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jp talesman.
Democratic State Central Committee
Rooms. COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25, 1868.
There win be a meeting- eif the raetabera
Mftf thai Denocratle Stat Central Otamll
'tea al Thurman Hall, Cblotnbos, Otifo, on
- Toe', Deeefeber 8th, at 'block P. BE,
br'ttw rp6of: flxlftfrth tiro rl holrJ
Inaf tn nek Stattf Crmventton, rjarid the
nbaaetloa I well other Dnriniei?aiaj
' come before the CbnimUte. 'A toll atteni
'srh4Ui4rtA J;!i -." ' a
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
News and Otherwise.
y Coin dod la JNewiTors; jestenjai.at
,135J' Ii'.i-l'ao ,vlni j-jti f..': irn ?vr.J
! 6m Gaaht H ff to Boston.' i.idtr.vU
-It;TilrTioit isdown ott dres cbati atiln-
Tu price of a food . plajn . velocir'd lit
?. bun ;,wa v.fi'W-wft-i
i,Taaenaiioaor Cleveland H Teloefc-
-pe4eLii n Ik-kj ") !fiii!.;t od s'is'i nih
'.1r'iJmwT complains br scarcity 'of
jjjjji,-rt''-'H .v.ioliiiiie lu'i aiio'intEig
" .itirrLtiii.rti? lCaa i'fcflo o over again, of
course. , - .
Trcbb h aaajeTenyear old, , mother n
Xnfjaatd.,,; 7,fn(n,j t-josii v? .t-'o'T
-xIUtmbX JoH8tt Jtafa. to bT forty
frand cbildrenV. 1 si.'
-H nit.
Tsrrveal esUte'lHUlne!! iwarkably
active in Toledo.' ' "
oJs ItZci mii lo
V&iPortitnouiK tftwi ' U kjtttaUny "tta
feiettloo bf a tbwn clock.
V; ....... i ': i.1 SB ""!t'1 WMS
t jBDwix Booth U plarinx at Chicago, and
iiiet ,tfttla freat anccea..,,,vi.(. "'.
.T Vhlatoo iutae a Klebmond la
lava tamtl dowq condUiop-j , tf h,q
..Tm rrtMMt)A Tbm declare afalpat
the 8th of Jaonary ConveBtloa.' 2 . T '
X'lteirrprf religion. In HeniryaWBeecV
rt ,eatlmatlbB,1 aa old(aa (lce. "r'
'Thb poor' who ie4 public wile f are rap
laif'pthij Ipcreaat fafaZ'rti-C
JtfaartbjiBi kalf the Jraprored laqda l
SotcpiaereafM'Bale,,. ..iuV
.xmrssx drajmea were afflicted with
tbe teat SrMac ananU- In Lontevllle lo on
4mr- f tiiq;-a n:i;-j Jr-'flJii''.! 'i'-J
Tb Oayabota eodnty Jally' we-leam
treea Ute Mtndd forty prteoo all
BBtiWi 3u .T)i!iii s'!i ai irU tua . tl is r J
Bnoaii Tetnra't orjran tklaka'tb ef
feetire prerveotWo of earthqtiakea l Mor-
onlBi'i'n. V:' i (A innf t h
- Ttra "Republican of Wiwonsfo are
rBjr a riot time oyer the United States Sen4
atorehipi;' V; ' .,! ''::V".t
Mat Lchmah ondertook to banjr her-
aelf in tiie Cleveland station house Sunday
afternoon. V.'i", , '..; r.",'
.Tu Freedmen's Bureau is pronounced,
political eurse by Hunnicut, the Ylrglnl.
Badieat. That's tf w--.J-.---
The publication; of the ISteubtnvtiU Daily
(tmU ha beea disoon tinned. We are
sorry; It we ar ood paper. "J?
"Hoh; Johs'P.Hl, US.'MinUtef to ;
Spain, has gone to Paris' to take medical
adricaln regard lo his Tiealthr "
i Kaw HaHfobiss: preseats a fln opening'
to amMtiooa men, , Only two hundred men
want iaGovertNMT of thatState.1 1
Tb London Timet -radnirea. jb4' worn-; :
aaends (be energy with, which tbe Pacific
railroad s Being' poshed to completion. k v .
r A motoieh't ; is" on foot In New Tork '
etty . looking : to the release of Edward
Ketchum, tbe two" million dollar embezv
aier. : " ' v rV:
'"GEX.'EiiiT wants the Indians turned , :
over to the War Department. ' ' Doobtlesa '
this is with the view to their ;exiermlna "
,' A . Yoosa man si few days s jtocommlttd
snicidein'LotilaTine for love; bnt'lhe lore'
happened to be for money, and. Bot lor a,
' i ' -' : i ' l
woman. .f.n-j.
SiKAToa Cbsndltk, of llirhlgan, whose
term expires the 4th of March next, will
hare to encounter serious opposition to his .
felectJbn.' VJ-.V- 1 '
Thbjuc apprtoje.sonie "contest be
tween, the cttisens and pigs' of Lafayette
Indiana, as to which hit the better right
to the- paTements.';' - ? ' . u,
i Iowa is Meet with only 666 Negroes, and
a an Inducement to that'.' race . to . set tie
there, she at the lata- election declared In
ikvor of Negro Suffrage.
; Got. IfOKTOir claims that' "he bar been'
misrepresented? His intention is to Intro:
dnce a bOl providing for the redemption !
of Greenbacks, and not Bonds. f
Cot. W Ei tiiuioxn, formerly of Chll-
licothe, 'Ohio, bat now of Springfield, Mo
is spoken of as a snccessor to Mr. Bender-.
Boa la th United States Senate -
It la stated that the reason that hat to-'
ken George TTilkes to Xurope, la thai he,
cant get an office soch as he expected.--' .
Other patriot will bo disappointed in the
aame way; ' :'.; V,''.;: :.
