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' -Tablk,
corrected by W, J. Storage, Jeweler, 83
SATURDAY, Nov. 28, 1868.
r k. '
1 a H .-..vv..-..t,,.
a r. m ",.. ..-,
. MM..
H. M "
.. 4 M
U. M.
. .7 04 1 Sun Set..
Baa Rites.
To-day Is St." Andrew's day."
ty Yesterday wastry pleasant.
W",The Cliy,C..ut.ii meets to-night
) !
i aST-We Are Compelled, to omit our dty
market report to-dT. iu'.' l -V'
i i ; - ' 1 ,
"' tW This Is the fourth anniversary of the
battle Franklin, Twin. ;; ; ; ; : y ;.1 ,f
v-tSl A, dayV engtb this eeiWhtne
hours and thirty-one minutes.
ty.The County Commissioners on Sat
urdayallowed bills toltbe amottnt of ii
- E"Qnite number of drunk and dieor-
derlv-dunks were, locked up ia tbe cala
bpose last laVlVV
-:t3y"! The various visiting CatholIc'Soi-ier
tlv9 were, escorted to the 'depotuiaat; night
on their homeward way fey,, their brethren
or ttu city. K:.r;,-4v:- . y, .
- FT!sti-TI.e - exhibition, i of .... the
Osey-calcium "tereoiiVlcon adverts; d thft
for-ibis entiiff; at :Nauxhton i UaH oy
Prof.., TeU ild jha.tfeni postponed until
yedirtsday evenlngDeel id, .'?.'
Budoi Comtkact awps-Tbe Com
missioners ,on Saturday awarded' the con
tract for building brKijre at wortaington
to' James JtagtTsjt tfTetfejfih and 5per
linear forthpernitur.-i
TJhe cdunty lardorxamlnr'rwn Friday
Md Saturday exiiavioed twenty-two appli
cants for teachers' certificates."1 Only three
orttfe number Were ftsucbes?B.U ''
' Licaiisics. Thtrai erei. sl3
marriage; Hoeneea lwwdrbyi thft ?rohte
Conrt dorhijt the'week 'endinr Satswlayj
Nora 98.-as foirowatJiMowJayvnooe; Tues
day' i iednda'y;':oiJ.'Ttiureday, 3;
Fridayiltaatardiy m rxMviu. 155 if)
PSkJCEb?'i6?s r4-15tto-JaTer,
Corouor," on SaturdaVentered oh the du
ties of the office of Sheriff. We will an-
nosmee WrTrppolntmentrof -dpwlea in-s.
lew days. ITiere is a jtenerai wtsa taas
Tf mhsahall 0?ed,o
Cocktjt JjoriBrrar. TUere wero179
paiipcrs ln' tBls iiUftfuBonatfttfdate- of
our last rrpor.iPnrtnie pastweek
here veriB received;. dfscBarji'ed, and1 1
died, leaving W ;ter at this date." -si
loads of coal and woodbave been distribu
te dar!nthelrtk-t6the outlde Jjobt.'
. . I - - aaaaamaa . , .
" Gcrrixa Rsvaor. or. Bc8tHK8S-!-Water
Sras cfn yesterday ie,t Into the 'new ; sjtatlrg
Htrknat ' the ha' ol y' street Xrout the
print; on the KeUf propefty-From whatwe
fcrar t,h,lg park w ill be most' popular thirf wf o
terv' .From tfaa way the Proprietor gooi U
worlh we ar'4' eiWsffedie'jindrsta6di:J,liIs
abrneganJ wtrt be retdf toi takeadvan
tak of the nrst KQod.Rliong rezelTB),,'5"' i
, :ifa)iwtx Ojytv ppaweysIudgejbiithi
during tbw week ending SatUrday NoTeaa
r pjadeiie ..following 'appplotmntK
"C.1 H.-Andrlek,;ajporrrted ftdiilstjrator
I tae.eatate Ot ueandcc liuuinwrv 4ane. t
. JgrMkiitoihipl,deasd;3o.n
' 1 Gilbert .Grreen, appointed ' adasinistratpr
pi Oifi t .if .tVVjnija.: tni J at f
Truro township, deceased. Bond f900i,t '
sioneVi on Salf d'j-acvep'tei and approved
the bond presented tryliag Gaver, Coro
peroI.Franklin.connty: . It is conditioned
Jaltie (uaiof io,tQd a.'Mirfirlgjts, Clark
White, James .Ney UleJ, .Sam'uet 'Early, C.
Brtyfo(tle-nd" ioUn Tubmpaoai are Oie
bondsm -itf Tina, ' ire glad to say',! selac
the aueAibil',ot feueeesm-to the-Srierra'-alty.
.k j. a
nH i;fiO xi- X'' V,
lowing is (be I n&ort.-oi C. H. Cam pen.
GenirajTVesterri mlgiicnf Agent, of the
Doorber sWcl destination of emigrants paes
Ing through this eitydurlng the"we k
ending; Saturday, Nov. 2S',U. as follows:
IMWl13i$in'olRl(K IjiJiaiw
43; Kentucky 34; Tennessee 19; Wisconeinl
SI, Minnesota 20; Mfcl lgan 15. Total,
ABol. KoBBKRT.Oa Saturday nlt,l
twee 7 apg 8 o'clock, an old Dan named
FUhei-, who worka in Franklinton for
Sam'T3u?rrwa 'comirtjK t', tlite lry to
make some purchases; when near the Ki
tiqnal bridge, loot.ofBn ad, atreet, hewasj
aet upon jjywo ruiuaue uu utu a uuira-:
yeou .1 f , He , was jib ep! rob oed. of bii oat
an 1 $lo money j-vejy dollar, he had I'nj
the wbrldTM jpo5 ''feIlow"rep6rted his,
case r to 'Captain, .Coffroth," "of the police!
loroet Ana was proyaoaa who Huugiugmro.
the cold- night fa thetatlbfl housei
LiaCKNir op "CLOfft. Twohegro boys
named Eck'Keal and' Henry Williams, wer
. taken tiowf the May or J6n 'StuWay yf U
"charge'-jofij.ateallng WentyOBe'syatd ol
clot i belonging to Wtfi.lTicher,i;luedJ
$25 00. They were bound ever In the sum'
of $300 each to answer before the Court of
,$omnon Plea.: r.eal on.f. he
irorsf little thieves Columbascan bowt'ofj
.fie belonged to'tqe. VBootlalt'Brtgade,''
of wMcta the-" Blick,CiTJChairrtan
and has been always In difficulty because;
of his conflscatlng disposition. Wegness
be is dooe'ftf ttiU" rtmel"". Uot be.lng able tp
ri. i':, t,' Ki " i
Cacght with, Itjt Lat spring some
heathen went, into Constable; Chris. Bart
; ling's room and stole from tbenee an pver
'oat,r As warm- weather ;waa coming on
.'iCbilfi, said nothing of hikless, hot kept ud
a hefty thtnkrngand watching; J On atur-l
day, while standis-in front of Les-
ereux' Jwele,sh5 sji4 h.te
on the back of a man named A. Boyd. To
take 'Mm To 'wiM'.put i' short contract fof
Chris. He went before Squire Guliekw.itb;
his priops,.wtien( Mr1. Boyd7gay "ball in
the sum oi $300 tdower. Boyd says bo
'traded for, tbe coat, not knowlnsrt:.wai
Ths Sbw CoKCtBTf-Ajll apdlence ol
about filteen hundred, persons gathered I it
the new StlMar's Chorch last night, it be
ing, the occasion ef a sacred concert, given
for the benefit of the church by . the choirs
?f Su aiary's and Holy Cross.'. .The orches-
' tra, composed of such musicians as Prof.
