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forrected by Wl1 arage, Jeweler, $3
LOCAL NEWS. MONDAY, Nov. 26, 1868.
- JJaJroiteT. Thernjoroatefr
H. M. H.
- Raw.-.. .... ? "wTSaa U, j
TW lv4.i U.b., w.?woW -"f
-o'- I3rtt pi CWntttatO- W
in cpringnciu, VSi !
-a Dottfti torn: ihilnWieliDa '"'M'ttje
armett'Ctub on nexSatiirday, J,
.i ;i
an .iirUstt,itfl54;4s
edeV l, pleMMmeJ;M,' ;
-BtlimM .l.irii ft lull ) in i" W ' I T I-- rr-
There Ia moTemewe e loo 4ook
pa ppcr pur poeeav w i . ta .isa:d t
1 W-JtJ WecNlj lystent and Vfc4
PreMdentof the United States ueet'inthU
.4ty to-day. Jt .to.. hiuM t'.tttteJylll
""rot lor Grant and Colfax.
V':-i3T)'X we read the many qiJl"
tat., .'; published fa ; 'y3terJay
Journal, we couia not rewrwn- w
I,":. Xiliik 6 f wt---a:e',larm of Are tbtfnt
8 fcJoc ll'isht,i w cd by the
.lHinitnci o pyUcr boxonaer tneovenm
yeppett biieryv opp'tte e offlc. 't j
rWsKs 'ie.r! fjr
jTbtrt o, ' There Ib! - d;bafwl tooT
In the mrnal esUblishnaent," "and -be'a
3CWJS-v .-! i,:tr f'. J . ,Brfvr---- I
TB CecTB;!Both Court of Common
Pleae of thU county were ia session yester-l
Cor ro.jn, audcwntt Hay x ,Jaqe uias,
No Qookom. There wu no ceMlon of
the-SqrXwincll-birt -iiljthtr Cause, no
qaornm. 'The roll -w called, and there
beinc UuV tine eaembers preseu b the Cosm
btf idfWif ried intil nerr4fwidJ-TenrBjf,
at 7 t'clpufcrr xisi-im? crtrz
Th Ohio? !)MTit.1 'assoiatiok. The
oiiuai" mettlng ot phi" Ohio ben'Ul Asso-
l'i:ion wiii" 65:jiHd,.Ki4.ts city- W-aa.
Thi Board of Denial Examiners appointed
i$det t4 lalttt
jseetat toe sam;tim.-!V '.--..'i'Vi-j
Bir6uifD.4jl- y at . purple reitalla, rlnir
tnid0 with tilverknd'. mounted d a ail.
Ter crbiss, tm found on the side. waik "near
MM"fj3t)urt ",Hon" TerterdajT ' 'morning,
prTy,": The owner ean icet it by ppiii
at'tbls offloe, and payinjr thirjeet! '. Lv?'
imKc; hi i .I i iii 1
J,lCWfi OS iBsit-ras'lDOmfzan, 'charged
Vith, 'teeest, appeared In cowtr'y'esterdsy
aAdf aVe bonds la . the nni of 1 1,000 "for
bii rappeitaoee frpin day to day J,Tbe
barge airsinstBuinJcan is, that sUice 1864
be has lived in1 a Ute o addlteryith bU
f W tf diagftter-'i ok !to"t'A .j.M .uiT-
3 V4t -'' J?onrarr'T-Whtt ,wlUi' o.rna
nienlI'1conlectlobery1',.bTMe; cakes, -.'jtoya,
and all softs of food lee, Linderaann & Co.
have made their window ,iook, as a little
Clans propose to ank this establUhment
bis headquarterst0-51
1-TDfg Ii:oPfcf' Drcq Stoeb DVe direct
attention to the card of Mr. Joseph Matt,
who has fast fitted np very neat room at
280 Sooth High r reet, which he has stocked
with an entirely fresh supply oi the choicest
drags In 'the market. -Specfat attentiou
glveav to preseripsionv'whicbrare earetally
compotiiided at all bou m-at i -
DkfWt-SkPTF8 Appoistkd. Coroner
Gavef. -Aotinjr' Sheriff, on yesterday . ap
polnted Jostas Bull.; Walter Turner, and
A.R. Wiliiams as his deputy sheriff. Wm.
XJarriaiwtii-ii!W'awo-i;lii aa'a special
constable. Younx:George Eirhsrt was ap
pointed jailor.
rkiFABixa ros a Fair. The ladres or
8UPatrlcuT congregation are- busily
gagedrin preparing the necessary matters
for a frandjair to be held, in a ahortjllme,
In U aiigntoiTSan, for the berieBt of "St.
Joseph CathedraU JVe. hope our citizens
wl)"j ex.td thenv all ald"nd eacouraxe;
tnent sa their work. . iUu -:Kl.5i7
" MoKOORAks. Monograms, fin tnis. sea
son tend to an enlarged -sfzej besides 'being
more complicated "than usual.' In many
cases f he taonograms spell pet names, and
sometimes names of several 'syllables. II
lumlnated.nionograms. especially Sut head
ing of party or ball JavlUtious, will be
reaUy aought after.,., . , .., . . , j
'MaaatxHT LfCRrisrs rOK TH'MoKTB.''
During the month of November there were
63 marriage licen'sesTlssUed'by the Probate
Court pf .thW county, against 67 .last .month,
lB.Nviemoej.il867, tnere were 66 licenses
Miuea 11868, anl .In' 1865,' '19. Th
record show that there has been a decrease
In the number of marriagelicenses for each
month of this year rexceptrthe month of
J .ST.Ci-'
TumriiiMD TMTii)iT.Thi follow
ing transfers of real estate, were left at the
, Caroline. Bopk. excptrix. to Carle,
Ball, Oct. 24thv 7 acres of land', In Jackson
tojwnablplbr f700. ..v
William Lynch and wife to Mary A
Btaignr, April 21sVJM acre of land In
Mllflin township, for tl.iqp, ,4,i.
PhWp tofiler'andwife to Chrfstlan
. N'ov.'Ttbi about 10 acres of land
la Truro "to wn
owhahi'p,'r 91,200, )r j(; rf,oi
Tbk American Buia.pru--We bave- re
eeived the two first number of a very
HantUtrie aaclsclefitinc Siewepaperpb-
Builder a mtoumu r xnt.eonUinitig tie
alms for bnildings. famHiar talka on anh.
itectureAc Tftsivriblfcation,'n strikes
tuBkeeU a want km know and felt. , It
brings builder together to exchange Ideas
ahd wan. - 'wiso ( every soceess
Terwiif3 per.noaa;,Addrea, Lftkey A
Ad spas,-ChlcagOi Illinois v
jfTrTK Doixi ! Miar. The origin, of the
ymbol (9)usd to lndlcato dollars, bas
beeu a matter ot cOnstderable dispute. It
Is commonly believed to be ao abbreviation
of the letter U.'S-, which bare, In the
hurry1 of b.titineM'w'rltlng; been run Into
each other until the original form was lost
eight pf. It Is belle ved, however, by some
jittqnarfanstto have been a contraction of
a Spanistt'VOTdi Jkut those who bold this
opHiiOri dfffeHii teir jrlew about the pre
cise word from which it la derived. ' Some
ay U U fwert, hard, others that t U eo$,
dollar. Th dictlonsrr ot Amerieanisai
give M more probabl explanation,' that
tt la a uodlnoauon or tne ngure s, denoting
a piece of eight real, or a the dollar was
formerly, called, a piece of eight. , It was
thea symbolized by 88. -l-n-r - ( u
Monthly Report and Acknowledgement
of the Hannah Neil Mission
and Home of the Friendless.
and Home of the Friendless. CASH RECEIVED.
