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.MOV. 80.
C3T Editorial Fires Pose.
Democratic State Central Committee
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25, 1868.
-Thw will b nMti:ijr Of the members
of the Democratic State'Central Commlt
te' at Ttaurmari Hall, Columbus, Ohio, on
TnwdaJfiPecfmbe 8th, at 2 o'clock' P. M.,'
for tM purpose or fixing the titpe oi noiu-,
ifiy' the next State i ()hTenifon, andtbe
transaction of such other biistnesB as may
come 'before the Committee. ' A full attend-
rice is requested.' "j "
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
Ohio Legislature.
Both .breeches o tlie.Ohi Lejtislatuie
adjourned last night, after, their threedays
rssioa, hTlnjf completed 11 , the legisla
tion neoeasary w oe;oooe.i-,. i .,r.i ivk mjiu
The patients beiongiptt the, Central
Lnjiatio Asylum, deprived, of, Uieir home;
by the burning of (he. Asylum, were prop?
erly cared for, and tit laws necessary for
that purpose wwe passed.1 r Arrangements
were made to hare all the necessary. facU
laid before the Legislature in regard to the
condition of the walls, the cost of rebuilt' -lnjr
the Asylum, the time when it 'can be
finished, Ac, In the meantime, such ar
rihjfetnerir'a were 'made as win secure 'the
wails and move ofi the debris of the burned
A Senate committee, consisting' of
Messrs. Scbjjsseb, Evkrktt and Limn, was
raised to sit during the recess, to. eoHfv
a.nd to ..report ? amendments to. .the laws
regulating cities,' towns ' and villages, . a:
work thaf if well performed, and from the
ability' of the committee, we hrfVend doubt
on the subject, will be one of jirreat benefit.'
cTbe Appropriations 'demanded : by ' the
Governor in bis message were 'wade and'
ts)ee thing done, tbetwobousefl adjontn
ed to meet on the 6th of january-nex'io
enter upon the regular duties qI the session.
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 25, 1868.
''The 'PRESIDENT" called tb,e Senate to
order at lOo'clock. ' " -" -t
Mr. SCBIBNEtt Offered a resolution dl-i
reetinjr the Clerk to cause to be printed 500
copies bf the resolutions ' and eulogies on
Senator Bali, deceased, for tha use of the'
&BMW.J Adopted.,, -tJ 7-fl.l;?S!:.T
,Mr. BERBJ offered S. J- K- No. 68,. as'
folldwsi ' - -
WnEirEA,'Bv the Constitution, of ihe'
United States Congress is invested with tt)e
sole power of naturalization; and
Whereas, By the present hattirallzatfon'1
Inn, citizens of foreign goyernmenW are
compelled to wait a long p riod aiur be-.
coming residents before they can become
dtieensot the United States and 1
Whereas, -Believing that m wise and Hb,,
eral system of naturalization is , greater
lndncement to immigration than the Bu
reaus bow being established by: many Jot
the State Governments, and that the time,;
has passed when it is necessary, or politic ,
for any Government to require of Immi
grants a resMeneejof five years, prior to
- admission to citizenship; therefore ,,,,
Setolved, by the General Assembly of thq.
State of Ohio, That our Senators in -Con-'
gress be instrocted. and our . KeprceerjU
tves requested to use all honorable means ,
In their power to so amend the naturallza-,
tlon laws of the United States that citizens ' ;
of foreign Governments may become -nat .
vralized after a residence . of two years -within
the Jurisdiction of the United
mates. ,
ifitsolved. That the Governor be, and be
la hereby requested to transmit copies of,
these resolutions to1 the Senators and Rep- '
resentatives in Congress- from-Ohio,, and ; .
to the President of the United States,;- .i
, Referred tP the committee on Federal
Eelaiions. 1 ;:V.' ' ': ;: :-'-'-: -(
No:' 408-Making partial appro
priations for the year 1868. was -read the v
first lime, when- . : t . , T .
On motion 'of Tjlr. LINN.' a call of tbe ,
Senate was fiftd, and the following Sena- ' '
tors answered to their names: i -ivhUHi a, ij;'
Messrs. Berry, Biggs, Borrows,- Cnrap-
bell,. Carter, Tangier, Dickev," Dowdney,
Emmitt, ' '-Evans. "'54 Everetti4 Godfrey,
nntcnesom: Jamison , Kennvyj. Kessler,
lyxaner. Linn, MayFottj-iScribner. Stmt,,
mens, S'edman, Torrence, Vfin'ner, Wood-'
worth. Yeoman 27. '' ",... ..i ..4 :. ,;
- Mr. BBOOKS sppeared -within the bar,
when all' further proceedings under, the ;
call were dispensed, with. ' ' ' ' "
--Mri DANGLER moved that the- onstl-i
tntional rule be suspended that IX. B. -No. - -408
might be read the second time.
The' Senate refused to ' suspend the rnle,
by the following Tote : -.n
Yeas Messrs. Berry, Biggs. Brooks,.'
Hurrows.Campbell,Carter.Dnj)erJ)iokey, . ;
Emmitt, Evans, Everett;' Godfrey, Hutch- '
eson, Jamison, Kennev, Kessler, Kraner; '
Llttny MayJ Pots. Seribnerv Stedman, Tor- i
renre, Wood worth. Yeoman 2a. t , t
.,NTATSTTM.essr8.Iowdney, Simmons, Win-, j
ner 3. - - -
Kt: 0ICKEY moved to suspend the con
stitutional rale for the same purpose, which -wss
lost by a similar vote, three-fourths of
tbetnerabers elec ted to the Senate-not vot
ing 1ft the affirmative. ' ' '!! ) ;
-KM BCTCHESON, from the committee
on Benevolent Institutions, to whom were ,
referred several matters relating to the
Central Lunatic Asylum, reported S.- J. R.
N 89, authorizing the Superintendent of
tbe .Central Lanatic Asylum to have re
moved from tbe ruins of the building all '
rubbish, and provide for the prntectiou of '
the standing walls of tbe same. &e. ;".
Also, a substitute for- R. J. R. No. 95, di
recting tbe trustees of the Northern Luna--tic
Aiylum to receiret and provide tor 121
patients from tbe Central Asylum District;
authorizing the Governor to contract with
the authorities of Hamilton county for the u
reoeptioa. of 100 lpsane patients .into tbe
Longview Asylum from the said Central
District, and also directing the trustees of '
ther Son thern Lunatic Asylum to receive1
60-patlentaJrom the said . District, &c - ,
Both resolutions were adopted. - ..
