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. tavwiia sprinkle of ralpje
tarda it. wu rf- iwel T: i 1 I.
w- Skiff Gas-lurd minstrels are com
ll.r.O'J M I .!.'.
.V A out;
miitlne this' ttntoomi ltfriu w gti
: ..!' .1 '
"$3T,Vr' .call attenqofc to 0i fcdverttse
nent of the 8U Vtooeort ioetluiUoo for
the Insane, loca.atSC.Or';".' Vi
Court Nd.r J.Bdea 01d presldlnir,
aaj'urned yieaterday until Moudayrto give
time lor guopceoainjt pi,ikiiww.
makine MnucemeataTioc impoYllo li
uaUs jttbatj3tate PA' MF0?'
gation. .U .A
tSTtetaay' Wat Mw kantvenaTjt rj
the baW ofjIssTdnSi'jr TCiqxeV ana- tnis
day seven years agp,oO tjeiienc. won iui
mortal lame at Vienna.
' i- 'i ' - c-j-ir:-': T4
Thakk8giviso SKRVicta. .Thanksjriv-
lnjr.servlcea will be held today at Wesley
Chapei,rt ii o'clock': iivlg'erinon by
Rev. p.,A..YanAnda.
' The' CofiiroOua journal says th& ruins ot
the T.itatWr! A -tarn v"eaJ- Blind .the
mnniMHiu inaVMHrtainaol .mortal Home
What an astute donkey iZantmUle Signal.
ri(a,,ri riofl:'rEnllfornute.'' We
... n"- . r- r : r. -Lave
ah along known him for an ass.
The Grand (Jury JtJhed Its? labor yester-r
-' - ' - -i'Li-z-'ji v-
aay ana rose, ana was uiscuai j;v-u nuui ei
ther attendance. They' have been in ses
siwt plmlys.haTe found tbirty-aewi true
teeu witoesses ..- .
Fux'is a Fit A plasterer named Paul
RedmwS, t3t Ua ty ete jday "bioro iffs3n
front of Dickenson's Iruit and oyster house,
on High street, and-cullitmself very se
verely.. A couple of his lellow workmen
p'rocufed .dray ana.tpck Wm tls hpiiie
iivthe Southegn pof tlon of Pf.-yj SL
Ho, -OR tf RSijtAl-KJuite a largo-Cffele-cationof
out eitiznis will lWvihe depot
this morning at 8 ' o'clock, oa special
train, for; rbana, where AndrewjWilson
holds his, great, sale . oMots to-day. A
plendid'dinner will be spread lor "alt who
attend the salei and tooth tbe tri and the
dinner, w,ill be feee.U :1
ji-;iiT .im' i w ' r
A Beautiful Pubucatios. Th At
lantio Almanacorriisea-aorpassea any of
tbe previous sumbers ot the ,nie publi
.cattptf. It half four colored flltfttratlons of
tbe aeasona, together with twelve enjjray
Ingsijariapteatohe 'successive ';inoiiths.-4
Taken aAtDgether, it Is an vxceeAingly at
tractive publication. Andrews" & ' Hull
bave It lor gale' :
fCMnasi6KB ow thtc Ainrep Oai.-!!-Tfie
Governor on yesterday appointed Dr.
Wm-Clendeninj-pfanciunati; Daniel Mc
Millan, of XenUi 3B-Af.efsepger, of Marion ;
JfcoaerStockdale, of Lancaster; andTho.
V, Ether, of tipper andusky f as Gffi4mU
stonera on the part of tbe'State of Ohio, te
the Cattle Disease Convention, to' be held
at Springfield, Illinois. December 1st, 1S68.
Thb Timmoks Bobbbby. In a conversa
tlofi eey.)te.''Mtl'ipinons, who
was robbtd night before last ( near West
Jeflerson, he-inioroied uSlhat This opipion
is that he was followed 'from the Est by
two suspiclou characters who Anally rob
Mm,, Henotieed then m -his taak4or
a dayof t won"t had' hoBupp1cion-ottht:iri
intentions until he was relieve"! oi nis
money,; J. p. t ; fil.r.' Jui
Hcmftx DbisiTT. Nothingin jhewortdj
but. IlumptT,Dumpty-jOuld have drawn
utSujVoy PvAkK werelit the1, heSte
last nijjbt.iA5targe.lMimDes.p! lauy? mv
-rt ih rain storm tabeamused at the trials.
Vagaries' and humors of jTony Denier,-bdj
delighted TThh the general periormaice.
Tlje matinee, this afternoon' lir be-all
respectsi equal to the night - performance.
It waiioBimence at hall past 2 o'clock. .;.
HBsRTl-Tiils beautifully pVifited
magaztne for Decc-mber is before us. , We
-know pn. little boy' whose ' eye's '.glisten
like aiamonds whenever it makiaJte ap
pearance in the house, and! whose mamioa
ialtood for a week!s.',reaaing, or, until be
acquires lu contents by heart. A year's
subscription would be. a 'Very,' acceptoble
present,, condoning , through they whole
tjvelvo months, to' a mother or to children
rtadiog or learning; to read It is aaex
ceilent lntruetor forhe'litUe folk4.if; ju
iPhe grand ju ry reported.' the" condition
Jf'aie till as being 'the. best possible. Ther
e impllmen't Sheriff Eirhart and his depu-(
ties for the heat 'manner ln - wnicn every
thingl8"Vept,:ind the-'artangementi mide
n.r thi onmtnrti arid security tf prisoners.
And" well,.' do tloke,.pfficetsrieie?ye'tfce
encomiums passed upon theia.,v ,
Eesolutiona of thanks to-rrosecatldgl
Attorney MAan and Colone(. ohti QfS$
foreman of the grand jury-were adopteo
M. p.' A, lcrcaisir-BeT, StepbeH,'
Ty 'njf, J tn will lecturp 4o'nlght before the
Young,Men's Christikn' ssoclatlon, at' the
Second Presbyterian Churobv; Px,.Tyng ts
said to be one of the most popular lecturers
in fhe Uirfteo s8tates,flfs subiA!t; "John
Bmyau,7 certainly wlli give him scope for
hls eWat WenWao4c-enlot pleasing
evenlna'a ,, entertaloment- fll i tetf8
haye every where been'e'rowded wlth'schol
ars and people of the highest 'Intellectual
attainments, who'eXpress themielves great
ly pleaded wltb his lectures-
uRtttsTi rrmP Sua
line Schodoer Joe, T"eday went before
Squire G'ulick and ' madg oath'nat on the
25th day. of leDV:VJ, Washington
Davis one of the notorious Truro Flats
Davis family stole nine bogs from James
It- IfelVr of Yalue ot 400. ' Yesterday
morning Constable Chris. Bartllng arrested
Daf 1b and took' hid) before Squire Gdllck,'
wtte're he gave bail in the sura ot $500 for
his ' appearance oa the second day 'of De
cember. W rithei suspect tliat this case
zrows out of the (act that Mrs. Schoono-
Yer's husband is -now in the pehltenUar on
imyaharger;-; ;.;;';; '',', ',; ."l
The Vveekly STATbSHAN lor the current
week! ..is nowrreadv tor delivery in the
counting-room', of the office, containing
complete reports ot the late Are at tbe Lu
natic Asj lumi detailed description of the
feaiful experiences of the night, names of
tbe dead,' final disposition of the remains.
