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MKTF0ROLoJfc Tabl, prepared and
FRIDAY, Nov. 27, 1868.
O'clock. : :
7 . M..
I f
-9 41 .
,. ATTwrrtojij! 'vvaits Botis'isr BicK-Rjr
, ular weekly ineet In it tbhiiht at headquar
ters (Thurnjaa'.ilallW. certiacates of
membership are-w-Teady for distrlbutlop
MARROW, Comd'g.
MARROW, Col. Comd'g. J. B MILLER, Adjutant.
tOleritaugy ir k Irtnoetllscontlnned;
.11 1 I: J
n.l I ... . A 41-'"'
BfOur fasMfm;reprt ; will appear ,-on.
,'.;' GT Barcns Co.
to.SOCf hogs daily.-,'
are slaughtering- 300
r.We hear, that D. Ant(Jbf tbfstJty
: haSfalWi; iabllUie not reported, - -"f j
The "St Niohnl i pavement" 'ex-
tensioti li . conipleted.
A flne: Job Wis,
i I
Wo hear that pie" Bntl to give a
concert lu, this city oerthe 9th .of Decern-'
, uio ;.Y -r, " ,' jaV--' ' --: - ;
tW The Sistersof the Good Shepard are
In wanbof wwik; .aetwi.ttaefli-aU the sewipg
you may -want '' a.; i"
raQulte a -large sud:snce attended
Toney DenUr's "oeneTit Jast. night. The
performance was flit.-
.MSTJ The Ohio . State Horticultural
ciety holds Its annual meeting tn this city
Peceipbet9th and 10tb..'viai-1 fr ..." '
.,.0?Ti?.?tnith V", !,e.-?"fr ' Tlianlia
givlng capture of the police' Jorce."' He
was lined one dollar and costs and com-
t3T We noticed ' jfood many thanks
jlvlng"eyes," and heard of a great many
f -thaBksjrJvlnK headaches en.the street yes
terday. "They were certainfy Caused by the
urkey and oy tef sJ. - j
lPTicotiRNcTic.-T-Th Cboftof Cptn
mon Pleas adjourned to this morning at 9
'VlockT!7iflaIl.ttan.ie, is
ViLLAGFslNCORPiiKiTtb?-The tillages
of West Zanesviile- and Frazeesburg, In
Muskingum county, on yesterday deposit-
d the necessary papers with the Secreto
ry oFState and were'adahcea to the dig-
Tnlty'a'nd.erado ol Incorporated tillages; ;
Lrjinim oh Sl.ttBj'. the advertise-.
q ment in another column it wiH.be seen that
all the lumber used at Olntangy Park, (or
fences.' stands and the like," Is offered for
tale.' Thfe 1s an opportunity to obtaia the
bestot seasoned lumber. at low prices, as it
must be sold..,,.-: . v , 1(. ... . t j
Galoot Bfokd. On Tuesday the galoot
business w as pretty good. Thomas Brash
ears and Peter Green were' arrested lor be-;
lnz drunk and disorderly ilnd sentenced to!
'Pr ot 10 each and forty-eight?
boors In.' the calaboose. Angela; Garner
- was on a tarn - He was fined f 5 and costs
and committed." '" . s
MiLiTART Parade. The Sherman Guards
paraded the principal streets of the city oa
.1 ' j ,i,.,j,tt
appearance, and won hearty "encomiums
from all whd witnessed their evolutions;
The care that the excellence ot the drill
j 'and evolutions bespeaks, is in the highest
degree complimentary to Capt. Heinmiller.
Care of thb Jail. The death of Sher
. iff Earhart on yesterday caused a meeting
,,'s ol" his bondsmen, when t was resolved that
the care of the property in the jail and of
'the prisoners be given t6 John G. Thomp
son and Phil. Hess, Esq until such time
a it shall be necessary to turn the same
over to the person qualified to receive them
according to law. - -
' FxATiicG Park! "The-Central Skating
' Park is the name given to the establish
Y inent on Lt.ng street, just completed. En
trances have been made on Gay and on
Filth streets. P. W. Hunt is tli? proprie
. tor. It will be open day and night Just as
. topn.HS tlift weathe r Js cold enough to.freeze
and iorm ice. Carrie Moore, the Skatoria)
Queen, Is engaged- for the season, and will
' give daily, exhibitions' ot her skill;
. ; St PATKick'aCflOHCH Sociktii'S. "JTotice
'" " to' the epcieties connected ' with . St. .Pat
rick's Church namelj : St. Vincent de Paul,
S'CjPatrli'.k's.aud the Total Abstinence, are
requested to meet with regalia tbi partici
pate ia the procession, and form in line,
'J'.rTlht resting on north easl; corner of Fifth
' and J?Ich, along Holy Cross Church,' south
side, on to-morrow Sunday ) morning, at
-' 9 o'clock A. M. ;i ; i
i .-. . : By order of committee of. arrangements.
JOHN ENDER, Vice Pres't.
j . Bound Over. W- were Informed last
"v," pight that Commisslcrrier Halliday on' ye-
!- "terday bound Judge Ppgh oyerto answer
'. ' the charge of issuing fraudulent naturally
aation papers betore the United State Dis-J
--trlot lourt. -Thl was not unexpectedv not
because the evidence, would, warrant it, bnt
because Halliday had determined to bind
. ,hlpa "over, Ironr'trf hour ttifciiarge was
made. , .2ow c;qme8 furir V we are not mis
taken in Judge Pugh, he will ruake things
' -warai for his "persecutors before he is done
, with them.-y ., ';;;. -. " ' ;
Twbmtt Dollars asd Te DatsI BUI
'., McDowell, who it Is Said contests against
. all comers, for the belt of the C. D. B. A,
7,i ' Champion Dead Beat of America.) some
time ago went through tbe forms of being
h 'married to a' woman who had accumulated
some $2,000 or $3,000. Bill got out a license
p'-aimP the words were spoked to make the
twain one flesh,' but the woman don't know
'''Who the preacher was, and Bill wont tell.
