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FLOOD, ' M r-a"
. NOV. m
News and Otherwise.
Gold closed In, New YorV yesterday
100. ,. . . -
. , rlJFBCtnnotbe without griefs. ., -,.
ConGeem meets Monday. December 7j
' Thr hang horse thiefs la yirjrVnla yet
, i iThankfgivihq was generally 'obserr .
1 ;.-.;Th Sultan of Turkey has nine huridr.'.
Wives. ,- ;., .. ,.; ,;
' J cuam's seat In Congress is to be coh.
; tested. .! ! 11 : r
- '1-Th morals of the country aw nonei-n
I brag ot. -W ;:n :'
Navigation In' the' Missouri' river V
bout closed. . 'r :,v .'"";r"1
." pAjjo balls for' the Winter are talked 1
..'In some-quarters., , M. .' 1 . , ' .' J'
,.,-.Fnr Sundays and five Mondays In X,
i yember this year.,,,. ; M(jt v..c ,-,,
5 r Jiff. Datis has been' lecturing In E 1-
- land 00 Jerusalem, u, -.. .. .' .
' 5 Ta cotton factories ol Texas are In
":prosperons condition'. - :i .' yrr-a
1 J A man in York, Pai, predicts elghte i
-n f;TH Ledger Is agitating the Subject
,.. waterworks ior vJuv . ;, -j , i
Waldman was rnn over and kUl
nby (he cars at Gallon las; week.:
! iJmioi Lams, ot Tiffin, has a Bible prlf
' d iw Zurich; Swltaerlandi In 1553." : v. !
V1 r., p. ArklLs, Supefltftendent of PnbiiV
Instruction of Iowa, has died 'suddenly. 1
1 " Eight, iundred' ducks were kiiied ne ;
iXoledooo Friday and Saturday last wet ...
l -.i .Ji M. Lton, editor , ot . the - Daily ,jf-.
,:kr4 died, suddenly .Vfednesj(
l;lg.ht..V j.,;,.,,. ..,..,-
A man sold his vote for a load of pun -kint
at the Norembar election in Wajm
t county. .. J; "1 . ':'-..:-!. !,.:
Canvassers for books, 'maps, &c, wl o
' deliver and receive pay tor the same, tnu
be licensed. . , : l. ji ,r.ni
. Oakkt Hall will be . the next Mayor
'New ' York city. The' Democracy ba
"nnited upoihim.;
" Tat waterworks at Ztriesvllle furnlhl
the people, with canal water, and there '
'"complaint about It. .., , .....!
, Th Republicans ot the city of Ne w Yot ' ,
. will go through the. motions of Toting t
J A, Conkllng for Msyor. , ,:;-... I
vulii. Socking SetUinel don't want ai
Democratic State Convention to notnina :
- candidates until in July or August. ' j
' Charles L. Johnson, at one timecasl 1
ter of the Seneca County Bank, recent! , j
died suddenly at Davenport, Iowa. .
' Thb Allen county iJenwcrai' declares I j
" favor of the 8th of January as the time f
' holding the Democratic State Convention
,' Thb Democratic Messenger says the reasc t
Seymour was not elected be did not g '
votes enough. It was tor such reason, ,r
believe. , :' ' ' ' " .'. ' '. ' '." '. '.''' :
. Th author of the article for which B ,
- Eives . Pollard . was assassinated at Blob :
mond, was J. Marshall. Harro, local editoi
of . the Southern Opinion. ; .:;
Wnkn you, are ill used by one woman
- there Is great comfort In ' telling It to an-
- 'other because, nine times out often, the
- other always takes your side. : - " -
Thk Shelby Jndependett News learns that
"Hon. A. Uerhart, the Bicbland member of
the Ohio House ol Representatives, died: on
, last 'Tuesday.', Ha. was a most estlmalle
.;, The Piqua Democrat says that the cane
"of Henry T, Niles, Esqn of Jrbana, will
be presented to the next Democratic State
Convention as. a candidate tor Attorney!
General.' J; !. Li J.'U! - j
- iCiiiEF Justic Chase dispensed with the.
. tst oath.to grand Jjurors lu the United;
States. District; Xourt-now; in session at
Bichmond, Virginia." He held It to be a
t hindrance In the way 0' joitice.. , , i j
Makk ' Twain, sijs-Horace Greeley U;
very vain of IA& penmanship; that he once,
,Ia his young days, hired-out to teach:
" "writing; that his.ilrst copy : "virtue is its
,iQwa reward," was read by the pupHs ; :
'"washing with eoap'ls whpiiy absnr(l.,,
- Constquence wasl Horace got bis dismis-.
' ai.-- -: ;' :. ... , '.' :- .:
Death of Andrew Gerhart.
- The members of the House of Kepresen--
tatives and his nnraerous friends in this
city, will receive' the news of the death ol
..Hon..' Andbkw Gkkhart,' "member of the)
House of Bepresentatives .from Blchlaud
county, with ieelings of profound regnt.
He was an able and a good man a sincere
Christian and a high toned gentleman, who;
put into practice the precept of doing un4
to others as ye would that others do unto
- you. ---- - - - - ' ' j
,Mr.- GsRBABT. died on Tuesday last at
his residence in Bellville, Richland county,
aged about 36. He was a- Minister of the
Presbyterian -church.' The Illness -which
caujed his death was a long and protracted
one typhoid fever, which terminated in
a consumption. The deceased was filling bis
first term as a member of the House of
Representatives when he was thus cut off
-' In the prime of life and in the midst of hid
- usefulness.' He was buried on Thursday
With the honors of Masonry, of which Or
ganization he had locg been a leading
' member. ' -
The Greenville Democrat.
. , .This paper, in the hands of Charles Ro
land, Esq., did most effective service in the
Jate. contest and we are right glad that the
County Committee for Darke,
county have been prompt to acknowledge
the value of this service. In their after;
. the election addresses to the Democracy ot
' 'thatcounty, they are particular to call at
tention to and commend the service render
ed by the Democrat, u& urge the Democ-i
"racy to" give it increased circulation and
' support. This is deserved and right, and
we hope the Democracy , of Darke will
heartily respond to this recommendation.