From KMtinl. ftMS OS
ewiaoiioaor jan.vr.ioTiDffaiMlMr. I
I'm n
10 SS
i'M'.'. I OS
' Collisi
Z ?:'T,rlJl"n-.--'.
Mr. Edfluh.
For troMr)i ana Bwkitlo.M...
ae oi
5 He
f ,Mond pip....".....ii'..V...i- S M
? janitor ad carpenter. ; .......-' SS(
Uf loods, fhoMfor lndutrisl&ehool.. Maoa
From Mrs Godraan, one bonnet and one
pair socks Mrs Judjcfl Pu)h..ten bushels of
potatoes; Mrs Jul( . lde, stockingr; Mri
Stediuau, stock fnjj, six fairs; -Mrs CrawJ
lord, one j package clotblnsrt Davisj a
tae taottrev; u rs UaasrsfW Mrs Kirtnvmn k
ireqnenn.i ; Mrs colltos, one nunaieclo'Bep;
Mr Elliott, six loaves of bread per week ;
Messrs .Cox. Rusk and St. Clair, meat fre
quently; Mr Tipton, sausage; Mr Dlcker-
magrwnetMck4t; Mr JuJxelireen, one
bundle clotbes; Mrs. L Bsckgv one bundle;
Mr BerKs. brf0s Mrs A SleXL one Dal r
ducks; Home Insurance Company; tbroujra
Mr Chittenden. -Dolicv amounting to S30.
rTflTsamtlou 6 aff tMsMrrLandeira-nt
ns, duckSi One bushel potatoes one. sal ton
iraMesr, . Mrs Bartlutc, one tnrkej: Mrs
rrinjrton, tlreeniuiuce lte fanch One
ipapkjn piei u 0 U- A is VI
j aum waicn escau rsjrea 4is greatly, as
it evinced a very commendable disposition
In those who. are' blessed srttb plenty,: to
send no? cion to tboso fowhom nothing
pas beew aaepared.: We shall not atteirJut
so detail our labors durina the month fur
this simple reason f we would rather for
Jret, than to dwell upon . it by attemptihjr
o describe tt, either as toaaiaUnti)rJt8
varied character j-Ve shall only say that
it any f.a ve an idea that it Is a small mat
ter to manage the Mission, we ' Would be
vwy jrlad t have then come arnt try; it
fbr dnetnon tlwhile we rest. - i Perhaosour
iriequs would prefer, to near ot the lanHa- I
fy and moral oonditioaof the. Borne. nd "t
some Of the resotU of Out labors, lustead
f the' amount 'orwO'rk ""necessary1 'to ao
todiplisbSabd resiiltiu ,We havCkdmitted
to the Home ten persons; we ajsoivrecord
one birth and one death. . PJaee have, been
obtained for lour, for all of Avhom-we hope
permanent -tra -jrooa- nomes nave Been
found. Thirty-three tteraons now at the
Home, all in Kod health. . - . '
ins to. morals, rthere is In som of 'the
children decided Improvement, and in all
as tnucir as we could expect, for we do not
reap tne same month tn wmch"we sow.
Now, it 'we had done nothintr (tnrlnif the
month but pnoenre homes for those poor
homeless girls, our labor Would hot be in
vain. We hayer'been'rTr quthtly called
upon to help homeless wanderers sent bv
ourcitizens, souiettmeg vslth notes from the
renders, but oftener without.' It Would
save us much imposition if our friends
would send their names with the ones sent
for assistance. -.''' . . :; ' .,
Puriuir the month the SuDerintendent
received an invitation to visit a small ho.
ciety in the vicinity ol Cardlnsrton among
the Friends,' who are' mach Interested in
tne Mission.' we lound a very orderly and
lovtajr -lttl band or women. Dorcas-like,
making coats and garments for tne needy.
We expect to hear from them aaln, but
whrtber- we. do ot nou ye are" itreatlv
ehejred and strrngt heped br kuowing that
friends in the country, where ait and
wretchedness are eamnacatelv unknown.
fhouttee"o much, tnten-st In tne su&kr-ing-Awbrcli
they1 baa only heard, a to
associate themselves, together to relieve ft.
We v. bid them-God aoed. and' too that
otSttftetian jadles Jn the country may
nniaaie meir oeauwiui exstnpie. ' . .- -
Mrs. M. B. TAYLOR, Sup't.
TV? M. Leslie, -who flourished in this burz
about "year ago,';' pretending td be thp
agent of the iteirs of the Jahns estate, has
turned up in I jutsville.where he pretende j
to be looking -lor a courtesan, who be saltl
was co-ueir wiui n;mseii to an escaie vaf
ued Ut $606,178,; left by ber grandfather.
Rev. Wm. Williams, ( of London. -This Is
the story he told iu Louisville : , a
The"taame of the luck v ' Woman wh
has tbus suddenly been elevated from pov
erty to princely .affluence - is Mis Mary
Hayes, but she bas never been known by
this, her true name, since she lett her home
In Columbus, Ohio, where come of her rel
ative. now reside, i. . . '!.: i ,
She was stopping 1n our cltv ub to Oc
tober last and on the 11th of that month
visited Indianapolis, wtier she out an at
tne Palmer House. She- returned to Louis
ville on orabont the 17th' of October: and
is no doubt living here at this time. - Judge
Leslie bas her photograph in hia Dosses-
sion. Bhe is about twenty -eight years of
age, bas hlaclcxurly bair, which she wears
parted oo . tne lelt side, black eve, full,
round face, a little above the medium stat
ure, -. and,' altogether of fine persoual ap
pearance. Like most girls who have fallen
Iron the path of rectitude, she has a his
tory full of painful romance, . ' ;- : ; :
. When Mary was a babe, her parents,
who were wealthy and Drominent citizen
of. Maryland, removed to Columbus, Ohiot
wnere sue was raised, ana received the
benefit of a xood education. . At the are oi
eighteen she was betrayed by a young man
wnora 8ne -lovea noi wisely, Dut too well.T
Under promise of marriage she left with
him. for. Cincinnati, where he basely de
sortcd ber. . Being unwilling to return to
her once bappy home, she wandered .from
one city to another, leading a tile of shame,
until about two years ago, when she came
10 tnis city, wnere she Das resided np to
this time. Her pride and good sense have
never-permitted h-r to fall to the lower
depths of degradation, and notwithstand
the lile she has led, her demeanor bas al
ways Deep chaste and lady-like.'' ,.
After he had created quite a sensation on
the strength of bis representations, finding
that the papers and police were Inquiring
6x 'closely into' hu:aoentsbe'Judg,
had business that called him suddenly to
another quarter, and. the paper arTaox
tously asking, Who Is Judge Leslie t The
people of Coluiabu believe- him to be a
arrant a iumbag hs" 'ever, traveled.' ; St) me
of bis operation bere' would hardly bear
the light. ,
Al7;-... .i Q.'l I I I II i, . i i ! '
ZWpni LiBKRTr Suould is kctraimeik
Llbeny Is a good tlrfug, but you heartily
wkh.4tmay brestraiud when- you see a
big plantation of a foot coming down on
yuc core; br.wbenyou.se aa i&g1yfap
making for your own on which to implant
a kiss; or a broad -shouldered, capacious
fellow approaching, who: la-sure to crowd
yooloto the-mad of the gutter ; or your
ivle R-bei you are haying tbq.pleasantest
of chats with your prettiest of cousins, or
s calier just as you are sLaxting for tbe
theater, concert or lecture ; or a eoltectoij
Just as you have disbursed : tbe last bit of
currency;- or your neighbor slow - Just- a
yon are to start lor the train which leave
In ten minute..' ; . '
T ill tl
Important to" Pkhsioiteb
An act was1
passed on- the 27th of July last,. declaring:
that" all ' pensions,, shall commence from'
the date of the death or. discharge of the
soldier., Many pensions were comuv need at
the time of finteblng the last papers of the
application, and e the pensioner lost from
one to two years of pay. "All these pen-i
Sions are now made payable from the time
Of the soldier's discharge or death, and the
arrears of such pensions can be secured
by proper application- ; Every pensioner
should look at his or her certificate, and l(
Jt Is dated at any time after the death or
discharge of the soldier, go at one to some
attorney and have the arrears collected.". ,'
A Bemedt roaDRniEENfEss. In a
town down East the police' havo adopted
tie practice, of shaving the heads bt those
who are found in a stupid state of Intoxi
cation on the street ' Let such a. practice'
be adopted In this town, and we know some
ga'oot who would be barefooted on the
top of the head before they were a month
oWr'&an the law, . Wouldn't such an ar-
rangfnaent cause a great deal of buslnes
for 'the "wig" makers Don't we know
I several "nice young men" who would be.
obliged to cease their visits to the lady
whose board they hope some day to pay ?