Tbe committee in. their report say that
they bave visited the grounds of said Asy
lum, and made personal Inspection of tho-
S resent condition ot tbe buildings, and are.
appy to be able to report that, although
the destruction has been Immense; and the
loss to tbe 8 tats heavy, the permanent in
jury has not been as great as. has been gen
erally apprehended. .
"The fotfndationa are not disturbed.' ' The1
walls, with tbe exception ot portions ot the
loner a,pd division walls caa, be easily re-,
paired.. . The substantial, portions of the
stone work remain undamaned. The whole
building, with the modern improvement ot
projecting -and tire-proof root,, can -be re--,
constructed on the present foundation with '
the existing wails, with few exceptions,'
under' economical management,' at an ex
penditure not exceeding two hundred ;hou
sand dollars. The out-buildings, engine
department, shrubbery, tfcc bave not been
affected by the fire. . .;....
.There Is necessarily a great deal of rub
bish' as the result of. the conflagration
which should be removed. The standing
walls should be protected as far as possible
against tbe damaging effector the weather.:
The committee recommend that tbe Su
perintendent employ the bands not dis
charged, in tbe removal 61 the rubbish; and
that ' suitable . measures' be immedUtelv..
taken by fatal: Jor. the protection of the.,
While the fire was ragin'gi'the most c6ta;
mendableefioru were made by the officers '
and employees of the ai.i i
save the buildings, rescue tbe inmates, and ,
aiieviaw wswiuiuuuuuiraj. And prompt
aoTtoo was bad by the officers to dispose of
and provide for the Inmates by placing
them nnder' the care and charge of other
Asylums, and sending them to their appro
priate counties or friends..
The committee, on behalf of the State,
take great- pleasure in' acknowledging tbe
prompt tender of services by the officers;
, of .other , institutions in the emergency,
' and their generous offer to receive the in
mates ot the Central Asylum into their In
stitutions. - They deserve tbe thanks of the
p opto: of (be State,? and of the friends, of
uumanity everywhere. It fully illustrates
thf, nndnfall 4Uu fn s t a 4P5"tfB f " nne
oisfcecai provtae lor 11& upiafftuniiiBs, , nuu
Willi beferilo8e its place among the fore-;
most in works of benevolence. 5
in cniB conneoiion un cnuimium r
ulzethd ktnB and humane bffer of tire State
of West Virginia In this behalf.
The question being taken on the adoption
of H.J. R.No. 92, providing that when the
Gener 1 Assembly adjourn to-day, it stana
adjourned till ?$& o'clock P. M. on Tues
day, JaiwHfrf" 5th, 1869; It Wfts adopted bj
he following vote:
ITkas Messrs. Biggt, Brooks. Burrows.
Camp Del V Danifler. Dickey, -Emmitt,
Etamu Everett. Godfrey. Hall. Hutcheson,
tamison. Kessler, Kraner. Liwrenue, Linn,
lay. Potix. Scribner, Stetiman, Torrence,
v 1 n ner w 00a worth, eomau 5T4.
j NATs-Messra. Berry,-Cartei;, Dowd,ncy..
Kenney, Simmons, Wiiiner-6i " v
Mr. nnxcHESONInfferecr a resolution.
Which was adopted, in-tructinsr the JudM
ary committee to inquire whether members
of the, Legislature can claim mileage, fot
(djourued sessions, and also what legisla
tion, if auy, can be provided, so as to avpjo
all adjourned Sessions. '
n. J. R. No:. 'Authbrizlhg' the com
mittee on Benevolent Institutions and en
Reform Farm and Idiotic Asvliim to visit
the Benevolent Institutions of the State
luring the recess of the Legislature, ' and
report their condition to the January- ses
sion. was read,nd after aiorotraoWd dis
cubs ion, was : lost on . the , question of its
auoption. .
On motion of Mr. DOWDNEY, the Sen
ot. at half past 12 o'clock, took ;a. recess
r The PRE ! DENT called the Senate to
order at 3 -o'clock. . '
'.t -..3 T i'f !., r.: r 'fi'j-
IL J". R No. ! OS To provide 'fpr'pr)nt!rig
ceriain reports in tue uerman langnage.
Adopted. - i -u i .: f. ..)
H. J.' R. No IOO Discharging, officers.
assistants, and, employes of the Central
Lunatic. Asylum. Referred to committee
on Benevolent Institutions.
' " H. J. R. No. 99 'Making saslsrnment of
assistant 'Physicians for the Northern and
Southern Lunatic Asylums.. . Relerred to
same committee. , .
li'Mr. DICKEY moved that the constitu
tional rule be sbspended for fbe1 seeond
jeadlrig of' H.- B N. 408, making partial
approurUttons for 868, .,. i..,.
, .Tbe vpta .was taken on the motion, and
m. . I . . 1 4 . v. .
' Tbe PRESIDENT pronounced the mo
tion -lost tnroe-ionrtns, -,c) oi tne mem
bers elected to the Senate not having voted
(or the motion. '.
' Mr. BROOKS appealed from tbe decision
or the Ubair.
- - Alter a discussion, tbe vote was taken on
the Question. .''Shall the decision of the
Chair stand as the judgment ot the Sen-
te ?" and resulted
-Yeas Messrs. Beriy. Dickey. Dowdney,
UolUen--Jamison, Jvraner, bcrlDnrr. Dim
moDs,. Stedman, Torrence, Winner ' and
Woodworth 12. ' -
NaTs Messrs. Biggs, Brook,' Barrows.
Campbell,. Carter,. Dangler, Emmitt, Ev-
sns. Everett, Godfrey, Hutchesonv Kenney.
V- , ti m T.. -T ltn
So the decision ot the tjhair was not
sustained, and House .bill No. 408 was read
the second time, and tbe rule being again
suspended it was read, the third , time and
Mr! HUTCHESON, from the committee
on Benevolent Institutions, reported baek
Ff . 3: R. N. 99, amended so as to authorize
the trustees of tbe Northern and Southern
Lunatic Asylums to appoint such assistant
physicians as tuey may aeera necessary on
the nomination of the Superinte ndents.
The reeolntion as ameaded was adopted.
Mr. HUTCHESON, from the same com
mittee, reported back H. J. B. No. 100, and
recommended its indefinite postponement,
which was agreed to. '" '
?Mrf: HUTCHESON offered sl'J. R No.