In every county throughout the State, the
. Democrats should take immediate steps to
f; increase the circulation of their local Dem-
ocratio papers, and then to give circulation
to faithful and efficient papers published
" elsewhere. " This done now, and it don't so
much matter when the State Convention
is held. The Democratic press of the State
will hold the organization of the Democrat
ic party together and convince the oppod
' tion that the Democratic party is not dead.
.T It is through the press that the Republican
party have strengthened themselves. Tbey
. did not do much in the circulation of
pamphlet copies of speeches In the late
' campaign; but they took the precaution;
.! early in the year to extend the circulation
of their newspapers. The township politi
cians throughout the State did this, and
'when fairly In the' campaign they gratui
tously distributed, large numbers ot news-!'
papers. If the Democracy would succeed
tbey must attend to this nutter . better j
than they have heretofore done. '
The Greenville Democrat. An Outrageous Outrage upon the
Ohio State Journal by the New
York World.
W hold the pollticSVof the Ohio State
r . . . . ' . . . t. .1 -4 t
journal in as uuer ueuwiauim as an uuuj
possibly can hold them ; but this does not
Justify us standrurqu1etly"by when "ruT-"
flanly attempts arc made to despoil its rep
utation, or, which is the same tiling, the
taking bv other editors Ironi its' columns
and thpa)mtn'ntf of Its editorial aslhelr
own editorial. A theltot this kind by an
obscure, out-of-the-way Republican paper,
tlw editor of which has to do household
ehores, as well as attend to the soliciting
of advertising, the collecting of bills, the
setting up and working, off ol jobs, the set'
ting ot type for bis paper and the mailing
of the same, ls perbap?,, not an offense
that smells to heaven ; but may more
properly ..be .looked noon as a compli
ment that there, Is .really, some T editorial
In . the . Journal, worth Rteallng a ' thing
which some , envious Bepublicans in this
city stoutly affirm is not. the case.
The Journal, however, does not look upon
such an appropriation as complimentary
It holds nothing as complimentary- that
does t not Introduce the copied editorial
somewhat after the Jollowipg style. The
lollowing fpirittd, eloquent, ornate, truth-
,lul, cogent, logical.irrelu'tHbU editorial, is
from tne editorial- columns ot that f asia
ciously conducted, Republican publication
the Ohio State Journal, or. which fcfnx
to .the end of the editorial c.pfd the name
.of the Ohio State Jownal- Every now ai d
then it feels calltd'upon to aduipistera
scorching edltoria) castiatioii upon some
drudging Republican editor.iu the country
who f has,, -without, as y much. , as say
Ing.'-by your, leave,, sir," appropriated
Journal v editorial. , to his own use.-
While, as we- havesaid, this, in our view.
is , .not obnoxiouai to .severe . repre
hension,, the. Journal is. not disposed to
look, upon, it with, a lenient eye. It. Is
working and . struggling tori reputation,
and he who. taketh from it . its reputation,
maketh it poor indeeJ. But we do object
to.the New. T-ork: Worlti .taking , from the
Journal its gay ,andj gaudy editorials, and
bedazzling Its" metropolitan, readers with
tbeir gaud and glitter. Tlris Is too much,
and we do not know what the World means
by it. It is an outrage that js indefensible,
it the IForW has not the means with which
to press into Its service decorative writers.
it should be above strutting In stolen plu
mage. To Illustrate., pur meaning, we
herewith append extracts." The loilpwing
appeared iu the Qhio .Statf Journal,' Mon
day, Nov. 23, 1SG8, as ectoriai actuai ed
itorialt : .-;.,., ... .... i,'. . .. .
. '-Builefque is healthy . enopgb,' and all
men. not utterly depraved oy toe solemni
ties ot bread and butter, relish it now and
then with tlie old zest of childhood. Then,
agaiu, btirlesquo is the free, rollicking, en
lovable side ot that. putirrown. theatric
business which no ingenuity ot mechantsni
nor device ot science will t-xactiy 'adapt
to the spirit of the age. The pomps and
possibilities of feudalism and chivalry, ol
all things the best adapted to the dramatic
show, no longer interest .us, lor we are in
tally contact witn more-stupenaous po?si
Dilutes, aud nave the . tfageutes ot the
whole race atour fingers' ends. Do we noi
uin away trout the f-Sorts of the play
wrights those enterprising lellows Who
clearly understand - the situation, ' and
seek; to. lnluse the modern element
luto their drama by boldly cram
ming .It with the realism of lite? Do
we not turn to the "Huniptv Dumptys"
and 'White Fawns" and '"Gcnevieves,"
which mean nothing, 'but titillate our
nerves and humor us with untraiiiiulleo
lriVolt? , Burlej-qut; is showini; its power
in France, dlsjiuised, it is true, In music,
but swaying-the multitude; crossing tiie
border into the land of phlegm, and assert
ing itsell among the Grmans. It has de
veloped special writers and artists in Ens-
land, and from both France and England
we have Imported the luxury by the ship
load. - The Americans have shown a char
acteristic partiality for burlesque, which
is . not. unaccountable, seeing that so ear
nest, so intense a people m jst have a keen
appreciation of the blithesome element
which is never permitted to enter into their
social or business attalra." .
