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- NOV. SO.'
Democratic State Central Committee
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25, 1868.
There will be meettpjr of the members
of the Democratic State Central Commit- ,
t at Thurmaa Hall, ColumbuevOblo, on
Taecday, PecembeV Bth, at 3 o'clock Pk M,
tor the purpose of fixing the time of hold-:
fnjc the next State Convention, jyid the
o! such other business as may
come before the Committee. , A full attend ,
nee is requested. , .. .. j -.:
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
News and Otherwise.
Goui closed In New : York 8torJaja.
e.y- i'Ji 'i' 44 n.-jv y.l 'O Mj-' i lo
B.....-r ..1. v if7f
Iow has 16S0 miles of pHrosdr., (, , .
. Bvsmsss In Zanesville is looking nftB-.L
- Alaska 1s 400,000 square miles la extent.'
vAt Houston, Texas,: cows are sold at 94
each. ' , -., 77"''.'S ""'
SsTMOua's majority, in . Kentucky . Is
7820, .,; ;'? t,. t,f.,r...i,r.v
.Itni are foor thousand Odd Fellows in
TS Sberlfl of Columciaoa county has
Teui is talk of establishing s. furnace
at .New LIsdod. - '., ,
ITbim' is agitation for ' religious 'toler
Switzerland no longer . cheap place
for breed or education,-, ,.,,;? ,wrl
A' nw yonng inearef Findlay have ern
ganteeda Literary Crtb; r!,i - l'"nr;o
Govskxor 96coTt,"6f South Carolina, be-'J
longs to Napoleon. Ohio. . .,' '
, JoecrH FcRKiMS bas ,been elected Presir
dentvltbe Jianooinjt raiiroaa.it ,, .
Borsb UtuMlmn is the name given
U harness makers irt Milwaukee, h
.'An Odd Fellows.' liodce was Instituted;
at Cbiajatbtana on the 18th of November.
Oxiutu. BAKs'itKi hss moVed' to Clii1
cfanatf, where be has; opened a .law; offleev
ntii iftC ySmmfi. , wbeelbairow
haareturned. vTbt result of, extensive adv.
Tertlslng. '.f,.:.
- sTmkOttawi JFeTOtes agalnsi noldlng
tb DrmocraUo.8tate Convoution the 8th.
of Jsmasttywia O a n-.taa-.-j K...hvni Lit
Tm 'Bepublleani of Indiana! ere-Teryi
mncb troubled about the UntetL; SUte
BensJtorsblp. ! .'. !''? i;-.- n..;'!
'THa'CTIIo'.PaMot to' opposed W 'holding'
the Democrallc Sttte ConTentlon' 6& 'the
' fciahuary;:;;,:'-;,
?om MiiTo'is mother wsthe dsujfjhterj
ot London merchant tallbjr y,he. Ba?f
of PaulJeflraye. V-.-.'.', o'nlh;
Tm Ohio Eagle favors theStb of January,
as the day on which to hold the Democratic
State Convention 1 'i ,rr!vi?.sl butt Fit-T
7tt SprAi)feM Tnriairip vebse to havjf
the Democratle SUteiCbnTentloa held on:
the Bth 'of Januaryy1' l-nl le. Jiroj.j
t6 advocaie tnore strtngent reco8triicloo
measures . tor ; Virginia, ''Mississippi in
Texaw. ;;r'r..-zi.V?r.",C'8 'T--'u
JVwm Banner 'uyi.i Wtte
nan than Hon. F. WT ThornhUI conld not'
have been, chosen Speisker." Tbl U .the1
IWWWlet,,, ;,v,f 1:,.f j, ,,,.
Thbm Is a perfect rush ef emigration to,
the White Ptoe regions. Jn jNeTada,,' ,lif iff
estimated Ibat'emiTvts. by Hhojint of,
ApriTwtl contain. popntatloo of ;20,QP0.
Qioeoe D. Kikdii, Esq has porebasedT
the interest of, I.t?.tJtllett In the Putnam
CWiV fcntinet, and" Uf now! thel'onef of
the irhole establishment'; A 4!rst-rate pa-
per1 Mr.' kinder Will ahf does make out
fife,' '!"'' ol u-'3 f-t CJ
. Th Sjringjtyi epuelienn compliments
Ijlon. Eugti J. Jewett, President, of, the Llt'
tle iiamiiBajiroaeV for his liberal and cor
teous,;treatment.ot .the delegates, fronx
Snriogflehl to 'the Rational ipoard ol Trade
ttjCtactoMti. 'ViU,,i i v ; ;:v,' ;;j
. " Tm M. Yernoit Banner, one Jf the best
papers In the State, thlriks It would be no
wise at this time to remove the Central
Lunatic Asylum fnmr-Columbus ; that if
the old site Is not a good one,' 'th grounds
should be sold and a more eligible position
elected;11 ."'".-'". v!-.iv.q
, , ,...! .,.! X ' ,1 . " ... :.. I
. Habioh township Mercer county, gave
Seymour 3S7; Grant none Slateimanl '"' '
' . And Mercer conn ty is the banner county
of the Bute, giving; an Jncreased Demo
cratic majority atthe November election
over that ot the October election. Jferc4-PwnQf
8wniarl ,1
;.; .