6rt Directing the Superintendent of the
State House to take proper rare of certain
8Utury which Senator . Em mett propr
ses to place In the Rotunda for the pur
pose of ornamenting tne State House.
Adopted. ' ' - ii:'';. A f-' -.!. t;;:i(i'.
: Mr. BURROWS offered a' resolution,
Which was. adopted, appointing Messrs.
Scribner, Everett and Linn, a special com-,
mittee to rtvise, during the recess of the
Legislature, the laws of Ohio, relating to
municipal corporations;;- ' n 1 ., '!fi
i -On jpotlon of Mc. POTTS,. the. Senate
took a recess till 1 o'clock this evening.
: The PRESIDENT called the Senate to
irder at 1 o'clock. ,. ')
I r. HUTCHESON offen.d S. J-',R. No.
62 Providing tor the appointment. ,of a
(olnt committee to examine into the con
litioh of the State House grounds, fence
and. pavement, and to report: some plan,. if
deemed, expedient, for ornamenting- said
f rounds, substituting tor the present iron
lence in front of the State Honse another
of modern and suitable style, and extend
ing the same around the entire grounds,
id paving where no, paying now, exists,
i Mr.'GODFREY gave notice of Tntentlbn
todiscus8 'the resolution,-which, nnder the
rule, carried it over for one day. -. -i
; Mr. SIMMONS moved that tbe Senate
djourn, which was agreed to. . ,
i The PRESIDENT then declared the Sen
ite af'journed till 8l o'clock P. M. on
Tuesduy, January 5th. 1860. -
Prayer bv Rv. Dr. Hayes. V.
Mr. RUTTER moved to reconsider the
vote by which House Resolution No. 178.
in relation to the decease of ex-Govern r
Tod, wss adopted last evening, '
Mr. BtiUUliKUosired the Hou3e to stand
by its action in adopting those resolutions,
as thev contained -nothing of a political
character, and were merely a tribute of re
spect' to a distinguished citizen of Ohio.
Mr. Tod had been his neighbor for years.
and was much respected by the people ol
bis region. He thought it right that such
resolutions should be adopted, and hoped
the House would. not reconsider its action.
! Mr. McMORRAN, demanded the yeas
and nays thereon. -
. The yeas and nays were called and re
sulted yeas 38, nays 39. , . ..--
qo tne motion urecou8iueriaueu.
Mr. MANN offered tbe following resolu
tion: , . '
i Whereas. This Honse by resolution deci
ded to adiourn from Wednesday, the 25tb
day of November,. lBtia, to. tbe first lues
dav ot Januarv. 186& and
: Whereas, Such adjournment will In all
probability make it necessary for members
oo return to and lrom their homes; there-
tore .
1 Eesolved. That the members of this House
will not charge and collect from the State'
mileage for the distance traveled in rei
turning to their homes after such adjourn
ment, or irom tneir nomes to the next meet
ihg ot this General Assembly on the first
r' J t T ,o.n - ....
i Mr. PARK gave notice to discuss, and
the resolution weut on the table. .
I Mr. BAKER moved to suspend the ruler,
that the resolution might be taken from the
cable. ' " " t" '
! Mr; HUGHES, of Bntler, moved to lay
chat motion on the table. The motion pre
vailedyeas 60, nays 2a. .... . , , , ,
t The SPEAKER laid before the nouse
the Second Anutial Report of tbe Trustees
to locate and erect; a new asylum for tbe
insane.: which, t
i On motion of Mr 7 WALLING, with ac
companying detailed statement, was laid
toe lame ana oruereu w oo priniea.
i The House concurred In Senate amend
ment to House Joint Resolution No. 93, rel
ative to tbe appointment ol a committee on
cattle disease, tilling the blank, with, the
word "two1
n" veas 73. navs 2.
I Mr RUKEN BROD, on leave, offered the
following joint resolution, wntcn was laid
on the table under notice to discuss. .
. rtanlved. blithe General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, Thatjthe committees of the
.Senate- and House, on fnDilc .Benevolent
Institutions, and on Reform Farm and Idi
otic Aavlum. be and are hereby authorized
t visit and examine the State Beuevolent
Institutions during the recess of tbe Legis
lature and report their condition and wants
to the January session of the Legislature.
iMr. COCKERILL moved to amend the
Die In oider that the resolution might be
tkenlrom tbe table for immediate consid
. iation. The motion prevailed. ,
Hr. RUKEN BROD proceeded to show
that It would be advttTaJJfc iff to Ae Inter
estspt the Asylums knd the State, to per
mit loose investigations to tale ptnea as
prupuseu in ine resolution. Sucn a conrse
would be mors thorough, and Ms results
more sattsfactOMrto aitrcorfcerned.- ' '
Mr. THORNHILL concurred in tbe ar
guments aad -Statements of-Mr. Rukiy rL
oroo, ana sata tils experience went to con
v no ! him thai the flvinsr visits of commit-
t es to the- Asylums during the sesslpnibf
.no jcxininbure eerveu io inrow uut iitue
lUiht on helr real condition w ZjaJayorad
the adoption of the resolution. "
: Mr. ACKER disliked tliese-annual visi
tations of committees,' and thought they
accomplished but little.
The veas .and navs jirere -called on .the
adoption of tlie resolution and resulted
yeas 60, nays 22. So the resolution was
a looted 1 T i
': Mr-! HILL, f Erie, on leave, offered the
fouowirur. resolution, which was adopted
' Resolved, That the Superintendent of the
if j one Benevolent institutions and of lie
form Farm and Idiotic Asylum of this
State, be requested to furnish to tbe com
mittee of the General Assembly a full state
ment ot the number ot employes, their asre
and sex,', in their respective; iustitutions.
with the salary paid to each, designating
their respective duties, and whether or not
tbey are boarded at 'and have their1 wash
ing done in the institutions; totretherSvith
any other information in their posssession-l
tnat tne committee may Ueenr necessary In
order to report fully thereon to the General
Assembly. . - , .
Mr. CANNON, ph leave, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was adopted: ;
Resolved, That the Finance Committee of
tlds HOu8e.be directed to take Into considi
eratfon the subject of so amehding the law
of taxing bank shares, so that said shares
ot stock shall be assessed and taxed in the
townships and county where such bank
stock ahull, be owned. s provided in act of
congress approved a eoruary 10, lSUS, and
report to this House bv bill er otherwise.