Those of our citizens who read it. were
enraptured.' With an emphatic "O, how
beautiful," j they spoke of It. , They were
proud that they bad in their midst an edi
tor who could write so beautifully and so
finely. -The friends of the Journal were
In raptures. Now, for any other paper to
appropriate tbld notice and palm it off as
its own, without glving'even indirectoreii
it, is an outrage that calls loudly upon tlu-
tudignation of all our citizens, without re
gard to party, consideration?; yet tiie New
TorkWorld has been gnilty of this ."vert
indefensible; outrage this outiage that
language is too pooij properly to charac
terize., , On the , 16th . of November just
seven Jays before the Journal published u
in the amusement, column, the World
gave tho following to its readers as origi
nal: . ,j :
"Burieeqe is healthy enough, ind all men
not utterly depraved by the solemnities 01
bread and butter, relish it now and tiren
with the old zest of Childhood. Then, again,
burlesque is the free, rollicking, eniovabli
side ot that 'outgrown theatric business
which . no ingenuity of mechanism nor
device of science will exactly adapt to thr
spirit ot the age. The pomps and possibil
ities 01 leuualism and chivairy, oral! thing,
the best adapted to the dramatic show, no
longer interest us, for we are in daily con
tact with more stupendous possibilities.
and have the trag .'dies of the whole race at
our tingers' eniia. Do we not turn. awa
from the ettortsot the play-wriirhts thost-
enterprising fellows who clearly under
stand the situation,' and seek to infuse tli
modern element into their drama by
boldly - cramming it '-with the realism
ot life, r Do we not , turn to
the "Humpty Dumpty" 'and "White
Fawns" 'and "Genevieves," which n.ean
nothing, but titillate our nerves and humor
us with untrammelled frivolity ? Burlesque
is snowing its power iu trance, oisgm?ed
it is true, in music, but swaying the uiulti
titude ; crossing the border Into the lain)
of phlegm, and asserting itself among tin
Germans. It has developed special writers
ami artists in England, and from both
France and England we have imported the
luxury by the shipload. The Americans
have shown a characteristic partiality for
burlesque which Is not unaccountable, see
ing that so earnest, so Intense a people must
have a keen appreciation of the blithesome
element which is never permitted to enter
into their social or business anairs."
By comparison It will be seen that' these
two notices the Journal and the World's
are precisely alike, word for word, perio-j
for period, comma for comma, interroga
tion mark for interrogation mark alike
in everything. Although- it' appeared in
the Journal seven days after It appeared in
the World, we are sure that the World took
it without credit from the Journal, for we
know that the Journal has such an uncon
querable such a religious detestation for
editorial thieving that no consideration
could induce it to steal other people's edi
torial and palm it off as its own. Tne
World ought to feel ashamed of itself, ami
straightway, in very humility of spirit, ren
der befitting apology to the Journal r
We shall patiently wait to see whether
the World has the manliness to do so. '
Democratic State Central Committee
Rooms. COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25, 1868.
There will be a meeting of the members
of the Democratic State Central Commit
tee at Thurman Hall, Columbus, Ohio, b:,
Tuesday, December 8th, at 2 o'clock P. M-.
for the purpose ot fixing the time of hold
ing the next State Convention, and the
transaction of such other business as maj
come before the Committee. A full attend
ance is requested. . .
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman,
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
E. Zimmerman, late of the Fort Wayne
Democrat, is now the proprietor and editor
of the Wyandot Democratic Union. ' He is
fully maintaining Its high reputation.
To the Offioen and Membts of Capital- LodraJTo.
Yon era hereby notified to meet at Odd Fellowa'
Half. t id o'clock"A. U7 to-morrow (Sunday), Not,
19th, toatUnd the funeral of Brother Giobqe II.
All member! of sister Lodges in good standiog are
cordially incited V meat with ne. t r - t , jr
B order of the Lodsej - 1 Jr
C. A. POLAND, Sec'y.
New Advertisementt.
The Ohio StatninaB ban
Einrcec1 UlrCnlatlon than, ntty pa
pef published In jIi1n hly'or t.'en-
tralrOhiovr AdTerliiei- -will bear
tbio ia mind. , s .
PJ" HK Hl.lllA..-How to invest a
A. IJol ar Drnfit&btT. nenii 25 crnnt Ttr Areifl.
cate in racKard e;o.' uraaa Ho iday Uutnbo.
HID. DUIUIBllUK 111 I I B II II. fl nilini. l.fll, &n1 All
rer Watches. Jewetrr, ie., ralued at STSo.ooo
V.rrrf article to be disposel of on the popular One
Dollar plan, and not to be paid for nntil you knew
what 70a are to receive. Uertifioates itnd circulars
tent on receipt ot zseente or five for $1.
PACKARD ft C0 8 VVet Fourth street,
CC-nor9d-ww Cincinnati. 0,
Leander Burner's Estate.
the nndersicned has been duly appointed and
quannsa as administrator ol tne estate of Lean.
ar Ku 1 er. deceased, late of Franklin township
cranann oouniy. xiqjo.m .- t.
KiovemberSti, 1868. -
novStf-w3 . C. H. AKDRICK.
HLiimberTfor Sale,- H
. TION offer at private sale all the lumber ooq
tamod in the fence cnolosioff their Race Course
Also, the lumber in south stable, neat stand
Judges' stand, rjicket ferine. o.
1'arties wishing the wholeof the above will please
call on the uoJ. iaisood. who will live ail the neo-
essarr information as to prioe. terms, and time of
removal. KICUAKU MS V INS.
" '. Vice fresident.
If not disnoaed of bv SITITRIUV IIKi! 1
BBS, it will be sold oq TUESDAY. I) IPC. 15.1868,
u PUDiic auction, oy jono u. iseau. Auctioneer.
woriiS - . -5 -. - . -
Graj's Ferry Printing Ink W orks
. idk wito wnicn tflu issue of tne Kepublican
a printed is from the O raj's Jt'errv Piintins in
Works of V. B0B1&S0N. It is eleaa, flows
ireeiy.ana is 01 guoa color, uur Drotber print
ers can ludse of its aualitv bv eomDarirjff it with
ink from other maaulactories. IThe Delaware
CFrom the Delaware Gaxette.l - . :
To Finir8. We have been nsinc for several
weeks a very tine quality of ink from the Gray's
Kerry manufactory of CHARLES U. KOBINcSON.
which our. .f res amen av is the. best fir- cylinder
press new -work that-they have used era tone
time. It ia a clear black, and free from all kind ol
fleaitnent. ,ftir. Kobinsoo is a practical ink manu
facturer, libeaal and courteous in all business
transactions, and as be has reoentlr had the mis
lortuoe to be burned out. we are the more tree to
reoommend bis ink and himself to the patronage
... -11 . 1 j - . . 1 .
ui an ynuicn wuit uesiie a kuuu article at veiy
rates. Aucirets monai umor street, rnua
delDhia. One of onr contemporaries also recommends itas
ttsi Pihktiks Iks:. We have for some time
been a'ing toe Mews Ink manufactured at Gray's
Kerrv Printing Ink Works. Philadelphia, h. IS. K
ItOHlNSON.aod.as stated some weeks ago, have
fouad it batter adipteri to our presses than any ink
we have bad in our office for ten years. It is hot
oaly a very excellent article of ink. but it is fur
nished at very reasonable prices. The Works also
manufacture B ank and Co oredPii -ting and Lit -naraphic
inks. Varnishes, eto. Their address is
uray-s rerry Koad and Thirty-third street, and
iNo. 521 Minor straet f Raaflmtown H.r.1.1.