0b, no ! Cues not l
Mrs. M. B. TAYLOR, Sup't. A Card.
Mrs. M. B. TAYLOR, Sup't. A Card. DUBLIN, O, Nov. 28, 1868.
Editor Sxitksiun 1 iiara been ao
cused bv many at tuiu the aathor of th
article in'the Joumai signed "Eye Witness.
i would say in answer to tne charjte tnati
am not;, neither, did I know oi heir belnfr
written tlll'I saw them in the iowrnaU J
have concluded, to cease writing Jor any
fa per wiatcver. Democrat or,Rpobfloao.
look upon all. aspiration, except to lv,
rj i
Smith Akbestid. James Smith, the 11
legal 4apkatasw3i6a tbeVBOnd JurV
found Jw9 tf;ue blJ,, an. wbfttbe. Bdloajs
ber have engaged by tiie year to defame.
their betters, was arrested yesterday and
t locked up In the countyJail , la (hf fflfi-
uwu mm a;, ilt Hill, flW. UU.1VI flbUHI
Merlon, W. B- i Brooks, Harvey Bancroft
W.rji: Jamison' J,y. Janftey, C, PBuaer
tid W. H. Aiken came Into court and went
Vi Smith's bond for $l0Q, .in eaeh oi the
two cases." They are redeeming their prom
ise to :wsehim throughV. '"
. f.... n..tr . . ., )) ! M f' .- r nt Xtfia;
'"'aj Sanimom? MACt-i-We were JkhowrJ,
laut nighty a mace made by er-polfcemsn
Smith,' a "a present for Joh Caffrotb,
tCaptrnf fpllpei dt is mndevl Oso eoCba
and dogwood, and ; Is beauti(ally icarved
and lnlalJ., Tt is so handsome, that on al
most batkere alter a headache. from It, and
the Idea of being struck- with a cournoa
mace, after looking at it, is unendurable
Wahtid. A xirl to do houseworks Inf
quire at 46 East GAy Street. ;
i Waxtkd Book- k kepino. A n experi
enced book-keeper wislies to procure two
of three sets of books to post evenings.' For
particulars, call on W. H. Thompson, No. 5
G wynne Block, or address a' letter to. look
box 1,330 Postofflce, Columbus, stating
where to call. ; i .i. .. , decl-eod-3i : '
Wak against Inebriates has been declar
ed, by Dr. Johnston. His army of a hun
dred thousand bottle of "Speclnc" has
been put. fi motion, and. .will, annihilate
Inebriate wherever found.
- sep23-dttfcwly-'ew.,.i t
-I f 3.
: Jewelry made, and repaired b"y cVE
Smith, 27 3. High street, over Bain's store
w nov6d3m
1 .,.T1 ,
' U li ,1:1
I J, Hit '
,"oiL Saix Houso and ' Jot, corner 61
Franklin1 and Washington Avenue,' , Most
desirable property; will be sold at bargain
Enquire ol J.AV. Moore, No.43 West Ifortb
Streets ' ;''!;"''i 1 :.'-' - i ; . iv' r:iv .;
-6cti3-dtr,;:'.:''. " v.;:;.',;;. tVtn
i.:,!.: .:i l I l- : i ..:
Piutfj Ito not suppose that every form
of this complaint is incurable. , The worst
hemorrhoidar cases are hot ' beyond'
remedial reach of Hollo way's Ointment., It
gives' tine athejrelated integuments and
acts as a sate styptic in Jhe bleeding tjje
of -tho. disorder.'. Not unfrequencly 'con
stipation to ad-accompaniment of the dis
ease, and when this happens, It should be
relieved with -small doses of Holloway's
P lis. Sold by all Druggists.
jlly-cw v..
A Col.D neglected frequently lays the
foundation of uncurable Consumption.
Vo person should suffer one to continue.
True, they will wear out, but tfiey often
ear the oaticnt out. Tne best cure is
luuiphreys Horace tpathio Cough and Fe
I ver Pill.'-Taken alternately,, they allay
the fever, irritation and cough, heat up the
'ungs, and cure the disease, Price, six
boxes fort I 23. Sld by dealers, and sent
by mall on receipt of the price. Address
Humphrkts'Spbcifio Homoeopathic Med-
icrUB Co, 562 Broadway, N. Y.
Jyi3-dfcwly-cw ' -,. -J
mmm . 1
rNxKvous Dkbiutt. -with its gloomy at:
tendants, low spirits, depression,' involun
tsry emissions, los- of seMenJ fepermatqr
rhcea, loss of' power, ozzyheadj-loss'of
neraory and' threatened Impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure In H'u'mi
pbreys'.Homoipathlo Specific No. Twen-
-E1ght.'. Composed of the most valuable,
miKi ana potent curatives, tney strike -t
once at the root of the matter, tone up" the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire'-' niart; They have cured thousands
of, cases..- Price $5 per package-of. six box
es and vial, which Is very Important In ob
stinate or old cases, or $L per single box.
Sold by all. Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt' of -price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co-, 5fi2
Broadway, New York. ! fyl3-deod&wly
Go to J. C, Kalb"s, No. 133 North High
street, for Boots and Shoes at low prices,
;'nov21-d2taw2w . '' :;' . . .. ' ..."; '.'
We always feel an Interest in the welfare
ot the ladles,' and are1 pained to see so many
looking pale, languid and unhealthy, ' We
are satisfied this might be remedied if they
would .only nie the Constitution1 Bitt-r.
They would soon bring the bloom of hea th
to your cheeks, It used according to dl co
ttons, rr r,o
.... ! . w
Liki "Quakek8 Guns." Artifli la'
teeth are ol little, use and easily detected.
Take-care ot the real ones.- All yon Deed
Is fragrant Sozodokt- Use. it daily and
your teeth will be the last, of Nature's gifts
to fail yonw
" Spaldjho': Gum ?mend3 Headless
Dolls and Broken Cradles. 11 '
TT-JunI5-eod6m-cw ;.i -V ...
.Caijsata JBarx. is said that Messrs
Drake & Goi- (proprietors of the Planta
tion Bitters), are the largest Importer of
Calisaya ' Bark in this country, and that
with the except ion of an occasional sale, all
they import U used in the compoundiog oi
their celebrated Plantation, Bitters to
whtcb they undoubtedly are indebted for
their wonderlul he4lth;restoring properties.--'As
a Tonic and Appetizer, they are
not surpassed, and. we cheerfully recom
mend them. l'All first-class druggists keep
Magnolia WaTER-Superior to the best
imported German Coloane,axid sold at half
Tsept26-deodwiycw ; -.; - ..- j.
.1 :r. . .. i i-
Go to No. 138, North High street, for
the latest style of Boots and Shoe, at low
prices. .; . '. . '.'.'. i novl-l2Uw2vy.,.:
COLUMBUS, Aug. 31, 1868.