' i3cbot.nelrel, . Dresel. Seltzer, Goodman,
jKfuin Hemmisrsbacb,. 'siad:' 'Others'' of ttxr
'ira osteal ceiebiitlea, rendered the music, bi
.ivAuoer, uayueii suu . cmnuwn rpicuuiuij
,The tfi ost effective pottionf oi tne vocai en
tertaiDnieht were the Laudato frona -Hayj-
."den's creation;' O MagnumjBf sterlumi Mng
.by fbe Misses Wolfiridl M M E.Hauck; Ave
.vVerasu of KreutBer,sang By-. Jiw. iang,
Silas .W,plt,aud' air. Hebrnmersbacb, and a
trie sang by the amet Protect, p.s through
th Camiur NUht. Mrs Larii has a pure
aopfano Joicjhot eVy pwf rulbut of
exquUite sweetness, and sbowing good cult
.i Mtas. WdUVaBo was moat accepts-
- bre and borreetr though-hardly powerful
IcBOdflhXor tijeoocaslOB ir, tienmmers-
bach's Clarlonett solowlw excelleht, as was
i'.PioL Ischoppelrel's yloliin solo. XaW'aa
a wW the concert Wa UUWli sucritMful
ad dijhl'ul e. va -.:-: I
i The dedication of the new St, Mary's
Catbollo Church yesterday was witnessed
by as large a crowd of people as ever
gathered in Columbus on"a similar occa
sion."" The day was a delightful one, cold,
but brilliant In its. sunshine.
The procession was formed In front of
Holy Cross Church at 10 o'clock, and was
composed as follows: ' ' - '
A file of the City Police, under command
Of Lieut; James Hannan; the boy of from
12 to 15 years of ace. with the Banner of
the Holy Childhood; Regimental Brass
Band of Dayton, O4 St. Aloysius Young
Men'si Society of Day ton, . St.- LeAis
Young Men's Society-of Dayton,' Ot: SC.
Aloy8ius oung Men's Society of this city;
St. Laurenlius Benevolent ApSociation of
XXttyfcxi, Ohio; St. Carl Borroraem Benevo
lent Association ot Dayton. Ohio; dt.' Jos
eph Orphans Association bt Dayton, Ohio";
St. Nicholas Benevolent AxsociHf.ion nl
ZanesvilleSt. Fi anels o Sales Association
of Newark, Ohio; St. Vincent de Paul for
the benefit ol the poor of this cttv; St.
Patrick's School Society of this city; Total
Abst inence 'Association of this cttv: Hem
merr bach's Brass Band;;St. Martin's Be
nevolent Association ol this city; SrJohn's
Benevolent Association of this city: St.
Joseph's Widow and Orphan Assofdatloii;
01. dou nanus vuurcu iiuuuiog associa
tion. The bells on Holy Cross Church gave the
sitfnalor.starting, and, the various socle
ties, with' their 'regallaa: and - banner
moved on their routejoLmarch, presenting
a magnificent and imposing spectacle"". m
"Off staving' at "the 1 'chuVcn. they were
met by the Celebrant -Bishop Roseerans
with all the clergy and . altar-servers, who
stoodotrtntde the' ctoor of r.e closed -and
empty buildlng.yan Invoked the blessing
ot God on what was to be done. Then be
I'otooetf the antfptoS" Toin Shalt fiprfril
kl me, O lord, with Hyssop," and,
together with the clergy, sarig the Filtieth
Psalm, "while going all around the church
and.'aprinkling Its walls with blessed wa
terv Returned to the rone entrance he
saidhe following prayer:: , -: ;'
O Lord God, who Hlthoueh not contain
ed by Heaven and Eartii, designed, never
theless, to have. Thy Dwelling on Earth,
where Thy. name may be called upon with-
outceastng: the merits of trie Blessed vlr- I-tiiiuVm.n
Mary and of all thy Saints, pleading,
visit this spot with the gaze of Thy. mercv.
and cleanse It from all stain by the outpour
ing 01 iny grace, ana Keep it pure; and as
in the work of bis son Solomon, Thou didst
perfect' the devotion of Thy beloved Da
vid, so In this work do Thou vouchsafe to
tulrll our desires and drive' hence all the
spirit of vtl,i Through, our -Lord Jesus
Chfisa'Amen. I viii.wii
.Tbe the clergy enteral Ihrcb4irclr, two
and-the doors wete closed.' i " " '
The IhsWe' walls" were 'sprinkled with
blessed water during, the- reciuttori of the
Psalms 119, 120 and 12U' After the SDrmk-
ling, the Celebrant tame before .tbo- altar
and recited the following prayer:
O God. wbo AhctifIest place to be d
1 ted tdfcTheey pour forth 'Xhy igrace up
ae hUaept prayer," that Je aid ot, Tlfv
iereV may be -felt, by all wM here- cill
jpbn Thy name,' through ur Lord Jeslis
iTtiirj tlie doors were opened .Mil the Vast
onconrM poured lajo. witnf s ttie eelnbra-
ofhe,PotitWcaJ Mss, f
inyregreU 'were expressed a't the.ui
oidablo abeooe ";or ,'thi Tenerable,irca-
bl3hopurcen, .,huti ;th ceremonies wel
oacujcteahj theik)xeiLBilKj p
of this cUoceieO V OjiSi 1 A
kfteplhA perloriBarlcqfbl :the .-QorfaTof
CarlMarla Voit-Weber' great oihsaj lo is.
BisbcrpiRosreearis ddreMed tno congreg-
tionjinnrMtance,s rolIo'w:K u-j" t ia
The few'Temarfta 1 may -make Yn Enirffih
wnj-Mall the services o'nthft'occasioii.
Tiercuwill be rib services. or ,addris'4n
German. This, for several reasoiM.laa,dhir
ol thaiiksjyving. -FirsV beiiause tti"i" coii-
gregatiou lias oeen able toccou)plMi.so
much; se-ond, because of the beautiful day
vouchsajLed tor the dedicatio-8ervices,nd
tliird,r;because.- pf"he congratulations Sve
ar? receiving from .brethren irjinr a dis
tance. -'r-.':-
T herfwe loot at this building we are
inrpelled'-tbexelalm;'" HbwTrrahff!'',Y.'t
howlfttle is-it-wCrtBy ot the 'm:Jesty or
God. HoWirttle ftls thatwe'cah'db woithv
of His grandeur.' ' If--wd "com riare this
building with 'private"' resldeilces. It is
grand, but if we .Compart; Jt with what is
due God, it ceises to be so. Hert- we can
oflfVr .Tlie dally Sacrifice of the Mais,' the
etnoiem 01 our salvation.. Hre enn
gather to offer, to the majesty Of Gud the
uumoip auoranon .01 pure anu; holy prayer.
-This 'spacious building has been, erected
iirthe 'true Catholic' Bpirlt that gives the
first ol everything to God.. ,,ThU is the old
Catholic' spirit; the , spirit) that animated
tue eany ' unnstians when. .they sold all
they possessed, and laid It at Christ's leet.
Coming down to the time of tlje martyrs,
we find the same spirit. This Idea pt giv
Inar all" to- Gud. la what animator! ihm in
their.iaials wheiLUlveu to be burned at the
stake or to be devoured by wild beasts.
T L'-i.-
liux mt-unyys we oupr mis (empie.ro
Goct; and ask Him to consecrate it; offer iur
ijearu to mm ana asic Hint to .consecrate
them and make them pore, fit temples U
WhlCH -Be. mav dwelL'Now' is thtImM
db thuf noty worla To-dav'. . savs . tiie
churi.h. It auv maa..wia3i(i.maw da this
great and jHgioea-rk -To'day, then,
trnW first Sunday. Jh. Advent, let us com
mence f uve a new life- to the honor and
glorjrof-God.-' " " -
i.Oe l,hoir, which was aivery large one.
nd composed of some 01 the hestjtnuslcal
talent Our city can boast, then sin? the
cerdoV-lAt'the Offret6ry,,Xtmbinott'&,b
Cbc-'i: Amcrls ;. .'Vlctima 7" was "ren
dered; most ''"! beautifnUy. ;- At Ahe
close of ;. the Mass.. this- n tire ' conirreza-
ttoil -Joined ' In. slngWg HayrJenTs great
eliorus,7"Oh, Lord of Might." 'The reflect
was grand. ; The sublime aolhem, swelling
out from two, or three thousand throats.
excelled anything we ever heard before.
