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m 7. f i iT n
Democratic State Central Committee
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25. 1868.
. meeting of
f tbe pemocnttic gtate Central Comml
toe at Tburtuan Hal), Colunabus, Oblo, oa
Tuesday, December 8th, at 3 o'clock P. M,,
fct (be purpose ot, fixing the time of fold
ing the .'pext SUte.CtooTentlf.aod the,
arjeaetloa ot suclv other, fcualneaa a mag;
Wise befor the CommUtee. A full attend,
anceta requested.,.,,. e;
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
News and Otherwise.
".wsui. out n.,o!bi,H Ito'I 1 hii
i Rw VAN Abo has a tree ttaiLroad :--,?:3
'MaSSIllo wanU th' new ' Penlten'
tlaW?' " 't.'.HH '7wls ji.fi gv
Jw'' I r. "iiJru
alth""''i 1 'l"ahHi''J ,; t,J
, A 17Q popup deer has been shot la Wood,
V&rxi-,t'.o:l-;-i: J.'!i fev 1 3.:dt .l.nj.
Thb ZammnHit' Signal , don't . like : red ,'
nsaH latlifiSui "l ;.L:.. ; ufa i4;i'.'"
M AMsnaxD has produced a 14 pound ret-
'-J lot
iaas'aWteistWb:' " '"' a"' lriiA'J " ' ' "
I Tammm HinntiT IB UI niTI m TIEW IlrE
Th jjeglalanre of illoesota meets, on
the 5th of January. - . !hI I
GaN.'QaAJrtVreport. 'was glvsa to the
public prematurely. ' .-:-
'SsiijAatw 'CkoroOTi "of! Perry," ZaIlo
county, aged 84,1s dead. 1 v.inwra
Thb Timet . prononne'es 'the "crncinhatl
street mHerably fitihyr ' fc '"l"' i"
TjV 'i-i ivfil Ct..J- '.Thtii -H-it h iS'l'i f'1
PPailx has bcepi commissioned Pos'-
Twa wing posfao4 pUlory are lire
lnsUMiqn VsvDelawara yti' I U,A
Th cheese factories of Geauga havv
only done fIrIyis;seasdu.;M nl
Tsta , property t. Toledo, according, to
tfisw PPWKii wo ui-
SuJtai TrnaUdU -eonatyr islo bavo 'ai
honeataaABiid nwd association n ,ihin av.i
Tb a merchants oi Falraodh i, loira, hsvs 1
aliywughllOt rat skins. ''t
da'iiastaiir 'Is' fe'toakriVncfi-1:
..Taa-baaTaa bT
T&k GapitOl U.itt complete readiness for
tha meeting o Uoogreas oaaiondayl nriii:
Kink persons are confined? i"the indf'7
anaJitoto,flS eharger'f Wdrder. ''
TkiNeW Lisbon railroad ifs to be iioid af '
Haster CWmmlssfpner4 sale on'the lOthV ' " ;
itui 'ui -! '!-- .-, r i
A nm Jn Ffqdlay 'spend , foOQ on( prin?, ,.
. ttra'-iesdtheijretR.rltf.b; pales;,!
A rMMcpf, weighing .73,-.potjhda .has
been raised at Conneensr-Ashtabula cput-
Di Spain they are having a pol i tical cam
raign much after the Style in the United
APppviDKNca, R. L, dancing master has -1
saceo;tnree glrbetjweentbeagfsf 14,,
tt5l' :JV;;""',W i"1' .tonirff
In Ashtobnla Connty, farmers are 'de.,
eitrtmheiF floctS'aiTapIdly aT
'.'J u-'i-' iifi ' VI i tii'
Onk dozen divorces .were grantedTby The
Circuit Court In ij6nls off toe 30th of
Novemb,,..,, j,.;.,.;, ; '
Trkrk H talk that the law for the meet- J
jngof Congress oa the 4th of March will
ne repeated i.,,-iai ! j-mvo-i !inSPii-.- v.'
Ttot7- are1 ieactllnif byefc tnin;", egg JJ;.
Inches over-the ends, at Garretsvllle Por ,
tag iConnty;-.i.i jt. . . .,s ;hl-i i. Ti
EtOtfX thousand atractores, coating not
leMtha25i)00,(X)0,.hare been erected inT
Chicaga tills yearV t '' ns" -.:)"!
Smos the first et Marcf last, eight bun
drefl aW iVty rjtbree bulfdlng permits have
been issued In Cincinnati. ....
Tai Springfield Republic (Sadlcal): don't
thlnt that JdgePooa can be convicted,
ress aev nd positive proofs are fouhd,,
Ta -Presldetittal Electors of alt' the
States wTffrieM at their Capitals to-day and.
east lieir -votes for President aud Vice
President. ,&0iJoll -gaiVS'i
Six illicit distUlers.hkt just Teeh sen
tenced In Philadelphia to pay heavy fines.
andfW Iftiprtsonmenf' In'fiheJnltentlart ,
from six to twelve months im..u -:.': ai
m-iu mi., iin'i i.i i i a -ivu-1 m iiJjit -.
. Cranberribs ca be kept several 'years .
ny ory ingivnem a auwt umii ta ue snn,
and-pottlng them Into, bottles 'an'd sesllnif
theoa op. witlt sealing-wax " m-iwu v.t
jwa-.ti. iv -..-. 1.-1 w dl n "in ;4'J-.I- ii
Jkn SHBBRLtHtf,1 postmaster at ; Lynn.
ville, Pa, is probably the oldest postmaster
In 4ij JJnited S,ites ria:e.rsI. i :yeara 'old, ,
and has held the position 43 yearsV. .' - "
Frbdbjuce Brandt, of Louden, Carroll
county, the. wealthiest man in thonntyr
is reported to have gone' insane in, conse-"
quenee of thatlow price of sheepand -wool.
Harsh, the, abscond in g, Wall , street bro
ker, has been arrested at Memphis and. has
ee$ faken back7.' He offered to. bribe the
officer who arrested him with f 15,000; but;
It was no go,
Ji isptte4 thamore persons' have been
. sent to the Insane asylums in SwiUerland
during tbe past two years than during the
twelve preceding years." Excess of busi
ness and wine has done the business. , : ; .;: ;
AJ; CyiiuNDEK, soma , y ears ago,' ma r
ied a Woman dafieient in- brain, and as a
result, hie children three boys and a girl
ara idiotic. So says the J2raW.7"We don't J
see that anythlng-else-could have been ex
pected. . - '; 7 j ' .