See. &c. A most interesting number.wbich
should be1 io . the bands of all the people.
A few copies are yet remaining from our
Quadrupled edition, and, are lurnUhed lp
wrapped ready lor mattingi, fa&ye enp
Tbk .iiUsth!r;iimiwtion ot
Eugene Marsh and Lane Wy man, charged
wltlfjvrftolftlngl 4, Xl& onTUirI Jane
Carnes, on last Saturday night, came off
before the Mayor yesterday afternoon. We
append tbe testimony ot the prosecuting
witness In full
as I got about hall way down steps I saw
two men; I went to paBS.theny as,Jtbey
paSed me they spoke to me,iwing very in
soltlng language; they took' bold of me
and drageed me into a yard, and I had to
'Ubak; ire&iatad with ail-any ilgbt; thef
hcatc no J-nW-th afr If - Imad-ariyoutcry-they
would kill me; they kicked and slap
ped me; Marsh and. Wyman are the men;
thy are here in court; I know them.
My name U Mary Carnes. I am single,
rwenr; t'pt'fie; 6rp'ren"o''niu)'srtiri3
mohlby t 6Wt 3 ber. It was just 8 o'clock
when I went. inland left about 9 or 10
o'clock.',!.'! -lafd'.not know it was a boilse of
Q faui unyi ihiapocorrenee TlvisUtb
fourth time I bave been there. I had not
got off the steps when tbe men approached
me. r made outcry and boise'for afsiatahefe.
The saloon , in', the rear , of thcBroadwayj
House was open. . It is within 15 fee't ot,
where I was. The outcry I made was to
tH tbenin I was a tespectable ' woin'anl :"
think sereamed out ' onceJ.'. Thev 'tookl
me into a yard." The' night was dark and
there ia no zas-llzht nearer than, tbe other
side of Broad streets. When I wept to bed;
that nlubt, I did not know who it was that-
outraged me. ..Kate Cummings told me
next ilay, that U w as Wj nian and Marsh. .
After I got away fi.dm!tbem, I broke in tbe:
window of the Broadway House and found
a lot of men in there: This was after It
wag all over.
; Kt Cualhjings testified that sht 3iVed(
at M.Panrs and on the night In Question'
She looked out ot the window and saw two
ben run out ol the-a41ev. She heard one
of tlitm laugh. Sbe did not know wheth
er they, were, the prisoners or not. , .
W.'H. Panl sworetrftttie Mw on alley in :
rear of tbe Broadway Hotel. A colored wo
man called him and said a couple of men
were murdering a woman in back yard. He
looked over the fence and heard a man say
tJ 4-l-i Fotidkeep at a I;, he went into tho .
hotel and in about two minutes, as he sup
poses, the woman broke in the back win
dcrws. i As he went tn he saw ;Wymaa at
the gate. . He ,. passed, within two (eet of
him. HaauDDoaed at tbe time that IVj uta-
had nothing to.dp with, .itaad . U'at tbe
other parties had rleit-i .Ha - iaw no other
man there. -Two or three other witnesses
wererexamlBed'bhtnothipjg additlonalP
wag elicited.
Mr. DeLany, at fie"Clo8e ol.the evidence
r the 8tateTCOVed that 'the accused be
piscliarged because- the State 'lailed:. to.
prove Venue and, also to estaullsh tbe of'
fepie: of rane.; .?,; t.X'jj
iBe t Mayor belcr-that a prool t venua
was absolutely necessary. - The question Is
waar the crime Committed in the city of
Cdlumbufc? - If so the court- would' hold
that It was in the'eounty of Franklin'. TheV
Mayor did hot believe that the city, county ;
State', had 1 been'c; mentioDed. The '
State ' had' tailed to prove thr elements
61 rape!,, perhaps because of tbe niod-
sly.' of ' the,' attbrney,- but still-, they ;
bad not been proved. In addition to this ;
tberq was nothing to prove the comiectipu ,.
of these dtfehd'ents with this outrage ex
cept it might be tbe testimony of Mr. Paulii-j
whose l.'storj.. ..Vas.!!; extraordinary. He1
thought a woman was being murdered, and 1
iusiead of calling on JVy man, wbonf he?
says he saw there, to assist him and going ;
to rescue 'ber he went to the hotel and
waited lor ber,. '. get away from her des-'
pollers,: bptore, .attempting tor'ald her.''
Under all theseclreumstances he felt that he-
would be obliged to.dlscharge. the defend-'.
eats. ' ' - : - ri, .i
Tab 'Fairest Flower. When : we saw;.
Slstertlzz ird before the Mayor a day or':
two ago our joy was modified by the re '
mcmift-auce. ;6lf, the ,.' fact, that the falres'
flower that ever bloeomed, the loveliest of
hec sex, the-;.' sweet, entrancing, .dashing '
Amanda Turpln bad not' been' before .his
onbrlor at least ' tlx- months. A police
court without. Amanda Is like "the play of
Hamlet: with bo .Ophelia, good as far as it
goer, but' lacking' all its beauty. Sbe is the
gayest, girl that's out, is .Amanda. But,
unfortunately, Amanda is not out. - On tbe
coutrary, she is locked. up.- Returning to
the .scenes ,'of her, .former triumphs ..and .'
Splendors, arrayed In-purple (calico), and
fine linen bOunitX with the sutoke of her
eprnepbpipe' curling above her head 'like;
the incense of a lover's vows, through:
Which her nose of carmine hue loomedrp .
like i a mantel-war through' a log,,
he, resembled, In, ';iome-v -j-e-'
mote degree, the fabled Venus -rising;!
from" "', the ; .sea, ;;r ;,.'that 'bther;i4gfcl,
or fellow or whatever it was rising from
ber hjs pxlTi ashes. AmaricT shall rWe,
ritejtiytsi ra th Jdemands ft Amanda.
got drunk, and he way she slungjiercal.ico
aiongiaapaveaaensiKieaitaa torwara to
preserve her. f quilibrium, would, make a.
Grecian Be'mlist die In despair. A police-
man took her by the lily!, white hand snd
led Her to the calaboose so grim. The May-
orgave,tielair Amanda pcrmlssrion t6.fvJu
evee8, conjointly wtrtr Sister Blizzard, at
Ca'alleEirTrarijor ibffynt i tyiirty 'dari'
j.pBKiTENTiARY AukivaLs- -Thirteen prls"
Oners arrived at the Penitentiary y ester-'
dayj from the following counties:
From Morgan county David Travis, as-'
sault with intent to commit rape, 3 -years; i
John R. Sheets, burglary, 3 years. , .
Barney McCabe brought In Wm.Gordbn;)
(third conviction) from the United States.