. W.e never recommend an article in tbese columns
unless it really merits it. and to earn whether our
own opinion of tbe ink the Tax-payer" is now
using coincide 1 witl our pressman a. we inquired
oia eati nate. He replied . "Good, very good; and
IUI WM trn.a 1. i in frn Jn.i.la i... V. n I V.
we inform our fellow printers that this was said of
nuufosuj-a fhiUdelpbia Printing uk. From
iov lu-rser.iiss xcrtc. . . ,.
AADatEWS, fKttY & CO., Areata,
93 and 95 North High streit. Columbus, 0
' novSS dltawSw
.. - . j - -
Also, every article connected with the Paper Kusi-
. " j, ' ness, includinr
Always keep on hand " "
NEWS and
. . -t ' -
tVos. 93 and 95 North High St,
COLU .tints, OHIO.
Always beep on hand a complete assortment of
first-olass and superfine Writing,
. Printing and Blank Book
Papers, iooluding -
Jessup & Lafflin's,
. L L. Brown's,
Plainer & Porter's,
Ivanhoe Mills, &c.
a All Orders by Mail filled on as reasonable
terms as if present in person.
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may Contum :
Columbus, O., N,,v. 33, 1868.1
Notice is hereby ui yen that proceedings have been
instituted in tne tity v,ouncii 01 uoiumbus, for
making the following improvements, to-wit :
'or grading and paving tbe unpaved sidewalks,
Cutters and crossings 00 the west side cf the va
jant ground west of tbe market house, and for pa
ving tbe balance of said vacant ground with fiio.l
sun pavement Irom Town street to Hich street.
Also, for laying a double row of flag crossing
aero s Center alley on the south side of Spring
street. ... .
Also, for laying a double row flag crossing across
Center alle. at the south si le of Long street.
The same to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file theit
claims io the office of te Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Eighth day of January, A. D. 1469.
nov25-dltaw4w City Clerk
Mew Advertimeenfs
-and-V y"
The Shortest Route' West No Change of 'Cars to
- '.T Vbicato. Keckukud Jodiaaapolia. r- 'I
JfOUK TKAI.VS DAILY leave Union Depot. Co
huairmti aauwoV aftsarMgr. -iStia. ar
follows: "
UU PtfE83 (Sunders exoepted). Anives
- at Mllford9:17 a m llrhnnt. in.lii . . ul.r..nf.in
,.l:i)5p..m:Sauduskjrl:0Op miPiqua 11:16 s n,To-
Tbis train is run exDrAasf fnr TnlAiln anil n
troit b. sines?, arriving at Loth places 3 hours
ahead of any other runte.
a AM t-tnndays excepted). Anives at Brad ord
Junetioo4:40 p m. Kichmond 6:06 p m. Iuuiai auu
lis850 p in, IjOKancport 10:50 p m, Chicagi S 00 a m.
Peoria 6:26 a m. Ga'esburg 90 ro, Burl niton,
Iowa, 11:05 a m. Keokuk UsfO p in, Quincr 1:4 p ui,
- l.o.HSvilleajOk n. Torre Haute il:i p m. M.t'xxm
:"!3 a m, Cairo 4!40 p in, Pana 4KT aii, Alton 8:00 a
m. sit Louis 9:15 a m, Lafayette l'-!:00 mid, Spring
held, Ills .7:,im. ,
i PasMngers b this train- reach Hk. Imais the next
mumiDl tf llOUrS ahead nrl f.,r nninli.a.ri
of St. Louis and K colas, one train in advance of
an otner routes.
0JV PRbSS (Sundays excepud). Arrives t
. mu v w, . wiDiiii uu U4.wi.ruii, a: u a ui
liraill'ord Jnnntian B-.10 n m ltn.n.L 9-cn ,n
hicaxoSOam.lndianapolis Sfia m, Terre Haute'
6: to a m. .Mattuon 9:15 a m. Pana 11:00 a m. Alton
.v v ui, ol. uwuib ;uu p in. ijiiaTeite 7:40 a iu
Snrincfield. lils.. 4:25 n m Ouinn. 11-ou n 1,, k ,..
kuk 1:00 a m, Louisville B:0 a m, ashvUle 6KKI p
m, Memphis 100 a in.. ,.
. Sleeping cars run in this train from Colum
bus t-i Chicago and Sti Louis without change. This
is decidetilr the best train from Colrmbos to Chf
raio. St. Lonis and Louisville, es it makes quicker
time ami a-rives at St. Louis and Louisville 8
hours skitead and makes direct oonnictlons fur
an points nest ana auutn one train in advanoeol
iy otner route.
19.10 A. M. NIGHT EXPRESS. Daily via
Utv Indianapolis .(Mondays excented), via
Locansport. -Arrives at Bradford Junotiun 4:15 a
m. Logan8port 9:40 a m. Chicago Sr25 p m. Peoria
5-A5pm, heokuk 10:45 pm, ltidmnttHli,-8da a in,
Terre Haute 13:16 o m.fcvanvilla Mum. .vattonn
3:16 pm, Ca.iro4.-15a m, Paaai.-OU pm, Alton 9rt)0 p
iu, f-i.. Louis in:io p m. j.atnyetie 3:tu p m. I,uis
vi le 5.-00 p m, Nashville 50 a m. Me pbis 4:15 pm,
Passene.rs b thi train a rri.. tk. u. ... .
St. Louis 3 hours and Chicago 6 hours ahead of
sio ubuer route.