. BscAOsa Chief Justice Chase has kicked
their elad oath outot the United States
District Court, at Richmond, Va., Inasmuch
as it was an obstruction In ttie way of jus
tice, the Zanumllt Courier cries out that the
Chief Justine has.- been seduced With the
idea that he may be a Presidential' candi
date in' 1871. . No Republican official ean
do righteous thins; without bavlnj; his
character blackened nd dirtied by 1 the
EepnblUaui editorial (eavengers. -
Th -Patriot aonouaees' the death of
Judge Daniel Harbaugfi, sr of New Lis
bon.; He was born lav Union tow a, Penn
on the 21st of June, 1781, and at the time
of bis death. 'ra8877years of agevyThe
Judge was one of the earliest 'pioneers of
iXasteni'fObio, bavlngettled J a New Lls
boa.ln.A80a.,, For several years he held the
office et. County Commissioner; was a cap
tain of cavalry Jn the war of 1812; repre
sented bis district In both branches of the
State, Leslatnre,, andor. several years
'rilled this position of one of the .Associate
Judges .of , the Court ot Common Pleas, of
Clumblana county. 7-
'. Si M i!
A Registry Law for Ohio.
'.Mr. Sherwin. of this county, has done a
sensible and- timely thing in introducing
Into the Legislature a- resolution for the
a ppointment ot a committee to draft a registry
la m Cleveland Leader 7
The Coastitntioa of Ohio says that all
free white male citizens of the United
States oyer ' the age of 21 years, who bav
resided a certain time within the .State,
shaQ hare the- rlgit. to vote. Suppose by
accident or design on the part ot the Beg
istera, or neglect on. the part of a voter,
Ills name should be omitted froU the list.
TTould that fkei deprive him of bjs consti
tutlonalgfUio "xoWIL. notr of, what
possible use is a Begistry law? "Obio Vnce
S sd a reUtry law, buC at the brt f sesskm
of thLeglltare it, wis jrepeled because
Jt was In. direct conflict, wl(h the Constlfu
4ioj.e maai who has a right to vote rn
XlWov can, be deprived of that right except
lb ri a. Ir fcf too crime to have a name
iinitted irom'a registry law. : .The courts
would declare such a law si Mr. Shxrwis
proposes, inoperaQve, because 0 the want
oTisonsfltuttonsl power In the Legislature
to deprive Kan, no registered, oi the priv
ilege ol voting. Witbou? sucfc pqwi a
r?gtotrxw.W.9ld o J woxih.jhe paper
on which it is printed.
A Registry Law for Ohio. The three Days Session of the Ohio
A Registry Law for Ohio. The three Days Session of the Ohio Legislature—What was Done.
The session of the , Ohio Legislature,
which met on Monday 'last, at the hour 01
noon, and aded on the night of Wednes
day, was Um shortest, and, in the amount
0 work perfofmedr the most important
that the State has yet had.
Tbe summer session of 1832, when the
Legislature met to divide the State into
Congressional t Districts, -occupied the
same number of days, but that session was
confined to the districting of the State and
to nothing else. , . ' "
! The session which met on Monday last,
and adjourned dh Wednesday, performed
a higher, nobler duty than any mere pollt
ic'al measure could poftsibly be. The burn'
Ing of the Central Lunatic Asylum, leav
ing the unfortunate inmates' house'ess,
homeless, upon the charity of the other
Asylums of the State, where, altbough
kindly and with troe Christian charity
they were temporarily-cared tor, ytt do:
with the accommodation so necessary to re
store the deceased mind to a more healthy
tone. This duty devolving upon the Ig
islature was met and accomplished in
manner that must reflect credit upon the
Legislative body. ' ; ' ' - . -1
.All the appropriations of money asked
fir.' were" promptly ' voted,', and without
which n$ (undg to meet the existing crisis
coaia nave Deen urawn irora the xreaS'
The necessary arrangements were made
and the Joint resolution passed, to dlstrib
ute the patients to the Northern, Soathpin
and L'Ugvlew' Asylums, and while' the
services of all the persons connected with
the burned Asylum 'as officer's Were dis
pensed with, except, the Superintendent
that the' salaries might cease, power Was
given to the Director of the other Asy-
physicians and1 attendants to the' eiid that
those, with, whom the insane had been ac
customed to see, and who were conversant
with the ' individual cases,' 'might be em-
pleyed in their new and; temporary tome
to render them that aid which science and
faithful nursing deem so essential .to
permanent recovery. '"J V
Dr.- Pkck, (the Superintendent of (, the
burned Asylum, was retained. To, him was
given the authority to secure the property
saved' "from the wreck of' the burned
Ajlum, and to see to It hat .the-walls
were protected from injury. ' A. commis
sion was appointed to report to the session
which meets iu. January next, the condition
of the walls, the cost , of .rebuilding the
Asylum, with the .plans, specifications,
.fee.,. .and. to .enable tbem .to do this.
they were authorized to employ a com per.
tent Architept to aid them In their work
In this l.sttef duty the committee, we are
happy to say, were fortunate in securing
the services-of N. B. Ku.t, Iq , not only
one of the best Architects in the State, but
tbe-riglnal (Architect of. the Central
Lunatic, . Asylum perfectly,. conversant
with the subject, and more able than,; any
other, living man to glvt that information
so.necessary to the; committee in-; making
up a full and reliable report. , ,,
,Tbua was everything done in. that three
days; session that justice and. hnmanlty re
quired, and; to those members, who bent;
thenjse ses so earu estly to the . task of pef-
forming the duty assigned them, makingt
more a Tabor, of love thap one ot .duty, the
(need of " well don good .and faithful ser
vants.'?! is teminently due and wUl,by the
people, be sccorded.i u : -v.nb ;
A Registry Law for Ohio. The three Days Session of the Ohio Legislature—What was Done. The Increased Vote in the Cities
of the State.