. Having become ber lord and master he de
.. manded the keys tci tl .cash box, but the
"" supposed-to-be wife corildh't see It, though
' she hwued Bill a liberal daily allowance oi
Teer money. ' On Tuesday night she didn't
give him as many stamps as he wanted, so
he gave' beir What Paddy gave thoVlrom a
good .beating. ,' Bill was arrested for assault
and battery, and on Thursday Morning the
Mayor sentenced - him to pay a fine of 920
and 'enjoy ten days confinement In Sln
r. ,ers' Best-, : - ..,.,, -
i i Transferred Yibterday. The folio w-
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
' - Eecorder's office yesterday :
-Nathan Laulmer to Augustus Thomas,
Aug. aotb, 3867, 30 acres of land iu Wash-
' lngton township, lor f 1,200.
.' Lorenzo Thomas and wile to Francis
. '; Riley and E. W. Tuiler, Q. t..I2th, 55 acres
; 1 land In Washington township, for $1,050.
". George .Needles to Board oi Education
" ol Madison township, Oct. 13th, a lot or
land for school bouse purposes in Madison
. township, for $10. , :
Abraham Lehman and wife to Solomon
.. S.. Lehman, July 17th, 5 acres and 3 poles
of land in Madison township, lor $875. ;
Joseph Helmick and wite to Scribner
- ' Dalby, Oct. 2&th, 1867, Inlots Nos. 38, 39
! : snd 40 ia the village of Harrisburgb, for
Jobn Clark and wife to Joseph Helmick,
'" Oct. 9tb, inlotls'o. 40 ia . e town of Har
. ribburgh, lor $75. , , r. -
Resolutions of Respect, &c.
The city was startled yesterday by th
announcement of the death of George Hi
Earhart, Sheriff "of Franklin county, of
apoplexy. This entirely unexpected event
Ha Cast a gloom'ovei' all oucltfzensnior
Sheriff Earhart was man.respectea and
b loved by all who knew him." " .!
He had attended a sale on Thursday at
Oeorga ilore's, some six miles southeast of
Columbus, and while selling an axe, about
11 o'clock In the morning, complained oi
Teein"unweU, placed, bis hand to. his head
and fell back Into the arms of those near '.
him. He seemed-to sufivr greatly. Abou
4 o'clock in the afternoon he was conveyed ,
Jtt his residence in this cityvwfcere be .died .
at ten 'minutes to"'slx: b'ciock! yestrdiy1 -morning,
aged 63 years. , He. leaves a wife; t
ut nine cuuureu. . .a .& m v
' Mr. Earhart has held the posltlon'pl t
lice of the peace both In Truro 'and 'iii
Hamilton townships.' ' So .' popular was hel
in. Hamilton, that year after year he was
re-elected when no other Democrat could!
possibly be elected, and Tecelved the-eut-i
frages pf his fellow-citizens: withouil'te-
gard to party differences. Thus has de-'
parted a good man, one who In all the du
ties of husband, father and citizen, was as
near perfect as is ever given man to, be, j
His Itinera, will take place at the Slier-,
ifi's house on Sunday next," at 11 o'clock. j
Sermon by Kev. Mr. Van Anda ' The boay'
will be interred in Green Lawn. !
Aimeeting of the. .members f ihe Bar.
of Frtnkliu county was held at the Com.'
moil Plas Court-JEoom Friday morning,
November 27th, 18G3, for the purpose of
ilving appropriate .expression to .'their
feelings upon the death of George H. Ear-:
hart, Esq, Sheriff of this counry. Henry:
C. Noble was elected tjhafrman and H.f Bj
Albery SecreUry.- S. W4. Andrews, E. FJ
Bingham, Francis Coll hs, L. J. Critehfield
and G. T . ilet alf were annointed 'a eora-.
mittee on resolutions The committee re
ported the following' resolutions, which
were unanimously adopted ; i ?. f.-; J j
Whkreas. The sudden death of George
11. Jirnart, &-q., late Sheriff of Franklin
mfiWr hu ISb W iy X a"d ln h
midst nr his offltial duties, has greatly
shocked and grieved this community, and
especially those who have been most near-i
ly related to the. deceased , In his private
and official life; therefore.
Hesofved, By the bar of Franklin county.
and tbe officers of the several courts
of this county, that we deeply deplore
the sad event, and unanimously - bear
testimony to tbe courtesy, tfflcicncyj
promptness and accuracy of the de-t
ceased in the discharge of his official du
ties, and to his upright, kindly and unsel
fish character as a man, a ci.izen, and tho
father of a family. - ...
Resolved, That .the members of the bir.i
and the officers of the courts of this
county, attend bis funeral in a body, as a
token of respect for bis character and ot
sorrow for his sudden and untimely death.
Besolved, That the Secretary of this meet
ing furnish a copy tf these resolutlun to
the family ot the -deceased, with our sin
cere condolence for the great, loss they
have sustained and, that a-copy also;be
furnished the papers of this" cl-y.
It (so feed. That the several Courts of this
county be requested te iread these reso
lutions upon their records. , j
Bemarks were made by Messrs. Groom,
McGufleyvHutcbe8on ancLAlbeUTi..
The officers ol tbe meeting were appoint
ed to present the resolutions to the Go mi
mon Pleas, District and Probate Courts
of the county. - ' . . . - " i
;-' After the adjournment o( thehar njeet
ing.. the Court ot Common j Pleas behig in
session, Mr. Noble presebted. the resolu
tions to the Court in arvery appropriate
and neat speech. Juilge'Gr.en, alter atew
remarks suitable to the Occasion, ordt-rej
the resolutions to be entered upon tharect
ords &f the Court, and as a mark of re spect
to tbe deceased, adjourned Court until this
morning at 9 o'clock. . - ' j
Thanksgiving Day. There was as much
enjoyment jetterUay as is usually taken
by our. Western people -on ''Governor's
Sunday," as, Thanksgiving Day is ufcually
called. Down East it is the time when all .
the members ol a family endeavor to gath--
er at the old homestead and is, tlierelore, a
day of great social enjoyment. With us,t
In the West, it is usually ad,y when each
one thinks he must stuff himself as full as
the turkey he devours in order that he
may Jbe i In the highest degree thankful.