Col. George Wr MoCooki Honj,R. P. Ran
ney, General Darbln Ward, Hon. H. J.
Jewtt, Col, George W. Many penny and
Hon. Chijton A. White, have, been named
in connection with the Democratic nomi
nation for Governor. ,L , , , 'r, , .
Saturday's Journal bad over seventeen
columns of. original matter set up irom
manuscript, expressly tor this paper, all of
it prepared editorially Monday' t Journal.
What, miserable Sunday the Journal
readers most have passed. Zanetville Sig
nal. 1 'V ;" i ' A '. -:i i' ' i :-i
It is Senator Pomefoy's opinion if he is
Correctly reported, that the only leading
measures which will engage the attention
ot Congress this winter, will be an amende
ment to the Constitution regulating tbe
question, ot suffrage in all the States,: and
a bill arranging the preliminaries' for tbe
resumption of specie payments. ; , ' . '-
Tna acio Timet (Radical) declares
that 'our moral situation' seems, in some
respects, to he as low: as that ot Borne In.
the time ot Horaoej'', that -'we are rapidly
progressing In that direction, and our ri
valry W Rome In that corruption1 which
preceded her alU". and calls out, "Oh, for"
a Reformer."' '..This . Is the condition to
which-tbe Republican party has brought;
the country . i s v .i .'i '
jir.J t-r "-' ' ''I'--''
A Radical Organ Against the Appointment
A Radical Organ Against the Appointment of Honest Men to
Yr) fasfe(Radlcai;
repudiates as suicidal" the advice civen
lo General"GRAi5Trto appoint inerTto office
on account of their honesty and fitness,
HtigtWKrortherty sertlcar If holds a
party "that does not give to Its followers
tbe rewards It baa the power to dispose,
ein have no victories and detent none " It
tTwnyTjwwr,ic ts"in pdnT tfie adTlc
the SagU sayf , "tbe doom of the ftepubll
ca party s1 Wtlefl In a dy ( f j f ; i '
fiti AhlnkC se ti 'i. As Joak' Qjinct
Adams once said of his party friends, the
Radical party is bound together by a com
mon longing orofhco! and a sympathy of
hatred to every man of purer principles
than themselves. Appointhonest atid com
petent men to offlceand. tbe leading Rad
icaUwbp fought. and voted-for Grant,
would be lef t out In the cold, and the party
would dissolve,' President' Lincoln acted
Upon the principle of remembering politi
cal services,' hot merit, 'and idr.' Dawks
saldlhat daring the first year of the war
'more money was stolen than was spent in
Boca ANAJi's ' Administration," In paying
the eo tire expenses of the Governmt-nt.
- The qoestion stand tfius: If Grant ap
;point,ihOB9t!,:p,ble: ...'offlce,
I fre Kepobllcari pKrtr is demorrfried1 and
it, fate W sealed In kaa'lf 'Tie elecU
I to keep the party together' by: appointin
I dishonest men, as a reward for mere parti
I sari services.' then the Rennbltc - will nf-
I. " ' ' ,
I ferand the National debt be so enlarged as
to make repudlailon a 'virtue Instead of
"Hoisted with their Own Petard."
. The partiSanl malignity and professional
rivalry which induced the charge of luna
tt agalnxt Dr. Hilmbold'.' the most suo
I rf ' J
I'been f service to hlnii ' 'The 'charge- foI
qespWable, and the care tnat was taken I to
have it transmitted by telegraph "to -all
parts' of the country, batf 'reactedbecauJe
Of tts utter want of truttf, and the 'great
fBodHn" Inventor Is likely to reap a rich
reward in business, in consequence of ibis
attempt to oo him wrongs J '
j The JfeieTork Sui, in' giving i descrlp
Uort of Dr.-HBiiisOLb's gorgtonsly fice
wbofesale - and ' retail Drug ! establish inent
at 894 Broadway," says it Is M)y6nd'ques-
,tgba)eBt of lu kind," and 'V 'worthy of
tne rnercnant princes or, incw xora , Dut,
Che San add, 'it IS not at ali I mp robable,
Irom the continued , and tncessant txpan
ston bf: Dr. Helmboxd's business, 'that be
osay yet nave to tnrow nts wnoiesaie srore
info, the' retail, and let the 'ormer take care
of ltseir in some .other convenient 'place.
i In this' success'Dr. ELMBOLfs tradu'
eers may ;fearn il IeSson.,1'Their ''fiendUh
falsehoods,' 1 A stead of Injuring, have bene
titted him where "best he Is t now'n:-' So
mote it evei-be: ""I--' -' "'
Not Radicals Enough to Fill the
Not Radicals Enough to Fill the Offices.
Gbn. Stonkiian in bis report shows why
reoonstructioB; is a fai-uf In Virgila
Under the so-called Reconstruction acts, be
cannot.find enough; flien . who are exempt
from Ifs restrictions to bold -office .'Is not
this one of .the main dlfflcqUles .ln all, the
southern. States t And is It not among the
many, reasons why the laws of those States
are inefficiently- executed r
A leading Radical of this city, sept South
as; a"; Government .Treasury agent, on hU
return said that no man in the South, fit to
hold office, could take the necessary oath'
TThom that
adventurers from the, 37ortb, or elBe South-
ern-cpwndrela who would .perjure (hem-
wives to, get offlce. ; f r. ''.. , j ! ; ! n,.-; .j..
Puts its Foot into it.