Southern District, for passing .counterfeit
U. S; moneyl 1 year.
' From .Cuyahoga . county Jacob Henry I
(second cou viefcion) aod Dau'l Grier, grand
Idrceti, 1 year aebv'Wilrlam Moody and
Mary Franklin,- grand larceny, 3 years '
eaeh; Jacob G. Orth,Bbootlng-with iut. nt
to wound, 1 year:. John Breqnan, Illegal
YJtiug,2years; John C. Wilkinson, maira
3 years; John Roemer,. burglary aad
arceny, 5 years; 'John McDonald,; assault
with intent to commit rape, 5 years;1 Sarah
M.'Victor, murder.in the first .decree, sen- !
tencecommoted trom hanging to solitary
ponfinement for life." ', ' . '-'. v. ,' '
Among the prisoners brought In from;
Cleveland yesterday, is the celebrated Sa
rah. Victor, who, was convicted, ol.the,
charge' of poisoning her brother, in order-
to get his. life -insurance. She was sen
tenced tp bo hnngv but .Governor , Haei'
Commuted the sentence to solitary confine
ment in the Ohio Penitentiary for life.. . .. ,'
. . j:
Transferred Yesterday. The follow
ing, transfers of real estate were left at the
Recorder's office yesterday : ."ww-i -V
Spphla'M. Wilkinson to JameS M, Fuson,
Nov. 25bh.96 acresof land in Clinton town
ship for-f 250 pcraunutUjduriug her natural
life. - --.
C. C. Brown to' Thomas O'Hara, April
24th, the ipdivided(one-elghth of 15 acres'
oriand iu Perry township for $i75.
Bosea W.Neds and wife to John Mitch
ell, Sept15tb, 3STteres;and 46 rods of land
In Perry townsblp'Jf.or$2,295.j '. r ''"
Man ha' Hertzeil to Jacob Reab, Nov.
20Ujti:e property known as the Sbadeville
House, being .loU NoSjl, 2,, 8, 10 and 12,'
In -the village of Sbadeville, for 11,000. i
'T0B"T .TALX.--Chartey Wagner 'taiks
turkey to us charmingly. On Koing home'
laanight we found there ; monster -tur-
t'ey, pure .white,.haying,a note attached to"
bis "druipSticaVras Idllows rvSmall, but
pujrpW(jComplimentarofJ C.Ar,Wg-T
her." There is no visible admixture about
thaj;;.. turkey,' Jand If we are not mis
taken, be will be appointed a committee
oo internal improvements before he is
many hours older. Our heartiest thanks are
hereby tendered the generous donor, and
mar every; Tbauksgiying find, an extra
turkey lp his ice chest, and .may he always
know where we dwell.
Woty 4 CejWfiafufdajf
I it; he about 8?clqckl wonttobojortdfwol
man'S to Dav monev: t left about 9 or lffc
BKACTiFoi S'rAfoAiTl-We:'sUted last
Spring that Senator Eminitt, ot Pike coun
ty, designed-gracing cb "axblbitton in the
State HousTfti'tertalnlitttuary be tad or
dered from Italy, i Tw Of thai statues- ar
rived here,yesterdayg au4 rere visited last
eveningly a large number of ourcitizens.
ThxyAre stx.feefiB hetgbth, andrforrcoed
of-thf best CaVar4anartl.f One of $hedi
represents Bachantij the goddess of W'fne, s
wcmanlcrowned wlth gTapes;and holding
abliiich of graper In Tier nand. At Tier
feet arer;pair ocymbaja. Tb other U
one of the sweetest faces we ever saw. It
Is pHire Qreciah; and"the:'expresslo'n ls'tll-
vine. -It represents a woman feeding a
dove.. These statues' were cut at Carara,
Italy, and 'ahipped1 from 'leghorn to this
country. Titf dther,1 pieces" arej; n, th,Mr
way Jrom Jkirenco, Italy. These are from
itjje, elf iseli'df JArk.eb. J.'. Meade.,J.They &pi
irpserft 'Pist' and - Fdttire. They' will 'be
plated in the rotunda on their arrival.
t 9W r.:
: at
fJ6 -rp Bchseb's Auction, 80 SoiittfHlgh
Street. .s . : : .. -v ....
a ti nf- ( ? i : in :" i. C
Wk learn from the Madison County Dem
ocrat that ,prs'.r: warper, & Euunlnger,
Dentists. Buckeye Block, have established
a branch office in London, O. -j
j -Go to BurnKr's AocnoN, 83 South High
Street. ' ' i-l'..-. -.'-i' . ..-. . i ' i
i t
j astir,?, t- .
j I Oysters ! Oysters!! J am flatly receiv
ing those fine large oysttrs, for family ne,
stamped Select. W. T. XXX, and XXX.
Also oysters by the half pint, pint, quart
and gallon. . .. m .
i . -l r-' ' ;' O. A. Wigner, '
j ' 'I'Vi.Ki.'i-.'"., No. 23 East State Street,
i nov26-3t '.;:' , -' " ' - ir '
: Go to Bdrker's Auction, 69 South High
Street.; ' . .! '.' . .-'i , V i
! Prof. Charles "A.'. Ludlow,. A.B' a
graduate of a French College,, and for six
rears oa the continent of Eurooe,' has lo
ated herefor the purpose of giving in-
Mtructionln French, German land Italian,
inq solicits the patronage ot those desiring
w acquire a knowledge of these languages,
t'or information aa to terms, &c, call on or
ildre& the Professor at Mr.C Patterson's,
15 East Rich street. I - i c
nov2 dlt.':. ,v.,f ....... i i , . . -. - i
! Go to Burner's Auctioi, 89 South High
StreeW' " -- . -- ; ' -
, !JTew England- Mutual Lite of Bos
tow. Report ot the Superintendent of the;
Life Insurance Department of the State Of
Ne YdrkJ' f From Commissioner's report,
January l9t, 1868; page 63.)
: .The New Eugland Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of Bostori,3Iasiacbusctts,was
the pioneer ot Life Insurance in New Eng
land, under the able but extremely conserv-
itlvefcoldance bfthat accomplished jurist,
Judge Wfllard Phillips; "President of the
f Company," the Life Policy was popular
zed in offices! counting rooms, banks.
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and no Bank Bill or Slate Botnl was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written by Judge Phillips.
The idea of Jraod, deception or overreach
ing was never associated with a parchment
Containing his sign-manual. Geo. F.
O'HSrra & Co., are the Agents for tiie
New England. Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
Columbus, Ohio. "
nov26-dltaw6w&w2t , -
Go to Burner's Auction, 89 South Hish
Street. -. ' ,
Jevrelry made and repaired by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
GoToBriRNig's Aucfipj,;89 South High
Street. ..,... .,-...,..
The I lye Oystemau, 16 E.Broad street,'
gives (for fifty cents)' a well filled can
Spencer,- Auger & Co.'s prlmo oysters
and a pound of butter crackers. , , .
' Jidgetpp9Y28 . , ,"..' . V '
Go to Bufxer's Auction, 89 South High
Street.. ' r: ntfs-
.Fob Sale House and lot, ' corner ot
Franklin .and ,Washinjton Ayenue,'. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire pi J. W, Moore, No.4S West North
street. ...-'. . ,
OptW-dtf, ' . '-, ,;' "
i-.i.. - T1 . ' '--Jl- '
Goto Burner's Auction. 89,' South High
Street. - - :.i- .
Boarders Waktkd. A lew boarders
cau'obtain good board and pleasant; cotd-
fortabls roouis, two doors north ot Oak
street on Washington avenue. Enquire at
S. D. Tracey's store, corner of Oak and
Washington avenue. nov25-2.
