bevenue Collector Thomas E. Smith.
and.ot receiving from him- 10,000, under
a threat of informing -npoir htm as to the
offences with which he was charged before
United States commissioner Osborn.
Kentucky Bourbon Company.
Tnttucti6nl were also reoeiverj from tJi
Attorhey General 01 the United States'- dt-
rectins the District Attorney of tbe Court
of New York- to proceed f with , the triat
pending, ,inir,fli8 Court, .ot tbe Kentucky
Bourbon Company and others, on a charge
of defrauding the revenue. The trial was
commenced yesterday afternoon. ,
- Further correspondence i prfbilshedrbe
tween VVashpiurae and -the. Paraguayan
Government. Be'nitz, the Paraguayan
Mirristtor -rbr'oreiffrf'- Affairs, charges
Washbjurne with corresponding , with Caxt
ias and" forvardihg-iuiportant Information
to mm unaer me mi qi tne jrortugese
uonsni, ana anpports nis cnarg oy tne
affidavits of Dr. Careeas and Minister Ber-
ires. Another more seriou charge is that
b carried drawings of the Paraguayan
canjwJta.xla8jkia jceivea ffonrJienegastix
Lonez, one of tbe alleged conspirators.
16,000, and afterwards 14,000 In curren
cy, and a promise of 500,000, in considera
tion of this act, and also in consideration
of bis binding aimeell to recognizethe suc
cess of the allies. - '- " ' - -
City Politics.
- Tae-tCoastiJijitlODaLr Union tConentttn,
held another session last evening and nom
inated Andrew W.Green, one of the Park
Commissioners, fr Mayoj'Ahd Richard
O "Gorman for Corporation Council.
Tbe Mozart Hall Democrats last night
nominated "' fjafcey' Hail for Mayor and
Richard Shea tor Council. . . . " "
Citizens' Meeting.
There was an adjourned meetlhg of citi
zens at the Fifth Avenue-Hotel last night,
at which Greeley and Raymond are said
to have-been -present. It Wat decided in
expedient to run an independent candidate
A well attended meeting of the Work
ing women's Association took place last
evening. . Committees were appointed to
report upon the work ani wages of women
in different nursulta. aud addreses were de
livered by several ladies. -, - - a
McCnlloch has written' to Mr. Van
Dyke tbat he shall not sell any more bonds
during bis administration. " . 'v--,
On Sunday morning the stables. ot tht
American House, Trenton, N; J- aiid the
stables of i vans and Mount, ' with nine
horses, seventeen hew sleighs and an .irar1
mense Quantity of harness, bav, &c-i were
entirely destroyed by fire. . Little Insur
ance. - ' - - '-
The Fire on Broadway.
The loss by fire In the Trinity building,
No. Ill Broadway, is greater than nt first
reported. Hatch and Co- lithographers.
occupied the filth and top floor. This floor.
wnu the contents, was entirely destroyed.
They bad one. million pouudsof Utograpb
stores destroyed, making a loss or over
200.000. Their presses, and 36,000 copies
ot Demorest's monthly, coutaining colored
fashion plates were also destroyed. The
logs ot the firm .is abortt 250,000. of which
theru Is aa insurance of .. aO.000 in city
companies. The fire was confined to tbe
upper floor, but the building to the base
ment was saturated with water, causing an
estimated loss of 330.000. The buildinz
Is iostired to the amount !f 100,000.1 It
Lwas owned by the Trinity Church corpo
ration and lully Insured.., Among the suf
ferers is General E. B. Vielj who loses
many valuable maps and engineering
works, among them bis elaborate original
plans for the Central Park ;and -Prospect
Bank b Brooklyn. The Occupants' below
the fifth floor have sustained losses bv wa
ter from 200 or 300'up to 8,000.
Henry B. Whelbley, a citizen i of New
'Jersey, yesterday preferred a 'trill of com-
-plaint before Judsre Bla-chfOrd, oithTJniJ
(tea states court, as icing inquiry into the
validity or the Issue ot tbe 2UU.UUU snares of
i Erie istock lu, exchange for .convertible!
oonas, unaer a resolution passed oy tne
Board otDirectors:Qn the l9th.ot.Februa?y
last, and If It, should be adjudged' .'illegal
that they be compelled to make good to
the holders the atuoctnt thereof; thattnean
wbile an Injunction be placed oa the Com
pany, preventing their ' parting i with the
property, and - a receiver be appointed
and the Company directed to transfer
enouiru, property
4 to him: to meet tne
Hainis ' of the plaintiff and .others.