Evinir,g. PotU in - speaking
of ' Reterdt 1 Johnson Ttflnister of the
Untted States tto' Enfflahdi saa that Jr. I
generally admitted that Mr.bBNsW went
to Englahd as" a SpeMal'' Representative 'oi
th"iJeheis.''.The '.PosJ-jTorgetS1 tnaV which
the Timet remembers, that Mr. ' Jobxson
was confirmed as Minister by the united
voice1 of every 'Bepublicatt 'Senator pres
ent.'1 He 1 had '.long been a Senator the
members, of that body kn'ew his sefitlmepU
on( fetery sabject,' for he is not thd man" to
copceal bis thoughts,' and hence,' if he Was
selected as a special representative of the
'rebel Wingi the' Radical Senators voting
fos; his" eonflrmation' were parties to the
crime. ' The Pot has put its toot into It by
maklng this Silly charge. "
J'- - ' 1 i ; ii ' ill i-li
The Cattle Fever.
j The Cattle VJomraissloners of tbe State of
New York have -eon voted a meeting -of the
Commissioners of ; the several States and
begda yesterday,: at Springfield,
Illinois.,! Ohio, In virtue of the Invitation,
has sent flVerOommissioners.-'. The subjects
ot consideration will be the history' of the
Texas Cattle lever, and other infections and
contagious 'diseases to which cattlA 'arid
stock are subject, and the best methods tot
preventing the spread 'bf'.such'dHeas'es,
with feferenee to the Interests ot the ' prb
ducer and consumer; and als thesahltary
requirements whh referehcij'tq the feeding
Sad 'rest of the 'animals' while In course of
transportation; and to the;best methods' ot
slaughtering ind preparing them for maN
fce(:rls,; V.,;j vili i 1- . i Z-, VK; -
. i ,ii .... ,ii -.1 !,! f.
Codification of the Laws Relating
to Municipal Corporations.
The Senate select committee, consisisting:
of Messrs.. Scribner. ; Everett and Linn.
charged with the duty of preparing a cod
ification and amendment to the laws gov.
ernirig cities and, villages are now in ( ses
sion in the Senate Chamber,' in this . city
.i As the 'work! In which' the committee Is
engaged' tis one that'.lnterests the people
et every city and village In Ohio, we doubt
not the members would be pleased to re-.
eeive such suggestions by. letter or . other
wise,. as. will , enable them to perfect their
wwv i ,
Low Fares on Railways.
For the last two years Belgium has been
trying ; the, experiment of reducing the
rates, and the success of tbe plan of cheap
ening travel, has had, It is asserted, 'great
Influence upon the fares In other eonn tries
ol Europe.: France, and especially Prus
sia, are mentioned as-having reduced the
price of railway tickets with beneficial ef
fects. In this country, although competing
lines have' reduced tbe fares for' a short
time, yet, an exchange says, no trial has
ever been made for a period long enough
to give- tbe cheap fare system a test! ' We
would like to see it fairly tested. '
Another Washburne Wants a
Foreign Mission.
It is now asserted that AVasbburnr does
not want, and will not accept, a Cabinet
appointment under Grant. He wants a
foreign mission. There Is one Washburn e
too many now, holding an appointment as
foreign minister. The Paraguayan Minis
ter Waseburnr Is sufficient for all practi
cal purposes. : In money and in disgrace
be has cost the country rather too much
to epable It to stand another of the same
breed." ,.'( "... v . ,' .- -7..
'Ai Gaoaou correspondent of the New
York Times, Radical, admits that the course
Of tbe Radical in that 8tate is calculated
to u create ill-feeling- and uneasiness, and
check the restoration of perfect harmony,
which all good men do much desire." What
b true of Georgia Is true of every South
erh State.;- '' ' ' !
Tub total membership of the M.. E-
Church in the.Tnited btates, Is 1,255,07-1,
Democratic Victory.
The DciAocrats Jeaterdri elojjteeUKelr
candidateTor Mayot lu'Nework'crty by
54,094. ;Xha 'Republicans were confident
they coald keep the majority down to 40,-
iooo. . -
J5i. FPorjj,BTONfcfiqr the, able edito
of the Delaware Herald, favored us with a
pleasant eall yesterday; 1 1 f 'J ' )
New Advertisements.
I tS The Osto.$ltinaaai has
uirger jlrcaililB asssasa samy
Pr pablittbeU 1st CUreeC'em
tralcOblo.; advenUrs will bear
IhU In mlnl.
Turnpike Notice.
Cpitl Stock of the Dublin aid Worthin-
tnn Turnpike Coropmny are berebr Doti6ed that
tbere will be meoti nr of the stockholder, of aajd
inpny en MONDAY. J AMU AKY 11, 1S89. at
of Dnblln. Ohio, at two" o'clock
Id day. th object and Dnnxwa at whlAh m.t.
iai will be to determine the bais foraeainR the
shareholders of laid capital stock to meet the re
cent indebtedness of said Company, and to fix the
time and land of payment ( uieemoant assessed
ataiiut each indiridual holding such shares,
f ,KKB '-NUUFiOUK, Frtaident.'"
wan icu v . invJiAS,
ViME8 f. WlttQUT,.,
ELI W. TULLE K, . . v
deoS dltw4w
lii .
e.d ) 1 OP TBI citt or in yob;' '"'
f,.Jfo..aap Broadway
Capital, . Ooe Million Dollars,
DabiusK lUiWAMFns'WlwAe.MiBfm.L.Seo,r,
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, sabject to eheck
at sight.-. tpeoial-apoeite forhia nrenthaormo
mar be made at fire per cenC The Capital of Uue
.Mi'lioa Dollars Is dirided among oyer 500 Share
holders, eomnrtsin many e-entiemennf lar .MlrK
liable to depositors for all oblisations of the Com.
mi unauciai experience, wnoare also personally
tbe Com-
panrtodpnble the amonnt of their cspital stock-
As the National Trust Company leeeires .denniiu
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
iT . wore or in pa ( oy cneckat.sifbt and
ances. parties tbrona-honttheoonntr nn k..n .
eoante rn this Institution with spcoial adyaataaet
vi Bccuntj. coarvRieiiceiDl litoill.,-
i re HT-decl-dAw3Hm . ,
Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
vruuuimD m muni it. .,- ir...
-- j- w.cncv mm iwn un-urotati
.. 1. . j, . -.. , - " r "P'
ami ueiliairsr mn4 .w,rfh....
' jP rfPablnK. and ettabliabea robust health.
"i "'S M1 ocaruesl rood
box. PMX-tt ' An Intet-Mlinw
I?,i r.ri" m mat evrr.
its see
affreta of toaaeco. with lists or lattimonii
! atn.-aaaa Mjaa.- Aiwrii vsntni aaaw.
, Dn. T. K. AaaoTT, irrffy Cfty, W. J.