; Go to BpujfKK's Auction, 89 South High
Street. ' '- 1 '
Certificate of an Eminent Chemist
t I have made a careful chemical aijalytis
pf-tli Sozodonj, from-aft-' tnpartiaf-sam
tile purchased by ja9 psrspAaHy, from a
wading drug house of this city, but noth
ing of an injurous orobjectionable charac
ter has been found in. its composition
j ': James G. Pohle, M..D1.,
i Analytical Chemist, 489 B' way,' N. York
' i j JvLate Dr. James R. Chilton & Co.
! VNY-junelo-eod6m-ew
1 . - . . - .
Go to Burner's Auction, 89 South High
Street. .m. -:.! DOv2t-d&wlt
: ..What others have done you may do
-One gentleman says, my doctors' bills for
five years, averaged one hundred and fifty
dollars per year. Three years ago I pro-
cured uV-'ctff Dr. Humphreys -tases of
Homoeopathic Specidcs, and since that
time my doctors?- . bills have averaged $15
per year, and we have enjoyed almost un
interrupted health. Price $10, sent by
express on receipt of the price. Address
Humphreys Specifc Homoeopathic Med
. ' ;
icinu (JOi&ua Broadway, JN. 1.
j . Jyia-d&wl-t " --.
. Holloway's Pills. Constipation.
Violent cathartics aggravate this disease.
When their action ceases, the vitiated and
weakened bowels , are less capable '.than
ever of fulfilling 'their functions properly
In JloJloway!s Pills, sufferer from ooetive-J
ness'bave a mild, geuial purgative exactly
suited to the' exigencies of the case. In
stead ot weakening the intestines, the pills
brace and invigorate, as well as cleanse aud
regulate them. In the worst chronic phases
of the' complaint, . they soon produce
permanent change' of habit. ' Sold by all
Druggists. . Jy9-dly-cw
: How often do you hear the complaint
from mother and father that their son or
daughter is not;, well; that tbey have no ap
petite; that they feel languid; that their head
aches; that tbey are grow lug tbin and fee
ble.and that they have no life or energy left.
That thjy are low-spirited, and perfectly
Incapaclted to participate in any pleasures,
or perform any mental or physical duty.
And the question is often asked, what shall
I do for them? or, what shall I give them?
Our answer is, let them try Plantation
Bitters moderately three times a day, and
our word for it they will recover. ,
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported Germau Colon ne, and sold at half
thu price."" " ' - . -
I RNY-scpt25-deod&wlycw
LOCAL NEWS. WEDNESDAY, Nov. 25, 1868. Wilson's East Lawn Addition to
the City of Urbana.
That T-Trbaua is bound Ipjbepxujpij large
city aaifittkejBaioVtfoieiuijI'aiuring
city is made manifest by the operations of
capitalists and shrewd observers of such
prospective Interests. Moneyed men from
all parts of the Union are settling perma
nently there, and making valuable Im-
the advantage of thftpw.o.
Railroad facilities have placed Urbana
right in tbe center of the traveling public,
and this fact alone has called the attention
ioRbriaese!rTfroni a, distance tottyauj
large trade1 of the smail'c'rty. M ' ' 7 '
Mr. Andrew Wilson, Jr., has been en
gaged for some time past in completing his
plats and making arrangements for the sale
oi a larganHmoBcjiyawoifi Dimdlng.anu
gardening lots, now and yet to be needed by
the increasing population, in East Lawn
addition la the citv as welLaa-tha tract nd
joln'tng it U tbeAabutti iiejAlinIi
Scioto street. In the meantime he has
graded and graveled Washington Avenue,
an extension of John street, to the east
line of the Kenaga farm; Madison Avenue,
an gaenloh.stBoyae street, ,td? the Stm
poljt;4E.fet.JIiwn 'venue tirpm Scioto
8trei ip Cbrw J ..9. ArnstrQhs!s if arm ; 'and.
as WeJK has prepared so ijian. But trsnjii
verse streets, running north and south, from
the northern line ot East Lawn to Scioto
street. Alleys .of,, thej oUus.! wWth are
iaiuout,anu in sucn manner as to give ac
cess to every lot and parcel of ground.
In East Lawn there has already been
graded aijd graveled no less than two miles,
of streets, rid' avenues; giving altogether
a pleasant drive in regular routine, of no
less than five miles of the best graded and
graveledonjj jn the.Stat.
Mr. Anurew ye lKonr nas iinmuecr every
promise made at the sales of lots hereto
fore controlled by him in Urbana, and this
should be a guarantee that this tale, taking
place on Thursday, Nov. 26th, must go on.
"An lnducemerit Is offered to atrperonsv
in the way of a free' donation ; (to ; alf "the
purchasers of lo'ts), of Lot 2fo. 100, being
the beautiful erassy knoll, just east of the
corporation line, ana IrontiDj on , Sciotv
street,' with two wide streets on either side.
This property is valued at $5 000, and con
tains eight large city lots.-. The purchasers
of the other lots will decide amongst them
selves who shall receive a warranty deed
for'the; proper j j fjA
A dinner, in honor or the day, will be
spread ..before tbe, people, and, none will
come to tbe sale unwelcome-. i.-i , ;5
Tbe railroads leading to Urbana have all
been consulted, and bave contracted to fur
nish special cr -ij-om-fCintuunati, San
dusky, Dayton, Piqua, Columbus and
Akron, and all intermediate points pas
seagers for Viwana freeo: rares t y rj
'Air persons ui Te conveyea rom air
plirts of the city to the sale and returned,
tree of charge.
'.u Central Ohio Lunatic- Asulum.
! Columbds,, Aug. 31, 1S08. (
Jnn. B. SiddalU Esq Agent New England
i Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Boston, Mass. :
IliiE'Sut'-jI oi iq formed that lijeJiav
been misstatements made in regard to div
idends paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, Which I have had ifi' the-JVeiS Ehg
land'Mitual fdr'24'yeara.' For the" informa
tion ot those interested in Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
theNe England MutaalIreoeiYalnj:
dividend of profits regularly, and that tbey
npw amount' to about one hundred" per
cent, on my premium. Dividends paid an
nually in cash.
Signed . W. L. Peck,
:f ' V"Sl,P,l-c-0'ElIJ1tic Aeynumk"
j 'Dr. Win. i,;-Peck, hd Dr. MdrHell, W
assistant, have both to-day made applica
tion to the New .England Mutual, for. more
Life Insurance. . . ; . ' : , .