On this complaint Jadge ,'Blatchford
Issued the injunction and.. appointed ' Jay
Gould receiver of tbe road., to .the extent
above mentioned,' with snfetfeSTn one mil
lion dollars,1 ana that' tigbt m-iliions
money , and, securUies be. placed 'jin, .his
hands, subiect to, nubile urdtr. , this -eourt
to protect the plaintiffs . and . others, .Mr.
, t . : J . I XI . J .
T.'iut! i, w' S ri.Zi
ITS. BSmUblelng Vh. reM
Two new suits nave-neen Degun oy me
Erie Company one against- Belmont and
others, and the second against' Richard
Sehell. panfel Drew ana,Frank Work. "In.
- die tirat t&e,'. Company claim. jboo, million
dollars against tbe defendants fov hamper-
j ing them inlheecmrse of tbearbusinessby1
means of suits last eprina. dud . those xar
cently begun on the other.. Damage: to
the extent of lour hundred and ninety-five
thousand 'dollars are claimed for, alleged
corruption of the defendants, while acting
as-directorsin Juno last, said amount hav
ing, been paid ut of the funda'of the.C!u-'-
pauy uy iuessrs., Xjturiuxe, Lrcnr anu
Thompson to settle tiie first named suits,
and outof which said-Wetk received 150,-
000 ahd klso baught from friends of :9ehell
An Ua fl... .. fl.,a dnllllnna ftf :lt. AtvnM
stock, for which he paid one million' more
than its actual value.,: Gould also alleges
that offers have been made to agents of, the
Company to settle the recent Belmont snlt
it; "the ..Company would pay them. a- large
amount of money, i.v ii.m-i . r-n - .. -
Judge-"Barnard tocmy lssnea anoroer
vacating', the orders " granted by Judge
Sutherland yesterday, subsequently. J uoite
Sutherland issued an Order reouiruijr tbe
defendants to show cause why the Order pf.
uu(e caruam suoum nuu nc u;u. ai
:n i. . 1 . AaH I.1 : . T- ,1 A
v, ha iraiiriKU wr-iuuri uiv. ,r ioiv.imiu wuiu
are interested fr) the Erie railroad depot at
the footwf Chambers street. N person Is
permitted to appcoaoh who, canupt prove
liimsell a friond ami brother, and even then
thereare more1 keys to turn and bolts to'
unoar man at tne xomos. a nere are some
deputy Sheriffs inside the buildiugon
wbatbLuelness.tbey reihaato teUi? i i ImS
Erie. General Butler.
' A dispatch from Lowell says Gem.BuUer
13 quite well.
BERLIN, Nov. 23.
Bismarck makes no secret of his design
to leave. tb.6. ( eaeral party ana joiu tne i.10
LONDON, Nov. 23.
iTne tuheralbtthe rioter shot at Drokrie-
da, r tbe.iOceasior,ota J'finian.-dhpuw
thereon Sunday. There were great crowds
in the streets nd fuUS! 8,00a mifjln pro-
cession. The Fenian ...demonstrations at
Dublin, and in Hyde Park, London. on the
same occasion, w ere trifljug aftalff.?
MADRID, Nov. 23.
I The advocates of Kepiiblicari lntitutioiis
are gaining grduhd. ThV city of Barce-,
lona iayors&epnuuc,H ,.,;.,-.., ., ,;i
MADRID, Nov. 23. Vesuvius.
NAPLES, Nov. 23.
The eruntiortToT Teitrvitnfls,vsubsidingj
Therejn-e nqwfcno fears for-the adjacent
villages. fc-ta.-B.
The Elections.
LONDON, Nov. 23—Evening.
i Election's were held' to-day in ID "coiin
tieSi - Tlie Conservatives carried the, larger,
number of .these e)ectioii6 and have souie
what'rediiced the Liberal majority in the
House. The totals now stand as follows:
Liberals 843; (Conservatives ,212; Liberal
LONDON, Nov. 23.