! . P?- I rTyoTaoa of Bttrkm's
Intlifcaa from Rar. AM. Ponlton, tgf lad H m iTi ilnal
! ' trie tT. a TaxWstrltr, lUrrefBry'a OMt. Please
aassi a aaeely of aba AarwoTx.t-iW oMTeonVal o dona
soaaxr. X o. T. EDoam. -
VaoK Nzw HAHTSHm SaTK Pa ISO jr. Gentleman of
talaanee aare bariris; bee xin tbe apeexne r tebaa.
eo by 01 na; -Dr. Roxtoa'a' AfiMnta we aaxt a sanely lay
Ska acdsaosia ar-thi. lrajtXonV "
I Joixra MiTOV ardnrW H. H. State Prison.
Trjbacta Jsoj aeotmptiifcj eg ctaimblfor iL ' I
HAX. 1st Rati BeasANew Albany. -hL ' '
aTxaWOTWair'sxxTiMow t.-OsrxVox or Antoofs '
matf. rr snrrn aarta. '
Bar. y. Buoaaxxaa. Kellajh Staueo. Pa.
Faoa inouoi BunQeaaraaa, LtVif, Matav
!-! eaataaV of fiak in tDttf saaatAs by
s Antlrtete, aud mt iatt f( tobacco m
Wm. I4. Wn. Jb.
aaiaa; ui.
FllMtAtni RnilVHaaw TTnlr Jnrr. PAmM.
tha aafjil fitaii ana. I taka alsasnia fn nwosnMrHrb I
aru oar raaoara. - ; . . v : : 1 1 - . auns.
" '' Jradymar x Cbpyriffhttd.
CaSSE.Osa f H.nr. nl' Ininnmis HiYMtilM.
1011a eoyetusea HI namDUgs.
Insane Ajylum.'
O the Insane-. St. Louis. Mo. This Institntion
isbuiimi.iij tne oisters 01 voariLy, ausust uit
ISoeVi it is Private, and first elana is ita trnn...
ments and accommodations.- insane patients of
Dom sexes ana 01 an denomination are recetred.
Kor terms. Ac. bddIt to Dr. J. K. KA 111)11 V .
'vuuiua tujaiBHiiif ur w oisver ouvenor 01 tne in-
BUbUlluu, " DOTZO-dlW
Itimber forT SaleTi
1 1 TiUN offer at priyate sale all the lamber coa-
uuneo, vn the lenoe enclosing their ttavoe Course
Also, tbe lumber in south stable, weat atamf
iudffes' stand, ninket fenna. An.
rariies winning tne wnoie 01 t&e above will please
eall on the udtrigae.wh,wUI aire all ie neo
esaary information as to price, terms, and time of
reinoyai. XtlVUAttU.JM!. V IBS-
'": " '. . . i yiea President.
If aa .disposed af by STI!RIMV linv w
TRAH itaillk.uM.nTrTE'flniy Wwr. -is iua'
at publiaaueuoa. by John U. BeaJl, Auctioneer.' '
f?rni'& Fovrv Prinftntr- Inlr' Tx7na.lru
wt a sv a. sj a aaaaaaaag 1UJS , t va JaJ
ink with which this issue of the "Republican"
is primed is from the Gray's Ferry Printing Ink
Works of U. E. BOBtNSON. Is, is clean, flows
freely, and is of a good eolry.. Our brother print
ers can indae of its quality by eompariua it with
ink from other manufactories. IThe Ilelaware
County Uepu Mioan. 1 . ,:iu j....i,.
j i Krom h Del awn re Gssette.I'.1
:-'To FBiVTtRS. W ba?e been nsinc for'aereral
weeks a very fine Quality of ink from the Gray's
Ferry manufactory of CHARLES K. KO BIN. SON,
which our Fressuen say is the best for cylinder
press news work that they hare, used for a long
time. It 19 a clear black, and free from all kind ot
sediment. Mr. Kobinson is a praatieal ink manu
facturer, libel si and courteous in all business
transactions, and as he has recently had the mis
fortune to be burned out. we are the. more tree to
yeoommend bis ink and himself to tha patronage
ot all printers who desire a good article at Tery
cheap rates. Address Ho.SSl Alinoretreet, Phila
delphia. - One of our contemporaries also recommends it as
follows: : -
M.-Btnai ranniaa 10 a. rt e sirs xer some time
been using the News Ink manufactured at Gray's
Ferry Printing Ink Works, Philadelphia, !y t!.- tt.
ttOBINSUta, and. as -stated 'some waeks ago, bare
found it better adapted to our presses than any ink
we na.aebad.ia our office for ten years.:. 16 1s not
only- a very excellent artioleof ink, bat -it is fur
nished at vera seasonable DricenThac Wnrfc-s aJan
manufaoture Back and Co ored Printing and Lifi-l
oxrapnic 10 ha., a arnisries.f eo. Theie address is
Gray s terry Koad and Thirty-third sireet, and
bo. 521 Minor street. Hagerstown Herald.
We never recommend an artiote in these columni
unleee it really merit it. and to, earn wbetherour
own opinion of the ink the "Tax-payer" is now
using eoinoidel witl our pressman's, we inquired
hisesti'nate. Re replied "Good. Tory good. ' and
as we never knew him to deviate from the truth,
we inform our fellow printers that this was Said of
KOHI.NSON'8 Miilsdelphia Frintina Usk-T-tFrom
the Tax-Payer, New Ycrk.
U08Effsi PESKY a CO., Aaeata.
i B3 and 95 North High street, Colambas', f.;
Advertising Agents.
''' : 133 Hasiaa Street, Hew York "''
iSttablithtd in VBtXj K, ,
We be to sail the attention of advertisers to
onr agency. Our facilities wUh all the first, elass
daily paper! fn the oountry are aecoad-to none,
and we aro fully prepared to offer terms and con
ditions which cannot fail to give superior induce
ments. We-alao send advertisements to all Cuban
atd South American papers, with whom we hare
exclusive eenirnets Wearetheonlv honsedoina
We can, by special permission, refer to
Mr. H. T. Ublmbuld,' JJruggisL 9 Broadway.
New To k. ': . 1 . , '" '
Messrs. H. R. TiMBrjziB &, Co.,' 198 Greenwioh
street. New York. . .
Messrs. Utu. A flrJciC J18. Greenwich street.
Near York.