Tax editor of tbe Journal wishes to bo
employed, as a thief, and .would hare the'
public nnderstand that bis army experi
ence has qualified him pre-eminently for
that vocation. " ." .':.;;
"Hkhbt M. Doasoa, while digging . in a
well in Browmtown, Ind, on the 24th of
November, which had been so ok to the
depth of twenty or Jwenty-five feet, was
buried allv by the caving In of tbe well.
BaiGBAjf TockoIs said to hare thirty-.
six marrtageble daughters.,. A good lamily
tevjatrytnto, according to Ben.Tranklln,'
who thought ' It bettef to marry into a
family orntfmerous daugnters than where
tBere wailmpTy one. j": - J - 1
la the oyo of the CletelanSt Leader paper"
currency I a crying evil of the greatest .
magnitude, and that social, : moral and
business well-being ran only ie promoted
by a resumption of specie payments; but
it protests, -with ponderous, emphasis,
against resumption. ' ,,
Habvxt P. PtArt, of: Toledo, is fhe
Democratic candidate for State Senator to
HQ the vacancy occasioned in the 33d Dis-i
trtetby the death of Hon. James C. Hall
Ux. Piatt aaa every requisite to make a
Senator of the first Order. ; The election
take plac ca the 8th inst. -
Taa Bottom Pott says that at the Ware
Connelly wedding at Princeton, N. J the
groom wore a bine coat with brass buttons."
a white satin neck-tie, and black breeches.
The two 'groomsmen were "reckoned the
first beaux in Philadelphia, and werocof
respondlngly arrayed. The bride's dress-
was of very rich" white satin, the skirt ea
panier. It was mada with an apron front,
trimmed with narrow ioiaaor satin, alter-'
Bating with Tows otjmffed tulle. Short
' sleeve, and waist deeoUete. .Orange blos
soms' around 'the waist and; in, the .hair:
long tulle veil; pearls for ornaments; bani
bouqnef of wanga blossoms and -white
' flowers, 'surrounded ;Ty a' heavy white
frlnire, and ornamented with long satin
streamers. s -.vji
News and Otherwise. Alleged Frauds in the Building of
News and Otherwise. Alleged Frauds in the Building of the New Lunatic Asylum at
ETThe Cirtcinnf CWaZ intimates frait
iiniht gMog aut of nttseU byhe Tru.
tees of the new Lunatic Asylum at Athens.
The bids for plastering and brick work
were awarded to a firm consisting-of
James Dale, of Cincinnati, and to Dat &
Sawds the "Dii" being Col. D. W. H.
PT?(.0?!!mbu9, anSAansthabotlu
ers sakdb, or Cincinnati, inciuaing, as ine
Commercial sayv "At-KX, Sands, tbe Silent
partner ( the late firm of tbe' two Bens
war; WAton and Bkn. xxsglestoit. The
contract, the Commercial thinks, was nn
fairly given ,to this political, .firm. , The
same "Saw-A DAThave the eontrac't Tor
making the brick,-and-they are to make
eight minions or more. Thus lar they have
made half a million, atd alpcipnati brick
layer Is the authority on which the tom-
merciat "bases its statement that "they ars
hardly fit' for sldewnlls and tu at 'a good
fob could' not be made With them. iTbey
are idescrlbed as too jrk and ' shabby, not
liquate 6V straight or properly birnedir
Aue vius wr onu worn ma piusenng as
awarded;- willmount to' 918,133 64-the
bid "of Mr.' MkOBOK,'' declared highest; tb
buttl7,984 13. 'i"-a-
H jTbe JSeioto Gqittte basa icorrespondent,
Who, fn speaking of the1 letting of the on
tnp.tiXttit'thtt nnvi A'ivtrim: r'J ' lh'::'
' 'One thing we do khbw, having been
resident Of Athens at the time,' and that is.
4aat4 dtiaen of the plsoe who happened to
askj a. pertinent question about the Asylum,
was sec. upon py me King, woo nave inani
iiulkted '.' that ente pride, and was'driteri
from the- town at a loss Of several thousand
dollars.",-.!! s "utU:i'.:- snv rn-j uiit Jr.uJ
L.' These mots,ieiaets they; bei tall loudly
foe Leglslatava krveatlgation The whole
concern 1s in Radical bands, and Badieal
editors make tba tiiargesvU xt a,-: ,,',
.-.A correspondent ol the Commercial, some
time since, bad the following:
r. There is at least a possibiltty that the
Athens Aoylum will he abandoned.: It is
charged, that the Trustees Of that institu
tion have been extravagant, greatly -ex1
eeeding their estimates, and reducing the
amount Of rooms in their buildiar.v. The
tmroltigof the Centrals Asylum .will also
operato against tbo,- continuance ot.he
work at Athens.? ;., , ' ;.'Xt',
V If the charge made even approximate
the .truth." there it danger of thef whole
.. ThA Marietta nanera charare. with seem'
ing truth, fraud in. the Jocatipn,'and thai
the land secured, was without good t,ltle to
the Stste la addition, lt charged that
the, cost of the building , will very largely
exceed the estimates, while the accommo
dation for, patients is not near as large as
it required by . law. In addition to these.
tbe charge of fraud in the contracts will
make a thorough .investigation necessary.
and If the oh arges are substantiated, we pave
no hesitation In , saying, hat .the building
will at once be stopped, and,, we doubt not-
abandoned.'- i., .!,,., ,1. -r,
A Radical Senator Photographed
by his own Press.
f., -
The Legislature juet elected in Michigan
has to elect a . Unltea btaxes senator, in
Dlaca 'ef Zacbakiah Cbarplkr. . whose
term expire on the 4th pt March -next.'
' For years Senator Chandler has been a
leadinsr man lb the Badieal councils.', Just
before the war commenced, and while ef
forts were msde, to prevent it, bo wrote
that M without a little blood-letting the
Union would not be wortli,savlng,,';.,He Is
now po better, nor Is he' any worse, tban
when elected, yet his own party papers are
giving blm bis Just due, in the pen and
liik photographs which we publish below.