Mr. Gladstone,- ln--a pamphlet : entitled
Chapter of an A'dtobigraphy,' justy"ppb
lished. defines and defends bis change's ol
opinion on the subject of church establish-
mentSf rAU turn -uuohiu ,urtm . iov,rw
the books, but apparently copies were not
furnished the conservative press, as they
arl silent about it.' The' Times regards the
publication as a, voluntary, and hazardous
- -I
DUBLIN, Nov. 24.
The corporate' authorities" ,xit ' thia city
have petitioned the Government tor the
pardon of Fenian convicts. '; V: ,'.f:l4 ,
LONDON, Nov. 24.
;A11 the Great Powers agree In condemn
ing the course of .Wallacbia aa false to the
J obligations of .tpaties.- -j- rrn
Arrival of the Steamer China.
The steamship China arrived this morn
ing with advices irom uonjr Jn-onj 10 vjcv
i liir.h. Ann Y oiconoma to uui. owi cwo cu-
i countered strong head winds during most
lot the passage. "' ' -
i The Great Republic arrived at Yokohoma
. October1 28thi ' - - "
i The China brings about 400 passengers
I for San Francisco, New York and Europe.
The United Stales steamer Oneida, the
i Cnn niirn 1 1 Anrl ontfir!l K.n 01 1 kth
fKrench and Dutch B'lips. of. war were, at
, Yokohoma October 28tb. . : -
Uer Majesty's ship Battler was wrecked
Septemrjer 24rh, on the reef near the island
. of Java. La Peuouse straits. The pfficers
nd crew Were saved and brought to Yoko-
tioma by His Imperial Majesty's i ship Da-
The following vessels were at Shanghae
rvrihr 1 'f 'Jmro-er. from Liverpool:. Gol
den Stote and Horatio, from New York;
(Jourser and aiagenie, luracw iwi.
The ship N. B. Palmer was loading at
Yokohoma tor liew xows -. r.
Ruriini?ame "was still a source of sharp
criticism. uy tne jmijuiiu fueso m vuiua. ,
Ctiiuese gunboats fired upon a Europeaa
i steamer for the reason that the latter would
... - " , : . . . . Art-,.- J.
' UOt Uloyiaj lbO IM( ... yiMeiug. uiar
ter remains nnsettledir '-!:'(
. Tbe mission of the -British Consul: of
Sbanghae to China, in ' relation to the out
rage opon. Missionaries at Hong Chew,
proved .unsuccessful. .-The affair was Te
Ferred t? the British Minister at Pekin.
Upon bUTepresentation, a sa-ong dispatch
was sent to ,thq Chinese Governor General,
instructing-, bim to -accede . to the tenns
DroDOSed bv the CnnsuL' .... ,.-, . .r
;-The English gunboat Dove was ordered .
to Chin KUng. , .,.,.,.- r .. " . i. i
Pekin advices report that the. rebels have ;
entirely dispersed, if .;,p .; t- !
Tbe passengers and crew ot tlte, Hawa- :
Ian ship China, wrecked among :the Phil- ;
lipine Isles, in August last,' have, arrived
at Honjf Kong. -i ( V! -
Busiuess was unusually dull' at Shang-,
hae. ,, ...f r.,.. ,. i, ... .,;, i, ,.. ,; ,- j
:, Vokohom a. The, Mikado having reachi j
ed bis majority, was crowued Emperor. of
Japan at Kiato, and tho iregenoy is ended. I
It was expected he would leave Klato for i
l'eddo. October 21st. r. i - ..(-.,( ;i l i
- A.dlfficulty occurred between the Dutch j
office r3 and Japanese authorities, Thelat-,
ter forbid the, transaction of any. business
at the Custom House, lor Dutch subjected ;
The matter was 'nnally amicably settled., ; i
Yeddo still remains closed to foreigners.