; .Mr. SKA ATS offered the following joint
resolution, which went on the table under
motion to discuss:
t Resolved, b the General iLtsetrMy of the
biaie or vnio, mat the Trustees of the
Central Lunatio Asylum be and they -are
hereby authorized and : directed - to- take
such steps for the protection of the walls
and the preservation of materials and
grounds as in their judgment they may
deem necessary; also employ a competent
architect to make such plans and specifica
tions as are necessary for the reconstruc
tion and repair of said Asylum, and to ad
vertise, lor proposals tor tbe rebuilding and
repairing said Asylum in accordance with
said plans and specifications, and report to
mis wenerai Assemoiy. i i ..
- Mr. BALL, on leave, offered the follow.
in? resolution, which went on the table.
under a notice to discuss bv Mr. Hughe,
of Bntler:; r tiiS". .'"": i
JIeot!d,Thatlne committee on Finance
be and it hereby is authorized to sit during
the recess of this General Assembly, and
that so soon as the reports of the several
state olticers, and other nesessary infor
mation to enable the committee to act un.
derstandingly - can be obtained, it shall
meet and prepare the necessary appropri
ation and finance, bills and report the
same to this House when it shall assemble
In January, 1869.
On motion of Mrw DICKSON, Hi B. No.
174, -relative to increasing the number of
the Judiciary committee, was taken from
the table and adopted. . I . . i
The SPEAKER appointed as such add!
t onal member ot tbe committee. Mr. Odell.
of Licking.
Mr. .LEE offered tbe following resolu
tion, which was auopiea ( -o j i v . ..
Resolved, That the portion of the Gov
ernor's message which recommends a geo
logical survey ot the State, be referred, to a
select committee ot. bve, with instructions
to report by bill or otherwise. ' 1
Mr. POND offered the followtn jf resolu
tion, which wasadopted:
-Resolved. That the committee on Public
Buildings be and is hereby directed to take
into consideration what steps are necessary
and practicable to be taken to protect the
public buildings of the State from damage
by fire, and to save the State from loss by
reason ot Are,- whether by insurance - or
otherwise, and that the committee report
oy-oui or oinerwise, at s early a day as
Mr. SHERWIN offered the following
joint resolution: : - " '
llesolved, by the General Assembly, of (he
State 6 Ohio, That the Trustees of the Cen
tral Ohio Lunatic Asylum be authorized
or directed to assign for duty the Assistant
rnysictans recently employed in that in
stitution to the-Northern and Southern
Lnnatic Asylums respectively, In such
manner as to first meet the wants and ne
cessities of- patients therein, and to make
such assignment whenever; In the opinion
of the Trustees of said Northern and South-
ern'As'ylunH,; additional medical aid shall
be required therein.
Air. scorr.of Warren, offered .the fol
lowing substitute :
Resolved, by the General Assembly of. the
State of Ohio, That the Trustees of the
Northern and Southern Lunatio Asylums
respectively, ere hereby authorized, on the
recommendation of the Superintendent, to
appoint one additional assistant physician,
at a salary not greater than that now re
ceived in said .Asrlums, respectively, by
the assistant physicau. ,,
1 he substitute wai not agreed to.
The QU 'Stlon hp.inz on the' adonrion of
the original resolution,' It was adopted
yeas 68. nays 4 , -
Mr. KUT1EK ottered the following res-
lution, which went on the table, under no
tice to discoss, by Air. Lawson
Resolved, That the Trustees of the Cen
tral Ohio Lunatic Asylum are hereby au
thorized and required to take immediate
action to protect the walls of the same.
Mr. H1LU ot Defiance, offered the fol
lowing joint resolution; ;
Resolved, by the General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, That there be printed in the
German language, for -the use of tbe mem
bers of the General Assembly, 1.500 copies
Of the report the Auditor of Slate, 1,000
copies of the report of the Warden ot' the
Penitentiary, LoOO copies of the report ol
the Secretary ot State, and 2.000 copies of
tne report oi tne Board oi uommissioneis
for Reform School " . -
Mr. WARNKING moved to amend bv
adding " Two thousand copies of Govern
or's message.'' The amendment was agreed
w. - .. . -
Mr. RUTTER moved to amend by strik-
ing put 2000 ropies" tor Reform Farm,
anrl ! In'aprt-.'-' 5tftnO pnniiw Tho amoml.
The amend
ment was agreed tot.
' Mr. LbiiS moved to amend bv. addinsr
2000 copies of the. report of the Adjutant
ueuerai, aim z uixi copies. Ol we report Ol
the School Commsioner. The amendment
was agreed to.
' Tbe original resolution, as amended, wag
adopted yeas 73, nays 12. "
! Mr. CALLEN offered the following reso
lution, which went oh the table under a
notice to discuss by Mr. Thornhill: -1
Resolved bv the House of Reoreseniitivpji.
That Frederick Blenker and Curtiss Berry
De restored u ineir tormer positions as As
sistant Sergeants-at-Armsof this House.
their pay to date from tbe beginning of tbe
Mr. PARR offered the following resolu
tion, which was adopted yeas 40, nays 30:
Resolved, by the General Assembly of the
Slate or unto, mat an omcerj, assistants
and employees of tbe Central Lunatio Asv
lum be and they are hereby discharged
from further services la- their respective
capacities in said institution, except the
Superintendents and Trustees thereof, and
that thev shall not, from and after the
passage of this-resolution, draw further
pav. '
On motion of Mr. BRANCH, the House
toon a recess. . . ...
: Mr. HUGHES, of Highland, offered the
following resolution, which was adopted :
i Resolved, That Samuel Pike, Seraeant-at-
Arms. tor bis services rendered in time of
vacation in superintending repairs ot lur-
niture, ordered by resolution last winter, be
allowed the sum of t wen ty-tive dollars; and
for his services in opening and arranging the
hall tor the House tor its meeting on the 23d
of November, 1868, that be also be allowed
the sum ol ten dollars; for the services he
has to perform In taking care -of books,
stationery. &c- the sum of ten 'dollars, and
also that J. S.Crall, first assistant Sergeant-
at-Arms be allowed tbe sum of ten dollars
tor assisting to arrange and pat In order
the Hall ot :tne nouse: ana tnat .Fred
B enkner be . allowed . for seven days for
helping to arrange and put in order the
Hall of the House and assisting tbe Ser-
geant-at-Arms in the duties required, the
sum of thirty-five dollars, and that said
sums be paid out of any appropriations
for the payment of officers ot the General
Assembly, and that the - Speaker draw
orders lor said amounts upon the Treas
urer. Mr. RUTTER offered tbe following res
olution, which was adopted :
Resolved, That that portion of the Gov
ernor's message relating to county school
superintendents, be referred to the stand
ing committee on Common Schools and
School Lands. '
Mr. NEAL The petition of John
Witherow and 88 other cl(Jeiisof Rofft
counrv. praying Tor the repeal ol ne law
prohibiting animals running at large drj
unenclosed lands. Rj erred to commit
lee on Kricuiiure.