' Ggo. F O'Harra & Co., Ag'ts,
j Naughton Block, Columbus,
j novl2-dltaw8vy4it
Nf.rVouS Debility, witli its gloomy'aP
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss ot
memory 3U,d, .threatened iinpotecpe nd
tnfbeMItJ Anil & Botefefgh curenn Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweu-
ty-E&ht Compoeod-of the most valuable,,
mild and' potent Curatives, they strike at '
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life -and vitality to the
entire man. They .have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very Unportaut litotiVI
stinate or old cases, or $1, per. single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of pricdiAddffessIuMPHREYs'
Sptciipc 'JIoituPATKg Medicine Con 502
Broadway, New lork. jy!3-deod&wly
Jeleff & DeButts, .Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North Higbjtreet,,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel'
bells is thajiieatest aid latest style. , Sew.-,
Ing 'macnlnes' repaired and Satisfaction
guaranteed. Models, built for patentee
and all kinds' of Tight' machinery made and'
repaired. Keys ot all description alwavR
on band, and sate and jail locks made ana
repaired. .?' ? . may23-s-ly
;,500,000 ,
r:sa )- ft
MtldlU. &os, Ac, that joa niih to hvti
bourfB rn a nice firm binding promptly, t loir
pricM? Books sent for and returned to any part of.
the city bj giving iiotice through poBtcfEce, or at
Franklio " Steam Book Einderj
1 U .'
One of the largest and best appointed Binderies in
thtex-fc v -"" r r
Hoordi 34. 36, 38 Ptorta HI Kb 'Street,
(Over Messrs. Nevins A Hjers', and. Statesman
stoain rrinnng nmcea.r '
BtiArtfC KOOKS! '''" -' - ' "
BLtKK BOOKS!I ' '"'"y
Of every description and quality, from the hirhest
to the lwdtpTinted If . desired, ruled end: bound
to &Dy required pattern, and superior workmanship,
at the lowest prices.
', Order ff Ckunty 0 Steers, -Banks Uererinntsv
sfld all Officers requiring SUeifhlOR BLANK'
U00K8. will be executed promptly, with our per
sonal attention.
- i our patronage respectfully solicited.
i nr. tv. i.KFirnR.
octS-daodSm . ! ;
j PnfprietCT? J
Blank" Book ' Manufacturers,
Special attention paid to manufacturing first olasa
of every description, wtt or without printed Head
.. ings. for
Full sets of Books made on short notice,
warranted to give perfeot satisfaction. "-
ap'rll eoi.Jy ' "" cbLUXBUS. OB10.
Came and Oysters." '
Also, all kinds of Country Produce, such as But
ter, EggSr-Caickens, Turkeys, Ac.,, ,,,
IVo. 33 ITrst It road way,
The choicest Ta'rferies of -fresh Fish received
daily. All eoods purchased delivered to any
part of tbe city fbek or cb aros. LoctU-eodtim
the City of Urbana. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH.
the City of Urbana. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. WASHINGTON. Report of General Rousseau.
Kuhn.'of,, General Kous-
ueau'seufl, arrived last eveninfr with the
General's report of operations lu bis com,-,
mand; also lils report apon tlie recent dis
turbances in Louisiana. , Tbese -be to-day
delivered to General Grant, The-' Cftimrel
also had IntrVrvieWs with 5 ijhfe ' President
Secretary ot .War and aevea'.of tbe '. most
prominenl rBefrjbeTpfOongre8s who have
arrived here, jtiylnS" details derived ironj
personal observaUoos ift.XeW Orleans, all
of wnicn could not well be included in the
General's report. ";'..
Colonel Keeli represents tirat the hos
tility of the white people of i Iouisiana
generally to present State Government is
most bitter and Intense; that with the force
under General Kuuiseau's command . dur
ing the: recent trouble it was utterly im
possible to preserve the oeace at all points.
Every disposition of bis troops was made
and every possible measure taken to pro
tect the people In their rights, without re
srari.to partyi .The Republicans did-not,
generally vote- because they were advised
not, to attempt to ao so oy tneir, leaders,
who believed they could not vote with,
safety to their persons.' In -this opinion
en. itonsseau-concurrea, out' wittt the
means at his commaud be was powerless to.
establish a different order of things. -.,u "
General Rosseau was in constant convert
sation with Governor Yarmouth, and his
course met their warm approval, as it does
of all classes in New Orleans. - '
Colonel Keeler. states that no to date of
General Stedmau's assuming charge of tbe
ponce that loroe was utterly -worthless. It
was composed of 243 nezroesand 130 Whites.
No riots have occurred, and no 'city is
more orderly and-jo met than, New Orleans
since the change. " ' " " .
uenerai Kousseau courts the mostsearcb-
ing Investigation' of bis management of
ixuiisiana aflnira duringthe recent trouble,
- The General cava there is no good foun
dation for the report ot an organization: In
New Orlans to help the Cnban insurgents.
Destructive Fire in St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 25.
:', The extensive brewery ot Frita '&, Wain
wright, in tbe southern part of tbe city,
took fire abontll o'clock to-night,1 and Is
still, at 12:30 A. burning . furiously,
with every prospect that it-will be totally
destroyed. The building Is valued at $30,-
000 and tte stock and machinery at $30,000.
There -is an insurance ot about $20,000.
mainly in home -xompanle&v r but their
names cannot be ascertained 'to-niht.
There are about 300 bartels ot beer In the
vaults under tbe' brewery, which it' is
thongbtwill be saved. The origin of the
hre is not known. I .., l
Speech of Edward Crane on Cheap
PORTLAND, Nov. 24.
The speech of Eiward Crane, ot Biistoni
upon the subject of cheap transiortRtimi,
was made here to-night,, at the' City Hall..
Many of his facts and suggestions were
good and received marke i expressions ot
approval from the large audience -assem-
Dietl, composea mainly - oi uie principal
merchants and capitalists of Maine. ' lu the
courswof his able- argument. Mr. Crane
clearly proved that railroads constructed
and operatea on his system can, transport
merchandise cheaper than canals, and by
a proper system of lake navigation; mer
chandise can be transported at one-quarter
the cost ot the present railroad or canal
system. He demonstrated that however
startling these propositions may be, past
experience, which amounts to practical
demonstrationi'.' prpve, the correctness of
tins. theory. - ... '. - ... ... ;;,t? .
' Another of Mr.- 'uraiie's-iaeas contem
plates tbe ownership by the Srate'of the'
piincipal lines, to be managed by eminent
citizens, who form the corporation, but
have no interest in thecapital stock. This
proposition was so strougly presented as
to claim the greatest interest of ail present.
The resolutions adoocea were exceeding
ly complimentary.. One'ot them declared
the necessity of the immediate construction
of the Niagara ship canal by the Govern
ment. yu' ' " ', " "; '".
Silver Wedding of John B. Gough.
Atthe silverwedding Of John BiGough,
last night, $30,000 worth of prvserits in
silver were displayed trom Western friends.
Cattle Disease.
cows ont of eighteen have died here
this week on pne farm. The disease is sup
posed to come from eating corn smut.
The Sewer Accident in Cleveland.
The casualitles by the caving in of ihe
sewer on Broadway last night, as tar as de
veloped, are two killed and nine injnrned.
workmen are stiu urging am otuers may
be found. . . 'v
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 25.
The insorance on Fritz & Wainwright's
brewery, burned, last night, is.a IdIK'ws;
UnderwritersVAgency. and St. Louis Mo.
tual, of !jt. Louis, ten thousand each ; HoraeJ
Mutuar,-jtuerson Mutual -ana Dranaiin-,
of St. Louis, five thousand eachr.
Municipal Elections.
DOVER, N. H., Nov. 25.
Brewster fEepubllean) was re-elected
Mavor vesterdav-bv 118 mHiority4 iThe
City Council is unanimously Republicans
Frank Jones. Democrat and citizens1
candidate, bas been re-elected Mayor of
Portsmouth. The City Council is largely
"Re publican; - - - . ' ';-
The Virginia Iron Clad Oath not
be administered to Grand
RICHMOND, Nov. 25.