rf the leadlpg titi,esot 0lo! wltn the vote
tbey caettbls fllj the populallon as indicat
ed) by Jhe; veteukuuting six, for one.jspd
the rate of increase since since 1860,;TTbO8e
cities .eOhtoiningjOVerr 10)000 inhabitants,
aocrding to this, calculation, are, as, fol
lows: "
fC)evalad.4,..lMit6l ,ai-Wf, :43i7-. .,i -S8.
tDjnmPIU., D73U . , MOW OB
Toldo .....l;i..i tllS I'U S0T8; 137S; ,-;130'
l)ylB. SOW : , . SUMS . .81 69
SpriD (field.... M24 ' ixxut Ji7tl 'r-'
Hanllton.. SltO 1K3S :o..7?ffl ,:i 71
ZanwTUi... Vie ls- , S3
Akroa...-.A:..v.-..'..-.,! 7i" ")eH78 ' iJr-J'" t
The Radical press of tbe State .'raised a'
hue and cry about the large-vote given in:
Columbob, charging it aoa frandnlentbne.
According t the above,, the percent, of
increase in tbt vote in this city, ' Was bre-
isefythe same as that lo Cleveland, where
th Radical majority loomed op largely,! '
Toledo, one of the most 'Radical of Rad
ical cltWs, increased ber 6te 130 percent.
ari increase that her population will not
begin 'to Jusrtify.'y et. nothing was said about
frauds in that particular locality.'1 "
Springfield,' too," where w know gross
frauds were perpetrated, not only by allow
ing men not voters under the Constitution,
to exercise the right ot votingvbut by de
priving men, who Were legal voters, of : that
right, because they offered Democratic tick,
ete, yet the per cent', of increase in that city
Is still larger than in , Columbus, whose
population, during the 'past year has in
creased in k greater' ratio than any other
city in the State. The little city of Akroni
with a population 61 3 447 In I860 at the
late election gave a Vote that would re
quire a population of 30,279.. The city is
o Intensely Radical that aDemocratic pro
cession was mobbed In the streets, and It
requires no great stretch of imagination to
believe that the men Who "would do this,
Would double the legal vote' by the basest
orirauds: - ' ' ""
While thns perpetrating, the basest of
frauds on the elective franchise, the Radi
cal press were lalsely charging the Democ
racy with their own. crimes. In order to
divert attention -from their own scoundrel
ism. . .-if ., . ..' "'"
How Chief Justice Chase Gives
How Chief Justice Chase Gives the Lie Direct to the Radical
Chief Justice Chase, In his charge to the
Grand Jury, at Bicbmond, on Wednesday
last, on the subject of Revenue frauds, said:
"We admonish vou. gentlemen, to exer
cise your utmost vigilance on the subject.
t rauason tne revenue are an evu wnicn
the land cries out upon: and fraudi.tmon
the revenue are fraud upon the whole body of
tax payer, and no one who ' eats, drinjet or
near, or i thellered under any roof, however
humble, now etape taxation. Whatever the
dishonest avoid paying, their worthier fel
low-citizens must make . up. investigate
thoroughly, therefore, and spare1 nohody,
least or alt, those in the highest and most
responsible' positions.-'-Those who are
woitby will welcome inquiries which must
tarn to their praise.' "
We commend tne portion 01 tne aDove
which we have placed In italics to the es
pecial attention of the triba of Radicals,
who, during, the late 'election campaign,
claimed that but few persons were taxed
to support the united States Government.
The .Journal asserted (his, and Senator
Yates, of Illinois, branded tne mass 01 fbe
oeonle. whose names. were, not on the tax
duplicate but who pay taxes ifa ai they
eat,, drink, wear, or fin anv inanner , con
sume, as f mere scafii," who pay yi) taxes.
In; asserting. that, no r one. who eats,
drinks or wears, or is sheltered under any
roof, however humble, now escape taxa-
tibn,?. Chief Justice; Chasb never, in his
life, on tbe pencil, in. me aenaie, or on tnt
street, told a truer thing.. ,
To jaeceivs;0the people,. It was necessary
to deny the fact, to secure votes iw wenerai
Gbant. The election Is now over, and. we
have the lie olanted lainy ana equareiy.on
the Jwimcl, and on Senator Yates, and the
w,hoe brood of Radical Uisiflew, by. the
Chief Ju8tiosxrf the United; States, in,, bis
charge to the urana Jury, na as
Judge CHASstold the truth, when bettatrd
that which convlctud them of absolute false-
hood, it must rest upon them, despite the r
efforts to shake it off. The Journal will
sing mum Ofr thls-charge. ... ,
The Plain Deaier says, that James R.Mc
Elroy, who once occupied a prominentpo
sition . as salesman in a New York dry
goods house, is In the city prison a vagrant.
New Advertisements
7- The Obi Slatranasai kaa a
La rarer Clrcwlatlaa thaa aaj pa
per pabliHlied la fhla City r Oa-
Sral ; Ohio. '; Advertlaera will bear
Sale 1st Mlad. ; k ; - A
j : , COLUMBUS. Mar It, 1888.