Jno. R. SUdalt. Agent ' Jijiw England
Mutual Life 1 ns. Co,, of Boston Mass. :
''Dea'hSib I am informed that' therehave
been misstatements mad In' regard to div
idends paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, which I have had In the New Eng.
land Mutual for 24 years. For the informa
tion ot those Interested In Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now ..amount to .about one hundred per
cent, on my premium. ; Dividends paid an
- -;
Sup't C. O. Lunatic Asylum.
iTir. Wm. Peck,1 and Dr. Morrell, his
assistant, have both . to-day made applica
tion to the New England Mutual for more
Life Insurance.
GGO. F. OHARRA & Co. Ag'ts.
Naughton Block, Columbus.
, novl2-dltaw8wfcw4t
Q ,aibtt iiii juu j
General Grant's Report.
j Tbe fqU6w.l$r tt:.GfirJ ep4rt
in Uli,,i .i i.iini.wi l;rf(! tWvo .,iib
HKADfttriRTtBS Abmt 6 XJHtttn Statks.'J
K MX Viio .' i Yr.4IKVt!lt ("l
(jfea. JJf.. ScfifcUk Secretory pf. IFafV1 ra
8in: Ihavo the honor to submlt the re-
Ports 61 Division, District arid Department;
comiahders:for: the past "jrear; "These
ports give a full account the operations!
and services of the army-' tor the year, and)
I refef to them for details. ,, , ,r
I would earnestly renew hiy recoOansen-j
dation of last year that the control of the
Indians be trnuiferred to the' War Depart-j
nient, I call special attentloni to the rec
ommendation of Gen. Sherman on this sub-l
ject. It ha'myi'eamest approval.'- It'is!
Unnecessary that the arguments In lavocoii
this transfer Bhould be repeated.' r The ne
cessity tor peeomes. stronger ana, more
evident every day, while the Indian-war
eootinueii'io-itl lov.-h dJOf')!!) .ythniu
I do not deem aoy general legislation for
the,reductiou of the army advisable., Tbe
troops a the plain ar- all 'r needed; ike
troops In tbe Southern States are stili need
ed,' and, further reduction can -be made in
tne way already used and. now- in opera
tion, 'where it is safe : namely, bv allowing
companies to dismiss by discharges ' with
out being strengthened by recruits, and, by
Stepping appointments of Second Lieuten
ants. If it should be deemed advisable the
Veteran Reserve regiments might be dis
continued by absorption and retirement of
officers and discharge of men, vWthout det
riment to the service.-" " :'. ,
Very respectfully, - '" "
- xour obedient servant.- ;
U. S. GRANT, General.
General Grant left here this morulnit dil-
rec for Boston where he wil at rive, to
morrow. He is accompanied bv General
Comstock and hla son. He will return here ,
about the 9;h or 10th proximo, and after j
remaining, lew day wilt proceed to Chi- ;
cago,' accompanied by General Dent, to at- I
tend the reunion of soldiers ot the Western '.
armies. General Scofield and staff. Lie,- !
tenant General Sherman and Major General
George H. Thomas will also be present. : '
Personal. Seizure.
Information has been received here that 1
T. fi. Toole, Assistant Special AgeDt of the :
Treasury Denartment. seized In New York I
or Fritfay last ,00 yards of fin' Eyoos :
siik, ogecnej witter a rlargernumDer 01
French cloths. This Is strut to be the largest
seizure ever made tathe United States.
The total is estimated at 70.00.' ' !. J
General. Gtant and, id-de-eamD Cora-
stock, left here tlUs morning on their way
to Boston. They will stop in Philadelphia
to-night. '' '-: .' i
General Meade's Report.
General Meade's annual rerxrt states In
detail prominent events which ha va occur
red in-bis department. He says:. During
the whole perjod of my civil administration,
extending over a .space -of eight months,
there were tried by military commission in
the three State ol Georgia.' Alabama and
Morion, only 32 persons. Of those but 16
were iconvicted. Of these 15 tbe sentences
of tour were disapproved, and eight others
remitted. Two men referred to the Prei-
flent ofy,,tb(, tlnited States,., and are -till
awAiUnz action. leaving hut- ene person
convicted and in-conttnement for violation
of a civil law.ahd tried Uy a military com-
mitiOo.i ' .; ,-
On the cessation of military authoritr.this
Simple statenieatef tact I deem a complete
refutation oi cnarges tnar. a military rule
was so despotically and -arbitrarily exer
cised. With the riuhtsof persons, and so
with tho-teof property, it was ut steady
effort to zealously guard the rights of in-
aiviauais wttnout rererence to any consid
eration but that of Justice and law, so far as
I could comnrehend It. - ' --;- ,-'
The following promotions' in the naval
service have been made, to date from Sep-
temoer- autn, ibe (Jape I, r . iDmoaons, to
be Commodore: Commander R. F. Renshaw,
to be Captain ; Lieutenant Commander
Bicuard V. Meade, to be Commauder- . .
The United States has entered suit
against E.. B. Olmstead, ' late disbursing
clerk.of the Postotfiue Departm nt, to re
cover $33,000, the amount of his defaulca
tiouUAi criminal suit is also pending
against htm.-
Case Discontinued.
To-day, in the Circuit Court kbecase of
Jno Naglee. Jr' against'' E.' M. Stanton,
was, on, motion r or & I;. Stanton discon
tinned, Hie pklntiff to pay costs. : Naglee
owned. farm, in Prince William county-,
Va.."wnie"h was" occupied' lor a time, in
1863, by United States troopsHpzed to be
under the' orders of defendant as Secretary
of War, and he' claimed damages for the
driving away of the cattle and Injury to
the crops. '.i .,".-".:'Y i .. ..
Union Pacific Railroad.
Nothing will be-done by the President
respecting the Union; Pacific Railroad un
til he shall have received a report of its
inspection i-v- ' ' " '' ''
Burned to Death.
By the explosion of a kerosene lamp on
a parlor table, last night, Mrs. L slie, her
little son of three years. ' arid an - Infant.
were barned to death. ;. -.
Seizure of Whisky.
CINCINNATI, O., Nov. 30.
..Tbrre hundred barrels of whisky at the
IndianplisA Cincinnati depot were seized
by United State Assessor Megrue,' this
morning, the entire, lot being found to be
from six.to fifteen per cent, above the proof
degree marked on the gauger's certificate.
The penalty attached to this crime is. seia
ure of the article, imprisonment and a tine
ot two. hundred dollars .on-each barrel.
Two hundred barrels .of this whisky were
from Hamilton, Ohio. -The other hundred
was from Matamora, Indiana. ' , n
CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 30.
James English, who murdered James
obah, saloon keeper? on ' last Septem ber,
was convicted, to-day of murder iu the sec
ond degree, after a very short trial.
A fire last night destroyed the Union
market, corner of Front and Mill streets,
t he property was owned by -Frederick
Zimmer, The losses to the owner and
tenants amount to about $8,000. They are
pariiauy: insureui-r
BOSTON, Nov. 30.
.,Asher L. Smith,: a produce dealer,-, was
knocked down on Cambridge bride, : last
night, and robbed ot over $1,500 and a gold
watch.- The robber escaped without be
ing identified.! .. . -.. :
Destructive Fire.
MT. VERNON, Nov. 30.
About one o'clock Sunday morning, No
vember 29. a fire broke out in the grocery
store of John Tudor, on the southwest
corner of the Public Square of this city.