The following is a copy of the letter ol
tbe SpeaiterTnwwmltting eeples'oMiiu.ios i
olutions adopted by the House respecting
the deoease ot x-tov. Td to kiei fnmirj t
COLUMBUS, Nov. 26, 1868.
Sir. David 2W fm4 family XouaiptotoiOlenc,
! I have the honor to "forward vou the
within resolutions, adopted by tsje Huse of
representatives on yesterday.
j I, was pained to bear of tbe derth of your
honored husbandVwbic'ir event has cast a
gloom over the State and nation.
' In this sad bereavement and sorrow,
please accept mv. beartielL.sympathy.and
condolence. Very trplvj; ':;;
" S . 1 ' i Yoinob,'tf servank: ' i j j :
ti S peaker of the House of Re uresen la. Ives.
Mr, PARR offered the ifcrtiowiiiir resolur
t'on, which weutfon'trre-tRDte tmdta1 notice
to discuss, bv Mr. Ross :
; Resolved IhatFred. Blenkper be elected 1
to the plDce of. Third Assistant Sergeaulr
at-Arms. - - !-
On motion of Mr. SCOTT, of Warren,
the rule was suspened and the resolution
laKen irom the table. ; ' :' '.
! The resolution was then addpted.' ..'
Mr. CANNON offered the.foltowing res
olircion. which was ndonfd I i " -
i Resolved, That, the .Postmaster1 of ;i the
cityot Uolumbus. be . rtquestjed to, reman
and forward to eaob member ot this House
all mail matter that mav come Into the Co
lumbus office, during the coming recess ot
the Legislature, and that the Postmaster of
this House be directed to forward to, the
Postmaster a copy of this resolution,- to
gether with the postoifice address of each
member of the House.
The House then adjourned till January
New Advertisement
i tSf Tbe OfcIovSta'ttanaa ban a
Lareer Circ illation (ha aay pa
ner published In this City or C'en
Iral Oh'io. 'tdveltsers -wltl'bear
thin In mind.
i Insane Asylum,
O the Insane, 8t- Loaia. Mo. Thi inttitation
WM onnrtd by th Sisters of Chritj, Aoiost ll',
1868. It is orivata. and firat-.cim i. iu arrmoce-
menU and accoaimodatiuns. Insace patients of
Dotn sexes ana oi all aenommationa are received
For terms. Ae., appl.v to Dr. J. K. BAUDU Y, at
tending t'Djsician, or to Bistqi (Superior of tbe li
stitutioo. novus dlw
Eleciioa of Presidential Lhctors.
r -i . STaTB OF OHIO.'
Coitmacs. H6th MoTcmber, lass.
J. .
A at n election held on the 3d day of H ore ruber,
18S,. the following named persons reeeired- the
Buinber of Totes opposite their names, respective
ly. a9 candidates lor Klectors of President and Vice
President of the United fata tea in behalf of tbe
BUto of OHIO, Til :
Dsrvid Wot r..28IMM
Kaniiiel Us Ho way .2"0.H6
Joba O. Olden. ...SSiKiS
Manley Mubew8(i3a
A. U. Metfaine..S8(S31
J nalhan Dranor.SirtWi4
David Thomson. 38(1236
David H. Bailer.. Sn(K35
(Jha... J. Valcutt,S8(h2S
Lyman Bilatsoo.aco3S
Lather A.ilaU ...WnH
Hiram Frease aeiKK
Rofas P. H unej.MPBtW
John li. Jeup...,.23t69J
Jack'oa M. Noble S3e4
Ueorge W. Honk. smii
Wm. J. Jackson. .2tll
Isaiah Pillars.... S3ftioo
M-chael H. Davis 2.V605
Wm. J. A exander 3-8 6
Adulph Kiiner..236(is
Andrew Roaoh 2606
Kara V. Dean t38duT
JohnJ. Harper... S8IW35
P. M. WaKenhals S8U43aJ. J.sepb j. Ureen...238(i06
Wm. D. Hoiilt0D.WJ3
ISelh M. Barber... a8S33
Levi Barber
Isaae W.lsb ViH3e
d. F. Schneider. 880834
Stephen H. Pitkin28ni231
Fred'k Kinsmsn.!!30
u naries r ouett...23noH
H. U. Poppleton..S38605
Liaao Stanley.. K6U6
A. W. Patrick. .. .8388(4
Samuel Wi liams.K8605
Georse Weiiner...29-6)S
Matthew birchardi360i
And it is the'refore declarecl that Davidw Tod.'
Samuel Ottllowaj, John ti. Olden, Stanley slat
thews. Andrew, 0- .McBumey, Jonathan Cranor,
David Thomson, David U. Bailey, Charles C. Wal
autt. Lyu:an U. slats Lutber A. Hall;- Hirnm
Frease, John J. Harper, Philip M. Wacenhalf. Wil
liam D. Hamilton. Seth M Barber. Levi Barber.
Isaao Welsh. hdard F. &hneider, Stepueo H.
Pitkin and Frederick Kinsman, were at aid elec
tion duly eiectnd Electors of President and Vice
President -of the United States for the out oi
Ohio..' .-li! .i ;',.' J .. ' -ii w. l i
Given under my band at Columbus, this iSA
day of November, A. D. 1888.
-r-, : , - . , -B B. BATES.
By tbe Governor : - " - buvernor ol Ohio,
i W. A. Tbr all. Private Secretary.
; no?26-d4wlt - - -
(Crisis, Gaictte and Weatbote eopyJ ':
An Ordinance
Making appropriations for purposes therein named.
Section 1. Be it ordained bv the Citv Council
of .the city of. Columbus, That there be and. iai,
hereby appropriat ed out of any money in the Treas
ury not heretofore appropriated, the following sums
of money, to-wit:
For tbe payment of- expenses ot Street Commliv
sioneand Chain ta,ng, ai,uoo. - .
Pur tbe payment of employes of the Firs De
artment, 1,200.
- For the payment of expenses of City Police. $1.
450. For. the payment of salaries of City Offioors,
F'or expenses of City Park, J 1.800. :- '
' For the payment of cleaning and repairing, street
lamps, (100. ...