When the, Democratic presscbargeddrunk-
ennees, and other crimes on Chakdlkb,
these sanie papers that-now hold him up
to' the scorn of the people, defended him.
The Detroit. Advertiser and Tribune (Rad-
!), thus collects and publishes the spirit
6t tbe Badieal press on Cbakdub and bis
re-election to the Senate: ". ,
"tFroiatlisCliioafoTribBne.l .
"The beoDle ot Mlchisan; one year ago.
voted down a prohibitory liquor law, but
it doe not follow that they have any special
desire to be represented in the Senate by a
drunkard. The people of Michigan, and
especially the Republicans of that State,
nave too mucn sen respect, to yearn lur a
representative who- is- no regarded '
responsible being after ha has been, long
enough outof bed to get intoxicated.
u His habits are bad, and bis statesman
ship is not of a high order. '
...i KrOTQ the Albany JonrnmU
Senator Chandler has a $40,000 house
and liveried servants His whisky la like
wise ot the best, and he gives big suppers,
which Fawney praises Immoderately. II
Zack choose to spend bis money in making
a fool of himself, who can? -;
i J '"tFrom the Bafialo CommeroialJ liJ
MIn Michlran Zck' Chandler Is organ-
Izinsr for a new fiubt for re-election. His
disreputable personal habits and character
are against him, and have developed strong
opposition.' (. "; ''
j.t; So "(From the Cleretand LeaderJ -it
("Michigan ran hardly fall to improve by
keeDlnsr Senator Chandler- at hi me, and
sending almost anybody else to take his
place. , , " .
' "tFrom tha PbiladelphU Telegraph. .
Chandler. at the best, isa demagogue.
happening to be on the right side at pres
ent, i But he is a man who is not qualified,
either by intellect or habits, for the high
position which be has now filled during a
period of twelveyears. '"In all the elements
of statesmanship he is a mere pigmy by tbe
side of his colleague, Senator Howard"
The fight is altogether with the Radicals,
and we have no disposition to "pitch in."
But this we will say, If ."Chandler is a pig
my by the side of bis colleague, Howard,"
he must; he jthe smallest specimen of hu
manity that ever encumbered the earth. .
The Greenback Issue—A Radical
Senator Breaks from his Party.
A Washington letter to the JVw Tork
Timet, speaking of Senator Mobtom, of
Indiana, ssys: , :ri .,-.,..r,.A
" Senator Morton is preparinsr to advo
cate his financial views with . persistency
and loree next winter, tie naa an inter
view- with i Secretary - McCulloch yester
day, and discussed, at much length, points
ot dinerenee Between tnem. Morton . ar
gued that the Government was not bound
to pay off five-twenties in coin and should
now begin to' redeem the issue of 1862
With greenbacks. Mr. McCulloch replied
that the Treasurer could not have sold these
bonds It it had betn the understanding that
tbe principal could be paid in anything but
eotn. senator morion inteiras to introduce
a bill embodying bis ideas early in tbe ses
slon.".a i,...,. ,.-a ,;
i This Greenback issue,' which ; Senator
Uobtoh advocates,: is the same that the
Journal ot this city deaoanoed as
dlmg, knavisK thievinf," was embodied in the
last Stote Platform adopted by the Radi
cals ol Ohio in SUte Convention assembled,
and afterwards repudiated. .1 i
' With Gold atone dollar and: forty cents,
taking Greenbacks as the standard, a wrt
ter in LippencoU't MaQatine ' est mates that
to pa the bonus in Gold will increase the
National Debt eight hundred million dol
lars, a sum so vast that the human, mind
cannot 1 conceive it. ',' All the lands in
Ohio, at their value as they appear on the
tax duplicate, added to the valae of all tbe
real estate in all the cities, towns and vil
lages of Ohio, would not, if sold, realize
sufficient to pay this vast Increase of the
1 National Debt by, in round numbers,' two
hundred and forty million dollars. ,: -iTo.connt
the large rani ot 800,000,000
dollars, it wonld require one man, work
in' ten hoars per day and seven day In
each week, over ninety -one year of assid
uous labor.. t tu.l: -A-t i
And this immense amount Is to be added
t the National Debt, aa a mere gift, with
out law, reason or justice to sustain it, and
eery man, woman and child in the. land,
ujji ne cetC ls taed
: from his partyon this
tot pay it A
In breaking off from his part!
question. Senator Mobton does one honest
,cfc loreneve tne Od((m or-anjutoriy
misspent life.
who earns or spen
Senator Breaks from his Party. Motion to Quash the Jeff Davis
In the VpAteft Statfe pircufrCpnif
Richmond," 'yesterdayV Bobbbt Ocld.
tooBnsel t9tJtr. DAVTSi-tMdea moOolFeb
quash the indlctpen oq tbe ground that
the 14th amendment 'prescribes a mode for
punishing participation in rebellion, which
li disfranchisement, Ind nV&her 'banish
ment ft prescribed. The motion will be ar
gued on Thqrf day. f f I
Theclauso of the 14th amendmetit to the
Conftftution, upon which" this motion la
based, provides that
"No person shall be a Senator or Rep
resentative In Congress, or" Elector : of
r r-nueni or v ice rresiaenc, or noia any
office, civil or miliwry, under, the United
States, or -under any SUte, who having pre
viously taken an uath as a member ot Con
gress, or as an officer of the United States.
or as (nember of anv State Legislature, or
as an executive or judicial officer of any
ritater to etinnart- the Conatitutlon-af the
United States, shall have engaged in Insur
rection or rebellion against the same, or
given sid or comfort to tbe enemies thereof.
But Congress may,- by a vote of two-thirds
oi eacn nouse, remove such disability."