We have but few family reunions on the'
day, and the time is put in between, going
to church in the morning,- tp turkey
and oysters and pies and tilings aft dinner;
to sleep ' In 'the afternoon," and "'to suclf '.
amusements as may , offer. . at, night . We ..
have yet to see the first man who wasn't
more thaukful yesterday" for having got
through with it, than "for having, had a
holiday on Thursday. The children were
dismissed from school until Monday.'lliey
were thankful. , ' ' ,
Our churches, or such of them as had
services, were all pretty well filled, and
sermons appropiiateto the occasion were
delivered." " " " ' -J
' The lecture . of Bev. Stephen H. Tyng, ;
j at the St cond Presbyterian church, was "
attended by one of the largest and best
audiences ever gathered in Columbus. 'ills
Eubject was handled in a masterly manner.
He-is a forcible,ggresslve lecturer, aid all
who, heard him express their delight in
unmeasured terms. . ' ',.' " J '
-In the Afternoon the Opera House, wa.
filled With' childrehstp witness- the rpre-"j
sen tat ion or Humpty: Dumpty.. . Most of
them were filled so full of turkey, plumb
pudding and the like that they were un
omfortable, but they managed to laugh at
Tony's capers snd squall when a pistol; was
fired, in a truly delightful manner;' At
night there was one of those crowded .
houses that make a manager's heart go
pit a-pat, every part ot the Opera House
being filled.' 7 ' : ! j
; Tbe ball given by the Independent Sher
man Guards at Ambos Hall was one of the
most successtul affairs of the season: It
was a most enjoyable occasion and one
long to be remembered by the fair maidens
and brave men who tripped the light fan
tastic - , -.' ; : . , , . i
In the morning a large delegation went
over to Urban a to attend Andrew Wilson'.,
sale of town lots. A very great number of .
people were there and the sale, feed, and .
everything else went off very satiatactor y
Tbe property sold higher than similar lota
could be sold; lor lere.: But lew -of our
speculators would pay an average of $300
for. outside lots ol 70 to 75 feet frontage.
One hundred and thirty-six lots were Soldi
netting some $40,000. Those who Went
oyer expecting to get back ln time for the
evening's festivities hero were considera
bly bored. Two irelght conductors tried "
the experiment of attempting to pass with '
their trains oh tbe single track at West-
ville, a tew miles west ot Urbana. This ex
periment bas never been successful, the
result uniformly being a smash up. It was
so in this case. As a consequence Colum
bus visitors to Urbana didn't get home un
til three o'clock yesterday morning, tired,
disgusted and unanimous in their deter
mination to stay home next Thanksgiving.
Messrs. Axdrews, Pkrrt & Co., at
Nos. 93 and 95 North High street, are now
prepared with a full and finely selected
stock ol goods,' just received for the lall
and winter trade, to supply orders of any
amount at the lowest Eastern cash prices,
only adding cost ol transportation
The firm possess great facilities for manu
facturing and bnying, and give special at
tention to supplying everything in the line
of Printers' and Book Binders' stock. The
gentlemen comprising the firm are well
known for business integrity, and devote
personal attention to the wants of patrons
In all cases. See advertisement in another
column. .
St. AIart'S7,-Oathouo,';Ccrch. Tbe
dedication ceremonies of 'this new church
wUItaks place ,on Sunday pext, Nov. 29th
The ceremonies will' be very imposing.
Tbe procession will form at the. Holy Cross
Church, at 9$ o clock A.M., and preceded
by the City Pe-Hce, anur accompanied with
two bands OQeonv-Daytotu the pther
from4 this ' city; proceed, ta Bfc Mays
Chnrch, on Third street, when the dedtca
tion will take plaee according to the rules
And ceremonies' of the Catholic denomlna
The German" "Societies of Columbus will
form at Holy Cms Church at 74 O'clock,
and march to the depot to receive the Day-
ton Societies, after which they will proceed
toSchreiner'4 Dill and partake of 4 luacb.
and then move in procession to Holy Cross
Church.,;; J.irW
The' -"Procession will lorra at '.Holy Crbi
Church at 9 o'clock A. M, in the folio
in it order: -. .-. - .,iw.i.d'
. A tile of the City Police, under command
of Lieut. James Haunan. , - . ' . lt
;1 The boys of from 12 to 15 years of age,
wttn the uanner ot tne tioiy oniianoou.,
. Regimental Brass Band of Dayton, O.
St. Aloysius Young -Men's Society of
uayton; o, ,-f ; - I ') - f;
- St. Lewis xoung juen s isociety ot Lay-
ton, O. .' .' .. ; ' ,.:
' St. Aloysius Young Men's - Sooiety Of
this city. ' ''." ". !
St. Laurentius Benevolent Association
of : Dayton, Ohio. : . i . ( , ..1 ,
St. Carl Borromeus Benevolent AsBocla
tion ot Dayton.'Ohlo. i ;
St. Joseph Orphans Association of Daj
ton.Ohlo. - - . V !f i :
St. , Nicholas Benevolent Association of
Zinesville. t 'I
Sc. Francis ot Sales Association of New
ark, Ohio.
St. Vincent de Paul for the benefit Ot the
poor of tliisctcy. , ,
St. Patrick's School Society of this city.
".Total Abstinence Association of this city.
.Hemmersbach's Brass Band..
St. V artiu's - Benevolent Association'' 6f
this city.- '.-'..
Sr. John's Benevolent Association of this
f St. Joseph Widow and Orphan Associa
tion. , ' ; i .'
St. Bonifatius Church Building Associa
tion.' ' -' : - ' I . , I -,-
The bells of Holy Cross Chnrch will give
the signal for starting. The. procession
.ITiflh street to Town, west through Town
t, a,t. , n,..,, m..h ,n
will pass from Holy Cross Church through
to High, south through High to South
street, east through South to Third 6trtet,
south Third to the Church.
Chief Marshal.
Sacred Concert. We desire to call the
attention of all those who wish to pbs a
pleasant evening to the Sacred Concert to
be given by the Choir of Holy Cross Church,
assisted by the best musical talent of tbe
city, on to-morrow (Sunday) evening, at
St, Mary's Church, South Third street, un
der the direction of Prot. Bearman.
- iTbe orchestra will be a vety strong; One
and will be composed of Prof. Schoppelrei,
Messrs. Dresel, Seltzer, Krumm, Hem
mersbach and some twenty others of great
skill. The programme shows some of the
best music of tne greatest masters and
will be sung7 by the Misses Wplr, E.
Hauuk, Mrs." Lang, Mr. Hemmersbach and
other favorite vocalists. This promises to
be one of the best sacred concerts ever
given in Columbus.