In a few minutes the whole block, consist
ing ot five two-story frame buildings, were
wrapped in flames and bnrned - to 'the
ground. The lower stories of the bnild
ings were occupied by John Tudor, War
ner Terry and Porter & Danbert, as gro
cery stores, and Vohl & Tudor meat shop,
and Christian Weaver's shoe shop. . John
Tudor's loss is about 9900, no insurance;
Warner Terry's about $500, insured; Vohl
& Tudor about $400, no insurance; C Wea
ver, including tbe building, about $2,500,
the building insured for $1,200; Porter &
Danbert about $600, insured. The building
occupied by Vohl fc Tudor was owned by
Samuel Israel, and valued at about $2,000,
on which there was no Insurance. At one
time tbe splendid new building of A. Wolff
was in treat danger of destrnction, but es
caped with a slight damage. . The build
ings destroyed were old frames, valued at
about $12,000, upon which there was no
insurance, except $1,200 on the property
owned by C. Weaver. The npper stories of
the buildings burnt, were occupied by four
or five families as residences. '
Serious Accident.
In taking out the new steam fire engine,
quite a serious accident vecurred. From
the engine house to the fire there is quite a
steep down grade, descending which the
engine became uncontrollable, causing the
men to abaqdofi'Vi fopea. Col. William
McGaughey and Capt. Wm. Patton, who
had hold of the tongue, abandonecTThelr
post-? snsmwwticriffiCRIl und"
the wheel -4W.lt. emrta 4ad ere rurt
over. Col. McGaughey had his jaw br..)
aen in two places, ana tnree rtos Droaepf
miu uis ooay severely uruisea. i ns situa
tion of McGaughey is critical. Patton was
also considerably bruised, but not seri
Serious Accident. Important Revenue Decision.
In a case in the' United States Circuit
Court, Judge McDonald decided that,
where a party distilled a lot of low wines
into vinegar he was not liable for the rev-;
esrtietexj tn aft distillation -ifrintitt
be ar lr. tint t mattalt iitrhwlnssiHjore
4itis AibjJi9UiUtaf dusy. JIV)UU l(
The Senatorial Ring.
Has received another accession in the pet-,
son of Hon. Anson Wolcntt, of White
county at .Present SjcateJSenalpr. E,,e old
leailers ail jfr&r fka tu(iJfcAjiielectioii
would bring a new set of men on the car
pet, and they are casting about for some-,
body to beat him. The Indications are that
whenever the m oner .tima nomas. ftnmrMir
North Missouri Railroad.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30.
Governor Fietcber and directors ot the
North Missouri Railroad are about to makej
an excursion to prove that the road has
bee6'cbDipeia within the Mm af d Dp
upon lastSyaar. Tbe Gatvernor will taea
oancel the.bJid ot aislt mitttoa Ooilara
I which; thej director kaye iasj surety Jfcr
iconipleMng their ceWtraci.' - 1 1
A Swineish Business.
Fifty-seven thousand hoirs have beerl
slaughteredrhere. ft ds Packers ar
IAjrxujg BIA ucilto.
Case of Jeff Davis.
RICHMOND, VA., Nov. 30.
This morning, in the Circjit Court. Rob
ert ldj O0f ser lot Je.0V Eavla, mad a
motion to quaan tne inuiciment on tne
ground that the fourteenth amendment
prescribes a mode for Dunlshincr Darticioat
tion in rebellion, which is disfranchise!
ment anditm pfier.'phhUUineut is pre
scribed. The Prosecuting Attorney moved
to postpone the motion until the latter
part of the term. JJhlei Justice Chase de
cided to hear the argument, on tbe motion
on Thursday. j
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.
Th. rfto.maliln AI..I.. I A n n i T,l
K.rul oif:.iau(ti aiMM,.Mna 4tllttwail
arnvea tnis morning. " JJ 1 " -
Horrible Cruelty.
A young girl named Barber has been ar
rested in Corning, Ibis State, for stamping
an tniant, wnicn was leit in ner care, al
most lifeless, and then roasting it to death
Western Military Affairs.
A specal,.fr,ora. Camp, Supply. ,Icdian
Terrltpry, .say Sheridan and staff arrived)
on the 29th, and Custar would leave oh the
30th tor "An alt winter campaign against
hostile Indians. . i
Western Military Affairs. O'Baldwin.
j uaiuwin, tne xrisn uiant, was let out
on bail bv Justice Dowling, yesterday.
aXtex promi-Jojf Uitp po mora brawls.
Fall of a Building.
A small dwelling house in lla'.h street
fell yesterday, but the occupants were for-j
lunuteiy aDsenc.
Rev. Alven Bartlett. '..of, Brooklyn, has
accepted the call of Plymouth Church,;
Chicago, and will leave next month for his
new DasXorjLte. . ..
Commodore Kearny died at Perth, Am-
ooy, yesterday, aged 78.
Counterfeit ten dollar greenbacks are in
circulation in Jersey City."
-XsalaOC hair a mlUldfriA ioldb the
Government was made at 135135 35-100.
The steamship Alaska, from Aspluwall,
brought $K).000 tnltreas'ure-. ' -
Stock Regulations.
The Stock Exchahsre and Open Board
have passed a joint resolution r quiring all
Stocks on thB roll tff be: registered la some
responsible fkianaiid ititutlnnvon -or be
fore January 30th, 1869, and also requiring
thirty days notice ot all new Issues of
stocks or convertible bonds,
The Erie Litigations.
The hearing In the -ErietcaseJ before
Judge Nelson, consumed the entire day
without a definite result being reached. It
is reported bji xrOr ban. been issued "bv
JndgePaokliaoi. on- the apitlication-of the
Attorney General of New York, to show
cause why Jay Gould should not be sus
pended as receiver of thrKrte-road. Still
another report Is that the Attorney Gen
eral, in a dispatch received to-day, says
the-Msa of tj tns ras-. nniwiclfo-rtrfd.-t-
The litigation is so complicated that ope
rators are almost entirely deterred from
dealing In Erie, being unable.to foliow.lhe
ieMilV,15I,aco 1,1 '3ri. BUIHykltl M. M
George W. McLeau. corresponding clerk
In the United States secret service depart
ment, has been committed for trial in Jer
sey City, charged with passing a counter
Assumed Duties.
Alderman Thomas Coman to-day assum
ed tne duties ot iiayor.uneo upon him
by the resignation jut jhe Governor elect,
Hoffman. " -c -
BY ATLANTIC CABLE. The London Times and the Pacific
LONDON, Nov. 30.
The Times comments on the rapid prog
ress of the Pacific railroad- .It pommerids
the enterprise of the Americans iii over
coming obstacles heretofore deemed lnsur
mountable.'and 'explains the influence this
great project will exercise on tbe commerce
of the world.
Minister Hale.
Minister Hale. PARIS, Nov. 30.
John P. Hale, American, Minister to
Spain, is here, consulting the medical fra
ternity relative toiiisxaillng health.
Longfellow is at Geneva.
CUBA. Details of the Engagement of the
HAVANA, Nov. 30.
The official- account of the .engagement
between the troops and revolutionists on
the 21th last t-as Wollows . The. re vol u
tionists attacked a small detachment ol
troops ia the town- ol Vil la Del Cobre, sear
Santiago, with their whole force, and suc
ceeded in driving them from (heir position.
uieuoepsjineBtooav reiugs. in- aHircu.
Information was sent to Santiago, and
troops and volunteers' were -immediately
forwarded to Cobra; "This reinforcement
succeeded in surprising the revolutionists
and retaking the town.- The revolutionists
lost sixty-two It died' and. many wounded.
General Marcarrio, Adomincian, command
ing tbe rebels,, was killed, .and Col. Perez
severely wounded.' The Government lost
three killed and ten wounded. Many dead
bodies Of the reVelutionUts havd since bfea
found in ditches. All small detachments
of Government troops have been called to
gether to join tbe main army,
End of the Civil War.
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.