For Gas and Gas Lights, $100. K "'
I os payment cf. N icolson. .arement in front of
Sonth Engine House 600.
: For Sowers and Drainage, t300.
1 For payment of Temporary- Loan. $15,000.
' ko. 1. The several sums of money appropriated
by the foresoing section shall be expended in the
manaerpieetnibed by -tbe fifth section of tbeordi-'
nance dennina: the duties ol the City Clerk, passed
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing the west side of High street from Noble
' street to Strawberry alley, . .. .
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city of Columbus. That tbeeevn of Fouresn
eents, Five mills, be and the same is hereby levied
and assessed noon each' foot "tront of tSe f sVora
lots ef land bounding or abutting upon tbe west aide
of High street from Noble street to Strawberry al
ley, ft -i the same are designated upon tbe plat of the
Civil Engineer, on file in the office of the City Clerk,
for the cost and expense of building a double row
flag erossiug across Hound street at tbe west side of
High street, according to. the estimate of tbe City
Cvi E gineer.
. Seo. 3. a To at the owners ,0f the several lots of
lant upon which theforegoi g assessment is ma.ie
shall pay the amoiinta ef tnoney by them severally
due iu tbat bebalf to John Murphy, within
twenty days from the dateoT1hi9 ordinance, or be
subject to the interest aad pena'ty snorted opo
President of the Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Atest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
novM-dlt - - - ' -
'' Resolution to Contract. ,.
Betolvtd. That the City Civil Engineer be. and
he is hereby autborized and directed to contract in
the name oftheoity of Columbus, with Matthias
Lang, for building a double row flag crossing
across South street at the west side of liigh street,
upon the following terms, to wit:.,
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per oubic
For boulder pftvlng Forty-flye eents per square
For graveling sidewalk-. Fifty eents per eubie
yard .-- r .
. Adoptsd Hot.13. 1868. ' '''
AUest: L. E. WILSON,
' nov28-dlt ' City Clerk.
Resolution' to Contract.
Sesolved, That tbe City Civil Engineer be. and
lie is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of tbe citv of Columbus, with F'rederick
Erfurt, for buil.ling a double row flsg crossing-
aoross soutn mono lanwat (Be wees atae ot xuga
street, upon the following terms, to-wit:
. For excavating or grading, i'orty eents per cubic
For boulder paving. Forty-five eents per square
vard. -. . -
. For fisgging. H inches wide, Sixty eents per lin
eal tOOt. v.
Adopted Hot. , 1868.
. . , Attest: L. E. WIL80N, v
nov26-dlt City Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Xetotvad, That tbe City Civil Engineer be, and
Iia in harebv authorized and directed to contiact in
the name of the eity of Columbus, with Piter
Eagan, for buJding a double row flag crossing
across venter auej uu iu, uurvn biu. .ut xjons
street, noon the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty ceuts per eubio
yrd. -. '
For .boulder paving. Forty cents per square
For flagging, 14 inones wide. SO eents per lineal
Adopted Nov. S3. 1868.
AUest: , L. E. WILSON. City Clerk. .
"Resolution to Contract-
' RMhlmgd. That tbe Citv Civil Eneineer be and
he ts hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of the-oity of Co!umbus, with John
Murphy, for grading and paving tne unpaved side
walks on the west side ot Sixth street from Town
street tuJUoh Street, uponjhe following terms, to-
For excavating'or grading, Torty oents percu-
Forri'oks U14. i 00 per thousand. .
Ad0p,di,0:-23.'ASert, L.E. WILSON,
novM-dlt City Clerk,
Resolution to Contract.
SesoUtd, That the City Civil Engineer be
and be is hereby authorised and directed to eon
tract in the name of the eity ot Columbus, with
Joseph Hartman, for lowering the crossing across
Mound street at the east side .f High street to cor
respond with the Kioolsoo pave jient, upon the fol
lowing terras, to-wk: ' 11
Thirt-fivo dollars, compioto, . ,
Adopted ov.23. L E. WILSON. : '
novM-dlt City Clerk.
b2. M
Unitied SWtfei of America,'
; s.t.0i?eR.-,.,itoi.
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
l i
To which all general correspondence should be ad
-j d.ped..: or r ,u
CLARENCK H. Cl ARK. President:
JAY COOKE, ChairuiaB. Finance, and Executive
flnmmittee ' ' - ' 1 '
HENRY D. i:OOKE, Vice T'residerJt.
EMtKrfON W. FEET, Secretary and Actuary
Offered by thia Company are 1 o
' It Is a National Company, cba-tered by special
act ol lonffres, lanw.
I It bas a paid np capital of S1.C00.000.
i It offers low rates of oreminm. .1
i Jt furnishes larfrer Insurance than otheisCbmpa-
uibb iur mo snme money.
: It is definite tid certain in its terms.
it is a borne Company in every locality.
It. Policies are exemoL from attachment
There are no unnecessary restrlotieas in the Pol
Every Polirv is nnn-forfeitable.
' Polioies may be taken that will pay insured tbeir
full amount aid return all tbe premiums, so that
tne insurance costs only the interest on tne annual
: Polioies may be taken which pay to tbe Insured,
after a certain number of veani dnrinf life, an an.
nasi income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No ex'ra rate it chrzed for risks upon tbe lives
ot females
It insures not to pav dividends, but at I
cost that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Oeneral Agents for Ohio. Central
ana noutnern Indiana.
Colnpas. Special msnifl for "rankua, likloj,
aoiBinsjum sua vueduoioq couiiiica
Jr no previous year ha there
he-en such strong competition among
all the ; tekting , Sewing) Jttdchine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the presents? JLt all the
principal Exhibitions1 and ' 'fairs
they met and contested for the Pre
mium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor 'oF the Florence Reversible
Feed Lock-Stitch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
ExJUbitions, viz. i Exposition Uni
ver seller Paris; American Institute
Fair, New - York; - New $ England
Agricultural: . Fair, at Providence,
Jt. I.f the New York State Fair,' at
Buffalo the Great Annual Fairs
of jfew England, viz,: tluii of the
Meolianics Association, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
wliich closed a four-weeks' Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed by the Committee
on Sewing Machines, - who unani
mously awarded 'it the "OOED
MEDAL," the higJiest Prise the
Institute confers.