M-i. or J. N. Millers Uc.wholejmle liquor dealer!,
I heve taken in ae ntrtner Niohnlu Milller. Sr.
We will continue the bnsineaa Rt the well-known
eld land 31, 14 and 38 W. ft Broadway, under the
arm umtot n. iil,1jCK Dopinr all the old
customer! mej eonunae amiics witn uk.
.- j JOHN H. BJfYDEK,' 'f
noTS0-w3t ' SIOHOLAS M1LUSR. Sr."
Dr. Barton's Tobacc Antidote.
tr cli I Hewmrey of iBjarioa Couoter-
leiii advertised bj tlambuti.
IMane" Asylum." -
thelnien. Ht. Looie. Mo. This Inititettion
wu foao'led by the Sutere of Cbarit;, t.U,
1868. it ii private, and ant elate is xte arrensoy
menu end aeeommodationi. Insaro pati ;nts of
both aexet and ef all - denonuaatien are reeeirea.
Kor terms, to." ipplr to Dr.'J. K. BAUDUY. t
lendin fhyaioian, or to 8iiter Superior of the In-
utatios. ' .-;...! - noTve aiw
Leander Homer's Estate.
vtoTice is atEtteaV oiVeiv that
lv the anderaiKned ha bwen dar appointed and;
qualified a administrator or tne estate nf Lean
tier Ku i.er. deoeaeed,. ate of f tankiin townahip.
KoTember86. 1868,... iv ,. ' :'":
vss-aswe.'.n;;.',.: 1; hL asdbick.
cliixiiber.for, iSale.
a. ' TION offer at private tale all the lumbar con
tained in the fence cneiwinf uieir ttaoe isourae.
Alao. the lnmber in.aonth atahle. weak atand.
judgea' atand, picket fenee.se. ,, -.
1 .1 u.fl wiBuma; mi . uuio ui vii uw wiu giwiw
call on thenndi rinedL who will aive mil the neo-
aaara infotmation aa to price, term a, and time of
reinoral. tn;ilAKL nx. vinti, ...
Vice President.
If not ditpoeed of by S ATUFDAY. VEil. 14
18SS.it wiU heanloVon. TUF.SDAY. DS'C. 15.1868.
at public ancuon. by John U. iieaU. Auctioneer,
ana 1 ,... .t.. . . , .- ,(.:
W. H.
-U. Vj.
-ir' r c-
-J ' fl(;; ' 8
i TO
XEYS PAriill.
Alao, eTcry article connected witn the Paper Bnsi
neaa. inelndins
Always keep oa hand
A .'--. .
NEWS and
No?. 93 and 95 North Di.h St ,
t - 4. . .. . .. - l : .... .
Always keep on. bud a oomplete assortment of
', .'.7, " fint-olaai and snperllne WrStlns. m .;' ,
--- - Printing and Blank Book
Paperi, ioolndinf '
Jessup & Lafflin's, ' f' ,y:
, !t; r L L. Brown's, t ,
: ; Platner & Porter's, i
tvanhoe Mills, &c.
SW All Orders by Mail filled oil as reasonable
'C ..... ,
termi aa If preaent in person.e
Emollient Cream.
preparation, introonced laat winter, having
received ao many flattenna oommendatioca from
those who aaed it. iaduoea the proprietora to bring
it again before the publie, assuring them that it
atanda nnrivallad aa the beat protector of the akin
against toe iaeiemeaey of the winter aeason. . It
not only imparti to the akin a delicate fresh neas
and beauty, bnt alao oouduoee to its health, purity
and preservation. Sat- dealing abrasions, Chan-
ll haa do eoaaK while 1U aoothtns'qnalitiee.and
delichttnl lraarance render it a neceasary append
e to the toilet. Prepare, only by WAkfLE 4
luniiuuni vi hue obio,
B1T80N, i ispensing Cbemiite. 1W 8.oth High
Street. voinDDaa. vnio. wmwionw
YitUlftn tO aUaTOVB ALL VVSIatS frOft ToaUCCO. A
mt(tf Mpefctbtt gum knrmimm, o4 It tWao tm xcUeDt A '
IMtiiW. It pierijim aod mrietm tba blood, iarigontttrtb
9jUt pomwtw tprM avmrUbiac od nrenajtbiiiBv
t, wnvrWe tb Btomach to dia;aalh bettnieat toednik$l
leefi rfmrhtn, ttod MBbiiaba fobvst fce)th . jBmoktrt
tM& cheteOu for sixty yenr eurmL Pries FUtcenM per
box. Pot4et. An interesting trefttiM on 1M iDjariooa
flbetf of toOskcoo, wltb list of tewtimon J als rateeBOtM,
MajJii wmam. AireoU wanted. Addre
'a FosnfASraui's TaWtKOrrr.-I raetrtrfBa box of Bnrtots
aStiOa- irom Rev. X. PtMlttm, mn find it em smxwbJ
csare. S. OatshsV CoimotuyBurlOai Co Ubttv
Tmom run U. & Tttdksnr, Sfrttmnfn Cfrem.ritjmM
and s -apply- of tho Jufttoxxim. jfi'kt mm recetMsi JWu oVmm
its work TjaXT. V J O. T. ZdhamU
Tnom New Hixninitm Wti Pvuok. Otstlcinm of
tnflaanca bore hnviug beem JLted of the appetii for tobec
eo by tuinK Df- Barton MitMpie, w detire s Supply Cor
too prisoners of thin tnntltiooX
.Jasjcrs MATOVaidetVtf H. B. 8Ut Moon,
Yoboeco has accomplxfied all Aa1mefor ft.- "
W. Uax, 1st Mot. BtuikTtoew Albwiy. Iod.
- ('A CutmoYaTaW rrmrnir.'--Onwyiti or AJimofJl '
Hid mj brotber And awnett It it btxV "a m. -
: ,', yW. SaouuUB, skAUeyStfttioss. FaV. .