Jfrthe Court holds that the 14th amenoV
ment ta adopted fey -tW number of States
required Ohio, New Jersey and Oregon
all -.withdrawing their assent then, we
doubt not, the indictment will be set aside,
fbr thts opens the readiest method ty the
Government ' to ' rid., itself i of . the ele
phant, -"which It ! hM; m;the, pfefson .'of
Jsrr. Davis, who, it has been charged
time and agalaJ Jndga CHAftK jdaro not
bring to trial.
tJew Advertisements
:, tjS" Xhe Ohio Stateaaaatsi Btaus sk
larsrer Clrcwlatloat thaw may p
per' stabllelted lat 11 City ar Cess
trait Ohla., .Ad,verlra,vvHl lear
hl ls-BalaidU',.-iii:;,t.,'!r:'.;"."" I.1
Ui Pofd'a Urmt 8tor.8othHirt 8t, -Pr
ariplioBacaraiul eompoaadu stall hoaztj
'iii'-. !. , - ar citt m nrr mm 1
' ' lNol 330 : Broadway
Capital, One Billion Dollars.
bABtvsJt atAMAH.Frw't' jAS.MBKBILa.8aa.
Ree-lTM Doixxi land allows FOUR PERCENT:
INTKKKriTon all OailT Balaneu. abieattoebaok
at lick. . npaoial lpoita or il lBtb or nora,
ai be nads at Se pr enk Tba Capital oC Oas
Hi iion uoiiarau aiTiaaa among over soaaoai
holders, com priiinc manj nUmen of laras waalth
an fiDanoial elperieooe, who are also personally
liable lo depositors for all cblixatioiit of tbe Com-
pan? te donbl tta amount of their eapttal etoek.
Ai I he National Traat Oompany leeeiret deporiu
a large or small amoanU. and permits them to be
arawoasa, wboie or in p t nponeeaat eifotana
without aetiee, allowins internet oa all dailj hal
aocei. parties throughout the oouotrj can keepao-
eoant in tbi inititutioa witn eptoial adrantages
I aecttiitj. eooreaieaoe ana (teat. -i.s . . (,.-,
, reKT-deol-dAwS4i , .
Three Train Leave Calanawas (TJalen
srefat)f lr (saaaaya aixceptea.)
a:es A.' U. ; IflHUT EXPRESS.XarriTlii it
KaneaTlIla at :13 A. M.; Bellaire at 1030 A. M .
Baltimore t5 A. U.; Waeainteoa Citr at 814
A. M 1 i : m
1 :it A. M.LIOHTNINQ EXPRESS irriylna
at Zaneerille at M P. : Bellaire at P. M :
Kal timore at Uut A- M.; WaihiogtOB City at UiU
P.M. -.".!,.. . . . :
Kit P. M. EXPRESS MAIL.arrlThwstZnes-
rille at 4S P. M.; Bellaire at :lt P. M.: Baltimore
atr. M.: WaningtoB City at 93 P. M. '
CI nee eonneetiens made at Baltimore and Wash
ington with trains for Philadelphia and few Tork.
Passengeri holding through tickets to Essten
eities hare the privilege of t
' . j .'1 ...iu.-!ii-.ti :w .."P-.
.. " . . ... .. - s I
Visiting , Wabhlngton City Free.
No Change of Cars at Ohio River
JNO t.'WILSON. Master of TransportatitB
L. M. COLE. General Ticket A gent.
JNO. W. BROWN. Genl Pauenfer Alt.'
vDr. Burton's Tobacco Antidotee'
VTratmark CbpyrtyMtd.
Cmmtiea l Heware of .Injurious Counter
feits adyertisod by Humbugs. t ,
r , Insane Ayliisx.
O the Insane. St. Louis. Mo. This Institution
was founded br the Sisters of Chanty. Aaiast lo,
I8t8. It is nrirata. and first elaas is its arranae-
meats' and aceotnmodatione. Insaoe patients
both sexee and of all denominations are receiTed.
tor terms. Ac. apply to Dr. J. K. UAUUUY. at
tending fbysioian, or to Sister Superior of tbe In
sulation, none-aiw
Lumber for Sale.
mnr ni.rsTtnov PARK ASSOCIA
1 TION offer at oriate sale all the lumber con
tained in the fence enclosing tneir rtace tjourse
Also, tbe lumber in south stable, west stand,
inrlvae' eranrl. niftket fence. Aa.
Parties wishing tbe whole of the above will please
eall on the and.tsixned. who will sire all the nee-
easary information as to price, terms, and time
remoral. , , kwhihu ruisv ins,
- Vice President.
' If not AimrtrmmA of br SATURDAY. DEI!. 13
tsss, it will be sold on TUESDAY. DBC. Is. 1888,
at pnblio auction, py ionn u. ncaii, Auotioneer.
j DorSS ..
' Emollient Cream.
ra-taassi nrMGHTIl'L ANDEI.EGAHT
A. preparation, intraJoeed last winter, baring
reoeiredso many flattering commendations from
those who need it. induces ths proprietors to bring
it again before the publie. assuring them that
stands BBriraUed as the best protector of the akin
aaainst tba inclemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also condnees to its health, purity
and preserraiion. For healing abrasions. Chap
ped bands. Face. Lips, or Roughness of the Skin,
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
doligbtiBl tragranee reader it a neoaasary append
age to the toilet. Prepared only by MAKPLE A
B1TSON. oispeasing ChemisU. 108 South High
street, Columbus, Ohio. noT-deodww
XrAamAinn to aaaota ux nnm vob ToaAceo. m
nHkaiy pyiaiW, and karmttm, end is aUo an axcellntap.
artiaE. tt yrijlm end nri te blood, inTie-orMcetbe '
jma eoMOMW graM aoariibing end trDgthBJovVw
r, oaaelet tbo itomaeb to digot the hcertieit foodjAiAkar
loep rafWo.iB.g. and eKabluboi vobott aealth. ySmoeere
awd dUvJy far -mixty yw. wmmd. Price F if tjAtmm e
box. FoetBree. Aa interesting treatise oa tka injmrioea
ffoeta of tohaeeo, with lists of testiinonialjf setsxencea,
ate- SSKT raSf. AgonU wanted. AddroX:
- . . . X Da. T. B. Auott, Jetof CHy, H. J. '
VonwAiraa's TKSrtMoirr. I leeei-f box of Bvrtoa'e
AMidoM frass Bo-TX . Poalton, an Snd tt am cMhai
am a Oatsb CeaaettooyBarriesa Oa, Ohio. -
FaoB raa U. a TalanraT, mmry$ QSloji Flsaee
Bond a eapol y of the Aanpora. Jrks eas neaivtd aat ooae
OJ asereeoaeLY. M - V . . -Ol a BaoaB..