: It woalI seam aa if this anoceasion of trfr
nmpha should be sufficient to convince every
unprejudiced person of the great nperioz
lty of the PLOEENCB over all others aa
Family Sewing Machine. " '
A written warranty la given to the pur
chaser, that the Machine WILL DO ALL
that is claimed for.it, and should it fail, it
win no taKeiiDacK, ana tne xlobbx xus-
F0HDED. ....
: - !-.t , -r- 1
: Prinmipat Cfflet mn Wmiwsi, ITo. IS West
2turtA Btroet, Cincinnati, O. r ' -i '.
' .ir' 1 1 - J t , t ' i I
H. BflcCONNELI.. General Agent.
At the Ohio State Fair, which closed at DColedavi
Septo her 25th. IRfifl, the FLOKUNCti received
the FIRST PBEMIVXtoT the best Family Sewing
vwjuiuva over nvaii ill pvii tars. - -. ir -
! Kend for a ciroular. or cal 1 - aad examine the Ma-
ehiaes at tbe new Salesrooms. -; j ...
31 East State St., Colambesa, Ohio.
W. S. BROWN, Agent -
7 All kinds of stitching dnwe to order, and
atistaotion guaranteed. octv4-a2m2tawTA8
( .'- '' . , -.:' i-L . -i '
f o it . ; rr ia e . .' haip
improveai. i
It is an elegant Dressing for the Hair.
It causes the Bair to Cnrl beautifully. . .:
i i t
It keeps the Sealp Clean and Healthy. .
It invigorates tha Boots of the Hauv .
It forces the Hair sod Beard to grow luxuriantly.
It immediately steps Bair Falling Out. '
It keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Age.
It restores Grey Bair to iti Original Color.
It brings out Hair on heads that hare been bald foi
.V. ..' ." years, c x ' . ' .i.
t is composed entirely of simple and purely reget
... ',. . ble substances.
It has reeeired over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence; many ' .which are from
' - " physicians in high standing.
It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
in the glsss), by Druggists and Dealers in Fancy
Goods everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale by Demas Barnes A Oo.; F. C. Wells ft Co.;
Schieffelin A Coi, New York. rsCHirr-meh7-dly .
; banio:rs.
. -.I . . t
Coiner Broad & High Sts
feba-dly . ' ".7, ' ' '
b JhL isr xs. mLtEi
janSO-dly-r Columbus, O.
; UTi i, . l. . j . ..... .u-miVM
mm k)Ysixz :iuo
' y. a
ml I .
y.tln'yy, ;i.',l.' '
fl-t ijid!a ?iil i
'. I .1
.'if'-!'( . lr r
?'S l ! t-
I 1 ,:.-')
rJ'J' It .S 11 IV
.'.I ill!" ..:!
.A .J
J.. .a oiu
.iif s
. ',(: ..-jiiJ
; s. j
A t.
? 5'. i -
l'K-...! Ui 9;JiV
'o - ; i' . ; ! . r. :
.. IT ;iu .
. iil l ' t.. . .' v:.i ,. ' -::v
tf 1 Jl m I
IM ;
it .
f. it t:
. t 3 t.
,t f 1 t' l
5 .-,
'1 K
S .1 ! .1 i
-AND-. ,,..- ,
.T; ." J.'.VrMJI
.'I ,-., ! 'tHir
-r .' I'. .' t .1 ' 1
r.-i.iJi-..i'i ' " . -.A
'.ttttti X -r 1 A r j " l
.YiiJaV.::. UY.A .;;!! T.V
--INTHS-. r,. - i
.-.-!-.. -:. . A. -., : ' - .1 r.M t
I. I
-; '
,;r 11 -
-a ' i .' 1 1 --. .
- . ... - 'ol ;
, - - J.- !.-.. -
- - - i
: t- :' V-.5 ,. ;;
1 -Hi
.' f "..
' i 1 -
.-.'I 'I't
Caa te Found at
i ff
1 . .
250 AND 252
"J .te 1 '-i-.U'Si
- " . - - ... . ... .- . ". .iii ..
' . t : .' .,.. :-
I - '.i-J-.. ,-
JNO.ELLSLKS ....y. ,.,
" 1
W'wniversal request, a'A
''' WW.KIi:' :rf'-. TJljftt
ovtSdtf .
14 1
ying Arnoon. Jlot2,2ir.T
! no . ; -'t
of .Cniuras.l.e h,ao,.d; mY
l.tni. 4MkS'4.'AN;ZIE1 ?,
Oo Thursday IWDOon, iov. Sa, on which nocasiosT
With th samCsttention to Seenio and other f
fecls the asening prfermBsv sW TONS'
ucij ir. t aa jXjj w a. o-1 ?. , f - '
Admission- to Matinee. only-Adslts 50 eents;'
Children nnder 13 years ef sge. StC cents. s '
' No exta charge for Reserved "wets, which can be
rourad daily at Oeera UoDse from letiil n 1 a
ana. from till 3 P M. TJiursdsy evening, iaoat
positively last aigbi of Hasspty Dumpty. oW4 ;
- - ReTlt In the Iaterior. '-
When the stomsoh rs"relenioarflie'liv eouia-
maceous, the bowels disordered, the brain eenf ntadx
sad tbe nerves inn tumult, call in (be Sid of BOS
restorf quiet, regularity and harmony to the aetieaj
of these important organs. A large proportion 'ef
the complaints to which the human familv am ink.
ject, originate in indigestion. For this distressing
malady, and parent of Innumerable ailments as Bis
tressing asltself, the BITTERS are the only article 4
proved byexpenence to be anivorssl "d mfsiln
ing remedy. But although it was as a remedy for'
dyirepeia n kiiioemeus thst-theXfixst obtaiaedT
pvuU? twentjryiigo. K is eow wirif understood i
both by tbe publio and the medical profession, that
their curative properties;Uke a fs i yider range. In
nervous complaints, spasmodic affections, fever and
ague, and every variety of general and local debility
their effect is most salutary; and as a means of pre
paring the system to resist damp. eoloV r'ismrtaa
elements in the water or the air, privation, expo "
sure, Ac., no medicinal agent at present known can
be justly compered with this powerful yet harts! est-
tome. The feeble and . sensitive, wbo can fir whhi
stand (the inolemenoy of the winter season, wilt
find the BITTERS exactly the article they need tsv
fortify and sustain them. ,., , trr..
msy23dodAwly-cw-B ; ,.y . t. l
, 1 - .7 ...... .