- FBO TsVOUCI Hbadqvaktkksi Ith, M as4 1 .
Jksoe paustxi JMrty -Am pnetndt of Jkeh en ArW oumirW br 1(
tuinp: Dr. Africa's Arrtidftit, m m 2ewtr fttobcco ,
rsosorsd-X r W. L. TrWiT, Jb. ,
'' Tuo Ann ' SorrrarBrf Hon Jovkjiil. BaVimok,
Jl O. Ofia box of Barton's Anrldots removed 0 dkWrc for
lb sjUl from SH, ' I tsAs pleararv tn rexraeiKJirj ft ta ,'
sil odfTreAders. . . -'T. Slaw. EdiW.
't 4
- I
i t.
.V? 3
I )
1 .';"-;
. :,
r v
r ,
1 1
' ;- - . t i, . A . . . , . . '
-250 AND 252
: .:?') ;t. .; 7 ' ; :. '
.,! -r . ' ..
i A ill' 1 ;.;; '"'i'.'i
; i ..-;!.) -. 'A'-: ;u , d
, f i.O Jk.' ?T U J ' . jt . L
I 3;
' J 'J
V.. . !
2 c 'A i :i
-A .
3 A
.1 1
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organisation
and the offices they- perform, .aw aubject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small . degree to their
happiness and -velfare, for none can be
happy who are ill- - Not only so. but no
one of these various female complaints
can long be suffered to run on without
involving the general health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consulta physician for the
relif of these various delicate affections,
and only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this. The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple specifics which j will, bp
found efficacious in relieving aud curing
almost every one of those troublesome
complaints peculiar-to the aex; k r:,r.
Hundreds suffer on in silencev -and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope rf sficure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
I would nut wish to assertltny thing that
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
apk, obliged to jsay-that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of Hfe,by laborious em
ployment, unwholesome , air. and food
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
oftenef .eaased-by direct Jirriktigo, arj
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself.
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con.
sequent upon them It "is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the marry additional causes jvbichTfO
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
and which, consequently, anect more or
less directly thewelfaro tl)eentire
human family, i The manikxthat exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the yearn that nature: designed
for corDoreal development to be wasted
and perv?rtd in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in mid-
nigui revet tue uours uesigueu vy nature
for sleep and restthework of destruc
tion is half accomplished.
.-.r..':'.' '" . " 'T ; : 5 '
In consequence of this early strain
upon her. 'st.emT'.unnecessary Bbft is
rea)uiredby..th8 deliriate Votary 'tO'ro.
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating' the eviln; . When
one excitement is over,:another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly, sensi
tive to impression while," the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding: the einrcise, indis
pensable to the attainrnent and retention
of organic health and strength tlier ex
posure to night air ;' the sudden change
of temperature ; 'the complete prostra
tion.:, produced.; by -excessive dancing,
must; pf '.neOtfssity, produce ,'thei' legW
mate effect.. '-At last, an earlyrtiarriage
caps the, climax of miskry, aud. tl'e uu-
fortunate one. .hitherto so utterly regard
less of the1 plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an irnwjlling nbject; f medical treatment-1,,
This 13 but a. truthful picture of
the experience of thousands of our young
women.-. .); --
Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require arr education of their, peculiar
nervous system, composed, of what . is
called the,' tissue,, which- is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of '.mental emotions
and associations at an early period ot
lite ; and, aa we snail subsequently see,
theBe emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the wry life of their , victims' ere-nature
had Belt completed their development.';' 1
-- . -vi ..(-.. ...ff-;-' ' . : ... . :
For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites or Leucorrhoea, Too ' Profuse'
Menstruation, . Exhaustion, . Too Long
Continued' Periods, ' for " Prola bsus . and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, '. we
offer the most, perfect. -specific known :
Buchu. . Directions for use, diet,, and
advice, accompany. ,.,
' Females in every period of1 life, from
infaney to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. ' Strength is the glory of.
manhood and womanhood. Hblmboju) s
Extract Buchij is' more strengthening
than any ot the preparations or Bark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's Extract Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now ottered to afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure 'for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : . General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility,. Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused' Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, . Kestlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation. Palpitation of the Heart,
and, in fact, all the concomitants, of. a
Nervous and-Debilitated state of the
aystemTo .insure the gehuinti,cut this
out. Ask Xor, JUeuubold's. Take no
other. '
Sold by Druggistaand Dealers every
where in v !.; t. ; ? ,$r.i. t,
O p "j ' t iti?-: ,
0 PRfCE.-$1.25 ber bottle; or 6 bottleB
for f 6.50l 'peljyered'" frf 'aiiy; addr'eVs.j
uescriDe symptoms in, an communica
tions. Addrese H. lit HELMBOLD,
Drug aifd' Chemical ; Warehouse,; 594
Broadway, N. Y. . . . ' . '.,.s-t ,
.:;; v-:.,i3 fcs-'-ij
None are gennine unless 'done up in
steel-ehgrayed. wrapper, with fao-simile
of my Chemieat Warehouseand ligned
jSl-dwia-weowly 11. T. HELMbOLD.