It seemed as If the very essence of devo
tion and melody had settled on the audi
ence, and could only find vent in hymns ot
idoratidn and praise.' "';'.' "'? "''-l
The Church of St, Mary is built of brick.
and stands on Third street, near Frankfort.
It wai bulit by Mr. Kanraachler, the car
penter work by John MittleholU. -It is
being most beautifully decorated bf Mr.
Thein, of Cincinnati, and Mr. Lamprecht, f
Munich - The roof is frescoed, and has dis
played upon It, the various titles of the
uiessea virgin, taiten rrom tne litany- -un
each aide arc five memorial window con
taining the names of the various donors.
These are Peter Jgel, Cons tan tine Bio tt, j
Jhn Reinhard, Cornelius Lane, Ferdinand '
Lecbtenneger, Ber.-and Jos. Fischer. Hen-1
ry" Sohrehi-r, Hrijry s'llelnhard, Xaylerj
Wagele and Frank Loch. Whetf complet-l
ed.'the hutldinir will he an ornament to the;
elty aiid a credii tib those who have go Jib-,
er,"y, 'given of thelf means for Its erec-i
iMTSTKRioosA',' Delaware j'cbrrespoti-j
dent ot the Journal has discovered the fol-'
lowing extraordinary item: ii"" I
flt -t on or OBr oit'aens has given i
, j wj-kt-wing twenty years!
married The ways or Proividence are jnVs- i
teriouB. Betwr late than never. Tj I
-That-: a laayafter- beings marred forj
twenty" years should give birth to a boy '
may.boiomethtnz extraordinary fbrDeia-'
wire, hut we know some. in this town who j
in that, length of time nave given .birth 'to
r dpzen boys. t What there is. mysterious in
the above, we cannot lor the ..life of Qftsea.
Itwould hsve been, more mysterious if. at
the end ot twenty years she should have
given' jbtrth to a boyi'not hTatlng beefj mar
ried tt'U 'I ; "'" 'f.v ' T4
Resolutions of Respect.
At a meeting of '.the several county of
ficers, held at the ofSce of the County And
tor, on Sunday morning, November 29th,
1863, for the purpose of giving appropriate
expression to their feelings upon the death
of George M.- Earbart, Esq., Sheriff of
Franklin coun'.y, John G. Edwards was
unanimously elected Chairman, and A. C.
King, Deputy Auditor, unanimously elect
ed Secretary.
Samuel E. Kile and Nathan: Cole were
unanimously appointed a committee on
Resolutions:'- "V- .
, .The committee reported the following
preamble ana resolutions, wnicn were
unanimously adopted:
r-WHiBicis, The sudden death of George
H. Kartiart. ?q., late Sheriff or franklin
county, in the lull vigor of lite, and in the
midst of his om.iai duties, has greatly
shocked and afflicted this community, and
especially those who have been most near
ly related to the deceased, both In his pri
vate and bffl'-lal lite. . Therefore, ' ' '
y-Betolved, That the officers of Franklin
county deeply deplore the sad event, and
unanimously Dear testimony to the courte
sy, efficiency, promptness and accuracy of
the deceased in the discharge or his official
duties, and to his upright; kindly anil un
selfish character as a man, a citizen, and
the Tatoerof a Iimlly. ' - . '
"Resolved, That the officers of this county
attend his funeral In a body, as a token of
respect for-bis cliarai tor and of sorrow
lor ids audden and untimely death. 1 :
Resolved, That theSetretary ofthin meet
ing lurnlah a copy of these resolutions to
the family of tue deceased, with our sin
cere condolence ' tor the great loss they
nave sustsinea, and that a copy aiso Dejur
aished ill-papers of ibis, city. - 1'
Jietolved, That the Auditor ol this coun
ty be n quested to spread these resolutions
upon the minutes ot the County , Com mU-
A. C. KING, Sec'y.
gin rS! "?T! i
Presbntation to John G. Thompson".
On Saturday evening a number ot prom
inent citizens, friefids of John G; Thomp
son, Et-qealled' at the ' residence of thai
gentleman, with a present in .the' shape of
thfe,N;ew American Encyclopedia, In tweij
ty-three volnmes; bound' in Morrocoo An
tique, ordered .'..by .George, -,'W-5.,Gleason,
Expressly " for ' thlsT" ocoaslotli 'These
volumes form a most magoiflcent present.
lfid aside, frotq their;', money yyue',:.such a
one as Mr. Thompson . has reason jto ; be
proud; of.: ' .'i..V :"' ' t-A'n'
.Mr-'Tboinpsoff had beed Vept 1n,i)ro2
lound ignorance' of the whole matter, in
fact was at his store wberV the ' party ' ar?
riyed.'at.Ws residence. ' He was sent .'fori
aid, on entering was addressed by Judge
Jfr. Ta'.mrjfjnt : 'I,!have been ' commis
sioned by a numbef"6f your friends to pre
sent you the work thab ,lies before us, and
to ask your acceptance of t;n Were you a
publlo man,, having 'offices and pitroriage
io bestow, .the ' suspicious - mfght surmise
that- there-, was some -sordid -motive .er
preneneas to flattery in this presentation.
Butyou ai-e but i private man, and all pad
understand that this is a gift by friends to
a friend a mark of personal esteem and
good wllh' 'The 'donors havd''knownyou
long and well; they have known you -a a
publiByOiBcet, an enterprising business
man, and one of their own social circle. In
all these' relations ' they have ever nfoHnd
you-upright, faith fol, amiable and polite.
They desire to place In yonr household a
memento of their esteem and friendship,
and for-thts purpose, have chosen a gift,
not meant for -ostentation, but one whose
use will - frequently remind you of them,
and, at the same time afford pleasure and
instruction .-to yon reel r'.' Accept it, and
with,- It accept also their best wishes for
your confined prosperity and happiness.
Mr. Thompson was, to use a common ex
pression, struck all of a heap," bnt man
aged while showing considerable nervous
ness, to reply : ;' ... .. ' ' ' .
Jndge Thurmtm and ' Gentlemen : . 'Your
kindness, as unexpected as it is undeserved,
completely .-overmasters me. - I cannot
frame my tongue to speak the .tyordsot
thanks my heart is teeming with. For the
beautiful ' present you: tender me' I return
my heartiest thanks; but hiVw shall I make
acknowledgment ol the words of respect
aiid compliment, which you, gentlemen,
througir'Ours'Poke'SmanJJ.Alge Ttiurinah,
have been 1 plesed to utterT"" To have won
the Tr-gaM ahd -cdnddehce'of 'tfrrise'who I
seea'romid me, fe 0 have achieved' the li&h
est goal of hutrriin- ambition. HI cannot
realize -.that I have, done tills. -.1 cau,oay
regret I aia not Btore-.worthy the honor you
have done me.i PKrmitime, again, to thauk
you. . -".ii ..nd!TuA iC ' . - -1 '" '
'The. occasion was h . most happy one, and
the present worthy the danorr and the n -
clpient. Each yofume . bears this lascrlp-
iion "iMew Amerjcani;yciopeaia. xnese
volumes presented to John -Gj Tlmmptfon,
E.qby,a 7cw;',o'hls."prrsonaI friends in
thrBvty of'Colambus, as si-small token .0'
their rstecm nd regsirdfor him aa warm
hearted 'friend and a genial gentleman.
."iBAKSfcaRb! '' $AtuR'piy.-r-The .' fill6"vi-
Ing transfers of real estate were left at the
RecorderVotflce'Sattirday ' '
Frank Dolief ty ahd, wife to Fred Fprnpf. i
Uct. 6th. part or Inlot tio. 70 in the. city. of
Columbus, $w:';yltj:,l:-.i . '
- Johi) Alspach and wife to Amos Alspach.j
Au. 22J, 30 acres of laud in Madison tp'
trm ? i
vCi F. Jaeirerand wife to Geo. Whitman,'
June 21'st, 1S66, part of lnlbtNc.94 In C.F-!
Jaeger's Sdcfltfon to the city ol Columbus j
ioraauu. siif,--;-ii-a i
Wlltlflm P'-Arm'nrpatAr anit 9ift tn nhns ',
rwadeeV13.b,' 1867nfe&NQ'm:4n:
Dixon's additiqntqheowa of Winches-!
ter, for $210. .. . ... .