"Run in v-ViSa train frnm P:t4DtvIh A Tnti:....t:.
49" Call for Tickets vis Leg ana port or Indian
Columbus, and at all principal Railroad Ticket
viugca, -v - . 1;-. - t f ' ;
F. CHANDLER. Genl Ticket Agentj
J . ' J tM. LUNT.O-Beral Superintendent.
Xttsaue' Asylum. '
O the Insane, 8u Ldnis. Jto. This Institution
was fouoiled by the Misters' of C arity, Au.mt 10,
18)38. It is private, and first class io iu arranee
ments and acconsraudations.l linear e paciuts of
ootn sexes ana 01 ail Denominations-are received
1-nr terms, ac. apply to Ur. J. K. liAUUUV. at
lending I'uysician, or to Sister Superior cf tbe In
stitutton. .novodlw
Election of Presidential Electors
Columbus. 25th November, lSd. ) '
at an election held on the 3d day of November,
--16 thr following named person received the
' nuiUber of votes opposite their names, respective'
, ly. as candidates .r Electors of President aud Vice
- President of the TJujIec' States ia behalf If the'
. State of Ohio, vixj i 1.
David Tod 280223 1 Rufus P. R nney .S38606
tiaoiuel Usllnway .20235
John O. Olden &ie:S
Punier A1ttuew.-28iriH
Hugb J. Jewett...'-6 6
John O. Jeup 2S9I
Jackmin M. Noble 23-602
A. U.ieBurneyr.Stm-231 f-Ge,.rgeW. Huuk..23!i3
J -oa han Ciaoor.!i80224
David Thomson. 280236
David H. Mailer.. 210235
Cha. C. Walcutt.28UUS
Lyman B. Matsoo.-0i36
Luther A. Hall ...280234
Hiram Freae.. ,2o3
John J. Harper. .'.2S0235
P. M. Wsgenbals 2MR!3
Wm. D. Harailtoo.2o-23t
Beth M. Barber.;.33
Levi Barber....... 2S23l
Isaac Wilsh 2H,r236
Ed. F. Sen oei er 2x11334
Stephen H.'PttkirASitEU
Wm. 4. Jackson. .23S001
Isaiah Hilars.... 23ti(i5
M cbael H. Davis 2.1Hi05
Wm. J. A exnder.3-6 5
E. r. r'uDDIeun..23S6IU
Adilph K:iemer..2:w05
Aadrew Knach 2601i
hsra v. Dean 83860;
J sepb J . Ureen. .2:8i05
Charles b ollntt..
H. H. Popple ton.. '238005
I-ase Stanley.... . 2:05
A. W. Patrick 23SS04
Samuel Wi liams.238605
George Weimer.. 236 10
Frej'k Kintman. Sno:t
Matthew Bircltard'23dS0
And it is therefore declared that David Tod
Samuel Galloway. Jnbn G. Olden. Stanley Mat
thews. Andrew G-..McBurney, Jonathan Cranor.
uavm inuinson, uavia u. oauey, c-naries u. wal
eutt. Lyman li. va'sun, Lutber A. Hall, Hinm
Frease lobn J. HarDer. PhiliD M. Wasenhal. Wii-
liam ll;rHauiiitoa. Seth M Barber. Levi liarber.
Isaac n eisn. buaaru acnneider. btepnen H
Pitkin and Frederick Kinsman, were at aid elec
tion duly e'ectod hleclors of President and Vioe
rresiuent of tne United states tor the state o!
Given under ray hand at Columbus, this 25th
. day or November, A. 11. ush.
- - R. B. HATE8.'
By the Governor : Governor ot Ohio.
W. A. Thrall, Private Secretary.
CCrisis. Gas"tte and Wetbote copy.
An Ordinance
MakiDg appropriations for purposes therein named.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of toe- eity of Goiuinbus, That- there be and is
. hereby aPDronriated out of anv money in the Treas
ury not heretofore appropriated, tbe following t urns
01 monev, to-wit:
For the payment of exuensea ot Street Commis
sioner ami Ubatn liang, ai.noo.
Fur the payment of employes of the Fire De
artment. $1,200.
For the payment of expenses of City Police,
For the payment of salaries of City O cers.
For expenses of City Park. 11.800. -
For 1 he payment of cleaning and repairing street
is-iips. Kiou.
For Gas and Gas Liehts. ftlOO.
1 or payment of N icolson pavement in front of
bob til engine House esou
" For Sewers and Drainage, $300. --
Fnr myrnent of l'emDorarv Loan. ilS.OOO. -
EO. 2. The several sums of money appropriated
by the foregoing section shall be-expeuded in the
mariner prescribed by the fifth section of the ordi
nance defining the duties ot the City Clerk, passed
President of the
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868. Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing tbe west side of High street from Noble
- street to straw oerry aney- .
Seotiowi. Be it ordained Tr the Citv Cenndil
of the citv of Columbus. That the su 11 of Fourteen
cents, Mve mills, be and tbe same is hereby levied-
ana as-essea apon eacn loot tront ot tne revera
Lts of land bounding or abutting upon tbe westside
0 Hiah etreet from .Nolde street to Straw herp 1-
. e, a the same are designated upon tbe plat 1 it tbe
Civil Engineer, on file in the offise of the Uity Cierk.
. . 1 . I r I .11: i .
lorus OU91IUU uApnusv ut uuiiuiL'g a aouoie row
flag crossing across Mound street at the west side of
- High street, accordicg to the estimate of tbe City
Civil E gineer. "
Sec. 2. Tr at the owners of the seversl lots of
lan- upon which tbeforegoi g assessment is made
. soau pay tne amounts 01 money oy mem severally
due in that behalf to John Murphy, within
twenty davs Irom the date of tbis ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and pena'ty allowed upon
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Atest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Btsolved, That the City Civil Engineer be. and
he is hereby authorized and directed to contract in
the name oftbeoitr of Columbus, with Matthias
Lang, tor building a double row flag crossing
wruBs ouutu strcei. at tue wont siuo Ol ulgu street,
'upon the following terms, to wit:
For excavating or grading, Forty cents per cubie
For boulder paving. Forty-five cent psr square
For graveling sidewalk. Fifty cents per cubic
Adopted Nov. 23, 1888.