PROT ENCE; R- I., h ving tie tsrges! maq
factory;., Solid S'iver Ware in the wnrld. with
thamastjnproredmaohin ry. and eniplayiag 4h.
most skillel labor, are enabled to offer jsn nnr
equalled variety of new and heaUtiful deiisns th
Dinner Services. Tea Services, and) every attiote
specially adapted for Holiday aad Bridal Gifts. . I
They offer also their well-kaowa aad' uvri vailed
Nickel Silver Eiee'.ro-PIated.Ware,Jn1 which. the
have Introduced new" patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver is gHarantefd! to be of sterling
parity by II. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate I -guaranteed
to be superior to -the' finest Sheffield)
ware. -Orders resolved 'from the Trade .only, ba j
these goods mJ . be obtsiaad from jswponsibsai
dealers every srhere. ...r
i-'.Ul uititt-A Trade
s-m'i Trade
. U. .,k-;
Trade Mark -rrr '
- - Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lena, X. T.
nov5-dAwXraipe.r' Jj 61 v.: - TTT
"' ! ' 'Cents" -mt ,ith
Thousands of children Sio snnusMy'of droupt-l.
Now, Mothers, if yea. would -spend MeBavsm4
always bave a bltie of Dr. I'obiai' Venetian Lin
imeHtin the'house, yoanever need fesjTiosing
your little one when attacked with this eomplaist
It is now SI years since I have put up my Liniment,
and never heard ot a ebild -dying ef C oup, when
my Liniment was used; bet hundreds of cure,
have been reported to ae, and many state if it was
tamper bottle they weald set-be- wkhot-ie Be
sides which, it is. certain are or Cuts, Burns.
Headache, Toothache. Sore" Throat. Swellings.
Mumps, Colic. Diarrhea. Dysentery. Spasms. Qi
Sores and Pains in ibe Limbs. Bsek. and ChessJ-a.
No ens once die. it who is ever without it.-' It tg .
warranted perfectly safe to. jake internaUy. Full
directions with every bottle. Sold by the Drug
gists and torekeeperi in the United States. De
pot 10 Park Place. N, T.
jnnel6-dAwlycm-reMT ' 1 ' ' ' '.. J,
JBo r ajt?ejine isFViuccdr,
Pare "blood makes us well, had bloody makes as
siok. Vapors from poorly digested food ia the
blood are condensed upon tbe various -organs. aadT
serve to make them grow or repair their waste.-,-Organs
made with a greater or lesser proportion of
such materials cannot be sound., Jf, the. bad coa
ditionof blood .continues hnt for afew days.er
weeks the body will be cut of sorts) and If it eon-'
tinues, the whole of the body will' in time be re
bewed with imperfect blood, and the health .bads
It is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
I Now Brandreta's t ills penetrate the whole mass
uf b'ood, caosing the xpulsion of impurities; the.
body feels relieved from a sing' e dose what thSsl
may by expeoted from twentyl.i By continaing
their use the whole of the blood .in, time becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed from good mmJ
teriaU the decline stopped, and a new ieese of life
sueesed."1 Priewteel-Bce. BswpBgrHotjggf
New York. Sold by all druggirs.; ,
I iunel6-dJ;wlycm-reiT . .
To art we owe a, thousand graces;, 0
Impioving Nature so disgrace is.
. H . as gray bair dent eleate the eve. '
0 istadoro's HaiK' Pnservatlve
Striking,'. 't.:iindjng. are' the "Effects prodnoed )
by Cristadory's pair. Preservative .andSeautifier,
Be the hair ever so wiry.'eoerse and aesssmageabl st
by brush and comb, in one week this artiol wHI
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to curl-. t 1
1 Sld by Druggists,and applied by all Bair lrer;
ers. JUanufsctory No,,8 Maiden Xane. -tViaclpai'-Depot
No. 6 Aster House. ..
I janelS-dAwljcm-reNr ' '-' " ' ' y
lil .ts
. A Clertynasv while residing la Benth A wi erica''
as a niitsiooary. disooered a safe and simple rem-.,
edy for the Cure of Nervous Yt eakness. Early tier
w. Diseases of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organ.,
and the whole train of disorders brought on by
baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers hare
been cured by this noble remedy.' Prompted by a '
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate. I
will send the recipe for preparing and using this .
medioi'C. in a sealed envelope, to aay.oj),wh ,
seeds it, febe or chabok Address, - " it
Station D, Bible House, New 1 ork City.' '
; oct?S-dAw
1 I ! . 1 I '
1 CtTllere Treatise m tbe ItsitaV.
free to all, given away at the Drug Stores, or sent
by mail free. This hook should be in every beoso. I
It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
and restore gray hair to its original ' color, stop Its '
filling ouWJtnd remove all, sssitaUosi mr immitmM-
irom the scalp, thus keeping the hair beautiful to
tne latest period of rife. ' -' 1 1
jirr-iiovl7-eodttn i 11X3 Brmdwav, R.T.
MA N H OOO. v Another
PamvlUst Ami th a
of Da.'CcKTia"
I He 'Medical limes" says of this work: "This
valuable treatise on the eaase aad euro of nrema
turedecline. shows how haalih ; imnaiM ,kMHu
secret abuses of youth : and masbood. and hew 1
easily regained. It sives a clear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause aad effects of 9
nervous, debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded a
receipt of 3Sj cents, by. addressing Doctor Cbbi u .
iHo, 58 North Charles street, Baltimore. Md. T
era mayas-dly-r ' '
OUTH restored In fonr mI. m.
guaranteed. DR. RKXRD'S ESSENCE O 9 LJ KK
,.owiva U.111J iw.ire, iruu waatever cause ari
sinc; tbe effeots of earl, perniaien. bahiis.elf-V
abuse, inipotency and climate, give away at once to I
tbis wonderrul medioine, if taken regularly sccoiran
iag to the directions (which are Very simple and re -quire
no restraint from business or pleasure.) FaiU
ure ia impossible. Sold ja nottlea at a3srfoer.
quautitiet, 10 one foraa. ,.To be bad only of tbe sole 1
appointed agent in America. iU Gwtzek..S( ,
Secoid Ave.. New York,... '
h. . r.r' :"tT: w.,a '
. . vj., Dnniees, rename -
in?UuUneous; no disappointment : no ridicnlona
tints; remedies the ill efiects of bad dves; rnvi
- ; .--'-umrwiiina oeeuiiini. otaem .
or 6rc Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers t
NoT 16 fcnd S ll VV -i. f f? "
jA 'aaand delicate akin, free from every blem-,
Un, it the reward of aa occasional his of Palmer's'
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. ep21-dwly-cm

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