.United States;.' of . America; '
,' ! , .WASHIHOTOlf. P. 0.' ' " '
Cash Capital, $1,000,000.
To whloh all genenl eorreapeiHleaoa ahonld be ad-
-j--- esaea..''
JAY COOKE.. ilbauBiM Finuea and JjeooUra
committee.. . , ,
HENRY II. i:(IOiri?"t,Ur.J.i'? yJ
EiltKdON W. FEET, Secretary end Actuary.
c TH E A DVANTA C E 8 j .
' Offered by thia Company are : j
. It la a National Company, chartered by apeoial
act of Conre.. 1868. - . ,
It b. paid od caoital of 11.COO.000 ' J 1
It offara low r&tea of nmninn... . i -tl . ' .
It tarnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
inea for the same money. - -
It ia definite end eertam in its terms. . T ,
It ia a borne Com pani every lonaUtjyi
- It. Polieiea are exempt from attachment. -
There are no nnnecesaary restriotioai ia the Vol
ieia. ". ., . ...j
Erery Poller 1. woa-forfaitahleJ ' -:
Polieiee may be taken tbat will pay insured their
inn amount ana return all tne premiums, -a In at
the Insnraoee eosta only the interest o. the annual
paymenia. --j i . o - . ......i
--folioies mar be taken which nev to th Tnt.rMi
after a errtain number of veers lnrixar4f fa..an aa.
eal ineoma of one-tetrth the amount named iiMht
Jroliey. i. ... ..
a .Nexra rate i ehrM, f euiaka apom abeliyef
m . c u bios
It insures not to pa dividends: 'bat li ,'
eoattbat diridends will be impossible.
- JOttN W. ELLLS.I CO...
Cinetsnati. Ohio. General Agents for Ohio. Central
ana noutnern Itdiansr. . .,,. - -i;'
ColUTboa. Special Agent fkr FrankKa, . Uckina.
ilnakioaam and Coehooten ooantiea. . . j
.i rejrr-oeuai-aaoaaweowiy. . .... (. .-! .. . -
J!v.a previous . year Jtaa
beet) such strong competition txtnong
all the leading ' Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present. At all the
principal 'Exhibitions atul Fairs
they met and contested for the Tre-
tniutn Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the , Florence Xteversible
Feed JLocb-SHtch Family" Sewing
Machine. Xt received the First and
Highest Prize as 'the: best Family
Sewing Machine at the fallowing
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition XXni
verselle, Paris ; American Institute
Fait.Xew- York f -XewEnglond
Agricultural, Fair, at Providence,
K. I.; the'STeio York State Fairr at
Buffalo j , the 'Great 'Annual "Faiths
of 2feu ; England vix.i that of the
MechtuUcsK-A ssoeiationf -at .XahooII,
Massachusetts and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute', at Baltimore,
which closed a fourweeks Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority of the FL OJtEyCE was
again confirmed by tie Committee
on 'Sewing Machines, who ihHw
thbusly ' awarded it the O OLD
-ME-DA Ij the-highest-Prixe-the
Institute, pan 'ersl iJl'c'J.'ii
.Xt would seem aa if this auooeaaloa pfTtri
nmphi should.be sufficient to convince iBvetT
unsxrej adiced pereon of the) great superior-1
ityor tne ciiObehob otw adl other as a
Family Sewins MAchine. - -tj i
. A written' warranty 'la glTen to the pur
chaser, that the) Machine WIXuL-DO ALL
-that is claimed for it, and. should it fall, it
will be taken back, and the JfOSTDX RE
FUNDED. - , l i ' ' ' X 1 I . . . 1 ?''' ' I
TrHtieipat Offlae' am fltafaai out, Jfo. MS Wu
Jutrta Street, Cincinnati, O. u , J( ti "!
.. At the Ohio State Fair, whioh closed at Toledo.'
Septe ; ber Sth. 18. the FLORE Oh received
tne itini ruijiiuu tor tne beat Jramily Sewing
aiacmnes over seven no irpe tutors. . i .-.
Jnd for a circular, or eall and examine th JI
chinas at tbe new Salesrooms. :,,!. -ii-,.
.'.'A w:SiBmwir;AaentiilTa
SET All kinds' of stitching int to ordes, sad
Hiaiaetion guaranieea.': -ootva:inis(srwTa
' Improved t
K is an elegant Uressisg for the Hair.
.It causes the Hair to Carl beautifully.
t I O'
- I
It keeps the Scalp Clean and Healthy.
It invigorates the Roots ef the Hairv '-. -i
It torses the Hair and Beard to grow luxuriantly. .
It immediately stops Hair Falling Oat. .
It keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Age..
It restores Grey Hair to itt Original Color.
.It brings oat Hair on heads -that have been bald foi
- . .!;! y ---i years. i '
I is composed entirely of eimple and purely veget-
ii i ble substances. -. ;. ,d .f,..t
It has received over six thousand voluntary testi-
menials of its excellence, -many
which arc from
'" ( 'physicians in high standing,
.,' It Is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blpwn
in the glass), by Drnrgist and Dealers in Fancy
Goods everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole-
sale byDemaa Barnes Co.; F. C. Wells 4 Co
Bchieffelin h Uo.'. New York tscmry-mehW-dly
- i
1 1 1
KConier Broad &,High StaL
febgdXy. . .o. - , . , ...