Messrs. ti. BRtTCB'a Son Co Typo I'ounders, 1
vnimns'l Bbieeit.
Meaara:' Prsloit M Kom. ajew VnrV.
Messrs. Takbant A Co.. New York.
Messrs. Cbickkbiko ASon, New York. - ,
Messrs. Kjdwit A Co.,Mew York. '" '
1 Emollient Cream.
J. preparation, intro.iuoed last winter, bavins;
received so many flatterinc commendations from
those who used it induces the proprietors to bring
again before tha public assuring them that it
stands unrivanea as tne oesi proieetor oi u. sain
against tba inolemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, purity
and preservation. For healing abrasions, Chap
ped Hands, Face, Lips, or Roughness of the Skin;
has no eauai. while its soothing Qualities and
deligbtiul lraaranee renaer iva necessary appena
ase to the toilet. Prepared only by MARPLB A
K1TSUN, iiispensing Chemists, los (South High
street, Columbus, unio. nov-aeoaswm
! COLUMBUS. May iT, 1868.
TT AVISO R"lu in vur tug Finn
1 0f J, N. Miller A Co..wnoiesale liquor dealers.
have taken in as panner moaoias aiiiiier, rr,
tviil intinns the business at the wellknown
stand 32, 34 and 36 West Broadway, under the
firm name of a. miLiLirjtt w.,noping ail tne old
eu.tom.rs ma, V1aH ."'bN y1ER.
novSO-w3t ' " - JIltJrltriiAB JJlXiliUri, Br.
Leander Burner's Estate.
tha nnrlaraianeri has been duly appointed and
qualified as administrator of the estate of Lean
aer Ku i er, deceased, lata of Franklin township,
Franklin county, Ohio.
ax . i.. rs5 a odd ' . . i - i f !
li M N
r ma H n li jjii.tji m ani stTfi'gsWwr4'Ws
pecnliar arm important relations -wTribl
they smUtty. their stteuliar lorganiaaties
and the offices Jthey perform are subject
jto many sufferings. JFreedom from these
.contribute in no' fcmy -degree to thelt;
jhappiness and welfare, for none can be
happy who are ilL Not only so, but no
one. bj" tbse'taribus female, complaints
oah loDg tie iuffe'red to run en without
involving the general health of the in
drviduftl,;fen"fli)re Ipng.prueing perniar'
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult aphysician forth
relif of these various.delicate affections
and only upon the moe urgent necessity
Will a true woman so far, sacrifice' her
greatest charm as to do this.' The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple specifics which - will be
found efficacious --in relieving and curing
almost every one of those .troublesome
complaints peculiar to the sex.- ii k
' ; r 1 .jJ : . - i?.lu i
i .l3t P.-.i .'i:0'.'. 1 .
I Hundreds suffer on in silence,
hnndredf of others apply vainly tddrng
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
t would not wish 'Xo assert anything-khat
wVhld do Injustice o the afflicted, hiit I
km obliged to Bay that although it may
tie produced from,, excessive exhaustion
pf the powers of life, by laborious em.
pl0Jren;r1Wn$iWn6( a'iid;;fo6a.
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
ofltsner' eansed1 bydireet "irritation, ai
plied- to the mucous membrane ' of .the
j When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of reffianjn all Ct5.srf!0(t5'
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the icelfare of the entire
human family. The mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes. Ibe. .years. thaLnature designed j
for corporeardeVelopmeht'tO be wasted
and perverted in, the restraints drss,
the earjy confipemejit 00 sclioot, anl es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
jttie ball-room. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex-
ciieu -y ' jMemeure, perverting m -uiiu-titght
revel the hours designed by nature
tor sleep ana rest, tne-worit of aestruc-
f iVin to V ol r onoftmril i tli tars
vavu ma uuit iivvuu piiuuuui
? f it
In consequence of this early strain
a. T 1. ,i -usT t. L.
upon her system, nBseeessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re.
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus as-eravating the evil. When
,ene excitereieat j8fo,ver, another ia pres-iW
peetvve keeps the mind -morbidly sensi
tive tp impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solute, ry.ior hiddiDg the. exercise-indis!-
'pensaMe to the attainment and retention
of organic, health and strength j , the' fxi
posure to night air ;' the Budden changj
tof temperature ; the complete prostra-
;1 J 3 1 i ;
11011 prouueeu uy eiceasive uancing,
mhst, of necessity, produce their leeiti-
mateeffept. - At la,st, an early.-marr.iage L
caps the climax of misery, and the un-1
fortunate onehitherto so utterly jregard
less of 'the1 plain dictates and remon
strances bf her delicate nature; becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. 1 his is but a truthful picture of
tbe expeiienue or thousaiius or oury o
women. .il.iillUilJ
'Long before the aVility tb exercise the
functitrn tjf jAxe generative drgahsASeJ?
reqiUiTe'ay ' edUcatidnf their " peculiar'
system, composed ot what is
called the tissue, which is,1 in common
with the feiuale breaat and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early 'period of
,iife"J. ndv as vfe-ehall'subsequently see,
'these emotions, when excessive, lead,
long before1 fuberty, to habit wt'en'sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
Eor. Female , Weakness ,and, Pehility
Whites i-or Lencorrbosa, ;Toe Profuss
'(Mehstruationr7 Exhaustion, Too Long
'Continued Periods.-for Prolapsus and
Bearing lTnj pjr rojspsus Uferi ;; j
offer the most "perfect specific "known :
EeLMboldIs CpMpticSD V Extract, of
Buchu. t Diredtions for use, diet,'; and
advice, accompany. " ' '
t - - - - v r-r a-, rr- rr- r : t -.m-i T
Females in every period1 of life, from I
infancy to extreme old aee. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its iunctioDS. Dtrengtn is the glory oi 1
manhood and womanhood. Helmbold s
EtTRACT Buchu is more strengthening!
tnanpanjrot tne preparations 4o I5arlt
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas-
ant. Helmbold's "Extkact Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
A " 's 1 " ' " ' . I 'TT l
musi. pruunueut puysicians in tne unitea
btates, is now onered'to afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow-1
ing diseases and 'symptoms,'' from what
ever cau8B originating t tienral JJebil-
ity, Mental and .Physical Repression,
Imbe6ility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused' Ideas, Hysteria, I
Ueneral Irritability, KesUessness and
(Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus-1
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Jlimaciation, Liow spirits, JJisor-
;anizatioh br Paralysis of the Organs ofl
Ijeneration, Palpitation of the Heart, I-
tnd, in fact; all the - concomitants ot a
Nervous and Debilitated etate of the
-ystem, To insure tlie genuine, cut this
T.ut. -Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
nther. - " . . , , , , , , .