Attest; L.E.WILSON,
nov2S-dlt City Clerk.
Besolution to Contract.
Bemtved, That the City Civil Engineer be, and
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name ol'tbe eitvof Columbus, with Frederick
Erfurt, for bull. ling a double row flag crossing
across oouin ruoue lane-at tne west siue ot mgh
street, udoh the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per cubio
yard. - -
For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per square
For flagging. 14 inches wide, Sixty cents per lin
eal foot.
Adopted Nov. 23, 1868.
Attest: h. E. WILSON.
nov2S-dlt : - - City .Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Ertolved, That tbe City Civil Engineer be, and
he is hereby anthorised anc directed to contiact in
tbe name of tne city of Columbus,' with Peter
Eagan, for building a double row flag crossing
aori.Bs center aney on tne nortn side ot iong
street, npon the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or gradiug. V. rty oeuts per cubio
For boulder paving.. Forty cents per square
For flagging, 14 inches wide, 50 cents per lineal
Adopted Not. 23, 1868: '
Attest: L. E. WILSON. City Clerk.
nov26-dlt - -
. Resolution to Contract-:
Xttotvtd, That the Citv Civil Engineer be and
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of the aity of Co!uinhus. with John
Murphy, for grading and paving tbe unpaved side
walks on the west side ol Sixth street Irom Town
street to Rich a.reet. upon the following terms, to
wit: For excavating or grading. Forty oentg per cu
bic yard.
h' or bricks laid. tl2 00 per thousand.
Adopted Nov. 23. 18B8.
Attest: L. E. WILSON,
nov28-dlt City Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Sttolved. That tbe City Civil Engineer be
and be is hereby authorised and directed to eon
tract in tne name of the city ol Columbus, with
Joseph Hartman, for luwering the crossing across
Mound street at the east si-le of High street to cor
respond with the Nicolsoo pavement, npon the fol
lowing terms, to-wit:
Thirt-five dollars, eon p!ce.
Adopted Nov. 23, 1868. j
Attest: L. E. WILSON.
nov26-dlt City Clerk.
pecnliar and important relations which
tuey sustain, their peculiar organization
and. this. offices 'i&tj perforiB, 'are Subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these!
coutrJMite ia 'iresmall degfee-' to tKeir
happiness an J "welfare, for none can hi
happy who are ill." Not only so, hut n
one of these various female complaints
lVL' ! ti ' "tr ifi...
tnu lung uo Biuiuieu vo run on wuuoui
involving the general health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent Bvckneaaahd prematuradecline. Nor
is it pleasant to consults physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections,
and only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this. The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple specifics '' which twill be
found efficacious in relieving aud curing
almost every one of those troublesome
complaints peculiar to the 8Br.t; "'r
Hundreds suffer on in silence, 'and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either -merely tan
tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
I would not wisffttTassert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to 'say that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ploymenV, unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee and, freqnenj childbirth VU is far
eftene caused . by ;dirfct irritaon, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itsel.,,;:f v. ,
When reviewing the cansps of tht se
distressing complaints, -it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them. "It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional cauM whvcb7 so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all : classes ot society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the r Welfare f-ihe entire
human family. ' "Themahia' that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that nature' designed
for corporeal development .to, be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by . pleasure, pervertingin mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished.
. ; s- :
.. In consequence of this early strain
upon herT system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re.
tain her-situation in school -at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil.' ' "When
one excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression,' while the' now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to .night air ; the sudden charge
of temperature ; the complete prostra
tion' "produced by ' 'excessive dancing,
must, of nocessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. - At last, an early marriage
caps tbe 'climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one. hitherto so utterly regard
less of 'the plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment.' This is but a truthful picture of
tbe experience of thousands of our young
Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education of their - peculiar
nervous system, composed. ot what ib
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
lyundef the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see,
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has selt completed their development.
For Female Weakness and Debility.
Whites or Leucorrhoea, Too .Profuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too Long
(Jontinued J. eriods, ior i rolapsus and
Bearing Down, or ! Prolapsus Uteri, . we
oner tne most perfect ' specihc known
Helmbold's Compound Extract of
Buchu. : Directions for use, . diet, and
advice, accompany, . - v,
Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discbarge of
its functions. . Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. Hel.mbold s
Extract Buchu is more strengthening
tnan any ot the preparations or JLiark
or Iron, innnitely saler, and more pleas-
ant. Helmbold's Extract Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
btates, is now offered to afflicted hu
inanity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
uenerai irritability, Kestlessness and
(Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss of Appetite, Dvs
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
- T, f ., St
ucucinuuii, aipnaiion;. oi tne Heart,
aud, in tact, all the concomitants of a
XT 1 T-v , 1 . -1 . . 1. . ,
uwnmo nuu xeouiiaiea state ot tne
system. To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Pbice. $1.25 Der bottle, or 6 bottles
for S6.50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. IIELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y.
None are genuine unless done dd in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fac-simile
of my Chemical Warehouse, aud ligned
jU-dwAl-weowly H. T. HELMbOLD.
V 1 1 1 . 1 1 li
; 1 1 'i m b
- 1 l.J. 7... H t
V vV 4 7" f I
II .'.. 1 r.t . 7 ' ' f - a i - J r
Cash Capital,'; - '
.,.,,-;;nBASiCll OFFICE:
To which all general correspondence should be ad
J dieted. i
CLARENO? H. CLARK. President.-
JAT COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HENKY D. :OOKE. Vice President:'
EMtKriON W. PEET, Secretary and Actuary
Offered by this Company are : .
It is a National Company, chartered by special
aoiui ifonarets. iooo. , 1
It has a paid up capital of $1,000,000. - .1
It oflfers low Tates of oreminm.
- la tarniabea larger loaaranM thaa ether Compa
nies ior lue same moner.
It is definite snd certain in Its terms; '
It is a home Company in every ideality.
a.- 1 uuuioa are vAciupii imu aLiaouincnt. r
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
.loies. ..... j.
Every Poliev is non-forfeitahle.