It is expected the opening .of the city.
would not be postponed beyond the first of
November. The event depends upon the
result of a conference now being held be
tween foreign' ministers and represeuta-,
tives of the Mikado. Tbe settlements were
all prepare). The Custom House, bonded;
warehouses, police offices and other build
ings are furnished and occupied, awaiting!
the business of foreigners;--.--;' . f ,- , ivj
j The Tycoon has notified foreign repre
sentatives of bis bouse that the Tokngawa :
faipily has surrended jihe Governuieut to
the Imperial Court., j :(r if ,.r-: i ,s-u-;
; Tbe Emperor will" undertake ln; future
the maintenance of friendly-relations witq,
foreign powers.' The Emperor conferred
the title ot Damis upon; the , Tycoon with:
an income ot seven hundred thousand ko-.i
kuB.: .,-!,(; , - w . - '' -i ' l
j Nee Eata was ( bombarded September ;
5th and taken possession of by :tha South
ern troops. Tbe foreigners, iu, tha . place,,
succeeded in reaching the steamer Osaca,
jwhich carried '. tbem .to' Shanghae. The
Sou tiler n troops had also taken, possession-'
Of Hakadadi, and forced Namlee, who held 1
the place as neutral, to ' 'retire.-. - N umbers
of -people-'were; seized. !The' American,
steamer Augusta 'compelled - her to take.,
them to a port in their own territory.1 PbUr
shipt of Mikado, .'employed to bombard
NeeEicata. were.wrecked.materiallv weak-i
Mini, th..4niir.hA.ti.llaal. : . 'f'-.'. .- ' ...1"--.
taWon 'from two directions. . They wece-:
Strongly entrenched before bis castle, and
the ' red uction- or tbe strong hold- would- i
probably j-eault in a general pacification, of .
- f' - -l
ST. JOHNS, N. B., Nov. 24.
I There Is' a better ieellnir lh 'financial cir
cles to-day. ..Hopeaare.entertaiued that'
the crisis ts passed.- The" Stc Johns- Bank
airecoors are sanguine naf .musinesa o
he Bank will shoriljubfi resumed. Sco-
uie s uaoiii.arefne-iiba.mution.
Hotel Burned.
Elkin' Hotel, . situated a abort 'distance
ru tins piaoe.' was destroyed bv ore tbt
mornings Two meu were burned to death.
and the proprietor and three others so badly '
injured . tbatj they axe not' expected : to 4-
dover-iTiit 1-n M-rrtr frtl Lii sii:ii)-ji.fs.:-:: -:J
,:i;i;i 't:
j .'"-j-.ih
J r!j!w jnd
i-'.-l (kioj ' i A Mn II .lH!i'-j 3:1:
Wft Us"
Hilt c
toow -II
t- MUisKJ. 4c A ilht oai 'Wish t -hmv
Bnuuil in A. nina. firm hiiuliuL. mmnlLv . t ln.
prices? Uooks sent for ,od returnefl to MT part of,
uj ctTiui; nuuca luriuga p'lafceiaoe. or at
the .;: 1.1' x.i ." :
franllln' Vteam,! Boat ;;Bindery;
l.--- ! il nl lO'l '-' 'AITD ""' ,'? -
(kneof the largest and 1est "appointed Bi&deriea.ta
S.' 38,-S KortU Hiab! Street,
1 ,,, . . ,11 Steio FriMin UfllOM.l , , . .. ::'
BLANK BOOKSI ; --1 1",:
1 imH
I I . -i BLtNU BflOKHit " ol V'
Of VBty aeHoHh and oallt, from the bUhest'
to the lowest, printed If deaired, ruled and bonnd
to anjr required patter aaitAapecior wrkuB9tuB.
st the lowest prices. ,, ,. , ., .. . . . . ,
Orders from County Officers, Banks, Merehant.
od all Officers rtqdinnir rlDPEhlOR B1.ANK
BOOKS. will b exeouted proiqpUy. with oar perrt
serial atteation. , ., . . . . J(i. -
itnr nktmni.t nvrnefltmiiT nniiAitj.ii. .
. j oici Oliiir CKAiAAaAjXiX, ,;,tl;
1 I -r'v- TViTt . r r r-k-fc , '
jlir.i ' " : n;-.-.-T li:J'-?
bf every tleeojiptioB. with or without printed Heed
' ...... ., ing,ior ,m ., , .,,,,,4 ;-.
I BAMKBS.'BArLBOAD eOa'rAMlBS. AC. " ...'."1
!-". k" i;li til i-H i' itififr.it 11 'ill
MBT Full Mts pf Books made , en ittort aotiotvi;
warranted to give' perfect satisfaction.
.vi i i COIVXHVS. OBIO. ' ?
aprtl only
1 h i in .
City " of i Urbana
"Chamjiaiga Coiiiiiy; Ohio.