i ., i - i - - ! :.. ' '
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
.vhere. ' - r k -
Pbice. $155 per bottle, or 6 bottles
ior 86.50. Delivered to any' address.
describe symptoms in alt commnnica
iions.s Address H. T HELMBOLD,
)rng and Chemical i Warehouse, 594
iroadway, JNX. i.,,-;
None are genuine unless done np in
teel-engraved wrapper,,-with, fac-similel
gay Chemical .VYareluHise, and signed!
torcontemplata the attendant" vil ccm
serfent 4ponther4 il is jbrlt simple
justice tthe snbje.ct!.ta enumerate aJtiW.
rSS-dwAf-weowly a. T. UfiLMbULl).
-yrvifl GOcfos. I
H U VT n
.8:-L2TJOiiailA7' Jl'I'IA'I
.Yana'i ,i ,v
- 1
ad 1
'! M.'A ti:33iTWi:tr.:.v.
r- riTiTm rf T TT CT
LI. - ilxi e-lXjL
Ii3Bli t'. il'JJli 'Wl.'.
a:c: meadley & co.
.(i:i:i) .f.mv maw) ,
a line --:
250 AND '252
,oj? ,2i!!M sodficvl
Jiq t: -
illl f ii A ff. ,-'8
'.. V.
.' I
r. :
qn; - -.tn-oO
I aSt?tri5i tfiiill
.I,-: i
8 ! M OA 'A 7
! 'J l C
)3K0 ,H
M'liii I J.
n 1 r:n
Mil. IS". A a i.i.
febT-eodly '
' 1
ooII trr 79' I e:'
t.UK err:l
i .Min -i In
United' esaf.uAmerl(ia;'
. O Vvi Et a B. a 3 a. X. 1 1
1 Pitalli XZ&WW
an wuMxuait geqwrai eorresponfience mould &a ad-
- a.essea. . ..
..l iM III If O.lllrt
OFFICKBSl 1 -:jo'J vj
CLABENifK H. ri ARR: Pmij.nt.
IAT C00KG, Chairman Finiusna -Effeat$ves
Committee. '.-'-" .
HBNRY I). K)!CB. Vl PresUent1. IT1". . '
tMtttaujs w. rtbi, seoretary and Actuary
Offered by t bis Company1 are :
1t h a National Company, chartexsd by, special
act 01 ionrrea. seoo. - - - - - -- a
It has a paid up capital of tl.eB.SS8L'''',r:i;
It'effere lew raitee of nreminre. . '- - s- "
-It fnrnisbes larg-er Insurance than other Compa-
! nies for the stunevsnonayi..' - - -. 4 xs ..- y
rli isdefinite rndeertala inita terms.:! 1 IU f J
It Is a Borne Company in every locality.. v..rtt;aio
It Policies are exemnSfrAna attaAhmeni--
Jhera are ne aooeeesaary TesUiotions in-taiKFalf
wiwi. . . '--A i r : .. .' i i:---u oj a a
every rouoy is non-iorteitaoie. v n '
: Folioias msxy betabea that will pay Insured their
, mis jmnn nii retprr aM J a preMsvaauaav-aev eaaa
, the Insurance costs only the interest oa the annual
' payments--. u)iri 7 1 , j I j I J
r-onoies may ne telten wnlcB pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, dariaa life, en aa.
; u ubi 1 ubuui. y. uuc'iciiiii uiv aaBuuua 1 1 s 1 1 1 ai 1 in tue
J ..... ..i.1.u.niitn.1 rga u,ina
ain 1 1 r .1. ..
1 ii m.iw hv, pal Ulltu.uua . SWi ,,l
I - - -. .1 . j . : a 1 ...v. ... ' -
) coat utai aiviaenos -will ne impoaairMe.-: . .
1 juua w. h;lli a co
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Arentrfot OhrO. Ceatrat
-ui -iT r. !'and aioweheTn indiana-.. r Li t
CofuTibus. SpeciaTArents for Franklin. iicMna,
Mnskinaora and Coshoetoa etiiwties.,', 1 .-ft Ji
reNT-octai-deoditweowlJ JHIW
Ml Xar.njl a.uu'.iniii 1 Jii
Vr-tf r"."
di ll r.ii,
'iiki.-i ' jili if. .'-il i 1.' -J'mm. .. i;. n
In no previous f ear hast therq
been such strong competition among
all the . leading Sewing ' Machine
Manufacturers Of this COUntrtf and
. r . . . . .
Europe as the present. .At all fhm
' principal Exhibition andJFairm.l
they metj and, contested for the Fre-
rntum on jcamuy sewing Machines,
and the result woe unanimously M
favort ofr the .Florence 'Reversible
Feed -liock-SHtch-Family- Sewing
Machine.,, It received the First and
tt&Jt-jPrze. as L the .test .Family
Sewing Machine, at- the following
Exhibitions, vizit Exposition ' Unl
verselle, Faris; 'American' Institute
Fair,, Jfew For1e New 9 England
Agricultural Fair, rtti Providence,
M.I.; the New Tort: State Fair J at
Buffalo;-the Great Annual Fairs
of.. Hew, England, viz. : that of the
Mechanics, ' Association, at LoweUl
Massachusetts, , and the Fair of the
1 Maryland Institute, at Baltimore
. which closed a four-weeks ' Session.
L on ihe'.lZth of November the supe
again confirmed, by jthe Committee
a. M.ai. . ,
y's wcaaf juuuancs, xvt&v ununi-
mously awarded it the" GOIfDi
MJBDJZ, the highest' Frize the
t Institute eonfers.,-'' -JH' ':-i'" iiia -" -
i p
( It would seem aa If this raooeaaioa, of trl
nmpha ahould be auffioient to convince every
nnprejadloed person of the treat traserior
Hy of tha TTjOEEIICH pjrec all othera aa a
f amuy oewma; jq.acruna. ,y r
! A written warranty1 la 'tTven t the pmv
Chaser, that the Machine WILL DO UU
thatf ladaim'ed fox' It, and ahould tt fail, it;
wiu do una paox, ana tne jioasx iuu-
I Mnetpal Offle mmd 0atemtwi,i, M Wees
Wwrth Street, Cincinnati, O. .- .