Paoa Kxw Hsanaraa lkjaTB Ftsej Oeaflsatea at
faflneoes hero asTing booa ojked of ths appetite for tobee
eo hr asing Dr. Barton's AAtatote, we desire a suppl for
tbe arleoaers of this instiUftionX . - -. . ,
Jnacra MaTOrardeSW It. B. SaswVrlaea.
A Burxaa's Txarrarr. DrBar1ons AnHflolo fee
Tobacco Aat aumseiyoa f dajotatfas it. . (
W. Mas 1st Set. BankVlew Albany, lb.
A OtBBOTWsii'p atTiaoaT. OaaPoB or AansotB
arsd mj bmktrdni uracil It awraVraiia. . ..
Kn.yw. SaoaaaKU, KeUeJVStetioa. Pa.
Paow raw wouem BaADQesaTxae, X.TSrat Mabs. -r
asing Dr. BSnaa'e Aafidote, end oS "- (A toeaeeo ft
nuni W. U 1uit, Ja.
raoaXxa Soiitbbbb Bon Jotraasi, BsVtbobb,
Bp , qt. bos of Bortoa'e AatkMe rmomd ad Brs far
tba waid frooi bmv I take ploasars in reeoraoadtrbttt a
.11 S- . T. T. Buns, Edianr.
dry Gogpa -y-
iiJiJ .l&il.iJJ.'J
H I Tff l l.5
i-j ta .i'j;7.:ts jaw
:i: ,-ii,fiVi ii' -i-f.
;sotj .;-h Jini'-m.t ilnai i
r. i'.'i
. . : .
t:v s
" :SI;1.3 .1 I ,; -tt
-sorllu!-.,'.) .T.!hi:. 1 .1 fc.i;-.?:
pSaiU'Mt'J ciiiiin.iDf.tia oim!-
lw;'1-' T.ffl".!'! i'
l.-ij; msii-O .fc.--.r..l -,;: -ir
'. .1 'a- -iinjfjt-1 . tir.m '. 111 '
YTi: Kiii: y.i
i! ' 1
..Itliitl O',
vf eta 111 li t.-;:i
..rl i-:4
-t:l (.!sitk.i
f-r. oi
t -
.y 1 ) .i.iin.nn
8 7mu
T O 'X1 K
11 a
t25Q i AND 252
r T
I ts'7.li
r v
O 'it"
r 1
'.;!!!' " Mt:! '
'ilaV.'i H'". .-:;
. I ' '
w '- 'rr-.-.t.'-'.i
l'iA:.!i'J. . ias j
T3 TT " P.T
tli-fsi J.
f S t! Ml is I V
; t i
.-i ...
ao-. i
v ri-,!
J- -i 1-'
. .1 j .
LIJIJ ! t t . r7 1 17. (T.
rpeennar anoriiiibbrUnt n
to nisinj sunenngsj! reeaom irom iubsb
contribute in no small degree to- their
happiness an wejfare, tr none can be
happy who are ill. Not only so, but no
one of these var'tons-female complaints
can lon be suffered to run on without
involving. IhiA gralitie'f the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
iJIfplJifiafct to oh ne alt a physTctirfToi tEe
h-elfef bftheBe varBus'delicati aTTedridnl,
aud only upon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this. The sex
will then Ki;fisf or plying-' It! Jir
UaMs jBirrtpttj ls?J, ilm'M. he
found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost, pyeryj onef .bosn, troublesome
complaints peculiar to tbe sex.
Hundrecls sutler on in silence, and
btiqareda f otuers apply vainly to,dnig
gists end doctors, who, either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make tS iyoij
I would not wish to assert anything that!
would db injuceaeifffltctedjbbt;
am obliged to say that although it may
be prod(ia4 com Azcessive -exhaastloii'
of the "powersof life, by laborious em-i
ploy ment, nnwhplesoma afjfopilj
profuse menstruation, thffTise of 'tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
afterTxiSjTv.? dbWct waliaJu'; ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself. j
When retiewiny the-. -eaoBPS of these
distressing complaints, it is mgst painful
to contemplate the attendank-ervlfreori-sequent
upon them. It is but simple
justice to the subject enumerate a'few
of the manr additional causes which so
largely affecl-taeySiZs, lUb aadaappe
ness of woman in all classes oi society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the welfare of the entire
hnmati family "J -Trtiel mania I'thttt exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes tha years Bal Hi atuW 'designed
for corporeal development to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and. es
pecially in the, unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room., .Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the. mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in mid
night revel the hours designed by nature1
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished. t J J
In consequence of this -early strain
upon tier system, unnecessary ettort is
required, by -the delicate votary to re.
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is -over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to, impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to tbe attainment and retention
of organic health and strength j the ex
polurd o night air; the sudden change
oiftemperature ; v the complete prostra
tion produced by excessive dancing,
must, of necessityTproduce their legiti
mate effect. At last, an early marriage
caps tbe climax of misery, and the an.
lortunate one. iiituerto no utterly regaru
less of the plain dictates and remon
strances of ber delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject -C medical j treat
ment?. ' This hi but a truthful picture' of
the experience of thousands of our young
,!.! tit ,Vt'-1 '
Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an -education of their peculiar.
nervous system, composes oi wnat is
called7 the tissue, which is',' in Icolnhioh
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and Associations at, an- .early, period of
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see
these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites or Lencorrhoea,' 'Too'' Profuss
Menstruation, ,xhaustion, loo lying
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus .jand
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Ute'ri,'" we
offer the most perfect specific known :
Helmbold's Compound Extract of
Buchu. Directions for use, f diet, and
advice, accompany.