One Hundred' and Fifty
'it Urbana, TMrsdayoYfiaber
-I i;;; 188. : !:;:
ately adjornihg the out of Urbana, one of tho
'most flourishing and proeperons inland cities in
Ohio, and in direct railway eonneetion with Mew
Yprk. Uinoinnati, Clerelaud. Col am bus, Senaas
ky, Dayton. Irdiauapolis and Chicago, and they
are especially aesiraoie lor
i rr.l
Beio elevated above and commanding a fioe view
o theoity and eurroandinc eouotry. and- nmnr--pasaed
for natural beauty and bealthfulnet-s. They
net sal? afford rare opportunity for private rrsvA
denoeai but they ar.v in every way : worthy, the at-'
tanuaa of capitalist aad others a ho are seeking a
profitable inveetlnent.' .. j
There axe also number of large- lota that are
well adapted to gardatiing purposes. tbettltivation
of. iruita, Ac. i. -r- i i -
As a lurtber inducement to persons desiring to
bay, each purchaser wi J be entitled to one chance
for orery lot he may buy. iu the '
1 Dfawiag of Lot No. 100,
Being's aquare. designated abov as GeUege
Square, and equal to eight fail-sued City Lou, and
i j TALUKU At" '3,O0O. ( "
The Drawine will take place immediately, after
the sale, and the person drawing the lot will receive
a warranty deed for tbe same. - - r . ...
' Arrangements will be made with tbe. Sandusky. ,
Oar ton a -Cincinnati Railroad; the A. A U. W. U.
VV., and the Columbus, Chicago A Indiana Central
Kai.way, to catry parties desiring to attend the sale
from Sanduskv. Da ton. Springfield and liellefoo-
taie,and from A kroa. Massillon. tiollion sad sla
rinnTind from Columbus and Pious, and 11 intr.
mediate points, to and from tbe tale, free of oharge.
a Terms of Sale 50 of tbe purchase money for
each lot, to be paid on day of sale; enough more to
make one xbira of tbe purchase money within sixty
dayeandlhe balanoe'in one and two years from
tbe day of sale; deferred payments to besr interest,
and to be stcured by mortgage on the premises.
Sale will commence at 12X o'clock P.. M.,
THU KSDAY. November 26th. 1868. ,
..novn-dtt.' n V : , ANDRtW WILS05T. Jr. .
Be solution to Contract.
Betolv 'td", That the City Civil Engineer be. and
he is hereby autboriaed and directed to contract in
Marohv for grading and repaying the sidewalks on
point eighty -five ftet north of Town street, upon
the following terms,. t wu.5-.i--- -
Fur excavating or grading. Thirty-fire seats :
embio ard.-.:: -j i .-.. ;
. for bricks Mil. til stv thousand.
' l,l.ul Nnv.ll. UMS.rU" I ' .-' ') 11. s
i Attest: L. E. WILSOfr.
nevlS-dlt City Clerk.
I S t I .
6:: ! HiN,..:-1":5 f ,-:
' '""'T.iT.ii 1
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 24.
UUL.O134M buying.
EXCHAMUKVoi-f. dalLatM Wfl
cent: dlsconnl bUylnir.r " '-r?
New York Money Market—Nov.
- MONBY-tEasy 4 percent on eelr:
demand light. '-"..'-.' ' '
. (t,V5Jal Pruned at 134, advanced,
to 134, and. clo-l at 134a45i, : .Ex
ports U;day 25OQ00. -,- .- "- - -
- '
New York Stock Market—Nov. 24.
hlrfheTi' Colirmns of BV ll8J(3115Ji: do
b38J08; do; '68 . lllaiUJi: 10 40
1,06106; do new,:lluiii: aio-'&?.
Tne stocn mark"ef,l3:lny and-nnsettletf.1
. ittQ r. a
Southern,-Northwestern and SU Paul, prof
terred. are the strongest stocks and are1
rather,hixher thart. yesterday; ' "t" .r-''m
5:30 prices WelIsfEtpre88 272S: Amer-.
lean "!' 'Adams. '43(4W j TJnitea
State 4747i; Merabantr Uuion 20 ,
21 ; .Paetlio Mail '116(3 URli'r-WeBtera
Union Telegraph 30(836 NVhrt rVn.1!
tfal 123123; Erie 37X37,Hndsqni
12812sJii, Beadingi 9898;' Terro .