Chief Justice Chase tliU morning decid
ed the iron clad oath should not be admin
istered to grand iirytneh,'as' it rather hlu.
dered than furthered the ends ot insttce. A
nw grand jury was then summoned under
.ui. r .. : .: 1 1 1 .. ... I. ,i.n ,u A
support tbe Constitution of Uie United
.States. .-!.'. - ',
The Death of Pollard—Inquest.
' AHrvof irioueston th death ot Mr. Pol
lard rendered a verdict this morning that
he came to his death at the hands of some
person uukoown. Grant is still in custody
ana will be examined on rid ay.; .
Fenian Congress.
' The following-resolution was passed. by
the .Fenian Congress, in jolutj session to
dav : -
Besolved, as the sense of the ConsTe'ssJ
That we hereby tender a general, and cor
dial invitation to all independent Irish rev
olutionary brotherhoods to send delegates
to this convention. We furthermore Invite
all national Irishmen to participate in our
deliberations.,. '','"'' '
Found Dead.
J. M. Lyon,' proprietor of the' Daily
News, was found dead last night at the
foot of a flight of stairs. It is supposed be
died in a lit of appoplexy.
Distinguished Arrivals.
NEW YORK, Nov. 25.
"Sir John Young, the newly appointed
Governor of Canada, aud Lieut. Col.- Mc
Neil. Mr. F. Tunnel, Lord Alex. Russell
and Lieut. Col. Bernard, of Englaud, ar
rived here yesterday. (
Burned at Sea.
The shiD Lawrences from San Francisco
for New York, was burned at sea on the
22d of September. The Captain and crew
were saved and brought here by the ship
Erie Railway Office Closed.
The office of the ICrie Railwry Company.
lu We6t street, was closed yesterday and a
clerk told all visitors that business was
suspended. The transfer ofllce lu Piue
street, however, was open as usual..
The Murder of Pollard.
A Richmond dispatch says that the first
announcement of Pollard being shot was
received with much satisfaction, but upon
its being known that he was killed without
warning, tbe deed is denounced as coward
ly. Pollard was heavily armed, as usual,
but unconscious of danger.- ','.;--
Card from Judge Fullerton.
! Judge Fullertou has issued a card deny-
11.Ir v in the black mailinir of C.tA-
' lector Suiythe.
An Erie Development.
- Theilatest development ia Erie Is that on ;
yesterday' James Fisk. lr one of tbo de-
fendantsj beipo; a nonvresidpot of theSjatey
fiTed his. petition to have the- Belmont 'suit
tAhSierred "to the 'State1 CTrrJu' It 'CburttnS
thai gTound.-tThereupoU'Mr. SeMard.who
appeared for! Fek. obtained trom Judge
Barnard an order, .staying all .proceedings ,
In the State CourL .." .
An Erie Development. Cigar Makers' Union.
A-ne igar piaKers union nas re?oveu
resist the reRolutlon: of the martufacttrrers
by all lawful '.means, "aodreram'mends the'
members to. .for m co-operati ve, . dom pan leej
wbtehahall make tbenj iraclepeuen t of cap-.
Sentence Commuted.
' In the case 'of M'lchaerj. Canrlv"arid'
Oharle-4 Burke, sentenced tot be tinne -Ani
Criday for participation with tCrn.,.Vi-zr
gerald in the murder of Ellen .Hicks lit
Feritoh has-commute.'t'tlie entetic tdlm-'
prifonment in Slug Hslngi prikin.ilbr' five'
from jth guiif, -
O'Baldwin's Backer Killed.
F lix Larkin, O'fialfl win's bafoke.i.went
into CainDbeH'a ovster t saloon, .corner of
iHndsoii and Canal streets," this, morning,
mm liiiAi ail niteruaLiuu Willi tuc jiru-
prlbtor.- who stubbed hhn ; repeatedly and'
afterwards: clubbed hiB3 fractuxlngi .his
sknll.. Larkin, died almost instantly.
Campbell was arrested. He states that he'
acted iu self defense.' "
Anniversary Celebration.
'The 'ftri'rifvrsBir' nf thn1 ocnnotlnn ht
New York by the British was celebrated
to-dav byia paradeof tb FirsfcDivisiou of
tbe Natioufl Guards, reviewed by, Goyer,
nor. Fentod, by firing salutes, ','&o.
Thurlow Weed.
! The' Commercial says'Tburlow Weed's
health is so poor that be will be unable t6
ivlslt Washington this wtntef.'r even en
'gage in politics or business, ja Ntw York.
It is stated that since Fisk. Goufd &
became dra mjtururera at ctta- &ch Railwava
,it has cost 'trt eompany 1.06(00d for xf
ecutive, legislative anu legal services.
Erie. Thanksgiving Dinner.
Tne charitable Institutions have' made
'arrangements lor giving a largf number, of
people a thanksgiving dinner. Tlie Fire
Points Mission will feed 2,000 and the St
Barnabas Home 3 000.
The Mission of Mr. Burlingame.
NEW YORK, Nov. 25.
. A special to the Herald from London,: 231,
says : The -Globe has an editorial on the
reception of the Chinese Embassy by the
Queen. It attaches great importance to,
tho mission of-Mr. Burlingame, and after
describjng"lts objects iays America, U fA-,
vorable to a pro.tec.tiye system iile Eng-
land desires uninterrupted Intercourse;
The interests of Europe aild Cliiria are not
ponflicting. The interests of Great Britain
Bnd the welfare of the Chinese are identic;
bl. If there. Is the smallest chance of ad
vantage occurring frpm the proposed tieaty
let us rajjiy. i( .without jtUe least '"posslbkr,
The Election.
LONDON, Nov. 25.
: The Times says"the"1ltvenil mBjorlry iw
the Ckminon8 will, be rl 17. t The defeat of
Gladstone, in Lancashire,' is mainly due to
local dislike .ot-tae Irish people ;
trfut. .. . ;.
111 t.llitf, lll-ir
Chinese Embassy.
Chinese Embassy. PARIS, Nov. 25.
Bnrlingarae ; and tbe ' Pesident; OfAhe
Chriifese Entba.y' are expoeted'liere"in the
latter; jjeeember. i :
Hungarian Diet.
PESTH, Nov. 25.
in . uiei yesieruay-
Gladstone's Cabinet.
LONDON, Nov. 28.
SpecnlatlonsrarOs- rife la. regard-foThe
composition of Mr! Gladstone's Catiinet
It 1 'eoflsidpred -very nearly certain that
the-Earl ot Kinterly, will be Secretary- Of
State lor foreign aflairs. ; :
Alabama Commission.
The propriety ot having: the Alabama
commission hold sessions successively- in
London and Washington is.MWU'ndei
consideration '' - ' t'-J-S"'- 1
New Advertimesents
" A D D I T 1 0 N J 0 T H E
Pity . - of f IJrb ana,
; 7 - I t .-
. . i'-.' - :' -
Champaign County, Ohio.