Filed Yesterday The following cer
tificates were filed with the Secretary of
State yesterday : . ' .
Of the Cincinnati Turners' Building As-
sociation,organized for-the purpose ot rais
ing funds to be loaned among its members.
Principal . office in Cincinnati. Capital
stock $675 000, in shares of $450 each. F.
J.. Werner, Julius Eugelke, Ed. Gsbhardt,
Fred. Lang and Gustav Tal el are the cor
porators. 1
Of the Union Grounds, organized for tbe
purpose of constructing a park for skating
and other purposes, in Cincinnati. Capital
stock $15,000, in shares of $25. H. A.Glass
ford, A. M. Healy, Drausin Wulsin, A. P.
Champion and Howard Tildcn are the cor
porators. .- -i" i
Goto J. C. Kalb's, No. 138 North High
street, for Boots and Shoes at low prices,
no"21-d2raw2w . ' ' ;
" Barrett's'' Infallible Hair Restorative
- Jewelry made and repaired by C. l.
Smith, 27 S. High street, oyer Bain's store
nov6U3m - .- ' : -
"Barrett's satisfies everybody.
Go to No. 133. North High street, lor
the' latest styles of Boots and Shoes, at low
prices. nov21-d2taw2v
fV Barrett's" the most approved.
Thk live Oyefeman, 16 E.Broad street,
gives (fr fifty cents) a-well filled can
Spencer, Anger & Co.'s prime oysters
and a pound of butter crackers.
' aug5 dtonov28
Barrett's'' is highly perfumed.
R. P. Hall & Co.. Nashua, NI 'II, pro
prietors of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian' Hair
Renewer, publish a treatise jon the haU,
which they will send lree to any one on
application. This is a valuable little book;
send for it., nov25-wJfcds
"Barrett's," free from dirt and gum.'
? sep30-dltawfcwly-cw y,
: t
Fob Sale House, and , lot, corner5 of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
aesiraoie property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ol J. W. Moore, No. 48 West North
street. i ., . ,
octl3-dtf ."'
Oysters ! Otstkrs I ! 1 am daily receiv
ing those tine large oysters, for lamily u,
stamped Select. W. T. XXX'ahd XXX.
Also oysters by the half pint, pint," quart
ana gallon. . : . ;
'''"." . C. A. Wagner, j
; . . . ; No. 23 East State Street.
nov26 3t'.:;.-.
The immediate use ot liquor weakens the
Vitality of tbe mental and physical organs
to an alarming degree; the poor debauchee
feels this weakness in his sober stages, he
repents and earnestly resolves to amend
his life, but in bis 'weakness he lacks tbe
moral power to do so. We advise him to
seek shelter in "Dr. Johnston's specific,"
the powerful weapon to attack the relapse.
. sep22-dt&?&wly-cw
Prof. 23- PETZOLD,
Of K er YorkCity.will give a grand entertainment t
On the evening of NOVEMBER 30th. with bis ap
D&ratus lur diolvics views.
Uavinx exbibited the same at different Halls and
Churches, in the City of New York and oiher
fuaoes, win great, success, ne leeia confldent of bit
i g perfect satisfaction to those that will attend
this, interesting aud comparatively new entertain
ment. The views go ng to be presented to the eyes of
tne paDiic, wuiwuiprKo vurfmotrpes, eriptnrai
Scenes, Scenes from the Lost War, cities and places
of renown in England. Ireland, Germany, Switzer
land and France, as Paris. Elvsian Camps. Monu
ment of Napoleon I., Palais Koyal. Louvre. Ver
sailles, Cascade of St Clond, Cathedral of Tours,
fort of Boulogne. Cathedral of Munich, K. R. De
pot at Munich, Resides oe of the Archbishop at
Balaburg, lnnisfa.len. hillarney. Ireland. Ao. A
great number of Moveable Comical Steings, as Por
to' Bottlf d Unfortnnate Cook, Artist. Horse Racer
d ll. .bk 1 JJ 1 u.1 Suffering Patient. Crispin
the Cobbler, bell of - Two fairs of Snuffers, ia.
Doors open at T P. M ; Tickeu atSeltier'a Musie
Store: Performance will eommei oe at admis
'""da'T" "te ' VMdnu half price.
-I ..
r Cl
ri.-.'ii .'f
1 'a -i';
" ,' ' ' ' ill ' li . :
i T O.IK
i f-ll.-i
. Sl-jli. r.'l
T.'f .!
ri; M
.11. ' : - 1 . i .
- 7
:r j
T'.1 :
.- i j iw wi j -i, a ,
Can 1e Foand at
250 AND 252
The Alabama Claims.
NEW YORK, Nov. 26.
The World's "Washington dispatch states
tlje convention agreed upou by Minister
4obn8onad(l I,ord Stanley for tll'a le
nient of the Alabama C t :ii ras, is undoubted
ly Irf the hands of tVe-President. J It prol
vido8 for the appointment of three Com
missioners, two .By Great Brilnin and on
by the United States, who shall sit as the
cimimission in Washington, and their de-;
ci3oiio" allJEe laiiTOuUf pef ehdered,
within twelve months from their "aasetti
bling. From their decision there shall l?e
no appeal by either party.
. A,VyaRhinjrtpn. dispatch .says that ttBe
British',lK!titj has at length prodncfd a
bill against the United States Government
as an ofietto the Alabama claims, amount
ing S45.000.000, beinr for damases alleged
to have been sustained by the Brllish sub
iects in the South durins the rebellion. ; :
The Alaska Purchase.
; TfieRnssiau Lp?tion in Wishlnffton da-
dy reports that $2,000,000 of tlie Alaanul--
,chase money ivas expended inyecurfnit the'
tfoea snluousenatiors and WQnKressmen tor
the passage of the appropriation bill. Six
millions ot the purchase money has already
been paid. i
The Paraguayan Outrage.
Secretary Seward has addressed a note
to Secretary Welles, stating that he has ad
vised the President that a sufficient naval
force 'should be sent to Paraguay to protect
the lives and property of Americans, and
to demand prompt repress tor such injuries
as may bave been already inflicted.
Secretary Seward to Secretary
Secretary Seward to Secretary Welles.
The note of the Stcretary of State to the
Secretary of the Navy, which is herewith
published, is understood to indicate the or
der which has been given to General Mc
Mahan and Admiral Davis on the subject
ot the Paraguayan difficulties. - t- . - -
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27, 1868.