Policies may be taken that will pay Insured their
run amount ana. return all toe premiums, so tnat
the Insurance costs only the inter.-st oa tbe annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured
after acestain number of Tears dnrine life, aaan.
' nual income of one-tenth the amonnt named in tbe
Policy. . ..
No exra rate if ehtrged for risks upon the lives
01 females r , t . .- --
It insures not to par dividends.' but 'at i
-eoet that dividends will be impossible.
' " JOHN'W- ELLIS 4 -CO.. 1 ''1'
' Cincinnati, Ohio, Ueneral Agents for Ohio. Central
. . .. . anu Boutnern Itidurna.
Coln'nbus. Special Agents for Franklin,' Licking,
.jnnsgingum ana t;rsnocton counties. ,
. PeNT-oot24-deodAweowly
sewing machines:1
""In ' no previous year has tTiere
been such strong competition among
all tiie leading Sewing . Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
.Europe as the present. 'At all the
principal . Exhibitions ' and ' Fairs
they met and contested for the Fre
"tnium on Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the Florence , Heversible
Feed Lock-Stitch Family Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sewing Machine at the following
Exhibitions, viz. Exposition Uni
verselle, Paris, American Institute
' Fair, " New Xorft ; 'New England
Agricultural Fair,1, at Providence,
It. I.; the New York State Fair, at
Buffalo f the Great Annual Fairs
of New England, viz.: that of the
Mechanics' Association; at Xowell,
Massachusetts,, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore,
. which closed a four-weeks' Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FLORENCE was
again confirmed bythe Committee
I . on Sewing '.Machines, : who . unani
mously awarded it the " O OLD
MEDAL," the. highest Prize the
Institute confers. 1 ' ;
. -' - It would seem as if this succession of tri
umphs should be anfflcient to convince) very
unprejudiced person of the great superior
ity of the FLOEENCE over all others aa a
Family Sewing Machine.. .
A written warranty ia given to tbe par.
. chaser, that the Machine WILL I0 ALL
that ia claimed for it, and should it fail, it
"Will be taken back, nd the HOKIT JEtB
VUNDED. . - r , , -: r
Principal Office and Saleroom, ITo. tS Wort
Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O. i
- H. BIcCONNELE. General Agtaxt.
' 'At the Ohio State Pair, which closed at Toledo.
Septo ber 2Sth. 18RH. the FLORENCE received
tbe FIRST PBS3UUM lot the best Family Sewing
juacumcs over seven competitors.
Send for a circular, or oall and examine the
enines at tne new salesrooms.
St E.-aI State St Colunbas, Ohio,
' -1 W. 8. DB0 WN, Agent. ; ' '
.. IGT All kinds of stitching dore to order, sad
atisiactioa guarantewi. octv-a-2mztawTi8
Improved I
It is an elegant Dressing for the Hair. . . ' A j
It causes the Bair to Curl beautifully. . . ". '
. It keeps the Scalp C'ean and Healthy. , . V !
It invigorates the Roots of the Hair. '. ' . . .
It foroes the Hair and Beard to grow luxuriantly.
It immediately stops Hair Falling Out.
It keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Age.
It restores Grey Hair to iu Original Color.'
It brings out Hair on heads that have been bald foi
i . years.
t is composed entirely of simple and purely veget-
ble substances...
It has received over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many which are from
' physicians in high standing.
It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
' in the glass), by Druggists and Dealers ia Faney
Goods everywhere, atOne Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale by Demaa Barnes AOo.: F. C. Wells A Co.
Schiefteiin A Co.. New York. scmrr-meh7-dlv
Corner Broad & High Sts
ISO. 13 H. Illttll SI ItEEX,
ian20-dly-r Columbus, O.
A speal i)6tices.
v- v.
RevoU la ah. Iatai...
Whenlhe stomacV
a. the bowels disoriW.it tk. k..: r
restore qmet, regnlarit, ind harmony to th.'aetloB
of the.eimporUprr,1rA.(lmr. of
the oomploU4wfciohlrfni,1T.L v
jeot, originate in indigestion. For this distres.ins-
trying a, ieIX..tb, BITTEBS aretheo!, arti.le
V, nraian so oa. aoiveraei and nnfail
ingreipedy Hot although it was as a remedy for
dyspepsia and biliousness that thev rt nhi.in.j
Prt-refwem "yeari kgo. It is now Well understood .
w tne pa 0110 aturibe BwdimiTprofessron.trfat
" v." ,"" properties lasea tsrwiderraogsj.,Jn
nejvpns o.ampbunta,spasBWie affe... r la
itna .andeyery variety of general and local debility
Jll-IT' lur.ry-'.norrt a mean, of pre
paring tbe tysum-to resist dahi -',M nunn..
element-,nhe-water or the alr.ivation,po
Z7' ? '""tat premwTaaa
.1:? "ih th" hum-
w.uw. HV svquso muu Hunan riTa tela. tn 1 . i
j . , " -- -UVVU 111 Wllw"
1 . : r . . . . 1 .
turnip uuiiusisiDiaeaifcLii
mar-udeodA wly-cw-B
Testify.to its merit in restoring GRAY HAIR te
its orfginal color and promoting ita growth,- It
makes the, hair soft and glossy. , The oldinappear-
aoee are made young again. I is the beet 1 '
ever used. It removes Dandraff'and all'Mnrv
Eruptions; It dees not stain tbe skin. ' ' -7: ' "
.-" SSNTPBIK T HAIT.. 'i..-;7 1.'.