:'i - - - - .;n.' y-;
; ' " ":' ' ' - '' ' .. i
".' - '"..-I: -J i ! . .!) -. .' .j.i: ,
':r, XO. 13 S. 'UIGII:.rE3.'';-(
lanM-dly-r Columbus,' hi"
TO 17 I -
f Tl"Jl-Wi" terUiDm.ct at
nadghton hall,
On the eventna; of DECEMBER aj with bia ap
(rataatordi.alrin(Tiewa. wl' "
pluea. -HU (reu , ie V.f. eonad"l ef V
i.f perfect' tisfact.m to thoae th.?Vm atSnd
ant." - ompartiy.ly new eatertaiif
,k -"iii- -7. . ..wwwi w tee eye. or
the pnblin. will eompniie.crhr..motrnpa. HeriolnraJ
u. scene irom tb. lat War. euiee and p:iow
?1Jn ui many. Sw ierT
aU?,ll',' ? R- R. De-
MaW '.de..l Ah. Aronbi.hop at
and hi s"k,hfSOTLJlt!.2P, art ,t. Horae lUoer
ibe Uobbler. I
Doora ODan
b.M nf TPnff"'n tient. CrUpin,
n Vi Vt iTV- f li" of Snuffer.. e"
SiI..-: ? "k,u t Srttser'a sfuaio
..muo.. wiii eouiaieueeat i. mAotim.
' arTe" K HepesilX ;
-Whoa brth-ha--been sacrificed for want of the
care necessary trf protect it; regrets are nnsTailinc.
ii w oetiar to prevent man to rtptn. The meat
inclement season of the year is at hand, ami ha
oold and damp are the source of innumerable dL-
trtwsing ailmeats- The best mean of esospixc
them is to keep the-outwsrd iurface of the body
comfor ably warm with raitattle-etothiscand the
internal arcan ia a witorans eoaditioa by the ee-
easional nse ef a healthful tonhr and correct it.
Winter makes tremendona drafts, upon too rital
forees, and therefore it is s saaaoa - whe a para
reietable stimulant and inyisorant tilts HOSTETi
TEE'S STOMACH BITTERS is of innate as,
espeiiatly to thwweak and feeble.'' It t (Hiattoo
totha lyst-m.and thereby anablea it to witiitaad
the ibocka of oold, which prodoee oath, hranehi-
tia. eat rb. and. other diseases ef the ortana of
respiration. Dyspepsia and ererz aDaeiaa at iixll-
estann ara aisocFeaUv a(ranted by oold.- damp
weather, an i for these complaints the BITTERS
ats; iii' sos.niw'WrJiiu" eTieclBur " Thei(r II nirTset
better known in tbli country . and, indeed, tbronsby
o1,- ii'l'e4. J! V otihe eateKBejai
pnere, than that this cenial preparation is a swift
and certain remedy for all ordinari diseases of the
stomsch and tbe-liyen 1 ' 1 1 ''1
mav93iTwTS.wlhww ' " " '
.-.s .. I...... ;i .Jl
PRO Y ESCE. R. J, ifOnt (hcarest W,.
taotory-(.o ba .-.SilTer -.t! is : isr the world, 'with
the most tnproTed mach y, and employing, fh
moat akillei labor, are enabled itoeSea ssunvi-equalbsd-ttiriety
f aeWland beaMffal dasifns m
Dincef Services, Tea ... ricea, and arary artieia
specially adapted for nJidsay ant Rtidal Utfta. v
They offer also tbeir weil-kaewai and 'aarWallee!
Nickel Htlrer Eleerrd-'Platcd Ware, in which th.
hare introduced aew - patterns ef care eleamnee-w-The
Solid Sihrer is cuaraatetd tc.be of sUrlrn g
parity by 'U. Si Mint assay. The Elecrro-Plate 1
guaiaulewd Its rnperloT-to t flueafSraffler
jte, Griti received frop the frd4 Bly;bs
'theac foods bu be obtained froea reaponaible
dealers every .here. .11 1H .-. f
9aU.il a;t. ;e.i ill 'ill be '-jf ' ' : ) " Ti aJw
TrwMartw' U " l'Zrk
. . " BalesToom Mo. 3 klaidea Lane, V. T.
nov5-dAwXm-roMt. ..!i.ir.
Children's Ure Sated forTint
.?iiCell(s."'i'.M;,. ;.. .
. Thousmndsbf children die annually of Cromp.--Now.
Mothers, it yon would spend M cents, and
kalways-hwve a bottle Drr Toblxj T enetian LIB-
iment in tbe housev-yoa sever Beet fear losing
your little one when attacked with this eomplaiat
Itia nowl jwnsaaln. el have put up my fclpj kft,
and never heard oi' a elild ying of Creup- wien
my .iniment was- used; ' but hundred! of oasca
have been reported to ae, and many state if it was
10 per bottle they would' not b Wrtbtmt It. (Be
sides Which, it is a ceftaijL cure for Cuts. Burns.