H LUta Sili-ain- Wihaih narax.ais. o tj...,i
6868jfc.Pt,aTno Jl0Tli5oWf .
S;-i4i88lssippl.5031; Michigan t3entral
118; Michigan Soiturn 8888K; Ullnoisl
CetKtal 142: Pittsbunrb 87i WWTredbj
100 ldok; Rock latand 10Gl0brWest.'1
New York Market—Nov. 24.
COTTON Firmer and more''nt ia ii. t
25)io tor middling uplands., mo--, a ..irWa
FLOUR Closed .dull aBa-sbado emler
forcommon,and medium grader.' .-
' WHEAT Quiet ahdlc toweffsales hejv.
spring al l,ab49i vmmT,
BYE Quiet and firmer at tl 40 tot west
ern. OATS Steady: sales at 71c jpr western
In s tor J I 1 4 ai feu' s lait Xi
CORN Quiet at ! 14(31 18 for sound
nixed western in sfoTeTatid afloat.
-OKK-Duii at f27;, 6Q fox mrsai" . 1 y
BEEF Quiet and without decldad
BAO&N DulUt .a .rtm ifwrifT mtal
XARDT-Heavv .at,lrf?aafn: 'for trorillfA
prime steam. ' ' .y . j ,,U;M ,7 ,.i
jiAiua-iirnrat 3637Cp.- Vj ; - t
Cincinnati 24.
FLOUR There, is a falr dnini Jtn
family at 7 6G8 Off. m iT JJ.a i niK ,ttU
Vr'J'D at 1' H . imiK ,ittU
CORN Unchanged.. !, . H .a .y J
tJATSUnchanirert. .uiiJ" A uNItwut
Ki E-Dnll at $1 VS. --;- j) H ;g
oBaRLEY?-DuU aniliinchangpdt.... tw
COTTON Firmer: middlmgr 23v"iT','""
WHISK YFlrmer: - mt oap-"J
.cHn,r1 nri'" 7r' .TT-T.-TllilTThlW,!,
asKnjrl 00. zrr,, tt. ,H i-m,i,,... - ,a
HOGS Dull; $7 007 28 fcre oro .tbo
best; rates-offered bv uac-kenL:
9 00 net ReceiptfceLfXKli." 71 ''TP
PORK Mess dull at 2S IQid. )K '1 ' "mo- W
GREEN MEATS Dall'''af 77f0'fe
shoaidert; 10i for .. aldt.anl MJo
"m.8;, . i -nT ,Tt r i-rl
LARD Dull; prime ateaaa Mc t kettto
rendered 14'. w-m .s;7 ,iu3
BUTtERFird WhbcKabWr;JL
CUEESE-4-Firm but unchanged, i
Ottoa-iifanof d ouotkMiKt-U aud8lit at
9395V; Lard oil in good demand aLtl 55"
1 Sglorjcurreiiak Q J
Cincinnati 24. Chicago Market—Nov. 23.
lTOURrFirm. aBd.stdy, .Spring -
WHEA'iA good' specuIaliW Veriest
ftadyand Am-hanaedt-saleaNo'l at'i20's
13QS1 144'15jloaiognraayii
tXRTerr'rTiifl; sales btd Ndl aVS4IJ
85c 'and MV) fcat7iJ. New shelled 668c?"
new No 2. kUndrjed, 72vandJcliadriei)ert
jected 6768y; po8ingjit,.84Jtir,old Na.Llb
auu iiu luf upY, saiea xiu a i,uis.ciii.eruoon .
at 830." ."'KiuHi'.iv iii.-.ruiir .(vig s" 'riJi
OATS--EaiHy-tve,: steadyi-itmv'kndui
K higher; saleiNp 2a47i48o.-f.i'i'?
BYE More active and flfta. and Klrt
higUer, salos Np l.at L14li loa q
1 09, closing at;$l 14 for regular, and $1 JAy
foe fresh. receipts Nq 1,7 m-rTf I"Oj?a
: BARLEY Jaiet and easier.., eale jio.a
2 at 1 62l 66j rejected 1 40losin:at:(i
1 63al 64 lor ilo 3. ) it;,ip tut 7-.-jk'1
St. Louis Market—Nov. 24.