One Hundred and Fifty
; - luabe'''':;'
V . ' : r 7 ' W.U '. tt. il . i
At Urbana, Thurfday,' NoYcmbcr
V, ..'.-'"' v 1 ."- 86, . 1868 .-j .v"'ih ci,.-.-'
- ... . . 1-- ; . I
atclj rljoining trie oity of Urbana, on of the
!most flourihiiiS and prosrjeroos inland, cities in
htf,'nd in direct railway eonneetiori' with Kew
York, C!iHoinnftti.,CleTolnd, Columbus, Sannns
kj, Duvton. Ii diauapolis and Uhicago, and they
are especially desiraole tor
. (! !bi;ilii.-ci puieposes,
1 J
Beirr elevated above and eoB)tnnHng a fine view
of the city and aurroundioK country, and unsur
passed for natural beauty and heaUhfulne.-s. They
not onlv afford a rare oppertuniiy for private rst
dencea, but thev arv in every way worthy Ihe at
tention of capitalists and othera who are seeking a
profitable investment. . .
. There are also a number of large lots that are
well adapiei to (tarda .ing purpose j, the cultivation
of frhits. 4o.- " ' - - ...
As a further inducement to persons desinnv to
buv, each purchaser wid be entitled to oue ohanoo
for every lot he may buy. in the . ' ' '
Drawing. ofLotNo.
Beinjr-a' square, designated above' tej College
Sauare, and equal to e:ght full-siied City Lots.and
! VAI.IJKo'aT $5,000.
The Drawin will take place immediately after
Ihe sate, and the person drawing the lot wtft receive'
a warranty deed for the same. .-
, Arrangements will be made with the SandusKy..
Dayton A Uincinnati Kail road, tbe A. & ti. W, it.
W.,-arrd the Columbus, Chicaco- A Indiana Central
Kaiiway. to carry parties desirior to attend the sale
from Sandusky, Da;ton. Springfield and Bellefo-
taiae, and from Akron; Massillon, Gallion and Ma-'
rion, and from Columbus and Piqua, and all inter
mediate points, to and from the sale, free of cbarae.
Terms of Sale 50 of tbe purchase money for
each lot, to be paid on day of sale; enough more to,
make one third ?f the purchase money within si xt.v
days, and the balance in. one and two years fiom
the day of sate: deferred payments to bear interest,
and to be secured by mortgage on the premises.
. Sale will commence at 12X o'clock I. il.,
THURSDAY, iiovember 28th, 1848.
, nov21-d6t 'ANDRKW WILSON". Jb.
Paving Notice.
To all toAom it may Conor : . :
COLCSIBUS, O., iiuV. 33, 18SS.I
Notioe is hereby aiven that proceodingnhave been
instituted in the City Council of Columbus, fur,
making the following improvements, to-wit :
k'or grading and paving the unpaved sidewalks,
gutters and crossings on tbe west side of the vv a
cant ground west ot the market house, and for pa
ving the balanoeof said vacant ground with Alio 1
son pavement trom Town street to Rich street.
Also, tor laying a double row of Sag crossing
xcro-a Center alley on the south aide of Spring
street. 1 t ' '.,'' - ,:. - ;' - ''
. Also. fr laying a double row flag crossing across
Center alley at the s-iutb ai.;e of Long street.
Tbe same to be done in accordance with plat' and
estimates to te prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in the office of "the City yierk.
All persons claiming damages oil account of said
proposed improvement, are required to file tboir
claims in tbe offio of tbe- Clerk. iu writing-, on or.
before the Eighth day of Jam ary. A. 1). lHtis.
.. :: i .- iT,t.-4 3 I., JS. WILSON." .-'
nov:5-dltaw4w City Clerk
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, ne?r
igh street, Columbus. Ohio, has devoted himsell
iraaerieeof years tothe treatment ol certain pru;
ntf diseases. Be may bioensnltedat bia ofliot- .
BroMlwa. near the Kxchange Bank ,
' .1 . '-Attorney at.-XjaWi '.tT.i '
PARSON'S BtlLDIHO, .:i '.j ..
augM-eodSml COS. T0WA.& BIGBSTS.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 25.
-OWUl I d fruying.
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 25. New York Money Market—Nov. 25.
" MONEY Easv:a-TaBef c'eoi:xlcitiia!a
mudpraifavrithiR MsrrUwPij-rTi(. i:
o i.iJui-ii ait iULUUAJN iJK Firmer at
Vtl.I)-.r lrrner'. Ooenerl htWi ralwrT-
rjBJi ana cto6e4 .ataKSlSSJper
aJaribankera pureliased irtwiy. tul '.-.givffc
was a. report that the Treasury Dfparrt
ei, waa, tee reetprffthf? rtiHelKfr 9
cett,ceraait8 to.9WWJ4r8'fb,ijri:.i,J1J
New York Stock Market—Nov. 25.
the gl?bstprjeca, are nov rnawitniwwt
lU(ii:-.r .A ST rmiT ff,W
The etock rti'arket i wittuNttaDarkadtaai
tlvity arid'hirftier; cilosCT-stroTig. 'iJrheJwhiCt
com mltrfee'bh1 Erie torn not report till Fri
day ; ' TW last 'rWS' pfcltte Umrr'J .
and all boards Mfl be" 'elosra M-morrow.
' 6:30 price8-TWell&' Express 27iAmeripao
t?45" Adams :'4ffl49F:' United tate;
4848J: r Mprahants'--Union- 1 A Paokiv
Mail 117 JglJ8; Westero Union YeleirrarMii
3636K; (few York Central 125125;
Krre 3833 Hudson'li8!8 K4iKa
5S3S5; St-'Patfl G8M68; Ft. Wayne.
lVr OiilonS; Mississippi 31i3I Wlrm-
ijraii Ceotrai H8r Mictiigau tioaUiena81t4i
aoaia; Tin 1 . V t 1 nil. 11:
Kiynvy'A, iiiiiiuis vciiitiii iti4, r ibisuurieii
Tr.leao'992r39 Hkft4iW
108M103J4; North western 84S5; Alton
pretrr147;,C:C. C. .Ind, wr .
New York Market—Nov. 25.
CChTOX-rLcssactiye rapfUitidtv; sale1
middlinsr uplands at 25Jio- .".:., , ,1) ij.'rV.
j FIiOUR Lower andalightly irubayeraT
tavor. Ttiere is a moderate home trade aadX
liaiiterl-xport 1 iuqal'ry. ' - ' -
K YE Firm at ft-52 for western In
store. tJ'''it '-' J-'"-';i Oiia. iv.iwi'j
OATS Firm at Ttf-fcrr western.
COR tf Steady" $1 Hl 15 In store,
add' $1 lol'16iaJloas;J,tye8tertf
mlxed.cat m:u r.r.tr . r.r-it'.:H
PORK Nominal at-$27'foileMJ ,m-i..S
BEEP-Qhiet and wjthpntchaogei' '
,.GUT. MEATS NomiiO. ?,V'.,) ' ."l?
BACON Steady; 15c .lor .western ahWt
ril: '"''i HJiJji.u
; LiAKDr-HeavyV.'wpifiJgo -iriatr,:wai
prime ateank 1 . .jj i-n.;ie
EGGS Firm at 3639eW . :i d
'' All business to be suspended rnXtiank-(
giving. taatsinifV".!": J
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 25.
FLQUR-Steady : witli ' a " fair Ydemiild,
family S7 60S; superfiufl $5 60G. , i.,
, WHEAT Firm; No 1 tpI 8uj - t jd
CORN Firm; new BSQStlo-.:--,-- ?,-,.-;i'T.