To Eon, Gideon Welles, Secretary of (he
Navyf )
Sir 'A dispatch was yesterday received
from Charles A. Washburne,' Eq, late
United States Minister to Paraguay, which
was written at Buenos Ayres on 2Gth of
September last. The dispatch shows that
a controversy has been carried on tor
some time between him and the Presi
dent ot Parornay.i Tire titeritaof-.-the
controversy -'-oaiiut bi well'-'n-
derstood until a copy ot the correB-.
pondence shall Jiaye been received, wjjicli
M daily expected. Ueantime; .Mr. . Wash
burne's diepaLches conclusively sliow tbe
situation ot nil foreigners, including Unt
ied states citizens at Asrenston, 18 greatly
imperiled, and especially Porter, C. Bliss
and George' F.iJafteTmafiri, United States
cuiz'-ns.lacely in some way connected wir.h
the United States Legation, have suffered
personal 'violence and KaVf, perEaps, Been
rdtrrrtprrd.- A ft . I. j
A (li-patch has been received from Mr.
Webb, Uni ed States Minister at liio, in
which he states that he n quested . Rear
Admiral' Davis, ' commanding the South
Atlantic1 squadron, to send 6r proceed with
an adequate naval force' to Asr-ension to
protect American eitizms; Mr. Webb was
unable to inform the Department whether
Admiral Tafii wodld assutue'tbe -j-eibi)-sibtlity
ol complying with6tlt special "in
structions from the Government.
The situation thus presented seems to
me? -86 critical that I' have thought it my
duty to advise the PresinenC that- the Bear
Admiral should be instructed to proceed
with an adequate force at once to Para
guay and take such measures as may be
nei.-e'siary to prevent violence to., th' lives
aud property ot American citizens there,
ami in the exercise of a sound discretion to
dttiiand and obtain prompt redress for any
extreme insult or violence that may have
been arbiiraril y-eomniitted against the flag
of the United States or their ciliztms.
r v I have the tionur to be, r ,
An affray occurred yesterday near. Lin
coln barracks, between . 75 to 100 negroes.
unel negro was killed and .two officers in
jured "in suppressing tlie disturbance,
which originated in a procession en route
to lay the corner stone of a church.
Judge Busteed.
-TheJiritpd States Cpifrt wa- to convene
here la-t Monday. Judge Biiteed has not
yet arrived from New York. A large
number of lawyers and other persons from
diflerent parts of the State bave bean here
since Mondiiy, awaiiing the opemng'of th
Court. It is now thought he will not hold
this term of Court, as tn charges -against
him will likely require his presence at
Washington, D. C, during the session of
Congress. . --. ' .
Policeman Shot.
MEMPHIS, Nov. 26.
A row occurred on -the. race-ronrse this
afternoon, during wiiieli poliuemmi Geo.
Shakey was f hot inside and p linfnlly : if
not dangerously wounded. Wm. Forest
waiarrested on a charge ot (hooting,
Shooting Affair.
A young man named McCue was shot
here last night by a man jiamud .Winch
McCue, in company with. several others
blackened their faces and proceeded to the
honseof Winch to rescue a girl sairj-t be
detained there against her will. An affray
ensued, resulting in the shooting of Mc
Cue, who died from his injuries this morn-
Baltimore Items.
The day was unusually observed as a
holiday.' All business waj spf pended 'and
servicesl wtireo held in, all -tbei churches,
which were unusually attended. The day
was yeiy pleasant, and thisxity unusually
quiet. ' t
William Price, an-old citizen, and meni
ber ot the Bar, and United States District
Attorney during President Lincoln's ad
ministration, died this mnrninv. . v-
Young Men's Christion Association.
- ' '
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 27.
. The Young Men's Christian Association
closed their sessions last night. There' was
a large attendance. The. question, ''Why
do so many churches fail to reach the
Poot?"Vas the sntject of discussion.' -The
sense ot the meeting on this question was
siiratned-rrp in the lollowing resolutions,
offered by Kev. Mr. Morton:
Resolved, That so many churches failed
tftreaoii the poor, because the pootv being
naturally proud and sensitive on account
oftheir poverty, misunderstood thechurch
and do not believe they are welcome, even ,
where such Is the case, but mainly becanse
the pastors, officers and members are too
selfish in the enjoyment of their religion
that they have too little love for souls, too
little consecration to the Master's Work,
too little of that universal divine benevo
lence whii-h is the essential distinguished
element of Christianity, and ". tbe. lciuling
principle which is to till the whole earth
with the knowledge and love of God. !
Resolved further. That this Convention is
deliberately and solcmuly impresseed with
the conviction that the only remedy lor
this evil Is,' first, to bniW plainer churches
and invite poor cordially to them, proving
the sincerity of the invitation and making
it consistant by abolishing the system of
pew renting; second, to seek out the poor
and carry the gospel to them, and pray
witli those who cannot be induced to at
tend regular religious"Bervlces and places
of worship; and lastly, for all professors ol
religion to consecrate their time and in
fluence and wealth more entirely to the
service of Christ, in saving souls.
A collection was then taken up, which
amounted to over $2,000, after which reso
lutions of thanks to various persons were
passed. Brief farewell addresses . were
made by several gentlemen, aud the con
vention adjourned.
In the morning there was a good Union
meeting at Mercantile Hall, at which Kev.
Dr. Nichols, ot St. Louis, delivered an elo
quent and lengthy sermon, from the text,
"Bighteousness exalteth the nation'.' The
sessions of the association have been
numerously attended, very harmonious,
and.it is believed, will be productive of
much good.
RICHMOND, Nov. 27.
James Grant, who shot 13. Ii. rolhird,
has been bailed in $10,000 to answer at the
February teim of court.
Florida. TALLAHASSEE, Nov. 26.
The Supreme Conrt' met antf, adfturned
without transftctlng anvibaslness'to-idRvi
ii Lieutenant Goyerrior? (rlasiori; in answer
luc iuieui tnetourtcaurojc oim to snojw
by what authority he holffs offloe denies
theiruthorlty- bf the ' Court fcttd 'irays the
Legislatute onry ubaa i (irisdiotloa ilo the-f
ja6e,,tttMl the iMtpr will, ftpemmeftfci I
Florida. TALLAHASSEE, Nov. 26. Burglary.