C. F.Jaeeer to Benedict Ept,' May lSih,
InlptrNo.loe "In ;C7 F. : Jaeger'sidditlpjQ to
the city of Columbus, for $500. " " ' i '
B. Ept-to Charles Kitoci, Nov. 2Vth, in-l
lot'Nb'.'JOC In'C F. Jaeger's 'addltibn to the.
city ot Columbus, -for $500. j
C. F. Jaeger to Chxistlan JCelotz. jr,Novi
2itb, Inlot No. 125 in C. F. Jaeger's 'addi
tion to the city of Columbus, for $J50. I
Henry Ringshausen and wife to Freder-(
tck RlngBhausen, Nov. 26tb, part of lot No.
48of Samuel Parson's addition to the city
of Columbus,' for 300, '.' ": '" ' ;
Vincent Carroll-1-Harrison Hommon,
Nov, 21af, Inlot No. 143 In the town of Hil
Hard, lor $122 50." ";. V '' '.
tnmcTUtmrra Foohd. As we have be
fore fctated the Grand' Jury found thirty
elglit.true tills at ita last session. They are
as follows: H Hanna, seduction; Peter
Won and unver-ueusmaii, assault and
bittery; John Blizzird, petitlarceny; EITas
Domlgan, incest; Wm Neeley, burglary;
WlUiani i.H ' Ruck man, grand larceny;
Enoch .Foley, .nuisance; ' Martha Fohy,
nuisance; .' David , Pete, .alias McPeak,
petit larceny; Henry Augustus Chase,,bur-
glary; Joslah Anderson, burglary; Emons
Huntley, petit larceny; Wm. Jones, assault
and battery; Jacob Volz. assault and bat
tery; Wm Malay, assault and battery; Jas
Smith,', illegal voting . Asa' Davis, assault
with Intent ' to commit murder; Alexander
Kidd, petit larceny; John Meneely, assault
ajid hattery ; Chas Pugfi aJ.,.assault with
intent-to kill; bamuel f Aieadville and
Zachariah Harrison, horse stealing; PC
Hayts, llhcl; Casper Slmpert,.'phas Camp
bell, Chas Sprague, John G Sharp, Simon
Cbrblnr A J,Yqn Wormer, David C Weaver,
Dewitt C Cook, Asa-Wilcox. Wm Brels
ford, James Sands, John X Evan's and An
dreV J Smith, all for selling liquors; James
Smith, Illegal voting, .second Indictment-
.ti'iBE.-rA-bout 9 o'clock Saturday evening
an alarm of fire was sounded, and iff a few
"secondSfthe-nre department was out, and
thrr'rpfita 'filled' "with 'citizens.'' It"was
caused by1 the partial' buriifng of the 'ceil
ing and roof of Irame building in the
rear ' bt Mrs. A. Hi Sell & Fitzwater's
milinery establishment pa High street,
.corner of Walnut alley. .It took fire from
the Stove plpeand was extlrjg'uUlied be
fore much damage was done. .?-!; !
habt. Never since Columbus bad an ex
istence was there a more solemn or Impos
ing display seen on her streets than the
fnneral of George H. Earhart yesterday.
The people seemed to have turned out en
masse to show their respect for the memory
of an honest, upright man. - Toe funeral
procession was nearly, U not quite, two
miles in length, and was attended, by the
first citizens of the city and county. Some
three hundred Odd Fellows of which or
der he had lately become a member fol
lowed his remains to the tomb.' , No man
ever held a higher place in the hearts of
the people of Franklin county, than Geo.
U. Earhart,and his sadden death has caused
sorrow to all who knew him.' Peace to his
manes. T V,'. .' ;..';V',;,,J(."; i" ' ; ' r .'. .
"''!; local' ivoTJCJB-a. . ;,;
.Jewelry made and repaired by C. "E,
Smith, 27 SHigh street, over BalaV store
nov6d3m - - '
, For Sals House and lot, corner ot
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
streeti i. a- j i til , . , . -t-
oct 13-dtf r... , r(
i. , i' 11 J i . : Lt -X
OT8TERS ! Oysters ! ! 1 am daily receiv
ing those fine large oysters, for family dsv,
stamped Su.hct. W. T.A'TY, andX3yST-
Also oysters by the half pint, pint,' quart
and gallon. - '-,. .'.- ,.'. ,tft.
. ','' C Ai WAGWERi11'
No. 23 East State Street,
nov26 3t 1
We al way s feel an Interest' In the wel fare
ot the ladies, and are pained to see so many
looking pale,, languid, and.nnhealtby. We
are satisfied this might.be remedied if they
would, oqly tue the Constitution: Bitters.
They would soon bring the bloom of health
to.yonr cheeks, Ii used according to direc
tions. "J - ' '
-ov80-cl4wlt' 11 " ': r.m.,.K
Lrxc ' ' Qoakkrs' Goks." Artificial
teeth are of little ase and easily detected.
Take care of the real. ones.' .All you. need
1 fragrant" Sozodomt: Use it dally and
your teeth will' be the lasi of Nature's gifts
to fall you. V, I ..' ''-,'.
Spalding's Gtua"? mends Headless
Dolls and Broken. Cradle?. ,J.:.':
tnt iunl5-eod6m-ew --
Piles. Do'"Jnot BDppose thaC'every lorm
of.thUcomplalot s incurable.. The worst
hemorrhoidal cases are net beyond : the
remedial reach of HplloVay's Ointment. ' Tt
gives ton eejfazeunens:' and
acts as a sate styptic in the bleeding, type
of - the' disorder. ' ifot uufrequently con
stipatton Is an accompaniment of' the dl3--easev
and when this happens, it should be
relieved with . small. doses of Holtoway'a
Pls. r S'jld by all Druggists. ' i '
ji-oiy-cw .-f ::' .'.t..9ii.; t.. .;t
.-.f- : :.-;' ' . I . ! ,
A Cor.D neglected frequentlyj -lays the
foundation ot ancurable .'Cousiimpiapay-t-No
person should suffer ooe to iCbnllbne.
True, 'the will' rear but" bat thoyoften
' '- : '..-I. j: j-t t'.-.J-
wear toe oa.uenO'Out'i-Aae : oesv.cure. is
Humphreys' Hi?moe ipatbrtc- Cough and Fe-
ver Pills. -Taken alternately, they 'allay
the lever, irritation an'd cough, heal up the
lngs, end curtb.e'-,d'rsfluje. Price, six
boxes for $l 25. Sold by dealers, and sent
by mail on receipt of the' priee. Address
HuMPURTtx8'SrKCiric Homobopathic Map-
iciNte Cp'n 562 Brbadaj', J.'Y,j ;' .J ,
jyiafaBw.iy-icw . .am t, : . .-. 1 v
t , -.-.-'"- i' " '1 '"" "J-- Ux. t'
.'--! r ' :.' -.,..; .... .. :. I
' Calisava BARK.--It is said that Mesersc
Drake Co.. (proprletoK ol, thd PLasta
rrbN BittkrsJ, are he largest importers of
Calisaya Bark in this ..coniiry, ' and that,
With the exception of an occasional sale, all
they Import is used f. rt the corapoumlingief
their ' celebrated Plant Tipsi , JBirrpss to
iyhi,ch they, undoubtedly 'art Indebted for
tlieif wonderful hcilth .restoring proper
tie&T a TpnhJ 'and :Appet1zert they .are
not, surpassed, and we cheerfully recom
mend them;'M'Ali lirst-claas droggUw keep
GermaaColoasne, and so Id, at half
'iaVii'J .11 fii-iji UtliJ'.I
BrftAeptideotUbiyew'os ,r.r-s
Nervous Dkbilitt,' wifhts gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, lusi of. semen;'spermalor
rlicea, loss. filt$of$ici . d i&f. R' jiead loss,", of
memory and threatened impotence and
Jaibecil ity.-fi nd i '$q 'verelgn : cur e ih, Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweir-ty-Elghti
Cpmpbsed'orte ,mb valuahle,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike 1 at
once at the root ot the matter, tone up the
syster'rre'sTtheTUfSchafgerand' jnipart
vigprand B?nergytye an yltantyjtojiie .
elitireiinian, 'ttie "have cured thousands J
o'cases.'!Prrce$5 per package of six box- I
es andyiaj, which Is very ImporUntinvob-
stinate pr old, cases, or $1 per single hox. :
Sold by all Druggists, and, sent by mall on "
recent , of price .-1 Address HtJilPHRKYs'
Specific HoiieoPATHio Medicine Co 562
Broad way,'ew York ilrj'tyl3-:deod fclyr
..J'.. V-n. -.' i- ''mi'. -imi
CtRAL Ohio "Lm&xtior AsutcM.f
D CoLUUBU3, Aug. 31,180)3. . V
jfno'B' iddaU.,Esi JLqeht; NeiU'.Eagtqid
Mutual life Ins. Co,, of Boston, ATans.i-. . .