I .Irw U'.ili .: .1 it I' 1 1 .
At the Ohib State Kair, which closed 'i Toledo,
Septo .Jber S5th. 1868. the FLORENCE received
the FTRaT PREUIUiriot the beat Pamily Setring
jHuuinia w,,r aTaii Dvwiwhiwrs,. , .
Send for a Ciroolar.-or call aadxaauae tba Ma
ehiaes at the new Salesrooms'.
St Eaat State .St., Colsasnlsas, Obo.
- W-. 8. BKOWNi Agent.
Alt kinds of stitching irn to inrrler, and
hisiswuua RustrmuieQa., wrz macaw TAB
' A i-vs.sa ' Jft
jb o ii :.' fn3a'r." x Xi' ii'
I ,;i,Jrnprotfe(r,
It is an elegant Dresslna for the'Halr. '" '"'
It causes the Hair to Curl beautifully.
It keeps the Scalp Clean and Healthy. -
It invigorates the Reote ef the Hair.!. II
It forces the Hair and Beard to (row lnioriantli.
, ' i i t i ; i i ; . i . . . . It
It immediately steps Hair Fallin Oat.
It keeps tbe Hair from Changing 1 Color from Acs.
.. - .-. li. i i a -
It restores Grey Hair to io- Original Coloc.-1 -
It briaaaont Hair on heads that have beea bald fo)
. .. .i n''. i ' -years. ;i..ii f.-it . -.i'l
t is com pos od entirely of simple and purely vaget-
; ble substances. . -hi-- -
It has received over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many ' which axe from
-ii ; i physicians in high standing. "
It is sold in half-ponnd bottles (the name blown
in the glass), by Droggists and Dealers in Faaey
Goods everywhere, at 0 ne Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale by Demaa Barnes A Co.; F. C- Wells A Co.
Schieffelin'A CoJ.New York.' BCHKT-mch7-dly
r'rr t..l it; -ft.
Corner Broad & High Sts.
febs-dly iLt i Ll-'jfj. -i .',
.17: .-.i." ' .-S T At
no. is s. nittn siKEEiy
Colatnbaie, O.
WJlMTKI,,t,u. ,rmT
tl.l 1 m
WWIlfTaMrlltWafcr Pn..T .I 11
" .mi nawaw aHU Illfl OUief
' decS-dS.a
Kespecjfn;i j f f oouneea, QmmiASmmnt.
Y&X.. ETeslat,lkDcei
Assisted by -tha'fo'noVlaf' faroritaartUUi
Lft! pri'ftX-Ua F HALLTBantone.
MK. LGUEitX Lltalk'U i ..a 1
par i.t. " rr"-" -
decVdW !!7Sa!?" ' Wpiirwementa,
Wheakealth ha beaaiwrrHeed far Want of tha
w aeceaeary te protect it. remits am
Itis better Utprmmt than to repeat, Tha most
naomeac season ot tne year is t hMd, and its
ooM aoetdamaare the sonroe of Innumerable dia
treaslns; ailmanta Tha beat ""ft of eeeepin
thaan ia to keep r tbe aatwatd snrface at the.bodr
comfortably ernV jwJih ' jnj .able, elotoinsj, aa tka
Internal organs In a vigorotas aeaditioa by tne or
easional. nee of a heelthfol tonic arid oorreotiva
rr inter maKef tremendous drafts afoa) taa-vital
forces, ana therefore. it ia" aeasoa- wkea a bora
vegetable ttimalaat and InVicorant like flOSTET
TER'8' 8T0HAC11 ITTKR3 ia of infinite aaa.
aspeciaiijr v toe weak aad feeble. It rives nmias
tonhesyst m. and thereby enables ft , fa) ritisUad
the shocks of coldvwhiehi predoea eoerbv ktOBehi
tis, eata rh. and other dlseuea er OrTant bf
rispiration. 'Dyspepsia 'and every' species of iadi
leation are a)s rreatly, aorarated Vy cold, damp
weather, an 1 for these otmtlaints tba BITTERS
are an. soknow'edged specific., There .ia aa faei
better known in this aonatry, andv indeed, throwfh
oot the eiviliied portions of ' the VT astern' Bemia
phera, thanthat tbli cenial ttteparaUoa is a swift
and certain remedy for all ordinary rliiaeiias af tha1
'"""' "' " " j
Testjfy tqjts rnerits ta resorina CKAI-HAIJlia-ts
original color and praaaotiae' ftk SroVttl.HW
makes he hair soft and flossy,' The old ia appear -ance
are'riiaae yOurjf attain.' It lsthebe'f ..m
: zmmmm sa-MFaasr-sjasaiWejt '
aver asedf, ,It xtuvtjpf patiafaaaot alj e'nrvis
Ernjitkms.- It dees not stain the skin.
aaxx aaiB BT'elAia. .'' T
Bewarerof araeroiis trrenaratioBa wnrch ar
soliFnpOTi our repntatioii. ''
R. P. HALL A cp Mhiia.ivaaBroiiritor r
' For sale by all DmsiriBU. ' .' ,j 1 1 A if
jalyat dltawAnly-om- ,l ., i .iia- or,iIn
"SI'KiKaLl.lU MCTEll'WAiiE""
: y H'C IL is. AA AUii J J '
PR0T; 'tSCE.1 .jk Tiafctftaitaraosiaiaaa
facta., iS-;v .'Birer In the world, with
tha tnoes nipruveil mach' yv Ssd ampToyinsi' )he
most skilled hvbofs! are atiab16 to ;(ffer an an
cqnalled variety of no and beautiful desiane ia
Dinner Serviees. Tea a. tiota, and eaary larticrlet.
spaslally adaatod fort-i llday aad Bridal Gtfts. f
They offer aim theii' well-known and nnrivanej.
Nickel Silver Elec'ro-PlaUd Ware, in which tha
have introdneed neTV Ipatterns of tar Weeano.