This morning burglars - sntered.,' the
Frankliiiiinstitute buildiiig.arfd blew .open
i.uo eaie. une curgiar was captured.
In Session.
RICHMOND, Nov. 26.
' '"Aeetlnir' of tfie stoe.kKf'ilrlei-a'Ur'the
Ctiespeake and Ohio-Ruilroad Company jis
m suasion, j on nil, iiaidw,m.J4.UirKiaii
Mississippi. JACKSON, MISS., Nov. 26.
Tliol Benablioaa (Jouventiou RdiilliMiil
,lAfit nigjit,. alter ,.prepar)ug aq-adUreas! to I
vonress, asKing it to declare tlie. defeated
Constifution 'raUfled-and the State- officers
electedi wj n
,!Jilt Kill
i -j an -ib l-:-!t
AUGUSTA, Nov. 27.
The official vote Maine Is GrantrTO.438:
Seymoui; 43,39.t- - j'
AUGUSTA, Nov. 27. Louisiana.
The .Governor. Secretary of .State ami
Judge o tlie Judicial District have thrown
out tne entire vote ot the parishes ol Av
erili. West? Teliciaria, , Franklin, Jackon,
Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, Sabine, 8$.
John.. St. Martin's -and Washington for
informality in the manner of making re
turns, aiid,declsre no legal returns bave
been received from those parishes, 'making
the entire vote for Grant 27,911. and for
Seymour 41.358. The Democratic Con
gressmen are declared elected from all but
the 21 (ristrict In tire latter district only
tht parishes of Lafourche, St. Charles and
St. James are counted, giving the certifi
cate to Sheldon for the lol't term and' Mi
hard (negro) for the unexpired term. 7
BUFFALO, Nov. 27.
CTNPayhf, the petlestrTk"." concluded,
last evening, at the Skating Riqk, the task
of walking one hundred m ilea In 21 hours,
29 miuptes and 57 seconds. ;;:
Ship Canal.
TORONTO, Nov. 27.
Numerous netitinns
ment praying lor a grant of -wild ,bnrd In c
aid d the Huron. A Ontario Ship Canpl
having been rejected in consequence, ,of ia 1
technical rule of the House, a public meet- -ing
was. heM last pight; and - 'delegatian .
appointed to wait on Hon. M.'"CVCameron,
to rrqnest Jiimj; bring a petitto'm -before
the Governor In council, to be sent thence '
to tne House, u n t.-.i... n f -,
Ku Klux Bill in Alabama.
The Legislature to-day .vraf engaged n '
discussing.. the ,Ku Klux bill. ..The bill'
makes it indictablo for any persoik to ap.
pear in ma-k, and if any person shoots one
who is masked Jaftei dark it is t be cob-'1
sidered no crime. ". .The time of imprison
ment for being dieuuisbed Is from one to.
two years.- Several ; secttous 3-of the- bills
bave beea, adopted. , ' .. '
Ku Klux Bill in Alabama. NEW YORK MELANGE.
NEW YORK, Nov. 27.
ao steamship Denmark, from Livet
'"has arrived. : ... .'!' -t
Arrested for Firing a Building.
'Frederick Bodeii was arrested 'ancX .jield t
for trial' yesterday on a charge of setting
fire to premises 643 Ninth avenue. In erder
to obtain heavier insurance on his bar
room than there was amount ol property
insured. Several women and children oc--cupying
tenements Irt'-wper stories were
nearly suffocated. Jut were released bv
tbe police. The damage by Are was slight.
Fight Hushed Up.
A fight occurred at 68 Crpsby streef,'a .
resort for Iwlian musicians of the street '
wandering class, on Sunday last, in which -James
Marker Stabbed Dominie" Bosa. The
matter was hushed up and the police knew
nothing of U until Tuesday, when Marker,
nau escaped. Kosa died yesterday. .
Blown Down.
' During a sale yesterday afternoon'-five-'
uiflnished buildings on Yates avenue, -Brooklyn,
were blown down.- No persons,
were hurt.. . Loss $I2,O0Q.. . . j
Express Consolidation.
The long pending negotiations in this
city resulted to-day in the consolidation of:
the American and Merchants' Uniotf'lix- '
press Companies. ; The articles ot associa
tion have been formally executed With the .
following board of directors: Henry .Wells, ;
Elmore i.:Koss.! William 'CVfArgoTAVm.'
C. Beardsley, El ward P. Ju .son, Wm. H."
Seward,. Jr James' C. Fargo, Jolm.N. -Knapp,
Johnston 'Ltviogton, Clinton 'X. ,
Backus, James M. Thompson, Theodore M. :
Pomeroy and Benj. Cheene. ,, , . ... j 1
At an election of officers held to-day tne ;
following -wererohoscn r - President. W m. ;
G. Fargo; Vioe .President, Theodore M.
Ponieror; Treasurer, Elmore P. Boss; See- i
J, wuim ill. n no vrctlgl ntl otl I'UI'I II
tenueut and Assistant Treasurers-James C. "
"Fargo.'t The new arrangement stbes Into
eflect imme:'Tmtely;"and the officers rasAhe
business will be. adjusted to the newlmsis :
wit.hin the ensuing week.. The Merchants' '
Union stock is taken at two share's for one, "
making its proportion ot the capital $9,-
000,000. ' The consolidated" Company Will ,
have tea' ital of $18,000.000,. and wllf ton-,
tinue the existing co-operation amohget'
.the old Companies. .The,- nrw.- ompauy
"will bear the title ot the "American Mer chants'
Union Express Company.. !
The Commercial savs the Adams Com-,
pany was not represented at' theTneeting, ..
tnat it is opposed to tne oasis - or amalga
mation, and that consequently a .renewal
of the Express war is .by no means im
probable. ,- ;-; jw " r V
The Erie war has relaxed into quietude.-
Jay Gould and James Fisk are still in pos-;
session Of the-otiice of tbelJErie railroad,"
but there is great reticence jwhetlier,-tliey,;
or the newly appointed receler, ex-Judge
Davies. are j-unning.. the road., Several
Deputy Sheriffs were at the building this,
afternoon, but no one, seemed able' to ac
count for their presence. Ex-Judge. Ful
lerton, Mr. Shearman -and one or two oth-'
era wbo are retained as counsel-fur the-Di- .
rectors, were in close -oonsulsation with..