Females in eVery perroi of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to-aid nature in the discharge of
its' functions.' ' Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. JIelmbold s
Extract Buchu is more strengthening
tban any ol the preparations oi Hark
or Iron, mnnitely saler, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's Extract Buchu,
having- received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in ttie V ntted
States, is now ottered to afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, fr6m what
ever cause originating ; treneral Uebu
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused. Ideas, Hysteria,
Ueneral Irritability, Kestlessness and
sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, DjsH
pepsia, Emaciation, Low spirits. Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
tieneration, 1'alpitation of i the -Heart,
aud, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated -state of the
system. To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
. t ' ..'
i i
Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere.-
Z-iiA ... . : 'JJi 'J :
Price. $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $6.50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594
Broadway-; N. Y. ' ' J "
None are genuine unless done np in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fac-aimile
of my Chemical Warehouse, and tigned
ytS-dwAs-weowly U. T. HELMbOLl).
. Y?i 1 . u
S3L .
7011 1
-atri .tJooH-".
tie-, if
6p'hb '
ASHlWof OH. . ff."
- .ju3viaattw
Cash Capital, T, T ' " $l,vW,0QQ:
.tr.tnrrr..'; . ' . TW Tw -n , i-
'pAiiy IS fulL
s I
nrjrr j wtwitrl III IV
I,, -uJiisiiir iUA,
To whloh all general correepordeaf whoeUd bwd-
1 1 . d.asaed.!
.CLARENf'R H.1 Ci' AllKi rWdent.
J AT COOKK. ghaixmaa'PUani. and xooaUre
Committee. - -
HEMiY U. ttlOrTE Vice Preeident'',',
iul Dun ar iv . uxr'iv'rn a - a a
.-. H . Osrred by tbls Company are ""O'" ''
- It If a National Company, cbarterad by isecial
Set of Voacresa. 18SH. - . nr.i... -
- it nesapua ap capital or Sl.COO.eoo. :u- ' -
It offers low rates of premium -t'- - . f
H furatehaa larae- 1naumnathan r.thr Pnmn..
wlwa fwtrte aarae money' -.
It is definite and certain in its terms, , .
It is borne Cosopang is every local ttyv
It' Polioies are exempt from attachment.
There are bo unnecessary restrictions ia the Pol-
icieC.'i. ' -'"-n-it X. it- A i '-n : a- . V, . J
KreryFolkiy is bob -forfeitable." 'i
-- Foiioiee may be taken (hat will pay insured their
full amount and return all the premians, so that
-taa Ins an aea easts only the interest oa the enseal
payments. .i - . .i .... .... m
folioies may he taken which pay to the Insured,
after aeertain number of year, auriag Ufa, Bfn--Baal
incame of oae-testh. tba amouat as seed ia tbo
Polio.- , - . . i a ' ,m'i r-i n ..
v,,x?r!mU ta aaatiw4.fr risks apoa thoUraa
-of femalea
It irmrBS not to oat JlTldends.' Trnf ait's'
cost that diTldends will be Impossible.'
CiBcinnati. Ohio, Ueneral AgonU for Ohio, Central
ana nontnera Indiana , n,l.;n
sCOX, WTKIl etc CO
Colawfcos. Special A goats -for Frairhlrn, UeUac,
.Maskiogum and Coshoetoo ooantieav . " J
, reKT-oouo-aeooiweowiy, ,h.- . --
rXS E W I H BH A C H I N E . ,
.14 ti .il
. I -. '
! ! .lit t:t ..:-.. ,'lr.U Ul .: ' . lv
IxLno ' previous year-, lint fa ay
tVeen tcA strong competition among
all ' the leading Sewing " Machine
Manufacturers of this country add
'Europe ' as the present. At all the
principal Exhibitions and t Fairs
they met and contested for the JPre
tuium on. Family Sewing MaeMnee,
and the result teas unanimously in
favor' of the Florence Reversible
Feed Loch-Stitch Family ' Seioing
Machine, It received the First and
Highest Frize as the best 'Family
Sewing1 Machine at ihe following
Exhibitions, viz,: Exposition Uni
verseUe, Paris Atneriean Institute
Fair2few JXorltf 2few" England
Jt nrl!ilhtM.rril . FVte t PVaeMMtM.
K- F. thj, W "fr,- SfAiM m
' , " .7 " .
Buffalo J the -Great 'Annual
Of, MCW Jbnglana, vUCt tnat Of the
Massachusetts,, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute, at Ealtimore,
which closed a four-weeks Session
on the 12th of November, the eupe
riority efl the FEOEEXCE was
again confirmed by the. (Committee
on -Sewing Machines, who unanl
tnousiy awarded it the " GOLD
MEIA L," the highest Prize the
Institute. eon fers.1 AX 6'A'ii
Jt would seem as if this anooossioa of trt
ttmphs should be snffioient to ooaviooo ototw
ananrejudioed peraoa of tho great snporior
ty of tba fLOBENCl ever ail others aa
ramily Bewioc Maohlne.; , y i' -
A written warranty la siren to the pa,
ohaaer, that She IsTaehlna WIIO. SO ALL
aha la clalBiod for It, and aboard It fail,
will be taken back, and tha JLOSXX. fUO
, . : i , j .. II I '!
rrt-etpmt Offl oMteT Jafearssisi, Va. V aTaat
awMrtik Street, Ottsolisasrtf, O.. , , ., ,
H. aScCONTTEUU. Oeaara Agraat,
J. r t r
. At the Ohio State Fair, which closed at Toledo,
Septa W SStri. 188. the FLORENCE rcceiyed
tho F1B&T PREMIUM for tbo beet Family Sewing
saooines over seres oo-apctttors.- -
.Send for a circular, or oall and examine tba at
shines at tha new Salesrooms, .1,.. -
91-Ksm( StaiteyHSt 'orarnbma, )Iitev
ter All kinds of stitching eVne ta- ordery aad
atisiaetion gaarantooa. - - oeuea-azmitawraa
Irn proved I"
It is an elegant Dressing for tb Hair. .