'Ibe Solid Silver ia fuaranterd to be of sterlinw
pnrity by U. S. Mint away.' .The Electro-Plate ICa
susranteed to be superior ;to the Snest 8t effiel: t
I ware. Orders reoeired from tha TraH. nr.ir i., .
i . i; - L , ... . . ...
thaiia amsiHa mav it.
obtained , irom responsible
dealers every aherei 1 1
sn 3 .r .
araue jBara.v.-
- Salesroom No.3iiaidea,Lana.NT.V L
H hUiren V lAieir Sawd- for Fiftj
.'d'Aivmsiz ah.
I ThousanJs of children die arren'tny of Cp'
FoW, Mothers, you wonld spat d 6 oeats. and
41wara have a bottle lr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iwti" tt honse.-ymr U eVey Tie ed TeaK To m f
your JtttU one whq httaeked- with -Oris. emp1aiat
It is now 1 years tinea 1 have put np my4.ipi at f
and never heard oi a ebild dying eSOreapwhtni
my v Liniment waa ased; bat hundred of erfris
hava been ra ported ta aa, and many state if it waa
S10 per bottle they would set ba witkmi it B
sides which, it is a. certain sore for Cats, Bnrns.
Headache. Toothache, Sore 'Threat, 8wellinrs.
Damps, Colic, Diarrhea; Dysentery, SpasmsTOld T
Sores and Pains ia the Limbs, H.f lr. j,rA r-e-tiZi
So One once .tifes it who ia evier withoat it it U n
Uke intemly. Full
.. .... . ...... .
cists and Storekecperaia .the United . States. Da J
po iv rara riace. n, r.
l ;jnnelg.rlAwlycro-PeNT . ' '.l i ".'ft
. ,ow a iecune is rroaucea.'
. a, : j -, Bk . S , ' Sm ', " m
Pare blood makes as well, had fcloed. makes ns v
siok... Vapors from poorly digested food tri the '
-blood-ar eon den ted upon the tarrons orcana,J a j
serve to make them crew or repair their waaU.
Organs made wiui a creaUr eat lsaaii piupwilsa of '
sach materials cannot be sonad, Jf. ttia bad con
dition of blood continues ut for a few days or
weeks the body will be oat of forUj aiu if it aoa
tinuas, the whole of tfie body will la time be re f
newed with imperfeot blood,, aad ttwr tealth tad;
itis in a decline popularly called .eonsnmption. '
Jlow Brandreth's; 1 ills penetrate the whole masa )
oi blood, causing (be expulsion of impeuitiesrta ''
boJeiaTaiiwafMmMaBjtssBla4oar -wkal OtV
may by expected feoin tweptj7 JS continainc
their use the whole of the brood" hr tfma becomes
pariledr, and the body reconstructed ran SVed bi.
teriaJL the decline stopped, and a new lease. of . life) J
secuxedi i Principal . offiee. - BaAKDBKTS 'Horat,
New York. Sold by aU druggists.' - ' ' .1
,' inneio-dawiycm-reKy , ),.:; o
.1 ! To art we owe a thoneand aiaees. Jt. . il
1! Aq, aaray bair d"nt pirate tbe eye., i ' i
Cristadoro's Hafr' ?n servative.' i
Striking, a-tonnding. 'ara the.ESeoU prodae4. f.
byCristadoro's Hair Preservative and Beautifier. -
f o1 the hair ever so wiry, eoarta Hi afafeianaeea) ( ,
y biilsh and oomb, la one week this , art iel, will . .
reader ii flexible, 1 astro us and inclined to our I- ."-
S lid by Druggists, and applied by alLJIair rsr:. . .
i. Manufactory No. tU Uaiden Lana- Praaelaall
Alepot No SAstot Hease. o'. ,..,'.i i,i.:.i-i.iiu -. ,'?.t
. 4 I I 1. . I ,
A HOIsIDAS PliaaEN rIdlee and''
ceatleartm, ymtng and old; desirous pf having their . .
hair beantifvl for tbaHolidaysi show Id aaa a Sot- "
Snee. Read ';'.l"',''''.i "1 thll Ht,r " i
Freeto air.'TSfven" away at the Drug Stores, or sen t
by mail free. Thia !SosTibonU ha read by every
person. It teaches to cultivate aad have baaatsfat, ,
hair, and .restore aram. hair to its original eojof, 1
atop its falling aut, remeves all irritasioa- er aai-v'
draff from the scalp, thas keeping the (air beast L-
a, .v. . ;j -itr. ' ' ' ' ' " ''''i I
IU1;HI tne 1BIOBS periwu va urn. . V.I
SARAH A. CHK v aLIEBVi Hi lX.ijj ;nni
JKT-d cl eodlm ' -im Broadway. H.Y.
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway.' aaa
iah street. Columbus. Ohie. baa davnsjsil (,;...!
f- a series of years to tbe treatment of certain pri.
V'tediseasee. He may. vemnlted at his olBoWs'
Bimil.i. nearthaalxehansra Bank
.lim?y?t r!? tAeptn oJ Da. Curtis.
s Medical Timssi SSS, th;.t.A.b. .irpki.
yalaable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired shrouah' . t
secret. abases of youth and maabood, and hew tl
itsBiuni ii, aivee a oiear synapsis ot tba ,.'"i
mpedimeots to marriaee. tbe oanse and effects of
nervous debility, and the rmu. .i. r n . -
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded en
receiDt of 36 cents, by addressinc Doctor CuKTla
o.68 North Charles street. Baltimore. Md.
vrm mayao-qiy-r
lOijTH restored in fnnr weeks. Sutms
restores mahly powers, from whatever causa ari
sing; the effects of earl pernicieasi habits, self-,
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at oaee ta
wonderful medioioe, if taken regularly acconir
UUfto the directions f which are verv timnl. ..
quire swseatrainilirosa baaieaae er pioaaaie . iait -
ia impossible. Sold in bottles at S3. 0r four "
auaBtitiee mono fori. To be bad onlf akil
appointed agent in America. H. GaaiTzaa 87
hiM A m-na, lail ai V 1 "
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i splendid Heir Us is the best in the world " "
only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable' -in?UnUneous;
no dissppointtiient bo ridiculoarl a
trots; remedies the ill effects of bai HT. -!SlL A
A rata and delicate sain, free from. aaar. tu
tha rwweraof a occasional nse of Palnier'a ,V
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