Messrs. Gould and Fisk. The jiint Com-"
mittee on tUe stock board, who have under'
consideration the proposition to strjke.Erie-i'
from the stock li&vlield a, meeting to-day,
but without agreeing on .any action ad
journed until to-morrow.) 'i 'J
The Times' says: We learn that Judge
Cordoso has stayed the pneeedings ot
Judge Davies as receiver, and has granted
the same order, or the same notice, under
which a rehearing is sought to be obtained
betore-Judge Cordoso of the motion upon'
w hich Judge Davies was appointed; so that
another struggle, may be made to maintain
Gould as receiver. in the State" court! ,
. It is also said that Mr. Beldiu. a former
partner of Mr. J antes -Fisk,- jr., lias a "suit
in which Gould is named as receiver, and
besides these suits are others by the Erie,
Kailroad Company, and in one of these Mr. .
Belmont in sued, as it would seem, because"
it is alleged he is not Interested in having
his own $4,000,000 worth of stock protect-,
ed against further illegal issue. ' ; "
The Post's money article says the rise in .
gold at this time is chiefly the result ot.
speculative effort, and if is said to be con
nected with a movement 4u Government
bonds. " Some time since extensive specu
lative sales were made, of 5-2u's of ISC 2.
The amount ot these bonds in this market
is comparatively small, and holders of
them have advanced the price about two
per cent, above London quotations, ex-,
change and the gold premium being in
cluded in the calculation. It is reported
to be intention of operators for a decline to
cover their sales by importing these par
ticular bonds, which can now be done with
great profit. The scheme, however, would
be de'eated by an advanceln gold. At the
sale ot Government gold to-day bids were
liled lor 1.700.000 and $500 000 was award
ed at 135 50-100 and 135 57-100. ,
Breach of Promise.
MONTREAL, Nov. 26.
The Court of Review were occupied to
day with the case of Grange against Ben
ning, an action tor damases in the sum of
$40,000 for breach of promise. A demurer
had . been-raised in the court on the idea,
that Lower Canada did not recoguize a
breach-Df promise to marry actionable.
The demurer was dismissed and the judge
ment coufirmed. i
OTTOWA, Nov. 26.
Sir John Young, the new Governor Gen
eral, who arrives to-morrow, will be pub- '
licicly received aud sworn into office next
FOREIGN NEWS. BY ATLANTIC CABLE. Fifty-seven Lives Lost by an Explosion.
FOREIGN NEWS. BY ATLANTIC CABLE. Fifty-seven Lives Lost by an Explosion. LONDON, Nov. 27.
FittjsevflH lrvrt rerlost-tytiaxpio-
wer seri
le ekpToslon fa Mklrowrl.
ThlnLDfffDln,. Aair a 11 . J 1
Ainerlcan reahienXs....:,;!; ,-".-I5T
France and Holland.
France and Holland. THE HAGUE, Nov. 27.
Tfae Ministers have Informprl r.h nham.
twrt ttiat thee rnnaou-soi the ebmnletlon
treaty- beterr i-Vanea vand, .HntUiul. ra
entirely unfounded. . '.
France and Holland. THE HAGUE, Nov. 27. Spain.
France and Holland. THE HAGUE, Nov. 27. Spain. MADRID, Nov. 26.
'An; lmmflnsej urid enthQslastle !mn-
pvauqn was JPAOft 1 P
in Tavor oftUe ireuuWic; ., Ji eWMy'aa
HWJind reflations adopted, declaring
that it Is the. wrUiof.the DeoDle-.thatSrwin
should Jiavp a Bepoblicao-torm of &9verp
raent, The Monaljtrlisrf tiawlield iare
raeejrns.at.Cartinha Ferrol, Santiago do
oousiena ana.oxnnjr(piftjM. "'
France and Holland. THE HAGUE, Nov. 27. Spain. MADRID, Nov. 26. CUBA.
Advices from Santiago de Cuba.
-t Thrf Herald ipdelai from Havana 'feth
iays:rW.liave'. tdioes,lnfn SaiagprfJe '
ouBa w jiovi4B,. uu?.dvice3 are from
inaorgent-eources. Tney are as follow:
-.'.According" to different authorities. -the
insurgents are within twd'.io'thre mttea
f. Santiago de Cuba." "TheV aiioIJtdur
days tot- that itjr.A9Aiwndif ,JChj jv
ernor of the diitrioo haaia large force at his
eomrrrand.-aod :he proposes attacking the
Desiegers.- A ooiy of Bvw li d nd reu -m nr
gent beset this place aiia'He . 'Governor
ha? determined to oackaijemr,'rhe insqr
gentshavecaptored GamKanati.Theyjlis
own tlieso-called volunteers,andgradoaUy
extending the rebel limits of the Extern.
Department so that, they are now masters
of the J iqnainL -Jiayamo, who is at Tunas,
hascorjtfo4o(itherailroad,w4 hasaotifled
the superintendent that none of the trains
must carry soldiers unless by. Government
order. Some of., the trains have carried
oidiers and volunteers who joined the in-
iranceaLs mete arerepofM. aoyeyr(in
llavaqa apd SantiagwdaCaUa that a om
promise had beefi agreed upon betweea the
insurgents and . the;.GoyernmentadltiloTi-
Latest from Havana.
HAVANA, Nov. 27.
: The merchants h pre . ire raising a h-scriptiort.-
for. .the pay and equipment, of
three months volunteers, Bo tley mayenier
Immediately on active gerviigainut the
rebels. Rumors are jrife that iewerX cr
g oes of -arms for the . revolutionists have
been landed, but the government has je
feived no official information: of the facts.
It is reported a secret commission, has '' left
Cuba for New York. -wHh.the-'obJeeb of .en
listing the favor of the Ameriean prewand
Goviirument in a-rebelllori In this. Islam).
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 27.
v: GOLD -134 buying. -l '
T, EXCHANGE - Dull . Bt.jM0". per
cent, discount buying and par selling.
jjaah.-.rK'.;...,- . . , rt1rT1,
New York Money Market—Nov. 27.
. Mbsffef A'ii-siPifcint
' :- S TERL1NG EXCHANQE- Weaker at
109llO8.--.f S.-.?,::,i..w
! GoLD-r-Quiet and lower. .: Opened, at
135;, advanced, to 135Ji and closed at ft5.