Dear Sir I am informed that there have
been misstatements made.bi regard to div
idends paid by your - Company -to my Life j
Policy, which-1 have bad in the If eta Eng-1
land Mutual tot 24 years." For the'inmrma-;
tlori Of those interested, in Life Insu'rahce,' I J
will stafe that I am entirely satisfied, -with !
thb-New England Mutual. 'I receive my'
dlvldedd of profits regularly,'' and that they j
uow. amount JiQ about one,.h.undred perj
cent, bh my premiuux. Dividends paid an-j
nually in cash, j . .' i ' .' ,
. ., . ,
I Signed,' " " W; L. Pecbt, i
- - : )' Sup'tC.0. Lunatic Asylum j
' Dr. Wm.'' L. Peck, and Dr. Morreir, his !
assistant, have both' to-day madeappllca-!
tion to the New England Mutual for more
Life Insurance. ; .
GOO. F. O'HaRRA & CO, Ag'tSy :ll
Naughton Block, Columbus.,
novl2-dltaw8wfcw4t ;
- New England MtrrrAt Lira of Boe-.
ton, Report otthe Superintendent of the)
Life Insurance Department of the State of
New York.' (From Commissioner's report,'
January 1st, 1868, page 63.) . j
The N,ew England .Mutual Life Insur-l
ance Company of Bos ton,Massacbusetts, was'
the pioneer of Life Insurance in New Eng
land, under the able but extremely cbnsery-!
ative guidance of that accomplished jurist,
Judge Wlllard Phillips, "President of the1
.Company," the Life Policy was popular
ized in offices, counting 'rooms banks,;
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son,, and no Bank Bill or State Bond was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol-;
icles undeV written" by ', Judge 'Phillips ;
The idea of fraud, deception or overreach
ing was never associated with a parchment
containing ; his ' sign-manual. . Geoi F-l
0'Harra -fc Co, are the Agents for the!
New, England' Mutual Life "Insurance Co,
Commons. Ohio.
Qo to J. C. Kale's, No". J38. Nbrth High'
, street, for Boote and Shoes at low prices, '
Ov21-d2taw2w' ,M , : "'i kf)
: - . 1 - '
Goto No. 138, North. High street, for,
Ihe'.taiieft style's of BoolMd Shoes, rat low
prices. noTSl-datawSw
mo statesman.
Statute of Alexander Hamilton.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 28.
Congress has caused to be placed In the
rotunda of the Capitol a statute of Alex
ander Hamilton, heroic fslzav executed In
Italy by Horatio Stone, of this city, under
an oruer 01 congress. " ' - '
Attorney General Evarts on the
Eight Hour Law.
NEW YORK, Nov. 29.
Attorney General-Evarta has-forwarded
to trre President lilsopltirorr-on the opera
tion of the eight hour law in regard to the
compensation ot employe. He savs the
law being silent on the subject of compen
sation, uovernraent crucial are at unerty
to use their discretion in the 'matter, but
that the law ot equality, which heretofore
regulated the wages ot Government em
ployes, requires that they shall recelvtthe
same compensation for the labor as is paid
in private establishments in the vicinity.
Titer law of 1868 docs not -fix the wages,
nor does It require -the Government to pay
ten hours wages for eight hours work, f If
citizens adopted such a course -Govern-
snent must 00 the same, butaa tceuawUnow
stands it is left to the option of Govern
ment officials to pay the same wages as
when men worked ten hours a day or to
reduce.ihtrQmoenatipp-tra proportion to
tne reduction ot the hours or labor.
Steamer Reported Sunk.
The steamer Boston Is reported sunk in
Lake Michigan, by the steamer Milwaukee,
both ofXlio-.Nortbem Transportation Com
pany's rlde'No lives were ioSc:"' "No par
CLEVELAND, Nov. 28. Burglary in Wheeling.
WHEELING, W. VA., Nov. 28.
The dry goods houre of J. S. Rhodes A
Co. was entered, by. burglars,, at aq early
hour this morning, and. silks and velvets
stolen to the amount of five thousand dol
lars. No clue has been obtained to the rob
Central Pacific Railroad.
-tSeVtkwir Stewart aiid &milyWro'i&Nva-i
aa, arrived at salt L,ake on Thursday, en
route for Washington. He reports the
Central Pacific-Railroad completed four
hundred and thirty-five miles east of Sac
ramento, and a gap of only four hundred
mUea,betweeAXhatjrpad aud.fjie Uuiout'-
Theidcket office of, the New York An
tral Railroad. I n-this city i was broken into
by burglars last night, the safe opened
with keys, and about 93.000 in money ta
ken. rThereis nftqijij y tie-,b,.tK.lf rs.
rThe Ttilrd PrpsVuterru it rtru wh xPjpw . r8.
Me.paetortMras-Ueclieeted, to-44y-
The dedication sermon was by Rev. I). H
Riddle. There were present Rev. H. Kent
all and Rev. Herrick Johnson, being all
h'e'4ortnr tmstow of trterhurchi- Tile
edifice cost about 9200,000 and U the finest
In the 10 m:s ;.jioiu)
Arrested. MEMPHIS, TENN., Nov. 28.
tor whom a reward was offered lor alleged
swindling in bonds, was arrested here this:
ftlertioOn. eiv tfhtfte ' to' Cnha.' He-'M held
awaiting the rwjTiWfloh Of the Governor ot
mew lorn. fo.JUUin oonas was found on
BUFFALO, Nov. 28.
Charles Garlies was sentenced this morn
Ing tobelrangc'd.drf Uhfe W ef December.
lor the murder of Marrus Zwesleine,
Pt ter Leggett anil James West, gamb
lers, were sentenced to the !-tato prison tor
fight and tea years j-espectiveir, for arson
niittirtriire to Cue roerhf of tKeStfttep to
'Se6utdinsiira?nc1e --A i. t.X.V
"" Part of-th'' tarrlaae- manufactory" rt B.
C.-Shaw wan destroyed by fire" last -nighty
Shooting Affair.
NEW YORK, Nov. 28.
Earlv vesterdav morninc William Ar.
kansaw Iteeper 'of if ' ftsghW InGreene
street-having some difficulty with William
Hall, whojs bar keeper ol a similar estab-
anweot3as,tppeaice,'procareu.sao gun
and Bhot his enemy in the arm, completely
larcerating it. Arkansaw was arrested and
oomrnittedti r , t
City Politics.
The Democratic Union Executive Com
mtein MasonlcilTflJ,.la.ste1vening, .nom
inated Frederick A. Conkling for Mayor,
and Richard O'Gormati for Corporation
Counsel, in placejaf Johq Kelly and Abra
ham R. Lawrence defcTined
The Constitutional Union .Cxmyentioa
also nominated Mr. Conklifief. ' ' "
S'buyler Colfax, tberjcpj; president
elect. Is now sojournfngin this city. He
spent ThanksgKtngfla.VTBiiaUrookl.vti, the
gurstpt Benjamin W. Delamater. In the
eveiilrfstPeilferfeiement was given In
bouoc of the Speaker and his wife, in which
'aiarge rxumber of prominent citizens as-!
semblcd, and the geatfeman received more
congratulations on two of the events of his
life, viz : his marriage with glfs Vtade'artd
his election 'to the Vice Presidency. Mr,
Coljgx. aill leave (fr Washington to-&ay.' ;
City Politics. Congressman Boutwell's Views.