FLOUR Quiet and changed;. iSOaiO
573 forsnpej; 6.0D660SBeKtrvT -Ifrj
. WHEAT Kxtreoiely dull and lower iota3,
all grades offered; apcidgjtirai: and bigharob
at l 25 for No. 2. . u; 1khU l .not
I CWU-Dqli aod-roplM 80S3flifcr
new. choice; old white oloiUi80c nt b-tioi
j OATii Lower at Sl&oo, the; iatter.ifacta
choice white., ,1 a - r.i, , .t,iini 91I1
BARLEY Qoiet and unchanged,, n91
BYE Quiet and unchanged itininiolit'l
PRO Vl5rtONS-Poll and wealu ; .ij" ,
PUKiC Ueldt (W24 60.,.': (4 vhu(
BA(, iUN-Shouldfcia lowec at lls-oleaa.i
f"ll iJAjSltrt-!.! ! .i O : x lq T If
1 LAKk) Dull and nominal at ,t4cnfi..i ia
HOGS-rluaotiveideoiand at tii7Vic.iti:0
VVHJSKX-Lwet.afe9i.,.fef- mii i
-5 -.). 4
Toledo Market—Nov. 24.
FLOTJR-Quiet.jl""P" rfuotsnii biw
; WHEAT 1c Jo wen sales of amber fill 10
! CORIC-Dull"' sales of neif &Stedat''t
73e)ii ir-,.111,1 i .r.i.'J4 .
OATSs-better -"sales' "Of N'I at
54p; No. a at WXti. ? "-) ' - I ob
it i k ion oetter ; sates js o; rat raw .
r Dtrtj;.i ri,i u. i J !ioui ;utn
Buffalo Market—Nov. 24.
FLOUR Iu aood demand at
n f,Al-r AUfCtfljp, OBHIfB), f 4VftJJ
OATdr-Firm at 68s..,,. (;Xr ,
RYE Firm at L38. ' '. .'n
BARLEY Sales at $2(2 to. " "
Buffalo Market—Nov. 24. Milwaukee Market—Nov. 24.
FLOUR Market quiet andhafedwiK
W UEATQulQtaud steady irSI XHiat .
No. I InsStoreiv.i.i snj olsjiiiwo T-iinlf
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 24.
The weather continue too tin foraeti ve-3
!! (Hi rm-.
F. ! A.- & : LESQUEl?EIIX
! . .' n-M ii;n ;i"i ( J'iiki t r 3
s --jJj. jim-Mimo Hsw Ja b:irti'b
; ("..rjVVJsl ii'.U fur-nf tw ela -jui
.H.--.lM?'Tr!l. la It1 ;-t I
;ft ?,i;.-ji-ij v'ljPLATEO Hr5lRar '
..Vi i 1..1I it
pock irr-BOO K S aad '"'' "',"' .,-.1'.-lhJ
I '..".;'". ; . ' ':. OJfEliA.' Gt.kEk I
' Keep constantly on hand a large assortment of
Setb Thomas' sand waterbatjr Clecki
For .the Jobbing and RUl Tf,lie-j: Also' Aento .((
f Watch Makers' Toole and Material, WateK-Gnrt?
i - est reocaana uenera) m iHUsapply mt. iii.in
An orders promptly filled and' satisfaction
low raoBB.-, (. i; i : ! I t .ri
: feblireodty- .hih TISoatb Uih sUCoiumbas.. -.
iiiun: m i i - Ii. in
i.v .a -m-swaw.'lK, Al4Mi.H.JI Kaa7V.-g 21 "w
i WlltUIU"JonilUll,
173 Soeth lliga street. Uolumbnj.. t.:. Hepairias .,i
carefully done and warranted. . . ury7-eda .
iu r
u besci. I ' i : jj, r. '.aw.vr,.ojciKnd
23 S
ai ;
,ti.". .
' Came arid Ojrsters,
'i Also, all kitl of Country rrodnoe, uh ,i P
' ' ter. Egge. Chickens, Turkeys. eu,, .j
Bforf 39 .Waaa.-i Brsj-twsyw-.l 11 n
The eboicest varieties of Fresh fS'sV'iecefvs AY''
I daily. - All goods purchased delivered i any
Ipaitof tbeeity raz or chabgt. Iootl2eod6m

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