- HYEDullai $l.ao. ?i!S ''''"J.Sf
OATS Higher; No 1 at'0tt'j.i.TTd.w
BARLEY Unchanged and (jaiet; Cana
dian $3 253 30:- Hot mucb,()eiiiajiil.i..
COTTON Firm; rWddUop, a3aT T
TOBACCO Dull aid wWrfrnK cBanyinb
aVVUISKY Firm a 98c;' bUf ttle;oeer,
in?; held mostly at $t ' .-'-. u .'
HOGS Dull anddrooolnjr.i- Thedecline
IrTtrrovfSWnr trflr'yeirrril ' imrkf
sales at $G 50 (gJ ?5 jfrp and $3,509 00
nett .fi n.i i.tf.l'T
MES PORK Dullat22 5022 75 ; not
mueli demand. -. , ,
- BULK SIE ATS-Dnll aY'JfJa' fW'Shoul- -dors,
1213 for clear.rib, and 13 for
clear sitlea aboot half ewe and packed.
GREEN JLE ATS JDut op tiling Coin sr.
partly owing to bad weather slioulcUrg 7,.
sides 10. aiidhams 1IJ11.,',T "TJ
: LARD Irregular, prune' J41tcttte l4W
15; kettle scarce. 1: r", - Iti'-'thi niit
,,BUT J'Elt-Prime. 3539,it j ,,),
EGGS Scan-e at 33 ' ' . ' .
' LINSEED piL-Duli'ai'SSji bniyaibb
bindemand.' -st' 1 ..intr- n,,i-ir.r
; LAR1 OlL-In good demand at CI Jo.
FLAX ,SEEt Diitt at $2 tjo';' notlitnzf
doinsia gj-ass seed.' "-,u "t'T ?
SUG A R-"A shade lowers '!.;.' 1tr hI od
.COFFEE UuehajiJ!edaridateatly....
APPLES-rFirrni at, , 40js XrJina .to,
choice. .. .. . ., "'', Vr
po rATOEs--Frrrn at 'Mi ooiaa? 50." -3 K
mil -i 'ii i-rjuim. ) jtnf
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 25. Chicago Market—Nov. 25.
FLOURH-A shade easier, , Sprtqr.efraTk
3 00 7 00. r ,-.; . r.k .r,
" VV UE AT-23c lower; sales No Tat It H2l
125,: No2fI iOl 12; tloslri? atT2rot"
rgnlarindiif 1 12' for-' freah'-reoeiptaniV
No2v SaleaNo-a since 'change. at 112,,
.CORN More active and irregular salea
old No 1 at 85a90c; old. No'? at 71766L
new shelled; &fb6ib7:i' W More - arrdr
59ic on traeki -jKiln-HriocI No 8, 70 73(i
cloiDg .quieti for: No l,and -7ui for uff
shelled. . Sales No 1 this afternoop at 90c-1
OATS Ea-ier,. aud K2c lower'. Sales'
at 4647c.""; -u-'',r"' -if"""' 8'i.--i
EYifi-i-Duilipasier.nrl 3Sca lower o
Sales No 1 at l ,12l 13iNu 3. at lA-L;.,
closing at $1 12 for No If .. , " r
B AR LEY Dull, lower, ahd aJ most noiriiJ,
navi' fl 621 24 for -yo-a fa- y8
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 25. Chicago Market—Nov. 25. St. Louis Market—Nov. 25.
.FLOUR-nQuietiand uncliiiged,L;t,. ; ,
.WHEAT Spring 'scarce u'd wanted!.
prices unchanged; fall wheat 10s'& weti"1
CX)RN Uuenaugedtes-at 80S5o. lora
naw;i90clor'Oldti .lt nr Jinij Ar,1 J.n
BARLEx 'Unclianged.
' PROVISION S Very little a0Ihg-i1Ieear
pomiual. i' ; ' i.Ja't- ;! ii t-f. .!(. ill
iPORK Sales sft $2323 50.
,BACOX Shoulder, lljgpjj clear j
sldesl7)(gl7c. ., " V., - x
IARb Sales at 14t fo choice: J 'f'10"1
HOGS-Quiet at'J7Wi'iJ 1o xSnnil
-" . i aw
Buffalo Market—Nov. 25.
-.FtOUR-Strong. ,1 .'
' WHEAT Eirm ; sales8ambernwffiteii'iie
70-j Port Washington atI 48; WlsconJ
sin spring at 140. . .: : -i--iatw 4- vt
. CORN Steady ; saW western,, par r.
arrive, at $1 00; car lots $1 011 02,
OATS Q'liet ;' sales western at 59c. '
FREIGb IS Through- Bhipmea w over
tor tiie seasonal. i- j i'nt.n -
Toledo Market—Nov. 25.
ITT nrn r-'.-n -
A. J kj a. lUlh r - . . .-r-
" WHEAT 23c lower; i Bales of whlto
Michigan atfl 83; amber 1 72l 73; re
jected spring 90c i not a, .".l-rn
, CORN Steadi; sales of No. 1 at ,93ijN
new. rejected 71c; do condemned 60c. '. 1
OATS Held at 54)9 for No. I'.'"'
RYE-Qnleti : ' " 'i Vti-rJ-j i i
BAJLEY-tDuII.-j -:.Pl r. Miff
N. Y. Dry. Goods Market—Nov. 25.
! Business remains inactive: 'pficesiliriy-;
ever, remain' Hriri. Heavy brown sheetingsi
of ibest makesi bring 15J6e; Augntt:do
14;Standard priuta steady At 12145 and..
13,'aCforOochicos and Merimacks D', AlouaH'
lln delaines, approved styles, 2l but least
desirable makes -can be bought atl9$;:iitiS
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 25.
FLOUR Quiet, steady and unchanged,
' WHEAT-iQiuet at $1 Sio for, No.Tl inf
store1:'''': ""'..Iw ,I.ot,s prf
...' '--;,.:'? , ' . -i ! !'! 4
-if! ,i;i. , .1:7. ,V:ir-,q
W A T O II E'S.'n
... . . ..-i,f.-..i:'i 'm.i'-ljj wi
CLOCKS, .. ;ii f.');,r .n "r!)
' V SII.TRR aaa "''!'' lt Yti-
t ...
1 1
CAKES,; ' ! :
(:-. :i-.i-'
ia.s- yti:,-. ... .i ;..
- '. -r GOL.O PK3I1, - -!'.! ,
POCKET-BOOKS and ; ' f -
Keep ooostanUy oa baud a large assortment of, .
Seta Vboutao' and AVa terbui y Clucka' .
For the Jobbing and iRotail Trade," Afso. jigenti
.. .. - rfor- tho '". ,i( ,' I : (1i
Watch Makers' Tools aad SUterialn. Watch tilags.
es (French and Geneva) in full supp'7 at ''
" All orders promptly Jilled and aatisiaetion'
saaranteed. -r- , . . ,,3
febli-eodly So. 71 South High St.. Colombos. 1
i ii
iisiH-j iura
'''' MDSlCAJNSTErj'iENTp.ici.'"I'l','
' y ' . ' , I ' I -.. .' 'A i ! I ' Vu.i . ,
173 Sooth High street, Columbtts, 0. Repairinc
carefully done and warranted. mj7-eotlm

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