Panama "advlces'ot the" ''22$'J state' that
when General Correazo arrived at Chirlque
he found the place abandoned. He then
went to Santiago and foundakattheeaemy
had also abandoned tbat place. Proceed
ing to Hatillo, the enemy,1 40flr sMorig, at
tacked Correaaad a hattle lasting three
hours eiiBuedwhen the enemy fled in dis
order, leaving 51 'killed f among them A.
Baldi, their leader. Many were wounded
and a number of prisoners and all their
arms and ammunition taken. Tbe Govern
ment lost three killed and elzht wounded.
Among the latter was Gen. Pedro Gaita.
This battle has put an end to the civil war
in the State of Panama. -"
Costa Rica.
The revolusionary movement In Costa
Rica bas proved -sueaesslul. President
Castero bas been deposed and Jimlncz in
sullediahia place. .-,,Tr,rT
Milwaukee Market—Nov 30.
FLOUR Dull and prices unchanged.
WHEAT Dull ; $1 23J 6n spot. i
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Nov. 30.
! The roarket 'rcontmnes' quite dull, but
prices nevertheless steady.
COMMERCIAL MATTERS, New York Money Market—Nov. 30.
. EY-vMoreH 01 lteit mt trM
,n7rU.,,tf owl ...If .isrotdt hinn odi
f' GOtf ipfetrfea at. l&'cfc&o; Y tefckT
t 1.. K.i.. ...... - T .... I. K. I- I
Cincinnati Money Market—Nov. 30.
h.a.hajuis ueavy at i-iu per ci
r1ainiWia.hn4n0. war aoJllfitl.l A .VHJ
- hli'r-iui i iiii nii iT i 1'io baa
New York Stock Market—Nov. 30.
dp '
daT,8ma)llu;,l 0sl6dlufijit.
H.fclook wef deurese4; to-Orw a-rim'd
witn s,uuu wu, out its denial rest.
'fiaener, aftd'lhe'tnarket rfoted'kf Vong.'
5:30 nrices Wells' Express 26J;
SaatfdaasWiji Uuibsrl Us.iW'8 f
MAS.aKu.aa-a IIntAa..lLiya. i)ulA a Ua.ll .1 177J
i-r-jiaumiir- lUVi " 77Se riT ' J"-r 1 i YA
TTfnmi2 - EHe3HuJs.;h1l36;"Reang
va?i ; ierTiiite swatMsn vs sit
Paul 70; Ft. Wayne 111) Ohio& MlasUrppi
SlJsT' Michigan Central' US; Michiga
Sou i hern 8 ItlinoisCentral 14 Pittsbureb
88; Toledo 100; Rook Island luTNorthe
westera 84
Jin I h T
t 3 M Til";
ord enn-
New York Market—Nov. 30.
i COTTON Jc better and decidedly mpre
acuve; zocmr miuanog.",- f .:.
' FLOU K Closed dull and slightly In buy
ers favor for red and Common unifies.' a
WBEATt-DuII and heavy at $1 4S1 M
or fprinx. apa a uu lor.amoer ijiicuigaii
, RYE-Stenoy; $145 for western. i
OATS Dull; 7474e for weotern. "a
: 'CORN Heavy and dull; - $1 15r 16 I if
store,' and $1' 17(3 1 18 afloat for mixed
Western, (.-r- r.-r --.Aiii s.K.fc .l -,J I
PORK Nominal: $25 50026 tt formeH
BEEFrQuiet aud, without auy decided
Cnauge. - r-a ,,W).:i .i...-nii!'...t:
CUT MEATS Quiet.'-5 '
(1 iiArnv-nnii'.i ,...' onj - .
LARDTrHeayy; 15i6c for falrU
prime steam. ssiw
EGGS Steady at 3738c.
- : jr
Cincinnati Market—Nov. 30.
FIXJUFklilemapd, jtftJ 508 OOfoJ
WHEAT Less active; Nou 1 offered al
$3 75. : .. a -.-. ,:i. "i:;;,..Tfjb-( ani i f-.. aai
CORW Qhtel; hew eat In air demand al
Mtwoae,, .,.-.! i.- .i.i.au K
B YE Held at $1 30; bo vers at $1 23. I
OATS Firm at 58(?50( for No. lj whltej
B ABLE Y DuU'anct uneh'anged ; apriHgj
neiu at j 10; no a acace anq vanaaa a
$2 30,ir ' '-'' ' ' 1 " ' " - u:
PORir-uieVat $22 75 60"
BULK MEATS Firmer.- owinr to an'
advance In hojrs; shoulder held at Wci
clear ribbed 12-; clear Sides 13"c, pactf
ed.-" ?''-' .,1 I
nweia if "C t.! a - ..v. J
.jfMuu, iuuaij--i.i )(u.iu ucviniiui inq
market closes hlgherrshouWerOJ-X7)r,i
sides 10Jfl0.i JitUS'T
HAMs-llill., f.x ,,..T
LARB-rQiMc, but firmer at 14 j for new
steam; and H for kettlei
y HOGS--Birl lewoffurlnrf. and ii Sernand:
fat $7 25az 80;;chbice, 'live'held at $8. 00,
ana uressea at a uu loriight to ex-j
tra heftw. --.t t" ii.i ri.Hi us iiav :
! BUrfER-Qiiet at 343gT'6r' prime tcj
-.ciEGG 33e.- oiooofc a -.-;! .'.;.
i--HITKi.A.fti( a istz-rsiiavn-. ... i-
' OlLS-TLird,$I 30L5iiuseed quiet!
at VOO. .' 3 t'l I ., -. 1- ,.J u ,,jm.
WHISKY -Firm at 93a. "! -:'-;
i li'j-i -.o . -ir--' l.-Kif !
Cleveland Market—Nov. 28.
FLOUR City, made XXXwhite$lt 25
11 50; XX amber 9 609t75; XX redi
winter $3 258 60; XX spring $7 6o7 75y
X spring $77 25; coHntrymade XX rrdi
nun iiuucr -owv aa spring (g;3 uu;.
winie iu uutsiu a..
WHEAT-rThe market closes firm with
a fair milling demand lor red rt whit er'at
$1 80 for No 1, and $1 65 for "No. '2:
western spring held at $1 60l C2. " . -.' '
, CORN tt Very, firm and 3n better for old
No 1 i shelled, sales at $1 03; new ear on,
track In tair demand at 70c. :'.'''.'.:, '" 1
OATS Good reouest and firmi-held'at
58j for No. 1 State, closing with an Upward j
KIIUCIIUT, .i. . x-.- i.u- . . ;
KE Not much doing hut the market i
firm atl 28l 30 lor No L :
BARLEY Quiet and teadv at 33i OSi
for No 1 Canada; Ko 2 State nominal; ,K . I
i-UKfv siarket steady; 2a 110 lor NO. t !
mess; No. 3 mess held at S24 00: clear at!
$2700." : .1
DRESSED HOGS Market" nniet anrl
fluITat 88"d for medium and'neavy, di
viding on 20o;16sj S i , M Ul
-LARD Steal v and in good demand; city
rendered at 16 16 Wet .country held at
BEEF-ruiet aid steady iti'lo oV !Nol '.
1 mess; $18 lor extra mess. j
Chicago Market—Nov. 30.
FLOUR TamA and" we"ak: sales spring
extras at $5 75T7 75 - t r a
' WHEAT More active and easterY sale !
JNO I atl XIl,N0 2atCllllI2,
closing at $l lli 1 12 for No 2 tlea Ao
1 since 'unange at 91 YS
. CORN-t-Old No l sold invar load lota at
$1 OS!' No 2 decllneJ'2 'sales at' 7678e.
Mew shelled Z3c lower; sales at 6659c.