A correspondent lias had a-.copyersaAgn
with Congressman Bo'utwell, whb,"iri' an-;
swer to Inquiries, stated that he should ad-'
vocatethevxacfloiVof more stringenfmeai
sures of reconstruction in Virginia., Mis
sissippi and Texas than' had been r quired
from fth tluir States. bei l vee -5 that
specie paykntfets'uean be.hastened billy by
advancing prosperity, and not by legisla
tion. As to the suffrage! question he was
of the opinion that Congress had the power
to declare who. may vote for Presidential
electors Senators and Congressmen, if not
the power to reftn'ate'-the entire question
of in the States.
f Thesteamship puetchland from Bpetoen,
nlti Southampton, arrived'thia-ranrliing.' i
. The steamship. Iowa, iromjuiasgqw. pas
arrived. '' " .-..-
Roadside Murder.
The Time's says
has been now.asoertained that th vJettm
of the recent mysterious roadside murder
is Mra6uitlt w1fe of Jacob Smith.-rf
Wurtzborougb, Fullman county.' He
started from hojaje on Saturday atpei.
M Jua diie" Abrse "wagon, iwiihbls . wile,
prolessing to take her to Olive, Ulster
connty. to visit her. daughter, who, he-pro-fessed
to- her,- had been badly hurt and
wished her immediate presence. He ret
turned to- Wurtzbo rough on Sunday, stat
ing that his bone had given out and
that he had sent his wife on to
his- daughter's ..by,-, a chance - ride and
come back' for 'the chfldren, to take thera
to the same place. He left again on Tues
day: with the children.; After he left' bis
house was entered by citizens, and it was
round that he had earried off everything in
the house except one bid trunk, which was
ppenedvanq in jt, was fonota,remnapt 0; a
piece of goods which ii exactly similar to
the dress fontid on tne muravreo -woman.
Since Smith left with his children nothing
has been odetinltely heard of -them., ..The
children were those of bis wife by.ajormer
husband. wi '-- '
New York Hospital.
The 'governors of the N.ewYerk Hospi
tal have determined. to remove that instl
tution op town. 'One reason Tot the remo
val la that the property has become so yal
nahle that the governors are unable to pay
the asess'nreu tf n pbfp It?
The $500.00a000 gold sold by - Govern
ment. , to day., brought .-3o iand .5 hun
dredths. 1
St. John.
ST. JOHN. N. B. Nov. 26.
Arrangements are completed by which
the St.Stephens Bank willresume business;
in a few days. -Scoville, the defaulter,;
cashier, escaped from the Sheriff's custody
shie-morale -TbiyrM6aed-jlolUr6
ireward Is offered for Ws appreUehsibn. .
KINGSTON, Nov. 26.
The convicts In the Provisional penitenr
tiary attempted Uf-eBboOtheir escape last'
night, but were frustrated. j
Reverdy Johnson.
LONDON, Nov. 28.
: Great preparations are being made at!
Birmingham fbr tha reception of Reverdyf
Johnson, - on Wednesdays next. - - John'
Bright and others wilt -speak on tbe occa
sion. :!-. . t ,-nt. -ii n'.. i.-;--.i.i' ;
' The dinner to Mr. Johnlon which -was
contemplated by tbe Workingmen's So
ciety of this city, has been abandoned.- -
Benjamin Disraeli has declined the peer
age. HU wile has been created. Vjscoun-,
tessof Beaconfield. ,. .... .,(
Corps Legistif.
PARIS, Nov. 28.
.' The Patrle says the Corps Leglslatif will
meet on the 4 '.h ot next.
Arms for the Wallachians.
VIENNA, Nov. 28.
' Ah American vessel with arms onbbard:
designed lor the use of the' Wallacbtans, ;
passed up the Danube a day or two' since,
Punishment of French Editors
PARIS, Nov. 28.
The editor of the' Reveille baa been sen--fenced
to two month's- imprisonment, with
a tine of 5000 francs; the editor of the Tri-.'
bune aud Lavenir to pay a fine, of 2,000
ftanos each, and the editors1 of tbe Temps
and Journal ol Paris' to pay a fine ot 1,000
francs each, for encouraging subscriptions
lor a monument to Bandin.1 " ' ' --
Prince Charles.
Prince Charles, of Romania. In opening
the sessiou ot the Chambers here, said the
maintenance of neutrality was a .duty
Which his Government bad always observ
ed. Tne foreign relations ot the, country
were on an exo llent footing, and he had
reason . to believe .pending tnegotiatloBS
would result In. satislactory i'Couventioua
with Austria and Prussia. .mt.it
The French Press.
The French Press. PARIS, Nov. 28.
.. .The present. Monlteur newspaper loses
Its official oharacter. with. New , Years dav.
The , Monlteur.; olfiolal4 de J'EmpirejiWill
cnen appear, rne publishers ol the Liille
Progress newspaper have -been, .fined -500
Irancs, and sentenced to one month's im
prisonment for publish tng a list Of, sub
scriptions lor" the proposed flaonumeut to
M. ; Saudin, in -the cemetery . of, w Mont
Martie.;.. f ;v ..-.- i Vj-Tj nii
FLORENCE, Nov. 28.
., QtilW a series' fcf breaks have 'occurred
at Kologna,11 and new trebles --are- feared.
The disturbances oritaated through a refusal-of
the. peasants to 'pay their1 taxes.
Ten persons have been , killed and aeven
IMuTedVH - - I...,: - .,:'.' a
,, A.djspatcbfrom Gibraltar reports that
.the American brig Stephen Duncan!, which
sailed from Nw YorkrOctober, lasCfoir
Marseilles lies stranded near Cape partels.
Nourther particulars, received., .
MADRID, Nov. 28.
'"Olhago has gtine to Paris. - ! 'mi
Republican Demonstrations.
i,. There,. have" been many ReputjTcanrJ?m-;
onstrations , .thoughpujt,; pain wirhn,'.a:
Republican Demonstrations. The Diet.
BERLIN, Nov. 28.
- JThe deputies flsonv Schleswig have tteeaj
'denied seats in the Diet until they swear
allegiance.1' ' " 'rou.'-j i, i -x
CUBA. Spanish Bank.
HAVANA, Nov. 27.
. The shares of the Spanish, bank have rJe-l
clined three per cent, and those bt, the Com-!
mercial bank are . at .present 30 . per cent-!
discount. 1. , i'.. '.,(;,',', !'r.
Paving Notice.
Te att wAmit may ment in v i'T .:!!:-.!
. .- i i ' u'CtTT'LKBKfl OFFISv!i -lui
.f i .-.it. i s; CuLCMBUa, t)t I Nct. .S3, 1968.1
-' Notlea Is hereby riven tbatruedin(rhaT0 Ijeenj
.iDsdtutea in me . vitj oiuicii ot vouiiuouAj fut'
U.U ..... . W TT IU. UIVMI,SU M3. W T. IV, , ,
for grading and par ing tha on paved tideiralki,!
aotam aad eraexinga eo ctia a out aula" of tba a i
cant gruand west ot the market house, nd for Ha-)
Ting the balance of .said vacant rMuad with Nio.1-,
sun pavemeut irom Town street to Rich ttreet, t
Also, tor Ujring a. double, row of flag oroKing'
aero.! Center alier on the aonth side of Spring;
streef. , , f -, . . , . , - -, , n
Aim, 'for Ikying a doable re flag erossnig aorossj
venter aHe't tne s.mth tiw of- Lorn; street, -'i i
Tbe same to be done iaaooordanoe with plat" and,
O'timates to be prepared b b IJity. ViTil ngi-'
neer. and lied in tha office of Su
ofi accooni
All persons claiiuinx damaged
ant of said
'nrmx.fleti'inieroea-itmtl. Are- reoiiire m tifo Ahtiw
olannain the office ofVt Clerk, to writina. opori
bel'ore tho liibt da 'qf Jaovary. i. D. 1809,,,.,, '
, nov24-dltawtr.:;j;,,,,c:: , j...V:.Cjtf Clerk! j
An Ordinance.