-' I - 1 '
New York Stock Market—Nov. 27.
GOVERNMETj8TUKrV-Jiess nctive
and easier. Coupons of. '81 15ll5Jitdo
62112112; do 'C4 107K10S; ,cio65
108J& do nevir .ll0JiU0k; do '67110'?
110: do '68 lWfih0lO 40sI06106.
'- 5:30 prices -vVeilsfj Express 27i?,V;
American 4540; Adams 40-lOJi; United
States;4Gi47i; Merthants' Union' 10
19; PaciUaMait 1170117'; Western
Unioh Telegraph 3836 Newii York
Central 127?(Jbia7; Erie 34"Bead
ing 99Jiy9;. Terre Hiute. 3941;
Wabash 5Ui9; St.. Paul 71(2)72; "Ft.
Wayne 112:, Ohib & Mississippi 3131;
Michigan Ceiitral 119;' Michigan Sontheru
8990; IllinoiaiCeatral 141142; JPifts
buElj:.8989X; Toledo 1004 10 J,; Bock
i-siand iuu?i(auu; jNortuwei-tern se?g
86)4; Alton 145)150; Lake Shore 100J C.
New York Market—Nov. 27.
. COTTON Opened q'nletati&tirm' Ind
closed Hnll:'ahd droopiDo sales middling
at 2525cJ ' K'l U: .t ii no
. FLOUlt Closed a shade .flrmer.witi a
moderate local trade demaad and ' limited
export.1 ' .'"' ''- - i i
' WHEAT More active and fair export
demand and -moderate speculalive-and mil
ling inquiry,. ;,,( . r . , 1 ,
,.,ltYEFVn tl 31 it for'vVesfern.
"PORK Noiqtnal at$2tf f5V
ME3S BEEF-Quietand without'decMed
change. ;-. - ; ... , -,..ti;a
CUT MEATS Nominal. - . .
., BACON Quiet. r .,
. LARD-Quiet; 1C16 for fair to prime
steam. - ' ,ito
EGGS Quiet and stetdy.,;-;.,.;; y(a
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 27.
' FLOUR LSiNbGRAIN-Urrf.hftngedt
COTTONi-iPirm att23o1for:midUU)i2ii
OIL Linseed dull at 95, ,
HOGS Firm at $6 YS 'in tne fWre
hoon.'lmt the-feelliift was-not bo strong at
the closer f.:f i..ia viij -': w-i'.
- POBK-Mess firmer, hut quiet, at 2 50
a;22 75. and for best brands $23 was" asked.
. BULK MEATS Dull; shoulders' at
9c; clear rib sides at ia?T3ot blear at
13Ji13o, packed, and 18u lor 05 days la
salt. - j,, . r. ,. H,.,.l ...1 . ,., f
GREEN MEATS-Du.lt; sontden. 7
7V ; sides 910c, and ham's llll&e.
i- LARD-Qniet bnt firm at I4e for-prime
steam, andii.4($ldc for kettle rendered.
; BUTTER-Frm t343Qa, t . , "
EGGS Sales at 33c. . , . 1 ? ," ,
'. CHEESE- Fihii.at l6I76:tbrWffcm
reserve and l?c for fadtory. ,;' -.ot
APPLES Firm for prime at $5 per hbl.
POTATOES Eixm at 80S5c per bush.
GROCEBIES Unchanged,
B PETROLEUM FiM & '2CtitSo8rfbrI re
fined. '"- J '' '" m.-iii
Chicago Market—Nov. 27.
, FLOUR Steady and, firni, out' the'de
mand was 'almost exclusively' confined to
tbe lower grades for shipment. Sale at
10 00 for w in tier extras, and M AXgZ, !
lor low grades to good spring .xtras, ,-
WHEAT-rlmproved reports l'rora 'Ifew
York streiig'thened the market, iind under
moderately active inq otry prloea advanced
H4 Per bushels ranging from L21K
1 25 tor No.1, and $1 lll 13 lor jfp. 2.
closing steady and rather hrtner.'at .$1 13
lor No. 2 ... -V ''"I
CORN Firmer and more acUte't No. 1
advanced ,91Q' and No.:3 23c. ..als of
former at 93c f 1 00, closing at the on tside.
OATS Quiet but prices steady auif 0rm ;
sales at 4747i-c for No. - " ";
RYE Steady at $1'121 13 for No. 1,
and I tO 1 10U for No. closing at 1 12
jind f I 10 respectively..:,. m - .. i
jjaklj!.! u.ciineu obc per bujhel,
but the demand rs-fairly etive.' '"Sains at
9t 551 60 tor No. lclosirrg at $L63i for
regular, . aua si 5u for. fresh, receipts of
No.2. i .. " .
St. Louis Market—Nov. 27.
FLOUB Dull and unchanged..-..- .,,
WHEAT Dull and lower..
CORN Sales at 75S5e; ni03tly new.
OATS Unchangetl ac 6255e." - "'
RYE Sold at$l 12113. " t
BARLEY Unchanged, i . , , ,
POKK Sales at $23 for city packed:
BACON Shoulders at U&AlHf. olear
sides 17e; "t-i .
liA nl Sales at 13c. -..,!.'., ,
WHISKY NominaL . V T
HOGS Dull and easier at C7ij. "'
' ' 4-
Toledo Market—Nov. 27.
...FLOUR Quiet.'. ,
.'WHEAT White decidedly lower; am
ber a shade .lower; sales ot No 1 white
Michigan at $2; white do $1 73; amber
$1 71 l 71: No 1 red $1 93; new $1 75;
kiln dried $1 90. .
OATS 1c lower: Michigan 53c: No 2
52e; rejected 50c.
BYE Unchanged at $1 20; i .,
BARLEY Dull. ..... ... t ; r . .
HOGS Dressed 88c '
Buffalo Market—Nov. 27.
FLOUR Firm. ;
WHEAT Steady; asking $1 37, for No
2 spring. .,
CORN Old Belling at $1 02; small lots
new nominal at S590;. - - - '
'" OATS Asking 60C2c; market gener
ally dull. - - ') - f
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 27.
FLOUB Quiet, steady, unchanged."
WHEAT Quiet, unchanged at $1 22
for No. 1 In store. " . !

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