It ceases the Bair te Carl l-eautif ally.
It keeps tho Bcalp Clean and Healthy. : "'
It icrigorates tha Roots of the Hair. '
It forces ths Hair and Board to grow luxuriantly.
It Immediately stops Hair Falling Out. '
It keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Age.
It restores Grey Hair to iu Original Color. ' - ; '
It Brings out Hair oa heads that have booa bald
,.. ..- -..-i-a fn years. -.1 - 'r i .
t is eotnpoeed entirely of simple and purely Taget
5 if . ble substaBoes. 1." 'i
It has reoeired orer six thousand Toluntary testi
monials of itaaxaaUenoar-maay which are from
' Jhysfeians in high standing. " I I
It Is sold fn half-pound bottles . (the name blown
ia tha glass), by Druggists and Dealers in Fancy
Goods ererywhere. at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale by Demas Barnes A Co.; F. C. Wells Co';;
SchienelinA Co Sew Tork.1 rcHirv-mr-dly
BANKERS,. Corner Broad & HiglijSta.
' fe"b-dly -.---.
w, a. B A vrM.
:.: HO. IS 8. IIICiH 8TUEET,
ano-dly-r Calasabas, O'3
warranted perfectly sare to. Uke JntcxnaUy. fnll
JOitldirootioBSWithayerjhotUo, Bold by-the Dntj.
PBK8CI r. Ladia. a, J
ijUemep. 7oancad old. diroBS of havint theii
' oeewrHul for theomtayf , ihoBld use a bot
. Read f!h..1l.. r .t . n ( .
freeloall. Biren a,t tTn-n. ui. n. .J..
by mail free. This book ahpuM be raad ifrrep
Person. ItUag4sotiteMAhMBVl4tifBl
hair, and restore gray hair to its ariatnal inr
in-y.. it mil liilxesxea Ma
rua from the scalp, thus keeping the hair baa at U
foi to tfroj1et berfed of llf, s j
da ka tl A. CHEVALIER. M, D,.
" ,)J-TH.si !Hs'' 1'ieei us
c When leal th baa, been aaariBeed for want of ths
eiraneoesaarr to sroaatW tt rarroTWar atAal1fna.
ftW botur to Wya rtaa to Vel. heTnosi
,?5VWrte.iwa is. at. hsuad. and lu
eoKj and damp are the source, ef .iqnunterabje dii
iesslng ailments. The best maw of eeeapii g
f .e to kaop tbt ontward surface of fM V
eomfortablrwam with enitahle eiotUiaaaaae
irUemaJ orgaru in a Tigoroas aMaU-UA. -
WiBtonaoake xremeodotu draTfii boob tho'vftal
forces, aaeX therefore It -leva Beaarjar WW. w
rotable stlmalaot and iDrirnnnt i;v. nac
I - aw aaaav aiVU B, r. a aa
T.ER'i STOMACH BITTBRS is of taaojto aw.
eipecUU, tohe w.k and fe.bf.. It (Jt
Jnereby anahlee it. to witattaad
beaa efeold.wBich pndwoo eoagh, broacbi-
pata-rn, snq, otner Diseases r the araaBS of
. .i : .. i . .. .. . . . , . . ' L
weainoi aaiior, loessj ecmpiatOBi taa mjTluta
ere aa aekncwledaad Apeeiftc. -' There is ao (Bet
hotter known U this oeanaTT. and. redead. throei.h.
bat 'the eiriUxad portions of the TT esteta Berais-
pBere.Uaa Mat thia gesral preparation 1s a swift
aad oertalB twmedr for all ordlnsr disease bf
"k ' r
I stomach and the hrer
I . aySdeodAwl-ew-B , , ,
i .j:ro Jfw.1
its merits in restoring GSAT HAIR to
rieiBSdt osteeTSSdnaromeaai' 1U" erAwtB: -It
akAe tli hair OorVwad rloary.-The otd ia appear.
ansa an maae young egaia. It it tbo boet
Ifallt JRESSsUi3
erer used. It remeres Dandrnff and an Reurrr
Ernptions. It dose not stain th skin. , 'A
ees'ws.,-SMsBW aamai BT HAIB - -5w
Beware of thesa
as jtepaiationa which are
a I sold upon currepaaatloti
-R7KBALI. CO., Nashua, frop
For sale by all Dreue-iataj s u , i : ? ,
u. jnlyu eutawawly-em u a',. --. of, .(
rn ( , " i -tv . ABB - ( v'tjTi '
PRUT (UBQK.'lUllk rinibo largest jnaoa.
ta torv -.-.i Ka alasr-(!ii is tbe world, with
ths most soproved maeh ' . y. and employing the
wua. aaiiien .lauac. .are vnaDiaa ; so oner BO SB
eqaalled Variety of bo" and baaatifn! deaigos ta
speoJaHr adsptad fort . Jiriay and Brideltiift f
They offer so their well-known and nnriTallea
Nickel 8ilTr Elee ro-FlaUd Wara.,iaahioa the
bToinJrodDeAaw patterasof raxo hjcaasw.a.
i ao olid Silver guaraaaard to be of starling
parKy by V. S. Mint assay. The UectrtxPlata-. i
guaranteed to ho superior to the finest 81 effiel
ware. Orders teceired from tbo1 Tiade only, ba
those goods nay be obtaintd from responsible
dealers every ahere. ' ' ' i-'''
ivj i .ia .-j ''" i ' j'B'. Trade
i Salesroom So. Maidea Lane. H. T5
noTS-dAwsXm-re v . .t r.r.-.-. ..a.-. 1
t Wldren'sXiverSaYefT IbfFiftj
'u:CenlS.L,':''a 1
. .. - i.t t u . r jf
Thoosamls of children die snnusTJy of CAupI
Row. Mothers, if yon would spend M aanta. aad
always have a bottle Dr. Tobias Venetian Lin
iment in the bouse, you 'borer need fear losing
yonr tittle one a hen atucked with thia nnmnisiat
Itia swwSl yeamsinoel bare put upmy Livi ent.
aad bssbi huaid ot B flVild dying of Cronp wSea
my Liniment was) ased; ,bat hundreds of earos
hare been reported to me, and many state if it was
SI per bottle they would ajot ba without itv. Bo
sides which, it is b cartaiB ears for Cats. Boras.