Hesdswhe,. Toothache, Sore Throat, Swellings,
aswrnpe; Doric. DiaTrhgarlrraglUrf rBi.lLim.'OTd
Sores and Paias n tbe 4.mbs,Baok,'aiid Chest.
ffooneonke tries it who is ever without it.. It is
warranted perfectly safe ta,4ska (outsails, .. Fall
diractio as with every bottler Sold br the Drag
lists and rnoreleepsrs fn the Halted Btatcs. DsJ
potJS yik Wt.. w T- "'
j onelS-d & wl jcm-resT
. U t I . II 1 11 111.
aqr '. .y T- . ).. . . - ... .rliua
Pure blood makes us well, bad blood makes as
sick. -rVawevs from poorlr dijesled food' to the
blood are eondenead upon he various organs, and
serve to make them grow or repair thelrwastt
O'rgana made'wit,h a greater 9r.le" prppcrtionof
aoh mtviai'aniiot bo seussVi ;lf to ow
dUioaof tlocd CMtinweV ' fbt'kfeV'dhyf or
eeksjhejdi will be nut nf ort- ..J t 4t v
tinues, tne wb.ile of tbe body wiu in time be re
newed with iniperfeotihlcoJ, And the' health had;
iris in a decline popularly called a consumption.
. Now Brnndreth'i 1 ills penetrate foe whole aisss
uf. blood, causing the expulsion of impssasjeat tbs
body feels relieved from a single dose what then
may by expected from twenty! By coatinaiag
their use the whole of the blood in timer 'becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed frem good, ma-teriak-Jthe
decline stopped, and a sew lease of life
secufed ; Principal office' 'BBjjrnBXTK Hocaa.
New York. Sold by sU draggists,
iunel6-dAwfycm-reNT" v .
ui ..tin1 i .'i .i jvi;.,.u jj '
. To art ww .ws a thoaasand graecsi ' '
Immovina: Nature no dissraeels. ! '
Cristadoro's Haic f EtservJative.
t Striking, latnmndlng. arc the Effsets Yrodncid
byCrfstidoro's Hair Preservative; nd BfaoUHey.
Be the hair ever so wiry, coarse and unrnanageebl s
by brush and combj Id one? sfetrk tnfs'rtfbl ill
renderit flexible, lustrons,.nd inclined toearl
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Bah- toscrg
ers. Manufactory No. 9 liaidea l4ua, Brinoipal
Depot No. u Aator Hoaee. l,-.. -,t . t .Ii.
"junele-dAwrycm-twirr " ' T '',?,
.1, a .
"U .rAk
.. (l..t
A Clersyman, while residing in; South America
as a missionary, discovered a safe- ami tirflpievetq
edy for th Cure of ferveeis weakness. Early De
oe, Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought en by
baneful and vicious habits. . Great numbers bars
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted bra
desire to benefit tbe afflicted and unfortunate. I
will rend the recipe for preparing and using this
medicira. in e sealed enveiepcf to. sqjl cast wk
tsr '.iostfeiNMy
HUtioh D. Bible House, Mew York City.
oerSS-dAw . -' - ,
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, near
iigh street, Columbus, Ohio, ha. devoted himaelj
r a series of years to the tveatUMHM .ofecrtain pri.
v'te diseases.- he may kseensaltadat his offiaa
Broad w. near the Kxehongeiteak i .rs i:,imi
saa3l-tf . ,.-: Ki-
Chevaller'a TreattM Me tho-HUr.
free to at, given away at tba Drug Stores, 'or teat
by mail free. This book should be ia every bouse.
It teaches to cultivate add hare IwatUaT VV".
and restore gray hair to iU original color.; ctep its
falling out, and remove all irritation or dandruff
ffom the scalp, thus teeplnrtte tafc Wutifa to
tne latest perjou.of III.. ',
jT-aovl7-eodlm. , - ; Tt23 .Broadway. if.y.J
lauww jron. in ma (
PampKLtt from, tie ua at lim ..
...... .
The' MediRKl Tima." f ,Ki. J
rora ;
...u.., iu o.tne canseaaa ure of prema
ture decline, shows how hmith n; i .k u
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It arves a clear synopsis of the
imeedimentt to mamage, tbe cense iel.effeots-f
uoi.uuo uwiinriKinm reeBeeiee.njcrwrcr.- ' -A
pocket cdiwcwnf that ahn .ilLJu. i-a-A.j
receiot of S5 eenU, by addressin. Doctor CuaTia
f o. 68 North Charles, au-Mfa Ualtimora. Mi.. .
.icra maySMiy-r -.,..,-.. ,-. - u..,w II
l -YOUTH restored in fonr HrV.
restores aaaSlypewera.1 from whatever caae ari
sins; the effects of earl' pernicious habi's self
abuse, impotaney aad climate, rrwe away at o'noe to
his wonderful medicine. if takeh regwlarly aocerd
imm co-thedireetions (whioh are very simple sod tw
quwe aoieetraintfrom business or pleasure e'il
ure is impossible." Sold in bottles at aa. or four
'ZJZl T?IaX WbM only the tell
arptnnted agent ia Amenest H.illinn7
'"jM'tur'" . 1 s.
SDleadid U1I i. .k i . . 7?' 1.h.lt
I'"t,?g ?--disappointment : Boridiewlous
IfA rT" ilj efteet. of bad dyes; iilriS!
'Awstikand delfnaM.ain v i
Tsh, T the reward of an cooaainsaal nse oTaTner'p
,i.u. vv.uieiio tioiiou. lep.l-dwwly cm
and proMriv spplied at Batchelnr's W,g Facto?,
Wo. 16 Bond street. N. York, tnt apr28 dgwiy7

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