Kiln dried quiot and steady atr75. foraNo-9
and 6563i t"r rejeeted,-'elosing dull at 66c
for new shelled and nominal at $1 08 tor
old No 1. No change since noon Baard'.'i
OATS-OpenrJd '. steady at Saturday
cloalnr flirnres. but substuuentlv weaken'J
ed and declined laic;. sales at 46Ja43c
tor No 2.43a45c for rejected, idbsiux at
4646.; for No 2. 4
1 KYE-quiet and a iSbade" fffmer; sales'
fio i at I 14(1 l4i. iNo 2 at 91 12......
. BARLEY Opeued firmer and 3o higher
and closed easier with the advance - lost;
sales at $1 57 1 60 for No 2 and $1 40 for
rejected, closing at$l 571 51 jt 'er No X
" - -
N. Y. Cattle Market—Nov. 30.
Receipts during the wetli 5,613 beeves,
30,2'6 sheep and lambs 24.252 hogs.
BE EF CATTLE O. ened slow with a
moderate Inquiry lor eoort, . while, prices
ruled steady- On Friday, prices -receded,
and on that -day the beat sold at-lSj t-
'IVa-day the. supply -aggregated about 3 500
head??; The weather Is cold and the sdpplr
is much reduced. Butchers felt more like
buying, -and the ' marker, - without being
nigner.-wastirmer. and-price ruled arm
at 13316c for common to good, with a few
extras as high as 17c. The butchers are
preparing now in good earnest to Vacate
the down town slaughter houses by the 1st
e T .. T. : . . i , .
in raiiuBry."' trices- at inLiunar -xaros
Poor to medium cattle 912 -; medium td
iilti steers i 12014c: gooj rsteere Sand 4at
oxen 1415,-; prime to extra 15)g16c.
... nn rucA Traiava nnen nut a veryaoof
atesaie,,.We cannot , report any change
from last weeta so far as price are -con--cerned,
though there is.no firmness. To
day we have a opply ..of 1,436 bead at
Communipaw, 4,785 at Bergenhill, and
4,000 itt Fortieth streets. The quality of
stock "being very poor, the market was
8low nx the prices arebarely maintained.
Common to fairtsbeetr 4(4cf .good to
prime 45c; extra 5)6c. Lambs 6J
7)4c. ,li.a .a..
HOGS The heavy supply., has, further
depressed the market, wtilch leaves off to
day very flat at our figures Prime heavy
cornted $7 62J7 75; medium $7 37
7 62J4; commou 7;87J.
Toledo Market—Nov. 30.
FLOUR Quiet, .r , .---
WHEAT No. 1 white' 2;hett'er. amber
lc lower; sales N.O.1 whit. Mtenigan at
92 05; No. 2 do $1 S01 81; amber do
$1 75; do seller the-month t 74; No. 2
whM t 63; No. 2 amber $1 60; No. 3 spring
$1 05.
CO RN-rShade better: Michigan 93r; new
80e kiln dried 93.-; new rejected 72i'c. t
OA is t irau and zj Del ter; sales -JNO. 1
at.5556c,' . 1 -..!-.,
Kl K Unchanged; ftltcnigan 1 25.
SEEDS Clover $7 007 50. :.- t ; ;
St. Louis Market—Nov. 30.
T ,
FLOUR Low grades advanced 1015aj
WHEAT Firmer and unchanged. ,
CORN-Lowerr selling at 7072c tor
new.-'-- - --a
OATS Advanced to 6456c
BARLEY Unchanged. '
RYE Unchanged. "
PORK-$22 0023 00. ;'"'' 'r
BACON Little put of smoke; shoulders
are worth He.
, LARD Nominal, i '.i'., ' f ' ; Z
WHISKY-Unsettleil. '" ! ' 1
HOGS-"Highen 77'e. !- "
.t:ll' j
Buffalo Market—Nov. 30.
, FLOUR Quiet; spring tending upward.
1 WHEAT xuU , but firm; 8alesNo. 2
Chicago spring. ..
CORN Nominal at $1 021 05, accord
ing to quality and quantity.
OATS Firm; small lots selling; 65c for
RYE Unchanged." ' -i .
BARLEY Dull and lower.
Buffalo Market—Nov. 30. Pennsylvania Live Stock Market—
Buffalo Market—Nov. 30. Pennsylvania Live Stock Market— Nov. 26.
Buffalo Market—Nov. 30. Pennsylvania Live Stock Market— Nov. 26. CENTRAL FAST PUBERTY YARDS.
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and more lnclinedtcLxnert in t.t- rh.
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invHrj-;aat for1 rood fct ,tattleT;rAJl of
PaJTaTa-in I . aBTra K..,AM n ai
ail T . f avmii i'UTripM VI CWlfraV UlflT
warfttd a .JyJ&Uml
6f prlcrk' wer $3 .O0ia?.Se-tr w4jrThe
hwt jiwj.c4.irptMit tre
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1 -" MswiMwrc passed
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..... ........ a 7f'o:7
SSEEP-rrTfier.-was a fair imui.i.of .
tfricy shown :n the sheep wi ketaniThe of.
ienngseneriiy. were-of a UMbr HestrHp
tfbh''rue' 'ultf was. buyers were more
l ieed- trrt rferstft teil ' br-
prices of latrnetf wfeM'Wfeher. One lot
war 'sold at ,5 51 oer cwt.. the .lislvaai:
price ,btatned ,tor some. tlw--lMi, sates
sbw a wide rMg-oC.rrieswvr41fSrcB
50 fifi liead,' and $2 20)6 0$-per,tJ
Ttrr operations tor tbe past four weeks,
aciri ,iaiks
N oTerMier1''" .t.tST?.'?.'
Sortmber 1.'.;. 07
kl i iT-.n
a J4s : YrryfT v aa
;.AU paantet .cioaea very auu. wiiu more
tellers then E.byea.i3ai t ,4iiii
HOGS The. avKewas easier; sale
eresaadeat'a decliae. Packer bereare
stilt waiting for tower flWRf oiie ththgjs
yery.eyident bat If we araio jhave aoy
paekioir season tobB -veeiViU, will bm a,laa
one. i. Weswrnt drovers -com plain ttf' inw
prices. The, extreme prices Vere' $f 35a
ff zS-W cwtr"' " ' i' 7
fiOB -operatlods for she. past four weeks
were :
.voiw- :iai.s;rt.rijajr."j.a8 rs
November II lOiiS a avat is
NoTaibar.....li.C.5.::S" 6a U
Tha MBAMltr-if'a ro aautl olnoo nn lata- awaaa
CsiUe. SY. cars Hogs. ,334 -cars; heejL.44
ars;uorses ana Aiuie. 4car ioaos, , ,
TTbe-3Esteritbirments- werattfCattle.
102 cars; Hogs, 207-ar;tr5heep,'99reA;
Horses and Mules; 8 ear load. , .,.
T OTanroor .WU.-.V.V. V. ..V.v m aFU
7iir,H ;7J'i".' ' W'
Traw neapu a j ftBiaan-ce'6'cYr the
I previous week's prices.
BOOTS . Alto SHdES. '
rr '
TT-KTaj- tnVa- -l
ai. .ja; .a,,j.a.
Ti. aRersan uivito mm
a partnership with S.. HJKIQtil. far aha
parpoM of arrjiDra taOora tiUatf rrada at
io..it south', iiien MTUp&t,
Would re-peotfol'i inrlt itiefr'trlsnSj and
publio seuerally to call and yarolas.ttieirftMiad
well aeleoted atoek of Ladiea'. Oanta.- Mii.iiaaa'anfl
Children'! Boot sad tiooes. t'hi,dy.reeiTc di
rect Iran th liaat. andwhien thay are nijw offprint;
lor sale on the moat reasonable term. '1 ear man-
aiaoionnK aepanmentapeoiai aueouoa u atrsa to
repairio6raIl tftnd rjeatljr addrpromptty rfie.