Headache,- Toothache, Bora Throat,' Swellings.
Mmp. Colic. DUnhra. JlysoBtery.gpaims. Old
Sores and Pains in ths .Limbs, Back, and : best,
bio it who is eyer without fr.1 It is
I gists as A storekeepers in tba UnitodBtates, 1VJ
not 1 Park Place. N.Y.
How aJKecllne is Prodaecdr
- - - ' ' ;t I
i Pure blood tnskes well, bad blood makes as
siirk. .Vapors from poorly digested food' ia tha
lilniiii us iiniiilsaisi ana ths issisas nigsiis. Hal
senre to make them grew . or repair their waste.
Organs mad with a greater br lesser proportion of
such materials cannot be sound. .U, tee, bad oo se
dition of blood continues bat for a few days' or
weeks thobedp will ba out of sorts; aad It OOB
tinuef, tbe whole of the body will in time ba re
newed with imperfect blood, aid foe tesfth baA;
ft 6 la decline popularly eahed a . eoamptioa
Kow Brandreth'a 1 ills penetnta the whale asass
of bleed, eaasing the expulsioa of imogritiectha
body feels relieved from a single dose what then
may by expected from twenty? By continuing
their use the whole of the blood ia time beeomos
purified, snd tha body neonstrueted from good msV
tcrtal. tha decline stopped, and a new lease of )if a
secured. Principal office. Bsamdkxth Horsm.
New York. Sold by all draggists; ' , (
funelS-dAwlyeih-MKT M
To art wa owe a thousand graces; ,u t
,.- Improving Matare bo disgraoaiav..:U )
. ' . tkv asfgray hair dont fmf tba eye. .-
CristadoroV Haif Pfi seiVativr.
tKrikiag, attwadiBg. are tha Effects- produced
by Cristadoro's Hair Preeerratiro and Beautiler.
Be the hair eror so wiry, coarse and unmanageable
by brush and comb, ia one, week thia art kl. aUB
render it Sexibre, lustrous snd inclined to oarl-' J
SAi by DragBists,and applied braU Hair IrreO
erst- -MaaufaetOTT Mo.s Haidea Lane. Principal
Depot No AstorHoase.';"" J '" L
junel-dAwlyem-rei(V n ., r . s I
Mi 1..
A Clergyman, while residing ia Soatb America
as a missionary, disoosered a safe and simple rem
edy for the Care of Kerrooa Yx eakness. Early U-i
ear. Diseases Of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and tbo whole train of disordara broagbt eo bp
baneful and vioiou habits. . Great Bambera bare
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate. I
will send the recipe for preparing and asing this
medlci'e. in o sealed ewreiope. to Bay ope Vh"
seeds it, t BSB or ohabob. Addren. - ' J '
...... jostetr Tttmsv;
Station D. Bible House. liew York City.
oct33-dAw .i-i'i- - ..yl'.i
professional: I
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. Went Broadway, aaa
digastreat.UolBmbas.OhIo. has derdted himself
jrasariesof years to tbe treatment of certain pri.
nte diseases. He map beoeBsalted a hie emus a
Broadway, near the xohange Bank -t i
BM.T3t-tf -i . - f
4a a a SNHIMID Anotitr" Jfesa . MmAtnM.
1VI Pamphlet jx r4 pen tif Da Cbbtis.,
oi tms wora : bis
yaiuaoie rreanse on too cau;e ana euro or prema-
tflra ffecIineL shoWS bow health il ImiaiMl ltM.,W
secret abuses of -yoath boo) rnaahood, and how
easily regained -'It tires a clcar s-mi ni nf ,h
impediments to mamage. fhe cause and effects of
nerrous debility, and too remedies therefor." A
Docket editica of iho abora will ha furnnl J .V
Mi2fo,!Li5,eeo h addressimr Doctor C'Eans
' "unm ..nance atreor,- cuiimora, Aid.
ifl-VtsSJ I'M restored fn fmrr weeks. Hneiwooi-
guarantaed. DR. KICOKD'K E88ENCK OF LIFE,
fsstoree mahly Bowers, from whatarer cause ari
ing; tbe effects of earl peraieiooe babitai seif
abuse, .impoteocy and elimate, giro away at once to
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord-
ing to the directions (which are vary simpleaad re-
quire no restraint from business or pleasure Jt Fait-.)
are is impossible. Said in bottles at H. or oar .
qnantitieti in one for 9. To be had only of tbe sola i
appeiBted-agea ia America. HtiBKlTBBll 82.
1 nird Are., oorner 13th St.. lilt I ork.
' MV-Jryt-dly i - j . j i j -j ,4 r, i i j 1
ATCHEI.OH9 HAltt , D KE. Thia
SDlendid Rair O.a in tha K. I. v .i j 7
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable ,
instantaneous ; no disappointment ; no ridiculous ,
tints ; remedies tha ill effects of bad ayia f iiaiili
Orates and leaaas tha H.iruA..ttal.kH.t:ci xi'jr
or orovm. Bol t by all Draggiata 7 P-V.'ZTZZ
i FSa PPIiBhelor,s Wig Factor, ;
No. 16 Bond street. K, Tork. pnv aprsS dAwly
A PAta and delreaaaakia. trea fraoa am.. -
ith. is the reward of aa occaaioaar ae of Palmar1
j egetabie uosmetfe Lotion. aepn-d Awlr cm"'.
- - - - - - - ii
tba andertisrT.H. hsui hMn dniv sanTwvt.,
qaalified as administrator of the estate of Lean-'i
ner Ba ar. deceased, late of Franklin tom.hlTj
Frankiia aoanty, Ohio. -
MoremherS. 1888. - 1
-! ! iaa

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