Making appropriations for purposes therein named.!
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council'
of tue -ity of Xoluinbus, J'hat there -lie andjj'
berebr SDoroutiatdt of aar aoner ie the l'ren-i
sry not beretofuro appropriated, tbe following i uinj
ot mosey, to-witr '" ' ' ' " ,J ' 'V ' :
For the payment of expenses ot Street Commfs
Honer'anirUiaik trtKH?; aiU..'C r. Jiumiii
! For tbe paympM ot eoiployasof ,tia l-'ira IOf
artment,l,-xi. , s ... -. -: ,, .;-
For the payment of axpenaoji ff CjtJ fV".
For tha piimeofctf ialaria AO- QUI O cers.
f Mas&aT CitrPar? trl.66H ,
lamps, S100. ' .T'? r , f. if'i-ii-tfi: tltfy'iij !
' For 0 aad (laa Ltuhtt, aiatt,..-,- , . . , ..'! , i ..; i
For pt.yent vt Nieolaoa lavement ia front of
Sooth Kugino Hoaa asoa ,u - ... .-. i t
For 8wer aad Utalnagd.asM. - - .'o" i
" Fbr payment of 1'emporare ieaO 16,000.
"t-hae;-. Tfeoteraral iauMtif anoney appropriaiad'
by the foregoing section shall be expaodod in aba
manner prescribed by-tbe fifth eaetloa oi .tb ordi-;
nanceoetiriav tha dutiaaol the City Clerk, passed,
r nr a, ni.meni di dibbdids loa nnumaf nnwi
President the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON City Clerk.
- ooria-dlt
An Ordinance.
To aratss a special tax upon the real estate bonnd
'i lag tba- west tide of High, atroei. fro Moble
street to,(jaben-y alley.
Skctioi I Be ft otrtained'Vrtoa'OiAy Council
of theeity of Colambas. Tbat,rtb4i of Fourteen
eenta. Fire mills, be-and tke same ilTbereDv levied
and eateaaed anon aoh footv faont.f tba1Mveral
1 ts of land boutnliDg or abutting upoa tbe west side
of Hicb street from .ttus street to Strawberry al
ley, a -the ine are dsigoateit apoabctplat'OC th
uivu bngineer.toB qie lo weouice-iii uwMty Oiet-R,
tor theaosAaadoxpease of building douole row
fla eroeetas mr-nms Moatta stvee at tha weatsidaof
nigh etreet. a-oording to the estimate of ha Citjr
PSECsf'T'a? tbe-ownerrorro-eefaT1oti-bf
upon whU-h the foreg j gasieximeat -is ma.le
stiAII Oar the amounts
s or money try them ' sererally
due io tbat behalf to John Murphy, within
twenty days trom the date this ordinal -e, or 4s
iabjecttoths interest aatrpena'ty allowed ifpen
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON City Clerk.
noru-tils I JL A ji i.
Eesolution to Cotractr1 -
Seiolted. Tbat tbe City Civil Engineer be. and
ne is nereoy autoorisea ana airectea to ooniraot ia
the name of theeity of Colanabua. with Matthias
Lang, lor building' a double row flag crossiug
aorosa South street at the. west side of High street,
upon me ruiiowing HnoR, wo wn; i
For excavating or grading. Forty eenta per eubie
Jrardk i i :" I f ,
roroomaer paving, rorty-nve eeau per square
yard -iy - a i
F .r graveling sidewalk. Fifty cenU per oubie
,Ad'optedNov.2S.tBeC':? c l''t. !
Attest; L. E. WILSON, I
nov?8-dlt ' - . i"-- ! ". CiW eierk. ,
Besolutlon'to Contract.
Besotted, That the City Civil Kagineer be. and
be is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name ot tbe city ot Columbus, with Frederick
Erfurt, fbr buiMing a ' doable 'row Half crossing
across South Public laae at the-, west side ol High
street, upon the following terms, to-wit:
. 'or excavating or grading, i-'orty eenfs per on bio
'"For. boulder paving1.' Forty-five cent per square
- For aagging, 1 inches wide, .Sixty eenta per lin
eal foot. , '
Adopted Nov, 23, 1868. . ,7? J " 1
, . .. Attest ;-L. E. WILSON.
novM-dlt '" ' ' ' '- City Vlerk. '
Resolution, to Contract.
Resolved, That the Uity Civil -Engineer be, and
lie ia hvreby authorised and direoted to contiaot in
tbe name of tne city of 1'olumbna, .-with feter
Eagao, for building a - double row, flag.crosajng
aor.ws , Center alley oa tne north side -Of AKg
street, upon tne ronowing terms, to-wrt: '-' '--
Forexoavatipg or grading, Frsjr ceuti per eubie
yard. - ' - - - Vl
F'or boulder paviaav-Jfortv eenta oer sonars
yard., ,( ,,----. j-? 9 ...
For nagging, J4 indies wlde,'G0 flenta. per llaeal
foot. ... . '. '. , .
Adopted ov. S3, 1S68. '
- S.', rAUast: th . WILgOH, Citjj Clerk.
nov36-dlt , . . ,
v 'Resolution.to Contract
RhkJmA Vb.t the Citv Civil Engineer be and
hem hereby aatherisedand directed te contract in
the same of b eity of CVamhua.' with John
Murphy, for grading ana pt-ing iuo unpmvea sias
walks on the west side ot rthctb street Irom Town
street to Riob street, upon the following terms, tu-
"ikir excavating or grading. Forty eenta cercu.
f or oricxs laid. vi. wDcriaqunDa..'! ...
AdOPu4,ftey.'"S3. MSB. : :; vin-
Attest: L. e. wn.snw
1 kortfl-dlt .jiioi. .J.-aJitraJUik. i
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 28.
GOLD 134? buying.
cent, discount buying.
" -
New York Money Market—Nov. 28.
' MONITY 'Easy ai tv8 per eeht
a ruiKLii iit;iiAJM(ji Easier at
iaHuX' 'a,-. - l .3 "... , ,..
GOLD-r irm; opened a ; closed
at VAiX -v-vx.-' a-,,.. 7 i - v
New York Stock Market—Nov. 27.
cl sed strong. Conpon of '81 114 -do
'7'4s'is; oo 04 iufivf-aT oo'Tio
107l07flo. new llollO&; do '67
110J110; do;63 HOJicSUlOW 14
l - I, w
" Stocks higher. wliJaVaverakr&. amannti'nr
business, closing steady, though a twrihself
from extreme qnoutions, and ranged from
343e"j We have been unable to ascer
tain that theft t? any 'feandaVioafor 'sb-l
uuitrt. V, ywiuiuuiiM UrSbWCtsn Itie
Erie litigators, .Michigan Southern, has
been firm on the report that Abere will be
meeting at Chicago next-Thursday 'oi the
committers of L.ake' bhore railroad and
Michigan SoulWem road tor the ptarpoMot
agreeing upon" a plait for' consolidation.
Express shares were freely dealt in. . Mer
chants' Union has. been , the Jeadlrtg tea?
tnce..i- v . A 'i ,; ... . "'.''.- .' : .
' 6:30 prices Amerlcan-4747Mr Adams
BOBOXi United States 474 Mer
hants -Union 1 "Fox itiu-it ait
its?i(ajii rvewmi Uolotr Telegrapb 361
36ji;.NetYdTV Central 128Jg129: Erie
3K-W; Reading 9nVS99?i : Xerre Hani.
40il? Wabash'. 58 (g5o9Jii St. Paul. 713
71Ji;-Fl. Wavoe'llgll2 Ohio & Mis
sissippi 8I31;'MielgH)rnsral119;
micnigan souirreruwjs liunoisuen
tral 142;Plttbrlrt.h.88?i89 : 1'pleda, lOlift
Rock Island J0S(3J09; Norrjlwesteri mt
-'-.' t sal l'lt ' -TimnrA o.--.,.iU
New York Market—Nov. 28.