Beware of tbe numerous preparaliocs which are
old upon our reputation.- --',,.,.-,''
R. P. HALL A CO., Nashua, N.H.. Proprieton.
For sale by all Druggists. ' ' ,
july26 dltaw4wly-om . ; :. . ' ; ''
AND " ' -
PROY ENCE, R. I., h ving the Urgest manu
factory So-'. .SilTerarw in the world, with
the most inproved machin -ry, and employiDs; tha
most skilled labor, are" enabled to offer an tn
equalled variety of new and beautiful dean nr iu
Dinner Services. Tea Services, and every. Article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel BtlTCT Eleotro-Plated Ware, in which the
have introduced new pattern! of rare elegancy.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
purity by U. S. tlint assay. Tbe Eleotro-Platei i
guaranteed to be superior to-the finest Bh'SBel 1
ware. . .Orders received 'from the Trad only, bu .
these foods may be obtained from responsible
aeaiera every wnera. f j .-j -r j J f t;
UI Hark
Trade Mark H-t
for (S T .uatlOM,. 'vi ,
8iwer. . tssnamf ' 'y'gXtT
"Children's Lives Saycd. for.Fifij
i .u -,-.! Cents"" '' '
!l ..,!i-..' .tL-rJ ! n d
.ThossM.U ef children, die eaaaattsheaT Creerp.
Now, Alothers. if you, would spend SO cents, and
always have a bottle of Dr. Tobi' Venetian Lin
iment in tbe bouse, you never need fear losing
your little one when attacked with this eomls4tt
It is now Kl years since 1 hare put up my Liniment,
and never heard ot a ebild dying ef O - When
my Liniment-was used; but hundreds of "euros
have been reported to aie, and many state if it was
S10 per bottle they would not be without it Re
sides which, it is a eertain euro for Guts, Burns.
Headache,. Toothache. Fore Throat,' Swellings,
Uumpe,-Co)ie-, Diarrhea, - irysentery; "SpastnlTOld
Sores and Pains in the Limbs, Baok. and Chest.
No one once tries it who is ever without it. It is
warranted perfectly safe to take internally.' Full
directions with every bottle, gold by the 'drug
gists and Storekeepers in the United States. t) 1
pot 10 Park Place. N; Y.
junelS-dAwlycm-rcNr ; ' "'' ' '
How a.Dreline is Produced..
- Pure blood makes us well, bad .blood makes ut
sick. Vapors from poorly digested food in. the
blood are condensed upon the various organs, and
serve to make them grow or repair tbeir waste.
Organs made with a greater er lesser proportion of
such materials .cannot be sound... If the bad-eon-dition
cf blood .continues hut for a few days or
weeks the tody wt.be out of sorts; and if it con
tinues, the whole of the body will in time be, re
newed with imperfect blood, an ! the bealfU bad ;
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
Now Hrandreth's Pills penetrate the whole mass
of blood, causing the expulsion of impuritieafthe
body feels relieved from a sing'e dose what then
may. by expected from twenty 7 - By continuing
their use the wholeof tbe blood in time becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed from gOodTma
terial.. tbe decline stopped, and a new lease of life
secured..- Principal offiee,- Bbahpkbtb - Bowbs.
Hew York. . Hold by all druggia'.s.
iunel6-dwlycm-reKT' '
To art we owe a thousand graces; t
.. Impioving Nature no disgrace is. , . )
, 80, astsray hair don't please the eye. -
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Striking, a-toundisg. are the Effects produced
by Cristadoro's Hair Preservative and Beautifier.
Be the hair ever so wiry, eoarse and unmanageable
by brnsh and comb, in one week this axtiol ' will
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to curl
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dsera
ers. llanufaotory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Prinoipa I
Depot No. 8 Astor House, ,3
A Clergyman, while rrsiding'in S-uth America
as a missionary, discovered a safe and simple rem
edy for tbe Cure of Nervous Vi eakness, - Early De
eav. Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and tbe whole train of disorders brought on by
baneful and vioious habits. Great numbers have
been cured by this noble remedy. .Prompted by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate. I
will send the recipe for preparing and using this
medioi e, in a sealed envelope, to any one (wb,
needs it, f bkuof cbaros. -Address, " '
' - Htation D. Bible House. New Y ork City.
oct23-dtw , . ... , - , . , ... ,
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, near
iigh street, Columbus. Ohio, has devoted hisaeeli
jraseriesof years tothe trestment of certain pri.
vte diseases. He may bieen.mlted at his offioc
Broad wa . near the Exchange Bank
Cherallet'e Treatise on the Hat's
free to all, given away at the Drug Stores, or sent
by mail free.' This book should be in every house.
It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful hair.
and restore gray hair to its original eolon stop its
falling out, and remove all irritation or dandruff
from the scalp, thus keeping thehsir.beau.tlfa to
tne latest period of life. ,
jKT-;!nvI7-eodlm .... 11S3 Broadway. N.V.
tlANHOOD.it-wttir , JTem :3 Mtdiaal
11 Pamphlet from tht pen Dr. CcRtis.
The1 Medical 'limes" says of this work: "This
w.liiahln trnatidM nn th. flftaH Ud OUTS ef Drema-
ture decline, shows bow health is impaired through,
secret ebnses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It tives a clear syncpeis of. the
impedimerits to marriage, the eense and eSeotk of
nervous debilitv, and the remedies therefor. ,c A
nrt.t adittf-.n of the above will be f.w..i4-t n
receipt ( S cents, by addressing Doctor Ccbtis
fiv&i North Charles street, Baltimore, Md.
era mays-aiy-r .......
li ril restoreif In four weki KianeeM
restores mahlv Dowers, from whatever mi .a ari-
sinar the effects of earl pernicious habi:s, self
abuse, hnpotency and climate, giveaway at OrJee to
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure. Fail
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at 3. or four
quantities in one forts. To be bad only of the sVle
appointed agent in America, H. Uxbitzbh. 0S
oecona Ave.. ww lorx.
nl-nrIM Hair T)r is the best in the world
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridiculous
I ; r. I. . Hmliaa l.haill affects of bad dvM; tnvtv
orates and leaves tbe Hair soft and beautiful, black
or brown. Sol I by all Dregersts and Perfumers ;
aud properlv applied at Bstchelors Wig Factory
No. lli bond street, o. i.oi-k. ri.v apra) aawlv
Arantand delicate skin, free from every blem
li it the reward of an occasional naa of Palmer's
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. . , eepl-dAwly-om
T. ALLEN, Agent.
ME.-S at his present stand. .
Vlo. 1SS North High treet, -
and will take orders in both CAMBRIDGE and
tluulvlNti CUAIj, whiob be is prepared to sell at
the lowest msrket price.
mm- special attention paia to snipping.

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