We would) reapeelfulv ejioit-a ih&ra of pufelio
nattoDase. Please aive'aS a ealT. No tronDla ta
ihow Koodi?1 ---w9aiTiiaaaBHSSiai-
Itemeinber tae DIi
o, 163 Soqth Min street.
PQ -
-.?i.tT ! GROCERSt ny.AiiT
.(,r,N0, ta.& SOUTCHlfirl TRm.'r,
N ii-'CBO-CiB ,; Ji.-lw
Proprietor co i.riairra powr
l)i RaAOAZIMB(M4so.fortlM ale ?
Haiard Powder Companj'a Powder- .Agents for
kaal'of -; . Ota n-i-T5 Vt oiuocJ
,!.,;, ..GARDNER, PHIIPS. jQ0.3 -: pf
Celebrate SaKrIareJ )aaia
-- t. i and dealera la ' " .-"-
i.i tun. '. GROCERIES- "''i -iTI
in all their wrintiej. . impoittxfe faui iraadiv
0. . IIKL
.! !-. . ,!!! J- WaataWnr " ' .-i "lot
-iaB-.c as-:
Also, all kinda of Coantrr Produced ineh a ut
i . i . n '- tar, Kcts, thiokeoa; Tukm, S ' ' ''
Re. 39 :iVest saaMrvray, 'i
-ev -rdt IU ,noi!i.q iititfiB
- Th erioioest varfeffe' erYreihyiek raeefvel
dailj. .. t. All rood patahaaeddaliTeTed .'asr
part of the buy prkk er chabgs. tool ll-eoASi
Paving Notice.
raAoa-aiawiyrCbauarwiSni-w i'-j-iI ul vii
eiTT CLERK'S OFFICE,,:.. 3 f.
ClTLtfUBra, O., Nov. 13, 1SSS.I 11
Vt it -i
ITotiee Is hereby trlren lhat proceeding tiaTtw,
instituted in th City Council- of V for
makinirthefollowiDC improveineou.lo-wit : . '
hor rradinit knd paling tb unparad aiaeMalkt;
nttera and eroajinji oa tha wes tide of tbe aa.
eant sronnd -west of the market honse. and for -pa-rins:
th kalamoe-ot aaid vae.t.tT9wa4 aritk NiMe
sun paaemant Irom Town street to Kich ttMet.
Also, tor .laytni v4oaWe row'of fla 'rols
aeroa Center , aVusi f,4h south, sid. iqf SrM
street.' r ' ' , . '' , . ,
J -also, fnrtaytns a doable raw Bar arntaiaf airsM
Center alio, at the soatb site of Lonsatrest. .,
1 The same to be done in accordance with plataana
atimatea to be prenaied by the Oity ViwHi Ksis
Beer, and filed in the offioe of tbe City Clark, r
i -All persons elaimins daaiaaas- account f VaTd
proposed improvements, arei raqnirad to file ibif
claims in the office of Ai.e i Clerk, in writinc. on oi
oaf or the iahta day of dan. ary. A. I). lSSSvrtf
I 1.' .I'll L.I...
. novza flitawew i . c,
'City Ulerlr:11
.n iy
h ilt b,v ;An. Ordinanc 'i si i
Makiaa appropriations for pnipuiwl tbanra-aajcatt
. SlCTIOMl.. Be tt ordained by tke City Ceaaacl
of tbe city of Columbus. Tbat there be and is
bareby. appropriated out of any SMoer in lb Tun
ury not heretofore appropriated. tbefoUpwipf tnmS
of noMr, to-wit: ' ' - wt
For the payment of axneosai f rjtraes rrianila
sioner and Chain (ians. l,O0U.
-. Fe tb' payment of emptoyev of tb4 Flrv'D.
axtment,l.so. , .. -
Forth payment of expense of City Fotiee.IV
46.- i , . .t-M i .'f i--ii l-ilTJ.h.
Jr th piymnt of salarjes of CU.Poex",
f For expenses of City Park. SI. rir-,i't i-)Vm
For the payment of cleaning and repairing street
lamps.100. I i.; i.ivTTI
,. ForliaaandGajLiahU.SlOO.,.: . r, j qn
Forpayment if Kicoleon jarement, In ftpnt of
South fcnein Hons so. n j 1 TTi'xT im
For. Sewers and Drainage, 300. t
1 For payment of Temporary Loan, 15,0.-''1,,o
Hkc.1. Thesevarsd rams of raoaeraPfn-oprrMe)
by the foregoing section shall be expended in to
araaer proscribed br th ifth sec tie of ba iiatiii
name defininc the duties 1 the City Clerk. PMsed
May 5th, 1857. , '"i
.t-'5t-,.i -.'j.i li- 'irr iWJL HAGHTE!fn:-rro-
.. r - President of the City CounoiVp
Paseed Pf o-r. S, A O. lues " --T1
. . . . i l' 11.-. . .. .. r,i. k.
, . ir lull UA
Kesolution to Contract;"'
- JUtolved, that the City CtriV 8rrginr'' tt: end
be U hereby aathwiaed and directed to.. aoatraet ia
the name of the city of Columbus, with matthiai
Lamr.- for building a- double . raw Sag roeeh
screes South street atthe west aide of Uuhatreet,
upon th following terms, to wit: r " 7
. Far. excaratias or grading. Korty eeat mm vabie)
yard. ' . . , , , -. ,
. For boulder 'paring. Forty-fir nU par '-
XFr -'graTefins "Mvm'T ifty'e.nts; pa? eulS
yard, i: it .rf.i.- .iit.a v.itl I' iuo
AdoptedNov.B,"18S8rf- . r
Attesti rU 'UJ-WILBOS.1"3
.BvJMU;- ur,.t.n : i-!i;i (U ii-j4Jitt CI.
fl.--rt-.tt GENERAL KEWSPAPER li n'"irf
Advertising Agents
'l,i 13SAaaaa Street. fsew.afc,8',!s
w oer to call the attention of advertiser, to
oar agency.. Our facilities with all' the first etaa
daily papers in tbe country,-are aeoond tar a,
and we arn fully prepared to offer terms and eon!
dittonc which cannot fail n giro superior Induce
aents. VV e alt send advancements to ell Cubaa
atd ruth American papert.- with whom we hare
exo tmre contracts Weare (be ool house doing
Wanarv bysawial partniseioo.refrrtn: : inivt
"nr.. H. 'f . itamauuj,, Uiuggut. M Uroadwayz
V Tok. , -
liafsrs. H. R.' TaxDnaa V Co.; la) Qreaawietl
stret. New Tork , . . t r
Herars Hall A Kucxit. II Greenwich ftreet'
Newlork. , - t-,
Messrs. G. Bbitc'8 Son A Co., Type Founieia. IS
-Chamhes stteet. ' i li Vit..: i 7ul;,fv--.i"
Messrs. Phalom A Sou. JJew "Tork.
Messrs. Hhelon A CoLtrnDBn; er'Torkl' 1 ,ro
Messrs. T amuant A Co-k. York!
Messrs. CHICKShivs) Ad, ia ork.
Messrs. Kadwa K.TNwor
oci30-eod3m ..
-7:'-iia IK
?. fl iiini..!-:
COLUMBUS; Hy,irv Ms'
of J.N. Millar it Co., wholesale liqnor dealer.'
I have taken in as partner Nicholas Mi:ller, .r.
We will eontinne the business at tbe wwll-knim.
nM stand 31. 34 and SS Wpft Hrnadaa. nnH.. th.
1 firm aame of N. UlLLKR A CO.. hoping all the old'
I customers may continue dealing witb ua.

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