XTTJON-lrJeIted. . lwde-. tower ' .arfd
closed steady under the news from Euroece;
2,800 Hale of middling oprauds sold at 25c.
FLP,TJJt Closed arshade better for me
dium an loV? tfra'desr wlr abodkrate
trade and limited -export Inquiry.
WHEATQareie41't0l53 ftjrNo. 2
7 lnn-wtora
and si il8l ;lfloat fbr mixed tVesterp.
PORK Heavy and lower with ; sales, .Oe
old mess at 923 and new. mesa at S28, with
no buyers, .,, V '1 ', 'i'T, -.'''" -J":":
'CUl' MEATS-UnehangetT.:a u . i a. i
ff. BACONQuiet'antl ateadr-.T imaif -(,, ,
. L ARD-rftuil. at W6c p..ljr,.;i6
prime steam. .h :i u ti
EGGS gteady at 363a. Ty "S
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 28.
. PLOUR. Unchangfedand fltmfainiry
it 753 00, - '
HEATEirm? $lsSQifor TOttetf
$1 70 tor No. 2. -isim iV., H a.
' )1tV'lrin'jiew earfiataxaew -i. jliiv
, . BY.E Advanced tarrW?aj'aa'";i,m
uais-ijuiet, oucsBOo; tor . xto.-,A, aA
choice. i'..xf.-3 1-4, .infti.ri
ABLBDnehhhWa.,'i!,' MTiT,
COTTON-Prlces:dMll, 2&)b4'mldaUiig
Upland. (.-.. .lK tlit r.r .rab
-..jWHISKY Firm tttSS:".i -'' ' 7"3
HOGS-Tirmer miT hISrber'at,t7ar B0
grossi- ---t .nio n . ii.ru. "'rnM.
PO RK-Mesa f8 aad fbanaw,
. J5U14,MT4-artly fujrd tauletand
easier!; ' shoulders c; hty0iY3& tot eftar
Wr shoulders -and side1 vu tlj u u.-tinnl
" 'LARGsi-Dttlr; 1314crr prfmeateam
aritr 1 4150 4or k-twlty rendered. n !'.!.;.
": BUT rER Uricrtevrfged and quiets J , n i
",;,CUEEE--Uaehaugeai4nd'qulet;!i:i -M
:'EGGS839.'"i 'Mt-n i i.r ki:ri .raifr
OILS-Ltnseed 96o and du'lh, iard-searoe
and prices irregdhtri at l 90t S3 otispea,
but for future dellvt-ryf aay-xeu daysiheDet,
It Catt be bought at $I'-25. tur. A nTd : o'i
i t'6
Chicago Market—Nov. 28.
-fLjOTjR Steady? morderateif 'attiV a
'ArmtalealiTirine' sTtns at! t 'eijats ...!
. VtlEAl'-No. 2opei 8rmiiiaiJri
hlgtverr sales at 115. attrftelr back J aud
closed wrth' sellers at rtt14Wt Nb". litief;
sales at tt 4E'27,':saleiNo.'2-Cul8 arten
'nobhat ft Vf. ! " "u-.'w
CORN--The comeir oHolif NoYIls mUT-
tainecf;'salcs ariI 00,-4tnd erih titm bid
1 ejected &k blosln'atr75j,fef'NU t'kilh
dried : sales No. 1 sitic'e1'Chang" at tf W-O
-; pTSQuiet and'ffrhyarrrl ltle-hlu-
k f 12); HovTniPktouWde'frrfwfor Noi J.
... BA It LE Y-j-Quiet aud steady; sales NoJl
it $l l55lo7;'ud fejefited tI 36i "l
1' " ' 't-.-'-i .jn.loo
Ho, '4 ar 7S8uv; new.etieiiea "in-arit
toaodrt pd:-.rregular;;''sales: 't'l8(feifec:
kiln dried active: ' altVa'Nn'. 9 'at MUiwMiiS--
Chicago Market—Nov. 28. St. Louis Market—Nov. 28.
-Steaery, with fibb'rj
ZliOp rfjIW
flf.l lo
nuus r irruer anu uiniier
uuttiN duu ma nroopi.ng; Tanjing1 at
7581o ; mostly for, he .w, ' " '" J ,v,'
i'1 RY R-4Lo wer itAst. IDtittl I
,-SfiLV.VlLffnilha'nerf.1-.4,''- :'
1 'POUKUlchahged a't? tW23'0
... BACUNShou ders fdwer-i 11
cl(Ii.1rtf7IT., .it.i.
BD-Ofiotes'k't' 13rai3W. v' '
Chicago Market—Nov. 28. St. Louis Market—Nov. 28. Toledo Market—Nov. 28.
.Vli, nVrf, n 'I II L ' W-L
Michigan" $2
i u; wnite juicniican i, on.
nwiiifui OH.. i,i. ..... , ... .
xJAKLiiii (jauaaa 2 id. i-.,:..;,
amber f q.spxtn at yo., -
.white, 93Z,uew, t-Mm flA
OATS-Pirm aud lo better JSTtfjMhll
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 28.
.The demand Uliuiited and pnned chlief
ly; itoi tha local , irad rand, iliwK.bf. sbujth-western-ordersB
In wioea thei e is but lTuie
LhhadgeL-iwitb some inquiry for liuseyp oom-
poseu ol. ween aa eottou wortn -aoaavs
per yard tor, tbe southwestern ,tradev aad
repellauts. like Garabaldi proofclpth, worth
Si 25(31 30 per yard, arcalso .wanted for
cteakiugs atidsuiw; also4orsojj) sections
Osnaburgs are In rtqueat at 1114 price, put
most other staple cotton good only move
slowly at J2r: for, standard puiqta. 15glBa
lor utwvy pniwn8UMUuMS.ua ,itfiaLu;ao
hit moatUlodlaines , i,, 9,rr
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 28.
liFLOUR Doll; price unchanged, ,, ,
ii WHEAT-r-Steady ; h6V o No, l,-ln
StOre.;1 H l!t7 i.-j-l uoil iriifi ltwh
Milwaukee Market—Nov. 28. Buffalo Market—Nov. 28.
-Everythingirmi(at yetitTdar! -fineta-
ttons; aemana ixgatneaaiee peporiear,(,R
tit tvm9mBmmmmwMmw0BPMw)S9mmMmmmwmwSMm9m
."I i; ( v
uw(i u uii t?e jjtri.r, U'lm
.i -' did Cs Jtft.U . Jhl.J:a.,.,l,.,,t
Ot BMAOsKINe;' aod agents for the sale o?
Haaard Fowder Uoia Dam's 1'uwder. t.Aaeati lor
Celebrated ...Snajar ,Cifrecl j' tlsuina,
... , f) ;' : '.': and deaJeas. in ;';i-.. ; , 't)
. GItOCERlES' -., ..h;".K
in all their varieties. Imported Wine f. Braadieg
Cigars. eta. . . . . , T , lull-oodly
x r'.'lvr
e. k. aiBca.
: ear w. ..pit
o, all kinds of Coaatry Produce., such as' But
.'( teriEgga. Cbitkens, Tuikejs.ao.,- .4,
'.'. 'k'o.' WS -. Brmmmtwmymii
" Theroholce!f varieties . pt ;Fresli ffeh received
J.itv.''-SKS- 'AD .O.mIh .Mm),.... JIhmJA,,..
patt of thegliy raaaap-catAag.. iloetiS-eeden
11 . !. u.VVJa. Wi aw'col
'll-t:. 1 a- io -- : :'. ni" .' ! v 01
lT b''A a-a. E I ,, 4? e fl X mi
Wla.ajCON'I'lNtjTR THBCeiL Blit)
iw at his preaent stand, io .sth.I
u x'Neu ias tvartta lllgtg afrwi-,n
and -wltr take Order ia Voth CAMMtlDQK'tn
HOCK1NU OOA1,.- wbichibe i prt pared soaeU a
be loweetmrke pT!ei9.i I. -,,. ;(. . .-.
i-eodly 3 uljboi

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